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Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain Cemetery
 This cemetery is located immediately west of the village of Ryegate Corner and is on the south side of Witherspoon Road.
Several of the bodies from the Old Scotch American Cemetery were moved to the Old Churchyard Cemetery later named the Blue Mountain Cemetery.
The Index of Gravestones was originally published by the Ryegate Historical Society in July 1999 and was revised in June 2007.
Permission to add their document to this website was granted by the Society on Aug 2, 2013.

Plot map of cemetery. Entrance is from Witherspoon Road on north side of Plot A. Cemetery Road follows west sides of Plots A - D.
Copyright© 2003, 2004,2005 by Robert H. Goss    All Rights Reserved.
Row Surname Name Maiden Name Birth Death Age Comments
A Arthur Elizabeth Shaw   1866 63 Wife of A. Arthur (Topsham)
A Arthur James     1854 65 Husband of Elizabeth Shaw
A Arthur James A   1769 1854   Husband of Margaret Gibbs
A Arthur Janet   1802 1877   Dau of James and Elizabeth
A Arthur Maria Gates 1831 1859   Wife of William Arthur
A Arthur William   1810 1857   Husband of Maria Gates
A Beattie Agnes     1878 ?  
A Beattie Hannah G     1852 28 Wife of Loren Thayer
A Beattie Hannah G     1866 70  
A Beattie James   1776 1866   Husband of Margaret Gillespie
A Beattie Margaret A     18? 69  
A Beattie Margaret J Gillespie   1842 73 Wife of James Beattie
A Bone David     1846 59 Husband of Margaret
A Bone James B     1845 6 mo Son of David and Margaret
A Bone Jane     1848 8 Dau of David and Margaret
A Bone Margaret     1853 51 Wife of David Bone
A Brock Andrew     1817 68 Husband of Mary Taylor
A Brock Jean Miller   1803 86 Wife of Robert Brock
A Brock Mary     1838 17  
A Brock Mary Taylor   1858 94 Wife of Andrew Brock
A Brock Robert     1799 84 Husband of Jean Miller
A Brock Robert B     1854 21 Son of William and Tryphena
A Brown John     1845 65  
A Buchanan Andrew   1770 1837 67 Husband of Jean Robin
A Buchanan Andrew   1807 1863   Son of Andrew and Jean
A Buchanan James   1822 1823   Son of Walter and Mary
A Buchanan Jean R Robin 1785 1863 77 Wife of Andrew Buchanan
A Buchanan Mary J Johnston 1789 1869 80 Wife of Walter Buchanan
A Buchanan Moses   1816 1817   Son of Walter and Mary
A Buchanan Moses     1843 43 In lot with father William
A Buchanan Moses       54 Son of Andrew and Jean
A Buchanan Walter   1765 1843 78 Husband of Mary Johnston
A Buchanan William     1856   With wife and children
A Cameron Archibald   1795 1798   Son of John and Elizabeth
A Cameron Archibald   1799 1830 31 Son of John and Elizabeth
A Cameron Ben F     1814 8 Son of John and Elizabeth
A Cameron Betty   1797 1798   Dau of John and Elizabeth
A Cameron Donald   1813   4 Son of John and Elizabeth
A Cameron Donald P   1878 1951   Son of John and Sarah  M S
A Cameron Elizabeth S Stark 1771 1813   Wife of John Cameron
A Cameron Hazel H   1884     On the Cameron monument
A Cameron Jane Gray   1860 46 Wife of John Cameron
A Cameron John   1800 1875 75 Husband of Jane Gray
A Cameron John (Hon)     1837 76 Husband of Elizabeth Stark
A Cameron John S   1876 1960   Son of John and Sarah  M
A Cameron John Stark        CW   1841 1914   Son of John and Jane Stark
A Cameron Sarah M   1863 1881   Wife of John Stark Cameron
A Cameron Sarah P   1881 1971   Dua of John and Sarah  M Stark
A Cameron Virginia S   1888 1974   On the Cameron monument
A Cochran Alexander     1815 39 Husband of Ann Neilson
A Cochran Ann Neilson   1842 73 Wife of Alexander Cochran
A Cochran Dora D   1910     Wife of G Dean Cochran
A Cochran G Dean   1906     Husband of Dora A
A Cochran Jane R     1841 2 Dau of Robert and Jane
A Dickey Elizabeth Nelson 1818 1853   1st wife of James Dickey
A Dickson Agnes Nelson   1859 21 Wife of Rev James Dickson
A Folger Agnes Henderson 1793 1831   Wife of Benjamin Foulger
A Folger Benjamin     1848 63 Husband of 1/Agnes H, 2/Martha H
A Folger Daniel     1836 2 Son of Benjamin and Martha
A Folger Eliza A     1852 25 Dau of Benjamin and Martha
A Folger Martha Holt   1852   2nd wife of Benjamin Folger
A Folger Martha M     1850 18 Dau of Benjamin and Martha
A Foyer Margaret Gray   1833   Sister of John Gray
A Gardener Hannah     1818 6 Dau of Hugh and Mary
A Gardener Hugh     1815 64 Husband of Mary Nelson
A Gardener Mary Nelson   1825 53 Wife of Hugh Gardener
A Gardener Sarah   1810 1810   Dau of Hugh and Mary
A Gardener William   1801 1801   Son of Hugh and Mary
A Gibson Alexnder   1788 1869   Husband of Jane Gardener
A Gibson Bettie Abbott   1886   2nd wife of John Gibson
A Gibson Edward     1864 19 Son of John and Hannah
A Gibson Frances Gray 1832 1889   1st wife of Pringle Gibson
A Gibson Hannah Miller   1865 40 Wife of John Gibson
A Gibson Hannah J     1879 4 Dau of John and Bettie
A Gibson Jane Dickson   1841 59 Wife of John Gibson
A Gibson Jane G   1791 1853   Wife of Alexander Gibson
A Gibson Jean Myers 1939 1997    
A Gibson John     1871 93 Husband of Jane Dickson
A Gibson John                  CW   1813 1899   1/Hannah Miller, 2/Betty Abbott
A Gibson Lucia Jean   1955 1955   Dau of Stewart and Marion G
A Gibson Mary H I     1865 5 mo Dau of John and Hannah
A Gibson Morris M     1872 20 Son of John and Hannah
A Gibson Pringle   1833 1908   1/F Gray, 2/Emma Tucker
A Gibson Rev John           CW   1831 1868   Husband of Elizabeth Dawson
A Gibson Robert A     1852 3 Son of John and Hannah
A Grant Alexander     1817 6 Son of Thomas and Mary
A Grant James B     1818 3 mo Son of William and Mary
A Grant Jennet   1819   5 Dau of William and Mary Grant
A Grant Mary Brock   1865 80 Wife of William Grant
A Grant Thomas     1816   Son of Thomas and Mary Grant
A Grant William     1860 86 Husband of Mary Brock
A Gray David     1798 8 Son of John and Jean Gray
A Gray Hannah   1786 1798   Dau of John and Jean Gray
A Gray Isabel Roben   1884 91 Wife of William Gray
A Gray James     1798 15 Son of John and Jean Gray
A Gray Jean McFarland   1839 90 Wife  of John Gray
A Gray John     1816 67 Husband of Jean McFarland
A Gray Robert     1798 17 Son of John and Jean Gray
A Gray William     1861 72 Husband of Isabel Roben
A Henderson Agnes Symes 1752 1812   Wife of James Henderson Sr
A Henderson Elizabeth Todd   1846 58 Wife of James Henderson
A Henderson James     1859 74 Husband of Elizabeth Todd
A Henderson James Sr     1834   Husband of Agnes Symes
A Henderson Jean F     1844 32 Dau of James and Elizabeth
A Henderson Mary     1835 2 Dau of James and Elizabeth
A Holt Henry     1822 1 Son of Loammi and Maria
A Holt Loammi     18? 37 Husband of Maria Hooker
A Holt Martha     1845 76 Wife of Daniel Holt
A Johnson Abigail     1835 44 2nd wife of Hugh H Johnson
A Johnson Elizabeth R Richie 1832 1891   Wife of John Johnston
A Johnson Herman     1860 68 Son of Hugh and Prudence
A Johnson Hugh H     1852 82 Husband of Prudence and Abigail
A Johnson Jane W Whitehill 1795 1873   Wife of William Johnston
A Johnston James   1832 1900   Son of William and Jane
A Johnston Jannet Whitehill 1797 1874   Wife of William Johnston
A Johnston John   1760 1805   Husband of Mary Irvin
A Johnston John   1830 1861   Husband of Elizabeth Richie
A Johnston Mary I Irvin 1756 1833   Wife of John Johnston
A Johnston William   1834 1861   Husband of Jannet Whitehill
A Johnston William   1787 1870   Husband of Jane Whitehill
A Miller Alex S     1870 62 Husband of Merial (Maria) H
A Miller Alexnder     1835 76 Husband of Jane (Jean) Allan
A Miller Christebell   1886 1887   Dau of James and Edith
A Miller Edward   1780 1865 85 Husband of Isabel Gardner
A Miller Edward E   1934 1998   Son of Edward and Hazel
A Miller Edward G      WW2   1905 1983   Husband of Hazel Bowker
A Miller Elizabeth E Tuxbury 1848 1943   Wife of James Miller
A Miller Hazel B Bowker 1907 1998   Wife of Edward G Miller
A Miller Henry C            CW     1864 25 Son of Alex and Maria H
A Miller Hugh G     1895 68 Husband of Margaret H Gibson
A Miller Isabel G Gardner   1878 83 Wife of Edward Miller
A Miller Isabella     1848 1 Dau of Alex and Maria Holt
A Miller James   1831 1890   Husband of Elizabeth Tuxbury
A Miller James C   1881 1951   Husband of Annabelle Kendrick
A Miller Jane     1838 78 Wife of Alexnder Miller
A Miller John     1853 4 Son of Alex and Maria Holt
A Miller John   1829 1904   Son of Edward and Isabel
A Miller Margeret H Gibson   1892 69 Wife of Hugh Miller
A Miller Martha M     1847 1 Dau of Alex and Maria H
A Miller Mary J     1854 21 Dau of Edward and Isabel Miller
A Miller Merial (Maria) Holt   1873 64 Wife of Alex S Miller
A Morse Lois C Cochran 1911 1985   Wife of William Morse
A Morse William S   1904     Husband of Lois Cochran
A Neilson Jane     1814 28 1st wife of John Neilson
A Neilson Jean Stewart 1737 1825   Wife of William Neilson
A Neilson John   1776 1854 76 1/H Duncan, 2/Mary Findley
A Neilson Mary F     1856 70 Wife of John Neilson
A Neilson William     1831 89 Husband of Jean Stewart
A Nelson Jannette Esden   1842 31 Dau of Thomas and Mary
A Nelson Mary     1850 39 Dau of Thomas and Mary N
A Nelson Sarah     1845 21 Dau of Thomas and Mary
A Nelson William     1821 12 Son of Thomas and Mary
A Page Abigail     1823 ? Wife of Nathan Page
A Page Abigail Chamberlin   1842 55 Wife of J Kimball Page
A Page Alanson     1862 44 Husband of Betsy Merrill
A Page Betsey Merrill   1892 71 Wife of Alanson Page
A Page Dorcas     1948 63 Wife of John Page
A Page George   1853 1908    
A Page Hannah Cole   1829 38 1st wife of William Page
A Page Harvey     1851 21  
A Page Jacob                 RW     1831 81 1/Sarah J,2/L Chamberlain
A Page Job     1812 22 Son of Nathan and Abigail
A Page Jonathan   -1770 1831    
A Page Josiah                RW     1814 66 Husband of Lydia Pettee
A Page Kimball     1862 85 Husband of Abigail Chamberlin
A Page Louisa Cham.     1835 83 Wife of Jacob Page
A Page Lovide     1835    
A Page Mary     1852 59  
A Page Nathan     1838 69 Husband of Abigail
A Page Phebe H   1827 1851 24 Dau of John O and Sarah
A Page Sarah     1796 16 Dau of Josiah and L Page
A Page William     1833 42 1st wife Hannah Cole
A Reid David                 RW     1821 81 1st man to volunteer from Ryegate
A Roben Isabel     1832 3  
A Roben John     1864 39 Son of Walter andf Mary
A Roben Mathew     1899 58  
A Roben Walter     1867 80 Husband of Mary Thomas
A Roben Walter M     1871 10 Son of Douglas and Margaret
A Ronald Jennet   1790 1812   Dau of George R and Elizabeth Smith
A Ronald Robert   1793 1798   Son of George R and Elizabeth Smith
A Scott David                CW     1863 21 Son of John and E Whitaker
A Scott Samuel              CW     1866 25 Son of John and E Whitaker
A Scott Sarah E     1846 3 Dau of John and E Whitaker
A Stewart Mary     1848 59 Wife of Alan Stewart
A Symes Abigail Doyen   1836 69 Wife of Campbell Symes
A Symes Algeron S     1859 23 Son of Robert and Jane Symes
A Symes Campbell     1829 73 Husband of Abigail Doyen
A Symes Campbell   1797 1855   Husband of Phoebe Johnson
A Symes Horace K     1861   Husband of Carrie White (MN)
A Symes James     1813 19 Son of Campbell and Abigail
A Symes Jane H Hall   1881 73 Wife of Robert Symes
A Symes Marion A Anderson 1836 1913   Wife of William J Symes
A Symes Phebe Johnson 1804 1898   Wife of Campbell Symes
A Symes Robert     1880 83 Husband of Jane Hall
A Symes Sarah E   1834 1836   Dau of Campbell and Phoebe
A Symes Sarah M     1853 26 Dau of Robert and Jane Hall
A Symes William J   1825 1915   Husband of Marion Anderson
A Whitaker Abagail     1835 44 Wife of Fozwell Whitcher
A Whitaker Ruth W     1854 71 Wife of Samuel Whitaker
A Whitaker Samuel     1842 73 Husband of Janet Little and Ruth Page
A Whitaker Sarah     1835 26 Dau of Samuel and Ruth
A Whitehill Ina Hunt 1887 1990   Wife of William B Whitehill
A Whitehill William B   1884 1940   Husband of Ina Hunt
A Whitelaw Abigail Johnston   1790 31 1st wife of James Whitelaw
A Whitelaw Conrad     1854 4 Son of Alexnder and Mary
A Whitelaw George P     1817 2 Son of Robert and Mehitabel
A Whitelaw Helen Harvey   1872 88 Wife of William Whitelaw
A Whitelaw James   -1748 1829 81 1/Abagail,2/Susanna,3/Janet B
A Whitelaw Mary     1849 66 Relict of Timothy Farrar
A Whitelaw Robert     1859 80 Husband of Mehitabel Barron
A Whitelaw Susan M     1806   Dau of Robert and Mehitabel
A Whitelaw Susanna Rogers   1815 60 2nd wife of James Whitelaw
A Whitelaw William     1858 77 Husband of Helen Harvey
A Wright John     1859 10 Son of David and Margaret W
B Arthur Andrew     1864 64 Husband of Janet Allen
B Arthur James     1882 74 Husband of Martha Todd
B Arthur James     1864   Son of Andrew and Janet
B Arthur Janet     1868   Dau of Andrew and Janet
B Arthur Janet     1863 59 Wife of Andrew Arthur
B Arthur Margaret Gibbs 1889   45 Wife of James A Arthur
B Arthur Martha Todd   1893 64 Wife of James Arthur
B Baker Helen Gibson 1892 1985   Wife of Vernon L Baker
B Baker Vernon   1893 1974   Husband of M Helen Gibson
B Beattie Elizibeth A     1860 14 Dau of James and Margaret
B Beattie James M Rev   1811 1884   Husband of Margaret Nelson
B Beattie Joseph     1871 1 Son of James and Margaret
B Beattie Margaret N Nelson 1830 1907   Wife of Rev James Beattie
B Bigelow Emily A   1838 1839   Dau of John and Mary
B Bigelow Francis H   1850 1898   Son of Sarah B Goodhugh
B Bigelow John   1803 1891   Husband of Mary Thompson
B Bigelow Mary C Thompson 1821 1915   Wife of John BIgelow
B Bigelow William   1846 1860   Son of Sarah B Goodhugh
B Bigelow Willie     1860 13 Son of John and Mary C
B Brock Alexander H   1811 1890   Husband of Jannett Gibson
B Brock Jannett G Gibson 1813 1894 81 Wife of Alex H
B Brock John C   1852 1938   Son of A H and Janet Gibson
B Brock Matthew J   1850 1915   Son of A H and Janet Gibson
B Brown David Jr     1884 38 Son of David and Mary
B Brown Margaret     1858 1 Dau of David and Mary
B Brown Mary Duncan   1891 69 Wife of David Brown Sr
B Carbee Dorcas H Johnson   1874 67 Wife of Joel Carbee
B Carbee Jane         Dau of Joel and Dorcus
B Carbee Joel     1865 70 Husband of Dorcus Johnson
B Cash Daniel     1878   Husband of Mary
B Cash Mary   1805 1863   Wife of Daniel Cash
B Clark Phebe   1796 1863   Wife of William Clark
B Clark William   1794 1878   Husband of Phebe
B Coburn Jonathan     1860 74 Husband of Rhoda Stevens
B Coburn Rhoda Stevens   1862 74 Wife of Jonathan Coburn
B Cochran Addie Nelson 1847 1919   Wife of George Cochran
B Cochran Archibald     1863 26 Son of Robert and Jane
B Cochran George   1841 1917   Husband of Addie Nelson
B Cochran Jane     1862 52 Wife of Robert Cochran
B Cochran John N     1882 31 Son of Robert and Jane
B Cochran Lewis R     1862 14 Son of Robert and Jane
B Cochran Robert     1876 65 Husband of Jane Park
B Cochran Robert H   1869 1871   Son of Alex and Theresa Hall
B Dickey Caroline Park 1829 1913   2nd wife of James Dickey
B Dickey James   1820 1893   1/ Elizabeth Nelson, 2/Caroline Park
B Dickson Edwin     1837 1 mo Son of Robert and Jennett
B Dickson Elizabeth G gibson   1910 84 Wife of Robert Dickson
B Dickson Jennet L Lenny   1851 58 Wife of Robert Dickson II
B Dickson Robert     1862 72 Husband of Jennett Lenny
B Dickson Robert     1875 52 Husband of Elizabeth Gibson
B Dickson William M   1864 1902   Son of Robert and Elizabeth
B Doe Isabel McLam 1838 1914   Wife of J M Doe
B Doe J M   1838 1901   Husband of Isabel McLam
B Doe John L   1871 1874   Son of J M and Isabel
B Doe Nancy M McKinley 1801 1876   Wife of Noah Doe
B Doe Noah   1799 1866   Husband of Nancy McKinley
B Donaldson George   1806 1853   Husband of Marion Miller
B Donaldson Marion Miller 1809 1841   Wife of George Donaldson
B Donaldson Thomas M   1841 1844   Son of George and Marion
B Elms Nancy Miller 1838 1911   Wife of Robert Elms
B Esdon Annabella     1864 15 Dau of James and Marion
B Esdon James     1863 20 Son of James and Marion
B Esdon James     1889 80 Husband of Marion Gilkerson
B Esdon Marion G Gilkerson   1865 48 Wife of James Esdon
B Gibson Abbie Nelson 1818 1906   Wife of Hugh G Gibson
B Gibson Abbie S   1845 1890   Dau of Hugh G and Abagail
B Gibson Agnes Buchanan 1809 1876   Wife of Peter Gibson
B Gibson Agnes E     1857   Dau of William J and Eliza
B Gibson Albert M   1849 1918   Husband of Ruth Etta Brown
B Gibson Alex H   1843 1913   Son of Hugh G and Abagail
B Gibson Alice H     1930   Dau of William J and Eliza
B Gibson Annette   1848 1925   Dau of Hugh G and Abagail
B Gibson Bethia     1877   Wife of James Gibson
B Gibson Caroline E   1901     Wife of Jay Garvin (Pinehurst)
B Gibson Caroline S     1864 32 Dau of Robert and Nancy
B Gibson Charles E        WW1   1887 1973   Husband of E Garvin (Pinehurst)
B Gibson Christie   1828 1918   Wife of Robert T Gibson
B Gibson Christy B Blair   1874 87 Wife of William Gibson
B Gibson Clarissa   1894 1991   Dau of Martin and Mary
B Gibson Cynthia   1842 1918   Dau of Peter and Agnes
B Gibson David Stewart   1958 1995   Son of Stewart and Marion
B Gibson Edward Z          CW     1862 19 Son of Robert and Nancy
B Gibson Eliza Nelson   1890 78 Wife of William J Gibson
B Gibson Elizabeth G   1900 1970   Wife of Charles (Pinehurst)
B Gibson Ethel M   1894 1984   Wife of John C Gibson
B Gibson Frank   1831 1903   Son of Peter and Agnes
B Gibson Helen A Anderson   1867 76 Wife of Robert Gibson
B Gibson Helen M Mitchell 1898 1977   Wife of Rev Robert Gibson
B Gibson Hugh G   1815 1906   Husband of Abagail Nelson
B Gibson James   1792 1869   Husband of Bethia Gibson
B Gibson James   1818 1881   Husband of Rhoda Stevens
B Gibson Jemette     1895 79 2nd wife of George Holmes
B Gibson John C   1885 1965   Husband of Ethel M
B Gibson John M   1923 1924   Son of John and Ethel
B Gibson Lucy J     1833   Dau of Robert and Nancy
B Gibson M Isabella     1888 39 Dau of William J and Eliza
B Gibson Marcella   1841 1876   Dau of Hugh G and Abagail
B Gibson Margaret Aitken   1844   Wife of William Gibson
B Gibson Martin H   1857 1942   Husband of Mary Clark
B Gibson Martin Jr   1899 1900   Son  of Martin and Mary
B Gibson Mary Clark 1864 1901   Wife of Martin H Gibson
B Gibson Mary F   1901 1968   Dau  of Martin and Mary
B Gibson Mary G   1896 1971   Wife of William Martin Gibson
B Gibson Merrill   1899 1963   Son  of Martin and Mary
B Gibson Nancy S Somers   1890 83 Wife of Robert Gibson
B Gibson Odessa W   1891 1981   Wife of Paul Gibson
B Gibson Paul M   1888 1974   Husband of Odessa
B Gibson Peter   1801 1866 65 Husband of Agnes Buchanan
B Gibson Ralph M         WW2   1921 1985   Son of John and Ethel
B Gibson Rhoda Stevens 1823 1891   Wife of James Gibson
B Gibson Robert     1869 88 Husband of Helen Anderson
B Gibson Robert     1893 91 Husband of Nancy Somers
B Gibson Robert T   1816 1882   Husband of Christie Gibson
B Gibson Robert W Sr   1897 1990   Husband of Helen Mitchell
B Gibson Ruth E   1856 1933   Wife of Albert M Gibson
B Gibson Thomas S     1860 24 Son of Robert and Nancy
B Gibson W J     1896 85 Husband of Eliza Nelson
B Gibson William     1861 79 Husband of Christy Blair
B Gibson William M   1890 1939   Husband of Mary
B Gibson Willliam     1844 90 Husband  of Margaret Aitken
B Goodwin Austin     1847 22 Son of Wells and Lydia G
B Goodwin Daniel W     1833 5 mo Son of Wells and Lydia G
B Goodwin Edwin     1839 8 mo Son of Wells and Lydia G
B Gray Infant   1859 1859   Dau of Matt and Parnel Gray
B Gray John H   1852 1866   Son of W B and M E Gray
B Gray Matthew R   1823 1896   Husband of Parnel Harvey
B Gray Parnel Harvey 1827 1896   Wife of Matthew R Gray
B Harvey James   1806 1874 68 Son of John and Mary Crooks
B Harvey John   1770 1845   Husband of Mary Crooks
B Harvey John Jr     1866 68 Husband of Margaret Hight
B Harvey Margaret Duncan   1827 78 Wife of William Harvey
B Harvey Margaret Hight   1876 74 Wife of John Harvey Jr
B Harvey Matthew C     1870 37 Son of John and Margaret H
B Harvey Will     1821 80 Husband of Margaret Duncan
B Harvey William J       2 Son of James and Margaret
B Henderson Captola     1879 19 Dau of William and Caroline
B Henderson Caroline K Gilfillin   1882 45 Wife of William J Henderson
B Henderson Jean M Melles   1867 96 Wife of William Henderson
B Henderson Nancy   1817 1897   Dau of William and Jean H
B Henderson Sarah L Leonard     87 Wife of William M Henderson
B Henderson W J                   CW   1828 1904   Husband of Caroline Gilfillin
B Henderson William     1868 94 Husband of Jean Melles
B Henderson William M   1782 1866 83 Husband of Sarah Leonard
B Kimball Jenette M McPhee 1837 1906   Wife of Smner Kimball
B Kimball Sumner   1832 1903   Husband of Jennette McPhee
B Learned Sylvanus            RW     1849 86 Came to Ryegate in 1824
B Leitch Ann     1872 53 Wife of Archibald Leitch
B Leitch Archibald     1864 97 Husband of Mary McKum
B Leitch Archibald     1883 73 Husband of Ann
B Leitch Mary McKum   1863 84 Wife of Archibald Leitch
B Liddle Andrew     1909 78 Son of James and Jane
B Liddle James     1866 80 Husband of Jane McColl
B Liddle Jane     1832 6 Dau of James and Jane
B Liddle Jane M McColl   1864 70 Wife of Kames Liddle
B Liddle Margaret     1887 62 Dau of James and Jane
B Liddle William   1835 1913   Son of James and Jane
B McKindley Elizabeth     1857 9 Dau of William and Jane McKindley
B McKindley Infant Son       15 days  
B McKindley Jane     1880 70 Wife of William McKinley
B McKindley John   1854 1920   Husband of Lydia
B McKindley Lydia J     1889 41 Wife of John McKinley
B McKindley Margeret   1842 1909   Dau of William and Jane McKindley
B McKindley William     1880 81 Husband of Jane Orr
B McKinley James     1845 90 Husband of Jane McDuffie
B McKinley Jane McDuffie   1855 90 Wife of James McKinley
B McKinley Margrate     1893   Dau of James and Jane McKinley
B McLam James B     1874 24 Son of William and Jennett
B McLam Jennett I     1854 20 Dau of William and Jennett
B McLam Jennett M     1887 78 Wife of William McLam
B McLam John     1882 75 Husband of Mary McLure
B McLam Martha     1863 17 Dau of William and Jennett
B McLam Mary M McLure 1811 1897   Wife of John McLam
B McLam Rhoda Bonnett     1872 28 Wife of John K McLam
B McLam Thomas S   1851 1898   Son of William and Jennett
B McLam William     1887 84 Husband of Jennett McLure
B McLure Elizabeth   -1795 -1884   Dau of Theo and Elizabeth
B McLure Elizabeth Findley   1846 76 Wife of Theophilus McLure
B McLure Theophilus     1838 82 Husband of Elizabeth Findley
B McQuaid Isabell     1876 73 Wife of Duncan McQuaid
B Meader Charles H          CW   1834 1865   Son of Daniel and Betsy M
B Meader Eliza A   1836 1854   Dau of Daniel and Betsy M
B Meader George W   1826 1852   Son of Daniel and Betsy M
B Meader Lois   1827 1908    
B Meader Lovina Higgins 1795 1844   Wife of Samuel Meador
B Merrill Emeline W Symes 1838 1935   Wife of William Merrill
B Merrill Hiram C   1866 1958   Son of Emelime  Symes
B Metcalf Edie     1872 3 Son of Charles and Maddie
B Metcalf Katie     1868 7 mo Dau of Charles and Maddie
B Metcalf Maddie Cochran   1872 34 Wife of Charles T (Unknown)
B Meyette Alexander H   WW2   1912 1988   Husband of Clarissa F Gibson
B Meyette Clarissa F Gibson 1916 1990   Wife of Alexander Meyette
B Miller Abbie H     1906 72 Dau of Robert and Margaret
B Miller Caroline M Hall   1877 44 Wife of Jackson Miller
B Miller Carrie B     1865 1 Dau of Jackson and Caroline
B Miller Emily Gray 1856 1902   Wife of John R Miller
B Miller Jackson P     1913 80 Husband of Caroline Hall
B Miller John R   1853 1899   Husband of Emily Gray
B Miller Margeret G Glenn 1869 1940   Wife of Morris J Miller
B Miller Margeret P Park   1886 77 Wife of Robert Miller
B Miller Morris J   1858 1913   Husband of Margaret Glenn
B Miller Robert     1899 89 Husband of Margaret Park
B Milligan Artson     1837 2 Son of James and Mary T
B Nelson Andrew G   1876 1878 2 Son of Robert and Lizzie M
B Nelson Carlos   1850 1883   Husband of Carrie Miller
B Nelson Carrie J Miller 1847 1919   1/Carlos Nelson, 2/Shackford
B Nelson David H     1861 41 Husband of Martha Dole
B Nelson Etta J   1850 1900   Dau of John F and Mary
B Nelson George G   1860 1933   Husband of Rosa Parks
B Nelson Infant   1873     Child of Carlos and Carrie
B Nelson Isabel R Buchanan 1819 1903   Wife of Robert Nelson
B Nelson James     1886 64 Husband of Mary Gray
B Nelson John F   1821 1892   Husband of Mary Gibson
B Nelson Martha     1895 69 Wife of David H Nelson
B Nelson Mary   1816 1893   Dau of James and Agnes
B Nelson Mary Allen   1864 84 Wife of Thomas Nelson
B Nelson Mary G     1883 55 Wife of James Nelson
B Nelson Mary G Gibson 1823 1896   Wife of John F Nelson
B Nelson R B   1851 1903   Son of Robert and Isabel
B Nelson Robert   1820 1900   Husband of Isabel Buchanan
B Nelson Rosa P Parks 1868 1956   Wife of George Nelson
B Nelson Susan Bedell 1816 1905   Wife of Thomas Nelson
B Nelson Thomas     1860 80 Husband of Mary Allen
B Nelson Thomas J           CW   1846 1887   Son of Thomas and Susan
B Nelson Thomas             CW   1816 1888   Husband of Susan Bedell
B Orr Ruth Sly 1824 1899   Wife of William Orr
B Page Album   1855 1915    
B Page Alma J     1860 3 mo Dau of William H and Mary
B Page Doris   1913 1926    
B Page Harold   1902 1905    
B Page Harry     1871 3 Son of William H and Mary
B Page John O        W 1812   1787 1865 77 Husband of Sarah Heath
B Page Lydia     1870 19 Dau of John and Sarah P
B Page Mary J     1899 68  
B Page Ruth W   1820 1867   Dau of John O and Sarah
B Page Sarah Heath 1795 1877 82 Wife of John O Page
B Page William H     1899 69 Husband of Mary J
B Page Willie K     1878 4 Son of William H and Mary
B Perry Azuba Weatherby   1840 37 1st wife of Dr Eli Perry
B Perry Azubah W     1863 20 Dau of Eli and Margaret
B Perry Eli (Dr)     1865 75 Husband of Azubah Weatherby
B Perry Margeret Hall   1885 78 2nd wife of Dr Eli Perry
B Perry Rhoda Orr   1854 23 Dau of Eli and Azuba
B Pringle Alexander          CW   1833 1922   Husband of Julia Laughlin
B Pringle Julia Ann Laughlin 1834 1921   Wife of Alexander Pringle
B Pringle Margeret L   1858 1859   Dau of Alex and Julia Ann
B Quint Helen   1842 1849   Dau of Robert Q and Sarah Dawin
B Quint Jennett M Miller 1795 1848   Wfe of Josiah Quint
B Quint Josiah   1789 1853   Husband of Jennett Miller
B Rhodes Agnes E Esden 1845 1907   Wife of George F Rhodes
B Rhodes George     1882 63 Husband of Helen Goodwin
B Rhodes George F   1851 1882   Husband of Agnes Esden
B Rhodes Hattie D     1869 6 Dau of George and Helen
B Rhodes Helen H Goodwin   1891 70 Wife of George Rhodes
B Robertson Jemima   1810 1902   Dau of James and Jane Robertson
B Robinson Charles F   1866 1932   Husband of Florence Pringle
B Robinson Florence  E Pringle 1866 1933   Wife of Rev Charles Robinson
B Sly John            W 1812   1791 1873   Husband of Rozalana Bigelow
B Sly Nathan J   1834 1893   Husband of Phoebe Jones
B Sly Phoebe A Jones 1842 1899   Wife of Nathan Sly
B Sly Roxalana Bigelow 1794 1863   Wife of John Sly
B Smith Elizabeth S Shields   1824 76 Wife of James Smith
B Smith George     1882 73 Husband of Mary Dunn
B Smith Jackson   1866 1939   Husband of Rhenis Peach
B Smith James     -1802 60 Husband of Elizabeth Shields
B Smith James     1825 4 Son of Andrew and ? Smith
B Smith James   1813 1876   1/M Somers, 2/Lucy Abbott
B Smith Jennie E Whitehill 1861 1944   2nd wife of William J Smith
B Smith Julia A   1868 1912   Wife of Rev George Marshall
B Smith Lewis J   1852 1925   Son of James and Marion
B Smith Lucy Abbott 1827     2nd wife of James Smith
B Smith Marion Somers 1810 1863   1st wife of James Smith
B Smith Martha D     1871 22 1st wife of William J Smith
B Smith Mary     1867 61 Wife of George Smith
B Smith William John     1922 77 Husband of Martha W and Jennie W
B Somers Hermani Wright   1841 1869   Wife of William Somers
B Symes Julia V Miller   1876 35 Wife of William H Symes
B Symes William H        CW     1896 56 Husband of Julia Miller
B Taylor Joseph William   1871 1945   Husband of Margaret McKinnon
B Taylor Margeret M McKinnon 1874 1935   Wife of Joseph William Taylor
B Thomas James     1831 67  
B Warden Andrew   -1776 -1849   Husband of Margaret Harvey
B Warden Jennette E   1811 1871 60 Wife of William Warden
B Warden Margeret Harvey   1843 65 Wife of Andrew Warden
B Warden William     1861 60 Husband of Jannette Esden
B Whitehill Edward     1885 34 Son of Gardner and Susan
B Whitehill Frank   1853 1929   Husband of Mary Smith
B Whitehill Gardner     1870 49 Husband of Susan C McLachlin
B Whitehill Mary Smith       Wife of Frank Whitehill
B Whitehill Susan C McLachlin   1880 64 Wife of Hugh Gardner W
B Whitelaw Albert M           CW   1844 1921   Husband of Stella Squire
B Whitelaw Harry   1871 1939   Husband of Georgina Harrington
B Whitelaw Lucy W Morse 1813 1866 52 Wife of William T Whitelaw
B Whitelaw Marion   1879 19?   Dau of Albert and Stella
B Whitelaw S Agnes   1888 1955   Dau of Albert and Stella
B Whitelaw Stella A Squire 1846 1914   Wife of Albert M Miller
B Whitelaw William T   1809 1888   Husband of Lucy Wells Morse
B Whitney Alvin G   1883 1960    
B Whitney Elsie G   1885 1970    
B Wright Britann W Whitelaw 1838 1923   Wife of Waterman Wright
B Wright David               CW     1869 57 Husband of Margaret Sullivan
B Wright Elizabeth Brock 1797 1890   Wife of William Wright
B Wright Fred A   1865 1943   Husband of Lottie
B Wright Henry C           CW     1864 19 Son of David and Margeret
B Wright Lottie             WW1   1868 1947   Wife of Fred A Wright
B Wright Margeret S Sullivan 1818 1888 70 Wife of David Wright
B Wright Waterman W   1835 1885   Husband of Britann Whitelaw
B Wright William   1799 1881   Husband of Elizabeth Brock
C Achilles Albert F   1880 1958   Husband of Eva Buchanan
C Achilles Eva B Buchanan 1887 1967   Wife of Albert Achilles
C Adams Albert H   1886 1970   Husband of Bertha
C Adams Bertha B   1892 1925   Wife of Albert H Adams
C Adams Harry   1910 1988   Husband of Margaret D
C Adams Margaret D   1911 1993   Wife of Harry Adams
C Ashcroft Edward   1878 1955   Husband of Lillian M King
C Ashcroft Leslie H   1929 1933   Son of Ed and Lillian
C Ashcroft Lillian M King 1894 1968   Wife of Edward Ashcroft
C Ball Alston H   1911 1912   Son of Grover and Lillian
C Ball Grover C   1884 1927   Husband of Lillian M
C Ball Lillian M   1888 1977   Wife of Grover Ball
C Beattie Blanche M Miller 1902 1972   Dau of J R W and Blanche M
C Beattie Blanche N   1875 1961   Wife of J RW Beattie
C Beattie Clarence B   1859 1921    
C Beattie Ibbie J   1894 1910   Dau of J R W and Blanche M
C Beattie J. R. W.   1872 1929   Husband of Blanche Miller
C Beattie James M   1895 1896   Son of J R W and Blanche M
C Beattie Mary A O'Brien 1839 1911   Wife of Thomas G Beattie
C Beattie Thomas G   1822 1907   Husband of Mary O'Brien
C Boardway Fred M   1861 1925   Husband of Louise B
C Boardway Louise   1856 1942   Wife of Fred Boardway
C Boardway Perley C         WW1   1893 1978   Son of Fred and Louise B
C Boyce Clinton W   1929 2004   Husband of Jeanette L Boyce
C Boyce Harlan H   1881 1899   Son of James and Roselle
C Boyce James N   1851 1904   Husband of Roselle Miller
C Boyce Roselle M Miller 1857 1927   Wife of James Boyce
C Buchanan David   1844 1912   Husband of Martha C Nelson
C Buchanan Martha C Nelson 1849 1968   Wife of David Buchanan
C Butler Clarence   1859 1921   In Thomas Beattie plot
C Cheney Nellie McLam 1874 1926   Wife of Royden Cheney
C Cheney Royden W   1878 1936   Husband of Nellie McLam
C Cochran Edith L Turnbull 1885 1976   Wife of Nelson G Cochran
C Cochran Lawrence N   1913     Husband of Mary B
C Cochran Mary B   1911     Wife of Lawrence Cochran
C Cochran Nelson G   1879 1958   Husband of Edith Turnbull
C Collins Esther J   1896 1899   Dau of Franklin and Leatha
C Collins Franklin A Jr   1898 1899   Son of Franklin and Leatha
C Collins Franklin A  Rev   1864 1948   Husband of Leatha D
C Collins Leatha D   1872 1932   Wife of Rev Franklin
C Collins Mary W   1904 1908   Dau of Franklin and Leatha
C Corliss Alice Simmons 1885 1984   Wife of Edward M Corliss
C Corliss Duncan M   1847 1900   Husband of Jennie Miller
C Corliss Edward (Ned)   1885 1945   Husband of Alice Simmons
C Corliss George C   1880 1905   Husband of Lillian Symes
C Corliss Jennie M Miller 1853 1896   Wife of Duncan Corliss
C Corliss Kathryn   1907 1908   Dau of George and Lillian
C Dickson Clara E   1860 1924   Dau of Robert and Elizabeth
C Dickson John C   1862 1946   Son of Robert and Elizabeth
C Esdon Alida   1898 1971   Wife of Elwin Esdon
C Esdon Elwin L   1879 1968   Husband of Alida McLam
C Fisk Clara F Gibson 1859 1919   Wife of David B Fisk
C Fisk David B   1869 1950   Husband of Clara Gibson
C Fisk Hugh O   1895 1925   Son of David and Clara
C Gebbie Arabelle S Symes 1873 1958   Wife of George Gebbie
C Gebbie Dau   1942 1942   Dau of George and Helen Gebbie
C Gebbie George   1856 1930   Husband of Arabelle Symes
C Gebbie George T   1907 1971   Husband of Helen Stowell
C Gebbie Helen S Stowell 1916 2004   Wife of George T Gebbie
C Gebbie Infant Son   1900 1900   Son of George and Arabelle
C Gibson Allen O           WW2   1916 1997   Son of George and Beatrice ?
C Gibson Beatrice H Wheeler 1881 1967   Wife of George H
C Gibson Dallas L     1859 3 mo Dau of George and Lois Gibson
C Gibson Frank L   1862 1923   Son  of William F and Phoebe
C Gibson George A   1832 1903   1/Lois Gibson, 2/Martha Gibson
C Gibson George H   1871 1927   Husband of Beatrice wheeler
C Gibson Josephine   1852 1929   Dau of Hugh G and Abagail
C Gibson Lois Gibson   1859 23 1st wife of George A Gibson
C Gibson Martha   1922 2005   Wife of Allen O Gibson
C Gibson Martha   1925? 2005    
C Gibson Martha M   1831 1912   2nd wife of George A Gibson
C Gibson Phebe Somers 1823 1901   Wife of William F Gibson
C Gibson Warren C       WW2   1924 1978   Son of George and Beatrice Wheeler
C Gibson William F   1817 1899   Husband of Phoebe Somers
C Grenda Joseph W   1920     Husband of Marie A Grenda
C Grenda Marie A   1924     Wife of Joseph w Grenda
C Gutterson Norman B   1895 1974   Husband of Theresa
C Gutterson Theresa N   1899 1988   Wife of Norman Gutterson
C Hall Albert   1831 1904   Husband of Janett Renfrew
C Hall Albert E   1870 1941   Husband of Susie Cochran
C Hall Infant Son         Son of Albert and Susie Hall
C Hall James     1842 21 Son of James and Vodaca C
C Hall Janett R Renfrew 1828 1907   Wife of Albert Hall
C Hall Susie M Cochran 1873 1948   Wife of Albert B Hall
C Hatt Burton A   1863 1914   Husband of Isadore  Doe
C Hatt Isadore A Doe 1869 1909   Wife of Burt Hatt
C Holmes Cyrus   1858 1934   2nd husband of Maude Holmes Lowe
C Holmes Maude Miller 1868 1948   Wife of A Lowe and C Holmes
C Jackson Florence Nelson 1900 1998   Wife of Belding F Jackson
C Jaynes B F   1859 1939   Husband of Margaret S (Symes?)
C Jaynes Margaret S   1852 1898   Wife of B F Jaynes
C Jolliffe Melville   1885 1931   Brother of Theresa Turner
C Lackie May G Beattie 1877 1963   Wife of William S Lackie
C Lackie William S   1868 1933   Husband of May G Beattie
C Leach Anna B McLam 1870 1945   Wife of Lawrence Leach
C Leach Lawrence P   1871 1948   Husband of Anna McLam
C Lowe Abram E   1867 1899   1st husband of Maude Miller
C Lowe Burton            WW1   1896 1919   Son of Abram and Maude
C Lowe Norman A   1898 1988   Son of Abram and Maude
C McAnna Maude F   1895 1986    
C McAnna William J   1867 1931    
C McCanna Evelyn A   1911     Wife of George E McCanna
C McCanna Frances E   1895 1933    
C McCanna George E   1918 1997   Husband of Evelyn A McCanna
C McKinley William P   1881 1938   Husband of Ruth Morrill
C McKirahan Caroline   1853 1948   Wife of Rev Joseph A McKirahan
C McKirahan J Edwin   1890 1967   Husband of Ruth Hunter
C McKirahan Rev Joseph A   1853 1914   Husband of Caroline McKirahan
C McKirahan Ruth E Hunter 1899 1964   Wife of J Edwin McKirahan
C McLam Alice E   1878 1899   Dau of John and Martha McLam
C McLam Belle C   1874 1948   Wife of John Leslie McLam
C McLam Carlotta P   1882 1905   Dau of William T and Ella McLam
C McLam Clarence J   1881 1956   Husband of Charlotte Crow
C McLam Dorothy E   1903 1908   Dau of Lloyd and Jessie
C McLam Ella L Gibson 1851 1917   Wife of William T McLam
C McLam J Dales   1889 1954   Son of William T and Ella
C McLam Jessie M McLure 1907 1907   Dau of Lloyd and Jessie McLam
C McLam Jessie M Davidson 1872 1969   Wife of Lloyd McLam
C McLam John A   1852 1922   Husband of Martha Dickson
C McLam John Leslie   1887 1958   Husband of Belie C
C McLam Martha J Dickson 1854 1949   Wife of John A McLam
C McLam Ophra I   1880 1967   Dau of John A and Martha
C McLam Robert Knox  WW1   1889 1918   Son of John and Martha J
C McLam W Loyd   1877 1951   Husband of Jessie Dividson
C McLam William T   1847 1915   Husband of Ella Gibson
C Miller Alice A Simmons 1864 1933   Wife of Hermon Miller
C Miller Annie B   1902 1902   Dau of Edward and Edith
C Miller Archibald   1836 1919   Husband of Ibbie Jean Nelson
C Miller Carmen E   1907 1907   Dau of Edward and Edith
C Miller Edith B   1865 1947   Wife of Edward S Miller
C Miller Edward   1826 1900   Husband of Eliza Gates
C Miller Edward S   1866 1956   Husband of Edith Gibson
C Miller Eliza G Gates 1830 1898   Wife of Edward Miller
C Miller Elmer   1873 1953   Husband of Lillian Ray
C Miller Frank E   1873 1934   Husband of Harriet Cummings
C Miller Hermon   1864 1938   Husband of Alice Simmons
C Miller Hugh B   1871 1896   Son of Edward and Eliza
C Miller Ibbie J   1853 1917   Wife of Archibald A Miller
C Miller Ibbie Jean Nelson 1853 1917   Wife of Archibald A Miller
C Miller Ida M O H   1856 1923   Wife of C F Miller
C Miller Infant Son   1871 1871   Son of Edward and Eliza
C Miller Isabel   1862 1898   Dau of Edward and Eliza
C Miller John Marten   1855 1922   Son of Edward and Eliza M
C Miller Lillian Ray 1873 1851   Wife of Dr Elmer Miller
C Miller Marion L Doe 1874 1946   Wife of Robert J Miller
C Miller Maude E   1894 1908   Dau of Hermon and Alice M
C Miller Robert   1880 1903   Son of Arch and Ibbie Miller
C Miller Robert J   1870 1956   Husband of Marion Doe
C Murray Aner E   1861 1921   Wife of Chauncy Murray
C Murray Calvin H   1889 1979   Husband of Elsie M Nelson
C Murray Chauncy L   1856 1915   Husband of Aner Elkins
C Murray Clayton A   1886 1959   Husband of Jessie A ood
C Murray Elsie N Nelson 1891 1986   Wife of Calvin Murray
C Murray Jessie A Wood 1882 1918   Wife of Clayton Murray
C Murray June M   1911 1911   Dau of Calvin and Elsie N
C Nelson Annette E   1861 1943   Wife of John H Nelson
C Nelson Beatrice W Wright 1899 1963   Wife of Phillip Nelson
C Nelson Dorothy Rider 1898 1986   Dau of John and Annette
C Nelson Edith M Mitchell 1890 1968   Wife of James F Nelson
C Nelson Effie Holmes 1873 1900   1st wife of William H Nelson
C Nelson Effie M   1904 1996   Dau of W H and Emma G
C Nelson Emma L Goodfellow 1884 1966   2nd wife of William H Nelson
C Nelson Fremont   1856 1925   Husband of Jannette Esden
C Nelson Harry A   1863 1920   Husband of Luella Coder
C Nelson Hassall E   1906 1994   Husband of Margaret McNulty
C Nelson James F   1893 1991   Husband of Edith Mitchell
C Nelson Jennette E   1853 1927   Wife of Fremont Nelson
C Nelson John Amos   1894 1987   Son of John H and Annette
C Nelson John H   1853 1925   Husband of Annette Abbott
C Nelson Lois E   1934     Dau of Hassall and Margaret
C Nelson Luella E Coder 1869 1937   Wife of Harry A Nelson
C Nelson Margeret A   1890 1979   Dau of John H and Annette
C Nelson Margeret M McNulty 1912     Wife of Hassall Nelson
C Nelson Mary Lewis   1886 1973   Dau of John H and Annette
C Nelson Philip A   1896 1987   Husband of Beatrice Wright
C Nelson Raleigh E   1889 1973   Son of John H and Annette
C Nelson Sally E   1925 1927   Dau of Philip and Beatrice N
C Nelson Walter A   1887 1956   Son of John H and Annette
C Nelson William H   1868 1965   Husband of 1/Effie, 2/Emma
C Nevins W H   1880 1922    
C Page Elmer L          WW2   1924 1945   Husband of Lorena P
C Page Helen E   1908 1971   Dau of Edward and Nellie P
C Plamandon Althea I   1920 1921   Dau of Napolean P
C Powers Francera M Carbee 1848 1908   Wife of Harvey Powers
C Powers Harvey S           CW   1848 1939   Husband of Francera Carbee
C Ray Elizabeth   1855 1939   Wife of Thomas Ray
C Ray Thomas   1843 1909   Husband of Eliz Roddick
C Sargent David N   1870 1938   Husband of Rosa Belle Eastman
C Sargent Infant Dau         Dau of David and Rosa S
C Sargent Rosa Belle Eastman 1875 1938   Wife of David N Sargent
C Skinner Hattie   1858 1936   Wife of Walter Skinner ?
C Skinner Walter   1853 1931   Husband of Hattie (?)
C Smith C Frank   1855 1939   Husband of Elizabeth Turnbull
C Smith Elizabeth T Turnbull 1866 1944   Wife of C Frank Smith
C Stewart Jessie M   1914     Wife of Kenneth Stewart
C Stewart John C     1814 4 Son of Alan and Mary S
C Stewart Kenneth          WW2   1917 1985   Husband of Jessie McNulty
C Stewart Michael             VW   1945 1988   Son of Kenneth and Jessie
C Stowell Olin   1867 1945   Husband of Alice             Div
C Symes Arthur J   1885 1966   Son of John H and Phoebe
C Symes Charlotte   1902 1984   Dau of Horace and Hannah
C Symes Ethel P   1904 1990   Dau of Horace and Hannah
C Symes Hannah M Holmes 1880 1970   Wife of Horace Symes
C Symes Horace S   1877 1908   Husband of Hannah Holmes
C Symes Ida Holmes 1871 1935   Wife of Ed Symes (he in CN)
C Symes Infant Son         Son of Ed and Ida Symes
C Symes John H              CW   1833 1918   Husband of Phoebe Brock
C Symes Phebe J Brock 1845 1921   Wife of John H Symes
C Symes Richard     1871 2 Son of John H and Phoebe
C Symes Robert H   1867 1950   Son of John H and Phoebe
C Taylor Charles D   1873 1904   Husband of Salina Pope
C Taylor Jennie L   1852 1929   Mother of Lillian Thompson
C Taylor Nathaniel B   1872 1942    
C Taylor Salena Pope Taylor 1870 1953   Wife of Charles D Taylor
C Thompson Constance   1899 1997   Wife of Raymond C
C Thompson Lillian B   1877 1912   Wife of Willie Thompson
C Thompson Raymond C   1904 1954   Husband of Constance Turner
C Thompson Willie   1852 1929   Husband of Lillian Taylor
C Trussell Nathaniel   1872 1942   2nd husband of Salina Pope Taylor
C Turnbull Dean S   1853 1896    
C Turnbull Eva M Nelson 1888 1981   Wife of Lawrence Turnbull
C Turnbull Lawrence   1882 1971   Husband of Eva Nelson
C Turner Theresa J Joliffe 1879 1959   Wife of William J Turner
C Turner William J   1881 1946   Husband of Theresa Joliffe
C Whitcher Dexter   1918 1920 2 Son of William D and Ethel T
C White Ethel Taplin 1885 1970   Wife of W D White Sr
C White Etta Welch 1896 1982   Wife of Robert M White
C White Fred   1856 1936   Husband of Sarah McLam
C White Infant Son   1917 1917   Son of W D and Ethel Taplin
C White Robert   1892 1978   Husband of Etta Welch
C White Sarah McLam 1854 1917   Wife of Fred H White
C White William Dustin Sr   1889 1973 84 Husband of Ethel Taplin
C Williams Sumner A   1873 1951   Husband of Virginia Henderson
C Williams Virginia J Henderson 1856 1930   Wife of Sumner Williams
C Woods James H   1906     Husband of May Lackie
C Woods Margeret B   1907 1990   Wife of James H Woods
C Wright Phebe   1903 1933   Dau of George and Arabelle Gebbie
D Berry Doris Gibson 1908     Wife of Roger Berry
D Berry Patricia Gould 1943 2001   Wife of Wayne Berry
D Berry Roger   1910 1996   Husband of Doris Gibson
D Collier Ina          
D Gadapee Gerald H   1939     Husband of Janice M
D Gadapee Janice M   1944     Wife of Gerald M Gadapee
D Gifford John A Jr   1915 1993   Husband of Sylvia L
D Gifford Sylvia L   1908 2003   Wife of John A Gifford Jr
D Greenwood Alfred E   1925     Husband of Elizabeth Thompson
D Greenwood Elizabeth T Thompson 1929     Wife of Alfred Grenwood
D Lebay Alfred   1919 1999   Husband f Beulah Labay
D Lebay Beulah E   1921 2007   Wife of Alfred Labay
D Little Irene Roberts 1917 1998   Wife of Kenneth Little
D Little Kenneth   1908 1998   Husband of Irene Roberts
D Murray Helen Corry 1920     Wife of Sherwood Murray
D Murray Raymond S   1945     Son of Sherwood and Helen
D Murray Sherwood      WW2   1914 1998   Husband of Helen Corry
D Murray Sylvia   1943     Dau of Sherwood and Helen
D Shaw Pauline M   1901 1992   Mother of Ronald Shaw
D Shaw Ronald J   1927     Son of Pauline Shaw
D Sykes Betty White 1928     Wife of Gordon Sykes
D Sykes Gordon   1926     Husband of Betty White
D Vance Barbara Dunn 1947     Wife of Sheldon Vance
D Vance Sheldon E   1942 1998   Husband of Barbara Dunn
D White Hazen T   1914 1997   Husband of Irma Renfrew
D White Irma R   1910 1996   Wife of Hazen T White
D White Ruth Vincelette 1913 1990   Wife of W Dustin White Jr
D White Sandra Alexander 1942     Dau of William D and Ruth V White
D White William Dustin Jr   1912     Husband of Ruth Vincelette
E Adams Donald   1911 1965   Husband of Eleanor Wilson
E Adams Eleanor Wilson 1911 1988   Wife of Donald S Adams
E Ball Emma M   1893 1984   Mother of Pearl Zuncore
E Benson Clarance A   1872 1968   Husband of Mary D
E Benson Mary D   1875 1968   Wife of Clarance A
E Brugliera Catherine E   1943     Wife of Louis Brugliera Jr
E Brugliera Louis Jr   1938     Husband of Catherine E
E Buskey Amie B   1927 1982   Son of Ora and Annie
E Buskey Annie Butler 1892 1971   Wife  of Ora P Buskey
E Buskey Ora P   1893 1968   Husband of Annie Butler
E Carbee Elsie M   1895 1934   Wife of William Carbee
E Carbee Elsie M   1938     Dau of William and Leila
E Carbee Leila   1898 1986   2nd wife of William Carbee
E Carbee Leslie   1937     Son of William and Leila
E Carbee Victor L   1963 1981    
E Carbee William M   1896 1968   Husband of Elsie
E Crosby Alfred W   1892     1st Caesarian in New England,  son of Charles and Ella-Beth
E Crosby Charles T   1851 1938   Husband of Ella-Beth
E Crosby Ella-Beth   1864 1932   Wife of Charles T Crosby
E Crowe Edith Titus 1903 1979   Wife of Frank Crow
E Crowe Frank B   1900 1972   Husband of Edith Titus
E Dickerson Catherine D   1911 1974   1st wife of William W.
E Dickerson Mary F   1906     2nd wife of William W.
E Dickerson William W   1911 2004   Husband of Catherine and Mary F
E Dirks Cecile   1904 1962   Lamoray (married name ??)
E Dirks Wesley   1897 1957    
E Douglas James A   1863 1946   Husband of Lillian Collier
E Douglas Lillian Collier 1874 1955   Wife of James A Douglas
E Douglas Lordon J   1897 1966   Son of James and Lillian
E Drake Hedwig A   1921 2004    
E Drake Joanne   1947      
E Elder Hugh F   1923 2005   Husband of Louise Nelson
E Elder Louise Nelson 1927 1969   Wife of Hugh Elder
E Elder Marian   1945      
E Elder Nancy Jean   1948     Dau of Hugh and Louise
E Emery Frederick B   1907 1975   Husband of Gladys
E Emery Gladys C   1905 2001   Wife of Frederick
E Fox Edward P   1942 1979   Son-in-law William Dickerson
E French Gary B   1938     Duncan Miller lot
E Hanson Carl A   1905 1990   Husband of Lore P Hanson
E Hanson David G             VW   1938 1984   Son of Carl and Lore Hanson
E Hanson Lore P   1916 1991   Wife of Carl A Hanson
E Hatley Charles   1881 1958   Husband of Jennie Taylor
E Hatley Charles Jr       WW2   1921 1976   Son of Charles and Jennie
E Hatley Jennie Taylor 1900 1972   Wife of Charles Hatley
E Hilyer Rita P Perrine 1916     Wife of Vincent Hi\lyer
E Hilyer Vincent           WW2   1914 1996   Husband of Rita Perrine
E Jones Elaine R   1939     Wife of James R Jones Jr
E Jones James R Jr   1937     Husband of Elaine Rodriques J
E Kennedy Broooke A     1979    
E Kling Paul                WW2   1921 1999   Husband of Kathleen B white
E Larivee Flora H Trussell 1909     Wife of Arthur Larivee
E Larrivee Arthur J          WW2   1905 1971   Husband of Flora Trussell
E Lee Wellington E   1900 1991   Concert pianist
E Loud Mary Nelson 1920     Wife of William Loud
E Loud Willard H   1916 1996   Husband of Mary Nelson
E MacDonald Colin R   1878 1960   Husband of Ethel Symes
E MacDonald Dora A   1928     Dau of George and Margaret
E MacDonald Ethel Symes 1882 1971   Wife of Colin MacDonald
E MacDonald George   1892 1965   Husband of Margaret Murray
E MacDonald George H   1932     Son of George and Margaret
E MacDonald Margeret Murray 1895 1994   Wife of George MacDonald
E Maloney Ethel C   1921 1981   Wife of Kenneth Maloney
E Maloney Kenneth J   1912 1995   Husband of Ethel
E McKinley Ruth E Morrill 1890 1936   Wife of William P McKinley
E McKinley William A   1914 1972   Son of William and Ruth McKinley
E McPhee Jean   1926     Dau of George and M McDonald
E Miller Duncan R   1907 1979   Husband of Iva Carbee
E Miller Irene E   1945     Dau of Duncan and Iva
E Miller Iva M Carbee 1915 1992   Wife of Duncan Miller
E Morrison Catherine A   1919     Wife of John M Morrison
E Morrison John Miller   1917 2002   Husband of Catherine A Morrison
E Nelson Ethel P Phillips 1889 1984   Wife of Harry M Nelson
E Nelson Harlan L   1943 1986   Son of Leroy and Martha
E Nelson Harry M   1884 1978   Husband of Ethel Phillips
E Nelson Leroy C   1904 1988   Husband of Martha Kendall
E Nelson Martha K Kendall 1906 1996   Wife of Leroy Nelson
E Page Dorothy M   1907 1972   Wife of Roy W Page
E Page Edward S   1851 1945   Husband of Nettie Smith
E Page Lorena P   1929     Wife of Elmer L Page
E Page Nancy     1947   Dau of Roy and Dorothy
E Page Nettie S   1884 1936   Wife of Edward S Page
E Page Roy W           WW2   1907 1973   Husband of Dorothy M
E Phillips Wanda L   1954     Duncan Miller Lot?
E Sargent Anne M   1962 1964   Dau of Charles and Shirley S
E Sargent Charles P   1916 2006   Son of Wesson and Ida Mae
E Sargent Ida Mae Buchanan 1878 1971   2nd wife of Wesson Sargent
E Sargent Lillian S Scott 1894 1987   Wife of Richard D
E Sargent Margeret M McDonald 1907     Wife of Roland Sargent
E Sargent Richard D   1903 1977   Husband of Lillian Scott
E Sargent Roland W   1905 1987   Husband of Margaret McDonald
E Sargent Wesson H   1857 1937   1/Salena Richards, 2/Ida Mae
E Scott Ethel   1892 1973   Sister of Lillian Sargent
E White Kathleen B Benson 1920 2005   Wife of Reginald White and P Kling
E White Reginald S     WW2   1920 1988   Husband of Kathleen Benson
E Willis Lloyd R   1905 1969   Husband of Pauline Moors
E Willis Pauline M Moore 1908 2002   Wife of Lloyd R Willis
E Zuccaro Edward J       WW2   1914 1989   Husband of Malvina Broglio
E Zuccaro Emma   1910     Sister of Edward Zuccaro
E Zuccaro Mary   1907 1993   Sister of Edward Zuccaro
E Zuncore Pearl M   1907     Wife of Paul Zuncore (divorced)
E-W Baker William   1852 1936    
E-W Batchelder Ernest E   1881 1969    
E-W Brown Steven   1879 1935    
E-W Kerwin John F   1889 1961    
E-W MacDonald Rodney   1872 1935    
F Bayer Jane Ehrlich 1945 1985   Mother of Zachary and Emily
F Blood Arnold C   1933 1987   Husband of Priscilla Page
F Blood Priscilla Page 1933 1974   1st wife of Arnold Blood
F Bogardus Roger             WW2   1915     Husband of Stella
F Bogardus Stella J.          WW2   1910 1996   Wife of Roger Bogardus
F Bowley Lucille L   1925 2005   Wife of Norman Bowley
F Bowley Norman W   1917 1989   Husband of Lucille
F Brown Carroll E        WW2   1932 1996   Husband of Helen J Morse
F Brown Helen J Morse 1935 1989   Wife of Carroll E Brown
F Cinnamond Lee R   1917 1980   Husband of Velma
F Cinnamond Velma   1917     Wife of Lee Cinnamond
F Douse Doyne C Cook 1919 1988   Wife of George Douse
F Douse George           WW2   1916 1987   Husband of Doyne Cook
F Forrest Janette M Nelson 1924     Wife of Richard C
F Forrest Richard C   1928     Husband of Janette Nelson
F Gould George F   1909 1992   Husband of Lena J
F Gould Lena J   1920 1984   Wife of George Gould
F Gould Pearl   1907 2001    
F Leonard Daniel B   1945     Husband of Linda Perkins
F Leonard Daniel P   1973      
F Leonard Darren C   1970      
F Leonard Jeffrey G   1971 1999   Son of Daniel and Linda L
F Leonard Linda Perkins 1949     Wife of Daniel B Leonard
F Leonard Sarah E   1978      
F Lipp Gary P   1990 1990   Son of Gary and Linda Hadley
F Lipp Lorraine Y   1931 2002   Wife of Paul Lipp
F Marland Edward P   1960 1987   Gould connection?
F McLure Jeanette L   1859 1991   Dau of Warren and Velora
F McLure Valora C         Wife of Warren McLure
F McLure Warren           WW2   1916 1993   Husband of Velora McLure
F Nelson Evelyn Reed 1918 2007   Wife of Howard Nelson
F Nelson Howard   1918 1996   Husband of Evelyn Reed
F Nelson J Harold   1919     Husband of Vera Fifield
F Nelson Vera Fifield 1919     Wife of J Harold Nelson
  Berry Wayne         Husband of Patricia Berry
  Boyce Jeanette L   1936      
  Lipp Paul   1928     Husband of Loraine Y Lipp

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