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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Census Page VT.10-17-1 (map) Census Page VT.10-16-4 (map) Census Page VT.10-18-4 (map) Census Page VT.10-18-9 (map)
West Glover (Village) Glover (Village) Glover (Town) Glover (Town)
Magoon, Jennie S.   West, Doris Boarder Sanborn, Ernest   King, Frederic Son
Bates, Edna M.   Hubbard, Ray I.   Sager, Bert   Dewing, Joseph  
Nutting, Addie E.   Kelton, Altena W.   Walker, Bessie Hired maid Ryder, Ruth Hse maid
Barber, Bernard J. Son-in-law Wing, Mary Mother Purnell, George Lodger Tetrault, Pierre  
Brunning, Adra M.   Powers, Glenna Maid Le Brun, Leona Sister Lamodelise, Albert  
Skinner, Henry H. Lodger Parker, Paul W.   Fisher, Lizzie   Eldridge, Frank  
Webster, Albert A.   Brusks, Phillp G.   Walker, Edward   Leroux, Emelien Hired man
Keith, Edward W.   Potter, Waldo N.   Stone, Elwyn   Magoon William  
Wilkinson, Jennie C.   Clark, Bertha D.   Stone, Delbert   Ticehurst, Carl  
Davio, Mitchell A.   Starie, John W.   Conley, Charles   Roy, Laureat  
Stevens, Fred J.   Johusen, Mark W.   Rollins, Phillip   Census Page VT.10-18-10 (map)
Young, Clarence G.   Stanton, Florence Sister Dodge, Noah   Glover (Town)
Gaborianlt, Aime Hired man Edwards, Rita C.   Cubit, Edward   Preave, Garead Hired man
Borland, John C.   Chappel, Wesley Father Census Page VT.10-18-5 (map) Phillips, Hiram  
Barker, David B.   Brooks, Paul W.   Glover (Town) Phillips, Gerold  
Porter, Max E.   Diette, Beatrice Maid Cubit, Floreta Daug Robinson, Llewelwyn  
Jerome, Carrie A. Hse kpr Moutning, Floyd J.   Daigle, Louis   Diette, Josephine  
Census Page VT.10-17-2 (map) Census Page VT.10-16-5 (map) Merriam, Albert   Brickford, George  
West Glover (Village) Glover (Village) Partndg, Mary   Colbieth, Ernest Son
Anderson, Fern A.   Moutning, Forest J. Son Smith, Armour   Brickford, Stanley Son
Menard, Wilfred L.   Drew, Frank M.   Hastings, Emily M-in-law Auger, Charles  
Blair, Edmond A.   Valley, George Boarder Bessette, Orient Hired man Morey, Charles  
Miler, Fred J.   Alexaudie, Joseph W.   Simpson, Fred   Place, Mabel  
Census Page VT.10-16-1 (map) Christie, Ray S.   Cameron, Uz   Rowell, Harvey Hired man
Glover (Village) Bean, Amy L.   Phillips, Harry   LaMadeleine, Isreal  
Calkins, William E.   Elliott, Dora B. Roomer Dopp, James   Lavoie, Camille Hired man
Calkins, Edna wife Gray, Rivey H.   Sherburne, Burleigh   Anderson, Walter  
Gray, Charles L.   Hinton, George H.   Walcott, Frank Hired man Gilie, Ernest Hired man
Wetherill, Orlin H.   Bodley, U. Van   Dexter, Arthur Hired man Doyle, Catherine Lodger
Caswell, Maude O.   Woodard, Harriet D. Boarder Bailey, Wilbur   Census Page VT.10-18-11 (map)
Sargent, Richard J. Boarder Bruming, Ernest C. Boarder Dufresne, Emilien   Glover (Town)
Bailey, Albert J.   LaFleur, Floyd L.   Pepin, Arthur   Miller, Ernest  
Corliss, Munroe L.   Walton, Stanley Boarder Urie, William   LaMonda, Wesley  
Wright, Carroll L.   Eddy, Clara A.   Mylie, Nillie   Savaria, Hector  
Cobb, Mary N.   Wright, Charles F.   Census Page VT.10-18-6 (map) LaMadalune, Henry  
McDuffee, Hattie Boarder Leonard, Willard C.   Glover (Town) Ruun, Arthur Hired man
Phillips, Harry A. Boarder Bickford, Harriet L. Daug Salmon, Nora   Larabee, Charles  
Anderson, George H.   Census Page VT.10-16-6 (map) Salmon, Merrill   Perron, Alcide  
Anderson, Glenn F. Wife Glover (Village) Dewing, Bernice   Paquin, Rene  
Dunn Ellery F.   Bickford, Edwin H. g-son Dewing, Leslie Rogers, Richard  
Wright Elmer F.   Blodgett, Amie J. Cousin Jeness, Elwood Hired man Urie, Foster  
Wright, Gertrude A.  Wife Blackett, Martha C. Secretary Anderson, Eugene   Stone, Henry  
Simpson, Celinda   Phillips, Mazzini   Shields, Aurelius   Young, Forest  
Roch, Ernest J.   Dexter, Nellie C. M-in-law Powers, Lester Hired man Parenteau, Joseph  
Census Page VT.10-16-2 (map) Christie, Emma G.   Slicer, Foster   Census Page VT.10-18-12 (map)
Glover (Village) Hinton, Henry L. Young, Walter   Glover (Town)
Dexter, Etta A.   Bickford, Eugene F. Jr.   Bird, William Hired man Parenteau, Omer  
Phillips, Clarence L.   Clark, Leslie M.   Bessette, Dorea   Lauzier, Roger  
Sargent, Mina D. Hse kpr Census Page VT.10-18-1 (map) LaMonda, Leon   Rann, Barbara Hse maid
Peck, Minnie Q.   Glover (Town) Dewing, Arthur   Cowling, Dorothy Lodger
Stimpson, Helen Daug Pudvah, Edward   White, Willie   Reed, Irma Lodger
Talbot, Joseph A.   Forten, Jules Hired man Census Page VT.10-18-7 (map) Young, Laurence  
Tyler, Albert H.   Clark, Henry   Glover (Town) Desmarais, Roland  
Phillips, Chester S.   Clark, Carrie   Dexter, Perlie   Desmarais, William  
Wilson, George S.   Danforth, Dennis   Moquin, Victor   Griffin, Arland  
Stimpson, Harris   Anderson, Melvina   LeClair, Lewis F-in-law Chamberlin, Elizabeth Logger
Woodard, Burleigh L.   Perron, Archille   Allen, Damon   Young, Robert  
Woodard, Flossie Wife Perron, Ernest   LaBounty, Reginald Richardson, Wayne  
Beede, Ralph E.   Perron, Marie Wife Vachon, Orula   Urie, Earnest  
Beede, Rina A. Wife Drew, Harley   Maynard, Phillip Hired man Richardson, Frances Hired man
Census Page VT.10-16-3 (map) Stempson, William Hired man Bean, Carl   Census Page VT.10-18-13 (map)
Glover (Village) Census Page VT.10-18-2 (map) Borland, Clark M.   Glover (Town)
Ward, Harden Boarder Glover (Town) Bean, Lislie   Anderson, Lynn  
Miles, Orrin G.   Currier, Alfred   Lyman, Milton H.   Greves, Alex  
Clark, Malcoln W.   St Germain, George Hired man Lyman, Pearl V. Wife Wylie, Howard  
Drew, Alson I.   Perron, Alfred   Vance, Samuel F-in-law Lapoint, Larien Hired man
Drew, Plinnie E.   Duford, Everett Hired man Chaffee, Carroll   Stone, Wendell Hired man
Clark, Robert D.   Gray, Charles   Smith, Earl Son Sweeney, Paul  
Hadlock, Noria E.  Stp dau Daigle, Alphonse F-in-law Bean, Linda   Smith, Zilpah Hired man
Elliott, Isabelle C.   Goss, Carl   Fowler, Bernard Hired boy Census Page VT.10-18-14 (map)
Bailey, William Boarder Anderson, Dorothy Daug Hilliker, Alton   Glover (Town)
Buckman, Harvey   Anderson, June G-daug Corliss, Frank   blank  
McCallan, Laura E.   Goss, Archie Brother Census Page VT.10-18-8 (map)    
Walcott, Dale B.   Buel, William Lodger Glover (Town)    
Drew, Perlay J.   Gaboriault, Stanislas   Corliss, Minnie Wife    
Drew, Wesley C.   Census Page VT.10-18-3 (map) Elliot, Clayton C.      
Drew, Georgia  Wife Glover (Town) Vance, Clyde      
Minakuchi, Yutaka   Gaboriault, Ruth Daug Ticehurst, Allen      
Cook, June E. Niece Chraitre, Pierre M-in-law Baker, Nettie S-in-law    
    Leonard, Buzzell   Diette, Arthur      
    Sawyer, Guy   Perron, Raymond Hired man    
    Chesley, Charles   Lussier, Eugene      
    Berry, Minnie S-in-law Brickford, Charlie      
    Wright, Drusella Niece  King, Sophronia  
    Derusha, Minnie Lodger Switser, Alice Boarder    
    Thompson, Benjamine   King, Walter      
    Gray, Roland S-in-law        
    Blair, Bernie          
Mason, Charles          
    Stel, Alton          
    Honey, Luther          

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