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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Census Page  VT.10-25-1 (map) Census Page  VT.10-25-10 (map) Census Page  VT.10-25-19 (map) Census Page  VT.10-25-28 (map)
Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city) Newport (city)
McCaffrey, Wilfred   Lewis, Edward   Before, Lewis   Corner, George  
Fee, Percival   Davignon, Clara Maid Moeykens, Vivian Niece Paquin, Henry  
Chaffee, Walter   Pearson, Susie   Lewis, Arthur   Rann, James  
Litchfield, Harold   Badger, Daniel   Fisher, Anna   Robinson, Isabelle Sister
Savage, Ernest   Mills, Lionel   Spencer, Nina   Paquin, Alfred  
Lockhart, Effie   Farmer, Ellen   Simons, Kenneth   Hodgdon, Porter  
Currier, Mabel Lodger Carpenter, Bertha Lodger McKenney, Gordon   Hill, Frank  
Craft, Noble   Goddard, Archie Jr.   McNeal, Hugh   Gagne, Angelina Hse-kpr
Wing, Matgaret Half-sister Woodbury, Frank   Haire, David   Penisson, William  
Haney, Edard   Lemere, Carl   Dwyer, Edith Maid Census Page  VT.10-25-29 (map)
Arkin, Moses   Sheltra, Leo Lodger Dunsmore, Andrew   Newport (city)
Duchame, Blanche   Kendall, Wright   Carter, Edward G.   Riley, Mabel Daughter
Blaisdell, Frank   Census Page  VT.10-25-11 (map) Doesan, Benjamin   Johnson, Dermart  
Waterman, Carrie Hse-kpr Newport (city) Rexford, Fred   Hill, John  
Census Page  VT.10-25-2 (map) Kendall, Homer   Census Page  VT.10-25-20 (map) King, Helen Hse-kpr
Newport (city) Mills, Edward   Newport (city) Wells, Cleon  
Hackett, George A.   Hamey, George   Willey, Ernest B.   Carbonneau, Francis  
Hancock, Kenneth   Cote, Noe   McKeage, Ruth Niece Morse, Amos  
Davis, Rose   Bowen, Horace   Crandall, Harold   Bejore, Cyrille  
Ballsed, Lyman   Bowen, Elwin   Hill, Charles E.   Daniels, John  
Gour, Ernest   Beck, Harvey   Rann, William   Lang, Raymond Lodger
Hunter, George   Kelley, Lee   Prue, Fred   Census Page  VT.10-25-30 (map)
Gibb, Donna Daughter Bowen, Irving   Perkins, Harry   Newport (city)
Hunter, Marie Daughter Monfette, Lewis   Monfette, Joseph   Pepin, Joseph  
Willey, Herman   Census Page  VT.10-25-12 (map) Trow, Charles   Lucas, Bertha Maid
Mackengie, Donald   Newport (city) Rogers, Henry   Watson, Orloff  
Moore, John   Lontine, Joseph   Joyal, Eugene   Wilson, Newell  
Richardson, Myrtie   Beck, Howard   Smith, Irving   Westover, Leon  
Census Page  VT.10-25-3 (map) Macy, Alice   Moeykens, Julius   Halley, William  
Newport (city) Monfette, Carl   Census Page  VT.10-25-21 (map) Lameire, Joseph Hired man
Bunker, Samford Sr.   Gagne, Alice Daughter Newport (city) Armstrong, Emma Hired girl
Tripp, Alvin   Monfette, Willis Brother Sawyer, Wallace   Anderson, James  
Kelley, Fred   King, Henry   Snay, Fred   Titus, Frank Father
Hagar, Berram   Roy, Alfred   Martell, Albina   Blake, Fred  
Austin, Ellis   Lontine, Francis Father Shufelt, Gordon   Chamberlain, Molly Daughter
Gardner, Roy   Skoll, Oscar   Barnett, Roy   Noyes, Elmer Lodger
Rhodes, Eyrus E.   Bullis, Albert   Snay, Walter   Morin, Rose  
Peabody, George E. Father Elie, Nelson Father Chartier, Henry   Census Page  VT.10-25-31 (map)
Craft, John   Pelkey, Joseph   Barber, Cleson   Newport (city)
Cooley, Walter   Census Page  VT.10-25-13 (map) Gagne, Ludger   McKinny, Milton  
Talbot, Leon   Newport (city) Roland, Fred   St. Peter, Alfred  
Davis, Henry   Farrar, Ernest   Sargent, Stanley   Marando, Alsec  
Bailey, Charles   Bowen, Samuel   Census Page  VT.10-25-22 (map) Ellsworth, Clarence  
Census Page  VT.10-25-4 (map) Noel, Josefred   Newport (city) La Bounty, Julius  
Newport (city) Lemieux, Bernard   Litchfield, Milton   Stevens, Leland Grandson
Wheeler, Belle   Robert, Paul G.   Lavallee, Iva Maid Morse, Cora  
Ames, David   Crosby, Florence   Litchfield, Clayton Lodger Alberghini, Walter  
Allen, Sherwood   Blois, Ruth   Daniel, Joseph Lodger Cheney, Raymond  
Wright, Benjamin   Carter, Victor   McKinney, Leon   Fontine, Wilfred  
Dougherty, John   Fontine, Edward   Litchfield, Harley   Alberghini, John  
Carder, Norma Daughter Elie, Evonne Daughter Mossa, Agustus   Census Page  VT.10-25-32 (map)
Martin, Florence   Census Page  VT.10-25-14 (map) Flanders, Delbert Lodger Newport (city)
Wells, Hayden   Newport (city) Sargent, Gerald   Coburn, Daniel  
Hildreth, Laura   King, Albert Lodger Sarno, Adam Brother Gaylor, Harry  
Hart, Moses   Vanier, Olin   Roberts, Joseph   rest of page is blank  
Gilman, Leona Daughter Kelley, Irene Hse-kpr Vinton, Harry   Census Page  VT.10-25-33 (map)
Hart, Duane Son Fox, Charles   Salime, Algina Hse-kpr Newport (city)
Lillicrap, William   Rushlow, Lawrence   Fedele, Cosmo   Goddard, Archie Sr.  
Gibb, Bertha   Bullis, Henry   Census Page  VT.10-25-23 (map) Dane, Alice Maid
Gile, Larey   Rushlow, Theophilus   Newport (city) Corteau, Charles  
Carpenter, Ila   Hutchins, Harold H.   Cheney, Dana J.   Henrichon, Fred  
Hanver, Bert   Shanty, Joseph   Brainerd, Howard   Magoon, Lendolene Sister
Flanders, Daura   Abel, Henry   Gosselin, Edward   Hill, Ella G.  
Census Page  VT.10-25-5 (map) Britch, William   Gosselin, Homer   Embury, Charles C.  
Newport (city) Clough, Edwin   LeMay, Peter Lodger rest of page is blank  
Corkins, Howard Lodger Woods, Addie L. Daughter Smith, Everett   Census Page  VT.10-25-34 (map)
Cartee, Jesse   Greene, Dewey   Buck, Ruth   Newport (city)
Boynton, Jesse   Kinney, William Son Hartley, Elmer Father page is blank  
Santaw, Ernest   Census Page  VT.10-25-15 (map) Dorick, Bernard      
Moffett, Grace Hse-kpr Newport (city) LaBounty, William      
Wheeler, Betty Lou Daughter Roland, Margaret Niece LaRue, Melvina      
Gosselin, Henry   Bedard, Alfred   Viens, Favila      
Howe, H. Scott     Bresson, Alfred     Palin, Joseph L.        
Sylvester, Ted     Huntoon, Eva Aunt   Beaudette, Henry        
Nolan, Bessie     Before, John     Lantagne, Clarence        
Dyott, Arthur     Hauver, Mabel     Census Page  VT.10-25-24 (map)      
Brouillette, Joseph Father   Bickford, Clark Lodger   Newport (city)      
Census Page  VT.10-25-6 (map)   Percy, George     Andrews, Wil--?        
Newport (city)   Bronson, Mark     Lemore, Walter Son      
Dyott, Burno Nephew   LaRue, William Son   Andrews, E----?        
Rocque, John J.     Bronson, Charlotte Daughter   Morin, George H.        
Bishop, Howard     Bennett, Perley     Morin, Margarite        
Brooks, Claude   Murray, Daniel   Hartson, Gustus  
Glover, Lyle     Census Page  VT.10-25-16 (map)   Lontine, John        
Leavitt, John     Newport (city)   Lontine, Floyd L.        
Benner, Richard     Flanders, William     Provencher, Lucino        
Brown, Charles     Comeau, Verney     Bernard, Zenaid        
Brown, Roy     French, Harry     McGee, Ora Daughter      
Hanson, Charles     Bowen, Melvin     Morin, Raymond        
Toplitt, Michael     Simpson, Earl     Census Page  VT.10-25-25 (map)      
LeBlanc, Alfred     Bowen, Charlie     Newport (city)      
Bernier, Raymond Son   Corkins, Hattie     Roberts, Benjamin        
Vincent, Ernest H. J.     Corkins, Julian     Laslime, Abbie        
Census Page  VT.10-25-7 (map)   Day, Ora     Bernard, Rena        
Newport (city)   Rogers, John     Brien, Euclide        
Vincent, Lawrence Son   Bemis, Edith Lodger   Nolette, Homer        
Pelletier, Lucien     Census Page  VT.10-25-17 (map)   Sunk, Edith Hse-kpr      
Villenuve, Sam     Newport (city)   Gokey, John        
Eaton, George     Carter, Joseph     Perry, Fred        
Camp, Florence     Buck, Annie Hse-kpr   Morin, Arthur        
Flanders, Edgar     Clark, George     Cheney, Nelson        
Hopkins, Warren     Doyen, Myrtie Sister   Gokey, Fred Uncle      
Storey, Harriet     Vergeon, Leo Nephew   Cheney, Earl        
Wheeler, James   Vincent, Frank   Census Page  VT.10-25-26 (map)    
Morrill, Charles     Godfry, James G-son   Newport (city)      
McFarlane, Henry     Riegel, Wallace     Gokey, Phelene        
Flint, Gerald     Story, Carroll     Cheney, Leo        
Morin, Philip     LaPlante, Hector     Mossa, Henry        
Fordyce, Walter     Greene, Joyce G-daug   Hoyt, Murril Sister      
Census Page  VT.10-25-8 (map)   Norris, Harold     Britche, Francis        
Newport (city)   Herrick, George Father   Goyette, Ludger        
Carr, Ruth Maid   Smith, Edna Hired girl   Griggs, Ray        
Johnson, Ernest     LaBounty, Eugene     Lemere, Mary Mother      
Peck, Harry     Harris, William     Fontine, Leon        
Blay, Benjamin     Young, Bessie     Fairbanks, Stanley        
Davis, Edward L.     Census Page  VT.10-25-18 (map)   Wright, Cecil        
Wallace, Elsie     Newport (city)   Burlton, Arthur        
Morin, Albert     Jersey, Winnie Mother   Census Page  VT.10-25-27 (map)      
Mayo, Napoleon Lodger   Ellsworth, Henry     Newport (city)      
Valley, Henry     Huntington, Carroll     Chabot, Armand        
Pronto, Emily Sister   Smith, Marshall     Cyr, Loretta Niece      
Bean, Nellie Lodger   Harvey, Fred     Dean, Romeo        
Cummings, Clarence     Morin, Robert E.   Murphy, Lena    
Moranirlle, Margaret     Brooks, Henry     Benjamin, Laura Mother      
Colby, Arlene Daughter   Peabody, H. Sherman     Powers, Ruth Lodger      
Henrichon, Alfred Lodger   Desautels, Louis     Hill, Robert        
Stevens, Theodore     Hunter, William     Percy, William        
Census Page  VT.10-25-9 (map)   Lyon, Porter Lodger   Gustin, Ralph J.        
Newport (city)   Carpenter, Jennie Lodger   Britch, Celesta Daughter      
Phoenix, Ernest     Hudon, Emile     Gustin, Helena Daughter      
Marois, Charles     Ward, Clarendon     Huzzy, Lillian Mother      
Robert, Paul     Before, Eugene     Davis, Bert        
Vaque, Charles     Before, Wilfred     Beaulieu, Omer        
Blodgett, Thelma Maid         Gervais, Zenon Father      
Gervais, Jean           Bedell, Walter        
Smith, Arthur                    
Blanchard, Clarence                    
Ireland, Elwood                    
Farrar, Carold                    
Hamilton, James                    
Watrous, Rosella Mother                  

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