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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Adams James F., (East Charleston) r 46, resident.
ALLBEE LEMUEL R., (West Charleston) prop. grist-mill, dealer in flour, feed, grain, etc., owns house and 8 acres.
Allbee Lorenzo, (East Charleston) r 34, resident.
Allen Alonzo J., (East Charleston) r 55, farmer about 150.
ALLEN DANIEL W., (West Charleston) r 42, sugar orchard 5,000 trees, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 85, also leases of Charles Carpenter 470.
Allen Edwin D., (East Charleston) r 52, farmer 72.
Allen James, (East Charleston) r 53, farmer 160.
Allen James, (East Charleston) r 41, farmer, works for Mortimer C. Davis.
Allen Nancy, (East Charleston) r 41, (Mrs. James,) dressmaker.
Allen Nathan S., (West Charleston) r 6, dairy 25 cows, and farmer 140.
Allton Oren F., (West Charleston) r 3, laborer.
Applebee Jeremiah T., (East Charleston) r 51, farmer 95.
BALCH PHILANDER, (East Charleston) r 45, cooper, manuf butter tubs, and farmer 10.
Ball Emery, (West Charleston) r 17, laborer.
BARNARD RUFUS H., (West Charleston) r 2, general blacksmith.
Barney Curtis F., (East Charleston) r 34, farmer 55.
Barney Fanny, (East Charleston) r 34, widow of Nelson.
Barney George D., (East Charleston) r 51, sawyer.
BARNEY WILLIAM N., (East Charleston) r 32, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 75.
BARRETT JOHN M., (West Charleston) r 3, prop. Clyde River Hotel and livery.
Barrett Lester, (West Charleston) r 16, farmer 140.
BARRON EDWIN W., (West Charleston) r 2, dealer in drugs, groceries, hardware, books, stationery, fancy goods, etc.
Barron Lorenzo D., (West Charleston) r 3, manuf. of sash and doors, also leases saw-mill of Mary Bates, of Elkhart, Ill., farmer 22.
Bartlett Marstra C., (West Charleston) r 3, widow of Orrin T., resident.
Bean Andrew J., (West Charleston) r 25, farmer 4.
Bean John, (East Charleston) r 16, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 125.
Beck William, (East Charleston) r 31, laborer.
Beebe John W., (East Charleston) r 47, farmer 100.
BENNETT CHARLES E., (West Charleston) r 3, commercial traveler for S. S. Sleeper & Co., of Boston, Mass., and merchant in Lisbon, N. H.
Bennett Charles H., (West Charleston) r 16, laborer.
BENNETT EDWIN O., (West Charleston) r 2, lister, dealer in wool, butter, and all kinds of country produce, fertilizers and agricultural implements, and farmer 20.
Bennett Lucy B., (East Charleston) r 31, widow of Ambrose, farmer 20.
Blake John L., (East Charleston) r 31, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, leases of I. D. Stevens 15.
Blake Willie D., (Island Pond, Essex Co.,) r 47, son of Z. C., farmer.
BLAKE ZENAS C., (Island Pond, Essex Co.,) r 47, butcher, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 105.
Blodgett George W., (West Charleston) r 7, painter, and paper hanger.
Blodgett William E., (East Charleston) r 31, teamster, and farmer 8.
Blood Clark E., (East Charleston) r 38, teamster.
Bly Edward, (East Charleston) cor r 16 and 31, sugar orchard 1,300 trees, dairy, 16 cows, and farmer 240.
Bly John, (East Charleston) r 38, farmer 75.
Boardway Oliver, (West Charleston) r 43, farmer about 50.
Boardway Peter, (West Charleston) r 43, laborer.
Bowker D. Webster, (West Charleston) r 2, clerk for E. W. Barron.
Bowker John A., (West Charleston) r 3, allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 200.
Boyd John H., (West Charleston) r 16, laborer.
Boyd Mary R., (West Charleston) r 16, widow of H. S., farmer 30.
Brainard Frederick, (East Charleston) r 31, laborer.
Briggs George A., (West Charleston) r 18, farmer 60.
Brigham Ezra, (East Charleston) r 46, resident.
Brown Benjamin, (West Charleston) r 22, laborer.
Bruce Ebenezer J., (West Charleston) r 25, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 113.
Bruce Henry C., (East Charleston) r 46, general merchant.
Buck Annie, (West Charleston) r 7, widow of Wilson, farmer 4.
Buck Isaac H., (West Charleston) r 7, laborer.
Buck Lizzie, (East Charleston) r 49, widow of Walter, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 150.
Buck Myron F., (East Charleston) cor r 46 and 49, retired farmer.
Buck Wilson, (East Charleston) cor r 46 and 49, prop. of starch factory, and farmer 150.
Bullock James, (West Charleston) r 7, teamster.
Calkins Charles, (West Charleston) r 7, general blacksmith.
Canning Thomas, (East Charleston) r 53, farmer, leases of Thomas Bantan, of Warwick, P. Q., about 135.
Campbell Henry, (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 20.
Cameron Charles, (East Charleston) r 52, farmer 100.
Caron, Nelson, (West Charleston) r 2, manuf. of harnesses and dealer in all kinds of horse furnishing goods, and agent for sewing machines.
CARPENTER CHARLES, (West Charleston) r 3, trustee surplus fund, town treasurer, notary public, treasurer and managing director of Vermont Emery Wheel Co., sugar orchard 3,000 trees, and farmer 470.
Carter Alex., (East Charleston) r 30, laborer.
CARUTH CHARLES E., (East Charleston) r 38, 2d constable, prop. of East Charleston flouring mills, and dealer in grain, flour, and feed.
Chaplin Daniel, (West Charleston) r 16, cooper, and farmer 8.
Chaplin Samuel C., (West Charleston) r 16, farmer 12.
Chase Charles H., (East Charleston) r 52, mason, and farmer 200.
Chase Nathan, (East Charleston) r 30, farmer 150.
Cheney Millard F., (East Charleston) r 46, shingle sawyer.
Church Charles P., (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 2.
Clark Barna D., (West Charleston) r 2, justice of the peace, and manuf. and dealer in furniture, coffins, caskets, etc.
Clark Cyrus C., (West Charleston) r 10, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 90.
Clark Giles W., (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 37.
Clark Loren W., (West Charleston) cor r 3 and 8, resident, retired farmer.
Clark Nathaniel K., (West Charleston) r 2, clerk for J. B. Holton.
CLARK PLIMON O., (West Charleston) r 7, resident.
Clark Preston W., (West Charleston) r 28, farmer, with William.
Clark William E., (West Charleston) r 28, farmer 100.
Cloud Andrew, (East Charleston) cor r 41 and 37, laborer.
Cloud Norman, (East Charleston) r 46, teamster.
CLYDE RIVER HOTEL, (West Charleston) r 3, John M. Barrett, prop.
Colby Enoch, (West Charleston) r 10, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 100.
Colby Roswell, (West Charleston) r 10, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 60.
Cole Alfred F., (West Charleston) off r 25, farmer, about 150.
Cole Winthrop, (East Charleston) r 40, farmer 50.
Cook David, (West Charleston) r 3, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 90.
Cook George W., (West Charleston) r 13, farmer 27.
COOK JOHN S., (West Charleston) r 17, wool carding and weaving, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 164.
Cook John W., (West Charleston) r 17, farmer, son of John S.
Crow Matthew, (East Charleston) off r 44, farmer 160.
Currier Elbridge H., (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 47, farmer 79.
Currier Moses, (East Charleston) cor r 46 and 37, sawyer.
Cushman Allen H., (East Charleston) r 51, dairy 8 cows, farmer 118.
Cushman Charles O., (East Charleston) off r 44, stock grower, dairy 17 cows, and farmer 210.
Cushman Julius B. H.. (East Charleston) r 31, eclectic physician and surgeon, bds Riverside House.
Dane George A., (West Charleston) r 12, farmer, son of N. G.
Dane Herbert W., (West Charleston) r 2, dealer in dry goods, clothing, groceries, provisions, boots, shoes, hardware, etc., and farmer 5.
DANE NATHANIEL G., (West Charleston) r 12, sugar orchard 1,300 trees, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 122.
Danforth Lorenzo, (East Charleston) r 41, farmer 100.
Davis Dudley, (West Charleston) off r 4, farmer.
Davis Franklin, (East Charleston) r 40, farmer 70.
Davis George F., (East Charleston) r 46, dealer in dried berries, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 400.
DAVIS MORDICA R., (East Charleston), r 39, owner of Riverside House, livery attached, agent for Buckeye mower, dealer in groceries and provisions, and farmer 118.
Davis Mortimer C., (East Charleston) r 46, manuf. of wagons, sleighs, shingles and clapboards, dealer in groceries, provisions, and farming tools, dairy 30 cows, and farmer 500.
Davis Oscar G., (West Charleston) r 10, farmer 65.
Davis Vasco N., (East Charleston) r 28, farmer 140, and in Westmore 50.
Dearborn Joshua, (West Charleston) r 3, farmer 15.
Dolloff Thomas L., (East Charleston) r 30, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 160.
Driver David, (West Charleston) r 10, dairy 19 cows, and farmer 150.
Driver George A., (West Charleston) r 28, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 190.
Driver George W., (West Charleston) off r 10, farmer 100.
Driver Levi G., (West Charleston) r 10, farmer, son of David.
Drown Calvin, (East Charleston) r 40, farmer 79.
DUDLEY JAMES, (West Charleston) r 8, sugar orchard 600 trees, farmer 125.
Dunn John F., (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 48, farmer 125.
DUNTON CALVIN, (East Charleston) r 37, prop. stock horse “Kenwell Cassius,” dairy 15 cows, and farmer 240.
DUNTON E. CALVIN, (East Charleston) r 37, farmer, with Calvin.
Dustin Lewis, (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 48, farmer.
Dwier John O., (West Charleston) r 21, farmer 100.
Dwire Amasa, (West Charleston) r 19, farmer 93.
Dwyer Harriet, (West Charleston) r 2, widow of David, resident.
Edwards Lott, (West Charleston) r 6, dairy 12 cows, carries on town farm of 140 acres.
Ely William, (West Charleston) cor r 4 and 6, laborer.
Ellwood Oscar, (East Charleston) r 15, dairy 17 cows, and farmer, leases 186.
Felch George, (West Charleston) off r 16, laborer.
Ferrin Ellen A., (West Charleston) r 7, widow of Ebenezer, farmer 4.
Flint Jonas B., (West Charleston) r 19, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 100.
Fort William J., (West Charleston) general blacksmith.
Foster Lemuel R., (West Charleston) r 2, wool grower 40 sheep, dairy 9 cows, and farmer 90.
Foster Wesley, (West Charleston) r 2, dairy 20 cows, and farmer, leases of J. A. Gray, of Morgan, 210.
Fuller John, (East Charleston) r 54, farmer 184.
Gallup Clinton, (West Charleston) r 16, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 250.
Gay Gideon, (West Charleston) r 21, farmer 75.
Gay Miles F., (West Charleston) r 20, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 145.
Gilbert Moses H., (West Charleston) r 3, shoemaker.
Gilbert William, (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 48, laborer.
Goodwin Charles O., (East Charleston) r 46, carpenter and joiner.
Goodwin Lewis, (East Charleston) r 38, (Willard & Goodwin.)
Gray Charles H., (East Charleston) r 31, stock grower and farmer 114.
Gray Hiram, (East Charleston) r 31, farmer 50.
Gray Jacob, (West Charleston) r 20, retired farmer.
Gray Jacob T., (West Charleston) r 20, farmer 87.
Gray Milo, (East Charleston) r 38, laborer, and farmer, in Westmore 50.
Gray Ruth, (East Charleston) r 31, widow of Joseph, farmer 25.
GREEN EDWARD W., (West Charleston) r 2, manuf. of butter tubs and buckets, planing, sawing, etc.
Gregory George W., (West Charleston) r 13, farmer, leases of Mrs. O. C. Reed 95.
Griffin John D., (West Charleston) r 7, harness maker.
Grow Alden, (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 1½.
Hall John C., (East Charleston) r 45, farmer 60.
Hall Ransom, (West Charleston) r 7, farmer.
Hamilton Benjamin F., (West Charleston) r 2, constable, insurance agent, carpenter and builder, and farmer 4.
Hamilton George M., (West Charleston) r 5, farmer 54.
HAMILTON GEORGE W., (West Charleston) r 17, lister, hop grower, stock grower, dairy 18 cows, and farmer 220.
Hand William R., (East Charleston) cor r 16 and 31, laborer.
Handy Warren W., (East Charleston) r 34, farmer 11.
Hildreth Charles B., (West Charleston) r 2, farmer 30.
Hildreth Denison T., (West Charleston) r 10, sugar orchard 850 trees, and farmer 95.
Hildreth Nathaniel, (West Charleston) r 10, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 136.
HINMAN CHARLES S., (West Charleston) r 7, allo. physician and surgeon, graduate of Dartmouth Medical College, and farmer, in Holland 112.
HOLTON JOSEPH B., (West Charleston) r 2, postmaster, dealer in drugs, groceries, hardware, clothing, boots and shoes, books, stationery, fancy goods, etc.
Hopkins Daniel K., (East Charleston) r 31, sawyer, and farmer 8.
Hosmer Henry, (West Charleston) r 22, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 150.
Houston Jerome C., (West Charleston) r 11, farmer 10.
Howard Martha, (West Charleston) r 2, widow of J. T., resident.
HUDSON HARLEY J., (East Charleston) r 16, agent for Mosely creamer and Stoddard churn, dealer in poultry, sugar orchard 800 trees, and farmer 125.
Hudson Kitt, 2d, (West Charleston) r 5½, farmer 125.
HUSE EDWARD I., (West Charleston) off, r 19, sugar orchard 600 trees, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 156.
Huse Harriet, (West Charleston) off r 19, widow of Eliab R.
Huse Warren, (West Charleston) off r 19, carpenter and farmer.
Hutchinson Clarinda, (West Charleston) r 2, widow of Alonzo, resident.
Hutchinson Hiram, (West Charleston) r 7, farmer.
Jerome Benjamin H. (West Charleston) r 3, farmer, leases of David Cook 90.
Kathan Daniel C., (East Charleston) r 38, farmer 15.
Kathan Herbert C., (West Charleston) r 22, hop grower, dairy 15 cows, and farmer 203.
Kathan Horace, (East Charleston) off r 44, retired farmer.
Kerr John, (West Charleston) r 16, farmer, leases of Emery Stewart, of Derby 140.
Knight Adelia A., (West Charleston) r 3, (Mrs. Zaccheus,) dressmaker.
Knight Henry, (West Charleston) r 7, laborer.
Knight Zaccheus, (West Charleston) r 3, butcher, and farmer 45.
Lang, Alex. C., (East Charleston) r 39, prop. Riverside Hotel.
LANG ANDREW J., (East Charleston) r 47, prop. saw-mill, manuf. of coarse lumber, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 500.
LANG FRANK B., (East Charleston) r 39, prop. mail route between Island Pond and Derby Line.
Lang Henry W., (East Charleston) r 47, farmer, with J. W. Beebe.
Laythe Edson H., (West Charleston) r 6, miller for T. B. Pratt.
Laythe Robert, (West Charleston) r 7, shoemaker.
Lunt Johnson, (West Charleston) r 3, retired farmer.
Lyon Grace, (West Charleston) r 2, widow of Edson, resident.
Maplesden Richard, (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 15.
Marvin Andrew J., (West Charleston) r 24, retired farmer.
Marvin Delos R., (West Charleston) r 26, farmer, with Calvin Sawyer.
Marvin Frederick J., (West Charleston) r 24, dairy 22 cows, and farmer 225.
McMillan Henry, (East Charleston) r 50, farmer, leases of George Cade, of Beebe Plain, 75.
Melvin Moses M., (East Charleston) r 45, justice of the peace, retired farmer.
Moody David, (West Charleston) r 22, farmer 60.
Moody David S., (East Charleston) r 46, cooper, and mason.
MOODY JAMES B., (East Charleston) r 39, carpenter and joiner, and manuf. of butter tubs.
Moody John, (East Charleston) r 46, farmer 60.
Moody Royal, (West Charleston) cor r 18 and 22, farmer 50.
Moore Curtis C., (West Charleston) r 42, son of Daniel, farmer.
MOORE DANIEL, (West Charleston) r 42, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 1,200 trees, farmer 228.
Moore Daniel E., (West Charleston) r 42, farmer, son of Daniel.
Moore John W., (West Charleston) r 2, laborer.
Moore Robert, (East Charleston) r 51, farmer, leases of M. R. Davis 118.
Moore Samuel, (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 48, teamster, and farmer, leases of Eben Robinson, of Island Pond, Essex Co., 75.
Moore William, (West Charleston) r 2, laborer.
Morey Philetus T., (West Charleston) r 19, carpenter and joiner.
Morrill James F., (East Charleston) r 47, farmer 100.
Morse Charles I., (East Charleston) r 31, farmer 3.
MORSE DAVID L., (East Charleston) r 29, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 138.
Morse Nathaniel P., (East Charleston) r 40, farmer 79.
Moulton Abner, (East Charleston) r 16, farmer 100.
MOULTON WILLIAM S., (East Charleston) r 31, carpenter and joiner.
Niles Jason D., (West Charleston) r 7, farmer 85.
Norris Alexander T., (West Charleston) r 3, farmer 200.
Nye Lewis, (West Charleston) r 3, farmer 64.
OLIVER JULIUS C., (West Charleston) r 11, justice of the peace, 3d selectman, president of Orleans Co. Agricultural Society, dairy 16 cows, and farmer 176.
Page Jonathan C., (West Charleston) r 2, farmer 100.
Palmer Reuben G., (West Charleston) r 21, farmer 118.
Parker Josiah H., (West Charleston) r 3, laborer.
Parker Robert W., (West Charleston) r 9, (W. J. & R. W.)
PARKER WILLIAM, (West Charleston) jeweler.
Parker William J., (West Charleston) r 9, (W. J. & R. W.)
Parker W. J. & R. W., (West Charleston) r 9, dairy 11 cows and farmer, leases of A. T. Norris 130.
Parlin Amos, (West Charleston) r 13, resident.
Parlin Charles, (West Charleston) r 2, cooper.
Parlin Daniel O., (West Charleston) r 25, farmer 200.
Parlin Elisha W., (West Charleston) r 3, town clerk, undertaker, dealer in hardware.
Parlin Fred L., (West Charleston) r 25, farmer, son of Daniel O.
Parlin George P., (West Charleston) r 3, painter and farmer 90.
Parlin John G., (West Charleston) r 7, drover, dealer in cattle, sheep, hogs etc., and farmer 14.
Peckham Eleazer B., (West Charleston) off r 10, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 150.
Person Stephen W., (West Charleston) manuf. of butter-tubs and sap buckets.
Person Willie W., (West Charleston) with Stephen W., manuf. of butter tubs, sap buckets, etc.
Pierce Alfred J., (East Charleston) r 34, farmer about 190.
Pierce George W., (East Charleston) r 34, farmer about 180.
Pillsbury Alphonzo, (West Charleston) off r 14, laborer.
Piper Amos D., (East Charleston) off r 30, thresher, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 13 cows, and farmer 140.
Piper Mary A., (East Charleston) r 46, resident.
Piper Rachel, (East Charleston) r 46, resident.
Pratt Hannah C., (West Charleston) r 7, widow of Perry, resident.
PRATT TRACY B., (West Charleston) r 6, town representative, and farmer, 20.
Quint Daniel I., (West Charleston) r 2, Baptist minister.
RAND PERLEY B., (West Charleston) r 7, manuf. of carriages and sleighs, general repair and blacksmith shop.
REED GEO. W. D., (West Charleston) r 7, saw-mill, manuf. of coarse lumber, shingles, and farmer, with Mrs. O. C. Reed 136.
Ride Henry H., (East Charleston) r 46, general blacksmith.
RIVERSIDE HOUSE, (East Charleston) r 39, Alex. C. Lang, prop.
ROBINSON EGBERT H., (West Charleston) r 7, commercial traveler for D. M. Camp & Co. of Newport, farmer 7, and in Morgan 50.
Ross George, (West Charleston) r 7, laborer.
ROYCE CLARK, (East Charleston) r 51, selectman, agent for Pacific guano, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 150.
Russ Peter, (East Charleston) r 31, laborer.
Rye Eli F., (Morgan) r 15, hop grower, and farmer 150.
Sanderson Clinton D., (West Charleston) r 22, lumberman, carpenter, and farmer 135.
Sanderson George C., (West Charleston) r 22, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, son of C. D.
SAUCIER JOSEPH A., (East Charleston) r 31, prop. saw-mill, manuf. and dealer in all kinds of lumber, clapboards, shingles, etc., dealer in furniture, and farmer 100.
Sawyer Calvin, (West Charleston) r 26, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 170.
Sawyer Elvira Miss, (West Charleston) r 3, resident.
Scott John, (East Charleston) r 49, farmer 118.
Shanio Lewis, (East Charleston) r 52, laborer.
SHEDD LEWIS, (West Charleston) r 2, selectman, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 100.
Smith Salisbury, (East Charleston) r 31, laborer.
Smith Samuel N., (West Charleston) r 10, resident.
Spaulding George C., (East Charleston) r 46, farmer 150.
SPENCER EDWIN W., (West Charleston) r 14, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of Ira A. Sturtevant, of Boston, 130.
SPENCER GEORGE A., (East Charleston) r 47, prop. of Dr. Banson's cough elixir, and farmer 110.
STERN JACOB, (West Charleston) r 2, dealer in dry goods, groceries, clothing, millinery and fancy goods, hats and caps, boots and shoes, trunks, valises, tobacco, cigars, etc.
Stevens Charles, (East Charleston) r 39, farmer 400.
Stevens Cornel D., (East Charleston) r 51, farmer.
Stevens Isaac D., (East Charleston) r 31, farmer 15.
Stevens Lafayette W., (East Charleston) r 46, deputy sheriff, constable and collector, clerk for J. S. Sweeney.
Stevens Roswell P., (East Charleston) r 55, farmer about 75.
STEWART ALEXANDER M., (East Charleston) r 51, general black-smith and farmer 129.
Stoddard Alonzo B., (East Charleston) r 49, farmer 100.
Stoddard George B., (East Charleston) r 4, farmer, son of Joseph L.
Stoddard Joseph L., (East Charleston) r 4, farmer 75.
Stoddard Lawrence J., (East Charleston) r, 44, hop grower and farmer, leases of Willie E. 7.
Stoddard Willie E., (East Charleston) r 44, farmer 156.
Stokes Fred, (East Charleston) r 45, carpenter.
Stokes Rachel, (East Charleston) r 45, (Mrs. Fred,) dressmaker and milliner.
STREETER SAMUEL C., (East Charleston) r 46, justice of the peace, agent for Murkland plow, and farmer 10.
Sweatland Henry L., (West Charleston) r 25, farmer 84.
SWEENEY JOHN S., (East Charleston) r 46, 1st selectman, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, clothing, hardware, patent medicines, country produce, etc.
Taylor Alfred, (West Charleston) r 3, produce dealer and farmer, leases of Hiram Barrett, of Cleveland, Ohio, 26.
Taylor Farmer, (West Charleston) r 2, photographer.
Temple Armagst M., (West Charleston) r 17, farmer 100.
Temple Oramel, (West Charleston) r 17, hop grower.
Thayer Otis, (East Charleston) r 41, farmer, leases of Horace Whitehill, of Morgan.
Thayer Winfield S., (East Charleston) r 38, laborer.
Tite William, (West Charleston) r 22, farmer, leases of Jason Niles 60.
TRIPP BENJAMIN F., (East Charleston) r 35, lister, stock grower, wool grower 60 sheep, breeder of grade Durham cattle and fine horses, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 310.
Tripp Fred H., (East Charleston) r 46, works in shingle mill.
Underhill John, (East Charleston) r 30, farmer about 75.
Vanderwater Philip T., (East Charleston) r 30, dairy 11 cows, and farmer 141.
Veano Frank, (West Charleston) r 7, blacksmith.
Vermont Emery Wheel Co., (West Charleston) r 2, Charles Carpenter, treasurer and managing director.
Walter Amasa, (Island Pond, Essex Co.,) off r 47, farmer about 260.
WATERMAN WILLIAM, (West Charleston) r 14, hop grower, sugar orchard 800 trees, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 125.
Webster Horatio N., (Island Pond, Essex Co.) r 48, farmer 60.
Webster Mary N., (West Charleston) r 2, widow of Daniel, resident.
Wheeler Emeline, (West Charleston), r 2, widow of Alden, resident.
Wheeler Lucas, (East Charleston) off r 40, farmer 30.
WHIPPLE ALBERT F., (West Charleston) cor r 3 and 8, tailor and farmer 12.
White Abel W., (West Charleston) off r 25, agent for Gould's family medicines, and farmer 40.
Willard Artemas A., (East Charleston) r 45, (Willard & Goodwin.)
Willard & Goodwin, (East Charleston) r 46, (Artemas A. and Lewis G.,) manufs. of wagons and sleighs, and general repair and paint shop.
Wilson Andrew, (West Charleston) r 9, farmer in Morgan, owns 160 acres leased to E. W. Moulton.
WILSON CLARA B., (West Charleston) r 16, school teacher.
Wilson Elijah, (East Charleston) laborer.
WILSON EMMA E., (West Charleston) r 16, school teacher.
Wilson Jonathan E., (West Charleston) r 3, cooper, manuf. of butter tubs, sap buckets, etc.
Wilson Lemuel O., (West Charleston) off r 16, laborer.
Wilson Marshall E., (West Charleston) r 13, farmer 100.
WILSON RUFUS L., (East Charleston) r 31, general blacksmith.
WILSON WILLIAM D., (West Charleston) r 16, farmer 102.
Winslow John J., (West Charleston) r 27, farmer 120.
Winslow Samuel A., (West Charleston) cor r 27 and 28, 2d selectman, farmer 70.
WOLCOTT HIRAM A., (East Charleston) r 32, wool grower 45 sheep, and farmer 200.
Wolcott James H., (East Charleston) r 45, carpenter and joiner.
Wolcott William, (East Charleston) r 32, retired landlord.
Wolcott William W., (East Charleston) r 34, farmer.
Worboys Charles N., (West Charleston) r 20, farmer 47, and in Brownington 28.
WORTHEN CHARLES F., (West Charleston) off r 16, agent for Cooley creamer, Davis swing churn, Eureka butter worker, Nesbitt's butter press, Gleaner horse-rake, Manny mowing machine, Eureka swivel plow, dairy 20 cows, sugar orchard 2,000 trees, and farmer 260.
Wright David, (East Charleston) r 49, farmer, with John Scott.
Young Peter, (West Charleston) off r 2, farmer 45.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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