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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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ALSTON ALEC G., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 3, 300 sugar trees, farmer 80.
Ayer Alvah S., r 11, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Ayer Martin F., r 11, farmer 30.
Batchelder Timothy C., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 2, S. of 15, 700 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 130.
BATTEN JAMES A., r 10, 500 sugar trees, farmer 40, served in Co. H, 3d Regt. Vt. Vols.
Blair Peter, r 13, retired farmer, aged 80.
Blair Peter, Jr., r 12, farmer 106.
Blair William, r 14, farmer 100.
Blodgett Joseph, r 11, retired farmer, aged 83.
BLODGETT WILLIAM H., r 11, cooper, and farmer 10, h and 10 acres.
Bradley Leonard, r 13, 600 sugar trees, farmer 106.
Breakwood Alvin E., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18, 600 sugar trees, farmer 30.
Burroughs Frank E., r 9, farmer.
Cargill Charles, r 12, farmer, leases of B. H. Cuthbertson, of Greensboro, Vt., 75,
CHAMBERLAIN BENJAMIN F., r 9, 400 sugar trees, farmer 106, served in Co. K, 11th Vt. Vols.
Chamberlain Franklin, r 9, resident, aged 83.
CHASE ALMON H., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co ) r 17, farmer 30,
CLARK EGBERT W., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 2, justice of the peace. farmer 106.
CLARK JOSEPH H., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 16, 300 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 140, and 106 acres with E. H. Patch.
Cory Melinda, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 3, widow of Ralph.
Dezan Floan, (E. Greensboro, Orleans Co.) r 1, farmer 35.
FINDLEY JAMES, r 10, farmer.
Flanders George W., r 6, cooper and farmer 25.
FLETCHER HENRY C., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18, farm laborer for A. Hutchins.
Garfield Azanah E., r 13, cooper, owns h and 10 acres.
Gilkerson Daniel H., r 3, farmer 50.
Gilkerson John, r 14, resident, lives with William Blair.
Gilkerson Naomi, widow of John, h and lot.
Goche James, (E. Greensboro, Orleans Co.) r 1, laborer. h and 3 acres.
Hartson George F., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 17. h and lot.
HOOD THOMAS J., r 6, town clerk and treasurer, notary public, 500 sugar trees, farmer 106.
Hutchins Amasa, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18, 450 sugar trees, farmer 214.
Hutchins Harley L., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18, son of Amasa.
Hutchins Merton L., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18. son of Amasa.
Jackson David., n r 6, farmer with Harrison.
Jackson Harrison, n r 6, farmer 171.
JAMESON ALBERT E., r 5, son of William S.
JAMESON WILLIAM S., r 5, 13 cows, 1,600 sugar trees, farmer 170.
LaPoint Henry, r 10, h and lot.
Low Fernando V., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 18, farmer 50.
McNatty Jane, r 7, resident, lives with Richard McDowell, aged 84.
MCDOWELL RICHARD, r 7. farmer 60.
MCDOWELL WILLIAM J., lives with his father, Richard.
Miles Isaiah, (E. Greensboro, Orleans Co.) r 1, laborer.
Mitchell F. Napoleon, r 8, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Munsey Velonia, r 4, painter and farmer 71.
NILES HIRAM O., (N. Danville) r 19, town lister, 500 sugar trees, farmer 112, and 50 in Wheelock.
Orcutt Truman, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) farmer, h and lot.
PAIGE FRANK A., r 6, 400 sugar trees, farmer 100, served in Co. I, 9th Vt. Vols.
Patch E. Hayden, (Greensboro Bend. Orleans Co.) r 17, 1,800 sugar trees, farmer 250.
Perrin Lucretia, (E. Greensboro, Orleans Co.) r 1, widow of Cyrus, h and lot.
Phillips Hiram, r 9, farmer 40.
Pierce Zachariah L.. r 10,. 700 sugar trees., farmer 50.
PIPER ISAIAH, (E. Greensboro, Orleans Co.) r 1, farmer 75, served in Co. D, 2d Vt. Vols.
Plant John B., r 8, farmer. leases of G. H. Rudd 25.
Ransom Albert R., r 11, farmer, leases of Alva S. Ayer 100.
Rudd George H., r 8, farmer 25.
Sawtell Isaac, r 11 n 17, farmer 120.
Sawtell John N., r 6, justice of the peace, cooper and farmer 18.
Shatney Lewis, r 10, farmer, leases of James Findley 80 acres.
SHEPARD CALVIN J., r 7, 500 sugar trees, farmer 75, served in Co. D, 6th Vt. Vols.
Shepard Sally, r 7, widow of Moses, lives with her son, Calvin J.
SMITH DAVID, r 10 n 11, mail carrier, 1,200 sugar trees, 17 head cattle, farmer 184.
Smith David H., r 10 n 11, son of David.
Smith John P., (N. Danville) r 19, farmer 50.
Smith Robert L., r 11, farm laborer.
Sternburg William B., r 12, farmer 100.
Stevens Henry C., r 6 cor 7, farmer 48, served in Co. C, 3d Vt. Vols.
Stevens Orrin E., r 8, 500 sugar trees, farmer 50.
Thurston John, r 11, pastor M. E. church.
Walcott William K., off r 3, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 140.
WEED ALBION L., r 6 n 5, overseer of the poor, first selectman, 300 sugar trees, farmer 115.
Weed Daniel J., r 6, retired farmer 60.
WEED EDSON, r 11, postmaster, prop. saw-mill, farmer 25, served in Co. C, 3d Vt. Vols., discharged as corporal.
Weed Ephraim G., r 6, owns house 9 acres.
Wells Abner, r 6, resident.
Winchester Samuel, r 4, farmer 110, served in Co. C, 3d Vt. Vols.
Wood John, r 3, farmer 60.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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