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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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There are many ways of spelling some names with practically the same pronunciation
ABARE GUY D (Dorothy L), salesman Counsell & Son, h St John
" ---see Hebert
Abbott Dora M Mrs, h rear 116 Main
" Essie S (Mrs Wallace D), teacher Vocational School, h 116 Main
" Harriett E, dist agt Vermont Children's Aid Society, r 18 Central
" Hazel E, artist, r rear 116 Main
" Lewis B (Lillian D), sealer E & T F & Co, h 20 Pine
" Lillian D (Mrs Lewis B), prin Fairbanks School, h 20 Pine
" Lillian M, prop The Elms, h 5 Park
" Louise, student,, r 48 Summer
" Mary J, wid Edwin M, dom, h 8 James
" Mildred Mrs,, teacher Portland St School, r 48 Summer
" Wallace D (Essie S), office mgr Cary Maple Sugar Co and treas Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 116 Main
Achilles Helen H (Mrs Norman E), bkpr Brightlook Hosp, res Cabot
" Norman E (Helen H), emp C H Goss Co, res Cabot
Adams Bemice L Mrs, r 128 Concord av
" Charles E, farmer, r A R Taft, Concord av, R D 1
" Emma, wid B Frank, h 21 Pleasant
Adams Olin D (Carrie F), h 49 Summer
" Rosealma Mrs, h 14 Elm
Addy Julia, wid Edward, r 3 Spring
Advent Christian Church, Rev Susie May Dow pastor, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7:00 p m, 26 Pleasant
Aiken Doris E, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Herbert F (Myrtle E), farmhand, h River ext ...
" Ila L, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Paul M, clk, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Philman, farmer, r River ext
" Ruth V, r 23 Mt Vernon
" Verne C (Sadie), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Mt Vernon
Ailes Merton V, clk Fred R Clifford, r do
" Milton E, r 4 Autumn
Ainsworth Doreen E Mrs, r 25 Hastings
Albert Dept Store, Henry Cohen prop, dry goods and clothing, 91 Railroad
Albiser Alice J, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r 8 Mt Vernon
" Henry.B, asst bkpr Swift & Co, r 8 Mt Vernon
" John A (Evelyn H), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 High
" John B (Theresa), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Mt Vernon
Albright Stanley (Edna), salesman, r 93 Railroad
Aldrich Harry (Edna), truck driver, r E St Johnsbury
" Katherine M, wid Alexander, h 33 Clarks av
Allan Edward (Mary Jane), polisher, h 78 Concord av
Allbee Rachel B, clk Charles Millar & Son Co, r 17 Mt Pleasant
Allen Hardware Co Inc, 67 Railroad, pres-treas, Herbert W-Allen
" Herbert W, pres-treas Allen Hardware Co, r St Johnsbury House
" James (Maude), teacher, h 47 Cliff
" Lawrence, mgr 75 Railroad, r 1 Cherry
" Viola, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Allgrove Gordon (B Elsie), prop Moose River Greenhouse, h E St Johnsbury rd
Allison Arthur I (Ellen B), plumbing, heating and gas fitting rear Merchants Bank bldg, h 21 Main
" Helen I, wid Fred A, r 21 Main
Alston Elmer G (Florence), emp Hooker Reed Co, h 39 Perkins
" Reginald Elmer, const wkr, r 39 Perkins
" Reginald M (Doris), plumber C H Goss Co, h Mt Vernon
Amadon Frank W, r 11 Tremont
Amberg W Howard, retired, r John H Holldway
American Legion, W R Knapp Post 58, Com, Albert W Barney; fin officer, Willard H Ward. Meets Friday 8pm
AMERICAN OIL CO Paul W Gilman distributor 127 Railroad
Ames Darrill, emp .St J Garage, r 12 Webster
Amey J Clark (Carrie), salesman Corner Garage, h 49 Spring
Amidon Cyril H (Esther A), prop C H Ainidon, h 41 Spring
Anderson Alice (Mrs Horace E), clk Waterman's, h 2 Russell av
" Evelyn, teacher Stark School, r R D 4
" Horace E (Alice E), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 2 Russell av
" Johannes (Clara E), janitor E & T F & Co, h 50 Cliff
" Leslie, r 2 Russell av
Annis Estella E, wid Austin, h 8 Pine
" Jarrod (Mildred), emp A E Counsell & Son, h 54 Railroad
" John F, retired, r G Allgrove
" Julia, wid Myron, h 54 Railroad
" Marshall, emp G H Keneson, r do
Antle G Harold, painter, h 39 Main
" George (Bertha), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Mt Vernon
" Martha, wid James, h 44 Central
Arkley William H (Inez M), woodwkr, h 50 Pleasant
Arkley's Novelty Shop, William H Ardley prop, woodworkers 15 Concord av
Armstrong George, retired, r Henry W Cook
Arnold Claude C (Alice), fireman Central Sta, h 5 Cherry
" Lyndon H, clk Vt Bureau of Education, r 5 Cherry
Aaron Ida Mrs, h 112 Portland
" Rose R, r 112 Portland
Ash Albert C (Ruth L), lab, h 156 Portland
" Charlotte, wid Lauren K, chiropodist 54 Railroad, h do
" Floyd R, tool grinder, r 82 Concord av
" Gladys L, clk W T Grant Co, r 82 Concord av
" Henry L (Isabelle L), emp town, h 140 Portland
" Kathleen E, r 82 Concord av
" Kermit H, farmhand, r 82 Concord av
" Marshall L (Josephine), emp city, h 18 Duke
" Robert W (Helen S), h 82 Concord av
" Roy C, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 82 Concord av
Ashton Merle J (Elma A), yard clk C P R R, h R D 1
Ashworth George R (Harriet M), treas. St Johnsbury Hotel Co, r St Johnsbury House
" Margaret, asst treas St Johnsbury Hotel Co, r St Johnsbury House
Asselin Alberta, bkpr 96 Railroad, r 76 Pearl
" Antoinette, r 76 Pearl .
ASSELIN GUSTAVE J (Emma M), (Star Granite Works), h 164 Railroad
" Petronilla L, seamstress, h 76 Pearl
Astbury Albert D, painter, r 9 Mt Vernon
" Blanche L, dressmaker 9 Mt Vernon, r do
" Richard E, const wkr, r 9 Mt Vernon
" Richard J (Rose M), h 9 Mt Vernon
Astle Francis L, stock clk P & L Ignition Co, h Water, St J Center
" Leroy, auto mech, r Water, St J Ctr
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The Great, Daniel F Driscoll mgr 67 Main, Harold
M McEwan mgr 121 Railroad
Atwood Bessie, wid William B, h 40 Spring
" Dale S B S B O (Glen R), osteopathic physician 65 Railroad, h 7 Clinton av
" Simon D, supt Mt Pleasant Cemetery, h 39 Mt Pleasant .
Audette J Raymond (Doris M), train disp St J & L C & M & W R R, h 10 Dundee
Austin Arnon D (Glendola), painter E & T F & Co, h 11 Tremont
" Charles H (Elizabeth), janitor N Cong Church, h 82 Main
" Herbert Q, r 11 Tremont
" Stunner B (Geraldjne), salesman Swift & Co, h 6 Webster
Ayer Arthur H (Julia E), farmhand, h N Danville rd
" Henry, emp E & T F & Co, h E St Johnsbury
Bachand Joseph D (Juliette), dentist 83 Eastern av, h 158 Railroad
" Yvette J, nurse 83 Eastern av, r 158 Railroad
Bacon Lillian A, clerk Burleigh Optical Co, h 22 Clarks av
" Perley Mrs, hskpr 162 Railroad, r do
Badger Edgar-E (Eva A), retired, h 17 Summer
" George W (Mary P , emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Valley
" Glenn C, auto mech, r 17 Summer
Bahrt Albert, student, r 8 Railroad
" Nellie, student, r 8 Railroad
Bailey A Miles, retired, r 15 Clarks av
" Annabelle, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ethel M. teacher Maple St School, r 18 Church
" Forrest E (Cassie), gen agt C P R R, St J & L C R R and M C R R, h 13 Jones
" Mary H, inst and dean of girls St Johnsbury Academy, r Brantview
" Merrill C (Gertrude), emp Quality Cafe, r 138 Portland
" Nellie A, h 15 Clarks av
" Ray P (Mina), (A H Gleason & Co), h 36 Summer
" Ronald E (Mildred N), shipper Maple Grove Candies (Inc), h 23 Cliff
" Stanley r 13 Jones
" William S (Agnes), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Tremont
Baird Curtiss, r 6 Almshouse rd
Baker Anna S, wid Richard S, h 29 Spring
" Rosario, carp, h 100 Railroad
" Ruth, teacher Arlington School, res Lyndon Center
" Violet, wid Perley, hskpr 164 Railroad, r do
Balch Harry E (Jessie A), welder E & T F & Co, h 9 Orchard
Baldwin Frederick G (Amelia M), stock clk T S G & E Co, h 55 Pleasant
Baldwin Hairy J, salesman, r 18 Main
" James H (Lillian L), carp, h 20 Summer
" Nathalie G, sten, r 20 Summer
" Richard P (Edith A), foreman C P R R, h 1 River
" William C, retired, r 20 Main
Ball Harley, r 30 Railroad
Ballou---see Blue
Bamberger Thomas R (Pearl M), lab, h 61 Eastern av
Bandy Eloise, dom 46 Railroad, r do
Banks Bertha, sten C Mills, h 31 Summer
BARBER CLYDE L (Floy L), prop The Lone Pine and contractor and builder 10 Winter, h do, see page 232
BARIGHT MARY LOUISE v-pres Goodrich Store Inc, r 102 Main
Baril Diana A, hskpr, r 17 Maple
" Ernest, emp E & T P & Co, r 17 Maple
" Eusebe, h 17 Maple
" ---see Berry
Barnard Ella J, wid John C, h 167 Railroad
" Grace P, r 167 Railroad av
Barnes Merrick V (Julia S), insp State Dept of Agriculture, h 9 Church
Barney Albert W (Marion A), pres Barney Bros, h Concord av, R D 1
" Bros Inc, automobile dealers 26 Railroad, pres Albert W Barney, treas Frank L Barney
" Evelyn A, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 22 Maple
" Frank L (Florence R), treas Barney Bros, h 9 Lincoln
" Marion A (Mrs Albert W), bkpr Barney Bros Inc, h Concord av, R D 1
" William H (Sophronie), prop Maple St Garage, h 22 Maple
Barquin Emelio C, h 36 Railroad
Barrett Alberton L (Carrie L), const wkr, h 2 S Main
" Alphy J, emp C H Goss Co, r 32 Concord av
" Dicea P, wid George P, h 72 Portland
" Ellen M, r 72 Portland
" George A, emp AH Gleason& Co, h 57 Lafayette
" George P Jr, r 72 Portland
" Leon F (Dagmar E), emp C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
" Louise H, sten Maple Grove Candies Inc, r 36 Railroad
" Philemon A (Antoinette), mech C H Goss Co, h 32 Concord av
" Richard E, student, r 72. Portland
" William W (Lucy J), clk First Nat Stores, h 72 Portland
Barry Geneva C, hskpr 100 Railroad, r do
" John, adjuster Trav Ins Co, r 30 Summer
Barter Lucinda, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Bartlett Charles G.(Kathryn V), lineman T S G E Co, h 17 Pearl
" Gertrude S, wid Harry A, h 5 Caledonia
Barton Gladys I Mrs, h 18 Railroad
" Mary C, maid Brightlook Hosp, r 71 Summer
Bassett Frederick H (Nancie A), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 64 Lafayette
" John E, retired, r 19 Church
Batchelder Carl J (Hildred L), dep comm of education, h 27 Summer
" Clyde H (Florence A), clk C H & G H Cross, h 4 Charles
" Joseph, emp Palmer Bros, r 9 Belvidere
" Lloyd, teacher St J Academy, res inq do
" Sylvia D, wid George B, r 3 Lafayette
" Webb S (Gertrude A), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Nelson
Bates Ruth E, nurse 22 Church, r do
Bean Ethlyn, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" Fred E (Ethel I), carp, h S Main, R D 2
" Howard R (Shirley), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Leo (Evelyn T), lab, h R D 2
" Ralph E (Marjorie D), lab, h 32 Mt Vernon
" Roy M, molder E & T F & Co, h High, R D 2
" Russell (Evelyn), lab, r St J Ctr
Beard Curtis A, r Town Farm
Beaton Irene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Jessie, teacher Portland St School, r 34 Pearl
Beaucage Rosario W (Blanche R), lab, h 156 Portland
Beaudry Ovila J (Flora M), emp M C R R, h 85 Railroad
Beaulieu John (Eva M), h 66 Concord av
Beauregard Donald, emp Manchester, N H, r 12 Maple
" Edward, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 30 North av
" Wilfred J (Amelia), emp E & T P & Co, h 12 Maple
Beck Aloysius J (Beatrice A), billing clk E & T F & Co, h 64 Spring
" August (Effie), foreman E & T F & Co, h 42 Mt Vernon
" C Benson (Eva), emp C P R R, h 12 Oak
" Conrad A, student, r 2 Highland av
" Conrad F (Nellie H), salesman, h 60 Concord av
" Darwin W, emp Gustave Guyer, r 21 Mill
" Fannie, clk E & T P & Co, r H V Conly off Mt Vernon
" Fred C (Mildred H), sec-treas E & F Fairbanks & Co, h 18 Spring
" Henry J (Carrie), retired, h 49 CM (2)
" James W Jr, stone cutter, h 61 Pearl
" James W Sr, retired, h 63 Pearl
" John A, foreman E & T P & Co, h 2 Highland av
" Joseph K (Magdalene), janitor E & T P & Co, h 9 Main
" Katherine E, sten Melford, Mass, r 42 Mt Vernon
" Margaret E, r 63 Pearl
" Mildred R, r 63 Pearl
" Oscar E (Ethel J), acct E & T P & Co, h 61 Cliff
" Pauline H, emp Portland, Me, r 60 Concord av
" Rennie, wid Ernest E, h 21 Mill
" Royce F, emp Boston, Mass, r 18 Spring
" Sigmond E, clk Flint Bros, r 60 Concord av
" Sybil H, student, r 18 Spring
" Theodore C (Florence), clk C PR R and M C R Rand St J L C R.R, r 19 Cliff
" Theron E, const wkr, r 21 Mill
Bedard Alfred (Virginia), emp S J & L C R R, h 8 Wright av
" Alphonsine, wid Barthelmew, h 44 Portland
" Archie A (Harriet M), mech Barney Bros, b 14 Lafayette
" Arthur J, lab, r 44 Portland
" Eugene (Anna), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Passumpsic
" Eugenie, wid Ferdinand, h 42 Maple
" Firmin E, lab, r 2 Passumpsic
" Frederick L (Mabel S), foreman 125 Railroad, h St J Ctr
" Louis H, clk Corner Garage, r St J Ctr
" Matilda M, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 15 Maple
" Pearl C, wid James, h 15 Maple
" Robert, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 2 Passumpsic
" Roger I, clk Gauthier's Pharmacy, r 2 Passumpsic
" Vekna H, emp McKenzde's Lunch, t15 Mapie
" ---see Bedor
Bedell Calvin E (Anne M), agt Prud Ins Co, h 66 Concord av
Bedor Ernest H (Madeline L), musician, Sh 54 Spring
" William, lab, r 4 John
" ---see Bedard
Beer Owen F (Alice M), emp St J Gas Co, h 48 Lafayette
" Richard F, r 48 Lafayette
Beford Delphine Mrs, h 2 Clarks av
" Jeannette M, r 2 Clarks av
" Oswald, farmhand, r St J Ctr
Begbie M Charles (Freda), molder E & T F & Co, h 5 Pine
Begin Charles B (Cordelia), barber shop 48 Main, h 6 Washington av
" Lena, maid 27 Church, r do
Belanger Alfred A (Grace), grocer 131 Railroad, h 135 do
" Camffle A (Jeannette), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 High
" Emma, wid Thomas, h 130 Portland
" George H (Clara J), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Orchard
" Germaine M, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 21 Orchard
" Henry J (Georgianna), emp Albert S Juneau Inc, h 95 Portland
" Lucy L, emp Palmer Bros, r 21 Orchard
" Millard O (Ethel), emp S J & L C RR, r21 Orchard
Belden Henry C (Florence M), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Cliff
Belisle Leo P (Delina), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Marion av
" Pearl (Mrs William), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 26 Central
Belisle Radiator Co, William J Belisle prop, 84 Eastern av
" William J (Pearl), prop Belisle Radiator Shop.h 26 Central
Bell Marion A, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 4 Church (20)
Belleville Louis Jr, mech St J Garage, h 93 Main
Bemis Natalie L, sten French & Bean, r 39 Lafayette
" William A (Maisie L), sec to town mgr, h 39 Lafayette
Benedict Charles, emp E & T P & Co, r L C Benedict
" Lucien C (Mable G), custom woodworking St Johnsbury Ctr, h do
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, St Johnsbury Lodge No 1343, 44 Railroad, E R, Frederick O Moore; sec, Oscar E Beck; treas, Milton Julian;.steward, Dana Courtney. Meets 1st and 3rd Fri Oct to May G A R Bill 7:30 pm, June to Aug 3rd Fri at 8 p m
Bennett Alice M.Mrs, h 138 Railroad
" Benjamin J (Florence), emp C H & G H Cross, h 120 Railroad
" Charles (Annie B), h 10 Belvidere
" Charles I (Ethel A), sealer E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Clarence A (Nellie C), monumental dealer 6 Maple, h 126 Railroad
" Dorothy, teacher Passumpsic, r 11 Clarks av
" Florence E, mgr Lakeview Hotel Greensboro, r 40 Cliff
" Foster R (Gertrude E), h 3 Oak
" Fred E, clk 75 Main, r 40 Cliff
" G Clifford, const wkr, r 138 Railroad
" George A (Marie A), emp 75 Main, h 30 Spring av
" George Henry Rev (Elsie A), rector St Andrews P E Church, h 56 Summer
" Gordon H (Beatrice E), priv sec and claims agt E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Howard (Mary), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Spring
" John L (Edith A), emp Hotel Moore, r 141 Railroad
" Leona E, emp C & Cosgrove Co, r St J Ctr
" Lillian C, clk N E T & T Co, r 40 Cliff
" Mary R (Mrs Howard E), asst lib St Johnsbury Library, h 19 Spring
BENNETT R & SON (Robert and Robert J Bennett), groceries and meats 76 Main, see p 240
" Raymond P (Alice S), foreman E & T F & Co, h 9 School
BENNETT ROBERT (Mary Jane), (R Bennett & Son), h 40 Cliff
BENNETT ROBERT J (R Bennett & Son), r 40 Cliff
" Walter J (Gladys P), lab, r 22 Concord av
" Wilfred (Wilhemina), farmer, h St J Ctr
Benoit G Bernard (Harriette C), h 109 Concord av
" George E (Katherine), barber 29 Portland, h 117 Concord av
" Lloyd G, student, r 117 Concord av
" Louis C (Rose H), pres-sec St Johnsbury Garage Co, h 147 Main
" Reginald P (Marion), emp Shell Petroleum Products Co, h 11 Harrison av
BERNIER BERNADINE (Mrs Paul E), (Bemier's Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor), h 79 Portland
BERNIER PAUL E (Bernadine), prop Bernier's Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor, h 79 Portland
" Ralph (Irene M), emp 7 Eastern av, h 9 North av
BERNIER'S BARBER SHOP & BEAUTY PARLOR Paul E Bernier prop, 7 Eastern av, see p 247
Berry Clarence M (Eva B), mgr Berry-Ball Dry Goods Co, h 4 Church (53)
" Herbert N (Stella J), electrician, h 12 Ely
" Hugh S (Aldiene), com trav, h 10 Emerson
" Miles A, emp Saco Maine, r 12 Ely
" ---see Baril
Berthiaume Simeon J (Eva L), lab, h 10 Prospect av
" Stanislas, sexton Church of Notre Dame, h 10 Prospect av
BERUBE ALEX (Marie), mgr E T & H K Ide, St Johnsbury Ctr, h do
" Edward, student, r A Berube
Bessette Wilfred (Annie), mach, h 33 Hastings
Best Burton J (Rpsetta H), carpenter, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Dayton H (Ila M), sta attd Cray's, h 95 Eastern av
Bickford Earl R (Edith M), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 St Mary
" George L (Edith), farmer, h 3 Elliot
" Howard, lab, r 3 Elliot
Bigelow Hazel A, wid Ralph, r 8 Pine
" Ruth, student, r 8 Pine
Bijolle Alice, dom, r 24 Elm
" Joseph (Malvina), laborer, h 24 Elm
" Joseph Jr (Georgia E), lab, h 24 Elm
" Moses, laborer, r 24 Elm
" Peter F (Carrie), h 140 Portland
BILL LESTER A (Ruth), mgr Twin State Gas & Electric Co, h 1 Edgehill rd
Bilodeau J Desire (Rebecca), barber Avenue Hotel Barber Shop, h 15 St Mary
" John P, student, r 15 St,Mary
Bingham Katherine M, h 8 Church
Birch Louise, sten St J Production Credit Assn, res Danville
" Louise N, wid Charles H, h Danville rd
" Lucy M (Mrs Perley. D), teacher Portland St School, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Perley D (Lucy M), h Pleasant, R D 4
Birchwood Apartments 71 Main
Bishop Ellen, wid Ora, r 50 Lafayette
" William A (Margaret A), foreman N E T & T Co, h 29 Church
Blackler Grace M, wid Thomas W, r 22 Church
Blair Alcide J (Elsie), trucking 69 Main, h do
" Francis R, student, r Gilbert G Blair
" Gilbert G (Florence F), ins agt, h Danville rd, R D 3
' Oliver, lab, r Brown ct
" R Wayne, clk, r Gilbert G Blair
Blais Adrcinne, emp 87 Railroad, r 5 Bagley
" Ernestine, r 80 Railroad
" Napoleon J (Emma M), carpenter, h 80 Railroad
Blake Albert J, agent, h 8 Pleasant
"Austin K, cook Quality Cafe, r 95 Eastern av
" Charles Mrs, h St J Ctr
"Elizabeth H, retired, r 8 Pleasant
BLAKE HAROLD D (Beatrice M), prop Quality Cafe, h 47 Cliff
" Leon S (Alice G), lab, h 4 State
" Robert (Gertrude E), mach E & T F & Co, h 3 Spring
Blanchard Joseph (Myrtie), laborer, h 2 Clarks av
" Rene, emp 65 Main, r 19 St Mary
Blodgett Cathelena, wid Herbert R, asst St J Athenaeum & Library, r 84 Summer
" Clara C, wid Perley, r 38 Summer
" Donald F (Bertha S), salesman, h 6 Western av
" Edwina M, musician, h 93 Railroad
" Emma L, wid Volney B, h 120 Portland
" Evelyn M, student, r St J Ctr
" Harley (Helen), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Harry C (Daisy M), com trav, h 8 Boynton av
" Helen, r 41 Lafayette
" Helen (Mrs Harley), bkpr W T Grant Co, h St J Ctr
" Herbert W (Lena P), retired, h 8 Western av
" Martha C, public sten 84 Summer, r do
" Mary E, wid Ernest S, h 56 Pearl
" Pearl W (Ethel), emp Ides, h 41 Lafayette
" William Edmund (Mabel W), emp E & T F & Co, h 31 Cliff
" William M, concrete cont 75 Pearl, h do
" Winthrop W (Agnes H), master mech E & T F & Co, h 27 Cliff
Blossom Frank E, emp Allen's Hardware Co, h 65 Railroad
Blue---see Ballou
Bocash Alfred C (Elma G), fireman St J F D, h 25 Caledonia
Boisvert Auguste (Celia), h 5 River
" James F (Grace S), emp Goldberg's, h 65 Eastern av
" Oliver A (Lura L), truck driver, h 126 Portland
Boivin Charles F (Jeannette), emp St J & L C R R, h 33 St Mary
" Gerard P, clk A & P Tea Co, 65 Main, r 9 High
" Joseph F (Ahna), emp E & T F & Co, h 9 High
Bona Angelo, prop St johnsbury Fruit Co, h 49 Main
" Louis, emp 45 Main, r 49 do
Bond Fred A, lab, r 207 Railroad
Bonett Percy A (Beatrice M), emp Ides, h 53 Portland
Bonette Charles O (Flora M), h St J Ctr
" Earl F, r St J Ctr
Bonette Perley S (Beatrice M), painter, h St J Ctr
Bortfilio Nicola, shoe repairer, r 65 Eastern av
Bonnett Lois G, nurse Hardwick, r 16 Perkins
" Samuel W (Grace A), lab, h 16 Perkins
" Stanton (Susan), carpenter, h St J Ctr
Boomer Andrew F (Ida), prop Boomer's Furniture Exchange and prop Boomer's Dance Halls, h 21 Portland
" Elizabeth, r 30 Railroad
Boomer's Dance Halls, Andrew F Boomer prop, 25 Portland
" Furniture Exchange, Andrew F Boomer prop, new and used furniture 27 Portland
Borland Elizabeth, wid James T, h 84 Main
Boston Store, Samuel Shapiro prop, dry goods 77 Railroad
Boucher Aimee A (Cordelia D), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Concord av
" Albert J, r 183 Railroad
" Arthur, pressman Cowle's Press, h S Main, R D 2
" Elmire, wid Alfred, h 183 Railroad
" Eugene R, student, r 17 St Mary
" Georgianna Y Mrs, hskpr 100 Main, r do
" Lucy Mrs, maid 16 Winter, r do
" Rena H, clk Willey's Food & Lunch Shop, r 19 St Mary
" Rosanna, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 19 St Mary
" Rose, wid Alfred, h 19 St Mary
" ---see Bushey
Boudreau Ernest J (Bertha J), clk East End Mkt, h 139 Railroad
Bouffard George E (Dulcina E), salesman Swift & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
Bourne Clive K (Anna C), asst sales mgr Caledonia Mills, h 4 Church (34)
Bourque Clarice, r Maple
" Harry, retired, r 6 Elm
" Sophronie, wid Oliver, h 6 Elm
" ---see Burke
Boutin Albert (Althea), policeman town of St J P D, h 28 Summer
" Althea (Mrs Albert), clk Merchants Nat Bank, h 28 Summer
" Cora, r 21 Elm
" Flossie, clk Newport, Vt, r 21 Elm
" Onesime (Zephenne), carp, h 21 Ehn
" Raoul J (Marie A), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Bovee Ernest O (Lura M), emp E & T F & Co, h 48 Central
Bowen Casper, retired, h 46 1/2 Railroad
" Frances, wid Francis, r 46 1/2 Railroad
Bowman Hazel P, hskpr 39 Mt Pleasant, r do
Boyce Wyman, emp E & T F & Co, r C J Bennett, St J Ctr
" Robert K (Priscilla A), emp. U S Fisheries, h 104 Main
Boynton Charles F (Clara C), ins 85 Summer, h do
Bradley Chancey Z (Geneva L), emp St J House, h 77 Portland
" Charles W (Stella), emp N E T & T Co, h 50 Caledonia
" Grace, wid Louis A, h High, R D 2
Bradshaw Cassia, r Town Farm
BRAGG HELEN B (Mrs Percy W), treas Goodrich Store lac, h 102 Main
BRAGG PERCY W (Helen B), pres Goodrich Store Inc, h 102 Main
Braley Charles G (Edith R), town clk and town and village treas, h 24 Boynton
" Brantview", girls' dormitory St Johnsbury Academy, Park c S Main
Brewer Frank Irwin (Ida), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Truman W (Beulah), h St J Ctr
Brickett Arthur L (Viola E), truck driver, h 2 Union
" Geraldine G, clk Waterman's Inc, r 7 Caledonia
" Gladys M, bkpr 46 Main, r 7 Caledonia
" Louis J (Beulah G), eng St J & L C R R, h 7 Caledonia
" William A (Mildred J), emp E F Tinker, h Danville rd, R D 3
Brickey Guy (Virginia M), lab, r 8 Harrison av
" Virginia M (Mrs Guy), prop Virginia's Beauty Shop, r 8 Harrison av
Briggs Harry W (Elvira), truck driver 26 Bay, h 22 Green
Brigham Alan, emp Smith's Cut Price Cash Store, h 22 Webster
" Joseph W, r William F Thompson
" Merle S (Lena), opr Western Union Tel Co, r 51 Summer
BRIGHAM SHIRLEY K (Susan E), prop Brigham's Drug Store, h 38 Summer
BRIGHAM'S DRUG STORE Shirley K Brigham prop, 39 Main, see p 247
Brightlook Hospital, pres, Edward H Ross M D; v pres, W lliam A Ide; sectreas, Richard A Levasseur; supt, Grace Gummo, 10 Summer
Brock Leonard (Agnes), (Walker & Brock), res W Barnet
" William J (Waver I), bkpr Roy D Skinner, h E St Johnsbury
Brodien Co lins A (Jennie M), tailor 51 Main, h 3 Lafayette
" George B, clk Parker Drug Store, r 3 Lafayette
BRODIEN JOHN B (Alene), (Gilman Bros), r 54 Eastern av
Brookdale Farm, Walter H Webb prop, 216 Railroad
Brooks Abby P, wid Arthur R, r St Johnsbury House
" Angus McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
" George N, r 4 State
BROOKS H STANWOOD attorney-at-law and certified public accountant 36 Main, r 22 Mt Pleasant, phone 186, see p 243
" House Apartments, Anna T Ferrin prop, 89 Main
" Ida P, wid Hubert W, h 22 Mt Pleasant
BROOKS JONAS H pres Passumpsic Savings Bank and v-pres C H Goss Co, h 23 Boynton av
" Mary McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
" Percy C, pres E & T Fairbanks & Co, res Chicago, Ill
" Roy, emp D Knbwlton & Son, f do
" Samuel McL, student, r 23 Boynton av
Brotherhood Locomotive Fireman & Enginemen Chap'No 282, pres.E J Cotechairman, D A Henderson; sec-treas, Charles L Rathbun
Birbugh Edward E, student, r 88 Summer
" Edward N (Helen E), foundry supt E & T F & Co, h 88 Summer
" Madelyn N, student, r 88 Summer
Brouillard Ernest J (Cora J), laborer, h 6 Washington av
Brown Alfred F, r 8 Assisqua av
" Alice K, r 2 Spruce
" Annie M, treas Gary Maple Sugar Co, h 2 Spruce
" Augusta M, wid Charles F, h 8 Assisqua av
" Bailey W, student, r 101 Main
" Calvin, emp Boston, Mass, r E St Johnsbury
" Calvin E (Alice S), clothier 99 Eastern av, h 101 Main
" Cecile P, teacher, r 11 Spring
" Charles H, gardener, h 50 Pleasant
" Elsinore L, r 82 1/2 Main
" Ernest P (Minnie), ins agt, h 11 Spring
" Ernestine M sec to prin St Johnsbury Academy, r 11 Spring
" Evelyn D, dom A B Dow, r 8 Assisqua
" Frances S, r 2 Spruce
" Frank O (Cora I), mach Hooker Reed Co, h 25 Mt Pleasant
" Gilbert O, patternmkr E & T F & Co, r 25 Mt Pleasant
" Harley S, painter, r 2 Pearl
" Harold P (Mabel), h 11 Highland av
" Harry A (Olive A), eng St J & L C R R, h 5 Caledonia
" Hibbard V, emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Higgins ct
" John H, emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Louise M, teacher, r 11 Spring
" Marjorie E, sten, r 25 Mt Pleasant
" Myra, wid Peter, h E St Johnsbury
" Norris F (Ellen J), elec welder E & T F & Co, h 139 Main
" Oscar C, r 8 Assisqua
" Royce A (Almena), emp E & T F & Co, h 36 Lafayette
" Stetson M, aviator U S A, r 101 Main
" Tracie T, r 39 Eastern av
" Vera M Mrs, clerk E & T F & Co, h 82 1/2 Main
" Waldo E (Dorothy T), truck driver C H Goss Co, h 10 Union
" William J (Carrie M), painter and paperhanger 97 Eastern av, h do
Brownlow Charles H (Agnes H), elec Reliamce Electric Co, h, 11 Green
"Esther, E, r 11 Green
" Martha E, wid Robert, h 11 Green
" Robert J, magazine agency, stationery and job printing 11 Green, r do
Brunell Block, 119 Railroad
Brunelle Alfred J, carpenter, h 21 St John
" Alphee E (Dorothy M), teller Citizens Sstyings Bank & Trust Co, h 9 Bagley
Brunelle Edmond H (Cordelia), prop Ed's Cafe, h 1 Portland
" Edward Napoleon, prop Pete's Real Estate and painter and decorator 19 Portland, h do
" Jeanette H, emp Prevost's Shop, h 1 Portland
" Joseph (Augustine H), retired, h 69 Pearl
" Ryno A (Alice M), sub carrier P O, h 5 1/2 Bagley
Brunette Celina, wid Henry L, r 6 Almshouse rd
Buck Alice A, emp Jenk's Studio, r 3 Simonds av
" Avis L, r 3 Simonds av
" Chester J (Margaret), emp Am F & H Co, h 24 Lafayette
" Clarence J (Mabel), h 3 Simonds av
"Ethel M, student, r 3 Simonds av
" Irving M (Gladys), retired, h 39 Cliff
" Milton E, student, r 3 Simonds av
" Margie, wid William, h 39 Cliff
Buckley Harry (Kathaleen), const wkr, r 38 Railroad
Buell Ralph C (Kathleen), fireman St J P D, h 17 Cherry
Bugbee Charles (Belle), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Fred R S (Mabel D), sta.opr T S G & E Co, h St J Ctr
BUICK MOTOR CAR AGENCY Robert R Wakefield, 68 Eastern av
Bundy Michael Sr (Clara), emp State Highway Dept, h 10 Oak
" Nellie F, wid Fred G, h 10 Mt Pleasant
" William G (Versa Z), truck driver, h St J Ctr
Burbank Florence L, asst cashier The Prudential Ins Co of America, r 30 Summer
" Leo C (Marian), mech Padham's Garage, h 3 Duke
" Nat B (Mrs), supt of schools h 4 Church (3)
" Silas J (Bertha L), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Cliff
Burke William (Mildred), emp St J & L C R R, h Danville rd, R D 3
Burby Angelina V, wid George, dressmkr 2 School, h do
Burchu Edward (Angeline), farmhand, h 22 Elm
Burden Douglas J, sand blast opr E & T T & Co, h 5 Deer
" John C (Emma), h 86 1/2 Eastern av
Burdette Leon R (Gertrude E), truck driver, h 127 Concord av
Burke Albert E, r S J Ctr
" Alexander J (May), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Anna F, teacher, r 34 Summer
" Fred J (Esther M), emp E T & H K Ide, h 140 Main
" Gaston A, r 140 Main
" John F, emp Carey Maple Sugar Co, r 16 Main
" Robert H (Alice F), homeopathic physician 34 Summer, h do
" ---see Bourque
Burleigh Natt, prop Burleigh Optical Co, res Tilton, N.H.
" Optical Co, Natt Burleigh prop Roscoe C Burleigh mgr, (wholesale opticians), 33 Main
" Roscoe C (Berta), mgr Burleigh Optical Co, r 30- Summer
Burleson Emily F Mrs, h 165 Railroad
Burnette Selina Mrs, r Town Farm
Burnham Martha E, wid George C, h 17 Main
Bums Chester R (Dorcas), emp 2 Paddock, h 4 Church (45)
" James (Frances), florist 2 Paddock, h 25 Webster
" Nelson A (Beatrice) florist James Burns, h 56 Cliff
" Simon (Jennie), lab, h St J Ctr
" Thomas R Rev (Elsie J), pastor Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, h 15 Central
Burrill Virginia L, r 26 Central
Burrington Vivian, wid Ray, h S Main, R D 2
Burroughs Thomas F (Emily M), violin teacher 83 Eastern av, h 33 Main
Burrows Alfred E (Ruth T), emp E & T F & Co, h 85 Summer
" Alzada, wid William H, r 5 South
BURROWS CLAYTON A (Clara M), pres A B Noyes Ins Agency, h 6 South
" Edwin G Ruth E), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 1 Webster
" Ernest E Rose J, emp E & T E & Co, h 21 Winter
" Leslie, emp E & T F & Co r 21 Winter
BURROWS RONALD P (Frederica A), treas A B Noyes Ins Agency Inc and v-pres-treas Swan Const Co, h 124 Main
Burt Charles, laborer, r 14 Oak
Burt Guy A (Flora C), 14 Oak
Bushaw Annie Mrs, r 18 Railroad
Bushey George W (Anna L), trainman St J & L C R R, h 38 Perkins
" ---see Boucher
Business & Professional Women's Club, pres, Florence J May; cor sec, Laura E Doloff. Meets on call of pres, 29 Summer
Buskey Mary E Mrs, clk C H & G H Cross, h 147 Railroad
BUSSIERE J ALFRED sec-treas Corner Garage Inc, res Lyndonville
Buswell Elizabeth L, wid Edgar S, h S Main, R D 2
Butler Beverly, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" G Julian, r 36 Pleasant
" Rudolph R (May), (Jackman-Butler), h 36 Pleasant
Butt Hilda V (Mrs John A), waitress, h 5 Pine
" John W (Hilda V), baker, h 5 Pine
Butterfield Charles D (Clara J), foreman T S G & E Co, h 6 Pearl
BUTTERFIELD ELSIE H (Mrs Foster G), rooms 16 Main, h do, see p 241
" Foster G (Elsie H), foreman E & T F & Co, h 16 Main
" Harry E, r 45 Maple
" Paul B, opr Caledonian-Record, r 17 Summer
Byers Thomas, retired; h Danville rd, R D 3
" Thomas Jr (Mabel E), carpenter, r Thomas Danville, R D 3
Byl Alan J, student, r 32 Western av
" Frederick M (Mary S), plant eng E & T F & Co, h 32 Western av
" Howard, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Main
C & O OIL CO, Charles S Cray mgr, gas and oil wholesale office 80 Portland
CADILLAC MOTOR CAR AGENCY R R Wakefield mgr, 68 Eastern av
Calacci Leah, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 30 North av
Caldbeck Agnes E, wid George W, h 31 North av
CALDBECK-COSGROVE CORP wholesale and retail dealers in lumber and builders' supplies 30 Bay, pres and gen mgr James Cosgrove, see p 245
" Edward M, r 5 Elm
" Francis G, student, r 31 North av
" Lillian, h 5 Elm
" Mary J, student, r 31 North av
" Matthew J, student, r 31 North av
" Virginia, student, r .31. North av
Calderera Theresa, emp St J Hosp,
CALDERWOOD ALVI P (Marion), clk C A Calderwood Inc, h 9 Pearl
" Block 46 Eastern av
CALDERWOOD C A INC furniture and funeral directors 46 Eastern av, pres, Mrs Ida Calderwood; treas, C Roy Calderwood; clk, Alvi P Calderwood, see bottom edge
CALDERWOOD, C ROY (Mae), treas C A Calderwood Inc, h 11 Pearl
CALDERWOOD IDA wid Charles A, pres C A Calderwood Inc, r 9 Pearl
" Marjorie R, student, r 11 Pearl
" May P, wid C Sherman, prop Calderwood's, h 30 Summer
" Wesley R, emp C A Calderwood Inc, r 11 Pearl
Calderwood's, Mrs May P Calderwood prop, rooms 30 Summer
Caldwell Eber (Susan E), sta fireman E & T F & Co, h Mt Vernon byd limits
" Fillmore, emp Palmer Bros, r Eber Caldwell
" Norma, emp N Haverhill, N H, r Eber Caldwell
Caledonia County Bar Association, pres, Arthur L Graves; v-pres, Sumner E Darling, Hardwick; sec-treas, Jutten A Longmoore. Meetings annually in Sept
" County Court House, Eastern av c Main
" County Farm Bureau Association, W A Dodge county agent, 111 Railroad
" County Jail, Frederick R Flint sheriff, 15 Cherry
" County of- - -County auditor G W Jones St Johnsbury
" County of, county clerk, G Clinton Frye; dep co clk, Mrs Lyla B Cole
" County of- - -Court asst judges, Charles A Stanford Hardwick, Nelson A Park, S Ryegate; State's attorney, Sterry R Waterman, St Johnsbury; judge of probate, Walter W Wesley, St Johnsbury; sheriff, Frederick A Flint
" County of- - -Dep sheriffs, A O Berry, West Burke; J Ward Gillis, Danville; V W Rand, Hardwick; William E Frazier, Hardwick; Ralph B Foster, Groton; William P Russell, Kirby; C F Chase, Mclndoes Falls; Ashley F Munger, Peacham; George K McDonald, S Ryegate; Harold M Stone, Lyndon; Bernard A Wilcox, St Johnsbury; Robert F Stenson, St Johnsbury; Carroll E Lafoe, St Johnsbury Centre; James R Rock, Wheelock; William G Welch, Groton
Caledonia County of- - -jail commissioners, W A Taplin, Arthur H Gleason and Robert Wakefield
" County of- - -municipal Court, Nathan A Norton judge
" County of- - -probate court, Walter W Wesley judge, Main c Eastern av
" County of- - -religious education, pres, John Steele
" County of- - -road commissioners, Richard S Hooper, Frank W Ford, Fred J Tewksbury
" county of- - -treasurer, Milton L Julian
" Fruit Store, Vincent Palase prop, 91 Eastern av
CALEDONIA FUEL & SUPPLY CO Harry M Day prop, 6 Day ct, see p 240
" Garage, Charles B Carr prop, 24 Railroad
CALEDONIAN-RECORD PUBLISHING CO INC publishers St Johnsbury Republican 106-107 Eastern av, pres, Herbert A Smith; treas, Mrs Gertrude A Smith, see p 4
Calhoun Florestine B (Mrs John S), music teacher 4 Church (35), h do
" John S (Florestine B), musician, h 4 Church (35)
Call Claude B, h 29 Maple
Callahan William J (Viva), sales mgr T S G & E Co, res West Barnet
Cameri Arthur J (Rosa j), salesman, h 34 Concord av
Camire John J, r 34 Concord av
Camp Hattie E (Mrs Horace G), dressmkr 61 Portland, h do
" Horace G (Hattie E), wood wkr Am F & H Co, h 61 Portland
" Nettie A, bkpr Summerville Wood Yard, r 61 Portland
Campbell Annie, wid Frederick, asst lib St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library, r 10 Ely
" Archibald N (Minnie), emp St. J & L C R R, h 6 Harrison av
" Carl R, r 6 Harrison av
" Edward H, retired, r St J Ctr
CAMPBELL JAMES B (Elmere W), lawyer 71 Railroad, h 24 Summer, see p 143
" Marjorie R, student, r 6 Harrison av
" Robert C (Gladys D), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Campion Bernard W (Bertha M), clk Gulf Store Plant, h 47 Pleasant
Canadian Pacific Railroad frt office, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, Railroad n depot
" Pacific Railroad (Centervale), station agent St J Ctr
" Pacific Railroad, Kenneth M Taylor ticket agt, Charles L Rattigan baggage master, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, depot Railroad
" Pacific Railroad News Stand, Marie J McLeod mgr, C P R R Depot Railroad
Canning Albert T, clk Public Market, r 17 Main
" Ellen, wid Charles, r Water, St J Ctr
" Grace M Mrs, h 17 Main
" Joseph G (Mary I), emp N Cad Auto Co, h 17 Mt Pleasant
" Maxine B, r 17 Main
Cannon James A (Cecelia M), gen supt St J & L C R R, h 52 Spring
Canty John M (Mary E), veterinarian State of Vermont, h 35 Spring
" Mary M, wid John, r 35 Spring
Caplan Abraham, prop Caplan's Army Store, h off Federal
" Joseph, prop Green Mt Fruit Market, r Abraham Caplan
Caplan's Army Store, Abraham Caplan prop, 98 Railroad
Cardinal-see Cargenel
Carey-see Cary
Cargenel-see Cardinal
Carlson Kathleen M Mrs, clk T S G & B Co, r 45 Portland
" Telny, supt Swift & Co, r 6 Webster
Carno Joseph (Hazel K), lab, h 2 Bagley
Carpenter Charles W (Harriet), fireman St J F D, h 32 Spring
" Lottie, wid John, hskpr 69 Summer, r do
" Walter C, emp U S Bureau Fisheries, r 32 Spring
" William M, emp E&TF&Co, h27 Pleasant
Carr Charles B (Gertrude A), prop Caledonia Garage, h 116 Concord av
" Ernest W, laborer, r 93 Eastern av
" Frank L (Mertie F), clk C P R R and rooms 1 Cherry, h do
" Helen W, wid Harry H, teacher Summer St School, h 4 Church (54)
Carr Mark H (Amy), carpenter J M Swan Co, h 87 Portland
" Martin T (Ruby M), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Cliff
" Morris (Aurore), emp Cross Bakery, r 31 Maple
" Robert R (Florence L), farmer and milk dealer Parker av, h do
" Rupert Q (Olive), emp E & T F & Co, r 7 Green
" Ruth A, r 116 Concord av
" Theodore A (Grace K), janitor Summer St School, h 26 Spring
Carreau Rudoph (Anna M), h 6 Pearl
Carrick Catherine, waitress Quality Cafe, r 41 Eastern av
" Frederick G, farmhand, h 41 Eastern av
" Rose D Mrs, dressmkr, r 33 Eastern av
Carrier Arthur j (Ruby M), truck driver, h 47 Maple
" Louise, wid Louis E, h 21 St Mary
" Wilbrod V, carpenter, r 21 St Mary
Carrigan Alfred J (May E), chef St J Hotel, h 3 Central
Carriveau---see Corriveau
Carroll Celenere, wid John T, h 166 Railroad
" Ernest F, r 15 Clarks av
" Leo J (Lucille B), supt St J Gas Co, h 166 Railroad
" Madeline, sten Searles & Graves, r 166 Railroad
Carruth---see Corruth
Carson Walter, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Main
CARTER ACNES (Mrs Elbert L), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, h 9 Main
" Allan E, U S N, r 6 Mountain av
" Arvilla S, wid Edward F, r 71 Main
" Effie, wid Sullivan, r 46 Lafayette
CARTER ELBERT L (Agnes W), carpenter and contractor 9 Main, h do, see p 234
" Warren E (Berenice A), emp St J & L C RR, h 6 Mountain av
" William H (Margaret H), emp Lisbon, N H, h 46 Lafayette
" Winifred G, wid John, r 21 Clarks av
Cartier Henry (Marie A), mason, h River ext
Cary Annie M, wid George C, h 104 Main
CARY CLINTON P (Alberta R), v-pres Cary Maple Sugar Co and v-pres Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 68 Concord av
CARY MAPLE SUGAR CO INC, office and plant 167 Portland, pros, Preston Herbert; v-pres. Clinton P Cary; v-pres-treas, E H Schneider; sec, Charles A Shields, see p 239
" ---see Carey
Cassidy Beatrice (Mrs Walter M), clk frt office C P R R, h 28 Railroad
" Dennis J (Margaret M), mason 23 School, h do
" Dennis J Jr, mason, r 23 School
" Donald T, laborer, r 23 School
" Josephine Af wid Frank S, mgr The Grey Shoppe, b. 85 Railroad
" Philip S (Josephine), emp E & T F & Co, h 137 Portland
" Raymond G (Lila A), mason, h 2 School
" Walter, car inspr St J & L C R R, r 5 Jones
" Walter M (Beatrice), yd clk C P R R, h 22 Railroad
Castonguay Fernando A (Lumina T), emp E & T F Co, h 174 Railroad
Castonia Beatrice, wid John, r 3 Prospect
Caswell Harley A, plumber, tin and sheet metal wkr 1 Caledonia, h do
" Harold R (Hazel C), plumber, h 17 Pearl
" Mabel N, wid George W, hskpr Franklin O Cobh, r do
Catharin Forrest R (Eleanor M), sta opr T S G & E Co, h 18 Pearl
Cavanaugh James, baker C H & G H Cross, r 137 Railroad
Center Garage, Ector A Mttngeon prop, auto repairing St J Ctr
Chabot George A (Virginia), clk First Nat Store, r 2 Higgins ct
Chaffee Arthur L (Mabel), mach, h Water, St J Cyr
" Carroll B (Luvia B), salesman Gilman Bros, h 5 Emerson
" Kathleen, teacher Barton, r Water, St J Ctr
" Luvia B (Mrs Carroll A), dressmkr 5 Emerson, h dp
" Phyllis, student, r Water, St J Ctr
" Thelma, r Water, St J Ctr
Chalmers E Mildred (Mrs John A), emp Willey's Food & Lunch Shop, h 71 Summer
" John A (E Mildred), emp C H Goss Co, h 71 Summer
" William W, student Boston, Mass, r 71 Summer
Chaloux Fred A (Adelaide M), mach E & T F & Co, h 38 Webster
Chaltra Mina, wid Peter, r 7 Green
Chamberlain George F (Sophia E), plumbing 9 Caledonia, h do
" Ralph A (Diana E), emp Hovey; & Chandler, h 53 Portland
Champany Thelma M, cashier Tegus Palace Theatre, r 31 Summer
Chandler Charlotte E, r 95 Main
" Clarence E (Ruth K), emp S O Co, h 109 Concord av
" Helen E, asst to Dr W H Fitch, r 95 Main
" John P, student, r 95 Main
" Lottie C, wid Edward C, h 95 Main
" Pauline Mrs, r 17 Boynton av
" Samuel A (Ruth V), (Hovey & Chandler), h Centre rd
Channell Vivian, nurse 5 Part, r do
Chapman Francis W (Nellie B), clk State Liquor Store, h 9 Belvidere
" Nelson D (Marion W), com trav, h 162 Railroad
" Paul S, clk First Nat Stores, r 162 Railroad
Charette Clyde D (Anna E), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Cote's ct
Chartier Frank (Emily), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Chase Albert, student, r E St Johnsbury
" Arthur E, student, r St.J Ctr
" Beulah, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Elmore H (Sarah A), postmaster St J Ctr and pattern mkr, h Post Office bldg, St J Ctr
" George (Carrie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Hazel J, sten E & T F Co, res E St J
" Kathleen, nurse Brightlook Hosp,
" Kathleen P, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Mary L, sten Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 29 Summer
" Mary Lee, student, r 18 Church
" Merton (Frances), r R D 2
" Ralph H (Helen), farmer, h E St J
" Sarah A (Mrs Elmore H), asst postmaster, h St J Ctr
" Theodore W (Julia S), agt N E Mutual Life Ins Co, h 18 Church
" Theodore W Jr, student, r 18 Church
Cheever Arthur S, com trav, h 25 Summer
" Clinton (Iris), mach C P R R, h 168 Railroad
" Frances E, r 25 Summer
" Glenn A (Christina B), mech C H Goss Co, h 2 Harvey
" Iris M (Mrs Clinton F), bkpr 2 Prospect av, h 168 Railroad
Cheney Esther, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Stanley, sailor Merchant Marine, r 69 Main
Chesley Florence, clk Merchants National Bank, h 24 Pearl
" Gertie E, wid Frank, r 14 Cross
" Harry A (Mina V), pres-treas Chesley & Lowell Inc, h 5 Lafayette
" William H (Katherine M), mgr Hotel Moore, h 122 Railroad
" & Lowell Inc, 35 Bay and 51 Portland, pres-treas, Harry A Chesley
Chester Erizaiene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Chickering Evelyn R, r 14 Caledonia
" Ira W (Blanche L), painter E&TF & Co, h 14 Caledonia
" Katherine E, dom 72 Pearl, r do
" Solomon B (Charlotte E), retired, h 126 Main
Choiniere Napoleon (Lena), emp E&TF & Co, r 7 Harvey
" Romuald (Yvonne S), moulder E & T F & Co, h 4 Passumpsic
" Simone M, hairdresser 57 Eastern av, r 7 Harvey
Choquette Henry J (Lois E), h 58 Portland
Chouinard Eli, plumber C H Goss Co, h 200 Railroad
" Mary, waitress Brightlook Hosp, r 18 Central
Christie James (Evelyn M), chief of police, h 7 Cross
" Mabel F, wid Frank, h 34 Eastern av
" Thomas, emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
Church Abram (Eliza), farmer, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" of the Messiah (Universalist), Rev Thomas W Horsfield pastor, 47-49 Eastern av. Sunday services 11:00 a m and 6 pm, Sunday school 10:00 p m
CHURCH RICHARD L (Dorothy F), mgr laundry dept Palmer Bros, h 13 Charles
" William C (Rita M), clk E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Ciattoni Peter (Angeline), h 32. Caledonia
Citizens Savings Bank Bldg, 61-65 Railroad
CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO pres Gilbert E Woods; treas, Wilbur J Farr, 6l Railroad, see back cover
CITY DIRECTORY LIBRARY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library
Clark Alice G, r 34 Clarks av
" Amy E, wid Calvin L, h 19 Pleasant
" Archie (Emma), clk C H Goss Co, h 55 Summer
" Bert, emp E & T F & Co, h 29 Railroad
" Cora M Mrs, domestic, h 79 Railroad
" Elden, emp 65 Main, r 4 Day ct
" Emily L, h 34 Clarks av
" Emma (Mrs Archie), nurse 55 Summer, h do
" Grant F (Mullaney's Garage), h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Harry W (Vera P), letter-carrier, h 3 Clinton av
" Helen D, wid Ellery F, r 129 Raihroad
" Ina P, r 22 Pearl
" Janette, r 75 Portland
" Kate, wid Albert, h 56 Railroad
" Kenneth D, r 79 Railroad
" Leslie B (Dorothy S), baker Willey's Food Shop, h 17 School
" Melvin J, truck driver, r 67 Pearl
" Nina A, bkpr 189 Railroad, r 72 Pearl
" Omer R, lab, r 67 Pearl
" Patrick (Annie E), lumberman, h 67 Pearl
" Susan E, r 34 Clarks av
" William (Nellie R), emp E & T F & Co, h N Danville rd
" William H (Charlotte E), const wkr h 167 Railroad
" William L (Dorothea B), deputy col U S Int Rev, h 4 Church (29)
Clarke Myralee, night supr Brightlook Hosp, r do
Clarkson Leonard, salesman Nat Biscuit Co, r 36 Summer
Cleary Edward (Lula M), retired, h 14 1/2 Tremont
" Lester G (Agnes M), emp N Cadillac Co, r 14K Tremont
" Lula (Mrs Edward), emp Sherburne's Restaurant, r 14 1/2 Tremont
" Maud, prop Don C Stiles Co, h 1 Portland
Clement Fred A (Louise W), prop W B C Inn, h 46 Railroad
Clifford Benjamin S, r 68 Pearl
" Bruce, stockman W T Grant Co, r 174 Railroad
" Charles H, clk Landry's Drug Store, r 174 Raihroad
" Doris K phone opr Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 85 Railroad
" Edith M, office nurse 122 Railroad, r 70 Pearl
" Elizabeth J, wid Frank A, h 38 Summer
" Fred R (Eva), jeweler and optician 59 Eastern av, h Mt Vemon
" Gertrude T, clk W T Grant Co, r 174 Railroad
" Guy D (Jennie), emp Peck Co, h 68 Pearl
" Guy O, farmhand Mildred A Deoss, r do
" Katherine M Mrs, h 5 Green
" Mary K, bkpr Converse Sales & Service, r 5 Green
" Ray S (Martha M), clk E & T F & Co, h 12 Main
" W Hugh (Adelene M), com trav French & Bean Co, h 50 1/2 Cliff
" Wallace L, lineman T S G & E Co, res R D 3
Clouatre Alexis E (Diane), prop East End Market, h 93 Portland
Clough Dean S (Minnie A), mgr shoe dept 101 Railroad, h 6 School
Cloutier Napoleon, emp State, h 111 Concord av
" Octavie, r 111 Concord av
Club House, part of St Johnsbury Academy, 7 Main
Coakley Carlyle E, emp Barney Bros, r 68 Portland
" Harold F (Persis G), clk C P R R, r 68 Portland
" William P, retired, h 68 Portland
Coates Herbert (Ella), market gardener, h St J Ctr
Cobb Franklin O (Virginia A), com tray, h Danville rd, R D 3
Coburn Gerry W (Flora A), frt trucker C P R R, h 152 Railroad
Coe C Roy (Leora E), agt Prud Ins Co, h 19 Federal
Cogley Clarence, r 46 1/2 Railroad
" James D (Mary J), farmer, h E St Johnsbury, R D Concord
" Lucy M Mrs, h 4 Simons av
Cohen Harry, clk Albert Dept Store, r 4 Church (22)
Cohen Henry (Rose), prop Albert Dept Store, h 4 Church (22)
" Robert (Eleanor), cattle dealer 4 Church (37), h do
Colbath Archie B (Nina), dialman E & T P & Co, h St J Ctr
Colburn Gladys, sten Public Schools, r 32 Spring
" Qscar E (Ethel), carp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Susie W, wid Thomas J, hskpr 2 Highland av, r do
Colby Ambrose E (Corralin), foreman J M Swan, h E St Johnsbury
" Clarence F (Lydia A), emp NET&TCo, r H C Powers
" Edwin R, retired, r E St Johnsbury
" Hall Dormitory, St Johnsbury Academy, 5 Main
" Joseph P (Edith E), foreman J M Swan, h 127 Concord av
" Lloyd, emp 107 Railroad, r 127 Concord av
Colcord K Russell (Kathleen L), emp N E T & T Co, h 4 Church (41)
Cole Alice, wid Lucius C, h 99 Railroad
" Charles E (Edith A), auto painter, h 6 Harvey
" Elizabeth, emp Harper Method Beauty Shop, r 32 Central
" Emily, wid Daniel, r 7 High
" Fred P (Cora B), cond St J & L C R R, h 19 North av
" George H (Ellen), h 12 Green
" Leo H, emp St J Garage, r 12 Webster
" Lila B (Mrs Perley H), sten Judge Frye, h S Main, R D 2
" Perley H (Lila B), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
" William H (Etta J), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 Caledonia
" Winifred V, wid Rush J, r 21 Pearl
Coleman Michael H (Rosa), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Harvey
Collins Albert H, emp C C C, r 18 Railroad
" Carroll G supt Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 24 Caledonia
" Carroll L (V Florence), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 18 Railroad!
" Dora E, r 18 Railroad
" Frederick G, emp E & T F & Co, r Alphonso S Copp
" Gordon M (Doris J), truck driver, h 64 Concord av
" Lorenzo C, r 18 Railroad
" Roy K (Frances D), fireman St J & L C R R, h 71 Lafayette
" Sidney, lab, h 29 Maple av
Virgil I, clk Maple Grove Candies, r 24 Caledonia
Colonial Apartments, Harley E Richards supt, 4 Church
COLONIAL RESTAURANT Fred M Willey prop, 58 Main, see p 241
Colvin Selena, wid William, dom, h 40 Central
Compton F E & Co, Charles H Morse mgr, encyclopedias 7 Orient
Comstock Beverly, emp N Danville, r E C Comstoek
" E C, Edgar C Comstock prop, general auto repairing, Main, St J Ctr
" Edgar C (Lucia M), prop E C Comstock, h St J Ctr
" Lucia M (Mrs Edgar E), dom, h St J Ctr
" Winona, r E C Comstock
Conant Anna L, h 117 Main
CONANT DAVID S (Mary Ellen), (Shields & Conant), h 11 Church
" Katherine R, teacher, r 11 Church
Concord Candy Kitchen, Cunavelis Bros props, conf, ice cream and soda, 89 Railroad
Conley Arthur L (Jennie), mech E & T F & Co, h 142 Portland
" Frederick H (Lefie L), emp E & T F & Co, h 74 Eastern av
" Harold F (Edna M), cleaner Palmer Bros, h 24 1/2 Summer
Conlin Augustus, chemist Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 56 Spring
Conly Dorothy M, bkpr Palmer Bros, res R D 1
" Douglass, student, r 12 Lincoln
" George W, emp Charles Millar & Sons Co, r R D 1
" Harry V (Mary), farmer and milk dealer, h Mt Vernon
" Herbert W (Glen M), plumber 36 Portland, h 12 Lincoln
" Mildred F, r 12 Lincoln
" William H, plumber, r 12 Lincoln
Connecticut General Life Ins Co (Harris & Turner), special agents, 65 Railroad
Conner Irving L, student, r 2 Tremont
" Preston L (Thelma), emp A B Noyes Ins Co, h 69 Concord av
" Russell H (Vera F), h 2 Tremont
Constant Joseph (Anna C), mach E & T F & Co, h 8 Higgins ct
CONVERSE SALES AND SERVICE Charles W Ladd mgr, distributors Frigidaire and Delco Products, 73 Railroad, see front cover
COOK CLINTON D (Anna K), gen contractor 38 Cliff, h do, see p 232
" Floyd A (Bernice T), mgr F W Woolworth Co, h 23 North av
" Henry W (Emily A), factory acct E & T F & Go, h Mt Vernon byd limits
" Mary J, wid John E, h 29 Caledonia
Coombs Hazel M (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), r 40 Caledonia
" Howard W (Norene S), (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), h 45 Caledonia
" John (Isabelle), gen foreman StJ&LCRR, h2 Washington av
" Kathleen E, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 40 Caledonia
" Malcolm E (Coombs Vulcanizing Service), r 40 Caledonia
" Rita, r 40 Caledonia
" Vulcanizing Service (Hazel M Howard and Malcolm Coombs), 184 Railroad
" Wm W (Susie M), road master St J & L C R R, h 40 Caledonia
Coomer Maurice W (Beulah H), salesman, h 2 School
" Yvonne Mrs, clk W T Grant Co, r 47 Maple
Cooper Flora Mrs, r 42 Pleasant
Copeland Ivy M, wid Henry P, hskpr 8 Assisqua, r do
Copp Alphonso S (Florence), emp village, h S Main, R D 2
" Gertrude, wid George W, h E St Johnsbury
" Wendell I, draftsman, r A S Copp
Corbett Chandler J (Maude C), carp and builder 5 Brown ct, h 14 Cross
" David R, h 33 Western av
" Maude C (Mrs Chandler J), sten Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 14 Cross
Corey Paul, prop Corey's Billiard Parlor, h 46 Railroad
" Raymond W, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 49 Summer
Corey's Billiard Parlor, Paul Corey prop, 46 Railroad
Corfield Valerie, wid Thomas, r 30 Mt Vemon
Corliss E Sears (Berdena J), Uneman T S G & E Co, h 9 Emerson
" Henry, r 123 Portland
Cormier Alexander H, farmhand, r 33 Maple
" Alfred J (Germaine), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, f off 31 Maple
" Joseph N (Yvonne R), emp Swift & Co, h 10 Maple
" Telesphore (Alice L), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 29 Maple
" Thaddeus A (Margaret E), sub letter carrier, h St J Ctr
" Thaddeus T (Clara), emp E & T F Co, h 9 1/2 Mt Vernon
CORNER GARAGE INC cars and general repairing 126 Railroad, pres, David I Grapes; v-pres, Mrs Grade M Grapes; sec-treas, J Alfred Bussiere, see p 228
Corribeau-see Corriveau
Corriveau Adelard A, r 10 Clarks av
" Antoinette M, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 10 Clarks av
" Cora, wid Achilles J, h 4 Church (25)
" Emma, wid Alphonse, r 10 Clarks av
" Gideon J, retired, r 25 Pleasant
" John B, emp E & T F & Co, h 27 Central
CORRIVEAU JOSEPH G(Dora E), (Star Granite Works), h 10 Railroad
Gorruth Beatrice M, r 21 Summer
Cosgrove Dermot J, student, r 119 Main
" George Emmett, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 119 Main
COSGROVE JAMES (Maud E), pres and gen mgr Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 119 Main
COSGROVE JAMES M (Mrs), clk Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 4 Church (10)
" Kevin M, student, r 119 Main
Costa Dominick (Maria), fruit and tobacconist 31 Railroad, h 4 Costa -av
" Joseph, salesman 31 Railroad, r 4 Costa av
" William (Mina), prop Royal Lunch, h off Caledonia
Cota Blaine A (Alida M), painter, h 6 Cote's ct
" -see Cote
Cote Alcidas A (Armande), moulder E & T F & Co, h 26 Caledonia
" Alcide, emp Lancaster, N H, r 8 Cote's ct
" Alice, clk E & T F & Co, r 71 Railroad
" Ernest (Leonide), eng St J & L C R R, h 8 Cote's ct
' Gertrude A, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 8 Cote's ct
" Gervais (Adeline), janitor 71 Railroad, h do
" Homer, painter, r 32 Pearl
" John, painter, r 46 Railroad
Cote Josephine, wid George, h 35 Maple
" Leo, watchmkr Lurchin & Lurchin, r 30 Summer
" Louis B, student, r 8 Cote's ct
" Margaret, emp Palmer Bros, r 71 Railroad
" Oliver A (Dorilda), fireman St J & L C R R, h River ext
" Rita, clk Smith's Grocery Stores, r 8 Cote's ct'
Couillard Arthur E (Elaine E), sign painter 71 Railroad, r do
Counsell A E & Son, Merrick M Counsell prop, farm implements 50 Railroad
" Merrick M (Eva A), prop A E Counsell & Son, h 44 Spring
" Merrick M Jr, emp A E Counsell & Son, r 44 Spring
Countryman Alonzo L (Anna M), baker, h 3 Prospect av
" Margaret E, att Dr D S Atwood, r 3 Prospect av
" Marion M, sten C H & G H Cross Co, r 3 Prospect av
COURCHEINE JOSEPH H (Josephine), prop Shoe Hospital, h 81 Eastern av
Courchesne Henry E, carp, h 24 Railroad
Courteau Adrienne, emp Smith's Cut Price Store, r 6 Marion av
" Alcide (Ora), mach E & T F & Co, h 45 Maple
" Arthur, emp C H & G H Cross Co, r 6 Marion av
" Prank J (Lena M), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Marion av
" Gertrude, r 6 Marion av
" ---see Short
Courtney Charles, emp E & T F & Co, r 30 Railroad
" Frank C (Zelda E), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Leontine Mrs, hskpr 8 Western av, r do
Couture Albert W (Yvonne A), clk French & Bean, h 13 Costa av
" Henry, laborer, h 24 Concord av
" Henry A (Millicent L), moulder E & T F & Co, h 30 Clarks av
" J Achille (Angelina), barber 60 Eastern av, h 24 St Mary
" Joseph A (Caroline), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 St Mary
" Juliette, emp Burlington, r 21 St Mary
" Michael, concrete wkr, r 13 Costa av
" Oscar W, r 4 West pl
" Pearl Mrs, hskpr Arthur Boucher, r do
" Renette A, emp E & T F & Co, r 24 St Mary
" Rita, dressmkr, r 24 St Mary
" Theodore (Minnie), moulder E & T F & Co, h 4 West pi
" William A, mach, r 24 St Mary
" Yvonne, clk Grey Shoppe, r 21 St Mary
Covell Anna Mrs, maid Brightlook Hosp, res inq do
Cowens Andrew B (Exilia), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 North av
" Elsie M, student, r 17 North av
Cowieson Edwin H (Anne L), mgr Western Union Telegraph Co, h 4 Church (23)
Cowles Ernest H (Lizzie G), pres Cowle's Press and Gift Shop, h 69 Summer
" Kate E, wid Dana O, h 16 Pearl
" Lizzie G (Mrs Ernest H), v-pres-treas The Cowles Press and Gift Shop, h 69 Summer
" Press The and Gift Shop, pres, Ernest H Cowles; v-pres treas, Mrs Lizzie G Cowles, printers and stationers 85 Eastern av
Cowling Dorothy E, student, r G C Cowling
" George C (Nora C), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Paul A, emp F W Woolworth Co, r G C Cowling
" Ruth E, teacher, r G C Cowling
Cox George W, emp E & T F & Co, r 9 Perkins
" James (Elizabeth), carpenter, h 97 Eastern av
" Joseph W, r 10 Valley
" Pearl C, clk Corner Garage, r 9 Perkins
" Walter H, ins agt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 24 Spring
" William G (Esther), supt Village Water Wks, h 9 Perkins
" William J (Eva), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Valley
Cramer Reverdy A (Grace H), clk employment office E & T F & Co, h 8 Cross
CRAMTON EDWARD A (Dorothy C), physician and eye, ear, nose and throat specialist 33 Main, h 20 Boynton av, office hrs 9-12 M, 1-5 P M, Mon, Thurs and Sat 7-8 p m, office tel 239-M, res tel 239-J, see p 247
" Gertrude H, wid Charles A, h 106 Main
Cray Block, 56-58 Railroad
Cray Bros (Charles S and Eugene P Cray), props Cray's Star Theatre and Cray's Garage, 18 Eastern av
" Charles S (Mary A), (Cray Bros), mgr C & O Oil Co and mgr Cray's Star Theatre, h 15 North av
" Eugene P (Cray Bros), res Bellows Falls
Cray's Garage, Cray Bros props, Railroad c Eastern av
" Star Theatre, Cray Bros props, Charles S Cray mgr, 18 Eastern av
" Tire Service, Charles S Cray prop, 10 Eastern av
Creighton David T (Ona D), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Cliff
" Marguerite V, student, r 6 Cliff
Crepeau Louis A (Emily L), const wkr, h 2 Brown's ct
" Philip C (Hazel P), lab, h 30 Maple
Crosby Fred M (Josephine M), foreman Cowles Press, h 30 Spring
" George M, emp 85 Eastern ay, r 30 Spring
CROSS C H & GEORGE H INC bakers, confectioners and mfrs "St Johnsbury Crackers," 104-108 Railroad, pres, George L Edson; treas, William L McKee, Montpelier; mgr, John F Scott, see front cover
" Ernest J, r 13 Emerson
" George H, lab, r Kenneth R Cross
" Glen E (Rachel E), salesman C H Goss Co, h
" Isabelle M, r Kenneth R Cross
" Kenneth R, mach E T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Lillian Mrs, hskpr 157 Railroad, r do
" Myrtie S, wid Ernest, h 13 Emerson
" Phyllis S, r 13 Emerson
Crowe Dorothy M, r 2 Buzzell
" Esther A, student, r 2 Buzzell
" George H (Hortense N), mgr ice cream div H B Hood & Sons, h 2 Buzzell
Cruickshank James (Vera), granite carver, h Sr J Ctr
Cummings Charles E (Lillian H), construction wkr, h 34 Main
" Ehner F (Donna B), emp J S Weeks, h 33 1/2 Pearl
" Walter B, emp Smith's Cut Price Grocery, r 120 Portland
" William R, mach E & T F & Co, r 30 Railroad
Cunavelis Bros (Peter D and John D Cunavelis), props The Concord Candy Kitchen, 89 Railroad
" John D (Anna), (Cunavelis Bros), h 3 Allen ct
" Peter D (Violet P), (Cunavelis Bros), h 32 Pleasant
Currier Burton D (Arlene M), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h Center rd
" Emily Mrs, cook, r 38 Summer
" Fred (Blanche L), laborer, h 128 Portland
" R Leo (Flora E), driver French & Bean Co, h 8 Cote's ct
" Walter F (Mae A), meat cutter Swift & Co, h 32 Mt Pleasant
Curtis Charles W (Florence), janitor, h Danville rd, R D 3
Cushing Edna M, clk Goldberg's Auto Service, h 11 Cherry
Cushman Edward (Abbie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Emma O Mrs, r W E Cushman, E St Johnsbury
" George W (Grace E), salesman T S G & E Co, h 28 Main
" Grace E (Mrs George W), prop Junior Conservatory of Music, h 28 Main
" Lillian, student, r W E Cushman
" Lyle S (Mrs Paul J), sten 65 Railroad, h 13 Pearl
" Mabel A, clk Randall & Whitcomb, r 20 Pearl
" Mary E, clk Cowles Press and Gift Shop, h 20 Pearl
" Paul J (Lyle), salesman Charles Millar & Sons, h 13 Pearl
" Wilbur E (Densis), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Wilbur R, student, r W E Cushman
Cuthbert Katherine, nurse, h 4 Charles (36)
Cuthbertson Archie R (Cyrilda), truck driver C H Goss Co, h 33 1/2 Pearl
" Henry B (Ada R), steamfitter C H Goss Co, h 28 Mt Vernon
" Hugh E, student, r 28 Mt Vernon
Cutting Clifford C (Helen C), tel opr C P R R, h 124 Concord av
" George F (Ellen M), eng St J & L C R R, h 33 Lafayette
" Otis B (Nellie M), clk E T & H K Ide, h 20 Raihroad
" Paul L, emp C P R R, r 33 Lafayette
" Rupert B, salesman C H Goss Co, r 46 Railroad
" William B, emp C Millar & Son Co, r 20 Railroad
Cyr Albert, emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Albert J, const wkr, r 6 off River
Cyr Amy (Mrs Bartholomew L), clk E & T F & Co, h 30 Mt Vernon
" Arsene S (Celia M), emp Lyadonville, h 67 Portland
" Bartholomew L (Amy), emp E & T P & Co, h 30 Mt Vernon
" Florence, dom, r 6 off River
" Joseph (Catherine), blacksmith, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Mary A, wid Alphonse, h 2 off River
" Rosilda, maid 106 Main, r do
" ---see St Cyr
" Oscar F (Susie C), farmer, h River ext
Daigle Joseph, truck driver Smith's Cut Rate Grocery, r 30 North
" Joseph truck driver Arthur Smith, r 39 North av
Daignault Alma, wid Edmund, h 22 Elm
" Cordelia F, sten E & T F & Co, r 22 Elm
" Norman F student, r 22 Elm
Daigneault William D (Josephine), mech E & T F & Co, h 5 Duke
Dalton Sarah B, r 32 Central
DAME JOSEPH A REV (PR) pastor Notre Dame Des Victoires Catholic Church h 12 Prospect
d'Amerique Conseil Champlain No 48, St Jean Baptiste, pres, Julian Richards; v-pres, Mrs Adelard Couture; sec, Irene Guyer; asst sec Anna Bedard; spiritual dir, Rev J A Dame; treas, Mrs Marie Dealers Meets at Legion Hall 3rd Tuesday each month
Damm Charles (Rera), trucking 8 Railroad, h do
Damon Fred W, lab, h 5 Prospect av
Dana Charles, farmhand, r Mrs J Dana, Danville rd, R D 3
" Clarence H (Priscilla G), jeweler 78 Railroad, h 9 Dundee
" Florence E (Mrs Harry E), emp Brjghtlook Hosp, h 16 Summer
Harry E (Florence E), taxi service Depot and 16 Slimmer, h do
Jennie, wid Louis, h Danville rd, R D 3
Danforth Irving O (Etta M), emp Swift & Co, h 24 Lafayette
Daniels Aime L (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 11 River
" Alfred E, draftsman E & T F & Co, r 2 Higgins-ct
" Arthur R, trucking 2 Higgins ct, r do
" Clayton E (Charlotte A), mach Jackman Butler Co, h 29 Pleasant
Dale A, salesman Charles Millar & Sons Co, r 4 Church
" Earl F (Esther), garden supv Cal Co F Bur, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Fred S, emp E&TF&Co, r 48 Lafayette
" Gertrude P,r 11 River
" James E (Blanche B), bkpr Ides, h 31 Pleasant
" Joseph M (Palmyra), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
" Leslie I (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Higgins ct
" Moses G (Exilda), emp C P R R, h 2 Higgins ct
" Palmyra (Mrs Joseph M), clk E & T F & Co, h 2 Higgins ct
Darling Basil, prop Victory Auto Stores, r 85 Railroad
" Mary, wid Walter J, h 8 Barker av
" Roderick E (Elaine S), janitor St J Academy, h 8 Barker av
Roxana, wid Walter S, r 20 Spring
" Sarah G, wid Stephen, h 14 Main
" Stephen, farmhand, r 8 Barker av
Dauphin Eugene P (Marguerite H), painter C H Goss Co, h 8 Prospect av
Eugene P Jr, emp Shoe Hospital, r 8 Prospect av
" Everett H, r 15 Bagley
" Henry J (Rosilda), agt Met Life Ins Co, h 15 Bagley
" Lenora, clk Alberts Dept Store, h 15 Bagley
" Lewis E, clk St J Hat Wks, r 8 Prospect av
" Lucia M, r 15 Bagley
" Vena B, emp St J Hosp, r 8 Prospect av
Davenport Clyde A (Bertha), fur buyer and guns and ammunition 33 Mt Pleasant, h do
Davidson George M (Maria L), retired, h 6 Spruce
" Henry M (Beatrice M), auto mech, h 85 Railroad
Davio Andrew M, emp Green Mt Fruit Co, r 32 Caledonia
" Eveline B, r 25 Hastings
" William A (Clair), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 Caledonia
Davis Amy (Mrs Reginald E), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 61 Portland
Davis Annie B (Mrs Jesse J), treas Davis Fur Farms, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Annie M, wid Park K, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" Beatrice, wid Wilmer, h 4 Summer
" Clarence N (Ella M), emp C P R R, r 13 High
" Floyd E (Bernice I), emp Purina Grain Mill, h 14 St John
" Fur Farms Inc, N Danville rd, R D 3, pres, Jesse J Davis; treas, Mrs Annie B Davis; sec, Albert E Smith
" George J (Florence E), trucking 36 Cliff, h do
" Goldie, r 5 1/2 Bagley
" Jesse J (Annie B), pres Davis Fur Farms Inc, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Norman E (Ethel P), lab, h High, RD2
" Reginald E (Amy L), emp Corner Garage Inc, h 61 Portland
" Ruth, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Susan, wid Henry E, h St J Ctr
" Wayne F (Cora L), law clk S R Waterman, h 8 Mt Pleasant
" William C (Ava C), mgr Shell Eastern Petroleum Products, h 38 Pleasant
Dawson Clark A (Margaret F), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Hastings
DAY ALICE C (Mrs Harry M), emp Caledonia Fuel & Supply Co, h 6 Day ct
" Clinton E (Lottie M), clk E & T F & Co, h 53 Cliff
" E Edna, h 41 Pleasant
" Florence H, cashier N E T & T Co, r 41 Pleasant
DAY HARRY M (Alice C), prop Caledonia Fuel & Supply Co, h 6 Day ct
Dean Andrew W (Susie L), emp E & T F& Co, h 43 Cliff
" Chauncey W, emp E & T F & Co, h 71 Summer
" Florence R, dom, r 43 Cliff
" Herbert E (Evelyn B), retired, h 28 Pleasant
Dearborn Ray H (Liva), com trav, h 1J.5 Concord av
" Winona A, opr N E T & T Co, r 115 Concord av
Deforge Alfred C (Catherine M), emp E & T F & Co, h 128 Portland
" Claire O, clk E & T F & Go, r 128 Portland
" Ephraim L (Bernadette M), moulder E & T F & Co, h 5 Elm
" George (Irene F), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Elm
" Iris D, clk Brigham's Drug Store, r 15 Elm
" Lawrence E (Bernadette), salesman, h 10 North av
" Maurice T, student, r 15 Elm
" Rita L, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 5 Elm
Delaney Bernard, C C C, r Parker
" Bernadette D, student, r 3 Roosevelt av
" Charles (Bertha M), eng St J & L C R R, h 3 Roosevelt av
" Frank E (Sarah C), com trav, h Parker av
" Kathleen M, r 3 Roosevelt av
DELOSA ONOFRIO (Arlene E), prop Portland St Cafe, h 14 Elm
Delworth Frank E (Carrie B), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Demars Raymond, lab, r R D 4
Demay Marjorie, clk W T Grant Co, r 8 North av
Demers Alcide J, emp E & T F & Co, h 190 Railroad
" Cecile (Mrs Donat E), clk 101 Railroad, h 10 Elm
" Celina, wid Julian, r 190 Railroad
" Donat E (Cecile A), clk 82 Concord av, h 10 Elm
" Edgar J (Sadie M). retired, h 53 Pearl
" Fedora E (Marie G), foreman E & T F & Co, h 20 St Mary
" Robert, r 190 Railroad
Dennis Eugene (Helen), clk A H Gleason & Co, h 47 Spring
Denonville Earl R (Ethel), emp village, h 6 Gilman av
Deoss Harvey (Alice), h River rd
" Hattie M, wid Cyrus, r Mildred A Deoss
" Mildred A, h Pleasant, R D 4
Dern Jacob J (Helen), foreman St J & L C R R, h 48 1/2 Railroad
Derosia Leo (Ruth), mill wkr, h 12 Green
Derusha William, lab, r 33 Church
Descoteaux Napoleon J (Anna L), emp St J & L C R R, h River ext
" Wilfred A (Beatrice L), emp St J & L C R R, h 10 Marion ay
Desilets Edmund J (Verlie E), mach E & T F & Co, h 14 Charles av
" Fabiola L, dressmkr, 8 Maple, r do
" George (Maude), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Maple
" Napoleon J (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Tremont
Desmarais Onile (Yvonne), lab, h 65 Pearl
Desrochers Albert W (Mary D), barber New Avenue Hotel, h 60 Portland
" Anita J, emp Quality Cafe, r 60 Portland
" Cecelia G, opr N E T & T Co, r 15 Passumpsic
" Fedora T, emp Waterbury, r 5 North av
" Felix J (Marie A), lunch peddler, h 3 1/2 North av
" Herbert P, r 60 Portland
" Louis S, emp Moore & Johnson, r 60 Portland
" Norman, r 60 Portland
" Placide W, clk 11 Eastern av, r 60 Portland
" Raymond, clk Stevens Paint Store, h 5 North av
" Ronald A, emp E & T P & Co, r 60 Portland
Destroismaisons Albert A, emp Maple Grove Candy Co, r 65 Pearl
" Anita E, emp Quality Cafe, r 65 Pearl
" Armand O, painter, r 65 Pearl
" Eli P, emp E & T F & Co, h 65 Pearl
" Germaine, clk Concord Candy Kitchen, r 65 Pearl
" Roland, clk Palmer Bros, r 65 Pearl
" ---see Mason
Devenger Walter W (Mamie), emp E & T F & Co h 14 Western av
Devereaux Doris, waitress, r 18 Main
DEVEREAUX M W prop M W Devereaux Corp, r 13 Portland
DEVEREAUX M W CORP auto agency 13 Portland, pres, M W Devereaux; v-pres, B B Scribner; sec-treas, Ray M Hewey, see p 229
" Sherman P (Claris), emp Converse Sales & Service, h 34 Pleasant
Dickerman Clayton L, box wkr E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
Dickinson John, com trav; r 4 Charles
" Joseph (Ellen E), h 4 Charles
Dimick William A (Dorothy), emp village Water Dept, h 18 Webster
Dinsmore Albert H (Bertha L), supt U S Fisheries Station, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Francis L (Elsie H), ins agt, r A H Dinsmore
" Leon (Katie), mill wkr, h 28 Summer
Dionne Eugene L (Marguerite D), prop Dionne Welding, h 153 Railroad
" Welding, Eugene L Dionne prop, electric and acetylene welding, portable equipment, automobiles, farming implements, etc, repaired 32 Portland
DIRECTORY LIBRARY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum & Library
Dodge Clara, wid Nelson, r 3 Jones
" Ralph S (Mary C), agt Metropolitan Life Ins Co, h 3 Jones
" Warren A (Pauline K), county agricultural agt Caledonia County Farm Bureau Associations, h 8 Dundee
Dolgin Harry (Frances), prop Summerville Garage and prop Dolgin's Auto Parts, h 113 Portland
Dolgin's Auto Parts, Harry Dolgin prop, 113-115-116-118 Portland
DOLLAR CLEANERS Hedley V Rundle mgr, 28 Eastern av
Doloff Fred H (Lillian E), custodian Masonic Temple,.h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Laura E, clk E & T F & Co, r 15 Mt Pleasant
Domey Abner E (Mary O), emp Texas Oil Co, h 4 Green
" Richard G, student, r 4 Green
Donaghy Addison A (Evangeline) (Sanitary Dairy), r St J Ctr
" Elizabeth wid Henry, r 32 Perkins
" Ernest E (Genevieve), rooms 18 Main, h do
" William J (Sanitary Dairy), h Water, St J Ctr
Donahue Eva N, wid George F, h 52 Spring
" Francis G, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 52 Spring
" Helen M, asst cashier N E T & T Co, r 52 Spring
" Henry T (Florence W), emp E & T F & Co, h 40 Spring
" Kenneth, construction wkr, r 69 Main
Donayan Leona S Mrs, hskpr 5 Elm, r do
Donley John A, prop The Glen, r do
Donna Leo (Marie), mech, h Concord av, R D 1
Dopp Frances K, r R D 2
" Harland S, r R D 2
" Marion F, dom, r Simon R Dopp
" Simon R (Florence J), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
Dorman Amelia L, wid Cleveland, r 6 Belvidere
Doty George E (Mary L), retired, h 6 Clinton av
Douglas Carrie I, wid Charles, r 78 Summer
" Eugene W (Pearl G), emp town, h 20 Concord av
" Walter A (Vida A), collector T S G & E Corp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" William E (Flora N), retired, h 16 Pleasant
Douglass Francis A (Marjorie A), salesman Fuller Brushes, h 6 Spruce
" Hubert C (May B), street comm St J village and road comm for town, h 9 Pleasant
" Victor L (Catherine), painter George Stevens, h 163 Railroad
Doupheim-see Dauphin
Dow Archie B (Cora M), real estate 178 Railroad, h do
" Barbara O, student, r 178 Railroad
" Edwin J, r 99 Railroad
" Susie May Rev, pastor Advent Christian Church, r 20 Lafayette
Downer Lila (Mrs Ola), matron Nurses Home Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ola (Lila), eng Brightlook Hosp, r do
Downing Roy C (Marcia A), mech Corner Garage, h 17 Maple
Downs James M (Anna J), emp E & T F & Co, h 84 Eastern av
Dowse Walter J (Margaret), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 Hastings
Doyle Bert E (Mary E), dentist 21 Eastern av, h 24 Mt Pleasant
Drake Lewis W (Gladys E), com trav, h 4 Church (9)
Dresser Gordon T (Madaline D), truck driver C A Smith, h 23 Perkins
" Robert, student, r R P Wood
Drew Cora, wid George S, h 32 Railroad
" Eliza M, maid 119 Main, r do
" Florence E, teacher Lyndon Ctr, r 32 Railroad
" Lawrence R (Madalyn H), emp Mt Pleasant Cemetery, h 8 Harvey
" Ralph E (Cora M), chauffeur, h 111 Portland
" Raymond H (Petrena), truck driver H P Hood & Sons, h 10 Morris sq
Driscoll Daniel F, mgr A & P Tea Co, r St Johnsbury House
Drolet Marianne M (Mrs Noel), emp Palmer Bros, h 27 Elm
" Noel (Marianne M), painter, h 27 Elm
Drouin Alphonse E.tchr of piano 85 Railroad, h do
" Block, 81-85 Railroad
" George (Eva), painter E & T & F Co, h 23 Pleasant
" Iris J, r 23 Pleasant
Luce M, r 85 Railroad
Rudolph A (Blanche E), lab, h 22 Concord av
Wilfred, musician, r 17 High
Drown Arthur E (Ethel), farmer, h Pleasant, R D 4
Arthur E, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
Damon W (Thelma M), sta opr T S G & E Co, h 41 Cliff
Edna K, clk, r 13 Harrison av
Elizabeth J, wid Fred, h 3 Prospect
Emily A Mrs, emp Sherburne's Rest, h 13 Harrison av
Ena, maid 50 Spring, r do
Eric (Amanda), truck driver, h 17 High
George H (Lonnie E), retired, h St J Ctr
Jedd E (Mary E), eng St J & L C R R, h 12 Mt Pleasant
" Lloyd, truck driver St Johnsbury Trucking Co, r 59 Portland
" Maurice E, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Merle, com trav, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Muriel U, student, r 12 Mt Pleasant
" R Wayne, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
" Roscoe F (Mary), sta opr T S G & E Co, res RD 1
" Wendell, farmhand, r Pleasant, R D 4
Drummond David H (Addie D), attd Log Cabin Service Sta, h 5 Pine
" J Lloyd, emp E & T F Co, r 4 Valley
" James B (Marion H), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Valley
" ThomasO, clk E & T F & Co, r 4 Valley
Dubois Alfred P, r 4 De r av
" Arthur J (Lucy M), painter, h 18 Elm
" Demerise M, wid Magliore, h 4 Drouin
" Edgar F, emp E & T F & Co, r 5 Deer
" George H, r 4 Clarks av
" Isaac (Emily), emp E & T F & Co, h 47 Maple
" Joseph, lab, h 5 Deer av
Dubois Loretta M, r 4 Clarks av
" Margaret Y, dom, r 4 Drouin
" Roselba H Mrs, hskpr 5 Deer av, r do
" ---see Wood or Woods
Dubuc William J (Dora), emp E & T F & Co, h 13 Mt Vernon
Dubuque Dell L (Delia), emp E & T F & Co, h 13 Mt Vernon
" Marion C, teacher, r 13 Mt Vernon
" Virginia D, student, r 13 Mt Vernon
Duby Henry (Alice), waiter 119 Main, h 33 St Mary
Ducharme Euliss (Genevieve), lab, h 75 Portland
Duclos Abraham (Emma), emp St I Gas Co, h 17 St Mary
" Albert (Mary), lab, h 71 Main
" Eugene L (Doris), auto mech, h 17 High
" Odelle, wid Ledger, h 12 Oak
Dudley Carl E (Mabel F), foreman T S G & E Co, h 9 Bagley
Duffett Harriett, r 7 Cherry
Duffy Avis Mrs, emp Palmer Bros, h 1 Portland
" Clifford B (Edna), lab, h 36 Cliff
Dugar Burt (Edith W), h 10 Pine
Duguay Herbert (Jessie W), lab, h 30 Eastern av
" Joseph W (Eva B), lab, h 45 Pearl
" Margaret G, r 43 Pearl
Maurice, student, r 43 Pearl
Dumas Alcide, emp E & T F.& Co, r 55 Pearl
" Bella, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 55 Pearl
" Edmond J (Edith E), meat cutter, r 55 Pearl
" Exelia, wid Napoleon, h 71 Railroad
" Maud, wid Joseph, h 55 Pearl
" Oaey J (Mary J), emp E & T F & Co, h 25 St Mary
" Paul E, emp New Avenue Hotel, r 71 Railroad
Dumont Evangeline M, student, r 12 Clarks av
" Theodule G (Regina M), blacksmith 186 Railroad, h 12 Clarks av
" William A, salesman, r 16 Main
Dunbar H Guy, prop Dunbar's Orchestra and music teacher 147 Railroad, h do
" Mary Mrs, r 147 Railroad
Dunbar's Orchestra, H Guy Dunbar prop, 147 Railroad
Duncan Charles, emp 15 Portland, r 127 Railroad
Dunham William C (Lena B), emp Swift & Co, h 3 Belvidere
Dunn John D, farmhand, r Mrs E S Buswell, S Main, R D 2
" Marcel P, clk, r 154 Railroad
Duperon---see Parro
Duperron Edward, r 29 Maple
" Isaac (Adeline), teamster village, h 29 Maple
" Parmelia, r 29 Maple
Durand Arinand, farmhand, r 33 Hastings
" Fred (Louise), lab, h 33 Hastings
Durfee William C (Dorothy L), elec, h 63 Pearl
Dussault Albert P, truck driver, r 80 Portland
" Amanda M, r 88 Portland
" Emile N (Alphonsine M), truck driver, h 88 Portland
" Margaret F, student, r 88 Portland
" Walter F, truck driver, r 88 Portland
Dustin Chelis R (Lucy A), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Hastings
Dutchy'e Cafe, Walter J Schultz prop, 32 Eastern av
Dutil Archille J, carpenter, h 5 Bagley
" Archille J Jr (Rose), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 Bagley
" Rose (Mrs Archille J Jr), prop Dutil's Beauty Parlor, h Bagley
Dutil's Beauty Parlor, Mrs Rose Dutil prop, 1 Bagley
Dutile Jules (Bertha), prop North End Market, h 23 Concord av
Dutton Harold, emp Waterbury, r 4 Deer
DUVAL DAVH) J (Leona) painter and paperhanger 5 Allen ct, h do, see back cover
" Frances Mrs, h 5 1/2 Bagley
" Frank, lab, r 5 Allen ct
Duval Harrison B (Alberta N), lab, h: 67 Eastern av
Dvryer Alice S, hskpr St Aloysius Rectory, r do
" Dorothy G, sten C H Goss Co, r 18 Main
" John W Rev, rector St Aloysius Catholic Church, h 86 Main
" Leslie I (Anna), truck driver, h 11 Mt Vernon
Dyke Charles H, h River ext
EAGER ERNEST H (Marion M), janitor St J Academy, h 14 Pearl
East End Market, Alexis E Clouatre prop, meat market 80 Concord av
" St Johnsbury Congregational Church, Rev William Millard pastor, Sunday services 10:45 am and 7:15 p m, Sunday School 12:00 m, East St Johnsbury
Easter Floyd (Edith), attdt Portland St Filling Station, h 19 Caledonia
Eastman Albert E, r Fire Station
" Alfred, emp N E T & T Co, r 18 Central
" Beulah F, clk W B Eastman, r 4 Frost av
" Earl O (Kathleen A), lathe opr, r 4 Orient
" Harold D (Emma), foreman C H Goss Co, h 6 Oak
EASTMAN HOWARD C mgr Log Cabin Service Station, h 53 Spring
" Madeline O Mrs, sec Charles Millar & Son Co, r 8 Clinton av
" Neva A, student, r 6 Oak
" Sidney, r 17 Maple
EASTMAN WELCOME B (Carrie F), druggist 36-38 Eastern av, h 4 Frost at, bus phone 616, res phone 545, see p 247
Eddy Bernice B, wid Edmund, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Orchard
" Maurice L, emp E & T F & Co, h 18 Orchard
Ed's Cafe, Edmond H Brunelle prop, 119 Railroad
EDSON GEORGE L pres C H and George H Cross (Inc), re3 Montpelier, Vt
Eggleston John E (Jessie M), bridge builder B & M R R h 14 Pearl
Elias Stephen, billiards 12 Eastern av, res Waterbury
Elliot-see Elliott
Elliott Charles A (Sarah B), gate tender C P R R, h 8 Clayton
" Edna G, clk McLellan's, r 120 Railroad
" Eva M Mrs, h 120 Railroad
" Fred N (Clara), emp C H & G H Cross, h 24 Clarks av
" Harold R, r 164 Railroad
" Leta E, emp 93 Railroad, r 120 do
" Lyman J (Edna M), emp E & T F & Co, h 26 Railroad
" Ora, signalman C P R R, r 164 Raih-oad
" Selina A Mrs, h 164 Railroad
" Waldo F, const wkr, r 120 Railroad
Ellis Gladys (Mrs Theodore M), emp Bernier Beauty Parlor h off Federal
" Helen, sten Prud Ins Co, r 54 Eastern av
" Henry W (Mabel M), retired, h 4 Church 2).
" Theodore M (Gladys), emp. 63 Railroad, h off Federal
" Winifred G, instr St Johnsbury Academy, r 80 Main
Elms The, Lillian M Abbott prop, rooms 5 Park
Ely Caroline D, asst St Johnsbury Athenaeum, h 9 Church
" Luther E (Marion), lab, r W H Oliver
Emerson Delia C, wid John W, h 2 Prospect ay
Emery Annie B Mrs, emp Palmer Bros, h 99 Railroad
" Charles G (Hazel L), lab, h 43 Concord av
" Hiram S (Lizzie B), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Duke
Emmons Arthur F (Pauline L), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 Mt Vernon .
" Frank C (Clara), retired, h 3 High
" Henry V, emp Montpelier, r 3 High
" Horace F (Isabelle R), pressman Caledonia Record, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Janet, clk WT Grant Co, r 24 Mt Vernon
" Lena B, hskpr 30 North av, r do
" Rita I, phone opr N E T & T Co, r 3 High
" Susie, r 69 Main
Emond Clara S, wid John L, h 31 Pine
" Cyrilda B, student, r 31 Pine
" Joseph A, emp E & T F & Co, r 29 Pine
" Ronald, farmhand, r 29 Pine
" Zeoa, wid Frederick, h 29 Pine
Endicott Johnson Co (Merit Shoe C»), 75 Railroad
Ennis Avi G, emp C P R R, r 21 Eastern av
Estabrooks Maud S, h 22 North av
" Ray H (Laura), supt 131 C C C Camp, h 2 Warren av
" John, emp E & T F & Co, h 39 Eastman
Estes Margaret Audrey, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Evans Moody H, retired, r 29 Lafayette
Everest Winifred Mrs, h 20 Central
Evergreens The, Michael Flaherty prop, rooms 173 Railroad
FADDEN EUGENE E (Gertrude L), emp St J & L C R R, h 22 Church
Fahy Kathleen O, r 5 South
FAIRBANKS CORNELIA T librarian St Johnsbury Athenaeum and Library, h 6 Park
" E & T & Company, scale mfrs 34 Western av, pres, Percy C Brooks; v-pres, Charles H Morse, sec-treas, Fred C Beck; gen mgr, A B Jacobus
" Fannie R, wid George, r 11 Belvidere
FAIRBANKS JOSEPH (Luella M), lawyer Washington, D C and pres St Johnsbury Academy, res Washington, D C
" Lona A Mrs, r 8 Barker av
" Museum of Natural Science, Mabel A Shields curator, 81-83 Main
" Ruthy P, wid Henry, h 12 1/2 Western av
" Wesley M (Mary), driver Swift & Co, h 42 Spring
Fair Grounds, S Main Fair Ground Hill
" Ground Gardens, Lyster Morton prop, florists S Main, R D 2
Faire David W (Nona E), mgr Cray's Theatre; h 56 Railroad
Fales Beatrice M, r 86 Portland
" David W (Alice R), frt loader C P R R, h 86 Portland
" Glenn E (Maud), shed foreman C P R R, h 49 Caledonia
Faneuf---see Phaneuf
Farmer Edward B (Clara M), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, -b 20 Main
FARMER FRANK E (Lula B), v-pres Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co and physician and surgeon 20 Main, h do
" Howard H, student, r 20 Main
" Ruth, teacher Summer St School, r 20 Main
Famham Bert A (Inda M), h 26 Lafayette
" John, mill opr, r 17 Summer
" L Dow, lab, r 8 Pearl
Farr Charles L (Pearl B), emp E & T F & Co, h 42 Maple
" Collin J, clk Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, r 104 Main
" Maggie B, wid George W, h S Main, RD 2
" W Stuart, public accountant 59 Main, r 104 do
" Walter G, emp E & T F & Co, r Mrs Maggie B Farr
FARR WILBUR J (Edith M), treas Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 104 Main
" Wilbur W (Julia R), h St J Ctr
Farrell Lizzie E wid Patrick, r 35 Concord av
Farrow Harold A, chef St J House, h 7 Pearl
Fassett Carrie F, wid Charles, h 21 Winter
Faucher Amanda M, wid Charles, h 4 off River,
" Joseph N, patrolman St J P D, r 4 off River
" Mary, r 4 off River
Faufaw Clinton R (Bertha M), mech Devereaux Motor Co, h 113 K Concord av
Fay Arthur G (Mabel E), painter 5 Jones, h do
" Gerald L, driver Palmer Bros, r 5 Jones
" Stanley R, guardman T S G & E Co, r 5 Jones
Pelch George C, piano tuner 5 Cherry, h do
Fenoff Charline, janitor Bible Hill School, r R D 4
Ferlazo Dorothy E Mrs, h 21 1/2 Pearl
" Richard E, student, r 23 1/2 Pearl
Fernandez Consuelo J, r 34 Mt Vernon
Ferrin Anna T, h 89 Main (2)
Ferris Clarence, trucking 23 Caledonia, h do
Fields Adelore (Lena), emp Cross Bakery, h 55 Pearl
" Albert, auto mech, r 124 Railroad
" Delbs, baker C H & G H Cross, res inq do
" Fred L, blacksmith 5 Caledonia, r do
Fields Napoleon (Celia M), retired, h 1 Cross
Filgate Annette M, clk Dollar Cleaners, r 136 Railroad
Filhon Allan (Mary), steam eng, h 25 Maple
Fillmore Marion, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Finn John E (Delia), lab, h 12 Lafayette
Fmnegan Rupert (Charlotte), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Caledonia
Firestone Isadore (Jennie), ins agt Prudential Iris Co, h off Federal
First Church of Christ Scientist, Sunday services 10:45 a m, mid week service 7:30 p m, Main c Prospect
" Congregational Church, pastor supplied, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7:30 p m, Sunday School, 11:45 a m
" National Bank, pres Homer E Smith, cashier R A Pearl, 37 Main
" National Stores Inc, grocers, Harold O Page, mgr 105 Portland, Chfiord J Smith mgr, 123 Railroad; James E Ryan, meat dept mgr; Julian Richards, mgr groc dept 66-68 Railroad
" National Stores, Vincent G White mgr, grocers 53A Main
Fish---see Poisson
Fisher Edward D (May), retired, h 55 Spring
" Floyd E (Imogene), lab,.r 41 Maple
" Francis E (Marion), truck driver, h 74 Portland
" Helen Mrs, bskpr 135 Railroad, r do
" Leon E (Caroline), h 41 Maple
" Nettie, wid Joel H, prac nurse, h 8 Church
" Theodore, emp St J Trucking Co, r 41 Maple
" Theophilus C (Mary J), watchman E & T F & Co, h 71 Main
Fisk Howard T.J, clk 13 Eastern av, r 54 Main
" Mabel G, clk First Nat Bank, r 4 Church (28)
" Robert S (Jessie), sealer E & T F & Co, h 54 Main
Fitch Hazel W (Mrs Perry), beauty parlor 124 Railroad, h do
" Marion M, asst Dr W B Fitch, r 100 Main
" Perry M, r 100 Main
" Perry M (Hazel), h 124 Railroad
" Willis B (Marion M), physician and surgeon 122 Railroad and prop Hotel Moore, h 100 Main
" Wilmer H Jr (Edith H), dentist 122 Railroad, h 15 Boynton av
Fitzgerald Arthur M (Mary A), mech C H Goss Co, h 43 Caledonia
" James, janitor St Aloysius Church and Rectory, r 86 Main
" William J (Florence), h 3 Almshouse rd
Fitzpatrick Lyle P (Susan O), mach, h 1 Harvey
Fitzsimons Norton T (Helen M), motor vehicle insp State, h 46 Spring
Flaherty Michael H (Pauline), prop The Evergreens and conf 173 Railroad, h do
Flanders Adelbert C (Emily M), coml artist, h 6 Prospect av
" David W (Sarah J), retired, h 6 Prospect av
" Harry (Carrie), emp N E T & T Co, r 33 Eastern av
Flannery Daniel, emp Cary's Maple Sugar Co, r 7 Assisqua
Fleck Ida Mrs, hskpr R H Paine, r do
Fleming Doris (Mrs S Bert), r 8 Charles
" Gordon E (Doris H), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Howard R, r Mrs Jessie Fleming
' Isaac J (Emma E), foreman E & T F & Co, h 20 Orchard
Jessie, wid Mathew, milk dealer Crow Hill, R D 2, h do
' Mattie L, wid Samuel V, h 86 Eastern av
' Norman J (Mila I), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Orchard
' Ollie, r 17 Main
" Rachel, wid Mathew, r 20 Orchard
Fletcher Beulah C, r 99 Main
" Philip A (Sophie M), retired, h 99 Main
" Sidney W, specialty salesman, h 35 Concord av
Flint Bros, Raymond W Flint prop, druggists 55 Main
" Frederick A (Adine L), sheriff Caledonia County Jail, h 15 Cherry
" Isaac B (Mary), frt cond St J & L C R R, h 7 Jones
" Lona M (Mrs Bernard H), clk Hovey & Chandler, res Lyndon Ctr
" Mabel S, wid Charles C, h 87 Summer
" Raymond W, prop Flint Bros, r 87 Summer
Flood Alvan S (Allena B), emp Converse Sales & Service, h 24 Mt Pleasant
" Dwight S, student, r 26 Mt Pleasant
Floyd's Dress Shop, Floyd W Holmes mgr, 73 Eastern av
Flynn James E (Bessie T), emp E & T F & Co, h 73 Pearl
" John F (Elizabeth K), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Mt Pleasant
" Katherine E, bkpr A S Juneau, h 7 Spruce
" Mary. A, r 7 Spruce
Foan Fred C Jr, student, r 12 Webster
" Mabel P, wid Fred C, h 12 Webster
Foley Elias T, com trav, r 48 Summer
Follansbee Frederick L (Katherine), sec French & Bean Co, h 80 Main
" Katherine C, music teacher 80 Main, r do
" Robert B, emp Forestry dept N H, r 80 Main
Folsom James I, retired, r 10 Mt Pleasant
" Vera M, hskpr 29 Maple, r do
Fontaine Homer, const wkr, r 43 Maple
Forbes Emily J, wid John M, h 10 Prospect av
Forcier Delphis J, (Viola E), emp E T & H K Ide Co, h 4 Elm
Ford Blanche W, wid Howard A, h 134 Main
" Harry W (Matilda), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 8 Charles
" John W, bkpr C H Goss Co, r 114 Main
" Josie L, wid L Wallace, h E St Johnsbury
" Mabel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r 10 Winter
" McCoy P (Dorothy A), lab, h E St Johnsbury
" Sophronia G, clk T S G & E Co, r 13 Belvidere
" Wendell B (Irene), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 8 Charles
Forsythe William M, emp E & T F & Co, r 16 Main
Fortier Joseph M, carp, h 114 Railroad
Fortin Alphonsine, wid Joseph, h 43 Maple
" Hermel, r J R Fortin
" Homer F, emp St J Hat Works, r 43 Maple
" Loraine C, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 43 Maple
" Lydia, wid Joseph R, h Centre rd
" Marie J, clk Boston Store, r J R Fortin
" Rodolphe R, plumber, r J R Fortin
Foshey Maude G Mrs, hskpr R E Lowery, r 39 1/2 Pleasant
Foster Frank, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Luther E, plumber, h 1 Elliott .
Foumier Alfred J (Angelina), emp E & T F& Co, h Center rd
" Alphonse, mason, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Beatrice, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Delma C, student, r 21 Mt Vernon
" Elodia A, r 23 North av
" Emma, wid Thomas A, h 3 Prospect
" Eugene R Rev, priest Littleton, N H, r 23 North av
" George, farmer, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Joseph, emp C P R R, r A Fournier, Danville rd, R D 3
" Joseph B (Rosana), molder E & T F & Co, h 21 Mt Vernon
" Norman, r 3 Prospect
" Olliver, student, r 23 North av
" Raymond A, student, r 21 Mt Vernon
" Richard T (Annie M), janitor C P R R depot, h 23 North av
Fox Carroll H (Julia H), traffic mgr E & T F & Co, h 54 Summer
" Dennis W (Anna S); sawyer Skinner Lumber Co, h 2 Drouin
" Eva C, wid Albert S, dom, h 19 Portland
" Warren D, lumber wkr, r 2 Drouin
Foy Mary, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Foye James M, carp and builder 21 Summer, h do
" Martin J carp 21 Summer, r do
Franklin Gertrude M, h 5-7 Summer
" Harold Earl (Eva H), com trav, h 5 Mt Pleasant
Frechette Bernard A (Mildred E), clk, r 77 1/2 Summer
" David S (Melina), h 77 1/2 Summer
" Lucille V, clk Alberts Dept Store, r 77 1/2 Summer
Fredette Joseph (Evelyn), h River ext
" Rosanna, wid Max, r River rd
Freeman Cora E Mrs, h 10 Pleasant
" Ellsworth T (Edith), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 School
" Warren A, upholsterer 2 Bay, r 2 Buzzell ct
French Charles P (Elsie M), retired, h 18 Pearl,
" Edward R (Marion M), salesman French & Bean Co, r 34 Spring
" Etta W Mrs, r 6 Union
" Harold O, clk E & T F & Co, r 20 Summer
" Robert E (Caroline), pres French & Bean Co and v-pres and dir First National Bank, h 80 Summer
" & Bean Co, pres, Robert E French; sec, Fred L Follansbee; treas, Mildred H Smith, wholesale grocers 25 Railroad
Friend Daniel S (Josephine M), h 61 Pearl
" Eleanor M, student, r 61 Pearl
Frisbee Franklin S (Gladys R), patent attorney E P T Fairbanks & Co. h 4 Church (52)
FRIZZELL CLIFFORD H (Emma G), painting contractor 4 Elm, h do, see p 234
" David, retired, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Ernest E (Rosie D), painter, h 67 Pearl
" Fred L, carp and builder Danville rd, R D 3, r D Frizzell do
" Rose (Mrs Ernest E), emp Avenue Coffee Shop, r 67 Pearl
Frost Harriet E, wid Percy, nurse 53 Summer, h do
Frye Esther, bkpr Morrill & Hawkinson, h 73 Portland
FRYE G CLINTON lawyer Court House and county clerk and mgr The Merchant's Collection Agency, h 7 Mt Pleasant, phone 264-W
Fulford Lulu M, h 21 Eastern av
Fuller Beraice H (Mrs Clyde E), private kindergarten 21 Spring, h do
" Clyde E (Bernice H), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 21 Spring
" Eleanor L, teacher Portland St School, r 21 Spring
" Elizabeth A, clk and proof reader C Record Pub Co, t 21 Spring
" Henry H, student, r 21 Spring
" Margaret H, sten P Miller, r 21 Spring
" Ruth, nurse Brightlopk-Hosp, r do
" William W (Gertrude B), lab, r 2 Harrison av
Furse Herbert L, student, r 35 Western av
" Herbert W (Mary E), pur agt E & T F & Co, h 35 Western av
G A R CHAMBERLIN POST No 1, W T Reed com; M H Evans S V C; Alice Parker, acting adjutant. Meets at G A R Hall 1st and 3rd Sat
G A R Hall, 65 Railroad
G A R Relief Corps No 4, pres, Mrs Annie Davis; chaplain, Mrs Mary Whiting; see, Olive Brown; treas, Beulah Brickett; patriotic instr, Mabel Fay. Meets 1st and 3rd Thurs GAR Hall
Gabarioult Luciene, maid 12 Prospect, r do
Gadapee Charles (Florence M), emp E & T F & Co, h 40 Portland
" Florence M (Mrs Charles), clk 97 Railroad, h 40 Portland
" Francis (Olive E), barber, h 29 Summer
" Kenneth E (Nellie M), emp Mary Maple Syrup Co, h 23J3 Pearl
" Leonard E (Pearl R), watchman Caledonia Mills, h 135 Railroad
" Lysle W, r 40 Portland
" Nellie M (Mrs Kenneth E), opr.N E T & T Co, h 23 1/2 Pearl
" Olive E (Mrs Francis), lino opr Cal-Record, h 29 Summer
" Robert A, milk insp N E M P A, r 30 Pearl
" Ronald A, emp U S Dept of Agri, r 30 Pearl
" William (Katherine), emp E & T F & Co, h 30 Pearl
Gadley Annie R (Mrs David O), packer C H & G H Cross, h 17 Emerson
" Benjamin L (Phebe J), retired, h 20 Spring
" David O (Annie R), h 17 Emerson
Gadue Robert, undertaker A S Juneau, r 24 Central
Gaffney A Bruce, r 6 Prosp ct
" Arthur B (Rachel I), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Prospect
" Clarence E (Ann M), frt tructor C P R R, r 6 Prospect
" Jeannette P Mrs, r 35 North av
" Raymond E, emp St J & L CR R, r 6 Prospect
Gage Audrey B (Mrs Donald R), music teacher 6 Church, h do
" Carrie, wid Elbert E, h 4 Church (20)
" Donald R (Audrey B), school of music (vocal and piano), 6 Church, h do
" Eugene, emp Metropolitan Life Ins Co, r 1 Orient
" William A chiropractor 42 Eastern av, h 1 Orient
Gagne Fernand, emp Willoughby Diner, r 10 Hastings
" Mary Rose Mrs, h 10 Hastings.
Gagne Philip J, emp Willoughby Diner, r 10 Hastings
Gagner Alice I, r 9 St Mary
" George J (Anna), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 North av
" Lawrence, waiter Ed's Cafe, r 9 St Mary
" Marguerite A, r 14 North av
" Norman R (Elosia M), emp E & T P & Co, h 20 St Mary
" Rose, wid Cyrille P, h St Mary
Gagnon Alfred L (Cordelia O) barber 12 Portland, h 2 Costa av
" Horace (Alexandria), driver St Johnsbury Trucking Co, h 10 Elm
Galbraith A Elizabeth, r 17 Spring
" Albert E, lumberman, h 1 School
" George T, ry postal elk, h 17 Spring
" John S (Alice W), retired, h 118 Main
" Marion A, student, r 118 Main
Gale Bessie B, wid John N, h 4 School
Gallagher Daniel W (Mabel B), insp E & T F & Co, h 37 Cliff
" Elbert T, lawyer N Y City, r 37 Cliff
" Jennie M, r 1 Cherry
Gallup Dyer D (Susie A), emp E & T F & Co, h 15 Hastings
Gammell Frank E, lab, r River ext
" John A (Lorraine), lab, h River
Gannon Lewis A (Phyllis B), gen store and postmaster E St Johnsbury, h do
Garand Albert J (Hazel I), farmhand, h 1 Brown's ct
" Raymond, truck driver, r 38 Maple
" Samuel A (Marie), trucking 38 Maple, h do
Garde Mabel G Mrs, sten F W Kelley, r 16 Main
Gardner Bert L (Blanche J), car repairman C P R R, h St J Ctr
Garfield Edson E (Florence E), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Lafayette
" Lucius E (Reta C), clk 75 Main, h 65 Eastern av
" Stanley F (Ruth I), mgr N H Acceptance Corp, h 11 Cliff
Garvin Austin (Madeline F), r 3 Cherry
" Madeline F (Mrs Austin), linotype opr Caledonia Record, r 3 Cherry
GATES MARY I MRS v-pres E T & H K Ide, h 10 Park
" Ruth A, hskpr 110 Main, r do
Gaudette Joseph (Marion), laborer, h 46 1/2 Railroad
Gaudreau Victor (Dorothy), emp E & T F & Co, h 52 Spring
" Victoria Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Gaughtem Alton G, inspector E & T F & Co, h 21 Clarks av
Gauthier Albert R (Doris), collector Montgomery Ward Co, h 13 St Mary
GAUTHIER ALPHONSE E (Bertha D), prop Gauthier's Pharmacy, h 14 Spring
" Matilda, wid Joseph A, h 194 Railroad
" Vina, r 194 Railroad
" Vina E, maid 7 Mt Pleasant, r do
GAUTHIER'S PHARMACY Alphonse E Gauthier prop, 70 Railroad, see front cover
Gauvin Ernest (Veronique), sec hand C P R R, h 20 Elm
Gay---see Guay
Gelinas Juliette, emp Palmer Bros, Laundry, r 16 Elm
" Thomas (Aldea), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
George Luella Mrs, hskpr 12 1/2 Western av, r do
Gero Douglas E, washman Palmer Bros, r 78 Summer
" Harold L (Charlotte L), emp E & T F & Co, h 38 Cliff
" John L, r 38 Cliff
" Marguerite I, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 78 Summer
" Scott A, salesman, r 78 Summer
" William H (Pearl D), h 18 Central
Gervais Edward J (Marjorie), lab, r 7 Harvey
" Herbert H (Dorothy M), shipping clerk Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 155 Portland
" Irene (Mrs Ovila N), emp Palmer Bros, h 156 Railroad
" Marie, wid Napoleon, h 7 Harvey
" Ovila N (Irene), driver Palmer Bros. Laundry, h 156 Railroad
Gibbons Norman H (Ethel), carp, h 53 Caledonia
Gibbs Dorothy, hskpr 3 Prospect av, r do
" Ethel M, r 6 Alaishouse rd
" Euranie M Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Gibson Daniel J (Ruth H), painter, h 16 Cross
" Etta M, wid William M, r 2 Prospect av
Gibson Jesse H (Florence), emp Dolgin's Auto Parts, r 2 Prospect av
" Joseph, plumber C H Goss Co, h 5 State
" Mary, r 22 Church
" W Joseph, h 2 Prospect av
" William M (Mary), dist highway comm office rear 17 Western av, r N Danville
Giguere Harry A (Alexandria), emp E & T F & Co, r 1 High
" Joseph H (Sarah), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 High
" Leo S, musician, r 1 High
" Raymond C, musician, r 1 High
" Yvonne M, dom, r 1 High
Gilbert Allan G, emp C H & G H Cross Inc, res Barnet
" Lawrence E (Martha N), emp E & T F & Co, h 69 Main
" Maude E, wid Amassa G, r 147 Railroad
Gile Ellen H, wid Noah F, r 69 Summer
Gillander Robert M (Florence M), woodwkr E & T F & Co, h 4 Clayton av
GILMAN BROTHERS (Daniel T and Lindol H Gilman and John B Brodien), real estate, live stock and hay Western av, see top margins
GILMAN BROS GARAGE Paul W Gilman prop, automobile storage and trucking 127 Railroad, see top margins
" Cecil (Olive), lab, h 29 Maple
GILMAN DANIEL T (Nellie B), (Gilman Bros), h 64 Eastern av
GILMAN LINDOL H (Gertrude E), (Gilman Bros), h 66 Eastern av
" Myles S (Etta H), printer Cowles Press, h 5 Charles
GILMAN PAUL W (F Carlotta), prop Gilman Bros Garage and dist American Oil Co, h 129 Railroad
" Sallie R, wid Frederick D, h 129 Railroad
Gilson Fred C (Winnie M), com trav, h 64 Portland
" May, wid Alvah, hskpr 31 Mt Pleasant, r do
Gingras Isaac, emp E & T F & Co, h 175 Railroad
" Pierre (Marie), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Main
Girl Scouts Inc, Mrs Edith H Twombly director. Meets evertday except Sunday for recreation at 7 Cherry
Girls' Community League, pres, Mrs Arthur G Sprague; sec, Mrs Agnes T Hafner; treas, Mrs H W Blodgett, girl scout headquarters and recreation club 7 Cherry
Giroux Laurent L, painter, r 18 Elm
" Rosalie, wid Elie, h 18 Elm
Givoni Marian, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Gleason A H & Co (Arthur H Gleason and Ray P Bailey), groceries, meats and provisions 46 Main
" Arthur H (Lillian E), (A H Gleason & Co), h 44 Summer
" Emma Mrs, r 54 Railroad
Glen The, John A Donley prop, gas, oil and refreshments Railroad c Hastings
Glynn Mary A, wid James, h 2 Prospect av
Gochie George E (Edna M), pensioner, h Danville rd, R D 3
Goddard Merrill, r Town Farm
Godin Joseph (Marieanne), lab, h 55 Eastern av
Goldberg Israel (Cecelia), (Goldberg's Auto Service), h 5 Russell
" Max (Goldberg's Auto Service), r 131 Portland
" Philip (Eva), junk dealer 131 Portland, h do
Goldberg's Auto Service (Max and Israel Goldberg), gasoline and auto accessories 121 Portland
Goldstein Arnold L, r 111 Portland
" Barney (Minnie), emp Dolgin's Service Station, h 111 Portland
Gonneville George A (Anne L), agt Ry Ex Agency, h Undercliff rd
Goodall Charles F (Margaret), standard adjuster E & T F & Go, h 6 Autumn
Goodenough Warner W, farmer, h St J Ctr .
Goodreaw Victoria Mrs, r 6 Almshouse rd
Goodrich Genevieve, prin Arlington School, r 2 Emerson
" Julia E, wid Henry J, h 10 Harrison av
GOODRICH STORE INC plumbing, heating, sheet metal work, hardware, paint etc 109 Railroad, pres, Percy W Bragg; v-pres, Mary Louise Baright; treas, Helen B Bragg, see p 234
Goodsell Archie L (Emma F), carpenter, h 17 Mt Vernon
Goodwin George (Phoebe), lab, h E St Johnsbury
Gorham Augusta M, h 17 Church
Gorham John D (Muriel S), emp E & T P & Co, h 14 Church
" Joseph (Sarah A), retired, r 14 Church
" Roy A (Vera), emp T S G & E Co, h 139 Railroad
" William, r 14 Church
Goslant John B (Rose), h 123 Main
Goss Amelia, wid Ezra, r 7 Pearl
GOSS C H COMPANY THE Packard, Dodge and Plymouth motor cars and Dodge Bros trucks, sales and service, plumbing and heating 17-19 Central, phone 330, pres-treas, Charles H Goss; v-pres, Jonas H Brooks; asst mgr, John W Tann, see front cover
" Caroline L, sten Met Ins Co, r 8 Pearl
GOSS CHARLES E prop Railroad Street Service Station, res Wilder
GOSS CHARLES H (Mary L), pres-treas C H Goss Co, h 10 Highland av
" Dorothy L, bkpr C H Goss Co, r 125 Portland
" Elizabeth, wid Edward J, r 36 Cliff
" Prank H (Mabel E), carpenter, h 124 Concord av
" Harold G, r 124 Concord av
" Harry, clk 52 Portland, r 8 Pearl
" Horace P (Alberta A), plumbing foreman C H Goss Co, h 125 Portland
" Leonard C (Charlotte S), milk dealer St J Ctr, h do
" Leonard F (Marion M), auto repairing 8 Pearl, h do
" Martha, wid William, h 125 Portland
" Thelma E, r 124 Concord av
" Willard, r 55 Eastern av
" Winnie B, wid Ulysses G, h St J Ctr
Gosselin Agathe, emp Cambridge, Mass, r 3 Prospect
" Donald (Millicent), blacksmith C P R R, h St J Ctr
" Francis, emp Cray's Garage, r 3 Prospect
" George A (Albertine), mach opr E & T F & Co, h 28 Clarks av
" Georgianria, wid Luger, h 3 Prospect
" Maurice, r D Gosselin
Gould Veda, r 26 Boynton av
Govo Glendon A, salesman Walker & Brock, r 165 Railroad
Goyet Edmond J (Exilia E), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Concord av
" Isidore W, r 33 Concord av
" Medora J, r 33 Concord av
" ---see Guyer. Goyette
Goyette---see Goyet, Guyer
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Thomas R Burns pastor, 11 Central, Sunday services 10:30 a m and 7 pm, Sunday School 12 m, Mid-week services Wed 7:30 p m
" Teresa M, teacher Summer St School, h 31 Slimmer
Gracey Mary B, wid John C, h 33 Church
Grady Ferdinand W (Florence L), mach E & T F & Co, b 36 Mt Pleasant
" Gardner (Caroline), milk dealer S Main, R D 2, h do
" James A (Mabel D), mach E & T F & Co, h 9 School
" John L (Wilhelmina), emp Gardner Grady, r do
Graham Bertha, wid Sherman R, emp Harvey's Music Parlors, h 4 Cross.
" Gertrude F (Wilfred Beauty Shoppe), h 21 Eastern av
Granger Earl C, r 6 Brook
" Frank B Jr (Laura E), welder E & T F & Co, h 5 Hastings
" Henry, salesman, r 24 Central
Grant Arthur E (Phebe S), farmer, r H C Spaulding
" Blanche P, wid Errol C, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Edwin; E (Amelia C), clergyman and farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" John H (Marguerite), farmhand, r Mrs Blanche P Grant, Crow Hill, RD2
GRANT LAWRENCE L (Mary W) electrical contractor, supplies, fixtures, etc 95 Eastern av, h 11 South, see p 233
" Mary W (Mrs Lawrence L), sten 65 Railroad, b 11 South
" Perley H (Edna), h Water, St J Ctr
" Richard, truck driver, r 120 Railroad
" Viola Mrs, r P H Grant
" W T Co, Ernest E O'Connor, mgr 84 Railroad .
GRAPES DAVID I pres Corner Garage Inc, res Lyndonville
" Florence, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Forrest I (Margaret), salesman Corner Garage, res Lyndonville
Graveiin Elmer F, truck driver, h 5 Elm
GRAVES ARTHUR L (Margaret M), (Searles & Graves), h 61 Pleasant
" Edmund S, student, r 61 Pleasant
" Helen L, h St J Ctr
" Martha M, wid William A, h 41 Lafayette
Gravitt Pauline Mrs emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h R D 2
Gravlin Fred, emp E & T F & Co, h 14 1/2 Maple
Gray Alba C (Ida M), com trav, h 74 Pleasant
" Bernie, janitor Pierce's Mill School, h Pierce's Mill
" Delia Mrs, emp Maple Cabin, h 18 Central
" Edward A (Maude B), milk pedlar, h 73 Lafayette
" Edwin A (Mary A), farmer, h St J Ctr
" Eunice A, hskpr 7 Bank pi, r do
" Harold (Thelma), emp St J Gas Co, h 147 1/2 Main
" Harry E (Ida J B), prop Summerville Wood Yard, h 19 Harrison av
" Katherine Ide, wid George M, mgr Maple Grove Inn, h 10 Park
GRAY LELAND F (Lillian B), supt Twin State Gas & Electric Co, h 35 Pleasant
" Martha J, wid Don, r 8 Orient
" Olin A (Celestia M), milk pedlar, h 50 Lafayette
" Warren L (Bessie A), farmer, h St J Ctr
" William H (Sadie L), emp E & T F & Co, h 42 Cliff
Green Benjamin P (Marguerite E), painter, h Morris sq
" Kathleen M Mrs, r 97 Eastern av
" Mountain Fruit Market, Joseph Caplan prop, 96 Railroad
" Nellie, wid Charles R, h 4 Green
" William M (Jennie M), r 4 Morris sq
Greene Roy H, r 4 Morris sq
Greenwood Charles A, emp Royal Lunch, r 58 Pearl
" Clifford T (Virginia B), musician, h 82 Concord av
" Elmer J, moulder E. & T F & Co, h 135 Railroad
" Frank W (Agnes E),. forest ranger, h 5 Hastings
" George, messenger Western Union Tel Co, r 5 Hastings
" George A (Delina), prop Royal Lunch, h 58 Pearl
" Homer E, mgr A E Smith, r 5 Hastings
" J Albert (Rose), emp Ry Ex Agency, h 39 Maple
" James L (Nina E), painter, h 61 Pearl
" Julian E, r 39 Maple
" Leo, r 39 Maple
"Oliver A, chauffeur, r 5 Hastings
" ---see Vertbois
Greer George R (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, r C E Hatch
Gregoire---see Gregware
Gregware Albert, lab, r 75 Pearl
" Joseph (Arlene R), retired, h 75 Pearl
Grenier Alphonse P (Eugenie), retired, h 62 Pleasant
" Arthur J (Ruth), emp E & T F & Co, h 167 Railroad
" Bertha, r 62 Pleasant
" Charles A, emp Montreal Canada, r 62 Pleasant
Grey Shoppe The, Mrs Grace Poison prop, ladies ready-to-wear 79 Railroad
Grimes Edwin F (Winnie A), prop Grimes & Somers, h 6 Cross
" & Somers, Edwin F Grimes prop, contractors and builders and dealers in lumber, mason supplies, etc 38 Bay
Griswold Flora R, wid Henry, h E St Johnsbury
" Margery F, r 93 Portland
" May A, wid Charles F, h 93 Portland
Gross Frank (Thelma), emp E & T F & Co, r St J House
" Thelma (Mrs Frank), emp St Johnsbury House, r do
Grout Barton F (Belle G), mach, h E St Johnsbury
Grove Cemetery, Eugene Shastney sexton, E St Johnsbury
Grover Hester, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Guay---see Gay
Guible Etta Mrs, r 27 Central av
Guild Helen F, librarian and historian Brightlook Hosp, r 41 Summer
Guilmett Peter, canvasser, r 6 Almshouse rd
Guimont Victor, retired, r 152 Railroad
Guldbrandsen George, teacher, r 4 Church (50)
" Gulbrandsen (Mrs), chemist E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (50)
GULF REFINING CO C H Goss Co distributors, 17-19 Central
Gummo Grace, supt Brightlook Hosp, r do
Gustin Homer A, emp E & T F & Co, h 16 Cross
" Viola, hskpr 21 St John, r do
Guy William (Beatrice), carp, h St John
Guyer Adelard M (Irene), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Railroad
" Amie A, emp Gustave Guyer, r 192 Railroad
" Archie J (Delina R), emp C P R R, h 10 Pleasant
" Elizabeth E, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 192 Railroad
" Eva J, wid Alphonse F, h 17 Maple
" Felix, lab, r 138 Portland
" Geneva E, student, r 17 Maple
" Gustave (Ora), trucking 192 Railroad, h do
" J Henry (Grace), mason, h 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" Joseph A (Rose), mason, h 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" Leon, retired, h 10 Pleasant
" Melvena Mrs, emp Willey's Rest, r 65 Eastern av
" Rosalie, wid Frank, h 31 Maple
" Walter H (Glady I), lab, h 138 Portland
" William A, mason, r 1 1/2 Brown's ct
" William H (Minnie), moulder, h 52 Portland
" ---see Goyet, Goyette
Gyles Robert L (Margaret M), mech, h 5 Garden
HACKETT GEORGE H, gas sta attd, r 14 Mt Pleasant
" Lester, elec, r 21 Federal
" Ruth A, r 14 Mt Pleasant
" Williaim E (Cena M), emp C H Goss Co, h 14 Mt Pleasant
Hadley Harlan A (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Go, h 90 Summer
" Vernon H, student, r 90 Summer
Hafner Arthur H (Agnes T), emp E & T F & Co, h 89 Main (1)
Hagan Agnes C, r 3 Hancock
" Beatrice M R, r 3 Hancock
" Bernard J (Eva), lab Village, h 11 River
" George M, student, r 3 Hancock
" James B (Ella H), emp town, h 53 Pleasant
" John O (Mary E), emp Village, h 3 Hancock
" Lillian E, student, r 53 Pleasant
" Mary D, phone opr, r 53 Pleasant
Halcrow Guy A (Edith), janitor Colonial Apartments, h 4 Church (60)
Hale Frank H (Mary E), asst dist mgr John Hancock Life Ins Co, & 1 Spring
" Harry P, retired, r 1 Spring
" Henry, emp E & T F & Co, r 42 Cliff
" Julia, wid Orivs E, h 42 Cliff
" O Dean (Jennie E), clothing dealer 53 Main, h 18 Green
Hall Albert M, einp E & T F & Co, h 157 Railroad
" Alice E, music teacher 6 Park, r do
" Dean A (Ima J), mach, h Water, St J Ctr
" Everett S, bkpr Swift & Co, r 91 Portland
" Franklin, emp C H Goss Co, r 93 # Main
" George (Myra M), trucking St J Ctr, h St J Ctr
" George H (Mary J), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 29 Caledonia
" James A (Winifred), emp E & T F &Co, h 12 Bagley
" Minot A, clk Hotel Moore, r 157 Railroad
" Martha J, h 13 Highland av
" T Wendell, clk Lancaster, N H, r 13 High
" Thomas A (Florence), foreman E & T F & Co, h 13 High
" Vefma C, dom, r 157 Railroad
" Walter C (Annie), mach, h St J Ctr
" William D (Hazel C), emp Walker & Brock, h 55 Portland
" Winona M, student, r 157 Railroad
Hallett Erastus H (Flora B), carp, h 10 Cross
" Mary A Mrs, sum res S J Ctr
Ham Lois, teacher Portland St School, r 8 Orient
Hamburger Philip (Esther), furrier 98 Railroad, h do
Hamilton Elba (Gertrude G), salesman, h 31 Spring
" John E, emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Western av
" Lillian G, nurse 9 Church, r do
Hancock John Life Insurance Co, Frank H Hale asst dist mgr, 83 Eastern av
Handy Gabriel S (Anna), prop St Johnsbury Ice Co, h 43 Lafayette
'' Mary G, emp St J House, r 43 Lafayette
" Natzie G, student, r 43 Lafayette
" Richard G (Mary), emp St J Ice Co, h 19 Elm
" Rose A, r 43 Lafayette
" Samuel G, emp St J Ice Co, r 43 Lafayette
Hanes Gilbert S (Madeline M), h 30 Western av
Hanks Joel E, r 34 Main
" Julian M (Susie K), lab, h 10 Hastings
" Mayhard F, const wkr, r 34 Main
" Ralph K (Vera A), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Cliff
" Vera A (Mrs Ralph K), nurse, h 43 Cliff
Hansen Annie E, hskpr 5 Spring, r do
'' Clayton F, truck driver A H Gleason & Co, r 97 Eastern av
" Dorothy, r 7 Pearl
'' Mildred Mrs, cook Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Milo A, painter, r 18 Central
" Wallace H, carp, r 97 Eastern av
Harbaugh Calvin A (Iola L), lab, h 24 Portland
Harding Harry, woodsman, h 4 Drouin
" Verna, teacher Arlington School, r 2 Emerson
Hardy Arthur S, emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Green
'' Atwood N (Doris M), truck driver Palmer Bros, h 27 Cliff
" Raymond E (Rebecca R), emp Craft's Trucking Co, h 14 Lafayette
" Wendell W (Mildred), r 22 Green
Harper Method Beauty Shop, Bessie R Warner prop, hairdressing 63 Main
HARRAN NELSON B (Marion M), (Tillotson & Harran), h 29 Perkins
Harriman Beulah A Mrs, h 41 Eastern av
" Helen, h St J Ctr
" Mary H, wid Fred S, h 15 Summer
Harris Frank E (Myra L), (Harris & Turner), h 21 Boynton av
" Fred W, frt checker C P R R, r 46 Railroad
" Lora E Mrs, hairwkr, h 41 Eastern av
" William E (Clara F), janitor. Methodist Church, h 12 Green
" & Turner (Frank E Harris and Rex W Turner), agts Connecticut General Life Ins Co, 65 Railroad
Hart Edwin J (Jeanne A), h 41 Spring
Hartshorn Gertrude, h 56 Railroad
" S Bell, wid L Barnard, h 84 Summer
Hart well Frieda Mrs, r 10 Harrison av
Harvey Anna, teacher, r end of Harvey
" Charles E, sec-treas St J Production Credit Assn, res Barnett
" Clyde F (Edna M), clk frt office C PR R, h 16 Summer
" Ehnore W, student, r 81 Summer
HARVEY LYMAN K (Evelyn B), prop Harvey's Music Parlors, h 34 Pearl
" Marion B Mrs, tailoress 93 Railroad, h do
" Mary, wid Henry, h end of Harvey
" Olive L, student, r 81 Summer
" Ruth; nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Thelma R, r 81 Summer
" Walter C (Rose E), retired, h 20 Pearl
" Wilford C (Etta M), com trav C H & G H Cross, h 20 Pearl
" William E (Ruth E), emp L L Grant, h 81 Sumimer
HARVEY'S MUSIC PARLORS Lyman K Harvey prop, pianos, musical merchandise and radios 43 Eastern av, see p 248
Harwood Frank, h 53 Main
Haskins Alice Cf r 62 Concord av
HASKINS AUGUSTUS S (Alice R), optometrist and manufacturing optician 71 Railroad, h 62 Concord av, phone 597-M, see back cover
" Harlan D, emp Harvey's Music Parlor, r 62 Concord av
" Mildred L, r 62 Concord av
Hason Dorothy A, waitress, 7 Pearl
Hastings Loren V, pres-treas Northern Lumber Co, h 164 Railroad
Hatch Charles E, retired, h Danville rd
" Ralph, stone cutter, r 137 Raihroad
Hawkins Charles W (Doris M), prop St Johnsbury & Montpelier Bus, h 34 Mt Vernon
Hawkinson Arthur W (Edith L), prop Morrill & Hawkinson, h 4 Cary pl
Hawley Guy D (Mabel F), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 8 Liberty
" Richard P (Eldora O), emp E & T F & Co, h 83 Summer
Hayes George F, emp C H & G H Cross, r 57 Pearl
HAYES JEREMIAH J (Marion A), (Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc), h 22 Boynton av
" Marjorie G, waitress Avenue Coffee Shop, r 57 Pearl
" Maude B, wid William, h 57 Pearl
" Pauline E, r 57 Pearl
Hazelton Eva, wid Homer W, h 26 Central
Healey Alice E, student, r 31 Church
" Herman A (Helen A), com trav, h 31 Church
" Martha C, wid Bertram, h 20 Clarks av
Healy Alexander (Arkleys' Novelty Shop), h 2 Pearl
Heath Alice, wid Frank, r 5 Allen ct
" Amelia, student, r Perle M Heath
" Andrew C (Marion E), emp St J Trucking Co, r 151 Railroad
" Doris E (Mrs Floyd C), opr N E T & T Co, h 18 Orchard
" Floyd C (Doris E), emp A F & H Co, h 18 Orchard
" Helene, student, r Perle M Heath
" Lynn G (Celia W), h Center rd
" May E, wid William L, t Sunset Home
" Merle H (Myra A), loco gen foreman St J & L C R R, h 3 Tremont
" Perle M (Mrs), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Robert L (Lydaina L), farmer, h N Danville
" Robert W (Lena E), truck driver, r 100 Railroad
" Willard B, student, r R L Heath
Hedrick Charles W (Marion E), branch mgr Purina Mills, h 34 Central
Hemmingway Edith, r 2 Union
" Glenn (Agnes), h 2 Union
Henault J Charles, emp Henault Press, r 170 Railroad
" John B (Bertha), prop Henault Press, h 170 Railroad
" Joseph A, emp E & T F & Co, r 139 Railroad
" Juliette E, emp 77 Eastern av, r 170 Railroad
" Marie A, prop Henault Novelty Shop, h 139 Railroad
" Novelty Shop, Marie A Henault prop, 77 Eastern av
" Press, John B Henault prop, printers 77 Eastern av
Henderson Alva S, r 8 North av
" David A (Mae V), eng St J & L C R R, h 9 St Mary
" Etta A, wid David A, h 8 North av
" Pearl V, cashier Ry Ex Agency, r 21 Pearl
Heon Albert J (Rosilda), stone cutter, h 175 Railroad
" Alfred J, truck driver, r 175 Railroad
" Arthur L, painter C H Goss Co, h 17 Webster
" Arthur P (Angelina M), emp St J & L C R R, h 35 Maple
" Clara J, wid George, r 17 Webster
" Edward, stonecutter, r 43 Maple
" Marie, wid Napoleon, h 43 Maple
HERBERT PRESTON pres Maple Grove Candies and Cary Maple Sugar Co, r Hotel Moore
Herran---see Harran
Hess Ruth M, wid Rush M, teacher, h 4 Church (39)
Hevey Arthur (Alphonsine), farmer, h E St Johnsbury rd
Hewey Jennie B Mrs, r 39 Pleasant
HEWEY RAY M (Madaline E), sec-treas M W Devereaux Corp, h 39 Pleasant
Heyer Albert S, mach E & T F & Co, r 30 Cliff
" Carl W (Edith E), beam marker E & T F & Co, h 12 Emerson
" Charles A (Matilda L), dept comm G A R, h 30 Cliff
Heywobd Myrtle, wid Frank, h 40 Central
" Wendell F, student, r 40 Central
HIBBERT JAMES (Twin State Typewriter & Office Supply), r 1 Cherry
Hickey George S, plumber 22 Pearl, h do
Hicks Lillian, hskpr 98 Main, r do
Higgins Ellie B, h 86 Summer
" Floyd M (Florence), truck driver Gulf Ref Co, h 165 Railroad
" Harold H (Jane), mgr Corner Garage; h 5 Dundee
Higgins Pearl W Mrs, hskpr 16 Elm, r do
" Vina M, r 17 Maple
High Edith E, sten E & T F & Co, r 38 Western av
" Elsie M, clk McLellan's Stores, r 38 Western av
" Irene E, clk McLellan's Stores, r 38 Western av
" Ruth H, bkpr Hovey & Chandler, r 38 Western av
" William (Ethel M), plumber E & T F & Co, h 38 Western av
Highway Express Inc, 76 Portland, pres-treas, Daniel Zabarsky; sec, Harold Shiro
Hill Alice S Mrs, h 4 Deer av
" Archibald, r 3 Cottage
" Benjamin C (Mary), emp Menut & Parks, h 3 Cottage
" Benjainin L, r 3 Cottage
" James W, emp Municipal Airport, h High byd limits, R D 2
" Karl M, milk dealer 37 Spring, h do
" Wilbur C (Edna), mech, h 10 Ekn
" William M (Stella E), const wkr, h 22 St Mary
Hills Marguerite, teacher St J Academy, r "Brantview"
Hinman Carrie T, wid Jason, asst at Athenaeum, h 2 Spring
HINMAN GEORGE acct E & T Fairbanks & Co, r 2 Spring
" Isabell, dressmkr 33 Main, h do
Hoar Charles E (Emma W), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Union
" Edward W (Marion M), driver S O Co, h 6 Union
" Marjorie R, teacher Barton, r 6 Union
Hodge Loraine G, sten Twin City Typewriter & Office Supply, r Elmer Lewis, S Main, R D 2
Hodgkms Persis C, wid Levi M, r 64 Portland
Hoernle Charles L (Mary), clk E & T F & Co, h 3 Russell av
Holbrook Max 0 (Stella M), battery repairer C H Goss Co, h 21 Federal
Holder Leonard, teacher, r 45 Western av
" Warren J, plumber, h 1 Portland
Holland Donald S (Theresa M), emp C M S Co, h 70 Portland
" Roy C (Jennie), paints and wallpaper 17-19 Portland and undertaker and funeral home 111 Main, h 109 do
Holloway Helen M, student, r 11 Harrison av
" John H (Cora), emp E & T F & Co, h High, R D 2
" William J (S Edith), truck driver, h 11 Harrison av
Holmes Etta A, wid Frank A, r Clarence Colby
" Floyd W (Agnes L), mgr Floyd's Dress Shop, h 9 Clinton av
" George E (M Anna), cook C C C, h 21 Ehn
Home Bakery, Ferdinand J Nadeau prop, 43-45 Pearl
Hood Clement (Gladys), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
" H P & Sons (Inc), creamery, George H Crowe mgr ice cream division, 213 Railroad
Hooker Elmer E (Vera D), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Spring
" Nancy J, wid George W, r 6 Brooks pi
" Reed Co, Morton J Reed prop, gen machine and repair work, 1 Perkins
" Sadie A, nurse, h 4 Brooks pi
Hopper Gordon E, student, r 4 Washington av
" Oscar W (S Bertha), carp, h 4 Washington av
Horsfield Thomas W Rev, pastor Church of Messiah, r 42 Pearl
Horton Charles H, student, r 2 Highland av
" Claire E, dietitian Brightlook Hosp, r dp
Hotel Moore, Willis B Fitch prop; William H Chesley mgr, 141 Railroad
Hough---see Huff
Houghton Darwin A (Bertha J), farmer Danville rd, R D 3, h do
Houston Charles B (Nettie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 27 Pleasant
" Sybil R, wid Bradley, r 18 Spring
Hovey Alice M Mrs, h 26 Green
" Carl D (Bertha A), (Hovey & Chandler), h 23 Spring
" Franklin G, D M D, dentist 33 Main, h 2 Brooks
" Helen L, clk Montpelier, r 23 Spring
" Howard C (Marjorie S), musician, r 1 Orient
" Lilla F, wid Marcus J, h 2 Brooks pl
" Marjorie S (Mrs Howard), hskpr Dr Gage, r 1 Orient
" & Chandler (Samuel A Chandler and Carl D Hovey), dept store 97-99-101 Railroad
Howard Dorothy, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Richard Mrs, janitor Stark School, r R D 4
Howe Charles H (Maude H), jeweler and watchmkr and railroad watch insp 90 Railroad, h 25 Pearl
" George E, optometrist 111 Railroad, r 25 Pearl
" Inez, wid Bert D, grain broker,, h E St- Johnsbury
" Muriel P, emp 90 Railroad, r 25 Pearl
" Raymond, emp Howe's Jewelry Store, r 25 Pearl
Howland Irene, student, r 4 Clarks av
" Wilbur R (Florence), agent John Hancock Ins Co, h 4 Clarks av
Hoye Catherine M, student, r 25 Elm
" Thomas E (Kate), emp town, h 25 Elm
Hoyt Clara B, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
" Herman E (Elsie), clk P O, h 20 Perkins
" Ned P, reporter, r 2 Pearl
" Ray W (Lura B), const wkr, h 138 Railroad
Hubbard Elizabeth, r 10 Main
" Lillian, waitress St Johnsbury House, r do
" Maurice E (Lewella), in charge U S Fisheries Sta, h N Danville rd, R D 3
Hudon Arthur (Zilda), blacksmith 4 Boomers ct, h 112 Concord av
" Joseph A, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
" Leopold, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
" Roland E, emp St Johnsbury House, r 112 Concord av
Hudson C Ruth, teacher Arlington School, r 8 Orient
" Harold H (Katherine B), driver C H & G H Cross, h 144 Railroad
" Harriet Ella, wid Amasa, r 4 Church (31)
" Ronald, student, r 112 Concord av
Hufi---see Hough
Hughes Archie J, painter, r 157 Railroad
" Ernest C, emp E & T P & Co, h 100 Railroad
Hulburt Hattie, wid Charles, r St J Ctr
Hull Mamie Mrs, hskpr 21 Caledonia, r do
" Marguerite E, r 3 Alinshouse rd
" Rosamond M, r 3 Almshouse rd
Hume Susan B, r 42 Pleasant
HUMPHREY CEDRIC W (Cora), contractor and builder 68 Pleasant, h 38 do, see back cover
" Earle C (Hazel D); clk Browns Cigar Store, h 37 Pleasant
" Frank E (Mabel), prop Humphrey's Quality Market, h 47 Pleasant
" Lomer L, emp Manchester, N H, r 38 Pleasant
" Marion L, shipping clk Palmer Bros, r 38 Pleasant
Humphrey's Quality Market, Frank E Humphrey prop, grocers 116 Railroad
Hunt Charles F, stone ctr, r 4 State
" Margaret A, wid Alexander C, h 40 Lafayette
Hunter Avis G (Mrs Donald), asst bkpr C H & G H Cross, h 12 School
" Donald (Avis), lab, h 12 School
" Walter G (Prusia M), tel opr C P R R, h 10 Orient
Hurley Beatrice M, sten Reliance Elec Co, r 5 Portland
" Bertha, wid Daniel J, clk Randall's Dept Store, h 5 Portland
" Helen M, h 3 Prospect
Hussey George S, asst mgr W T Grant Co, r 20 Summer
Hutchins', Paul W Hutchins prop, grocers St J Ctr
" Paul W (Lelia X), prop Hutchins', h St J Ctr
Hutchinson Ernest A, emp Davis Fur Farms, r do
I O O F TEMPLE, 109 Railroad
IDE ET&HK coal and grain 21 Bay and St Johnsbury Center, pres-treas William A Ide; v-pres, Mrs MI Gates; sec, Glenn V Mooney; mgr, St Johnsbury Center, Alex Berube, see p 239
IDE RICHARD E clk E T & H K Ide, r 129 Main
IDE WILLIAM A (Blanche S), pres-treas E T & H K Ide and v-pres Brightlook Hospital, h 129 Main
"Idlewood" homestead of R C Holland, 109-111 Main
Impey- Hugh E, student, r 1 Belvidere
IMPEY JAMES A (Rose B), prop James A Impey Agency, h 1 Belvidere
IMPEY JAMES A AGENCY James A Impey prop, general insurance 3 Portland, phone 736-M, see front cover
" Mary A, wid James, r 11 Cliff
Impey Ruth B, teacher New Brunswick, N J, k 1 Belvidere
Improved Order of Red Men Algonquin Tribe No 9, Sachem, Frank T Lynch, C of R, James B Drummond; Kof W, Thomas L Legendre Sr; Cof W, Martin T Carr. Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday at 8 p m, 31 Portland
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Caledonia Lodge No 6, N G, K E Gadapee; treas, Henry T Donahue; sec, Guy D Hawley. Meets Monday evening at 111 Railroad 7:30 pm
" Order Odd Fellows, Moose River Encampment No 6, fin scribe, OB; Cutting; recording scribe, M H Heath; treas, Earl C Remick. Meets 2nd and 4th Friday
" Order Odd Fellows, Olive Branch Rebekah Lodge, No 4, N G, Florence Chesney; rec sec, Ethel Amidon; fin sec, Mrs Ruth H Gibson; treas, Bazel Coombs. Meets 1st and 3rd Tues 8:00 P M, I OO F Hall
Ingalls Stella G, wid Edward B, r Sunset Home
Ingram George J (Helen G), emp Moose River Granite Co, h 24 Clarks av
" Walter J (Viola M), baggagemaster St J & L C R R, h 6 Orient
Irwin David (Annie), janitor, h 6 Valley
" Dorothy M, r St J Ctr
" Frank, ice cutter, r St J Ctr
" John W, r 6 Valley
" Joseph (Lillian), lab, h St J Ctr
" Mildred L, student, r 6 Valley
Isaac Emelia Mrs, h 24 Concord av
" Wallace,lab, r 24 Concord av
JACKMAN HERBERT W (Elizabeth A), eng St J & L C R R, h 29 Lafayette
" -Butler (Rudolph R Butler and Alexander J Healey), machinists and tool mfrs, 11 Concord av
Jackson Charles K (Mary A), mach E & T F & Co, h 11 Elm
" Elmer M (Ruth T), cond St J & L C H R, h 31 Caledonia
" Emma M Mrs, nurse 124 Railroad, h do
Jacobs Davis M, emp C M S Co, r 29 Summer
Jacobus Alvah B (Georgia B), gen mgr E & T Fairbanks & Co, h 4 Church (59)
James Thomas G (Rosetta), janitor Portland St School, h 4 Simoads av
Jarry Henry R (Beatrice M), h 9 River
" Peter E (Robertine), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 High
Jay Albert F (Madine), lab, h 4 State
Jenks Jennie E, wid Wiljiam H, h 36 Mt Pleasant
" Raymond O (Julia), chauffeur and poultryman 56 Cliff, h do
JENKS STUDIO THE Zenas C Jenks prop, photographers 49 Main, see p 248
" William H, emp Jenks Studio, r 36 Mt Pleasant
JENKS ZENAS C (Gladys J), prop The Jenks Studio, h 13 Mt Pleasant
Jenne Carroll S (Mildred E), agt John Hancock Ins Co, h 2 West pl
" Ruth E, student, r 2 West pl
Jenness Laura A, h 17 Spring
" Martha A, r 17 Spring
Jennison Alice J, wid George, h 20 Caledonia
Jewett Elizabeth (Mrs Harold), pastry cook Brightlook Hosp, h 34 Main
" Frank L, retired, r 93 Portland
" Harold E (Elizabeth H), emp B & M R R, h 34 Main
" Luther S (Nellie B), mgr State Liquor Store, h A Church (38)
" Mary Louise, sten, h 6 Park
Jock Joseph, r A Peavey, St J Ctr
Johnson Annette M, r H F Johnson
" Arthur L (Claudia), truck driver, h 153 Railroad
" B Clark (Helen B), clk Purina Mills, r 41. Portland
JOHNSON BERNARD A (Julia B), (Moore & Johnson), h 41 Portland
" Charles E (Lena), mach, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Charles H (Lena L) eng St J & L C R R, h 24 Pearl
" Clarence L (Irene E), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Spruce
" Donald R (Mildred G), emp Willoughby Diner, h 23 Clarks av
" Edith B, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 65 Railroad
" Florence M, r 4 Mountain av
" Fred G (Lucia D), clk E T & H K Ide, h 54 Cliff
" Gilbert D, student, r 54 Cliff
" Harley F (Nina P), tiain dispatcher St J & L C R R, h Pleasant byd village limits R D 4
Johnson Harold E, r 4 Mountain av
" Homer, mill opr, r 153 Railroad
" Ida, student, r 4 Mountain av
" Jennie, wid Albert K, r 5 School
" John H (Edith R), emp E E Roy Est, h 4 Mountain av
" Maurice J, r Harley F Johnson
" Merrill C (Una M), fish salesman, h 21 Pleasant
" Nellie K, wid William, h 45 Portland
" Ralph J (Ethel), salesman Singer Sewing Machine Co, h St J Ctr
" Rosald B (Gertrude M), emp Am F & H Co, h 123 Portland
" Rosie Mrs, hskpr 75 Pearl, r do
" Rupert L, cook Tinker's Rest, r 65 Railroad
" Ruth P, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Warren J, r 72 Pearl
Johnston Andrew (Mary I), emp E & T P & Co, h 52 Western av
" Arthur T, emp F S Co, r St J Ctr
" Edith, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 65 Railroad
" Enos A (Agnes), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 High
" Francis E (Bernice), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Harold W, emp E & T F Co, r 52 Western av
" Harvey E (Pearl W), janitor " Brantview," r do
" James (Minnie E), emp F S Co, h St J Ctr
" John P, emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Margaret I, maid Brightlook Hosp, r 52 Western av
" Marion E, clk Singer Sewing Machine Co, h 105 Railroad
" Pearl W (Mrs Harvey C), matron Brantview, r do
" Rupert L, emp Tinker's Quick Lunch, r 65 Railroad
Jones Candace, wid Isaac G, h 28 Pleasant
JONES 6 WILLIAM (Virginia), cashier Merchants' National Bank, h 112 Main
" George H, retired, h 8 Pine
" Hattie (Mrs Orin C), teacher Summer St School, h 3 Central
" Katherine G (Mrs Llewellyn), clk The Grey Shoppe, r 3 Lafayette
" Liewellyn (Katherine G), emp Canada, r 3 Lafayette
" Orin C (Hattie P), music teacher 3 Central, h do.
Jordan Charles, retired, h 2 Union
" Ronald (Ida), emp St J Gas Co, h S Main
Joyce Harry E (Mabel), cflc C H & G H Cross Co, h 44 Portland
" Mabel (Mrs Harry E), clk C H & G H Cross Co, h 44 Portland
Judd Albert L, emp C H & G H Cross, h St J Ctr
Judkins Helen, forelady Maple Grove Candies Inc, h 27 Perkins
JULIAN MILTON L (Beatrice E), asst treas Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 95 1/2 Main
JUNEAU ALBERT S (Mary J), pres-treas Albert S Juneau lac and postmaster, h 146 Railroad
JUNEAU ALBERT S INC furniture and funeral directors 101-10J Eastern av, pres-treas Albert S Juneau, phone 849-M, see front cover
" Henry J (Eugenia), prop Juneau's Garage, h 7 North av
" M Jeanne, emp A S Juneau Inc, r 146 Railroad
" Paul E, emp 124 Portland, r 7 North av
" Virginia M, r 7 North av
Juneau's Garage, Henry J Juneau prop, gen auto repairing, 124 Portland
Junior Conservatory of Music, Mrs Grace E Cushman prop, 28 Main
KAISER KENNETH K (Bernice B), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Morris sq
Kalijarvi G Bernhard (Mary), athletic coach St J Academy, h 10 Park
Keesler Jessie M, wid Algert A, hskpr 17 Western av, r do
Kellar Neil, salesman, r 36 Summer
Kelley Edna C, clk F W Kelley, r 26 1/2 Central
" Fred W, grain and feed 42 Eastern av, h 26 1/2 Central
" John L, watchman E & T F & Co, r Fairbanks Inn
" Mary, wid Harvey M, r 26 1/2 Central
Kellogg Guy T (Augusta), clk P O, h 9 Federal
" Harriett W, wid George W., sten Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Go., r 2 Autumn
Keniston Harry, jan St J Ctr School, h St J Ctr
" Ivers N (Pauline H), emp C Millar & Son Go, h 37 Perkins
Kennison Floyd (Hazel), agt Singer Sewing Mach Co, h St J Ctr
Kettlee Walter E (Nellie), retired, h 49 Pleasant
Kelsey Lawrence R, clk First Nat Stores, r 15 Lafayette
" Ralph C (Lillian N), loc eng St J & L C R R, h 15 Lafayette
Kendall John S (Hazel), clk P O, h S Main, R D 2
Keneson George H (Nellie), prop St Johnsbury Center Ice Co and milk dealer Centre rd, R D 4, h do
" Mary E Mrs, boarding and rooms 4 Pearl, h do
Keniston Harry A (Mildred L), prin St J Center School, h St J Ctn
" Mildred L (Mrs Harry A), teacher Summer St School, h St J Ctr
Kent Phyllis, teacher Albany, r 17 Ely
Keogh Bernard, farm hand, r 47 Spring
" Geraldine M, sten St J & L C R R, r 47 Spring
" Sarah A, wid William, h 47 Spring
Kerr Frank B (Gladys), prop; Reliance Electric Co, h 46 Eastern av
Keyes Arthur, farmhand, r W O Cushman
KEYSAR WAYLAND L mgr Twin State Typewriter & Office Supply, res inq do
Kierney Frank H (Jessie E), mgr Electrolux Inc, h 59 Main
" Ruth E, student, r 59 Main
Kilburn J Elsmore, r 10 Orchard
" John P (Gladys E), mach E & T F & Co, h 10 Orchard
Kimball John M (Charlotte), farmer h St J Ctr, R D 4
" Lewis E (Bernice L), salesman C H Goss Co, h 14 Winter
King Craig L (Leona M), ad comp Cal-Record, r Leon F Pierce
"Jennie M, asst Dr William G Ricker, r 4 Church (27)
John F, emp E & T F & Co, h 85 Railroad
John J, clk 118 Railroad, r 85 do
" Marion E, emp Harper Method Beauty Shop, h 4 Church (27)
" Theodore E (Mary E), carp, h 10 Mountain av
" --- see Roy
Kinne Harry W (Ruth K), com trav, h 12 Western av
Kinsman Margaret, teacher E St J School, r E St J
Kirk Lilla M, wid Charles E, r 15 Summer
Kirkpatrick Lina L Mrs, r 116 Concord av
Kitchen T H, salesman, r 18 Main
Kittredge Enos F (Sadie E), driver Willeys Bakery, h 58 Lafayette
" Everett T, emp C H & G H Cross, r 3 Lincoln
"Frank M (Martha J), farmer, h 147 Main
" Mary A, wid George F, h 3 Lincoln
KITTREDGE ROMEO H (Lillie M), carpenter and contractor 152 Portland, h do, see p 233
" Theodora H, student, r 58 Lafayette
Klaren John, r 9 Summer
" Susan, wid H J, h 9 Summer
Knapp Clara, nurse 7 Cherry, r do
" Dorothy E (Mrs Harry E), hairdresser St J House Barber Shop, h 63 Main
" Geraldus A (Florence M), salesman Worcester Salt Co, h 33 Pleasant
" Harry E (Dorothy E), salesman C H Goss Co, h 63 Main
Knight Allan (Hazel M), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Mt Vernon
" Philip H (Frances E), emp Caledonia Mills, h 9 Emerson
Knights of Columbus, G K, Lucien E Leclarc; rec se, Leco A Toussaint; fin sec, Joseph A Laliberte; treas, Roland Roy. Meets 1st and 3d Wed at 65 Railroad
" of Columbus Rooms, 65 Railroad
" of Pythias, Apollo Lodge No 2, C C, James Impey; K of R & S M, Glenn E Fales, M of F, Henry Ellis. Meets Pythian Hall every Tues 7:30
" of Pythias Hall, 83 Eastern av
Knorring Nicholas A (Merle E), emp E & T F & Co, h 185 Railroad
Knowlton Calvin H, office mgr C H & G H Cross, res Lyndon
" David (Eliza B), (David Knowlton & Son), h Passumpsic rd
" David Jr, student, r F W Knowlton
" David & Son (David and Fred W. Knowlton), milk dealers, Center rd
" Fred W (Nellie), (David Knowlton & Son), h Passumpsic
Krueger Vivian C Mrs, emp Grant Elec Co, r 26 Central
Krug David J (Marion L), com trav, h 30 Webster
LABOUNTY AIMEE (Yvonne), stone cutter, h 10 Spruce
" Antoinette J, emp St J Hosp, r 10 Spruce
" Bertha M Mrs, hskpr 4 Higgins ct, r do
" Cecile, r 10 Spruce
" Delphis, radio sales & service 10 Spruce, r do
" Elphage (Josephine), lab, h 10 Spruce
" Ludolphe (Lucille), stone cutter, h 26 St Mary
LaBranch Joseph, r Town Farm
LaBreck Paul, emp E & T F& Co, h 23 1/2 Maple
Lacasse Arsene, U S Navy, r 33 Maple
" Fred J (Maude J), h 7 Tremont
" Walter E. r St Mary
" William (Adelle), emp St J & L C R R, h 33 Maple
Lachance Albert A (Lillian C), timekeeper, h 10 North av
" Charles (Anna), emp C P R R, h 203 Railroad
" Elie (Georgianna), retired, h 1 Portland
" Ernest V (Jeannette), fireman St J & L C R R, h 31 St Mary
" Jeannette (Mrs Ernest), emp 87 Railroad, h 31 St Mary
" Marie, wid Victor, r 33 St Mary
" Peter E (Ruth G), eng St J & L C R R, h 12 Boynton
" Raymond J (Lucienne C), plumber 31 Eastern av, h 203 Railroad
" Robert A, student, r 10 North av
LaChappelle Joseph (Artiline), lab, r 45 Maple
Lackie Elmer H (Margaret V), market gardener, h St J Ctr
LaClair Eugene A (Germaine O), r 55 Eastern av
Lacourse Annie, wid Albert, h 29 Mt Vernon
" Thaddeus V, r 29 Mt Vernon
LaCroix Donat J (Lucille), emp 26 Bay, h 22 St Mary
" Emile (Ida), emp 26 Bay, h 183 Railroad
LADD CHARLES W (Boris), mgr Converse Sales & Service, h 17 Mt Pleasant
Ladd Ellen M, wid W Wallace, h 89 Main
" Fred M (Glenna M), farmer, h River ext
" Milo E (Jennie A S), h 28 Pearl
" Nellie, wid Luman A, r 28 Pearl
Ladrie Benoit G (Rose A), h 27 St Mary
Laferriere Adeodate, painter' E & T F & Co, r 23 Hastings
" Agnes, wid Felix, h 8 Oak
" Alexander, emp Barre, r 23 Hastings
" Alfred J (Jeannette), clk North End Market, h 147 1/2 Railroad
" Felix, lab, h rear 63 Pearl
" Irene, dom 22 St Mary, r 23 Hastings
" Joseph (Mary E), emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Hastings
" Juliette, rear 63 Pearl
" Romuald, emp E & T F & Co, h 23 Hastings
" Zephron, emp E & T F & Co, r 23 Hastings
" Zoel, r 8 Oak
" ---see Lefevriere
Lafoe Carroll E (Nellie E), supt Town Farm, h do
" Ernest A (Harriet A), emp Am F & H Co, h St J Ctr
" Nellie E (Mrs Carroll E), matron Town Farm, h do
Lafond Albert J (Jane C), baker C H & G H Cross Inc, h 83 Summer
" Charlotte T, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 19 Maple
" Marie E, clk McLellan's, r 19 Maple
" William, blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 21 Maple
Lagare Wilfred A (Linnie A), upholsterer, h 107 Concord av
Lague Marianne, waitress Colonial Restaurant, h 7 Bank pl
Laliberte Catherine A, emp Boston, Mass, r 8 Passumpsic
" Henry J (Marie C), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Hastings
" Hubert, student, r 18 Green
" J Richard, r 18 Green
" Joseph A (Mary Jane), shoe repairing 7 Central, res inq do
" Thaddeus V, pattemmkr, r 6 Passumpsic
" Theodore (Nancy), furniture repairing and antiques 8 Passumpsic, h do
" ---see Liberty
Laliberty Joseph, emp A B Noyes Ins Agency, r 85 Railroad
" Rosalee, wid Theodore, h 85 Railroad
Lalibette Joseph (Mary Jane), repairing 7 Central, h 73 Main
Lamere Clara J, r 130 Portland
" Jane, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 16 Elm
LaMere Clarence, attdt L O Co, 19 Railroad, r 22 do
" Mitchell (Olive), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Raih-oad
Lamoine Henry (Carrie), emp E & T F & Co, h 28 Concord av
Lamont Catherine Mrs, r 30 Pearl
Lamontagne Alfred H (Gertrude E), truck driver, h 13A Portland
" Barth (Amanda), (Lamontagne & LeBlanc), h 10 Clarks av
" Hermanegild (Marion), emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Clarks av
" Mary E, r 10 Clarks av
" & LeBlanc (Barth Lamontagne and Valmore N LeBlanc), barbers 61 Eastern av
Lanctot Alphonse N, emp E & T F & Co, r 13 River
" Archie E (Annie); clk P O, h 23 Pearl
" Clara, wid John B, h 13 River
" Evelyn R, r 13 River
" Lester A, r 23 Pearl
" Louis, r 13 River
" Philip B, stockman McLellan's, r 23 Pearl
Landry Block, 103-107 Railroad
LANDRY FRANK M (Marie), mgr Landry's Drug Store, h 160 Railroad
" Georgette O, clk Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, r 156 Railroad
" Ida C, hskpr 7 Marion av, r do
" John R (Meda A), watch repairing 37 Portland, h 7 Marion av
" Julia Mrs, h 7 Marion av
" Maria G, nurse 156 Railroad, r do
LANDRY MARIE E wid Frank G, prop Landry's Drug Store, h 166 Railroad
" Meda A (Mrs John R), clk 64 Railroad, h 7 Marion av
"Rollande L, hairdresser, r 156 Railroad
LANDRY'S DRUG STORE Frank M Landry mgr, druggists 103 Railroad, phone 160, see top margins
Lane Abbie F, wid Henry C, r. 34 Eastern av
" Kenneth H (Clara E), emp Ry Exp Agency, h 44 Caledonia
" Robert W (Cleora E), cond St J & L C R R, h 34 Eastern av
Lang Arthur M (Eva H) letter carrier, h 58 Spring
" Orillor M, wid John, r 58 Spring
" Verna, wid Earl S, h 33 Clarks av
Langdeau Ademard (Maria), h 19 Hastings
" Lionel W, r 19 Hastings
" Maurice D, farmhand, r 19 Hastings
Langlois George M (Josephine), watch rep 21 Mill, h do
Lanpher Ansel O, retired, r 34 1/2 Mt Pleasant
" Voyle W, emp E & T F & Co, h 34 1/2 Mt Pleasant
Lapage John M, emp Gary Maple Sugar Co, r 137 Portland
Lapanne Alphonse J (Julia), prop Summerville Cash Market, h 9 Elm
" J Raymond (Delphina), meatcutter Summerville Cash Market, h 65 Eastern av
" Laurent L, student, r 9 Elm
" Louise, wid Christopher, h 10 Elm
LaPoint Arthur A (Edith P), prop Public Market, h 9 North av
" Clifford L (Evelyn M), emp Ides, h 7 Harrison av
" Elton F (Mildred), clk C A Calderwood, h 40 Caledonia
" Floyd E (Ora), emp Chesley & Lowell, h 4 Wright av
" Frank O (Susie M), foreman Ide's, h 19 Lafayette
" George J (Helena M), bus Lyndonville, h 17 Summer
Lariviere---see Rivers
Larma Ralph W (Edna I), lab, h R D 1
LaRoche Oliver (Esther B), hoisting eng, h 10 Portland
"---see Stone
LaRose Osias (Paula), lab, h 24 Portland
Larramee Leah, dom 84 Main, r do
" Yvonne, dom 170 Railroad, r do
LaRue Burton, track driver, r 4 Duke
" Henry (Anna), truck driver, h 4 Duke
LA SALLE MOTOR CARS Northern Cadillac Co, 68 Eastern av
Lasage Azelia, hskpr 12 Prospect, r do
Laughlin Edward H (Lucienne), emp Willoughby Diner, h 77 Eastern av
" Raymond R, musician, r 10 Lincoln
" Rollie K, emp E & T P & Co, h 10 Lincoln
Laughton Arthur, v-pres Wright Motor Corp and mgr Nat Handle Co, h 4 Church (31)
" Frederick Stuart, student, r 4 Church (31)
" Josephine, h 4 Church (31)
Laurencelle Georgia T, r 44 Pearl
" Henry R, enq 68 Eastern av, or 44 Pearl
" Lionel P, r 44 Pearl
" Mary C, r 44 Pear
" Osias W (Rosa H), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 44 Pearl
Lavalley John M (Eva R), farmer, h St J Ctr
Layering---see Lovering
Lavigne Alfred (Delia), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 St Mary
" Eva M Mrs, h 45 Pearl
" Henry J (Claire A), emp St J & L C R R, h 17 St Mary
" John M, student, r 19 St Mary
" Lena E, typesetter Henault Press, r 19 St Mary
" Lumina, wid Snie, r 170 Railroad
" Oscar J, painter and paperhanger 34 Eastern av, r do
" Rita, clk E & T P & Co, r 19 St Mary
" Stella M, r 45 Pearl
Lavoie Antonio (Mathilda), carp, h 75 Portland
Lawless Martha K Mrs, h St John
Lawrence Carl B (Doris), farmhand, r Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Frank A (Elsie), dairy-farmer, h Crow Hill rd, R D 2
" Leslie J, h High byd limits
" Margaret D, wid Richmond M, h 5 Green
" Ray, trucking Crow Hill rd, R D 2, r do
" Reta, sec Caledonia Co Farm Bureau, r 116 Main
Lawson George R (Stella M), foreman Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 1 Parker av
Lawton Floyd (Margaret), emp E F & F Co, h 31 1/2 Pearl
Leach Frederick, truck driver, r 7 Assisqua av
" Kenneth O. tel opr St J & L C R R. r 9 St Mary
LEACH LAWRENCE P (Anna M), v-pres Passumpsic Savings Bank, h M Portland
Learned Ezra G (Mary E), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Leavitt Dana S, pres-mgr Swan Const Co, r 144 Portland
" Dudley R (Edith M), prop Dudley's Filling Station, h 26 Caledonia
" Ernest J (Bessie A), cond St J & L C R R, h 2 Mountain av
" Philip F (Dorothy L), carp, h 11 Ely
Leavitt's Filling Station, Dudley Leavitt prop, 143 Portland
LeBlanc Alfred, h off Portland
" Beatrice, dom, r W A LeBlanc
" Beatrice C, student, r 168 Railroad
" Eldridge, lab, r St J Ctr
" Howard J (Ruth E), emp Dolgin's Auto Service, h 98 Concord av
" Irene, student, r W A LeBlanc
" J Edward (Monica M), mach C P R R, h 144 Main
" Joseph M (Irene), emp E & T F & Co, r off Portland
" Valmore N (Madeline J), (Lamontagne & LeBlanc), h 158 Railroad
" William A (Mary A), emp C P R R, h St J Ctr
Lebrun Hermildas, retired, r 88 Portland
Leclerc Charles E, clk L E Leclere & Son, r 149 Railroad
" Ernest C (Helen C), (L E Leclerc & Son), h 25 Pleasant
" Jean (Germaine), driver D Costa, h 55 Eastern av (8)
" L E & Son (Lucien E and Ernest E Leclerc), meats and groceries 117 Railroad
" Lucien (L E Leclerc & Son), h 149 Railroad
" Philip (Agatha), emp E &T F & Co, h 7 Harvey
Lecroix Ludger J, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove, r 146 Railroad
" ---see LaCroix
Ledoux Edward W, painter, r 61 Pearl
" Ellen, wid Alfred, r Town Farm
Lee Alfred E, emp C C C, r 37 Concord av
" Bertha, poultry dealer E St Jbnnsbury, h do
" Donald, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r St J Ctr
Lee Floyd (Susie E); emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h St J Ctr
" Nellie A, wid Ralph, dom, h 32 Mt Pleasant
" William A (Ruth L), wood wkr Arkley's Novelty Shop, h 37 Concord av
Leferriere---see Laferriere
Lefevre Genevieve M, wid Henry E, h 17 Hastings
Legancy Nancy, student, r E R Rogers, Danville rd
Legare Wilfred A (Linnie), mech C H Goss Co, h 107 Concord av
Legassey Atnos J (Rose M), mgr McLellan Stores, h 4 Dundee
Legault Rosario J, salesman, r 6 Marion av
Legendre Delia E, student, r 17 Clarks av
" Genevieve S, dom, r 7 River
" Jean M (Constance R), emp C H & G H Cross, h 6 Harrison av
" John B (Margaret V), emp C H & G H Cross Bakery, h 17 Clarks av
" Joseph M, barber shop 30 Eastern av, r 156 Railroad
" Leo F (Doris L), emp Goodrich Store, h 112 Concord av
" Marie C, dom, r 7 River
" Mary C, r 7 River
" Theodore C (Robella B), baker C H & G H Cross, h 4 Marion av
" Theresa M, clk Lurchin & Lurchin, r 7 River
" Thomas L (Marie), carp, h 7 River
" Thomas P, stone cutter Moose River Granite Co, h 7 River
Leicht Annabelle, musical dir St J Academy, r Brantview
Lath John H (Emma), foreman lineman St J & L C R R, h 6 Elm
Leithead George R (Clara T), lineman N E T & T Co, h 33 Spring
LeMaine---see Lemoine
LeMear Sara B, emp Monogram Shop, r 30 Summer
Lemere Clara J, r 130 Portland
" Jane N, emp Palmer Bros, r 16 Elm
" Oscar A (Louise C), mach E & T F & Co, h 16 Elm
" Philip J (Caroline), emp St J & L C R R, h 128 Portland
Lemire---see Lamere
Lemoine Henry J (Carrie M), r 28 Concord av
" Louis E (Rose E), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
Lenton Edwin C (Louise M), r 48 Lafayette
" James, r 13 St Mary
Leonard Mabel A, wid Thomas F, h 70 Portland
" Mary E, wid Raymond, h 36 Pearl
" Orlando, retired, r 36 Pearl
" Paul M (Charlotte M), teller Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h Pleasant
Leslie Arthur E (Alma P), painter, h 100 Railroad
Lessard Edgar W (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Mt Vernon
" Jane (Mrs Lionel), cashier Cray's Star Theatre, h 44 Pearl
" Joseph L (Lucia), janitor St Gabriels' School, h 12 Cherry
" Lionel (Jane), emp E & T F & Co, h 44 Pearl
Lester Merton E (Pearl), com trav, h 4 Church (40)
Letourneau Arthur W (Clara M), emp N E T & T Co, h 38 Pearl
" John A (Nellie), barber shop 89 Eastern av, h 38 Pearl
" Joseph A (Florida), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Stella, wid Charles A, r 79 Portland
Levasseur Hazel B (Mrs Richard A), bkpr Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 13 Pearl
" Richard A (Hazel B), asst cashier First Nat Bank, h 13 Pearl
Lewis Elmer H (Laura M), emp Grimes & Somers, h S Main, R D 2
" Ethel M (Mrs Walter J), bkpr Sherburne's Rest, h 13 Harrison av
" Merton, emp Sherburne's Rest, r 13 Harrison av
" Paul E, farmhand, r Elmer H Lewis, R D 2
" Walter J (Ethel M), bkpr Gilman Bros Garage, h 13 Harrison av
" Wayne K, emp Walker & Brock, r 13 Harrison av
Leys Alexander, truck driver S 6 Go, r 38 Railroad
Libbey Harvey P (Dorothy M), clk First Nat Stores, r Kenneth R Cross
Liberty Arthur H, emp C H & G H Cross Co, r 106 Railroad
" Catherine K, wid Jefferson J, h 106 Railroad
" Philip N (Jennie M), lab, h 15 Clarks av
" ---see Laliberte
LIBRARIES-CITY DIRECTORY maintained by H A Manning Co at St Johnsbury Athenaeum
Liebert Robert (Edith E), steam shovel opr, h 14 Pleasant
Liggett Ethel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Lillicrap Blanche A, wid Jethro, r Paul J Lillicrap
" Eva (Mrs Paul), clk The Grey Shoppe, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Paul J. (Eva), salesman Int Harvest Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Lillie Edwin G (Iola), farmer, h St J Ctr, R D 4
Lindsay Helen Mrs, r E H Chase, St J Ctr
Lindsley George W (Muriel A), prop Lindsley's and emp St J Gas Co, fa 17 Tremont
" Lillian, student, r 17 Tremont
" Muriel A (Mrs George W), bkpr Lindsley's, h 7 Tremont
Lindsley's, George W Lindsley prop, gas, oils & conf 15 Passumpsic
Ling Blanche M, clk Prud Life Ins Co, r 13 Elm
" Evangeline M, clk Caledonia Mills, h 13 Elm
" Leonard T, construction wkr, r 13 Elm
" Margaret B, r 9 Clinton av
" Theodore W, emp Gilman, r 13 Elm
Lipsky Bailey G (M Elizabeth), district supt M E Church, h 10 Boynton
Little Edward P (May), retired, h S Main, R D 2
" Fred D (Nora), mgr Portland St Filling Station, h 19 Caledonia
" Lyle D, student, r 19 Caledonia
Littlefield C Louise, wid Josiah, r Sunset Home
Littler Patricia, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Livingston Sara I, r 14 Main
Locke Kenneth G, asst mgr S O Co, gas sta 19 Railroad, r 38 do
Lockwood Ava N, clk M C Lellan's, r 6 Railroad
" Earl M, clk MeritShoe Co, r 6 Railroad
" Jessie, wid Willis, h 8 Railroad
" Merton W (Nellie), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Railroad
LOG CABIN SERVICE STATION George H Palmer prop, gas and oil and auto washing, greasing and polishing, tires and battery service 6 Main, see unname
Logan Andrew J (Alice M), lab, h 36 Webster
" James L (Lydia A), h 4 Caledonia
" William J, retired, r 4 Caledonia
LONE PINE THE Clyde L Barber prop, furnished rooms 10 Winter
Longmoore Duncan (Mae F), emp C P R R, h 41 Pearl
LONGMOORE JUTTEN A (Elizabeth B), (Porter, Witters & Longmoore), h 19 Church
Lord Lawrence A, emp Lyndonville, r 53 Pleasant
" Ralph C (Myra E), pressman Cowles Press, h 8 Forest av
Lorenzo Anthony A, mech, r 136 Railroad
Lougee Herbert A (Charlotte C), h 37 Pleasant
Loveitt Clinton T, com tray, r 4 Church (1)
" Emma E, sten Prud Ins Co, r 4 Church (1)
" Vesta M, cashier Randall & Whitcomb, h 4.Church (1)
Lovejby Charles E (Laura), clk 1 Browns ct, h 33 Main
" Laura (Mrs Charles A), bkpr First Nat Bank, h 33 Main
Lovering Jennie M Mrs, clk T S G & E Co, h 114 Concord av
Lowe Frederick J (Lucy H), carp T S G & E Co, h 30 Perkins
Lowe E Daniel W (Mary C), (Chesley & Lowell), h 3 James
" Margaret E, r 3 James
" Nora A, wid Edward, h 30 Maple
" Perry H (Eva M), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 7 James
" William H, emp Am F & H Co, r 3 James
" William T (Jennie C), emp D W Lowell, h 43 Caledonia
Lowery Bessie Mrs, clk Willey Food Shop, h 63 Main
Lowrey Bros (Rudolph R and Russell E Lowrey), groceries and meats 6 Concord av and 2 Pleasant
" F Ada, sten C P R R, r 29 Caledonia
" George M (Maude E), clk Lowrey Bros, h 46 Pleasant
" Jessie L Mrs, h 145 Main
" Joseph A (Eva M), lab, h 15 Elm
" Rudolph R (Lowrey Bros), r 46 Pleasant
" Russell E (Hilda D), (Lowrey Bros), h 41 Pleasant
" Walter C, driver Ry Ex Agency, r W E Ward
Lucas Aldrich R, prop Lucas Sign Studio, r 4 Autumn
" Alonzo R (Florence C), car insp St J & L C R R, h 4 Autumn
" Grodon A, emp C H Goss Co, r 4 Autumn
" Jerry J (Clara), truck driver, emp C H & G H Cross, h 30 Webster
" Sign Studio, Aldrich R Lucas prop, 94 1/2 Railroad
Lufkin Mabel E, beautician Prevost Shop, h 85 Railroad
LUMBRA BERNARD L (Maude M), painter and interior decorator 20 Clarks av, h do, see p 231
" Daniel F (Beulah M), letter carrier, h 20 School
" Herbert J (Vera M), mach E & T F & Co, h 15 School
" Horace J (Mary C), emp E & T F & Co, h 18 Tremont
" Marion L, student, r 15 School
Lurinie Arlene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Francis M, farmhand Robert T Silver, r do
Lurchin Verner E (Mary L), prop Lurehin & Lurehiri, h 7 Webster
" & Lurchin, Verner E Lurchin prop, engravers, jewelers, watchmkr, 15 Eastern av
Lyford Annie M, nurse 42 Pleasant, r do
Lynch C R Estate, Harry C Wheeler mgr, patternmkrs 13-15 Mill
" Elbert J (E Rae), draughtsman E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (35)
" Florence I, wid Cornell R, r 27 North av
" Frank T, emp E & T F & Co, r 70 Portland
" Glenn W (Bernice L), emp E & T F & Co, h 5 1/2 Bagley
" John, retired, r 70 Portland
" Mary C, wid Charles T, h 11 Glarks av
" Mildred, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Lynn Samuel J, h Centre rd, R D 4
Lyon Christie B, laundress Brightlook Hosp, r 78 Summer
" Murray E (Blanche), farmer, h Parker av
" Walter E, student, r M E Lyon-Park av
Lyster Alfred H (Margaret S), retired, h 19, Spring
" Allen C, emp Fair Ground Gardens, r Morton D Lyster
" Carl T (Ruth M), h 12 Tremont
" Fannie I, r 20 Tremont
" Martin H, emp Fair Ground Gardens, r Morton D Lyster
" Morton D (Grace), prop Fair Ground Gardens, h S Main, R D 2
" Tobias H (Ida L), retired, h 45 Lafayette
" William A, h 20 Tremont
MAC DONALD A RANDALL, r 100 Railroad
" Angus R (C Myra), lab, h 100 Railroad
" Bums, clk Parker's Drug Store, r 33 Eastern av
" Colin E (Edith A), ins agt Met Life Ins Co, h 42 Pearl
" James L (Adeline D), elec Reliance Elec Co, h 23 Main
" Kenneth (Lottie), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Western av
" Kenneth Jr, clk First Nat Stores, r 33 Western av
" Marion L, teacher Bible Hill School, r 33 Western av
" Nellie E, wid Murdock, h 29 Railroad
" Vera M, clk McLellan's, r 100 Railroad
MacDonald---see McDonald
MacEachen Mary, dist nurse Met Ins Co, r 29 Church
Machell Carl, farm hand, h N Danville rd
Macie Arthur J (Dora J), emp C H Goss Co, h 7 Green
" Bernard A, emp C H Goss Co, r 7 Green
MacIver Daniel D (Sadie), emp village, h 7 Almshouse rd
" John P, student, r 7 Almshouse rd
" Mildred, student, r 7 Almshouse rd
" Ralph B, r 7 Almshouse rd
Mackay Ivan G, emp E & T F & Co, h 3 Central
MacKay Edwin R (Margaret H), h Undercliffe rd
" W Wallace (Gertrude), laborer, h 9 Deer av
MacLean Gordon K, r 8 Morris sq
" John (Alice), blacksmith 24 Bay, h 8 Morris sq
MacLeod Rachel L, wid Angus, h 10 Prospect
MacPherson Lester A (Wilda W), com trav, h 48 Summer
Madore Florian, trucking 74 Pearl, r do
" Leopold, truck driver, r 74 Pearl
" Telesphore (Regina), lab, h 74 Pearl
Mailloux---see Mayhew
Maine Central Railroad, Forrest E Bailey gen agt, frt office Railroad n depot
MAKER GEORGE A (Winifred M), mill supt Roy D Skinner, h 21 Pearl
Malam Alice M, sten, r 21 Main
" William F (Florence), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Main
Manchester Nellie, teacher Summer St School, r 4 Church (28)
Maniatty Stathes, clk Caledonia Mills, r 136 Railroad
Mann Harold W, r 13 Harrison av
" John M (Hattie), r 13 Harrison av
" Russell J (Isabelle E), emp Am F & H Co, h 13 Harrison av
MANNING H A CO 33 Lyman, Springfield, Mass, see back cover
Maple Cabin, Mrs Josephine Cary Smith mgr, 159 Portland
" Grove Candies Inc, candy mfrs and dealers 167 Portland, pres Preston Herbert; v-pres, Clinton P Carr; treas, Ernest H Schneider; mgr, Harold R Whaley
" Grove Inn, Mrs Katherine Ide Gray mgr, 11 Western av
" Street Garage, William H Barney prop, auto storage 22 Maple
Marchesseault Henry D (Bertha), traffic mgr Caledonian Mills, h 16 Spring
Marcotte Alfred G, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Anita V, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Elizabeth L, clk W T Grant Co, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Fred L, emp E & T F & Co, h 21 Caledonia
" George A (Catherine M), painter, h 25 Mt Vernon
" Georgette C, dom, r 25 Mt Vernon
" Henry (Minola), lab, h 71 Main
" Julia M, nurse St J Hosp, r 31 Summer
" Leonard (Hazel G), farmhand, h Pleasant byd village limits
Marden Harry J (Ella), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 Pearl
Marlowe Cornelia J, clk 81 Railroad, r 3 Elm
" Dorothy L, sten Met Life Ins Co, r 3 Elm
" Paul T, emp Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, r 3 Elm
" Theodore S (Cornelia J), clerk Caldbeck-Cosgrove Inc, h 3 Elm
Marrow George (Louise M), emp C M S Co, h 49 Summer
Marsh Eugene L (Minnie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 1/2 Pearl
Marshall Albert E, janitor, h 4 Charles
" Fred W (Ruth E), foreman Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 84 Main
" Ruth E (Mrs Fred W), prop Marshall's Beauty Parlor, h 84 Main
" William J, carpenter, r 41 Lafayette
Marshall's Beauty Parlor, Mrs Ruth E Marshall prop, 84 Main
Martel Joseph, r Town Farm
Martell Sadie Mrs, hskpr Charles H Dyke, River ext, r do
Martin Hugh F (Lottie), emp city, h 30 Maple
" Lottie I (Mrs Hugh), emp Sherbume's Restaurant, h 30 Maple
" Raymond A (Angelina), emp Littleton, N H, h 18 Summer
Martineau Lorenda M, hskpr 131 Portland, r do
Marvel Beauty Parlor, Bert Picard prop, 57 Eastern av
Mason Martha, h 17 Emerson
Mason---see Destroimaisons
Masonic Caledonia Council R & S M No 13, T I M, Bernard A Johnson; D M, Theodore A Carr; P C W, Wallace D Abbott; treas, Fred C Beck; rec, Arthur M Lang. Meets 2nd Wed monthly
" Haswell Royal Arch Chapter No 11, R A M E H P, Clive K Bourne; King, Fred H Dollofi; sec, Ernest E Burrows; treas, Morton J Reed; scribe, Natt B Burbank. Meets 2d Fri Masonic Temple
" Mizpah Lodge of Perfection, A A S R T P M, Bernard A Johnson; D M, Alvi P Calderwood; S W, Harold O French; J W, Donald McGregor; treas, ZenoS Waterman; sec, Fred H. Dolloff. Meets 4th Mon Masonic Temple
" Order of Eastern Star Mystic Star Chapter No" 29, W M, E Edna Day; treas, Mrs Daisy M Blodgett; sec, Mrs Bertha Marchessault; W P, Ernest E Burrows. Meets 3d Fri Masonic Temple
" Palestine Commandery No 5, K T E M, Com Harold F Warren; G, Steny R Waterman; C G, Edward R French; treas, Bernard A Johnson; rec, Arthur M Lang. Conclaves 3rd Tues Masonic Temple
" Passumpsic Lodge No 27, F & A M W M, Arthur F Prescott; S W, Clive K Bourne; J W, Edwin H Cowieson; treas, Richard A Levasseur; sec, Fred H Dolloff. Regular communication 1st Thurs of month at Masonic Temple
" St Johnsbury Masonic Association, pres, Arthur W Hawkinson; treas, Clyde A Sleeper; sec, Charles W Hedrick. Meets in Masonic Hall
" Temple, 50 Eastern av
Masse Bernadine, dom, r 30 Railroad
" Evangeline, teacher Fairfield, Conn, r St John c Passumpsic
" Frances, r St John c Passumpsic
" Henry A (Clara M), barber shop 4 Concord av, h St John c Passumpsic, R D 4
" Hubert A, U S N, r St John c Passumpsic
" Isabel, r St John c Passumpsic
" Pauline L, nurse Bnghtlook Hosp, r St John c Passumpsic
Massey Chauncey C (Alice P), h 70 Pearl
Massie Benjamin J (Mildred A), baker, h 19 Hastings
Masten Arlene, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Mathews Bertha P, r 110 Portland
" Carl E, r 110 Portland
" Donald E, r 15 Pearl
" Floyd W, student, r 110 Portland
" Luther C (Mary), caretaker B P O E, h 15 Pearl
" Ruth L, emp Wellesley, Mass, r 110 Portland
" William B (Maude E), mach E & T F & Co, h 110 Portland
Matoes George L, lab, h 2 Harrison av
Matson Samuel D (Maybelle F), plumbing and heating 5 Park, h do
Maurice Arsene N (Rose I), mach E & T F & Co, h 4 Orchard
May Adolph G (Anne), prop For All Grain Co Barnet, S Ryegate, h 1 Marshall ter
" Eunice R, r 29 Summer
" Florence J, clerk Post Office, h 29 Summer
" Preston E (Julia L), village clerk and asst town clerk, h 23 Summer
Mayette Walter G, emp C C C, r 2 State
" Walter W (Gladys J), salesman, h 6 Bay
Mayhew Charles (Sarah), farmer, h 2 State
" Charles Jr, farmhand, r St J Ctr
" Clarence, farmhand, r St J Ctr
" Randall, emp W River Jet, r St J Ctr
" ---see Mailloux
Mayo Annie, r Town Farm
" Frederick F (Dometille M), h 22 Concord av
McAllister Frank, cook Sunset Home, r do
Mary G, matron Sunset House, h 8 Prospect
McCaffrey John C (Mary), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, RD2
" Leo H, r J C McCaffrey, Crow Hill, R D 2
McCallum Beatrice, wid C Henry, h Danville rd, R D 3
McCarthy Esther, cashier Met Life Ins Co, h 4 Church (44)
McCauley Russell, musician, h 49 Maple
McClure Derwood E (Georgina L), emp Reliance Elec Co, h 12 Pearl
MoClure Wilfred L (Loretta M), musician, h 17 High
McCondach Winona G, sten Palmer Bros, r 22 Church
McCormick James B (Forrestine D), mech C H Goss Co, h 12 Main
McCray Mary, wid Willis, h E St johnsbury
MeCrillis Addie L, wid Curtis L, h 48 Central
McCutcheon Dorothy J Mrs, r 104 Main
McDonald Beulah A (Mrs John L), emp W W Sprague & Son, h 70 Eastern av
" Hugh, elec E & T P & Co, r 4 James
MCDONALD JENNIE M sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 34 Cliff
" John (Beulah), bkpr East Burke, h 70 Eastern av
" Marion, teacher Bible Hill School, r R D 4
" William H, clk P O, h 34 Cliff
" ---see MacDonald
McElreavy Elsie R, r H W McElreavy , Danville rd, R D 3
" Hugh W (Alberta M), carp, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Norris L, farmhand, r Danville rd, R D 3
McEwan Harold M (Elizabeth), mgr A & P Tea Co 121 Railroad, h 27 Summer
McFarland George E, lab, h 207 Railroad
McFarlin Raymond C (Mildred H), emp Palmer Bros, h 53 Cliff
" William H (Elizabeth M), cont and builder 75 Eastern av, h do
McGaffey Lyle (Myra), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Myra (Mrs Lyle), nurse, h E St Johnsbury
McGee Adeline, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
McGennis Arthur E, custodian U S Post Office, h 27 Central
" ---see McGinnis
McGill Alexander D (Gertrude L), h 24 Green
" John C (Bessie C), fire chief S J F Dept, h 12 Morris sq
" Joseph (Mrs), farmer, h N Danville rd
" Lillian B, wid James J, emp T S G & E Co, h 50 Lafayette
" Louise E, sten Corner Garage, r 50 Lafayette
" Marion D, r 50 Lafayette
" Merton C, r 12 Morris sq
" Norman, emp J McGill, r J McGill
McGinity Edward. J, student, r 14 Green
" John, r 86 Main
" John J, student, r 14 Green
" Margaret, student, r 86 Main
" Paul J, student, r 14 Green
McGinnis Ellery (Mary), lab, h E St Johnsbury
" George D (Mary), carp, h E St Johnsbury
" Gertrude Mrs, nurse, h E St Johnsbury
" Sherman J, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" ---see McGennis
McGovern Charles A, agt N Y Life Ins Co, h 25 Clarks av
" Ruth H, teacher, r 25 Clarks av
McGowan Elizabeth, dom 115 Main, r do
" Harold J (Lena M), stock clk E & T F & Co, h 2 High
Mc GREGOR DONALD (Frances), asst treas Citizens' Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 9 Highland av
" Jennie D, wid John, r 9 Highland av
McGuire Ann, clk, r 19 Costa av
" Dorothy L, clk W T Grant Co, r 19 Costa av
" Thomas C, r 19 Costa av
" Thomas M (Cecelia B), emp E & T F &.Co, h 19 Costa av
Mclntosh James W Rev (Rose L), pastor South Congregational Church, h 14 Park
McKee Alfred I (Lena M), (Mullaney's Garage), h 76 Summer
" Dora, dom, r 32 Perkins
" Edgar E (Anna M), carp, h 18 Western av
" Elizabeth (Mrs Robert), laundress Brightlook Hosp, h 32 Perkins
" Ernest H (Charlotte A), chef Willoughby Diner, h 4 Washington av
Mc KEE ERNEST LLOYD (Margaret), prop Willoughby Diner, h 2 Cary pl
" Raymond E, r 18 Western av
" Robert (Elizabeth), watchman Caledonia Mills, h 32 Perkins
" Ronald L (Myrtle A), emp Caledonia Mills Inc, h 30 1/2 Perkins
Mc KEE WILLIAM L treas C H & G H Cross. (Inc), res Montpelier, Vt
McKelvey Clarence E (Florence), painter, h 29 Railroad
McKelvey Wendell, painter, r 29 Railroad
McKenzie Melvin A, r 39 Eastern av
" Wilham D (Florence), prop McKenzie's Lunch, h 39 Eastern av
Me Kenzie's Lunch, William D McKenzie prop, 37 Eastern av
McKinstry Clara E, r 18 Harrison av
" Henry F (Grace L), trucking 18 Harrison av, h do
" Howard A, r 18 Harrison av
McLain Albert, emp St Johnsbury House, r do
McLaughlin Anna, wid James, h E St Johnsbury
" Bert A (Edith F), emp F & T F & Co, h 14 Main
" Ldward H (Lucinne), chef Wiiloughby's Diner, r 33 Eastern av
" Fred A, lab, r E St Johnsbury
" Henry A, blacksmith 50 Concord av, h do
" William, emp 50 Concord av, r do
McLean Annie B, wid Daniel, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Christina, wid Daniel, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Daniel F (Corsie), carpenter, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Florence M, r Mrs A B McLean
" Hugh B (Dorothy A), emp 2 Paddock, h do
McLellan Aulsie (Rose A), emp N E Power Co, h 16 Railroad
" Dean P (Portia M), credit mgr C H Goss Co, h 5 Cary pl
" Stores, Amos J Legassey mgr, variety store 72-74 Railroad
McLeod Joseph, emp E & T F Co, r 82 1/2 Main
" Marie J, mgr C P R R News Stand, r 24 Portland
" Osborn E (Bernice L), U S Customs insp, h 30 Western av
McLure Charles J (Sylvia G), lab, h St J Ctr
McMillan Margaret, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
McNamara George C, r 3 West pl
" James (Elizabeth), h 3 West pl
McPherson Charles (Nellie R), blacksmith St J & L C R R, h 64 Concord av
" Edward, emp St J & L C R R, r 64 Concord av
" William A (Evalyn G), h 64 Concord av
McReynolds Hazel E (Mrs Walter J), sten A B Noyes Ins Agency Inc, h Water, St J Ctr
" James, farmer, r Walter J McReynolds
" Walter J (Hazel), emp Mullaneys Garage, h Water, St J Ctr
McSweeney Emma J, wid Roland M, h 72 Pearl
McVety William J (Margaret E), mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co, h 24 Pleasant
Mead Fred (Leda B), lab, h 78 Concord av
Meagher Roger W, mgr Merit Shoe Co, r 1 Cherry
Meigs Virginia, wid Robert P, h 8 Deer av
Melanson Leo (Beatrice), emp H P Hood & Sons, h 33 Cliff
Melrose Lucina M, wid Willtam, h 16 Church
Menard Leo E (Beatrice A), emp E & T F & Co, h 146 Railroad
MENUT ARTHUR R (Maude), pres Menut & Parks Co and v-pres Vt Orange-Crush Bottling & Maple Products Corp, h 150 Railroad
" Edward S, emp 8 Portland, r 150 Railroad
" Eleanor M, chiropodist Montpelier, r 150 Railroad
" Georgianria A, r 36 Central
MENUT MAUDE G sec-treas Menut & Parks Co, h 36 Central
MENUT & PARKS CO THE coal and wood 8 Portland, pres, Arthur R Menut; v-pres, Mrs Gertrude M Parsons; sec-treas, Maude G Menut, see p 240
Merchant Carl (Fannie), painter cont 27 Maple, h do
" Leroy H (Millicent M), clk First Nat Stores, h 7 Bank
" Mildred B Mrs, r 63 Pearl
" Ralph G (Mae), lab, h 79 Eastern av
" Theron C (Bernice I), auto mech, r 12 Emerson
" Walter F (Fay L), const wkr, h 97 Eastern av
Merchant's National Bank Bldg, 69-73 Railroad
MERCHANTS' COLLECTION AGENCY G Clinton Frye attorney and mgr, Court House, Eastern av c Main, see p 244
MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK pres,Charles W Ruiter, cashier, G William Jones, 69 Railroad, see p 3
Mercier Joseph, r Town Farm
" Leo A (Florence M), salesman T S G & E Co, h 51 Cliff
Merit Shoe Co, Roger W Meagher mgr, 75 Railroad
Merrill Carl E (H Evelyn), h Sunnybrook Centre rd, R D 4
" Dorothy, sten H S Brooks, r 4 Cary pl
" J Carter (Bernice), mech eng E & T P & Co, h 70 Eastern av
" Ralph C (Lola G), h 40 Lafayette
Metevier Charles A (Florence E), mach E & T F & Co, h 13 Perkins
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, William H Nolet mgr, 65 Railroad
Mignault Louis P, student, r 19 Maple
" Marie T, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 19 Maple
" Peter (Josephine), emp St J & L. C R R, h 19 Maple
Miles Mabel, wid George A, dom, h 71 Main
MILLAR CHARLES & SON CO Prescott W Stearns mgr, plumbing and heating supplies (wholesale), mfrs lead pipe, solder and C 50 Bay, phone 980, see p 232
" William Rev (Ida D), pastor E St J Cong Church,, h E St Johnsbury
Millard Walter M (Alice E), com trav, h 10 Emerson
Miller Agnes G, pastry cook St J House, r 7 Pearl
" Allison G (Elizabeth), painter, h 14 Summer
" Fred H, emp Goldberg's, r 18 Main
" Goldie E, r 59 Lafayette
" Harry A (Marion W), mgr 191 Railroad, h 40 do
" Joseph G (Marjorie V), chauffeur, h 2 Passumpsic
" Lyle B, truck driver S O Co, r 38 Railroad
" Margaret, wid Thomas, r 59 Lafayette
" William A (Stella L), janitor, h 40 Railroad
Mills Bertram C (Vivian), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Clarks av
Miltimore Hepsibeth, student, r 91 Main
" Hugh H (Cleona), physician and surgeon 91 Main, h do
" Jack C, student, r 91 Main
" Marshall T, student, r 91 Main
Mitchell Charles F (Nellie M), emp H P Hood & Son, h 18 Passumpsic
" Christie, wid Joseph R, h 71 Railroad
" Earl E, janitor, r 71 Railroad
Modern Beauty Shop, M A Fleurette Savoie prop, beauty parlor 7 Central
" Woodmen of America, Assisqua Lodge No 8149, V C, George E Wilkins, David Irwin, James Flynn; banker, Lucien E LeClair; sec, Harold Roy. Meets 1st Tues GAR Hall
Mofiett Charles H (Mabel U), emp Am F & H Co, h 60 Lafayette
" Clyde L (Clara), emp James Burns, h 56 Cliff
" Edson F, teamster, r 56 Cliff
" Harold R, r 13 Ely
" Harold W (Dorothy W), clk B W Wilcox, h 20 Tremont
" Hazel, student, r 13 Ely
" Herbert J (Nettie E), emp Menut & Parks, h 28 Caledonia
" Perley R (Stella), teamster Menut & Parks, h 13 Ely
" Ralph A (Pauline), sub letter carrier, r 40 Railroad
Mollica Anthony T (P & M Fruit & Produce Co), h 15 Costa av
Monogram Shop, Jeannette E Smith prop, 5 Central
Montgomery Carroll M, musician, r 21 Eastern av
" John (Sadie), retired, h 72 Concord av
MONTGOMERY MILTON E (Dorothy L), office supervisor National Handle Co, h 23 Lafayette
" Reid (Nellie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" True (Alice), carpenter, h St J Ctr
" William K (Vera C), h 21 Pearl
Moody Daniel, lab, r E St Johnsbury
Mooney Agnes L, wid Walter, rooms 29 Summer, h do
" Albert J (Etta M), chauffeur C & O Oil Co, h 8 Gilman av
" Clarence J, r St J Ctr
" Daniel, farmer, h Centre rd, R D 4
" Ernest (Lillian), emp C C C, h St J Ctr
MOONEY GLENN V (Agnes M), sec E T & H K Ide, h 32 Webster
" John, emp E & T F & Co, r St J Ctr
" Joseph F (Bertha P), lab, r Daniel Mooney
" Laura A, emp Newport, r 29 Summer
" Lillian E, r 8 Gilman
" Louis (Margaret), mech, h St J Ctr
" Marguerite E, student, r 32 Webster
Mooney Mary E, bkpr H P Hood & Sons, r 29 Summer
Moore Alvin M, r 30 St John
" Andrew B, traffic mgr Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 100 Main
" Bertha D, wid Herbert E, h 90 Main
" Donald C, r 4 1/2 Western av
" Eleanor, r 42 Main
" Elmer R (Louise E), sub carrier P O, h 7 Belvidere
MOORE FLORENCE E (Searles & Graves), r 6 Summer
" Frederick O, dentist 42 Eastern av, h 79 do
" Harold J, r 30 St John
" Harry L, r 78 Summer
" Harry P, sealer E & T F & Co, r 21 Pearl
" Hartwell D (LeHa F), rooms 3 Cherry, h do
" Helen, student, r 30 St John
" James A (Elizabeth E), cond S tJ & L C R R, h 6 Summer
" Jennie G Mrs, teacher Summer St School, r 17 Spring
" John C, salesman P & M Produce, r 30 St John
" John H, barber, h 16 Elm
" Joseph, emp 68 Eastern av, res Danville
" Leon G, emp P & M Produce, r 30 St John
" Leon J (Caroline B), h 30 St John
" Leslie, emp The Peck Co, r 91 Portland
" Lillias C, student, r 3 Cherry
" Mabel H, wid Harold F, h 4 1/2 Western av
" Marjorie C, r 30 St John
" Mary E, opr N E T & T Co, r 6 Summer
" Minnie B, wid Fred G, r 33 Main
" R Angelina, sten E & T F & Co, r 6 Summer
" Roger H (Vienna R), clk First Nat Stores, h St J Ctr
" Royal A (Katherine), prop Moore's Antiques, h 4 Western av
MOORE SAMUEL A (Charlotte K), (Moore & Johnson), h 29 Central
MOORE & JOHNSON (Samuel A Moore and Bernard A Johnson), clothing, furnishings and shoes, 13 Eastern av, see p 231
Moore's Antiques; Royal A Moore prop, 4 Western av
Moose River Granite Co (Charles V Wame and William J Olliver), 7 Perkins
" River Greenhouse, Gordon Allgrove prop, E St Johnsbury rd
Moran Annie M (Mrs Joseph C), ad comp C Record, h 4 James
" Joseph C (Annie M), h 4 James
" ---see Morron
MORENCY ALCIDE R (Leda B), painter and paperhanger 74 Portland, h do, see p 234
" Armand A, emp Dominick Costa, r 6 Marion av
" August A (Mamie G), painter, h 10 Washington av
" Ernest J (Gertrude A), painter, h 13 Clarks av
" Exelia, wid John A, h 77 Portland
" Jeanette V, hskpr 11 Costa av, r do
" John, painter, r rear 77 Portland
" Lionel A (Cecile), painter, h 4 Marion av
" Lorenzo R, h 8 Marion av
" Madeline M, r 77 Portland
" Margaret, wid Nelson, h 2 Morris sq
" Ralph, painter, r rear 77 Portland
Morey Frank, r Town Farm
" George W (Katherine H), bkpr A E Counsell & Son, h 148 Railroad
Morgan Olive Mrs, h 9 Caledonia
Morin Almonde S, r 20 Gilman av
" Armand E, farm hand, r 20 Gilman av
" Henry R (Rose), h 19 Hastings
" Joseph W (Albertine), farmer, h 20 Gilman av
" L Paul, farmhand, r 20 Gihnan av
" Leo E, r 19 Hastings
" Robert P, farmhand, r 20 Gilman av
" ---see Morron
Morissette Arthur J (Eldea), truck driver, h 36 Lafayette
Morley William H (Hazel M), emp Mullaney's Garage, h High, R D 2
Morrill Calvin F, salesman N Cadillac Garage and (Parrent & Morrill), r 138 Railroad
Morrill Eleazer D, musician, r 93 Railroad
" Ernest L (Effie C), salesman, h Water, St J Ctr
" Kenneth (Ila), emp A S Juneau Inc, h 32 Railroad
" Marion E Mrs, h 6 Buzzell
" Sarah J, wid George H, h 4 Church (28)
" & Hawkinson, Arthur W Hawkinson prop, general insurance 71 Eastern av
Morris Carl M (Clare B), emp E & T F & Co, h Pleasant byd village limits
" Clayton S (Dorothea), moulder E & T F & Co, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Jane Mrs, h Pleasant byd Village limits
" Lindorf B (Mildred B), emp Tillotson & Harran, h 25 School
" Louis S (Mabel A), salesman, h Pleasant, R D 4
Morrison Alfred O (Margaret J), emp E & T F & Co, h 37 Caledonia
" Catherine M, nurse 21 1/2 North av, h do
" Samuel J (Mabel D), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Cliff
" Samuel W (Kathleen D), auto salesman, h 74 Pleasant
Morton Carl A, emp Palmer Bros, r 13 Elm
" Clyde M (Myrtle E), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Railroad
" Cora, wid James A, h 13 Elm
" Virgil G (Luella M), sealer E & T P & Co, h 2 Brook
" ---see Moran, Morin
Morse Anna M Mrs, emp C H & G H Cross, h 59 Portland
" Barbara E, student, r 12 Elm
" Belle C (Betty), cashier Woolworth's, h 46 Eastern av
" Charles H, v-pres E & T Fairbanks & Co, res Chicago, Ill
" Charles H, mgr P E Compton & Co, h 7 Orient
" Charles M, surveyor, r 7 Orient
" Gerald C, student, r 14 Tremont
" Harold W, emp E & T F & Co, r 14 Tremont
" Howard A (Lillian), carp, r 4 Pearl
" Kenneth W, r 14 Tremont
" Lawrence R (Clara E), emp C A Calderwood Inc, h 1 St Mary
" Leslie (Alice), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Lucretia, wid E Allen, r 27 North av
" Murray D (Florence H), weight sealer E & T P & Co, h 12 Elm
MORSE RALPH H sports editor Caledonian Record, h 151 Railroad
" Raymond C (Elsie A), agt Standard Brands Inc, h 4 Concord av
" Walter W (Fairy), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 Tremont
MORSE WILLIAM T (Mabel R), public accountant 66 Lafayette, h do, see p 236
Mosher Anna S, wid Thomas J, h 14 Passumpsic
" Charles C, carp, r 14 Passumpsic
" James B (Alice), farmer, h Passumpsic rd
" Mildred Mrs, r 23 Caledonia
" Thomas J, farmhand, r J B Mosher, Passumpsic
Moulton George C (Helen D), emp E & T F & Co, h 9 School
" Ivis, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Max D (Viola L), cigars and tobacco 53 Main, h Danville rd, R D 3
Moyles Gilbert J (Mary S), mach, h 120 Concord av
" Leo V, r 120 Concord av
Mt Calvary Cemetery, Pleasant c St John
" Cemetery (Catholic), association, pres, Barth Lamoutague; treas, A P Grenier; dir, Rev J A Dame , Pleasant c St John
" Pleasant Cemetery, Simon D Atwood supt, Mt Pleasant
" Lodge, Emma M Warner prop, 9 Mt Pleasant
" St Joseph's Convent, rear 10 Charles
Mudgett Claude S, r Claude W Mudgett
" Claude W (Elizabeth), emp C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
" Gilford W, clk First Nat Bank, r Claude W Mudgett
" Valedmar E, r Claude W Mudgett
" Wendell T, emp Caledonia Mills, r Claude W Mudgett
Mullaney's Garage (Alfred I McGee and Grant F Clark), auto service and paint shop, 21 Railroad
Mulliken K Merle (Geneva M), auto mech, h 13 Summer
Mumford Walter H (Lila M), gas attd St J Hotel, h 49 Main
Mungeon Ector A (Jack), (Inez), prop Center Garage, h St J Ctr
" Leo (Esther), emp Center Garage and restaurant St J Ctr, h St J Ctr
Municipal Bldg, 34-36 Main
Munkittrick Allen L (Carrie M), trucking 10 School, h do
Munkittrick Lawrence T (Evelyn E), trucking 19 School, h do
Murabito Carmen (Beulah M) emp C C C, r 65 Railroad
Muriel Beauty Shoppe, Mrs Muriel A Nichols prop, beauty culture and instruction, 93.Railroad
Murphy Albert W (Charlotte J), emp E & T F & Co, h 33, Cliff
" Carl H (Marion A), printer Cowles Press, h 25 Church
" Caroline S, clk French & Bean, r 3 Central
" Charles E, painter, h 93 Eastern av
" Edgar E (Lois M), mason, r 25 Perkins
" George, retired, r Perley D Birch
" George A (Carrie), janitor 61-65 Railroad, h do
" Harold A, student, r 33 Cliff
" Irene M, student, r 24 Lafayette
" James P (Mary J), cont and builder 33 Mt Pleasant, h do
" Kenneth F, student, r 33 Cliff
" Marion A (Mrs Carl H), linotype opr Cal Record, h 25 Church
" Mildred E, r 3 Central
" Mina A, wid Michael J, h 25 Perkins
" T Willis (Mildred R), asst mgr New Avenue Hotel, r do
" Thomas J (Margaret G), prop New Avenue Hotel, h do
" William J (Elsie M), foreman E & T F & Co, h 3 Central
Murray Clifton E (Eva M), elec E & T F & Co, h 34 Railroad
" John W (Elizabeth), emp E & T P & Co, h 20 Lafayette
" Fernand H, emp Home Bakery, r 139 Main
" Ferdinand J (Marie L), prop Home Bakery, h 139 Main
" Sylvia M, r 139 Main
" Victorien A, emp Home Bakery, r 139 Main
Nagle Minnie, wid William, h 12 Winter
" Regis S, emp C A Calderwood & Co, r 12 Winter
" Romeo V, emp New York City, r 12 Winter
Nash Harry P (Dorothy V), farmhand, h 3 Oak
NATIONAL HANDLE CO office supervisor M E Montgomery, 104-108 Portland, see p 246
NATIONAL LIFE INS CO THE W W Sprague & Son agts, 83 Eastern av, see back cover
Nault Augustus J (Georgianna), mech E & T P & Co, h 93 Eastern av
Neeld George Avery Rev (Agnes S), pastor North Congregational Church, h 87 Main
Nelson Allan M, student, r 55 Pearl
" George A (Christina J), fanner, h S Main opp Fair Grounds, R D 2
" George N (Harriet), lab, h 93 Eastern av
" George H (Mary A), retired, h 55 Pearl
" Irving, retired, h S Main, R D 2
" Mary J, state court reporter, h 98 Main
" William J (Gladys), farmer, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Nesmith Ruth A, bkpr Dolgin's Service Station, res Lancaster, N H
New Avenue Hotel, Thomas J Murphy prop, 60 Railroad c Eastern av
" Avenue Hotel Barber Shop (George V and Joseph P Roy props, 62 Railroad
" England Tel & Tel Co, Robert P Nichols mgr, 36 Main, traffic dept Euphemia B Paul chief opr, 41 Main
" Hampshire Acceptance Corp, Stanley F Garfield mgr, 3 Portland
NEW HAMPSHIRE PHOTO ENGRAVING CO 6 Birch, Manchester, N H, see p 235
Newcomb Mary L Mrs, dom, h 99 Railroad
Newell George G (Maude B), clk State Liquor Store, h 13 Belvidere
" Graham S, student, r 13 Belvidere
" Maude B (Mrs George G), asst lib St J Library, h 13 Belvidere
Niblock Edward H (Donalda R), painter, r 111 Main
Nichols Anna P, wid Cameron, boarding and rooms 32 Pearl, h do
" Darwin M Jr (Muriel A), h 93 Railroad
" Dewey S, emp Ide's, r 8 Wright av
" George (Marguerite), lab, h Center rd
" Harry (Fanny), retired, h 8 Wright av
" Lucella, wid Albro F, h Mt Pleasant
" Muriel A (Mrs Darwin M Jr), prop Muriel's Beauty Shoppe, h 93 Railroad
" Richard (Edith), moulder E & T F & Co, h 27 Mt Vernon
Nichols Robert P (Bernice E), mgr N E T & T Co, h 54 Summer
Nickerson Herbert W (Marjorie S), sealer E & T P & Co, h 23 Cliff
" Robert S, student, r 23 Cliff
Nobert Alfred, emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 1 Bagley
Noel Laura R (Wilfred Beauty Shoppe), r 21 Eastern av
Nolan John A (Alice), lab, h rear 99 Railroad
" Martha J, wid John H, h Center rd
Nolet William H (Vivian W), mgr Met Life Ins Co, h 13 Boynton av
Nolin Bros (J Alphonse and Joseph G Nolin), shoes, 17 Eastern av
" J Alphonse (Marie D), (Nolin Bros), h 162 Railroad
" Joseph G (Mabel E), (Nolin Bros), h 9 Bagley
" Jules A, student, r 162 Railroad
Norris Mae B Mrs; hskpr, r 2 Bagley
" Samuel, carpenter, h 14 Cross
North Congregational Church, Rev George Avery Neeld pastor, services Sun 10:30 a m, S S 12 m, Young People's Meeting 6:00 p m. Mid-week Service Wed 7:30 p m, 72 Main
" End Market, Jules Dutile prop, meats and groceries, 17 Mill
NORTHERN CADILLAC CO THE automobiles and repairing 68 Eastern av, pres, H G Bennett; v-pres, C E Rollins; sec-treas-mgr, Robert R Wakefield, see front cover
" Credit Association, Bernard A Wilcox mgr 71 Railroad
" Lumber Co Inc, wholesale lumber 71 Railroad, pres-treas, Lorea V Hastings, sec, Vernon B Tichurst
NORTON NATHAN A judge Caledonia Municipal Court and lawyer Lyndonville, res Lyndonville
NOTRE DAME DES VICTOIRES CATHOLIC CHURCH 10 Prospect, Rev Joseph A Dame permanent rector, Masses Summer 6:46, 8:00 and 10:00 a m, S S, 3:30pm, Winter 8:00 and 10:00 am, see p 230
NOYES A B INSURANCE AGENCY INC insurance 66 Railroad, pres, Clayton A Burrows; treas, Ronald P Burrows, see back bone
NOYES ALVIN C (Harriet F), treas Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 62 Cliff
" Ethel N, wid Warren B, h 95 Portland
" John S, student, r 52 Cliff
" Marion, maid 20 Main, r do
" Maude, student, r 95 Portland
" Wilbur C, student, r 52 Cliff
0'CLAIR WILLIAM A (Clara), (Star Granite Works), h 76 Pearl
O'Connell William F, r Town Farm
O'Connor Ernest E (Lude C), mgr W T Grant Co, h 11 Belvidere
Odd Fellows Block, 109-113 Railroad
Odom Christine L, maid 20 Boynton av, r do
O'Hearn Patrick (Mathilda), emp village; h 3 Parkins
O'Keefe Mary, h 10 Ely
Olcott A Judson Qulia A), retired, h 71 Portland
" Glenn E, farmer, r 71 Portland
" Nettie E, teacher, r 71 Portland
" Nila E, teacher, r 71 Portland
OLDHAM STANLEY R (Catherine H), prin St Johnsbury's Academy, h 1 Main
Oliver Herbert F, cik Gauthier's Pharmacy, r 49 Caledonia
" Hiram P (Grace M), com trav, h 49 Caledonia
" Phyllis M, sten W W Sprague & Son, r 49 Caledonia
" William H (Ina), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Olliver Charles Wyness, emp E & T F & Co, r 8 Clinton av
" G Edmund, student, r 8 Clinton av
" William J (Nellie K), (Moose River Granite Co), h 8 Clinton av
Olson Eric N (Ardell D), emp Cross Bakery, h 25 School
O'Neil Charles J (Katherine M), emp Gilman Bros Garage,, h 5 Cottage
" John J, clk C H Goss Co, r 5 Cottage
" Lawrence B, emp Peck Co, r 5 Cottage
" Mary J, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 5 Cottage
Orcutt Earl H (Bertha B), pres-treas Vt Orange-Crush Bottling & Maple Products Corp, h 137 Railroad
" Helen F, clk B Paino, r 137 Railroad
" Margaret M, sec Dr E A Cramton, r 137 Railroad
Orland Rose M, r Mitchell Routhier
Oser Gerhard W (Elizabeth E), plumber, h 157 Railroad
" Rita A, r 157 Railroad
Osgood Israel A (Ethel M), mech A E Counsell & Son, h 6 Clayton
" Robert E, r 6 Clayton
Osier Louis E (Ruth A), plumber 109 Main, fa 124 Railroad
Ouellette Adelard (Auretia), emp St J Hosp, r 14 Cherry
Ouimet Edward G (Delia), asst supt St J & L C R R, h 7 Nelson
" Lawrence J, student, r 7 Nelson
" Norman, r 7 Nelson
Ovitt Howard C, farmer, h Crow Hill, R D 2
P & M FRUIT & PRODUCE CO (James R Paino and Anthony T Mollica), 12-18 Portland
Packard Carrie E, wid Alonzo, r 17 Summer
PACKARD MOTOR CARS C H Goss Co, 17-19 Central
" Raymond B (Ida), printer Cowles Press, h 9 Boynton av
Paddock Nellie B, wid Albert J, r 20 Clarks av
Padham Clyde A (Mary L), prop Padham's Garage, h 17 Passumpsic
Padham's Garage, Clyde A Padham prop, 17 Passumpsic
Page Alanta W (Mrs Clay C), matron Girls Com League, h 7 Cherry
" Clay C (Alanta W), driver C H & G H Cross, h 7 Cherry
" Ernest F, emp E & T F & Co, r 6 Duke
" Eugene A (Pearl R), lino opr Caledonia Record, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Gordon S (Anna E), emp N E T & T Co, h 28 Spring
" Harlie F (Shirley A), shoe repairer 34 Portland, h 15 Caledonia
" Harold O (Beryl E), mgr First Nat Stores, h 107 Concord av
" Lois E, student, r 6 Duke
" Mattie B, wid John E, r 65 Railroad
" Stephen P (Minnie), h 6 Duke
Pageau Cleophas, retired, r. 6 Almshouse rd
Paige Eliza J, wid Maurice H, r 32 Mt Pleasant
Paine Albert P (Hope), emp E & T F & Co, h 46 Spring
" Edna (Mrs Ralph H), teacher Summer St School, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Ralph H (Edna), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Paino Bartolo (Mary), fruits and vegetables 67 Main, h 32 Caledonia
" James R (Angelina), (P & M Fruit & Produce Co), h 11 Costa av
" Sylvester J (Lillian M), clk 35 Main, h 28 Main
Paint and Wallpaper Store, George E Stevens prop, wholesale and retail paint, wallpaper, etc 2 Prospect av
Palace Cafe (Spanish Villa), Nicholas Perkins mgr, 20 Eastern av
" Theatre (Inc), see Tegu's Palace Theatre
Palese Vincent, prop Caledonia Fruit Store, r 91 Eastern av
PALMER BROS Cecil E Palmer prop, laundry, cleaning: and dyeing, for storage and rug cleaning 72-78 Eastern av, see back cover
PALMER CECIL E (Mary L), prop Palmer Bros, h 6 Boynton av
PALMER CHARLES ELLERY mgr Palmer Bros, r 6 Boynton av
PALMER GEORGE H (Laura|C), prop Log Cabin Service Station and prop Palmer's Service Station, h 11 Cherry
" Martha, wid George H Sr, r 11 Cherry
PALMER'S SERVICE STATION George H Palmer prop, 118-18 Portland
Paquin Francis L (Elsie), h 17 Tremont
Parker Alice E, hskpr W T Reed, r S Main, R D 2
" Annie, wid Willis, r 93 Main
" Clayton O, student, r 93 Main
PARKER DRUG STORES INC druggists 116 Railroad, pres, Walter H Parker; treas, Stanley B Parker; mgr, Hazen J Russell, see top margins
" Ella, hskpr F Potter, E St Johnsbury, r do
" Freda, wid Lauris W, h Pleasant byd R D 4
" George W (Daphene C), wholesale doughnut baker, h 93 Main
" Helen A, dom, r W T Reed, S Main R D
" Oscar W (Marcia I), emp E &. T F & Co, h Center rd
PARKER STANLEY B treas Parker Drug Store, res Littleton, N H
PARKER WALTER H pres Parker Drug Store res Littleton, N H
Parkhurst Charles L (Grace E), emp E & T F & Co, h rear 17 Main
" James, emp E & T F & Co, r 17 Main
Parks Kenneth L, emp Swift & Co, r 53 Portland
" Peter (Mary), meter reader T S G & E Co, h 28 Cliff
Parks Ruth L, sten Northern Lumber Co, res R D 4
" William T (Alice G), emp Chesley & Lowell Inc, h 53 Portland
Paro Pamela, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 29 Maple
" William J (May), lab, h 207 Railroad
" ---see Dupperront
Parrent Gertrude (Mrs Jesse M), milliner 138 Railroad, h do
" Jesse M (Gertrude), (Parrent & Morrill), h 138 Railroad
" & Morrill (Jesse M Parrent and Calvin F Morrill), wood dealers and trucking 136J-6 Railroad
PARSONS GERTRUDE M (Mrs W W), v-pres Menut & Parks Co, res Burlington
Partridge Emma F, wid Joseph P, r 104 Main
PASSUMPSIC SAVINGS BANK pres, Jonas H Brooks; treas, Alvin C Noyes, 67 Main, see p 2
Patrons of Husbandry, Green Mt Grange No 1, Master, Walter Hall; sec, Elmore H Chase. Meets 1st and 3rd Sat of each month at Green Mt Hall, St J Ctr
Patton---see Padham
Paul Euphemia B, chief opr N E Tel & Tel Co, r Colonial Apts
Peabody Nancy, wid Lewis, emp U B C Inn, h 69 Main
Pearce Glennice, teacher Four Cor School, r 18 Central
" ---see Peirce and Pierce
Pearl Abner, tel opr Western Union Tel Co, r 2 Cherry
" Lillian M, r 21 Winter
" Margaret M, student, r 32 Cliff
" Raymond A (Alida H), cashier First Nat Bank, h 32 Cliff
" William D (Hope), emp Palmer Bros, h 9 Boynton av
" William H, student, r 32 Cliff
Pease Henry T (Annie), h 48 Railroad
Peavey Albion (Mary), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
Peck Co The, Fairbanks Scales, building supplies, hardware, paints, varnishes, etc, store house and office 100 Railroad, pres, Warren L Peck; v-pres, Philip Hill; sec, Anna L Stanton; treas, George A Smith
" Ira C (Mary L), emp St J & L C R R, h Pleasant, R D 4
" John, r Fred Ladd, River ext
" Kate D, teacher Summer St School, r 80 Main
" May E, wid Charles E, h 80 Main
" Warren L (Dorothy), pres The Peck Co, h 4 Church (49)
Pederson Gustav (Evelyn), blacksmith. E & T F & Co, h 28 1/2 Mt Vernon
Peirce---see Pearce and Pierce
Pelkey Albert D (Yvonne B), mason, h 80 Portland
" Lawrence, messenger Western Union Tel Co, r 40 Portland
" Leon E, r 80 Portland
Pelletier Jeannette (Mrs Maurice), emp Palmer Biros Laundry, h 23 Maple
" Leopold L (Germaine), emp E & T F & Co, h 19 Maple
" Maurice (Jeannette C), lab, h 23 Maple
Peltier Telisphore P (Delia), h 38 Portland
Pena Delia, hskpr 36 Railroad, r do
Penney Harry B (Lydia M), lab, r E St Johnsbury
" Sophia Mrs, rRD3
Penniman Harold L (lone B), letter carrier P O, h 14 St John
" Homer N (Clara M), milk dealer, h Mt Pleasant, R D 2
" Howard F, r 14 St John
" Leonard R, student, r Mt Pleasant, R D 2
Pepin Addie M, tailoress Palmer Bros, r 34 Maple
" Annie, wid B John, h 47 Maple
" Armand, asst mgr Tegus Palace Theatre, r 34 Maple
" George V (Alma), h 34 Maple
" Gerald, r 47 Maple
" Irene M, r 34 Maple
" John C (Marie L), mgr 54 Railroad, h 10 Clarks av
" Omer, r 47 Maple
" Roland, opr Tegus' Palace Theatre, r 34 Maple
" Theresa M, student, r 47 Maple
PERHAM JOHN M (Mary S), civil eng and surveyor H Charles and supt St
Johnsbury Airport, h 11 Charles, see :p 233
Perkins Jennie W, wid Napoleon B, r 49 Spring
" Nicholas, mgr Palace Cafe, res Littleton, N H
Perkins Perley N (Dorothy M), mech C H Goss Co, h 6 Drouin
Perowne James J, cabinet mkr, h 19 Church
Perner Joseph, laborer, h 12 Elm
Perngard D H & W J (W J Perrigard and Mrs Almira L Woods), general store 5 Mt Vernon
" Theodore G, r 45 Western av
" W Paul, r 45 Western av
" William J (Florence M), (D J & W J Perrigard), gas and oil 41 Western av h 45 do
Perrigo Gladys M, h S Main, R D 2
" Madge, emp Willey Food Shop, r S Main, R D 2
Perry Bert O (Gladys B), lab, h 207 Railroad
" Charlotte, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Clayton V (Edah G), emp E & T F Co, h 10 Harrison av
" Glenn E (Aiane B), foreman Caledonia-Record, h 32 Clarks av
" Harold C (Florence H), section man C P R R, h 105 Railroad
Peter Pan Kindergarten, Katherine E Scott teacher, 17 Church
Peters Adelbert, const wkr, r 11 High
" Allison J (Louise W), salesman Wright Motor Co, h Water, St J Ctr
" Mary, wid Walter W, h 11 High
" Walter R, r 11 High
" Wesley C, parts mgr N Cadillac Co, r 11 High
Peterson Edward, h 42 Spring
" Raymond W (Fay I), salesman, r 42 Spring
Pete's Real Estate, E Napoleon Brunelle prop, 17-19 Portland
Petty Harry, r R D 3
" Nelson R (Florence R), milk dealer Crow Hill, R D 2, h do
Phillips Hollis A (Norma B), emp state highway dept, h 6 1/2 Morris sq
PHILLIPS NEAL W (Dorothea P), adv mgr The Caledonian-Record, h 17 Costa av
" Tom F, mgr St Johnsbury Hat Wks, h 21 Eastern av
Picard Bert, prop Marvel Beauty Parlor, r 57 Eastern av
" Leonard E (Laura M), truck driver St J Trucking Co, r 19 Portland
" Ludger, emp E & T F & Co, h 55 Eastern av
Piche Alphonse L (Flora M), emp E & T F & Co, h 14 North av
" Charles A, emp N Y City, r 14 North av
Pickett Laura, wid Albert, h 89 Eastern av
" Willie A, const wkr, r 89 Eastern av
Pidgeon H Teresa, wid Thomas D, h 145 Main
" Kathleen E, nurse 145 Main, r do
Pierce Abbott W (Mildred F), agt Prud Ins Co, h 20 Pearl
" Angela F, student, r 47 Cliff
" Dorothy, student, r 19 Boynton av
" Ellsworth F (Hilda F), emp E & T F & Co, r Fred F Pierce
" Frank W, chief train desp St J & L C R R, h 47 Cliff
" Fred P (Iva R), plumber, h S Main, R D 2
" Gladys D, wid Ellery E, r 2 S Main
" Gloria K, r 47 Cliff
" Howard W, student, r 105 Main
" Kate A, wid George S, r 115 Concord av
" Leon F (Flora M), molder E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Lewis, r 19 Boynton av
" Nora, wid George A, r 19 Boynton av
" Olive A, wid Freeman A, h 19 Boynton av
" Raymond, clk C P R R frt office, r 91 Portland
" Robert K (Pearl A), emp C P R R, h 48 Pleasant
" Robert R (Hazel W), office mgr Maple Grove Candies, h 105 Main
" ---see Pearce, Peirce
Pigula Bessie R (Mrs Herman), bkpr Goldberg's Auto Service, h 131 Portland
" Herman (Bessie R), stock clk Goldberg's Auto Service, h 131 Portland
Pillsbury Avis E, wid Harold E, teacher, h 79 Summer
Pilotte Doria E, phone opr, r 146 Railroad
" Joseph M, salesman, r 146 Railroad
" Rose A, wid Peter O, dressmkr 146 Railroad, h do
Pinati Richard, emp C H & G H Cross, r 137 Railroad
Pinard Annie Mrs, seamstress Brightlook Hosp, h 3 Prospect
" Robert F (Rolande J), emp Nadeau's Home Bakery, h 26 St Mary
Piper Arthur H (Ruth E), com trav, h 51K Lafayette
Piper Arthur L (Sadie H), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Wright av
" Genevieve, attd Dr P G Hovey, r 4 Church (58)
" Harold I (Arlene R), const wkr, r 2 Wright av
" Marion E, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 2 Wright av
" Scott E (Sadie M), emp E & T P & Co, h 58 Spring
" Theron D (Evelyn G), clk Goldberg's Service Sta, h 4 Garden
Placey Ernest P, student, r 2 Clarks av
" G Fred (Elizabeth J), janitor Brightlook Hosp, h 2 Clarks av
Platt Orville L (Jessie P), emp E & T F & Co, h 39 1/2 Pearl
Pleasant House The, Max H Ruggles prop, rooms 30 Railroad
Plouffe Adrien (Germaine), emp E & T F & Co, h 20 Ehn
Pocock Allen J (Dorcas E), clk Carey Maple Sugar Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" William A, r Town Farm
POIRIER LEO F asst pastor Notre Dame Victoires Catholic Church, r 12 Prospect
Poisson---see Fish
Poliquin Rosaire (Blanche), milk dealer 20 Gilman av, h 26 St Mary
Pollock Earl D (Irene O), emp U S Dept of Fisheries, h 41 Pearl
Poison Grace (Mrs Hector), prop Grey Shoppe, r Littleton, N H
Pond Grace I, wid Fritz, nurse 5 River, h do
" Joyce R, asst bkpr Chas Millar & Sons Co, r 5 River
Poole Charles, r 4 John
" Della, wid Charles C, h 4 John
" Francis C, truck driver, r 4 John
Pope Mabel J, hskpr 13 Pearl, r do
Porter A William (Irene L), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Alexander H (Clementine), asst postmaster, h S Main
" Arline A, r A W Porter, Danville rd, R D 3
" Arlton L P, r A William Porter
" Charlotte E, teacher Lancaster, N H, r 34 Mt Pleasant
POSTER DAVID E (Amelia), (Porter, Witters & Longmoore), h 34 Mt Pleasant
" Evelyn M, r A W Porter
" Helen E, teacher Boston, Mass, r 34 Mt Pleasant
" Lucretia, r 72 Portland
PORTER, WITTERS AND LONGMOORE (David E Porter, Harry W Witters and Jutten A Longmoore), lawyers 66 Railroad, tel 46, see p 243
PORTLAND STREET CAFE Onofrio Delosa prop, 35 Portland, see p 241
" St Filling Station, Fred D Little mgr, gas and oil, accessories. 94 Portland
Post Offices: St Johnsbury Post Office 60 Eastern av, Albert S Juneau, postmaster; Alexander H Porter, asst postmaster; clerks, William McDonald Jr, Guy T Kellogg, Myrtie L Underwood,-Archie E Lanetot, Florence J May, John S Kendall, Herman E Hoyt; city carriers, Arthur M Lang, Albert R Spencer, Prank L Bailey, Daniel Lunibra, Thaddius A Cormier, Harry W Clark, Hugh W Spaulding; substitutes, Ralph A Moffett, Elmer R Moore, Ryno Brunelle; rural carriers, Edward C Hastings, Dwight L Wells, Harold L Penniman; messenger, Allen L Munkittrick; one star route leaves daily for Waterford, Vt at 11:00 a m; Office open from7:00 a m to 6:30 p m; Sub-station No 1 at Randall & Whitcomh's 27 Main
" Office St Johnsbury Centre, Elmore H Chase postmaster, office open from 7 a m to 6:30 p m
" Office E St Johnsbury, Lewis A Gannon postmaster
Potter Floyd, r E St Johnsbury
" Frank, laborer, h E St Johnsbury
" Glenn R, student, r 114 Concord av
" John, elec, r 114 Concord av
" Milton E, student, r 114 Concord av
" Roy E (Louise A), elec cont 114 Concord av, h do
Powell Harold G (Helen G), regional dir U S Re-Employment Service, r 10 Park
Powers Bernie, r 42 Caledonia
" Carl Gordon, r Town Farm
" Carl M, r Town Farm
" Carrie E, wid Walter W, r 2 Prospect av
" Charles H (Inez), prop Vt Scale Repair Co, h 180 Railroad
" Charles S, emp Vt Scale Repair Co, r 180 Railroad
" Frederick, r Town Farm
" Henry C (Julia), retired, h Water, St J Ctr
" Margaret, wid Harley W, h 105 Main
Powers Martha M, wid Allen K, h 69 Portland
Pratt Arunah G (Edith E), com trav G H Cross Co, h 48 Cliff
" Madelyn L, student, r 48 Cliff
Preman George L (Etta M), emp St J & L C R R, h 6 Orchard
Presby Wilbur W (Sadie R), mech C H Goss Co, h St J Ctr
Prescott Arthur F (Inez H), books and stationery 87 Eastern av, h 2 Emerson
" C Allen (Madelene), agt Cleveland Tractor Co, h Water, StJ Ctr
" Frank E, r St J Ctr, R D 4
John E (Lula), farmer, h St J Ctr, R D 4
" Rachel R, emp 87 Eastern av, r 2 Emerson
" Rena I, asst sec-treas St J Credit Prod Co, r 2 Emerson
Preston Ira A (Myrtle H), stock clk C H Goss Co, h 5 Roosevelt av
Prevost Charles A (Robertine), physician and surgeon 154 Railroad, h do
" Charles L (May), emp Gilman, h 25 St Mary
" David J (Bertha), barber New Avenue Hotel Barber Shop, h 22 St Mary
" Edward, carp, r 154 Railroad
" J Arthur (Simpne), agt J Hancock Ins Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" J Leo (Rose), barber shop 24 Eastern av, h 19 North av
" John G (Minnie D ), (The Prevost Shop), r 5 Bagley
" Jules E, r 22 St Mary
" Leonie, r 154 Railroad
" Margaret, r 26 Pleasant
" Minnie D (Mrs John G, (The Prevost Shop), r 5 Bagley
" Shop The (John G and Mrs Minnie D Prevost), Millinery, art goods, novelties and beauty shop, 87 Railroad
" Thomas J (Lucienne), agt John Hancock Mut Life Ins Co, h 24 St Mary
" ---see Provost
Priest Alfreda, student, r 58 Portland
" Herbert W (Eva M), const wkr, h 99 Railroad
Proctor Mildred Mrs, r 31 Summer
Proulx---see Prue
Provenchal R John, r Town Farm
Provencher Lionel A, emp E & T F & Co, r 15 Ely
" Ronald J, emp E & T F & Co, r 15 Ely
" Rose Mrs, h 15 Ely
Provost---see Prevost
Proya Loreto (Mary T), clk 65 Eastern av, h do
" Mary T (Mrs Loreta), grocer 65 Eastern av, h do
Prudential Insurance Co of America, Eugene R Rosselot supt, 83 Eastern av
Prue Albert (Alice), lab, r 37 Concord av
" Eugene (Flora), lab, h 37 Concord av
" Florence, r F Prue
" Frank (Grace M), farmer, h Centre rd, R D 4
" Fred, lab, r rear 99 Railroad
" George (Celia), trucking Passumpsic, h do
" James (Victoria), lab, h 99 Railroad
" Joseph E, lab, r F Prue, Centre rd
" Louise R, r F Prue
" Raymond A (Lena), lab, r 37 Concord av
" Rose, dom, r rear 99 Railroad
Public Market, Arthur A LaPoint prop, meats and groceries 19 Eastern av
Puffer Harriet E, emp Boston, Mass, r 16 Winter
" Laura C Mrs, h 16 Winter
" Marion P, nurse 4 Brooks pl, r do
Purina Mills, Charles W Hedrick branch mgr, flour, feed and grain, 3-5 Perkins
Putnam Lewis A, h 45 Cliff
Pye Alice B, r 46 Central
" E Eli, emp Hartford, Conn, r 46 Central
" George M (Elizabeth A), emp E & T P & Co, h 46 Central
" Hedley V, polisher, r 46 Central
QUAIN ELLEN, wid Patrick, r 10 Valley
QUALITY CAFE Harold D Blake prop, 67-69 Eastern av, see p 242
Quimby Albert K (Laura E), agt Met Life Ins Co, h 44 Cliff
" Phoebe A, wid Burney A, hskpr 24 Spring, r do
Quinn Bernard M (Louise), salesman, h 93 Portland
RACETTE ALMA B (Mrs WilUam E), bkpr 25 Bay, r 30 North av
Racette Josephine, wid Joseph, h 67 Concord av
" Margaret, r 67 Concord av
" William E (Alma B), agt The Prud Ins Co, h 30 North av
" ---see Russett
Racicot Herve J, clk 80 Concord av, r 152 Railroad
" Marie C, clk Willey's Food Shop, r 152 Railroad
" Virginia M, wid Jacques, h 152 Railroad
Racine Gideon J (Mary L), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 137 Portland
" Yvonne M, r 137 Portland
Radford Donald K, mgr 12 Eastern av, r 61 Pearl
" Ernest J, truckman C P RR, h 61 Pearl
" Frederick J (Mattie M), cond St J & L C R R, h 87 Portland
" Marion J, student, r 87 Portland
" Myrtle, clk W T Grant Co, r 61 Pearl
RAILROAD STREET SERVICE STATION Charles E Goss prop, Frank E Thurston mgr, 48 Railroad, see p 229
Railway Employees National Pension Asso, Chap 158, chr, Chas L Rathbun; treas, W Carter, Mountain av
" Express Agency, George A Gonneville agt, office Railroad Depot
Ramage Helen, r J A Ramage, E St Johnsbury
" James A (Helen), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Marion, teacher Arlington School, h 75 1/2 Summer
" Ruth E, teacher, r J A Ramage, E St Johnsbury
Ramsey Albert C (Mae C), service mgr N Cadillac Co, h 3 Spring
Randall Block, 97-101 Railroad
" George H (Ruth A), h R D 4
" Harriett J, r R D 4
RANDALL HARRY W (May W), prop Randall & Whitcomb and pres St Johnsbury
Chamber of Commerce, h 128 Main
" Helen W, teacher Northampton, Mass, r 128 Main
" Leola G Mrs, hairdresser The Prevost Shop, h 107 Concord av
" Madeline I, public entertainer, r 17 Boynton av
" Mary, wid Henry, r 8 Belvidere
" Olive T, wid Edson N, h 17 Boynton av
" Raymond H, barber 24 Eastern av, r 19 North av
" Winifred M, chemist N Y City, r 128 Main
RANDALL & WHITCOMB Harry W Randall prop, jewelers, opticians, books, stationery and radios 31 Main, tel 300, see top margins
Ranger Carl H (Prances), asst prin St Johnsbury Academy, h 21 Main
Rann Richard M (Fannie M), plumbing and heating 66 Portland, h do
" Ruth M, sten Am F & H Co, r 66 Portland
Ranney Beatrice M (Mrs Nelson C), teacher Summer St School, h 10 Forest av
" Edith M, sten Passumpsic Savings Bank, r 48 Summer
" George C, carp, r 6 Brook
RANNEY GEORGE O (Hazel P), general building contractor, painting and paper hanging 162 Portland, h do, see p 233
" Herbert, lab, r E St J
" Jennie E Mrs, r N E Petty, Crow Hill
" Nelson C (Beatrice M), h 10 Forest av
Ransom Addie Mrs, r 9 Jones
Rapp Carl, student, r W E Ward
" Rena, wid Walter, clk E & T F & Co, r W E Ward
Rash Ernest N (Jeanette), emp E & T F & Co, r 5 North av
" Eugene S, r 148 Railroad
" Florence M, wid Joseph, h 17 Cherry
" Floyd H (Dora), truck driver E T & H K Ide, h 23 Mill
" Helen M, dom, r 17 Cherry
" John E, emp village, h 23 Mill
" Sadie G, dom 22 North av, r 17 Cherry
Rattigan Charles L (Mae L), baggagemaster C P R R, h 27 Mt Pleasant
" Eleanor M, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Fred F (Myrtle M), yard clk C P R R, h S Main, R D 2
Reed Calista, wid Josiah, h 28 Perkins
" Carlyle M, emp Hooker-Reed Co, r 34 Perkins
REED FABIAN S (Glenn A), (W W Sprague & Son), h 17 Cliff
" Frank F (Josie), clk, h 3 Elm
" Harold S (Lillian L), com trav, h 15 Caledonia
Reed Hattie W, wid Albert E, rooms 33 Pearl, h do
" Morton J (Ethel M), prop Hooker-Reed Co, h 34 Perkins
" Russell A, student, r 17 Cliff
" Sidney M (Flora), r 28 Perkins
" Winthrop T, retired, h S Main, R D 2
Reid Arnold B, milk pedlar, r 21 Concord av
" Charles H (Martha E), plumber, h 21 Concord av
" Doris S, r 21 Concord av
" Fred, r 10 Portland
" Frederick (Mary), gate tender C P R R, h 9 Clarks av
" Geneva E, r 21 Concord av
Reliance Electric Co, Frank B Kerr prop, elec cont 48 Eastern av
Remick Carl (Mabel), farmer and emp town, h St J Ctr
Renaud Catherine, wid Henry, r 29 Mt Vernon
" Edward E (Vera), painter, h 12 Elm
" Mary Mrs, h 157 Railroad
Renfrew Clinton A, student, r 2 Clayton
" Margaret E, student, r 2 Clayton
" Roscoe A (Reita C), grocer 84 Concord av, h 2 Clayton
REPUBLICAN HOUSE Robert Williams prop, furnished rooms 33 Eastern av, see p 242
Resneck Frances, bkpr St J Trucking Co, r 3 Elm
REXALL STORE Frank M Landry mgr, 103 Railroad, see top margins
Rexford Homer A (M Louise), emp C H Goss Co, h 42 Maple
Reynolds Beatrice A, nurse 9 Church, r do
" Carl J (Madeline), prop Reynolds Cash Market, h 93 Railroad
" Cash Market, Carl J Reynolds prop, meats and groceries 9 Eastern av
" Clayton F, r 6 Brook
" Erville H, farmer, r 6 Brook
" Martha M, h 6 Brook
" Mary B, wid Alfred H, boarding and rooms 71 Railroad, h do
" Maud M, h 71 Railroad
Rheaume Bernadette, dom, r 6 Washington av
" Carmen, cashier McLellan Store, r 6 Washington av
" Corrine, timekeeper E & T F & Co, r 6 Washington av
" Philip L (Delima), elec welder, h 6 Washington av
Rhodes Emma J, wid John J, h 28 Cliff
Rice Reynolds (Ivis P), auto mech, h 194 Railroad
Rich Arthur R (Harriet A), emp Ide's, h 7 Mountain av
"Horace T (Genista L), linotype opr Cowles Press, h 6 Russell av
Richard Annette, r 42 Maple
Richards Clarence (May), farmhand, h Crow Hill, R D 2
" Edward (Louise N), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 Clarks av
" Florence, wid Frank L, h 11 Cherry
" Harley E (Julia A), supt Colonial Apts, h 4 Church (8)
" Julian L (Alice L), mgr groc dept First Nat Store, 66 Railroad, h 7 North av
Richardson Herbert A (Bemice B), plumber Goodrich Store, h 27 Clarks av
" Katherine E, wid George, r 1 Mt Pleasant
RICHARDSON SAMUEL E (Grace M), attorney-at-law 65 Railroad, h 1 Mt Pleasant, see p 243
" Vivian, hskpr 10 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Winona E, r 27 Clarks av
Richmond Claude M (Frances R), dentist 65 Railroad, h 103 Main
Rickaby Jane, dressmkr 9 Charles, h do
" Laura, r 9 Charles
" Theophilus (Ida M), h 154 Portland
Rickard Mildred, r 6 Almshouse rd
Ricker Carrie E, wid William A, h 52 Summer
" Elizabeth, emp Brattleboro, r 6 Winter
RICKER WILLIAM G specialist eye, ear. nose and throat, 31 Main, h 6 Winter
" William G Jr, radio station mgr, Montpelier, r 6 Winter
Rike Robert C (Caroline D), salesman, h 6 Belvidere
Rivers Crane A, r 8 Oak
" Lottie W, hskpr E Wilkinson, r E St Johnsbury
" Moses (Albertine), emp village, h 59 Pearl
" ---see Lariviere
Roach Alice, r 3 Prospect
Roach Leo M (Vera), tel opr C P R R, h 143 Railroad
Roberts Alta, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 78 Summer
" Ann L, student, r H Roberts
" Elsa M, cashier C H Goss Co, r 18 Main
" Ethel, emp Maple Grove Candies Inc, r 10 Winter
" Harley (Katherine M), auto mech, h St J Ctr
" Richard L (Florence E), emp E & T F & Co, h 22 St John
" Walter A, r Prospect av
Robillard Alexander J (Rachel), molder E T & T F & Co, h 25 St Mary-
Robinson Eugene A (Sarah J), emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Frank E (Eleanor P), emp Corner Garage, h 1 Harvey
" Fred L (Florence C), patternmkr, h St J Ctr
" Fred S, emp E & T F & Co, h S Main, R D 2
" Frederick A, filling sta St J Ctr, r Fred L Robinson, St J Ctr
" George E, r Thomas H Robinson
" Kenneth, emp city, r Thomas H Robinson
" Thomas H (Fannie E), retired, h Crow Hill
Robitaille Anthony E (Jennie), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Mountain av
" Lorenzo, emp E & T F & Co, r 12 Mountain av
Roby William (Margaret), musician, h 62 Spring
Rock William J (Madge K), emp Walker & Brock, h 75 Portland
Roderick Clarence H (Rena C), com trav, h 11 Jones
" Faylene A, r 11 Jones
" Joseph F (Florence L), painter, h rear 99 Railroad
Rodgers Alton R, carp, r 7 Mt Vernon
" Charlotte L, dom, r 7 Mt Vernon
" Elwyn G, r 7 Mt Vernon
" John F (Frances E), carp, h 7 Mt Vernon
" ---see Rogers
RODLIFF FREDERICK H (Margaret), teller Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 4 Church (43)
" Walter C (Margaret), mach E & T F & Co, h 22 Webster
Rogers Edward, emp E & T F & Co, r 50 Western
" Ernest R (Lottie B), prop St Johnsbury & Lyndonville Bus, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Etta (Mrs Frank A), pastry cook St Johnsbury House, h 42 Caledonia
" Frank A (Etta), sealer E & T F & Co, h 42 Caledonia
" Fred (Elizabeth), carp, h St J Ctr
" Lila, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Walter E (Clara R), emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Western av
" William, farmhand, r C H Simons
" ---see Rodgers
Rolfe Harry G (Agnes C), janitor Fairbanks School, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Ibrey G (Freda A), prop Rolfe's Market, h 56 Portland
Rolfe's Market, Ibrey G Rolfe prop, 118 Railroad
ROLLINS CARLTON E (Isabelle), v-pres and office mgr The Northern Cadillac Co, h 20 Pleasant
" Heiress E, wid William H H, r 20 Pleasant
Ronan William B, mgr S Oil Co, h 71 Concord av
Rooney Bridget M, h 14 Maple
" Sarah A, lacemkr, r 14 Maple
Root Jessie M, wid George A, h 46 Eastern av
" Mary C, inst St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
Rose Claytori (Mrs), farmhand, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Ross Arthur P (Eva), h 6 Wright
" Edward H (Nellie O), physician and surgeon 36 Main and pres Brightlook
Hosp, h 12 Church
" Guy E (Frances E), emp C A Smith, h 177 Railroad
" Helen C, teacher Chestnut Hill Pa, r 12 Church
Rosselot Eugene R (Emily H), supt Prud Ins Co, h 12 Highland av
Rothera Ellen, nurse 7 Cherry, r do
Rouleau Henry J (Annie), foreman Chas Miller & Son Co, h 10 Pearl
" John (Alexandra), emp E & T F & Co, h 24 Railroad
Rousseau Delphis J, emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Clarks av
" Louis P, student, r 8 Clarks av
" Mary I, r 8 Clarks av
Routhier Ezra, r Mrs Grace Bradley
Routhier Mitchell (Leontine), farmer, h High, R D 2
Rowan W John, retired, r 20 Railroad
Rowe N Dean (Florence), teacher St Johnsbury Academy, h 4 Spring
Rowell Carrie M, milliner 105 Railroad, r 26 Portland
Roy Adjutor L (Regina M), wood chopper, h 15 Clarks av
" Alberta M, emp C A Brodien, h 1 Portland
" Alcide L (Angelina M), emp St J & L C R R, h 23 St Mary
" Alfred W (Antoinette), mach, h 19 Hastings
" Alyre J (Agnes C), h 55 Eastern av
" Annie P (Mrs Joseph P), milliner 105 Railroad, h 24 Portland
" Edgar J (Emma); emp E & T F & Co, h 76 Pearl
" Emil S (Hazel M), h 24 Bay
" Emma, wid Adelard D, h 29 Pearl
" Emma C, wid Joseph, r 27 Central
" Felix, barber r Bagley
" Fleurette E, student, r 29 Pearl
" George V (Florence K), (New Avenue Hotel Barber Shop), h 38 Railroad
" Grace M, clk Smith's, r 111 Concord av
" Harold, rep Modern Woodmen of Am, h 114 Railroad
" John (Hazel), h 35 Concord av
" Joseph P (Annie P), (Avenue Hotel Barber Shop), h 24 Portland
" Josephine, wid Augustus, r 111 Concord av
" Leopold C, emp E & T F & Co, r 76 Pearl
" Louise C, wid Elmer F, h 23 Webster
" Ralph L, emp Palmer Bros, r 76 Pearl
" Roland A, clk Landry's Drug Store, r 76 Pearl
" Rolande B; r 23 St Mary
" WoodrowJ, student, r 24 Portland
" ---see King
Royal Lunch, William Costa prop, 96 1/2 Railroad
Royer Angelina M (Mrs Gideon J), sten E & T F & Co, h 21 Orchard
" Gideon J (Angelina M), emp city, h 21 Orchard
" L Arthur (Rose F), mach E & T F & Co, h 12 Valley
Rudd Annie M, wid Steven, h E St Johnsbury
" Edith M, sten, r Mrs A M Rudd
Ruggles Duane M (Lura F), mach E & T F & Co, h 28 Summer
" Lottie, wid Everett E, r 28 Summer
" Max H (Vesta V), mech and prop The Pleasant House, h 30 Railroad
RUITER CHARLES W (Florence S), pres Merchants' National Bank, h 120 Main
" Elizabeth S, student, r 120 Main
Rundle Effie M, clk Caledonia Mills, r 136 Railroad
RUNDLE HEDLEY V (Lillie M), mgr Dollar Cleaners, Palmer Bros, h 136 Railroad
RUSSELL HAZEN J mgr Parker Drug Store, r 35 North av
" James A (Elizabeth A), cont 7 Emerson, h do
" Merton H (Ruth A), truck driver, h 7 Elm
" Perley R (Maude), driver C H & G H Cross, h 35 North av
" Rhoda B, wid Walter, r Lauris W Parker
" Shirley M, r 7 Elm
" Thomas A (Gladys D), emp J A Russell, h 8 Russell av
" William H (Edith), h 15 Clarks av
Russett---see Racette
Russlow Carrie Mrs, r 23 Pine
Ryan Dora A Mrs, hskpr 21 School, r do
" Joseph E (Mary S), mgr meat dept First Nat Stores, 66 Railroad, h 43 Portland
Ryder Merle C, asst mgr McLellan Stores, r 36 Pearl
SAFFORD CLINTON N, student, r 5 Nelson
" Ernest W (Florence C), cont 5 Nelson, h do
" I Grant (Alice L), painter E & T F & Co, h 9 Tremont
" William O (Myra), emp Brightlook Hosp, res Waterford
Sage Eliza Mrs, r M Routhier, High byd limits, R D 2
Saint Gabriel Parochial School, Sisters of Providence teachers, 12 Cherry
Salmon Abbie, wid Charles, h St Johnsbury Ctr
" Bertha M, r Mrs Abbie Salmon
Sammon Kathleen R, r Morton D Lyster
Sanborn A Clifton (Annie), (Sanborn & Humphrey), h 12 Main
Sanborn Anna E, wid Gardner; h 60 Spring
" Jennie L (Mrs Martin S), dressmkr 16 Western av, r do
" Jessie, wid Frederick, h 29 Railroad
" John W, lab, r 29 Railroad
" Martin S (Jennie L), mach E & T F & Co, h 16 Western av
Sanitary Dairy (William J and Addison A Donaght), St J Ctr
Sargeant Elizabeth M, r 2 West pl
Sargent Ernest D (Ethel), emp F S Co, h St J Ctr
" Genevieve, r Mrs J L Ford
" Isabel, wid Emerson E, clk 101 Railroad, h 40 Portland
" Paul E (Eliza), chauffeur Mrs A L Stevens, r 40 Portland
Savage Hiram G (Ruth I), clk Caledonia Mills, h 16 Passumpsic
Savoie M A Fleurette, prop Modern Beauty Shop, r 18 Green
Schaefer Louis A (Ida M), chef Colonial Restaurant, r 141 Railroad
SCHNEIDER ERNEST H (Sophye G), v-pres and treas Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 26 Boynton av
Schools---see St Johnsbury, town of
Schoppe Arthur W (Marion W), prop South End Service Station, h 48 Caledonia
" Claire E, sten S Waterman, r 48 Caledonia
" Maurice A (Sylvia M), emp 6 S Railroad, h 48 Caledonia
Schultz Walter J (Evelyn L), prop Dutchy's Cafe, h 34 Eastern av
Scott Adams B (Catherine), taxi cab Depot and 174 Railroad, h do
" Carolyn E, student, r 70 Summer
" Clarice Smith, teacher Maple St School, r 77 1/2 Summer
" Dorothy A, opr N E T & T Co, r 78 Summer
" Frank A (Martha E), retired, h 35 Pearl
" Georgianna C, hskpr A T Mollica, r 15 Costa av
" Gertrude E, wid Adam B, h 151 Railroad
SCOTT JOHN F (Helena M), mgr C H and George H Cross (Inc), h 53 Spring
" John W (Jeannette R), retired, h 2 Clinton av
" Katherine E, prop Peter Pan Kindergarten, r 17 Church
" Eatherine G, wid Amos W, h 17 Church
" Lindol M (Margaret E), bond salesman, h 70 Summer
" Melvin B, emp St J Trucking Co, r 151 Railroad
" Walter A (Clarice), driver, h 89 Main
SCRIBNER BENJAMIN B (Mary P), v-pres M W Devereaux Corp and v-pres Merchants' National Bank, h 65 Portland
Scullay George, r Town Farm
Searles Charles A (Laura M), druggist 11 Eastern av, h 121 Main
SEARLES J ROLF (Ida B), (Searles & Graves), h 51 Spring
" Olga M, bkpr Walker & Brock, r 121 Main
" Priscilla M, student, r 51 Spring
SEARLES & GRAVES (J Rolf Searles, Arthur L Graves and Florence E Moore), lawyers 65 Railroad, see p 244
Sears Burtrand R, mach E & T F & Co, r 19 Portland
" Reny M, emp R C Holland, r 19 Portland
" Ronald J, emp E & T F & Co, r 19 Portland
Seaver Harold D (Marion T), field clk N W Power Co, h 3 Dundee
" Howard A (Catherine), sta agt M C R R and agt Ry Exp Agcy, h E St Johnsbury
Selinsk Elizabeth M Mrs, r Mrs A McLaughlin
Service William A Rev, retired minister, r 17 Spring
Severance George I (Emma J), h 12 Forest av
Sevigny Alphonse (Qla), emp Cowles Press, h 2 Prospect av
Seymour Harry R (Margaret), emp E & T F & Co, h 43 Mt Vernon
Shackford Mianda U, wid Luther, r Paul J Lillicrap
Shapiro Ida (Mrs Samuel) clk Boston Store h 19 Elm
" Samuel (Ida), prop Boston Store. H 19 Elm
Shastany Eugene (Emma L), carp. H E St Johnsbury
" Simon, painter, r Mrs I Howe
Shattuck Melissa (Mrs Paul H), sten The Peck Co, r 11 Clarks av
" Paul H (Melissa), ins agt, h 11 Clarks av
Shaw Clara E, wid Albert, h 1 Lincoln
" Ethel, instr nature study public schools, h 9 Church
" Helen A, h 13 Belvidere
'Shaw Ina Mrs, h S Main, R D 2
" Lena E, phone opr, r 1 Lincoln
Shedd Mary, bkpr Lowrey Bros, r 39 1/2 Pleasant
Sheffield Dorrance E (Alice G), physician and surgeon 24 Main, h do
Shell Eastern Petroleum Products Inc, William C Davis mgr, 42 Bay
Shepard Erma, wid Fred G, h 8 Prospect av
SHERBURNE FRANK C (Stella P), prop Sherburne's Restaurant, h 91 Portland, tel 882-W
" Hattie H, r 91 Portland
SHERBURNE'S RESTAURANT Frank C Sherburne prop, 3 Eastern av, tel 161, see back cover
Sherman Everett E, farmhand, r 8 Valley
" Vincent V, r 8 Valley
" Walter G, emp E & T F & Co, r 8 Valley
Sherrer Dwayne B, reporter Cal Record, r 74 Pearl
" Harold J (Julia M), frt clk C P R R, h 74 Pearl
" Paul, r 74 Pearl
Sherry F Henry, r 19 Harrison av
" Paul D (Vera G), salesman Wright Motor Co, h 6 Dundee
" Ralph D (Carrie L), lumber dealer and real estate 19 Harrison av, h do
SHIELDS CHARLES A (Gertrude T), (Shields & Conant), sec C H Goss Co; sec Cary Maple Sugar Co, clk Maple Grove Candies Inc and v-pres Passumpsic Savings Bank, h 7 Park
" John M, student, r 7 Park
" Laura G, teacher New London, N H, r 7 Park
" Mabel A, curator Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science, h 57 Slimmer
" Ruth M, student, r 7 Park
SHIELDS & CONANT (Charles A Shields and David S Conant), attorneys 41 Main, see p 244
Shindle Max (Rose), junk buyer, h 23 Elm
SHIRO HAROLD office mgr St Johnsbury Trucking Co, r 33 Eastern av
SHOE HOSPITAL Joseph H Courcheine prop, shoe repairing 81 Eastern av, see p231
Shores Elizabeth, wid Gardner, h E St Johnsbury
" Ernest, emp E & T F & Co, r E St Johnsbury
" Williain E (Mary), h E St Johnsbury
Short Adrienne, clk 61 Main, r 6 Marion, av
" Louise L, wid George C, h 7 Boynton av
" ---see Courteau
Shurtleffe Charles F (Mary A), retired, h 40 Mt Vernon
Shute Gladys Mrs, hskpr 6 Cote's ct, r do
Sicard Aime, shoe rep 52 Railroad, r 7 North av
" Albert J (Beatrice B), auto mech, h 7 North av
" Irene L, maid 15 North av, r 74 Pearl
" Lucille, emp W B Eastman, r 74 Pearl
" Napoleon J (Josephine), moulder, h 74 Pearl
Silsby Charles E (Marion H), chauffeur, h 70 Eastern av
" Clayton W (Rebecca A), mech N Cadillac Co, h 71 Pearl
" Elwin A, retired, h 5 Spring
" John T (May K), teller Merchants Nat Bank, h 12 Harrison av
Silver Martha A, wid Henry, r 2 Pearl
" Robert T (Tessa), cattle, dealer, h off Portland n village limits
Simanton Charles E, retired, h 26 Pearl
Simmons Charles (Florence), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Merwin, farmhand, r C Simmons
Simonds Frederick M (Eva), emp Northern Cadillac Co, h 55 Portland
Simons Filling Station, George T Simons prop, gasoline and oils 214 Railroad
" George T (Mabelle E), prop Simons Filling Station, h 18 Central
" Hubert G, emp E & T F & Co, r 18 Central
" John W (Laura M), salesman, h 26 Lafayette
Simpson Archelaus, carp, r 15 Federal
" Arthur L (Mildred R), truck driver, h 48 1/2 Railroad
" Avis, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Bertha, emp Bangor Me, r St J Ctr
" Dean E (Myrtie M), clk Flint Bros, h 15 Federal
" Delia L Mrs, hskpr 34 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Dorothy, clk Chas Millar Son & Co, r StJ Ctr
Simpson Dwight G (Grace), loco eng B & M R R, h St J Ctr
" Eber J (Fanny), truck driver Cal Fuel & Supply Co, h 71 Portland
" Ethel.teacher Concord, N H, r St J Ctr
" Eva, student, r St J Ctr
" Francis W (Doris A), truck driver, h Centre rd
" Frank J (Christie G), frt cond St J & L C R R, h 15 North av
" George W (Kittie), carp, h St J Ctr
" Howard H (Eva D), emp E & T T & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Jesse E (Anna N), lab, h Water, St J Ctr
" Margaret C, hskpr 15 North av, r do
" Myron F, retired, h 112 Portland
" Oscar M (Lucy), emp E & T F & Co, h 49 Western av
" Richard, emp Montpelier, r St J Ctr
Singer Sewing Machine Co, William J McVety sales mgr, 107 Railroad
Sisters of Providece, teachers St Gabriel School, h 12 Cherry
Skerry Helen M, student, r 10 Hastings
" Kathleen M, student, r 10 Hastings
" William T (Lilla), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Hastings
Skinner Bessie M, wid Cyrus H, h 41 Concord av
SKINNER CHAUNCEY S (Ella A), pres Skinner Lumber Co, res Orleans
" Edgar L (Eva L), agt A L A and naturopath 8 Belvidere, h do
" Gertrude, wid Ephraim, emp Palmer Bros, h 114 Railroad
" Harry P (Myrtie E), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, r 7 Assisqua av
" Katherine E, teacher, r 25 Church
" Lester H, C C C , r 41 Concord av
SKINNER LUMBER GO pres, Cbauncey S Skinner; treas, Roy D Skinner; lumber and real estate, 61 Bay
" Miriam E, student, r 43 Pleasant
" Ray B (Vivian L), lumberman, h 43 Pleasant
" Ray I (Isabelle R), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 7 Assisqua av
SKINNER ROY D (Helen A), treas Skinner Lumber Co and dealer in lumber, posts, poles, forest products, buildings supplies, Masonite products and specialties 51 Bay, h 26 Church, see p 246
" Ruth A, adv clk Caledonian Record, res Passumpsic
SLEEPER CLYDE A (Helen B), asst cashier Merchants Nat Bank, h 2 1/2 Main (2)
Smart Meldrum (Marjorie G), power house opr Barnet, h 8A Belvidere
Smith Abbie, h E St Johnsbury
" Adelbert S (Mildred H), emp Walker & Brock, r 72 Pearl
" Albert E, sec David Fur Farms, res Groton
" Alexander D (Annie), h S Main
" Ann, teacher Bloomfield N J, r E St Johnsbury
" Arthur E (Myrtie), prop Smith's Cut Price Cash Grocery, h 148 Railroad
" Bernie I (Dorothy), elec L L Grant, h E St Johnsbury
" Carl R (Eva D), machine blacksmith and auto spring repair 6 Harrison av, h 8 do
" Clarence A (Bertha), wholesale groceries and feeds 179-181 Railroad, h 23 Perkins
" Clarice, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Clifford J (Pearl C), mgr 123 Railroad, h 2K Main
" Elmer E, painter, r 46 Railroad
" Elmore R (Frances), mech, h 5 Washington av
" Ernest H (Bernice B), emp C P R R, h 59 Lafayette
" Ethel H (Mrs Lafa), bkpr A B Noyes .Co, h 128 Concord av-
" Frederick C, emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Prospect av
" George A (Alice R), treas The Peck Co, h 17 Harrison av
SMITH GERTRUDE A (Mrs Herbert A), treas The Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, h 35 Cliff
" Gladys R, wid Myron E, bkpr 38 Bay, h 20 Railroad
" Harvey A (Margaret D), clk C A Smith, h 38 1/2 Spring
SMITH HERBERT A (Gertrude A), pres The Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, and editor St Johnsbury Republican, h 35 Cliff
" Herman F (Nellie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 7 Prospect av
" Homer E (Blanche M), pres First Nat Bank, h 19 Summer
" Jeannette E, prop Monogram Shop, r 2 Main
" John Chester Rev (Elizabeth F), pastor Union Baptist Church, h 130 Railroad
" Kenneth R, student, r 5 Washington av
Smith Lafe E (Ethel H), h 128 Concord av
" Lester (Meda), h 146 Railroad
" Lowell W, city editor, r 4 Cary pl
" Mildred H (Mrs Adelbert), treas French & Bean Co, h 72 Pearl
" Miriam E, r Town Farm
" Morris B, emp E & T F & Co, r 2 S Main
" Nellie A, r 47 Western av
" Susan H, wid Walter P, h 95 Main
" Susie H, wid Orville H, r Mrs Blanche P Grant
" William T, emp E & T F & Co, r 48 Central
SMITH W LOWELL city editor Caledonian-Record Publishing Co, h 4 Cary pl
" ---see Smythe
Smith's Cut Price Cash Grocery Stores, Arthur E Smith prop, 54 Railroad, 61 Main, 46 Portland, Lyndonville, West Burke, Woodsville N H, and Danville
Smythe Helen, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Louis N (Ruby), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 160 Railroad
" Ruby (Mrs Louis N), sten St J Gas Co, h 160 Railroad
" ---see Smith
Snelhag Donald P, draftsman E & T F & Co, r Mrs E M Snelling
" Ethel M, wid Charles H, h N Danville rd R D 3
Jomers Edith, wid Harry H, emp Maple Grove Candy Co, h 77 Portland
" Henry F (Mildred E), h Undercliff rd
Somerville John R, r 3 Prospect av
" May F, wid Charles E, h 46 Cliff
" Paul S, salesman Peck Ce, h 46 Cliff
" Samuel J, caretaker St Johnsbury Academy, h 3 Prospect av
Sons of Union Veterans, C, Clarence E Morse; SVC, Morton J Reed; sec-treas, Wilbur W Farr; chaplain, John Chalmers; Meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 p mat GAR Hall
South Congregational Church, Rev James W Mclntosh pastor; Services Sunday 11 a m; S S 10 a m; Y P S 7 p m; Main
" End Service Station, Arthur W Schoppe prop, 6 S Railroad
Southard Rupert B (Kathleen W), elec T S G & E Co, h 2 Forest av
" Will B (Kate), emp B & M R R, h 58 Pleasant
Spader Mary B Mrs, h 5-7 Summer
" Stoddard G, student, r 5-7 Summer
" Vanderbilt R, student, r 5-7 Summer
Spalding Edna L, wid B Milo, h 8 Barker av
" Elzada S, wid George, r 8 Barker av
" Hugh W (Elsie), letter carrier, r 8 Barker av
Spano Frank (Rollande G), emp N E P & E Co, h 81 Summer
" Rollande G (Mrs Frank), printer E & T F & Co, h 81 Summer
Spare Bertha L, wid James A, r 29 Mt Pleasant
Spaulding Arthur (Carrie), foreman Am F & H Co, h 17 Ely
" Blanche, interior decorator 18 Central, h do
" Carrie E (Mrs Arthur), cook New Avenue Hotel, r 17 Spaulding
" Gerald K (Gladys N), mail clk St J & L C R R, h 65 Pleasant
" Herbert C, farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Lalrin B (Mary R), baker C H & G H Cross Co, h 23 1/2 Pleasant
" Ora E (Hazel E), scale expert E & T F & Co, h 75 1/2 Summer
Speare Hattie Mrs, h Town Farm
Spencer Abbie J, wid Jesse, r Sunset Home
" Adelia E, wid Edwin L, h 8 Cherry
" Albert R (Mabelle G), carrier P O, h 36 Spring
" Albion, emp Burlington, Vt, r 62 Spring
" Alice C, wid George C, h 62 Spring
" Catherine G, emp 2 Prospect, r 36 Spring
" Conrad, driver C H & G H Cross, r 36 Pearl
" Mabel L, court reporter, r 8 Cherry
SPRAGUE ARTHUR G (Elizabeth M), (W W Sprague & Son), and gen tsag National Life Ins Co, h 125 Main
" Arthur G Jr, student, r 125 Main
" Richard M, teacher Wells River, r 125 Main
SPRAGUE W W & SON (Arthur G Sprague and Fabian S Reed), gen ins 83 Eastern av, see back cover
" William W, student, r 125 Main
Spring Florence (Mrs George W), musician, h 54 Spring
George W (Florence), musician, h 54 Spring
Stafford Bernard W (Louise), emp E & T F & Co, h 120 Railroad
" Cyrus L (Susie P), painter, h 25 School
Stahl Harris W, student, r 11 Boynton av
" Rudolph M (Augusta W), h 11 Boynton av
" S Jeannette, student, r 11 Boynton av
St Aloysius Catholic Church, Rev John W Dwyer rector, Masses, May 1 to Oct 1, 8:00 and 10:00 A M; Oct 1st to May 1, 8:30 P M and 10:00 A M; S S, 3:00 P M; Benediction, 4:00 P M, 86 Main
STANCLIFF RALPH S airport operator St Johnsbury Airport, h Lyndon rd, see p 248
Standard Brands Inc, Raymond C Morse agt, 2 Concord av
" Oil Co, William B Ronan mgr, 71 Concord av and gas sta 19 Railroad, Harry A Miller mgr
St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Rev George Henry Bennett, pastor, Services, Sunday, 8:00 A M, 10:30 A M, S S 9:15 A M, 56 Main
Stanhope Lindsey L (Dimple E), sta opr T S G & E Co and batteries 69 Lafayette, h do
Stanley Charles A (Elizabeth J), retired, h 38 Spring
" Edwin E (Anna W), com trav, h 89 Main
" Flora M, sten Shields & Conant, r 22 Lafayette
" J Maude, sten, r 22 Lafayette
" Jessie A, wid Harold B, h 22 Lafayette
Stanton Anna L, sec The Peck Co, r 10 Winter
" Harry B (Julia H), salesman C H Goss Co, h 4 Day ct
" Marion H, r 70 Pearl
Staples Don A (Lula E), emp E & T F & Co, h 46 Railroad
" Ward A (Sadie A), mach E & T F & Co, h 1 Spring
STAR GRANITE WORKS (William O'Clair, Joseph G Corriveau and Gustave J Asselin), monuments and memorials 32 Bay, see p 246
Stark Mary A, wid John P C, r 9 Mt Pleasant
State Armory, 50 Main
" Liquor Store, Luther S Jewett mgr, 35 Eastern av
St Cyr Irene, dom, r 172 Railroad
" Napoleon E (Josephine), emp E & T F Co, h 172 Railroad
" ---see Cyr
Stearns Ernest F (Mabelle A), trackman St J & L C R R, h 24 Bay
" Frank J, const wkr, r 24 Bay
" Freda, teacher Portland Street School, r 38 Summer
" George H (Ida M), caretaker St J Academy, h 58 Portland
" Leslie J (Mary E), emp C H & G H Cross, h 120 Railroad
" Lillie R, r 24 Bay
STEARNS PRESCOTT W (Helen B), mgr Charles Millar & Son Co, h 16 Green
Steele Charles W (Charlotte L), mgr Swift & Co, h 72 Summer
" Charles W Jr, sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, r 72 Summer
" Edmund D, emp N Y City, r 72 Summer
" Eleanor L, r 72 Summer
" John L, teacher, r 72 Summer
" Wesley, sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, r 72 Summer
Steeves Hollis P (Ruth W), musician, h 12 Belvidere
Stell Dorothy E, clk W T Grant Co, r Mrs Beatrice McCallum
Stenson Leonard M, student, r 2 Clarks av
" Robert F (Aldea), frt checker C P R R, h 2 Clarks av
Stephen Catherine H, student, r 87 Portland
Sternberg Celon C (Isabel C), clk C A Smith, h 27 Perkins
Stetson Dorothy L, r 51 Lafayette
" Frank, retired, r 17 Emerson
" Harvey B, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 7 South
" Hattie E, wid Charles F, r 101 Main
" Henry C (Flora E), veterinarian 7 South, h do
" John L (Mario R), master mech N E Power Co, h 51 Lafayette
" Linwood L (Flora E), emp C & O Oil Co, h 137 Railroad
" Mary H, student, r 7 South
Stevens E Earle, r 9 Jones
" George E (Maude E), prop Stevens Paint, Wallpaper & Hardware Store, h 25 Spring
Stevens Grace McL, wid Arthur L, h 115 Main
" Henry E (Minnie J), trainman St J & L C R R, h 9 Jones
STEVENS HENRY N v-pres Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co. res North Craftsbury. Vt
" Isabella C, wid Charles H, r 110 Main
" M Exine, bkpr Manchester, N H, r 9 Jones
" Marjorie I, student, r 115 Main
" Maude E (Mrs George E), antiques 90 Portland, h 25 Spring
" Paint, Wallpaper & Hardware Store, George E Stevens prop, interior decorator, 2 Prospect av
Stevenson Annie P, music supervisor Public School, r "Brantview"
" Martha, wid Robert, h 6 Caledonia
Steward Stanley J (Mary), state supervisor vocational schools, h 18 Summer
Stewart Edwin N, r 69 Main
" Maude C (Mrs Neal J), dom, h 69 Main
" Merle D (Dorothy G), mech C H Goss Co. h 24 Clarks av
" Merrill J student r 69 Main
" Neal J (Maude C). h 69 Main
" ---see Stuart
St Gabriel Parochial School, Sisters of Providence, teachers, 12 Cherry
St Hfflaire Amedee (Alice), lab, h 163 Railroad
Stickney Ellen M, r 8 Prospect
Stiles Don C Co, Maud Cleary prop, stationery news and book store, 64 Railroad
" Elizabeth, wid Truman P, h St J Ctr
" Jennie, wid Jesse I, r E St Johnsbury
" Orrin A (Edna), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
Stillman Charles F, retired, r 86 Summer
" Marcus H (Ethel T), h 86 Summer
" Margaret M, student, r 86 Summer
Stilson Bertha O, Latin teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
Stimson Dwight S (Frances M), agt Prud Life Ins Co, h 3 Harvey
Stmson Carl W (Charlotte), janitor Armory, h 9 Tremont
" Leslie C, r 9 Tremont
ST JOHN EMMA L credit mgr Charles Millar & Son Co, r 38 Summer
ST JOHNSBURY ACADEMY pres, Col Joseph Fairbanks; treas, George Hinman; principal, Stanley R Oldham, A B A M, 11-13 Main, see p 238
" Johnsbury Almshouse, Carroll E Lafoe supt, 6 Almshouse rd
ST JOHNSBURY ATHENAEUM AND LIBRARY library and art gallery, Cornelia T Fairbanks librarian, 30 Main, presented to the citizens of the town Nov 27, 1871 by Horace Fairbanks, see p 237
ST JOHNSBURY CALEDONIAN-RECORD Caledonian-Record Pub Co, publishers 106-107 Eastern av, see p 4
" Johnsbury Cemetery Association, pres, Charles W Steele; v-pres, Fred Taylor; sec-treas, Donald McGregor; supt, Simon D Atwood; supt's office 39 Mt Pleasant
" Johnsbury Center Cemetery, Charles Whitney sexton, St Johnsbury Center
" Johnsbury Center Cemetery Association, pres, Erastus H Hallett; sec, Ernest L Morrill; treasi Archie B Colbath
" Johnsbury Center Ice Co, George Keneson prop, Centre rd, R D 4
" Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, pres, Harry W Randall; v-pres, E H Schneider; sec, Wesley Steele; treas, M M Counsell, 59 Main
" Johnsbury Co-operative Savings Building & Loan Association, pres, Zeno S Waterman; v-pres, C W Steele; treas, Fred C Beck; sec, Fabian S Reed, 83 Eastern av
" Johnsbury Country Club, pres, Dr W B Fitch; sec-treas, Glenn V Mooney, Lyndonville rd
" Johnsbury Fair Grounds, S Main 1 mile out, R D 2
" Johnsbury Fruit Co Angelo Bona prop, 45 Main
" Johnsbury Garage Co Inc, repairing, supplies and accessories, 189 Railroad, pres-sec, Louis C Benoit; v-pres-treas, Charles E Woodbury
" Johnsbury Gas Co, Leo J Carroll supt, 133 Railroad
" Johnsbuiy Hat Works, Tom F Phillips mgr, hat cleaning and repairing and shoe shine parlor, 23 Eastern av
" Johnsbury Hebrew Center, Joseph Caplan sec, 94 1/2 Railroad
" Johnsbury Hospital, Sister Florine supt; 9 Prospect
St Johnsbury Hotel Co, props St Johnsbury House, 42 Main, treas, George R Ashworth; asst treas, Margaret Ashworth
" Johnsbury House, St Johnsbury Hotel Co props, 42 Main
" Johnsbury House Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor, Arthur B Sunbury prop,
" Johnsbury Ice Co, Gabriel S Handy prop, 43 Lafayette
" Johnsbury Kiwanis Club, pres, Clarence L Vitty; v-pres; Frederick Hovey; treas, Alvin C Noyes; sec, Irving M Buck. Meets every Mon 5:45 p m at Colonial Restaurant
" Johnsbury Production Credit Association, sec-treas, Charles E Harvey, 127 Railroad
ST JOHNSBURY REPUBLICAN (Weekly), Caledonian-Record Pub Co publishers, Herbert A Smith editor, 105-107 Eastern av, see p 4
" Johnsbury Rotary Club, pres, Arthur G Sprague; v-pres, Sterry Waterman; sec, Edwin H Cowieson; treas, V E Lurchin. Meets every Monday at 12:15 at Colonial Restaurant
" Johnsbury Shu-Fix, Aime Sicard prop, 52 Railroad
" Johnsbury Town Farm, Carroll E Lafoe supt, 6 Almshouse rd
" Johnsbury, town of, agent, J Rolf Searles
" Johnsbury, town of, auditors, Raymond A Pearl, Milton Julian, Wilbur Farr
" Johnsbury, town of, clerk, Charles G Braley
" Johnsbury, town of, collector of delinquent taxes, Bernard A Wilcox
" Johnsbury, town of, constables, Bernard A Wilcox, Fred C Gilson
" Johnsbury, town of, fire department, chief, John C McGill; 1st asst engineer, C Walter Carpenter; firemen, Edward W Hoar, Alfred C Bocash, Claude Arnold, Ralph C Buell, Ernest Rodford substitute
" Johnsbury, town of, grand jurors, H Stanwood Brooks, Sterry R Waterman
" Johnsbury, town of, health officer, Dr R H Burke
" Johnsbury, town of, listers, Elwin A Gray, H Stanwood Brooks, Conrad F Beck
" Johnsbury, town of, manager, Charles S Summer; sec to town mgr, W A Bemis, office 36 Main
" Johnsbury, town of, moderator, Arthur F Stone, St Johnsbury town of Municipal Buildings, Charles S Sumner mgr, office 36 Main
" Johnsbury, town of, overseer of the poor, Charles S Sumner
" Johnsbury, town of, police department, Pearl c Eastern av, chief, James Christie; asst chief, Albert Boutin; officers, Joseph M Faucher, Gerry Coburn; specials, Albert Desrochers, Arthur-Heon and Harry Marden
" Johnsbury, town of, road commissioner, Charles S Sumner; road supt, H C Douglass
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, directors, Mrs Annie M Cary, Edwin A Silsby, Carl D Hovey; supt, Nat B Burbank; see to supt, Gladys C Colbura
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Arlington, Genevieve Goodrich prin, jan after 9 School
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, attendance officer, John B Finley
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Bible Hill, teacher Marion MacDonald, one mile east from St J Ctr, R D 4
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, East St Johnsbury, teacher, Clara Trefen, George Wood janitor, E St Johnsbury
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Fairbanks Village, Lillian D Abbott prin, off Mt Vernon
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Four Corners, teacher, Glenniee Pearce, Mt Pleasant ext 3 miles out
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Goss Hollow, teacher, Virginia Turner, 4 miles northwest of St Johnsbury, R D 2
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Maple Street, teachers, Ethel M Bailey, Clarice Smith Scott, Maple
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Pierces Mill, teacher, Ruth Cowling, 6 miles north of St Johnsbury, R D 4
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Portland Street, Lucy Birch prin, after 95 Portland
" Johnsbury, town of, schools, Stark School, teacher, Marion Dubuque
ST JOHNSBURY TOWN OF SCHOOLS-ST JOHNSBURY ACADEMY 9-11-13 Main, pres,Col Joseph Fairbanks; treas George Hinman; faculty: Stanley R Oldham A B A M prin; Annie P Stevenson music; Hester Grover A B, English and Athletics; Winifred G Ellis, A B, English; Newell D Rowe B S, English, social sciences and athletics; Margaret A Estes A B, English and dramatics; Rosa Yeranian A B, French; Edwin B Farmer S B S M-mathematics; Isabel Willey B S, mathematics and athletics; Carl H Ranger A B, science,. asst prin; Mary C Root Ph B, science; Agnes W Carter, secretarial subjects; Lloyd Batchelder B S, bookkeeping and physical education; Bertha Octavia Stilson A B, Latin; G Bernhard Kalijarvi B S, social sciences and athletics; Mary H Bailey. Ph B. history, dean of girls and supervision of "Brantview"; Frederica Burrows. A B, Marguerite G Hills, secretarial subjects; Jean S Goodrich, orchestra; Frances Grover A B A M, English and art appreciation; Alfred Hubbard A B M A, social studies; John L Steele. B S AM vocationa
St Johnsbury, town of, selectmen, Fred W Knowlton, James A Cosgrove, Arthur H Gleason
" Johnsbury, town of, treasurer, Charles G Braley
" Johnsbury, town of, trustees of public money, Charles G Braley, G PT Jones
ST JOHNSBURY TRUCKING CO (Milton J and Harry D Zabarsky), motor freight service, trucking and express 76 Portland, tel 602, see front cover
" Johnsbury, village of, auditors, Raymond Pearl, Milton L Julian, W J Farr
" Johnsbury, village of, clerk, Preston E May, 36 Main
" Johnsbury, village of, collector of taxes, Bernard A Wilcox
" Johnsbury, village of, health officer, Dr R H Burke
" Johnsbury, village of, pres, Arthur F Stone
" Johnsbury, village of, supt of streets, Hubert C Douglass
" Johnsbury, village of, treasurer, Charles G Braley, 36 Main
" Johnsbury, village of, trustees, Russell F Lowrey, Herbert A Wilcox, James A Cannon
" Johnsbury, village of, water works, William G Cox supt, pumping station, rear 17 Mill
" Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad, Forrest E Bailey general agent freight office, Railroad n depot
" Johnsbury & Montpelier Bus, Charles W Hawkins prop, 49 Main
St Louis Charles H (Cora), emp E & T F & Co, h St John c Passumpsic
" Evelyn, clk W T Grant Co, r St John c Passumpsic.
" Hazel, clk Purina, r St John c Passumpsic
Stoddard Curtis W (Mary E), clk C H &G H Cross, h28 Webster
" Nellie A Mrs, h 85 Railroad
" Wayne M (Maude E), railway postal clerk, h 15 Pearl
Stone Arthur F (Helen L), author and sec St Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce and book dealer 7 Highland av, h do
" Clayton R (Eva M), emp St J Garage, h 174 Railroad
" Clinton E, r 67 Pearl
" Eleanor F, emp Boston, Mass, r 7 Highland av
" Eugene, painter, h 55 Eastern av
" George (Ethel F), h 67 Pearl
" Iona E, waitress, r 67 Pearl
" Laura H, r 7 Highland av
" Marion B Mrs, r 22 Lafayette
" Robert L, newspaper rep, r 7 Highland av
---see Laroche
St Onge Arthur (Amee), carpenter, h 29 Railroad
St Peter A L & Son, Alphonse L St Peter prop, blacksmiths, 80 Eastern av
" Alphonse F, clk C E Brown, r 80 Eastern av
" Alphonse L (Francella C), prop A L St Peter & Son, h 80 Eastern av
" Frederick P, spec delivery messenger, r 80 Eastern av
Streeter Caroline H, r 95 Main
St Thomas Joseph (Delia), emp Cal Mills, h 3 Perkins
Stuart Eugenia, wid Howland H, h 4 Clinton av
" Homer H, student, r 4 Clinton av
" Stella G, wid Leonard A, dom, r B F Grout
Sturgeon Edward R, sawyer Am F & H Co, h 15 Ely
Stygles Leslie G, lab, r 167 Railroad
Suitor Annie M, teacher Summer St School, r 22 Summer
" David, retired, h 22 Summer
" Edwin J, mach, h 33 Pine
" Elizabeth, h 46 1/2 Railroad
" Howard E (Cophine M), clk 52 Portland, h 34 Railroad
" Irvin (Mary), emp A S Juneau Inc, h 2 Bagley
Sulham George H, emp St J & L C R R, h 2 Higgins ct
Summers Henry, h Underclyffe rd
Summerville Cash Market, Alphonse J Lapanne prop, groceries, meats and provisions, 31 Portland
" Garage, Harry Dolgin prop, 116-118 Portland
" Wood Yard, Harry E Gray prop, coal and wood dealers, 136 Portland
Sumner Barbara E, student, r 15 Charles
" Bernard L, student, r. 15 Charles
" Charles E, clk A & P Tea Co, r 15 Charles
" Charles S (Lulu), mgr town of St Johnsbury, h 15 Charles
Sunberg Evelyn G, clk, r 77 1/2 Summer
" Laura A, clk Caledonia Mills, h 77 1/2 Summer
Sunbury Arthur B (Bernice M), prop St Johnsbury House Barber Shop, h 69 Main
" Bernice M (Mrs Arthur B), hairdresser, h 69 Main
Sunset Home, a home for aged women 8 Prospect, pres, Homer E Smith; sec-treas, Frederick H Rodliff; pres board of visi ors, Mrs Charles Stanley; matron, Mary G McAllister
Swan Construction Co Inc, general contractors 144 Portland, pres and mgr, Dana Leavitt; v-pres-treas, Ronald P Burrows; sec, Evelyn Woods
Swanson Emma C, teacher Winsted, Conn, r 49 Cliff
" John (Wilhelmiria), blacksmith E & T F & Co, h 49 Cliff
Swasey Doris E, r Eugene A Robinson
" Winona, sten J B Campbell, r S Main, R D 2
Sweet Adlene G, r 8 North av
" Virgil C (Maude M), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 North av
Swenson Ernest C, chauffeur, h 26 Central
Swett Jane, wid Frank, r 15 Caledonia
" Mary E wid George K, r 4 Brooks pl
Swift & Co, Charles W Steel mgr, wholesale meats, 1 Eastern av
TAFT A ROY, farmer and milk dealer Concord av, R D 1, h do
" Laura L, r A R Taft, Concord av, R D 1
TANN JOHN W (Hazel T), asst mgr C H Goss Co, h 27 Church
TAPLIN CARL H (Vera) prop Taplin's, h 12 Harrison av
" Robert G, student, r 12 Harrison av
TAPLIN WILLIAM ARTHUR (Grace H), clk Taplin's, h 10 Main
TAPLIN'S Carl H Taplin prop, clothing, furnishings, etc 43 Main, see p 231
Tatro Fred H (Erlyan M), carp, h Pleasant, R D 4
" Josephine, h 4 Church (5)
" Mary, r 4 Church (5)
" Ruby, nurse Bright ook Hosp, r do
Taylor Beatrice, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Florence (Mrs Floyd E), emp Palmer Bros, h 53 Caledonia
" Floyd E (Florence), trucker C P R R, h River ext
" Frances J, student, r 4 Church (42)
" Frederick W, retired, h 75 Eastern av
" Harry E, emp C P R R, h 2 S Main
" John R (Violet G), salesman Nat Biscuit Co, h 6 Frost av
" Kenneth M, ticket agt C P R R, r 91 Portland
" Leo (Thelma P), const wkr h 105 Railroad
" Robert, r 2 S Main
" William E (Ida), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Park
" William H (Elizabeth A), factory supt E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (42)
Tegu Andrew J (Beatrice), treas Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 1 Allen ct
" Chiano (Mrs John), v-pres Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 37 Pearl
" John (Chiano), pres Tegu's Palace Theatre, h 37 Pearl
" Tegu, J r 37 Pearl
Tegu's Palace Theatre Ine, pres, John Tegu; v-pres, Mrs Chiano Tegu; treas,
Andrew J Tegu; sec Arthur L Graves, 22 Eastern av
Temple Warren S, retired, r 27 North av
Thayer Priscilla, nurse Brightlook Hosp, f do
Therien Wilhelmine wid Joseph, r 147 1/2 Railroad
Therrien Cecile, opr N E T & T Co, r 79 Portland
" Eva, wid Ralph, h 79 Portland
Thibault Beatrice C, clk Boston Store, r 147 Railroad
" Irene H, clk F W Woolworth Co, r 147 Railroad
" Odiana C, r 147 Railroad
" Rosanna, wid Joseph, h 147 Railroad
Thibodeau Eli G (Jessie G), emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Drouin
Thistle Helen S Mrs, r 72 Summer
Thomas Horace S (Rebecca), emp E & T F & Co, h 16 School
" Howard F, mach, r 16 School
" Linwood H, draftsman, r 16 School
" Virginia L, r 16 School
" William J, mach E & T F & Co, r 16 School
Thompson Alice P, r 7 State
" Anderson U (Julia Q), ins agt Met Life Ins Co, h 123 Portlan.
" Audna, dom, r William F Thompson
" Francis P, r 7 State
" Harry R, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 7 State
" Helen C, wid Laforest H, h 69 Summer
" James A (Sarah), physician 96 Portland, h do
" John D, emp Goldberg's Garage, r 7 State
" Joseph W (Bertha D) h 7 State
" Maurice E (Olive D), office mgr Cal Mills, h 26 Summer
" Vera M, r 96 Portland
" William F (Velma G), emp E & T F & Co, h Crow Hill, R D 2
Thoresen Henry C (Ida M), prop Thoreson's Garage and prop Thoresen's Log Cabin, h 83 Portland
" Ida M (Mrs Henry C) mgr Thoresen's Log Cabin, h 83 Portland
Thoresen's Garage and Filling Station, Henry C Thorsen prop, 83-85 Portland
" Log Cabin, Henry C Thoresen prop, conf 83-85 Portland
Thorley Edna C, dom, r 2 Bagley
" Peter S (Minola B), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
Thresher Eleanor, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Thurber Elizabeth, hskpr, r H J Thurber
" Harley J (Nellie), printer, h St J Ctr
" Harley J Jr, r H J Thurber
" John, r H J Thurber
Thurston Charles O (Isabelle J), office mgr C H Goss Co, h 93 1/2 Main
THURSTON FRANK E (Aldal), mgr Railroad Street Service Station, h 140 Portland
Tibbetts Lucinda, wid Horace, h 113 Concord av
Tice George C (Elizabeth F), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Pearl
Ticehurst Vernon B (Winnifred C), mgr 61 Main, h 51 Summer
TIDE WATER OIL CO Harry M Day agt, 6 Day ct
Tierney John P (Lillian R), physician 85 Railroad, h 22 Clarks av
TILLOTSON E HAROLD (Olive W), (Tillotson & Harran), h 18 Perkins
TILLOTSON & HARRAN (Willis M and E Harold Tillotson and Nelson Harran), auto accessories and service station 159 Railroad, see p 229
" Henry A, emp Lowery Bros, h 3 Almshouse rd
TILLOTSON WILLIS M (Edith B), (Tillotson & Harran), h 29 Perkins
Tilton Berta (Mrs Walter), school teacher, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Walter H (Berta), sta opr T S G & E Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
Tinker Ernest F (Lena M), prop Tinker's Quick Lunch, h 2 Main
Tinker's Quick Lunch, Ernest F Tinker prop, 50 Railroad
Tolman Harland A (Ruth), teller Citizens' Savings Bank and Trust Co h 4 Russell av
Tompkins Mabelle A, teacher Summer St School, h 4 Church (56)
Toney Joseph (Lillian), h 28 Concord av
Toussaint Adele, wid Oliver, r 43 Maple
" Albert, lab, r 14 Clarks av
" Alcide F (Laura), emp E & T F & Co, h 21 North av
" Anna Mrs, dom, r 75 Pearl
" Arlene R, student, r 75 Pearl
" Armand P, mach E & T F & Co, r 3 North av
" Delia (Mrs Edward), emp Palmer Bros, h 14 Clarks av
Toussaint Edmour (Xelia), mach E & T P & Co, h 3 North av
" Edward (Delia), painter, h 14 Clarks av
" Ella M, r 75 Pearl
" Leo A, clk A & P Tea Co 121 Railroad, r 21 North av
" Mary J, wid Luc G, h 3 High
" Mazelle E, dom, r 75 Pearl
" Norman L, r 21 North av
" Roland L (Norma D), lab, r 14 Ckrks av
" Sonia R, r 3 North av
" Yvette, emp Palmer Bros Laundry, r 3 North av
Tower Margaret, county H-4 Club agt Caledonia County Farm Bureau, r 116 Main
Towers Everett P (Jennie W), mach Manton-Gaulin Mfg Co, h 2 Stiles ter
" Frank W, r 2 Stiles ter
Towle Angie H Mrs, r Sunset Home
" Charles, lab, h 157 Main
" George E (Mareia M), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 37 Cliff
" Harold P, student, r 37 Cliff
" Helen A, student, r 37 Cliff
" Marion L, teacher, r 37 Cliff
Towne Percy W (Cora), brakeman St J & L C R R, h 2 Cross
Townsend Ferdinand E (Bernice), chief draftsman E & T F & Co, h 9 Cliff
Trafton G Maynard (Bernette), prin Vocational School, h 79 Summer
Trainor Frances C, wid William H, r 3 Spring
TRAVELERS INSURANCE CO W W Sprague & Son agts, 83 Eastern av
Traynor Craig (Madge), bkpr Smith, h 14 Tremont
" James G, emp French & Bean, h 7 Bank pl
Trefren Clara, teacher Portland St School, r 5 Emerson
" Robert P (Josie M), h St J Ctr
Tremblay Amanda, wid Edward, h 145 Railroad
" Joseph E, emp St J & L C R R, r 145 Railroad
" M Stella, milliner 87 Railroad, r 145 do
Trembley Aime, emp J A Russell, r 12 Elm
" Arthur, emp E & T F & Co, r 12 Elm
" ---see Trombley
Tripp Dean A (Lila H), lineman N E T & T Co, h 38 Central
" Gerald W, r 38 Central
" Helen M (Mrs Ralph C), emp Jenk's Studio, h 1 Clinton av
" Marion A, r 26 Mt Pleasant
" Ralph C (Helen M), emp E & T F & Co, h 1 Clinton av
" Sadie A, wid Leon G, h 26 Mt Pleasant
" Verona M, student, r 38 Central
" William F, student, r 26 Mt Pleasant
Trombley---see Trembley
Trombly Elmer J, clk Welfare Bureau, r 16 Maple
" Mary, wid Elmer, h 16 Maple
True Alden C, emp E & T F & Co, r 10 Caledonia
" Gerald, r 10 Caledonia
" Lewis A (Ruby A), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Caledonia
" Miranda W, wid Adna, r Town Farm
Trush Nicholas (Genevieve), emp Am Handle Co, h 14 Clarks av
Tubman Earl H, r 12 Orchard
" J Henry (Effie), emp E & T F & Co, h 12 Orchard
" John M, C C C, r 12 Orchard
" Mildred C, wid Alexander, phone opr N E T & T Co, r 12 Orchard
Tull Maurice E (Florence B), emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Vernon M, student, r M E Tull, N Danville rd
Turgeon Ernest J (Mary J), painter E & T F & Co, h 27 Elm
" Laurent (Celina), retired, h 38 Maple
Turner Reginald W (Rex), (Pearl D), (Harris & Turner), h 3 South
" Reginald W, student, r 3 South
" Virginia, teacher Stark School, r R D 4
TWIN STATE GAS & ELECTRIC CO Lester A Bill mgr, 44 Eastern av, tel 110, see p 236
TWIN STATE TYPEWRITER AND OFFICE SUPPLY dist Royal typewriters, sales and service, W L Keysar mgr, 42 Eastern av, see front cover,
Twombly Barbara E, student, r 4 Harvey
Twombly Dennis B (Lula), emp E & T F & Co, h St J Ctr
" Edith H (Mrs Ellsworth E), dir Girl Scouts, h 4 Harvey
" Ellsworth E (Edith H), com trav C H & G H Cross, h 4 Harvey
" Elwin H, teacher Concord, r 4 Harvey
" Floyd, r D B Twombly, St J Ctr
" Gladys, r St J Ctr
" Herbert C (Elsie I), mach E & T F Co, h 7 Harrison av
" John E (Florence O), musician, h 45 Pleasant
" Kathleen M, student, r 4 Harvey
" Margaret J, teacher Laconia, N H, r 4 Harvey
" Raymond S, clk White River Jet, r 4 Harvey
Tyler Eleanor, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
UBC INN THE, Fred A Clement prop, hotel 46 Railroad
U S Re-Employment Service, Thelma Wright mgr, 50 Main
Underwood Allen C, emp Am F & H Co, h 8 Orient
" Harry G (Elizabeth C), emp E & T F & Co, r 13 Caledonia
" Myrtle L, clk P A, r 8 Orient
" Timothy H, retired, h 13 Caledonia
Union Baptist Church, Rev John C Smith pastor, Sun Services 11am, Morning Worship 10 a m, C E 7 p m, Midweek Wed 7 pm, 132 Railroad
United Commercial Travelers of America, St Johnsbury Council No 230, sectreas, Fred M Crosby. Meets 3d Sat K of P Hall 89 Eastern av
" States Fisheries Station, Albert H Dinsmore supt fish hatchery, N Danville rd, R D 3
" States Government Executive dept from March 4th, 1933 to 1937, pres, Franklin D Roosevelt, N Y; v-pres, John M Garner, Texas The Cabinet; sec of State Cordell Hull Term; sec of treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr, N Y; sec of navy, Claude Swanspn, Vir; sec of interior, Harold L Ickles, 111; sec of agriculture, Henry Wallace Jr, Iowa; sec of commerce, Daniel C Roper; S Carolina; sec of labor, Miss Frances Perkins, N Y; sec of war, George H Dem, Utah; post master general, James A Farley, N Y; attorney general, Homer S Cummings, Conn
" States Internal Revenue Office, William L Clark deputy collector, 59 Main
" States Post Office, see Post Offices
Urie Hazel, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Ruth, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
VALENTINE MILTON G (Marion C), mach E & T F & Co, h 5 Harvey
Valley Raymond J, r 45 Pearl
Vallier Albert, effip C C C, r 24 Elm
" Celina, wid Arthur, h 24 Elm
" Ivan, r 24 Elm
Valliere Conrad B, student, r 10 Elm
" Eugene (Demerise), painter E & T F & Co, h 10 Elm
Vance Bertha, nurse 36 Mt Pleasant, r do
" Marguerite, teacher Portland St School, r 17 Spring
Vancour George (Hazel), emp E & T F & Co, h 2 Bagley
" Jeddy E (Alice L), painter, h 157 Railroad
" William H (Mary E), r 157 Railroad
Varelli Philip, emp E & T F Co, r 65 Eastern av
Vear Alton E (Myrtle M), carp, h 13 Railroad
" Clinton J, r 135 Railroad
" Olive G, maid, r 23 Pearl
" William Austin (Rosema A), molder E & T F Co, h 135 Railroad
Veileux Rosanna, wid Joseph, r Town Farm
Veilleux Fabiola A, clk MeLellan Stores, r 39 Pearl
" Frederick A, emp 112 Railroad; h 39 Pearl
" G Edgar (Cordelia), new and used furniture 112 Railroad, h 39 Pearl
" Lauretta D, student, r 39 Pearl
" Yvonne L, emp 65 Main, r 39 Pearl
Vermont National Guard, Co D 172d Infantry, Earl F Daniels capt, Bernard A Wilcox 1st lieut, William B Cutting 2d lieut. Meets every Wednesday 7:30 p m at the State Armory 50 Main
Vermont Orange-Crush Bottling and Maple Products Corp, 20 Bay, pres-treas Earl H Orcutt; v-pres, Arthur R Menut
" Scale Repair Co, Charles H Powers prop, 40 Bay
" State Government, gov, Charles M Smith, Rutland; lieut gov, George L Aiken, Putney; sec of civil and military affairs, Mrs Lua B Edson, Montpelier; treas, Thomas H Cave, Barre City; sec of state, Rawson C Myrick, Montpelier; auditor of accounts, Benjamin Gates, Montpelier; attorney general, Lawrence C Jones, Rutland; sergeant at arms, Dwight J Dwinell, Montpelier; com of industries, Clarence R White, Burlington; com of agriculture, Edward H Jones, Waitsfield; com of banks and ins, L Douglas Meredith, Montpelier; state highway com, Hubert E Sargent, Montpelier; com of taxes, Erwin M Harvey, Montpelier; com of education, Francis L Bailey, Montpelier; com of forestry, Perry H Merrill, Montpelier; com of public welfare, William H Dyer, Montpelier; com fish and game, James Brown, Montpelier; purchasing agt, B N Sisco, Brandon; state librarian, Harrison J Conant, Montpelier; adj gen, Herbert Johnson, Montpelier; chairman public service com, Stephen C Cushing, St Albans; com of finance, Proctor H Page, Hyde Park V
" Rose D, sten E & T F & Co, r 31 Maple
Victory Auto Stores, Basil Darling prop, 10 Eastern av
Vigeant Irene (Mrs John L), emp Palmer Bros Laundry, h 37 Maple
" John L (Irene), mech Thoresen's Garage, h 37 Maple
Villeneuve Fernande, r 41 Maple
" Laureat, emp Gilman, r 41 Maple
" Mary L, emp Gilman, r 41 Maple
" Philip (Cecile), h 41 Maple
" Rose A, emp Palmer Bros, r 41 Maple
Vinick Peter (Goldie), traffic mgr St J Trucking Co, h 106 Concord av
Vitty Clarence L (Leota C), chiropractor 83 Eastern av, h 51 Pleasant
" Francis W (Shirley), h 17 Church
" Lucian H (Jennie E), retired, h 2 Caledonia
" Shirley (Mrs Francis W), asst supvr Brightlook Hosp, h 17 Church
WAGNER WALTER S (Helen K), clk J Clark Amey, h 32 Central
Waite Charles E (Nellie P), painter E & T F & Co, h 42 Cliff
" Grace A, h 42 Pleasant
Wakefield Alice E, physician 2 Winter, h do
" Alonzo C, gardener, r 28 Caledonia
" Kate E, colonial weaving 2 Winter, r do
" Nellie J, r 6 Park
" Orenzo C, salesman, r 2 Winter
WAKEFIELD ROBERT R (R Adeline) treas-gen mgr The Northern Cadillac Co, h 12 Caledonia
Wakeham John E (Grace A), const wkr, h 7 Bank pl
Waldo Maurice C (Lillian E), carp, r 12 Emerson
Walter Block, 63 Main
" Borden, emp Gilman Bros Garage, r 136 Railroad
" George, teamster, r 32 Mt Pleasant
" George A (Jennie), (Walker & Brock), h 32 Central
" James A, student, r 30 Central
" John A, salesman, r 46 Railroad
" Mary J, wid James, r 8 Forest av
" Priscilla (Mrs Stanley A), sten C H Goss Co, h 30 Pearl
" Ruth E, bkpr Walker & Brock, r 30 Central
" Stanley A (Priscilla), emp Armour, h 30 Pearl
" & Brock (George Walker and Leonard Brock), auto dealers, 81 Portland
Wallace Gordon R (Iva), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 153 Portland
" Henry J (Clara S), farmer, h St J Ctr
Walling Paul (Helen D), salesman, h 2 Nelson
Walsh Edward A, student, r 140 Railroad
" Frank M (Ella G), physician 140 Railroad, h do
" Frank M Jr, student, r 140 Railroad
" Thomas J (Marie), dentist 79 Railroad, h S Main, R D 2
" William T, student, r T J Walsh, R D 2
Walter Ethel (Mrs Gerald A), emp Sherburne Restaurant, h 62 Spring
Walter Gerald A (Ethel F), h 62 Spring
" Lila, wid Horace W, nurse 39 Cliff, r do
Ward Agnes R Mrs, clk Weiner's Dept Store, h 11 Cherry
" Elmer G (Gertrude R), emp E & T F Co, h 57 Portland
" Frank (Nina), retired, h 11 Tremont
" Harold (Bertha), farmer, h 3 Central
" Irving H (Maud B), prop Ward's, h 105 Main
" Mildred G, r 57 Portland
" Osborne, pastry cook, r 18 Main
" Parker B, clk Ward's, r 105 Main
" Robert T (Sarah), com trav, h 18 Summer
" Sheila, r 11 Cherry
" Wesley (Ida H), farmer, h Danville rd, R D 3
" Willard H, draftsman E & T F Co, r 31 Mt Pleasant
Ward's, Irving H Ward prop, men's clothing, 73 Main
Wark Carl B (Florence G), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Charles J (Lizzie), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" Earl J, farmer, r C J Wark
" Florence G (Mrs Carl B), teacher Summer St School, h E St Johnsbury
Warne Charles V (Beatrice L), (Moose River Granite Co),,h Concord av, R D 1
Warner Bessie R, prop Harper Method Beauty Shop, h 11 Belvidere
" Emma M, prop Mt Pleasant Lodge, h 9 Mt Pleasant
Warrell Benjamin J, driver St J Trucking Co, r 88 Portland
" George T (Jennie), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 88 Portland
" Murline, r 88 Portland
" Phyllis M, emp Caledonia, Mills, r 88 Portland
Warren Harold F (Marion I), pres Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" James C (Reta), treas-v-pres Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" Marion I (Mrs Harold F), see Warren Motors Corp, h Portland, R D 2
" Motors Corp, 27 Railroad, pres, Harold F Warren; pres-treas, James C Warren; sec, Marion I Warren
Washburn Luther I (Olive L), salesman, h St J
Waterman Blodgett block, 91-95 Railroad
WATERMAN STERRY R (Frances K), lawyer Citizen Nat Bank Bldg and state's attorney, h 24 Central, see p 244
" Zeno S (Sarah W), pres-treas Waterman's, h 8 Mt Pleasant
Waterman's Inc, dry goods 95 Railroad, pres-treas Zeno S Waterman
Watson Andrew H (Helen L), emp Manton-Gaulin Mfg Co, h 62 Lafayette
" Jessie Mrs, r 3 Russell av
" Lawrence A (Margaret), emp N E T & T Co, h 46 Summer
Watts Benjamin G (Zadie), painter and paperhanger Water, St J Ctr, h do
Waxman Isabelle, technician Brightlook Hosp, r do
Webb Charles N (Mabel G), night watchman C H & G H Cross, h St J Ctr
"Walter, h Center rd
" Walter H (Effie), prop Brookdale Farm, h 216 Railroad
Webber Guy B (Ada M), const wkr, h 5 River
" William, emp E & T F & Co, r 21 Main
Webster Gordon, C C C, r 8 Pearl
" Lena, wid Earle, r E G Learned
" Phyllis M, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
Wedge Glenn R (Mary E), lineman T S G & E Co, h 11 Perkins
" Nellie S, wid Benjamin F, r 162 Railroad
Weeks Carl P (Elgie M), plumber 16 Caledonia, h do
" Clarence B (Eola J), farmer, h N Danville rd, R D 3
" Earl, emp Peck Co, r 16 Caledonia
" Ella W (Mrs James S), rooms 31 Pearl, h do
" Gordon C, retired, h 2 Autumn
" Henry R (Lileen), salesman C R D Co, h Danville rd, R D 3
" James S (Ella W), grocer 52 Portland, h 31 Pearl
" Rossie B, r 31 Pearl
Weiner Lillian, clk 80 Railroad, r do
" Morris A (Sarah), prop Weiner's Dept Store, h 80 Railroad
" Rose, clk 80 Railroad, r do
Weiner's Department Store, Morris A Weiner prop, 80 Railroad
Welch William F, retired, r 53 Spring
Welcome Albert J (Leila J), lab, r 57 Lafayette
" Clayton W (Mildred E), clk Republican House, h 170 Railroad
Welcome Mildred E (Mrs Clayton N), phone opr NET & T Co; h 170 Railroad
Welfoot Claude C (Addie C), ice cream mfrs S Main, R D 2, h do
Wells Dwight L (Clara F), R D mail carrier, h 5 Elliott
" George G (Linda A), lab, h 30 Maple
" Glee, nurse Brightlook Hosp, r do
" Harlow H (Esther M), lab, h 30 Maple
" Lucy P, r 5 Elliot
" Scott (Rosella R), emp Lindsley's, h 20 Tremont
" Scott Jr, r 12 Passumpsic
Wesley Ivis D (Mrs Walter W), registrar of the Probate Court, h 15'Mt Pleasant
" John W (Emma F), physician 19 Mt Pleasant, h do
" Walter W (Ivis), judge of probate court, h 15 Mt Pleasant
West Alice, wid Frank, h 93 Main
" Doris J, student, r 93 Main
" Ethel A, student, r 93 Main
" Harry, r 7 Assisqua
" Paul, lab, h 45 Cliff
Western Union Telegraph Co, Edwin H Cowieson mgr, 24 Eastern av
Weston Carlyle E, r 8 Hastings
" Lyle D H (Esther M S), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Hastings
Wetherell Winton W (Leta), meter reader T S G & E Co, h 32 Pearl
Weymouth Jeannette M, student, r 73 Pearl
" O Leroy, musician, r 73 Pearl
" Percy H (Annie), mach E & T F & Co, h 73 Pearl
Whalen Thomas (Myrtle), mech Corner Garage, h 16 Elm
Whaley Donald C, emp Maple Grove Candies, r 97 Main
" Frances G, wid Fred M, r 97 Main
" Harold R (Elizabeth B), mgr Maple Grove Candies (Inc), h 97 Main
Wheaton Helen L, bkpr Caledonian Record, h 18 Summer
Wheeler Harry C (Bessie S), mgr C R Lynch Est, h St J Ctr
" Lee (Marion), h 95 Portland
" Louise M Mrs, r 151 Railroad
" Mary L, asst Museum of Natural Science, r 57 Summer
" Merle E (Gwendolyn G), emp St J & L C R R, h N Danville rd, R D 3
Wheelock Almond M (Philomene M), cond St J & L C R R, h 3 School
" Clarence A, student, r 3 School
" Edelbert G, student, r 9 Caledonia
" Frank E (Winifred G), painter, h 9 Caledonia
" Russell A, adv asst Caledonian Record, r 3 School
" Ruth, student, r Frank E Wheelock
White Alphonso (Mary E), janitor Arlington St School, h Pleasant c Nelson
" Annie, wid Hastings W, r 5O 1/2 Cliff
" Austin F (Millicent F), clk The Peck Co, h 13 St Mary
" Bertha K, teacher Summer St School, r 38 Summer
" David E, musician, h 217 Railroad
" Dorothy L, sten 3 Portland, r Pleasant nr Nelson
" Elizabeth, student, r 38 Summer
" Ephriam J, emp E & T F & Co, h 4 Church (57)
" Helen Mrs, dom, r 144 Railroad
" Henry R (Amelia), retired, h 7 Prospect
" Lorna K Mrs, County home dem Cal Co Farm Bureau, h 17 Western av
" Millicent F (Mrs Austin F), emp Palmer Bros, h 13 St Mary
" Vincent, mgr First Natl Stores, r 22 Church
" Wilmont D (Dorothy J), taxi service Depot and 5 School, h do
Whitehill Ellen F, teacher Enfield, N H, r 10 Green
" Fred J (Annie L), mach E & T F & Co, h rear 23 Summer
" George W (Elizabeth), emp E & T F & Co, h 10 Green
Whiting Gerald (Elizabeth P), woodsman, h 1 Harrison av
" Mary A, wid George H, h 144 Railroad
Whitman Joseph O (Claudia), emp E & T F & Co, h River ext
Whitney Charles (Nellie), sexton St J Ctr Cemetery, h St J Ctr
" Doris E, teacher Montpelier, r St J Ctr
" Marion E, dom 24 Central, r do
" Raymond C (Vera), farmer, h St J Ctr
Whittier Rufus S, retired, h 39 Eastern av
Whorf Edward, retired, r Town Farm
Widger Charles (Ella), moulder E & T F & Co, h 35 Concord av
" Elden C (Eva E), baker 65 Main, h 63 do
" Fred (Mabel), lab, h Bay
" George, emp Willey's Bakery, r River
" Nellie R, r 180 Railroad
Wilcomb Archie D (Mildred S), com trav, h 4 Belvidere
" Ida, wid W D, h 30 Central
Wilcox Bernard A (Margaret A), deputy sheriff and collections, constable and tax collector 71 Railroad and mgr Northern Credit Assoc, h 4 Church (33)
" Herbert A (Agnes M), harness shop 53 Eastern av and letter carrier P O, h 45 Summer
" Margaret A (Mrs Bernard A), sten Merchants Nat Bank, h 4 Church (33)
Wilfred Beauty Shoppe (Gertrude F Graham and Laura R Noel), 21 Eastern av
Wilkie Alvi F, r 5 Washington av
" Bernard G, emp E & T F & Co, h 6 Cote's ct
" Carl R (Anna), drug clerk C A Searles & Co, h 46 Summer
" Carroll D, lab, r 12 Lincoln
" Donald D, attd 48 Railroad, r 46 do
" Edward J, painter, h 157 Washington
" Eleanor C, sten Nat Handle Co, r 5 Washington av
" Esther S, r 5 Washington av
" Frank, emp 46 Railroad, h do
" Harold J, C C C, r 46 Railroad
" Hazel L, clk Hovey & Chandler, h 1 Portland
" Hortense L, emp F W Woolworth Co, r 8 Caledonia
" Ira N (Annie J), mach E & T F & Co, h 8 Caledonia
" Irwin A (May S), mach E & T F & Co, h 5 Washington av
" John E, retired, r 46 Railroad
" Leo O, emp Laconia N H, r 8 Caledonia
" Paul I, student, r 5 Washington av
" Theodore, r 5 Washington av
Wilkins Arthur A (Lura E), lab, h 135 Portland
" Everett E (Geraldine E), const wkr, h 12 Elm
" George E (Evelyn G), emp E & T F & Co, h 8 Brook
" Lawrence A (Hazel), emp Ry Exp Agy, h 10 Hastings
Wilkinson Clarence, r 36 Railroad
" Ernest F, lab, h E St Johnsbury
" Ruth I, sten, r 16 Main
Willard Clark C, emp Swift & Co, r 16 Pleasant
" Harold C (Olga A), emp E & T F & Co, h 33 Clarks av
" Martha S, wid William J, h 2 Summer
" Merriman, emp 55 Main, r 33 Clarks av
Willcut John, r Town Farm
" Lucy, emp New Avenue Hotel, r 39 Eastern av
Willey Abbie, wid James, r 50 Spring
" Carl (Laura), emp Oilman Bros Garage, r 129 Railroad
" Carol C, r 32 1/2 Pearl
" Charles E (Frances), emp E & T F & Co, h 32 1/2 Pearl
" Ellen J, wid Henry, r 2 Higgins ct
" Elmer G, musician, r 50 Central
" Ernest E (Ella F), emp E & T F & Co, h 50 Central
" Evelyn, clk W T Grant Co, r 32 1/2 Pearl
WILLEY FRED M (Edna), prop Willey's Food & Coffee Shop and prop Colonial Restaurant, h 50 Spring
" Isabel M, teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
" James F, student, r 50 Spring
WILLEY'S COLONIAL RESTAURANT Fred M Willey prop, 68 Main, see p 241
WILLEY'S FOOD & COFFEE SHOP Fred M Willey prop, 65 Main, see p 241
Williams Annie Mrs, r 33 Eastern av
" Arthur H (Mina O), lab, h 2 off River
" James, emp Corner Garage, h 114 Railroad
" Margaret, waitress Republican House, r 33 Eastern av
" Marion F, clk WT Grant Co, r 2 off River
" Pauline L, r 4 Orient
WILLIAMS ROBERT (Martha) prop Republican House, res Concord
Williams Thomas H (Laura M), lab, h 4 Orient
Williamson Hermon W, farmer, h Pleasant byd village limits
" James A (Avis M), driver C H & G H Cross, h 4 Garden
WILLOUGHBY DINER Ernest Lloyd McKee prop, 48 1/2 Eastern av, see p 242
Wilson Emily T, physician 31 Main, h 4-Church (30)
" William J (Beatrice), emp E & T F & Co, h 11 Elm
Winn Georgia A, wid Charles S, r 118 Main
" Harold E (Laura D), emp E T & F & Co, h 18 Western av
Withers Betty L, student, r 24 Church
" Morye D (Sally B), hardwood rep Northern Lumber Co, h 4 Church (32)
" Pelham B, student, r 4 Church (32)
WITTERS HARRY W (Grace B), (Porter, Witters and Longmoore), h 24 Church
" Virginia A, student, r 24 Church
Wood George (Eva), farmer, h E St Johnsbury
" George L (Jennie M), emp E & T F & Co, h 17 Cherry
" Harold B (Dorothy), serviceman T S G & E Go, h 1 Jones
" Julian H (Edith A D), mach E & T P & Co, h 3 High
" Margaret, wid Henry, r 1 Jones
" Reginald J, student, r 17 Cherry
" Richard P (Ethel D), emp Goldbergh, h St J Ctr
" ---see Dubois
Woodbury Charles E (Lura G), v-pres-treas St Johnsbury Garage Co, h 22 Spring
" Fred L, trucking 5 Portland, h do
Woodruff Lyle, musician, h 25 Hastings
Woods Almira L Mrs (D J & W L Perrigard), h 47 Western av
" Charles P (Mary), teamster, h off Federal
" Dorothy S r 75 Summer
" Evelyn M, sec Swan Const Corp, r 47 Western av
" Frederick S (Nellie S), real estate 75 Summer, h do
" George (Eva), janitor E St Johnsbury School h E St Johnsbury
WOODS GILBERT E (Helen S), pres Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 110 Main
" Gordon G, student, r 47 Weston av
" Herbert T (Bertha I), mach, h 15 Harrison av
" James H (Margaret L), teller Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co, h 67 Summer
" Margaret E, wid Carl W, clk Citizens Bank, h 43 Summer
" Raymond M (Alice P), emp E & T F & Co, h Danville rd
" ---see Dubois
Woodward George E (Lena M), h 19 Pearl
Woodworth Blanche, wid Don C, h Center rd
" Lyle S (Doris), r 214 Railroad
Woolworth F W & Co, five and ten cent store, Floyd A Cook mgr, 81-83 Railroad
Worthen Dixi F, com trav, h 2 Stiles ter
" Raymond A (Clara B), emp Woodsville N H, h 56 Spring
Wotton Albert E (Vera), mach E & T F & Co, h 41 Summer
" Vera (Mrs Albert E), clk Grey Shop, h 41 Summer
Wright Addie, wid George S, h 1 Jones
" Alfred W Jr, draftsman E & T F & Co, h 8 Union
" Alfred W Sr (Helen F), emp Maple Grove Candies, h 8 Union
" Arthur S (Alice G), draftsman E & T F & Co, h 8 Union
" Burton S (Carrie L), emp C P R R, h 15 Pearl
" Ethel E, dressmkr 41 Cliff, r do
" Frederick (Mary G), emp E & T F & Co, h 3 Parker av
" G Carroll (Christina S), draftsman, r 41 Mt Vernon
" George A, retired, h 41 Cliff
" Guy C (Bertha), h 41 Mt Vernon
" Helen, r River ext
" Irwin, musician, h 17 High
" James N (Harriet), emp Cary Maple Sugar Co, h 127 Concord av
" Laura, wid William, nurse 22 Summer, r do
" Thelma, mgr USA Re-Employment Office, r 8 Union
" Wendell B (Hazel L), sealer E & T F & Co, h 8 Orchard
" William H (Eliza), farmer and milk dealer River ext, h do
Wyman Chester, auto mech, h 65 Railroad
" Hazen (Isabelle A), truck driver, h S Main, R D 2
YATES ELLETA, nurse 54 Eastern av, r do
Yeranian Rosa, teacher St Johnsbury Academy, r "Brantview"
" Dennis, r 9 Orchard
" Ezra C (Cecelia M), painter C H Goss Co, h 12 Western av
" Harold N (Daisy A I), manual training instr, h 22 Webster
" Jennie M, bkpr and chief clk T S G & E Co, r 19 Harrison av
ZABARSKY DANIEL (Ida), pres Highway Express Inc and junk dealer 106 Concord av, h do
ZABARSKY HARRY D (Mollie), (St Johnsbury Trucking Co), h 16 North av
ZABARSKY MILTON J (Esther), (St Johnsbury Trucking Co), res Somerville, Mass
" Sylvia H, student, r 106 Concord av
Ziter Nash, opr Cray's Star Theatre, res inq do

appr - apprentice assn - association av - avenue B - Brightlook
blk - block bldg - building bkpr - bookkeeper c - corner
com trav - commercial traveler ct - court do - ditto emp - employed
h - house ins - insurance mkr - maker mis - miles
n - near opp - opposite opr - operative and operator pl - place
rd - road ry - railway sq - square rem - removed
r - rooms res - residence SOC - Standard Oil Co sten - stenographer
supt - superintendent treas - treasurer ter - terrace RD - rural delivery
E - East N - North S - South W - West
wid - widow dist - district Am F&HCo - American Fork & Hoe Co CPRR - Canadian Pacific Railroad
FM&Co - Fairbanks Morse & Co MCRR - Maine Central Railroad NET & T co - New England Telephone & Telegraph Co NLCo or N Lumber Co - Northern Lumber Co
St J - St Johnsbury St J Gas Co - St Johnsbury Gas Co St J&LCRR - St Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad St J Ctr - St Johnsbury Centre
TSG&Eco - Twin State Gas & Electric Co USA - United States Army USN - United States Navy E&TF & Co - E&T Fairbanks & Co
M C Lellan's - McLellan's S Const Co - Swan Construction Co

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