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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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Abbott Franklin M., dealer in sewing machines and agricultural implements, insurance agent, h opp. Hotel.
Aldrich Caleb, (W. Burke) r g, farmer, h and lot.
ALLARD ALBERT R., r 46, dry goods peddler, h and lot.
ALLARD ALFRED, r 59, 3,000 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 116.
Allard Henry, (W. Burke) r 9, 900 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Allard Hollis, with his father, farmer 37,
Allard Olin T., (W. Burke) r 9. teamster.
ALLARD REUBEN, r 37, h and lot, farmer 100.
Allen Josephine, (W. Burke) widow of William, resides with Daniel Lee.
Ainger Jessie, r 49, 300 sugar trees, farmer 70.
Ainger John H., r 49, farmer 40.
Ainger Isaac G., r 18, 400 sugar trees, farmer 160.
Ash Myron D., r 18, laborer.
Bailey Cynthia, (Mrs. Jerome) r 22, farmer 125.
Bailey Jerome, r 22, carries on farm for his wife.
Bailey Samuel W., (W. Burke) r 9, farmer 10.
Baldwin Willard, r 54, retired farmer, lives with Oscar Page.
BALL ALBERT H., r 38, selectman, 1,300 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 400.
Ball Daniel J., (W. Burke) r 12, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200.
Ball Frank W., r 38, works at Lyndon.
Ball Henry T., r 38, farmer with A. H.
BALL LEVI, r 48, 800 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Ball Parker P., r 37, tinsmith, works in Lyndon, h and lot.
Ball Silas P., r 59, 650 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 90.
Barker Francis W., r 47, selectman, 1,000 sugar trees, 40 apple trees, h and lot, farmer 167.
Barker Thomas J., retired clothier, h and lot.
Bartlett Michael, (W. Burke) r 29, 200 sugar trees, 30 sheep, farmer 100.
Bartlett Simon M., (W. Burke) r 31, (Way & Bartlett) 700 sugar trees, farmer 52.
Battles Luther, r 35, farmer 75.
BEAN GEORGE N. M., r 48, carriagemaker, farmer 21.
Berry Aylmer M., r 39, farmer 26.
BERRY BYRON W., (W. Burke) r 44, watchman at steam mill, h School.
Berry Eugene A., (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, laborer, h and lot.
BERRY FRANKLIN 0., r 45, 700 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, farmer 50.
BERRY FRED C., r 2, son of Stephen.
Berry Jonathan, off r 43, farm laborer, with Edwin Peavy.
Berry Leslie M., r 42, farm laborer, with T. C. Green.
Berry Marcus M., r 46 1/2, laborer.
Berry Moses, r 42, farmer 1, and leases of Willis, 3,000 sugar trees, 85 acres.
Barry Stephen, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) farmer 40, scales lumber for Henry Pilsbury.
Blake Betsey, r 44, widow of Stephen, h and lot.
BLAKE HENRY A, general merchant, agricultural implements, new model Buckey and Walter A. Wood's mowing machines, Butler harrow, flour, feed, etc., farmer 20.
Blake Joseph, resident with H. A.
Brockway Alvin W., r 37, carriage and house painter, and paper hanger.
Brockway Edward W., r 37, carriage and sleigh manuf. & farm wagons a specialty.
Brockway Josiah, r 37, retired carriage maker. farmer 16.
Brown Moses H., r 20, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 215.
Bugbee Adna, (W. Burke) r 9, teamster.
Bugbee Hemy C., (W. Burke) r 9, farmer 30.
Bundy Charles, r 57, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 150.
Bundy Oscar E., r 57, prop, grist-mill, dealer in all kinds of grain.
Burnham Alfred, r 46 1/2, shingle-mill and wool carding.
BUTTERFIELD EDMUND H., r 46, 200 apple trees, farmer 45.
Buzzell John P., (W. Burke) r 47, farmer 93, served in Co. B, 3d Vt. Regt.
Campbell Fremont J., farmer, lives with Milton C.
Campbell Gilbert M., r 24, insurance agent, deputy sheriff, 600 sugar trees, 16 cows, 65 sheep. 3 horses, farmer 344.
CAMPBELL LUClUS J., postmaster, general merchant, 500 sugar trees, 25 apple trees, 4 cows, farmer 60.
Campbell Milton A.. town treasurer, farmer 99.
Campbell Nahum K., r 38, cattle and sheep dealer.
Campbell Sherman H., r 24, with G. M.
Campbell Willie J., r 39, farmer 100.
Carrick Clarence L., (W. Burke) r 2, 33 sheep, farmer, leases of Jewett Corliss 90.
Chapman Frederick E., farmer.
Chapman Herman D., r 46, mail carier, lives with Henry Esterbrooks.
Chappel Walter, (W. Burke) r 6, farmer 48.
Chase Charles, r 49, 700 sugar trees, farmer 58.
Cheney Alanson W., (W. Burke) r 9, farmer with Henry Allard.
Cheney Harry. (W. Burke) r 12 1/2, farmer.
Cheney Silas Dr., (W. Burke) r 6, farmer.
Clark Charles, r 17, 600 sugar trees, farmer 160.
Clark George, off r 29, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 112.
Clark Henry A., (W. Burke) r 28 cor 30, farmer 77.
Clifford James, (W. Burke) r 30, laborer.
Coburn William, (S. Baton, Orleans Co.) r 2, farmer 45.
COLBY GEORGE W., opp. town house, homeo. physician and surgeon, medicine cases filled to order, h and lot.
Colby Harley R., r 50, farmer with J. W.
COLBY JOHN W., r 50, breeder of Morgan horses, 700 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 130.
Cole Morrill, (W. Burke) r 14, 400 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Cook James, (W. Burke) r 29, farmer 9.
Corliss Simon W., (W. Burke) r 2, farmer 130, leases of Mrs. Tite 300 sugar trees.
Craig James M., r 17, 20 grade Jersey cows, 1,400 sugar trees, breeder of Cassius horses, farmer 300, served in the 3d Vt. Regt.
Cummings William F., (W. Burke) r 4, breeder of Morgan horses, 600 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Curtis Allen B., (W. Burke) r 3, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer 296, and in Westmore, Orleans Co., 140.
Curtis Edwin E , (W. Burke) r 12, farmer, leases of Arvilla Noyes 120.
Curtis Francis C., (W. Burke) r 13, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Curtis Harley M.. (W. Burke) r 3, with his father, Allen B.
CURTIS ORRIN T., (W. Burke) r 13 cor 3, apiary 8 swarms, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Curtis Willie, (W. Burke) r 3, with his father, Allen B.
Daniels Charles, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, farmer 200.
Darling John, r 59, lister, farmer 100.
Davis Jonathan, (W. Burke) r 9, farmer 10.
Davis Oscar E., (W. Burke) lives with Jonathan.
Dean Nelson W., r 57 cor 55 and 56, 700 sugar trees, farmer 109.
Dean Maria. widow of Richard M., resides with E. S. Roundy.
Dennett Alonzo, r 42, farm laborer, with Thomas C. Green.
Dolloff Thomas C., (W. Burke) r 3, 200 sugar trees, farmer 118.
Dowd Sylvester S., r 51, 1,500 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, farmer 190.
Downing Charles M., (W. Burke) r 3, farmer 60.
Drew Charles, r 24, farmer with Francis.
Drew Francis, r 24, prop, of Hotel at Willoughby Lake, farmer 137.
Drown Alonzo, r 52, laborer.
Drown Reuben, r 39, farmer 30.
Dunklee, James, (W. Burke) off r 2, farmer 50.
Dunklee Moses, (W. Burke) farmer with James.
Dunn Simeon, (W. Burke) lives with Hiram Winslow.
EASTMAN BRADBURY, r 46, mechanic, farmer 7.
Eastman George O., r 37, farmer 70.
Eastman Jonathan, (Wheelock) r 55, 3,000 sugar trees, 1,000 apple trees, farmer 248.
Eastman Ward B., r 37, 1,625 sugar trees, 19 cows, farmer 140.
Eastman Welcome B., student, lives with Charles W. Willard.
Easterbrooks Harlow, r 52 cor 53, 650 sugar trees farmer 170.
Easterbrooks Henry W., r 46, retired farmer, h and lot.
Eaton Charles L., r 19, 14 sheep, farmer 46.
ELLIS REUBEN, r 46, retired harnessmaker, justice of the peace, overseer of the poor, dealer in Bradley's phosphates, 900 sugar trees, farmer 43.
Emory Ira, (W. Burke) r 34, 700 sugar trees, farmer 85, in Burke 20.
Farr George R., (W. Burke) r 7, farmer 100.
Flint Charles G., r 16, about 40 sheep, farmer 110, soldier in 15th Vt. Regt.
Flint Jonas, r 16, farmer 23.
Fogg Charles F., (W. Burke) r 10, farmer, leases of Mary A Southworth.
FOGG OLIVER M , (W. Burke) r 4, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer 100, pasture 75.
FORBES HUBBARD S., (W. Burke) off r 36, carpenter and joiner, blacksmith, 2,200 sugar trees, 75 apple trees, farmer 200.
Foster George, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, laborer.
French George W., (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, farmer with Charles Daniels.
Frost Rollins N., r 16. farmer 50.
Gilman Harlan L., r 38 cor 27, farmer 14.
Gilman Warren L., (W. Burke) r 30 cor 28, 700 sugar trees, farmer 109.
Gordon Jacob B., r 20, selectman, town agent, justice of the peace, 23 sheep, 1,300 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 200, wood land 250.
Gordon Lewis W., r 20, justice of the peace, breeder of Clay horses, farmer 320.
Grassett Peter, with D. D. Hayward, farm laborer.
Gray Anson, retired farmer, lives with Silas.
Gray Charles B., r 23, farmer 29.
Gray Harlow H., r 1, mill hand.
Gray Luther A., (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) 200 sugar trees, 500 apple trees, apiary 10 swarms. farmer 151.
GRAY SILAS W., r 23, horse breeder, farmer 94.
Gray Sylvester, r 51, laborer for D. E. Ruggles.
Green William J., r 46, 700 sugar trees, farmer 30.
GREENE JOHN W., r 42, farmer with Thomas C.
Greene Thomas C., r 42, 2,000 sugar trees. 100 apple trees, farmer 230.
Hall Loren J., r 45, 900 sugar trees, 60 grade Cotswold sheep, farmer 160,
Hall Winslow, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) emp. in steam mill for Pillsbury.
Harriman George N., laborer, h and lot.
HARRIS LUTHER B., r 37, h and lot, also prop, "The Mull" stock farm in Lyndon, 300 acres, and in Wheelock 300.
Hastings Charles, r 37, farmer 60.
HAYWARD DENNISON D., r 35, breeder of Morgan horses, farmer 157, and in Burke 15.
Hill Jeremiah, laborer, lives with John E. Willard.
Holmes Frank A., clerk at St Johnsbury House.
Holmes Lewis, r 46, farmer 25.
Holtham James M.. r 22, farmer about 100.
HOLTHAM JOHN, r 56, farmer 60.
Huntley Daniel G.. (W. Burke) r 27, station agent at Sutton depot.
Huntley Loren, (W. Burke) r 6, farmer 60.
HYDE FREEMAN, r 44, prop. saw-mill, served in 15th Vt. and 1st Vt. Cavalry.
Jenness Amos G., r 18, farmer 80.
Jenness Asa, r 18, farmer for his father, David.
Jenness David, r 18. retired farmer.
Jenness Hiram, r 18, at W. Burke.
Jesseman Ira, (W. Burke) r 34, 700 sugar trees, farmer about 50.
Jesseman Ora S., r 43, farmer 70.
Johnson Emeline, (W. Burke) r 31, widow of James, D., farmer 27.
Joy Charles W., r 24, farmer 51.
Kimball Dustin E., (W. Burke) r 9, lister, 800 sugar trees, farmer 200.
KINCAID ARTHUR E., r 48, farmer 27.
KINISON LYMAN B , (W. Burke) r 29, cooper, farmer and stone mason.
Laclair Dana F., r 43, leases of Caleb Moulton, 500 sugar trees, farm 100.
LANG ANDREW, r 55, 325 sugar trees, and 900 in Lyndon, farmer 50.
Leach Roswell I., r 24, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 100.
LEE DANIEL, (W. Burke) r 31, 300 sugar trees, farmer 60.
McGENNIS EDWARD, (W. Bulke) r 31, buther, bleeder of Chester white swine and Plymouth Rock fowls, 100 sugar trees, farmer 42.
Miles Ezekiel, r 23 cor 40, farmer 13.
Miles Frederick H., (W. Burke) r 15, 300 sugar trees, 40 apple trees, farmer 65.
Miles John B , (W. Burke) r 15, 300 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 130.
Mitchell A. Leonard, r 40, carpenter, resides with Mrs. Mary Nutt.
Mitchell Henry C., r 22, farmer 60.
Mitchell Solomon, r 40, resides with Wesley F.
Mitchell Thnmas J , r 37, farmer with Reuben Allard, owns farm 51.
Mitchell Wesley F., r 40, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 52.
Moulton Caleb G., r 46, 900 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, farmer 102, h and lot.
Norris Daniel G , r 1, farmer 280.
Norris Frank B., r 1, horse breeder, farmer 145.
Noyes Arvilla, (W. Burke) r 6, widow of Nathaniel, 450 sugar trees, farmer 131.
Noyes Moses W., ( W. Burke) r 14, 650 sugar trees, breeder of horses, farmer 120.
NOYES WARD R., (W. Burke) son of Moses W., resident.
Nutt Mary, r 40, widow of Charles, farmer 10.
Olcott Simeon. (W. Burke) r 7, 300 sugar trees, farmer 70, woodland 12.
Orcott Harrison (W. Burke) r 29, teamster, lives with Samuel.
ORCOTT IRVIN E., (W. Burke) r 29. farmer, lives with his father, Harrison.
Orcott Samuel, (W. Burke) r 29, breeder Morgan horses, farmer 35.
Orleans and Caledonia Lumber Co., (Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, steam saw-mill, Henry F. Pillsbury, owner, coarse lumber and shingle, also box factory.
Page Oscar, r 54, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer 170.
Parker Corydon, r 26, farmer 163, and in Sheffield 10.
Parker Hannah B, r 27, widow of Joseph, h and lot, 600 sugar trees, farmer 129.
Parker Julius, r 26, with Corydon P., farm laborer.
Parker Phebe, widow of Jeremiah, resides with Gilbert M. Campbell.
Peavy Edwin, off r 43, 600 sugar trees, farmer 50.
Peck Orville H., lives with Silas P. Ball.
Philbrick Oren D., (S. Barton. Orleans Co.) farmer 70.
Pillsbury Henry F., (Barton, Orleans Co.) (Orleans and Caledonia Lumber Co.) 10 Jersey cows. farmer 50.
Pillsbury Jonathan M.. (Sutton and Lyndonville) r 47, farmer 125.
Powell Charlotte Mrs., (W. Burke) r 34, farmer 60.
Powers George E., (W. Burke) r 10, justice of the peace, 300 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Powers Jonathan, (W. Burke) r 6. apiary 5 swarms, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 90, in Westmore 20, and in Newark 55.
RANNEY GEORGE, (Shefield) shoemaker, office in Harlan L. Gilman's house, residence Sheffield.
Rattery Jennie, (W. Burke) widow of David, lives with William, is the oldest person in town.
Rattery William, (W. Burke) r 9, 350 sugar trees, farmer 100.
RENNIE ALDIN J., r 48 h cor 47 and 50, lumber mill, shingles and coarse lumber, farmer 47, and leases of Mrs. Sturtevant 43, also owns half pf the Blake mill privilege.
RICE ALFRED, (S. Barton) off r 2, 400 sugar trees, farmer 100, soldier in J. E. McCord's Cavalry, frontier Regt. of Texas.
Rice George W., (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 3. 600 sugar trees, 1,000 apple trees, farmer 145.
Rice John A., off r 36, farmer 100.
Rice John M., (S. Barton) r 3, 1,200 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, leases for life of Manson Whipple farm 280.
Richards William, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, laborer.
RICHARDSON RILEY, (W. Burke) r 4, breeder of Percheron horses, 1,300 sugar trees, farmer 100
Ross Warner E., (W. Burke) r 8, farmer in Burke 42, and in Newark 34.
Roundy Edwin J., r 26, farmer 190.
Roundy Elmer S., (W. Burke) r 9, prop. saw mill, shingle-mill and grist.mill, dealer in grain and feed. h and lot.
ROUNDY FREDERICK A., (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 16, farmer 145.
Roundy Willie J., r 16, brakeman on Pass. R. R.
Roundy William R., r 16, horse breeder, 10 grade Jersey cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 230.
Ruggles Daniel E.. r 51 cor 49, 1,000 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, 40 grade Cotswold sheep, 5 Clay and Morrill horses, farmer 125, in Newark 46.
Ruggles Wllham, r 38, farmer 80.
Sanborn Laomi B., retired machinist, served in Co. K, 24th Mass. Regt., h and lot.
Sisco Fred E , (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 1, 700 sugar trees, Morgan stock horse "William Tell," farmer 150.
Smith Enoch, r 46, teamster.
Snelling Leander, off r 2, farmer 25.
Stearns Herman E., r 5, farmer 123.
Stebbins Samuel, (W. Burke) r 9, retired farmer, house and lot.
STODDARD RAWSON, off r 48, retired farmer.
Stone Augustus R., r 1, farmer 75 soldier in Co. G, 3d Vt. Regt.
Stone Oliver, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) r 2, farmer 15.
Sturgeon Thomas E. A., with D. D. Hayward, supt. of stables at Bellevue House, Newport, Vt.
Sulloway Martha, widow of John, resides with Arnold Taft.
SUTTON HOTEL, Lucius J. Campbell, proprietor.
Sweetser Stephen, r 46, carpenter and joiner, shingle maker and farmer 15.
SWITSER CHARLES, r 18, farmer 200, served in Co. G, 15th Vt. Regt.
Taft Andrew P., (W. Burke) r 31, 800 sugar trees, farmer 45.
Taft Arnold F., r 37, retired farmer, h and lot.
TAFT CHARLES S., r 45, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 90.
TAFT MOULTON A., r 36, selectman, 400 sugar trees, 7 grade Jersey cows, farm 126, on r 34, 700 sugar trees, 40 apple trees, and farm 88.
Taft Stephen E , (W. Burke) r 34, 700 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Moulton A. Taft 80.
Tibbetts John C., r 38, h and lot.
Tilton Lucius C., r 58, 1,000 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, farmer 210.
Tite Charles, (S. Barton, Orleans Co.) farmer, leases of Robert H. Moors, of St. Johnsbury, 80.
Tracy Alblon P., r 36, supt. of schools, Freewill Baptist clergyman.
Watson Leonard W., r 52, town representative, 1,900 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, 25 Cotswold sheep, farmer 115.
Way Nathan, (W. Burke) r 28, breeder Morgan horses, 350 sugar trees, farmer 47.
Webster Alonzo A., (W. Burke) r 29, farmer, leases of John Webster, of Lyndonville, 62.
WEBSTER JASON B., (W. Burke) r 29, 20 sheep, farmer, leases of John Webster, of Lyndonville, 62.
Wentworth John E., r 44, blacksmith and jobber, house and lot.
Wetherbee Leonard W., r 44, farmer, leases of Betsey Blake.
Whipple Charles H., r 17, farmer with his farther, Ward P.
Whipple Frank R., r 39, owns farm 36.
Whipple Samuel N., (S. J. & S. N. Whipple) h and lot, soldier in Co. E, 9th Vt. Regt.
Whipple Samuel Mrs., milliner.
Whipple S. J. & S. N., r 39 cor 23, (Sargent J. and Samuel N.) lumber manufacturers.
Whipple Sargent J., r 39 cor. 23, (S. J. & S. N. W.) soldier Co. G, 15th.Vt. Regt.
Whipple Ward P., r 17, with his son Charles, 1,000 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, 9 full blood Devonshire cattle, 14 grade Shropshire sheep, farmer 143, and with Charles Clark 40.
Wiggins Royal H., r 48 cor 50, farmer, leases of Mrs. Levina Stoddard 70, also 68 of Rawson Stoddard.
Wiggins Silas, r 37, retired clergyman.
WILLARD CHARLES W., r 43, deputy sheriff, breeder of Morgan horses, 600 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 150, with Welcome B. Eastman 2,300 sugar trees, and farm 150.
WILLARD GEORGE R., r 44, 600 sugar trees, farmer 101, and with John E. 35.
WILLARD JOHN E., r 45 cor 43, town clerk, lister, justice of the peace, 4 grade Jersey cows, 2 grade Percheron horses, 400 sugar trees, farmer 65, with Geo. R. 35, and wild land 260.
Willard Richard, r 43, 600 sugar trees, farmer 60, wild land 90.
Willard Reuben N., r 43, lives with his father, Richard.
Willey Bradbury M. R., r 45, 800 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 150, and wild land 15.
Willey Charles W., r 56, justice of the peace, 8 cows, 650 sugar trees, farmer 200.
Willey Frank J., (W. Burke) (Way, Willey & Co., of W. Burke) bds with S. M. Bartlett.
Winslow Hiram P., (W. Burke) r 4, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Young Loren, retired farmer, with John W. Colby, soldier 1st Vt. Cavalry Regt.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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