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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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AINSWORTH ELI W., (N. Walden) r 19, farmer, leases of A. Ainsworth 1,500 sugar trees, 8 cows, and 200 acres, and owns 20 acres.
Alston James, (N. Walden) r 14, farmer.
Alston James, Jr., (N. Walden) r 14, farmer 30.
AMSDEN ABEL, (N. Walden) r 22, farmer 17, trestle watchman B. & L. R R, served in Co. D, 1st Vt. Cav. 18 months.
AMSDEN BURT B., (N. Walden) r 6 cor 13, agent for Vt. Mutual Ins. Co, 500 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 150, served in Co. D, 1st Vt. Cav.
Amsden Leon H., (N. Walden) r 11 opp. 22, farmer with S. N. Davis.
Amsden Mariette, (S. Walden) r 29, widow of Mark A., h and lot.
Amsden ---, (S. Walden) r 29 n 30, widow of M. A.
Bailey Orem N., (S. Walden) r 29 n 30, cloth dresser, and farmer.
Barnett Reuel A., r 56. laborer.
BARNETT W. DENSMORE, (N. Walden) r 19, 8 cows, 1,800 sugar trees, farmer 150, served in Co. C, 1st Vt. Cav.
Beals Arthur L., (E. Hardwick) r 10 n 9, farmer with his mother, Jane M., owns 600 sugar trees, and 60 acres with R. J. Shurtleff.
Beals Ida E., (N. Walden) r 11, teacher, bds with J. C. Stafford.
Beals Jane M., (E. Hardwick) r 10 n 9, widow of James H., 1,300 sugar trees, farm 140.
Bell Charles J., (E. Hardwick) r 9, sec'y of Husbandman's Mutual Fire Ins. Co., agent fur Eureka mower, 15 cows, 40 head grade Devon cattle, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 450, served in Co. B, 15th Vt. Vols., and Co. C, 1st Vt. Cav.
Benoir Joseph, (N. Danville) r 15, farmer 100.
BODWELL SUSAN A., (S. Walden) r 42, widow of Philander A., owns 16 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, and farm 250.
Borland George, (W. Danville) r 57, farmer 90.
Bradford William W., (S. Wa!den) r 28 n 29, stock grower, 600 sugar trees, farmer 125.
BRICKETT ELISHA P., r 55 n 38, prop. of saw-mill and manuf. of rough lumber and shingles. owns 4 acres.
BRICKETT WILLARD P., r 53, section hand B. & L. R. R, farmer 35.
Brown Charles H.. (S. Walden) r 42. farmer for Mrs. S. A. Bodwell.
Brown Harriet N., (E. Hardwick) r 7 cor 3, widow of John L., farm 120.
Bruce Clarissa, (S. Walden) r 48, widow of John, res. with D. S. Fergusson, aged 77.
Buck Asa, r 32 n 41, 8 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, lumberman, and farmer 110, and timber land with R. Ordway 55.
Burbank Abbie M., r 41, widow of George H., resident.
Burbank Lester W., r 52, teacher, and farmer with N.
Burbank Nathaniel, r 52 n 53, agent for Champion mowers and Butler sap evaporators, stock grower, 1,500 sugar trees, and farmer 135, served in Co. H, 4th Vt. Vols., and 18 months in the West Gulf blockading squadron as gunner's mate.
Cameron Lewis W., (S. Walden) r 27, farmer, with Susan 15.
Cameron Susan, (S. Walden) r 27, widow of Uz, owns farm 15.
Campbell J. Wesley, (N. Walden) r 22, 403 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Capron Freeman, r 40 1/2, carpenter and joiner, mason and farmer 60.
CAPRON M. PALMER, r 18, carpenter and wheelwright, prop. of mill privilege.
Curpenter Haines W., r 54 n 40, wood sawyer B & L,. R. R.
CARPENTER MARTHA A., r 54 n 40, widow of Benajah S., resident, h and lot.
Chamberlain Lydia A, (S. Walden) r 29, widow of Ebenezer R., resident.
Chandler Milo O., r 38 n 37, farmer 84.
Chase Freeborn B., r 42, farmer with James I.
Chase Harvey E., (S. Walden) r 26 n 30, cooper, carpenter and joiner, farmer 15.
Chase James I, r 42, 15 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 130, and in Wheelock 175, served in Co. B, 3d N. H. Vols.
CHEEVER DUSTIN A., (S. Walden) r 29, farmer.
Cheever Frank W., r 17 cor 20, agt. for the New England Farmer, owns farm 75, served in Co. B, 15th Vt. Vols.
CHEEVER OZIAS F., r 16, cooper, farmer 85 and timber land 106.
Chickering Solomon B., r 55 cor 56, 28 sheep, carpenter and farmer 100.
Cilley Amasa, r 32 cor 33 works in saw mill.
Clautier Napoleon, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 4, lumberman and farmer.
Clifford Andrew, (W. Danville) r 57, farmer 20.
Clifford Frank B , (N. Walden) r 14, farmer.
Cobb George, r 34, 600 sugar trees, and farmer.,
Cole Alanson, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 1, farmer 32, served in Co. H, 1st Vt. Cav.
Cole Charles S., r 40, farmer with J. T. 85.
COLE JOHN T., r 40, owns farm 45 and with Charles S. 85, served in Co. A, 10th Vt. Vols., had both eyes shot out by a minnie ball April 2, 1865, before Petersburg.
COLLINS IRENUS H., (Cabot) r 49 cor 50, stock and poultry grower, farmer 150.
Conant Lucius M. A, r 34, farmer 100.
Corson David, (S. Walden) r 27, cooper and farmer, h and lot.
Corson David H., r 20 cor 18, farmer 80.
Cox Charles E., r 39, 40 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 270.
COX DANIEL S., r 37 n 38, breeder of reg. Jersey cattle, 14 head registered, 12 cows, 1,800 sugar trees, farmer 155.
Cax Samuel R., r 39, retired farmer, aged 72.
Cross Mary M., r 40 n 54, widow of Ebenezer K., aged 77.
Cummings Alvin J., (S. Walden) r 47, farmer for M. A. Goodenough.
Damon Lyman Rev., r 32 opp. 33, retired M. E. preacher: owns farm 7.
DAVIS SOLOMON N., (E. Hardwick) r 11 opp. 22, 16 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 150, served in Co. K, 6th Mass, Vols.
DAVIS WILLIAM H. H., (N. Walden) r 12, first selectman, 2,000 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 146, served in Co. K, 6th Mass. Vols.
Davison Eliza D., (S. Walden) r 27.
Davison Samuel West, r 40, farmer 28.
Des Roches Alexander, r 32, farmer.
Des Roches David, r 32, farmer with William 169.
Des Roches Felix, r 32 n 34, farmer 125.
Des Roches William, r 32, farmer, with David 169.
Dimick Albert G., (S. Walden) r 27 cor 26, farmer 30, aged 76.
Dow James B., r 41, 600 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Dow James Harvey, (S. Walden) r 42, cooper, and farmer 60.
DOW JOEL L., (E. Hardwick) r 24 cor 25, cooper, and farmer 50.
Dow Mary A., (E. Hardwick) r 24 cor 25, widow of Hazen.
DOWNER EPHRAIM, (N. Walden) r 12 n 11, cooper, and farmer 2, served in Co. D, 4th Vt. Vols.
Downer William Henry, (N. Walden) r 12 n 11, cooper and farmer.
Dubois Magloire, r 35, farmer, land in Danville.
DUTTON ALONZO E., (S. Walden) r 29 cor 28, 12 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 400. (The first hotel in town built on this farm.)
Dutton Erastus E., (S. Walden) r 46 cor 45, farmer 50.
Dutton Jacob, (S. Walden) r 29 n 42, postmaster, 700 sugar trees, farmer 65, aged 76.
Dutton John W., .(S. Walden) r 29 cor 28, teacher, and farmer with A. E.
Dutton Worthen N., (S. Walden) r 29 cor 28, farmer in Massachusetts, home with A. E.
DUTTON ZALMON S. REV., (S. Walden) r 46, farmer 65.
Eastman Addison, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) off r 3, 400 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Eastman George T., (S. Walden) r 42, land surveyor, 800 sugar trees, farmer 95.
Eastman Roxana, (S. Walden) r 42, widow of Isaac, resident.
Eddy Amos W., (S. Walden) r 27, second selectman, town agent, farmer 120.
Eddy Nellie M., (S. Walden) r 27, teacher.
Edwards Abbie M., (E. Hardwick) r 27 cor 23, widow of Leonard F.
EDWARDS JOHN, (E. Hardwick) r 27 cor 23, 8 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 190.
Emery George, r 40 1/2, laborer.
FAIRBANKS E. & T., (St. Johnsbury) r 15 cor 14, props. steam saw-mill, J. Moore, foreman, manufs. of rough lumber, timber land adjoining about 1,160 acres, and in Stannard and Wheelock about 2,800.
Farrand Frank M., (N. Walden) r 22 cor 21, farmer 55.
FARRAR JOSEPH, r 57 cor 58, deputy sheriff. prop. of saw-mill on r 14, stone mason, 6 cows, 100 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 250, on r 20 farIn 130, and 130 on r 14.
Farrar Sally, r 17, widow of Israel, aged 88.
Farrington Alonzo W., r 18, blacksmith, and farmer, leases of Dr. Le Barron farm 85.
Farrington Charhe C;., (S. Walden) r 27, farmer. with T. N. 100.
Farrington Francis, (S. Walden) r 29 cor 22, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 200.
FARRINGTON LEWIS W., (Cabot) r 49 n 48, 21 cows, 14 sheep, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer 275.
Farrington Sawyer G., (S. Walden) r 30 cor 21, 900 sugar trees, farmer 80, served in Co. C, 3d Vt. Battery.
Farrington T. Newton, (S. Walden), r 27, 8 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Farrow Israel T., r 37, 10 cows, 2,500 sugar trees, and with I. T., Jr., farmer 200.
Farrow Israel T., Jr., r 37, farmer, with Israel T. 200.
Ferguson Davison S., (S. Walden) r 48 n 49, 1,400 sugar trees, farmer 120.
FITTS ORVIS, r 52 cor 53; town clerk and treasurer, justice of the peace, station agent B. & L. R. R, agent Vt. International Tel. Co., U. S. & C. Express Co., Telephone Co., and for Quinnipiac phosphates.
Flint Mary, (S. Walden) r 42, widow of Brainard, resident.
Folsom Enoch, r 40, laborer.
Folsorn William. r 35, 800 sugar trees, farmer 120.
Forrest Frank B , r 56. farmer with Samuel.
Forrest Samuel. r 56. farmer 100, owned by Mary Flint.
FOSTER HARVEY, (S. Walden) r 22 n 27, town representative 1884-5, justice of the peace, 300 sugar trees, farmer 116.
French William W., (E. Hardwick) r 24 n 23, cooper, 700 sugar trees, farmer 78.
Frye William, r 32 cor 33, works in saw-mill yard.
Fuller Orpha, (S. Walden) r 27, widow of Willard, resident, aged 88 years.
George Lemuel H., (E. Hardwick) r 47 cor 45, retired farmer, aged 85 years.
Giffin Silas G., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 3, farmer.
Gifford Ira, (S. Walden) r 48 n 49, farmer 20.
GILE ABEL, r 54, lister, live stock dealer, drover, farmer 100, and leases of A. E. Jeudevine 60.
Gile Charles G , (S. Walden) r 42, farmer, aged 70 years.
Gile Fred E., r 54, farmer.
Gile George W , r 54, farmer.
Gonnoe Cyrel. (N. Danville) r 15. farmer 106.
GOODENOUGH EDWARD T., (S. Walden) r 30, blacksmith, horseshoer, 400 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Goodenough Elon S., (S. Walden) r 30 n 29, 400 sugar trees, farmer 111.
Goodenough Martin. (S. Walden) r 30, carpenter.
Goodenough Myron A., (S. Walden) r 47 n town line, 13 cows, 2,300 sugar trees, farmer 400.
Goslant Henry, r 33 cor 34, sawyer for Michel.
Goslant Michel, r 33 cor 34, prop. of saw-mill and manuf. of rough and dressed lumber and shingles, owns 170 acres.
GOULD NATHANIEL. W., r 32 cor 37, carpenter and joiner, agent for U. S Medicine Co. of New York, owns farm 26.
Gould Mary R., r 40 n 39, widow of Hiram K., aged 79.
Granger Frank B., r 56, painter, bds with G. R.
Granger Guy IJ., r 56, 30 sheep, farmer 126.
Grayson Ablgail, r 17, widow of John, resident.
HARKINGTON HENRY M., r 55, farmer with S. Montgomery.
HARRINGTON HERBERT E., r 38, apiarist 18 colonies, farmer 4, and with Joel.
Harrington Joel, r 38, 900 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer, with Mary L. 186.
Harrington Lillian M., r 54, teacher.
Harrington Mary L., r 38, (Mrs. Joel) owns farm 186.
Haselton George H., (E. Hardwick) r 7, farmer, leases of J. Hogaboom 255.
Hastings Adin A., r 32, farmer, leases of A. Jennison estate about 300 acres.
Hennessy John E., r 42, laborer.
Hibbard Philura H., r 40, widow of John M., resident.
Hildreth Esther D., r 41, widow of Oliver, resident, aged 74.
Hogaboom James, (N. Walden) r 7, 15 cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 255.
Holloway Edward, (N. Walden) r 14 farmer 60.
Horn Eliza J,, r 17. widow of John, owns farm 140.
Horn Israel, r 17, 8 cows, farmer 160.
Houghton Charles H., (W. Danville) off r 57, farmer 140.
Houston Edwin, (S. Walden) r 45 n 46, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 88, and in Hardwick 128.
Houston Frank H., (S. Walden) r 45 n 46, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Houston Sally S., (S. Walclen) r 45 n 46, widow of Joseph, aged 71.
Hnhhartl Frank J., (E. Hardwick) r 11 n 10, farmer 65.
Hunt Sylvia, r 54, widow of Dan W., h and lot.
Ingalls Frank W., (E. Hardwick) r 13, farmer 160.
Ingalls Perley W., (E. Hardwick) r 9, cooper, and owns with Frank W. 160 acres.
Jackson Eddie S., (S. Walden) r 27, farmer.
Jackson Marshall Dexter, (S. Walden) r 27, brick mason and plasterer, and farmer 15.
Jenkins Elanson, (N. Walden) r 18, resident.
Jenkins George W., (N. Walden) r 18 n 14 farmer 160.
Jennison Mary, r 32, widow of Abijah, restdent, aged 78, owns farm about 350.
Jennison Putnam J., r 53 cor 52, prop. of stage line and mail route, Walden to Cabot, IO cows, 400 sugar trees, and farmr~ ~25.
Jennison Robinson, r 32, 10 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 80.
Jones Allen L , (Cabot) r 49 n 48, farmer for L. W. Farrington.
Kay George H., r 52 cor 53, bridgemaster B. & L. R. R., Vt. Div., owns farm 90.
Kellogg Alma A., (S. Walden) r 45 n 46, widow Orman A., resident. farm 10.
Kellogg Earl H., r 42, farmer.
Kellogg Francis D., (S. Walden) r 45 n 56, house painter, and farmer 7.
Kellogg Orman A., (S. Walden) r 45 n 46, house painter, and farmer.
Keniston William W., (S. Walden) r 27 cor 26, farmer 30
Kimball Elijah S., r 20, 500 sugar trees, farmer 65.
Kingsbury Newell J., r 40, farmer 50.
Kingsbury Otis D., (E. Hardwick) r 11, 600 sugar trees, farmer 96.
Kittredge Carlton S., (N. Walden) r 11 n 22, mall carrier, N. Walden to E. Hardwick, and farmer with J. W.
KITTREDGE CHARLES A., r 55 cor 38, notary public, pension and bounty claim agent, served as sergeant in 3d Vt. Battery Artillery, owns h and 2 acres.
Kittredge Edwin, r 35, farmer about 60.
Kittredge Eugene F., off r 34. 500 sugar trees, farmer, with James L. 100.
Kittredge Herbert F., r 35, farmer, leases of W. W. Rollins 300.
Kittredge James L., off r 34, sugar orchard, and farm with E. F. 100.
KITTREDGE JOHN W., (N. Walden) r 11 n 22, postmaster, dealer in groceries, boots, shoes and dry goods, also Bradley's super-phosphates, 8 cows, 1,200 sugar trees, and farmer 90.
Kittredge Ora C., r 36, 12 cows, and farmer 125.
Kittredge Walter H., r 34, 900 sugar trees, and farmer 100.
Knight Charles D., (E. Hardwick) r 23 n 24, machinist, engine builder, and violin maker.
Knight Nathaniel S., (E. Hardwick) r 27, cooper, and farmer 33, aged 81.
Knight Paul D., (E. Hardwick) r 23 n 24, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Knight Walter D., (E. Hardwick) r 27, farmer with N. S.
KNIGHT WILLIE G., (E. Hardwick) r 23.n 24, farmer with P. D.
LaClaire Alexander, off r 32, works in saw-mill.
Laird Lemuel, (S. Walden) r 45 cor 44, 10 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 125.
Lane George D., (S. Walden) r 42, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Lane Walter S , (S. Walden) r 42, farmer.
Laremouth Robert, (N. Walden) r 14, farmer.
Lumsden Mary A., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 3, widow of James J., owns 60 acres.
Magoon Gilman S , (E. Hardwick) r 7 cor 10, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
MANN ISAAC P., (E. Hardwick) r 47 cor 45, 600 sugar trees, farmer, with Hannah G. 60, served 3 years in Co. H, 4th Vt. Vols.
Mann James M., (S. Walden) off r 29, farmer 30.
Mann Lillian F., (E. Hardwick) r 47, teacher.
Maynes Will N., r 17, farmer with E. G. Metcalf.
McAllister Wallace W., r 53 n 54, farmer for Putnam Jennison.
McClary James, (N. Danville) r 14, laborer.
McClary Michael, (N. Danville) r 14, farmer 50.
McClary Patrick, (N. Danville) r 14, farmer 60.
McCormick James, r 42 n 41, section hand B. & L. R. R.
Meader George H , r 54 n 55, farmer.
MEADER STEPHEN V., r 54 n 55, postmaster,justice of the peace, manuf. of feather dusters, at wholesale, owns 3 acres.
METCALF ELI G., r 17, 12 cows, and farmer 100, served in Co. A, 14th Main Vols.
Mills N. J., (E. Hardwick) r 27, laborer.
MONTGOMERY SERENO, Judge, r 55, grand juror, justice of the peace, 10 cows, farmer 150.
MOOKE JAMES, (N. Danville) r 15 cor 14, foreman of E. & T. Fairbanks' steam saw-mill 11 years, manuf. of rough lumber, owns farm in St. Johnsbury 64.
Nichols Cameron M., (W. Danville) r 56, 300 sugar trees, and farmer 160.
Nichols Curtis E., (W. Danville) r 56, retired farmer, aged 82.
Nichols Erastus G., r 35, carpenter and farmer 35.
Oliver Francis P., (E. Hardwick) r 9 cor 23, cooper and farmer 4.
Oliver Mary A., (E. Hardwick) r 9 cor 23, widow of Francis, aged 76.
O'Neal George, r 55, farmer 90.
Ordway James M., miller with J. D.
ORDWAY JESSE D., r 40 cor 38, prop. of lumber dressing and feed-mill.
Ordway Rufus A., r 40 cor 39, with J. D. Ordway, lumber dressing and gristmill, and farmer 26.
Osgood Enoch F., r 54, farmer with W. E. Sherrar 126.
Parker Abraham C., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 7 n 3, 500 sugar trees, farmer 99, served in Co. A, 11th Vt. Vols.
Patch George, (S. Walden) r 21, farmer with S. K.
Patch Jacob, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) off r 3, retired farmer, aged 75.
Patch James, r 32, farmer for R. Jennison.
Patch Samuel K., (S. Walden) r 21. 500 sugar trees, farmer 90.
PATTERSON CHARLES, W., (N. Walden) r 22 cot 21, 1,000 sugar trees, 14 cows, farmer 240.
Patterson Laura, (N. Walden) r 22 cor 21, widow of Isaac.
Perault Peter, (N. Danville) r 15, farmer 50.
Perkins Carlie C., r 40 cor 38, carpenter,and farmer with Mrs. M. A. Scott, 30 acres.
Perkins Charles, (S. Walden) r 28, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Perkins Diantha D., r 40 n 39, widow of George, h and lot.
Perkins Frank D., r 40 cor 54, clerk.
PERKINS GEORGE J., (S. Walden) r 43. stock and poultry grower, 600 sugar trees, farmer 150, farm first settled by Nathaniel Perkins, in 1789, and General Hazen built a block house here in 1779,
Perkins Hannah, off r 54, widow of Robert M., aged 76. (Died 1886.)
Perkins John G., r 40, farmer.
Perkins Sally H., r 55 cor 54, widow of Hiram, resident, h and lot.
PERKINS WILLIAM G., r 40 cor 54, carpenter and joiner.
PERRY ANTHONY A , r 52, 9 cows, 25 sheep, 850 sugar trees, farmer 100, and in Cabot 50.
Perry Walter J., r 52, farmer with Anthony A.
Pickle Merritt, off r 40 1/2, farmer for A. J. Rogers.
Porter Charles A., (N. Walden) stonecutter and polisher, painter, and farmer.
Porter John F., (N. Walden) r 20, cooper and farmer, leases of J. Farrar 130.
Race Edith E., r 54 cor 55, teacher.
Race Frances E. Mrs., r 54 cor 55, teacher.
REA JASPER P., r 55 n 54, constable and collector, butcher and dealer in hides, pelts and poultry, and farmer 100 on which is an iron lode.
Reno Henry, (N. Danville) r 15, farmer 74.
Robbins John, (N. Walden) r 14, farmer.
RODGERS JAMES NORMAN, (Walden or W. Danville) r 56, 6 cows, 16 sheep, wood dealer, and farmer 140.
Rodgers William J. N., (Walden or W. Danville) r 58, farmer, leases of F. Goodenough 130.
Rogers Albert J., off r 40 1/2, 16 sheep, 400 sugar trees, farmer 180.
ROGERS JOHN B., r 54 n 55, 3d selectman and representative, dealer in general merchandise, prop of charcoal kilns, lumber, wood and produce dealer. owns wood lands about 400, served as 2d lieutenant in Co. B, 15th Vt. Vols.
Rogers Marinda, r 54 n 55, widow of Hanson, Jr., resident.
Rogers William, r 58, farmer, lenses of F. Goodenough 140.
Rollins Charles, (N. Walden) r 22 n 11, farmer 100.
Rollins Cynthia, (N. Walden) r 22 n 11, widow of Alexander, resident.
Rollins George C., r 41, farmer.
ROLLINS WARREN, r 41, stock grower, 700 sugar trees, farmer 140.
ROLLINS WILLIAM W., r 35, 13 grade Jersey and Durham cows, 2,800 sugar trees, lumber and wood dealer, and farmer 300.
Rollins Willie S., (N. Walden) r 22 n 11, farmer.
Root Moses, (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 6, farmer about 130.
Sawtell Homer I., (S. Walden) r 29, blacksmith.
Scott Amos A., r 40 cor 38, farmer.
Scott James M., r 17 opp 16, 10 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Shatney Isaac L., (N. Walden) r 6 n 7, farmer.
SHAW FRANK M., r 40, charcoal burner, farmer 17 1/2.
SHAW JOHN L., (Cabot) r 43 cor 49, boring and laying pump logs a specialty, farmer, leases 130 acres.
Shaw Lemuel, r 55 n 54, farmer, h and lot.
SHAW NAPOLEON B., r 40 n 54, blacksmith and wheelwright, served in Co. K, 16th Maine Vols., about three years, received a minnie ball in the thigh, Anril 2, 1865, at Petersburg, Va., which he still carries.
SHERRER WILLIAM E., r 54, mail carrier from Walden to station, 8 grade Jersey cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer, with E. F. Osgood 126.
SHURTLEFF ROBERT J., (E. Hardwick) r 8 n 7, 500 sugar trees, leases 100 acres of L. W. Warner, owns 50 and with A. L. Beals 60.
Simons Frank E , r 20 cor 18, farmer.
Smith Cyrus C., r 38 n 37, retired farmer.
SMITH FRANK P., r 38 n 37, teacher, 500 sugar trees, and farmer 62.
Smith Sirneon r 56, h and 4 acres.
Smith William Ely, r 42 n 41, section foreman B. & L. R. R.
Snow James, r 40, fisherman, veteran soldier.
Springer Levi C., r 16, shoemaker.
Stafford Albert M., (N. Walden) r 11, house and carriage painter, and farmer with J. C.
Stafford Joseph C., (N. Walden) r 11 n 12, justice of the peace, 10 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 166.
Steele James, off r 54, inspector of leather, 500 sugar trees, farmer 111.
Stevens Carlton G., r 31, farmer with George P.
STEVENS CHARLES A., r 31, supt. of schools for 18 years, 1,700 sugar trees, 9 cows, breeder of pure Jersey cattle, farmer 150.
STEVENS CHARLES H., (S. Walden) r 31, 12 cows, 600 sugar trees, 25 sheep, farmer 150.
STEVENS C. WOOSTER, r 31, farmer with Charles W.
Stevens David W., (Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co.) r 3 n 7, farmer 60.
Stevens Elvira R., (S. Walden) r 31, widow of John F., resident.
STEVENS GEORGE P., r 31, lister, 13 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 223. (Farm settled by John Stevens in 1804.)
Stevens Lillian C., r 31, teacher.
Stevens Mav M., r 31, teacher.
Stevens Nella E., r 31, teacher.
Stevens Willis I., (E. Hardwick) r 9, farmer for C. J. Bell.
Stoddard C. W., (E. Hardwick) r 9, laborer.
Stone Charles, (N. Danville) r 15, laborer.
Stone Edmund, (N. Danville) r 15, laborer.
Stone Matthias, r 52: retired farmer, aged 84.
Stone Thomas, (N. Danvllle) r 15, farmer 44.
Stone William, (N. Danville) r 15, laborer.
Sulham Fayette C., r 54, carpenter and builder.
Tassau Henri, (N. Danville) r 15 cor 14, laborer.
TAYLOR B. FRANKLIN, (S. Walden) r 29, mail carrier, S. Walden to station, prop. of saw-mill, cider-mill and carriage shop, manuf. of rough lumber and carriages, owns with F. L. farm 18, served in Co. H, 4th Vt. Vols.
Taylor Frank L., (S. Walden) r 29, wheelwright, and farmer with B. F. 18.
Tyler Azro, (S. Walden) off r 42, laborer.
Tyler Roswell B., r 42, farmer.
Utley Merrill L., (N. Walden) r 21, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Venner Elvira B., (S. Walden) r 28, widow of Dr. Anuell, owns farm 7.
Viey Louis, (N. Danville) r 15, farmer 50.
Vincent James F., (S. Walden) r 27, horse dealer and farmer, owns wild land near Cole's pond with J. B. Rogers 300.
Voodry Mary M.. (S. Walden) r 29 cor 42, widow of Lewis, owns farm 14.
Walton Charles F., (S. Walden) r 47; stone cutter, carpenter, painter, and farmer 5.
Weaks William A., M. D., (N. Walden) r 19 n 20, physician and surgeon, 500 sugar trees, nursery 2,000 apple trees, owns farms 250.
Whitcher John, r 55, 12 cows, and farmer 100.
White Erastus E , r 31, farmer, leases of Charlie F. about 200.
White J. Dodge, (S. Walden) r 42, lister, 600 sugar trees, farmer 160.
Whiting Curtis B., r 16, brick mason. 1,000 sugar trees, stock grower, and farmer 300, served in Co. I, 11th. Vt. Vols.
Wiggin Nathaniel P., r 37 n 35, carpenter, and farmer 100.
WlLLEY GEORGE A., r 42, (G. A. & J. E. Wllley) served in Co. I, 20th Maine Vols. three years.
WILLEY G. A. & J. E., r 42, distillers of cedar oil, in Cabot.
WILLEY JERRIE E., r 42, (G. A. & J. E. Willey.)
Wilmerson Charles H , (E. Hardwick) r 7 cor 3, firmer on Mrs. H. N. Brown's farm 120.
Wilmerson George H., (E. Hardwick) r 7 cor 3, farmer with C. H.
WOODS EDDY H., (W. Danville) r 58, 10 cows, farmer 93.
WOODS LEMUEL N , (W. Danville) r 58, farmer, owns in Danville 85, served in Co. C. 8th Vt. Vols.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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