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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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Astle Katie A., school teacher, daughter of Sauruel D.
Astle Sam. Joe, laborer, son of Samuel D.
ASTLE SAMUEL D., farmer and lumber manuf, h and lot.
BARKER ALBERT G., (Passumpsic) r 12, farmer with his father, G. R.
Barker Etta F., (Passumpsic) r 12, school teacher, daughter of G. R.
BARKER GEORGE R., (Passumpsic) r 12, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Barrows John W., (Summerville) r 7 cor 8, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100.
BEANE LAVINA M., (Lower Waterford) r 55, school teacher, daughter of S. Church.
Bemis Eliza S., (Summerville) r 11, widow of Arthur A.
Bennett George, (Lower Waterford) r 33, retired farmer, aged 79.
Bennett George Jr., (Lower Waterford) r 33, blacksmith, and farmer 75.
Bickford Louisa, r 57, widow of Thomas, h and lot.
BLANCHER ALMIRA H., (W. Concord) r 7, widow of George T., of Co. A, 10th Vt. Vols., wounded, died August 1, 1864, farmer 85.
Blancher Edgar F., (W. Concord) r 7, son of Almira H.
BLANCHER MARK C., (W. Concord) r 7, farmer with his mother, Mrs. A. H.
Blodgett Austin E., (Lower Waterford) r 55, with his father, Ephraim, farmer 53.
Blodgett Ephraim, (Lower Waterford) r 55, farmer 53.
BLODGETT EPHRAIM A., (Mr. Waterford) r 40, 200 sugar trees, 7 cows, 20 sheep. 8 head young stock, farmer 150.
Blodgett Fred A., (Lower Waterford) r 54, wagon and sleigh maker, general repair shop, farmer 7.
Blodgett Volney B., (W. Waterford) r 20, 300 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 105.
BOWMAN EDWIN, (Lower Waterford) prop. hotel, served in Co. D, 13th N. H. Vols. 3 years, member Marshal Saunders post, G. A. R. No. 48.
BROWN BRADLEY D., (Lower Waterford) r 55, 600 sugar trees, 10 cows, 40 head young stock, farmer 240, and owns with Abel Goss 200.
Brown Calvin, (Lower Waterford) r 51, 10 cows, 20 head cattle, farmer 200.
Brown Charles A., (Lower Waterford) r 51, farmer with his father, Calvin.
BROWN ELISHA. W., (Lower Waterford) r 55, farmer, owns with his father 240, and with E. Goss 200.
Brown Ezro, (W. Waterford) r 39, carpenter and joiner, farmer 40.
BROWN FRANK W., r 57 cor 46, selectman, 500 sugar strees, 10 cows, 20 head young cattle, 5 horses, farrner 178.
Brown Zerviah, (W. Waterford) r 39, widow of John, lives with her son Ezro, aged 91.
Buck Bertha May, r 57, school teacher, daughter of Mary J.
Buck Joseph, r 57: laborer, with his mother, Mary J.
Buck Mary J., r 57, widow of Lafayette, h and lot.
BUGBEE FIELING E., (Summerville) r 9, 300 sugar trees, prop. slate quarry, farmer 185.
CARPENTER ABEL F., prop. of Waterford and St. Johnsbury stage, mail carrier and expressman. (Died October, 1886.)
CARPENTER AMOS B., (W. Waterford) r 41 1/2, assistant postmaster, 3,000 sugar trees, 35 Jersey cows, 20 head neat cattle, 5 horses, farmer 450.
CARPENTER COSBI B., (W. Waterford) r 41 1/2, (Mrs. A. B.) postmaster.
Carpenter Harlon J., (Lower Waterford) r 50, farmer with his mother Mrs. F. R.
Carter Eliphalet G., (Lower Waterford) retired farmer, h and lot, aged 81.
Carter Frank, (W. Waterford) r 39, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, 15 head cattle, farmer, owns with W. S. Huntoon 200.
Caswell Caroline M., r 55, widow of John, 1,000 sugar trees, farm 108.
Cheney Abial, r 58, mason and bricklayer.
Church Lyman B., (Lower Waterford) 600 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 170.
CHURCH SAMUEL, (Lower Waterford) r 55, 800 sugar trees, farmer 150, woodland 50. (Died November, 1886.)
Cross Elizabeth E., r 58, teacher, daughter of F. A.
Cross Frederick A., r 58, 300 sugar trees, farmer 160.
Cummings Langdon J., (Passumpsic) r 13, carpenter, farmer 4.
CURTIS JAMES W., (W. Waterford) r 39, 13 cows, 8 head neat stock, farmer 175.
Curtis John E., (W. Waterford) r 39, farmer with his father, James W.
Cushman Edgar O., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 1, 14 cows, 50 sheep, 800 sugar trees, farmer 153.
Cushman Ezra H., (Lower Waterford) r 53, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 197.
Cushman Hibbard, (St. Johnsbury) r 15, carries on F. V. Powers's farm, 8 cows, farmer 150.
Cushman Orson, (W. Waterford) r 40, 800 sugar trees, 14 cows, farmer 200.
DANIELS ALLISON N., (Summerville) r 15, 700 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 175.
Davis Albert, (Lower Waterford) r 54, tin peddler, h and lot.
Davison Angle Belle, (Lower Waterford) r 51, dressmaker, daughter of H. C.
DAVISON CLAUDIUS L., (Lower Waterford) r 51, postmaster, 8 cows, 12 head other stock, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 150.
DAVISON HENRY C., (Lower Waterford) r 51, 600 sugar trees, 40 head cattle, farmer 400. (Moved from town.)
Dean Charles, (St. Johnsbury) r 30, farmer 50.
Dean Sarah, (Lower Waterford) widow of Jacob.
Dickinson Henry, (Lower Waterfordj r 53, farmer 60.
Drown James, r 46, retired farmer, aged 83.
Ellinwood Charles T., (Summerville) r 12, granite cutter with Robert Ladd.
Farmer Charles, (Passumpsic) r 14, farmer 67.
Farnham Amariah L., (St. Johnsbury) r 5, farmer 115.
Farnham Elwin J., (W. Waterford) r 19, 300 sugar trees, farmer 30.
Farnham John M., (W. Waterford) r 19, farmer 40.
Farnham Lambart H., (St. Johnsbury) r 5, emp. E. & T. Fairbanks.
Farnsworth Stephen F., (Passumpsic) 1,500 sugar trees, 25 cows, farmer 260.
Felch George W., (Passumpsic) r 14, 1,000 sugar trees, 16 Jersey and grade cows, apiarist 27 swarms, farmer 300.
Fisher Harvey, (W. Concord) r 6, farmer 135.
FREEMAN LORENZO DOW, (Lower Waterford) r 31, 1,500 sugar trees, 6 cows, 25 head neat cattle, breeder and dealer in Durham cattle, farmer 340. (Sold to John Nichols and removed to Lower Waterford village.)
Frye Emery W., (W. Concord) r 6, 800 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, farmer 100.
Fulford Eliphalet, r 58, dealer in horses, farmer 50.
Furby George W., r 58, gunsmith, h and lot.
Furby Sylvanus H., r 58, cooper, carries on Alba Castle's farm.
Gadley John, (Passumpsic) r 13, farmer 6.
Gaskell Rufus D., blacksmith, horseshoeing, general repair shop, Main.
Goss Abel B., (Lower Waterford) r 49, 350 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 130, owns with Bradley D. Brown 200.
Goss Betsey, r 45, widow of R. O., 600 sugar trees, farmer 200.
GOSS CHARLES H, r 45, farmer with Dennis May.
Goss Elmer E., r 45, farmer, R. 0. Goss estate
GOSS HENRY M., (Lower Waterford) 400 sugar trees, 10 cows, 20 head of cattle, farmer 225, pasturage 25.
Goss H. Irving, (Lower Waterford) farmer with his father, H. M.
GOSS SUSAN R., r 45, (Mrs. Charles H.) school teacher.
Graham Samuel B., (Summerville) r 17, works David Harriman's farm 50.
GRAVES HERBERT K., (Summerville) r 3, 10 Durham cows, 18 head of other stock, 30 Southdown and Cotswnld sheep, apiarist 11 swarms, dealer in Durham cattle and Hambletonian horses, farmer 47, and carries on his father's farm 150.
GRAVES RICHARDSON B., (Summerville) r 3, 1st selectman, 10 grade Durham cows, 35 head of other stock, 45 grade sheep, apiarist 6 swarms, farmer 150, and in Concord 450.
Green Calvin, carpenter and joiner, soldier in Co. K, 15th Vt. Vols.
Green George, (Lower Waterford) r 20, farmer 54, soldier in Co. I, 3d Vt. Vols., three years.
GREEN LORENZO, (Lower Waterford) r 42, 800 sugar trees, 12 cows, 18 head of other stock, farmer 290.
Green Martin L., (Lower Waterford) r 20, 700 sugar trees, 11 cows, 30 head of other stock, farmer 350.
Green Nellie A.. (Lower Waterford) r 42, teacher, daughter of Lorenzo.
Green Wilbur L., (Lower Waterford) r 42, farmer with his father, Lorenzo.
Hale Everett E., (Lower Waterford) r 51, 1,400 sugar trees, 8 grade Durham cows, 25 head of young stock, farmer 160, and pasture land 100.
Harrington Arabella, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, widow of Jubal, farm 50.
Harrington Fernando C , (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, grocer and postmaster at St. Johnsbury East.
HARRIS CHARLES D., (Passumpsic) r 36, 7 cows, 8 head of stock, farmer 160.
Harvey Flora E., (West Waterford) r 41 1/2, school teacher, hotne with A. B. Carpenter.
Harvey Ira T., (Passumpsic) r 23, 400 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 240.
Harvey Walter C., (St. Johnsbury) farmer, leases D. C. Harriman's farm.
HASTTNGS FRANK W., (West Waterford) r 52, farmer with his father, Josiah W.
HASTINGS JOSIAH W., (West Waterford) r 52, 250 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 22 grade Durham cows, 30 head of neat cattle, and farmer 400.
HASTINGS STEPHEN J., (Passumpsic) r 14, selectman, 2,000 sugar trees, breeder and dealer in Jersey cattle, Poland China hogs, 25 grade Jersey cows, 45 head of neat cattle, farmer 300, and woodland 100.
Hastings Winfield L., (Summerville) r 11, 1,000 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 20 grade Jersey cows, wool grower 50 sheep, farmer 300.
Hemingway Charles L., (Lower Waterford) r 43, 300 sugar trees, 13 cows, 30 head of neat cattle, 50 sheep, tarmer 160.
HEMINGWAY LUTHER, (Lower Waterford) r 48, 1,400 sugar trees, 8 cows, 15 head of neat cattle, farmer 188.
Hemingway Samuel, (St. Johnsbury) r 5, farmer 125.
Hemingway Sylvanus, (W. Concord) r 30, farmer 125.
HILL CHARLES T., (St. Johnsbury East) farmer 140.
HILL CYRUS T. & SON, (Passumpsic), r 23, (C. T. and W. C. Hill) 500 sugar trees, 10 cows, 20 head of young stock, 25 sheep, farmer 212, and pasture and wood land 140.
Hill Minot W., (Summerville) r 3, farmer, with his father, Philemon.
Hill Philemon, (Summerville) r 3, 700 sugar trees, 6 cows, farmer 150.
HILL WILLARD C., (Passumpsic) r 23, (Cyrus T. Hill & Son) farmer 212.
Hoag Ann, (Passumpsic) r 23, widow of Charles, farmer 238.
Holland George R., (Lower Waterford) farm laborer.
Hontoon Eugene, (Lower Waterford) r 54, toll-gate keeper, river bridge.
HORR STEWART B., r 46, 800 sugar trees, 11 grade Durham cows, 18 head cattle, 20 sheep, 5 horses, farmer 227.
Houghton John, (Lower Waterford) retired farmer 45.
HOVEY EMORY E., (Summerville) r 40 cor 41, 800 sugar trees, 15 cows, 15 head of other cattle, 20 sheep, farmer 225.
Hovey Fred M., (St. Johnsbury) r 17, farmer with his father, William M.
HOVEY WILLIAM M., (St. Johnsbury) r 17, 500 sugar trees, 10 grade Durham cows, 25 head other stock, 50 sheep, farmer 460.
Humphrey Roswell M., (Lower Waterford) r 54, farm laborer, h and lot.
Huntoon Winfield S., (W. Waterford) r 39, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, 15 head other cattle, owns with Frank Carter farm 200.
HUTCHINSON BENIJAH F., (Summerville) r 18, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 220
Ide Almira, r 57, widow of Joseph, aged 84
IDE GEORGE, r 57, prop. custom saw and shingle-mill on Hall's brook, farmer 8 1/2.
IDE GEORGE & JOSEPH, r 57, tanners of glove stock.
Johnson Abner, r 57, 10 cows, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 215.
Johnson Martha A., r 57, daughter of Peter.
JOHNSON NILES G., r 55, 10 cows, 800 sugar trees, farmer 200.
KINNE HARVEY C., retired merchant. h Main.
Kinne Nathan, (Lower Waterford) r 55, farmer with his father, Willard.
Kinne Willard, (Lower Waterford) r 55, 500 sugar trees, 12 cows, 40 head stock, dealer in cattle, farmer 500.
Kinne Wilmot, (Lower Waterford) r 55, farmer with his father, Willard.
Koepka Henry E., (St. Johnsbury) r 13, laborer, emp. E. & T. F. & Co.
Ladd Milo E., (Summervllle) r 16, farmer with his father, Orange S.
LADD ORANGE S., (Summerville) r 16, apairist 24 swarms, 13 grade Jersey cows, 6 horses, 12 head other stock, 30 sheep, 800 sugar trees, farmer 310.
Lawrence David, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 5, carries on D. H. Morton's farm.
LAWRENCE GEORGE C., (Passumpsic) r 12, 1,500 sugar trees, breeder and dealer in Patchen and Morgan horses, 100 Cotswold sheep, owns with George G. Winslow farm 340.
Lawrence Jonathan, (St. Johnsbury) r 13, formerly farmer, h and lot.
Lawrence Orville, (St. Johnsbury E.) butcher, farmer 55.
Lawrence R. M , (W. Waterford) r 40, wagonmaker and farmer 65.
LEE ALBERT E., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, 400 sugar trees, 14 cows, 15 head other stock, farmer 300.
Lester Alfred H., (Summerville) r 11, farmer with Tobias H.
Lester Tobias H., (Summerville) r 11, 600 sugar trees, 25 grade Jersey cows, 12 head neat stock, farmer 325.
Lewis Moses L , (Lower Waterford) farmer, aged 78.
Mareau Narcissus, (Passumpsic) r 7, 500 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 200.
Martin George H., (Summerville) r 21, farmer 60.
Mason Albert, (Passumpsic) r 23, farmer with his father, Thomas.
Mason John, (Passumpsic) r 23, farmer with his father, Thomas.
Mason Martha, (Passumpsic) r 23, school teacher, daughter of Thomas.
Mason Patrick, (St. Johnsbury) r 36, farmer 135.
MASON THOMAS, (Passumpsic) r 38, 1,000 sugar trees, 24 grade Jersey cows, 20 head neat cattle, farmer 360.
Mason Thomas, Jr., (Passumpsic) r 23, farmer with his father.
MAY DENNIS, r 45, 300 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 10 cows, 20 sheep, 15 head stock, farmer 300.
McElreavy James, r 57, emp. George Ide.
Miles George A, (St. Johnsbury) r 3, commercial agent for Boyington, 88 Pearl st., Boston.
Moffitt William, r 58. retired farmer 5
MORRISON GEORGE, (Lower Waterford) r 44, soldier Co. A, 11th Regt. Vt. Vols., 700 sugar trees, 6 cows, farmer 100.
Morrison Henry, (Lower Waterford) farmer 45.
Morrison John, (Lower Waterford) farmer 25.
Morrison Joseph, (Lower Waterford) farm laborer.
MORRISON SAMUEL, (Lower Waterford) blacksmith and general repair shop, and farmer. owns with John 20, h Main, shop Main cor Bridge.
Morton David H., (St Johnsbury E.) emp. Sylvanus Owens.
MOULTON SETH P., 1,500 sugar trees, 30 cows, 10 head young stock, 4 horses, farmer 300.
MULLIKIN FRED W., (Passumpsic) r 38, carries on for Ann Hoag dairy 7 cows, farm 238.
Mullikin John, (E. Barnet) r 53, prop. saw and shingle-mill in Barnet, and farmer 120.
Needham James, (Lower Waterford) r 51, carpenter, farm laborer.
NEWTON RICHARD H., (Summerville) r 21, farmer 10.
Nichols John W , (Lower Waterford) r 31, farmer 340.
Owen Alonzo, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 9, farmer.
Owen Charles W., (St. Johnsbury E,.) 8 cows, farmer 87.
Owen Sylvanus, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 2, 1,000 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 15 grade Jersey cows, 20 sheep, 20 head other stock, farmer 263, in Concord 60.
Palmer Charles, (Passumpsic) r 14, farmer 62.
PARKS EZRA A., (Passumpsic) r 13, 400 sugar trees, 30 Jersey cows, breeder and dealer in stock, and farmer 375.
Parks Hiram M., justice of the peace, farmer, bds at T. R. Streeter's.
Parks & Watson, (H. M. Parks and Fred Watson) merchants, successors to H. C. Kinne, Main.
Peck Horace, (W. Waterford) r 52, 85 head cattle, 25 horses, 4,000 sugar trees, farmer 550.
Phillips Charles R.. (Lower Waterford) farm laborer and miner.
Pike John, r 57, retired farmer, aged 80, resides with Frank Brown.
Pike Nathan, r 57. farmer 40.
Pike Robert T., r 57, farmer with his father, Nathan.
Pope William, (Summerville) r 22, farmer 35.
Powers Alexander, (St. Johnsbury) r 15, formerly farmer, aged 82.
Powers Allen K., (St. Johnsbury) farmer with his father, Blake.
Powers Blake, (St. Johnsbury) 400 sugar trees, 8 cows, 12 head young stock, farmer 150. owns with T. V. Powers 100.
Powers Noyes, (St. Johnsbury) r 15, farmer, aged 73.
Prouty Alfred, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 4, farmer 100.
Prouty Charles, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 4, fartner with his father, Alfred.
Rand Vernon W., (Lower Waterford) deputy postmaster and general merchant, Main, H do.
REED NATHANIEL G., (Lower Waterford) r 50, blacksmith, carriage ironer, carpenter, and farmer 35, served 3 years in Co. I,.3d Vt. Vols.
REMICK RUFUS W., (Lower Waterford) r 42, farmer with his father, W. R.
Remick Walter R., (Lower Waterford) r 42, 800 sugar trees, 12 cows, farmer 220.
Richards Napoleon E , (St. Johnsbury E.) r 2, blacksmith.
Richardson Abial, (Lower Waterford) r 49, 400 sugar trees, 11 cows, farmer 250.
Richardson Armenia, (Summerville) r 10, widow of Stephen, 300 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 460.
Richardson Lucy M., farmer 5.
ROSS CHARLES (Lower Waterford) r 51, town clerk and treasurer, chairman board of school directors, 800 sugar trees, 10 grade Durham cows, 25 head other stock, owns with Abraham R farm 304.
ROSS ROYAL M., (Lower Waterford) r 31, 250 sugar trees, 30 cows, farmer 136.
ROWELL DANIEL M., r 57, carpenter and sawyer for George Ide, h and lot. served four years in the late war.
Rudd Stephen, (St. Johnsbury E.) farmer 35.
RUSSELL EDNA L , (St. Johnsbury E.) r 1, (Mrs. George S.) resident.
RUSSELL GEORGE S., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 1, farm laborer.
SANBORN JOHN, (Lower Waterford) r 48, 300 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 20 sheep, farmer 113.
Shephard Harley F., (Passumpsic) r 7, farmer with Narcissus Moreau.
Smith Leander G., (St. Johnsbury) r 13, farmer 5.
Sommers Willis, (Passumpsic) r 12, carpenter, owns pulp-miil with J. D. Gould, at Barnet.
Spalding Chauncy, (W. Waterford) r 40, formerly carpenter and joiner, farmer 80.
STILES GEORGE W., (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, farmer 250.
Stiles Wallace G., (St. Johnsbury E,) r 3, farmer with his father, George W.
Stoddard Frank J., (Lower Waterford) r 55, farmer with his father, J. W.
STODDARD JOSIAH W., (Lower Waterford) r 55, 1,000 sugar trees, 10 cows, 20 sheep, 10 head cattle, farmer 160.
Studdard Samuel S., (Lower Waterford) off r 53, blacksrnith and farmer 120.
Streeter Eclward K., bank teller, son of Timothy R.
Streeter Timothy R., prop. of hotel, shoemaker, farmer 13.
Sunbury Allen M., harnessmaker.
Sunbury William, mail carrier from Waterford to Littleton, N. H.
Sunbury William S.
Temple Otis, (Lower Waterford) carpenter, lives in h on John Nichols's farm.
Thomas George H., (Lower Waterford) r 54, harnessmaker, boots and shoes made and repaired, h and lot.
Watson Fred, (Parks & W.) portmaster.
Weeks Abram H., (Passumpsic) r 23, farm laborer with W. C. Hill.
Welcome Charles, (St. Johnshury) r 30, carries on Arable Hill farm 180.
West Albert G., (Summerville) r 11, farm laborer, son of George.
West Everett R., (Summerville) r 11, farm laborer, son of George.
WEST GEORGE, (Summervilie) r 11, jobber, stone wall builder, farmer 10.
West Herbert W., (Summerville) r 11, farm laborer, son of George.
Wheeler Richard, (Lower Waterford) r 43, blacksmith, and farmer 10.
WHEELER THADDEUS B., (St. Johnsbury) r 15, 500 sugar trees, 10 cows, 15 head neat cattle, farmer 100.
WHITE CHARLES H., r 46, 2,000 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 10 head Durham stock, farmer 206.
Wilbur Lucy J., (Lower Waterford) (Wilbur & Winch) widow of Walter.
Wilbur & Winch, (Lower Waterford) (Lucy J. Wilbur and Jennie A. Winch) dealers in dry goods, groceries, provisions, boots and shoes, flour and feed, and medicines, store on Main st.
Wiles Israel, r 58, laborer.
Williams Claridus T., r 59, laborer, attends toll bridge.
Williams George W., r 55, farmer.
WILLIAMS MILO, (Summerville) r 10, 5 cows, carries on for I. L. Powers, of Binghamton, N. Y., farm 100.
WINCH CALEB M., (Lower Waterford) pastor Congregational church. (Removed to Jamaica Plains, Vt.)
Winch Jennie A., (Lower Waterford) (Wilbur & Winch) daughter Rev. C. M.
WINSLOW GEORGE G., (Passumpsic) r 12, breeder and dealer in Patchen and Morgan horses and Cotswold sheep, owns with G. C. Lawrence 340.
Woods Silas, (Lower Waterford) farmer, h and lot,
Woods Willard G , r 48. 1,000 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 120.
WORKS BARTON, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, 500 sugar trees. 10 grade Jersey cows, wool grower 40 sheep, 20 head other cattle, farmer 370.
WORKS JAMES, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 3, retired farmer, born in Westmoreland, N. H., 1787.
Young Bion. (St. Johnsbury E.) r 9, farm laborer.
Young Frank, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 9, farm laborer.
Young George W., (W. Concord) r 30, 2,000 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 20 head cattle, farmer 190.
Young John, (St. Johnsbury E.) r 9, farm laborer.
Young Orrin H., (Summerville) r 22, 2,000 sugar trees, 25 head cattle, farmer 300.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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