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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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Aldrich Elias, (S. Wheelock) r 54: farmer 54.
Aldrich Hiram, (S. Wheelock) r 55, 500 sugar trees, farmer 200.
Allard Seth, (Sheffield) r 6, 1,500 sugar trees, 30 sheep, farmer 200.
ALSTON WALTER H., (Stannard) off r 59, farmer with William.
ALSTON WILLLAM, (Stannard) off r 59, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 179.
Ayer Alvah R., r 26, retired farmer.
Ayer John P., r 13, resident, owns farm 60.
Ball Laura C., widow of Haskell J., owns h and 6 acres.
Barber Frank W., (Sheffield) r 4, farmer 125.
Barber George H., laborer, h and lot, Main.
Barber Joseph, (Sheffield) r 5, farmer 175, served in Co. E, 6th Regt.
Batchelder Eugene L., (E. Greensboro) r 41. farmer.
BEAN GEORGE W., farmer 22, served in Co. E, 4th Regt. N. H. Vols.
Bean Harvey, (E. Greensboro) r 39, peddler, resides with W. Folsom.
BEAN WILLIAM W., (S. Wheelock) r 46, 7 cows, farmer 200.
Benedict Charles, r 12, farmer for C. Rogers.
Bird John B., (Sheffield) off r 33, laborer.
Blodgett Emily, r 21, widow of Ethan.
Blodgett George S., (S. Wheelock) off r 53, 800 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Boucherd Cloves, (E. Greensboro) r 41, laborer.
Bovee John N., resident, blind.
Bradley Alvin C., (S. Wheelock) r 55, farmer 110.
Bradley Horace, resident, h and lot.
BROWN HENRY, (E. Greensboro) r 39, farmer.
Brown Levi H., (E. Greensboro) r 39, farmer 50.
Brown William, (Sheffield) off r 5, farmer with W. W.
Brown Winslow W., (Sheffield) off r 5, farmer 150.
Buckley Cornelius, (S. Wheelock) r 12, farmer 300,
Buckley John, farmer with Cornelius.
Burbank Milo H., prop. of grrst-mill, Main, h do.
Buskett Charles, (S. Wheelock) r 56, farmer with G. H.
Buskett George H., (S. Wheelock) r 56, farmer 130.
CHANDLER AARON B., (S. Wheelock) r 31, postmaster, lister, and farmer with E, A.
CHANDLER EPHRAIM A., (S. Wheelock) r 31, 300 sugar trees, farmer 65.
CHANDLER MOSES D., (S. Wheelock) r 54, 400 sugar trees, farmer 100.
CHANDLER NATT E., (S. Wheelock) r 54, 1st selectman, son of M. D.
CHANDLER THOMAS, (S. Wheelock) r 54, 400 sugar trees, farmer 175.
Chase Calvin, 400 sugar trees, farmer 50, aged 77 years, Main.
Chesley Hiram J., farm laborer, owns 50 acres, Main.
Cleveland Ezra, (E. Greensboro) r 38, resident.
COFRAN JOHN, (S. Wheelock) r 47 cor 48, farmer 45.
Colby Hattie M., (S. Wheelock) r 58, widow of Nehemiah.
Colliss Charles J., (S. Wheelock) r 44, farmer, leases of Thomas A. Hoyt 145.
Cool James P., (E. Greensboro) r 39, farmer with C. W. Dane.
Cowdrey Timothy, r 15, farmer for F. Hoffman.
Craig Archibald, r 23, 2,300 sugar trees, 25 sheep, farmer 300.
CREE STEPHEN G., manuf. of "Wheelock threshing machine," horse powers and wood sawing machines, prop. of lumber dressing mill, farm 50, wild land 350, and in Sheffield 140, h Main.
DANA EDWARD J,, r 13, blacksmith, h and lot, served in Co. C, 3d Regt. Vt. Vols.
DANA MARY L., r 13, (Mrs. E. J.) millinery and fancy goods.
Dane Charles W., (E. Greensboro) r 39, farmer 100.
DANIELS ABRAM, (Lyndon) r 49, 335 sugar trees, farmer 140.
DANIELS OSCAR B., (Lyndon) r 52, 500 sugar trees, farmer 170, served in Co D, 8th Vt. Vols.
Darling Edward L., (S. Wheelock) off r 53, medical student, son of Ferdinand.
DARLING FERDINAND, (S. Wheelock) off r 53, justice, 600 sugar trees, farmer 225.
Davis Byron O., (E. Greensboro) r 38, 500 sugar trees, farmer 300.
Davis George N., (Sheffield) r 33, farmer 80.
Davis Paul S., (S. Wheelock) r 55, farmer 40.
Day Fred, grocer, Main.
Dcos Alonzo, (Lyndon) r 27 1/2, farmer 180.
Deos Elias B., (Lyndon) r 24, farmer 60. (IMoved to Lyndon.)
Deos Distar, (Lyndon) r 24, farmer 50.
Dizan William E , (E. Greensboro) r 38, farmer 117.
Donnelly Daniel, (S. Wheelock) r 59, farm laborer.
Donnelly John, (S. Wheelock) r 59, farmer 100.
Dow Martha, widow of Ira, h and lot, Main.
Drew Hiram S , (E. Greensboro) r 38, farmer 100.
Drew James S., (Shefield) r 5, 10 cows, 20 sheep, 700 sugar trees, farmer 190.
Drown Alfred G., r 14, h and lot.
Drown Amos G., (Sheffield) off r 5, farmer 50.
DROWN ELISHA, (Sheffield) r 3, 320 sugar trees, farmer 56.
DROWN NOAH, retired farmer, h and lot.
DROWN WILLIAM R., (Sheffield) r 3, farmer, son of Elisha.
Eastman Hiram H., r 12, farmer 142.
Edwards Emerson, (E. Greensboro) farmer 75.
Emerson Austin F., (S Wheelock) r --, mail carrier and farmer 26.
Emerson Rufus W., r 11, 400 sugar trees, farmer 65.
FADDEN WILLIAM H., (E. Greensboro) r 37, 700 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Flanders John B., (Sheffield) off r 6, farmer 75.
Flanders Mary, (Slreftield) off r 6, widow of Reuben, aged 97 years.
Fletcher Christopher C., lives with W. J., Main.
Fletcher Welcome J., retired farmer 25, Main.
Flood Thomas, r 24, farmer 170.
FOLSOM IDA J., r 9 cor 11, daughter of Jonas F.
FOLSOM JONAS E., r 9 cor 11, 500 sugar trees, farmer 154.
FOLSOM WILLIAM, (E. Greensboro) r 39, stock grower, farmer 155.
Folsom William S., (Sheffield) r 8, farmer 80.
Garfield Isaac D., (E. Greensboro) r 41, cooper.
Giflin Arthur A., (Sheffield) r 8, farmer with W. S Folsom.
Gilrnan James, r 24 n 13, farmer 130.
Goche Wiliiam, (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2 laborer.
Graves George H., r 13, farmer, on farm of J. P. Ayer 60.
GRAY ISAAC K , r 12. farmer with his father, S. D.
GRAY JESSE G.. lister, deputy shertff, notary public, prop. of Wheelock Hotel, grocer and provision dealer, served in Co. K, 11th Vt. Vols., Main.
GRAY SAMUEL D., r 12, 12 sheep, famer with his son I. K. 100.
Gray Samuel W., (Shefield) off r 33. farm laborer.
Green George E., (S. Wheelock) r 42, farmer.
Hall Henry, (S. Whrelock) off r 55, farmer with Louis.
Hall Louis, (S. Wheelock) off r 55, farmer 20.
Hammell Calvin, (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2, farmer 170.
HAMMOND ELI E., r 22, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 170.
Harris Alvin H., (Sheffield) r 4, farmer 137.
HART WILLIAM, (S. Wheelock) r 27, breeder of and dealer in horses, 300 sugar trees, farmer 130.
Hartson Lucy F., (Sheffield) r 8, widow of Chancey, farmer 23.
HEATH ANDREW J., (S. Wheelock) r 27, farmer with his father, E. P.
HEATH EBENEZER P., (S. Wheelock) r 29, 6 cows, farmer 135.
Hill Edward K., (Sheffield) r 4, selectman, farmer with Timothy.
Hill Timothy, (Sheffield) r 5, 400 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 165.
Hines David, r 34, retired farmer.
Hines George W., r 34, farmer 65.
Hoffman Fred, r 15; overseer of the poor, farmer 165.
HOFFMAN HENRY, r 18, 1,800 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Hopkins Amos D., (E. Greensboro) r 36, farmer 200.
Hopkins Wilson E , (E. Greensboro) r 36, farmer with A. D.
HORNE JAMES G., (N. Danville) r 57 n 56, 7 cows, farmer 230, in Stannard 70.
Horner Lizzie, (E. Greensboro) r 39, widow of Eugene, h and lot.
Hovey Lewis J., r 14, farmer 65.
Hoyt Alanson, farmer 10, Main.
Hoyt Thomas A., farmer 173, Main.
Hubbard Asa B., (E. Greensboro) r 1, retired, lives with W. H. Weeks.
Hubbard Daniel W., (S. Wheelock) r 43, farmer for George Sherburn.
Jeffers E. John, (S. Wheelock) r 31, farmer 100.
JONES DANIEL S., (S. Wheelock) r 31, justice of the peace, 550 sugar trees, farmer 230.
JONES WILLIAM H., (S. Wheelock) r 52, prop. saw-mill, 20 head cattle, 25 sheep, farmer 200.
Kelly E. Farnham, r 12, retired farmer, h and lot.
King Hiram P., r 13, farmer 11.
LAFFO ISAAC T., r 23, 1,300 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 112.
Laird Hiram M., (N. Danville) near r 53, 600 sugar trees, farmer 140.
LEAVITT FREDERICK, (E. Greensboro) r 41. farmer with Lafayette.
LEAVITT F. & L., (E. Greensboro) r 39 and 41, 20 cows, 25 sheep, and farmers 185.
LEAVlTT LAFAYETTE, (E. Greensboro) r 39 cor 41, farmer with Frederick.
Leslie Danforth B., dentist, Main.
Leslie Walker C., r 12, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 125.
Loan James, r 24, farmer 200.
Loan Robert, r 24, farmer with James.
Loomis Warren W., (S. Wheelock) off r 46, farmer with C. F. Noyes.
Lynch John, (S. Wheelock) near r 59, farmer 130.
Magoon Edmund P.. (S. Wheelock) r 47, farmer 34.
Marcou Frank, (Shefield) off r 33, farmer.
MARSDIN JOHN, (Sheffield) r 3, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 133.
MATHEWS MILO S., (N. Danville) r 55, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 180, served in Co. D, 13th Regt. N. H. Vols.
MATHEWSON E. C., r 19, 2,000 sugar trees, 20 sheep, farmer 107.
MATHEWSON 0. D., r 19, supt. of schools, teacher, lives with his father, E. C.
MCDOWELL ADELLA S., (Glover) r 2 1/2, daughter of Thomas.
McDowell Arthur, (Glover) r 2 1/2, farmer with Thomas.
MCDOWELL THOMAS, (Glover) r 2 1/2, 300 sugar trees, farmer 200.
McGovern Charles, (S. Wheelnck) r 59, 300 sugar trees, farmer 170.
McGovern William T., (S. Wheelock) r 59, farm laborer.
Meserve John E., r 22 1/2, farmer 50.
Miles Charles, (E. Greensboro) r 38, farmer.
Miles Clarence, off r 6, farmer.
Miles Ira, off 33, farmer.
MILES JAMES, (S. Wheelock) r 56, 300 sugar trees, farmer 115.
Miles John, (Sheffield) off r 33, farmer 75.
Miles Samuel, (Sheffield) r 6, farmer 50.
Miles Thomas, (N. Danville) off r 53, farmer 86.
MITCHEM GEORGE M., (S. Wheelock) r 56, 7 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 240.
MOONEY CURT15 G., (Lyndon) r 50, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 115.
MOORE WILLIAM H., r 33, 600 sugar trees, farmer 115.
MORGAN WILLIAM, r 11 cor 9, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer, with his mother 212.
Nelson Franklin P., r 14, theological student.
Nelson George W.. r 14, 1,500 sugar trees, farmer 120.
Newton Jayson, (E. Greensboro) r 40, farmer.
NOYES BENJAMIN F., (S. Wheelock) r 54, 7 cows, 350 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Noyes Charles A., (Sheffield) r 33, farmer.
Noyes Charles F., (S. Wheelock) off r 46, 500 sugar trees, farmer 150.
NOYES MARTIN V. B., (N. Danville) r 56, 7 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 235.
Nutt William, (E Greensboro) r 41 1/2, farmer 70.
Orcutt George. (Sheffield) r 6, farmer 130.
Orcutt Horace, laborer.
Orcutt Hosea B., (Sheffield) r 33, resident.
Orcutt Rodney, (Sheffield) r 33, farmer 50.
Park Myron D , r I 7 cor 19, selectman, 700 sugar trees, farmer 170,
Patch Joseph, (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2, justice, farmer 250.
Patch Walter E. B., (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2, farmer with his father, Joseph.
Peak William H.. r 26, farmer 100.
Perrin Ephraim, (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2, farmer 100.
Peterson Frank, (Sheffield) off r 33, farmer 50.
Piper Chestina, (Sheffield) r 33, widow of William.
Piper Daniel, (Sheffield) r 5 farmer.
Piper Theophilus G., (Sheffield) r 5, farmer 45.
PORTER ORPHA S, (S. Wheelock) r 56, widow of James S., lives with her son-in-law, G. M. Mitchem.
Randall Lvman T., r 12, farmer, leases of George Meserve, of Lyndon, Vt., 210 acres.
Rannev William J., r 14, shoemaker, Main.
Reed Edwin W., r 11, farmer 100, served in Co. E, 8th Vt. Vols.
Richards Charles, (E. Greensboro) r 41 1/2, farmer 100.
Robinson Stephen, (Sheffield) farmer 25.
Robinson Thomas, (Sheffield) r 3, retired farmer, lives with John Marsdin.
ROGERS CHARLES Hon., r 12, town clerk, treasurer, justice of the peace, land surveyor, owns farm 225.
Russell Rufus J., (S. Wheelock) r 30, pastor of the Free Will Baptist church.
Ryan James, r 25, farmer 159.
Sawyer Louisa, (Mrs. N. D.) millinery goods, Main.
Sawyer Nathan D., carpenter and wheelwright, Main.
SCRUTON BENJAMIN F., r 22, farmer with E. E. Hammond.
Shattuck Abigail B., (N. Danville) r 55, widow of S. F.
SHATTUCK SAMUEL F., (N. Danville) r 55, 10 cows, 40 sheep, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 270. (Died August, 1886.)
Shelden George, (Sheffield) r 6, 400 sugar trees, farmer 70.
Shepard Fred R,, (S. Wheelock) r 47, farmer wtth E. P. Magoon.
Sherburn David W., (S. Wheelock) r 45, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases of P. Graves, of Lyndon, Vt., 206.
Sherburn Erastus, (S. Wheelock) r 43, farmer 180.
Sherburn George, (S. Wheelock) r 43, agent for agricultural implements, and farmer.
Sherburn Sarah, (S. Wheelock) r 45, lives with her brother, D. W.
Simonds John N., (E. Greensboro) r 41, farmer 200.
Smith Enoch, (N. Danville) n r 56, 800 sugar trees, farmer 100.
SMITH LEVI A., (E. Greensboro) r 41, farmer 50, served in Co. G, 15th Regt. Vt. Vols.
SMITH MYRON E., (E. Greensboro) r 41, farmer 50.
Smith Susan, r 13, widow of Hibbarrd.
Smith William A., r 13, laborer, h and lot.
Snelling Emma E., (Sheffield) r 3, school teacher.
SNELLING GEORGE W., (Sheffield) r 3, 500 sugar trees, farmer 50, served in Co. A, 8th Vt. Vols.
SNELLING ORRIN H.: (Sheffield) r 8, 800 sugar trees, farmer 85.
Snelling William, (Sheffield) r 8, farmer with 0. H.
Spaulding Harvey W., r 21, 2,000 sugar trees, farmer 158.
Squires Harry A, farmer, h and lot.
Staples Marshall S., blacksmith and farmer 20, Main.
Sturtevant Origen M., (Sheffield) r 33, cornetist, and farmer 90.
Sulloway Lorenzo, farmer 85, h Main.
Sweet Mary, (Sheffield) off r 33, widow of Henry.
TAYLOR BENJAMIN F., justice of the peace, postmaster, and dealer in general merchandise, farmer 36, Main, h do.
Taylor Frank, clerk, and farmer.
Taylor William H., principal of Hardwick academy, lives with B. F.
Thomas Abram, (Sheffield) r 8, 2,500 sugar trees, farmer 120.
Thornas Newton, (S. Wheelock) resident, with W. H.
Thomas William H., (S. Wheelock) r 55, farmer 100.
Wark Johnston. (S. Wheelock) r 55, farmer 108.
Way Marshall, (Sheffield) r 6, 500 sugar trees, farmer 106.
Weeks Walter H., (E. Greensboro) farmer 115.
WELCH BROS, r 15, (H. B. and M. D.) 1,200 sugar trees, 18 grade Jersey cows, farmers 245.
Welch George, (Sheffield) r 34, farmer 50.
Welch Jefferson, (Sheffield) r 33, farmer 120.
Wheeler Barzillai S., (S. Wheelock) off r 46, farmer 110.
WHEELOCK HOTEL, Jesse C. Cray, prop., Main.
Whitney Elizabeth, widow of Newhall, Main.
Willard Elijah, farmer 45.
Willey Holmes, (E. Greensboro) r 1, farmer.
Willey Sumner D., (E. Greensboro) r 1, farmer.
Willey William, (E. Greensboro) r 1, farmer 60.
Wilmot Abigail, (S. Wheelock) r 45, resident
Wilson Warren J., farmer, pensioner.
WOOD DAVID, (Sheffield) r 33, carpenter and joiner, and farmer 115.
WOOD JAMES T., (S. Wheelock) r 55, 800 sugar trees, farmer 112.
Woolley Lucien J., (S. Wheelock) r 27, 500 sugar trees, farmer 106.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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