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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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This is a 'work in progress' document.

The Caledonian Record Newspaper - January 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town  Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 7th

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2 Concord Hodgdon Florence Lucy marriage To Eugene F. Ellingwood Mr. & Mrs. Allen Hodgdon Jan. 1st
2 Concord Erwin   birth - girls twin daughters Mr. & Mrs. William Erwin  Dec. 31
2 W. Barnet Warden   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Roy Warden Sunday
3 E. St. Johnsbury Blair infant boy (10 wks) death Mr. & Mrs. Alex Blair   Saturday
4 Lyndonville Cleary Grace (Stillwell) death wife of William K. Cleary   Last Thursday
5 St. Johnsbury Stinson Raymond death accidental death - child Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Stinson  
5 St. Johnsbury Kirk   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kirk  
5 Danville Caldwell Susie M. marriage To - Eddie Emmons Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Caldwell Monday
6 Cabot Marsh Julian for burial   died - Wallingford, CT last Wednesday
6 W. Danville Waldo Elizabeth Jane marriage To - Frederick Daniel W. Danville Jan. 3rd
6 W. Danville Daniel Bertha Helen marriage To - Howard William Bashaw Mrs. Elizabeth Waldo's Dec. 25th
the 14th

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1 Lyndonville Harrington Miss Sue S. death Age 76   (died in Rochester)   Jan. 8th
1 St. Johnsbury Genge Val. F. marriage To Miss Beatrice Badger   Jan. 3rd
3 St. Johnsbury Drown George W. death Wife and 2 sons George W. & Herbert   Jan. 2nd
3 St. Johnsbury Hack Helene Louise marriage To Austin Miner Goss Mr. & Mrs. Elliot N. Hack Jan. 5th
4 St. Johnsbury Bailey Jean Elizabeth death  ( 13 Mo. of age ) Mr. & Mrs. Ray P. Bailey Saturday
4 St. Johnsbury Burbank Agnes marriage To Wendell Drew Mr. & Mrs. George A. Burbank Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury Garno Maria L. marriage To George Davidson   Saturday
5 Barnet Gilfillan Ruth Emma (Bailey) death born 1854 Agnes & Freeman Bailey Thursday
6 St. Johnsbury Hallett Eugene C. death     Jan. 7th
6 Danville Clark George   death     Monday
the 21st

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1 E. St. Johnsbury Wood B. C. death Age 85, born in Kirby   Sunday
1 St. Johnsbury Ctr Kelley George buried died in Lynn, MA Village cemetery Jan. 17th
2 Lyndon Center Bigelow Calvin death Age 86    
2 Lyndonville Welch Luella death      
2 Danville Clark George B. death born Nov. 17, 1846   Jan. 12th
6 E. Barnet Leith George E. funeral   St. Johnsbury Thursday
The Caledonian Record Newspaper - February 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 4th

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1 W. Barnet Strobridge   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Strobridge Tuesday
2 Lower Waterford Brickford   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Roy Brickford Monday
4 Hyde Park Davis Mrs. H. A. death   St. Johnsbury Tuesday
4 St. Johnsbury Proof Julia C. & Lester J. devorce      
4 St. Johnsbury Fassette Ella marriage James Woods Lancaster N.H. Saturday
5 Danville Choate Harriett Sias death     Jan. 21
5 Danville Hoyt   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. William Hoyt Tuesday, Jan. 27th
5 Lyndonville Dubie Fred death     Monday
6 Lyndonville Ingalls Mary death     Saturday
6 Cobblaskill, N.Y. Judd   birth - boy (former Lyndonville teachers) Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Judd Jan. 23rd
6 East Ryegate Chamberlain Cora marriage To George Lee Mrs. Fanny Chamberlain Monday
the 11th

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1 Passumpsic Wright William Henry death born Feb. 7, 1841 in Waterford   Tuesday
2 East Ryegate Wallace C. M. funeral     Monday
3 Danville Davis Emily funeral  born Jan. 2, 1838 in Hardwick (died Wednesday) Sunday
3 Barnet Lang Nettie funeral     Wednesday
3 Greensboro Bend Buck Edward funeral     Monday
3 Lunenburg Kenney   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. William Kenney Friday
3 Concord Wallace Charles M. death     Saturday
3 Concord Houston Mrs. W. E. death     Sunday
3 Sutton Brown Edward death     Friday
3 Wells River Ramsey Joseph funeral  (died in Littleton)    
3 Orleans Heath         Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Brown Miles death born August 15, 1919 Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Brown Monday
4 St. Johnsbury Richard Joseph death former resident, (died in Lewis P.Q.) brother of Nelson Richard Monday (funeral)
4 St. Johnsbury Butterfield   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Foster Butterfield Thursday, Feb. 5th
4 Passumpsic Wright William  H. funeral     Friday
4 Barnet Gilfillan Margaret funeral     Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Walter Mary E. & Solon M. devorce     Tuesday
4 North Danville Ward    birth twin girls Mr. & Mrs. B. H. Ward Saturday, Feb., 9th
5 Lyndonville Carroll Inez (Vail) death wife of John P. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Vail  
5 Sutton Brown Ed  death formerly of Lyndonville   Tuesday
5 Lyndonville Walter   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Walter Friday
5 Lyndonville Judge   death infant son, 9 mo old James Judge Saturday
5 Lyndon Hoye Mary funeral wife of Patrick Hoye   Saturday
5 Lyndon Amel Emma H. death age 18   Satyrday
5 West Burke Ruggles Frank funeral     Sunday
5 Barnet Lang Jeanette death born Nov. 22, 1841 in Whitefield John & Nancy (Somers) Lang Monday
5 Sutton Gray Silas death     Wednesday
5 Passumpsic Stamford Carrie death formerly of Passumpsic died in Manchester NH  
5 Passumpsic Lamott   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon Lamott Monday
5 Passumpsic Wright Henry death     Tuesday
5 Passumpsic Stamford Caroline A. death formerly of Passumpsic,  born Aug. 31 in Leeds P.Q. Tuesday (funeral)
5 East Ryegate Wallace C. M.   born Oct. 24, 1844 in Concord   Friday
the 18th

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1 St. Johnsbury McLean Murdo death age 86, born in Scotland age 86, buried in Gould, P.Q. Sunday
2 Barnet Lang Jeannette death      
2 Lyndonville Folsom Amanda death born May 13, 1833 in Danville   Monday
2 Lyndonville Schotfield Hannah (Metcalfe) marriage to Milo Wood   Thursday
3 St. Johnsbury Rogers Mrs. Harry funeral service held in Walden   Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Brigham Mrs. death     Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Morrison Howard funeral died in Boston   Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Genge Dr. Victor P. married to Hazel Harris of Orleans   Tuesday
3 St. Johnsbury Hufnagel Hazei May mar. int. to Philip Brooks Franklin   Feb. 7th
3 East Haven Woodward Wilbur Oran death age 11 yrs Mr. & Mrs. Hurbert C. Woodward Friday (funeral)
3 St. Johnsbury Tripp Fred death     Saturday
3 St. Johnsbury Eastman Nelson death     Saturday
4 St. Johnsbury Ctr Miller W. A. death age 50 yrs   Feb. 12th
4 St. Johnsbury Ctr Hill Mrs. (Rhoda G. ? ) death age 75 yrs   Thursday
5 Passumpsic Miles Harry F. death died in Philadelphia, PA son of Mrs. Nellie Miles Thursday
5 North Danville Ward   birth twin girls Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Ward Feb. 9th
5 Danville Durant Alice death born Jan. 27, 1840 French & Susan Morrill Feb. 12th
the 25th

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1 St. Johnsbury Rochleau Thomas death buried in New York    
1 St. Johnsbury Locke Charles C. death born Nov. 16, 1863 in Irasburg buried in Lyndon Ctr cemetery Saturday
3 Concord Houston Sara Ellen (Rainey) funeral born Dec. 25, 1856 William & Sara Rainey Wednesday
3 Passumpsic Converse Mrs. Fred death     Friday
3 Walden Rogers Mayme E. (Isherwood) death born Feb. 24, 1872 wife of Harry L. Rogers Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Ctr Howard Asa death     Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Cassidy Herbert death age 18 yrs Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Cassidy Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Rushlow Thomas furneral     Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury McPherson   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Lester McPherson Friday
4 Orlearns Deering Blanche marriage to Frank A. Nelson of Sutton   Friday
4 McIndoes Humphrey George death age 8 yrs Mr. & Mrs. George Humphrey Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury Mitchell Clarissa death age 87 yrs    
4 St. Johnsbury Irwin   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. David Irwin Sunday
4 S. Lunenburg Crawford Annie marriage to Dan Dodge   Tuesday
5 St. Johnsbury Hutchins May Estey death   wife of Harley Hutchins Feb. 18th
5 St. Johnsbury Hutchins Elizabeth death age 3 mos daughter to May & Harley Feb. 20th
5 St. Johnsbury Carpenter Gladys marriage to Merle Colburn Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Carpenter Wednesday
6 Concord Brigham Angeline death born June 23, 1836 Mr. & Mrs Oliver Powers Wednesday
6 Barton Hunter Mrs. Victor death     Friday
6 Lunenburg King   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. James King  
6 Ryegate Cram Ira death butial was in Lincoln   Monday
The Caledonian Record Newspaper - March 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 3rd

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1 St. Johnsbury Montgomery Emma   death born Sept. 20, 1866 George W. & Nancy J. Bonett Thursday
2 Passumpsic Caverse Thresa Louise (Buzzle) death born July 27, 1893 in Cherry River, Canada   Friday
3 McIndoes Falls Colby Fred H. death born Jan. 18, 1845 in Danville    
3 McIndoes Falls Humphrey George Edwin death age 7 yrs Mr. & Mrs. George Humphrey  
4 St. Johnsbury Hale Orvis E. death born June 23, 1839 in Plainfield   Feb. 23th
4 St. Johnsbury Tinker Esther May birth - girl   Major & Mrs. John W. Tinker Feb. 23th
4 St. Johnsbury Annis Arthur A. marriage to Celina Victaline Lussier in Mass   Feb. 28
4 Summerville Roberts John died burial in North Danville   Monday
4 Danville Williams Newell died     Feb. 25th
4 St. Johnsbury Metcalf Clarissa died burial in Irasburg   Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury Holloway Kennith William died age 6 mos 6 days old Mr.& Mrs. William J. Holloway Thursday
4 West Barnet Fisher   birth - girl born at the Frost Sanitarium Mr. & Mrs. Fred L. Fisher Monday
4 St. Johnsbury Erwin Madeline death age 8 wks Mr. & Mrs. N. J. Erwin Thursday
6 Newark King   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Wilber King Last week
6 Monroe Griffin Maxine death   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Griffin Friday
6 Peacham Somers   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sumers Thursday
6 Peacham Kinerson Ma??dine death one year old deaughter Mr. & Mrs. Ray Kinerson Saturday
6 Danville Stocker George M. funeral born April 10, 1846 in Danville Nathanial & Annette Stocker Wednesday
6 Danville Thurston Ruth Lucile marriage to Howard Everett Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Russell Thurston Feb. 25th
the 10th

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2 St. Johnsbury Wilson Prussia S. (Albee) death born July 21, 18?0 in Littleton N.H. Joseph A. & Mary (Ballou) Albee March 6th
2 North Danville Williams Newell Stocker death born August 17, 1844 in Danville John & Adeline Stocker Feb. 25th
2 St. Johnsbury Pinkham Anna death age 38 yrs 11 mos wife to William B. Pinlham Wednesday
3   Chappell Mrs. Wesley burial     Friday
3 Lyndonville Taylor Mrs. Fred death      
3 Lunenburg Guilmette Lottie (Hartshorn death   wife of Philip Guilmette Monday
3 Sutton Ball Julia E. (Peck) death born Jan. 9, 1846 Orville & Charlotte Peck Friday
3 Sutton Berry Mrs. Fred death     Tuesday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Pease William death     Tuesday
3 N. Groveton N.H. Kay Irene death age 13 yrs.   Saturday
3 Newark King   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Wilber King Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Day Mrs. Harry M. funeral daughter Mrs. Walter S. Mertz died on Friday Monday
3 Northampton Paradis Samuel funeral age 40 yrs was from St. Johnsbury Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Lyster   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lyster March 3rd
3 St. Johnsbury Pinkham Mrs. William death funeral on Saturday   Wednesday
6 Lyndonville Nicholson Sophia funeral     Thursday
6 Lyndonville Bunker Mrs. Ernest funeral      
6 Lyndonville Drown A. G. marriage to Mary Sanborn of Barton   Feb. 29th
6 Lyndonville Cass  Mrs. Garnet death     Saturday
6 Lyndonville Cunningham John T. death     Sunday
6 Lyndonville Bunker Mrs. Ernest death     Monday
6 St. Johnsbury Ctr Pease William death     Tuesday
6 St. Johnsbury McCarthy Mrs. Abby F. death     Thursday
6 St. Johnsbury Day Mrs. Harry M. death age 59 yrs.   Thursday
the 17th

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3 St. Johnsbury Barrett Robert L. marriage to Lillian F. Silva Mrs. Emily W. Barrett Feb. 28th
3 St. Johnsbury Witters   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Witters March 8th
3 Burlington Jocelyn Brig.-Gen Stephen P. death wife Maria Chamberlin Edgell Jocelyn Maria is a native of St. Jay March 8th
3 West Barnet Fisher Mrs. Fred death died at the Frost Sanitarium   Saturday
4 Concord St. Peter Mrs. Flossie death   Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Porter  
4 Lyndonville Hoffman Alice Rosetta death age 14 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hoffman Monday
6 Lunenburg Luther   death age 3 mos old son Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Luther Monday
6 East Burke Cass Mrs. Garnet death 5 children, youngest is 5 mos   Saturday
6 Lower Waterford Blodgett Austin funeral      
the 24th

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1 Swanton Hyde Edgar A. death conductor on St. J & L.C. railroad  past resident of St. Johnsbury Tuesday
1 St. Johnsbury Higgins William death saurvived by 3 children   Sunday
2 Concord Richardson Jacob death   Jacob & Irene (Hovey) Richardson Saturday
2 Walden Wilson Mrs. Fred funeral     last Wednesday
2 West Danville Woods   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Woods Feb. 21st
2 Peacham MacKay John death     Saturday
2 West Barnet Fisher Rebecca (Fitzgeralds) death born March 19, 1888 in Mass. William & Margaret March 12th
3 Concord Steere Mrs. Merrill funeral     Saturday
3 Danville Hoyt William A. death born Jan. 16, 1886 Anson B. & Emma Hoyt March 18th
3 Danville Kittredge Zenus death born Nov. 19, 1854   March 20th
3 Danville Sturte Jennings burial former resident, (died in Cal.)   today
4 White River Jct. Dorman   birth - boy at Brightlook hospital Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Dorman March 19th
4 Boston, Mass Comstock David Y. death former Academy principal    
4 Minneapolis Hastings Orris (Paddock) death formally of St. Johnsbury wife of Judge J. H. Hastings Saturday
5 Lyndonville Marshall I. G. death father of Howard Marshall   Saturday
5 Concord Steere Fannie (Briggs) funeral born 1892 Mr. & Mrs. Ben Briggs Saturday
5 Barnet Stoddard Normand Dwight birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Stoddard Friday
6 Wells River Cameron Hugh burial from Boston brother of Sidney & Cyrus Sunday
6 Wells River Scales Jennie funeral died in Springfield, Mass sister of Mrs. James Mills March 17th
6 Wheelock Chamberlain Claud death died in Groveton, NH Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Chamberlain March 1st
6 West Barnet Fisher Mrs. Fred death     Friday
6 West Barnet Fisher   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Fisher Monday
the 31st

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1 Ryegate Nelson Philip (from Moline Ill) marriage to Beatrice Wright Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Wright Tuesday
1 Newport Roberts Mrs. Frederick (Dexter) death age 60, born in St. Hugnes P.Q.   Wednesday
1 Lyndonville Webster Mrs. Dennison (Fowler) death age 77, born in Compton P.Q. buried in Newport on Monday Friday
2 Lyndonville Bergerson Louis marriage to Bertha Blodgett Mr. & Mrs. Henry Blodgett Thursday
2 Barre Nelson John H. death former resident of St. Johnsbury born June 18, 1859 Saturday 
2 Minneapolis Hastings Orris (Paddock) death formally of St. Johnsbury wife of Judge J. H. Hastings March 20th
2 Lyndon Shufelt Joseph G. death age 94   Monday
2 St. Johnsbury Bradford Mary death born March 14, 1832 in Montreal    Feb. 4th
3 Concord Cobleigh   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Cobleigh Wednesday
3 Bradford Shumway E. G. death survived by a brother E. B. Shumway   Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Cheney Elizabeth Adelaide birth - girl   Capt. & Mrs. Stewart Monday
5 Barnet Baker Samuel Jr. birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Baker Monday
6 East Burke Foster Mrs. Mary B. burial former resident, died in Lowell Mass buried in Riverside cemetery Monday
6 West Danville Douse Lilla marriage to Simeon Clark Lilla is sister to Mrs. L. M. Adams Tuesday
6 East Burke Randall   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Albert Randall Tuesday
6 East Burke Bolton Jane marriage to Mr. Lindsay of Ryegate    
6 East Burke Frechart Nellie marriage to Mr. Napoleon Paradis    
6 Barton Elliott Mrs. Ellis funeral     Monday
6 West Danville Douse Lilla marriage to Simeon O. Clark late Mr. & Mrs. George Douse Tuesday
6 West Danville Woods   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Woods Feb. 21st
The Caledonian Record Newspaper - April 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 7th

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2 St. Johnsbury Ashcraft Minnie Pearl  marriage To Richard D. Howe of Newport Miss Ashcraft from Kentucky Tuesday
2 St. Johnsbury Lanctot John death     Thursday
3 East Concord Smith Fred W. (age 54) death survived by a brother Clarence and one son, Ray Smith Thursday
3 Wheelock Chamberlain Beulah (age 14) death also Claud died on March 1st. Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Chamberlain Last week
3 Wheelock Berry Erma Ethel (age 1) death   Mr. & Mrs. Amos Berry Thursday
3 Danville Steele Archie M. death     Saturday
3 Concord Cobleigh (infant son) death   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cobleigh Saturday
3 Hardwick Pike Mrs. Perley funeral     Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Banahan John death age 54   Monday
4 Union Village Ruggles Mrs. Kay funeral     Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Cheney Elizabeth Adelaide death infant daughter Capt. & Mrs. Stewart Wednesday
5 St. Johnsbury Hoye Fred death died in Mary Fletcher hospital   Sunday
5 Lyndonville Wood Miss Eva engagement to Mr. Gordan Vance    
6 Danville Steele Arch  death Formally of Peacham   April 3rd
6 Lunenburg Foster Mrs. funeral mother of Frank Foster   Monday
6 Lyndonville Butterfield   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Herman H. Butterfield Last week
6 St. Johnsbury Ctr Whitney   birth   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Whitney Feb. 2nd
6 Newark Lare   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Lare Sunday
the 14th

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1 St. Johnsbury Hansen Miss Agnes (age 18) death siblings Margaret, Wallace, Clayton Mr. & Mrs. Milo Hansen Tuesday
3 Lunenburg Norris Swain Taylor death     Tuesday
3 Passumpsic Smith   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith April 9th
4 St. Johnsbury Deoss Clifton Kenneth birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Harry Deoss April 8th
4 Manchester NH Way George F. death formally of St. Johnsbury   Sunday
4 Lyndonville Beck Mildred V. marriage to John Arthur Ames Mr. & Mrs. Conrad F. Beck Friday
4 Worcester MA Moore Mrs. Katherine death born Oct. 25, 1852 in Waterford Vt late Hiram & Susan Hill April 4th
5 Peacham Morse Phyllis Alice birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morse Wednesday
5 Peacham Chamberlain Meverett Francis marriage to Thomas Priest Mr. & Mrs. George Chamberlain Wednesday
5 Peacham Thurston young child death   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Thurston Friday
5 Lyndonville Beck Mildred   marriage to John Arthur Ames Mr. & Mrs. Conrad F. Beck Friday
5 Peacham Steele Archibald M. funeral born April 1, 1878 - married Rose Finley William & Jessie (Corbett) Steele April 5th
the 21st

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1 South Ryegate Moffett William (age 19) arrested robbery   Saturday
1 Lyndon Pratt Albert B. death gen. mgr. Our Husbands Mfg.   Tuesday
1 Hartford CT Roberts Flora (from St. Johnsbury) marriage to Bertrand McNamara of Hartford CT Mr. & Mrs. Fred F. Roberts Thursday
1 N. Ferrisburg Allen Beulah Fletcher marriage to Joseph Merriam Cheney from Chicago   April 13th
2 St. Johnsbury Reed Mrs. W. T. death former resident of Concord   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Garrand   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Albert Garrand April 18th
4 Waltham, Mass Richards    death brother to Rev. F. B. Richards    
4 Worcester, Mass Kittredge Bernice of Burton Vt marriage to Burton W. Tillett of Worcester Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Kittredge April 14th
4 St. Johnsbury Maison Thomas (age 77) death     Tuesday
4 Hartford CT Phillips Elizabeth Marie birth - girl g-parants Mr. & Mrs. William Gill of St. Johnsbury Mr. & Mrs. John Philips April 15th
4 Whitefield N.H. Magoon Mildred May birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Magoon April 12th
4 St. Johnsbury Martel Philip   arrested larceny from Fairbanks Inn   Wednesday
4 Sutton Gray   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Archie Gray April 4th
4 Orleans Bennett   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs Fred Bennett Wednesday
4 Orleans Sargent   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sargent Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Richards Pearle Eliza marriage to Eugene Austin Page Mr. & Mrs. Edward Richards Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Reed Celia A. death wife of W. S. Reed   Sunday
4 Irasburg Sheltra Wilfred death drowned in Black River Mr. & Mrs. Simeon Sheltra Monday
5 Lyndonville Batchelder Mrs. George death   Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Wright Saturday
5 St. Johnsbury Ctr Brooks Miss Ruby burial died in West Somerville Mass daug. of Charles Brooks Friday
5 Wells River George Mrs. Flora death   wife of Frank George Sunday
5 St. Johnsbury Wilcomb Mrs. Caroline E. (Hovey) death born July 9, 1837 died in Waterbury Saturday
6 St. Johnsbury Ctr Mongreen Mrs. E. A. death     Monday
6 St. Johnsbury Ctr Sargent Mrs. Wesley  funeral     Monday
6 Wheelock Weed   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. George E. Weed Monday
6 West Barnet Ramsey Miss Ethel marriage to Vernie Caldwell of Danville   Wednesday
the 21st

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1 Shelburne Roberts Mrs. Kate (Palmer) death born Dec. 24, 1844 in Charlotte widow of George N. Roberts Wednesday
1 Danville Sturdevant Mrs. E. W. burial resided and died in Placentia Cal.    
2 St. Johnsbury Harris Miss Lizzie M. death born May 10, 1874 Edwin & Fannie (Emerson) Harris Sunday
2 Newport Kay Mrs. funeral     Tuesday
2 St. Johnsbury Potter Mrs. E. C. funeral     Tuesday
2 McIndoe Falls Stevens Miss Beryl A. marriage to Burleigh N. Carpenter her uncle Mr. A. J. Buffun Saturday
3 Wheelock Weed   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. George Weed Monday
3 Lyndonville Hutchinson   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Horace Hutchinson Monday
3 Burlington Pearl Gratia Houghton birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Dean Pearl last week
3 E. St. Johnsbury Edney Miss Lillian marriage to Wallace Hill   Wednesday
3 Lyndonville Vail Theodore N. memorial     Sunday
4 Springfield, Mass Lincoln William A. death brother to Mrs. Arthur F. Stone of St. Johnsbury   Friday
4 New York Peck Miss Anne V. engagement to Philip Hill, both of New York    
4 St. Johnsbury Ferris Miss Mildred marriage to Charles Mosher   Saturday
4 Littleton NH Clay Charles L. (age 75) died former St. Johnsbury High School Principal   April 19th
5 Concord Reed Celia (Richards) funeral born Jan. 2, 1846 in Kirby married Winthrop, Dec 1866 Tuesday
5 St. Johnsbury Quimby Miss Mildred marriage to Gordon Kindall of Sherbrooke PQ mother Mrs. H. A. Quimby Wednesday
5 Wells River George Mrs. Frank W. funeral   Mr. & Mrs. W.Chamberlin Wednesday
5 Wells River Rubie Irene (Brooks) death from Sumerville, Mass, born Jan. 8, 1899 in Wheelock Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brooks April 13th
6 Monroe Bort Laura Vastie marriage to Raymond Holmes James Mr. & Mrs. George A. Bort Wednesday
6 Haverhill Amy Belle death formally of Monroe   Friday
6 Passumpsic Delworth   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Delworth Monday
6 Danville Sturdevant Mrs. E. W. death 3 daughters and 2 sons formally of Danville  
The Caledonian Record Newspaper - May 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 5th

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1 St. Johnsbury Robie W. H. H. death died at his daughter's home in Rutland. born May 19, 1840 Sunday
3 Lyndonville Aldrich Mrs. Rufus (Wells) death died from typhoid fever.   Saturday
3 Lyndonville McDowell Mrs. Dean (Esther Randall) funeral funeral was in Sheffield   Sunday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Hallett Mrs. Erastus death her daughter Mrs. Henry Gallagher   Sunday
4 Greensboro   Batten A. S.  funeral      
4 Greensboro Sawyer Mrs. Adelaide (age 85) death sister to Mrs. C. A. Calderwood   Friday
4 St. Johnsbury Dauphin Margaret Marie (age 5) death sisters Leonora & Lucia, brother Everett Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dauphin Sunday
4 Lakeport, N.H. Towle Mrs. Emily death formally of St. Johnsbury interment at Lyndon Ctr Friday
4 Evansville McDowell Mr. death father of E. E. McDowell of Barnet   Monday
5 St. Johnsbury Salina Julius C. (age 80) death buried in Green Mount cemetery   Saturday
5 St. Johnsbury Marshall I. G. memorial     Sunday
5 Providence R.I. Barker Arthur N.  (age 53) death brother of W. H. Barker of Passumpsic born in St. Johnsbury April 19th
6 Kirby Richards Windfield S. death born April 5, 1943 Joel & Lavina Richards Wednesday
6 St Johnsbury Powers Mrs. Eugene death Grove cemetery buried in East St. Johnsbury Friday
6 W. Gardiner MA Phelps Foster G. burial Lunenburg Riverside cemetery   Sunday
6 Lunenburg Silsby Miss Anna marriage to James W. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Henry Silsby April 27th
6 Sheffield McDowell Mrs. Dean   funeral     Sunday
6 Lakeport, N.H. Towle Mrs. Emily funeral only sister to Smith & A. F. Emerson former resident of N. Concord  
6 Wheelock Meserve Warren C. death former resident of St. Johnsbury   Saturday
the 12th

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2 S. Kortright, N.Y. Smith Mrs. Bushrod death buried in Bloomfield Vt   Saturday
2 N. Concord Towle Mrs. Emily B. death at her daughters home in N.H. Reuben & Lydia Foss Emerson  
2 E. Burke Godding Mrs. Addie Blake death burial in Woodmont cemetery   Thursday
2 St. Johnsbury Cheney Henry funeral     Saturday
2 Minneapolis Drew Mrs. H. R. (age 84) death sister of John G. P. Hicks formerly of North Danville Thursday
2 St. Johnsbury Cheney Henry M. death     Thursday
2 St Johnsbury Powers Carrie M. (Sedgell) death born in Lancaster Sept. 21, 1898   Friday
2 St Johnsbury Warden Mrs. Ellen (Blodgett) death   Stephen & Calista (Jacobs) Blodgett Tuesday
3 St Johnsbury LeViene Walter funeral     Saturday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Hallett Mrs. Sibyl (Sherry) death   John & Mariah (Warner) Sherry Sunday
3 Barnet Kimball   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kimball May 6th
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Bowen   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bowen May 6th
4 St. Johnsbury Millett Mrs. Elizabeth death died at her daughters, Mrs. E.E. Burrows   Tuesday
4 St. Johnsbury Ctr Powers Mrs. Sylvia death died at her sons, Henry Powers   Wednesday
4 Whitefield NH Walker Henry death former resident St. Johnsbury   Saturday
5 North Ryegate McLam Alexander W. death born Feb. 18, 1850 - wife Jane Shields farther John McLam of Scotland  
5 Lyndonville Cusson Miss Alice marriage to Clarence Ladue   Tuesday
5 Lyndonville Houghton   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Paul Houghton Sunday
5 Lyndonville Aldrich Fannie Eva (Wells) funeral     Tuesday
6 St. Johnsbury Cheney Henry M. (age 74) death born Dec. 31, 1845 in Waterford Danforth & Lois (Pike) Cheney Thursday
the 19th

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2 St. Johnsbury Wright George (age 74) death born July 13, 1845 burial in Passumpsic Thursday
2 Whitefield Walker Henry (age 74) death born Dec. 12, 1845 James & Sarah (Weare) Walker Saturday
2 St. Johnsbury Clark Miss Dorothea marriage to Paul Noyes Farnham Col. John Clark Saturday
2 Passumpsic Rash   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rash Saturday
2 Johnson Porter Reba M. marriage to James B. Harned of St. Johnsbury Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Porter Wednesday
2 Lyndonville Johnson Miss Ouida L. marriage to Peter E. Lachance   Wednesday
3 Concord Richards Raymond Jackson birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Richards Thursday
3 Danville Bryer Clarence L. (Henry ?) death former resident of Concord   Thursday
3 Concord Lunnie   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lunnie Tuesday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Wheeler Frank burial former resident of St. Johnsbury Ctr Village cemetery Monday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Powers Mrs. Sylvia funeral     Friday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Wheeler   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wheeler May 13th
3 West Barnet Harvey Daniel death at his son's Winnie Harvey   Saturday
4 St. Johnsbury Cox Miss Beverly birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cox Today
4 St. Johnsbury Hayes   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Hayes  
4 St. Johnsbury Wright George (age 74) death burial in Passumpsic   Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury Ctr Wheeler   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wheeler May 13th
4 St. Johnsbury Tiernev   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. John Tiernev May 16th
5 Barnet Harvey Daniel death burial in Barnet Village cemetery at his son's home, Winnie Saturday
5 Lunenburg Wright (infant son) birth - boys one twin died, burial at Guildhall Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Wright  
5 Lunenburg Smith   burial buried in Bloomfield Vt    
5 Lyndonville Silsby Mrs. Frank   burial died Thursday   Saturday
5 Lunenburg Day Mrs. Harry M. burial Riverside cemetery   Wednesday
5 Lunenburg Bean   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Willis H. Bean Sunday
5 Monroe Gates Miss Ethel marriage to Arthur Medcalf   Wednesday
5 East Burke Harvey Albert   burial buried in Woodmont cemetery died in Lancaster last Winter Thursday
5 East Burke Wheeler Walter burial buried in Woodmont cemetery died in St. Johnsbury Center Saturday
5 East Burke Smith Mrs. Lizzie (Barney) disinterment remains buried in Lisbon NH died 23 years ago Last week
5 Danville McDonald Mrs. Martha J. death     Sunday
5 Danville Bryer Clarence funeral     Sunday
5 East Barnet Hatch   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. James Hatch Friday
5 Lyndon Place   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Place Last week
6 Lyndonville Silby Mrs. Nancy (Watson) death born Dec. 4, 1850 in Burke Leonard & Eunice Watson Thursday
6 New York Simpson John Woodruff (age 69) death native of Craftsbury born Oct. 13, 1850 Sunday
6 North Walden Orton Lyman Squire death born June 19, 1837, Fairfax William & Anzolette Orton May 13th
the 26th

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2 Newport Wyman Walter Scott sentenced  assaulted Miss Nellie Tift 8-20 yrs in state prison  
2 St. Johnsbury Paradis Joseph (age 34) killed crushed by turntable at round house   Wednesday
2 St. Johnsbury Buckminister   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Earl Buckminister May 24th
2 St. Johnsbury Tuckerman Mary Elizabeth birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs.Frank Tuckerman May 20th
3 Danville McDonald Mrs. Martha Jane funeral born Dec. 12, 1842 Nathan & Hannah Martin May 19th
3 Danville Bryer Clarence L.   death born Sept. 20, 1843 Groton NH buried in Concord cemetery Thursday
3 Danville McCarthy Mrs. Abbie (Thomas) burial     Sunday
3 Passumpsic Emerson Mrs. Smith funeral     Thursday
3 Concord Remick   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Remick Tuesday
3 Barnet Harvey Daniel death died at his son's (Edwin) home. born Aug. 13, 1843, Barnet Saturday
3 West Burke Smith Mrs. Lovisa (Bowman) death invalid for the past 13 yrs Walter & Martha Bowman May 12th
4 St. Johnsbury Camp Frank W. death died in Exeter NH    
4 St. Johnsbury Austin May Lois birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Austin May 18th
4 St. Johnsbury Gundry Miss Verlie U. marriage to Robert G. Bradley   Wednesday
4 St. Johnsbury Taplin Mrs. Mary J. (age 83) death husband late G. H. Taplin   Friday
4 St. Johnsbury Barnard Miss Ida Julia marriage to Harry E. Gray   Saturday
4 St. Johnsbury O'Connell Elizabeth marriage to James Flynn   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Woods Claire marriage to Henry Lavigne   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Prevost Bernadine marriage to Emil Bernier   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury McCarty Mrs. Abbie   burial taken to Danville   Sunday
5 Barnet Harvey Daniel funeral Barnet Village cemetery   Thursday
5 St. Johnsbury Ctr Bacon   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Perley Bacon Wednesday
5 Montpelier Colvin Miss Helen Ruth marriage to Raymond Cambell of Lyndonville Me. & Mrs Angus Colvin Tuesday
5 St. Johnsbury Ramsey Mrs. Ruth (age 85) death born Dec. 24, 1834 in Coventry   Wednesday
The Caledonian Record Newspaper - June 1920, Published every Wednesday
Page Town Surname Givename Event More Info. Parents / Place Date
the 2nd

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1 Lunenburg Balch George A. death funeral on Sunday   Thursday
2 Concord Stocker Mrs. Helen death     Wednesday
2 St. Johnsbury Taplin Mrs. Mary J. (Dearth) death age 83 yrs, born in Lancaster NH   May 21st
2 St. Johnsbury Brigham Cortes Thomas death age 86 yrs, born in Chelsea born Feb. 26, 1834 Friday
2 St. Johnsbury Anderson Mrs. Louise Mason death burial in Chicago   Sunday
2 Woodsville NH Cushman Mrs. Adelle B. marriage to Lawrence K. Ford Volney Blodgett Tuesday
2 St. Johnsbury Smith Martha S. devorce from Clayton A. Smith   Tuesday
2 Lunenburg Johnson Mattie E. devorce from Vilos E. Johnson   Thursday
2 Lyndon Simpson Alonzo death burial in Sheffield   Tuesday
2 Lyndon Center Welch Hollie funeral     last Wednesday
3 Passumpsic Granger   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Plynn Granger Friday
3 Lower Waterford Morrison Howard burial     Wednesday
3 Monroe Little   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Lee Little May 31st
3 Danville Hatch Clarence A. death     Sunday
3 Danville Anderson Mrs. Hans death     Sunday
3 St. Johnsbury Ctr Hund Mrs. Helen funeral   died Satursday Tuesday
3 Newark Bean Mrs. Fred death burial in Pleasant Hill cemetery on May 12th born May 6, 1882 May 10th
4 Concord Stockwell Mrs. Helen funeral      
4 St. Johnsbury Marsa Mrs. Margaret (age 70) funeral burial in St. Johnsbury Center   Saturday
4 St. Johnsbury Brigham Cortes T. (age 86) funeral     Monday
4 Braintree, MA Bovnton   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Bovnton Thursday
4 Lower Waterford Morrison Howard burial     Thursday
4 St. Johnsbury Stuart   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. H. Howland Stuart Monday
4 St. Johnsbury Glynn Miss Marion A. marriage to John F. Hinch   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Lynch Miss Mabel marriage to Thomas Leonard   Sunday
4 St. Johnsbury Fisk infant (age 1 day) death   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. Fisk Tuesday
4 S. Ryegate MacDonald Mnrdo death   funeral on Tuesday Monday
5 Craftsbury Harriman Miss Emma marriage to Jay S. Butler   Tuesday
5 Lindonville Walter Albert H. death     Friday
5 Concord Stockwell Mrs. Helen Sophronia funeral born Aug. 15, 1833 in Waterford buried in Village cemetery Sunday
the 9th

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1 South Ryegate McDonald M. F. death   funeral was on Wednesday May 31st
2 Lyndonville Walter Albert funeral     Sunday
2 Concord Stockwell Mrs. Helen funeral     Sunday
2 Danville Hatch Clarence funeral brother of Mrs.Florence Freeto   Wednesday
2 West Barnet Cleveland Mrs. death Mrs. Exley's mother   Friday
2 Lyndon Center Welch Hollis funeral     Wednesday
2 Kirby Graves   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. H. P. Graves May 28th
2 Cabot Heath   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Heath Monday
2 Sutton Bennett Gordon burial died in France two years ago   Saturday
2 Monroe Cheney   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cheney June 3rd.
4 Lyndonville Bonner Miss Mollie (child) death funeral on Sunday died of scarlet fever Saturday
4 East Burke Hatch Clarence death Brother of Mrs. Freeto   Friday
4 East Burke Simpson   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Pearl Simpson  
5 Lunenburg Balch George Albert funeral George S. & Eliza (Glines) Balch born Sept. 27, 1855 Sunday
5 Danville Dodge Mrs. May marriage to George Denery   Wednesday
5 Danville Davis Walter burial died April 30, 1919 and cremated   Sunday
5 Danville Hatch Clarence death born Mar. 5, 1847 in Hardwick Charles & Lydia (Tavlor) Hatch May 30th
5 Miles Pond Thomas Mrs. Cora funeral     Last week
5 Peacham Randall   birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Randall June 6th
5 Peacham Powers Mrs. Harriet burial     Thursday
5 Danville Hatch Clarence burial     Wednesday
5 East Ryegate Chamberlain Mrs. Martha funeral     Saturday
5 McIndoe Little   funeral      
6 Lyndon Simpson Mrs. Alonzo funeral internment was at Sheffield   Tuesday
6 Peacham Powers Mrs. Harriet (age 78) burial born Nov. 1, 1842 in North Danville Lewis & Harriet Paquin Thursday
the 16th

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2 St. Johnsbury Clark Miss Florence Lee death born Jan. 20 1890 in Stanstead QC   Saturday
2 St. Johnsbury Clark Miss Florence Lee funeral interment at Mt. Pleasant cemetery   Tuesday
2 Calgary, Alberta Lynch Miss Ellen Charlotte marriage to Thos. Spalding (bride former resident) Mr. & Mrs. D. F. Lynch June 1st
2 St Johnsbury Kidder Horace A. death born in Dalton NH, June 21, 1867 Mr. & Mrs. Rollin P. Kidder Sunday
2 East Ryegate Bedell Albert H. (age 43) death victim of horse accident   Tuesday
2 North Thetford Howe Geo. W. (age 78) death     June 16th
2 St Johnsbury Glynn Marion marriage to John Hinch   Monday
2 St Johnsbury Preston   birth - boy   Dr. & Mrs. A. W. Preston June 11th
2 Groveton NH Goodell   birth - boy former residents of St. Johnsbury Mr. & Mrs. William Goodell Friday
2 St Johnsbury Beck Miss Mildred G. marriage to Samuel Y. Merchant of Boston   June 6th
3 Lyndonville Clarke Miss Alice Lucille marriage to Alexander Douglas McLane Mrs. Myrtie Clarke Tuesday
3 Wheelock Sinon Mrs. Nora (Buckley) death wife of Martin Sinon, died at Waterbury, age 42 Cornelius & Mary Buckley Thursday
3 Monroe Cheney Infant son death   Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cheney Tuesday
3 E. St. Johnsbury Knapp   birth - girl g-daughter to H. M. Knapp Mr. & Mrs Frank Knapp  
4 St. Johnsbury Willey   birth - son   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Willey June 13th
4 St. Johnsbury Mollica William birth - son   Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Mollica June 9th
5 West Barnet Cleveland Clara (Campbell) death born May 11, 1853 Rev. & Mrs. H. I. Campbell  
5 Lunenburg Woods Claire marriage to Henry Lavigne Mr. & Mrs. Prudon Woods June 8th
5 McIndoe Falls Little Murray H. (age 40) death rheumatic fever & pneumonia wife Bessie J. (Hunt) Little June 1st
5 Passumpsic Winn   birth   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Winn last week
6 Waterford Armington Henry T. death died in Riverside, Fla. Born Apr. 2, 1846 born & lived in Waterford June 2nd
the 23rd

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1 East Ryegate Franklin G. F. death     Sunday
1 St. Johnsbury Councell Almus E. (age 56) death born in Sterling, NY on June 12, 1864   Sunday
1 St. Johnsbury Cowling Reginald W. (age 17) death     Monday
1 St. Johnsbury Flint Miss Ruth May marriage to Harlan Anderson Tolman Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Flint June 19th
2 Sutton Berry Mrs. Mary Jane death     Thursday
2 McIndoe Ramsay Mrs. Mary death     Saturday
2 West Danville Way Mrs. Hollis (Woodward) death born July 21, 1862 Edmund & Laura Woodward June 19th
2 Wilder Palmer Miss Nita marriage to Ray W. Howard   Wednesday
2 St. Johnsbury Cowling Reginald W. (age 17) death born July 24, 1902 Mr. & Mrs. George C. Cowling Sunday
2 St. Johnsbury Wakefield George death burial at Lyndon Center cemetery funeral on Saturday June 18th
2 St. Johnsbury Blossom Mrs. Frank E. death   while in Boston Tuesday
2 St. Johnsbury Rood Dorothy May (infant) death age 1 yr 25 days Mr. & Mrs. Hermon Rood Tuesday
2 St. Johnsbury Kidder Horace A. funeral     Wednesday
4 Concord Webb Mrs. Edsen death     Wednesday
4 Concord Works Barton death born in Waterford June 10, 1829 James & Almira Works Tuesday
4 Concord Williams   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williams June 20th
4 Concord Graham Ernest death   Mrs. R. J. Bennett (mother) Tuesday
4 St Johnsbury Emery Mrs. Anna (Goss) funeral burial in Monroe NH Mr. & Mrs. Irving Goss Thursday
4 Lunenburg Sunbury Walter commited to Waterbury hospital for the Insane    
4 Greensboro Rodgers William funeral     Monday
5 Danville Fisher Miss Eva K. marriage to George W. Vance John Fisher of Montpelier June 16th
5 Danville Osgood Walter Harry birth - boy   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Osgood June 19th
the 30th

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1 East Barnet Clough George (age 28) death accidentally gun shot himself   Thursday
1 St. Johnsbury Caldbeck Miss Gertrude Frances marriage to Stephen J. Gilles of Fulton NY brother George W. Caldbeck Tuesday
1 Waterford Sloat baby boy (age 9 mos) death car accident - Sloat's from Berlin NH Mr. & Mrs. P. A. Sloat Sunday
2 St. Johnsbury Blossom Mary Eva. (Clement) death born April 5, 1875 in Northfield George & Susie Clement June 22nd
2 Portsmouth NH Webber Ralph (age 3 mos) death Aunt Mrs. P. Thorley of St. Johnsbury Mr. & Mrs. Guy Webber Monday
2 St. Johnsbury Foster Miss Helen marriage to Laverne H. White   June 26th
2 St. Johnsbury Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. W. H. arrested child abandonment in St. Johnsbury arrested in Hillsboro, MO Thursday
2 St. Johnsbury Cowling Reginald W. funeral     Wednesday
2 Bennington Gaskell Miss Mabel marriage to Lieut. Donald J. Emerv bride formerly of St. Johnsbury Friday
3 Lunenburg Brown   birth - boy born in Lancaster  Hospital Judge & Mrs. Kyle T. Brown June 27th
3 St. Johnsbury Barke Mrs. Clara E. death formally of Derby Line   Wednesday
3 St. Johnsbury Lewis Mrs. Harriet E. death born in Bradford - age 86   June 23rd
3 St. Johnsbury Rood Dorothy May (infant) funeral   Mr. & Mrs. Hermon Rood Thursday
3 St. Johnsbury McRae   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. George S. McRae June 21st
3 St. Johnsbury Bovee   birth - boy at the Frost Sanitarium Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Bovee June 24th
3 St. Johnsbury Wilder Mrs. Mary S. death     Tuesday
3 St. Johnsbury Tann Dorothy  Delight birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. John Tann June 26th
3 Orleans Skinner Mrs. Ray funeral     Tuesday
3 St. Johnsbury Young Miss Beatrice marriage to Harry B. Maserve both are from Lyndon Wednesday
4 Concord Forsaith Mrs. Arthur D. (age 71) funeral interment at East St. Johnsbury Lewis & Margaret Haywood Sunday
4 Danville Rodgers Quintine Earl death born June 25th Mr. & Mrs. Earl Rodgers Monday
4 Lyndon Campion Miss Hortense marriage to Clifton Campbell   Thursday
5 East Burke Perham   birth - girl   Mr. & Mrs. Ben Perham Wednesday
6 Lyndonville Ouillette Miss Beatrice marriage to Harold Blake   Monday
6 Lyndonville LaFrance Miss Phyllis marriage to Corydon Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Ernest LaFrance Wednesday
6 Lyndonville Joslyn Roy death burial in Swanton   Wednesday

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