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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Bride Date Groom's Father Groom's Mother Bride's Father Bride's Mother
Ames, Murray Lee Olden, Iris Ruth Oct 24, 1956 Ames, Roland Cutler, Freda E. Bailey, Clyde C. King, Ruth A.
Andrus, Elmer A. Boardman, Ethel M. Jan 1, 1931 Andrus, T. O. Bastin, Mary F. Knight, Ed. M. Denton, Alice A.
Armstrong, Jack Cowles, Ione March 5, 1983 Armstrong, Orfice Reed, Gertrude Sawyer, Howard Mason, Ione
Atwood, Jeffrey Morley, Diane March 2, 1985 Atwood, Eugene Brown, Jeanette Morley, Frances Sanville, Mary
Atwood, Tanner C. Wright, Addie L. 2010        
Auger, Maurice J. Fontaine, Pierette R. Sept 2, 1962 Auger, Charles Menard, Marie Anne Fontaine, Albini Gautier, Jeanne Nance
Augsberger, Nicholas Magoon, Erin A. May 21, 2005        
Austin, Perry Hubert Miles, Phostine Roberta Aug 22, 1945 Austin, Arthur O. Perry, Carolyn Miles, Glenn A. Edgerton, Sadie
Austin, Shawn Lyndon Lahar, Kathryn Marie Oct 9, 1976 Austin, Gordon E. Newman, Winifred Lahar, Paul A. Dugan, Elizabeth
Bachelder, Charles Horner, Jacki-lyn July 9, 1988        
Bacon, Winthrop Lawrence, Winnie April 11, 1982 Bacon, Charles Stowell, Elizabeth Brooks, Arthur Gleason, Cora May
Bailey, Harold Simino, Sophy (J. Randall) Aug 8, 1936 Bailey, Charles Tousent, Carrie Simino, Charles H. Clifford, Phoebe
Barbeau, Jean Sanville, Lisa July 27, 1991        
Barlow, Melvin Lawrence, Lorraine Aug 9, 1964 Barlow, Kenneth Pettengill, Dorothy Lawrence, Roland Anderson, Ruth
Bates, Floyd Guy Davis, Arlene Oct 16, 1938 Bates, G. H. Twiss, Edith Davis, I. C. Baird, Ila G.
Beaudrey, Rene M. Mason, Katherine B. June 30, 1947 Beaudry, Rololphe Jubinville, Anna Mason, Freeman Pronto, Hazel
Beaudry, Albert A. Mason, Marie A. Feb 14, 2001        
Beaudry, Phillip Fontaine, Sheila July 10, 1982 Beaudry, Romeo Laythe, Irene Farrell, Thomas Malshuk, Phyllis
Beaudry, Romeo D. Lathe, Irene M. Oct 29, 1954 Beaudry, Rudolph Jubinville, Anna Lathe, George Edwards, Florence
Bedard, Andrew Perkins, Roxanne Sept 26, 1987        
Bedard, John Maurice Larabee, Sally Lou July 7, 1956 Bedard, Leodore Stewart, Dolores Larabee, Alvin Duckless, Sarah
Bellavance, Laurent G. Morley, Teresa A. June 6, 1959 Bellavance, Aime Godbout, Beatrice Morley, John J. Kilgallen, Agnes A.
Bellow, Donald Raymond Mason, Helen Mae Aug 27, 1951 Bellow, Raymond Pelkey, Perses Mason, Alfred R. Dunn, Goldie
Bent, Travis S. H. Riley, Julie L. March 17, 2006        
Benware, Fred Sanville, Ida M. July 11, 1935 Benware, Julian Soutier, Hariet Mason, David Brooks, Phoebe
Berry, George Harold Griggs, Gladys Mae 1929 Berry, Emile P. Kirkland, Elizabeth M. Griggs, George A. Jackson, Jennie E.
Bertrand, David Lahar, Amy June 29, 1991        
Bessette, Donald, Sr. Marsh, Lucille May 29, 1993        
Birch, Kent C. Daniels, Jeannette R. July 25, 1981 Birch, Richard Collins, Nancy Daniels, Harold Nadeau, Alice
Bissell, Thomas Cubit, Martha Sept 16, 1988        
Blanchard, William Earl Peters, Augusta Viola Nov 21, 1934 Blanchard, Ferdinand Hodges, Elizabeth Peters, Walter Coolbeth, Stella
Blouin, Robert Poutry, Bessie Aug 31, 1957 Blouin, Albert Johnson, Pearl Poutry, Abner     Shedd, Eulalee   
Boardman, Lance G., Jr. Calamaio, Angela Sept 21, 2002        
Booth, Shawn W. Fontaine, Renee A. 2010        
Bowen, Meirle Horner, Josephine July 26, 1946 Bowen, Horace Lampher, Nellie Horner, Aaron Poutry, Grace
Bracci, Joseph Albert Lussier, Yolande A. June 5, 1954 Bracci, Guisippi Bracci, Jeanette Lussier, Antonio Letourneau, Georgiana
Breault, Bruce A., Jr. Fulford, Ellen M. Oct 1, 1994        
Brien, George Armand Tremblay, Gertrude Arlene Aug 31, 1963 Brien, Armand Champigny, Lillian Tremblay, Gerard Leopold Casavant, Denaige Eugenia
Brow, Douglas Sawyer, Donna April 19, 1986 Brow, Rudolph Sweatt, Zoe Sawyer, Raymond Talbot, Jeanette
Brow, Felix L. Parker, Mary Sept 6, 1943 Brow, Medore Mason, Lucy Parker, John Frank Crate, Anna Lizabeth
Brow, Raymond Albert Allen, Marion Louise July 4, 1959 Brow, Winifred Paul Boucher, Irene Allen, Chester Gordon Marsh, Inetta
Brow, Rudolph Lawrence Sweatt, Zoe Marie Sept 1, 1956 Brow, Winifred P. Boucher, Irene Sweatt, Shirley Annis, Esther L.
Burbank, Clayton Robert Jaquish, Jacqueline April 9, 1949 Burbank, W. Frank Clegg, Marjorie Jaquish, Charles Spencer, Gladys
Burbank, Clayton Robert Marsh, Elaine Joyce July 24, 1954 Burbank, W. Frank Clegg, Marjorie Marsh, Dale B. Mason, Mary
Burbank, William Frank Jones, Anita Dorris Feb 26, 1949 Burbank, William Frank Clegg, Marjorie Jones, Raymond Jarvis Barrows, Helen Elizabeth
Burdick, Everett W. Carpenter, Cora A. July 3, 2001        
Burdick, Everett Willard Chaffee, Ida Lyn Oct 26, 1968 Burdick, Willard S. Noe, Marjorie E. Chaffee, Dale E. Honsinger, Ida E.
Burnham, Douglas Charles Lafleur, Mary Jeanne June 21, 1986 Burnham, Harry Joyner, Phyllis Lafleur, Jean Patenaude, Anita
Burnham, Harry Horner, Kaye Dec 11, 1982 Burnham, George Stone, Annie Chaffee, Clinton Sweet, Karen
Butler, Clayton Wells Durgin, Joyce Marion Oct 20, 1952 Butler, Clayton B. Wells, Grace I. Durgin, Earl G. Moulton, Bertha   
Calhoun, John A. Klenota, Ottilia May 29, 1971 Calhoun, Dr. John Alfred Webster, Helen Fordham Klenota, Anthony Hahn, Frances
Camley, Bernard Leo Goad, Marie Lorraine Feb 9, 1941 Camley, John Wilfred Martin, Celia Goad, James W. Shedd, Avis
Camley, Bernard Leo, Jr. Burleson, Sandra Belle 1963 Camley, Bernard Leo, Sr. Goad, Marie L. Burleson, Robert Y. Potter, Irene H.
Camley, Donald Henry Bousquet, Cindy Lugene July 15, 1972 Camley, Bernard L. Goad, Marie Bousquet, Tancrede A. Buzzell, Olive L.
Campbell, Albert Elexis Parsons, Blanche Hannah July 20, 1926 Campbell, J. C. Vance, Helen M. Parsons, W. G. Getty, Ella Grace
Carrier, Christopher J. Perron, Nicole L. 2008        
Carrier, Joseph Gerard Chicoine, Theresa Simone May 14, 1949 Carrier, Adelard Foucault, Amanda Chicoine, Willie Lussier, Annette
Carroll, Richard H. Young, Karen L. Feb 10, 1996        
Carter, Richard Cook, Lorraine May 6, 1979 Carter, Calvin Alston, Mary Wheeler, William Davio, Ida
Carter, Richard James Horner, Grace Angie Poutry Dec 23, 1964 Carter, Calvin Phylander Alston, Mary Eliza Poutry, Julian Poutry, Eliza Mitchell
Casavant, Andrew Maddalena, Rose Oct 25, 1953 Casavant, Henry Blanchard, Marie Maddalena, Ralph Frenicola, Rosa
Casavant, Leo Ernest Webster, Marilyn Blanche Oct 7, 1950 Casavant, Henry Blanchard, Marie Webster, Lawrence Wells, Olo
Caswell, Oel Atherton, Maud L. Sept 4, 1930 Caswell, Warren Cushion, Eveline Marckres, H. T. Paquette, Emily
Celley, William G. Brow, Bertha H. May 24, 1947 Celley, George Steady, Celia Brow, Felix Morel, Laura
Chafee, Arland L. Fahy, Doris C. Oct 5, 1935 Chafee, Reuben Huntoon, Josephine Fahy, James Davis, Cynthia A.
Chaffee, Arwin Ray Goad, Brenda Ann July 17, 1958 Chaffee, Glenn W. Boomhower, Glenn V. Goad, James Shedd, Avis
Chaffee, Brian Maskell, Karen May 1, 1982 Chaffee, Rodney Mason, Marie Locke, Marcel Pudvah, Pauline
Chaffee, Carl C. Sweeney, Ruth Ann April 26, 1963 Chaffee, Clinton L. Sweet, Karen E. Sweeney, Adolphis Wilson, Avis Irene
Chaffee, Clair Albert Maskell, Debra Jean May 1, 1970 Chaffee, Lee V. Butler, Irma I. Maskell, Calvin F. Baker, Nadene P.
Chaffee, Cortes Earl Greenwood, Darlene Linda July 27, 1968 Chaffee, Clinton L. Sweet, Karen E. Greenwood, Lawrence M. Ashton, Barbara J.
Chaffee, Harold  Chase, Pearl May 31, 1941 Chaffee, C. E. Griggs, Kate Chase, F. W. Lanphear, Grace
Chaffee, Harold R. Wells, Mildred M. Oct 15, 1931 Chaffee, C. E. Griggs, Kate Wells, Peter Brow, Matilda
Chaffee, Karl E. Stevens, Cindy L. July 16, 1994        
Chaffee, Lee V. Butler, Irma I. May 6, 1935 Chaffee, Reuben Huntoon, Josephine Butler, C. B. Wells, Grace
Chaffee, Lloyd Arlen Labrecque, Georgianna Emma June 14, 1968 Chaffee, Clinton Sweet, Karen LaClair, Wilfred Delisle, Florence
Chaffee, Rodney Lee Mason, Marie Georgianna April 20, 1959 Chaffee, Lee V. Butler, Irma I. Mason, George E. Simino, Jennie Ida
Chaffee, Sherman Clayton Brown, Beverly Sept 2, 1966 Chaffee, Lee V. Butler, Irma Iona Brown, Philip M. LaMare, Pauline M.
Chaffee, Thomas Butler Fisher, Roxene Lynn Oct 20, 1967 Chaffee, Lee Verloise Butler, Irma Ione Fisher, Philip Clarence Kinsman, Anna May
Chaffee, William Edward Thompson, Miriam Joy July 3, 1977 Chaffee, Clinton Sweet, Karen Thompson, Harry E. Kelley, Florence
Chandler, Milton Carlton Woodbury, Thelma Louise Nov 1, 1980 Chandler, Willard Amos Miller, Lodetta Pennock, Arthur Abbott, Vernie
Chapman, John Green, Crystal F. 1929 Chapman, Guy Darcey Magoon, Bertha Charlotte Green, Fred Brown, Elizabeth Ann
Chase, Wayne J. Rooney, Beverly A. March 29, 1971 Chase, Earle W. O'Neil, Helen  Rooney, Donald J. Goad, Burnadette M.
Chayer, Rodney, II Cowles, Sherry June 13, 1987        
Chicoine, Leo G. Brasseur, Yvelande Aug 16, 1945 Chicoine, Willie Lussier, Annette Brasseur, Oswald Ducharme, Antoine
Chicoine, Patrick Leon Rowland, Elaise July 13, 1938 Chicoine, Gedeon Gendeau, Clara Rowland, George Farrar, Martha M.
Chicoine, Thomas Brown, Gloria Aug 14, 1982 Chicoine, Patrick, Sr. Rowland, Eloise Brown, Edward Smith, Natalie
Clarkson, Gordon Harold Mason, Edith Laura Jan 21, 1936 Clarkson, S. W. Dion, Julia M. Mason, Emanuel Cherrier, Nellie
Clarkson, Sidney W. Whipple, Sarah July 26, 1941 Clarkson, William Travor, Cora Whipple, Manson Cummings, Mary
Cochran, Gerald E. Goad, Marion (Tousaint) Dec 30, 1933 Cochran, Thomas Kenneson, Nellie Tousaint, Jerry Gogea, Delia
Coderre, Marcel Maurice Poutry, Eva Elizabeth Aug 21, 1954 Coderre, Eddy Philas Vachon, Fabiola Blanche Poutry, Abner Joseph Shedd, Eulalee Dorothy
Coderre, Mitchell Bushey, Sylvia June 9, 1984 Coderre, Eugene Ashline, Rosalie Bushey, James, Sr. Kohl, Paula
Cole, Harry Huntley Miles, Erma Alberta Nov 1, 1942 Cole, George E. Huntley, Eva A. Miles, Vernal O. Cleveland, Helen Mildred
Condon, Phillip H. Long, Tressa L. Sept 23, 1972 Condon, Henry Brown, Lois M. Long, Homer Hannah, Opal
Cook, Bruce J. Camley, Sherry Ann June 3, 1972 Cook, Artemus Fletcher, Imogene Camley, Bernard L. Goad, Marie L.
Cook, Charles B. Wheeler, Lorraine Nov 30, 1946 Cook, Charles Burt Miles, Mary May Wheeler, William Arthur Davio, Ida Marie
Cook, John Loy Gagne, Monique Noela Sept 7, 1968 Cook, John L. Folckemer, Marion Gagne, Alphonse H. Ouellet, Albertha
Cooper, Thomas Van Meter, Linda May 18, 1985 Cooper, Arnold Hoey, Patricia Van Meter, Lynn H. Holt, Rorelle
Cote, Leo H. Mason, Germaine April 21, 1946 Cote, Leo A. Nichols, Velma Mason, George Simino, Jennie
Cote, Leo Harley, Jr. Lynch, Margaret Anne Jan 4, 1969 Cote, Leo H., Sr. Mason, Germaine Lynch, John H. Clark, Helen
Cote, Paul A. Mondragon, Sandra T. 2010        
Cowles, Dennis P. DeGrechie, Kelly A. 2007        
Cowles, Herbert P. Winget, Leah M. June 3, 1933 Cowles, Herbert H. Hill, Lillian D. Winget, Charles R. McAllister, Julia
Croteau, Walter John Goad, Patricia Ellen Nov 7, 1953 Croteau, Walter W. Davis, Marion L. Goad, James W. Shedd, Avis
Cruso, Charles A. Elie, Laurier Mason March 22, 1945 Cruso, Nicklos LaFlash, Adaline Mason, Alfred Dunn, Goldie
Cubit, Marcellus C. Kilmartin, Mary M. July 31, 2002        
Cubit, Mark Flood, Tatiana May 20, 1990        
Cubit, Marston Marshall, Becky April 16, 1988        
Cubit, Marvin Gochie, Candy Sept 3, 1988        
Cubit, Marvin C. Darling, Marion R. Sept 12, 1959 Cubit, Richard A. Smith, Doris L. Darling, Russell F. Hancock, Ruth
Cubit, Richard A. Smith, Doris L. Jan 30, 1937 Cubit, E. A. Wells, Lucine Smith, C. H. Cheney, Julia W.
Currier, Dennis Sousa, Karin Oct 8, 1989        
Currier, Peter B. Cehura, Grace E. Aug 30, 2003        
Curtiss, Ronald Jones, Ruth Oct 6, 1984 Curtiss, Percy Crochetiere, Germaine Houston, Joseph Corrow, Beatrice
Cushing, Daniel Alfred Kavanaugh, Christy Lyn Aug 15, 2000        
Cutting, Allen Flint, Sandra June 9, 1984 Cutting, Donald Hodgdon, Lynette Flint, Norman Parker, Jean
Daniels, Alfred Arthur Michaud, Jacquelyn Verna Aug 11, 1956 Daniels, Francis DeStafano, Mary Michaud, Norman Nault, Jeanette
Daniels, Alfred V. Gallant, Patricia A. June 17, 1972 Daniels, Victor Belanger, Albina Gallant, Clarence Couture, Florence
Daniels, Anthony Denton, Marcia May 16, 1987        
Daniels, Anthony Paul Maclure, Joanne Carol July 2, 1977 Daniels, Paul P. Carpenter, Nancy J. Maclure, Dennis S. Sage, Pauline S.
Daniels, Harold Richard Nadeau, Alice Rita Oct 17, 1953 Daniels, Victor S. Belanger, Albina M. Nadeau, Emanuel B. Roberts, Celende Odina
Daniels, James A. Hershberger, Emily D. 2009        
Daniels, Justin P. Perron, Angela M. 2009        
Daniels, Paul Patrick Carpenter, Nancy Joyce July 7, 1956 Daniels, Victor  Belanger, Albina Carpenter, Harvey Langevin, Evelyn
Daniels, Victor Stanley Belanger, Elbina 1929 Daniels, Fred Sinon, Mary E. Belanger, Simeon Bourgeois, Georeanna
Darling, Harry Larracey, Brity Eva June 14, 1941 Darling, Edward Cameron, Maria Lampman, Abram Teel, Sarah
Davis, Carlton Baird Clifford, Alberta Clemma Dec 1, 1938 Davis, I. C. Davis, Ila G. Clifford, John B. Edwards, Nellie Ruth
Davis, Everett Lee Farrar, Isabelle Louise June 27, 1942 Davis, Henry L. Long, Mary Farrar, Bliss W. Pike, Julia
Davis, Malcolm Ross Ryan, Catherine Agnes Oct 30, 1943 Davis, Henry L. Long, Mary Luella Ryan, John Johnson, Mary
Davis, Nord William Rand, Pauline Merrideth 1929 Davis, Delmer V. Nord, Matilda Rand, Ernest L. Emerson, Myrtle
Davis, Robert M. Dufresne, Louise Rose Marie June 1, 1968 Davis, Malcolm R. Ryan, Catherine A. Dufresne, Armand G. Bellevance, Theresa M.
Davis, Ross John Dufresne, Rita Claire April 1, 1967 Davis, Malcolm Ross Ryan, Catherine Dufresne, Emile d'Arc Bellevance, Jeanne
Davis, Walter Arthur Miles, Marlene Marie April 4, 1957 Davis, Ranold O. Hooper, Madelyn Miles, Glenn A. Edgerton, Sadie
Demeritt, Albert Cole, Lula 1929 Demeritt, Alvin Thomas, Mattie Cole, George Palmar, Alma
Deslandes, Nelson Arthur Girourard, Jeanette Sept 5, 1953 Deslandes, Rudolphe Simard, Alice Girouard, Lorenzo Landry, Rosehilda
Dewees, Robert, Jr. Publicover, Cheryl Aug 24, 1991        
Dickson, Eugene Erwin Goad, Sarah Jane Feb 29, 1964 Dickson, John Dezan, Della Goad, James W. Shedd, Avis
DiMayo, Jeffrey Wheeler, Cammy June 1, 1991        
Dion, Alan P., II Glover, Lisa M. June 19, 2004        
Dion, Alan Peter Chicoine, Catherine Phyllis Sept 11, 1976 Dion, Norman Lacoss, Marion Chicoine, Patrick Rowland, Eloise
Domney, Michael Myatt, Patricia Jan 11, 1992        
Drzewiecki, Frank Kuczmarski, Tessie Aug 4, 1928 Drzewiecki, Frank Drzewiecki, Josephine Kuczmarski, Joseph Kuczmarski, Josephine
Ducharme, William E., Jr. Dickson, Sabrena L. July 13, 1996        
Dunlavey, Tucker J. Collins, Maria A. Aug 10, 2006        
Durkin, Edward Mason, Angie May 18, 1950 Durkin, Thomas Mullaney, Mary Mason, Chelsia Peters, Nettie
Dyer, Thomas Woodrow Butler, Leona Lucy May 17, 1939 Dyer, Barney Murphy, Mary Rose Butler, Clayton B. Wells, Grace Ione
Eastman, Frederick H. Dyer, Deanna K. June 22, 1968 Eastman, Frederick A. Smith, Louise V. Dyer, Woodrow T. Butler, Leona L.
Elie, Frederick Mason, Laurier June 21, 1941 Elie, Ernest Shannon, Hattie Mason, Alfred Dunn, Goldie
Farr, Kenneth Davis Dwire, Rita Jan 31, 1942 Farr, Jesse C. Davis, Hazel Dwire, Eugene Dearborn, Nellie
Farrar, Timothy J. Niles, Courtney A. Aug 7, 1999        
Farrell, Thomas J. Rowell, Pamels J. July 18, 1998        
Ferland, Emile A. Baird, Sybil April 11, 1935 Ferland, Ovila Lemyo, Rosalba Baird, Robert Buzzell, Lena
Fisher, Charles Wesley Rowell, Jane Eleanor Aug 5, 1978 Fisher, Philip C. Kinsman, Anna May Rowell, Willard B. McGue, Mary P.
Flannery, Dennis Leo Sinon, Bertha Helena July 28, 1926 Flannery, Dennis C. Sinon, Mary Sinon, John T. Mullaney, Ann
Fontaine, Eugene Roy, Mary July 19, 1927 Fontaine, D. D. Lamotte, Lea Roy, Joseph Dague, Rebecca
Fontaine, Gerard, Jr. Daniels, Marilyn July 12, 1986 Fontaine, Gerard, Sr. LaMadeleine, Helen Daniels, Harold Nadeau, Alice
Foss, Fred I. Kenneson, Addie N. Nov 9, 1930 Foss, Moses A. Piper, Laura E. Sanborn, Frank Ricker, Ellen
Foss, Stanley    Wilson, Wilma June 28, 1963 Foss, Fred I. Bickford, Luna    Kenneson, Walter S. Skinner, Edna
Foss, Stanley Augustus Davio, Marjorie S. 1929 Foss, Fred I. Bickford, Luna M. Davio, Mitchell A. Bean, Mary L.
Fournier, Germain Girouard, Laurette E. Feb 14, 1956 Fournier, Henry Lanoue, Denise Lamadeleine, Israel Auchu, Germaine
Fuller, Gordon Richard Smith, Beverly Clegg April 30, 1953 Fuller, Gordon Sr. Brown, Sadie Smith, Preston C. Clegg, Doris
Fuller, Stuart Carl McAllister, Teresa Faye July 29, 2000        
Gagnon, Scott A. Higginson, Lisa A. Nov 8, 1980 Gagnon, Bernard Davidson, Edwarda Higginson, Thomas Krusiewig, Patricia
Gallup, Roy D. Peters, Florence Irene Feb 12, 1966 Gallup, Willard D. Bennett, Ellen Peters, Robert Sager, Flora M.
Geoffroy, David Denton, Marcia Jan 9, 1982 Geoffroy, John Wheeler, Vivian Denton, William Grassette, Priscilla
Geoffroy, Richard Paul Faust, Debra Ann Sept 3, 1977 Geoffroy, John Wheeler, Vivian Faust, Romeo, Jr. Marcil, Alice
Geoffroy, Ronald John Rundgren, Catherine Ann Oct 23, 1976 Geoffroy, John Wheeler, Vivian Rundgren, Ernest, Sr. Sinclair, Geraldine
Geraw, Charles Rice, Mary June 27, 1992        
Gile, Graydon Lawrence Burbank, Harriette Leverne March 26, 1948 Gile, Elmer Ernest Pope, Hazel H. Burbank, W. Frank Clegg, Marjorie E.
Gill, Ernest  Peters, Agnes Dec 4, 1935 Gill, Edward Bo, Josephine Peters, Herbert Moore, Nellie
Gluck, Charles Wittig, Janice Sept 15, 1991        
Goad, Frank Olin Regan, Judith Nelda Sept 5, 1965 Goad, James W. Shedd, Avis L. Regan, Leon Albert Brown, Bertha L.
Goad, John W. Clark, Patricia A. Oct 10, 1959 Goad, James Shedd, Avis Clark, Chauncey Waterhouse, Lillian
Goad, Percy Lee Smith, Priscilla Mae June 22, 1953 Goad, Thomas E. Tousaint, Marion Smith, Preston C. Clegg, Doris
Gochie, Jerry Pray, Candy July 2, 1977 Gochie, Roland Newel, Marilyn Pray, Richard Moulton, Capitola
Gonyaw, Bernie T. Marshall, Maylo Nov 11, 1931 Gonyaw, Joseph Taylor, Sula Dow, Mahlon C. Marshall, Nina
Gonyaw, Dennis J. Young, Liza A. June 29, 1996        
Gonyaw, Ferdinand Gili, Laura Martha May 21, 1939 Gonyaw, George Clifford, Lillian Gili, Edward Bo, Josephine
Gonyaw, Maynard Butler, Erdine O. Nov 9, 1935 Gonyaw, George Clifford, Lillian Butler, C. B. Wells, Grace
Gonyaw, Philip B. Vezina, Alice Eva July 6, 1974 Gonyaw, Maynard G. Butler, Erdine O. St. Jacques, Lawrence E. Tessier, Lucy Anne
Gonyaw, Ronald Maynard Meiners, Edith Johanna June 20, 1964 Gonyaw, Maynard G. Butler, Erdine O. Meiners, Fritz Morisse, Agnes
Gonyou, Roy Joseph Taylor, Florence Olive Nov 20, 1926 Gonyou, Joseph Taylor, Sula Taylor, Archie Turner, Annie
Goodridge, Brian D. Emery, Joanna L. Dec 3, 2005        
Goodridge, Kevin Menard, Lisa Sept 7, 1991        
Goodridge, Kevin M. Wiggett, Rosemary P. June 13, 1997        
Goodwin, Gayland Farr, Rita May 1, 1992        
Goodwin, Gayland F. Rowell, Pauline E. Sept 5, 1957 Goodwin, Fred H. Wells, Fidelia Rowell, Enoch J. Brown, Mildred A.
Goodwin, Glendon Meirie Smith, Ardys Laverne June 17, 1952 Goodwin, Fred H. Wells, Delia Smith, Preston Clegg, Doris
Goodwin, Glendon Merle Marckres, Pearlene Gladys Aug 29, 1945 Goodwin, Fred H. Wells, Della Marckres, Arthur L. LaClair, Ella B.
Goodwin, Scott Gilman, Amy Nov 2, 1985 Goodwin, Gayland Rowell, Pauline Gilman, Edward Arbuckle, Gloria
Graham, Frank James Anderson, L. Maud Aug 31, 1926 Graham, Franklin Anderson, Katherine Anderson, John Farr, Sarah
Graham, Norman D. Chadwick, Sandy C. June 24, 1978 Graham, Donald K. Downs, Dorothy Chadwick, William S. Heath, Evelyn
Grant, Raymond Joseph Durkin, Mary Mullaney Sept 6, 1954 Grant, Allen Hoyt, Flora Mullaney, John Prime, Louise
Green, David Mullen, Gail Oct 8, 1988        
Greenwood, Rockland Nyle Tatro, Lorraine Marie Sept 22, 1971 Greenwood, Lawrence M. Ashton, Barbara J. Tatro, Lionel L. Taylor, Dora R.
Griggs, Richard Charles Dunton, Joyce Nov 8, 1954 Griggs, Percy V. Duckless, Doris Dunton, Robert Deuso, Ellen
Griggs, Terry George Brown, Sally Dawn Aug 15, 1959 Griggs, Percy Vantyne Duckless, Doris Irene Brown, Horace Stuart Brooks, Charlena Etta
Grimes, Edward Morin, Lisa Aug 24, 1991        
Grimes, Erwin Arlan Wallace, Sue Gloria Aug 7, 1971 Grimes, Raymond E. Greene, Elenor Wallace, Charles Arbuckle, Shirley
Grondin, Joshua M. Konichek, Brenda J. April 12, 1996        
Guihan, Peter William Whitcomb, Marian June 7, 1980 Guihan, Peter Bergquist, Maria Whitcomb, Francis Hale, Patricia
Gultekin, Ali Rayner, Margaret L. Feb 8, 2006        
Hackett, Lloyd C. Smith, Doris C. Dec 9, 1972 Hackett, Dana H. Reynolds, Mattie H. Clegg, Robert O. Mills, Martha I.
Hackett, Reynold Newton Hinman, Celia June 16, 1957 Hackett, Lloyd C. Vance, Helen M. Hinman, William Emery, Beulah
Hadvab, Matthew Aldrich, Katie Sept 16, 1989        
Hagen, John Brown, Bonnie Lee Sept 28, 1979 Hagen, Ralph P. Sweatt, Virginia E. Brown, Philip Pudvah, Janice
Hall, Lyndel Coderre, Tina May 6, 1989        
Hancock, Wayne Herbert Kelley, Corine Winifred July 28, 1967 Hancock, Roy Earle Miner, Mildred Kelley, Verdine Albert Bishop, Beatrice Winifred
Harper, Jeffrey Chaffee, Amanda Sept 21, 1991        
Harris, James E., III McGreevy, Amalia D. Aug 9, 2003        
Harvey, Philip D. Wilson, Leta R. 2010        
Herman, Michael Rowell, Penny July 13, 1984 Herman, Norman Chase, Patricia Rowell, Maynard Bapp, Virginia
Hill, Travis E. Bourbeau, Jennifer J. 2007        
Hilliker, Archie Lee Smith, Martha Rae July 20, 1968 Hilliker, Alton Stone, Francese L. Smith, Preston Carl Clegg, Doris M.
Hobart, George F. Neill, Alice H. Aug 18, 1935 Hobart, Jeremiah W. Macomber, Hariet Washer, George Ladd, Diadania
Hoffart, William Charles Jr. Young, Carilyn Hollister March 3, 1968 Hoffart, William Charles McDonald, Evelyn Young, Hugh Allen, Jean
Holbrook, Maurice Kenneson, Laura M. Nov 1, 1930 Holbrook, P. H. Crandall, Lena M. Kenneson, Wallace Sanborn, Addie N.
Hornbacher, Mark Kane, Joyce May 8, 1988        
Horner, Marcel J. Burbank, Elaine Nov 4, 1967 Horner, Aaron F.   Poutry, Grace A. Marsh, Dale B. Mason, Mary
Horner, Robert Burnham, Phyllis Feb 19, 1983 Horner, Aaron Poutry, Grace Joyner, Charles Rawling, Phyllis
Horner, Robert James Chaffee, Kaye Sandra Sept 11, 1965 Horner, Aaron F., Sr. Poutry, Grace A. Chaffee, Clinton Sweet, Karen
Horskins, Rodney P. Barbeau, Lisa M. Oct 1, 2005        
Hurlbut, Donald L. Butler, Gailene M. May 26, 2001        
Ingalls, Allyn L. Grimes, Darlene S. July 30, 1975 Ingalls, Henry B. Draper, Yeuvon Grimes, Raymond Greene, Eleanore
Ingalls, Dennis James Urie, Bonnie Lea Oct 17, 1970 Ingalls, Richard Morley, Cecilia Urie, John R. Diette, Yvonne R.
Ingalls, Harold Patrick Grow, Frances Lora Dec 24, 1932 Ingalls, Harlow Decker, Ora Grow, Arthur L. Newton, Leora May
Ingalls, Henry James Grimes, Cheryl Ann Oct 25, 1975 Ingalls, Henry B. Draper, Yeuvon Grimes, Raymond Greene, Eleanore
Ingalls, Keith S. Chaffee, Naomi J. April 23, 1994        
Ingalls, Maurice Tunnet Farr, Earlah Elaine Feb 1, 1944 Ingalls, Harlow Decker, Ora Farr, Jesse C. Davis, Hazel
Ingalls, Richard Morley, Cecelia Jan 17, 1948 Ingalls, Harlow Decker, Ora Morley, John Kilgallen, Agnes
Ingalls, Richard Morley, Mary Dec 29, 1984 Ingalls, Harlow Decker, Ora Sanville, Charles Long, Theda
Ingalls, Timothy Steven Pike, Sharon Kaye Sept 20, 1975 Ingalls, Richard V. Morley, Cecila M. Pike, Woodrow D. Diebel, Marjorie J.
Inkel, Laurent Strong, Betsy April 20, 1991        
Inkel, Lawrence Riendeau, Claire R. Oct 8, 1966 Inkel, Elva Boisclaire, Rose-Emma Riendeau, Arsene Larochelle, Alberta
Inkel, Normand E. Johnson, Brandy L. May 30, 1998        
Jacobs, John Lafleur, Theresa Sept 16, 1989        
Jaquish, Charles Thomas, III Orne, Kathleen Ruth June 29, 1980 Jaquish, Charles, Jr. Allen, Helen R. Orne, Karlton E. Smith, Lucy
Jarvis, Francis L. Lavine, Diane T. E. Nov 11, 2003        
Katzenbach, Christian D. Stephenson, Greta Sept 21, 1996        
Kelly, John Donald Barber, Bernice Beth June 26, 1926 Kelley, J. D. Jackson, Mary A. Barber, Perry Sheldon, Flora
Kenneson, Maynard Whalen, Marion July 3, 1930 Kenneson, W. S. Skinner, Edna Whalen, Joseph McGoff, Mabel
Kimball, Irving Leslie Hutchins, Joyce Lucille March 15, 1945 Kimball, Jesse Woodard, Clara E. Hutchins, Rollins S. Hutchins, Ruth Williams
Kimball, Ralph Philemon Mason, Blanche Mae Nov 15, 1943 Kimball, Phileomon Smith, Mary C. Mason, Manuel Cherrier, Nellie
King, Charles M. Williams, Stacey L. 2009        
Kinsey, Blaine R. Menard, Rachel May 22, 1971 Kinsey, Frederick C. Rowell, Louise O. Menard, Laurent Dechamps, Eva
Kinsey, Earl G. Libby, Joanna July 15, 2003        
Kinsey, Frederick Cornelius Jr. Rowell, Louise Olive 1947 Kinsey, Frederick C. Whitcher, Geneva Rowell, Harry Urie, Helen
Kinsey, Kyle Libby, Joanna Aug 20, 1988        
Kinsey, Leland Frederick Pike, Leslie Marie June 6, 1970 Kinsey, Frederick C. Rowell, Louise R. Pike, Ernest Allen McKnight, Genevieve M.
Kinsey, Robert Everett Rowell, Eunice Helen May 1, 1948 Kinsey, Frederick C. Whitcher, Geneva Rowell, Harry S. Urie, Helen
Kittredge, Paul, Jr. Nelson, Sonya Oct 9, 1982 Kittredge, Paul, Sr. Johnson, Cathy Nelson, George Allen, Janet
Labounty, Philip Henry Brien, Rose Ann Dec 27, 1958 Labounty, Nelson Eugene Twombley, Beatrice Brien, Armand Euclid Champigny, Lillian
LaCross, Andrew W. Young, Karen L. April 16, 1994        
Lafont, Raymond Maxwell, Jean Feb 2, 1985 Lafont, Richard Urie, Rachael Bruneau, Burt Perrault, Yvette
Lafont, Richard Wayne Urie, Rachael Ann Oct 1, 1952 Lafont, Roland W. Bean, Kathleen Urie, Foster J. Stone, Bessie E.
Lafont, Robert Heary, Deborah Ann July 5, 1975 Lafont, Richard Urie, Rachel Heary, Ervin J. Higgins, Margaret
Lahar, David P. Stone, Cindy A. Aug 22, 1981 Lahar, Paul Dugan, Elizabeth Stone, Mason A. Sylvester, Ruby
LaMare, Raymond Leo Sweeney, Linda Mae June 18, 1966 LaMare, Raymond W. Brown, Ruth D. Sweeney, Paul R. Wilson, Rena L.
LaMontagne, Raymond Ferland, Jeanne Sept 28, 1935 LaMontagne, Elgea Houle, Fortunette Ferland, Ovila Lemeux, Roselba
Lampman, Irving H. Rice, Olive Oct 2, 1937 Lampman, Harry Booth, Nellie Rice, Charles S. Searles, Edna
Lanou, Douglas Lee Ingalls, Linda Marie June 26, 1971 Lanou, Justin Mark Wells, Vera Mae Ingalls, Richard Vernon Morley, Cecilia Mary
Lanou, Lawrence J. Ingalls, Wanda A. Nov 3, 1979 Lanou, Justin Wells, Vera Ingalls, Richard Morley, Cecelia
Lanphare, Leonard A. Benware, Theda (Woodstock) Oct 22, 1933 Lanphare, Leon Davis, Maude Woodcock, Clinton Weed, Bessie E.
Lanpher, Kenneth Bailey, April Oct 30, 1990        
Larabee, Alvin Meier, Christina Dec 10, 1988        
Larabee, Timothy Bousquet, Tammy June 23, 1985 Larabee, Vernal Cubit, Luciene Bousquet, Robert Wrightington, Pearl
Larabee, Timothy V. Murphy, Melissa K. June 15, 2002        
Larabee, Vernal O. Cubit, Luciene E. June 14, 1964 Larabee, Alvin G. Duckless, Sarah A. Cubit, Richard A. Smith, Doris L.
Larabee, Vernon A. Gaskin, Lauri L. July 11, 1981 Larabee, Alvin Duckless, Sarah Gaskin, Ernest St. Hilaire, Gisele
Laramee, Paul E. Cutting, Laurie July 21, 1979 Laramee, Leonard Cote, Madeline Cutting, Earl Cote, Ella
Larocque, Ralph Henry Sawyer, Betty Jane Dec 5, 1951 Larocque, Henry Bean, Mary     Sawyer, Howard Mason, Ione
Larocque, Roland Ora Mason, Mildred Angie Feb 9, 1946 Larocque, Henry Bean, Mary Anne Mason, George Simino, Jennie
Lasko, Gary Gilman, Mary Aug 4, 1984 Lasko, Harry LeBrun, Corine Gilman, Edward Arbuckle, Gloria
Lathe, Emerson Charles Halsall, Nettie Irene Sept 16, 1954 Lathe, George Edwards, Florence Halsall, Ronald Jenness, Chessie
Lathe, Fred Peters, Doris April 27, 1931 Lathe, Charles Raymo, Julia Peters, Robert Sager, Flora
Latuch, Robert W. Fisher, Evelyn L. Sept 18, 1998        
Lavine, Gary Rivers, Melinda Sept 14, 1991        
Lavine, Jeffrey D. Rivers, Julie A. July 25, 1998        
Lawrence, Davis Carroll Hinman, Delia Oct 21, 1956 Lawrence, Daniel H. Davis, Ruth E. Hinman, William Emery, Beulah
Lawrence, G. Roland Anderson, Ruth Evelyn Dec 7, 1938 Lawrence, G. F. Hitchcock, Anna Anderson, Eugene Skinner, Isadore
Lay, Douglas Sinon, Katherine Sept 26, 1981 Lay, Nelson Carey, Shirley Sinon, John Daniels, Pauline
LeBlanc, Norman Pierce, Ronda Sue July 18, 1981 LeBlanc, Paul Choiniere, Gertrude Pierce, Maurice Potter, Carlene
Lemieux, Brian Cook, Chandell July 28, 1990        
Lemieux, Brian Cook, Chandell July 28, 1991        
Lepage, Robert Joseph Fisher, Christine Louise Dec 31, 1966 Lepage, Leonard Emile Vignola, Madeline Fisher, Phiiip Clarence Kinsman, Anna May
Leroux, Ronnie Tremblay, Susan Oct 5, 1991        
Lewis, Daniel Roberts, Katherine July 7, 1988        
Lewis, Page Eli Wells, Josephine N. July 23, 1943 Lewis, Frank Page, Rosa E. Nequette, Joseph Touiene, Phebe
Libby, Monte L. Niles, Nichole J. Feb 18, 1994        
Little, Rudolph W. Butler, Joyce D. Nov 6, 1966 Little, Maynard Edward Cole, Lottie Gardner, Earl Hinton, Marion
Locke, Eugene Carl McGivern, Virginia Mabel May 20, 1961 Locke, Arthur J. Everson, Mildred McGivern, Harold Bernard Woodard, Hattie May
Locke, Jeffrey Fagan, Laurie April 28, 1984 Locke, Roger Morley, Grace Fagan, Peter Lorimer, Corwyn
Locke, Jeffrey Alan Wells, Holly Lynne March 7, 1980 Locke, Roger Morley, Grace Wells, Dean Benjamin, Audrey
Locke, Kendall B. Ewen, Bonnie Sue June 23, 1979 Lock, Marcel Pudvah, Pauline Ewen, Bernard Gochey, Thelma
Locke, Kenneth Richard Martin, Dorothy July 27, 1938 Locke, Morris Mullaney, Margaret Martin, Marcellus James, Clara
Locke, Lyman Earl, Jr. Larocque, Deborah March 27, 1971 Locke, Lyman E., Sr. Rogers, Jean Larocque, Roland O. Mason, Mildred A.
Locke, Marcel Morris Pudvah, Pauline Nellie July 26, 1958 Locke, Kenneth Richard Martin, Dorothy Arlene Pudvah, Edward John Perron, Mamie Lillian
Locke, Richard Lee Hinton, Norma Addie Sept 29, 1957 Locke, Arthur J. Everson, Mildred Hinton, Errol R. Colburn, Nettie Ada
Locke, Roger Daniels, Alice Jan 12, 1991        
Locke, Roger John Morley, Grace Elizabeth Nov 5, 1955 Morley, John J. Kilgallen, Agnes Locke, Morris L. Mullaney, Margaret
Locke, Ronald Larose, Teresa June 4, 1991        
Locke, Ronald E. Wright, Naomi L. Dec 15, 1979 Locke, Kenneth Martin, Dorothy Wright, George C., Jr. Malshuk, Linda
Locke, Wilbur Wayne Gebbie, Susan D. Aug 30, 1967 Locke, Kenneth Richard Martin, Dorothy Arlene Gebbie, Donald McLellan Greaves, Madeline Ruth
Long, Albert John Reed, Marjorie Inez June 6, 1956 Long, James Vance, Mable Reed, Homer Daniels, Olive
Long, Charles Lee Johnson, Donna Jane Aug 25, 1962 Long, Roy L. Clough, Charlena E. Johnson, Donald T. Spaulding, Dorothy E.
Long, Homer  Morley, Opal Rose (Hannah) Oct 3, 1944 Long, Thomas Hoadley, Alice Hannah, Albert Rock, Anna
Long, Homer Ross Richardson, Mary Almeda March 28, 1927 Long, Thomas Hoadley, Alice Richardson, Geo. W. Alston, Anna
Long, Roy L. Clough, Charlena E. Nov 23, 1928 Long, Thomas Hoadley, Alice Clough, Arthur M. Post, Catherine D.
Long, Thomas Roy Miles, Elaine Roberta Dec 23,  1951 Long, Roy Clough, Charlena Miles, Vernal O. Cleveland,  Mildred
Loomis, Durward A. Colburn, Ruth E. Jan 4, 1941 Loomis, Andrew J. Bidwell, Lillian Colburn, Albert Shute, Daisy
Loura, Paul Dolloph, Deborah May 9, 1987        
Lowell, Thomas M. Murphy, Heather A. 2010        
Lowry, Peter Alan Camire, Cherie Anne July 29, 2000        
Lussier, Corrad D. Girouard, Rita June 17, 1935 Lussier, Napoleon Beauregard, Lea Girouard, Hulderie Hebert, Darella
Lussier, Gaston Gosselin, Antoinette Dec 27, 1941 Lussier, Napoleon Beauregard, Lea Gosselin, Stanley Caderre, Rose
Lussier, Napoleon Pierre Wright, Georgiana April 5, 1945 Lussier, Paul Theureuse, Philomene St. Pierre, George Naletto, Marie E.
Lussier, Noel Leo Joseph Fortune, Barbara Ethel July 2, 1955 Lussier, Antonio Letourneau, Georgianna Fortune, Carl Hadley, Lois
Lussier, Roger Reginald Walker, Evelyn Marion June 28, 1952 Lussier, Antonio Letourneau, Georgianna Walker, Eddie O. Sheldon, Iola
Lussier, Sylva Roland Collette, Julia July 5, 1927 Lussier, Napoleon Beauregard, Lea Collette, Peter Brodeur, Selina
Lyon, Duane Clyde Atwood, Sarah Jane June 18, 1949 Lyon, Earl Z. Switzer, Ethel L. Atwood, Roger Alfred Scott, Nellie Carrie
Mailhot, Napoleon Belanger, Anna Feb 7, 1927 Mailhot, Elzear Fontaine, Maril Rose Belanger, Simeon Bourgeois, Georgianna
Mailhot, Norman Real Huot, Jeanette Mary May 16, 1953 Mailhot, Napoleon Belanger, Anna Huot, Denis Jalbert, Alice
Marckres, Lyle Flint, Marguerite Zeigler May 27, 1989        
Markwell, Clayton A. Grimes, Paula Lee July 14, 1979 Markwell, Percy Keeble, Edna Grimes, Ronald McKee, Ruth
Marquis, Jason Goad, Melanie March 7, 1992        
Marsh, Dale Burt Mason, Mary L. Nov 2, 1936 Parke, Clayton Dane, Veda Mason, Lewis E., Jr. Shatney, Elvir
Martin, Donald I. Couture, Florence Gabriele Nov 2, 1946 Martin, Irvin Switzer, Sylvia Couture, Joseph Roy, Exilia
Martin, Harold T. Sinon, Alice Maud Sept 19, 1927 Martin, Lamuel R.  Getman, Elsie Sinon, John J. Denneson, Anna
Martin, Percy C. Atwood, Jeanette Dec 8, 1947 Martin, Irvin A. Switzer, Sylvia Atwood, Roger Scott, Nellie
Martin, Travis D. Parenteau, Christi M. April 5, 1997        
Martin, Wesley E. Kunkel, Elizabeth C. Sept 20, 2003        
Maskell, Calvin McCuen, Patricia Oct 26, 1985 Maskell, Calvin Baker, Nadine McCuen, Harry, Jr. Austin, Alice
Maskell, Stephen F. Locke, Karen M. Sept 17, 1977 Maskell, Calvin Baker, Nadene Locke, Marcel Pudvah, Pauline
Mason, Abner C. Laroque, May Alma Feb 12, 1940 Mason, Lewis, Jr. Shatney, Elvia Laroque, Henry Bean, Mary Ann
Mason, Albert M. Burnham, Annie Stone June 11, 1949 Mason, Emanuel Chartier, Nellie Stone, Archie Goad, Laura
Mason, Alfred Woodrow Tourangeau, Caroline Feb 19, 1952 Mason, Alfred  Dunn, Goldie Tourangeau, Frederick Roberts, Rose Alma
Mason, Brian Farley, Tammy Aug 3, 1991        
Mason, Craig Horne, Dauna Jan 18, 1986 Mason, Lawrence Durgin, Dorothy Collins, Robert Saulters, Virginia
Mason, Craig E. Paquette, Stephanie June 5, 1999        
Mason, David Charles Kahles, Helen Jeneatte May 26, 1946 Mason, David Simino, Phoebe Kahles, Michael Miller, Martha
Mason, Donald Lewis Rivers, Mildred Marie Dec 10, 1972 Mason, Chelsia E. Hall, Irene Rivers, Wendell C. Veglia, Nancy
Mason, Donald M. Farr, Guyla E. Dec 9, 1967 Mason, Maynard H. Laverdiere, Dorothy Y. Farr, Guy W. Montague, Geraldine
Mason, Earl Chester Sawyer, Anne Mae Oct 27, 1951 Mason, David G. Simino, Phoebe Sawyer, Noble LaBombard, Annabelle
Mason, Edmond C. Ward, Laurie Ann April 28, 1979 Mason, Lawrence Durgin, Dorothy Ward, Clarence Fisk, Sharon
Mason, Elwin Joseph Hastings, Marie Mooney Dec 9, 1966 Mason, Abner Joseph Paronto, Eva Mooney, Joseph Broughton, Bertha
Mason, Ernest Charles Clarkson, Marion Ada Aug 17, 1938 Mason, Emanuel Cherrier, Nellie Clarkson, S. W. Dion, Julia
Mason, Gary H. Hebert, Valvete S. Jan 21, 1967 Mason, Maynard H. Laverdiere, Dorothy R. Hebert, Ralph R. Sylvester, Opal
Mason, Jesse Woodrow Sawyer, Beverly Joyce Aug 28, 1954 Mason, Lewis Jr. Shatney, Elvia Louise Sawyer, Howard Lawrence Mason, Ione C.
Mason, Kevin H. Ross, Angela M. Sept 2, 1995        
Mason, Lawrence Albert Durgin, Dorothy Mabel Oct 27, 1945 Mason, Ben Gonyaw, Virginia M. Durgin, Earle G. Moulton, Bertha M.
Mason, Leonard Arnold Larocque, Helena Mary Oct 12, 1934 Mason, Lewis Jr. Shatney, Elvira Larocque, Henry Bean, Maryann
Mason, Mayland I. Camirand, Madeline C. Aug 9, 1947 Mason, Ben Gonyaw, Virginia  Camirand, Leo LaFlame, Blanche
Mason, Maynard Henry Laverdiere, Dorothy April 21, 1942 Mason, Ben Gonyaw, Jennie Laverdiere, Joseph Adams, Rose
Mason, Mitchell Butler, Bernice May July 6, 1940 Mason, Lewis Jr. Shatney, Elvia Butler, C. B. Wells, Grace
Mason, Monte Avon Deuso, Shirley Jean Sept 8, 1973 Mason, Chelsia E. Hall, Carol Deuso, Irving R. Felther, Esslyn
Mason, Percy M. Brow, Eva L. March 8, 1941 Mason, Manuel Cherrier, Nellie Brow, Felix Morel, Laura
Mason, Preston Leon Wheeler, Wilma M. March 28, 1947 Mason, Emmanuel Sherrier, Nellie Wheeler, William    Davio, Ida  
Mason, Randy Farley, Carole Aug 13, 1988        
Mason, Richard Alfred Larocque, Lois Ann July 9, 1945 Mason, Alfred A. Dunn, Goldie Larocque, Henry F. Bean, Mary A.
Mason, Robert James Sawyer, Myrtie Marie May 10, 1946 Mason, David Simino, Phoebe Sawyer, Noble Labombore, Annabelle
Mason, Roger P. MacGregor, Bonnie M. 2008        
Mason, Roger Paul Burbank, Joanne Lee May 23, 1971 Mason, Maynard H. Laverdiere, Dorothy Y. Burbank, Clayton R. Marsh, Elaine J.
Mason, Ronald L. Priest, Melissa L. A. July 19, 2003        
Mason, Steven K. Fortin, April M. Aug 18, 2001        
Mason, Theodore Joseph Lanou, Audred Lorraine July 21, 1951 Mason, Manuel Cherrier, Nellie Lanou, Perry Holland, Doris
Matthews, John C. Thompson, Jeane May 17, 2003        
Maxwell, Edmond Daniels, Paula May 19, 1984 Maxwell, Dean Messier, Greta Daniels, Paul Carpenter, Nancy
McAllister, Benjamin C. Locke, Angela M. July 10, 2004        
McClintock, Bruce Pelzel, Carolyn A. July 15, 1978 McClintock, Norman L. Rackett, Helen Pelzel, Carl A. Anderson, Norma
McCormick, Myron Alan Powers, Sharon Lee June 23, 1967 McCormick, Myron Atwood Damon, Louise Powers, Raymond Howard Fisher, Anna Rebecca
McCoy, Ray Albian Jones, Glenola Elsie Sept 15, 1956 McCoy, Arthur Daniel Akins, Calista Jones, Henry A. Roberts, Mary
McGrew, Wesley Cope Urie, Ellen Jane July 7, 1962 McGrew, Benjamin Gilbert Grayson, Magdaline Lucille Urie, Leslie R. Anderson, Isabel
McKenna, Robert M. Winters, Lisa Ann-Marie Aug 16, 1995        
McKenney, Dana A. Evans, Melissa J. Feb 2, 2001        
McKenzie, George Austin, III Foehr, Jennifer Lynn July 26, 2000        
Mierzejewski, Edward Alfred Tremblay, Aline Theresa Aug 22, 1970 Mierzejewski, Alfred Bonaszak, Regina Tremblay, Gerard Casavanti, Denaige
Miles, Alvin Edward Larocque, Marion Evelyn Sept 27, 1942 Miles, Vernal O. Clevland, Mildred H. Larocque, Henry Bean, Maryann
Miles, Harland C. Dow, Ruth June 10, 1947 Miles, Vernal O. Cleveland, Mildred Dow, Arthur Healey, Iona
Miles, Harland Charles Nutting, Martha Helen (Benway) Sept 23, 1939 Miles, Vernal O. Clevland, Mildred Nutting, Claud Olin Watson, Hazel Nina
Miller, Donald George Long, Alice Catherine June 13, 1954 Miller, Edward Russell, Dorothy Alice Long, Roy Lester Clough, Charlena Eva
Miller, Michael Roberts, Lorie Aug 4, 1990        
Miller, Michael J. Lantagne, Trisha J. Feb 1, 1995        
Mitchell, Peter Priest, Emily Sept 29, 1928 Mitchell, Exzora Jerry, Malinda Watson, Edward Dunham, Olive
Moffatt, James Stanley Dyer, Joan Marie June 13, 1964 Moffatt, Robert Joseph Green, Ella Ardell Dyer, Harry Peter Grimm, Catherine Ann
Moore, Thomas McGuire, Idythe P. Oct 6, 1938 Moore, Michael Ryle, Margaret McGuire, Henry A. Twombly, Eva
Morely, William Lafleur, Lucie Sept 22, 1984 Morley, Francis Sanville, Mary Lafleur, John Patenaude, Anita
Morley, Francis John Sanville, Mary Luella July 24, 1954 Morley, John Joseph Kilgallen, Agnes Ann Sanville, Charles   Long, Theda
Morley, John Patrick Locke, Donna Lee July 30, 1977 Morley, Francis Sanville, Mary Locke, Kenneth Richard Martin, Dorothy
Morley, William Stevens Walker, Mabel Pearl Aug 11, 1926 Morley, John Shugrue, Margaret Walker, Geo H. Harris, Bertha
Morris, Rena A. Beaumont, Shauna M. Dec 22, 1995        
Morse, Ellsworth L. Parker, Phyllis Sept 4, 1948 Morse, Ernest Laro, Mamie Frye, Leonard Rogers, Lois
Murphy, Thomas J. Sinon, Florence M. Nov 28, 1935 Murphy, Patrick J. Dwyer, Bridged Sinon, John J. Denneson, Anna G.
Myers, Amanda M. Wilson, Hope A. 2008        
Myers, Stephen R. Mason, Jennifer A. Oct 16, 1999        
Naylor, James A. Brewer, Janelyn 2010        
Neiman, Thomas Nelson Hackett, Dina Lee April 1, 1967 Neiman, Myril A. Murphy, Marion Hackett, Lloyd C. Vance, Helen M.
Nelson, Allen Wright Hoyt, Marion C. Sept 19, 1930 Nelson, Duron B. McKenstry, Laura Hoyt, George Magoon, Eva
Nelson, George Allen Allen, Janet Mae Aug 21, 1957 Nelson, Allen W. Hoyt, Marion Allen, Chester Gordon Marsh, Inetta
Nelson, Maurice A. Cowles, Leah W. Oct 6, 1966 Nelson, Duron B. McKinstry, Laura Winget, Charles R. McAllister, Julia R.
Nelson, Scott Bowen, Michalla July 10, 1987        
Nichols, Brady W. Megal, Rhonda J. Feb 8, 1997        
Niles, Douglas Charles Sanville, Sylvia Clara Oct 14, 1940 Niles, Edgar Ray Lake, Viola Grace Sanville, Charles R. Besaw, Lena
Norris, Robert Martel, Rosemary June 11, 1988        
Oberg, Eric Taylor, Ruth Aug 31, 1991        
O'Brien, Matthew T. Niles, Casee L. Oct 7, 2006        
Okello, Javan O. Nelson, Katherine M. 2010        
Ong, Andrew T. Best, Brandi S. 2009        
Palin, James R., Jr. Fulford, Lorette T. Feb 19, 1994        
Papineau, Joe Travis, Lucille Nov 4, 1941 Papineau, Oliver Desroche, ________ Travis, Egbert Shedd, Emma
Paradis, Roland Vachon, Delima Oct 24, 1927 Paradis, Albert Archambault, Diana Vachon, Adolphe Martil, Amanda
Parker, Dennie P. Grimes, Ashley M. 2007        
Paul, David R. Van Buren, Kathleen M. April 9, 1994        
Pearce, William Lockwood, Meredith June 6, 1987        
Peavey, Bradley L. Berry, Donna L. Aug 2, 1994        
Perrille, Ralph Mason, Bessie L. Jan 8, 1945 Perrille, Pasqualle Cruso, Mary Mason, Alfred Dunn, Goldie
Perron, Bruce A. Lahar, Laurie A. July 11, 1981 Perron, Armand King, Barbara Lahar, Paul Dugan, Elizabeth
Perry, Peter Pray, Kimico Nov 7, 1987        
Perry, Willard Cubit, Margery Sept 22, 1989        
Peters, Bernard E., II Geoffroy, Amber M. Aug 31, 2002        
Peters, Bernard Earle Squires, Ruby Ethel June 3, 1967 Peters, William E. Tremblay, Jeanne R. Squires, Lloyd H. Rediker, Helen M.
Peters, Clifton  Peters, Florence March 22, 1941 Peters, Walter Colbeth, Stella Peters, Robert Sager, Flora
Peters, Clifton G. Poutry, Mildred B. Sept 30, 1933 Peters, Walter Coolbeth, Stella Poutry, Julian Mitchell, Eliza  
Peters, Clinton A. Mason, Elizabeth Dec 28, 1933 Peters, Robert Sager, Flora Mason, Adolphis Gonyaw, Virginia
Peters, Daniel W. Poutry, Minnie Nov 8, 1927 Peters, Walter Coolbeth, Stella Poutry, Julian Mitchell, Elizabeth
Peters, Donald Lantagne, Joan Nov 14, 1987        
Peters, Douglas M. Pare, Janet L. June 24, 1994        
Peters, Jesse I. Palmer, Jennifer C. 2008        
Peters, Randy E. Bartlett, Donna M. Aug 6, 1994        
Peters, Roy I. Shatney, Bettie Olive April 20, 1935 Peters, Walter Coolbeth, Stella Shatney, Clarence Rouse, Clarabell
Peters, William Ervin Tremblay, Jeannie Rachel March 27, 1944 Peters, Herbert Moore, Nellie Tremblay, Henry Leduc, Evelina
Pierce, Raymond Farrand, Kenni Oct 5, 1985 Pierce, Maurice Potter, Carlene Farrand, Kenneth Kelley, Brenda
Pierce, Raymond H. Hudnall, Linda L. Aug 3, 1996        
Piette, Leo Rowell, Karla Feb 22, 1992        
Pilbin, Joshua W. Grimes, Anne J. 2007        
Pitkin, Stephen Scanlon, Rita July 3, 1981 Pitkin, Walter Kobbe, Susan Metcalf Scanlon, Cornelius Cobb, Rita
Pitkin, Stephen Oliver-Smith, Martha S. 2007        
Potter, Bruce Farr Nagy, Patricia Ann Nov 23, 1963 Potter, Hugh W. Farr, Mary L. Nagy, Julius J. Rogers, Isabelle E.
Potter, Gary Darling, Sarah Oct 8, 1983 Potter, Waldo Smith, Beverly Darling, Donald Williams, Beryl
Potter, Hugh Woodard Farr, Mary Lillian June 15, 1932 Potter, Waldo N. Woodard, Ella F. Farr, Jesse C. Davis, Hazel
Potter, Jeff Casavant, Laura Oct 12, 1985 Potter, Waldo Smith, Beverly Casavant, Keith Keenan, Joanne
Potter, Waldo Gordon Fuller, Beverly Clegg Oct 18, 1958 Potter, Hugh Woodward Farr, Mary Lillian Smith, Preston Carl Clegg, Doris Martha
Poulin, Thomas Roy, Emelia March 25, 1931 Poulin, Thomas Grenier, Sara Roy, Joseph Poulin, Delphine
Poutry, Olmond Joseph Chalifaux, Lucille Simone Aug 13, 1955 Poutry, Abner Shedd, Eulalee Chalifaux, Edward Young, Christine
Poutry, Percy J. Johnson, Vera Aug 19, 1950 Poutry, Abner Shedd, Eulalee Johnson, Hiram Columbia, Grace
Poutry, Peter David Peters, Nettie Lila Dec 17, 1932 Poutry, Julian Poutry, Elixa Peters, Robert Sager, Flora
Powell, William S. Willis, Cora M. Feb 14, 2001        
Pray, Gerald Herbert Dewing, Benita Mae Dec 24, 1966 Pray, Herbert Martin, Alice Dewing, Maynard Bickford, Frances
Pray, Richard Lyle Moulton, Capitola Orcelia Geb 16, 1957 Pray, Herbert Martin, Alice Moulton, Clyde Hunt, Eva Mae
Pray, Roger William Young, Maribelle Alice Sept 27, 1958 Pray, Herbert Lyle Martin, Alice Mae Young, Clarence George Baker, Ruth Irene
Pray, Ronald Lee Bean, Norma Joyce Nov 15, 1969 Pray, Herbert L. Martin, Alice Bean, Niles Silas Rushlow, Constance M.
Pray, Terry Bissell, Sharon July 5, 1986 Pray, Richard Moulton, Capitola Bissell, Ralph Rowell, Joan
Provoncha, Orrin A. Lanpher, Una June 11, 1932 Provoncha, Roy Burtran, May Lanpher, Leaon Davis, Maud
Prue, Louis A. Dunbar, Collette R. M. May 21, 2005        
Purcell, Donald F., Jr. Hennig, Karen L. July 6, 2002        
Rahill, John Hasselberg, Nancee April 3, 1982 Rahill, William Schoepperle, Lydia Smith, Wilbur Starrett, Barbara
Rakowsky, Edmund, Jr. Daniels, Patricia July 17, 1982 Rakowsky, Edmund, Sr. Fort, Wilma Daniels, Harold Nadeau, Alice
Richards, Christopher J. Locke, Amanda L. 2008        
Richardson, Ellis Week Perkins, Pauline Greta Feb 5, 1949 Richardson, Herman F. Urie, Annie Perkins, Clifton Drohen, Margaritte
Richardson, George F. Thompson, Jacalyn R. July 24, 1971 Richardson, Francis H. St. Louis, Pearl I. Thompson, Marill L. McNomara, Rachel E.
Richardson, James Lee Goodridge, Susan Jane Aug 26, 1969 Richardson, Francis H. St. Louis, Pearl I. Goodridge, Donley C. Hampp, Dorothy A.
Richardson, Sterling F. Langmaid, Kelly E. 2010        
Riendeau, Bernard A. LeBlanc, Paulette C. July 26, 1975 Riendeau, Arsene LaRochelle, Alberta LeBlanc, Paul Choiniere, Gertrude
Riendeau, Lauriault Guillette, Yvette Lucia Aug 10, 1957 Riendeau, Ovila Vezina, Rose Guillette, Telesphore Plante, Lucia
Riendeau, Michael A. Bedard, Kim M. Sept 8, 1979 Riendeau, Alfred Chouinard, Florence Bedard, John Larabee, Sally
Riendeau, Ovia Vizina, Rose May 28, 1928 Riendeau, Felix Maurice, Victoria Vizina, Henry Archambault, Amelia
Riendeau, Richard Maurice Perron, Thresa Jane Oct 19, 1971 Riendeau, Arsene F. Larochelle, Alberta Perron, Roger Locke, Blanche Mae
Rivers, Cecil G. Leonard, Iona M. Oct 20, 1935 Rivers, George A. Bumps, Minnie Leonard, Henry Hatch, Elsie
Rivers, Nicholas R. Papineau, Amanda M. 2007        
Rivers, Richard Nicholas Potter, Billie Jean Aug 10, 1974 Rivers, Wendell Charles Veglia, Nancy P. Potter, Waldo G. Smith, Beverly Clegg
Rivers, Wendell Charles Jr. Malshuk, Diane Lynn July 1, 1972 Rivers, Wendell C., Sr. Veglia, Nancy P. Malshuk, Stephen Kimball, Alma
Roberts, Jacques Andre Audet, Diane Annette July 5, 1980 Roberts, Euclide Bedard, Jeannine Audet, Maurice Cote, Claire
Roberts, Kenneth P. Cote, Valerie A. July 5, 1975 Roberts, Maurice Cote, Evelyn Cote, Raymond Davis, Helen
Roberts, Rene J. Mason, Connie L. April 29, 1972 Roberts, Euclide Bedard, Jeannine Mason, Lawrence A. Durgin, Dorothy M.
Rogers, Allen Couture, Teresa Feb 13, 1982 Rogers, Earl Gray, Jean Couture, Louis Gosselin, Alice
Rollins, William George Griggs, Jane Dianne June 11, 1952 Rollins, M. Preston Thurston, Leah Griggs, Percy Duckless, Doris
Ross, Kenneth A. Carrier, Misty L. Sept 2, 1995        
Roux, Thomas, Jr. Williams, Heather April 21, 1984 Roux, Thomas, Sr. Huppe, Alice Williams, Robert Desmarais, Nancy
Rowell, Enoch John Albee, Grace Emily May 3, 1953 Rowell, Enoch Brown, Mildred Albee, Reginald T. Butterfield, Gertrude
Rowell, Enoch, III Loura, Kimberly Nov 9, 1991        
Rowell, Hollis U. Gaboriault, Ruth Carmel Aug 24, 1959 Rowell, Harry S. Urie, Helen Gaboriault, Stanislaus Clouatre, Rosina
Rowell, Jonathan P. Hale, Carol Ann F. Dec 24, 1996        
Rowell, Marvin Luther Gaboriault, Georgette Yvonne May 11, 1959 Rowell, Harry S. Urie, Helen Gaboriault, Stanislaus Clouatre, Rosina
Rowell, Morris Alden Johns, Carol Brooks Jan 2, 1957 Rowell, Harry Urie, Helen Johns, Davis Mayo, Leslie Florence
Rowell, Philip Wayne Anderson, Carolyn Susan Aug 24, 1958 Rowell, Enoch John Brown, Mildred Augusta Anderson, Walter Chase Morey, Leona Pearl
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