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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Married
Abbott, Chad E.   Fortin, April M.   Nov 26, 1997
Ahrens, Lawrence W.   Schiefer, Jacinta   Sept 5, 1982
Aldrich, Ted   Moulton, Tammy   Sept 26, 1987
Allard, Fred Lyle   Gray, Melanie R.   Oct 31, 1999
Allen, Daniel A.   Powers, Jennifer   Aug 25, 2001
Allen, Edward M., Jr.   Keysar, Deborah A.   July 28, 1990
Allen, Jackson H.  Charleston Garland, Ann  Charleston Sept 17, 1960
Allen, Moses W.  Charleston Brooks, Dorothy M.  Charleston Nov 22, 1949
Allen, Sherman A. Jr.  West Charleston Griggs, Bonnie L.  West Charleston July 10, 1971
Allen, Sherman D.  Charleston Bishop, Esther M.  Charleston June 8, 1940
Allen, Sherman Daniel Jr.  West Charleston Donahue, Edith Ann  West Charleston Oct 12, 1974
Allen, Timothy B.   Sprague, Karen A.   Sept 28, 1991
Allyn, Ernest L.   Barrup, Arlene B.   Aug 22, 1931
Ames, Lyndol Roy  Derby Gardner, Nita Alice  Charleston Aug 25, 1942
Anderson, Arvin   Balch, Milica   Aug 14, 1993
Anderson, Arvin Richard   Poirier, Diane Susan Mary   Sept 2, 2006
Annis, Austin F. Holland Durgin, Marjorie  Charleston July 30, 1950
Archiball, Wendell Geo., 21  New Boston, NH Leach, Grace M., 29  Mexico, ME 1932
Armstrong, William C.  Charleston Perkins, Phyllis  Derby Line June 6, 1958
Ashby, Justin Lee   Geremia, Gina Marie   Aug 16, 2008
Ashley, Brad S.   Ashley, Kimberly   Oct 18, 2002
Atkins, Wilbur P.   Hunt, Lillian   July 31, 1931
Auclair, Jean Luc  Island Pond Trudeau, Denise Maryanna  Charleston June 30, 1962
Austin, Burton Keith   Quirion, Danielle   Nov 30, 1996
Austin, Burton W.  Charleston Doncaster, Vivian A.  Derby Sept 14, 1946
Austin, Burton Wilbur  Charleston Batchelder, Maxine Mae  West Charleston March 16, 1968
Austin, Gordon Earl  Charleston Newman, Winifred Anne  Newport April 8, 1954
Austin, Patrick B.   Fletcher, Chasity M.   July 21, 2007
Bailey, Bernard Donald  Brighton Wilder, Phyllis Gwendolyn  East Charleston Dec 13, 1939
Bailey, Charles F. U. S. Navy Pelkey, Vivian E.  Newport Aug 26, 1933
Baker, Joshua Samuel   Lanoue, Jessica Barbara   Sept 25, 2004
Barrup, Guy T.     33 Barrup, S. D. & Minnie Horn Conley, Vera Bell    23 Conley, C. C. & Clara Wilson 1925
Barrup, Lee S.   White, Altha E.   July 15, 1929
Barrup, Ralph Crawford  Charleston McMahan, Gertrude A. Hardwick Feb 13, 1934
Barrup, Wayne Daggett  Charleston Schoff, Patricia Jean  Charleston Jan 10, 1952
Barton, James F.   Swanson, Cynthia Susan   Dec 31, 1998
Basford, Brian Carl  Orleans Brown, Linda Lou  Charleston Jan 24, 1970
Batchelder, Alva B.  Charleston King, Maxine M.  Charleston Aug 12, 1950
Batchelder, Ira Newton  Charleston Rice, Vinnie Estella Fellows    Feb 3, 1954
Batchelder, Wilmer S.  Charleston Hunt, Opal C.  Charleston Sept 17, 1938
Bean, Robert Edward  Derby Griffin, Joanne Carol  Charleston Oct 16, 1965
Beauregard, George H.  Charleston Tabor, Margaret H.  Newport June 26, 1934
Beauregard, Norbert   Hall, Lena   July 1, 1931
Beauregard, Paul  West Charleston Myott, Shirley A.  Charleston June 2, 1971
Beauregard, Robert George  Charleston Fontaine, Helen Mary  Charleston July 2, 1955
Belanger, Andre Joseph  Charleston Dandelin, Nicole Irene Holland June 1, 1968
Bennett, Dean Winston East Charleston Comtois, Jeannine Rita  Newport June 16, 1973
Bennett, Dexter M.  Charleston Gray, Pauline M.  Morgan Aug 22, 1948
Bennett, Don George  East Charleston Thibault, Diane Bertha  West Charleston Nov 3, 1973
Bennett, Michael F.   Dagesse, Catherine R.   March 22, 2003
Benoit, Jayson   Oughton, Teresa   July 29, 2001
Benoit, Robert Alfred Knowlton, Que. Trudeau, Suzanne Lucy  East Charleston May 28, 1977
Benoit, Ronald Dean   Bly, Valerie Ethel   Nov 22, 1969
Benway, Shane E.   Davis, Linda S.   Sept 28, 2002
Bergeron, Kenneth C.   Mason, Joi A.   May 31, 1980
Besaw, Maurice H. Irasburg Gray, Eleanor June  Charleston Sept 21, 1957
Bianchi, Todd   Willard, Tracy   Dec 10, 1988
Bickford, Arthur K. Jr.  East Charleston Bingham, Jane Dolores  East Charleston June 2, 1973
Bickford, Harry   Bandy, Ann Marie   Dec 24, 1993
Bingham, Dennis R.   Teixeira, Mary L.   Oct 20, 1990
Bingham, Randolph O.  East Charleston Grant, Linda M.  Brighton Aug 7, 1973
Bishop, Ralph Carl  Westmore Morse, Charlotte Emma  Charleston June 25, 1943
Bishop, William H.  Derby Holmes, Esther Madeline  Charleston May 31, 1936
Blais, Joseph  Derby Line Plante, Reta  Charleston Oct 9, 1948
Blais, Richard   Smith, Nancy   Aug 12, 1989
Blake, Delmar R.  Charleston Woodard, Sylvia H.  Charleston May 20, 1946
Blake, Herbert Leavens  Newport Lacoss, Doris Margaret  Charleston July 9, 1951
Blake, Herbert Leavens  Newport Gage, Lorraine I.  Charleston Dec 24, 1966
Blanchard, Alden Emercon  Newport Spaulding, Elva May  Charleston Oct 30, 1948
Blay, Frederick E.  Coventry Merrill, Gloria Jane  Charleston Dec 9, 1952
Blodgett, Horace J.   Batchelder, Harriet E.   Nov 22, 1931
Blodgett, Lewis A. Burke Gray, Thelma M.  Charleston Feb 19, 1939
Bly, Edward F.  Charleston Brainard, Thelma M.  Derby Feb 15, 1947
Bly, William Joel   Farrow, Bonnie Lee   Jan 18, 1969
Boncek, Edward V.   Turcotte, Pauline R.   Oct 3, 1981
Bosley, Jerry Charles Jr.   Moulton, Cindy Lee   June 28, 1997
Bouchard, Roger Joseph   Gratton, Susan Jane   June 4, 1983
Boucher, Robert Benjamin   Grenier, Paulette Lucille   Sept 27, 1969
Bouffard, Richard   Letourneau, Louise   June 22, 1985
Bowen, Dale Edward  West Charleston Lapan, Catherine Lea Johnson June 21, 1975
Bowen, Eben Edgar  Charleston Young, Ruth Vera  Brownington Feb 12, 1937
Bowen, Edward  Charleston Taylor, Evelyn Marie  Charleston Nov 29, 1948
Bowen, Floyd  Charleston Lafoe, Shirley  Charleston March 4, 1949
Bowen, Gary   Rivers, Tammi   Aug 20, 1994
Bowen, Gary Lee   Roy, Rosalie   Aug 16, 1997
Bowen, Gerald Burton  Charleston Moulton, Janet Ann  Charleston May 1, 1965
Bowen, Harold E. Jr.  Charleston Burroughs, Bertice F.  Island Pond June 25, 1947
Bowen, Maynard W.  Charleston Moulton, Beverly R.  Charleston Feb 14, 1946
Bowen, Melvin H.  Charleston Austin, Beverly G.  Charleston Sept 7, 1957
Bowen, Melvin H.      Allaire, Jacqueline   Nov 6, 1982
Bowen, Michael Earl   Cyr, Lillian F.   Dec 31, 1997
Bowen, Michael Earl  West Charleston Fecteau, Bonnie Lee  Newport Center Dec 17, 1977
Bowen, Roy H.   Fleming, Hazel R.   June 16, 1931
Bowen, Stanley H.  Charleston Damon, Betty A.  Brighton June 17, 1950
Bowen, Travis Earl   Baker, Kimberly Sue   Jan 2, 1999
Bowen, Wayne G.  Charleston Perkins, Janice  Charleston March 18, 1961
Bradley, Kenneth   Anderson, Lynne   Aug 13, 1994
Brainard, Curtis  Derby Gray, Elizabeth  Charleston Aug 18, 1947
Breault, Walter M. Jr.,  West Charleston Harbec, Murielle M.  Orleans May 1, 1971
Broadbent, Joseph Jack   Griffin, Susan Irene   Nov 6, 1999
Brochue, Edward E. Jr.   Griffin, Sally L.   Dec 13, 1969
Broe, David C., Jr.   Fournier, Kim M.   Dec 13, 1980
Broe, David Charles  Charleston Holmes, Pauline Joyce  Charleston July 9, 1955
Broe, David, Jr.   Updyke, Shannon   May 28, 1994
Broe, John W. West Charleston Lantagne, Pauline A. West Charleston Aug 18, 1979
Broe, Norman C.   Hammond, Jane M.   Dec 16, 1995
Bromley, Albert  Charleston Bowen, Virginia M.  Charleston Sept 8, 1946
Bronson, Robert Irwin George Stanstead, Que. Reilly, Sheila Ann  West Charleston Oct 19, 1968
Brooks, Howard Earle  Charleston Bennett, Grace Rose Holyoke, MA June 4, 1955
Broome, Carroll Dean  Charleston MacPhie, Barbara Ann  Charleston June 4, 1967
Broome, David William  Charleston Bowen, Verla Margaret  Charleston Aug 22, 1953
Broome, Raymond D.  Charleston Colburn, Gertrude M.  Charleston May 2, 1952
Broome, Theodore L.  Charleston Labounty, Laura  Brownington Dec 24, 1926
Broome, Theodore W.  Charleston Taylor, Gladys E.  Charleston July 25, 1951
Broome, William B.   Kiser, Marion W.   Nov 12, 1930
Brown, Blaine Floyd  West Charleston Lawson, Shirley E.  Derby Dec 15, 1973
Brown, Calvin C.   Bowen, Verla   June 14, 1969
Brown, Gordon   Mayhew, Annette   Aug 19, 1994
Brown, Marshall G.   Quirion, Lise M.   Sept 1, 1969
Brunelle, Victor Edward Boylston, MA Powers, Marsha Rae  West Charleston April 15, 1972
Buck, Edward Paul  Charleston Chilafoux, Gordena L.  Charleston Nov 24, 1966
Buck, Edward Paul  Charleston Hayward, Lorena Ann  Newport July 29, 1972
Buck, Eugene W.  Charleston Wilson, Nettie B.  Charleston July 1, 1937
Buck, Eugene Walter, 68  Charleston Wolcott, Annie Maude, 64  Charleston 1932
Buck, Ivan W.     24 Buck, L. G. & Lizzie Campbell Colburn, Minnie E.    25 Colburn, W. H. & Addie Webber 1925
Buck, Lester E.  West Charleston Hudson, Mable R.  West Charleston Oct 25, 1939
Buck, Maurice C.  Charleston Hoy, Vera Ellen  Charleston Sept 11, 1941
Bullis, Larry Camell  Newport Holmes, Amaryllis M.  Charleston Jan 16, 1966
Bumps, Willie E.    50 Bumps, J. & Nancy Hunter Heath, Ida Bell    30 Heath, R. & Unknown 1925
Burke, Eric M.   Wilmott, Kelly J.   Feb 3, 2003
Burnett, Glenn G. East Charleston Whitehill, Debra J. East Charleston Oct 14, 1978
Burnett, Joseph Glenn   Reynolds, Vickie Lea   Aug 5, 2006
Bushaw, Austin B.  Charleston Duquette, Theda  Morgan July 23, 1938
Bussieie, Gaston J.  Newport Center Geoffrory, Cecile Fabiola  West Charleston April 17, 1939
Bussineau, Matthew W. Newport Jensen, Cynthia S. East Charleston Sept 30, 1978
Cahill, John Walter  Brighton Stevens, May Irene  Charleston Nov 24, 1938
Calloway, Dwayne   Dewing, Bernadette ` Nov 6, 1982
Camber, Chad Robert   Jensen, Wanda Sue   Aug 28, 1999
Camber, Robert Henry   Corriveau, Sara Ann   June 8, 1996
Campbell, Robert J. Northfield & Charleston Gibson, Kathleen  Lyndonville June 29, 1940
Canalia, Luciano   Barry, Pamela Jo   Sept 3, 1995
Capron, Pierre   Stone, Lorianne   April 4, 2000
Capron, William A.   Gagne, Jocelyne M.   Aug 9, 1980
Carmelo, Deida, Jr.   Scott, Heather Muriel   Aug 31, 1996
Carpenter, Allen B. Derby Gratton, Theresa P. West Charleston Sept 2, 1978
Carpenter, Dale Richard  Derby Gray, Sandra Lou  Charleston Oct 23, 1955
Carr, Brian   Broe, Michell   Dec 20, 1986
Carr, Herbert Sheldon  Charleston Buck, Ethel Minnie  Charleston June 5, 1933
Carr, John Sheldon  Charleston Canfield, Faye Anne  Brighton June 13, 1959
Carr, Maurice E.  Charleston Moulton, Mable M.  Charleston June 11, 1938
Carr, Ray L.   Batchelder, Iva A.   March 11, 1929
Carter, James Kevin   Gray, Rachel Louise   July 3, 2004
Castonguay, Joseph Ralph  Brighton McKinney, Marjorie Rachel  Charleston June 23, 1956
Chadburn, Wayne G. Irasburg Durgin, Carla E.  Charleston Dec 19, 1970
Chamberlin, Gordon   Allyn, Doris J.   Oct 7, 1929
Chapdelaine, Wilfred Maurice  Brownington Bly, Beverly Janice   Aug 1, 1970
Chapman, Edward Edwin   Piper, Sherley Mary   July 2, 1928
Charland, Allen L.  Charleston Villeneuve, Rachel Ann  Newport July 28, 1965
Charland, Robert D.  Charleston Lord, Patricia E.  Derby Nov 27, 1965
Chase, David Larry   Bickford, Julie Ann   May 1, 2008
Chesley, Herman T.  Charleston Bromley, Virginia  Charleston Sept 24, 1950
Choiniere, Alain R. Enosburg Falls Letourneau, Lucille M. West Charleston July 28, 1979
Choiniere, Ovid  Charleston Chapman, Lucille  Charleston June 22, 1946
Church, Charles P.  Charleston Eley, Thelma Harriet  Charleston July 8, 1937
Church, Charles Perce  Charleston Sykes, Roberta May (Broome)  Charleston Aug 12, 1967
Church, Henry John  Charleston Reed, Mary Louise Sibley, Iowa Aug 15, 1965
Clapper, Robert L.  Derby Line Labounty, Carolyn  Charleston Oct 10, 1959
Clark, Lance C.  Charleston Shinault, Katherine R. Dublin, VA July 1, 1971
Clark, Timothy   Quintal, Jane   Sept 5, 1987
Clarke, James R. Waltham, MA Wheeler, Joyce R. West Charleston July 28, 1979
Colburn, Clifton F.   Frasier, Donna E.   Aug 29, 1931
Colburn, Elvin Albert  Charleston Davis, Margaret Rose  Charleston Nov 24, 1962
Colburn, Ernest A.  Charleston Taylor, Eunice G.  Charleston Oct 12, 1926
Colburn, Gordon Frederick  Charleston Geer, Esther B. Colburn  Charleston Sept 24, 1955
Colburn, Richard A.  Charleston Bickford, Alta A.  Orleans Nov 10, 1951
Colburn, Richard A., Jr.   Hogge, Diane L.   July 4, 1998
Colburn, Richard Alden Jr.  East Charleston Frizzell, Gennette Ellen Danby June 7, 1975
Cole, Wayne B. Island Pond Paddleford, Karen L. West Charleston Aug 25, 1979
Comtois, Eric   Glynn, Amber   Sept 22, 2001
Copp, Carroll Delbert  Charleston Moulton, Esther Julia Newark Nov 10, 1936
Cotnoir, Claude Aime  West Charleston Pothier, JoAnn Sylvia  West Charleston Oct 23, 1976
Cove, James Richard Boston, MA Gardner, Elinor Joyce  Charleston Aug 22, 1953
Crevoshay, George E. West Charleston Segraves, Paula A. New York, NY July 28, 1978
Cross, Dennis Edgar Manchester, NH Bronson, Sheila Ann (Reilly)  West Charleston Aug 23, 1975
Cross, James Bradley  East Charleston LeMay, Shirley Louise  Derby April 6, 1974
Cross, Randall Ernest  East Charleston LeMay, Marguerite Jane  West Charleston June 30, 1973
Crowe, Clifford   Powers, Beth   Aug 21, 1993
Crowe, Edd  Charleston Buck, Nettie B.  Charleston June 18, 1941
Crowe, Edd  Charleston Moulton, Cora Mrs.  Charleston Jan 8, 1950
Crowe, James Elmer   Allen, Marilyn Ann   June 21, 1969
Crowe, Sherman Edde    20 Crowe, N. M. & Florence Ross Wilson, Lotta A.    19 Wilson, W. & Mary Catlin 1925
Crowe, Stanley J. II   Rice, Deborah B.   Sept 13, 2003
Crowe, Stanley John Jr.  West Charleston Bowen, Dolores Faye Holland June 29, 1968
Crown, Aaron Abraham   Dooley, Jennifer Lynn   Oct 9, 2008
Crown, Lynwood   Austin, Patricia J.   Sept 11, 1999
Crown, Lynwood Lyman  East Charleston Gibson, Marlene Marie St. Albans June 16, 1973
Currie, Michael   Austin, Kathy   June 26, 1982
Currier, Thomas David  Newport Griffin, Anne Theresa  West Charleston Sept 15, 1973
Curtis, Cory S.   Degreenia, Ryan Ann   Nov 10, 2007
Cushman, Carroll W.   Lowell, Ruby I.   Nov 10, 1931
Cutler, Clifton Francis   Smith, Jessie E.   June 21, 1930
Dagesse, Gerard Donat  West Charleston Brown, Candy Shirley  Derby Sept 17, 1977
Dagesse, Leo Regis  West Charleston Maxwell, Catherine Rose  Derby Oct 20, 1973
Dagesse, R. Richard  Charleston Tillotson, Faye K.  Charleston June 16, 1952
Dane, Arnold O.  Charleston McGivern, Gertrude Mary  Newport Sept 5, 1951
Dane, Bernie George  Charleston Willis, Gertrude M.  Charleston June 17, 1933
Dane, Brian   Flynn, Cynthia   May 22, 1993
Dane, Clair E.  Charleston Cole, Charlotte Thelma  Westmore July 9, 1955
Dane, Earl Melvin  Charleston Doyon, Micheline Marie Stanstead, Que. Oct 19, 1963
Dane, Ora M.  Charleston Dawson, Grace Mary  Newport Sept 28, 1935
Daniels, Jesse W. Jefferson, NH Lafoe, Marion A.  Charleston July 11, 1937
Daniels, William T.  Brighton Bouchard, Doris N. Stratford, NH June 24, 1953
Dansereau, David Anthony  East Charleston Carrollo, Jane Elizabeth  East Charleston July 14, 1973
Daudelin, Luc   Letourneau, Carol   June 14, 1986
Davidson, Malcolm James Jr.  Orleans Bancroft, Carol Janice Viens  East Charleston Dec 6, 1974
Davio, Donald  Derby Brown, Isabel  East Charleston Oct 10, 1940
Davis, Dale A.  Charleston Moulton, Alice M.  Charleston Oct 27, 1943
Davis, Harley N.  Charleston Campling, Edith F.  Burke Sept 14, 1935
Davis, Martin   Colburn, Gennette   Sept 25, 1982
Davis, Martin Eric  West Charleston Sicard, Denise Claire  Derby Sept 1, 1973
Davis, Roderick   Rogers, Shirley   June 3, 1989
Davis, Stephen Michael   Whitlock, Vanessa Rae   Aug 1, 1992
Davis, Timothy A. Derby Jacobs, Linda S. West Charleston Sept 22, 1979
Degre, Nelson Jean   Bowen, Emily Carmen   Feb 6, 1996
Degreenia, Lyle George Sheffield Taylor, Golden Olive  Charleston June 29, 1955
Delabruere, Gilles E.   Benway, Donna   July 14, 1984
DeLong, Shane Richard   Rice, Liza Marie   Aug 28, 2004
Demers, Robert P.   Moulton, Cheryl M.   Nov 28, 1969
Derusha, Loren F.  Charleston Shastany, Clara J.  Derby Dec 8, 1926
Desjarlais, Gilles Wilfred  North Troy LeMay, Mary Ann  West Charleston Nov 30, 1968
Dewing, Raymond Allen  Orleans Thayer, Aleta Grace  Charleston June 20, 1963
Deyo, Walter III   Colby, Rhonda   March 28, 1987
Digby, James Edward   Sjolander, Eva Shepley   July 11, 1969
Dizazzo, David A.   LaRose, Rebecca L.   Aug 26, 1990
Dizazzo, Lawrence   Illingworth, Jody   Oct 21, 1985
Drown, Carl L.   Drown, Gladys W.   Oct 26, 1931
Drown, Carlos D.  Barton Woodard, Gladys M.  Charleston Oct 18, 1926
Duclos, Aaron   Clements, Charlotte Marie   Aug 31, 2002
Dukett, Leon E.   Robinson, Cindy L.   July 6, 1991
Duquette, Alfred   Bowen, Janet   July 13, 1985
Duquette, Regis Norton Geoffrey, Mary Ann  Charleston Oct 30, 1943
Durgin, Earl G.  Charleston Bullock, Carlotta S.  Charleston Aug 21, 1948
Durgin, Earl G.  Charleston Fellows, Vera Nelson Danville June 17, 1961
Durgin, Harry F.  Charleston Powers, Helen A.  Brownington Sept 21, 1938
Durose, Clive  Charleston Therrien, Simone Lucreome  Charleston May 1, 1935
Duvall, Dale Wollaston, MA Wheeler, Phoebe M.  Charleston July 24, 1942
Dwyer, Leon A. Albany, NY Damon, Dorothy M.  Charleston June 14, 1965
Eastman, Bryan James   Roy, Bernadette Ruth   Dec 6, 1969
Eastman, Dale N.   McDoell, Nora E.   Sept 15, 1928
Edery, David James   Crevoshay, Eve Ziporah   Sept 4, 2005
Edgerly, Edward   Varney, Amy   Sept 25, 1994
Effrig, Mark Anthony   Mayhew, Amanda   Sept 18, 2004
Elko, David   Letourneau, Linn   Aug 6, 1988
England, Robert A. Springfield, MA Sappala, Ilmi I. Springfield, MA Aug 31, 1941
Falconer, Chad Alan   Martin, Dawn Marie   Jan 12, 2008
Fallie, Winred La Prarie, Que Leath, Agnis  Charleston June 26, 1926
Farrar, Lawrence Stanley  Charleston Henry, Anna Blanche  Charleston March 7, 1937
Farrow, Marc Alan   Foy, Diane Marie   Sept 26, 1992
Ferrin, Kermit E.  Charleston Stevens, Norma Jane  Barton Nov 5, 1960
Findley, William T.  Charleston Hartshorn, Ida May Berlin, NH May 16, 1936
Fisher, William Robert  Island Pond Haskett, Joyce Muriel St. Pierre, Que. June 24, 1972
Fitzpatrick, Brian Martin   Cleverly, Dawn Marie   Sept 2, 2004
Fletcher, Brian E.   Gaylor, Peggy S.   Nov 8, 1980
Fletcher, Brian Erwill  West Charleston Lesperance, Lucille Marie  Newport May 10, 1975
Fletcher, Bruce Arnold  West Charleston Belisle, Lisa Marie Troy May 22, 1976
Fletcher, Daniel   Webster, Mary Ann   Oct 18, 1986
Fletcher, Daniel   Simoneau, Ronda   June 18, 1994
Fletcher, David   Taylor, Rosemarie   April 24, 1985
Flynn, Scott A.   Merrill, Lori A.   July 11, 1981
Follett, Harrison J.   Sonnenberg, Barbara L.   Oct 7, 1990
Fontaine, Alphonse  Charleston Tetrault, Donalda Audet  Charleston Oct 5, 1957
Fontaine, Lawrence O.  Charleston Cheney, Gertrude M.  Newport Dec 29, 1947
Ford, Albert M.  Charleston Christie, Jean  Island Pond Dec 28, 1945
Ford, David  East Charleston Grenier, Nancy Waterbury Aug 10, 1968
Fortin, Alan C.   Chesney, Rhonda G.   June 20, 1998
Fortin, Bradley J.   Nadeau, Tonya M.   Oct 21, 1990
Fortin, Dustin John   Jackson, Heather Lynn   Aug 23, 2008
Fortin, Gilbert   Graham, Elysian R.   Feb 26, 1999
Fortin, Joseph Jules  Charleston Moulton, Judith A.  Charleston Sept 19, 1964
Foster, Glendon A.  Brownington Tangue, Helen A.  Charleston June 1, 1935
Foster, Robert C.  Charleston Jacobs, Betty Jean  Derby March 9, 1951
Frizzell, Benjamin E.  Charleston Allen, Marion W.  Barton July 1, 1966
Frizzell, Kenneth Eugene Jr. Wallingford, VT Colburn, Grace Fay  East Charleston May 25, 1974
Frizzell, Robert H. Addison, VT Colburn, Audrey E.  Charleston Nov 27, 1965
Frost, Claude M., III   Cavicchi, Cheryl L.   Feb 17, 1995
Fuller, John Burton   Copp, Bessie   Nov 13, 1928
Galkins, Oakes Ralph   Coutin, Cecile Catherine   April 23, 1928
Gardner, William O.   McCleanan, Margrete   Aug 14, 1928
Garland, Seth Laroy   Moore, Mabel Nellie   May 19, 1928
Gass, John Brandon   Marcotte, Sarah Li   June 23, 2005
Geer, Celvin R.   MacMichard, Esther   Sept 25, 1930
Gelineau, Leopold J.  Charleston Gray, Ruth E.  Morgan July 12, 1944
Gentley, Robert E.  Orleans Batchelder, Nickolet T.  Charleston Dec 26, 1971
Geoffrey, George Joseph  Charleston Sicard, Pauline  Newport Center June 28, 1937
Geoffrey, John B.  Charleston Wheeler, Vivian Holland Aug 20, 1951
Geoffroy, Armand A.  West Charleston Mayhew, Evelyn P.  North Troy Oct 1, 1942
George, Lyle Burton  Charleston Drown, Gladys M.  Charleston July 3, 1941
Gerhart, Rolland   Barrup, Janet   Aug 3, 1985
Gervais, Michel Robert   Crown, Angela Alice   July 8, 2006
Gibbs, Joseph Brian   Lowery, Evelyn Carol   Dec 22, 2006
Glover, Reginald Alvin  Derby Smith, Barbara Jean  Charleston Oct 20, 1950
Glover, Reginald, Jr.   Choquette, Lynda   June 28, 1986
Goddard, Gerald Charles  Newport Dane, Alice Marion  Charleston Feb 25, 1942
Gonyaw, Dennis Marvin  East Charleston Ellam, Veda Louise  East Charleston May 16, 1975
Gonyaw, Don Roy   Lumbra, Joan Marie   June 28, 1969
Gonyaw, Duane Roy  Charleston Pelletier, Simonne Edna  Newport June 9, 1952
Gonyaw, Marvin M.  Charleston Moulton, Donna Ione  Charleston Dec 20, 1941
Gonyaw, Michael Raoul   Lesperance, Tina Marie   Aug 17, 1996
Gonyaw, Samuel James Greensboro Bend Tetreault, Annette Rita  Charleston July 4, 1970
Gonzalez, Ismael S.   Simino, Shelly K.   June 8, 1991
Gordon, Danniel James   Tovani, Rosemarie   Sept 6, 1997
Grafton, Rudolph Ernest  Charleston Major, Jeannine Rachel  Charleston May 12, 1956
Graton, Emile G.   Bonin, Germaine   April 18, 1928
Gratton, James   Budziak, Joyce   Oct 24, 1987
Graul, Russell Edward   Witzmann, Joan Adeline   Sept 7, 2006
Graves, Thomas L.   Perkins, Angel M.   July 17, 2004
Gray, Charlie J.  Charleston Blay, Edith  Derby May 16, 1936
Gray, Clayton Theodore  Charleston Lyon, Earline Grace  Westmore Oct 27, 1947
Gray, Ellis A.  Charleston Gray, Lucy Ann   Morgan Aug 17, 1957
Gray, Ellis A.  Charleston Batchelder, Judith M.  Derby Sept 30, 1961
Gray, James Bradley   Limlaw, Donna Lee   July 5, 1969
Gray, Kenneth Winston  Charleston Bowen, Pearl G.  Charleston Aug 9, 1947
Gray, Lyle I.  Charleston Jacobs, Rosalie  Derby Sept 9, 1961
Gray, Merle W.  West Charleston Nichols, Edith M.  East Charleston Aug 17, 1940
Gray, Merrill Clarence  Charleston Lucas, Doris Irene  Derby Feb 16, 1945
Gray, Merton C.  Charleston Driver, Muriel H.  Derby Oct 25, 1947
Gray, Olin Edward  Charleston Gibault, Albertine Margurite E.  Orleans Dec 25, 1937
Gray, Owen  Charleston Amyot, Annette  Barton Nov 29, 1958
Gray, Reginald C.   Finkenzeller, Renata   Sept 13, 1980
Gray, Robert   Sloan, Margaret   Jan 24, 1994
Gray, Robert Leroy Jr.  Morgan Twombly, Esther Lucinda  Charleston Dec 7, 1962
Gray, Timothy   Smith, Laura   Aug 14, 1978
Gray, Wayne C.  Charleston Nelson, Shirley  Newport July 14, 1956
Green, David A.   Jones, Anita A.   Oct 24, 1990
Green, Hubert Earl  Derby Moulton, Sherry Rae  Charleston March 7, 1964
Green, Michael Neal   Britton, Jessica Lee   Aug 31, 1996
Greenwood, George W.  Orleans Brooks, Neta  Charleston Aug 19, 1961
Grenier, Allex Richard   Thibault, Crystal Melissa   Aug 2, 2008
Grenier, Gilles Ronald  Derby Cotnoir, Claudette Cecile  West Charleston June 19, 1976
Grenier, Leo Wright  Derby Piper, Pauline Ann  Charleston June 22, 1946
Grenier, Lucien George  Derby Pausha, Audrey Catherine  West Charleston Jan 15, 1972
Griffes, Leonard E.   LaPointe, Donna   Oct 20, 1984
Griffin, Donald Everett  West Charleston Eley, Laura May  West Charleston June 22, 1940
Griffin, Francis C.  Charleston Gendreau, Mary E.  Derby Nov 2, 1943
Griffin, Francis E.   Judd, Carol L.   May 28, 1981
Griffin, Harold Dean  Charleston Chainey, Mary Jeanne  Morgan Nov 10, 1947
Griggs, Earl G.  Charleston Ewens, Minnie S.  Charleston July 31, 1937
Griggs, Harold E.  Charleston Twofoot, Stella I.  Island Pond June 30, 1949
Griggs, Raymond B.  Charleston Woodard, Myrtle M.  Charleston Sept 13, 1947
Guillette, Alan   Niles, Carmen   July 8, 1989
Guillette, Louis John, Jr.   Carpenter, Tracy Lynn   April 25, 1992
Guisinger, Roger J.   Maxwell, Laurinda A.   Aug 17, 1980
Guyer, Randy   Reynolds, Loretta   July 7, 2001
Hall, John B.   Kettell, Esther B.   June 20, 1929
Hall, John Linwood  Charleston Coville, Charlotte Marie (O'Keefe)  Brighton July 25, 1955
Hamelin, Brian R.   Hosford, Vicki R.   July 28, 1990
Hamilton, Alan Jackson  Charleston Roberts, Jacqueline Lucille  Newport June 3, 1956
Hamilton, Lyle H.   Buck, Esther L.   June 25, 1929
Hansen, David   Klein, Miriam   May 19, 1985
Hardy, Paul Melvin  Charleston Moulton, Marilyn Bertha  Charleston Nov 24, 1954
Haynes, Ronald Glen Colebrook, NH Frizzell, Brenda Eileen  Charleston June 27, 1964
Henrichon, Alfred J.  Newport Charland, Madeline Judd  Charleston Sept 5, 1958
Henrichon, Alfred J.  Charleston Hogaboon, Evelyn B.    Dec 1, 1966
Hereford, Roger   Paquet, Alice   Oct 9, 1993
Hill, Eddie E.   Miller, Susan J.   Aug 5, 1998
Hinton, Henry Harrison  Charleston Meehan, Pearl Marion  Brighton Sept 27, 1954
Hinton, Herbert Angus  Charleston Hinton, Lydia Adaline  Charleston Dec 28, 1955
Hinton, Robert  Charleston Wilson, Lillian Z.  Charleston May 8, 1950
Holmes, Hazen R.  Charleston Napsey, Marie E.  Newport March 26, 1947
Holmes, Roscoe A.  Charleston Bowen, Thelma G.  Charleston Oct 22, 1943
Hopkins, Lyle Delmar   O'Hare, Mary Catherine   Nov 2, 1928
Horner, Aaron Jr. Albany Boucher, Sylvia Albany Aug 13, 1959
Hosford, Francis M. Newark Johnson, Mabel Edna  East Charleston July 1, 1939
Hosford, Gary L.   Griffes, Sheryl L.   Oct 27, 1990
Hourihan, Daniel E. Jr. S. Portland, ME Gray, Viola May  Charleston June 22, 1963
Howley, John Thomas Bolton, MA Trudeau, Annette M.  East Charleston Dec 27, 1975
Hoy, Howard Kenneth  Charleston Royce, Ruby May  Charleston Sept 25, 1937
Hubbard, Calvin  Lyndon Taylor, Veleda  Charleston Dec 10, 1945
Hudson, Charles Ellis, 29  Charleston Fleming, Bertha Goldie, 22  Brownington 1932
Hudson, Eugene Jerome  Charleston Bullock, Zelma Jennie  Morgan May 29, 1936
Hunt, Amos A.  Charleston Worboys, Leah Esther  West Charleston Feb 21, 1942
Hunt, Cecil E.  East Charleston Ficaro, Evelyn T.  Brighton Aug 7, 1940
Hunter, John Graydon   Kennison, Patricia Ruth   Nov 12, 1969
Hyde, Jeffrey   Rackleff, Kelly   June 16, 2001
Ivers, Gregg   Davis, Jamie Lyn   June 3, 2000
Jacobs, Michael Arthur   Tetreault, Jane Cecile   July 9, 1983
Jenness, Richard Earl  Charleston Doncaster, Joyce Margaret  Charleston July 28, 1953
Jenness, Steve Richard  West Charleston Cass, Nada Alice  Morgan July 3, 1976
Jenness, Timothy P.   Lucas, Sarah E.   Sept 13, 2003
Jensen, Isaac E.   Morrell, Meghan Medora   Aug 4, 2007
Jensen, Michael J.  Charleston Hamill, Bonnie L. S. Connellville, PA Nov 8, 1961
Jensen, Thomas   Dwelle, Susan   Dec 23, 1985
Jenson, Richard Dexter  Charleston Whitcomb, Mildred A.  Charleston Sept 21, 1937
Johns, Henry A.  Charleston Buck, Jessie  Charleston July 8, 1934
Johnson, David Squires  Lyndon Tangue, Vinnie May  East Charleston June 29, 1940
Johnson, Homer Calvin Lyndon Gardner, Elizabeth May  Charleston July 9, 1938
Johnson, Richard Coombs  East Charleston Courchesne, Rita Lois  Island Pond Jan 18, 1946
Johnson, Richard Coombs  Charleston Coburn, Mabel  Island Pond Jan 15, 1946
Judd, Kenneth Leon  Derby Dane, Marjorie Christie  Charleston Oct 14, 1956
Kangas, Ernest Jr. Pittsford, VT Lamoureux, Claudette B.  Charleston Oct 15, 1966
Keement, Vincent James  Newport Smith, Betty Irene  Charleston Sept 5, 1953
Kelley, Michael Stephen Nashua, NH Spaulding, Brenda Lee  West Charleston May 3, 1975
Kellogg, John B.   Flynn, Colleen A.   Aug 17, 2002
Kezar, Kenneth Earl  Charleston Colburn, Arline Esther  Newport Feb 18, 1937
Kindred, William   Wheeler, Kathy   Jan 16, 1988
Kipp, Frederick Morton  Orleans Dane, Sandra May  Charleston July 1, 1967
Kuk, Michael   Follett, Julie   Aug 8, 1987
LaBarron, Frederick G.   Plante, Rose M.   Dec 24, 1984
Labounty, Lawrence L.  Charleston Rice, Elizabeth E. Albany June 16, 1937
Labounty, Michael Francie West Charleston Shufelt, Donna Marie  Irasburg July 30, 1976
Labounty, Ronald L.  Charleston Hickey, Carol Denise Randolph June 6, 1959
LaBranche, Simon   Comer, Wendi   Sept 22, 2001
Labrecque, Richard Paul  Charleston Joyal, Jacqueline Marie  Burlington Aug 25, 1962
Lacosse, Clarence E.   Holmes, Pearl E.   April 25, 1931
LaCroix, Lee Tyler   Thompson, Panda Grey   Aug 16, 2008
Lacroix, Marc Leonard  East Charleston Hamblett, Laura Leigh  East Charleston July 16, 1977
Ladouceur, Robert W.   Lantagne, Andrea S.   July 21, 2007
Laflam, Joseph H.  West Charleston Colburn, Eleanor Mae  East Charleston Sept 23, 1939
Lafoe, Clyde A.  Charleston Rolf, Anna M.  Orleans April 23, 1949
Lafoe, Everett Albert  Charleston Blake, Edith M. East Haven March 16, 1941
LaFountain, Ernest  Newport McConnell, Nellie S.  West Charleston May 26, 1967
Lahar, David P.   Frizzell, Mary E.   June 21, 2003
Lamadeleine, David Allen   Pingree, Pamela Jean   June 21, 1997
Lamarche, Richard Joseph Westfield Morin, Jacqueline Joanne  West Charleston July 17, 1976
Lamarre, Robert Roland Evansville Dagesse, Annette Anita  West Charleston July 5, 1975
Lamere, Walter Joseph  Newport Griffin, Dorothy Edna  Charleston Aug 11, 1941
Lamoureux, Conrad S.  Derby Dagesse, Rita G.  Charleston Oct 27, 1945
Lamoureux, Francis   Allen, Julie   Aug 21, 1982
Lamoureux, Ivan M.  Charleston Gosselin, Camilla L.  Brighton June 9, 1962
Lamoureux, Marcel A.   Houston, Maelene   Oct 6, 1984
Lamoureux, Marcel A.   Crocker, Vicki A.   April 16, 1992
Lamoureux, Marcel A.  Charleston Carpenter, Cora A.  Brownington Jan 15, 1966
Lamoureux, Regis Richard  Charleston Farrar, Rita Emelda  Newport April 25, 1970
Langmaid, Arthur H.   Hicks, Violet B.   April 23, 1931
Lantagne, Richard Dean   Carpenter, Kathy Jean   Jan 8, 1983
LaPlante, Dana L.   Guertin Serena   March 1, 2002
LaRose, Eric A.   Nicherson, Phyllis L.   Dec 12, 1998
LaRose, Joseph Arthur   Detoma, Kjya V.   Sept 6, 1997
Lavoie, Ronald Louis   Sanville, Dena Lolene   Oct 4, 1992
Lawson, Lawrence Frederick  West Charleston Austin, Cheryl Ann  Charleston June 22, 1968
Leavens, Reginald P.  Charleston Bradford, Doris E.  Charleston Nov 16, 1935
Leith, Harry  Charleston Grenier, Rosia La Prarie, Que June 21, 1926
LeMay, John Paul  West Charleston Roberge, Ghislaine Laurianne Westfield June 1, 1968
LeMay, Roger Norbert  Charleston Lawson, Constance Theresa  Derby April 22, 1967
LePage, Robert Lewis, Jr.   Clapper, Lorri Lynn   Sept 18, 2004
Leslie, Wilfred A.   Buck, Arlene B.   Dec 28, 1931
Letourneau, Andre Jean  Derby Tetreault, Dolores Mary  Charleston Oct 24, 1959
Letourneau, Daniel J.   Maxwell, Alice   Aug 25, 1984
Letourneau, Robert J.   Rivers, Laurie A.   April 11, 1992
Lewis, Harold E.   Bowen, Cindy L.   July 12, 1980
Lewis, Harold Eric   Greenwood, Denice   June 21, 2003
Lewis, Perley H.  Charleston Wheeler, Ella  Charleston Aug 27, 1934
Libbey, John Clayton, Jr.   Davis, Debra Jeanne   Sept 26, 1992
Lighhoider, Stephen James Jr. N. Adams, MA Hamilton, Judith Mae  Charleston June 17, 1967
Light, Thomas, Jr.   Allen, Wendy   June 21, 1984
Limlaw, David Harold  Derby Morse, Harriette Olive  Charleston Oct 15, 1949
Lindahl, Raymond G., Jr.   Hawkins, Constance D.   Feb 15, 1997
Little, Frederick Edwin   Peters, Beth Marjorie   June 29, 1996
Locke, Charles, Jr.   Zanes, Kathy   Feb 23, 1989
Locke, Homer M. Middlebury Morse, Hazel D.  Charleston July 31, 1971
Locke, Homer M.  Charleston Dodge, Agnes E.  Charleston Sept 11, 1937
Lucas, David Paul  Newport Batchelder, Rosemary Caroline  West Charleston Aug 24, 1968
Lucas, Stephen M. West Charleston Twombly, Sherie A. Westfield May 19, 1979
Lucier, Mark A.   Lucas, Leslie A.   Aug 2, 1980
Lueders, Carl   Griffin, Jane   Nov 12, 1994
Lyon, Jay David, 25  Newport Gilman, Luvia Arline, 18  Newport 1932
Lyon, Roderick Guy+A51 Holland Carpenter, Cindy Louise  West Charleston May 14, 1977
MacArthur, Benjamin G.   Fabas, Colleen   July 24, 2002
Magill, George E.  Newport Beauregard, Lorraine E.  Charleston Sept 2, 1961
Major, Normand E.  Charleston Boutin, Marie Rose  Charleston Feb 18, 1935
Major, Raymond John  Charleston Grenier, Elizabeth Ida  Derby Nov 5, 1955
Major, Rheal Alexander  Charleston Gonyaw, Mildred Elizabeth  Morgan June 23, 1942
Maloney, Thomas Arthur  Newport Center Sloan, Cherie Ann  Charleston Oct 7, 1970
Manchester, Carroll   Griffes, Sharon   July 3, 1982
Manning, Eugene Robert   Levinski, Marcella Blanche   Aug 5, 2006
Marcoux, Claude Albert Mansonville, Que. Trudeau, Mary Jane   Charleston Oct 26, 1963
Marcoux, Jacques St. Johns, Que. Trudeau, Madeline L.  Charleston July 4, 1964
Marcoux, Joseph Arthur   Schramm, Kimber Leigh   April 3, 1999
Marcoux, Robert Joseph Dollard  Derby Griffin, Donna Marie  West Charleston Sept 16, 1972
Martin, Earl Eugene  Brighton Wood, Ruth Mae  Charleston Dec 31, 1955
Martin, Everett Glen   Griffin, Marion Elizabeth   Oct 26, 1969
Mason, Kevin James  Newport Batchelder, Joi Alice  West Charleston Dec 4, 1976
Mason, Roger Hugh  Orleans Fontaine, Mary Jane  West Charleston Aug 6, 1945
Masse, Andre Mansonville, Que. Trudeau, Jacqueline  Charleston Oct 31, 1959
Mathieu, Donald   D'Auteuil, Anita   Jan 18, 1984
Maxwell, Douglas Brandon  Island Pond Wood, Marilyn Ann  Charleston June 19, 1965
Maxwell, Robert Burton  Brighton Moulton, Charlene Henrietta  Charleston July 2, 1955
Maynard, John R.   Buck, Marjorie M.   Oct 31, 1929
McCarthy, Michael Edward   Merrill, Beverly Mary   Sept 10, 1983
McConnell, Andrew J. Stewartstown, NH Jenness, Nellie S.  Charleston Oct 20, 1962
McCoy, Donald Lewis  West Charleston Griggs, Joyce Ann  West Charleston Jan 16, 1974
McDonald, Donald Wilson  Brighton Allyn, Evelyn Abbie  Charleston July 11, 1942
McDonald, Larry M.  Morgan Moulton, Jo-Ann  Charleston Jan 4, 1964
McElwain, Stephen   Letourneau, Lorraine   July 12, 1986
McMaster, William J.   Herzog, Barbara J.   July 14, 2007
Mead, Christopher Neil   Letourneau, Lynne Marie   July 22, 2006
Meehan, Irving John  Brighton Bowen, Mildred  West Charleston July 28, 1945
Meehan, Wayne Irving  Charleston Hall, Ann Reid  Burlington May 23, 1970
Melanson, Bryon Lee   Plankey, Justy Ann   April 15, 2005
Merrill, Darrell  Charleston Boucher, Beverly  Charleston May 2, 1959
Merrill, Herbert A.  Charleston Gray, Florence M.  Charleston Nov 11, 1933
Merrill, Herbert Alfred  Charleston Blay, Phyllis Lillian  Derby Dec 8, 1953
Merrill, Maurice Everett  West Charleston Lussier, Micheline Marie  Newport Aug 26, 1972
Michaud, Dennis W.   Reihmer, Sharon E.   Dec 21, 1980
Miller, John   Morin, Joanne   Jan 19, 1985
Ming, William Henry  Brighton Moulton, Beth Emma  Charleston May 28, 1949
Monigle, Edward J.   Davio, Pamela L.   Dec 1, 2002
Montague, Stephen   Benson, Linda   Oct 20, 2001
Morel, Armand Herve  Charleston Lawson, Helen Mae  Barton Dec 19, 1953
Morel, Roland  Charleston Bickford, Betty J.  Burlington June 20, 1959
Morelli, Michael James   Gosselin, Jeanine Theresa   Feb 19, 1983
Morey, Bradley   Glover, Bernice   May 15, 1993
Morey, Scott   Crandall, Sandra   Aug 22, 1987
Morin, Armand   Morin, Norma   Dec 31, 1988
Morin, David C.   Benoit, Pene M.   July 26, 2003
Morin, Gaston R.  Charleston Patenaude, Marelle M.  Derby Line Aug 11, 1951
Morin, Theodore  Charleston Brooks, Beverly  Charleston Nov 20, 1971
Morissette, Oscar  Brighton Reilly, Ruth Alice (Willis)  Charleston Jan 27, 1963
Morissette, Oscar Alfred  Brighton Garland, Dorothy Ellen  Charleston Sept 20, 1947
Morse, David Nixson  Charleston Royce, Cynthia Lee  Charleston Feb 6, 1960
Morton, Gregory Howard  East Charleston Allard, Anna Marie Sutton Oct 24, 1973
Mosher, Leon A. Beebe, Que. Boisclair, Auore  Charleston Feb 21, 1944
Moulton, Barry Oliver  East Charleston Castle, Jane Marie Holland Aug 2, 1975
Moulton, Blair   Bousquet, Tammy   Dec 31, 1994
Moulton, Britt Timothy  East Charleston Damon, Rita Louise  Morgan Nov 6, 1977
Moulton, Byan Earl  Charleston Ryan, Margaret Ann  Derby April 4, 1964
Moulton, Cary Lee  Charleston Moulton, Mary L.  Brighton Aug 21, 1971
Moulton, Charles A.  Charleston Page, Maxine A. N. Stratford, NH June 24, 1953
Moulton, Clair Arthur   Crown, Marlene Marie   Aug 14, 1999
Moulton, Clair Arthur  East Charleston Garrow, Gloria Mae Essex May 24, 1975
Moulton, Clyde M.   Hunt, Eva May   June 7, 1930
Moulton, Dale   Willard, Jane   Aug 8, 1987
Moulton, Douglas Ira  East Charleston Wesser, Judith Clair  East Charleston May 3, 1975
Moulton, Duane Eric  East Charleston Damon, Corrine Anne Marie  Morgan Oct 2, 1976
Moulton, Dwight Edward   Elliott, Shirley Ann   Oct 4, 1969
Moulton, Harley Alven  Charleston Hudson, Bertha I.  Charleston June 5, 1926
Moulton, Harley Alvin Jr.  Charleston Bowen, Joyce Viola  Charleston Jan 30, 1954
Moulton, Ira E.  Charleston Charland, Nadeline E.  Morgan Dec 25, 1943
Moulton, Jerry F. East Charleston Damon, Suzanne M. Morgan Dec 16, 1977
Moulton, Larry Gerald  East Charleston McCoy, Brigette  Irasburg Feb 24, 1973
Moulton, Leon   Carpenter, Victoria   April 22, 2000
Moulton, Maurice A.  Charleston Labor, Cora  Charleston June 24, 1946
Moulton, Neil  Charleston Champagne, Marion  Island Pond Nov 17, 1948
Moulton, Neil A.  Charleston Woodard, Beverly J.  Brighton Dec 27, 1952
Moulton, Raymond B., 24  Charleston Curtis, Sylvia L., 19  Morgan 1932
Moulton, Ronald John  Charleston Germain, Judith Ann  Island Pond Sept 4, 1965
Moulton, Stephen Harley  East Charleston Lavoie, Karen Marie  Island Pond Nov 4, 1977
Moulton, Todd Daniel   Blair, Sarah Lynn   June 3, 1995
Murgolo, Christopher James   Breault, Andrea Marie   June 10, 2006
Murray, Chancey Lewis E. Montpelier Smith, Agnes R.  Charleston Nov 1, 1933
Murray, Peter Leroy  East Charleston Cadorette, Carmen Marie  East Charleston Sept 24, 1977
Myers, Barry Thomas  Newport Griffin, Dorothy Frances  West Charleston July 26, 1975
Myers, Donald F.   Belknap, Dorraine R.   June 20, 1981
Nichols, Rodney W.  Charleston Green, Dorothy I.  Derby Line March 10, 1953
Niles, Robert Charles Craftsbury Tetreault, Irene Theresa  Charleston July 16, 1967
Norman, Shawn   Davis, Tami   June 6, 1987
O'Keef, David  Brighton Gonyaw, Gloria  Charleston March 14, 1964
Oliver, Thomas Richard   Anderson, Karen Emerick   Sept 19, 1992
Ovitt, Herbert Edwin  Brighton Moulton, Regena Jessie   Charleston Aug 30, 1952
Page, Andrew J.  Charleston Shoff, Lolita M.  Charleston April 9, 1949
Page, Bruce E.  Charleston Elliott, Patricia H.  Charleston Nov 28, 1952
Page, Floyd William  East Charleston Ewens, Ione Agatha  Island Pond July 4, 1945
Page, Guy V.  Charleston Elliott, Madge Mrs.  Orleans July 3, 1952
Page, Kenneth W.  Charleston White, Dorothy E.  Brownington April 7, 1950
Page, Stanley Guy  Charleston Royer, Emma Florence  Irasburg April 30, 1938
Page, Stanley Guy  East Charleston Brown, Alice Lila  Bellows Falls Feb 22, 1942
Paquette, Leo  E.  Island Pond Johnson, Virginia May  Newport May 21, 1942
Paradis, Gilbert Olan   Roy, Ghislaine Marie Ange   April 26, 1969
Patenaude, Joseph A. Holland Fontaine, Lucille R.  Charleston Aug 21, 1948
Peacock, Stephen   Joseph, Hayley   Aug 14, 1993
Peck, Scott William   Buck, Tammy Lee   July 30, 1983
Pepin, Armand G.  Brownington Bowen, Lorraine M.  Charleston Jan 25, 1964
Pepin, Brian   Fortin, Rose   June 15, 1985
Perkins, Blaine Eugene   Maxwell, Norma Jean   March 15, 1969
Perkins, Earle Floyd  Westmore Geoffroy, Mary Jeanne I.  West Charleston Aug 6, 1945
Perkins, Forest  East Charleston Davis, Emma Paul  East Charleston Oct 28, 1940
Perkins, Gerald  Charleston Bresse, Margaret  Island Pond July 18, 1964
Perkins, Scott Ernest   Chilafoux, Angeline Kimboly   Sept 19, 1992
Perkins, Steven R.   Foster, Cresta Lin   Aug 15, 1998
Perrier, Emile  Charleston Bullock, Rachel  Charleston March 25, 1961
Perrier, Emile Burton  Charleston Hoy, Frances Edith  Charleston Sept 24, 1936
Petell, Victor  Derby Line Ford, Marion C.  Charleston April 15, 1942
Peters, Waldo Verciel Bath, NH Cushman, Shirley Caroline  Charleston March 2, 1941
Pettengill, Michael McKee   Simoneau, Dianne Marie   Aug 9, 1997
Pidgeon, Richard S.   Reome, Sandra L.   Dec 10, 2003
Pierce, James M.   Wright, Patricia Ann   July 12, 1996
Pike, Robert G., Jr. West Charleston Bennett, Bernice G. Deep River, CT Nov 24, 1979
Pion, Ronnie J.   Little, Joni A.   Sept 15, 1990
Piper, Carlton Ralph  Charleston Hardy, Glenna Mildred Beecher Falls Nov 16, 1941
Piper, Eric   Pouliot, Carole   April 8, 1989
Piper, Ivan A.  Charleston Blake, Edith Mary  Derby Aug 4, 1937
Piper, Leon V.  Charleston McKee, Zelma M.  Brighton July 19, 1926
Plante, Donald  Charleston Kelley, Bernice V.  Orleans Aug 1, 1959
Plante, Roger H.  Charleston Tetreault, Rose Holyoke, MA Oct 11, 1958
Poe, Isaac   Trocchi, Andrea   Aug 12, 2000
Pond, Robert Albion  Brighton Hunt, Rowena Maude  Charleston Aug 25, 1950
Porter, Robert A.  Brighton Colburn, Sandra E.  Charleston June 11, 1966
Porter, Vernon Mason  Barton Boutin, Ida Marie Ann  Charleston June 14, 1937
Pothier, Andreo A.  West Charleston Pion, Denise B.  Lowell Aug 13, 1977
Pothier, Mario D. West Charleston Grenier, Gaetane J. West Charleston Nov 4, 1978
Poulin, Paul Richard  Newport Moulton, Charlotte Alice  Charleston Aug 3, 1963
Powers, Gordon Collins  Morgan Broome, Elizabeth Emma  Charleston May 28, 1955
Powers, Larry K.   Davis, Sandra M.   June 6, 1998
Powers, Ray A.  Derby Doncaster, Vida M.  Derby Sept 25, 1948
Prevost, Roland  Derby Lalime, Olivitte  West Charleston Dec 15, 1940
Racine, Neal Dow    28 Racine J. & Sarah Quebec Dwire, Mable M.    21 Dwire, F. E. & Edith M. Bowen 1925
Racine, Rudolph J.  Charleston Hull, Joan A.  Derby Line Feb 19, 1950
Ramsdell, Kenneth R.   Hinton, Lois M.   Jan 17, 1931
Randall, Michael David, Jr.   Choquette, Kelly Rae   Aug 28, 2004
Reilley, Owen Robert  Island Pond Wolcott, Eleanor Jean  West Charleston March 28, 1940
Reilly, Owen Robert  Island Pond Willis, Ruth Alyce  Charleston Dec 2, 1948
Reilly, Owen Robert Jr.   Cross, Carol Sue   Feb 2, 1969
Renihan, Maynard Lawrence, 27  Newport Weymouth, Doris Jean, 24  Charleston 1932
Robbins, Stanley  Derby Holmes, Bertha  Charleston April 17, 1949
Robert, Michael Paul  Newport Dane, Brenda Lea  West Charleston June 28, 1975
Roberts, Dennis J.   Tetreault, Jeanne C.   May 31, 1980
Robinson, David H. Newport Center Fletcher, Cindy L. West Charleston April 8, 1978
Rogers, James M.  Newport Spaulding, Avis Belle  Charleston July 14, 1962
Rouse, Edward J.  Brighton Willis, Arlene A.  Charleston June 14, 1946
Routhier, Raymond Maurice Troy Thibault, Colette Marie  Charleston Oct 1, 1970
Roy, Bruce Edward  Charleston Bent, Pamela  Charleston Sept 8, 1967
Roy, Rene   Payne, Rachel   Oct 9, 1993
Roy, Rene H.  Burlington Allen, Louray S.  Charleston Jan 11, 1944
Royce, Eric  Charleston Gray, Christine Marion  Charleston Oct 10, 1936
Royea, Bernard   Simino, Tracy   July 11, 1987
Royston, David   Dunbar, Gloria   May 28, 1988
Ruiter, Carl W.    27 Ruiter, H. G. & Laura Bishop Royce, Elsa M.    21 Royce, B. C. & Nellie Bushaw 1925
Ruiter, Euban B.  Charleston Blake, Beatrice N.  Newport May 26, 1952
Rumery, George   Davis, Susan   May 16, 1987
Safford, Duncan   Rogers, Donna   June 21, 1985
Sample, Dennis R.   Gregory, Norma C.   Oct 11, 2003
Santaw, Raymond E., Sr.   Hackett, Carol Lynn   Dec 25, 2004
Scelza, Richard   Meyer, Norma   March 17, 1984
Schramm, Bryan   Falconer, Rhonda   Sept 17, 1994
Scott, Eric George   Bratti, Tina Marie   July 13, 1997
Seguin, Jeffrey   Persinger, Lestra   Sept 10, 1988
Seidel, Frank R. Hagarsville, CT Nichols, Ruth E.  Charleston Sept 14, 1953
Sherlaw, Frederick   Frizzell, Amy   June 1, 2002
Shoff, Floyde L. Groveton, NH Seavey, Laura Irene  Charleston Oct 16, 1938
Shoff, Manford L.   Royce, Marion E.   Jan 19, 1929
Shover, Sky William   Chaput, Melissa Erin   Sept 25, 2004
Sicotte, Corey Daniel   Tetreault, Jessica Lynn   Sept 25, 2004
Simino, Shane A.   Lontine, Sharon R. L.   June 20, 1998
Simons, Jay W.   Schramm, Kimber L.   June 18, 1990
Sinclair, Matthew   Simoneau, Michele   June 4, 1994
Sloan, Gerald Donald   Cheney, Margaret Ruth   Aug 23, 1969
Sloan, Jack Patrick  East Charleston McCormick, Sandra Louise  Irasburg Aug 5, 1972
Sloan, James Burton  East Charleston Palin, Kathryn M.  Newport Aug 28, 1976
Smith, Clarence   Dunbar, Sandra   June 17, 1989
Smith, Clyde Charles  Charleston Gates, Fernwood Susan  Newport Dec 17, 1960
Smith, Edward Edson  Coventry Pare, Claudia Jean  West Charleston April 20, 1974
Smith, Ian R.   Moulton, Abby R.   April 26, 2003
Smith, James Warren  West Charleston Domina, Ruth Maria  Newport July 21, 1973
Smith, Kenneth C.  Charleston Church, Thelma H.  Derby Sept 21, 1950
Smith, Lloyd K.   MacGregor, Nancy   April 11, 1981
Smith, Lloyd Kenneth  Charleston Wood, Dorothy Mabel  Brighton Aug 22, 1970
Smith, Lloyd Kenneth  West Charleston Pond, Donna Vera  Newport Dec 15, 1973
Smith, Maurice D.  Charleston George, Gladys M.  Charleston Sept 7, 1946
Smith, Richard Alton   LaRose, Deborah Lois   July 2, 1996
Smith, Roy William  Charleston St. Onge, Linda May  North Troy May 12, 1970
Smith, Warren C.    19 Smith, C. H. & Florence Sykes Durgan, Flora M.    19 Durgan, C. R. & Effie Farr 1925
Smyth, Benjamin J.   Hoffman, Nancy-Lea   March 23, 2003
Spaulding, James Milton  Charleston Barry, Beverly A.  Brownington Aug 3, 1949
Spauling, Florin E.  Newport Town Pierce, Ruth Amy  East Charleston June 17, 1939
Spiller, Elvin C.   Barney, Grace M.   Sept 1, 1931
Stacey, Richard Lee Winooski Broome, Darlyne Ann  Charleston Dec 31, 1967
Steuwe, David J. East Charleston Powers, Jane M. East Charleston June 20, 1979
Stevens, Harland F.    22 Stevens, F. R. & Mabel Duran Batchelder, Eula E.    24 Unknown 1925
Stevens, Henry   Mann, Margaret   Sept 21, 1987
Stevens, Henry Eric  Charleston Kurke, Elizabeth Ann  Charleston June 12, 1972
Stevens, Joseph Clayton  Charleston Davis, Marlene Mae  Charleston July 19, 1963
Stilley, Ross   Follett, Stacey   July 25, 1987
Stocker, Kenneth P. Camden, ME Brown, Faye M.  Charleston April 17, 1971
Stoddard, Aubrey E.  East Charleston Leonard, Eleanor  Derby May 10, 1939
Stoddard, Roger D.   Moulton, Lisa A.   June 23, 1990
Stoddard, Willie E.   LaPoint, Edna B.   July 5, 1930
Story, Carroll   Guay, Pauline   May 22, 1989
Stratton, Carroll B.  Charleston McLeod, Marion E.  Derby Oct 4, 1948
Streeter, William E.  Charleston Wildasin, Stella B.  Charleston Feb 11, 1947
Stutes, Kirk James   Auclair, Lise Rita   Feb 6, 1983
Swett, Herman L., 23  Charleston Bowen, Ila Gladys, 21  Charleston 1932
Sykes, Harley Holland Tyler, Marjorie Holland Feb 22, 1956
Sykes, Robert      Sawyer, Francine   Aug 1, 1985
Sykes, Robert Lee  West Charleston Garand, Sharon Lee  West Charleston Oct 9, 1976
Tabor, Richard Allison  Charleston Theberge, Madeleine Rita Newport Center Sept 29, 1956
Taft, Justin Carlyle   Lamere, Jamie Sue   Sept 11, 1999
Taft, Theodore Hale   Cianci, Roberta Ann   Oct 17, 1992
Tarbox, Jeff   Johnston, Sheila   June 27, 2004
Tardif, Darren J.   Thibault, Crystal M.   July 19, 2003
Taylor, Harry John  Charleston Douglas, Mary Jane  Brighton Sept 13, 1959
Tetreault, Camil   Jacobs, Cindy   July 3, 1982
Tetreault, Camil   Allen, Michelle   April 17, 2000
Tetreault, Ronald   Bulick, Christine   March 5, 1994
Thayer, Ronald Allen  Charleston & Newport Therrian, Francine Marie Montpelier Aug 17, 1968
Therrian, Albert J.   Beauregard, Eron   Aug 15, 1928
Therrien, Paul H.  Charleston Clapper, Eleanor M.  Derby June 25, 1949
Thibault, Serge   Thomas, April Dawn   April 5, 1997
Thibault, Serge J.   Gobrick, Barbara   Sept 22, 1990
Thibault, Serge John  West Charleston Houle, Susan Paulette  Newport May 10, 1975
Thompson, Dalaney C.   Trudeau, Danielle Renee   July 26, 1997
Thompson, Kenneth A.  Derby Davis, Nancy E.  Charleston May 4, 1957
Thompson, Lawrence E.  Derby Wolcott, Eleanor J.  Charleston Oct 2, 1947
Tongue, Raymond A.  Charleston Todd, Dorothy L.  Charleston Sept 17, 1926
Traynor, Thomas C. Hardwick Trucotte, Verna R.  Charleston June 19, 1937
Trucott, Richard L.     39 Trucott, T. & Laura Lapete Stevens, Jannie E.    17 Stevens, W. & Etta Danaghey 1925
Turgeon, Roger M.   Gordon, Bonnie   Aug 17, 1981
Twofoot, Doland Ivan  Charleston Crowe, Sandra Jean  Brighton Oct 22, 1960
Twofoot, Gregory Noel   Racicot, Shelly Marie   July 15, 2006
Twofoot, Kenneth Alton  East Charleston Perry, Leona May  Brownington July 9, 1977
Tyler, Clyde Albert  Charleston Martin, Carole Ann Bloomfield June 27, 1964
Vaillancourt, Roger   Crocker, Donna   Feb 5, 1993
Viens, Joseph Roger Sylvio  Brighton Whitcomb, June Jean  Charleston May 17, 1949
Vinson, Albert Frederick Worcester, MA Findley, Ida M.  Charleston April 26, 1938
Wagner, Lawrence Albert  Derby LeMay, Claire Marie  Charleston April 21, 1963
Walkinshaw, William J.    21 Walkinshaw, William & Unknown Hinton, Sylvia E.    16 Hinton, J. E. & Mary A. Hill 1925
Ward, Ethan A.   Simino, Jessica J.   July 26, 2003
Warner, David Andrew  Lowell Davis, Greta Gail  Charleston Jan 24, 1970
Waterman, Lyndol M.  West Charleston Blake, Dorothy M.  West Charleston Aug 6, 1942
Webb, John Francis Lewis   Casto, Shannon Marie   Aug 15, 1995
Weber, Albert Richard  West Charleston Woodbeck, Esther Beatrice  West Charleston Aug 10, 1975
Webster, Bruce Kenneth  Burlington Gray, Nancy Lee  Charleston July 11, 1970
Wells, Hayden O.   Stoddard, Muriel A.   Aug 23, 1931
Weymouth, Burton C.  Charleston Gray, Rose Lillian  Charleston Oct 30, 1936
Wheeler, Ernest H.  East Charleston McKenney, Marion G.  Morgan Sept 7, 1940
Wheeler, Gary Hollis Jr.  Charleston Lord, Dorothy Genevieve Hampton Falls, NH June 17, 1951
Wheeler, James Lawrence  Island Pond Dane, Micheline Doyon  West Charleston Dec 31, 1966
Whipple, Daniel   Bowen, Diane   April 13, 1985
Whitcomb, Ellis Elmer  East Charleston Bishop, Norine May  Newport Feb 24, 1945
White, Brian Donald   Gray, Rachel Louise   July 1, 1995
White, Earl   Cole, Donna   Dec 18, 1982
Whitehead, Gregory David  Charleston Lord-Wood, Sandra Jean  Charleston June 10, 1972
Whitehill, Bradley   Locke, Kathy   July 10, 1982
Whitehill, Reginald Alton  Morgan Hall, Karlene Esther  Charleston July 3, 1953
Whiting, Floyd Eugene Newark Brooks, Beverly Grace  Charleston Dec 10, 1954
Whiting, Verne East Haven, VT Greer, Lucy East Haven, VT June 17, 1961
Wiggett, Michael Roland  West Charleston Broe, Rosemary Pauline  West Charleston Jan 26, 1974
Willey, George H.  Barton Wilkie, Mae  Barton Sept 11, 1937
Willis, Orrin M.  Charleston Dyson, Shirley J.  Portland, Oregon March 10, 1952
Willson, Ronald       Westover, Rachel   Nov 16, 1984
Willson, Ronald Bruce  Charleston Twofoot, Sherry Kathereen  Charleston Dec 21, 1972
Wilson, Heath E.   Bennett, Julie M.   Aug 8, 1998
Wilson, John Francis  Brighton Broome, Marilyn Lenora  Charleston March 5, 1955
Wilson, Kenneth L.  Brighton Broome, Freda D.  Charleston Nov 11, 1951
Wilson, Kenneth Lawrence  Brighton Austin, Lillian Zelda  Charleston Oct 12, 1946
Wilson, Stanley A.  Charleston Morrill, Harriet Roxanna  Derby May 28, 1937
Wing, Bernie R.  Charleston Hudson, Blanche E.  Charleston June 30, 1934
Wood, Alton Herbert  Charleston Bailey, Carol Ann  Brighton June 14, 1958
Wood, Charles Robert Jr.  Newport Hoy, Orma May  West Charleston Oct 30, 1940
Wood, Frank Herbert Jr.  Charleston Lacourse, Irene   Charleston June 1, 1935
Wood, Gary Richard Woodstock Davis, Karen Louise  West Charleston May 26, 1973
Woodard, Fred   Grover, Elva   Aug 19, 1997
Woodard, Harold G.  Westmore Hildreth, Effa I.  Charleston May 22, 1926
Woodard, Raymond  Charleston Davis, Norma Jean  Newport Aug 22, 1951
Woodard, Raymond C.  Charleston Hinton, Harriet G.   April 12, 1926
Woodcock, Jerry Wollaston, MA Wheeler, Marion E.  West Charleston July 24, 1942
Woods, Ora F.   Fox, Verna   May 5, 1930
Woolsey, William K.   Flis, Felicia E.   June 21, 1980
Worboys, Earl M.  Newport Paul, Irene L.  Newport May 23, 1946
Worboys, Virgil T.  West Charleston Robbins, Dorothy E.  Derby Jan 4, 1940
Worth, Carroll James  Charleston Laythe, Elise  Derby Line May 15, 1934
Worth, Delmond George  Brighton Wolcott, Ina Maude  Charleston Dec 21, 1941
Worth, John Lincoln  Island Pond Whitcomb, Erma Ila  East Charleston Feb 16, 1940
Worth, Ronald Joel  East Charleston Williams, Donna Marie  Newport Nov 8, 1975
Wright, Benjamin B.  Derby Petelle, Erma Eleanor  Charleston Oct 15, 1950
Wright, Clinton E.  Charleston Berry, Drusilla E.  Glover Aug 28, 1938
Wright, Scott   Jacobs, Sarah   April 24, 1993
Wright, Stanley Joseph  Derby Moulton, Pearl Ann  Charleston Sept 14, 1968
Wright, Steve Lucien   Moulton, Sally Anne   Aug 13, 1983
Wright, Walter G.  Derby Davis, Carol L.  Charleston March 20, 1971
Young, Alton G.  Charleston Sanderson, Phyllis  Charleston June 27, 1942
Young, Chad M.   Rowell, Angel   June 2, 2001
Young, Larry Alton  West Charleston Messier, Lucille Therese  Brownington Sept 21, 1968
Young, Mason Neil  Derby Ehnat, Diane Lynn  West Charleston April 16, 1977
Young, Rodney Edward   Routhier, Suzanne Marie   Nov 23, 1969
Young, Rodney Edward  West Charleston Zielinski, Lane Richmond Waterbury Sept 5, 1973
Zarbo, Anthony   Meyer, Rikki   Nov 26, 1993

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