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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date of
Town Married  in
Abbott, Robert William St Johnsbury, VT Shaw, June Alice Concord, VT April 28, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Adair, Elery W. Concord, VT Corliss, Juanita Fairlee, VT July 1, 1926  
Adair, Milton E. Concord, VT Bennett, Elizabeth F. Bloomfield, VT April 17, 1940 Lunenburg, VT
Aldrich, Theodore G. Concord, VT Cushman, Shirley A. St Johnsbury, VT June 25, 1966  
Allard, Wendell A. Sutton, VT Gray, Bernice Concord, VT March 14, 1964  
Allin, William K. E. Lancaster, NH Forest, Arlene J. Miles Pond, VT July 30, 1967  
Amidon, Richard Dale St Johnsbury, VT Hodgdon, Carlene May Concord, VT June 11, 1960  
Anderson, Albert I. Concord, VT Briggs, Freda Concord, VT Nov 26, 1936 Haverhill, NH
Anderson, Charles Henry Concord, VT Bean, Isabel Alice Lunenburg, VT Nov 16, 1940 Lunenburg, VT
Andrews, Robert John Lancaster, NH Walker, Joyce Angeline Concord, VT Oct 8, 1955 St Johnsbury, VT
Ash, Ralph Albert Concord, VT Revior, Ameta Burke, VT Sept 28, 1935  
Ash, Ralph Elbert Concord, VT Revoir, Ameta Burke, VT Sept 28, 1935 St Johnsbury, VT
Ash, Ronald K. St Johnsbury, VT Donaghy, Marion C. Concord, VT Oct 10, 1964  
Austin, Donald F. Concord, VT Thomas, Harriet M. Lunenburg Aug 8, 1959  
Austin, Donald Freeman Concord, VT Young, Frances Roberta Concord, VT Nov 1, 1969  
Austin, Guy Oliver St Johnsbury, VT Piper, Betty M. Concord, VT May 12, 1950 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Austin, Stephen Ellis Concord, VT Wheeler, Carole Ann Westmore, VT June 27, 1958  
Authier, Edward Hillman, MA Fontaine, Minnie Concord, VT July 26, 1930  
Ayer, William James Concord, VT Perkins, Luva Vance Concord, VT Dec 10, 1949 Gilman
Bailey, Everett W. Littleton, NH Bailey, Verda M. Bethlehem, NH June 25, 1966  
Baird, Archie W.   Broome, Elinore   March 28, 1942  
Baird, Delbert E.   Austin, Emma   Feb 7, 1942  
Baird, Leonard L. Concord, VT Sweeney, Doris Russell Barton, VT June 3, 1947  
Baker, Alban S. Concord, VT Ramage, Cleona T. St Johnsbury, VT Aug 22, 1927  
Baker, Everett Hale Concord, VT Ingalls, Reda St Johnsbury, VT Feb 13, 1960  
Baker, Henry A.   Delworth, Alice Eastman   June 30, 1941  
Baker, Herbert Alson   Hoare, Phyllis A.   March 28, 1942  
Baker, James Ramage Concord, VT Wilson, Marlene Jessie Ipswich, MA Aug 23, 1952 Concord, VT
Ball, Charles   Stebbins, Doris M.   Dec 21, 1940  
Ball, Merlyn C. Portsmouth, NH Guadno, Sarah Portsmouth, NH Sept 4, 1945  
Barnett, Albert H. Concord, VT Holmes, Eleanor M. Concord, VT Oct 20, 1956 Lyndonville, VT
Barnett, Albert Hibbard Concord, VT Thornton, Catherine Olive Westland, MA May 29, 1940 St Johnsbury, VT
Barrett, Laurence Paul St Johnsbury, VT Lillicrap, Ruth Beverly Concord, VT Sept 25, 1949 St Johnsbury, VT
Barry, John E.   Keach, Doris A.   Nov 7, 1942  
Bartlett, Allen H.   Burlock, Della   May 2, 1942  
Bartlett, Donald E. Concord, VT Kraemer, Barbara E. N. Plainfield, NJ Jan 5, 1959  
Bartlett, Frank S. Concord, VT Morencie, Betty L. Dalton, NH Sept 15, 1962  
Beall, John B. Dallas, TX Cote, Agnes B. Concord, VT Dec 18, 1965  
Bean, Dennison D. Waterford, VT Remick, Eunice Mabel Concord, VT July 2, 1938 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Bean, Melvin Elmer Concord, VT Drew, Bernadine  B. St Johnsbury, VT Sept 5, 1951 St Johnsbury, VT
Beck, Russell Everett Concord, VT Baird, Linda Carol Concord, VT June 7, 1968  
Beede, Robert Hayden Concord, VT McFarland, Pauline Katherine Lancaster, NH March 13, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Bell, Marshall Richard Benton Station, ME Flewelling, Marthe Gene Fairfield, ME July 2, 1940 Lunenburg, VT
Bennett, Howard L. St Johnsbury, VT Reed, Mary E. Concord, VT Dec 30, 1930  
Bennett, Lawrence Nashua, NH Blodgett, Linda Nashua, NH Aug 31, 1968  
Berry, Herbert E. Concord, VT Boutwell, Marion Concord, VT July 12, 1948 Gilman
Berry, Walter Francis Concord, VT Streeter, Nila Winifred Concord, VT Oct 9, 1949 Gilman
Berwick, Harley Herbert Concord, VT Wilson, Beatrice Concord, VT May 14, 1955 Lyndonville, VT
Bishop, Clarence Whitefield, NH Keach, Ruth Littleton, NH Oct 6, 1945  
Bixby, Walter Russell Lyndon, VT Hayes, Ethel Campbell Concord, VT July 3, 1949 St Johnsbury Ctr., VT
Blodgett, George Ernest Concord, VT Holmes, Helen Bertha Gilman Oct 31, 1953 Gilman
Blodgett, Raymond J. Concord, VT Morrill, Della C. Concord, VT April 16, 1929  
Blondin, Robert Marcel N. Concord Bazinet, Delores Marie Woonsocket, RI June 25, 1957  
Bolton, Burton Russell Waterford, VT Gullen, Virginia May Concord, VT Sept 1, 1957  
Bombard, Clyde C. Concord, VT Hartshorn, Helen Fay Concord, VT Nov 7, 1929  
Bona, Fred Albert St Johnsbury, VT Beede, Barbara Louise Concord, VT Feb 29, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Bona, John A. Concord, VT Cote, Jeanne Concord, VT Jan 30, 1937 St Johnsbury, VT
Bona, Lawrence George Concord, VT Foster, Ester M. St Johnsbury, VT Jan 14, 1950 Barton
Bona, Leo C. Concord, VT Jenne, Linda L. Barton, VT June 8, 1963  
Bouchard, Maurice L. Concord, VT Choiniere, Simone St Johnsbury, VT Aug 3, 1938 St Johnsbury, VT
Boucher, Joseph Roland Concord, VT Stevens, Addie W. Concord, VT Nov 5, 1958  
Boudle, Wayne A. Meadows, NH Dupont, Bonnie L. Meadows, NH July 15, 1967  
Boulais, Michael J. Springfield, VT Briggs, Janice B. Concord, VT Sept 12, 1964  
Bourbeau, Joseph R. Lancaster, NH Markham, Carolyn M. Concord, VT July 31, 1967  
Boutwell, Geo. E. Concord, VT Timson, Angie M. Lunenburg, VT April 7, 1927  
Bovee, Philip Lawrence St Johnsbury, VT Moyse, Madeline Ruth Concord, VT Aug 7, 1949 St Johnsbury, VT
Bradshaw, Merlin W. Concord, VT Remick, Helena M. Concord, VT Feb 1, 1930  
Briggs, Claude H. Concord, VT Woodbury, Norma M. Concord, VT Oct 30, 1945  
Briggs, Dale Russell E. Concord Carpenter, Nancy Lou Gilman, VT July 24, 1955 Concord, VT
Briggs, Edward Concord, VT Bissell, Ruth S. Ryegate, VT Sept 21, 1943  
Briggs, Gary L. E. Concord Deth, Linda J. E. St Johnsbury, VT Aug 13, 1966  
Briggs, Leslie Charles Concord, VT Woodbury, Phyllis Concord, VT Sept 26, 1937 St Johnsbury, VT
Briggs, Robert Francis East Concord Colby, Patricia Lunenburg, VT April 10, 1950 Lunenburg, VT
Briggs, Wendell George Waterford, VT Powell, Charlena E. Concord, VT Jan 2, 1943  
Brill, David R. St Johnsbury, VT Beede, Carol L. Concord, VT July 27, 1963  
Bristol, Ronald Charles Concord, VT Stuart, Doris Louise Concord, VT Sept 6, 1958  
Broe, Myron W. Concord, VT Miltimore, Dixie R. Concord, VT Dec 18, 1966  
Brooks, Lawrence Glenn Jamaica, VT Berry, Doris Jean Concord, VT April 3, 1960  
Broome, Cecil Angus Jr. Lancaster, NH McMann, Jean Lucy N. Stratford, NH June 8, 1961  
Broome, Richard A. Lancaster, NH Shores, Marguerite A. Lancaster, NH Aug 26, 1967  
Broullard, Raoul Concord, VT Lavoie, Marie Albertine Concord, VT Oct 28, 1929  
Brousseau, Raymond Newport, Vt Stuart, Charlotte Concord, VT Sept 29, 1956 St Johnsbury, VT
Brown, Cecil Vincent Barnet, VT Baker, Eleanor Mary Concord, VT Oct 11, 1948 Lyndonville, VT
Brown, Edwin C.   Fortin, Olivine E.   Jan 21, 1941  
Brown, Frederick H. Lunenburg, VT Howland, Alyce D. Lunenburg March 7, 1956 Lunenburg, VT
Brown, Harold Ithna Sterling, MA Rice, Dixie Lee Concord, VT Aug 31, 1957  
Brown, Patrick Hubert St Johnsbury, VT Comeau, Linda Sue Concord, VT July 30, 1971  
Brunette, Edgar A. Lawrence, MA Dallaire, Maria Beth Lawrence, MA June 24, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
Bruso, Joseph E. Bennington, VT Kinney, Carolyn S. Concord, VT April 23, 1953 Gilman
Buck, Donald Crosby Kenosha, Wis. Hastings, Mildred Marina Concord, VT June 30, 1931  
Buck, James Albert St Johnsbury, VT Pratt, Barbara Louise Concord, VT Nov 19, 1960  
Bunnell, Sherwood R. Concord, VT Sheppard, Lena McIndoes, VT Sept 26, 1953 McIndoes, VT
Bunnell, Shirley   Keach, Marjorie Grace   July 11, 1942  
Bunnell, William Concord, VT Noyes, Ramona St Johnsbury, VT July 10, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Burbank, George Henry Southington, CT Holmes, Marion Louise Kensington, CT May 19, 1973  
Burdette, Leon R. Concord, VT Remick, Gertrude Concord, VT March 3, 1928  
Burlock, Charles C. Concord, VT Widger, Della Concord, VT Dec 2, 1938 Lunenburg, VT
Burlock, Harvey L. Bethlehem, NH Barnett, Emily L. E. Concord June 27, 1959  
Burt, Franklin  Concord, VT Potter, Nancy M. Maidstone, VT Dec 26, 1964  
Butler, Ernest Concord, VT Damon, Georgia Ellen Danville, VT Oct 14, 1939 Lyndonville, VT
Calacci, Carlo G.   Rook, Mabel L.   Feb 28, 1942  
Call, Robert A. Concord, VT Thurston, Donna M. St Johnsbury, VT April 14, 1967  
Carney, Howard F. W. Stewartstown, NH Berry, Colleen B. W. Stewartstown, NH June, 30, 1963  
Carpenter, Donald Albert Concord, VT Wheelock, Joan Eliz. Gilman Sept 2, 1951 Concord, VT
Carpenter, George Merton Jr. Concord, VT Delaney, Deborah Jean Concord, VT Feb 3, 1973  
Carpenter, Grant S. Concord, VT Hoyt, Elizabeth A. Tunbridge, VT Aug 8, 1964  
Carpenter, John L. Concord, VT Ladd, Althea E. Waterford, VT Aug 21, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Carpenter, Leslie M. Jr. Concord, VT Silver, Evelyn Joyce Gilman Oct 24, 1951 Gilman
Carpenter, Richard Dale Concord, VT Wood, Catherine Eliz. Gilman Jan 19, 1952 Concord, VT
Carpenter, Robin Stacy Concord, VT Comeau, Donna Marie Concord, VT Nov 5, 1972  
Carpenter, Roger Stacy Concord, VT Lillicrap, Constance R. Concord, VT June 10, 1950 Concord, VT
Carr, Arthur B. Concord, VT Beckwith, S. Fannie Chelsea Aug 30, 1956 Chelsea
Carr, Arthur Byron Concord, VT Carr, Elizebeth Belle Maloney Waterbury, VT June 19, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Carraro, Dante Concord, VT Lynaugh, Bessie A. Concord, VT Jan 3, 1943  
Cassidy, Raymond Sherburn St Johnsbury, VT Hagan, Mary Eva N. Concord, VT Sept 17, 1951 Lunenburg, VT
Catizone, Salvatore S. Middleton, NY Lyon, Faye Augusta Concord, VT April 26, 1949 East Concord, VT
Chambers, Terence Alan St Johnsbury, VT Rivers, Charlda Ann Concord, VT March 10, 1969  
Chapman, Harold Leon Concord, VT Warren, Leah May Concord, VT March 1, 1932  
Chase, Ronald Frank Jr. Concord, VT Taylor, Carol Elaine Kirby, VT Sept 4, 1971  
Cherry, James Frances Pawtucket, RI Christie, Brenda Lee Concord, VT Oct 19, 1968  
Childs, Willis W. Lewiston, ME Shapiro, Lottie A. Lewiston, ME July 15, 1929  
Christie, James Walter Jr. St Johnsbury, VT Lavature, Madeline Irene Concord, VT Dec 8, 1945  
Christie, Lester L. Stratford, NH Marshall, Ellen Weeks Northumberland, NH Dec 29, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Coakley, Harold F. Jr. St Johnsbury, VT Carpenter, Evelyn J. Concord, VT Dec 17, 1971  
Cobleigh, Carroll P.   Calacci, Olga   July 2, 1942  
Coffran, Claude M. Concord, VT Fuller, Gertrude P. Concord, VT June 27, 1952 Concord, VT
Coffran, Claude M. Concord, VT White, Mary A. Concord, VT July 30, 1963  
Colbeth, Theodore H. Concord, VT Fox, Candace C. Lunenburg April 29, 1967  
Colbeth, Wendell E. Concord, VT Lemieux, Jacqueline St Johnsbury, VT June 26, 1965  
Colby, Donald Arthur E. Concord Sharpley, Jacqueline R. Lyndon, VT July 8, 1955 Lyndonville, VT
Colby, Maurice Ambrose E. St Johnsbury, VT Quimby, Lorraine D. Concord, VT March 3, 1950 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Cole, Vernon T. Concord, VT Smith, Doris W. Barnet, VT May 19, 1943  
Collins, Gordon M. Concord, VT Blodgett, Della C. Morrill Concord, VT Oct 1, 1944  
Comeau, Gene Dennis Lunenburg, VT Carpenter, Maren Stacy Concord, VT May 24, 1958  
Comeau, Lucien Paul Concord, VT Bartlett, JoAnne Helena Victory, VT Aug 5, 1973  
Conway, Thomas Richard Lancaster, NH Alexander, Marjorie A. Lancaster, NH Oct 13, 1961  
Cooper, Frederick Richard Concord, VT Shackway, Marjorie Evelyn Concord, VT Aug 30, 1940 Gilman, VT
Cooper, John T. Burlington, VT Cote, Patricia J. Concord, VT Nov 20, 1965  
Cooper, Richard J. Concord, VT Cooper, Annie Concord, VT June 18, 1927  
Corliss, Edward D. Bethleham, NH DeMontigny, Irene D. Bethlehem, NH Oct 6, 1969  
Corliss, Wilmer W. Littleton, NH Young, Harriet A. Littleton, NH Jan 12, 1965  
Corrow, Archie Hardwick, VT Colbeth, Evelyn Concord, VT April 13, 1946  
Cote, Charles W. Littleton, NH Rollins, Stella Concord, VT March 6, 1944  
Cote, Herve Elphege Jr. Concord, VT Fournier, Anne Marie Concord, VT Aug 8, 1970  
Cote, Leonard L. Concord, VT Carpenter, Pearl Lavina Concord, VT Sept 4, 1971  
Cote, Raymond Richard Concord, VT Boisvert, Mary Louise St Johnsbury, VT May 10, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
Cote, Richard Raymond Concord, VT Newland, Nellie Laura East Haven, VT Nov 8, 1968  
Courser, Glen Dalton, NH Frechette, Elelia Concord, VT Jan 8, 1946  
Covell, Joseph York Colebrook, NH Summers, Ruth Edna E. Concord Oct 16, 1954 E. Concord, VT
Covey, Richard Earl Bristol, CT Dzialdwoski, Veronica B. Bristol, CT Aug 17, 1949 Lunenburg, VT
Cowdell, Jerry P. Bayonne, NJ Sorrell, Jane Concord, VT Nov 24, 1956 Gilman
Cox, George W. St Johnsbury, VT Briggs, Verna Irena Concord, VT Nov 26, 1937 Haverhill, NH
Crawford, Sherman Jr. E. Concord Reynolds, Brenda L. Jefferson, NH Oct 2, 1965  
Cross, Robert Duncan Concord, VT Marshall, Maud Carrie Guildhall, VT July 30, 1934  
Croteau, Paul E. St Johnsbury, VT Morton, Joan R. Concord, VT Nov 2, 1963  
Currier, Reginald Gorham, NH Mills, Marilyn Groveton, NH July 18, 1947  
Curtis, Rollin Carl Groveton, NH Poctigue, Ellen Mildred Groveton, NH May 26, 1951 Lunenburg, VT
Cushman, George A. Concord, VT Brown, Virginia M. St Johnsbury, VT Aug 6, 1966  
Cyr, Albert   Corneau, Belle   Nov 21,1941  
Danforth, Van Irving E. St Johnsbury, VT Scott, Claire Orana Concord, VT May 31, 1943  
Daniels, Roland Oscar Groton, VT LaBounty, Betty Patricia Concord, VT Dec 30, 1946  
Dansereau, Hemile Joseph Concord, VT Pelletier, Theresa Lancaster, NH Aug 5, 1946  
Daugirda, Jon Richard St Johnsbury, VT Pelletier, Delima Eva Concord, VT April 24, 1971  
Davenport, Guy Gordon Jr. Concord, VT Bonnette, Joan Waterford, VT Feb 18, 1950 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Davis, Arthur Victor Concord, VT Timson, Rebecca Concord, VT Dec 28, 1935  
Davis, Charles L. Jefferson, NH Howland, Mary E. Jefferson, NH Dec 17, 1964  
Davis, Edwin H. St Johnsbury, VT Timson, Gladys M. Concord, VT July 28, 1959  
Davis, Eugene Carl Concord, VT Goss, Sheila Elaine Barnet, VT June 17, 1961  
Davis, George Concord, VT Kimball, Jacqueline Miller Victory, VT March 25, 1948 Lunenburg, VT
Davis, Herman Ivon Concord, VT Sanderson, Queenie A. Lyndonville, VT Feb 2, 1957  
Davis, Lloyd Concord, VT Butterfield, Barbara Lyndon, VT Jan 5, 1946  
Davis, Robert W. Concord, VT Kelsey, Leah V. St Johnsbury, VT Jan 5, 1947  
Degreenia, Leslie Albert St Johnsbury, VT Cushman, Norma Lee Concord, VT Aug 9, 1969  
Delaney, Robert Francis St Johnsbury, VT Still, Elizabeth Jean S. Miles Pond, VT June 21, 1952 St Johnsbury, VT
Delworth, Leslie M. St Johnsbury, VT Timson, Maria A. E. Concord April 4, 1966  
DePue, Harold R., Dr. Canton, NY Tyler, Margaret E. Canton, NY Aug 24, 1937 Danville, VT
Dickson, Gordon Lionel Concord, VT Polansky, Miriam B. Salem, MA Sept 27, 1952 Concord, VT
Dickson, Herbert Russell J. Concord, VT Hubbard, Mary Elizabeth St Johnsbury, VT July 6, 1957  
Dodge, John H. Concord, VT Hartshorn, Hazel B. Lunenburg, VT April 4, 1927  
Dodge, Roy Fred Concord, VT Howland, Gertrude Alice Concord, VT March 25, 1933  
Donaghy, Elmer Edward Concord, VT Cote, Mary Louise Concord, VT April 11, 1933  
Donaghy, Howard H. Concord, VT Bunnell, Melba Concord, VT March 16, 1940 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Donavan, Joseph Philip Groveton, NH Hagan, Margaret Leona Concord, VT July 23, 1953 Gilman
Donnelly, Frank Edward Concord, VT Bean, Shirley Ann St Johnsbury, VT Oct 15, 1960  
Doyon, Norman D. Concord, VT Bates, Janice R. St Johnsbury, VT March 30, 1964  
Drake, Francis Willard   Rainey, Elsie Gertrude   March 15, 1941  
Drew, Arthur Sherburne Concord, VT Wheeler, Gladys Nettie Concord, VT March 2, 1946  
Drown, Arthur Eugene JR. Concord, VT Twine, Laura E. Ludlow June 25, 1950 St Johnsbury, VT
Drown, Eric A. Concord, VT Fellows, Amanda M. Danville, VT Oct 11, 1930  
Dubray, Peter J. Concord, VT Weed, Nancy L. Sutton, VT Aug 7, 1965  
Easter, Douglas H. Concord, VT Kennedy, Joanna St Johnsbury, VT Oct 2, 1971  
Eastman, Howard F. Concord, VT Capen, Catherine C. Concord, VT Oct 13, 1956 Concord, VT
Edgerton, James F. Concord, VT Fleming, Catherine T. Guilford, CT Dec 11, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Edney, Chester James Dalton Pate, Dianne Eleanor Phoenix Nov 15, 1971  
Eldred, Howard Earle Concord, VT Lynaugh, Margaret A. Concord, VT Feb 21, 1952 Lunenburg, VT
Ellie, Antonio N. Concord Beck, Rennie E. N. Concord July 31, 1965  
Elliott, George David Concord, VT Donovan, Elizabeth L. Pelkey Concord, VT March 24, 1944  
Elliott, Phillip O. Concord, VT MacDonald, Verna M. Newport, VT Aug 9, 1927  
Farrow, Charles Jr. St Johnsbury, VT Sorrell, Charlotte A. Concord, VT Nov 26, 1955 Gilman, VT
Fellows, Luther William St Johnsbury, VT Bunnell, Joy H. Concord, VT Sept 30, 1950 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Fenoff, Nelson Joseph Concord, VT Fountain, Bernice May Dalton, NH June 9, 1944  
Fisher, Carl Morris Concord, VT John, Pauline Beatrice Burke, VT July 3, 1934  
Fisher, Harold Roy East Concord Pierce, Elva Concord, VT Oct 21, 1950 Concord, VT
Fisher, Oscar Myron E. Concord Briggs, Bernice Mabel Concord, VT Dec 19, 1958  
Fisher, Renford Clyde Concord, VT Crawford, Margaret May Lunenburg, VT Oct 16, 1931  
Fisher, Renford Clyde Concord, VT Bissell, Myra Concord, VT June 10, 1961  
Flynn, Donald Beriah Woodsville, NH Lynaugh, Marian E. Concord, VT March 3, 1956 Newbury, VT
Foley, John S. Jr. E. Concord Jacques, Sharon L. Concord, VT July 1, 1967  
Fonseca, Ramon A. N. Concord Peck, Elaine K. St Albans, VT June 12, 1959  
Fontaine, Lionel Concord, VT Dansereau, Blanche Concord, VT June 2, 1947  
Forbes, William Levi Concord, VT Cote, Evelyn Mary Concord, VT May 10, 1932  
Forest, James Arnold Concord, VT Brown, Phyllis Ann Concord, VT Dec 14, 1968  
Fortier, Adola J. Concord, VT Vance, Florence L. Concord, VT June 21, 1930  
Fortier, Ralph Joseph St Johnsbury, VT Copp, Shirley Rose Concord, VT Nov 11, 1961  
Foster, Leon Wallace Littleton, NH Belmore, Lorraine Collen Dalton, NH Jan 11, 1958  
Fournier, Charles Oscar St Johnsbury, VT Reed, Mildred J. Concord, VT Dec 31, 1938 St Johnsbury, VT
Fournier, Conrad Renald Haverhill, NH Sorrell, Veronica May Concord, VT Sept 24, 1955 Gilman, VT
Fournier, Jerald Concord, VT Ward, Jean Sutton, VT June 15, 1963  
Fox, Wayne H. St Johnsbury, VT Davis, Vivian S. E. Concord Sept 12, 1965  
Frechette, Joseph Julien Edmund Concord, VT Quimby, Hope Kirby, VT Dec 11, 1937 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Frechette, Odina Oscar Concord, VT Cadieux, Marie Rosanna Concord, VT Nov 9, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Gallo, Robert M. Hartford, CT Stockwell, Kathleen A. E. Concord May 12, 1963  
Garfield, Charles E. Jr. Concord, VT Donaghy, Mildred M. Concord, VT June 11, 1960  
George, Clifford Warren Concord, VT Hannett, Pauline Mae St Johnsbury, VT Jan 21, 1955 St Johnsbury, VT
Gilfillian, Luman Wilbur Newark Young, Gladys Irene Concord, VT May 12, 1951 St Johnsbury, VT
Gilman, Ronald D. Concord, VT Simpson, Nancy M. Sutton, VT May 21, 1966  
Gilman, Terence A. Concord, VT Carpenter, Patricia M. Derby, VT Oct 30, 1965  
Gochie, James R. Concord, VT Finley, Mary A. Lunenburg June 24, 1967  
Gochie, Roland E. Concord, VT Lavature, Dorothy Arlene Concord, VT Dec 27, 1945  
Goodwin, Oral Lawrence East Concord Carter, Helen Winifred Gilman Aug 30, 1951 Lunenburg, VT
Goudreault, Alfred Jr. Concord, VT Dumas, Flora M. St Johnsbury, VT June 10, 1930  
Gould, Perley Frederick Whitefield, NH King, Gladys Vorzaur Whitefield, NH Sept 19, 1931  
Goyet, Robert St Johnsbury, VT Morton, Edith Roberta Concord, VT March 16, 1946  
Grant, James Winfield Concord, VT Morgan, Mary Geraldine Concord, VT Sept 13, 1946  
Grant, Roy Alan St Johnsbury, VT Comeau, Barbara Jean Concord, VT May 29, 1971  
Graves, B. K. Concord, VT Bonett, Adella E. Cota Concord, VT Feb 7, 1936 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Green, William J. Jr. Littleton, NH LaCroix, Priscilla J. Berlin, NH July 25, 1964  
Guyer, Leo Herbert St Johnsbury, VT Moyse, Barbara Jean Concord, VT April 26, 1961  
Hagan, John J. N. Concord Quimby, Merlene F. Littleton, NH Jan 12, 1963  
Hall, Oie N. Concord Perry, Carltina Ann St Johnsbury, VT July 4, 1957  
Hallett, Robert George St Johnsbury, VT Cobleigh, Ariel Flora Concord, VT June 24, 1937 Concord, VT
Hammett, Albert E. Concord, VT Allbright, Velma Burke, VT Nov 14, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Handy, Anthony C. St Johnsbury, VT Carpenter, Dianne R. Concord, VT Nov 7, 1959  
Handy, Michael D. St Johnsbury, VT Hanley, Betty J. E. Concord Nov 14, 1964  
Hartshorn, Harold L. E. Concord Blood, Ellen Fay E. Ryegate, VT June 26, 1955 E. Ryegate, VT
Hartshorn, Walter Verian Concord, VT Sanborn, Goldie Pearl Lunenburg, VT Aug 13, 1938 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Hartshorn, Wayne Concord, VT Dearborn, Margaret Littleton, NH July 3, 1947  
Hartson, Ray Edward N. Montpelier, VT Stevens, Louise Minnie Concord, VT July 2, 1955 St Johnsbury, VT
Harvey, Claire Concord, VT Fenoff, Hazel Concord, VT Oct 25, 1944  
Hastings, Calvin B. Concord, VT Lavature, Pearl Marina Concord, VT Sept 15, 1940 St Johnsbury, VT
Hayes, Melroy M. Groveton, NH Kerr, Marie C. Groveton, NH June 30, 1933  
Heath, Nelson Concord, VT O'Brien, Charlotte A. Concord, VT Oct 25, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Heath, Robert Charles Concord, VT Lasacco, Christina Marie Albany, VT Nov 20, 1972  
Hemond, Michael P. Lyndon, VT Carpenter, Janice R. Concord, VT Feb 8, 1964  
Herrmann, William F. Chas. E. Concord, VT Nichols, Marjorie Mae E. Concord, VT Feb 22, 1945  
Hill, Jon Michael St Johnsbury, VT Shastany, Kathleen Mary Concord, VT June 27, 1970  
Hill, Robert Harry Concord, VT Scott, Diane Louise Concord, VT Aug 26, 1972  
Hill, Ronald E. Concord, VT Amadon, Barbara A. Concord, VT Oct 17, 1965  
Hines, Leon Concord, VT Wright, Hazel Concord, VT Jan 19, 1949 Gilman
Hodgdon, Douglas W. Concord, VT Rivers, Francene O. Concord, VT May 27, 1967  
Hoisington, Kenneth   Briggs, Bertha   May 29, 1942  
Holloway, Roland Lancaster, NH Martel, Alice Concord, VT Oct 14, 1950 Lancaster, NH
Holmes, Manasah W. Gorham, NH Boutilier, Violet Reta Gorham, NH July 29, 1926  
Holt, H. Douglas Wayland, MA Heyer, Ruth H. Melrose, MA Oct 18, 1927  
Hooyenga, Gerrit G. Grand Rapids, Mich Morehouse, Judith E. Grand Rapids, Mich Aug 22, 1964  
Houghton, Edwin Hough Lyndon, VT Rivers, Beryle H. Concord, VT Oct 31, 1950 Lyndonville, VT
Hovey, Robert E. Concord, VT Griffin, Vivian L. Kirby, VT June 30, 1967  
Hovey, Roger W. Concord, VT Brown, Arlene R. Concord, VT Aug 26, 1967  
Hovey, Ronald L. Concord, VT Chase, Sheila R. Concord, VT Sept 9, 1967  
Hovey, Wendell Concord, VT Patridge, Winona Concord, VT Feb 16, 1947  
Howard, Chester James Concord, VT Stuart, Reta Waterford, VT March 16, 1940 St Johnsbury, VT
Howland, Jessie E. Lancaster, NH Gould, Margaret M. Lancaster, NH July 21, 1959  
Hudson, Harold H. Waterford, VT Nichols, Marcia Concord, VT Jan 30, 1959  
Hudson, Ranson H. St Johnsbury, VT Wilson, Virginia F. Concord, VT July 13, 1963  
Humphrey, Robert Earl St Johnsbury, VT Gullen, Virginia Mary Concord, VT Nov 5, 1960  
Hurlbutt, Wilson Forrester Concord, VT Perkins, Violet Pearl Concord, VT Sept 4, 1933  
Isham, Francis  Concord, VT Crawford, Barbara Concord, VT July 6, 1947  
Isham, Francis G. Concord, VT Nichols, Polly May Concord, VT Aug 10, 1940 Lunenburg, VT
Isham, Grant E. Concord Welch, Beverly Newbury, VT June 18, 1955 Newbury, VT
Isham, Hubert Concord, VT Perkins, Arlene Concord, VT Aug 27, 1937 Lunenburg, VT
Isham, Morris Earl Concord, VT Grant, Helen Ruth Concord, VT Dec 31, 1932  
Jacques, Dennis E. Concord, VT Crosier, Yvonne A. Lyndon, VT July 3, 1965  
Jacques, Harold Henry Concord, VT Prue, Doris Althea Waterford, VT Oct 12, 1931  
Jacques, James A. Concord, VT Parks, Izalee C. Concord, VT Jan 24, 1948 Lunenburg, VT
Jacques, Richard Ernest Concord, VT Pickett, Mary Woodbury July 8, 1972  
James, Albert R.   Perham, Francelia G.   June 28, 1941  
James, Elbridge J. Concord, VT Sullivan, Elizabeth N. Concord, VT March 15, 1930  
James, Frank Concord, VT Hatfield, Hazel C. Jefferson, NH June 23, 1926  
Jock, David E. Concord, VT Guyer, Julia M. Concord, VT July 1, 1928  
John, David I. Lyndon, VT LaBounty, Edna Concord, VT Jan 20, 1947  
John, Theodore Concord, VT Hodgdon, Luvia Brookfield, VT Mar 3, 1947  
Jones, Lorrie Chas. Geo. Bloomfield, CT Patridge, Cora Stuart Miles Pond, VT Dec 25, 1951 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Joslin, Earl E. Concord, VT Hartshorn, Doris M. Concord, VT Sept 23, 1946  
Joslin, Reginald Earle E. Concord Cote, Kathleen Elaine Concord, VT July 12, 1969  
Joslin, Robert N. E. Concord Lawrence, Patricia O. St Johnsbury, VT May 11, 1963  
Joslin, Roger Emerson Concord, VT Eastman, Mildred Hazel Barnet, VT June 19, 1971  
Keach, Bernard Concord, VT Smith, Elizabeth St Johnsbury, VT Nov 15, 1947  
Keach, Bernard Neil Concord, VT Gilman, Arline Helen Concord, VT Jan 20, 1973  
Keach, Kenneth Concord, VT Leavitt, Marjorie St Johnsbury, VT June 14, 1947  
Keach, Ralph Concord, VT LaFlamme, Mary St Johnsbury, VT Oct 18, 1947  
Keach, Richard Arnold Concord, VT Carpenter, Margaret Sue Concord, VT July 7, 1973  
Kelley, Floyd Nelson Lunenburg, VT Perkins, Lorraine Ann Concord, VT Sept 2, 1961  
Kennett, Stephen Ober Auburn, ME Kolug, Mary Mabel Auburn, ME Oct 6, 1951 Brighton
Keough, J. Malcolm Concord, VT Musgrove, Beatrice S. St Albans, VT Aug 18, 1928  
Keough, Wilbur Franklin Concord, VT Dopp, Arlene Isadore Northfield, VT March 20, 1937 Montpelier, VT
King, Albert L. Concord, VT Raymond, Helen Concord, VT Dec 18, 1937 St Johnsbury, VT
King, Wilfred Concord, VT Parks, Beulah Concord, VT Nov 28, 1937 East Burke, VT
Knights, Gregory P. St Johnsbury, VT Olden, Mariba A. Concord, VT Oct 28, 1967  
LaBounty, Howard W. Concord, VT Reed, Martha Hazel Concord, VT Nov 16 1938 St Johnsbury, VT
LaBree, Raymond Concord, VT Patoine, Marguerite Walden, VT Jan 29, 1947  
LaClair, Ervin Kenneth Sutton, VT Moyse, Lorraine Anne Concord, VT Oct 29, 1960  
LaFleur, Francis Morris Concord, VT Fisher, Delia Concord, VT May 2, 1950 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Lamontagne, Paul L. St Johnsbury, VT Noel, Lorraine E. Concord, VT Jan 28, 1967  
Lawson, Gordon Leonard Newport Ctr., VT Crawford, Helen Lucille Concord, VT May 28, 1949 Lunenburg, VT
Lebeau, Elmer   Rivers, Ruth   May 21, 1941  
Lee, Robert E. Concord, VT Nichols, Virginia Lunenburg, VT Aug 2, 1948 Lunenburg, VT
Legendre, Jean William St Johnsbury, VT Young, Ruth Amy Concord, VT May 21, 1955 St Johnsbury, VT
Leroy, Jack Stanley E. Concord Paquette, Alice Mittie E. Concord Jan 3, 1957  
Lillicrap, Fred Robert Concord, VT Chase, Sandra Mary Lancaster, NH June 30, 1957  
Lillicrap, Frederick R. Concord, VT Wilson, Pearl G. Berlin, NH June 16, 1926  
Lincoln, David Roosevelt Concord, VT Nichols, Daisy P. E. Concord, VT Sept 9, 1950 Lyndon Center, VT
Little, Clifton Herbert Barnet, VT Briggs, Shirley Mae Concord, VT July 15, 1961  
Locke, David Irving St Johnsbury, VT McFalls, Jean Piper Concord, VT June 25, 1960  
Lord, Lawrence A.   Hagan, Mary D.   Oct 2, 1941  
Lovell, Raymond M. Lancaster, NH Phillips, Deborah J. Lancaster, NH April 8, 1966  
Lucas, Robert Wayne Littleton, NH McKearney, Hilda Marie E. Concord Sept 17, 1960  
Lucas, Victor O. Cranston, RI Eddy, Olive I. Concord, VT Dec 20, 1927  
Lufkin, Bradley Dale Whitefield, NH Howry, Terry Lee Whitefield, NH May 25, 1968  
Lufkin, Carl Bert Jr. Lancaster, NH Ball, Ann Theresa Lancaster, NH Jan 26, 1970  
Lumbra, Rodney Alan St Johnsbury, VT Eastman, Janet Leigh Concord, VT Aug 11, 1973  
Lund, Wayne Tracy Concord, VT Martel, Alexina L. Concord, VT Sept 9, 1950 St Johnsbury, VT
Lunnie, Harold Weston Concord, VT Daniels, Helen Morton Waterford, VT May 12, 1961  
Lunnie, John Andrew Concord, VT Hart, Bertha Beatrice Dorchester, MA June 24, 1932  
Lunnie, Milton J. Concord, VT Wood, Iris Doska Concord, VT Jan 21, 1956 St Johnsbury, VT
Lunnie, Neal C. Concord, VT Jean, Mona Fabrola St Johnsbury, VT Nov 4, 1939 Island Pond, VT
Lunnie, Paul W. Concord, VT Folsom, Beverly Concord, VT Oct 16, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Lyman, Edward M. Concord, VT Gould, Alice Littleton, NH June 3, 1926  
Lynaugh, Archie Concord, VT Bresson, Doris Jewett Concord, VT Jan 16, 1949 Lunenburg, VT
Lynaugh, Clarence W. Concord, VT Sullivan, Lepha T. St Johnsbury, VT June 7, 1928  
Lynaugh, Harland B. Concord, VT Beard, Goldie Concord, VT Jan 28, 1928  
Lynaugh, Howard G. Concord, VT Stuart, Nora Concord, VT Nov 17, 1937 Newbury, VT
Lyon, Roy Ernest East Concord Stillings, Marion E. Littleton, NH May 29, 1950 Littleton, NH
Lyon, Roy Ernest Jr. Concord, VT Carberry, Patricia Ann Lunenburg Feb 13, 1971  
Macdougal, Robert G. Manchester, NH Lesperence, Julia A. Concord, VT June 23, 1930  
Macie, Carroll D. Burlington, VT Timson, Neva M. Concord, VT July 1, 1967  
MacKay, Kenneth John Littleton, NH O'Neal, Betty Ann Littleton, NH Dec 26, 1958  
MacLeod, Steven Barry Concord, VT Willson, Jeannie Rae Concord, VT July 7, 1973  
Mahoney, James Edward Concord, VT Robillard, Jeanette B. Concord, VT Dec 9, 1935  
Mahoney, William Scott Boston, MA Wheaton, Eleanor White Concord, VT June 30, 1936 Concord, VT
Marko, Robert Francis Concord, VT Pierce, Pearl Ruth Concord, VT April 2, 1960  
Marro, Patsy Whitefield, NH Sargent, Leota Concord, VT May 29, 1937 Dalton, NH
Marteau, Joseph Lancaster, NH Baird, Violet N. Concord, VT Aug 16, 1944  
Martel, Nelson Armand Concord, VT Nailer, Priscilla Jean Northumberland, NH June 3, 1961  
Martel, Norman Joseph Concord, VT Duguay, Mary Lorraine St Johnsbury, VT Nov 27, 1970  
Martin, Paul Concord, VT Carpenter, Ruth Concord, VT Feb 24, 1947  
May, Earl E. Victory, VT Markham, Carolyn Concord, VT Nov 3, 1962  
Mayo, Earl Gordon Barnet, VT Flood, Avis Hazel Concord, VT Oct 7, 1939 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
McBey, Matthew Concord, VT Buckminster, Joyce Concord, VT May 15, 1946  
McBey, William George Lunenburg, VT Stockwell, Gloria Ruth E. Concord June 21, 1958  
McCrae, Norman Allan Concord, VT McLaren, Carolyn May Barnet, VT June 11, 1954 Barnet, VT
McDermott, William J.   Murphy, Dorothy   April 25, 1942  
McDonald, Howard Neil E. Concord Baker, Ruth Mae Concord, VT Oct 7, 1955 E. Concord, VT
McDonald, John Lemuel   Whitcomb, Frances Esther   Oct 6, 1942  
McElravy, Dickson W. Gilman Lillicrap, Pearl Gladys Concord, VT June 7, 1954 Haverhill, NH
McFarlin, Forrest Carlton Concord, VT Briggs, Marion Charlotte St Johnsbury, VT Aug 27, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
McGinnis, Walter E. J.   Carr, Florence E.   Aug 23, 1941  
McIntyre, Paul Leonard Littleton, NH Stone, Ruth Jane Littleton, NH Aug 5, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
McKearney, Harold L. Windsor Locks, CT Sorrell, Louise N. Concord Aug 3, 1957  
McKearney, Roland W. Concord, VT Demasi, Catherine Northfield, VT Nov 14, 1953 Northfield, VT
McKillop, John Harold Groveton, NH Berude, Sandra Mae Groveton June 10, 1972  
McLaughlin, Norman Jr. Lunenburg, VT McKearney, Ellen Mae Concord, VT Oct 27, 1953 Gilman
McPherson, Alfred C. Concord, VT Miltimore, Hepsibeth A. Concord, VT June 26, 1928  
McPherson, Raymond Willard Concord, VT Thibeault, Patricia Susan Littleton, NH June 9, 1973  
McPherson, Willard Concord, VT Blodgett, Myrtle Concord, VT May 1, 1948 Gilman
Merrill, Clifford Royce Springfield, ME Osgood, Eleana Jane Concord, VT March 25, 1945  
Miltimore, George Concord, VT Tillotson, Beatrice Concord, VT May 22, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Mitchell, Gary E. Sutton, VT Donaghy, Lana M. Concord, VT July 28, 1967  
Mitchell, Robert E. Sutton, VT Davis, Eileen L. Concord, VT July 20, 1958  
Mitchell, Theodore R. Concord, VT Bunnell, June Meredith Concord, VT Nov 28, 1957  
Mogelnicki, Frank Babylon, NY Sorrell, Joann Bablylon, NY Nov 21, 1964  
Mooney, Melville J. Concord, VT Switser, Arda G. St Johnsbury, VT July 4, 1959  
Moore, George Franklin Lyndonville, VT Laughton, Irene Evelyn Concord, VT June 4, 1957  
Moore, Paul Cleveland Dalton, NH Sterling, Christine May Concord, VT March 31, 1973  
Moore, Richard Sheffield Miles Pond, VT Remick, Helen Easter N. Danville, VT Aug 16, 1958  
Morehouse, Delbert C. Concord, VT Lunnie, Frances E. Concord, VT Sept 20, 1938 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Morehouse, Harry A. Concord, VT Lund, Joyce M. Concord, VT Oct 6, 1967  
Morehouse, John Robert Concord, VT Noble, Claudette Granby, VT Aug 23, 1968  
Morehouse, Richard Hale Concord, VT Robillard, Lucille Marie Concord, VT May 19, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
Morey, Earl Vernon St Johnsbury, VT Bolton, Olive Pauline Concord, VT July 3, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Morey, Milton W. St Johnsbury, VT Cleveland, Iona Fenof Miles Pond, VT Dec 12, 1942  
Morgan, Francis Concord, VT Morse, Mary Concord, VT July 3, 1943  
Morin, Robert John Miles Pond, VT Harbaugh, Bernadine Mae St Johnsbury, VT June 2, 1958  
Morrill, Hollis Concord, VT Phelps, Florence Readsboro, MA Oct 10, 1926  
Morse, Joseph   John, Doris   May 9, 1942  
Morse, Leon R. Concord, VT Covey, Fannie Plainville, CT Oct 30, 1946  
Morse, Robert F. Concord, VT Davis, Irene Marie Concord, VT Feb 25, 1956 Lunenburg, VT
Morse, Vernard Concord, VT Hill, Helen Louise Concord, VT Feb 25, 1935  
Morton, Clayton E. Concord, VT Morehouse, Doris Concord, VT July 27, 1946  
Morton, Clifford D. Concord, VT Howard, Mildred Avis Concord, VT June 24, 1956 Concord, VT
Morton, M. Robert   Morse, Maidene   Nov 7, 1941  
Moulton, Malcolm R. Jr. Concord, VT Gushue, Gertrude Mae Sutton, VT July 2, 1960  
Moulton, Wayne W. Concord, VT Hart, Marie B. McIndoes, VT March 1, 1963  
Moyse, Clayton E. Concord, VT Lane, Shirley Mae Concord, VT March 14, 1956 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Moyse, Clement E. Concord, VT Calacci, Leah C. Concord, VT Sept 9, 1939 Concord, VT
Moyse, J. Russell Concord, VT Pierce, Nina E. Waterford April 10, 1928  
Moyse, Milton Russell Concord, VT Quimby, Sandra Joyce Concord, VT Dec 3, 1960  
Moyse, Vernon Earl Concord, VT Locke, Gloria Jean St Johnsbury, VT Oct 4, 1969  
Moyse, Wayne Earl Concord, VT McGinnis, Carolyn E. Monroe, NH Nov 19, 1960  
Mulholland, Peter Leary N. Concord Hahner, Virginia Harriett N. Concord Oct 13, 1957  
Nelson, George W. Concord, VT Welcome, Carrie Merchant Concord, VT Dec 3, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Newell, Cherrill K. Concord, VT Cushman, Mary J. St Johnsbury, VT Aug 3, 1963  
Newell, Millard H. Hartford, CT Parks, Cecilia T. E. Concord, VT Jan 31, 1959  
Newland, Milton Paul Burke, VT Miller, Diana Jane Concord, VT July 4, 1973  
Nichols, Fred Lewis Concord, VT Plummer, Daisy Lunenburg, VT April 12, 1926  
Nichols, Gordon Dale E. Concord, VT Smith, Shirley Dalton, NH Oct 19, 1946  
Nichols, Howard Clinton E. Concord Davis, Virginia Phyllis St Johnsbury, VT June 6, 1954 St Johnsbury, VT
Nichols, Maurice A. Concord, VT Barrett, Helen F. Boston, MA June 27, 1927  
Nichols, Merlin Stone Concord, VT Smith, Adelaide Jefferson, NH June 22, 1935  
Nichols, Robert Elwin St Johnsbury, VT Lynaugh, Leona Mae Concord, VT May 12, 1952 St Johnsbury, VT
Nichols, Stanley F. Concord, VT Newell, Elaine D. St Johnsbury, VT Jan 28, 1956 St Johnsbury, VT
Nichols, Walter A. Concord, VT Stevens, Ethel I. Concord, VT July 6, 1932  
Noble, Clyde A. Concord, VT Shores, Arlene Ruth Granby, VT Aug 8, 1940 St Johnsbury, VT
Noble, Elmer E.   Willson, Mabel L.   Oct 4, 1941  
Noble, Orbert Inman Concord, VT Peavey, Ruth Evelyn Victory, VT Feb 18, 1937 Concord, VT
Noble, Ronald Anthony Concord, VT Cormier, Rose Marie Passumpsic July 24, 1971  
Noble, Walter Concord, VT Waters, Leona Concord, VT June 28, 1947  
Noble, Walter D. N. Concord Meilleur, Helen L. St Johnsbury, VT Oct 3, 1959  
Noble, Wesley Concord, VT Sorrell, Elizabeth Concord, VT Aug 16, 1948 Gilman
Noble, William John N. Concord McBey, Ellen Margaret N. Concord Nov 8, 1954 St Johnsbury, VT
Noel, Fernando P. Jr. Concord, VT Oakes, Roberta A. Concord, VT Oct 2, 1965  
Noel, Jean Paul Arsene Concord, VT Ely, Sharon Ann E. St Johnsbury, VT Dec 28, 1968  
Noel, Maurice Francis St Johnsbury, VT Delaney, Sharon Frances Concord, VT July 24, 1971  
Norrie, Bradley P. Lyndonville, VT Bunnell, Darlina M. Concord, VT Feb 19, 1967  
Noseworthy, Howard Campton, NH Isham, Marjorie Ann E. Concord Sept 28, 1958  
Noyes, Nelson W. Concord, VT Beede, Charlotte Winnie Concord, VT May 28, 1949 St Johnsbury, VT
Olcott, Clarence Franklin Concord, VT Irwin, Priscilla May Cleary Concord, VT June 17, 1948 Lunenburg, VT
Olden, Norman Edward Concord, VT Berry, Barbara Ann Concord, VT June 20, 1970  
Packard, Donald Edward Concord, VT Carpenter, Gail Ann Concord, VT Sept 15, 1973  
Paquette, George James Concord, VT Remington, Edith May Oneco, CT Oct 7, 1939 Gilman, VT
Parks, Dean Allen Concord, VT Colby, Marilyn Cora Lunenburg Dec 12, 1953 Lunenburg, VT
Parks, Dean Allen E. Concord Comeau, Patricia Ann Littleton, NH May 5, 1961  
Parks, Foster Myron Concord, VT Clark, Marion Mable St Johnsbury, VT June 6, 1952 St Johnsbury, VT
Parks, Howard Edward Concord, VT Bedell, Alice Jane Concord, VT April 13, 1946  
Parks, Martin Charles E. Concord Newell, Claire Fay St Johnsbury Ctr., VT Dec 27, 1958  
Parks, Robert James Jr. Lancaster, NH Annis, Cheryl Lee Lancaster, NH June 16, 1973  
Partridge, Solon A. Concord, VT Lynaugh, Bertha M. Concord, VT Dec 24, 1927  
Patridge, Solan Albie Jr. Victory, VT Donaghy, Paulette Dorcas Concord, VT Nov 22, 1958  
Patridge, Wendel Solon Victory, VT Bona, Carol Anne N. Concord July 12, 1958  
Payeur, Robert Eugene Concord, VT Pelletier, Sharon Ruth Concord, VT July 5, 1969  
Pelletier, Gerand Concord, VT Noble, Muriel Concord, VT Nov 8, 1948 Lunenburg, VT
Perkins, Everett Francis Concord, VT Hill, Thelma Concord, VT Sept 1, 1933  
Perkins, Frank Alexander Concord, VT Ball, Florence E. Littleton, NH Dec 18, 1932  
Perkins, Frank Arnold Hanover, NH Flanders, Marion Elizabeth Hanover, NH Sept 1, 1934  
Perkins, Harley Concord, VT McPeek, Marie Moweaqua, IL Feb 2, 1930  
Perkins, Harold B.   Whiting, Angeline L.   June 27, 1941  
Perkins, Milo H. Concord, VT Warren, Bertha J. Lunenburg, VT April 17, 1926  
Petryshak, Dennis Lee N. Concord Sorrell, Rose Catherine Concord, VT Nov 30, 1957  
Phelps, Francis Reginald Concord, VT Dupont, Phyllis M. Victory, VT Oct 23, 1954 Lunenburg, VT
Phillips, Chanler Concord, VT Phillips, Dora Heath Concord, VT May 23, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Phillips, Edgar Allen Concord, VT Woodward, Hattie Ellen Lyndon, VT Dec 12, 1940 East Burke, VT
Pierce, Dale Frank Concord, VT Simpson, Phyllis E. Sutton, VT April 27, 1956 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Pierce, Dale Frank Concord, VT Cote, Marguerite Ann Lyndonville, VT Dec 31, 1961  
Pierce, Donald Millard Concord, VT Surfass, Bernice Gilman March 28, 1953 Gilman
Pierce, Fred Dexster Concord, VT Fenoff, Madeline Littleton, NH Dec 11, 1970  
Placey, Claude William E. Concord Parks, Hilda Irene E. Concord Aug 20, 1955 E. Concord, VT
Poole, Melvin Ray Lancaster, NH Boutwell, Laretta Concord, VT June 25, 1949 Gilman
Powell, Donald Bertrand Concord, VT Wood, Iris D. Gilman April 21, 1951 St Johnsbury, VT
Powell, Donald Betrand Concord, VT Douglass, Priscilla Carrie Portland, ME Aug 31, 1957  
Pratt, Harold Bernard Jacksonville, VT Stockwell, Patricia Ann Concord, VT June 4, 1955 E. Concord, VT
Pustoy, John G. Jr. Tipp City, OH Swett, Janet L. Concord, VT March 26, 1965  
Race, Harry S.   Gregoire, Bernice   Nov 23, 1941  
Rainey, Herbert Concord, VT Quimby, Catherine St Johnsbury, VT April 3, 1946  
Randall, John Blanchard Union Springs, NY Quimby, Esther Mae Concord, VT Nov 5, 1938 St Johnsbury, VT
Randall, Peter Safford St Johnsbury, VT Gilman, Susan Margaret Concord, VT May 5, 1973  
Ranney, Donald Sullivan Concord, VT Fisher, Eula Celia Concord, VT May 16, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Rathburn, Howard A. St Johnsbury, VT Smith, Eliza Mae Concord, VT Feb 23, 1946  
Reed, James Concord, VT Maillet, Margaret Lunenburg May 5, 1962  
Reed, Richard Paul St Johnsbury, VT Fournier, Patricia Annette Concord, VT Nov 19, 1973  
Remick, Morton Carroll Concord, VT Fuller, Elizabeth Ardelle St Johnsbury, VT Sept 24, 1938 St Johnsbury, VT
Remick, William R. Concord, VT Albiser, Lucille St Johnsbury, VT Feb 5, 1949 St Johnsbury, VT
Rich, William M. Concord, VT McGinnis, Gertie Carrie Bugbee Concord, VT Sept 8, 1934  
Richardson, Jacob, Jr Concord, VT West, Laura Bell Braintree, VT Dec 25, 1926  
Rivers, Arthur L.   Streeter, Doris C.   Dec 23, 1942  
Rivers, Carlisle Wilbur Concord, VT Southworth, Laura M. Concord, VT Nov 4, 1950 Concord, VT
Rivers, Leonard Concord, VT Cox, Ruth Lyndon, VT Sept 21, 1935  
Rivers, Wilson D. Concord, VT York, Carol J. St Johnsbury, VT Oct 17, 1964  
Robinson, Clayton A. Lyndon, VT Nutting, Carol Mae Miles Pond, VT April 10, 1946  
Rodger, Dana Montgomery St Johnsbury, VT Berry, Elogene Helen E. Concord Aug 9, 1969  
Rook, James A. Concord, VT Buswell, Arlene F. Concord, VT Aug 30, 1935  
Rook, Jeffrey J. Concord, VT Bouchard, Janet R. Concord, VT July 29, 1967  
Rook, Jeffrey James Concord, VT Bona, Linda Louise Concord, VT June 16, 1972  
Rose, Clayton Lester Concord, VT Leach, Glee Wells St Johnsbury, VT Aug 15, 1969  
Rose, Duane L. Concord, VT Adams, Barbara J. Springfield, VT March 16, 1963  
Rowe, Alfred Hardwick, VT Labounty, Wava Concord, VT Nov 19, 1939 St Johnsbury, VT
Roy, Nelson Henry Lunenburg, VT Ingersoll, Muriel Phyllis Lancaster, NH July 31, 1954 Lunenburg, VT
Roystan, James B.   Rutledge, Shirley R.   April 13, 1942  
Ruggles, Steven Bruce Lyndon, VT Lamont, Dianne Elaine Concord, VT Jan 27, 1973  
Russell, Arnold Concord, VT Blow, Patricia St Johnsbury, VT June 14, 1947  
Rutledge, Alfred A. Concord, VT Beckley, Osceola Clark St Johnsbury, VT Nov 29, 1943  
Rutledge, Clayton E. Concord, VT McCormiskie, Annie Coutts Andover, MA Sept 8, 1931  
Rutledge, Rodney Concord, VT Noyes, Madeline St Johnsbury, VT July 8, 1947  
Rutledge, Willard Walter Concord, VT Wilson, Mavis Hurlbutt Concord, VT June 14, 1938 Concord, VT
Sanborn, Cedric Richard Bradford Wood, Leslie Ann Concord, VT Sept 3, 1973  
Sanderson, David E. Concord, VT Steenland, Carol E. Lyndon, VT June 13, 1964  
Santaw, Gary William Concord, VT Jones, Rachael Ann Kirby, VT June 17, 1972  
Santaw, Richard A. Jr. Concord, VT Forest, Aprel A. Lunenburg Oct 1, 1966  
Santaw, William Alfred Woodsville, NH Shaw, Marjorie Ruth Concord, VT Feb 5, 1955 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Sawyer, Cleo Cromwell Stratford, NH Booth, May Katherine Stratford, NH Aug 31, 1937 Lunenburg, VT
Scales, Elwell J. Concord, VT Fisher, Marguerite Almeda Concord, VT Aug 24, 1940 Gilman, VT
Scott, Maurice J. Concord, VT Paradis, Yevette Windsor, VT Nov 21, 1943  
Shatney, Kenneth J. Meriden, CT Forest, Sharon E. Concord, VT May 19, 1962  
Sherman, Roscoe B. Groveton, NH Stockwell, Faeona I. Concord, VT Dec 24, 1927  
Shippee, Wallace Earl Jr. Concord, VT Woodbury, Dorothy R. Concord, VT Sept 9, 1954 Union Village
Smith, Bruce G. Concord, VT Markham, Carolyn M. Concord, VT Jan 1, 1966  
Smith, Floyd Lloyd Concord, VT Ett, Bertha Lunenburg, VT April 8, 1939 Putney, VT
Smith, Steven L. St Johnsbury, VT Chambers, Chalda Concord, VT Feb 14, 1972  
Sorrell, Phillip John N. Concord Fournier, Jean Theresa Concord, VT Aug 16, 1958  
Sorrell, Roger F. Concord, VT Wilson, Sherri A. Concord, VT Sept 30, 1966  
Sorrell, Walter James N. Concord Copp, Barbara Elaine N. Concord April 23, 1960  
Sorrell, William T. N. Concord Quimby, Joyce E. Littleton, NH March 6, 1962  
Southworth, Francis Norman Concord, VT Lunnie, Priscilla Gertrude Concord, VT May 14, 1939 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Spreadbury, Sydney Jr. Littleton, NH Santaw, Beatrice M. Concord, VT Jan 31, 1953 Littleton, NH
Spring, John Luther Passumpsic, VT Flynn, Marion Edith Concord, VT May 2, 1970  
Stearns, Kermit Orleans, VT Osgood, Hazel Concord, VT Oct 9, 1947  
Sterling, Albert Edward Concord, VT Pellitier, Judy Lynn Gilman, VT May 20, 1961  
Stetson, Douglas William Concord, VT Carpenter, Patricia Lynn Concord, VT Sept 13, 1969  
Stevens, George Henry Concord, VT Hartson, Sylvia Ann E. Montpelier, VT Dec 11, 1954 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Stevens, Paul Francis Dalton, NH Nichols, Margaret Lula E. Concord Nov 2(9), 1952 Lunenburg, VT
Stevens, Richard Wendall Dalton Crawford, Lois May Concord, VT July 3, 1971  
Still, Laurence E. Concord, VT Shaw, Elizabeth Jean Concord, VT Sept 28, 1947  
Stockwell, Charles Root Concord, VT Dow, Capitola Alice Montpelier, VT Nov 12, 1931  
Stockwell, Charles Root Concord, VT Brownell, Katharine R. Whitefield, NH April 12, 1969  
Stockwell, Chester D. E. Concord Whitehead, Sharon L. St Johnsbury, VT Nov 5, 1966  
Stowell, Cleon Basil Lyndon, VT Lynaugh, Betty Eva Concord, VT June 8, 1957  
Streeter, Carl Allen Concord, VT Ramsdell, Carol Ann Lunenburg Oct 6, 1956 Lunenburg, VT
Streeter, Clifford Allen Concord, VT Hawes, Nellie Margaret Lunenburg, VT Feb 19, 1938 Bradford, VT
Streeter, David W. Concord, VT Wilson, Doris L. Concord, VT Aug 24, 1927  
Streeter, David W. Concord, VT Wilson, Hazel N. Concord, VT Feb 25, 1940 St Johnsbury, VT
Streeter, Glen Clayton   Brown, Marian Edna   Feb 7, 1942  
Streeter, Leslie W. Concord, VT Streeter, Marion Lunenburg, VT March 13, 1946  
Stuart, Edward Concord, VT Patridge, Ellen Hanover, NH July 16, 1928  
Stygles, Ray A. Littleton, NH Corliss, Eudora C. Littleton, NH June 22, 1963  
Suitor, Daniel George Whitefield, NH Parks, Mahleeah Adelaide E. Concord, VT June 23, 1946  
Sutherland, Robert H. Lancaster, NH Garfield, Georgianna Concord, VT March 11, 1967  
Swenson, Ernest C. St Johnsbury, VT Noyes, Joan M. Concord, VT July 11, 1966  
Swett, Alden Adams Concord, VT Jones, Rita Marlene Clovis, NM April 5, 1958  
Swett, Karl D. Orford, NH Noble, Kathleen A. Concord, VT March 11, 1936 St Johnsbury, VT
Sylvester, Earl Berlin, NH Gray, Elizabeth Berlin, NH March 24, 1962  
Tessin, John K. Lancaster, NH Henson, Dianne A. Lancaster, NH Oct 30, 1965  
Thresher, William W. Barnet, VT Chase, Dorothy J. Concord, VT June 1, 1963  
Timson, Bernard Concord, VT Raymond, Gladys Concord, VT July 25, 1934  
Timson, Edward Thomas Concord, VT Boynton, Lillian Linda Littleton, NH May 9, 1973  
Timson, Lawrence Concord, VT Davis, Freda Concord, VT July 7, 1947  
Towle, King E. Pittsburg, NH Haviland, Sibyl Concord, VT March 9, 1927  
Towle, Samuel J. Meadows, NH Glines, June A. Twin Mt., NH Oct 1, 1965  
Turner, Alfred E. Concord, VT Morton, Esther E. Concord, VT Jan 1, 1948 St Johnsbury, VT
Twombly, Robert Concord, VT Wight, Irene F. Lisbon, NH May 21, 1947  
Valimont, Clifford Llewellyn Southington, CT Sorrell, Nancy Ellen N. Concord June 25, 1960  
Vance, Linus V. Concord, VT Hoyt, Esther M. Concord, VT Dec 26, 1930  
Vielleux, Gerard J. Joseph St Johnsbury, VT Cote, Linda Louise Concord, VT April 12, 1969  
Virtue, William J. Concord, VT Morton, Nila G. Concord, VT June 23, 1930  
Walsh, Thomas Concord, VT Hull, Margaret I. Concord, VT June 30, 1931  
Warner, Michael Lawrence Concord, VT Metevier, Teri Gail Concord, VT April 14, 1973  
Washburn, Newton E. Littleton, NH Burnor, Maxine L. Littleton, NH Aug 22, 1963  
Way, Stanley Austin Concord, VT Bean, Mona Rita Concord, VT Dec 21, 1957  
Webb, Walter Concord, VT Streeter, Lilla Smith Concord, VT Jan 10, 1948 Gilman
Welch, Asa G. Littleton, NH Seace, Milly Littleton, NH Oct 3, 1940 E. ST Johnsbury, VT
Welch, Raymond E.   O'Mara, Ava M.   June 13, 1942  
Welcome, Reginald Albert Concord, VT Berry, Brenda Jean Concord, VT June 5, 1971  
Wellman, Leonard Barry St Johnsbury, VT Danforth, Anita Mae Concord, VT June 28, 1969  
Wheeler, Lauris Canning Shelburne, NH Luebeck, Pearl Marie Bethel, ME July 29, 1949 Lyndonville, VT
Whitcomb, Lyle Franklin E. Concord Gadbois, Rachel Ann Littleton, NH May 31, 1954 Littleton, NH
Whitcomb, Urban W. Concord, VT Woodmansee, Myrle D. Concord, VT April 6, 1944  
White, Stanley Frederick Montpelier Drown, Eleanor Ruth Concord, VT May 6, 1951 Concord, VT
Whitehead, Allen James Clinton, MA Camerano, Ann Rita Clinton, MA Aug 13, 1960  
Whitehead, Elwyn Clyde St Johnsbury, VT Baker, Mary Anne Concord, VT June 26, 1971  
Whitehead, Jeffrey Rollo St Johnsbury, VT Bona, Loretta Anne Concord, VT June 24, 1972  
Willey, Edward C. Jr. Jefferson, NH Bunnell, Joyce Concord, VT Aug 18, 1965  
Willey, Richard P. Littleton, NH Folsom, Helen H. E. Concord April 28, 1966  
Williams, Clarence M. Concord, VT Briggs, Bernice Lunenburg, VT July 25, 1931  
Williams, Ernest Concord, VT Dopp, Marion St Johnsbury, VT Aug 27, 1938 Lyndonville, VT
Williams, Harold James Sheffield, VT Fournier, Ruth Adiene Concord, VT Oct 31, 1970  
Willson, Bernard L. Concord, VT Cady, Beatrice St Johnsbury, VT Dec 24, 1946  
Willson, Dennis Alan Concord, VT Whitney, Wendi Eloise St Johnsbury, VT March 17, 1973  
Willson, Donald Oscar N. Concord Bona, Helen Mary N. Concord June 1, 1957  
Willson, Raymond Bernard N. Concord Shores, Edith Flora Granby, VT Jan 20, 1951 Craftsbury, VT
Wood, Albert Roger Kirby Morehouse, Phyllis Rae Concord, VT June 9, 1951 Concord, VT
Woodbury, Howard O. Jr. E. Concord, VT Herrmann, Emma M. E. Concord, VT Feb 18, 1945  
Woodbury, Lester P. Concord, VT Kenerson, Ruby Concord, VT July 22, 1926  
Woodbury, Wesley Roland St Johnsbury, VT Rutledge, Dorothy G. Concord, VT June 23, 1951 Concord, VT
Young, Bion Fred Concord, VT Shores, Katherine Lucia St Johnsbury, VT Sept 6, 1948 Littleton, NH
Young, Brian Harvey Concord, VT Bartlett, Sally Jean Lancaster, NH Oct 24, 1970  
Young, Donald R. Concord, VT Persons, Clara B. Waterford, VT Nov 28, 1947  
Young, Paul P. Westfield, MA Bishop, Donna L. Concord, VT March 28, 1964  
Young, Ronald Irving Concord, VT Whitney, Nikki St Johnsbury, VT Aug 12, 1972  

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