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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Groom's residence Bride Bride's residence Married
Abel, John Hobart Newport Dukett, Margaret Guilmette Coventry June 14, 1977
Adams, Raymond Burroughs  Tulsa, Okla. Barlow, Hazel M.  Coventry Feb 4, 1969
Aigher, Mark A.   Bailey, Trina L. Craftsbury May 15, 2004
Aiken, Malcolm Wallace  Coventry Boutin, Rosalie Ellen Newport Oct 21, 1967
Allen, Matthew James Coventry Coburn, Heather Dawn Coventry July 4, 2001
Ames, Terrence Lyndol Newport Wright, Patricia Esther  Coventry Feb 15, 1975
Andrews, Victor H. Winooski Lake, Doris I. Coventry Dec 6, 2000
Annis, Robert Lee Coventry Lemois, Barbara-Ann Irasburg Aug 2, 1997
Anthony, William Andrew Coventry Boyea, Linda Cochran Coventry July 7, 1984
Archambault, Joseph Alexandre   Brodeur, Maria   Nov 25, 1929
Archambault, Joseph Elphege Philias   Robitaille, Marie Bertha Angeline   May 29, 1932
Archambault, Roland J. W.   Maxfield, Mildred E.   Aug 7, 1937
Arel, Clovis A.  Coventry Warner, Carla Jean  Coventry July 17, 1982
Ashe, Merton H.  Barton Kelley, Doris B.  Coventry July 7, 1956
Ashman, Wilfred G. Beebe, Que. Macie, Terry A.  Coventry Jan 15, 1983
Ashton, Norman Kenneth  North Haven, CT Hart, Laura Helen North Haven, CT July 11, 1975
Austin, Ellis S. Jr.   Shattuck, Ruth Thelma    Jan 14, 1932
Baker, Dayton Larry Coventry Poutre, Nancy Jean Coventry Feb 18, 1984
Balcazar, Evelio Correa   Bahena, Elizabeth Ruth Newport May 10, 2008
Ballinger, Owen David Coventry Petit, Robin Rae Coventry July 6, 2002
Baraw, Harold W. Jr.  Newport Colt, Darlene A.  Coventry May 17, 1955
Barlow, Kenneth Fairbrother   Pettengill, Dorothy Eliza   Dec 24, 1940
Barrup, Robin Douglas, Sr. Coventry Braley, Melissa Ann Coventry Sept 28, 2003
Bates, Christopher Philip Derby Loura, Jill Elizabeth  Coventry Aug 14, 1976
Bathalon, Dana E.   Roberge, Sarah Jean Newport June 14, 2008
Bathalon, Jacque Andre Derby Petit, Karen Marie Mae Coventry May 26, 1995
Baton, Perley Walter Newport Center Columbia, Betty Ann  Coventry May 26, 1964
Beals, Richard A. Tivoli, NY Couture, Amy L. Coventry April 17, 1999
Bean, Russell Kevin Greenland, NH Rogers, Sherry Anne Coventry Oct 26, 1985
Beauchesne, Ronald, Jr. Derby Rogers, Julie A. Coventry July 27, 1991
Beaumont, Darryl Mark Coventry Simpson, April Lee Coventry March 21, 1987
Beaumont, Darryl Mark Coventry Simpson, April Lee Stowe Dec 30, 1989
Becker, James Fred III Wilmington, NC Taylor, Carlene Rae  Coventry June 20, 1981
Bedard, Armond J.   Belisle, Mary Jane   Sept 30, 1939
Begin, James Oliver  Coventry Kahlstrom, Bobie Jean Brownington Oct 7, 1972
Begin, James Oliver  Coventry Yaddow, RoseMarie  Morrisville Oct 30, 1976
Belisle, Edward   Chaput, Bernadette   June 16, 1941
Belisle, Joseph Arthur Dourmique   Chaput, Leoutine   Aug 18, 1937
Benedict, Stephen P.   LaCross, Donna L. Newport May 22, 2004
Bennett, Donald Lloyd Coventry Bellanger, Carol Ann Coventry Dec 15, 1984
Bennett, Mark J. Coventry Woodard-Chaput, Rita Coventry Sept 12, 1992
Bennett, Mark James Coventry Sims, Holly Rehna Coventry Aug 21, 2001
Bergeron, Armand J.   Hart, Eula E.   Oct 17, 1943
Bergeron, Eli Joseph   Bouthillier, Rose Aime   Aug 10, 1942
Bergeron, Joseph A.   Potvin, Clara Catherine   Aug 9, 1930
Bergeron, Joseph G. Arthur   Bouthillier, Lucille   July 1, 1936
Bergeron, Leo   Pudvah, Rachel   Nov 26, 1934
Bernard, Wilfred Alfred   LaBonte, Fleurette   Sept 25, 1940
Besaw, Elbridge E.   Sheltra, Jeanette Rita   Dec 16, 1943
Besaw, Richard N.   Sheltra, Luvinia   Sept 24, 1934
Bickford, Harley H.   Wood, Mae   June 29, 1950
Bickford, Stephen Newell   Spaulding, Gloria   Dec 22, 1939
Bickford, Warren E.   Hoadley, Estella A.   March 7, 1942
Bickford, Warren Eugene   Hyde, Lillian Hester   Nov 29, 1933
Bickford, Woodrow Orlo   Hyde, Barbara Ruth   Nov 29, 1933
Billado, Carroll Stephen   Robinson, Sarah Coventry Jan 8, 2005
Blair, Maurice A. Jr.  Coventry Petit, Sharon Lou  Coventry June 16, 1979
Blaisure, Timothy Paul Coventry Curboy, Deborah Ann Mass. Sept 20, 1987
Blake, John F., Jr. Coventry Patten, April Coventry May 26, 1990
Blake, Kevin Charles Coventry Paddleford, Lisa Ann Coventry July 2, 1988
Blanchard, Roland E.   Willis, Sherie A. Lowell May 12, 2007
Blay, Frederick E.  Coventry Merrill, Gloria Jane  W. Charleston Dec 9, 1952
Blodgett, Lucien Donald  Barton Webster, Paulette Germaine  Coventry Oct 28, 1972
Blouin, Arthur H.  Coventry Stetson, Elizabeth  Coventry March 1, 1980
Blouin, Arthur Lee Coventry Grondin, Cheryl A. Coventry June 1, 2002
Bol, Joseph A.  Union, NJ Cleveland, Eva Marie  Coventry June 8, 1968
Booth, Benjamin H. Coventry Naramore, Jane Hoy Coventry July 1, 1990
Booth, Kenneth D., Jr.   Stevens, Robbi Jean Barton June 24, 2006
Boulanger, Thomas, Jr. Coventry Pion, Laura Derby Aug 11, 1990
Bourassa, Norman Henry Manchester, NH St. Onge, Francine Helen  Coventry Jan 8, 1977
Bowen, Glenn M.  Coventry Armstrong, Helen M.  Newport Center July 2, 1955
Bowen, Terry Ray Derby Nadeau, Christina Marie Coventry June 9, 1984
Bowman, Alden Royal Coventry Brodersen, Monica Lee Park City, IL April 22, 1995
Bowman, Charles Baxter Newport Ctr. Glodgett, Tammy Lynn Coventry April 16, 1988
Bowman, Edwin Leland Derby    Labounty, Alice Mae  Coventry April 19, 1962
Bradford, Reginald Arthur  Coventry Gallup, Lois Manely Brownington Oct 1, 1977
Briere, Scott Michael Coventry Stevens, Carole Lynn Coventry May 12, 1999
Broe, Daniel Paul Coventry Petit, Robin Rae Coventry June 11, 1994
Broe, John Walter, Jr. Coventry Cobb, Deanna Mae Coventry July 13, 2002
Brown, Bruce Allen  Irasburg Lawson, Lynn Bertha  Coventry Sept 19, 1965
Brown, Mark P.   Racicot, Marcia L. North Troy July 24, 2004
Bryant, George W. Newport Beaumont, Pamela J. Coventry March 9, 1991
Buck, Royce J.   Roberts, Leota Fay   Aug 10, 1942
Budziak, Stanley F., Jr. Coventry Voss, Susan Coventry May 9, 1992
Burnham, Michael Lee Coventry Beaulieu, Claire Marie Coventry Aug 4, 1984
Bushey, James J. Jr. NH Rogers, Lynn Marie  Coventry Nov 3, 1979
Bussier, Andre Leo  Coventry Lancaster, Linda Lois Newport Feb 12, 1977
Byrd, Shawn Alen   Norway, Tamara Marie Coventry July 4, 2008
Cahill, Michael A.  Coventry Ingram, Judie Lee  Coventry Nov 12, 1977
Calloway, Donald Owen, Jr. Coventry Skinner, Linda Mae Coventry Jan 14, 1995
Camber, Everett Newport Scott, Adeline  Coventry Sept 15, 1951
Campbell, James A. Coventry Hall, Kim L. Coventry Sept 4, 1999
Campbell, James A.  Coventry Joseph, Hayley Marie  Coventry Sept 20, 1981
Cantwell, Edmond Amen Island Pond Poirier, Cynthia Jean Coventry July 16, 1994
Carpenter, Richard Lee  Coventry Grondin, Vicky Lynn Derby Aug 25, 1978
Carr, Brian Kimber W. Charleston Broe, Michelle Ann Coventry Dec 20, 1986
Carr, Michael G.  Coventry Wyman, Rachel Janet  Coventry Oct 19, 1981
Carrier, Peter D.  Coventry Quirion, Julie Rolande  Coventry Oct 10, 1981
Carrol, Albert   Smollins, Josephine   Jan 3, 1926
Carroll, John L.   Hamel, Theresa   April 13, 1936
Cassaday, Richard Morris  Lyndonville Desbiens, Claire Suzanne  Coventry Feb 27, 1960
Chaffee, Dale E.   Honsinger, Ide E.   Nov 26, 1945
Champagne, Robert   Tebbets, Olive Geraldine   May 7, 1947
Champagne, Rosalio J.   Desbiens, Germaine   Sept 9, 1929
Chaput, Roland H.   Becotte, Rachel M.   April 19, 1948
Chilafoux, Lance Kane   Lantagne, Miranda Pearl Coventry Aug 20, 2005
Chilafoux, Starlyn Brent  Brownington Keement, Ila Alice  Coventry Nov 1, 1969
Choquette, Dennis Mark Newport Maxwell, Kimberly Lane Coventry July 20, 1985
Clark, Wesley Peter Irasburg Van Tassel, Karen Lynne Coventry Aug 11, 1984
Cleveland, Richard Day   Bouthillier, Marie Claire   July 15, 1940
Cobb, James Howard Barton Fletcher, Mary Kay Coventry July 26, 2003
Cole, Albert M. Derby Temple, Shirley A. Coventry Jan 2, 1993
Collins, Shawn Alan   Wilcox, Debra Christine Barton Nov 24, 2005
Columbia, Shawn Xavier   Fournier, Carmen Mary Orleans July 9, 2005
Conway, John Thomas Jr.   Cleveland, Marian Louise   June 25, 1929
Corriveau, Yves J. NH Lussier, Ginette D.  Coventry May 26, 1979
Corrow, Bernard C.   Brien, Irene A.   Oct 17, 1941
Corrow, Everington A.   Armstrong, Alberta   Sept 15, 1929
Corrow, George P. Jr.  Coventry Moeykins, Lillian C. Derby April 5, 1951
Cota, Deanna Lynn   Long, Christina Michelle Coventry Sept 20, 2008
Cota, Gary Lee Orleans Beaumont, Dolores  Coventry March 14, 1980
Cote, Cedric Triffley  Mansonville, Que. Willson, Sandra Diane  Coventry Dec 15, 1967
Craft, Rudolph Noble  Newport Young, Carol Ann  Coventry Nov 25, 1970
Crowe, Brian Gregory Coventry Page, Judith Karen Coventry Oct 12, 2002
Cummings, George   Tarbox, Arlene M.   May 30, 1938
Currier, Brian Craig Newport Bates, Jill Elizabeth Coventry July 21, 1984
Curtis, Truman Frederick   Metcalf, Clarissa E.   June 1, 1931
Cutting, Donald Wayne  Coventry Hodgdon, Lynette Kay  Coventry Nov 10, 1961
Cutting, Larry D.  Coventry Sanville, Esther  Irasburg Aug 30, 1958
Cutting, Paul Richard Coventry Whittier, Geraldine Ann Coventry June 10, 1995
Cutting, Paul Richard Coventry Williams, Heather Ann Greensboro July 5, 2003
Dailey, Reginald M. Coventry Cady, Kelly Coventry June 13, 1992
Damon, Howard Harold   Kennison, Ruth Beatrice   May 2, 1943
Darcy, James B. Newport White, Carolyn A. Coventry Jan 30, 1993
Davio, Robert Elwin Jr. Newport Center Mead, Ida Mae  Coventry Jan 25, 1975
Davis, Earl Raymond Jr.   Webster, Joyce Ann   June 11, 1949
Davis, Harold Kendrick  Newport Cook, Patricia Hazel  Coventry June 27, 1964
Davis, Kenneth Burton Coventry Grenier, Joyce Marie Coventry July 5, 1985
Dean, Merton Ranger  Coventry Lalime, Harriet Mary Newport Sept 10, 1966
Dean, Robert  Coventry Hancock, Roberta Irasburg June 28, 1952
DeMassi, Steven Leominster, MA Ryan, Kimberly Cooper Coventry May 27, 1989
Desbiens, Gerard Claude  Coventry Gionet, Camilla Ursule New Brunswick June 5, 1971
Desbiens, Leonce   Vizina, Alice   Aug 11, 1930
Desbieus, Wilfred   Lalicre, Jeanne d'Arc   June 21, 1937
Despins, Albert   Hill, Helen   Dec 27, 1934
Desroches, Alan Rock Coventry Brooks, Lisa Marie Coventry Oct 4, 2003
Desroches, Rock Noel  Newport Quirion, Suzanne Louise  Coventry May 12, 1973
DeVost, Richard Norman Coventry Carter, Barbara Jean Coventry Sept 5, 1998
Deyo, Victor Alton Derby Phillips, Kathy Joyce Coventry Aug 31, 1985
Dingman, Mark Todd Coventry Beaumont, Pamela Jean Coventry June 9, 1984
Dorais, Claude A.   Girard, Olida L. Newport Oct 10, 2004
Drake, Leland G.  Coventry Sukola, Lois H.  Newport Aug 9, 1958
Drake, Leland G.  Coventry Nutting, Phyllis H. Barton Oct 5, 1963
Driver, Jeffrey Milton Coventry Before, Amber Khristle Coventry Nov 8, 2003
Duchesneau, Leon A.  Coventry Monfette, Eva M. Newport Aug 23, 1955
Duckless, James Scott Newport Ctr. Ryab, Beth Coventry Sept 10, 1994
Duff, Guy Welland  Newport Center Aiken, Mary Lou  Coventry March 25, 1965
Dunn, Brian Wayne  North Troy Laframboise, Lucy Jeannette  Coventry April 1, 1972
Dunn, Homer   Dawson, Ruth   Dec 9, 1950
Dunn, Ronald   Ramsdell, Hazel   Dec 30, 1948
Dunn, Ronald James Coventry Lucas, Deborah June Coventry March 2, 1996
Dunn, William G.   Dunn, Regina   Aug 25, 1948
Dunwoody, Eugene Paul   Guay, Teya Gael Coventry Oct 22, 2005
Elie, Perry Lee Lowell Rogers, Lesa Jane Coventry Sept 6, 1986
Elliott, Jesse Ray  Westfield Provost, Miriam Marsh  Coventry Feb 1, 1975
Elwood, Terry Lee Coventry Willson, Lorene Silva Coventry Oct 15, 1984
Faggiani, Robert Lester Lancaster, NH Stevens, Lisa Maria Jean Coventry Aug 26, 1989
Farnsworth, Carl Ross  Coventry Collins, Karlene Kay Newport June 3, 1978
Fecteau, Dean Francis  Coventry Britch, Gail Lynn Newport Nov 29, 1975
Ferrin, Scott David W. Burke Kelley, Amy Marie Coventry May 24, 1986
Fletcher, Jon Thomas Coventry Faggiani, Catherine Ellen Coventry Dec 30, 1995
Flint, David Scott   Vigario, Lori-Ann Rita Derby June 18, 2005
Fortin, Lionel  Derby Line Piette, Simmone  Coventry June 7, 1952
Fortin, Yvon Donald  Derby Fellows, Suzanne Helen  Coventry March 4, 1972
Fortunati, Robert Coventry Rivard, Lynne Ann Newport June 15, 1985
Fosgate, David Marshall Jr.  Coventry Beaumont, Dolores Pauline Derby June 10, 1978
Fournier, Daniel Paul Coventry Letourneau, Carmen Marie Irasburg June 29, 1985
Fournier, Leonard  Coventry Girouard, Irene Orleans May 23, 1953
Frazier, Ronald Lee Coventry Duff, Mary Jane Coventry Jan 28, 2000
Frizzell, Stephan Francis Coventry Slocum, Jean Patricia Coventry Oct 22, 1986
Fushey, Charles E.   Trudeau, Josie M.   July 30, 1928
Gaboriault, Michael Philip Coventry Bickford, Julia Ann Coventry March 3, 2001
Gadapee, Glendon H.  Coventry Rivers, Ann L. St. Johnsbury Aug 10, 1956
Gallup, David C. Coventry Young, Melissa Coventry Oct 24, 1992
Gallup, Donald F. Glastonbury, CT Desbiens, Jacqueline  Coventry Aug 30, 1958
Garfield, Mark R.  Coventry Simpson, Cindy Lee  Coventry Sept 18, 1982
Garland, Michael Duane  Coventry Petit, Brenda Jane  Minot, ND Nov 25, 1978
Gibney, Arthur Mark Newport Broe, Jennifer Lise Coventry Oct 1, 1994
Gilson, Stephen M.  Coventry Hamilton, Judith Ann  Newport July 3, 1965
Gleason, Ernest Malcolm  Barton Whipple, Dora L.  Coventry May 30, 1953
Glodgett, Louis J. Coventry Lemieux, Susan Coventry July 11, 1992
Glodgett, Terry Carl  Brownington Begin, Christine Marie  Coventry May 4, 1968
Goodrich, Jeffrey Charles Essex Jct. Dean, Christy Jo Coventry Aug 11, 1984
Goodwin, Scott Jeffrey Albany Gilman, Amy May Coventry Nov 2, 1985
Gosselin, Robert John Newport Currier, Jill Elizabeth Loura Coventry Oct 1, 1988
Gosselin, Terrence Andrew  Derby Collins, Marlene Rae  Coventry Oct 30, 1971
Granai, George W., Jr. Coventry Messier, Carolyn P. Coventry July 24, 1993
Grant, Bradley David Altamont, NY Burkewitz, Jana Lynne Coventry Sept 24, 1988
Graveline, Edward E.   Lamere, Chestina   Aug 11, 1930
Gravlin, David Matthew Reading, MA Blaisure, Michelle Joy Coventry July 5, 1986
Gray, Lyle Irvan  Coventry Warner, Amy Ellen  Coventry July 3, 1976
Gray, Mark Arnold Coventry LeBlanc, Heather Joyce Coventry Sept 21, 2002
Gray, Thomas W.   Currier, Tiffany A. Newport Aug 28, 2004
Gray, Thomas Wayne Coventry Grenier, Hope Leigh Coventry Dec 19, 1998
Greenwood, Danny A. Newport Simpson, Pamela N. Coventry March 20, 1993
Grenier, Andre M. Coventry Powers, Wendy J. Derby July 24, 1993
Griggs, David O.  Coventry Lamoureaux, Brenda E.  Coventry Oct 8, 1983
Grimes, Brian J. Coventry Walker, Renee M. Coventry May 3, 2003
Grondin, Kevin Mark Coventry Calloway, Donna Natalie Coventry Sept 5, 1987
Guay, Benoit J. Coventry Maher, Joyce A. Coventry March 11, 2000
Guay, Benoit J.   Burnham, Claire M. Derby May 22, 2004
Guilmette, Ramon James  Coventry Underwood, Patricia Anne St. Albans Aug 25, 1973
Guyette, Victor Roland  Coventry Foote, Sandra Ona N. Haverhill, NH April 6, 1961
Hall, Sidney Lee Coventry Jones, Lucy Ann Irasburg June 23, 1984
Hamel, Arestide Charles Jr.  Coventry Geraw, Debra May  Coventry Aug 30, 1975
Hamel, Aristide C.   Hussey, Velma Constance   April 2, 1940
Hamel, Gerard C.   Menard, Mariette   June 29, 1936
Hamel, Marc Alan  Coventry LaMadeleine, Donna  Coventry April 12, 1980
Hamel, Raymond Gerard  Coventry LeBlanc, Joanne Estelle Orleans Jan 22, 1966
Hamilton, Bruce Williams Coventry Ernst, Diana Lee Coventry April 6, 1984
Hancock, Randy Owen Coventry Corkins, Shari Lee Derby Nov 29, 1986
Hancock, Richard Lee Coventry Hammond, Linda Ann Coventry Oct 7, 1995
Hancock, Rodney Earle  Coventry Kilpatrick, Gloria Grace Lyndonville Jan 25, 1964
Hancock, Wayne Herbert  Coventry Kelley, Corine Winifred Albany July 28, 1967
Hancock, Wendell Lee  Coventry Keement, Margaret Rita Newport Sept 11, 1965
Haney, Cyril G.  Coventry Brown, Jane C.  Coventry Nov 15, 1956
Haney, Rickey Brown  Coventry Broome, Carmel Elizabeth Glover March 20, 1976
Hardie, Howard C. Orleans Orne, Dorothea S.  Coventry Aug 28, 1954
Hatch, Trevor Michael Coventry Jones, Felicia Christen Coventry Jan 14, 2000
Hayes, William, Jr. Coventry Laboda, Sally Ann Holland June 10, 1989
Heath, William Clarence Jr.  Coventry Petit, Donna Faye  Coventry Sept 16, 1978
Henderson, Leonard George Cookshire, Que. Coates, Edna Gould, Que. Jan 8, 1996
Herrick, James Walter   Drown, Isabelle Bertha   May 30, 1940
Hilliker, Alton   Stone, Frances Louise   June 1, 1938
Hilliker, Alva Stanley   Miner, Marion Jenet   Aug 15, 1932
Hilliker, John Gardner   Kinney, Bernadette   Oct 13, 1941
Hinton, Alfred Chester Coventry Welch, Marion Sylvia Coventry July 6, 1985
Hinton, Alfred Chester Coventry DeFrain, Rosemary Coventry March 25, 1987
Hinton, Travis Adam   Palmer, Michaela Jo Coventry March 7, 2008
Hissick, John Cutler Cheshire, CT Wilcox, Jaclyn Ann Cheshire, CT Sept 17, 1988
Hodgdon, Bradley Charles Derby Lemay, Pauline Rita  Coventry June 24, 1978
Hodgdon, Douglas Newell  Coventry Dupras, Sharon Lee  Brookfield Aug 26, 1967
Hodgdon, Max Edward Coventry Hodgdon, Leona Adeline Hardwick June 19, 1999
Hodgdon, Wilfred Perry Arlington, MA Yin, Hong Arlington, MA July 22, 1995
Howe, Frank Anthony   Campbell, Yolande Alice   June 29, 1942
Hurd, Sheldon C. Newport Ctr. Lathe, Lisa Coventry June 20, 1992
Hussey, Dennis Leo  Greensboro Bend Laframboise, Lorraine Marie Muriele  Coventry Aug 10, 1968
Hyland, Bernard  Coventry Sheffert, Patricia Englewood, NJ July   1958
Hyland, Cecil E.   Cushing, Jeanette Evelyn   Oct 7, 1946
Hyland, Earl W.   Blanchard, Henrietta   Dec 7, 1927
Hyland, Eric J. CT Bouler, Stephanie Coventry Aug 3, 1991
Jackson, J. Herbert   Hussey, Stella E.   Nov 11, 1937
Jacobs, Burton Stewart  Derby Nadeau, Suzette Kay  Coventry March 16, 1965
Jacobs, Charles   Elliott, Iola Nina   June 16, 1926
Jacobs, Mark Anthony Derby Sanville, Joanne Denise Coventry July 28, 1984
Joslyn, Perley F.   Aldrich, Avis N.   Dec 9, 1939
Joyal, Leon O.  Coventry Potter, Jerri Lane  Coventry Oct 31, 1981
Judd, John Robert   Burbank, Emily Marion Holland Sept 27, 2008
Keement, John L., Jr. Coventry Nadeau, Kerry Coventry Oct 17, 1992
Kelley, David Lee  Coventry Gosley, Donna Rae  Coventry May 13, 1978
Kelley, Michael Leon  Coventry Dority, Sally Ann  Newport March 25, 1967
Kelly, Dermond Garold  Newport Lawson, Louise Alice  Coventry Nov 25, 1954
Kennison, Melvin B.   Marrone, Alma   March 30, 1946
Kennison, Melvin B.  Coventry Berge, Evelyn  Coventry Sept 27, 1957
Kennison, Wayne A.   Sanville, Elsie L.   Oct 10, 1945
Kimball, Jesse Edson  Coventry Provencher, Denise Ann Barton April 6, 1974
Kingsley, Carlton Louis Coventry Flynn, Tammy Rae Coventry Oct 5, 1985
Kinne, Harry W.   Knox, Ruth K.   Sept 29, 1926
Knight, Howard Franklin, Jr. Coventry Coblai, Ana Cojuhar Moldova March 6, 2003
Kuruc, James George  Coventry Stevens, Gloria Jean  Coventry Nov 28, 1971
Labor, Larry Lee  Coventry Lelime, Pauline May Newport Sept 3, 1966
Labounty, Dennis Robert Barton Stowell, Diane Florence Coventry Feb 16, 1985
LaBounty, Reginald F. Jr.  Coventry Broe, Cheryl Ann  Coventry Nov 5, 1981
LaBounty, Reginald Floyd Jr.  Coventry Baird, Shirley Ann  Derby July 1, 1961
Ladouceur, Wayne Henry Newport Blake, Karen Elizabeth Coventry Feb 18, 1984
LaFoe, Richard B.   Baker, Ann M. Coventry July 28, 2007
Lafoe, Ricky Gene Coventry Penfield, Arlene Wilson Coventry July 9, 1988
LaFratta, Timothy Micahel   Young, Kathleen Lois Coventry July 2, 2005
Lake, Adrian I. St. Albans Atherton, Doris Kendall Coventry Jan 23, 1988
LaMadeleine, David Preston Coventry Stone, Paula Mari Coventry Sept 10, 1994
Lamere, Frank Edward   Morse, Madeline Grace   Feb 24, 1941
Lanpher, Gerald Robert  N. Hyde Park Leonard, Ruth Evelyn  Coventry Dec 22, 1962
Lantagne, Gary Lewis  Coventry Peck, Adalene Harriet Newport Feb 8, 1969
Laramee, Florio   Bouthillier, Helen Mary   June 2, 1941
Larock, James E. Coventry Petit, Caroline Turcotte Coventry July 1, 1990
LaRose, Daniel Gene   Snider, Alicia Mae Richford Oct 11, 2008
LaRose, David John  Irasburg Fellows, Melody Ann  Coventry Aug 30, 1969
Lathe, Emerson Charles  Albany Halsall, Nettie Irene  Coventry Sept 16, 1954
Lauzon, Albert Arthur Coventry Durocher, Claudette Coventry Sept 2, 1989
Lawson, Cecil E.   Fauch, Marion M.   Oct 15, 1937
Lawson, Donald W.   Norway, Anne Virginia   July 26, 1941
Lawson, Gordon Leonard   Kettle, Helen May   June 23, 1941
Lawson, Jack   Dunn, Pearl R.   April 19, 1949
Lawson, Jerry Lee  Coventry Brown, Elfrieda Margaret Derby May 14, 1967
Lawson, Norman A.   Spencer, Alice M.   June 27, 1936
Lawson, Wendell John  Coventry Royea, Susan Melissa Newport Center June 12, 1968
Lawson, Wendell John  Coventry St. Onge, Nancy Mary Newport July 12, 1974
Lawson, William   Edmunds, Rosena   Aug 6, 1932
Lawson, William Spencer  Coventry Cutting, Barbara Irene  Coventry April 7, 1961
Lawson, Winston D.   Thompson, Gladys E.   Jan 12, 1945
Lebeau, Jeangui  Sherbrooke, Que. Riel, Norah Walley Sherbrooke, Que. April 6, 1962
LeBel, Jules Edmond  Coventry Mason, Barbara Elizabeth Newport Sept 20, 1952
LeBel, Paul V.   Ouelette, Fernande   Sept 10, 1949
LeBlanc, Francis G. Barton Lussier, Nicole Jeanne  Coventry Sept 19, 1981
Leblond, Robert D.  Irasburg Lemieux, Lorraine S.  Coventry Oct 26, 1957
LeClair, Henry A.   Sylvester, Crystal A. Coventry May 29, 2004
LeMoine, Bradley Page   Webster, Sharleen Alice Coventry Aug 13, 2006
Leonard, Francis A.   Lafoe, Lavinia V.   Jan 16, 1937
Leonard, Kenneth Wayne  Lyndonville Aiken, Faith Lulu  Coventry June 24, 1967
Leonard, Roland Hubert   Archambault, Germaine   Oct 10, 1933
Limlaw, Robert Edward Newport Tyler, Elizabeth Ann  Coventry Oct 20, 1978
Litchfield, Charles M.   McMurtry, Imogene D.   June 27, 1936
Little, Douglas Stewart  Barton Carpenter, Marlene Jane  Coventry Sept 5, 1970
Little, Frederick Edwin  Coventry Nutting, Donna M.  Coventry Oct 7, 1978
Logon, Paul Willis  Coventry Colby, Joanne Mildred Woodstock Aug 24, 1968
Longeway, Lyman   Burdick, Frances L.   Dec 8, 1946
Lucas, Raymond C., Jr. Coventry Poulin, Amber Rae Coventry July 20, 2002
Lucas, Raymond Chester, Jr. Coventry Alston, Heather Renee Coventry Nov 2, 1996
Lunna, Deric A.   Lewis, Tracy A. Macomber Coventry July 3, 2004
Lussier, John Mark  Coventry Bernier, Carol S.  Newport Aug 24, 1975
Lussier, Peter J.  Coventry Gaboriault, Marianne Barton May 28, 1983
MacFarlane, James Aaron  Coventry Lawson, Cheryl April N. Derby Nov 15, 1975
MacFarlane, Michael Howard  Coventry Caples, Linda Diane Newport Oct 27, 1973
Macie, Arland  Coventry Norris, Kathryn  Newport June 28, 1953
Marandola, Warner A.  Coventry Metras, Alice I.  Derby Nov 22, 1958
Marcotte, Lucien   Caron, Marie Rose   June 29, 1939
Marcotte, Michael J.  Coventry Gravel, Danielle Cecile  Coventry Sept 5, 1981
Marcotte, Roderick L.  Coventry Pudvah, Margarette A. Westfield July 23, 1971
Marcotte, Roderick L.  Coventry Smith, Christine M. Brattleboro Dec 30, 1979
Marcotte, Roland F.   Desbieus, Lucille   June 21, 1937
Martell, Timothy L.   Before, Sarah L. Derby Aug 21, 2004
Martin, Robert Eugene, Jr. Troy Burns, Kathleen Renee Coventry March 3, 1995
Mason, Richard Ray, Sr. Coventry Bahena, Cynthia June Coventry July 20, 2002
Maxwell, Anthony M.  Coventry Provost, Cecile Louise  Derby Aug 15, 1981
Maxwell, Bradley Neil  Coventry Heath, Jean MacDonald Newport June 18, 1977
Maxwell, Dean   Messier, Greta   June 28, 1947
Maxwell, Jeffrey Brian  Coventry King, Mary Elizabeth  Coventry Sept 2, 1978
Maxwell, Stewart R. Coventry LeBlanc, Margaret Hinman Coventry Feb 14, 1990
Maxwell, Stewart Roger  Coventry Heath, Mary Elizabeth  Coventry June 11, 1978
Mayhew, Eugene W. Coventry Brown, Candy L. Newport Ctr. Aug 24, 1991
McCormick, Chad Graydon   Pion, Amanda Lynn Troy March 29, 2008
McCormick, Malcolm Gradon Newport Center Roy, Michelle Denise  Coventry April 5, 1975
McGreevy, Terrence R. Coventry Lyon, Ellen Coventry June 20, 1992
McKinstry, Raymond   LaFleur, Faustina   Jan 20, 1943
McNeal, Brian Craig Coventry Lessard, Vicky J. Coventry Aug 18, 2000
Mead, John Arthur Coventry Ostiguy, Judy Lynn Coventry Sept 21, 1985
Mead, Lee Eric Coventry Pray, Shannon Lynn Derby Jan 15, 1989
Mead, Leon F.  Coventry Fortin, Rejeanne Melita Derby Aug 16, 1969
Mead, Neil Franklin Coventry Lackie, Rose Marie Shattuck Coventry Sept 28, 1984
Mead, Neil Franklin Coventry Johnson, Debi Dell Derby May 10, 1999
Messier, Bruce Wills  Coventry Leithead, Marilyn Isabell Newport Oct 28, 1961
Messier, Dale T.  Coventry Bernard, Mary Jean  Newport April 18, 1953
Messier, Fleurant Gaetan Granby, Que. Racicot, Huguette Lise  Coventry June 6, 1964
Messier, Jean M. J.    Guillette, Madeline R.   Dec 14, 1944
Messier, Leopold Andrew Coventry Little, Marlene Jane Coventry Oct 3, 1987
Messier, Lucien Joseph   LaFleur, Clarice Cecile   Oct 26, 1940
Messier, Rosaire N.   St Amand, Rollande Y.   May 25, 1943
Metcalf, Amos J.   Brandon, Evelyn   Jan 23, 1937
Metcalf, Harry   Batchelder, Corrie   June 25, 1926
Michlett, Gerard A.   Collins, Florence   Jan 5, 1937
Miclette, Jerry   Collins, Florence   Jan 5, 1937
Minnie, Robert J., Jr. Coventry Beauregard, Beverly Coventry May 5, 1990
Monette, Lionel Almer   Lamothe, Viola Lorema   Sept 14, 1937
Monette, Rene   Thayer, Jennie M.   March 31, 1938
Montefusco, Paul Derby Line Galuska, Brenda Joyce  Coventry Oct 14, 1979
Moran, Peter Raymond Fort Hancock, TX LaFramboise, Joanne Mary  Coventry Feb 19, 1977
Morin, Ernest Hector   Hopkins, Rita Lendolene   Sept 7, 1950
Morrison, Douglas Paul Newport Beaumont, Pamela Jean Coventry July 4, 1986
Morrissette, Neil  Holland Lemieux, Jeannie  Coventry Oct 26, 1957
Morse, Bruce I.   Kennison, Barbara F.   May 29, 1943
Mosher, Colen A.  Coventry Kelley, Cleo  Lowell Nov 17, 1958
Moulton, James Abner  Newport Mead, Sara Jane  Coventry June 5, 1971
Moulton, Shane Anthony Coventry O'Neil, Juanita Lin Lowell June 11, 1994
Musselman, Ivan M.  Coventry Bussell, Susan M.  Coventry Dec 9, 1982
Nadeau, Louis E.  Coventry Blay, Marilyn Anita Newport April 17, 1971
Nadeau, Robert, Jr. Coventry Blanchard, Shirley Diane Coventry May 8, 1996
Naramore, Robert Sanford, Jr. Coventry Fortin, Rachel Lucille Derby July 6, 1985
Naramore, Robert Sanford, Jr. Coventry Lapinski, Regina Ann Coventry Aug 18, 2001
Nault, Ernest Alfred   Kennison, Marie Leona   Nov 6, 1945
Newton, Edwin Glenn Newport Lawson, Nancy Ann  Coventry April 5, 1975
Norris, Robert Lucien  Coventry Myott, Sheila Maria Newport Nov 20, 1971
Norway, Floyd E.   Twofoot, Helen E.   March 27, 1943
O'Connor, Anthony Joseph  Coventry Gosselin, Gloria Gail Derby Line July 17, 1976
Oliver, Peter James   Lamoureux, Tanya Lynn Derby June 25, 2005
Orne, Robin W.   Blake, Karen E. Albany Feb 14, 2004
Palmer, Michael Donald Coventry Potwin, Katina M. Coventry Jan 29, 2001
Paquin, Albert George Coventry Heath, Brenda Lee Coventry Dec 15, 1984
Paradis, Joseph Alban   Perreault, Marie Cecile Leona   Sept 3, 1929
Passut, Justin F.   Kimball, Sharon A. Newport June 19, 2004
Patenaude, Bernard Fitzgerald  Coventry Caldwell, Catherine Ann  Coventry Aug 26, 1978
Patneaude, Leroy Mathew Barnet Willson, Susan Ellen  Coventry Feb 1, 1969
Patrick, Paul A.  Coventry Desjardins, Pauline G.  Coventry June 9, 1979
Pelkey, Oliver L.   Burkewitz, Barbara   June 22, 1945
Percy, Gary Marvin  Newport Tinker, Candice Lynn  Coventry Oct 25, 1975
Perkins, Steven Ralph Charleston Foster, Cresta Lin Coventry Aug 15, 1998
Perkins, Terry Paul  Westmore Hamel, Jeannette Elaine  Coventry May 24, 1969
Perrault, Caleb Ashley   Bruce, Christina Ann Marie Newport July 10, 2008
Perron, Brandon P.   Bruneau, Jenifer L. Irasburg Aug 11, 2007
Perry, David Carter Jr. Barre Bickford, Shirley Emma  Coventry Oct 1, 1977
Perry, Gilbert Ernest   Bouthillier, Simone   July 25, 1948
Petit, David L. Coventry Nolin, Nancy Uhlendorff Coventry Nov 24, 1990
Petit, David L.  Coventry Lafoe, Caroline A. Sheffield March 3, 1957
Petit, Edmond Lewis Coventry Phelps, Dolores Mary Coventry June 25, 1994
Petit, Edmond Lewis  Coventry Prue, Carol Ann Newport Dec 7, 1968
Petit, Eric Matthew Coventry Gratton, Jamie Irene Newport Ctr. Sept 2, 2000
Petit, Gary Alan Coventry LaClair, Edna Louise Newport Aug 26, 2000
Petit, Gerard Joseph  Coventry LaBounty, Mary Elizabeth Newport Aug 17, 1970
Petit, Gordon E.  Coventry Bickford, Jean G.  North Troy May 15, 1960
Petit, Robert   Rockwell, Zillah   June 26, 1949
Petit, Scott Michael Coventry Leavitt, Heather Lynn Coventry July 5, 1997
Petit, Warren  Coventry Aiken, Madeline  Coventry May 14, 1960
Piette, Raymond Paul Brownington Wells, Penny Lynn  Coventry June 10, 1978
Plante, Clarence   Bergeron, Dorothy   April 11, 1942
Poirier, Edward Richard  Coventry Leithead, Lucille Ann  Newport Aug 29, 1959
Poirier, Gerard  Coventry Blais, Doris Holland May 5, 1956
Poirier, Ronald Albert  Orleans Wright, Viola Vona  Coventry Aug 25, 1962
Poutre, James Michael Coventry Ashman, Amy Elizabeth Coventry Sept 7, 2002
Powers, Richard S.  Coventry Jewett, Hazel D.  Coventry July 22, 1978
Provencha, Clint Eric Coventry Yelle, Heidi Jean Coventry July 2, 1994
Prue, Daniel Craig, II Coventry Parker, Elisabeth Lorene Coventry Aug 31, 2002
Prue, Sheridan Wayne   Benway, Dora May   Aug 18, 1942
Punt, Anthony Joseph   Tufts, Amy June Coventry Nov 8, 2008
Quick, Wilfred Arthur Quebec Leitman, Shelley Susan Ontario Aug 21, 1987
Quinn, Sean Thomas Newport Yoder-Pelkey, Tiffany Gayle Coventry Sept 30, 2001
Quirion, Luc Pratice Brownington Dutton, Rhonda Lee  Coventry Oct 28, 1978
Quirion, Roger Joseph Coventry McLeod, Christine Marie Newport Aug 9, 1986
Rafferty, Wesley Scott  White River Jct. Hodgdon, Paula Jean  Coventry Dec 17, 1971
Reed, Lyell Reynolds  Coventry Bickford, May Elizabeth  Coventry June 27, 1964
Reed, Lyell Roy Coventry Carron, Susan Marie Coventry Oct 22, 1988
Riegel, Wallace Manley III Coventry Cornell, Tonya Marie Coventry Oct 30, 1987
Riegel, Wallace Manly  Coventry McAllister, Raelene Jean Coventry April 14, 1977
Rives, Christopher John Barton Bergeron, Virginia Mary  Coventry June 11, 1964
Roberts, Danny G. North Troy Webster, Sharleen A.  Coventry June 16, 1979
Robinson, Gary Kent  Coventry Jones, Joyce Ruth Burlington Oct 7, 1962
Robinson, Wesley A.   Perry, Edith   Nov 17, 1934
Roby, Vernon P.  Coventry Atherton, Kerry Sue  Coventry Sept 29, 1979
Rockwell, Charles Richard Coventry Maynard, Jamie-Lynn Coventry July 12, 2003
Rodrique, Raymond Roland Coventry Gilman, Gloria Jean Coventry Jan 12, 1985
Rogers, Fred A.   Aubrey, Mary Theresa   June 23, 1928
Rogers, Kimball Lee Coventry Moeykens, Lynn Celia Newport July 6, 2002
Rollins, Leslie J.   Perry, Beverly    Nov 10, 1950
Ross, Dale Warren Coventry Doncaster-Evans, Barbara Irasburg March 18, 1989
Rossi, Joseph C.   Norton, Catherine P. Coventry Sept 30, 2007
Rossier, Samuel   Perron, Mary C.   June 30, 1926
Royer, Christopher Emile Coventry Smith, Linda Louise Coventry June 14, 1986
Royer, Ernest Dale  Coventry Judd, Judith Greta Orleans Oct 3, 1970
Royer, Lawrence Berton  Coventry Curtis, Faith Marian  Coventry July 2, 1966
Royer, Lawrence Carlton  Coventry Jacobs, Martha Alice Newport Nov 1, 1969
Royer, Lawrence, Jr. Coventry Cotnoir, Denise Coventry July 25, 1992
Ruddell, Roy Thomas  Coventry Beaudry, Rachel Ann  Coventry Dec 3, 1977
Rundgren, Ernest  Coventry Sinclair, Geraldine St. Johnsbury Jan 2, 1954
Sanville, Charles C.  Coventry Brochu, Anna A. Troy Aug 16, 1958
Sanville, Israel Bernard  Coventry Chenier, Denise Simone Newport Oct 7, 1961
Sargent, Harry Gerald Coventry Haney, Jane Carolyn Coventry July 4, 1987
Sargent, Isaac Brandon Carroll   Perry, Rachel Jean Coventry July 8, 2006
Sargent, Isaac Brandon Carroll   Perry, Rachel Jean Coventry July 8, 2006
Sargent, Lynn   Corrow, Marion Arcada   May 16, 1947
Schmidt, Charles E.   Musso, Karin I. Coventry Feb 14, 2007
Schuster, Peter Hanns Montreal, Canada Harris, Suzanne Frances Florida April 24, 1989
Schwarm, Scott Charles   Marckres, Melissa Mae Brownington Feb 23, 2008
Sheltra, Raymond P.   Bean, Elsie A.   June 15, 1948
Sheltra, Reynolds J.   Smith, Margaret E.   Oct 29, 1943
Sheltra, Richard B.   Campbell, Carmen P.   May 7, 1949
Sheltra, Ronald B.  Coventry Labounty, Beverly J.  Orleans May 30, 1953
Sias, George J.   Brouillette, Arletta   Jan 4, 1930
Simino, Dale Francis  Irasburg Willson, Cheryl Darlene  Coventry Oct 2, 1965
Simons, Ronald Bruce Coventry Dunbar, Sarah Louise Coventry May 1, 1999
Simpson, Joseph L.  Coventry Macie, Sue Ann  Coventry Nov 24, 1979
Smith, Brandon R.   Louzan, Rebecca F. Newport June 19, 2004
Smith, Dean M.   Bouthillier, D. R. Raymonde   Oct 23, 1941
Smith, Edson E.   Orne, Della M.   Feb 24, 1947
Smith, Edward Edson  Coventry Pare, Claudia Jean Charleston April 20, 1974
Smith, Elmer   Watson, Hilda L.   Aug 4, 1946
Smith, John Richard  Coventry Richard, Louise Elaine  Nashua, NH April 2, 1972
Smith, Nathan J.   Hall, Beth A. Orleans July 10, 2004
Smith, Raymond G.   Norris, Phillis Winifred   March 7, 1936
Smith, Scott Russell  Coventry Sargent, Barbara Jean Newport June 11, 1977
Souliere, Reginald Paul  Orleans Desbiens, Therese Lorraine  Coventry June 10, 1967
Spooner, James A. Coventry Willis, Lisa J. Coventry Feb 16, 1991
Spooner, James Alan Coventry Carey, Lynn Marie Coventry Nov 7, 1987
St Onge, Norman E.  Coventry Morrissette, Mary Lisa Newport April 21, 1979
St. Onge, Denis Lorenzo  Coventry Trempe, Monica Jean Newport Aug 30, 1969
St. Onge, George A.  Coventry Bradley, Sherylin R.  Johnson Sept 25, 1971
St. Onge, Jonathan J. Coventry Jarvis, Tonya Louise Coventry Feb 14, 2003
Steinhour, Frederick Wallace  Richford Guilmette, Valerie Dian  Coventry Nov 4, 1972
Stephens, Ricky Eugene  Alabama Webster, Pamela Hazel  Coventry Dec 20, 1975
Stevens, Joel W.   Perry, Katrina Lynn Coventry July 7, 2007
Stevenson, David Otis Barnet Verge, Marilyn Elizabeth Georgia  Coventry April 14, 1973
Stone, George Robert  Coventry Davis, Fay Louise  Newport April 15, 1972
Sweitzer, Charles R.  Coventry Webber, Dianne  Coventry Nov 13, 1982
Sylvester, Mark A.   Dennett, Martha M. Newport March 13, 2006
Sylvester, Mark Anthony Coventry Sevene, Christina May Coventry July 8, 1995
Tanguay, Christopher Michael Coventry Gramlin, Iphagainia Michelle Coventry Aug 16, 1997
Tate, Almont A.   Philbrook, Jennie L.   July 2, 1927
Tate, Millard   Moeykens, Viola   Dec 7, 1947
Taylor, Brian E.  Coventry Fortin, Lucy Marie Newport May 1, 1982
Tice, Gordon  Holland Labounty, Beverly Ann  Coventry Nov 2, 1963
Tinker, Dale O. Coventry Laura, Patricia E.  Coventry Nov 4, 1977
Tinker, Scott E. Coventry Varney, Laura Ann Coventry Nov 3, 1990
Tribul, Anthony J., Jr.   Fields, Karey R. North Troy July 13, 2004
Turner, James M.  Coventry Goyet, Janis Lee  Lyndonville Dec 19, 1981
Verge, Roger H. Coventry Woodard, Florence Coventry Sept 22, 1991
Vigeant, Michael Joseph  Coventry Durocher, Claudette Sylvia  Coventry Aug 26, 1978
Vining, John Henry  Newport Young, Linda Rae  Coventry Nov 6, 1965
Vinton, Robert W.  Coventry Shoff, Mona  Newport June 18, 1952
Wagner, Richard Joseph  Springfield, MA Hinkle, Laura Louise Springfield Sept 16, 1972
Webster, Arthur E.   Bartlett, Laura J.   Dec 12, 1950
Webster, Daniel Noah Coventry Benway, Wanda Joan Coventry Sept 24, 1988
Webster, Frederick H. Coventry Henderson, Vivian Canada April 21, 1990
Webster, James L.   Provencha, Doris M.   Dec 31, 1936
Wells, Wayne Rene  Newport Norris, Irene Yvette  Coventry Sept 2, 1972
Wheeler, John William, Jr. Coventry Catalano, Eileen Theresa Coventry Sept 16, 2000
Whipple, Edwin Charles   Fletcher, Catherine Ellen Coventry Sept 2, 2008
Wilcox, Kenneth B.   Barlow, Thelma F.   Jan 1, 1937
Wilcox, Larry Kenwood  Coventry Swanson, Sandra Lee Orleans Oct 12, 1963
Willey, Vernon L.  Coventry Davis, Lilla Orleans Oct 8, 1956
Williams, Sean Anthony   Hashitani, Samantha Paige Kikuye Coventry March 31, 2006
Winhold, Otto Ernest  Newtonville, MA Dutton, June Marie  Coventry March 21, 1959
Witherell, John   Adams, Ellen   Oct 19, 1926
Wood, Carroll K.   Barlow, Edith   Jan 8, 1938
Wood, Daniel D.   Sargent, Marjorie A. Jay April 24, 2004
Wood, Harold Richard   Metcalf, Carrie Batchelder   May 2, 1940

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