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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Marriage Date
Abbott, Marshall E. Houlton, ME Holliday, Anne Houlton, ME April 14, 1968
Adams, Ason G. Hyde Park Stoddard, Brenda A. Craftsbury Dec 13, 1969
Adams, Karl L. Craftsbury Adams, Valerie J. Craftsbury June 4, 1994
Adams, Percy Rolf Craftsbury Darling, Andrea Kim Craftsbury Oct 7, 2011
Aeschliman, Nicholas Rene Craftsbury Hutchinson, Eleanor Mellen Lynnfield, MA Oct 9, 1965
Akerlind, Michael Edward Craftsbury Goodridge, Sylvia Amy Craftsbury Sept 26, 1998
Akerman, Gregory Robert LaVergne, TN Vassar, Elizabeth Brittany LaVergne, TN Oct 1, 2005
Alden, Bernard J. Montpelier Masse, Vaunne E. Craftsbury Aug 20, 1983
Alden, Matthew Thomas Cambridge, MA Zavada, Tomas Cambridge, MA June 20, 2015
Alexander, Elye Jan Craftsbury Common Dannenberg, Chana Eva Cary Craftsbury Common May 16, 2015
Alexander, Robert Maynard Irasburg Spaulding, Roberta Jean Craftsbury Sept 10, 1955
Allaire, Peter Joseph Craftsbury Senesac, Gabrielle Rose Burlington June 19, 1939
Allen, Jason Gordon Craftsbury Smith, Nicole Lee Craftsbury Aug 29, 1998
Allen, Leo Lovell Craftsbury Patterson, Myrtie B. Craftsbury Sept 4, 1926
Allen, Mahlon G., Jr. Craftsbury Lussier, Claudette J. Craftsbury Oct 21, 1978
Allen, Mahlon George Craftsbury Bushey, Betty Lou Eden Dec 26, 1953
Allen, Reginald Craftsbury Willey, Pamela L. Craftsbury Dec 19, 1998
Allen, Shaun Gregory Craftsbury Holcomb, Misty Lee Craftsbury March 25, 2006
Alley, Charles L. Brentwood, MD Russell, Sarah P. Brentwood, MD Aug 28, 1992
Allyn, Stanley Pease Wilbraham, MA Emery, Irene Theresa Craftsbury Oct 10, 1931
Anair, Perley R. Hardwick Dunn, Irma Craftsbury April 30, 1926
Anderson, Michael D. N. Tonawanda, NY Poole, Betsy B. N. Tonawanda, NY May 20, 1995
Anderson, Thomas H. Craftsbury Goodell, Wendy G. Craftsbury Nov 4, 1978
Anderson, Thomas H. Craftsbury Bornemann, Annamary Johnson June 1, 1991
Andreozzi, Leonard C. Boulder, CO Barthuli, Marda J. Boulder, CO Sept 15, 1985
Angrisani, Brandon Craftsbury Common George, Stephanie Craftsbury Common May 17, 2013
Aplin, Richard David Putney Davison, Bula Amanda Craftsbury Oct 1, 1927
Aronson, David Clarence Craftsbury Marsh, Samantha Michelle Craftsbury Sept 14, 2002
Atherton, Everett Charles Craftsbury Reed, Doris Vivian Wolcott July 28, 1934
Atherton, Harold Leslie Craftsbury Colby, Virginia Grace Wolcott Sept 4, 1954
Atherton, Kenneth Leroy Craftsbury Reil, Myrtle May Craftsbury June 16, 1941
Atkins, Lloyd W. Enfield, NH Johnson, Cynthia Y. Craftsbury Feb 20, 1982
Atwood, Jeffrey P. Craftsbury Morley, Diane M. Albany March 2, 1985
Audet, Michael C. Hyde Park Bailey, Linda L. Craftsbury Oct 18, 1980
Bacon, Robert Davis Dunstable, MA Mathews, Karen Jean Dunstable, MA Nov 25, 1989
Baggot, John Douglas Broad Brook, CT Windham, Erin Jerusha Broad Brook, CT Oct 1, 2005
Bagley, Charles Edward Craftsbury Morse, Heather G. Craftsbury Aug 26, 2002
Bagley, Robert Arthur Hardwick Spring, Jacquelyn Elva Craftsbury Sept 2, 1961
Bailey, Albert C. Craftsbury Mercia, Cynthia L. Morrisville Aug 16, 1975
Bailey, Arthur Alden Craftsbury Wells, Charlotte Mae Bakersfield Sept 23, 1928
Bailey, George R. Hardwick Sanville, Regina L. Craftsbury Aug 28, 1976
Bailey, John M. Craftsbury Yaddow, Cindy E. Morristown May 9, 1975
Bailey, Lyndall Horace Craftsbury Bailey, Ethel Clara Craftsbury Sept 3, 1941
Bailey, Richard W. Craftsbury Darling, Cheryl D. Craftsbury May 8, 1976
Bailey, Wesley John Craftsbury Foster, Erla Ruth Morrisville April 21, 1948
Baker, Alger Roger Craftsbury Chartier, Yvonne Evelyn Plainfield July 11, 1942
Baker, Clyle Elwin Craftsbury Moodie, Clementine Bernice Craftsbury June 26, 1947
Baker, Homer Craftsbury Chartier, Irene (Blanchard) Craftsbury Jan 8, 1935
Baker, Paul Frank Craftsbury Chartier, Antoinette Jennette Craftsbury July 6, 1943
Baker, William L. Craftsbury Martin, Lisa K. Wolcott Nov 15, 1995
Baraw, Shawn Frank Craftsbury Prescott, Angel Marie Craftsbury   Aug 15, 2015
Barber, Chester John Lunenburg Cutting, Barbara Marion Craftsbury Dec 23, 1940
Barlow, John W. Urbana, IL Poulsen, Elizabeth A. Urbana, IL Sept 5, 1992
Bartlett, Charles H. Greensboro Dickson, Gertrude O. Craftsbury May 17, 1942
Bassett, Kenneth H. Marshfield Dunn, Bessie E. Craftsbury June 15, 1926
Beaudoin, Albert Lionel Craftsbury Dunn, Ellen Margaret Craftsbury Nov 27, 1948
Beery, Edwin N., Jr. Craftsbury Common McArdle, Kathleen A. Craftsbury Common Sept 23, 2006
Beliveau, Francis Leo Springfield Beaudoin, Irene Rose Craftsbury Jan 14, 1944
Belknap, James D. Craftsbury Smith, Maeanna Hardwick Nov 2, 1957
Bellavance, Philip Roger Craftsbury Bitler, Amanda-Jo Craftsbury Aug 18, 1990
Beman, Lukas E. Millwood, NY Stenger, Tiffany M. Millwood, NY Jan 17, 2008
Benway, Bernard Hardwick Cady, Shirley Craftsbury Sept 2, 1970
Bergeron, Paul D. Craftsbury Rakowsky, Mary A. Craftsbury Nov 4, 1978
Berner, Bruce R. Seattle, WA Beaudry, Charisse R. Seattle, WA July 22, 1992
Berryman, Roland Alfred St. Albans Anderson, Edna Esther Craftsbury June 23, 1930
Bibby, Edward N. Craftsbury Wells, Matilda Craftsbury June 29, 1937
Billado, Mark Andrew Craftsbury Matten, Christina Lowell July 9, 2005
Billow, Donald Raymond, Sr. Craftsbury Prescott, Nancy Kathe Craftsbury June 15, 1986
Bissell, Victor Leon Winhall Anderson, Helen Louise Craftsbury July 10, 1960
Blackmon, Benjamin Lemay Old Town, ME Rooney, Regina Grace Old Town, ME June 6, 2009
Blair, Francis C. Morrisville Keough, Patricia A. Craftsbury June 12, 1982
Blaisdell, Andrew Raymond Craftsbury Feeley, Margaret Eileen Craftsbury Nov 8, 1947
Blaise, Albert Lawrence Vergennes Johnson, Edna Florence Craftsbury Dec 24, 1942
Blaise, Everett J. Craftsbury Benoit, Carmen M. Barre Aug 31, 1968
Blaney, Thomas James Fairfield Ryan, Alison Jean Fairfield Sept 12, 1998
Bliss, Oscar Grant Craftsbury Winslow, Cora Craftsbury May 3, 1939
Bogler, Oliver San Diego, CA Newsham, Irene F. San Diego, CA May 11, 1996
Bohannon, Richard E. Wells, ME Richter, Nancy Marshall Craftsbury Common Jan 20, 2002
Boisvert, Ronald Barre Young, Claire Craftsbury July 17, 1971
Bornemann, John F. Hyde Park Beauchesne, Collette M. Craftsbury Oct 20, 1984
Boucher, Hervey Craftsbury Caron, Evelyn Albany Dec 19, 1927
Boudreau, Peter M. Portland, OR Brown, Gretchen Portland, OR June 27, 1981
Boutah, Robert D. Derby Line Rousseau, Helen E. South Burlington Feb 20, 1975
Bouthiette, Harold Craftsbury LaFountain, Dorcas Ruby Montgomery June 29, 1927
Boyce, Anthony Micheal Craftsbury Locke, Jessica Joy Craftsbury Nov 11, 2011
Boyce, Fred D., Jr. Morrisville Atherton, Alberta Craftsbury Oct 12, 1946
Bradley, James C. Craftsbury Wereley, Sarah R. Craftsbury Oct 18, 1997
Brakebill, Scott R. New York, NY Irish, Carol A. New York, NY July 18, 1992
Brannagan, Edward A. Craftsbury McMurray, Anne H. Craftsbury July 4, 1972
Breitmeyer, Job Arthur Craftsbury Dubois, Melinda Sue Craftsbury Sept 30, 2006
Brennan, Leonard A. Craftsbury Pruden, Teresa L. Craftsbury Jan 1, 1980
Brewster, Charles Milton Craftsbury Sheltra, Sylvia Phoebe Craftsbury June 17, 1935
Brewster, Charles Milton, Jr. Craftsbury Klein, Doris Mae Quonset Pt., RI Jan 30, 1956
Brewster, Ray J. Craftsbury Young, Margaret H. Glover July 9, 1966
Brewster, Robert Milton Craftsbury Geoffrey, Jeannine Theresa Newport June 20, 1959
Britton, Kiel Edwin Craftsbury Benton, Krystin Spangler Craftsbury Sept 6, 2009
Brow, Laurence Albany Field, Susan M. Craftsbury Aug 10, 1968
Brow, Raymond Albert Albany Allen, Marion Louise Craftsbury July 4, 1959
Brow, Winfred Paul Craftsbury Boucher, Irene Bernarday Derby June 20, 1934
Brown, Charles R. W. Caldwell, NJ Maguire, Laura L. W. Caldwell, NJ May 2, 1992
Brown, David W. Craftsbury Ingerson, Ann L. Craftsbury June 23, 1984
Brown, Dean W. Craftsbury Starr, Pamela G. Craftsbury Aug 19, 1979
Brown, Francis Harry Craftsbury Baker, Marslene Eunice Craftsbury April 28, 1946
Brown, Guy H. Craftsbury Brown, Yvette R. Craftsbury May 16, 1992
Brown, Leonard J., Jr. Billerica, MA Silva, Maria B. Lawrence, MA Sept 27, 1980
Brown, Nathan Lee Craftsbury Brown, Laura Patey Craftsbury Sept 17, 2005
Brown, Philip Nelson Milford, NH Urie, Margaret Craftsbury July 25, 1935
Brown, Robert Marvin Craftsbury Gray, Rachel Blanche Craftsbury June 25, 1955
Brown, Ronald Edgar Wolcott Williams, Donna Lee Craftsbury Oct 12, 1962
Brown, Shane M. N. Wolcott Waterhouse, Tammy D. Craftsbury Aug 7, 1993
Bundy, Leon Carter Burlington Cubit, Sarah May Craftsbury Nov 24, 1932
Burleson, Hermon Stephen Craftsbury Morse, Ruth Evelyn (Sanville) Craftsbury Aug 10, 1935
Burns, Christopher David Craftsbury Common Colburn, Selene Craftsbury Aug 26, 2000
Butler, Glen L. Eden Marckres, Gailene M. Eden Oct 15, 1977
Butrin, Joshua P. Castro Valley, CA Schultz, Julia Alexandria Craftsbury Common Sept 22, 2001
Byers, Chad Steven Newport Rooney, Mandy Elizabeth Craftsbury Jan 9, 2009
Cady, Cleon Joseph Morrisville Houston, Shirley Olive Craftsbury May 5, 1961
Cady, Francis Charles Wolcott Isham, Bertha Pauline Craftsbury Jan 18, 1961
Cady, Raymond Edward Craftsbury Turcotte, Shirley Rose Wolcott June 12, 1965
Cady, Richard A. Barton Whitcavitch, Carol L. Craftsbury April 17, 1982
Cahall, Hubert Lee Craftsbury Savoie, Lorraine Clemence Barre May 29, 1965
Cahoon, Robert H. Craftsbury Common Courage, Laurie Jean Craftsbury Common June 3, 2006
Calderwood, Randi A. Craftsbury Sullivan, Maureen M. Hardwick April 9, 1983
Calderwood, Randi Albert Craftsbury Holt, Louise Cooper Craftsbury June 3, 1989
Calderwood, Ricki A. Craftsbury Strong, Lynn C. Lyndonville Aug 22, 1987
Callahan, Daniel E. Woburn, MA Stanton, Carolyn J. Woburn, MA June 8, 1996
Camley, Bernard Leo Craftsbury Goad, Marie Lorraine Albany Feb 9, 1941
Camley, Kenneth Wilford Craftsbury Lowell, Lois Mary Hardwick June 28, 1958
Campbell, Duff G. Cambridge, MA Levi, Beth D. Cambridge, MA July 24, 1994
Campbell, Kevin B. Mahway, NJ Root, Wendy E. Mahway, NJ Feb 29, 2008
Canty, Daniel J. Houston, TX Murdoch, Anne T. Houston, TX Oct 7, 1978
Carbonetti, Benjamin C. Vernon, CT Miller, Kristen L. Vernon, CT Aug 16, 2008
Caron, Amedee Joseph Craftsbury Johnson, Alice Marie Craftsbury Dec 26, 1941
Carr, Lawrence I. Hardwick Marckres, Rogene Craftsbury June 5, 1937
Carter, Christopher Robert Nellysford, VA Smart, Jessie May Nellysford, VA Sept 9, 2006
Cechetti, Rick P. Grantham, NH Fairweather, Christine Grantham, NH Aug 17, 1996
Chadwick, Kenneth Roy Shelton Jaquish, Janet Gladys Craftsbury Jan 31, 1953
Chaffee, Craig S. Manchester, NH Lavalliere, Deborah L. Manchester, NH Aug 19, 1995
Charette, Joseph E. Craftsbury Kelley, Cindy L. Craftsbury July 4, 1995
Charonko, James Kenneth Craftsbury Ickes, Kim Marie Craftsbury Oct 7, 1989
Charron, Dale Richard Lyndonville Fortune, Lois Esther     Craftsbury Sept 5, 1959
Charron, Steven Dale Melrose, MA Grimm, Lisa Marie Melrose, MA Aug 7, 1999
Chase, Kenneth Charles Craftsbury Marckres, Mary Emily Craftsbury June 10, 1941
Chase, Linwood E. Craftsbury Phillips, Rolinda R. Irasburg July 2, 1966
Chase, Raymond C. Craftsbury Phelps, Joyce G. Hardwick April 11, 1987
Chase, Rudy L. Craftsbury Mason, Joanne L. Craftsbury Aug 11, 1978
Christensen, Ellis Bruce San Diego, CA Masten, Terry Anne San Diego, CA Jan 18, 1998
Church, Michael Wayne Craftsbury Cianciolo, Amy Jillian Craftsbury Feb 21, 2014
Ciecierski, Marc Gerard Craftsbury Common McClellan, Molly Patricia Craftsbury Common June 27, 2015
Ciesluk, Alfred Julian Niantic, CT Carrick, Claudia Niantic, CT Jan 15, 2000
Clapper, Max W. Hyde Park Hodgdon, Kathleen Craftsbury Sept 14, 1948
Clark, Newton Palmer Wolcott Veasey, Gladys Marie Craftsbury Sept 17, 1932
Cleveland, Harlan Amos Barton Harper, Margaret Craftsbury Sept 16, 1933
Clifford, Hale Edward Barton Shatney, Theressa Irene Craftsbury Nov 29, 1939
Clow, Harvey K. Durham, NC Zilius, Judita New York, NY April 25, 1981
Coburn, Stanley W. Hardwick Chase, Veda B. Craftsbury Dec 5, 1931
Cochran, Andrew F. Craftsbury   Jones, Kelsey J. Morristown May 21, 2011
Cochran, Brian Scott Craftsbury Bocash, Laura Lee Craftsbury   May 25, 2011
Cochran, Carlton Howard Walden Niles, Virginia Mae Craftsbury Aug 11, 1962
Coderre, Marcela Maurice Craftsbury Poutry, Eva Elizabeth Albany Aug 21, 1954
Cohen, Jonathon S. Seattle, WA Brown, Jennifer Seattle, WA June 28, 1992
Colaceci, Robert John Cambridge Tourangeau, Angela Jean Wolcott Aug 17, 2002
Cole, James W. Johnson Waterhouse, Catherine D. Craftsbury April 8, 1972
Cole, Levi P. Craftsbury Paine, Ona M. Hardwick Feb 24, 1968
Cole, Rodney Ossian Walden Isham, Eleanor Ruth Craftsbury July 22, 1953
Collier, Charles L. Greensboro Cook, Deborah A. Hardwick May 7, 1966
Cook, David L. Essex Center Young, Lisa R. Craftsbury Aug 19, 1978
Cookson, Robert William, Jr. Craftsbury Spurr, Wendy Alsen Craftsbury June 27, 2009
Corrow, Ernest E. Wolcott Larabee, Edith Clara Craftsbury Aug 9, 1940
Courchaine, Donald Todd Craftsbury Moses, Nikki Marie Craftsbury June 4, 2003
Crane, Aaron Robert Lake Orion, MI Cochran, Sarah Danielle Craftsbury July 5, 2014
Crane, George J. Craftsbury Daniels, Stevie O. Craftsbury Dec 29, 1979
Creekmur, Theodore Van Rancho CucaMonga, CA Lura, Martha Rancho CucaMonga, CA Sept 17, 1994
Crytzer, Benjamin Alden Craftsbury McAllister, Katie Solange Richmond   July 10, 2003
Cubit, Levi Cecil Craftsbury Davis, Evelyn Louise Craftsbury Aug 26, 1939
Culver, Andrew Jackson, Jr. Wayne, PA Tenney, Nancy Belle Craftsbury July 21, 1945
Curtiss, Ronald W. Albany Jones, Ruth M. Craftsbury Oct 6, 1984
Cusano, Kenneth Paul Branford, CT Morris, Linda Marie Branford, CT July 30, 1989
Cushing, Daniel Alfred Albany Kavanaugh, Christy Lyn Craftsbury Aug 15, 2000
Cutting, Albert Jonathan Cambridge Marckres, Barbara Marion Craftsbury June 26, 1930
Dahlbert, Kenneth Olav W. Medford, MA Daniels, Winifred Jean Craftsbury June 10, 1950
Daniels, Clifford Scott Craftsbury Mercier, Rosselle A. Greensboro Oct 4, 1928
Daniels, S. Gordon Hardwick Luther, Rebecca Grace Craftsbury June 30, 1939
Darling, Adam Lee Craftsbury Fellows, Laura Mary Craftsbury Sept 5, 2015
Darling, Donald Alvin Craftsbury Williams, Beryl Lois Craftsbury April 26, 1949
Darling, Gary B. Craftsbury Huffstutlear, Julie H. Albany Aug 16, 1974
Darling, Loren Craftsbury Billows, Pamela Craftsbury Nov 15, 1969
Darling, Loren A., Sr. Craftsbury Foss, Theresa A. Craftsbury Dec 31, 1992
Daudon, Marc Daniel, Jr. Seattle, WA Smith, Maude Wisner Seattle, WA June 24, 1989
Davis, Everett Lee Albany Farrar, Isabelle Louise Craftsbury June 27, 1942
Davis, Gregory F. Phoenixville, PA Kennedy, Pamela S. Phoenixville, PA July 3, 1988
Davis, Malcolm Ross Albany Ryan, Catherine Agnes Craftsbury Oct 30, 1943
Davis, Roger Edwin Craftsbury Cook, Alice Ruth Craftsbury April 2, 1960
Davis, Stephen Ross Craftsbury Flett, Michele Marie Fayetteville, NC Oct 10, 1998
Davis, Walter Arthur Craftsbury Miles, Marlene Marie Albany April 4, 1957
Davison, Max B. Craftsbury Salls, Percilla R. Essex Junction Oct 9, 1926
Day, Christopher Craftsbury Prouse, Faith Craftsbury March 24, 1967
Day, Christopher B. Craftsbury Traver, Martha A. Craftsbury June 17, 1972
Day, Patrick M. Los Altos, CA Viles, Judy L. Los Altos, CA Oct 15, 1997
Dearborn, Jeffery D. Bristol Kinsey, Emily J. Craftsbury Jan 7, 1978
Decherd, William Jon Portland, OR Houston, Serin Day Bethlehem, NH July 17, 2010
DeLuca, Angelo Andover, MA Sullivan, Alane R. Andover, MA Sept 2, 1994
Demar, Kevin T. Craftsbury Debuque, Loralie A. Craftsbury June 12, 1993
Demeritt, Cedric Wayne Craftsbury Clark, Diane Louise Hardwick Oct 8, 1960
Demeritt, Charles William Craftsbury Foss, Michelle Mayford Craftsbury June 17, 2000
Demeritt, Everett Harry Craftsbury Wade, Jennifer Ann Cambridge    June 22, 2004
Demeritt, Everett W. Craftsbury Deuso, Shirley A. Montgomery Nov 30, 1968
Demeritt, Harry William Craftsbury Clark, Gladys Lucy Hardwick May 6, 1936
Demers, Ernest Gaston New Haven, CT Morin, Juliette Fernande Craftsbury July 4, 1938
Dencker, John Charles Guymon, OK Vaques, Ruth Aguilera Cambridge, MA June 12, 1999
Denton, William Clarence Craftsbury Grassette, Priscilla Marie Lowell Aug 6, 1960
Denton, William Henry Craftsbury Lowell, Norma Winnona Craftsbury March 16, 1935
Devenger, Joey Ray Hardwick Gamble, Alene Leona Craftsbury Oct 17, 2015
Dickson, Wallace Robert Craftsbury Burrill, Arvilla Olive Craftsbury March 22, 1942
Dickson, Willard John Craftsbury Provoncha, Madeline Faye Morgan May 26, 1956
Dill, Linwood Reed Craftsbury Udall, Martha Hovey Rochester, NY July 10, 1935
Dimick, Bart W. Craftsbury Anderson, Rose M. Craftsbury Aug 26, 1978
Diz, Fernando Ithaca, NY Graham, Katherine H. Ithaca, NY Aug 16, 1986
Donehower, Andrew Ferguson San Francisco, CA Hoehn, Jessica Marston San Francisco, CA Aug 23, 2003
Dorval, Neal R. S. Attleboro, MA Corey, Donna M. S. Attleboro, MA Dec 23, 1995
Doty, Dean Robert Craftsbury Barbour, Sarah Jane Craftsbury July 16, 2005
Draper, Joshua N. Craftsbury Martin, Danielle D. Craftsbury Sept 14, 1996
Duff, Andrew F., Jr. Craftsbury Maroni, Carol A. Craftsbury Dec 12, 1993
Duffy, Nancy Anne Londonderry, NH Flesher, Sharon Lee Londonderry, NH Aug 11, 2007
Dunbar, George Frederick Craftsbury Willey, Beverly Lois Greensboro July 10, 1954
Dunbar, Herbert H., III Craftsbury Merrick, Bethany M. Craftsbury June 3, 1978
Dunbar, Herbert Harvey, Jr. Craftsbury Hubbard, Virginia St. Albans Oct 20, 1954
Dunbar, Leonard Victor Craftsbury Badger, Bessie Pauline Greensboro Dec 25, 1945
Dunbar, Mark Wayne Craftsbury Fogg, Margaret Foulds Albany Oct 20, 1990
Dunbar, Wayne Graydon Craftsbury Squire, Elaine Angene Randolph July 7, 1961
Dunlavey, John Craftsbury Bard, Hellen Craftsbury June 8, 2012
Dunn, Herbert George Craftsbury Christie, Della Barton July 2, 1928
Dunn, Kenneth Thomas Craftsbury Hill, Amy Olive Greensboro Sept 14, 1940
Dunn, William Edward Craftsbury Watkins, Mary Irene Somerville, MA Sept 3, 1944
Durivage, Jubal N. Eden Griggs, Colleen M. Craftsbury Oct 7, 1978
Dutton, Edward Anderson Craftsbury Sawyer, Bernice MacVey Newport City June 7, 1930
Dutton, Richard Wyse New London, NH Muller, Nancy Clagett Andover, NH Sept 13, 1998
Dux, Henry D. Craftsbury Maas, Wendy A. Craftsbury April 18, 1981
Dykes, Quanah Lee Groton, CT Stevens, Valerie Jean Groton, CT Feb 23, 1986
Earle, Lawrence R. Morrisville Twiss, Pearl L. Craftsbury April 28, 1949
Earle, Walter L. Eden Griggs, Debra J. Craftsbury July 1, 1972
Eckl, Clarence J. Ft. Wolters, TX Bailey, Priscilla Craftsbury Sept 6, 1970
Eldred, Clarence Morrisville Reil, Eleanor Craftsbury Aug 15, 1970
Elliott, Chester Michael Craftsbury Common Carson, Sarah Kelly Boalsburg, PA Aug 14, 2010
Elwell, John Carlson Craftsbury Common Stark, Kathy Craftsbury Common Jan 12, 2011
Evans, Trevor Martin Cranston, RI Squillante, Stefanee Lynn Cranston, RI Aug 21, 2003
Farrani, Paul T. Craftsbury Common Latimer, Keren Craftsbury Common July 28, 2007
Farrar, Richard L. Craftsbury Julian, Reina A. Morrisville June 24, 1984
Farrar, Richard Lee Craftsbury Pope, Marion Ella Newport City June 18, 1950
Farrar, William Pike Craftsbury Kinne, Rachel Elsie Newport Town Aug 20, 1950
Faunce, Robert Daniel Craftsbury Fuller, Ade Louise Stowe June 26, 1930
Ferguson, John Brick Township, NJ Menard, Theresa Craftsbury Aug 13, 1966
Ferris, Lawrence E. Hardwick Ryan, Madeline Craftsbury Nov 27, 1941
Fieffer, Andrew Albany, NY Griffin, Elizabeth P. Albany, NY July 20, 1996
Field, Douglas Buxton Craftsbury Munger, Mabel Alexandra Craftsbury Aug 29, 1962
Findlay, James Howard Greensboro Morey, Thressa Marie Craftsbury Sept 27, 1933
Fisher, Michael Dudley Birchrunville, PA LeMaster, Sandra Dee Birchrunville, PA Sept 3, 2006
Fitzgerald, Matthew J. Hinesville, GA Sweatt, Lisa B. Craftsbury June 8, 1985
Fix, Harold J. Cambridge, MA Gilroy, Kathleen Cambridge, MA Aug 30, 2003
Flagg, Cushman Rowley Craftsbury Page, Martha Rae Montpelier Aug 23, 1942
Fleming, Erik Richard Craftsbury Breitmeyer, Sarah Joyce Craftsbury July 27, 2002
Fletcher, George Michael New York, NY Bortolot, Lana Elissa New York, NY July 16, 2004
Flint, David Scott Craftsbury Ryan, Suzanne C. Craftsbury Oct 25, 2014
Fontaine, Daniel M. Craftsbury Foster, Stephanie L. Craftsbury July 19, 1997
Fortune, Carl R., Jr. Craftsbury Demars, Elaine M. Greensboro Aug 18, 1958
Fortune, Carl Robert Essex, VT Hadley, Lois Esther Craftsbury June 18, 1927
Foster, Jesse Craftsbury   Anderson, Katherine Craftsbury   July 27, 2013
Foster, Matthew James Craftsbury Allen, Kelly Rae Craftsbury Sept 15, 2007
Foster, Philip William Wolcott Barclay, Ethel Mabel Craftsbury Sept 20, 1941
Freeman, Winthrop Hoyt Waterford, CT Smith-Carver, Jody Kathleen Waterford, CT Nov 29, 2002
Frey, Alan B. S. Burlington Urie, Virginia G. S. Burlington Sept 27, 1980
Friend, Zachary Adam Craftsbury Common Bassette, Tracey Marie Craftsbury Common Sept 30, 2006
Fullam, Harry K. Craftsbury Whitcavitch, Sherry A. Craftsbury May 9, 1980
Fuller, Dylan McCoy Newburyport, MA Foster, Zoe Andrews Newburyport, MA Aug 15, 2009
Gaboriault, Alfred A. Berlin Boucher, Emilienne M. Craftsbury June 10, 1950
Gaffney, Maria Bridget Craftsbury Christie, Allison Jewell Craftsbury Aug 10, 2011
Gage, Harland Walter, Jr. Craftsbury Johnson, Mildred Lucine Craftsbury Nov 18, 1944
Gardner, Duffy J. Craftsbury Milnick, Roberta L. Craftsbury Aug 31, 1997
Gaskell, Rickey J. Craftsbury Cole, Rhonda L. Craftsbury July 6, 1991
Gauthier, Paul Emile Craftsbury Tremblay, Adriene Albany Aug 6, 1934
Gebbie, Durward James Craftsbury Davis, Clemma Carolyn Craftsbury June 30, 1946
Gebbie, John M. Greensboro Slicer, Lois Ruth Craftsbury May 16, 1930
Geisel, George Craftsbury Gibson, Enes B. Montpelier Aug 22, 1971
Gerrow, Brian L. Craftsbury Reed, Brenda L. Craftsbury Nov 21, 1992
Gerrow, Bryan Lee Craftsbury Larrow, Christina Gladys Craftsbury July 13, 2002
Gerrow, Jeffrey R. Craftsbury McMaster, Noreen E. Craftsbury July 23, 1994
Gibbons, Roger W. Craftsbury Smith, Tina M. Craftsbury June 25, 1994
Gibson, Andrew J. Foster, RI Jaffin, Katherine G. Foster, RI July 2, 1988
Gilcris, Erwin W. Hardwick Ryan, Ann L. Craftsbury Sept 3, 1960
Gillette, Linwood E. Springfield, VT Cowles, Elma Mary Craftsbury July 30, 1932
Gilligan, David S. Craftsbury Common Beebe, Laura E. Craftsbury Common May 14, 2014
Gletsos, Vasilios Peter Portland, OR Wells, Emily Reynolds Portland, OR Aug 27, 2005
Godfrey, Jacob Robert Irvine, CA Alexander, Natalie Noel Irvine, CA July 2, 2004
Gomes, James Kevin Wolcott Darling, Tina Louise Craftsbury Dec 30, 1989
Gonyaw, Lee H. Craftsbury Sullivan, Maureen M. Craftsbury Oct 4, 1980
Goodell, Richard E. Morristown Bragg, Wendy G. Craftsbury April 17, 1971
Goodrich, Roger E. Craftsbury Blaise, Alberta L. Craftsbury Sept 3, 1983
Goodridge, Donly C., Jr. Craftsbury Doncaster, Colleen E. Irasburg June 3, 1972
Goodridge, Gilbert E. Craftsbury Brewster, Marion Kay Craftsbury Feb 1, 1975
Goodwin, Glendon Merle Craftsbury Marckres, Pearlene Gladys Albany Aug 29, 1945
Goodwin, Merle Glen Craftsbury Jackson, Helen Baker Hardwick Sept 12, 1932
Goodwin, Neil Linley Craftsbury Marckres, Alma Elvina Craftsbury July 25, 1934
Goodwin, Neil Linley, Jr. Craftsbury Larabee, Vernice Mae Albany Oct 4, 1953
Graham, Albert Alonzo Craftsbury Ovitt, Pearl Lucile Craftsbury Oct 16, 1933
Gray, Richard Freeman Craftsbury Farrar, Bettie Ann Craftsbury April 9, 1955
Greene, Clarence H. Wolcott Hodgdon, Olive Craftsbury Oct 5, 1951
Griffiths, Charles William Wolcott Morey, Elizabeth Mae Craftsbury Feb 3, 1937
Griggs, Donald Howard Craftsbury Gates, Violet June Craftsbury June 27, 1965
Griggs, Jamie P. Craftsbury Hammond, Fawn W. Craftsbury Dec 31, 1994
Griggs, Jamie Paul Craftsbury Rice, Heather Marie Morrisville June 29, 2004
Griggs, Lawrence Gordon Craftsbury Brown, Glenna Mae Eden June 29, 1955
Griggs, Terrence Gene Craftsbury Mitchell, Margo Lea Morrisville June 6, 1998
Grossman, David B. Weehawken, NJ Abarbanel, Karin-Meta J. New York, NY Aug 9, 1987
Guba, Matthew Eden Prairie, MN George, Hannah Windsor, VT June 16, 2012
Gutzmann, Richard A. Craftsbury Sholan, Barbara A. Hardwick June 19, 1965
Gutzmann, Richard A., Jr. Craftsbury Lucas, Lori L. Craftsbury July 20, 1985
Gutzmann, Walter Carl, Jr. Craftsbury Niles, Sandra Joyce Craftsbury June 12, 1964
Hale, Donald William Craftsbury Foss, Margaret Mabel Wolcott June 5, 1935
Hale, Leslie D. Falls Church, VA McCoy, Sue E. Falls Church, VA Nov 28, 1997
Hale, Raymond John Craftsbury Lowell, Madge Evelyn Craftsbury June 17, 1933
Hall, Kenneth L. Stannard Isham, Shirley V. Craftsbury Jan 18, 1958
Halvorson, Justin Peter Craftsbury Gates, Brook Rebecca Craftsbury Oct 16, 2010
Hanks, Timothy J. N. Andover, MA Sullivan, Priscilla W. Tyngsboro, MA Dec 10, 1977
Hannah, Clarence John Barton Phenix, Simonne Craftsbury April 2, 1934
Hansen, Toby Cascade Craftsbury Common Gonsalves, Diana Craftsbury Common Aug 16, 2014
Hanson, Gordon Babcock Craftsbury Putney, Rosalind Ellen Hopkinton, NH Aug 8, 1942
Hanson, Herbert A. Craftsbury Williams, Bonnie Craftsbury April 27, 1974
Hardt, Luke Wolf Craftsbury Common Perreault, Katrina Trottier Craftsbury Common Aug 27, 2005
Harriett, Gary G. Craftsbury Maki, Linda A. Carver, MA Feb 18, 1995
Harvey, S. Thomas Waterbury Young, Doris J. Craftsbury June 24, 1936
Harvey, William Lee Craftsbury Prouty, Malinda S. Craftsbury Dec 25, 1928
Hatch, Walter Franklin Craftsbury Marckres, Katherine Ella Albany July 1, 1929
Hauserman, William G. Armonk, NY Howe, Karen T. Armonk, NY Sept 20, 1997
Hazelbaker, Joel S. Columbus, OH Riley, Elizabeth A. Columbus, OH June 27, 1997
Hazirjian, Dikran M. Goshen, NY Lalla, Mary E. Goshen, NY Oct 7, 1983
Heinchon, William Walden Ryan, Alice C. Craftsbury May 7, 1972
Heringa, Stefan Craftsbury Hassett, Heather Craftsbury Aug 17, 2013
Hight, Richard G., Jr. Wolcott Westcott, Kathleen D. Craftsbury Oct 31, 1969
Hill, Zachary Travis Chicago, IL Aiossa, Carey Anne Chicago, IL July 12, 2014
Hodgdon, Bradley Craftsbury Pike, Averill Craftsbury Nov 27, 1971
Hodgdon, Edward Nelson Craftsbury Brown, Margaret Josephine Craftsbury Jan 8, 1949
Hodgdon, Gary P. Craftsbury Wells, Roberta C. Craftsbury Sept 3, 1977
Hodgdon, Paul Craftsbury Roberts, Carole Craftsbury Dec 5, 1987
Hodgdon, Paul Burton Craftsbury Chaffee, Marion Elizabeth Hardwick July 3, 1941
Hodgdon, Richard C. San Jose, CA Lester, Rebecca A. San Jose, CA Sept 30, 1996
Hodgdon, Todd Burton Hardwick Brown, Darcy Marie Craftsbury July 3, 1999
Hodgdon, Warner N. Craftsbury Eastman, Carol A. Hardwick June 27, 1970
Holdsworth, Andrew Robert Minneapolis, MN Oppmann, Hillary Bruner Minneapolis, MN July 22, 2000
Holtsizer, Ralph Philadelphia, PA Hamilton, Nelta Juanita Darby, PA Aug 2, 1947
Horner, Cody Thomas Craftsbury Draper, Christine Rose Craftsbury Sept 13, 2014
Horton, Paul Willard Mountain Lakes, NH Washburn, Doreen Demeritt Craftsbury Oct 18, 1986
Houde, Raoul Paul St. Johnsbury Menard, Marcelle Eva Craftsbury Oct 22, 1960
Hough, Charles Milton, III Craftsbury Parr, Jaqueline Louise Craftsbury July 10, 2010
Houghton, Bradley Earl, Jr. Montpelier Marckres, Cynthia Jean Craftsbury June 3, 2000
Houle, Germaine L. Craftsbury Lilley, Ann M. Craftsbury Dec 5, 1997
Houston, Gary Craftsbury Heath, Nioka Hyde Park Aug 31, 1971
Huard, George R. Craftsbury Bartlett, Sally A. Craftsbury Aug 8, 1992
Hubbard, Kim Ives Worcester Mignosa, Grace Marie Worcester July 31, 1999
Husted, William Gordon Alplans, NY Cowles, Clemma Olla Schenectady, NY June 29, 1935
Ide, David F. Keene, NH Lewis, Rachel L. Keene, NH Sept 19, 1992
Ingalls, Kenneth James Craftsbury Patoine, Loretta Anne Craftsbury Sept 10, 2005
Inglis, Scott Craftsbury Sarris, Dorian Craftsbury Sept 27, 2013
Inkel, Laurent M. Albany Strong, Betsy Craftsbury April 20, 1991
Jacobs, Isaac Scott Craftsbury Common Nicklas, Melissa Brooks Craftsbury Common Aug 19, 2006
Jacquish, Denis C. Craftsbury Comstock, Karen A. Craftsbury June 21, 1985
Janci, Edward W. Craftsbury Morin, Jean Norwalk, CT Feb 19, 1972
Jaquish, Charles Thomas, Jr. Craftsbury Allen, Helen Ruth Craftsbury March 23, 1953
Jarrett, Steven C. Craftsbury Gestal, Kathy A. Craftsbury Feb 22, 1992
Johnson, Brian L. Craftsbury Young, Cynthia J. Craftsbury June 22, 1974
Johnson, Bruce R. St. Johnsbury Johnson, Darlene L. Craftsbury June 30, 1976
Johnson, David D. Hardwick Slicer, Constance C. Craftsbury June 26, 1982
Johnson, David Dean Craftsbury Speir, Sheila Frances Hardwick Oct 1, 1965
Johnson, Donald Thomas Craftsbury Spaulding, Dorothy Ella Craftsbury Aug 11, 1938
Johnson, Peter Gordon Craftsbury Girard, Eloise Cathrine Craftsbury Dec 24, 2014
Johnson, Robert David Craftsbury Marckres, Avis Luella Craftsbury June 10, 1937
Johnson, Ronald D. Gaithersburg, MD Pan, Maria C. Gaithersburg, MD Sept 17, 1988
Johnson, Wayne Craftsbury Cote, Linda Albany Aug 22, 1970
Jones, Douglas Scott Hyde Park Marr, Susan Marie Hyde Park Aug 18, 1990
Jones, Edward Louis Craftsbury Houston, Ruth Marie Craftsbury June 13, 1959
Jones, James Jon Craftsbury Tolman, Annette Marie Greensboro Bend May 31, 1986
Jones, Tony S. Craftsbury Tatel, Rebecca S. Craftsbury June 7, 1997
Judd, Walter Bennett, Jr. Craftsbury Hill, Pauline Helen Morrisville May 21, 1949
Karagines, Peter Stamford, CT King, Thelma Gertrude Stamford, CT Aug 6, 1948
Katzenbach, L. Emery Craftsbury Cavalier, Carolyn P. Craftsbury March 11, 1993
Keeler, Ernest Ardennie Craftsbury Stone, Gertrude Kenerson Derby May 18, 1955
Kehne, John Herr, Jr. Westbrook, TN Siuciak, Judith Ann Niantic, CT Feb 12, 2000
Keith, Douglas Lynwood Underhill Brown, Gloria Ellen Craftsbury June 26, 1965
Keller, Theodore Ross New York, NY Loughran, Tara Ann New York, NY July 23, 2005
Kelly, David Madison, NJ Hakanson, Marion Thompson Hinsdale, IL Aug 1, 1947
Kennedy, Robert M. Craftsbury Bischoff, Brenda J. Craftsbury Sept 20, 1997
Keough, Phillip A., Jr. Craftsbury Miller, Rose M. Craftsbury July 18, 1987
Kerwin, Maurice M. Craftsbury Hayes, Rebecca G. Port Richey, FL Sept 17, 1973
Kibbee, John M. Hardwick Niles, Shirley E. Craftsbury June 9, 1962
King, Charles Edauard (Roy) Craftsbury Carron, Florence Marie-Anna Craftsbury Aug 14, 1933
King, Gregory O. West Glover Sanville, Rhonda S. Craftsbury Aug 10, 1985
King, William Francis Craftsbury Simmons, Adelaide Louise Craftsbury Sept 4, 1965
Kinkela, David, Jr. Somerville, MA Gegenschatz, Cristina Somerville, MA Sept 6, 1998
Kinsey, Everett J. Craftsbury Ludy, Laurel A. Wheaton, IL Dec 30, 1970
Kinsey, Everett J. Craftsbury Eastman, Margot E. Orleans June 9, 1979
Knight, William J. Miami, FL Murphy, Clare A. Miami, FL June 4, 1988
Korshak, Steven Craftsbury Ashley, Catha Craftsbury July 4, 1970
Kouzoujian, Gary B. West End, NJ Kouzoujian, Linda D. Mill Neck, NY April 5, 1992
Kroeger, Benjamin Albany Turmel, Marie Albany Aug 3, 2013
Kroeger, Richard Millinocket, ME King, Gayle Craftsbury May 2, 1970
Lacey, Steven Ralph Portland, OR Spring, Abigail Quincy Portland, OR Aug 23, 2003
Lacroix, Antonio Joseph Hardwick Tourangeau, Myrtle Persis Craftsbury Nov 8, 1958
LaCroix, Joseph Alfred Hardwick Masse, Denise Romance Craftsbury July 17, 1954
Lafayette, Rolland W., Jr. Waterbury Spring, Irene E. Craftsbury Aug 15, 1959
Lamare, Joseph M. Craftsbury Waterhouse, Kristy Sue Craftsbury Oct 1, 2005
Lamoray, Roscoe Miller Craftsbury Robinson, Ada Rosemary St. Johnsbury May 6, 1945
Lane, Kenneth Pike Craftsbury Harper, Jessie Elizabeth Craftsbury Jan 25, 1927
Lang, Emerson R. Craftsbury Langille, Jeanne M. T. Craftsbury April 17, 1976
Lang, Joseph Nelson Craftsbury Hodgdon, Margaret Elizabeth Craftsbury July 11, 1942
Lapete, George Craftsbury Travis, Emma Antwerp, NY Oct 10, 1936
Lapette, Ernest Edward Craftsbury McAdams, Isabelle Alice Hardwick Sept 5, 1931
Lapierre, Michael Lawrence Craftsbury Breitmeyer, Virginia Ellen Craftsbury Aug 14, 1999
Lapoint, Christopher Fairfax, CA Echeverria, Elizabeth Fairfax, CA July 13, 2013
LaPoint, Clifford A. Craftsbury Heath, Karen D. Craftsbury July 4, 1981
LaPoint, Raymond Craftsbury Bernache, Kim A. Craftsbury March 17, 1979
Lapoint, Raymond Nelson Craftsbury Common Waugh, Jennifer Gail Craftsbury Common Aug 29, 1998
LaPoint, Stuart P. Craftsbury Burnham, Sheila A. Craftsbury Dec 12, 1993
LaRose, Germain Claremont, NH Lussier, Marielle Craftsbury Oct 16, 1943
Larrabee, Charles Artemus Craftsbury Hodgdon, Lelia Lenora Craftsbury July 3, 1937
Lasher, Clay A. Craftsbury Fadden, Susan R. Craftsbury July 26, 1997
Lathe, Hollis Herbert Craftsbury Keir, Avis Jeannette Craftsbury Oct 15, 1927
Lathe, Hollis Herbert Craftsbury Fortune, Lois Esther (Hadley) Craftsbury Dec 17, 1954
Lavalette, Paul R. Craftsbury Slicer, Julie D. Craftsbury June 16, 1985
Lavangie, Michael J. Sacramento, CA Cooper, Pollyanna S. Sacramento, CA Oct 4, 1997
Laws, Theodore H., Jr. Chicago, IL Long, Judith Chicago, IL Sept 7, 1969
Leach, Kenneth O. Hyde Park Wells, Glee R. Craftsbury July 25, 1936
League, William Stein Craftsbury Lavin, Katherine Mae Craftsbury July 26, 2014
LeBlanc, Roger R. East Hardwick Johns, Patricia A. East Craftsbury June 9, 1979
Lee, Michael E. Worcester Gutzmann, Kristina L. Craftsbury June 30, 1984
Lee, William Francis, III Craftsbury Donavan, Diane Lee Calgary AB., Canada Dec 16, 2007
Legge, Richard G. Stanton, NJ Stone, Laurel H. Flemington, NJ Sept 2, 1995
LeScouezec, Jean-Francois Paris, France Duffell, Jennifer L. Craftsbury Dec 28, 1994
Levin, David S. Arlington, MA Conant, Martha K. Arlington, MA Oct 8, 1996
Lilley, Edward Arthur Craftsbury Dutton, Nancey Anita Craftsbury Oct 12, 1951
Linck, David B. Craftsbury Merrill, Jane R. Craftsbury June 23, 1973
Linck, Robert Merrill Craftsbury Donaghy, Lucy Capewell Craftsbury June 10, 2009
Lingelbach, William E., III Craftsbury Hunt, Jacqueline M. Craftsbury Aug 1, 1998
Littlefield, Brian Chester Craftsbury Moodie, Jeni Sue Craftsbury Aug 16, 1986
Livingston, John Weichert Conneaut, OH Johnson, Debra Ann Craftsbury Aug 22, 1964
Lloyd, Daniel S. N. Wolcott Demeritt, Cora A. N. Wolcott Aug 13, 1988
Locke, Bruce A. Concord, NH Farrar, Susan M. Craftsbury Oct 22, 1977
Locke, Daniel P. Craftsbury Alden, Donna M. Craftsbury Aug 21, 1993
Locke, Gregory J. Craftsbury Breitmeyer, Jessica L. Craftsbury Aug 1, 1992
Locke, Paul K. Springfield Ryan, Jeanne Rebecca Craftsbury Oct 2, 1965
Locke, William Albany Brown, Judith M. Craftsbury July 10, 1971
Logan, John M. Arlington, MA Nelson, Christina E. Arlington, MA Sept 21, 1991
Long, Albert John Albany Reed, Marjorie Inez Craftsbury June 6, 1956
Long, Charles Lee Albany Johnson, Donna Jane Craftsbury Aug 25, 1962
Longe, Lloyd A. Craftsbury Wells, Marie J. Morrisville Sept 21, 1974
Lonsdale, Patrick Graham Felton, CA Barger, Megan Beth Puffen Felton, CA Aug 13, 2004
Loura, Allen W. Walden Reil, Rae Ann Craftsbury Oct 31, 1974
Lovely, Philip Waterbury Brown, Belinda Craftsbury Aug 25, 1973
Lovett, Charles Hamilton Chicago, IL Eberlein, Kyra Lee Chicago, IL Sept 27, 1989
Lowell, Edwin Wolcott Jerome, Katherine Craftsbury June 10, 1949
Lowell, Willis Azro Craftsbury Baker, Marion Viola Craftsbury Sept 14, 1938
Ludwig, Ganter Todd Brooklyn, NY Rehn, Megan Lynn Brooklyn, NY June 13, 2004
Lussier, Bernard Ronald Hardwick Butler, Linda Kay Craftsbury Oct 1, 1960
Lussier, Bertrand Laurier Craftsbury Dutton, Catherine Elaine Craftsbury Sept 7, 1951
Lussier, Leo Craftsbury Derrossiers, Marian Annie Woonsocket, RI July 4, 1932
Lussier, Leonard Gaston Glover Phenex, Rose Ange Blanch Craftsbury Sept 17, 1939
Lussier, Noel Leo Joseph Albany Fortune, Barbara Ethel Craftsbury July 2, 1955
Lydem, Thomas Waterbury Allen, Karleen Craftsbury Aug 17, 1969
Lynes, Frank Edward Orford, NH Waterhouse, Nettie E. Craftsbury Aug 4, 1953
Lyons, Lawrence Tyler Craftsbury   Lague, Heidi Anne Danville May 23, 2015
MacDonald, Earl P. Greensboro Graham, Mary E. Craftsbury Nov 23, 1939
Machesney, Brian John Craftsbury Common Guenard, Michelle Marie Montreal, Quebec June 24, 2006
Mack, Gordon Earl Newport Wheeler, Doris Craftsbury May 12, 1942
Mackin, John Milford, CT West, Michele Milford, CT Aug 26, 1971
MacWhinnie, Kevin David Craftsbury Common Lewis, Rebecca Lynn Craftsbury Common July 26, 1986
Majewski, Gregory J. Cheboygan, MI Walton, Michelle M. Princeton, MA Aug 8, 1992
Mann, Scott P. New York, NY Stewart, Havilah Jo New York, NY Aug 2, 2008
Marckres, Earl Eugene Craftsbury Stearns, Ellen Leona Craftsbury July 15, 1933
Marckres, Earl Eugene Craftsbury Coburn, Veda Belle Craftsbury Oct 13, 1940
Marckres, Elmer Dana Craftsbury Bartlett, Laura Mildred Craftsbury Dec 22, 1930
Marckres, Eugene Arthur Craftsbury Griggs, Dorothy Pearl Eden April 11, 1964
Marckres, Henry J. Craftsbury Taylor, MaryJo Craftsbury Nov 1, 1975
Marckres, Henry J. Craftsbury Browning, Debra L. Hardwick Dec 24, 1997
Marckres, Herchell Taylor Craftsbury Darling, Irene Marian Wolcott Dec 21, 1932
Marckres, Louis Paul Craftsbury Goodhue, Ola Lenore Craftsbury June 14, 1937
Marckres, Maynard Ladeau Craftsbury Clark, Blanche Elvina Wolcott Sept 6, 1935
Marckres, Ray Dana Stowe Chase, Florence Elizabeth Craftsbury April 28, 1951
Marckres, Stephen P. Craftsbury Davis, Julie A. Craftsbury Oct 15, 1988
Marckres, Winifred Wayne Craftsbury Dickson, Lulabelle Nellie Craftsbury July 19, 1952
Marlin, Joseph J. Rochester, NY Paterson, Jane E. Craftsbury Dec 31, 1966
Martin, Bruce Craftsbury Allen, Sheryl Craftsbury Oct 16, 1970
Martin, Irvin Anson Craftsbury Jaquith, Gladys Etta Craftsbury May 23, 1936
Martin, Jeffery Michael Claremont, NH Robinson, Erica Lyn Claremont, NH May 31, 2003
Martin, Lincoln A. Craftsbury Chouinard, Hallie M. Craftsbury April 19, 2008
Martin, Michael A. Wolcott Cochran, Francheska R. Wolcott June 14, 1997
Martin, Paul R. Craftsbury LaMare, Rita Wolcott July 3, 1971
Martin, Roger Craftsbury Dahlberg, Patricia Craftsbury Oct 7, 1967
Martin, Roger I. Craftsbury Allen, Patricia L. Craftsbury May 25, 1973
Maskel, Clavin Foster Craftsbury Baker, Nadene Pearl Craftsbury Aug 5, 1950
Maskell, Allan Elmer Craftsbury Lamare, Arlene Ruth Wolcott March 4, 1948
Maskell, Darrell D. Craftsbury Wells, Candace S. Morristown Oct 24, 1987
Maskell, Dennis Douglas Craftsbury Tanner, Lisa Dawn Craftsbury Jan 14, 1989
Maskell, Kenneth Elswith Craftsbury Morrison, Edith Isabele Waits River June 13, 1937
Mason, David Charles Craftsbury Kahles, Helen Jeneatte Albany May 26, 1946
Mason, Wright Henry Albany Billow, Barbara Ann Craftsbury March 7, 1953
Masse, Christopher John Craftsbury LaMare, Amy Marie Craftsbury May 27, 1989
Masse, Conrad John Craftsbury Brown, Bronwyn Hollis Craftsbury Oct 20, 1990
Masse, Florian Joseph Albert Craftsbury Deslauriers, Lorette Marie Therese Greensboro May 30, 1953
Masse, Jason L. Craftsbury Ripley, Heather M. Craftsbury July 27, 1996
Masse, Logan Louis Craftsbury Monroe, Josie Ann Barton Aug 15, 2015
Masse, Marcel Rejean Craftsbury Marckres, Paula Jean Craftsbury Oct 17, 1964
Matthews, Benjamin John Craftsbury Evans, Kelsey Shaw East Killingly, CT Sept 14, 2011
Maxfield, James E. Irasburg Hunt, Janice V. Craftsbury May 19, 1974
Mayhew, Daniel Douglas Somerville, MA Watts, Beverly Maybelle Somerville, MA Sept 6, 1986
Mayhew, Timothy Craftsbury Moodie, Kortnee Craftsbury July 14, 2012
Maynard, Ricky S. Craftsbury Moodie, Jeni S. Craftsbury Dec 12, 1993
Mayo, Roderick L. Craftsbury Bellavance, Claire Marie Craftsbury Sept 20, 1986
McCann, Jeremiah James Craftsbury Common Wierikko, Paige Leanna Craftsbury Common March 29, 2014
McCanna, Timothy J. Hardwick Sweatt, Lori E. Craftsbury Sept 20, 1980
McCarney, Harold B. Charlotte, VT Gilbert, Zora Craftsbury Oct 20, 1926
McCarty, Douglas A. Wolcott Cioci, Rita J. Wolcott April 15, 1980
McCarty, Justin Solon Calais Paterson, Martha Elizabeth Craftsbury Feb 3, 1940
McChesney, Samuel George Craftsbury Anderson, Evelyn May Craftsbury April 30, 1932
McCormack, Patrick  Barre Chabot, Diane R. Craftsbury Oct 22, 1977
McCuen, Michael Edward Craftsbury Fournier, Casandra May Craftsbury July 24, 2010
McFarland, Leo W. Sutton Miller, Mildred J. Craftsbury June 2, 1926
McGinty, John B., Jr. Jamaica Plain, MA Bologovsky, Ingrid Marie Jamaica Plain, MA Aug 21, 1999
McGovern, Paul F. Holbrook, MA Bailey, Christina R. Holbrook, MA Aug 13, 1988
McLean, David R. Craftsbury Viets, Justine B. Craftsbury June 21, 1997
Meckel, Barrett T. Ashland, OR Slosberg, Laura M. Ashland, OR June 21, 1997
Meehan, Scott Andrew Craftsbury Watson, Christina Lynn Craftsbury June 21, 2003
Menard, Arthur Craftsbury Lee, Alice Gail Delair, NJ Sept 3, 1960
Menard, Eugene L. Craftsbury Keating, Kathleen J. Craftsbury June 14, 1980
Menard, Gerald A. Craftsbury Hill, Nancy L. Hardwick May 23, 1964
Menard, Gerard R. Craftsbury Chaffee, Holly M. Hardwick Oct 9, 1965
Menard, Kenneth A. Craftsbury Fair, Rita J. Craftsbury May 4, 1991
Menard, Lawrence George, Jr. Burlington Farrar, Geraldine Lorraine Craftsbury May 16, 1942
Menard, Leo Edward Craftsbury Hartford, Sharlene Pamala Warwick, VA Nov 17, 1956
Menard, Lionel George Craftsbury Massey, Jeanette Thressa Craftsbury May 21, 1955
Merriam, Adam C. Craftsbury Mayo, Faith L. Craftsbury June 14, 2008
Merrill, Frederick I. Craftsbury Marckres, Luella Elvina Craftsbury April 17, 1927
Merrill, Robert Grow Craftsbury Wehncke, Elizabeth Northfield Aug 16, 1947
Merrylees, William R. Pacific Grove, CA Patti, Lucy Norwich Aug 31, 1991
Messina, Carol Joseph N. Chelmsford, MA Dwyer, Christina Beth N. Chelmsford, MA July 14, 2001
Miller, Harry H., Jr. Craftsbury Common Strong, Bonnie Craftsbury Common Sept 27, 1986
Miller, Harry Hasler Craftsbury Common Dutton, Jean Ellen Craftsbury Common June 25, 2010
Miller, Samuel Nicholas Santa Cruz, CA Wurtsbaugh, Allison Grace Santa Cruz, CA Oct 7, 2006
Miller, Stephen Ryan Jericho Moffatt, Audri Joan Craftsbury July 12, 1986
Mishara, Jonathan I. Topsfield, MA Wayne, Wendy S. Topsfield, MA July 16, 1994
Mitchell, Leslie D. Greensboro Sanders, Mary E. Craftsbury Nov 29, 1940
Moffatt, Andrew Dean Craftsbury Ayers, Evangeline Charolee Stowe June 30, 1963
Moffatt, James Stanley Craftsbury Dyer, Joan Marie Albany June 13, 1964
Moffatt, Lawrence R. Craftsbury Johnson, Jeanne C. Hartford June 29, 1957
Moffatt, Robert Joseph Craftsbury Green, Eila Ardell Craftsbury Nov 22, 1930
Moffatt, Stephen J. Craftsbury Peters, Sharon L. Craftsbury May 24, 1997
Moldave, Peter M. Lincoln, MA Molk, Laurel D. Lincoln, MA Oct 22, 1988
Moodie, Fabian P. Craftsbury Billado, Wanda M. Craftsbury June 11, 1983
Moodie, Fabian Patrick Lunenburg, MA Williams, Debra Anne Lunenburg, MA Sept 2, 1989
Moodie, Foster J. Wolcott Young, Katherine M. Craftsbury April 13, 1946
Moodie, Harry E. Craftsbury Goble, Dorothy V. Craftsbury Feb 22, 1927
Moodie, Jeffrey J. Craftsbury Pisano, Michelle Wolcott March 17, 1979
Moodie, John, Jr. Craftsbury Derusha, Geraldine Helen Craftsbury Sept 25, 1946
Moodie, Leo Joseph Wolcott Lowell, Wanita June Craftsbury June 19, 1955
Moodie, Richard Monroe Craftsbury Larrabee, Norma Arlene Wolcott July 18, 1946
Moodie, Roger Ashley Craftsbury Titus, Ruth Fern Stowe Dec 20, 1933
Moodie, Roland Conant Craftsbury Perry, Aileen Barre June 2, 1954
Moodie, Scott Taylor Craftsbury Putvain, Lori Ane Craftsbury May 20, 1989
Morcroft, Gregory B. Brooklyn, NY Driver, Dena V. Brooklyn, NY July 4, 1993
Morey, William R. Craftsbury Courchaine, Tammatha R. Craftsbury Aug 1, 1992
Morin, Brian Ross Northville, MI Halden, Samantha Collins Craftsbury May 23, 1998
Morrison, Joseph Arthur Craftsbury Cooper, Elizabeth Ann Craftsbury May 5, 1990
Morrison, Michael Arthur Craftsbury Saprykina, Olga Alexandrovna Craftsbury March 15, 2001
Morrison, Richard C. Craftsbury Stoddard, Valerie J. Craftsbury July 23, 1977
Morse, John A. Craftsbury Sanville, Evelyn Ruth Washington, VT July 15, 1931
Mott, Guy MacDougall St. Louis, MO Lawlor, Deanna Lynn St. Louis, MO Aug 27, 2011
Moulton, Lawrence LeRoy Stowe Marckres, Thelma Arline Craftsbury April 22, 1951
Moyer, Bryon Earl Middletown Springs Dunbar, Shirley Ruth Craftsbury Nov 1, 1953
Moynihan, William T. Hardwick Robbins, Ella Craftsbury May 5, 1937
Mudgett, Malcolm Everett Johnson Brown, Sarah Myrtie Craftsbury June 13, 1934
Munro, Angus Craftsbury Ducharme, Christina J. Craftsbury March 27, 2007
Murphy, Peter C. Craftsbury Cooley, Donelle Craftsbury Sept 1, 1979
Murphy, Stephen John Lexington, MA Snell, Laura Virginia Lexington, MA Sept 2, 2001
Nachwalter, Elliott M. Richmond Hill, NY Burns, Carole R. Richmond Hill, NY May 19, 1985
Nault, Matthew R. Craftsbury Dewey, Tessa A. Craftsbury June 5, 1994
Naylor, Brian Michael Craftsbury Common Fritz, Katherine Molly Craftsbury Common Aug 14, 2010
Nelson, Donald Duron Albany Atherton, Shirley May Craftsbury May 10, 1962
Nelson, Douglas Arthur Lowell Houston, Amy Helen Craftsbury Dec 19, 1962
Nelson, George Allen Albany Allen, Janet Mae Craftsbury Aug 21, 1957
Nelson, Kenneth Joseph Craftsbury Kapusta, Nancy Thomas Craftsbury April 25, 1998
Nevens, Robert K. Garden Grove, CA Hubbard, Ella I. Garden Grove, CA July 24, 1974
Newton, Michael Vero Beach, FL Mekler, Suzanne Vero Beach, FL July 5, 1987
Niles, John Isaac Winslow, ME Kroeger, Anita Leslie Herndon, VA July 16, 2011
Niles, Reginald B. Craftsbury Williams, Vicki Lynn Wolcott May 3, 1975
Niles, Ronald D. Craftsbury Tremblay, Rita Albany Oct 2, 1971
Norris, Paul Galon Sweetwater, Ala. Ryan, Rita Mary Craftsbury July 3, 1965
Nusbaum, Matthew Bernard Randolph Urie, Sarah Margaret Craftsbury Common July 2, 2005
Oates, William Adrian, Jr. Craftsbury Hardy, Rosanne Beatrice Greensboro March 28, 1962
Owens, Adian D. Craftsbury VanAkkeren, Allison Craftsbury Aug 13, 1995
Papineau, Joe Albany Travis, Lucille Craftsbury Nov 4, 1941
Paquette, Marc Henri Craftsbury Young, Penny Elizabeth Wolcott Sept 2, 1989
Paquette, Maurice Gustave Craftsbury Hacon, Sylvia Mae Craftsbury March 28, 1933
Paquette, Wilfred Adelard Craftsbury LeRiche, Marie Aline Huguette Wolcott May 2, 1953
Paradise, Ronald J. Franklin Davis, Lynn M. Craftsbury Sept 11, 1993
Pare, Anthony C. Newport Waterhouse, Jeanette E. Craftsbury Aug 23, 1980
Parker, Gregory E. Craftsbury Bartlett, Donna M. Hardwick Oct 6, 1985
Parkhurst, Archie Harold Worcester Travis, Ethel Harper Craftsbury June 15, 1937
Parkhurst, Homer Luther Craftsbury Green, Lilah (Lanphear) Wolcott March 12, 1934
Paterson, James Harvey Craftsbury Newton, Elizabeth Bliss Georgia, VT Oct 17, 1945
Patterson, Timothy Cornwall Craftsbury Kniffin, Emily Eva Jericho Aug 29, 2015
Pavao, Todd Eric Foster, RI Poulos, Erin Beth Foster, RI Aug 25, 2006
Peach, Joseph Springfield, MA Croteau, Catherine Esther Springfield, MA Nov 14, 1936
Pegues, John R., III Milton Sylvester, Maura H. Milton Oct 6, 1979
Peters, Richard H. Troy, NY Duprey, Allison M. Troy, NY Jan 5, 1991
Peterson, Carl J. Craftsbury Flagg, Harriet Gertrude Burlington Sept 4, 1929
Phelps, John, Jr. Johnson Denton, Jeraldine Craftsbury Jan 12, 1960
Phelps, Todd R. Craftsbury Waterhouse, Kim A. Craftsbury June 3, 1995
Phillips, Karl Roy Irasburg Goodwin, Geraldine Lucille Craftsbury April 2, 1941
Picard, Matthew Paul Linwood, MA Haba, Mika Linwood, MA Sept 4, 2005
Piette, Louis J. Irasburg Rowell, Mona J. Craftsbury July 14, 1984
Pike, Ernest Allen Craftsbury McKnight, Genevieve Marie Barre June 21, 1947
Pike, Henry B. Craftsbury Setien, Teresa M. Barre City Aug 22, 1953
Pion, Robert R., Jr. Barton Burns, Donna Craftsbury Jan 1, 2005
Pitkin, Roberta Rose Craftsbury Kinsey, Leanne Marie Craftsbury Aug 19, 2015
Pitt, Paul Craftsbury Common de Levy, Kimberly Belden Craftsbury Common March 30, 2012
Poisson, Michael William Craftsbury Royer, Marie Nicole Craftsbury May 1, 1999
Popovac, Vladimir Craftsbury Miller, Jennifer G. Craftsbury June 20, 1976
Potter, Fletcher I., Jr. Hardwick Sweatt, Juanita A. Craftsbury Sept 29, 1951
Potter, Gary P. Albany Darling, Sarah L. Craftsbury Oct 8, 1983
Poulin, Gary L. Craftsbury Bullard, Annabelle R. Eden June 14, 1980
Poulin, Robert E. Craftsbury Elliott, Linda S. Craftsbury July 30, 1988
Powers, Donald Craftsbury West, Robin E. Craftsbury Nov 22, 1975
Prescott, Bruce Allen Craftsbury Wright, Linda Lee Craftsbury Sept 27, 1986
Prescott, Milton Ellis Barton Wells, Marion Elizabeth Craftsbury Dec 4, 1945
Prescott, Reed A. Hardwick Rowell, Sara Robbins Craftsbury Aug 19, 1930
Pretorius, Johann Johannesburg, S. Africa Packard, Barbara Jo Gorham, ME Oct 1, 1989
Purchase, David Craftsbury Martin, Melissa Craftsbury Sept 1, 2012
Putvain, Chad A. Craftsbury Hope, Cheryl L. Craftsbury May 23, 1992
Raboin, Donald R. Newport News, VA Slicer, Bonnie R. St. Johnsbury Center April 21, 1979
Raboin, Roger C. Craftsbury Allen, Corrina M. Craftsbury Sept 20, 1980
Ramey, Terry A. Moorestown, NJ Jester, Heidi M. Plant Moorestown, NJ Jan 3, 1997
Randall, Merton Tucker Wolcott Hale, Eunice Jane Craftsbury Jan 30, 1937
Recke, Thomas Alan Dover, NH Ryan, Jenapher Lynn Dover, NH June 2, 2001
Reed, Allen George Craftsbury Harris, Jennie Belle Craftsbury June 14, 1943
Reed, David Harry Craftsbury Ainsworth, Audrey Louise Hardwick June 12, 1948
Reed, Donald Frederick Craftsbury Common Huling, Diane Kathleen Craftsbury Common May 1, 1999
Reed, George L. Craftsbury Reed, Mabel B. Craftsbury Dec 14, 1944
Reed, George Leon Craftsbury Child, Amanda Etta Waterbury Nov 27, 1929
Reed, Scott D. Craftsbury Shepard, Kathy E. Morrisville June 8, 1996
Reil, Albert R. Craftsbury Sartelle, Julia A. Craftsbury June 26, 1976
Reil, Edson Michael Craftsbury Brown, Dorothy Lois Eden July 17, 1941
Reil, Patrick T. Craftsbury Keough, Delores D. Craftsbury Jan 12, 1978
Reil, Patrick Thomas Craftsbury Vanasse, Amber Lyn West Glover July 31, 1989
Reil, Raymond Edgar Craftsbury Young, Viola Mae Craftsbury March 8, 1947
Reil, Robert Clark Craftsbury Stevens, Tina Marie Craftsbury March 8, 1990
Renaud, Laureat Hardwick Allaire, Alice Craftsbury June 12, 1941
Rich, Dexter A. Morristown Clark, Ruth E. Craftsbury June 9, 1939
Richard, Andrea Marie New Orleans, LA Major, Elaine Marie New Orleans, LA Jan 19, 2007
Richardson, James L. Albany Goodridge, Susan Jane Craftsbury Aug 26, 1969
Richardson, John R. Albany Field, Nancy W. Craftsbury Aug 18, 1977
Richardson, William Elias Wolcott Houghton, Laura Adelaid Craftsbury Dec 1, 1930
Rickert, Daniel Royce Albany Kinsey, Valerie Eunice Craftsbury Nov 3, 1990
Rivera, Juan J. Diaz Craftsbury Vargas, Sabina Reyes Craftsbury Oct 18, 2015
Rivera, Oswald Craftsbury Fancher, Holly Craftsbury March 8, 2003
Robbins, Lee Warren Craftsbury Cunningham, Rita Lillian Burlington May 7, 1932
Roberts, Gordon Charles Craftsbury Perry, Leatrice Ann Cabot Nov 27, 1953
Roberts, Leonard Parker, Jr. Craftsbury Paterson, Mary Virginia Craftsbury Sept 16, 1950
Robinson, William Craftsbury Atkins, Arlene Hardwick June 15, 1968
Rocci, Gregory P. Newmarket, NH Levy, Amy R. Newmarket, NH Aug 22, 1992
Rock, Daniel John Craftsbury Fountain, Kristen Gwen Craftsbury Nov 22, 2014
Rodger, Gordon George Craftsbury Gamble, Marjorie Jane Hardwick May 5, 1949
Rogers, Richard S. Marion, NY Peterson, Marian E. Craftsbury Sept 14, 1926
Ross, Thomas P. Craftsbury Carpenter, Ruth M. Brooklyn, NY Sept 29, 1973
Roux, Thomas R., Jr. Albany Williams, Heather A. Craftsbury April 21, 1984
Rowell, David C. Craftsbury Sproule, Leslie G. Craftsbury Nov 29, 1985
Rowell, Morris A. Craftsbury Cox, Mary A. New York City, NY Dec 27, 1974
Rowell, Morris Alden Albany Johns, Carol Brooks Craftsbury Jan 2, 1957
Rowell, Philip Wayne Albany Anderson, Carolyn Susan Craftsbury Aug 24, 1958
Royer, Clement Hector Hartford, CT Fortune, Charlotte Mae Craftsbury Oct 19, 1963
Russ, Ned Oscar Wolcott Paquette, Nelda Antoinette Craftsbury Oct 14, 1933
Russell, John William Framingham, MA Kehoe, Allison Curtis Framingham, MA Aug 29, 1998
Ryan, James Johnson Craftsbury Cole, Alice Rebecca Craftsbury Dec 28, 1940
Ryan, Lawrence J. Craftsbury Scott, Sharon J. Toronto, Ontario June 1, 1972
Ryan, Leo John Craftsbury Renaud, Lucienne Hardwick July 3, 1943
Ryan, Mervin J. Craftsbury Jones, Lois M. Morrisville July 4, 1970
Ryan, Paul L. Craftsbury Bellavance, Elaine L. Craftsbury Aug 22, 1987
Ryan, William C. Craftsbury Harvey, Carolyn L. Hardwick July 31, 1971
Salls, Carroll Morgan Kenilworth, NJ Davison, Barbara Chase New York, NY Aug 18, 1934
Sandison, Malcolm G. Craftsbury Hanson, Carol S. Craftsbury Dec 31, 1985
Sanville, Christopher L. Craftsbury Griggs, Amy L. Craftsbury May 18, 1996
Sanville, James Edward Craftsbury Smith, Naoma Flaville Craftsbury Sept 4, 1929
Sanville, Randy S. Craftsbury Smith, Crystal L. Craftsbury May 17, 1992
Sanville, Richard Craftsbury Chastenay, Carmen Burlington June 19, 1971
Sanville, Vylain Francis Craftsbury Coburn, Florence Mae Wolcott March 4, 1933
Scandrett, Alexander Marshall Cornwall, NY Belknap, Patricia Hope Craftsbury March 14, 1964
Scherer, John J. C. Topanga, CA Stamps, Donna Ann Topanga, CA Dec 30, 1986
Schwartz, Edward Mark Stratford, CT Bloch, Carol Pauli Brooklyn, NY Aug 6, 1989
Shand, Eric Rufus Springfield Reil, Helen Martha Craftsbury June 25, 1939
Shatney, Louis Elwin Craftsbury Willson, Edith Ann Danville Dec 27, 1958
Shattuck, Frederick L. Hardwick Goodhue, Mary Ann Craftsbury June 14, 1937
Shedd, Leamous Craftsbury Harris, Kathleen Meriel Craftsbury Dec 5, 1937
Shepard, Urban R. Vergennes Reed, Brenda L. Craftsbury Sept 2, 1983
Sherbino, Floyd Rollin Hardwick Lamoray, Anita Nancy Craftsbury Oct 2, 1944
Shufelt, Robert Hyde Park Maskell, Glendora Craftsbury Feb 16, 1958
Sias, W. J. Hardwick Ellsworth, Leafie Craftsbury April 28, 1930
Simmons, Clyde Percival Craftsbury Demar, Hilda B. Richford Oct 29, 1928
Simpson, Henry Clay, Jr. New York City, NY Meyer, Katherine H. New York City, NY July 8, 1967
Singleton, Barry Alan Claremont, NH Silver, Mary Ann Claremont, NH Aug 4, 1990
Slicer, David George Headland, AL Hermansen, Stella Jane Hobe Sound, FL Nov 22, 2014
Slicer, Foster Robert Craftsbury Cubit, Gwendolyn Lydia Craftsbury March 5, 1934
Slicer, George Franklin Craftsbury Lehane, Theresa Marie Hinsdale, NH Aug 10, 1944
Slicer, Richard Edward Craftsbury Goodwin, Leah Jane Craftsbury Nov 9, 1956
Slicer, Robert F. Craftsbury Cook, Constance M. Hardwick Oct 19, 1963
Slosek, Stephan M. Nantucket, MA Houston, Susan R. Craftsbury April 21, 1973
Smith, Charles Bingham, Jr. Craftsbury Hovey, Shirley Arlene Hardwick Dec 11, 1945
Smith, Clyde Charles Charleston Gates, Fernwood Susan Newport Dec 17, 1960
Smith, Harold Clyde Hardwick Young, Irene Eva Craftsbury July 2, 1939
Smith, Henry Doty Craftsbury Dimick, Helen Francis Hardwick June 25, 1949
Smith, John E. Craftsbury Fassett, Joanne D. Greensboro Jan 23, 1976
Smith, John Edward, Jr. Craftsbury Daniels, Jodi J. S. Craftsbury Dec 13, 2003
Smith, John Edward, Jr. Craftsbury Smith, Michelle Rea Craftsbury Aug 6, 2005
Smith, Leslie A. Hardwick Paterson, Dorothy Isabelle Craftsbury May 30, 1942
Smith, MacAllister B. Plattsburgh, NY Zagami, Gloria A. Plattsburg, NY Feb 14, 1991
Smith, Michael J. Craftsbury Desroches, Debora A. Craftsbury June 15, 1996
Smith, Michael Joseph Craftsbury Bailey, Bertha Alice Wolcott Feb 22, 1964
Smith, Richard L. Craftsbury Masten, Dolores L. Lyndonville May 16, 1987
Smith, Steven C. Craftsbury Cochran, Valerie L. Wolcott Aug 20, 1983
Smith, William H. Craftsbury Vasquez, Patricia K. Craftsbury June 26, 1993
Snowman, Thomas D. Craftsbury Kyker, Kathy A. Northampton, MA June 4, 1983
Sondgeroth, Benjamin Michael Sublette, IL Stanger, Bethany Ruth Princeton, IL Dec 31, 2002
Spaulding, Gerald Kaiser Craftsbury Wylie, Gladys May Craftsbury April 16, 1932
Spaulding, Herbert Charles Craftsbury Withers, Una Alberta Hardwick Sept 8, 1956
Spidle, Alexander Gordon Craftsbury Slayton, Arlene Blanche Calais Nov 28, 1940
Spinelli, John Andrew Springfield, VA Wagner, Colleen Susan Lorton, VA July 7, 2001
Spring, Ellis Nevel Craftsbury Brown, Edith Ruth Stannard Jan 1, 1946
Spring, Russell E. Craftsbury Jones, Cynthia I. W. Craftsbury July 14, 1979
Spring, Warner Archer Craftsbury Gebbie, Elizabeth Anne Greensboro Sept 26, 1953
Stanev, Orlin R. Craftsbury Miloucheva, Pepa P. Craftsbury Aug 10, 1997
Stanger, John E. Dundee, Mich Kinsey, Jennie E. Craftsbury June 14, 1969
Stebbins, George T. Craftsbury Chase, Robin M. Craftsbury Sept 4, 1982
Stenger, William St. Albans Stoddard, Joyce Craftsbury July 18, 1970
Stevens, Howard D. Craftsbury Fiske, Lisa M. Craftsbury Aug 21, 1982
Stevens, Keith E. Craftsbury Whipple, Christine A. Wolcott Dec 12, 1983
Stoddard, John Alan Craftsbury Frey, Jody Marie Craftsbury Aug 1, 1999
Stoddard, Wayne David Craftsbury Spear, Marjorie Lee Johnson Aug 18, 1962
Stone, Delbert L. Craftsbury Paronto, Mildred Craftsbury Sept 11, 1993
Stone, Harley W. Craftsbury Joralemon, Cathy J. Craftsbury April 7, 1984
Stoner, Gordon G. Silver Spring, MD Rose, Cindy J. Silver Spring, MD July 3, 1988
Stoner, Richard B. Grand Rapids, Mich Bruining, Judith E. Grand Rapids, Mich June 24, 1978
Storck, Jonathan Wayne New York, NY Rowell, Mary Leslie New York, NY March 15, 1986
Strong, Burton Byington Craftsbury Dodd, Irene Vera Craftsbury June 18, 1955
Strong, Burton Byington, Jr. Craftsbury Common Smith, Vickie Moon Morrisville Sept 23, 2006
Strong, Horace Warner Craftsbury Esser, Ruth Joan Burlington May 19, 1950
Strong, Nathan W. Longview, TX Murano, Victoria L. Pittsburgh, PA July 7, 1977
Strong, Robert A. Craftsbury Miller, Barbara E. Craftsbury April 22, 1995
Strong, William H. Craftsbury McKearney, Heidi M. Wolcott Oct 11, 1980
Sullivan, Robert Craftsbury Cox, Erica Craftsbury Oct 12, 2013
Swainbank, John Allen, Jr. Craftsbury Crytzer, Cheryl Ann Craftsbury July 15, 2000
Sweatt, Allen Craftsbury Warren, Beryl Craftsbury Aug 15, 1971
Sweatt, Allen Clayton Craftsbury Burbank, Jacqueline June Craftsbury Dec 12, 1953
Sweet, Steven Joseph Barre Masse, Tina Rae Craftsbury March 22, 1986
Swett, Harry Frank Craftsbury Anderson, Esther Judith Craftsbury Sept 24, 1955
Tallman, Raymond E. Craftsbury Luther, Leora E. Wolcott Nov 1, 1928
Tallman, Wayne Arthur Craftsbury Gates, Vera Evelyn Hyde Park July 1, 1933
Tallman, Wendell E. Craftsbury Cota, Lillian M. Craftsbury Nov 19, 1930
Tallman, Winston Wolcott Wright, Sandra Craftsbury Aug 9, 1968
Tanner, Chad D. Craftsbury Holcomb, Wendy R. Craftsbury Aug 7, 1993
Tanner, Daniel J. Craftsbury Lowell, Kristie D. Johnson Aug 10, 1996
Tarr, Charles Raymond, Jr. Craftsbury Common Porter, Jane Elizabeth Craftsbury Common Aug 6, 2006
Taylor, James Robert Morrow, OH Monfort, Lisa Joy Morrow, OH Feb 24, 1998
Taylor, Larry Ray Morrisville Gonyea, Christi Marie Morrisville July 14, 1990
Taylor, Lee Boynton Craftsbury Britton, Marjorie Lind Craftsbury Aug 2, 1931
Templeton, Christopher N. Craftsbury Whitston, Catherine P. Craftsbury June 19, 1988
Terwilliger, Howard Richard Craftsbury Shipley, Julia Randolph Craftsbury July 12, 2014
Thomas, Martin D. Randolph Menard, Lauri A. Craftsbury June 4, 1988
Titus, Allen James Craftsbury Young, Elvina Louise Craftsbury July 6, 1930
Todd, Frederic Bedford, NY Stewart, Alison Greensboro Aug 26, 1967
Todd, Glenn Thomas Alexandria, VA Strong, Alison Alexandria, VA Sept 8, 1990
Tourangeau, Frederick George, Jr. Craftsbury Theroux, Jo Ann Hardwick Nov 18, 1964
Tourangeau, Frederick Theodore Craftsbury Woodcock, Ruth Marie Arlington Nov 20, 1956
Tourangeau, James A. Craftsbury Judkins, Shirley A. Craftsbury May 5, 1973
Tremper, Carlton Overton E. Calais Jarrett, Kathy Ann E. Calais Aug 4, 2007
Troy, Kenneth E. Craftsbury Atwood, Nellie C. Craftsbury Oct 6, 1983
Tufts, Caleb Sean Ballwin, MO Rush, Jennifer Ann Ballwin, MO Dec 2, 2000
Tufts, Richard B. Scarborough, NY Farrar, Lynda Joyce Craftsbury Nov 18, 1972
Twiss, Glenn Sprague Craftsbury Gonyaw, Viola Sula Albany Oct 6, 1934
Twiss, Milton Alden Craftsbury Marckres, Edna Alice Craftsbury Jan 20, 1930
Twiss, Milton Alden Craftsbury Stearns, Madaline Rebecca Craftsbury Oct 20, 1934
Urie, Albert Shields Craftsbury Urie, Marion Avis Glover Aug 19, 1950
Urie, Bruce A. Craftsbury Downing, Elizabeth A. Derby Nov 17, 1973
Urie, Carl Alexander Craftsbury Merrill, Gertrude Williston March 1, 1944
Urie, Donald Clarence Craftsbury Urie, Janet Agnes Glover April 1, 1945
Urie, Gary L. Craftsbury Gilcris, Susan R. Craftsbury April 3, 1980
Urie, Timothy Robert Craftsbury   Draper, Faith Louise Ann Craftsbury   July 3, 2010
Valcour, Andre G. Morrisville Menard, Marthe S. Craftsbury Aug 20, 1960
Valcour, Gerard J. Morrisville Menard, Cecil G. Craftsbury June 3, 1961
Valella, John F. Meadville, PA Mailliard, Barbara G. Meadville, PA Oct 10, 2003
Valois, Didace J. Glover Boucher, Marie Anna Craftsbury April 27, 1946
Vangulden, Nathan Alexander Craftsbury Maclean, Princess Craftsbury Sept 20, 2008
Vize, Robert E. Craftsbury Miller, Donelle M. Wolcott May 9, 1975
Vrakking, Martinus (Ries) Soest, Netherlands Renes, Henney Nymegen, Netherlands Aug 24, 1979
Wakefield, Urban Christopher Morrisville Anderson, Marion Goldie Craftsbury June 20, 1936
Waldo, Everett Avery Vergennes Clapp, Elizabeth Susan Cambridge, MA June 13, 1959
Walker, Richard J. Craftsbury O'Dell, Ann Marie Craftsbury Aug 31, 1974
Ward, Emery Roswell Wildwood, FL Day, Emily Esther Wildwood, FL Aug 13, 1931
Ward, Glenn Stewart Burlington Masse, Therese Giselle Craftsbury May 30, 1959
Ward, Rudolph C. Wolcott Bailey, Thelma A. Craftsbury Sept 28, 1942
Warren, Clayton G. Morristown Goodhue, Gloria Mae Craftsbury June 1, 1934
Warren, Patrick Dean Winooski Brown, Beryl Margaret Craftsbury Sept 14, 1963
Washburn, Anthony Piers Wolcott Demeritt, Doreen Audrey Craftsbury Sept 15, 1957
Washer, Jeremy Burt Morrisville Reed, Tracy Joyce Craftsbury July 20, 2002
Waterhouse, Charles Nelson Craftsbury Jones, Elizabeth A. Wolcott July 5, 1969
Waterhouse, Charles Nelson, Jr. Craftsbury Putvain, Cheryl Lee Craftsbury June 26, 1999
Waterhouse, David B. Craftsbury Darling, Susan J. Craftsbury Dec 30, 1972
Waterhouse, Donald D. Craftsbury Griggs, Norma J. Craftsbury July 16, 1966
Waterhouse, Eric James Craftsbury Sargent, Brenda Louise Newport Center Oct 27, 1990
Waterhouse, Gordon Scott Craftsbury Deuso, Heather Marie Craftsbury Dec 9, 1989
Waterhouse, Hayden Lee Sutton, Que. Waterhouse, Bernice Maud Craftsbury Sept 30, 1939
Waterhouse, Herman Juel Craftsbury Griggs, Lillian Fay Eden Oct 22, 1944
Waterhouse, Howard Edison Craftsbury Coburn, Joan Margaret Hardwick July 6, 1940
Waterhouse, James Hermon Craftsbury Moffatt, Donna Ruth Morrisville May 2, 1964
Waterhouse, Stephen D. Craftsbury Fisher, Mavene R. Irasburg Sept 11, 1976
Watson, Charles E. Greensboro Williams, Robin L. Craftsbury Aug 29, 1992
Webster, Andrew Edward Rochester, NY Leasure, Margaret Mary Rochester, NY Aug 31, 2007
Weedon, Peter C. Craftsbury Ale, Rita Craftsbury July 13, 1998
Wehncke, Martin H. Craftsbury Twombly, Barbara F. Newport Center Oct 5, 1950
Weller, Christopher Craftsbury Obelnicki, Anne Craftsbury Sept 8, 2012
Wellington, David W. Albany Brow, Susan F. Albany Aug 18, 1977
Wellman, Andrew Albert Burlington Ingersoll, Jennifer Leigh Burlington June 6, 1998
Wells, Cecil Howard Craftsbury LaMonda, Josephine Shirley Greensboro Jan 27, 1934
Wells, Irving Arnold Lowell Chase, Edith Mildred Craftsbury March 21, 1931
Wells, Loren Nelson Craftsbury Goss, Elsa Mae Wolcott Sept 30, 1937
Wells, Thomas Elliot, Jr. Craftsbury Misek, Joan Marie Craftsbury Aug 2, 2001
Wereley, William Richards Craftsbury Common Wereley, Rosemary Joan V. Craftsbury Common March 21, 1998
Wheeler, John Frances Craftsbury Hill, Edna L. Greensboro Jan 16, 1928
Wheeler, Walter Emery Craftsbury Harris, Engie Avis Albany Sept 7, 1937
Whitcomb, Albert E. Hyde Park Luther, Pearl Craftsbury Sept 7, 1939
White, George Philip Craftsbury Judd, Mary Georgianna Craftsbury Sept 14, 1946
Wiederhold, Thorsten Horst Conrad Somerville, MA Knott, Amanda Dorothy Somerville, MA July 20, 2002
Wilde, Reginald Craftsbury Roy, Dorothy Jo Craftsbury Sept 18, 1938
Wilde, Reginald Craftsbury Heath, Vivian Mary Jane Newport June 1, 1962
Willette, Lance Eric Craftsbury Waterhouse, Laurie Jane Craftsbury Aug 29, 2014
Willey, Everett Wolcott Hodgdon, Alice Craftsbury Oct 5, 1948
Willey, Kevin J. Craftsbury Locke, Jessica J. Craftsbury Oct 15, 1994
Willey, Nathan Craftsbury Reed, Pamela L. Craftsbury July 19, 1969
Willey, Wayne Nathan Craftsbury Powers, Denise Marie Wolcott Nov 11, 1989
Williams, Clarence Wayne Craftsbury Touchette, Pauline Eva Newport, NH Nov 23, 1946
Williams, Edmund Tex Craftsbury Young, Cherie Angie Craftsbury Nov 17, 1954
Williams, Gregory S. Craftsbury Eldred, Serena L. Craftsbury Feb 16, 2008
Williams, Gregory Scott Craftsbury Mallory, Donna Marie Craftsbury Sept 27, 2002
Williams, Lewis Ames Craftsbury Noonan, Anne Shirley Cranston, RI Nov 12, 1955
Williams, Robert Wayne Craftsbury MacGowan, Nancy Lida Glover Jan 11, 1963
Williams, Robert Wayne, Jr. Craftsbury Richardson, Amy Jo Craftsbury July 1, 2000
Williams, Roderick Harry Craftsbury McCall, Beatrice Lucile Stowe Sept 2, 1933
Williams, Roland Ray, Jr. Craftsbury Simonds, Elizabeth Anne Saxtons River Aug 15, 1955
Willson, Ronald B. Craftsbury Glodgett, Peggy E. Brownington Aug 22, 1975
Wilson, Leland Earl Craftsbury Tatro, Mary Matilda Craftsbury June 28, 1929
Wilson, Robert F. Sterling, MA Williams, Janet I. Sterling, MA July 8, 1995
Wimette, Todd A. Craftsbury Waterhouse, Anita L. Craftsbury Oct 5, 1996
Womer, Bruce E. Craftsbury Roose, Patricia A. Craftsbury Oct 9, 1976
Woodard, Charlie Lemuel Craftsbury Kimball, Mary Albany June 23, 1937
Woodbury, Thomas H. Tucson, AZ Thene, Teri A. Tucson, AZ Aug 9, 1995
Worzala, Matthew J. Lake Zurich, IL Rubin, Lynn A. Schaumburg, IL May 22, 1993
Wright, Edmund Joseph Craftsbury Anderson, Elnora May Craftsbury June 21, 1941
Wright, Ernest Robert Craftsbury Gile, Margaret Annette Albany April 30, 1942
Wright, Gary R. Craftsbury Darling, Dorothy A. Hardwick July 11, 1981
Wright, Gary Ramson Craftsbury Deschamps, Annette Rosa Hardwick March 3, 1990
Wright, Jasper James Craftsbury Stoddard, Sandra Lee Craftsbury Aug 11, 2000
Wright, Robert Craftsbury Bragg, Shelly Craftsbury June 26, 1971
Wright, Shawn W. Craftsbury Lamadeleine, Fay H. Craftsbury Aug 26, 1995
Yard, Christopher J. Denville, NJ Wood, Kathleen M. Denville, NJ March 8, 1994
Yoes, Warren G. Ponchatoula, LA Wilford, Tammi A. Ponchatoula, LA Dec 15, 1988
Young, Alan H. Craftsbury Molleur, Anita J. Craftsbury Aug 27, 1983
Young, Brien Glover Butler, Carole Craftsbury Aug 19, 1967
Young, Clair L. Craftsbury Young, Dianne M. Craftsbury Oct 4, 1969
Young, Frank John Craftsbury Calderwood, Catherine Belle Craftsbury Aug 18, 1945
Young, Frederick Herbert Craftsbury Sweeney, Norma Lou Albany July 22, 1960
Young, Henry Lewis Craftsbury Fortune, Jeanne Lois Craftsbury Oct 7, 1950
Young, James T. Glover King, Karey Craftsbury Aug 10, 1968
Young, James Wendell Craftsbury Marckres, Gertrude Emily Craftsbury June 26, 1945
Young, Joseph Craftsbury Dufresne, Jeannine Hardwick June 26, 1971
Young, Kent A. Craftsbury Lampman, Donna M. Craftsbury June 25, 1977
Young, Kyle Henry Craftsbury Poston, Katherine Marie Beebe Plain Aug 12, 2000
Young, Owen Craftsbury Butler, Bonnie Craftsbury May 6, 1967
Young, Robert Alfred Craftsbury Corrow, Priscilla May Hardwick July 24, 1954
Young, Robert Cook Glover Houston, Rebecca M. Craftsbury May 29, 1969
Young, Walter Robert Craftsbury White, Agnes Corra Glover April 25, 1936
Young, Willard Craftsbury Newton, Shirley Olive Hyde Park Aug 8, 1936
Zahner, Richard Gordon Erie, PA Moffatt, Virginia Ann Craftsbury May 24, 1952
Zullo, Frank Manchester Hodgdon, Mary Craftsbury June 1, 1940

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