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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Married
Abbott, Jerry Dean Derby Mason, Linda Jean Newport City May 10, 1974
Abel, John H., Jr. Johnson Tetreault, Louise A. Derby Sept 3, 1977
Adams, Kevin Nason Stowe Guillette, Mary Jane Derby June 30, 1979
Aiken, Ronald Elwood Derby Line Bickford, Nancy Jean Newport City May 9, 1964
Aldrich, Alfred Lambert Derby Line Coutts, Anne Milne Newport June 27, 1936
Aldrich, Carroll G. Derby Line Coutts, Alice A. Newport Aug 17, 1936
Aldrich, Ira H. Derby Line Coutts, Beatrice Rosella Newport Sept 19, 1934
Aldrich, Robert Stanley Derby Corkins, Betty Lou Derby Oct 12, 1959
Aldrich, Roy Dean Derby Line Judd, Christie Ellen Derby June 2, 1979
Alexander, Stephen Bradford Newport Lague, Nancy Rae Derby Jan 27, 1973
Allard, Michael Robert Newport Fortin, Monique Yolande Derby Line June 14, 1975
Allbee, Curtis C. Weehawken, NJ Rumery, Minnie I. Derby Dec 8, 1928
Allbee, Newland Gilman Jr. Springfield, MA Carpenter, Winifred Claire Derby Aug 21, 1937
Alley, Frank Pratt Portland, ME Keysar, Marion P. Derby Line Nov 11, 1966
Ames, Darrell S. Derby Perkins, Florilla N. Waterbury July 28, 1938
Ames, Harley D. Derby Line Nason, Ivah Gertrude Derby Line June 27, 1928
Ames, Lyndol Roy Derby Gardner, Nita Alice East Charleston Aug 24, 1942
Ames, Marshall Alfred Derby Carter, Velma Carolyn E. Corinth June 27, 1939
Ames, Paul Nason Derby Line Ghere, Nancy Jewel Frankfort, Ind. June 28, 1959
Amyot, Vincent William Barton Robillard, Raymonde Fabiola Derby June 25, 1955
Anderson, James Beebe, Que. Bronson, Marjorie Pansy Beebe, Que. Jan 2, 1933
Andrews, Howard Francis Ayers Cliff, PQ Baird, Bessie Aurora Ayer's Cliff, Que. Jan 29, 1938
Archambault, Albert L. Beebe, VT Desmarais, Jeanne Y. Newport April 22, 1946
Arel, Roger Emery Newport Town Davis, June Alice Derby Sept 10, 1960
Asche, Ronald Stanstead, Que. Nadeau, Diane Aldea Magog, Que. July 4, 1975
Ashman, Edward Albert Derby Coles, Violet Newport June 1, 1936
Astbury, Stewart Sterling Stanstead, Que. Walker, Madeline Ayer's Cliff, Que. Nov 13, 1934
Audet, Gardiner Derby Line Whipple, Joyce A. Rock Island, Que. Aug 7, 1948
Audet, Joseph Ronald Denis Sherbrooke, Que. Jarvis, Janet Elizabeth Stanstead, Que. July 12, 1969
Audette, Francis Derby Line Dennison, Grace Derby Line Nov 16, 1941
Audinwood, Charles E. Derby Line Dasen, Joanna Beebe, Que. Sept 14, 1932
Aulis, Lewis Tomifobia, Que. Woodard, Carrie Madeline Fitch Bay, Que. Oct 28, 1928
Aulis, Reginald B. Cookshire, Que. Aulis, Myrtle W. Ayer's Cliff, Que. Nov 20, 1937
Auprey, Robert Francis Penacook, NH Hall, Sandra Ann Penacook, NH July 2, 1960
Austin, Guy Fred, Jr. Derby Conley, Mary Ann Glover Oct 1, 1966
Austin, Leo Winston Newport City MacKenzie, Emily Jean Derby July 11, 1964
Austin, Shawn Lyndon Derby Lahar, Kathryn Marie Albany Oct 9, 1976
Bachelder, Allyn A. Derby Dupuis, Louisette D. Rock Island, Que. July 30, 1966
Bacon, Charles A. Derby Line Aldrich, Myrtle Rose Barton May 10, 1941
Bacon, Harold Edward Derby Line Converse, Norma Lucy Rock Island, Que. Nov 13, 1934
Badger, Asa Freeman   Hudson, Angelina Ellen   June 29, 1925
Badger, Daniel A.   Stevenson, Fannie H.   Oct 19, 1926
Bailey, Norman Gary Newport Hebert, Patricia Mary Beebe June 30, 1973
Bailey, Walter J. Derby Phillips, Marjorie Pauline Troy Oct 4, 1929
Baker, Clyde C. Hardwick Fellows, Dorothy I. Derby Oct 29, 1960
Baker, David A. Johnson Buzzell, Nancy J. Newport Aug 23, 1969
Baker, Dayton Larry Derby Gelineau, Madeline Ann Derby March 1, 1965
Baker, Dwight Henry Derby Poginy, Kathleen Isabel Newport Town April 20, 1974
Baker, Gaylord P. Derby Greenwood, Michaelene A. Holland July 3, 1971
Baker, Harry Francis Littleton, NH Bedard, Sondra Ann Derby Line May 18, 1963
Baraw, Charles Derby Belville, Gertrude Derby June 3, 1940
Baraw, David Nelson Newport Goddard, Phyllis Ann Derby March 22, 1968
Baraw, Richard Maynard Newport Johnson, Sandra Lou Derby Aug 5, 1961
Barker, Ray W. Manlius, NY Aplington, Florence Nelson Derby Line July 6, 1955
Barnard, Paul Derby Alger, Marian Elizabeth Newport Feb 3, 1948
Barnard, Walter David Derby Streeter, Gladys Georgina Newport June 16, 1951
Barnes, Gordon Sullivan Derby Barber, Arlene Helen Newport Nov 18, 1933
Barnes, Richard Alan Brighton Shannon, Lorraine Fay Derby Aug 1, 1959
Barnett, Earl A. Derby Deskins, Eleanor Derby Feb 11, 1967
Barrup, Everett Lee Brownington Jacques, Denise Helen Derby June 25, 1960
Barrup, Steven Craig Newport City Choquette, Suzanne Lise Derby May 24, 1975
Barrup, Stuart James Newport City Bradley, Bonnie Ann Derby July 21, 1979
Barrup, Wayne Daggett West Charleston Shoff, Patricia Jean West Charleston Jan 10, 1952
Barry, James Michael Newport City Gray, Kathryn Rose Derby Jan 29, 1977
Barry, Leonard Earl Derby Provoncha, Elsie Hazel Brownington June 2, 1928
Baser, Frederick K. Lake Hiawatha, NJ Burke, Marian R. Derby May 25, 1974
Batchelder, Ernest Thomas Stanstead, Que. Fox, Hazel Gertrude Stanstead, Que. May 2, 1934
Batchelder, Ira Clifton Derby Davis, Doris Faye Derby June 20, 1964
Batchelder, Ira Newton Charleston Rice, Vinnie Estella Fellows Derby Feb 3, 1954
Batchelder, Wilmer Samuel Derby Glasson, Janice Irene Newport May 27, 1961
Batchelor, John F. Derby Line McLean, Marguerite R. Derby Line June 11, 1966
Bates, Christopher Philip Derby Loura, Jill Elizabeth Coventry Aug 14, 1976
Bates, Lee B. Derby McMullen, Vivian Catherine Derby Line June 20, 1932
Bates, Philip Arthur Derby Robbins, Marion Jean Derby March 1, 1953
Bathalon, Jean Leo Westfield Comtois, Yvette Marie Newport June 17, 1972
Beach, Wilbur Burton Derby Line Woodard, Dorothy Madelyn Derby Line July 16, 1960
Beadle, Keith Derby Line Geoffroy, Diane Newport Aug 21, 1971
Beamish, John T. Rock Island, Que. Astbury, Evelyn E. Boynton, Que. Jan 20, 1930
Bean, Edsel R. Derby Bugbee, Rita D. St. Johnsbury Dec 18, 1976
Bean, Robert E. Derby Darling, Rachel I. Derby Dec 31, 1978
Bean, Robert Edward Derby Griffin, Joanne Carol Charleston Oct 16, 1965
Beauchesne, Dennis Rosaire Derby Line Petelle, Phyllis Marie Derby Line April 8, 1972
Beauchesne, Harvey T. Derby Guillette, Therese Derby May 20, 1940
Beauchesne, Joseph Herve Ronald Derby Line Jones, Patricia Faye Beebe Plain, VT March 11, 1967
Beauchesne, Laurier Wilfred Derby Line Simpson, Sandra Lee Pittsford Jan 3, 1970
Beauchesne, Ludger Derby Line Willette, Marie Josephine Derby Line Jan 14, 1931
Beaudette, Henry J. Derby Davio, Amelia Blay Derby June 3, 1932
Beauregard, Roger Norbert Holland Moore, Colleen Matilda Derby Line Oct 12, 1957
Beck, Frederick John, Jr. Derby Line Warner, Debra Lee Newport City June 22, 1974
Beck, William John   Clapper, Hattie Elizabeth (Baten)   Feb 19, 1925
Before, Maurice T. Derby Martin, Hilda G. Newport Aug 4, 1947
Before, Vincent Raymond Derby Durocher, Joyce Elsie Derby June 9, 1956
Before, Wayne Vincent Newport Lorimer, Marguerite Amilia Derby Line Nov 7, 1959
Belanger, Denis Paul Derby   Butler, Carol Anne Irasburg April 8, 1972
Belisle, Joseph Armand Derby Line Charland, Deborah Uda Derby Sept 13, 1975
Belknap, Merrick J. Rock Island, Que. Woodman, Margaret Beebe, Can July 10, 1943
Bell, Percy, Jr. Beebe, Que. Davis, Virginia Beebe, Que. July 25, 1936
Bell, Sidney Derby Line Wyllie, Patricia Mary Barre April 6, 1947
Belway, Theodore Roosevelt Newport Bates, Priscilla Hildreth Derby Aug 20, 1947
Benedict, Philip R. Hartford   Rowden, Janet L. Derby June 13, 1967
Benjamin, O'Donald Lee Strafford Green, Gwendolyn May Derby April 2, 1933
Benn, Joseph Arthur Stanstead, Que. Jones, Linda Lois Derby Line Sept 5, 1964
Bennett, Bruce G. Derby Roberts, Shirley Newport May 5, 1945
Bennett, Elton L. Derby Line Bucklin, Helen H. Hyde Park July 2, 1931
Bennett, Elton L. Derby Line Wheeler, Edith L. Derby Line Sept 19, 1942
Bennett, Gradyn L. Lennoxville, Que. Sykes, Hilda Irene Lennoxville, Que. Nov 16, 1929
Benoit, Gordon Carmi Derby Pouliot, Denise Huguette Newport Aug 27, 1960
Benoit, Ronald Dean Derby Bly, Valerie Ethel Charleston Nov 22, 1969
Benway, Cecil Edward Newport Lorimer, Audrey Lois Beebe Plain, VT Dec 8, 1949
Benway, Shane Edward Derby Sanville, Donna Lee Irasburg Nov 10, 1973
Beouchesne, Albee Russell Derby Line Roy, Germaine Rock Island, Que. Sept 24, 1935
Berard, J. Emile Sherbrooke, Que. Desruisseaux, Marie Lydia Blanche Sherbrooke, Que. May 14, 1927
Bergeron, Paul J. Derby Goad, Patricia A. Derby Aug 20, 1977
Bergeron, Robert J. Winooski Berry, Kathleen A. Derby Line July 10, 1976
Bernier, Joseph Elias   Robert, Malvina   Nov 22, 1926
Bernier, Lionel Joseph Stanstead, Que. Pouliot, Carmen Yolande Derby June 16, 1956
Besaw, Gene A. Derby Brewster, Jeannine M. Derby Oct 20, 1979
Bianchi, Irio Derby Shoff, Joyce Newport Aug 13, 1971
Bickford, Arthur K. Derby Line Blouin, Pearl Mae J. Derby Line June 6, 1964
Bickford, Gerald Hiram Derby Gray, Rosalie Jane Derby June 9, 1973
Bickford, Harley H. Coventry Wood, Mae Derby June 29, 1950
Bicknell, Douglas Partridge Derby Line Bird, Margaret Ann Burlington Nov 27, 1971
Bicknell, Marvin John Derby Line Willard, Helen June Derby Line June 14, 1969
Bigelow, Arthur Albert Derby Line Davis, Linda Fay Derby Sept 15, 1962
Birchard, Dean Allen Derby Biron, Bonnie Lee Derby June 27, 1976
Biron, Wilfred Joseph Derby Line Nichols, Bertha Angela Lassonde Derby Line June 25, 1955
Bishop, Charles Harrigan Newport Bessette, Gail Faye Derby Line Aug 27, 1960
Bishop, William Henry Derby Holmes, Esther Madeline Charleston May 31, 1936
Blais, Gerald Albert Derby Line Lemieux, Mary Elizabeth Newport Aug 14, 1965
Blais, Gilles Marcel Holland Ferland, Rachel Reajeanne Derby Sept 7, 1957
Blais, Guy Rene West Hartford, CT Middleton, Alice Doreen Stanstead, Que. Oct 25, 1958
Blais, Joseph Derby Line Plante, Rita West Charleston Oct 9, 1948
Blais, Joseph Michael Derby Line Boucher, Nicolette Pauline Charlotte Aug 25, 1973
Blais, Leopold Joseph Herve Derby Fortin, Candide Marie Rose Holland June 21, 1934
Blais, Maurice Richard Derby Line Dowhan, Deborah Jane Burlington Jan 3, 1970
Blais, Rheal Gilbert Derby Line Thomas, Karen Anne Newport City May 15, 1976
Blais, Russell Cyril Newport Fortin, Lucienne Marguerite Derby Line May 10, 1952
Blake, Delmar Rufus Derby Johnson, Dorothy E. Newport Aug 11, 1965
Blanchard, Ernest Derby Warner, Effie Mae Lowell Dec 20, 1927
Blanchard, Herbert Francis Derby Frye, Cecilia Midland, Mich Sept 10, 1955
Blanchard, William Earl Derby Peters, Betty Olive Newport Nov 29, 1969
Blay, Albert Allie Derby Hackett, Marion Jeannette Newport May 27, 1928
Blay, Henry Harold Derby Bradford, Mildred Gertrude Derby July 23, 1952
Blay, Oscar Oval Derby King, Arlene Goldie West Burke July 14, 1945
Blay, Ralph Derby King, Goldie Troy June 9, 1937
Blay, Raymond Francis Derby Rice, Helen (Woods) Brownington Nov 1, 1932
Blevin, Raymond Earl Derby Roberts, Doris Lorraine Newport Aug 5, 1950
Bliss, John Robert Derby Robillard, Dianne Rose Marie Newport City Aug 28, 1976
Boisclair, Robert Derby Fortier, Beatrice Florence Derby May 3, 1938
Boissonnault, Marcel Guy Derby Fortin, Danielle Gisele Derby March 21, 1970
Boissy, Joseph George Rock Island, Que. Doyon, Mary Jane Derby Nov 18, 1933
Boisvert, Gerard O. Derby Rhodes, Frances K. Derby Aug 5, 1977
Boisvert, Joseph O. Gerard Rock Island, Que. Hamilton, Ellen Edna Beebe June 1, 1937
Bonin, Antonio Roger Derby Breton, Solange Marie Barton June 25, 1966
Bonin, Armand Rosaire Derby Brien, Doris Marie Derby July 17, 1965
Bonin, Gerard Bernard Newport Brien, Angela Rosalie Derby Sept 8, 1956
Boright, Malcolm Stevenson Newport City Robillard, Armande Claudette Derby April 28, 1962
Bothwell, James R., Jr. Burlington Bedard, Pamela Jean Derby Line Oct 11, 1969
Boucher, Ernest Arthur Derby Knowles, Florence Katherine Newport Oct 5, 1946
Boucher, John Richard Stanstead, Que. Labrie, Mary Anne S. Beebe, Que. March 12, 1966
Boucher, Robert Benjamin Charleston Grenier, Paulette Lucille Derby   Sept 27, 1969
Boucher, Roland Derby Wright, Dorothy Derby Aug 22, 1938
Bouffard, David Mark Newport City Baker, Beth Anne Derby June 17, 1978
Bouffard, Paul Albert Newport Gaudreau, Denise Cecile Beebe, VT June 10, 1961
Boulanger, Benjamin J. Derby Line Leblanc, Alice L. Newport June 16, 1947
Bousquet, Omer Derby Line Sylvester, Jeannette Derby Line Dec 26, 1939
Bousquin, Regis Derby Guillette, Jeannette Derby May 3, 1937
Bousquin, Rudolph Derby Murray, Grace Newport May 18, 1936
Boutah, Dale Edward Derby Line Snyder, Sandra Mae Irasburg Aug 16, 1969
Bouthiette, Harold Dennis Derby Harris, Elizabeth Louise Derby Dec 20, 1960
Bowen, Arland, Jr. Holland Bessette, Dawn Derby Line Feb 6, 1965
Bowen, Don Willey Derby Line Carter, Rosemarie Dorothy Newport Nov 29, 1969
Bowen, Earl Perl Derby Wing, Evelyn Pearl Derby March 4, 1927
Bowen, Floyd Harold Hartford, CT Broome, Joanne Phoebe Hartford, CT June 1, 1963
Bowen, Gordon Ellsworth Derby Plouffe, Aline Rollande St. Albans Sept 29, 1961
Bowen, Lance Avery Derby Line Graves, Linda Jean Holland June 24, 1972
Bowen, Larry Ervin Derby Line Carton, Linda May Magog, Que. June 25, 1977
Bowen, Wilmer Earl Derby Tabor, Avyce Ellen Derby April 14, 1934
Bowen, Winston Earl Derby Armstrong, Kathleen Edna Newport Town Oct 3, 1959
Bowman, Edwin Leland Derby Labounty, Alice May Coventry April 19, 1962
Boyle, John Amundson Franklin, NH Cargill, Eula Carys Derby Sept 30, 1930
Bradley, Allen Stanley Derby (Beebe) Stone, Fawn Ella Derby (Beebe) June 7, 1974
Brainard, Curtis Derby Gray, Elizabeth West Charleston Aug 18, 1947
Brainard, Gary Curtis Derby James, Mary Ann Derby Aug 18, 1979
Brainard, Homer N. Rock Island, Que. Hamilton, Catherine R. Derby July 7, 1927
Brainard, Ricky Alan Derby Line Coburn, Dolores Corinne Barton July 22, 1978
Brasseur, Alan Yves Newport Center Chenette, Claire Therese Derby Line June 1, 1974
Breeding, Tommy L. Norwalk, CT Prue, Sandra Ann Norwalk, CT June 11, 1966
Breton, Thomas Jackman, ME Judd, Beatrice Derby May 14, 1934
Brewer, Elwin Sloan Derby Fugere, Agnes Helene Newport Feb 25, 1953
Brien, Armand E. Derby Champigny, Lillian Marie Derby Nov 24, 1930
Brien, Conrade Maurice Derby Aldrich, Anna Bristol Feb 7, 1955
Brien, Conrade Maurice Derby McKinney, Sandra Mae Newport City Nov 16, 1957
Britch, Francis Oryen Derby Line Picard, Linda Grace Newport March 28, 1965
Brochu, Alfred Emile Derby Hastings, Trudy Faye Derby May 25, 1974
Brochu, Joseph Gerard Paul Derby Elliott, Luna Ann Derby June 27, 1970
Brochu, Rene Gerard Newport Cote, Madeleine Marie Derby Sept 9, 1967
Brock, Edgar H. Stanstead, Que. Hartley, Sadie Stanstead, Que. Jan 5, 1935
Brock, George Colin Barre Thompson, Lois Lucretia Derby April 10, 1963
Brock, Henry E. Stanstead, Que. Manning, Kathleen May Derby Line June 25, 1937
Bronson, John Ogden, Que. Smith, Evelyn Ida Ogden, Que. May 12, 1971
Bronson, Lawrence Earl Beebe, Que. Hyatt, Winifred Pearl Griffin Corner, Que. May 25, 1933
Bronson, Percy Charles Winsted, CT Phillips, Cecile Georgette Winsted, CT Oct 12, 1957
Bronson, Randall Donald Derby Line Boardman, Elizabeth Jane Danville July 25, 1970
Broome, Carroll Dean Derby Arenas, Patricia Mary Waukegan, IL June 21, 1958
Broome, Wilmer Bernard Derby Wight, Alice Gladys St. Johnsbury June 29, 1957
Brow, Winfred Paul Craftsbury Boucher, Irene Bernardan Derby June 20, 1934
Brown, Alton Weston Derby Adams, Eunice Mae Coventry July 13, 1935
Brown, Arthur Derby Sykes, Eva Holland July 27, 1963
Brown, Arthur Stewart Derby Goodall, Norma E. Derby Feb 17, 1973
Brown, Blaine Floyd Charleston Lawson, Shirley Elaine Derby Dec 15, 1973
Brown, Bristol Thomas Derby Kelly, Vivian Reed Derby Dec 12, 1964
Brown, Charles S. Burlington Ellis, Virginia Rae Derby Nov 14, 1964
Brown, Donald Elwin Derby LeClair, Margaret Newport April 8, 1939
Brown, Elwin T. Derby Lombard, Beverly Newport City June 22, 1957
Brown, Elwin Thomas Derby Morse, Nancy Mae Derby  June 28, 1969
Brown, Forest Martin Derby Bates, Barbara Emily Derby Aug 20, 1931
Brown, Horace Stuart Derby Brooks, Charlena Etta Newport July 2, 1932
Brown, Kenneth Cyr Rock Island, Que. Tabor, Ruby Holland Oct 31, 1936
Brown, Lyle E. Newport Beck, Betty V. Derby Aug 28, 1947
Brown, Paul Floyd Derby Goulding, Bessie Ruth Westfield May 21, 1955
Brown, Ralph D.   Davis, Almeda   Oct 31, 1925
Brown, Sanford Wells Derby Grenier, Georgette Derby May 7, 1977
Brown, Wells Boyd Derby Wheeler, Geneva Holland Sept 7, 1935
Brown, Winston Lloyd Beebe, Que. Pruneau, Liliane Rose Beebe, Que. May 24, 1958
Brown, Winston Quentin Chicago, IL Rice, Joan Patricia Derby Line May 15, 1965
Bruce, Carl R. Derby Line McGovern, Blanche Newport Dec 31, 1935
Brunet, Paul E. Coaticook, Que. Burdick, Madeline A. Beebe, VT Sept 24, 1938
Bryan, Thomas Forrest Rock Island, Que. Perreault, Marie Noema Derby Sept 4, 1936
Buchanan, Alan Frederick Derby Parent, Ann Marie Enosburg July 15, 1972
Buchanan, Hugh Elwood Derby Brainard, Phyllis Marilyn Derby July 15, 1944
Buck, Theodore Hall, Jr. Derby Hanson, Cynthia Lynne Burlington Oct 16, 1970
Bullard, Michael Richard Magog, Que. Asche, Sylvia Jacoba Paulina Stanstead, Que. Nov 19, 1977
Bullis, Alfred E. Derby Sanville, Dorothy P. Derby Feb 22, 1930
Bullis, Craig Allen Newport City Magden, Diana Lynn Derby  Oct 23, 1976
Bullis, Francis Barrie Holland Coulombe, Alice R. Derby Line May 4, 1957
Bullock, Stewart Lee Stanstead, Que. Brainard, Alice H. Derby Line May 22, 1971
Bullock, Thomas Alfred Farrel   Vinton, Ruth Lexina   Sept 19, 1925
Burdick, Terrence Frederick Derby Middlebrook, Joan Patricia Derby    Jan 6, 1976
Burroughs, Rudolph J. Derby Line Whitehill, Phyllis E. Morgan April 17, 1946
Bushaw, Nelson O. Derby Broome, Colleen D. Derby Oct 26, 1946
Bushey, Alfred Charles Newport Gray, Katheryn W. Derby Line Jan 17, 1942
Bussell, Thomas Adrien Newport Center Nault, Donna Jean Derby July 15, 1977
Bussell, Timothy Scott Barton Lyons, Cathy Lynn Derby April 7, 1979
Butterfield, Lester Waldo, Jr. Derby Alden, Felicity Nancy Newport City June 26, 1976
Buzzell, Herbert Magog, Que. Dingman, Hazel Magog, Que. Dec 3, 1934
Byers, Howard William Derby Ames, Iris Ruth Newport City April 2, 1977
Call, David Eugene Akron, O. Taylor, Susan Jean Derby Sept 22, 1973
Camber, Daniel Amos Fitch Bay, Que. Woodard, Doris Elvira Fitch Bay, Que. Oct 4, 1932
Camber, Henry Edwin East Burke Mosher, Regena Mildred Derby Aug 8, 1953
Camber, Paul Ernest Derby Buchanan, Cheryl Anne Derby   June 13, 1972
Campbell, David Jon Derby Petelle, Nancy Elaine Newport Nov 11, 1972
Campbell, George Portland, Oregon Adams, Barbara Jean Derby Line March 10, 1946
Campbell, H. Edgar Derby Harrington, Abbie June Derby Sept 24, 1933
Campbell, Walter Newport City Kelly, Robina Jeane Derby Line July 14, 1966
Campbell, Walter L. Derby Line Sanville, Florence A. Derby Aug 16, 1977
Capps, DaWayne Atlanta, TX Kelley, Eileen Alice Derby Nov 8, 1958
Carbone, John Joseph Mechanicsville, NY Rumery, Mary Jean Derby Line Sept 2, 1967
Cargill, Robert Everett Morgan Buchanan, Carole Ilene Derby June 29, 1974
Cargill, Ulsford E. Derby Beerworth, Margaret L. Derby June 18, 1927
Caron, Harold Joseph Brownington Wood, Mildred Lena Derby June 15, 1932
Carpenter, Allen Burton Derby Gratton, Theresa Pauline Charleston Sept 2, 1978
Carpenter, Carroll Duane Derby Line Ames, Joan Margaret Derby Oct 17, 1953
Carpenter, Charles Burton Derby Lemere, Winifred Gladys Newport April 6, 1932
Carpenter, Charles Burton, Jr. Derby Sykes, Lois Vera Holland Sept 11, 1956
Carpenter, Chester A. Derby White, Wilma E. Derby Aug 22, 1942
Carpenter, Dale Richard Derby Gray, Sandra Lou West Charleston Oct 23, 1955
Carpenter, Harold Arthur Derby Musgrove, Lucille Dorothy Derby July 12, 1958
Carpenter, James Charles Derby Flynn, Sfa Colleen Holland Sept 12, 1953
Carpenter, Kenneth Wade Derby Bennett, Lucie Jeannine Derby June 17, 1977
Carpenter, Raymond Paul Derby Line Holmes, Joyce Merilyn Derby Line June 18, 1951
Carpenter, Reginald Carl Derby McDonald, Constance Mae Morgan Sept 1, 1957
Carpenter, Richard Lee Derby Grondin, Vicky Lynn Coventry Aug 25, 1978
Carr, James Elmer Derby Gaudreau, Gabrielle Jeanne Newport City July 23, 1977
Carr, Wilfred Troy Carpenter, Alice M. Derby Dec 29, 1935
Carter, Colin Harold Derby Bosley, Carrie Glynn Holland June 12, 1971
Carter, Gary Newport McDonald, Shirley Derby Jan 14, 1956
Carter, Harold Holland Judd, Julia Derby Jan 30, 1943
Carter, James Frederick Newport Prue, Patricia Lynn Derby April 28, 1973
Carter, Sidney Orville Holland Bushaw, Hazel Persis Derby Jan 27, 1940
Casper, George Asa, Jr. Williamstown, NC Buck, Roxanna May Derby Line Dec 17, 1960
Cate, Weston Attwood, Jr. Rochester, NY Stetson, Jean Margaret Buffalo, NY June 29, 1944
Chadburn, Gerald Clyde Irasburg Norris, Iris Kathleen Derby Line Aug 6, 1949
Chaffee, Ronald Dean Newport City Lawson, Gail Leona Derby May 11, 1974
Chainey, Paul E. Derby Parker, Nancy E. Newport Center Nov 30, 1968
Chaloux, Wilbridge S. Derby Williams, Agnes M. Morgan July 9, 1929
Chaloux, Wilfred Edward   Roberts, Leona   Nov 15, 1926
Champigny, Anthony Nadeau Morgan Jonis, Mary Lou Derby Line May 25, 1968
Chapdelaine, Eddy Derby Plante, Columbe Juliette W. Warwick, RI Oct 17, 1936
Chapdelaine, James Robert Brownington Aubin, Cecile Blaise Newport   July 16, 1977
Chapdelaine, Raymond Ronald Derby Brown, Deborah Ann Beebe, Que. Aug 16, 1975
Chapdelaine, Rene R. Derby Martel, Margaret B. Beebe, Que. Feb 21, 1944
Chapman, Ronald Edward Brattleboro Letourneau, Marie Hazel Derby Aug 18, 1979
Chaput, Gerard A. Newport Favreau, Violet H. Derby Nov 11, 1950
Chaput, Reginald Oscar William Derby Lamoureux, Madeline Linda Derby Dec 1, 1979
Charbonneau, Romeo Derby Vaillencourt, Albertine Holland Sept 4, 1933
Charland, Donald Oliver, Jr. Derby Messier, Tammy Ann Irasburg Sept 22, 1979
Charland, Robert D. Charleston Lord, Patricia E. Derby Line Nov 27, 1965
Chenette, Denis Armand Derby Davio, Pamela Lee Newport May 19, 1979
Cheney, Leon Edward   Oulston, Clara Jane   June 9, 1926
Chesney, Ronald Gordon Brighton Garrow, Roberta Irene Derby June 23, 1961
Choquette, Ernest Newport Town Robillard, Louise Derby Aug 26, 1961
Choquette, Phillip Louis Rutland Thompson, Mary Esther Derby April 15, 1961
Christiansen, Peter C. Derby Wood, Olive Derby Oct 4, 1935
Chumbley, Harold H. Nashville, Tenn. Copp, Vivian Barbara Derby Line Nov 29, 1947
Cilley, Rodney Frank Brighton Whittier, Violet May Derby Line Feb 24, 1949
Clapper, Clinton Homer Derby Powers, Almeda Morgan Oct 26, 1940
Clapper, Lawrence Clinton Derby Laythe, Marion Allison Derby Line July 1, 1936
Clark, Adolph C. Syracuse, NY Frazier, May E. Syracuse, NY Sept 3, 1935
Clark, Allen Sherwood Derby Berry, Mary Patricia Derby July 24, 1976
Clark, Gerald Francis Rock Island, Que. Hill, Patricia Jean Derby Line July 12, 1952
Clifford, Cortis Garfield Beebe, Que. Markwell, Annie Mae Derby Jan 7, 1937
Clifford, Kenneth C. Beebe, Que. Markwell, Ida Olive Beebe, Que. Sept 30, 1936
Cloutier, Robert Albert Beebe, Que. Webb, Cheryl Diane Rock Island, Que. June 10, 1961
Coathup, Albert William Derby Noe, Stella Margaret Derby Nov 10, 1938
Coburn, George Burton Beebe, Que. Morse, Delight Beebe, Que. April 10, 1934
Coderre, Donald E., Jr. Holland Trombley, Lena Alice Derby July 2, 1977
Coderre, George Newport Town Gaudreau, Marcelle Beebe, VT May 5, 1962
Colburn, Bryan Roy Derby Whitehill, Cynthia Ann Morgan Oct 2, 1976
Colburn, Maynard Hollis Newport Holland, Mildred Annette Derby Line Aug 31, 1941
Colby, John E., Jr. Derby Davis, Sherry A. Derby Aug 19, 1978
Cole, Donald Gordon Newport Town Wagner, Freda Elizabeth Derby Sept 24, 1960
Collins, Arland Wilbur Newport Blake, Althea Elizabeth Derby May 3, 1941
Collins, Richard Lucien Newport Kinney, Joan Catherine Derby Line Oct 21, 1967
Colt, Reginald P. Derby Bowen, Alice M. Derby April 6, 1930
Compassi, Raymond Richard Derby Littlefield, Doris Mae Derby April 25, 1973
Comtois, Claude Albert Derby Urie, Edith Margaret Glover April 19, 1975
Comtois, Francis Leo Derby Belisle, Pauline Antoinette Troy July 15, 1967
Comtois, Roger Real Newport Young, Patricia Louise Derby Line Oct 14, 1967
Conn, Percy Albert Derby Simmoneau, Florence Jeannette North Troy Sept 25, 1943
Cook, Byron Leo Irasburg Geissler, Betty Jean Derby Sept 3, 1950
Copp, George Harry Rock Island, Que. LeBaron, Edythe Mae Derby June 15, 1946
Corbitt, Lewis Orleans Limlaw, Marion Minnie Derby Dec 1, 1956
Corkins, Keith Philip Derby Alexander, Susan Lynn Newport City Feb 14, 1974
Corkins, Richard Douglas Derby Bauer, Catherine Lynn Derby Aug 26, 1972
Corlis, Simon Barton Crowe, Annie Elizabeth Derby Aug 6, 1945
Corliss, Arthur Frederick Derby Blevin, Esther Newport May 20, 1937
Corneau, Charles Derby Line Beauchesne, Josephine Derby Line July 19, 1947
Cornell, Stanley David Derby Peck, Audrey Leigh Newport City Sept 24, 1966
Corrow, Dennis Austin Derby Corliss, Ethel Mae Derby May 19, 1945
Corrow, George P., Jr. Coventry Moeykens, Lillian C. Derby April 5, 1951
Corrow, Ira James Derby Batchelder, Doris A. Derby Line Oct 2, 1928
Corrow, Wayne Delmar Newport Jenne, Barbara Ellen Derby Jan 31, 1953
Cota, Richard W. Glover Moeykens, Agnes C. Derby Oct 3, 1964
Cota, Stanley Howard North Troy Turner, Anne Marie Derby May 12, 1979
Cote, Andrew Leonard Derby Langdeau, Theresa Lorraine Barton Nov 2, 1946
Cote, Evarice Vivian Newport Stratton, Thelma Agnes Beebe, VT Aug 4, 1936
Cote, Marcel Armand  Derby Norton, Joyce Rock Island, Que. Jan 27, 1968
Cote, Marcel Ronald Derby Line Bissonnette, Susan Rose Marie Newport April 12, 1969
Cote, Maurice Paul Derby Line Whitehill, Rebecca Arline Morgan Oct 7, 1978
Cote, Richard Claude Derby Line Smith, Carlene Joyce Beebe, Que. July 13, 1963
Cote, Richard Guy Derby Crawford, Jayne Hope Rock Island, Que. July 5, 1975
Cottone, Gregory Danial Derby Belisle, Evelyn Marie Rose Derby Feb 26, 1972
Coulombe, Paul John Derby Line Cordeau, Patricia M. Rock Island, Que. Dec 30, 1966
Courchesne, Leo Emile Newport Lippens, Marie Blanche Elaine Derby Oct 4, 1943
Couture, Louis Valois, Jr. Derby Gosselin, Mary Alice Derby June 24, 1961
Cowles, Russell Chandler Newport Manginello, Eugenia Derby Feb 4, 1968
Crandall, Arthur H. Derby Drake, Gertrude Mae Newport Oct 31, 1929
Crawford, Bruce Lyle Derby Line Theberge, Claudette Suzanne Derby July 8, 1961
Crawford, Lyle Heman Derby Coolbeth, Eloise Bradley Derby Sept 26, 1958
Crawford, Robert J. Rock Island, Que. Doyon, Marie Olive Rock Island, Que. July 18, 1964
Cross, James Bradley E. Charleston LeMay, Shirley Louise Derby April 6, 1974
Cross, Philip Willis Derby Line Gray, Gertrude Harriet Derby Line Dec 23, 1939
Cross, Stephen Philip Derby Line Fortin, Annette-Marie Theresa Derby June 30, 1978
Crowe, Harold W., Jr. Derby Brochu, Lea Mary Lise Derby Line March 13, 1965
Cuerrier, Wilfred J. L. Rock Island, Que. Ellis, Gladys Beryl Rock Island, Que. Aug 14, 1976
Cunningham, Ray Neil North Hatley, Que. Whitehead, Winnifred Harriet North Hatley, Que Nov 28, 1956
Curran, Edward C. S. Sudbury, MA Provost, Anita T. Natick, MA June 20, 1964
Currier, Donald Elmer Newport Lucas, Sheila Ann Derby Aug 19, 1972
Currier, Peter Alfred Newport Ste. Marie, Claire Juliette Derby Feb 1, 1969
Curtis, Arnold Lee Derby Gilfillian, Anna Moore Newport March 4, 1958
Curtis, Craig Taylor Morgan Smith, Iola Mae Derby Line Oct 12, 1967
Curtis, Donald Walter Derby Line Norris, Ferol Jean Newport Center Aug 26, 1956
Curtis, John Hiel Reginald Stanstead, Que. Renihan, Kathleen Julia Beebe, VT June 15, 1935
Curtis, John Walter Derby Barrup, Ruth Evelyn Brownington March 27, 1954
Curtis, Lawrence Richard Derby Line Grant, Theodora Jane Lyndonville Sept 10, 1960
Curtis, Lawrence Richard Derby Line Nelson, Amy Helen Derby Line Oct 30, 1977
Curtis, Roland W. Derby Line Gray, Velma Lucille Derby Line Jan 9, 1944
Curtis, Walter Alfred Derby Line Grow, Merle Eloise Derby Line July 21, 1973
Cyr, Gilbert Thomas Hamlin Plantations, ME Provost, Ginette Marie Derby Aug 9, 1975
Dagenais, Fernand Marieville, Que. Fournier, Florence Derby Dec 27, 1939
Dagesse, Gerard Donat West Charleston Brown, Candy Shirley Derby Sept 17, 1977
Dagesse, Leo Holland Fortin, Rita Derby Aug 9, 1958
Dagesse, Leo Regis Charleston Markwell, Catherine Rose Derby Oct 20, 1973
Daggett, Burton Kenneth Holland Cowens, Vicki Elsa Derby Line June 15, 1968
Daggett, David Frederick Derby Rioux, Claire Malvina Barre City June 24, 1972
Daggett, Douglas Kenneth Derby Etheze, Catherine Louise Derby March 6, 1971
Daggett, Douglas Kenneth Derby Dunn, Pamela Alice Troy Sept 24, 1977
Daggett, Michael Lee Derby Line Pratt, Cheryl Ann Derby April 29, 1972
Daniel, Irving E. Waterbury, CT Wood, Avis A. Derby Dec 21, 1935
Daniels, Guy Derby Tetreault, Suzanne C. Newport City Oct 10, 1975
Darby, Paul Lucien Derby Line Bashaw, Beverly Grace Newport June 20, 1948
Dauphin, Richard Thomas Newport Davis, Barbara Ann Derby Line May 29, 1971
Davidson, Carl Ernest Derby Wadsworth, Blanche Edith Derby March 20, 1935
Davidson, John Philip Derby Pratt, Lynda Faye Derby April 22, 1978
Davidson, Robert A. Wayne, NJ Petelle, Sheila Rae Derby Line May 31, 1969
Davidson, William Earl Derby Mitchell, Florence Elizabeth North Troy Oct 28, 1943
Davio, Allie Derby Travers, Bridget Brooklyn, NY Nov 26, 1949
Davio, Allie Arnold Derby Haley, Agnes M. Derby June 10, 1939
Davio, Allie Arnold Derby Clapper, Eleanor May Derby Aug 15, 1953
Davio, Andrew H. Derby Keohane, Nora A. Derby Oct 29, 1947
Davio, Aubrey N. Beebe, Que. Sprague, Mildred I. Fitch Bay, Que. Oct 26, 1933
Davio, Edward Leon Derby Greenleaf, Alma Evelyn  Rock Island, Que. Aug 27, 1931
Davio, Lewis J. Derby Hodgdon, Catherine Newport March 9, 1943
Davis, Albert Kenneth Lyndonville Glover, Virginia Lee Derby July 31, 1956
Davis, Alfred L. Holland Vachon, Rita Derby Line Jan 22, 1949
Davis, Alfred Wright Derby Line Wing, Mildred Louise Derby Line May 6, 1950
Davis, Bryan Ernest Derby Line House, Lynda Marie Derby April 28, 1979
Davis, Clarence Leslie S. Stukely, Que. Buzzell, Alice Tomifobia, Que. Nov 29, 1937
Davis, Craig Raymond Derby Wells, Mary Jean Derby May 12, 1973
Davis, Franklin Eugene Derby Line Shields, Barbara Ann Derby Line Sept 21, 1973
Davis, Harry J. Beebe, VT Squires, Ethelwyn Beebe, VT Sept 7, 1940
Davis, Harvey Edwin Derby Cornell, Carolyn Ann Derby Dec 31, 1959
Davis, Harvey Edwin Derby Slack, Joan Flora Royalton Oct 12, 1968
Davis, Ivan James Bennington Jones, Barbara Janet Derby Oct 25, 1939
Davis, Johnnie Derby Davio, Elsie Mary Derby March 23, 1935
Davis, Kenneth Archie Derby Rivard, Judith Carol Newport May 17, 1958
Davis, Lawrence   Derosie, Blanche   Aug 9, 1925
Davis, Leslie Bernie   Coburn, Isabelle Elizabeth   April 10, 1926
Davis, Martin Eric Charleston Sicard, Denise Claire Derby Sept 1, 1973
Davis, Roy O. Newport Wight, Irene Marcia Derby Aug 4, 1934
Davis, Sidney Way's Mills, Que. Derick, Hazel Edson, Alberta Oct 8, 1938
Davis, Walter Wallace Derby Bishop, Lillian Gladys Derby Oct 14, 1939
Davis, William Ayers Cliff, PQ Porter, Beatrice Maude Tomifobia, Que. May 6, 1931
Day, Steven Paul Derby Line Dumas, Priscilla Rose Newport Oct 21, 1978
Degre, Richard Roch Derby Morrill, Beverly Lynn Newport July 12, 1975
DeLaBruere, Andrew Dennis Newport Town Hastings, Katherine Ann Derby Jan 12, 1977
DeLaBruere, Daniel Michael Derby Line Goodine, Carol Jean Newport City Jan 5, 1974
DeLaBruere, Ronald Rene Derby Fortin, Diane Marie Holland Dec 30, 1978
DeLevo, Renaldo Nicholas Montreal, Que. Bronson, Barbara J. Beebe, Que. March 16, 1968
Demers, Paul E. Derby Gosley, Charlena Mary Derby Aug 20, 1979
Demers, Philip Dean Derby Baraw, Phyllis A. Derby Dec 7, 1974
Demick, Harold Derby Emery, Viola Coolbeth Derby Dec 28, 1955
Demick, Harold B., Jr. Derby Frank, Janice Derby Line April 2, 1955
Denney, Brian Hamilton Victor Rock Island, Que. Kelley, Nancy Pearl Derby Line Aug 12, 1967
Derocher, Dennis Derby Davio, Rosie Belle Derby Aug 3, 1932
DeRoehn, Donald Edward Derby Phelps, Anne Elizabeth Newport Oct 12, 1958
DeRoehn, James Allan Derby Garneau, Carole Lise Derby Aug 11, 1973
DeRoehn, Walter Burrill Derby Crowe, Colleen Enid Derby June 26, 1952
Derosier, Dennis Leo Newport Day, Joan Evelyn Derby Line May 1, 1971
Derusha, Harold L. Derby Bates, Rebecca Newport March 13, 1937
Derusha, Lawrence Emery Beebe, Que. Taylor, Murial Jeanette Beebe, Que. April 2, 1927
Derusha, Stanley Charles Beebe, Que. Bulmer, Margaret Annie Beebe, Que. Nov 17, 1928
Derusha, Walter Stevens   Wheeler, Kathleen Beatrice   July 20, 1926
Desjardin, Lucien Joseph Derby Chainey, Olive Morgan Sept 4, 1928
Desmarais, Claude A. Westmore Baker, Judy Elaine Derby June 11, 1966
Desrochers, Roland Newport Town Cornell, June Derby Jan 22, 1961
Dewey, Donald Richard Stanstead, Que. Mosher, Fern Lillian Sherbrooke, Que. May 31, 1952
Dezan, Arnold Lee Ayers Cliff, PQ Decon, Marion Ethel Lennoxville, Que. Nov 14, 1946
Dhu, Lawrence Titus Derby Watson, Yvonne Rock Island, Que. Sept 1, 1940
Dhu, Roderick E. Plainville, CT Shannon, Marion Elizabeth Plainville, CT Sept 24, 1949
Dionne, Johney Albert Ways Mills, Que. Smith, Grace Edwine Ways Mills, Que. March 10, 1934
Dionne, Leon Albert Fairfax, Que. Dezen, Ardella Stanstead, Que. May 7, 1931
Dishaw, Thomas Richard Derby Clarke, Karen E. Springfield, MA June 4, 1965
Dixon, Matthew Donald Beebe, Que. Holland, Ruth Avyce Derby Line Feb 25, 1939
Dolloff, Joseph E. Derby Line Curran, Madeline Derby Line April 8, 1950
Domina St. Sauveur, Camille Derby Line Duff, Thelma Ruth Derby Line Dec 17, 1938
Domina, Leonard Derby Line Green, Hazel E. Newport June 30, 1936
Domina, Robert Sherman Derby Greene, June Maureen Derby Oct 4, 1958
Doncaster, Otis Robert Derby Lontine, Shirley Riegel Coventry May 26, 1979
Doncaster, Wayne Everett Derby Rhodes, Elizabeth Ann Newport May 6, 1952
Dority, David Earl Derby Ashman, Carol Lynn Holland Sept 20, 1975
Dority, Stanley Earl Derby Sisco, Frances Lillian Derby Aug 27, 1977
Dowd, Thomas Joseph Boston, MA Whitcomb, Nancy Jean Derby April 15, 1961
Dowhan, Richard Henry Burlington Page, Leslie Ann Derby Aug 17, 1956
Dowling, Joseph Paul Richardson, TX Seymour, Nancy Mary Ann Derby Oct 22, 1977
Downing, Dalton James Stanstead, Que. Darby, Harriett Elizabeth Derby Line June 28, 1947
Downing, Michael James Derby Line Roy, Celeste Elizabeth Derby Line Aug 21, 1971
Drake, Gary Austin Derby Campbell, Alice Marie Newport July 7, 1973
Drake, Philip Scott, Jr. Derby Davio, Theresa Ann Newport April 8, 1967
Draper, George L. Georgeville, Que. Hutchins, Elizabeth A. Georgeville, Que. Sept 5, 1964
Drew, Charles Wilson St. Johnsbury Bailey, Natalie May Derby Nov 23, 1938
Driver, Everett Derby Willis, Linda Margaret Troy Oct 13, 1973
Duckless, James Alec Derby Tice, Sally Ann Derby May 20, 1978
Dudley, Leslie Eugene Derby Line Dever, Melissa Mary S. Burlington July 29, 1978
Duff, Guy Welland Derby Lawson, Louise Alice Coventry June 22, 1938
Dukett, Harry A. Newport City Wetherbee, Gertrude L. Derby Line June 3, 1978
Dumas, Clayton Silas Brandon Cass, Lucille Sylvia Derby May 30, 1942
Duncan, Kenneth Earl N. Waldoboro, ME St. Sauveur, Mary Marguerite Derby Line Oct 20, 1956
Dunn, Lawrence Daniel Derby Mosher, Audrey Virginia Derby March 1, 1947
Duquette, Gordon Leslie Beebe, Que. Bachelder, Lucille Gertrude E. Beebe, Que. Aug 8, 1959
Duquette, Jean Alain Beebe, Que. Lamothe, Gail Ann Derby Nov 24, 1979
Duquette, Jean Anthony Barton Cote, Gratia Odelle Derby Line June 3, 1939
Duquette, Joseph Pierre Raymond Derby Waterman, Laura Rae Derby May 8, 1976
Durivage, Dorman A. Lowell Crowe, Nancy L. Derby July 2, 1959
Durocher, Herbert Andrew Derby Ranco, Francine Amelia Poughkeepsie, NY March 29, 1969
Durocher, Lawrence Dennis Derby Voyer, Gloria Gabriele St. Johnsbury April 14, 1956
Durocher, Mitchell Mason Derby Petell, Carolyn Bernice Holland April 15, 1963
Durocher, Paul E. Rock Island, Que. Falconer, Linda Faye Beebe, Que. July 16, 1966
Dustin, Lionel Stanstead, Que. Fauteux, Yoland Stanstead, Que. Dec 1, 1949
Dustin, Robert Allen Rock Island, Que. Fontaine, Ginette Theresa Rock Island, Que. Aug 28, 1976
Dutil, Roger Jean Paul Rock Island, Que. Ticehurst, Merna Lois Stanstead, Que. May 9, 1953
Dutton, Erastus Lafayette   St. Pierre, Winifred Nettie   Oct 27, 1926
Earle, Donald P. Westfield, MA Robbins, Eleanor F. Springfield, MA June 15, 1946
Eastman, Alan Fay Derby Dessaint, Lois Joy Rock Island, Que. May 26, 1973
Eaton, Albert Edward, Jr. Derby Line Lee, Marjorie Dorine Newport June 26, 1936
Ellam, Craig Russell Morgan Pare, Jo Anne Marie Derby Sept 14, 1974
Ellam, Irwine R. Derby Sykes, Beulah Holland Nov 6, 1948
Elliott, Herbert Patterson St. Johnsbury Hall, June Louise Derby July 18, 1941
Ellis, Byron Sanford Rock Island, Que. Laberee, Fleda Rock Island, Que. Nov 25, 1936
Ellis, Charles Pierce Stanstead, Que. Wheeler, Gladys Alberta Stanstead, Que. April 2, 1938
Embury, Brian William Dover, NH Glazener, Robbin Michele Beebe Sept 8, 1973
Emond, Alphonse Joseph Newport Wilson, Frieda Viola Derby April 30, 1932
Emslie, Harold Frederick Beebe, Que. Hovey, Ruth Anne Derby Line Oct 23, 1970
Emslie, Wilbur John Fitch Bay, Que. Minor, Myrtle Maria Fitch Bay, Que. July 25, 1936
England, Clyde Newell Derby Line Taylor, Alice Ruby Lowell March 7, 1941
Eryou, Richard Manford Beebe, Que. Watson, Denise Sylvia Rock Island, Que. July 16, 1960
Essaff, Paul Lawrence Newport City Flynn, Judy Louise Derby Dec 28, 1963
Esselen, William B., Jr. Amherst, MA O'Brien, Katherine Amherst, MA Aug 3, 1938
Evans, David Allan, D.V.M. Newport Koval, Deanna Helen Derby Sept 27, 1975
Farman, Harold H. Derby Line Bullock, Merilla L. Rock Island, Que. May 25, 1942
Farman, Osmer Derby Line Garran, Wilma Lyndonville March 29, 1941
Farrow, Albert Edward Rock Island, Que. Jenkins, Susan A. Rock Island, Que. April 5, 1927
Farrow, Charles Lawrence Derby Line Wilson, Phyllis Margaret Montreal, Que. Dec 15, 1951
Favreau, Robert Sylva Derby Emslie, Frances Elizabeth Beebe, Que. July 19, 1958
Favreau, Roger Joseph Derby Lucas, Pearl May Newport June 21, 1958
Fedele, John Edward Newport City Fugere, Joanne Marie Derby Line Sept 18, 1977
Fedele, Ronald Cosmo Eliot, ME Gardner, Ronni Jean Derby May 22, 1976
Fennimore, Joseph Joshua, Jr. Levittown, PA Kelley, Lucille Clara Derby Dec 19, 1959
Field, Joseph Jordan, Jr. Pawtucket, RI Roy, Cynthia Mae Derby Line July 15, 1961
Fiermonte, Frank Philip Derby Karam, Marie Anita L. New Bedford, MA Aug 29, 1946
Finnerty, John Francis Barrington, RI Byron, Louise Danforth Rock Island, Que. Oct 20, 1927
Fitzpatrick, James Edward Burlington Chapman, Harriet Vivian Derby Line Feb 7, 1929
Flagg, Gordon Michael Derby Sykes, Janelle Lee Derby Oct 15, 1977
Flanders, Clarence E. Beebe, Que. Davio, Lillian V. Beebe, Que. Dec 22, 1937
Flanders, Raymond Daniel  Newport City Davis, Iris Elizabeth Derby Oct 13, 1957
Flanders, Sidney E. Rock Island, Que. Fortin, Florence Rock Island, Que. April 18, 1936
Flinn, Clyde Hartley Holland Coulombe, Loretta Derby Line Oct 10, 1942
Fluet, Edgar Tomifobia, Que. Cote, Rose Derby Line Sept 4, 1948
Fluet, Roland J. Derby Meunier, Cecile A. Derby Nov 21, 1979
Flynn, Hugh Loren Holland Patenaude, Helen Jeannette Derby Nov 4, 1978
Flynn, Urban A., Jr. Derby Curtis, Laurel Anne Derby Line Jan 29, 1966
Flynn, Wayne T. Morgan Bronson, Betty Lou Derby Line Sept 26, 1953
Fontaine, Jos. Marcel Claude Romeo Derby Stevens, Lynn Ann Morgan Nov 10, 1973
Fontaine, Joseph Roger Thomas Hartford, CT Boissonnault, Marie Paule Margaret C. Hartford, CT Oct 27, 1962
Forest, Fernand Gerard Derby Lanoue, Sharon Joyce Orleans Nov 18, 1967
Fortier, George Anthony Barre Hebert, Helena Gladys Beebe Plain, VT June 17, 1967
Fortin, Albert E. Holland Letourneau, Theresa Derby June 14, 1947
Fortin, Alexander Joseph Derby Line Metras, Jeanne Joseph Newport Sept 15, 1951
Fortin, Daniel Edward Derby Line DeLaBruere, Arlene Suzanne Newport Town June 14, 1969
Fortin, Dennis   Quirion, Jacqueline   June 17, 1967
Fortin, Gerald Norbert Derby Line Rowden, Susan Joyce Derby May 20, 1972
Fortin, Guy Gerard Derby Line Rivard, Susan Mary Newport City June 21, 1975
Fortin, Joseph Ernest Derby Line Lemire, Albina Magog, Que. Oct 21, 1944
Fortin, Lawrence Joseph Johnson Austin, Dawn Newman Derby Sept 4, 1976
Fortin, Lionel Derby Line Piette, Simonne Coventry June 7, 1952
Fortin, Norbert Allen Derby Line L'Esperance, Rita Diane Newport City May 6, 1977
Fortin, Paul Roland Derby Mandigo, Sheila Gayle Stowe June 25, 1977
Fortin, Raymond Gerard Derby Line Durocher, Gloria Alice Derby May 13, 1961
Fortin, Reginald Derby Line Cote, Melvidene Newport City Oct 15, 1966
Fortin, Rene Claude Derby Line Beauchesne, Lucille Therese Derby Line June 17, 1961
Fortin, Rene Noel Berlin, NH Shannon, Jean Evelyn Derby Sept 1, 1958
Fortin, Robert John Derby Line Durocher, Christine Ann Derby Nov 3, 1962
Fortin, Robert Joseph Stanstead, Que. LaFlam, Judith Lynn Derby Line Feb 25, 1967
Fortin, Roger Roy Derby Belanger, Diane Lucie Derby Oct 5, 1968
Fortin, Rosaire Roland Derby Trucott, Brenda Lee Holland Nov 29, 1969
Fortin, Viateur Gerard Derby Perrault, Mary Theresa Irasburg Oct 13, 1951
Foster, Robert C. West Charleston Jacobs, Betty Jean Derby March 9, 1951
Fountaine, Gerard Louis Derby Lanoue, Rose Blanche Troy Oct 15, 1938
Fournier, Alfred J.   Chartier, Anita M.   Sept 22, 1925
Fournier, Jean Paul Roger Newport City Beattie, Debra Jean Derby May 29, 1976
Fournier, Lucien Joseph Newport Wright, Shirley Theresa Derby April 15, 1961
Fournier, Robert Raymond Barton Lahar, Pauline Eva Derby April 30, 1951
Fournier, Roy Armand Derby Curtis, Una Bernadine Derby Dec 3, 1935
Fox, Carroll Norris Newport Perkins, Janice Lucille Derby Line Aug 16, 1952
Frankauski, John James Methuen, MA Wing, Linda Mae Derby July 27, 1963
Frawley, Kenneth Maurice Burlington Kilborn, Barbara Louise Derby Sept 29, 1951
French, Harold Vinton E. Providence, RI Saunders, Amelia Rock Island, Que. Jan 18, 1928
Frizzell, Michael Duane Derby Leblond, Suzanne Regina Barton Oct 4, 1969
Frost, Atherton W. Andover, NH Boyle, Eula C. Derby July 25, 1936
Fugere, Louis Andrew Newport Vigneau, Mathild Florence Derby June 1, 1948
Fuller, Alward Howard Derby Hackett, Joyce Pauline Derby Line Sept 5, 1948
Fuller, Gordon Richard St. Catharines, Ont. Hitchcock, Shirley Lou Derby Dec 24, 1970
Gage, Donald C. Derby Wallace, Rena A. Newport Feb 26, 1949
Gage, Rudolph Leslie Derby Rice, Helen Beatrice Holland Sept 24, 1935
Gagne, Joseph Lennoxville, Que. Stewart, Ina Sherbrooke, Que. Aug 11, 1933
Gagnon, Bernard A. Derby Line Davidson, Clara Edwarda Alice Newport June 26, 1948
Gagnon, Dale Roland Derby Line Guyette, Mary Elizabeth Derby July 21, 1962
Gagnon, Elias A. Derby Line Favreau, Theresa Derby Line June 30, 1947
Gagnon, Paul Andrew Derby Line Sicard, Helen Emma Beebe June 24, 1972
Gagnon, Scott A. Derby Wilcox, Marie A. Newport City Aug 19, 1978
Galeucia, Gordon Earle, Jr. Whitinsville, MA Markwell, Diane Elizabeth Derby Nov 15, 1975
Gamron, George Russell Derby Line Morrell, Mary Louise Derby Line June 25, 1972
Gardner, Carroll D., Jr. Newport McMullen, Laureen I. Derby/Beebe, VT Nov 19, 1966
Gardner, Thurland S. Derby Hardy, Altha E. Newport Jan 28, 1928
Gardyne, Robert William Newport Rowell, Barbara Elizabeth Derby July 13, 1952
Gardyne, William Robert Derby Frawley, Nancy Anne Newport City Aug 5, 1978
Garland, David Heathton, Que. Dungate, Kathleen Boynton, Que. April 23, 1932
Garneau, Marcel Auguste Derby Gagnon, Eugenie Dorothy Derby Line June 23, 1973
Gaudreau, Michel Joseph Derby St. Martin, Deborah Hope Beebe, Que. Oct 30, 1976
Gaudreau, Peter John Derby Connor, Debra Lynn Derby July 10, 1976
Gaylor, Bernard Harry Newport Azur, Judith Anne Derby Oct 20, 1973
Gaylor, Theodore Heman Newport Broome, Grace E. Derby Sept 24, 1946
Gelinas, John Ubald Sherbrooke, Que. Lewis, Pearl Mae Sherbrooke, Que. July 9, 1938
Gelineau, Leopold J. Derby Gladu, Dorothy M. Newport Feb 27, 1971
Gelo, Dennis Malcolm Lowell Taylor, Patricia Ellen Derby   Sept 25, 1971
Gentley, Ronald Edwin Derby Maloney, Mary Ann Derby Sept 4, 1976
Geoffrey, Andre Joseph Derby Leonard, Lynne M. Newport   Sept 14, 1968
Geoffrey, Leo Joseph Derby Carson, Evelyn Elizabeth Newport City May 4, 1963
Geoffrey, Marcel George Derby Willey, Darlene Linda Newport Aug 8, 1970
Geoffrey, Raymond Joseph Derby Willey, Shirlene Leah Newport Oct 5, 1968
Gibson, Manscell E. Stanstead, Que. Mousley, Doris H. Stanstead, Que. Dec 30, 1939
Gilbert, Arnold Magog, Que. Powers, Joline Magog, Que. May 3, 1949
Gilbert, Bruce Edward Derby Tice, Ann Derby March 7, 1964
Gilbert, Lloyd B. Derby Line Johnson, Beulah I. Newport July 18, 1960
Gillies, Kenneth I. Montreal, Que. Johnson, Ellen Flushing, NY June 22, 1946
Gilman, Frederick Henry Derby Line Burton, Mabel Edith Derby Line Sept 5, 1936
Gilman, Terence A. Concord Carpenter, Patricia M. Derby Oct 30, 1965
Gilpin, Wallace H. Barton Parker, Lenore M. Derby Line March 8, 1945
Girard, Michael Henry Derby MacFarlane, Cheryl Dee Derby Aug 18, 1979
Girouard, Roger W. Lowell Piet, Therese Derby Line June 13, 1938
Glodgett, Clifton Theodore Derby Shannon, Barbara Mildred Derby July 18, 1951
Glodgett, Ernest Fred Derby Line Laflam, Belle Sarah Orleans July 18, 1953
Glover, Hayden Wallace Derby Storey, Pauline Beverly Derby Aug 26, 1950
Glover, Reginald Alvin Derby Smith, Beverly Jean West Charleston Oct 20, 1950
Gobeil, Raymond Jean Beebe, Que. Patenaude, Rita Marina Derby Line Oct 18, 1958
Gonyaw, Bernie T., Jr. Derby Raymond, Teresa Mae Newport May 10, 1969
Gonyaw, Michael Raymond Derby Barker, Susan Ann Derby Aug 23, 1975
Goode, Stanley Stephen Boston, MA Boisvert, Catherine S. Derby/Beebe, VT May 14, 1966
Goodsell, Lawrence Rock Island, Que. Davis, Ethelwyn Derby May 29, 1948
Goodsell, Roger Gilles Rock Island, Que. Lyons, Mary Lou Stanstead, Que. Oct 18, 1958
Goodsell, Ronald Normand Rock Island, Que. Gibson, Beverly Jean Rock Island, Que. Oct 21, 1961
Gooley, Wayne Russell Newport Center Warner, Rebecca Althea Derby March 27, 1976
Goss, Glen Wayne Winooski Brainard, Jeannette Gracia Derby April 7, 1951
Gosselin, Albert Irasburg Before, Theresa Margaret Derby June 9, 1947
Gosselin, Andrew Phillip Derby Thompson, Wanda Lou Derby Nov 30, 1968
Gosselin, Andrew Phillippe Derby Goodsell, Beverly Joyce Rock Island, Que. Dec 5, 1950
Gosselin, Leo Joseph Derby Line Lafaille, Pauline Dorothy Jay Aug 3, 1963
Gosselin, Leon William Derby Fortin, Germaine Theresa Derby Line Aug 9, 1958
Gosselin, Rene Lowell Crowe, Mary Patricia Derby Sept 25, 1954
Gosselin, Richard Larry Derby Guillette, Ann Marie Derby May 8, 1976
Gosselin, Robert Norman Derby Brien, Pauline Mary Newport Feb 3, 1951
Gosselin, Robert Norman, Jr. Derby Line Wright, Valerie Ann Derby July 15, 1972
Grady, John Lambie, Jr. St. Johnsbury Gaffield, Faith Derby Line Nov 30, 1958
Granai, George William, Jr. Derby Wright, Joyce Ann Derby Aug 31, 1974
Gratton, Ernest Derby Beauregard, Simone Derby Oct 24, 1933
Gratton, John Paul Derby Line Hendrick, Norma Christelle Derby Line July 14, 1951
Gratton, Paul Leo Derby Poulin, Lucienne Newport Aug 24, 1936
Gratton, Peter Ernest Derby De La Bruere, Janet Cecile Newport Town Oct 6, 1979
Gratton, Raoul Ovila Derby Chaloux, Leona Jeannette Derby June 13, 1927
Gratton, Romeo Joseph Rock Island, Que. Moore, Helene Marie Rock Island, Que. Aug 24, 1936
Gravel, Jacques Valmore Valcourt, Que. Patenaude, Rose Delima Derby Line July 17, 1954
Graves, James Holland Porter, Mildred Derby Line Oct 26, 1950
Gray, Brian Cargill Morgan Limlaw, Marilyn Jean Derby Dec 31, 1964
Gray, Ellis Arthur Charleston Batchelder, Judith Mae Derby Sept 30, 1961
Gray, James Bradley Charleston Limlaw, Donna Lee Derby July 5, 1969
Gray, Jasper Azro Derby Barlow, Emma G. Tideman Coventry Jan 19, 1933
Gray, Lawrence William Derby Dickey, Jeannette L. Derby Oct 27, 1979
Green, Delwyn Earl Derby Bedard, Paula Jane Derby Line April 25, 1964
Green, Douglas M. Derby Buckland, Dorothy H. Derby May 3, 1945
Green, Earl Joseph Derby Turcotte, Cora Holland Sept 29, 1934
Green, Hubert Earl Derby Moulton, Sherry Rae Charleston March 7, 1964
Green, Robert Gordon Derby Campbell, Joan Marie Newport Feb 6, 1971
Green, Waldo Austin Derby Driver, Mary Elizabeth Morgan May 14, 1966
Green, William A., Jr. Derby Courchesne, Susan E. Newport City July 9, 1966
Greene, Dale Morgan King, Naoma Sharon Derby Dec 26, 1956
Greene, Wayne R. St. Lambert, Que. Webster, Winona Ann Derby Line Jan 30, 1965
Greenwood, Alfred William Rock Island, Que. LeClair, Yvonne Rock Island, Que. Oct 28, 1937
Greenwood, Chester III Derby Myers, Sharron B. Newport City May 28, 1966
Greenwood, Glendon Ivan Derby Line Morse, Phyllis Beverly Newport Oct 23, 1944
Greenwood, Raymond Stuart Derby Line Bishop, Philippa Loriane Newport June 29, 1938
Greenwood, Talcott Arnold Derby Line Gray, Erdine Holland Aug 1, 1942
Grenier, Andre Marc Derby Sanborn, Donna Lee Derby June 25, 1977
Grenier, Leo E. Derby Paquette, Gabriel A. Barton June 12, 1976
Grenier, Leo Wright Derby Piper, Pauling Ann West Charleston June 22, 1946
Grenier, Lucien George Derby Pausha, Audrey Catherine Charleston Jan 15, 1972
Grenier, Richard Clement Barton Fortin, Mary Ann Derby Feb 21, 1970
Grenier, Roger Albert Stanstead, Que. Pouliot, Therese Marthe Derby Aug 11, 1973
Griffin, David Alan Derby Page, Beth Ann Derby Aug 8, 1970
Griffin, Glendon Gail Newport Gray, Edith May Derby Line July 16, 1960
Griffin, Ronald Lloyd Derby Gage, Donna Raye Derby Dec 22, 1959
Griggs, David Oscar Derby Deskins, Deborah Lynn Derby June 29, 1973
Griggs, Paul Donald Derby Rushlow, Veronica Lee Newport City Oct 12, 1974
Griswold, Marc Louis Morgan Sicard, Cecile Mariette Derby Oct 28, 1978
Guillette, Armand Euclide Derby Grenier, Theresa Annette Derby Oct 27, 1973
Guillette, Daniel Rolland Derby Choiniere, Louise Marthe Sheldon March 5, 1977
Guillette, Gary Richard Derby Poutre, Evelyn Mary Irasburg Oct 30, 1971
Guillette, Henry Derby Girouard, Anita Orleans June 26, 1948
Guillette, Jacque Cyril Derby Dunn, Deborah Ann North Troy July 3, 1971
Guillette, Jean A. Derby Choquette, Lucille St. Johnsbury Jan 28, 1946
Guillette, Louis John Derby Abbott, Wanda Lee Newport Nov 30, 1968
Guillette, Lucien O. Derby Lahar, Irene D. Derby May 22, 1944
Guillette, Marcel Rene Derby Roberge, Francine Louraine Westfield Oct 2, 1971
Guillette, Peter Andre Derby Stickney, Carolyn Jean Amherst, NH Oct 12, 1968
Guillette, Robert Wilfred Derby Gosselin, Germaine Blanche Derby Oct 28, 1961
Guillette, Wilfred Joseph Derby Desjardins, Arline Derby Sept 28, 1935
Guyette, James Charles Derby Day, Tina Marie Derby July 16, 1977
Guyette, John M. Newport City Bennett, Mary L. Derby Aug 18, 1979
Guyette, Steven Arthur Derby Sanville, Joanne Marie Troy Oct 1, 1977
Hackett, Carl Raymond Derby Line Leland, Norma Gertrude Newport May 5, 1951
Haddad, Mitchell J. Rumford, ME Haddad, Anna Margaret Rumford, ME Aug 8, 1928
Hagstrom, Holger Gust Beebe, Que. Laro, Irene Emely Beebe, Que. May 28, 1938
Hall, Blaine T. Maplewood, NJ Holland, Marion E. Derby Line Jan 27, 1946
Hall, Donald Harry Beebe, Que. Lewis, Shirley Joyce Newport Oct 10, 1953
Hall, Jeffrey Nelson Derby Line Judd, Jane Louise Morgan Oct 16, 1971
Hall, Joshua French Newport Blake, Daphne Ellen Derby Feb 2, 1942
Hall, Richard Merrill Derby Carr, Cynthia Gertrude Newport City Oct 17, 1964
Halsall, Ronald Derby Line Porter, Winifred Margaret Derby Line July 20, 1961
Hamblett, Tarlton Winston Newport Ames, Jessie May Derby Sept 16, 1940
Hamilton, Edwin A., Jr. Derby Line Livingston, Annette J. Meredith, NH Jan 29, 1942
Hamilton, John Porter Newport City Bassett, Debra Lyn Derby Aug 6, 1977
Hammond, Lyle Derby Guy, Lois Lyndon Center Jan 8, 1948
Hansen, James David Derby Lantagne, Ann Carol Derby March 7, 1979
Hanson, Dale Merrick Barton Kinne, Janice Myrtle Derby Aug 25, 1956
Hanson, Hakon Tage Beebe, Que. Derusha, Leona Gertrude Beebe, Que. June 15, 1935
Hardy, John Henry Derby Curtis, Edna Mae Elizabeth Derby Aug 20, 1931
Harrington, Preston George Glens Falls, NY Rowell, Rita Faye Derby July 11, 1954
Hart, Wayne Conner Derby Sanville, Dorothy Margaret Irasburg Feb 19, 1940
Hartley, Alton Winfield Rock Island, Que. Sinclair, Lillian May Sherbrooke, Que. March 9, 1935
Hartley, Gordon Lyle Graniteville, Que. Pierce, Zita Ayer's Cliff, Que. Nov 4, 1939
Hartley, Stewart Henry Rock Island, Que. Young, Jean Ann North Hatley, Que Nov 27, 1952
Hartley, Sydney Stanstead, Que. Keeler, Margaret Stanstead, Que. Nov 12, 1931
Hartman, Edward M., Jr. Holland Crawford, Elizabeth Adams Derby Dec 8, 1979
Hartt, Joseph E. Springfield, MA Hartt, Ruby Coll New York, NY Aug 8, 1938
Harty, Bernard Denton Derby Thayer, Kathryn May Newport City Sept 13, 1975
Hastings, Harry Nathaniel Derby Hansen, Joyce Anita North Troy Nov 8, 1952
Hatch, Gardner Z. Stanstead, Que. Brooks, Lizzie Stanstead, Que. June 26, 1928
Hauver, Harold William Newport Grow, Viola Julia Derby April 30, 1941
Hauver, Howard Hamilton Newport Blanchard, Adele Mary Derby Aug 12, 1929
Hawley, Norman Gale Magog, Que. Holt, Annie Mary Magog, Que. Oct 15, 1932
Hayes, Michael Patrick Newport City Gaudreau, Lucie Anne Beebe Plain Aug 25, 1979
Heath, Benjamin Derby Line Walsh, Joyce Goshen Aug 28, 1949
Heath, Earl Donald Derby Line Ormsbee, Janice Louise Newport Dec 27, 1955
Heath, Henry Richard Derby Line Kelley, Karlene Kaye Derby July 19, 1953
Hebert, Henry Derby Sears, Maymie Alfreda Derby June 12, 1928
Hebert, William R. Beebe Plain, VT Voyer, Eugenia P. Beebe Plain, VT Oct 20, 1945
Hebert, William Richard, Jr. Beebe Somerville, Judith Marie Beebe Oct 2, 1971
Hegarty, Charles Hunter Lyndonville Garner, Marcia Anne Derby Nov 27, 1976
Henderson, Douglas David Derby Greenwood, Charity Ann Richmond June 19, 1976
Henneberry, Richard Christopher Pittsfield, MA Roderer, Patricia Mary Derby Line Nov 21, 1959
Herrick, Byron S. Derby Line Moore, Gertrude M. Derby Line Dec 18, 1941
Higgins, Raymond Henry Hampton, MA MacKenzie, Geraldine Marie Derby Line Aug 7, 1948
Higgins, William Henry Rock Island, Que. Hull, Nellie Irene Rock Island, Que. June 17, 1937
Hill, Alvah Milton Derby Line Bowen, Marian Edith Sherbrooke, Que. June 24, 1962
Hill, David B. Derby Denio, Cynthia Ann Derby April 4, 1979
Hill, Elbur Russell Newport Sisco, Winnie Derby Line Oct 12, 1929
Hill, Robert Leonard Morgan Hastings, B. Elaine Derby Oct 20, 1954
Hilliker, John G. Derby Lanpher, Catherine E. Newport City Sept 25, 1964
Hilliker, Richard Miner Newport Corkins, Shirley Anne Derby Nov 1, 1958
Hisman, Larry Charles Westfield Gaudreau, Pauline Henriette Beebe Plains Feb 25, 1977
Hitchcock, Charles M. Derby McAllister, Beryl Lyndonville Oct 6, 1943
Hitchcock, Clair Hall Derby Wheeler, Mabel Ruth Rock Island, Que. Oct 24, 1927
Hitchcock, Edward Clayton Derby Line Johnston, Barbara Ann Derby Line July 25, 1953
Hitchcock, Thomas John Derby Haskin, Olivia Anne Newport June 7, 1969
Hitchcock, Wayne Charles Derby Norris, Ruby Marion Derby Oct 11, 1929
Holland, Frederick George Derby Line Hutchins, Bette Lou Elaine Newport Dec 21, 1954
Holland, Milton A. Derby Line Wiggin, Herberta Tilton, NH Sept 18, 1943
Holland, Stanley Leo Derby Line Smith, Dorothy Annette Newport Aug 17, 1929
Holmes, Lee H., Jr. Derby Line Joyal, Marie-Jeanne Rock Island, Que. June 11, 1960
Holt, Clarence Arthur Magog, Que. Goddard, Harriett Adeline Magog, Que. Sept 24, 1930
Hoole, Alphonse Easton, Que. Goyette, Elizabeth Easton, Que. May 13, 1940
Hopkins, Warren David Derby Line Libby, Luna Roxana Newport Sept 19, 1928
Hopkinson, George D. Derby Buswell, Nellie F. Somerville, MA Sept 6, 1928
Houghton, Burkett Harold Derby Morin, Claire Theresa Derby Aug 27, 1977
Houghton, Silas M. Derby Hamilton, Deane M. Newport June 30, 1979
Houghton, Silas M., Jr. Lyndon Day, Pearl M. Derby Dec 24, 1945
Hovey, Roland Derby Line Hazen, Marjorie North Hero June 29, 1947
Howe, Wilson Franklin Derby Line Deos, Ruth Elizabeth Derby Line May 16, 1935
Hoyt, Robert Elkins Orleans Watson, Joyce Derby Line Aug 27, 1966
Hubbard, Frank Albert Lyndonville Ladd, Pauline Ella Derby Line June 18, 1955
Humphrey, John Taylor Newport Heath, Jean Ellen Derby Line June 21, 1958
Humphreys, Owen Reed North Derby Melvin, Paulette Ann Elizabeth, NJ Feb 26, 1970
Hunt, Donald Porter Morgan Gaudreau, Odile Marie Derby July 29, 1977
Hunt, Reginald Deane Troy Ladd, Ruth Esther Derby June 24, 1940
Hunt, Robert Campbell Newport Flinn, Loretta Coulombe Derby Line Feb 18, 1960
Hunt, William Perry Newport Town Lippens, Patricia Alice Derby July 11, 1970
Ingram, Harold C. Derby Pelletier, Germaine Derby Aug 30, 1978
Jackson, John Willard Derby Mann, Gail L. Derby Nov 10, 1978
Jacobs, Burton Stewart Derby Line Nadeau, Suzette Kay Coventry March 16, 1965
Jacobs, Conrad John Jerry Derby Line Ste. Marie, Lucille Doris Derby Aug 16, 1958
Jacobs, Daniel Roy Derby Therrien, Diane Lucette Rock Island, Que. Oct 18, 1967
Jacobs, Hughbert Holland Curran, Arlene Derby Feb 7, 1942
Jacobs, Hughbert J. Derby Line Jacobs, Beatrice A. Derby Line Dec 6, 1949
Jacobs, James Milton Suffield, CT Benjamin, Elizabeth Derby Nov 20, 1956
Jacobs, Maurice David Derby Line Petelle, Sharon Ann Derby Line July 6, 1969
Jacques, Bertrand M. Rock Island, Que. Bouffard, Anita L. Sherbrooke, Que. Nov 28, 1964
Jefferson, Douglas Scot Arlington, MA LeBlanc, Christine Marie Derby June 5, 1976
Jenne, Arthur Corey Derby Stevens, Florence Ellen Newport Feb 23, 1932
Jenne, Edward Charles Derby Webster, Mary Louise Conway, NH Nov 28, 1957
Jenne, Leland Charles Derby Lizotte, Doris Harriet Newport City June 6, 1931
Jenness, Donald Fredrick Derby DeLaBruere, Lorraine Marie Derby July 3, 1976
Jenness, Edward Wayne Derby Hinman, Alta May Newport Sept 13, 1969
Jewett, Earl Cecil Derby Line Blay, Emeline Beatrice Derby Oct 30, 1935
Jewett, Lawrence E. Newport Phillips, Thelma M. Derby Feb 11, 1950
Jipner, Harry Orleans Walker, Phyllis B. Derby Line May 30, 1946
Johnson, Edward Felton Springfield, MA Gelineau, Irene Yvonne Derby Line Feb 3, 1951
Johnson, Gordon W. Derby Mitchell, Helen Derby Dec 22, 1928
Johnston, Andrew Fitch Bay, Que. Whiteheal, Rose Fitch Bay, Que. Nov 13, 1930
Jojin, Alexander Derby Fuster, Anita Derby July 8, 1977
Jolly, James B. Magog, Que. Wheeler, Dorothy Ruth Rock Island, Que. June 30, 1931
Jones, Bruce Derby Percy, Dorcas Newport Feb 25, 1950
Jones, Richard Francis Derby Sanville, Lorraine Mary Newport City Feb 24, 1962
Jones, Stanley D. Derby Rhoades, Margaret F. Stoneham, MA Dec 27, 1945
Jorgensen, Svend Aage Stanstead, Que. Tetstall, Kae Winnifred Ayer's Cliff, Que. Oct 15, 1932
Joseph, Alfred W. Derby Barnes, Ruth Marion Brighton Aug 26, 1967
Joyal, Louis P. Derby Line Jacobs, Florence M. Derby Line June 18, 1955
Joyce, Donald Carlton Stanstead, Que. Beamish, Beryl Estella Ayer's Cliff, Que. Sept 19, 1961
Judd, Carl Derby Jacobs, Caroline Derby June 15, 1940
Judd, Dwight Hughbert Derby Emslie, Linda Fay Beebe, Que. April 29, 1965
Judd, Ernest H.   Judd, Lillian   May 15, 1926
Judd, Ernest Homer Derby Wilson, Martha Rae Derby Feb 28, 1958
Judd, Harold Ernest Derby Carter, Fleda Elizabeth Holland Oct 3, 1931
Judd, Kenneth Leon Derby Dane, Marjorie Christie West Charleston Oct 14, 1956
Judd, Lawrence Reginald Derby Sykes, Mabel Iris Holland Sept 28, 1956
Judd, Reginald Bruce Derby Wright, Debra Colleen Newport Dec 5, 1970
Judd, Winston Allen Derby Line Lamoureux, Sandra Lee Derby Line Dec 8, 1972
Jupen, Dana Vincent Fairfield, CT Gallant, Jill Lauren Derby Line May 20, 1973
Keeler, Ernest Ardennie Craftsbury Stone, Gertrude Kennerson Derby May 18, 1955
Keeler, Stanley Henry Stanstead, Que. Bronson, Annie Isabel Rock Island, Que. Nov 16, 1935
Keenan, Donald Norman Derby Dane, Cheryl Anne Derby Nov 14, 1970
Keenan, Duane Dalton Derby Lovell, Marjorie Imelda Derby Oct 23, 1959
Keenan, Ronald Keith Derby Tice, Beverly Ann Derby July 21, 1973
Kelley, Bernard Arthur Newport Bean, Barbara Evelyn Derby July 31, 1954
Kelley, Bernard Arthur Derby Line Fitterer, Sandra Lee Derby Line Nov 29, 1975
Kelley, Clayton W. Derby Daggett, Gertrude Holland Oct 21, 1933
Kelley, David K. Derby Line Willey, Jane Ellen Newport City Nov 12, 1966
Kelley, Dean Norman Derby Line Lamoureux, Pauline Doris Newport Sept 20, 1969
Kelley, Donald Richard Derby Darling, Lorraine Fairbanks Newport Sept 17, 1950
Kelley, Donald Richard Derby Santaw, Theresa Mae North Troy Oct 7, 1960
Kelley, Edward Joseph Barre Newbold, Alice Elizabeth Beebe, VT July 10, 1934
Kelley, Lawrence R. Derby Line Smith, Margaret E. Richford Oct 11, 1941
Kelley, Lawrence R. Derby Line Brousseau, M. J. Simonne Ottawa, Ont. Dec 23, 1964
Kelley, Russell Lawrence Derby Cloutier, Diane Helen Beebe, Que. Dec 30, 1967
Kelley, Stirling R. Derby Gordon, Iola M. Alberta, Can. Dec 16, 1942
Kelley, Stuart L. Derby Foster, Verna Eleanor Montpelier June 8, 1938
Kelley, Virdine Albert Derby Bishop, Beatrice Winifred Derby April 27, 1931
Kelley, Wesley Arthur Derby Gray, Floy E. Glover July 24, 1935
Kelley, Winston S. St. Albans Derusha, Dorothy M. Derby Line April 26, 1947
Keniston, Earl   Bullock, Kathleen   Sept 16, 1925
Kennedy, Robert Daniel Medford, MA Brown, Bonnie Jane Derby March 14, 1970
Kenneson, Claude Roy Derby Davio, Irene Eva Newport May 16, 1927
Kerr, Alton Douglas Sherbrooke, Que. Audinwood, Jane Ann Derby Line Aug 2, 1930
Kerr, Edward James Ayers Cliff, PQ Vallieau, Mabel Ayer's Cliff, Que. July 10, 1935
Keysar, Scott W. Derby Line Tetreault, Susan Marie Derby Sept 30, 1978
Keysar, Steven Ernest Derby Line Brouillette, Karleen Mary Sandra Derby Jan 23, 1960
Kidder, Carlton Harold Derby Kelley, Gertrude Clara Derby Aug 1, 1958
Kidder, William J. Derby Richard, Margaret H. Newport Jan 25, 1940
Kiepper, Harry Robert Hopkinton, NH King, Audrey Jean Derby Aug 22, 1959
Kilborn, Lawrence Daniel Derby Rushlow, Patricia Jean Newport July 9, 1960
Kilborn, Richard George Derby Currier, Barbara Jean Derby July 22, 1967
Kilby, John Gardner Derby Rediker, Mary Jean Hazel Derby May 8, 1944
Kimball, Brian George Derby Simpson, Debra Ann Lyndonville June 30, 1973
Kimball, Russell Charles Newport Blake, Lela Mae Derby July 11, 1941
Kimpton, John Rufus Tomifobia, Que. Bronson, Mary Caroline Tomifobia, Que. Aug 30, 1952
King, Hughbert Louis Derby Broome, Joanne Phoebe Derby Sept 17, 1955
Knight, Howard F. Hanover, NH Cook, Marion Corabelle Hanover, NH June 1, 1937
Knorring, Nicholas Arthur Derby Johnson, Merle Evelyn Derby July 16, 1927
Koske, M. T. S. Hadley Falls, MA Murray, Mary A. Chicopee Falls, MA July 22, 1966
Kuhn, Bernard M. Johnson Gallant, Jan L. Derby Line June 3, 1972
Laber, Scott S. Derby Tetreault, Patricia Ann Derby June 3, 1978
Laberee, Bernard L. Rock Island, Que. Crook, Sybil Beebe, Que. April 24, 1948
Labounty, Philip Henry Albany Brien, Rose Ann Derby Dec 27, 1958
Labounty, Raymond William Newport Girouard, Marjorie Jean Derby Aug 27, 1977
LaBounty, Reginald Floyd, Jr. Coventry Baird, Shirley Ann Derby July 1, 1961
Labrecque, Raymond Arthur Belchertown, MA Buckner, Violet W. Charleston, SC Sept 1, 1973
Lachance, Guy Jack Rock Island, Que. Bronson, Betty Anne Beebe, Que. Sept 4, 1965
Lackey, Warren M. Derby Harrison, Barbara (Moran) Winthrop, MA Jan 24, 1942
LaClair, Brian Maurice Barton Charland, Phyllis Marie Derby Dec 4, 1971
LaCroix, Charles Magog, Que. Bosell, Gladys Magog, Que. Aug 26, 1938
Lacroix, Roger Leo Beebe, Que. Fortin, Yvonne Albina Derby Line June 19, 1954
Ladd, Charles Uriah Derby Dailey, Blanche R. Derby July 1, 1934
Ladd, Forrest Stevens Derby Carter, Florence Mardell Derby Sept 22, 1940
Ladd, Loren Reed Derby Gelineau, Cecile J. M. Derby April 17, 1971
Ladd, Paul Wayland Derby Line Evans, Lillian Mae Newport, RI Jan 3, 1958
Ladue, James Robert Newport City Hackett, Shirley Ann Derby Nov 26, 1976
LaFleur, Jean Paul Irasburg Patenaude, Anita Derby Line Oct 10, 1953
Laframboise, Alphonse Derby Lussier, Florence Derby Sept 20, 1932
Lague, Bertrand Claude Newport Patenaude, Jeannine Fleurette Derby Line Oct 24, 1959
Lahar, Albert Gerard Derby Beaudry, Jeanine Mary Troy Jan 4, 1951
Lahar, Paul Alouis Derby Dugan, Elizabeth Carolyn Newport July 3, 1954
Lahue, Lawrence Darwin Burlington Hayward, Winifred Addie Derby Nov 16, 1946
Lamere, Frank Edward, Jr. Newport Morse, Sharon Lynn Derby June 5, 1972
Lamere, Maynard Carl Newport Gilbert, Bernice Louise Derby Line Sept 21, 1935
Lamonda, Roy H., Jr. Derby Brown, Jody L. Bradford Sept 30, 1972
LaMonda, Roy Henry, Sr. Derby Bean, Constance Mildred Newport City Nov 8, 1975
Lamothe, Maurice Ernest Newport Durocher, Mary Elizabeth Derby Sept 16, 1953
Lamoureux, Bernard Andre Derby Corkins, Sandra Lee Derby May 2, 1970
Lamoureux, Donald J. Derby Lawson, Sandra Ann Derby March 29, 1969
Lamoureux, Guy Germain Derby Meunier, Jacqueline Lise Newport Sept 4, 1971
Lamoureux, Jean Marc Derby Young, Suzanne Marie Madeleine Newport Sept 23, 1972
Lamoureux, John Peter Derby Lague, Joan Allyne Derby Oct 23, 1971
Lamoureux, Lucien Louis Derby Gentley, Brenda Evelyn Brownington Sept 9, 1972
Lamoureux, Robert Arthur West Charleston Sicard, Diane S. Derby June 28, 1975
Lanctot, Harold Edward Beebe, Que. Hamilton, Marion Ruth Beebe, VT Jan 7, 1935
Landry, Odilon Arthur Irasburg Rowe, Carolyn May Derby Sept 25, 1976
Lanoue, Armand Joseph Derby Osgood, Irene Helen Newport Oct 17, 1970
Lantagne, Donald Romeo Newport Byers, Sherry Lee Derby June 10, 1972
LaPlante, Claude Ernest Boston, MA Fautex, Dolores Leonie Waterville, Que. March 2, 1968
LaPlante, Elmer Derby Ruslow, Irene L. Newport Oct 18, 1930
Laramee, Roger Joseph Derby Line Blay, Joyce Rosamond Derby Oct 5, 1951
Laro, Harold Beebe, Que. Bronson, Mildred Beebe, Que. June 4, 1938
Laro, Henry Beebe, Que. Kelly, Sarah Derby Nov 29, 1947
Laro, Sydney H. Beebe, Que. Monroe, Annie Doris Beebe, Que. (     )  3, 1931
Laroche, Edward T. Derby Line Mann, Rose Rock Island, Que. Oct 4, 1947
Larocque, Joseph J. Derby Line Laythe, Martha H. Derby Line March 3, 1945
LaRocque, Joseph Patrick Mont Joli, Que. Ticehurst, Faith Carol Tomifobia, Que. June 29, 1957
Latendresse, Yvan Robert Magog, Que. Nadeau, Danielle Emilie Magog, Que. May 25, 1979
Lathey, Michael Joseph Derby Lavallee, Nicole Flore Newport City Sept 10, 1977
Lawson, Jack Alfred Derby Smith, Jean Cecile Derby Dec 22, 1978
Lawson, Jerry Lee Coventry Brown, Elfrieda Margaret Derby May 14, 1967
Laythe, Chester F. Derby Williams, Florence Hughey Alburg March 24, 1940
Laythe, Eugene Kenneth Derby Line Spaulding, Margaret Bernice Newport June 12, 1939
Laythe, Laurance Cullins Derby Line Blodgett, Christine Newport Sept 14, 1939
Leavens, William B. Derby Wheeler, Janice Marie Newport June 30, 1967
Leavens, William Linus Newport Anderson, Barbara Jessie Derby Line July 18, 1953
LeBaron, Christopher Edison Derby Wright, Joy Marie Derby Oct 1, 1977
Lebeau, Henry Homer Irasburg Before, Cecile Mary Derby June 17, 1947
Leblanc, Roger Philip Barton Burns, Wendy Marie Derby June 12, 1971
LeBlanc, Ronald George Derby St. Martin, Sharon Diane Rock Island, Que. July 13, 1974
Leclerc, Donat Joseph Rock Island, Que. Chamberlain, Estelle Mae Joyce Rock Island, Que. Aug 31, 1957
Ledoux, Michael Alfred Rock Island, Que. Routhier, Denise Irene Derby June 5, 1976
Lefebvre, Eugene Stanstead, Que. Dezan, Florence Stanstead, Que. Aug 23, 1931
Lefebvre, Ivan Richard Holland Carbonneau, Geraldine Marie Derby May 28, 1977
Lefevre, Joseph Raymond Claremont, NH Bernier, Jeanne Mance Claremont, NH July 6, 1957
Leithead, Douglas A. Newport City Batchelder, Mary Jane Derby Aug 19, 1966
Lemay, Albert J. Newport Before, Josephine M. Derby June 25, 1940
LeMay, Roger Norbert W. Charleston Lawson, Constance Theresa Derby April 22, 1967
Lemieux, Bernard Placide, Jr. Burlington Lussier, Lilianne Theresa Beebe Plain, VT March 23, 1963
Leonard, Reid S. Derby Shompany, Norma Lillian Holland Oct 29, 1927
Lepage, Robert J. Derby Gibeault, Brenda E. Derby Sept 16, 1977
L'Esperance, Edmond Maurice Newport Lewis, Evangeline Maud Derby June 16, 1973
Letourneau, Andre Jean Derby Tetreault, Dolores Mary Charleston   Oct 24, 1959
Letourneau, Laurent Derby Line Choquette, Alicia North Troy Aug 6, 1960
Letourneau, Leo Paul Derby Morris, Catherine Louise Sacketts Harbor, NY July 1, 1978
Lewis, Arthur G. Derby Twombly, Doris Caroline Orleans Nov 6, 1931
Lewis, Harold E. Derby Foster, Evangeline M. Cabot Dec 23, 1931
Lewis, Leslie Chandler Derby Kelley, Gladys Irene Rock Island, Que. Sept 10, 1932
Lewis, Raymond Frederick Derby Stratton, Barbara Brainerd Derby Feb 2, 1957
Lewis, Robert Harrison Newport MacDonald, Heather Joan Derby Line Oct 26, 1968
Libby, Clarence Bigford Stanstead, Que. Smith, Jessie Alice Stanstead, Que. Sept 27, 1928
Libby, Terence Paul Chelsea Daggett, Judith Gretchen Derby Jan 15, 1972
Liebert, Richard Conley Derby Line Hall, Sharon Lee Randolph Center Aug 31, 1974
Lillicrap, James J. Newport Nason, Nancy M. Derby Line June 11, 1960
Limlaw, David Eugene Derby Willard, Loraine Mabel Derby Aug 28, 1976
Limlaw, David Harold Derby Morse, Harriette Olive East Charleston Oct 15, 1949
Limlaw, Robert Edward Derby Roberts, Betty Jean Newport Town Dec 27, 1958
Limlaw, Robert Edward Derby Cote, Helen Margaret Derby Line July 31, 1966
Limlaw, Walter Merritte Derby Cole, Betty Ann Newport City Dec 18, 1964
Lindsley, Donald Lawrence Derby Bell, Dorothy Edith Derby Line Aug 18, 1934
Lippens, Leonard E. Derby Powers, Ruth E. Derby Dec 31, 1941
Litchfield, Mark Ferguson Newport Fuller, Marilyn Joanne Derby June 13, 1948
Little, Clarence F.   Stoddard, Agnes Anna   Aug 21, 1926
Lizotte, Armand Joseph Claremont, NH Dutton, Carole Anne Claremont, NH July 15, 1967
Lockwood, Nyle Frank Concord, NH Parker, Doris M. Derby Line April 19, 1930
London, Willard Frank Newport Waters, Patricia Michele Derby Sept 18, 1971
Longeway, Leon Barton Schefe, Edna Derby Sept 26, 1931
Lontine, Bruce Alexander Derby Grenier, Brenda Lee Derby June 30, 1979
Lontine, Raymond Leon Bradford Flynn, Larraine Ethel Derby June 27, 1970
Loomis, Durwood Austin Derby Line Poulin, Lucille Jeanne Derby Line May 25, 1975
Lord, Frederick Charles Keene, NH Laythe, Kathleen Frances Derby Line Oct 9, 1943
Lord, Rosaire Louis Newport Jacques, Marie Irene Lina Derby May 30, 1958
Lorimere, Ellsworth Waterville, Que. Howie, Helen Ruth Pasadena, CA Sept 23, 1939
Lucas, Allen Philip Derby Horskins, Etta Ruth Newport Center Jan 25, 1941
Lucas, Arthur Harold Derby Pipen, Leona Newport April 27, 1938
Lucas, Francis Steven Derby Line McCormick, Karen Jayne Derby Line May 26, 1978
Lucas, Kenneth Frederick Derby Conn, Rose Ella Derby July 19, 1937
Lucas, Michael Allen Derby Line Poulin, Suzanne Marie Claire Newport City Aug 2, 1975
Lucas, Raymond Derby Horskins, Lila Ethel Newport Center Nov 27, 1939
Lucas, Wayne G. Newport Fortin, Linda L. Derby Sept 23, 1972
Lucas, William Clive Derby Prue, Mary Ann Newport June 3, 1972
MacDonald, John Malcolm Burlington Provost, Lise Therese Derby June 26, 1971
MacFarlane, James Aaron Coventry Lawson, Cheryl April Derby Nov 15, 1975
Mack, Ernest Everett Orleans Barron, Priscilla Derby Nov 7, 1964
MacLean, Curtis Rae Derby Line Demick, Juanita Doris Derby Line July 28, 1935
MacLeod, Lawrence John Derby Fortin, Pauline Ethel Island Pond April 6, 1947
MacLeod, Richard A. Derby Line Adams, Analesa M. F. Durham, NH Feb 26, 1962
Maclure, Daniel Christian Irasburg Berry, Ellen Margaret Derby June 26, 1976
MacLure, Guy Gerard Stanstead, Que. McIntyre, Laureen Rose Stanstead, Que. July 18, 1970
Maclure, Jean Paul Leonard Westfield Morin, Marielle Therese Derby Oct 28, 1978
Macnamara, John Theodore Montreal, Que. deLaricheliere, Joyce Marie Derby June 10, 1972
MacWalters, John, Jr. Morrisville, PA Griggs, Alice Clifton, NJ Aug 6, 1961
Maheu, Napoleon Elie Derby Gibson, Gladys Rock Island, Que. Oct 16, 1933
Major, Andrew Leonard Derby Beadle, Lois Rae S. Burlington Aug 4, 1973
Major, Raymond John Charleston Grenier, Elizabeth Ida Derby Nov 5, 1955
Maloney, William Albridge Newport Sanders, Etta Philippa Derby Sept 18, 1948
Malouin, Edward I. Derby Line Taylor, Lillian Mary Derby Line April 5, 1934
Malouin, Wilfred E. Derby Patenaude, Alberta Derby Oct 8, 1929
Maniatty, George Soteros Newport City Wojtcuk, Pamela Jean Derby Line July 26, 1975
Maple, Robert Laird Derby Kelley, Suzanne Derby April 15, 1967
Marandola, Warner Arthur Coventry Metras, Alice Ida Derby Nov 22, 1958
Marchant, John Gordon E. Angus, Que. Audet, Roberta Madeline Derby Line July 21, 1938
Marcotte, Delwin Derby Bowen, Dorothy May Island Pond June 7, 1946
Marcotte, Ralph A. Derby Scott, Mildred May Lowell Dec 5, 1936
Marcotte, Raymond Gerard Barton Blais, Elaine H. Derby Line May 9, 1953
Marcotte, Russell K. Derby Nault, Elizabeth M. Newport Aug 18, 1945
Marcoux, Joseph Arthur Derby Archambault, Lise Margaret Newport Center Aug 28, 1971
Markwell, Clayton Alpha Derby Grimes, Paula Lee Albany July 14, 1979
Markwell, David Edward Derby Lucas, Karen Lee Newport July 1, 1972
Marois, Richard M. Nashua, NH Lalime, Paula M. Nashua, NH July 17, 1965
Maroot, Herbert Joseph Troy McBride, Patricia Lynn Derby Dec 14, 1979
Marquis, Allan Albert Derby Bronson, Barbara Jean Beebe, Que. Oct 10, 1970
Marsh, Chester Henry Highland, Kansas Adam, Beverly Elizabeth Derby Line May 11, 1957
Marsh, Gordon Leon Derby Robbins, Ruth Allison Derby Aug 21, 1949
Marsh, Larry Robert Brownington Aubin, Suzanne Rose Derby Nov 23, 1973
Marsh, Leon Stanley Derby Bourne, Myrtle Elizabeth Miami, FL Nov 13, 1955
Marsh, Max R. Derby Ashford, Dorothy A. Unity, ME Oct 5, 1945
Marsh, Michael Gordon Derby Young, Susan Dorothy Derby Line Nov 4, 1972
Martin, A. Harlow Stanstead, Que. Bliss, Barbara East Calais July 15, 1939
Martin, Patrick Joseph Derby Line McNeal, Darlene Debra Newport City May 10, 1975
Martin, Raoul F. Stanstead, Que. Marcil, Irene T. Derby Line Sept 23, 1946
Martin, William David Glover Benjamin, Vicki Lynn Derby July 5, 1975
Martineau, Leo Egide Barre Burroughs, Shirley Lois Derby     July 27, 1968
Maryanski, Alfred J. Northampton, MA Allan, Ruth Margaret Derby Oct 3, 1939
Masella, James Clark Tiffin, OH Herrity, Maureen Patricia Derby July 31, 1976
Mason, James David Newport Sloan, Jo Anne M. Derby March 24, 1956
Mason, Paul Stuart Newport Gagnon, Verlie Orilla Derby Line June 28, 1947
McCormick, Henry Clive Newport Wilson, Stella Rowena Derby Line March 17, 1955
McDonald, Arthur William   Smith, Irma Marjorie   Jan 31, 1926
McDonald, Carlton George Derby Jenness, Alice Elizabeth West Burke April 8, 1938
McDonald, Dean Derby Bowen, Joyce Holland June 22, 1968
McFadzean, Verne L. Derby Line Powers, Shirley Ann Newport July 24, 1965
McFarlane, Ernest C. Newport Lalime, Mary Ann Derby Line Nov 5, 1966
McGillicuddy, Donald George Burlington Morin, Pauline Theresa Derby Jan 11, 1951
McGrath, Richard H. Boston, MA Heath, Tavie Ruth Derby Line Aug 13, 1927
McHenry, Paul T., Jr. Ellicott City, MD Rice, Dorothy Ione Derby Oct 6, 1956
McInnis, Kenneth M. Derby Hauver, Isabel B. Derby June 15, 1968
McIntrye, Gordon Arthur Derby Rexford, Gladys Derby Sept 1, 1936
McIntyre, Gordon Arthur Derby Little, Beatrice Mandana Derby Line Dec 31, 1952
McKee, Michael Albert Derby Francis, Anna Marie Derby Aug 25, 1978
McKenney, Stanley C. Newport City Lawson, Jean Carol Derby April 18, 1964
McLachlan, Cleland Robert Sherbrooke, Que. McLeod, Hazel Elizabeth Marsboro, Que. June 24, 1938
McMullen, Earl Charles Derby Line Cooper, Verna Fanny Rock Island, Que. Nov 21, 1936
McMullen, Laurie Earl Derby Millett, Carol Grace Newport City Nov 28, 1964
McNab, Arnold Frederick Sherbrooke, Que. Coates, Gladys Mae Derby Line Dec 22, 1937
McNally, Timothy Arthur Derby Duffey, Rhonda Rae Charleston Heights, SC Feb 10, 1979
Mead, Leon F. Coventry Fortin, Rejeanne Melita Derby Aug 16, 1969
Mead, Ranson Marshall Derby Lawrence, Doris Edmunda Westminister Sept 23, 1967
Meagher, John Steuart San Antonio, TX Jackson, Agnes Tillman San Antonio, TX Oct 2, 1959
Meigs, Aubrey Arnold Beebe, Que. Ward, Annie Elizabeth Beebe, Que. Feb 9, 1952
Meigs, Stanley N. Hatley, Que. Heath, Ethel N. Hatley, Que. April 4, 1936
Mercy, Gary Wayne Montgomery Center Kimball, Brenda Kathleen Derby Aug 30, 1974
Merrill, Herbert Alfred Charleston Blay, Phyllis Lillian Derby Dec 8, 1953
Messer, Gordon Frederick Derby Rossier, Christine Alice Orleans Oct 17, 1964
Metras, Moise Roger Derby Wood, Esther Christy Newport July 17, 1965
Meunier, Richard Real Newport City Varney, Judith Lee Derby July 28, 1979
Meunier, Romeo L. Derby Boissonnault, Cecile A. Derby July 9, 1977
Miller, Earl Derby Line Bullock, Helene Graniteville, Que. Oct 10, 1935
Miller, Franklin Thompson Rock Island, Que. Standish, Wineta Alberta Ayer's Cliff, Que. Jan 22, 1937
Miller, Glenn Terry Derby Lizotte, Claudette Ann Derby Oct 11, 1974
Miller, Lawrence Holland Preston, Mary Derby Line Aug 16, 1958
Miller, Theodore Edward Island Pond Jenness, Elaine Marie Derby May 13, 1972
Moeykens, Bernard Lawrence Derby King, Carol Lorey Derby May 14, 1952
Moeykens, Bernard Lawrence Derby Niles, Anne Lorraine Derby Aug 8, 1968
Moeykens, Julius Robert Derby Champigny, Germaine M. Holland Oct 14, 1929
Moeykens, Lawrence B. Derby Martin, Flossie E. Newport Center June 21, 1928
Moeykens, Phillip Maurrice Milton Moeykens, Claudia T. Derby June 1, 1968
Moffatt, Lawrence Henry Newport Hyatt, Grace Evelyn Derby March 21, 1927
Monfette, Carroll Dwayne Derby Hess, Dawn Michelle Newport City Feb 3, 1978
Mongeau, Gaston Gilbert Stanstead, Que. Walker, Waneta May Rock Island, Que. Oct 1, 1955
Monroe, Charles A. Beebe, Que. Hull, Beatrice Elizabeth Derby Line Jan 2, 1932
Montague, Richard H. Derby Whitcomb, Martha A. Derby June 18, 1966
Montefusco, Paul Victor Derby Galuska, Brenda Joyce Coventry Oct 14, 1979
Monteith, Ralph Montgomery Celley, Clara Cookson Derby Dec 16, 1937
Moore, David H. Plattsburg, NY Taylor, Anne Derby May 29, 1965
Moore, John Ervin Newport Center Provost, Nancy Ann Derby Oct 11, 1975
Moore, Lawrence E. Derby Line Fluke, Margaret Jane Derby Line June 27, 1933
Moore, Peter Francis Derby Blood, Sharon Irene Woodstock July 14, 1962
Morey, Samuel Lee Derby Garrison, Norma Jean Derby Dec 25, 1971
Morgan, James Francis, III Derby Lastine, Martha Adele Portland, ME April 18, 1971
Morgan, Walter Ernest Burlington Thompson, Patsy Nell Derby Oct 19, 1938
Morin, Armand L. Derby Miller, Norma G. Derby Line Aug 10, 1939
Morin, Gaston R. West Charleston Patenaude, Marelle M. Derby Line Aug 11, 1951
Morin, Leo Eugene Derby LeBlanc, Yvette Westfield Oct 5, 1946
Morin, Marcel Gerard Derby Laramie, Emma Annette North Troy Aug 5, 1950
Morin, Mark Edward Newport Lamothe, Susan Jane Derby Oct 27, 1973
Morin, Michael Peter Derby Estabrook, Diane Lee Holland Sept 20, 1975
Morin, Richard Allen Derby Young, Belinda Joy Beebe, Que. Sept 15, 1973
Morin, Richard Leo Holland Potter, Jerri Laine Derby April 28, 1978
Morkill, John Edwin Sherbrooke, Que. Coate, Velma Alberta S. Durham, Que. Oct 17, 1938
Morrison, Donald David Derby Line Beauregard, Florence Dulcie Derby Jan 29, 1938
Morrissette, Neil Brandon Derby Morrissette, Jean M. Derby June 13, 1964
Morse, Ara Ira Derby Hastings, Doris R. Derby July 25, 1963
Morse, Robert Ellsworth Newport Crowe, Beverly Ann Derby May 2, 1947
Morse, Samuel Carroll East Hatley, Que. Mosher, Myrtle Margaret East Hatley, Que. Oct 22, 1930
Mosher, Christopher Dulo Fitch Bay, Que. Walker, Flossie T. Fitch Bay, Que. Nov 22, 1933
Mosher, Earl Eugene Derby Jacobs, Arlene Margaret Derby Sept 14, 1949
Mosher, Eugene Wesley Derby Bennett, Addie Ruth Derby Sept 20, 1950
Mosher, Gary Norman Beebe, Que. Galazzo, Rachel May Beebe, Que. Sept 4, 1965
Mosher, Gary Raymond   Gustin, Muriel Delphine   Sept 13, 1926
Mosher, Laurence Albert Tomifobia, Que. Rever, Ruth Tomifobia, Que. Nov 25, 1930
Moss, Allan Percy Beebe, Que. Goulet, Mary Venyse Carmen Beebe, Que. May 5, 1962
Moss, Ronald Ellsworth Derby Line McNeal, Rochelle Jacqueline Newport City July 13, 1963
Moulton, Byan Earl Charleston Ryan, Margaret Ann Derby April 4, 1964
Moulton, Earl P. Derby Charland, Geraldine Morgan Nov 7, 1942
Mudgett, Wendell Tracy St. Johnsbury Sanborn, Ruby Mary Derby Line Sept 24, 1949
Murphy, Edward Patrick Derby Line Durocher, Carolyn Bernice Holland June 4, 1971
Murphy, Edward Patrick Derby Bloch, Susan Dwelle Derby Nov 23, 1979
Murphy, Martin J. Lowell Stone, Evelyn Grace Derby Line Aug 28, 1943
Murphy, Stephen Henry   Bickford, Barbara   July 29, 1925
Murray, David Jonathon N. Scituate, MA Rushford, Kathleen Mary Urbana, IL Aug 14, 1976
Muscolo, William Chicopee, MA Before, Patricia Ann Derby May 10, 1969
Musgrove, Charles G. Derby Brainard, Barbara Ann Derby June 15, 1968
Muzzey, Harry G. Newbury Lowell, Idella Mason Derby Line Oct 27, 1940
Nadeau, Gilles Adrien Newport Lamoureux, Aline Doris Derby April 25, 1970
Nason, Ernest Clayton Rock Island, Que. Woodard, Edna A. Derby Line Nov 16, 1929
Nason, William Massawippi, Que. McNeely, Pearl Massawippi, Que. Dec 30, 1935
Neal, James Rollins Newport Wood, Mildred E. Derby Sept 22, 1933
Nelson, Douglas A. Derby Darby, Ruth A. Derby July 23, 1977
Nelson, Ralph Arnold Derby Charbonneau, Leona Mildred Derby March 29, 1937
Neville, Robert Owen Montreal, Que. Stetson, Nora Jean Derby Line Sept 25, 1965
Newcomb, Raymond Alton Derby Moulton, Eva Mae Derby Aug 26, 1978
Newell, Donald Wayne Ashland, OH Ainsboro, Mary Isabel Laconia, NH Jan 21, 1944
Newlands, David Fiddes Beebe, VT Brainard, Grace Beebe, Que. Feb 28, 1937
Nichols, Rodney W. East Charleston Green, Dorothy I. Derby Line March 10, 1953
Niles, Frank H. Newport Blais, Jane Annette Derby Line Oct 7, 1975
Norris, Howard Don Stanstead, Que. Jacobs, Iris Kathleen Derby Line Oct 14, 1937
Norway, Winston Kedric Newport Glover, Wenonah Delphine Derby June 22, 1940
Nutbrown, Donald William Beebe, Que. Davis, Betty Belle Derby April 5, 1958
Osowski, Walter John Ridgefield, NJ Fortin, Yolande Beatrice New York, NY May 31, 1958
Ovitt, Robert James Derby Spates, Valerie Anne Derby June 19, 1976
Ovitt, Ronald Ira Sheldon Young, Ellen Caroline Derby Line May 26, 1950
Paddleford, Carl W. Newport Mosher, Beulah Rose Derby April 24, 1954
Page, Michael Patrick Derby Eastman, Bonnie Jean Newport April 20, 1970
Page, Robert Wellington Newton Ctr., MA Ainsboro, Madeline Weymouth Boston, MA Oct 12, 1940
Paquette, Claude Francis Irasburg Bullis, Beverly Ellen Derby Oct 16, 1954
Paquin, Thomas Henry Derby Kidder, Palma Darleine Derby Aug 19, 1955
Paradis, Andre Joseph Windsor, CT Gaudreau, Pierrette Margaret Hartford, CT Sept 15, 1962
Pare, Arthur J. Stanstead, Que. Laythe, Gertrude L. Rock Island, Que. Aug 15, 1942
Pare, Wilfred Stanstead, Que. Hamilton, Hazel Grace Derby Dec 31, 1936
Parenteau, Yvan Leo Derby Carter, Linda Lee Newport Nov 21, 1970
Parker, John Evans Somerville, MA Holden, Dorothy Edna Rock Island, Que. Jan 8, 1939
Parker, Keith Michael Johnson Taylor, Judith Ann Derby Feb 8, 1969
Parker, Richard Allen Derby Line Soutiere, Doris Evelyn Rock Island, Que. May 18, 1951
Parker, Wilfred Maurice   Judd, Ruby Alberta   Aug 30, 1926
Partridge, Lawrence J. Derby Palin, Pauline M. Derby Line June 29, 1947
Partridge, Lawrence John Derby Gray, Phyllis Effie Derby Line Sept 15, 1943
Partridge, Robert Lawrence Newport City Hackett, Debra Lynn Derby June 4, 1977
Patenaude, Abel C. Derby Chouinard, Aldea Emma Newport City Jan 4, 1979
Patenaude, Albert Holland Lussier, Bertha Derby Sept 5, 1959
Patenaude, Albert Edmond   Blay, Ellen E.   Aug 17, 1926
Patenaude, Lawrence Clarence Derby Line Labrecque, Pauline Emelda Newport May 28, 1960
Patenaude, Leo Maurice Derby Line Robillard, Mercedese Marie Derby Sept 23, 1950
Patenaude, Mark Wayne Derby Grenier, Jeannette Veda Derby May 29, 1976
Patenaude, Maurice Joseph Derby Guillette, Denise Helene Derby June 25, 1960
Patenaude, Peter Real, Jr. Derby Gosselin, Claire Louise Derby Sept 1, 1979
Patton, Gordon J. Derby Line Moore, Lillian Derby Line Nov 2, 1945
Pelkey, Gordon Alfred Newport Sloan, Gwendoline Beatrice Derby July 15, 1948
Pelow, Ray Oby Derby Line Villeneuve, Margaret Nonie Newport Aug 1, 1934
Pepin, Lewis Melvin Newport Lucas, Bertha Alice Derby June 21, 1941
Percy, Clarence E. Derby Line Jacques, Norma E. Derby Line Dec 24, 1950
Percy, Dennis Alfred Newport Page, Judith Karen Derby Dec 1, 1973
Perkins, Hubert Derby Worth, Janice White River Jct. March 18, 1942
Perkins, Paul Vaughn Derby Wilson, Nancy Eylene Derby July 5, 1963
Perrault, Lionel Eugene Derby Line Roberts, Sally S. Capelton, Que. May 23, 1929
Perry, David Ballard Derby Pausha, Mary Ann Derby Aug 24, 1974
Perry, Kenneth Rowell Clarksville, NH Bean, Marjorie Rich W. Stewartstown, NH Aug 15, 1934
Perry, Kevin Wilfred Derby McCormick, Dawn Heather Derby Nov 24, 1973
Perry, Lloyd Barnston, Que. Lord, Margaret Barnston, Que. April 18, 1934
Perry, Michael Kevin Chula Vista, CA Young, Tammy Ruth Derby Jan 21, 1978
Petelle, Roy Eli Derby Perkins, Vivian A. Holland Nov 13, 1937
Petelle, Russell Henry Derby Line Gosselin, Paulette Barbara Newport    Feb 6, 1971
Petelle, Victor Albert Holland Webb, Linda Coralene Derby May 15, 1971
Peterson, Allen Rufus Derby Line Fortin, Rita Clemence Derby Line Nov 28, 1953
Petit, Lewis Robert Skokie, Ill Marsh, Mary Lou Derby Nov 11, 1972
Pettengill, Edwin H.   Buckland, Lena   Jan 20, 1925
Phaneuf, Robert Allen Newport City Broome, Beatrice B. Derby May 11, 1957
Pierce, Daniel Reed Newport Wright, Cynthia Erma Derby Jan 3, 1973
Piercy, Gayland Henry Ayer's Cliff, Que. Dubois, Pierrette Lise Stanstead, Que. June 5, 1978
Piper, Irwin George Derby Lontine, Gloria Mae Newport Feb 27, 1960
Piper, Ivan O. Derby Line Matten, Beverly I. Newport Town June 20, 1959
Plante, Edmond Derby Mosher, Helen Derby Nov 22, 1948
Plante, Mark Roland Derby Brooks, Marie Mae Newport Town April 14, 1973
Plante, Ronald Edmond Derby Fisher, Darlene Kay Irasburg April 29, 1978
Pluff, Ovila Eugene Derby Peavey, Ruth Esther Derby Dec 27, 1950
Pope, Kenneth Merrill Westfield Brown, Betty Jane Derby May 10, 1957
Poplawski, E. J., III Winooski Sloan, Marion B. Derby Aug 20, 1966
Porter, Bruce Edwin Barton Keysar, Nancy Lu Derby Line July 6, 1963
Porter, Milton Leonard Derby Line Huard, Diane Marguerite Montreal, Que. Dec 12, 1959
Poulin, Arthur Joseph Derby Gagnon, Mary Jane Derby June 21, 1927
Poulin, Florian Joseph Rock Island, Que. Coulombe, Gertrude Marie Derby Line Aug 30, 1958
Poulin, Stephen Guild North Troy Nadeau, Suzanne Doris Derby Aug 9, 1969
Pouliot, Gilles L. Derby Pouliot, Hughette Y. Derby June 2, 1973
Poutre, Lee David Newport City Etheze, Julie Marie Derby June 21, 1975
Powers, Dale Francis Derby Bacon, Cheryl Ann Derby Line Jan 15, 1967
Powers, Dean Gerald Derby Scott, Charlotte Ruby Newport Town April 23, 1959
Powers, Gerald Burt Derby Gardner, Lucille Newport July 12, 1938
Powers, Harry Ernest St. Johnsbury McDowell, Abbie Mary Derby June 26, 1940
Powers, John Derby Wing, Mary P. (Hawkins) Derby Oct 11, 1933
Powers, Kenneth Derby Davignon, Esther Derby May 12, 1934
Powers, Ray A. Derby Doncaster, Vida M. Derby Sept 25, 1948
Powers, Richard Stanley Newport Marsh, Carolyn Loraine Derby Line Aug 2, 1969
Powers, Richard W. Derby Royce, Ellenor Ann West Charleston Aug 23, 1958
Powers, Robert Leslie Derby Smith, Jetta Ruth Newport July 22, 1972
Preseault, Michael Roland Irasburg Tetrault, Jane Rita Derby May 26, 1979
Prevost, Stanley Bruce Derby Poutre, Jennifer Joan Newport City Nov 29, 1974
Price, David Robert Derby Brainard, Dawn Leslie Derby Jan 21, 1977
Price, Geoffrey Scott Derby Tice, Lorraine Ethel Derby June 24, 1978
Price, George North Hatley, Que. Kelley, Beatrice P. North Hatley, Que Sept 11, 1948
Provoncha, Victor Melvin Derby Heath, Margaret Ann Elizabeth Beebe, Que. Jan 26, 1968
Provost, George C. Derby Archambault, Betty M. Orleans July 12, 1945
Provost, Henri M. Derby Fournier, Diane S. North Troy Sept 4, 1978
Provost, Maurice Richard Derby Webster, Marylee Claassen Derby Line April 19, 1969
Provost, Paul Ferdnand Derby Line Allaire, Sally Marie Derby June 19, 1950
Provost, Roland Derby Lalime, Olivette Charleston Dec 15, 1940
Provost, Romeo Derby Line Wheelock, Eunice Colchester Feb 5, 1941
Pruden, Michael Lee Jamestown, NC Bicknell, Nancy Mildred Derby Line Dec 29, 1975
Pudvah, Charles Lyons Westfield    Grout, Mary Lou Derby Line Sept 7, 1947
Purdy, Boyd Elwin Wind Gap, PA Bowman, Linda Harriett Derby Oct 7, 1967
Queenin, Joseph F. Derby Line Piatti, Beverly M. Derby Line May 24, 1946
Quinlan, George Michael, Jr. Springfield, MA Morin, Jeannine Marguerite Springfield, MA Aug 17, 1957
Racine, James Arthur Derby Line Morrill, Patricia Jean Newport July 29, 1972
Racine, Rudolph J. West Charleston Hull, Joan A. Derby Line Feb 19, 1950
Racine, Windsor Harley Derby LeBel, Florence Anita Orleans May 16, 1953
Rackleff, David William Derby Line Prue, Peggy Jane Newport June 26, 1971
Raitt, John Clifford Derby Brown, Evabelle Derby Sept 21, 1973
Randall, Michael David Troy Cote, Anne Marie Yolande Derby May 5, 1973
Rebstock, Edward Clayton Syracuse, NY Houghton, Margaret Leslie Derby March 1, 1969
Reed, Philip John Beebe Plain, VT Fyles, Marjorie Joan Stanstead, Que. July 7, 1952
Reilley, David Arthur Derby Line Bianchi, Cynthia Yvonne Barre City March 1, 1975
Renihan, Lawrence B. Derby Line Beck, Ruth M. Derby Line Jan 14, 1945
Rever, Arnold James Rock Island, Que. Sisco, Carol Melvina Rock Island, Que. Aug 19, 1961
Rever, Kenneth Alexander Tomifobia, Que. Asbury, Myrle Ayer's Cliff, Que. Feb 2, 1937
Rever, Laurence Conway Tomifobia, Que. Brown, Mildred Anna Tomifobia, Que. Jan 14, 1930
Rever, William Lee Rock Island, Que. Gilmartin, Marilyn Kathleen Rock Island, Que. April 17, 1954
Rexford, Charles Albert Ayers Cliff, PQ Hamilton, Edith Florence Beebe, VT June 27, 1936
Rexford, Douglas Ray Newport Moeykens, Berna Pauline Derby Sept 21, 1968
Reynolds, Gilson S.   Moffett, Blanche Eva   March 28, 1926
Reynolds, Worthington James Hollywood, FL Collier, Norah Kathleen Montreal, Que. Oct 7, 1956
Rhodes, Cecil Philip Newport Farrow, Patricia Lea Derby Line Sept 24, 1965
Rhodes, Gordon Sylvester Newport Rowell, Emeroy Frances Derby May 26, 1972
Rhodes, Howard Campbell, Jr. Derby Line Jenkins, Carolyn Jane Newport April 11, 1970
Rhye, Ronald J. Derby Rotunda, Betty Lou Burlington April 4, 1970
Rice, Forrest W. Derby Laramee, Joyce Derby Line July 31, 1965
Rice, Frank E. Derby Gleason, Gladys R. Coventry Oct 14, 1951
Rice, Stanley F. Derby Young, Claire Edwina Derby June 12, 1931
Richard, Henry David Hardwick Tetrault, Helen Marie Derby April 28, 1973
Richards, William Derby Austin, Nancy Elizabeth Vergennes June 23, 1973
Richardson, Eston Wells Stanstead, Que. Lucas, Muriel Frances Derby Aug 4, 1979
Ricker, Stephen Pearl Derby LaClaire, Rebekah Jean Morgan Aug 12, 1978
Riendeau, Marc J. Newport City Grenier, Laurette Jocelyne Derby Oct 4, 1975
Riggie, William Knost Derby Center Corologos, Paula Maria Burlington Nov 4, 1977
Ring, William Francis   Blair, Muriel Glenna   May 23, 1925
Ritchie, Fred E. Derby Line Rublee, Alice L. Newport Feb 17, 1945
Rivard, Louis Rosaire Newport Sloan, Shirley Viola Derby June 8, 1936
Rivard, Paul Everett Newport Page, Sheila Colleen Derby Nov 7, 1970
Rivard, Richard T. Newport City Kelley, Shirley Anne Derby Line Aug 24, 1963
Rivard, William Charles Newport Fortin, Helen Marie Derby Line Sept 16, 1972
Robbins, Milton Derby Vanier, Beverly Newport Feb 26, 1949
Robbins, Stanley Derby Holmes, Bertha West Charleston April 17, 1949
Roberts, Dwight Akley Barton Willard, Isabelle Catherine Derby Dec 23, 1938
Roberts, Harry Southwell Hartford, CT Colefax, Alice Allen Charleston, NH Oct 30, 1954
Robertson, Arthur Hardwick Stratton, Dorothy Beebe Plain, Que. May 23, 1931
Robillard, Denis Ivan Derby Thayer, Helen Jackson M. Newport Dec 28, 1968
Robillard, Guy Donald Derby Couture, Helen Leona Jay Aug 31, 1957
Robillard, Hilaire Joseph Derby Couture, Yvonne Cora Jay Aug 31, 1957
Robillard, Real Bernard Derby MacFarlane, Dorothy Beebe, Que. Nov 29, 1954
Robinson, Donald Frank Newport Glover, Valerie Pauline Derby Aug 15, 1970
Robinson, Richard Carlyle  West Hartford, CT Cowens, Imogene Christina Hartford, CT June 24, 1950
Rodrigue, Roland J. Stanstead, Que. Viens, Martha V. Derby Line July 29, 1939
Rodrique, Romeo Rock Island, Que. St. Sauveur, Alice L. Derby May 14, 1934
Rolfe, Lawrence Dana Sherbrooke, Que. Langois, Lena Sherbrooke, Que. July 30, 1932
Ross, Lawrence W. Derby Willis, Edwina V. Newport Sept 1, 1947
Ross, Ralph Charles Derby Line Rivard, Beatrice Newport May 2, 1934
Ross, Willard Burton Derby Lahue, Jean Newport Nov 1, 1947
Routhier, Adalbert Derby Line Vachon, Lucienne Sherbrooke, Que. June   , 1945
Routhier, Michael A. Derby Line Bennett, Constance Rae Newport City Aug 24, 1974
Routhier, Raymond Olidor Derby Line Darby, Christina Lee Derby Line June 24, 1967
Routhier, Roger Albany Derby Line Roberge, Pauline Lina Newport City April 12, 1975
Rowe, Robert Franklin Derby Lyon, Elaine Shirley Newport City Aug 28, 1974
Rowell, Harold L. Derby Hayes, Geneva Gwendolyn Newport May 29, 1930
Rowell, Kenneth Frank Derby Bond, Barbara Doris Newport Sept 30, 1943
Rowell, Robert Claire Derby Kelley, Emeroy Francis Derby June 24, 1931
Rowell, Robert Lee Newport Perkins, Audrey Etta Derby Line Sept 26, 1953
Roy, Alphonse Stanstead, Que. Lussier, Bertha A. Beebe, VT June 1, 1946
Roy, Edgar Leon Derby Brien, Anita Therese Derby Dec 13, 1950
Roy, Hector Derby Lussier, Germaine Beebe, VT Sept 1, 1941
Roy, Hector Julies Derby Cyr, Isabelle Jeanne d'Arc Sherbrooke, Que. Dec 5, 1970
Roy, Henry Derby Line Gratton, Bertha Derby Line May 26, 1941
Roy, Raymond Joseph Stanstead, Que. Webb, Beverly Dorothy Rock Island, Que. Aug 8, 1959
Roy, Robert Gerard Stanstead, Que. Peacock, Priscilla Ann Wayland, MA March 8, 1947
Roy, Roger Joseph Stanstead, Que. Middleton, Eileen Mary Stanstead, Que. June 28, 1952
Roy, Roland Albanie Derby Emmons, Rita Isabel St. Johnsbury Nov 21, 1938
Roy, Roland Norman Derby Line Rivard, Kathryn Ann Newport Aug 17, 1968
Royea, Ross Henry Rock Island, Que. Julien, Irene Rock Island, Que. Sept 8, 1951
Royer, Ernest Philidore Orleans Limlaw, Virginia Theresa Derby April 17, 1948
Royer, Gerard P. Derby Messier, Patricia A. Newport Center May 1, 1976
Royer, Kenneth Victor Irasburg Lamoureux, Claire Alice Marie Derby July 10, 1971
Rublee, Clair D. Newport Johnston, Mary E. Derby March 27, 1954
Russell, James Stevenson St. Johnsbury Smith, Blanche Mae Derby Line Dec 30, 1936
Rutty, Michael Edward Alpine, NJ Kelley, Judith Dianne Derby Feb 26, 1966
Ryan, Theodore Gardner Rutland Harper, Linda Jean Derby Line April 4, 1970
Sager, Dennis Derby LeBrun, Leona Derby Nov 29, 1947
Salsbery, Beverly Owen Oak Grove, Ore. Bortolot, Elizabeth Margaret Derby April 19, 1948
Sanborn, Roy Holland Crowe, Audrey Derby Oct 27, 1950
Sanderson, George Eugene Ayers Cliff, PQ Brown, Doreen Margaret Derby April 25, 1953
Sanville, Gary Lee Newport Bouillette, Janet L. Derby Line March 9, 1968
Sargent, George L. Cambridge, VT Sargent, Jennie A. Derby Line Aug 16, 1930
Sayers, Roger Elmer Moretown Willard, Janice Belle Derby March 10, 1979
Schofield, Alfred Danbury, CT Brown, Elouise Margaret Derby Sept 11, 1939
Scott, Nathaniel Wesley Plainville, CT Taylor, Helen Lucille Derby Line Jan 16, 1960
Selby, Cleland E. Derby Line Comee, Suzanne Dickinson Canterbury, NH Dec 29, 1962
Selby, Lloyd Orry Derby Smith, Edith Mae St. Johnsbury Sept 2, 1939
Selby, Orry Arthur Derby Leavens, June Elizabeth Burlington March 15, 1959
Sequin, Roland Francois Beebe, Que. Russell, Jeannine Marie Beebe, VT Oct 1, 1955
Sevigny, Norman Joseph Newport City Byers, Robin Gail Derby April 3, 1976
Sevigny, Richard Leo Derby Cutting, Deborah Jean Derby Sept 30, 1978
Shafe, Frederick H. Derby Clothier, Irene W. Lebanon, NH July 2, 1949
Shannon, Forrest Alfred Derby Plume, Mary Christine Derby April 19, 1930
Shannon, Fred Charles Derby Willey, Iva Roberta Newport Feb 17, 1958
Shannon, Reginald H. Derby Reynolds, Juanita B. Newport Nov 17, 1945
Sharpe, Earle Sterling, Jr. Derby Gaudlap, Joan Marie Derby Dec 21, 1972
Shattuck, Roy Kenneth Newport Jacobs, Buela Jean Derby Line Dec 29, 1958
Sheldon, Basil Clarence Beebe Plain, Que. Goyette, Minnie Mae Beebe Plain, Que. Dec 17, 1930
Sheltra, Gary Richard Derby Brown, Dorothy A. Newport City July 2, 1966
Sheltra, Robert R. Westfield Lucas, Linda Derby June 20, 1964
Sheperd, Adna H. Springfield, MA Cushman, Hattie F. Derby Aug 27, 1947
Sheperd, Floyd Malcom Irasburg Strawn, Alice Gardner Derby June 29, 1929
Sherlaw, Douglas Philip Derby Goodell, Brenda Lee Newport City Sept 1, 1979
Sherlaw, Floyd L. Derby Dawson, Alice G. Lyndonville Dec 28, 1979
Sherlaw, Floyd Leslie Derby Waterman, June Margaret Newport June 28, 1952
Sherlaw, Floyd Sanborn Derby Skinner, Margaret Elaine Derby Aug 26, 1956
Sicard, Marcel Derby Lafontaine, Theresa Newport July 20, 1953
Sicard, Paul Marcel Derby Donovan, Kelly Louise Derby July 7, 1979
Simoneau, George Louis Ayers Cliff, PQ Moore, Mary Ann Derby Line Sept 28, 1963
Sinner, William McLean Seattle, Wash Mitchell, Eunice Betta Derby Aug 24, 1958
Sinsabaugh, Grant Reginald Manasquan, NJ Mitchell, Viola P. Derby Aug 16, 1961
Sisco, Maurice Edward Rock Island, Que. King, Josephine Rock Island, Que. Aug 25, 1927
Slack, Steven Oliver Rock Island, Que. Belanger, Monique Rose Rock Island, Que. May 22, 1971
Sloan, Leland Samuel, Jr. Derby Carter, Velma Anne Derby June 24, 1961
Sloan, Leland William Derby LaFountain, Alexandrene Newport Nov 14, 1936
Smart, Forrest Ashley, Jr. Milo, ME Taylor, Susan Ann Derby Line June 29, 1968
Smith, Barry Ludlow Hopewell Jct., NY Rollins, Sandra Ann Wappingers Falls, NY Aug 29, 1970
Smith, Burnie Stanley Newport Brown, Helen Margaret Derby Aug 9, 1927
Smith, Clarence Melvin Derby Wood, Elma Rose Derby June 4, 1927
Smith, Clayton Homer Fitch Bay, Que. Walker, Clara Fitch Bay, Que. Nov 22, 1933
Smith, Dale H. Rock Island, Que. Cote, Claire T. Derby Line June 27, 1947
Smith, David Bruce Derby Robinson, Pamela Leonora S. Burlington Aug 9, 1968
Smith, Ernest Charles Stanstead, Que. Reynolds, Melvina Stanstead, Que. April 27, 1927
Smith, Floyd Henry   Calhoun, Lillian G.   April 12, 1925
Smith, George A. Derby Holmes, Altie L. Derby July 22, 1946
Smith, George A., Jr. Derby Line Cooper, Catherine A. Beebe, Que. May 7, 1949
Smith, George E. Derby Line Sanborn, Gertrude E. Newport June 3, 1948
Smith, John H. Allston, MA Dustin, Beverly R. Boston, MA Aug 2, 1969
Smith, Kenneth C. West Charleston Church, Thelma H. Derby Sept 21, 1950
Smith, Kermit Orleans Kilborn, Beverly Derby July 31, 1949
Smith, Merton Rock Island, Que. Gilbert, Beatrice Derby Line Feb 7, 1941
Smith, Rodney Clair Derby Line Haney, Marilyn Joyce Newport March 4, 1953
Smith, Rodney James Magog, Que. Nadeau, Alice Martine Magog, Que. Sept 12, 1975
Smith, William Roland Beebe, Que. Newlands, Isabella F. Beebe, Que. July 13, 1939
Smyrski, John A. Montpelier Provost, Marguerite S. Derby Feb 14, 1953
Snay, Thomas Edward Newport City Lamoureux, Sandra Ann Derby April 30, 1977
Snider, Larry James Richford Letourneau, Jane Rhina Derby Line June 22, 1974
Snowden, William Grey S. Stukely, Que. Comeau, Violet S. Stukely, Que. June 21, 1935
Somers, Bernard Alan Newport City Theberge, Audrey Mae Derby Line May 4, 1963
Souliere, Aurele Laurier Orleans Cheney, Mary Ann Derby July 28, 1962
Sowden, Nehemiah   Abbott, Julia Gertrude   Oct 21, 1926
Spates, Grant Harris Derby Bonin, Jeanne Angela Newport Town March 5, 1977
Spaulding, John Walter Derby Line Gage, Rosalyn Valerie Derby Line Aug 4, 1972
Squires, Lloyd H. Derby Rediker, Helen Margaret Beebe, Que. June 29, 1946
St. George, Alphonse Troy Duquette, Fernande Derby Line April 30, 1977
St. Germaine, Rudolph Theodore Newport Carpenter, Gertrude June Derby Nov 16, 1936
St. Laurent, Marc Louis Portsmouth, NH Fortin, Agnes Denise Derby Sept 29, 1979
St. Marie, A. J. Newport City Taylor, Gail Marie Derby Line Aug 20, 1966
St. Marie, Richard Rene Derby Peters, Adetha Mae Burlington April 27, 1957
Stanton, James McEvila, Jr. Derby Gates, Sherrianne Morrisville Oct 4, 1964
Stark, George Richard Newport Kimball, Katherine Pearl Derby Oct 3, 1940
Ste. Marie, Rene Richard Derby Craft, Bessie Marion Newport April 11, 1970
Stetson, Charles James Berkshire Bessette, Bernice May Derby Aug 31, 1940
Stetson, William David Derby Seymour, Marjorie Gloria St. Albans Oct 29, 1960
Stevens, James E. Derby Line Cargill, Gertrude Derby Line Nov 29, 1944
Stevens, Nelson H.   Ball, Gertrude   Sept 30, 1925
Stevens, Rodney George Stanstead, Que. Blais, Madeleine Marieange Tomifobia, Que. Dec 13, 1952
Stevens, Stanley W. Derby Line Wood, Edna M. Rock Island, Que. April 20, 1931
Stevens, Stanley William Derby Line Nichols, Bertha Angelina Derby Line Aug 16, 1960
Stewart, Gordon Alan Rock Island, Que. Bell, Irene Rachel Beebe, Que. July 16, 1955
Stinson, Nelson Marcus Newport Fuller, Janice Elaine Derby Aug 20, 1950
Stockwell, Herman G. Montreal, Can Martin, Maude E. Montreal, Can Aug 29, 1936
Storch, Ronald Clark Derby Line Dawson, Leanne Virginia Derby Line March 17, 1973
Stratton, Carroll B. West Charleston McLeod, Marion E. Derby Oct 4, 1948
Stratton, Clinton Paul Beebe, Que. Brainerd, Beulah Blanche Beebe, Que. July 20, 1935
Stratton, George Arnold Beebe, Que. Ducharme, Georgette Celine Derby Line Sept 26, 1959
Stratton, John Beeman Derby Buchanan, Anita Alice Derby Sept 19, 1964
Stratton, Robert Edward Derby Line Farrell, Barbara Ann Newport Oct 29, 1953
Streeter, George E. Wilmington Day, Ruth E. Derby Dec 27, 1944
Strobridge, Roger Earl Derby Smith, Brenda Lee Derby Aug 5, 1978
Suitor, Frederick Roberts Rock Island, Que. Batchelder, Kathleen Mary Rock Island, Que. May 2, 1927
Sullivan, Thomas J. Derby Roulston, Julie M. Winooski Aug 1, 1970
Surdy, Theodore Ernest Westover, MA Cochran, Marilyn Elizabeth Derby Feb 18, 1951
Surprenant, Gerald Rudy Rock Island, Que. Hovey, Susan Diane Beebe, Que. July 16, 1977
Swadley, Richard Lee Newport Petry, Frances Bernadette Newport May 24, 1947
Swan, James Brian Calgary, Alberta Besner, Valeria Anne Chateauguay, Que. July 22, 1978
Swift, William Dana Newport Gustin, Helene Bodwell Beebe Plain, VT June 11, 1943
Sykes, Earl Roger Holland Bennett, Amy Louise Derby June 11, 1953
Sykes, Randy Ellis Morgan Davis, Sharon Pearl Derby Line Sept 23, 1978
Sykes, Raymond H. Derby Broome, Grace E. Derby March 10, 1945
Sykes, Richard Earl Morgan Parenteau, Helen C. Derby Oct 4, 1975
Sykes, Russell Holland Broome, Roberta Derby Jan 12, 1954
Sykes, Russell M. Derby Crowe, Lea M. L. Derby Dec 14, 1978
Sylvester, Armand L. Derby Blay, Althea Derby Feb 7, 1942
Sylvester, Irving Armand, Jr. Derby Bernier, Marie Rose Helene Derby May 27, 1978
Sylvester, Lawrence Derby Hodgdon, Nellie M. Derby Jan 28, 1943
Tabor, Carroll Derby Laplante, Sarah Newport May 7, 1948
Tabor, Gilbert Conrad, Jr. Derby Gobeil, Wendy Gail Stanstead, Que. May 7, 1977
Taplin, Robert Norman Derby Rowell, Marilyn Derby Nov 9, 1952
Taylor, Emery Neil Burlington Chapman, Marjorie Eleanor Derby Line Oct 3, 1935
Taylor, Frederick Wilbur Derby Ames, Doris Elizabeth Derby June 14, 1939
Taylor, Gardner O. Derby Robbins, Frances I. Derby April 18, 1948
Taylor, Gary Lee Mt. Ephraim, NJ Brown, M. Lois Derby July 8, 1978
Taylor, Harold F. Fitch Bay, Que. Shelden, Glenna E. L. Beebe, Que. April 24, 1937
Taylor, Harold Levi Derby Line Willey, Nancy Hitty Derby Line June 14, 1941
Taylor, Ralph Farman Montpelier Dailey, Miriam Laura Derby June 22, 1927
Taylor, Ronald Gardner Derby Sisson, Lynn Louella Bedford, MA Aug 15, 1970
Taylor, Stuart F. Derby Livingston, Helen Lucille Newport Sept 25, 1929
Teachout, Robert Derby Line Dumas, Florence Rutland July 11, 1942
Temple, Howard Russell Derby Martineau, Vivian Derby Sept 8, 1934
Tessier, Eugene Leon Brownington Limlaw, Yvonne Joy Derby June 26, 1971
Tetreault, Leopaul Derby Morel, Eva M. Derby Line May 20, 1978
Tetreault, Leopaul Modest Newport Grenier, Rita Anne Derby May 27, 1950
Tetreault, Lucien Eugene Holland Bowen, Audrey Lee Derby Line March 23, 1968
Tetreault, Thomas Charles Derby Jacobs, Mary Jane Derby Oct 6, 1979
Theberge, Andre Norman Derby Corkins, Judith Faye Derby July 23, 1960
Theberge, Lawrence Maurice Stanstead, Que. Barlow, Audrey Mary Rock Island, Que. April 9, 1951
Therrien, Andrew George Derby Line Rowell, Carolyn June Derby July 13, 1957
Therrien, Gilles Joseph Newport Town Sicard, Jeannette Louise Derby May 11, 1974
Therrien, Paul H. West Charleston Clapper, Eleanor M. Derby June 25, 1949
Therrien, Roger Joseph Derby Line Camirand, Diane Rachel Newport May 3, 1952
Therrien, Roland Joseph Derby Line Boissonnault, Suzanne Derby Line Sept 9, 1978
Thomas, Michael Andrew Derby Carter, Nan M. Derby Sept 20, 1941
Thompson, Colin John Derby Parker, Viola Jessie Newport Oct 15, 1937
Thompson, Edwin R. Hartford, CT Laframboise, Marcelle M. Hartford, CT May 30, 1964
Thompson, Ethen Rockwood Derby Provost, Eileen Marcia Montpelier Dec 21, 1979
Thompson, Kenneth Arnold Derby Davis, Nancy Ella East Charleston May 4, 1957
Thompson, Lawrence C. Derby Reilley, Eleanor J. West Charleston Oct 2, 1947
Thompson, Richard Lee Derby Brien, Susan Carol Newport City Oct 26, 1974
Thompson, Roland Eldridge Colchester Willard, Frances Dorothy Derby May 31, 1947
Tice, Glenn Aldrich Derby Rumery, Ethel L. Derby March 19, 1927
Tice, Maurice A. Derby Lucas, Anna V. Newport June 24, 1945
Tice, Maurice Albert, Jr. Derby Percy, Marion Louise Lyndonville Dec 23, 1978
Tierney, John Dougherty Holyoke, MA McCormick, Marilyn Ann Holyoke, MA Sept 10, 1956
Tillotson, Charles C. Derby Hines, Katherine E. Eden Dec 31, 1932
Tinker, Bruce Monroe Derby Ducharme, Dolores Marie Newport May 17, 1958
Todd, Elmer L. Derby Swett, Dorothy A. Charleston Sept 27, 1930
Torgan, David Robert Hartford, CT Murray, Kathleen Francis Derby Sept 23, 1939
Tourigny, Leo Joseph Derby Lemere, Kathleen Mary Newport Dec 29, 1938
Toyn, Joseph Edgar Montello, Nev. Shafe, Edna Blay Derby Sept 1, 1928
Travis, Dean H. Pleasantville, NY DeWald, Gladys O. Bronx, NY July 19, 1933
Tremblay, Theodore Henry Albany Stetson, Nina Lyn Derby April 17, 1971
Trepanier, William Charles Beebe, Que. Bronson, Jean G. Beebe, Que. Feb 12, 1934
Trucotte, Morris Tilton Derby Line Lewis, Mary Lee W. Lebanon, NH July 18, 1964
Trujillo, Paul Rene Morristown Belisle, Arline Marie Paule Derby Dec 16, 1972
Turner, Paul Louis Derby Line Marchessault, Cynthia Ann Derby Line July 22, 1972
Turner, Richard Henry Derby Bullis, Debra Lynn Derby May 12, 1979
Tweed, Clive A. Derby Marsh, Jennie Elizabeth Derby Aug 21, 1949
Tweed, Douglas R. Derby Champagne, Agatha L. Newport March 7, 1942
Tweed, Ronald E. Derby Shannon, Marion E. Derby Jan 10, 1942
Tweed, Stanley Ralph Derby Rondeau, Laurette Newport July 3, 1952
Tweed, William Herbert Derby Bickford, Mary Ann North Troy June 26, 1950
Tyler, Carl A. Derby Stratton, Elizabeth A. Newport Town Nov 14, 1958
Tyler, Harold Charles   Stratton, Mildred Eva   Feb 28, 1925
Tyler, Raymond Derby Smith, Dorothy I. Derby May 1, 1945
Tyler, Roland Raymond Derby Marcotte, Kathleen Mary Derby Feb 12, 1927
Unsworth, Douglas Lennoxville, Que. Standish, Evelyn Ayer's Cliff, Que. Nov 26, 1949
Urie, Bruce Albert Craftsbury Downing, Elizabeth Ann Derby Line Nov 17, 1973
Vachon, Roger A. Lake Hiawatha, NJ Desbiens, Pauline J. Derby Line July 31, 1965
Vachon, Roland Joseph Derby Line Duchesneau, Claire Rose Mary Barton July 4, 1953
Vaillancourt, Frank J., Jr. Chelmsford, MA Wood, Debra E. Derby March 11, 1978
Valley, Percy Leo Barton Morin, Patricia Theresa Derby July 26, 1952
Valliere, Arthur F. Sherbrooke, Que. Young, Helen Agnes Sherbrooke, Que. April 15, 1939
Vanesse, Philip Norman Belchertown, MA Kelley, Barbara E. Belchertown, MA July 24, 1974
Veilleux, Patrick Stanstead, Que. Cote, Claudina Beebe, VT Feb 7, 1938
Viens, Adervil Coaticook, Que. Ratier, Lillian Coaticook, Que. Sept 26, 1938
Vigneault, Eugene Michael Derby Morin, Marie Victoria E. Derby Oct 18, 1952
Villeneuve, James F. Derby Badger, Hazel Mary Derby Sept 21, 1927
Vining, John H. Derby Redding, Ann Crawford Derby Dec 31, 1978
Vinton, John M. Derby Line Graves, Blanche Ella West Burke May 10, 1941
Vinton, Richard Allyn Newport Moeykens, Rosalie Evelyna Derby June 21, 1968
Wagner, John A. Maugansville, MD Marcotte, Florence D. Derby Oct 31, 1933
Wagner, Lawrence Albert Derby LeMay, Claire Marie Charleston April 21, 1963
Waite, Harold Edmund Derby Line Larocque, Lucienne M. A. Derby Oct 5, 1963
Waite, Harold G. Manchester, NH Norris, Irma H. Derby March 25, 1938
Walker, Harold Derby Shannon, Irene Derby July 31, 1948
Walker, William Fitch Bay, Que. Smith, Una May Fitch Bay, Que. Nov 27, 1934
Wallace, Melbourne H. Derby Center Ross, Rena A. Derby Center March 15, 1935
Wallace, Shirley Hill Derby Bowman, Evelyn Newport Town June 14, 1957
Wallis, Frank David Westfield, MA Bedard, Margaret Patricia Rock Island, Que. Oct 21, 1950
Walsh, Francis J.   Sturmer, Anna   Sept 12, 1926
Walsh, Gilbert Howard Derby Line Waldron, Myrtie Adelaid E. Clifton, Que. June 16, 1937
Walsh, Jesse Wayne Derby Line Gehman, Gertrude Line Lexington, PA Aug 11, 1951
Walsh, Leo John Derby Line Lennon, Eva May Lennoxville, Que. Oct 24, 1934
Walsh, Terrence Derby Line Norway, Patricia J. Newport April 30, 1954
Walton, Wendall Wales Derby Line Morrison, Marjorie Ruth Derby Line June 18, 1937
Ward, Alan Dale Newport City Gardner, Laurel Lee Derby May 27, 1978
Ward, John Omer Newport Wood, Sylvia May Derby June 24, 1950
Warner, Douglas Lee Derby Hoadley, Barbara Lucille Derby Sept 8, 1979
Warren, Everett Rock Island, Que. Johnson, Hazel E. H. Rock Island, Que. April 28, 1930
Washburn, Nelson Cephas Derby Line Buzzell, Louise Rock Island, Que. Dec 12, 1930
Waterman, Lawrence Cecil Derby Line Searles, Linda Mary Derby Line Oct 28, 1972
Waterman, Lyndol M. Derby Harned, Mary Zelma Derby Dec 30, 1967
Watson, Henry V. Claremont, NH Moreau, Lily E. Derby Line Aug 18, 1945
Watson, John C. Watertown, MA MacLean, Susan Rae Cambridge, MA June 12, 1965
Watson, Osbourne Thomas Rock Island, Que. Pelow, Bernice Derby Line Aug 28, 1935
Watson, Wallace Edward Newport City Markwell, Susan Elaine Derby Oct 7, 1978
Webb, Donald Eugene Stanstead, Que. Fox, Aileen Dorothy Stanstead, Que. Aug 12, 1939
Webb, Henry John, Jr. Rock Island, Que. Ingalls, Sandra Ann Beebe, VT Jan 2, 1960
Webb, Henry John, Sr. Newport Benway, Audrey Lois Derby May 12, 1973
Webb, Lawrence Edward Newport Bean, Linda Coralene Derby Sept 25, 1965
Webster, John MacEwen Derby Line Stratton, Brenda Hildreth Montreal, Que. June 15, 1963
Webster, Richard Ernest Brighton Powers, Charlotte Elaine Derby Sept 26, 1959
Weeks, Roy Richard Rehoboth, MA Bergeron, Louisa Marie Rock Island, Que. Sept 2, 1972
Wells, Garold Cleon Newport Tyler, June Bertha Derby June 24, 1950
Wessell, Walter Arthur Derby Line Holden, Doris Arlene Rock Island, Que. July 3, 1941
West, William McKinley Tomifobia, Que. Buzzell, Bernice Elaine Tomifobia, Que. March 16, 1934
Westover, Allen Carroll Derby Robinson, Valerie G. Derby Aug 24, 1979
Wheeler, Bernie L. Holland Ross, Winnifred Derby Oct 6, 1957
Wheeler, Merle Douglas Derby Line Patenaude, Cecile Charlotte Derby Line Jan 16, 1960
Wheeler, Paul Willard Derby Line Russell, Jean Frances Morgan Feb 8, 1964
Wheeler, Philip Gary Derby Brown, Laura May Derby June 24, 1972
Wheeler, Wayne Holland Marois, Anne Carolyn Derby March 10, 1956
Wheeler, William L. Derby Line Judd, Bonnie J. Newport June 17, 1967
Whipple, Lee Marineau Derby Routhier, Pauline Emily Burlington May 23, 1970
Whitcomb, John Roger Derby Greenwood, Ida C. Derby/Beebe, VT Dec 17, 1966
Whitcomb, Lloyd Robert Derby Goodell, Bessie Newport Dec 7, 1940
Whitcomb, Ronald J. Strafford Green, Bernice Maude Derby Nov 9, 1930
Whitcomb, Timothy Gordon Derby Hall, Marilyn Louise Irasburg May 8, 1976
White, Alfred Paul Fitch Bay, Que. Hansen, Marilyn Ida Beebe, Que. Jan 5, 1957
White, Clifford M., Jr. Derby Demick, Phyllis H. Derby Sept 12, 1945
White, Lawrence Wayne Johnson Cottone, Gina Marie Derby June 23, 1974
White, Merton Leslie Orleans Bowen, Arlene Edna Derby Sept 10, 1951
White, Robert Gordon Bradley Stanstead, Que. Domina, Marcelle Florence Derby Line Jan 13, 1941
White, Roland Alger Inverness, Que. Campbell, Jean Olivia St. Agathe, Que. June 28, 1947
Whitehead, Earl Magog, Que. Buzzell, Vivian Magog, Que. Oct 16, 1934
Whitehill, Donald Roger Morgan Lowell, Katherine Inez Derby Oct 13, 1956
Whiteman, Cecil Austin Rock Island, Que. Nicholson, Ethel C. Rock Island, Que. Sept 8, 1934
Wight, George H. Derby Burroughs, Lila D. Derby Oct 21, 1945
Wight, Guy Nelson Derby Dorr, Ester Annie Whitefield, NH July 1, 1944
Wilcox, Arlington Reid Derby Magoon, Lucille Mildred Newport June 23, 1937
Wilcox, Dan Ames Newport Town Hinton, Sheryl Anne Derby Dec 29, 1973
Wilkie, Bruce Malcolm Derby Whittier, Linda Mae Derby June 13, 1974
Willard, Anson Harold Derby Hunt, Rose Effie Orleans June 30, 1950
Willard, Everett A. Derby Domina, Dorothy Orleans Sept 4, 1949
Willard, Warren Harold Newport Powers, Jane Ellen Derby Aug 11, 1967
Willard, Wayne Anson Derby Line Prue, Paula Gail Newport July 1, 1972
Willey, Harold Arthur Derby Webb, Eleanor May Derby Aug 23, 1927
Willey, Roland Otis Derby Line Wright, Elma Lillian Groveton, NH April 6, 1974
Williams, Andre Joseph Gerard Orleans Limlaw, Christina Julibell Derby Aug 25, 1951
Wilson, Giles A. Derby Line Walker, Patricia Ruby Derby Line June 20, 1948
Wilson, Ronald Beebe, Que. Munroe, Alice Beebe, Que. June 4, 1948
Wilson, Stanley A. Charleston Morrill, Harriet Roxanna Derby May 28, 1937
Wing, Leon Derby Derusha, Evelyn Newport Nov 25, 1939
Wing, Milton Earl Brighton Lefevre, Lucille Theresa Derby June 7, 1952
Winter, Ronald Stanstead, Que. Goodsell, Rita Stanstead, Que. April 24, 1965
Wood, Carroll Kenneth Derby Bennett, Olive Isabel Holland June 25, 1930
Wood, Clayton Herbert Derby Labonte, Arline Mary Newport Nov 17, 1930
Wood, Dale Derby Farrar, Charlene Newport Town Sept 6, 1958
Wood, George E. Derby White, Joanna A. Ionia, Mich July 19, 1975
Wood, George Edigton Derby Sargent, Mary Esther Newport Jan 31, 1952
Wood, Mathewson John Derby Bushaw, Irene Eliza Charleston Jan 14, 1930
Wood, Rosco Kingsley Auburn, ME Labrie, Melvina Mary Mechanic Falls, ME July 27, 1927
Wood, Walter A. D. Derby Curtis, Evelyn Derby Oct 17, 1928
Wood, Wilfred Levi   Drown, Goldie Arline   June 15, 1926
Woodard, Bernard Soyour Fitch Bay, Que. Hudson, Irene Mary Ayer's Cliff, Que. Nov 14, 1935
Woodard, Percy E.   Pomeroy, Winnie P.   April 21, 1926
Woodard, Raymond Corey Derby Christie, Rowena Valarie Quebec City, Que. Sept 7, 1940
Woodman, Albert Beebe, Que. Evans, M. Lucille Rock Island, Que. Oct 17, 1948
Woods, Andrew Leonard Marlington, Que. Rolleston, Nellie Aurilla Marlington, Que. April 22, 1928
Woods, Raymond H. Collingswood, NJ Robbins, Blandine Inza Derby Line Oct 26, 1942
Wordsworth, Warren Keillor Culver City, CA Blanchard, Joyce Pauline Derby April 17, 1954
Wright, Benjamin B. Derby Petelle, Erma Eleanor West Charleston Oct 15, 1950
Wright, Ernest Joseph Derby Maxwell, Donna Marie Morgan Dec 30, 1967
Wright, Gardner E. Pembroke, MA Thompson, Lucy F. Dorchester, MA July 30, 1932
Wright, Hayden Derby Petelle, Ila Newport April 30, 1949
Wright, Ronald Gale New York, NY Vachon, Denise Normande New York, NY Jan 31, 1959
Wright, Ronald Joseph Derby Carter, Patricia Ann Newport Dec 11, 1971
Wright, Russell Howard Norton Ryan, Mary Agnes Derby May 25, 1968
Wright, Stanley Joseph Derby Moulton, Pearl Ann Charleston Sept 14, 1968
Wright, Ulric J. Derby Tessier, Annette L. Holland Nov 3, 1945
Wright, Walter George Derby Blay, Elsie Alice Derby Aug 1, 1927
Wright, Walter George Derby Davis, Carol Lois Charleston March 20, 1971
Yetter, Francis R. Ayers Cliff, PQ Dezan, Violette Stanstead, Que. Feb 24, 1937
Young, Carl Franklin Groveton, NH Rediker, Carmen Nicole Rock Island, Que. June 9, 1979
Young, Chester Ernest   McGovern, Edith Betsy   Sept 12, 1926
Young, Everett C. Stanstead, Que. Goodsell, Betsey I. Stanstead, Que. March 23, 1948
Young, Howard Kendrick Newport Conley, Jaclyn Michelle Derby June 21, 1969
Young, Jack Stanstead, Que. Jacques, Kathleen Stanstead, Que. April 19, 1979
Young, John Francis Derby Line Davis, Barbara Lynn Newport City May 10, 1975
Young, Mason Neil Derby Ehnat, Diane Lynn Charleston April 16, 1977
Zabielski, Joseph Steven Westfield, MA Frawley, Jane Eleanor W. Springfield, MA Feb 14, 1976

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