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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date
Adams, Ananda Wilson Glover Orff, Leona Francis N. Waldoboro, ME Aug 13, 1945
Aiken, Carroll Glover Stone, Beula Wheelock Oct 8, 1934
Alexander, Edwin Aldrich Glover Cook, Florence Mildred Glover Oct 9, 1931
Allen, Neal, Jr. Glover Green, Jane Glover Nov 23, 1971
Amyot, Vincent William Glover Spring, Phyllis Norma Glover Feb 23, 1985
Anderson, Earl Howard Glover Diette, Beatrice Paula Glover 1943
Anderson, Frank D. Glover Hodgdon, Ivah Pearl Glover June 26, 1929
Anderson, Glendon A. Glover Archambault, Alice H. Glover June 27, 1936
Anderson, Kenneth Fern West Glover Hayes, Sheila Anne Barton Sept 2, 1953
Andrews, Jerome Edson, III Glover Young, Darlene Grace Glover Sept 7, 1985
Anemikos, Theodoros E. Glover Rogers, Michelle Renee Glover June 18, 1994
Arsenault, Donald Alfred Walpole, MA Cosgrove, Barbara Ellen Walpole, MA Sept 6, 1981
Ashe, Dennis Leroy Freetown, Grand Bahamas Taylor, Susan Faye West Glover Sept 26, 1986
Atherton, Henry Vernon Glover Hardy, Phyllis Marie Dummerston, VT Aug 24, 1947
Atherton, James Alonzo Glover Skerrett, Alene LeMoine Glover April 20, 1987
Auger, Jean Claude West Glover Desjardins, Jeannette Florence Orleans March 2, 1957
Auger, Norman Marcel Barton Wright, Amy Lynne West Glover May 17, 1997
Aulis, Gerard Chanel Glover Blanchard, Donna Marie Glover July 19, 1980
Austin, Guy Fred, Jr. Derby Conley, Mary Ann Glover Oct 1, 1966
Bachert, Lawrence Paul Glover Gravel, Jane Mary Glover Sept 3, 1960
Bacon, Douglas P. Glover Stone, Candy C. Glover Dec 11, 1976
Bacon, Richard Rosario Barton Currier, Sharon Lee Glover Feb 7, 1981
Bailey, Albert James Danville Brooks, Marjorie M. Glover July 19, 1930
Bailey, Dean E. Glover Kennison, Eleanor E. West Glover June 22, 1957
Bailey, Larry Jay Glover Fitzgerald, Diane Elizabeth Glover July 15, 1995
Bailey, Phillip Arthur Barton Squires, Lucille Bernice West Glover Jan 15, 1961
Baker, David B. Glover Stevens, Alene V. Barton Oct 9, 1935
Baker, William Clarence West Glover Morrill, Jodi Lynne West Glover July 31, 1999
Ball, Maurice Clayton St. Albans Sargent, Grace Esther Glover 1941
Bannister, Michael Hornburg, NY Holliday, Harriet Houlton, ME Aug 18, 1971
Baraw, Bruce Carlton Glover Neil, Donna Kay Glover Sept 29, 1990
Barber, Edward John Glover Ladak, Ferial Vancouver Aug 7, 1982
Barber, Kenneth Alan West Glover Locke, Melba Eloise Barton July 4, 1953
Barber, Warren Asahel Glover Crewson, Elsie Lorena Hardwick Sept 27, 1957
Bartlett, Richard Irving Greatneck, NY Anderson, June Bernice Northfield, NH Nov 24, 1948
Barton, Joseph William Glover Baraw, Amanda Mae Glover July 28, 2007
Bates, Harlow S. Glover Farrar, Edna M. (Fifield) Glover Jan 12, 1927
Baxter, Wayland Arthur Glover Hamilton, Tammy Carolyn Glover July 26, 1986
Baxter, William Arthur Glover Ferrin, Genevine Barton 1941
Bean, Daniel Edward Glover Combits, Cassandra Sue Glover July 7, 2007
Bean, Donald C. Glover McLean, Ruth M. Newport 1940
Bean, Donald Cromwell Glover Smith, Edith M. Graniteville Oct 5, 1946
Bean, Robert Smith Glover May, Margaret Diane Glover March 10, 2007
Beasley, Brian Beverly, MA Campobasso, Kimberly Ann Beverly, MA Jan 24, 2003
Bedel, Harry A. Oyster Bay, NY Paxton, Clara M. Barton Aug 1, 1953
Bell, John Thomas Glover Cohen, Trudi Esther Glover June 20, 1981
Benson, Douglas L. North Loup, NE Longsine, Julia L. North Loup, NE Sept 26, 2000
Benway, Bob Lawrence Glover Lavallee, Dorothy Josephine Newport Sept 20, 1952
Benway, Merle F. Glover Perron, Blanche R. Glover June 20, 1953
Berry, Harold A. Glover Clark, Reba F. Glover June 18, 1932
Bertolini, Matthew Reid Glover Beal, Geneva Lynn Glover Nov 18, 2006
Beskalo, Stephen Dennis Tewksbury, MA Rooney, Joan Ann Clarke Tewksbury, MA Oct 4, 1981
Bickford, Carlton Dean Glover Bean, Mary Jane Glover April 16, 1960
Bickford, Edwin Howard Glover Hutchins, Audrey Jean Malone, NY June 21, 1948
Bickford, Garth Aaron West Glover Ingersoll, Donna Marie West Glover Sept 9, 1989
Bickford, George S. Glover Coolbeth, Helen G. Glover Sept 24, 1932
Bickford, Glendon Martin Glover Basford, Beverly Joyce Glover Dec 28, 1949
Bickford, Jeffrey Dean Glover Bickford, Sharon Lee Glover Sept 1, 1990
Bickford, Paul Wayne Glover Peavey, Joyce Elaine Albany Sept 8, 1956
Bickford, Shane Allan West Glover Whipple, Annette Marie West Glover March 19, 1988
Bickford, Shane Alan West Glover Morse, Maria Judith Brownington Aug 30, 1980
Bickford, Stanley George Glover Tyler, Louise Alice Glover Feb 16, 1953
Bickford, Willard Leonard Glover Rogers, Arlene Eva West Glover Dec 24, 1950
Biggert, Joseph Leroy New Baltimore, Mich Lawrence, Jeannette Louise Glover Oct 21, 1967
Blair, Paul Emile Glover Anderson, Helena Glover Sept 1, 1945
Blair, Ward Riley Glover Wright, Marjorie Mary   Dec (8), 1954
Blake, Eric Thomas Glover Dwyer, Molly Stark Glover Sept 20, 2003
Blake, Harry R. Barton Lebrecque, Monica Elaine Glover Feb 23, 1974
Blancato, Darren Keith Glover Abucewicz, Melissa Beth Glover Sept 5, 1998
Blanchard, Donald Everett West Glover Hale, Yvette Marie West Glover Aug 26, 1995
Blanchard, Ricky Neal Glover Fontaine, Kimberly Diane Glover Sept 9, 1995
Blodgett, Andrew Barton Boutin, Nicole Glover June 23, 1973
Blodgett, Donald Lee Irasburg Rogers, Rena Mae Glover June 18, 1945
Blodgett, Edward Barton Perron, Diane Glover June 10, 1972
Blow, Robert Garth Glover Baker, Sharon Ann Barre March 6, 1992
Bodley, U. V. Glover Shaw, Alga M. (Warner) Barton Sept 1, 1937
Bodley, Ulysses V. Glover Dunn, Della R. (Bliss) Glover Nov 22, 1931
Borland, Alden George West Glover Urie, Jean Margaret West Glover April 18, 1947
Borland, Kenneth West Glover Reese, Carol Moretown July 31, 1970
Borland, Nathan John Glover Favreau, Christina Marie Glover Oct 5, 2002
Bousquet, Robert Lawrence, III Glover Campbell, Jillian Christine Glover March 18, 2006
Boutin, Clement Henry Barton Valise, Agathe Marie Anna Glover Sept 6, 1948
Boutin, Edmond Joseph Barton Talbot, Colette Jacqueline Glover May 17, 1947
Boutin, Ronald Claud Glover Burclaff, Vanessa Robin Glover Oct 4, 1975
Braun, Michael Francis Glover Baker, Penny Lynn Plainfield, CT June 15, 1985
Braun, William Preston Glover Lanoue, Amy Jean Glover Oct 29, 1996
Brill, Harland Everett West Glover Croteau, Debra Ann West Glover Aug 21, 1982
Brisson, Giles Joseph Rene Bangkok, Thailand Soriano, Patricia Viado Long Island City, NY Dec 26, 2004
Brooks, Alton Lyle Glover Brown, Marjory Claire New York June 15, 1968
Brooks, Douglas Neil Glover Leck, Marguerite Katherine Barton Aug 30, 1969
Brooks, Earl Glover Biancardi, Arlene Glover March 24, 1948
Brooks, Freeman Horace Glover Broome, Noreen Ellen Glover Oct 22, 1977
Brooks, Neil Wendall Glover Gray, Ruth George Glover June 19, 1947
Brooks, Philip Todd Glover Laird, Kelley Jean Glover Sept 20, 1997
Brooks, Royce F. Glover Moquin, Evelyn B. Barton July 17, 1965
Brosseau, Robert Ernest Orleans Basford, Myrna May Glover May 28, 1960
Brown, Arnold Edward Glover Guillette, Tonya Teresa Glover Aug 26, 2006
Brown, Fred Commings Barton Edwards, Reta Pearl Glover Sept 18, 1945
Brown, Philip Arnold Glover Pudvah, Janice Pearl Glover June 30, 1959
Brown, Richard Clayton Baltimore, MD Montminy, Cecile Ann Glover July 5, 1962
Bruneau, Henry Roland Barton Auger, Jeannine Gisale West Glover Aug 25, 1951
Buchanan, Craig David West Glover Avery, Barbara Jean West Glover April 7, 1995
Bumps, Walter E. Glover Hawkins, Ida Grace Island Pond Dec 16, 1968
Butkovich, Louis Mark Glover Bailey, Roxana Elsie Glover Nov 21, 1981
Butkovish, Francis Donald Mohawk, Mich. Wilson, Lorraine Alyce Glover Dec 21, 1957
Butler, Arland Arthur Irasburg King, Janice Priscilla Glover June 8, 1946
Byrd, Daniel Keith Houston, TX Brown, Stacey Ellin Brooklyn, NY Aug 29, 1992
Cable, Harold Dean Morris, CT Locher, Delisse Elayne Morris, CT July 21, 2004
Cairns, Franklin N. Glover Nelson, Bernice L. Glover Jan 1, 1949
Calderwood, Frank G. Glover Urie, Mira (Lamorey) Albany Nov 6, 1926
Camara, Gregory John Glover Siamon, Kathleen Elizabeth Glover Aug 21, 2004
Campbell, Herbert Randolph Glover Smith, Eva E. B. Clarksbury, MA Oct 12, 1955
Campbell, Stephen Lee Glover Leal, Joanne Marie Glover June 28, 1986
Cantor, Howard Mark West Glover Meese, Stephan Alice West Glover Sept 14, 1986
Carlson, Charles Lee West Glover Wallace, Margaret Mary West Glover May 27, 1995
Carrier, Alfred Glover Chamberlin, Barbara Glover Nov 7, 1970
Carrier, Alfred Raymond, Jr. Barton Generous, Hedy Leah Barton May 9, 1992
Carrier, Peter Dennis Coventry Quirion, Julie Rolande Coventry Oct 10, 1981
Carrier, Roland Glover Beauregard, Lise Barton Aug 28, 1971
Casavant, Albert Joseph Glover LaMadeleine, Lucille Jeanine Glover June 25, 1949
Cassavant, Ronald Fred Glover Valois, Theresa Marianne Glover Sept 2, 1946
Casse, George H. Glover Sulloway, Muriel Judge Hardwick Sept 1, 1930
Castle, Edward James, Jr. West Glover Farrell, Bryanne Ellen West Glover July 23, 2005
Chamberland, Robert Neil Glover Rollins, Windy Melinda Glover Dec 2, 1995
Chamberlin, Terrance Glen Glover Tatro, Kathleen Mary Glover July 27, 1979
Chaput, Frank Newport Vancour, Sheila West Glover Dec 11, 1971
Choquette, Dennis Raymond Barton Perron, Rachel June Glover Sept 7, 1968
Choquette, Dennis Raymond Glover Stevens, Linda Butler Orleans Aug 21, 2004
Choquette, Jason Matthew Glover Lantagne, Betsy Jean Glover Sept 13, 1997
Cimino, Andrew Jon Springfield, MA Connor, Sharon E. Springfield, MA Sept 6, 1990
Clark, Jerry Glover Conley, Edna Dopp Glover June 8, 1974
Clark, Malcolme W. Glover Lyon, Ursula (Wakeman) W. Barton Aug 14, 1929
Clark, Percy Don Glover Witt, Alice L. Orleans July 30, 1932
Clark, Robert D. Glover Hadlock, Thayer (Welch) Norton May 8, 1938
Clark, Robert Earle Barton Champagne, Gisele Antoinette West Glover June 20, 1955
Clark, S. Noble Glover Barnett, Izora S. (Ranson) Passumpsic Sept 12, 1931
Clarke, Lawrence Avery Orlando, FL Morrison, Jennifer Sue Orlando, FL Oct 3, 1999
Cleveland, Harvey Leigh Glover Johnson, Maureen Elizabeth Glover Dec 31, 1977
Cloutier, Ronald G. Barton Kilby, A. Colleen West Glover June 12, 1965
Cobb, George Russell St Johnsbury Borland, Barbara Ann Glover July 12, 1975
Coe, James Nelson Portland, OR Cargioli, Nella Teresa Portland, OR Aug 12, 2000
Colburn, Mark Allan Glover Conley, Hope Kimberly Glover Oct 17, 1987
Colburn, Terry Maurice Orleans Bickford, Brenda Lee Glover Aug 4, 1962
Colby, Carl Wilbur Barton Miles, Mildred M. Glover 1941
Cole, Michael Glenn Keene, NH Perron, Regina Raye Keene, NH Oct 20, 1990
Comstock, Fred Wires Barton Willard, Mrs. Minnie Glover July 5, 1934
Comtois, Claude Albert Derby Urie, Edith Margaret Glover April 19, 1975
Conley, Bruce Glover Dewing, Janice Barton June 27, 1970
Conley, Charles E., Jr. Glover Dopp, Clarebelle P. Sheffield 1941
Conley, Craig Bruce  Glover Lyon, Kylie Ann Glover Sept 22, 2007
Conley, Craig Bruce Steven Glover Perry, Sheila Marie Glover June 9, 2001
Conley, Douglas Glover Perron, Judith West Glover Nov 4, 1972
Conley, Howard Glover Vizinho, Beverly Barton May 18, 1949
Conley, Larry Gene Glover Perron, Gloria Joan Glover Nov 22, 1969
Conley, Royce D. Barton Perron, Lillian L. Glover Dec 11, 1965
Coolbeth, Arthur Glover Baker, Helen Glover Feb 20, 1926
Corliss, Kermit Keith Glover Oeder, Hatti Anneliess Germany Oct 9, 1948
Cota, John Barton Perron, Audrey Glover July 8, 1972
Cota, Richard W. Glover Moeykens, Agnes C. Derby Oct 3, 1964
Cotnoir, Donald John Irasburg Perron, Noella Lee Glover June 28, 1975
Courser, Guy S. Glover Roy, Imogene Lyndonville Sept 22, 1932
Crepault, Joseph Glover Walton, Hattie (Walker) Glover April 19, 1927
Cross, Bradley Eric Biloxi, MS Degoosh, Jessica Dorothy Biloxi, MS July 17, 2004
Cross, Donald Hovey Morrill, ME Young, Laurie Ann Glover Oct 27, 1984
Cubit, Marvin C. Albany Darling, Marion R. Glover Sept 22, 1959
Currier, Jeffrey Alan Glover George, Jeanine Michelle Glover June 25, 1994
Currier, Jeffrey Alan Glover Chamberland, Windy Melinda Glover July 14, 2007
Currier, Leonard J. Glover Leonard, Hazel L. Glover Aug 19, 1939
Currier, Walter E. Glover Brault, Simonne M. Barton 1940
Daignault, Francis Barton Young, Deborah Glover July 21, 1973
Darling, Raymond Earl Glover Perry, Mary Ann Brownington Sept 29, 1967
Darling, Russell F. Glover Hancock, Ruth Helen Glover Sept 22, 1937
Davignon, Ernest Brownington Perron, Cecile Glover Oct 2, 1971
Davio, Irving R. Glover Fahy, Dorothy L. Albany June 25, 1935
Davis, Robert Arthur Glover Granai, Sherry Ann Brownington Jan 30, 1969
Day, Edward Alson Glover Pudvah, Phyllis Jane Glover June 24, 1956
Dean, James Cushman Barton Thompson, Katherine Grace Glover Aug 22, 1948
Dean, Ray E. Barton Butkovich, Sandra A. Glover July 24, 1979
DeLaBruere, Francois Hector Rochester, NY Lanoue, Sandra Kay West Glover July 3, 1983
DeLaBruere, Ivan John Joseph Newport Mull, Kimberly Kay Glover Aug 6, 1988
Desjardins, John Delano Glover Thompson, Dawn Marie Glover April 8, 1989
Desmarais, Rio Glover Girouard, Rose Irasburg 1943
Desmarais, Roland J. Glover Souliere, Rose Helen Barton Sept 6, 1937
Desnoyers, Robert Paul St. Johnsbury Boyce, Holly Sue Glover Oct 13, 2001
Desreuisseau, Amey Barton Stevens, Madeline Glover June 28, 1930
Desreuisseau, Octave Glover Jenness, Irene Barton May 12, 1928
Desruisseau, Octave A. Glover Brunning, Genevieve S. Glover June 15, 1935
Dewing, Arthur M. Glover Lowd, Nellie D. Aurora, IL June 15, 1939
Dewing, Jeffrey Leo West Glover Blanchard, Yvette Marie West Glover Jan 18, 1997
Dickinson, Richard Ernest Barton Pray, Darlene Ann Glover April 24, 1981
Diette, Ernest Carl Glover Skada, Helen Scranton, PA Oct 2, 1945
Diette, Jeffrey Armand Barton Booth, Suzette Dawn West Glover March 5, 1988
Dimario, Cristian San Diego, CA Currier, Alecia Rae San Diego, CA Oct 7, 2006
Dopp, Harland S. Glover Daige, Sylvia A. Sheffield June 24, 1939
Dopp, Melvin Levi Glover White, Jean Marion E. Brownington July 7, 1950
Dorfman, Gary Marc Sunrise, FL Brown, Rhonda Jean Sunrise, FL Aug 18, 1984
Drew, Alison I. Glover Peck, Clara A. Glover Oct 10, 1932
Drew, Frank M. Glover Gray, Lela B. Glover 1944
Drew, Perley John Glover Bickford, Helen Grace Glover Dec 31, 1959
Drew, Pliny E. Glover Brooks, Jennie Mae Glover May 8, 1930
Drew, Raymond A. Glover MacLeod, Irene G. Barton Nov 17, 1930
Drew, Raymond A. Glover Smith, Mildred J. Newport April 2, 1938
Drew, Roy F. Glover Phillips, Thelma N. Glover Aug 27, 1930
Dube, Edmund Philip  Glover Sylvain, Cecile Marie St. Johnsbury Aug 17, 1957
Ducharme, Daniel Glover Sevigny, Beatrice Newport May 29, 1971
Dufresne, Emile Glover d Arc Bellvance, Jeanne Walden 1943
Dufresne, Emilien A. Glover Pipin, Anna D. Glover June 20, 1935
Dunbar, H. Harvey, III Glover Clark, Deborah Ann Glover July 2, 2005
Dunn, E. F. Glover Harriman, Beulah Alide St. Johnsbury 1940
Dupree, William Allen Newport Lacourse, Kelly Lynn Glover Aug 20, 2005
Durant, Thomas W. Barton Brooks, Kay M. Glover July 6, 1963
Dux, John Anton Los Angeles, CA Farnsworth, Sharula Los Angeles, CA Sept 16, 1989
Easterbrooks, Robert Lyndonville White, Lawrie Glover Nov 6, 1971
Ecker-Racz, Nicholas M. Glover Hinchcliffe, Frances P. Ann Arbor, Mich May 17, 1980
Ecker-Racz, Nicholas Mor Glover Dux, Heidi Elizabeth Glover Aug 13, 1988
Elliott, Clayton C. Glover Rowell, Edna A. Albany Aug 15, 1931
Elliott, Earle Sanford Glover Perkins, Avis Ruth Westmore June 20, 1959
English, Gerald Glover Tarbox, Sheila Barton May 30, 1973
Ercolini, Matthew Jason Glover Monaco, Raechel Anne Webster, MA July 8, 2006
Evans, Peter Kimball Glover Doncaster, Barbara Jean Irasburg Feb 17, 1984
Evans, Thomas Shafer Glover Mulroy, Julie Margaret Newport July 21, 2006
Faruzzi, William Richard McHenry, IL Daignault, Stephanie Melissa Glover June 27, 1998
Fellows, Leo Fred Newport Braun, Phyliss Elaine Glover Dec 23, 1977
Fishbougher, David Edward Preston, MN Jarmofsky, Sarah Glover July 9, 1994
Fontaine, Dolor Osias Newport Gaboriault, Florence Annette Glover June 11, 1951
Fontaine, Lionel Albert Barton LaMadeleine, Laurette Aurore Glover Oct 20, 1962
Fontaine, Marcel Leopold Walden Fournier, Sally Suzette Glover March 21, 1987
Fortunoff, Lawrence S. Palmer, AK Vincent, Laurel A. Palmer, AK July 18, 1992
Fournier, Michael N. Glover Desjardins, Corrina K. Glover Oct 5, 1991
Frankforther, Robert Glover Jackel, Deborah Glover Feb 1, 1973
Friend, Francis Lyle, Jr. Barton Wright, Kay Elizabeth Glover Aug 25, 1957
Fulasz, Edward Henry Glover Roy, Jane Margaret O'Brian Barton May 16, 1981
Gaboriault, Arsene Glover Noel, Gabrielle Hardwick June 16, 1945
Gaboriault, Laurent Winooski Benway, Valerie Glover Sept 15, 1973
Gaboriault, Paul Victor Glover Rochette, Jeanette Marie Greensboro Bend Sept 1, 1956
Gaboriault, Rudolph Glover Messier, Reta V. Barton 1944
Gaboriault, Wilford H. Glover Maynard, Pauline L. Barton 1940
Gagner, Henry Ernest Newport Young, Barbara Blanche West Glover Feb 26, 1947
Gallagher, Scott Michael Manchester, NH Daignault, Melinda Fran Manchester, NH June 8, 2002
Gardner, Howard Franklin Glover Bean, Olga Bertha Lepke Glover June 18, 1960
Gatzos, Stephen Boston, MA Tetrault, Laura Cecile Boston, MA Aug 28, 2004
George, Jesse Atkinson, NH Kimball, Joyce Glover Sept 8, 1973
Gibson, Dennis Ira Glover Day, Donna M. Glover Aug 28, 1976
Gilfillan, Eric Alfred Brownington Basford, Lorraine Edna Glover April 24, 1959
Goldstein, Israel Burlington Hadlock, Nona Elaine Glover June 28, 1947
Gonyaw, Dean Ferdinand Barton Patten, Joanne Lee Glover Dec 9, 1967
Gonyaw, Richard George Barton Brooks, Ruth Ann Glover Jan 21, 1966
Goodwin, Christopher Oliver Glover Flowers, Sydney Rae Glover Aug 20, 2005
Gordon, John Patrick Glover Gibson, Gayle Ann Glover Sept 20, 1975
Goss, George W. Glover Norton, Florence Barton 1942
Gouveia, Paul Stephen Wareham, MA Johnson, Patricia Eileen Wareham, MA Aug 28, 1985
Graham, William Harry Glover Nichols, Gladys May Fairfield July 10, 1947
Graham, William James Glover New, Wilma Lawrence, GA July 31, 1948
Grant, Gordon Richard Montpelier Urie, Beverly Abbie Glover Sept 4, 1948
Gravel, Guy F. Glover Robinson, Charlotte E. Barton June 30, 1945
Gravel, Raymond Edward West Glover Rainville, Anna Lillian Troy May 31, 1958
Gravel, Raymond N. Glover Lussier, Marguerite M. Albany Sept 30, 1935
Gray, C. L. Glover Davis, Mary (Mason) A. Cranston, RI Aug 9, 1928
Gray, Charles L. Glover Priest, Helen E. Glover July 5, 1939
Gray, Clifton E. Glover Conley, Mildred F. Glover April 27, 1930
Gray, Clifton E. Glover Thompson, Ila V. Glover June 10, 1934
Gray, Frank Andre Glover Waren, Stacie Marie Glover May 26, 2007
Gray, Roland David Sheffield Thompson, Verginia Bell Glover June 22, 1939
Gray, Ronald D. Glover Stahler, Elaine T. St Johnsbury May 26, 1984
Griffin, Cecil A. Glover Cowing, Dorothy E. St. Johnsbury 1941
Griffin, Dale Arland Glover Chadburne, Lena Mary Irasburg June 20, 1946
Griffin, Lawrence Alson Glover LaBounty, Marion Elizabeth Sutton June 6, 1949
Griffin, Ray Evan Barton Urie, Olive Arden Glover Sept 25, 1945
Griggs, Terry George Albany Brown, Sally Dawn Glover Aug 15, 1959
Guay, Joseph Albert Springfield, MA Valois, Helen Mary Glover Dec 31, 1945
Haag, Raymond Arthur Barton Perron, Rita Bertha Glover June 9, 1949
Hagen, John Albany Brown, Bonnie Lee Glover Sept 28, 1979
Hakey, Douglas Robert Glover Squire, Mariella Glover Sept 29, 1984
Halcomb, Richard Harold La Grange, Indiana Gaboriault, Noella Simond Glover Sept 14, 1946
Hale, Dean Everett West Glover Rivers, Diane M. Orleans June 24, 2000
Hall, Frank L. Stannard Basford, Barbara Glover Dec 6, 1952
Hall, Larry Irasburg Lawson, Vickie Glover April 2, 1971
Hall, Sidney Lee Glover Blanchard, Marie Antoinette Glover July 11, 1998
Hall, William Vincent Barton Hunt, Shirley Ethel Glover Dec 24, 1936
Haney, Rickey B. Coventry Broome, Carmel E. Glover March 20, 1976
Hart, Coleman James Glover Goranowski, Deborah Lee Glover July 31, 1979
Hartwell, Carl E. Glover Cole, Ruby M. East Haven Dec 2, 1939
Hastings, Philip Ross Bradford Bickford, Marion Glover June 29, 1945
Hayes, William David West Glover Lavoie, Catherine Louise West Glover Aug 18, 2001
Hazen, Carroll Burton Chelsea Hubbard, Pearl Irene Glover Nov 29, 1934
Heath, Robert David Barton Beauregard, Rachel A. M. Glover July 21, 1984
Hedger, Robert Alexander Islip, NY Hebard, Sammy Maginnis Glover Feb 26, 1956
Hilgendorff, Justin Paul Round Top, NY Hull, Gloria Joyce Round Top, NY July 5, 2003
Hill, Russell Erwin Lexington, MA Clark, Miriam Romaine Cambridge, MA May 24, 1952
Hilliard, Brent Barton Boutin, Diane Glover July 1, 1972
Hinton, Dale Kevin Barton Chamberlin, Valerie Ann Glover Sept 14, 1979
Hoadley, Anthony John Glover Perkins, Crystal May Glover June 12, 2004
Hoff, Joseph George, Jr. Laurence Harbor, NJ Histed, Karen Ann Laurence Harbor, NJ Aug 30, 1986
Holt, Francis Barnes Newington, CT Ballou, Mary Lee Newington, CT July 26, 1978
Houle, Albert, Jr. Glover Desautels, Gisele Westfield Jan 12, 1963
Hubbard, Roy I. Barton Clark, Nellie Glover June 29, 1935
Humphrey, Walter John, Jr. Barton Rowsick, Estelle Marie Greensboro Bend March 14, 1991
Humphreys, John Windsor Berry, Minnie Glover 1942
Hunt, Herman E. Glover Friend, Lucy D. Barton May 22, 1935
Hurt, Taylor Scott Brooklyn, NY Steward, Melissa Jane Brooklyn, NY Aug 27, 2005
Hussey, Dennis Leo West Glover Sawyer, Francine Collette West Glover May 28, 1982
Ingalls, Christopher Dennis West Glover Leach, Krystal Gail West Glover June 13, 1998
Ingalls, Dennis Irasburg Urie, Bonnie West Glover Oct 17, 1970
Ingalls, Dennis James West Glover Brown, Sherry Lynn West Glover Oct 5, 2002
Jacobsen, William Lindorf South Britain, CT Brown, Susan Ellin South Britain, CT Jan 1, 1990
Janowski, Lawrence John Glover Slayton, Lorraine Helen Glover Sept 3, 1979
Janowski, Lawrence John West Glover Perron, Theresa Jane Glover July 2, 2005
Jansen, Ronald Lynn Redmond, WA Miller, Robin Beth Redmond, WA Oct 13, 1984
Johnson, Brian Keith Lunenburg, MA Knox, Cynthia Lee Lunenburg, MA July 10, 1983
Johnson, Hoyt C. Glover Wakeman, Hallie W. Glover June 20, 1929
Johnson, Lance Erik Fitchburg, MA Vail, Crystal Shauna Fitchburg, MA July 4, 2004
Johnson, Robert Allen Chapel Hill, NC Horton, Nancy Breedlove Chapel Hill, NC Oct 12, 2004
Karp, Joshua Nathan Greensboro Schumann, Tjasa-Maria Glover May 31, 2007
Kelley, Wesley Arthur Derby Gray, Floy E. Glover July 25, 1935
Kelly, Brian Patrick Farmingdale, NY Brooks, Krista Claire Farmingdale, NY April 21, 2001
Kelly, John M. Medford, MA Young, Jennifer A. Medford, MA Aug 6, 2005
Kelton, Charles A. Glover Wing, Altena Albany Nov 24, 1927
Kennison, David Irasburg King, Evelyn West Glover July 22, 1972
Kepler, Alexander Rockwell West Glover Butler, Sheila Anne West Glover Sept 9, 1989
Kilby, Reid Burlington Taylor, Regina West Glover Sept 5, 1970
Kimball, Everett Norman Glover Basford, Phoebe Romaine Glover Aug 6, 1949
Kimball, Raymond Willie Glover Keppler, Carolyn Joyce Newport Nov 16, 1950
Kimball, Russell Eric Barton Putvain, Cynthia Ann Barton June 23, 1991
King, Donald Lee Glover Urie, Harriet Eva Glover Aug 25, 1948
King, Frederick W. Glover Doyle, Catherine M. Thetford 1943
King, Gregory Owen West Glover Sanville, Rhonda Sue Craftsbury Aug 10, 1985
King, Wayne West Glover Brasseur, Monica Irasburg June 10, 1972
Kinsey, Jeffrey Arthur Glover Coe, Elizabeth Nelson Glover Nov 12, 1983
Kinsley, Sumner E. Barton Perron, Barbara King Glover Oct 17, 1992
Knapp, George H. Somerville, NJ Urie, Mary Ellen Glover Oct 25, 1952
Koslosky, David William Glover Wing, Brenda Jane Barton Aug 13, 1994
LaClair, Eldon Marvin West Glover Perkins, Caroline Brenda West Glover June 4, 1966
LaClair, Jeffery David Glover Fairbrother, Tara Jill Glover Jan 1, 1990
Laclair, Richard Earl, Jr. Glover Cleveland, Donna Marie Glover Sept 2, 2000
Lacourse, Patrick Eugene West Glover Scanlon, Marlene Fay West Glover Oct 28, 1995
Ladd, Michael J., Jr. Glover Edwards, Bethanne Colchester, VT Aug 13, 1988
Lafont, Clyde Warner Glover Thornton, Grace Marion Sutton March 7, 1954
Lafont, Glenn Walter West Glover Vancour, Wilma Jessica West Glover Feb 8, 1963
Lafont, Glenn Walter Glover Hoag, Beverly Jean Glover June 24, 1978
Lafont, Richard Wayne Albany Urie, Rachel Ann Glover Oct 1, 1952
Lamadeleine, Andre M. West Glover Bellia, Theresa T. West Glover May 2, 1953
LaMadeleine, Darryl Keith West Glover Castro, Deborah Ann West Glover May 27, 2000
LaMadeleine, Leo Germain Glover Wright, Patricia May Glover June 18, 1960
Lamadeline, Albert Glover Tetrault, Germaine Glover July 3, 1929
Lamadeline, Henry Glover Savaria, Annoncia Glover Sept 2, 1929
Lamadeline, John Newport Sampson, Alma Glover Aug 20, 1934
Lamadeline, Joseph Camille Glover Collette, Marie Edna Albany Sept 9, 1929
LaMonda, Wesley S. Glover McMahon, Arlene Glover 1943
Lander, Justin Leonard Glover Friedman, Rose Cheney Glover Sept 2, 2007
Landry, Clement Joseph Barton Stone, Diane May Glover Aug 3, 1974
Landry, Francis Franklin, MA Pepin, Alice V. Glover July 25, 1936
Langmaid, Francis George Glover Urie, Caroline Mae West Glover June 22, 1963
Lanoue, Peter Polydor Barton Young, Sandra K. Glover Aug 30, 1974
Lantagne, Bernard Paul Westmore Borland, Roberta Lee Glover Feb 1, 1975
Larabee, Ernest A. Glover Barton, Edith Clara (Miles) Irasburg July 20, 1927
Larose, Carl Barton Judd, April Orleans Feb 17, 1972
LaRose, Robert William Barton Wright, Nancy Enid Glover Oct 26, 1957
Lathe, Emerson Charles Sr. Glover Record, Earline May Glover July 2, 1983
Laughlin, Irving Donald Franconia, NH Bickford, Pauline DeEtte Glover Aug 9, 1958
Lavoie, Bernard Coaticook, Que. Champagne, Theresa Glover June 11, 1951
LeBlanc, George Paul Barton Holcomb, Noella Simonne Glover Oct 16, 1950
LeBlanc, Jeremy Maurice Barton Gaboriault, Jennifer Ann West Glover Aug 27, 1994
Lebrecque, Paul Albert Glover Rockwell, Elizabeth Ann Johnson Glover June 6, 1981
Leduc, Alex St. Johnsbury Desmarais, Juliette Glover Oct 7, 1931
Lemoine, Gerald H. Glover Hall, Carol A. Glover Oct 3, 1992
Leno, Corcell Alfred West Glover Barber, Avis Marilyn West Glover Sept 20, 1947
Leonard, Clyde A. Glover Baldic, Jeannette Barton Sept 8, 1934
Leonard, Ronald O. Glover Desruisseau, Gertrude B. Barton March 15, 1931
Leroux, Aurele Joseph Barton Roy, Laurette Mary Glover Sept 2, 1935
Leroux, Stewart Edward Berlin, CT Neal, Kerry Ann Glover Aug 21, 1999
Liba, John, III Glover Mutia, Rebecca Along Glover March 20, 1987
Lipka, Michael Glover Dumas, Patricia Glover Aug 26, 1972
Locke, Marcel Morris  East Albany Pudvah, Pauline Nellie Glover July 26, 1958
Lombardi, Sisto Glover Tatro, Rita Hardwick Jan 31, 1970
Lussier, Leonard Gaston Glover Phenex, Rose Ange Blanch Craftsbury Sept 17, 1939
Lyman, Forrest Vance West Glover Hendy, Helen Anne Barton Aug 20, 1951
Lyman, Garry John Barton Perron, Gail Louise Glover May 28, 1977
Lyon, Harvey Barton Taylor, Doreen Glover Oct 30, 1971
MacFarlane, Rodney Stuart Glover McKay, Julie Ann Glover June 21, 2003
Magoon, Arthur R. Glover Merriam, Dorothy G. Glover June 6, 1930
Maher, Bernie Makaio Glover Ghantous, Christina Maria Glover Aug 12, 2006
Major, Martial Gerard Johnson Taylor, Alicia Rae Glover Sept 26, 1981
Malbach, Erik Barton McArthur, June West Glover Aug 1, 1973
Malshuk, Stephen Alex Orleans Kimball, Alma Viola Glover April 18, 1952
Mandigo, Melvin Harvey Glover Tewksbury, Mildred Louise Randolph June 25, 1983
Manson, Brian McLane Glover Couillard, Cheryl Marie Glover Dec 21, 1978
Martin, Ricky Wayne Barton Lafont, Robin Marie West Glover May 26, 2000
Maskell, Laurence Glover Labbay, Maryrose G. T. Albany March 23, 1938
Mason, Kevin James Glover Rockwell, Rhonda May Glover April 18, 1981
Mason, Leroy Glover Smith, Grace Barton May 29, 1970
Mason, Lucian R. Glover Daniels, Dawn Marie Glover June 12, 2004
Masson, Robert Dale, Jr. West Glover Cobb, Arla Faye West Glover Aug 14, 1999
Maynard, James William Florida Pudvah, Loretta Mae Glover Aug 17, 1963
McAlister, Donald Paul Jr. Barton Valley, Debra Ann Glover July 10, 1982
McCluer, Arthur T. Lyndonville Perron, Blanche Evon Glover July 19, 1930
McGreevy, Terrance Robert Glover Hayman, Nancy Louise Glover Nov 24, 1977
McKay, Patrick Clifford Newport Currier, Julie Ann Glover June 28, 1980
McKay, Patrick Clifford Glover Dodge, Susan Louisa Glover Jan 7, 2007
McNamara, Daniel Patrick Glover Collina, Frederica Glover Feb 4, 2006
McQuatters, Edward K. Barton Perron, Doris L. Glover Feb 21, 1976
McSweegan, Donald F. Windsor, CT Rodgers, Barbara J. West Glover May 8, 1965
Meese, Charles Cavan Glover Monteagudo, Graciela Gladys Bueno Aires, Argentina Sept 18, 1994
Meier, Randall A. Glover Martel, Barbara Armstrong Barton July 3, 1976
Meier, Robert A. Glover Daigneault, Maryse G. Orleans June 20, 1975
Meier, Roger Glover Welch, Joan Walpole, NH Nov 20, 1973
Menard, Roland H. Barton Stone, Lois J. Glover Aug 6, 1965
Menard, Timothy Alan Glover Urie, Amanda Rae Glover Aug 14, 1999
Merriam, Kenneth M. Glover Field, Martha D. Springfield, MA Aug 27, 1930
Michael, James Harold Minneapolis, MN Maynard, Jennifer Lynn Glover Feb 14, 1987
Michard, Jean D. Hardwick Perron, Claire A. Glover March 6, 1976
Mieluchowski, Joseph Royersford, PA Mcfall, Sandra Valerie Royersford, PA Oct 17, 2002
Miles, O. G. Glover Freeman, Nellie Edith Barton Nov 24, 1936
Miles, Orrin G. Glover Peters, Bessie Glover 1941
Miles, Percy F. Glover Clark, Thelma A. Glover Nov 6, 1937
Miller, Gary Lawrence, Jr. Glover Stringer, Nancy Lisa Marie Glover Aug 20, 1994
Miller, Todd Franklin Glover Conley, Charity Ann Glover July 15, 1995
Millican, John Hall, Jr. Lexington, MA Eldridge, Helen Sibil Glover Nov 27, 1948
Moffett, Richard Howard Barton Rodgers, Ruth Ann West Glover March 24, 1959
Montminy, Bruce William Glover Vigario, Elizabeth Joyce Orleans April 25, 1959
Montminy, Bruce William, Jr. Glover Lemieux, Kathy Jo Glover Sept 21, 2002
Montminy, Floyd J. Glover Ticehurst, Myrtle A. Glover Dec 22, 1927
Montminy, Forrest James Glover Valley, Madeline Louise Barton Feb 28, 1959
Moquin, Albert Edward Barton Wood, Geraldine Sargent Glover Dec 1, 1934
Moquin, Victor Hector Barton LaClair, Winifred Beatrice Glover May 10, 1939
Morgan, David Andrew Niel Portland, OR Braithwaite, Abigail Ann Portland, OR Aug 13, 2005
Morgan, Mark Cecil Ireland, TX Leland, Marilyn Rose Glover Jan 24, 1946
Morse, Michael Phillippe Orleans Woodard, Elizabeth Rae Glover June 27, 1981
Morse, Wendell G. Glover Hubbard, Ruby Montpelier Sept 17, 1963
Moulton, Michael Eugene Glover Armstrong, Sloan Lawrason Glover May 5, 2001
Muller, Paul Rudolph Sheffield Perron, Sherry Louise Glover Aug 7, 1982
Mumford, Eric Paul Princeton, NJ Tulcensky, Devora Esther Princeton, NJ Aug 20, 1989
Nault, Chris R. Barton Beauregard, Elaine Lise Glover July 21, 1979
Nelson, Daniel Maurice Glover Clark, Tara Jean Glover July 15, 1995
Nieto, F. Javier Baltimore, MD Ceraso, Marian Baltimore, MD Aug 1, 1995
Niles, Ruben Glover Norton, Julia Lucy Barton June 20, 1927
Nolin, Wilfred J. Trenton, NJ Bubier, Lorraine M. Fairless Hills, PA April 27, 1957
Norris, Millard Benson, NC Miles, Francese I. Glover May 11, 1928
Noyes, Earl Glover Flynn, Annabelle Sheffield Oct 10, 1935
O'More, Haven Cambridge, MA Vac, Rachel Cambridge, MA June 15, 1999
O'Rourke, Michael James Glover O'Neil, Kerry Marie Glover June 9, 1984
Ouellette, Albert Leon US Navy Talbot, Madeline J. Glover May 26, 1945
Ouellette, Ronald Allen Glover Liberty, Linda Mary Irasburg July 27, 1968
Palmer, Lawrence Dedham, MA Urie, Gail W. Roxbury, MA Oct 6, 1973
Paquin, Patrick Joseph Barton Perron, Lauretta Theresa Glover Nov 26, 1949
Parchment, David Ray Hardwick Powers, Patti Lyn Glover Sept 12, 1992
Parenteau, Joseph O. Glover Pepin, Annette Glover 1941
Parenteau, Walter J. Glover Dopp, Velma Sheffield June 8, 1939
Paris, Lloyd Henry Glover Dopp, Beverly Ernestine Glover March 3, 1948
Patrick, Christopher Errick, Jr. West Glover Bickford, Stephanie Jean West Glover Aug 21, 1999
Patten, Bruce Gordon Barton Bickford, Evelyn Jean Glover July 26, 1969
Peck, Harry W. Glover Corkins, Erla May Newport Dec 17, 1930
Peck, Junnie Harry Glover Greenwood, Nellie Mae Glover Aug 18, 1990
Pelland, Raoul O. Glover Blair, Annette Barton Aug 12, 1930
Pelletier, Richard Jean Barton McKay, Louise Mary Glover May 4, 1963
Pepin, Arthur J. Glover Richardson, Marjorie E. Greensboro June 17, 1939
Percy, Ronal Dean Glover Merchant, Barbara Lillian Greensboro July 9, 1979
Perkins, Gerald H. Westmore Anderson, Ardelle West Glover Feb 1, 1951
Perron, Alcide Glover Paquin, Germaine C. Sheffield May 19, 1939
Perron, Armand Adelord Glover King, Barbara Ann West Glover June 28, 1952
Perron, Brian A. Glover Williams, Deborah L. Lyndonville June 26, 1976
Perron, Brian Arthur Glover Gage, Julia Anne Orleans Feb 15, 1986
Perron, David William Glover Phillips, Martha Jean Barton June 27, 1981
Perron, Eddie Alcide Glover Stone, Carol Jean Glover July 5, 1980
Perron, Eddie Alcide Glover Glime, Carole Ann Lyndon Center Feb 20, 1982
Perron, Edward Glover Conley, Donna Glover Sept 2, 1972
Perron, Eric Glover Boutin, Denise Glover June 13, 1970
Perron, Evan Glover Trafan, Linda East Haven June 17, 1972
Perron, Lenwood Paul Glover Montminy, Tami Cecile Glover Nov 28,1980
Perron, Leo Albert Glover Menard, Ruth Madaline Barton March 27, 1948
Perron, Lionel Alfred Glover King, Sherry Louise Glover Feb 27, 1954
Perron, Marvin Lee Glover Berrio, Lisa Ann Barton June 4, 1983
Perron, Nelson Ernest Glover Elam, Amy Denise Essex Junction Aug 24, 2002
Perron, Norman Arthur Glover Clary, Dorothy Elaine Greensboro Aug 7, 1950
Perron, Rene J. Glover Shatney, Almy W. Greensboro 1940
Perron, Robert Rudolph Glover Mitchell, Leonora Hamden, CT Dec 23, 1955
Perron, Roger W. Glover Locke, Blanche Albany 1940
Perron, Ronald R. Glover Sheltra, Helen M. Barton Sept 16, 1961
Perry, Leroy Alden Glover LaClair, Connie Lynn Glover Sept 4, 1993
Perry, Wilfred Shawn Brownington Hall, Ginny Lyn Glover June 17, 1989
Phelps, Proctor Redfield Barton Russell, Mary Alice Glover 1941
Phillips, Clarence L. Glover Corliss, Mabel E. Plainfield 1944
Phillips, Patrick Byrne Glover Ellis, Amanda Elizabeth St. Johnsbury June 20, 1992
Phillips, Wendall A. Glover Elliott, Alice M. Morgan Feb 25, 1938
Pierce, David Reuben, Jr. Barton & Hanover, NH Gaboriault, Isabelle Irene Glover May 30, 1949
Pierce, Donald Chester Lyndon Sherburne, Glendola Evangeline Glover Sept 3, 1929
Pike, Andrew Murray Stafford Springs, CT Cammilleri, Marie Diana Stafford Springs, CT Aug 28, 1988
Porter, Erik Ainar Glover Starr, Tena Lee Glover April 19, 1991
Pray, Roger William Albany Young, Maribelle Alice West Glover Sept 27, 1958
Prue, Duane Louis Barton Perron, Marilyn Joy West Glover Oct 12, 1985
Prue, Jamie Alan Glover Leo, Tisha C. Glover Aug 16, 1997
Pudvah, Edward John Barton Perron, Mamie Glover Aug 30, 1935
Pudvah, Laurice Edward Glover Bolton, Dorothy Anne Barton Dec 27, 1958
Quackenbush, Paul Alan Glover Tetreault, Anne Marie Glover June 29, 1974
Racine, Jason Blake Orleans Rogers, Melissa Marie Glover Sept 17, 1994
Randlett, Samuel Wauwatosa, Wisc. Mason, Thelma Seattle, Wash. Aug 10, 1972
Raymond, Thomas E. Glover Pratt, Margaret A. Glover March 17, 1991
Reed, Malcolm E. North Walcott Stevens, Mary L. West Glover July 20, 1958
Reed, Robert Addison Darling, Rachel Glover Sept 22, 1973
Rexford, Allen Irasburg Carrier, Alice Glover Aug 19, 1972
Ricard, John Paul Newport LaFont, Avis Mary West Glover Oct 10, 1953
Richards, Robert Paul Glover Bean, Michel Irene Sanderson Glover Sept 3, 2005
Riendeau, John Mark Barton Brown, Marcia Faye Glover March 13, 1982
Riendeau, Richard Albany Perron, Theresa Glover Oct 19, 1971
Rivard, Louis Francis Hartford, CT Brooks, Mona Edith Hartford, CT Dec 31, 1975
Roberson, Earl Irvin Barton Stanley, Marvis Lucille Glover Feb 13, 1949
Roberts, Alan Manchester, NH Rochette, Elizabeth Manchester, NH Oct 21, 1972
Roberts, Andre Joseph Albany Ducharme, Madeleine Marie Glover Oct 18, 1975
Roberts, Dorio Paul Jr. Barton Bailey, Roxana Elsie Glover July 7, 1979
Robinson, Mason Duane, Jr. West Glover Kipp, Robin W. West Glover June 15, 2002
Rockwell, Richard Warren Barton Perron, Cynthia Mae Glover Oct 1, 1966
Rodgers, James Allen West Glover Healy, Nancy Yvonne Barton Oct 22, 1966
Rodgers, John Scott Glover Brown, Brenda M. Glover July 27, 1991
Rodgers, John Willard West Glover Amyot, Marie Albertine Barton Sept 15, 1962
Rodgers, John Willard Glover Hasley, Jewel Frances Glover Aug 3, 1994
Rodgers, Mark A. West Glover Hickey, Dawn M. Plainside, CT July 7, 2001
Rogers, Jason Michael Glover Tears, Leah Marie Brownington Sept 18, 1999
Rogers, Michael Robert Glover Pudvah, Paulette Mary Glover Feb 18, 1967
Rogers, Raymond R. Glover Mooney, Geraldine Barton Aug 8, 1939
Rousseau, Leodor F. Glover Moody, Shannon Ann Glover May 2, 1992
Royer, Eric Ernest William Glover Conley, Annabelle Barton July 10, 1982
Royer, Rudolph Ernest Glover Benedict, Joy Williamson West Burke June 18, 1950
Rundgren, Shawn Ernest West Glover Shelden, Hope Denise West Glover July 24, 2004
Russell, Wallace C., III Barton Ducharme, Gabrielle Glover Sept 18, 1976
Sample, Brian R. West Glover Nutbrown, Sherry A. Orleans May 28, 1994
Sample, Richard Harold Barton Kenneson, Beverly Ruth West Glover Oct 9, 1955
Sargent, Curtis L. Glover McFarland, Alice M. Sutton Aug 28, 1939
Sawyer, Raymond M. US Airforce Talbot, Jeanette Louise Glover Oct 7, 1950
Sayarath, Bouaketh John Somerville, MA Godin, Vicki Carol Somerville, MA June 30, 1990
Scher, Cary Jay Glover Laurin, Donna Marie Glover July 15, 1979
Schirmer, Robert Glover Yen, Joyce Glover May 8, 1991
Schumann, Salih A. Glover Atipaga, Safiatu A. Glover Aug 3, 1999
Scully, John Simsbury, CT Wakeman, Starr Windsor Locks, CT Aug 25, 1973
Sessions, Anthony Keith Glover Nicholson, Alice Sue Glover July 24, 1988
Sevigny, John Newport Ducharme, Rachel Glover Sept 2, 1972
Shatney, Reginald Warren Wolcott Stevens, Nancy Lou West Glover May 11, 1963
Sherburne, Roy M. Glover Leland, Muriel Glover 1941
Shields, Aurelius M. Glover King, Mabel S. Glover Nov 28, 1928
Shonyo, Howard Greenleaf Lyndonville Anderson, Arlene Luella Glover June 15, 1935
Shufelt, Arnold Allen Irasburg Stone, Vanessa Leah Glover March 14, 1952
Shufelt, Arnold Allen, Jr. Wallingford, CT Richard, Barbara Ruth Wallingford, CT May 8, 1998
Simino, Carl Michael Glover Sicard, Vickie Marie Barton Aug 28, 1977
Simino, Jason Timothy Glover Butler, Kelli Sue Glover June 27, 1998
Simino, Richard Percy, NH Perron, Rebecca Ann Glover Aug 30, 1958
Simpson, Robert A. Glover Verge, Mertha H. Glover July 19, 1964
Slicer, Ronald Foster E. Middlebury Clark, Dorothy Lou West Glover March 29, 1959
Smith, Arnold Davis Barton Ticehurst, Alberta R. Glover Oct 15, 1952
Smith, Carl R. Glover DaSilva, Tara Lee Glover Jan 26, 1991
Smith, Charles R. Glover Willey, Linda R. Glover May 8, 1964
Smith, Kenneth Nason, Jr. Middletown, CT Perron, Marlene Joan Middletown, CT May 4, 1968
Smyth, Peter Havens West Glover Harrington, Michelle Ann West Glover Aug 5, 1995
Souliere, Todd Aurele Rindge, NH Dumont, Monique Marie Rindge, NH June 9, 2001
Southouse, Paul Kennedy Lyndonville Rodgers, Marie Amyot Glover July 22, 2000
Sparrow, Cory Allen El Paso, IL Young, Mary Elizabeth West Glover Sept 6, 1969
Spring, John Luther Glover Brooks, Phyllis Norma Glover Feb 3, 1946
Squires, David West Glover Perron, Susan Glover Sept 5, 1970
Starie, John W. Glover Forbs, Ruth E. Amherst, NH April 24, 1939
Steinberg, Gary Michael Winchester, VA Borland, Anne Meredith West Glover May 28, 1994
Stenberg, Sven Peter Columbia, SC Paller, Heather Spagna Aiken, SC Nov 26, 1999
Stevens, Allen Scott Glover Hoag, Cindy Lou Glover Nov 5, 1983
Stevens, Cedric V. Glover Vanasse, Lucille A. Barton Aug 17, 1974
Stevens, Charles Edward Glover Patrick, Edith Mae Barton Nov 11, 1961
Stevens, Clarence Edward Barton Jerome, Florence Annie Glover Nov 26, 1936
Stevens, Edward Charles West Glover Powell, Sarah Charlotta Brownington April 21, 2001
Stevens, Ernest C. Glover McDonald, Irene Derby May 8, 1926
Stevens, Eugene Irving Glover Markwell, Laurie Ann Derby April 7, 1984
Stevens, Fred E. Burlington English, Sherry Lynn Glover July 6, 1974
Stevens, Howard West Glover Doherty, Gloriann Stanstead, Que. July 11, 1970
Stevens, Howard Reuben Barton Lussier, Claire Irene Glover Aug 24, 1946
Stevens, Joseph Clayton Glover Hoffman, Marlene Mae Glover Sept 10, 1983
Stimpson, Frank E. Glover Peck, Helen A. Glover Feb 5, 1934
Stimson, Harris W. Glover Drew, Gertrude Elsie Glover June 4, 1932
Stone, Arland Roy Glover Neil, Shirley Ann Wheelock Dec 27, 1951
Stone, Brian Elwin  (delayed) Glover Aubin, Micheline Marielle Barton Feb 8, 1975
Stone, Bruce A. Glover Wright, Tami J. Barton Aug 26, 1978
Stone, Clifton E. Glover Stone, Edythe A. Glover Jan 1, 1936
Stone, Dan Lee Glover Messier, Sandra Laura Barton May 10, 1952
Stone, Hugh Elwin Glover LaMonda, Blanche Louise Glover May 21, 1946
Stone, Mason Arthur Glover Patten, Ruby Anna Sutton June 24, 1960
Stone, Norman Glover Guyette, Linda Irasburg Feb 11, 1972
Stone, Scott Allen Glover McCarthy, Diedre Maureen Glover June 12, 1999
Stone, Terry Keith Barton Fournier, Rose Marie Ann Glover Oct 25, 1980
Stowell, Ervin Glover Wilson, Nora (Stanhope) Glover May 11, 1926
Strail, Harley Eugene Glover Stone, Peggy Lou Glover July 21, 1979
Strong, William H. Craftsbury Thompson, Penny Glover Sept 11, 1998
Sweeney, Charles Howard Glover Still, Laura Alice Neil Glover Nov 6, 1946
Sweeney, Raymond Charles, Jr. Glover Beal, Jessica Lee Barton April 16, 1996
Swift, James Glover Boutin, Susan Glover Aug 26, 1972
Sykes, Robert Lee Charleston Sawyer, Francine Collette West Glover Aug 1, 1985
Talbot, Leo Pierre Paul Glover Dextraze, Mary Jane Barton Sept 24, 1955
Talbot, Robert E. Glover Lussier, Rena M. Glover 1940
Talbot, Roger E. Glover Talbot, Mary Jane Dextraze Barton April 11, 1981
Taylor, Francis West Glover Vannesse, Helene Barton July 22, 1972
Tetrault, Robert Glover Daniels, Sharon Albany Sept 1, 1973
Tetreault, Leonard Joseph Glover Elie, Marie Rose (Auger) Brownington Oct 12, 1974
Thompson, George A. Glover Dopp, Elithia M. Sheffield 1942
Thompson, Lawrence Jr. Glover Sawyer, Ann Glover June 3, 1972
Thompson, Merrill Louis Glover McNamara, Rachel Elizabeth Orleans March 4, 1946
Thorne, David Whittlesey Glover Schumann, Tamar Glover Nov 28, 1985
Ticehurst, Carl E. Glover Merriam, Anne L. Glover May 30, 1931
Todd, Benjamin David Glover Lavallee, Kelly Elaine Newport Oct 11, 1999
Todd, Michael Duane Brownington Young, Georgia L. Glover June 20, 1975
Tolman, Harold George Greensboro Dufresne, Lorraine D. Glover Dec 29, 1962
Townsend, Ethan Robert Walla Walla, WA Lane, Jennifer Anne Walla Walla, WA May 31, 2003
Trask, Jeffrey George Glover Flemming, Nancy Ruth Albany June 28, 1975
Travis, Aron Joseph Sheffield Bacon, Abby Lee Glover Sept 16, 2007
Tyler, Carl Grover Glover Sprague, Winona Mae Hanover, NH Feb 25, 1956
Tyler, Grover C. Glover Hinton, Ruth M. Barton Nov 22, 1933
Tyler, Roscoe A. Glover Fahner, Mary E. Barre March 31, 1938
Tyler, Warren Richard West Glover Eklund, Tara Leeann West Glover Oct 29, 1996
Urie, Albert Shields Craftsbury Urie, Marion Avis Glover Aug 5, 1950
Urie, Allen W. Glover Day, Shirley Pearl Sheffield Oct 27, 1957
Urie, Bernard Ernest Glover Alexander, Elaine Louise Barton Dec 29, 1945
Urie, David Stanley Glover Campbell, Janice Lee Newport July 20, 1974
Urie, Gary Robert Glover Dean, Donna Grace Swanton Feb 8, 1975
Urie, John R. Barton Diette, Yvonne Glover 1942
Urie, John Robert Glover Richardson, Pearl Irene Albany May 2, 1981
Urie, John Robert, Jr. West Glover Hilliker, Marion Larraine Newport Center Feb 22, 1969
Urie, Robert Milton West Glover Dean, Elsie Minnie Barton June 5, 1950
Urie, Steven Claire Glover Morrill, Betty Lou Newport July 13, 1974
Valley, Keith Kenton Barton Orcutt, Mary Ellen Glover Jan 20, 2001
Valois, Adolphe F. Glover Paquin, Marie B. Barton Aug 11, 1951
Valois, Didace J. Glover Boucher, Marie Anna Craftsbury April 29, 1946
Valois, Felix West Glover Massi, Laurence Barton Oct 1, 1951
Vanasse, Denis Jean-Nil Brownington Bickford, Amber Lyn Glover Aug 27, 1984
Vance, Ross Mitchell Danville Brooks, Kimberly Anne Glover June 4, 1986
Verge, Ike George E. Sumner, ME Verge, Katha Lee E. Sumner, ME Dec 31, 1992
Vincent, Harold G. Glover Hamersley, Adeline M. Bradenton, FL Sept 8, 2001
Walcott, Alden Dale Glover Sharp, Marilyn Rublee Essex Junction April 4, 1958
Walker, Fred B. Glover Surridge, Rose Maria Waterford May 5, 1945
Walsh, Jason Michael Barton Young, Kathleen Lois Glover May 23, 1992
Waring, Timothy Michael Martinez, CA Quirk, Kathleen Sara Martinez, CA Aug 6, 2005
Watsula, Michael Joseph, Jr. West Glover Davis, Heather Victoria West Glover June 19, 1999
Werntgen, Herman William Glover Delzio, Barbara Ann Glover Nov 2, 2002
Wheatley, Donald Monroe Burlington Clark, Carol Millicent Glover July 11, 1948
White, Edward Glover Little, Margaret Barton June 24, 1972
White, Irwin A., Jr. Greensboro Basford, Gloria B. Glover July 14, 1957
White, Lawrence James Glover Golich, Joyce Arlene Glover Dec 15, 1979
Whittier, Gary Glover Lafoe, Carol Barton May 11, 1970
Whittier, Gary Vance Glover Basford, Beatrice Ann Glover Aug 20, 1966
Willey, Jeffrey Wayne Glover Stone, Julie Dee Glover May 26, 1979
Williams, Randolph Allen Winston-Salem, NC Day, Elizabeth Allen West Glover July 11, 1987
Williams, Robert W. Craftsbury MacGowan, Nancy Lida Glover Jan 11, 1963
Willis, Ralph Glover Goss, Myrtie Glover 1944
Wilson, Jonathan Houston Barton Marchessault, Martha Denise Orleans June 7, 1986
Withers, Bernard Adelbert Glover Shatney, Cora Evelyn Greensboro May 15, 1948
Withers, Wayland William Greensboro Wright, Betty Jane Glover May 11, 1952
Wood, Andrew Alan Manchester, NH Davis, Kristal Rae Manchester, NH Sept 15, 2007
Wood, William S. Bartlesville, OH Viets, Katrina O. Bartlesville, OH Aug 25, 1999
Woods, Alfred H. Cambridge Sargent, Geraldine Glover April 21, 1929
Wright, Aldis Earl Glover Patrick, Nancy Beulah Barton July 30, 1966
Wright, Carroll L. Glover Gilman, Christina May Sheffield April 8, 1932
Wright, Mark Glover Lafont, Elaine Barton Nov 18, 1972
Wright, Milo Gene Glover Alston, Jane Cherry Glover Sept 12, 1992
Young, Arthur J. West Glover Judson, Tara R. West Glover Oct 10, 2003
Young, David West Glover DeLorenzo, Carmela West Glover Feb 20, 1972
Young, Forrest J. Glover Kenneson, Agnes D. Glover 1943
Young, George L. Glover Whalen, Ruth N. Irasburg 1943
Young, Graham Owen Glover Martinez, Sylvia Brownington July 12, 1997
Young, James Tracy Glover King, Karey Linda Craftsbury Aug 10, 1968
Young, Jeremy John Glover MacNichols, Anna Rose Glover Sept 9, 2004
Young, Jody Lee West Glover Poginy, Nicole Dianne West Glover July 12, 1997
Young, John Alan Glover Drury, Judy Glover Dec 14, 1974
Young, John Alan Glover Walsh, Heidi Fay Glover June 25, 1994
Young, Joshua F. West Glover Poginy, Sandra J. West Glover Dec 12, 2004
Young, Louden G. West Glover Perkins, Arlene M. Orleans Aug 15, 1950
Young, Merle Jr. Glover Bent, Vickie Barton April 7, 1973
Young, Merle Wayne West Glover Woodard, Carolyn Lorraine Barton Sept 26, 1953
Young, Merle Wayne, III West Glover Poutre, Jacqueline Lee Orleans Feb 14, 1998
Young, Neil C. West Glover Palardy, Yolande M. Barton Aug 12, 1957
Young, Ray Alsworth  Glover Pudvah, Beverly Lorraine Glover April 14, 1956
Young, Robert Cook West Glover Houston, Rebecca Myrtie Craftsbury May 29, 1969
Young, Robert L. Glover Cook, June E. Glover 1942
Young, Scott Edward Glover Covey, Debra Jean Underhill Aug 31, 1991
Young, Walter Robert Craftsbury White, Agnes Cora Glover April 25, 1936
Young, Wayne Glover Frantz, Mary Sheffield Sept 2, 1972
Young-Xu, Yinong Brookline, MA Young, Sarah Patridge West Glover July 2, 1994

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