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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Married
Ainsworth, Howard Edgar Greensboro Bedell, Gladys Mae Danville Dec 18, 1928
Ainsworth, Leslie F. Hardwick Chase, Mildred Greensboro Oct 24, 1940
Allen, Frederic John Greensboro Gilbert, Nancie Jane Woodbury Dec 17, 1961
Allen, Harold E.   McDowell, Dorothy May   June 21, 1933
Allen, John Norris   Field, Vivian Minnie   Feb 16, 1935
Allen, Perley Henry Greensboro Ewens, Ida Lydia Lyndon Sept 5, 1950
Allen, Perley W. Greensboro Buck, Matalie Alice Greensboro Sept 9, 1926
Allen, Perley Wyman Greensboro Bend Bixby, Carlean Carrie Greensboro Bend March 29, 1966
Allen, Richard Wallace Greensboro Bend Darling, Carla Eva Greensboro Bend April 6, 1968
Allen, Wallace Henry Greensboro Gallant, Althea Edith Greensboro Aug 4, 1945
Alston, Donald N. Hardwick Badger, Merrie P. Greensboro Sept 28, 1940
Amsden, Clarence F.   Reed, Helen C.   June 17, 1931
Anair, Lawrence P.   Thompson, Ellen   June 5, 1937
Anderson, Alfred Frederick, Jr.   Robinson, Rhoda   Aug 16, 1936
Atherton, Bernie Louis   Marckres, Laura Helen   June 10, 1929
Atherton, Pearl Wesley   Woods, Evelyn Marie   Nov 28, 1934
Avery, Frank Stevens, Jr. N. Plainfield, NJ Ingersoll, Nancy E. Maywood, NJ Sept 12, 1955
Babcock, Frank Armour Greensboro Griffin, Ruth Elma Barton June 5, 1946
Babcock, George F. Greensboro Hartshorn, Rita Concord Feb 1, 1942
Bailey, Douglas Roland Springfield Hinman, Eva Marion Greensboro Oct 22, 1951
Baird, Lyle G. Hanover, NH Jones, Marjorie May Greensboro Feb 2, 1951
Bartlett, Charles H. Greensboro Dickson, Gertrude O. Craftsbury May 17, 1942
Bartlett, Floyd C. Greensboro Parent, Doris  Hardwick Feb 15, 1957
Bashaw, Carlton Francis Cabot Fassett, Karlene Alice Greensboro March 1, 1960
Beams Irving J. S. Burlington Salls, Jennie N. Greensboro March 23, 1958
Bean, Lisle L. Greensboro Young, Ethel Mary Greensboro June 15, 1926
Beaupre, William Edward Hardwick Hislop, Constance Glee Greensboro Nov 26, 1959
Bedor, Joseph Herman St. Johnsbury Ctr. Chouinard, Jeanette Alice Greensboro Bend Feb 20, 1960
Benway, Donald R. Hardwick Thompson, Pauline L. Greensboro April 11, 1942
Blanchard, Robert Milne Orleans Drown, Ruth Adelaide Greensboro Dec 27, 1945
Boisclair, Joseph A. Hartford, CT Rochette, Jeane E. Greensboro June 27, 1953
Boothe, Ward Edward   Brown, Arean Eunice   July 4, 1935
Boudreau, Roland R. Morristown Deslauriers, Mary Alice Hermine Greensboro May 30, 1949
Brochu, Daniel L. Hardwick Joyal, Lorraine C. Greensboro May 10, 1958
Brochu, Lorenzo J. E. Greensboro Hinman, Dorcas B. Greensboro Nov 16, 1943
Brochu, Michel A. Hardwick Brochu, Jeanette A. Greensboro May 28, 1949
Brown, Kenneth W. Greensboro Leavitt, Dorothea E. Stannard Dec 25, 1941
Brown, Kenneth W., Jr. Hardwick Potter, Bronwyn H. Greensboro July 20, 1962
Brown, Ross Lee Irasburg Stone, Guila Jane Greensboro July 1, 1967
Carr, David Lawrence Jericho Allen, Janice Vivian Greensboro Jan 27, 1962
Carr, Fred Parker   Jennings, Clarice Mabelle   Sept 12, 1929
Chaffee, Carroll Reuben   Smith, Ethel   Dec 23, 1933
Chaffee, Charles H. Greensboro Dixon, Lillian Ruby Greensboro July 31, 1939
Chaffee, Dale E. Greensboro Honsinger, Ida E. Coventry Nov 26, 1945
Chaffee, Reuben George Greensboro Ashe, Beverly May Barton July 8, 1950
Chapin, William B. Burlington Hooker, Marion Greensboro June 26, 1961
Chapman, Ray E.   Hadley, Georgia C.   June 23, 1933
Chase, Arthur Linwood Hardwick Chouinard, Alice Jane Greensboro Oct 19, 1963
Choquette, Ronald Roland Stannard Allen, Barbara Norris Greensboro Aug 20, 1966
Clark, Martin Stevenson Peacham Peel, Ruth Elizabeth Greensboro Oct 24, 1959
Clary, Will H.   Brown, Clara McDowell   May 6, 1930
Clayton, Lawrence Walter   Mitchell, Lylas S.   July 8, 1936
Colburn, Stanley Elbridge   Logan, Alice Margaret   July 25, 1937
Colby, George W.   Ladoux, Marjorie F.   June 10, 1931
Cole, Arthur W.   Fuller, Lillian Priscilla   Sept 26, 1932
Colgove, John E. Walden Withers, Jo-Ann Greensboro Nov 8, 1967
Collier, Claude Clifton   Mathews, Gretta May   July 12, 1934
Collier, John R. Greensboro Hill Eleanor L. Greensboro June 21, 1958
Collier, Lester A. Greensboro Damon, Georgia E. Greensboro Feb 13, 1943
Collier, Maurice R. Greensboro Withers, Ione M. Greensboro Feb 1, 1944
Collier, Richard L. Greensboro Stone, Gloria J. Greensboro Oct 4, 1957
Collier, Richard Lewis Greensboro Mitchell, Dorothy Louise Greensboro May 18, 1962
Collier, Thomas John Greensboro Gomes, Linda Mae Greensboro July 20, 1968
Cook, Charles William Greensboro Chabot, Catherine Florence Hardwick Sept 1, 1942
Coolbeth, Sherman Ira   Chaffee, Margaret Laura   Aug 25, 1932
Coolbeth, William F. Greensboro Gilbert, Katherine Walden April 24, 1928
Corrow, Archie H., Jr. Hardwick Fassett, Dianne E. Greensboro June 7, 1969
Cyr, Leonce Berthas Greensboro Rabida, Rhoda Mary Lucia Greensboro Aug 27, 1928
Cyr, Roger Greensboro Stokes, Loretta Gertrude Laconia, NH April 11, 1939
Dales, Gardner Anders Buffalo, NY Boyd, Judy Ann Greensboro June 18, 1966
Dansereau, Homer R. Greensboro Woods, Madge L. Hardwick July 15, 1958
Davis, John George Greensboro Bend Williams, Susan Diane Bennington July 22, 1962
Davis, Warner L.   Nash, Dorothy D.   Aug 22, 1934
Dawson, Willie Albert Orleans Hill, Dorothy Elizabeth Greensboro July 30, 1949
DeGreenia, Welcome R. Greensboro Emerson, Pauline B. Hardwick Feb 25, 1956
Demars, Ernest   Stone, Eunice Brown   April 4, 1936
Demars, Oneal H., Jr. Greensboro Bend Foss, Gloria J. Morrisville Sept 10, 1955
Demars, William P.   Nelson, Lilla   Feb 20, 1933
Demers, Philippe R., Jr. Greensboro Fontaine, Jeaninne C. Greensboro Bend Oct 15, 1955
Desjardins, Rudolph D. Greensboro Bend Frederick, Pauline G. Barre Nov 5, 1957
Deslauriers, Marcel David Greensboro Panneton, Claire Adrienne Manchester, NH Aug 27, 1949
Dickey, Roy L. Rockville, CT Willey, Linda M. Greensboro June 6, 1970
DiDomenico, Tony J. Norwalk, CT Sternberg, Lorraine F. Greensboro Bend Aug 24, 1957
Dimick, Robert H. Hardwick Hanks, Amy Greensboro March 24, 1945
Dimick, Rodney Dean East Hardwick Salls, Linda Ann Greensboro Sept 14, 1968
Domina, Clifford Orson Sheldon Swinyer, Irene Phoebe Greensboro May 8, 1938
Draper, Reginald F. Greensboro Streeter, Arlene M. Hardwick Oct 16, 1946
Drown, Arthur William   Bowdish, Dorothy May   June 8, 1929
Drown, Donald H.   Jordan, Laura A.   April 25, 1936
Drown, James W. Greensboro Stevens, Rowena Louise Barton Dec 19, 1964
Dufour, Richard Edward Lyndonville Demars, Columbine Sonya Greensboro Bend June 20, 1959
Dufresne, Norbert Hardwick Richardson, Mabel J. Greensboro Oct 21, 1939
Dunbar, George Frederick E. Craftsbury Willey, Beverly Lois Greensboro July 10, 1954
Dunbar, Ned Everett Greensboro Chaffee, Myrtle Cora Greensboro Bend Oct 8, 1938
Dunbar, Ned Everett Littleton, NH Mitchell, Gertrude Clara Greensboro July 2, 1968
Dunn, Kenneth Thomas Craftsbury Hill, Amy Olive Greensboro Sept 14, 1940
Eastman, John R. Hardwick Pilbin, Sheryll A. Hardwick June 15, 1968
Eccleston, Oscar C.   Webster, Isabelle   Sept 19, 1930
Edsall, Geoffrey   Cook, Helen Fogle   Aug 13, 1935
Ellis, John David Cincinnati, OH Brucker, Sydney Seabury W. Hartford, CT Aug 4, 1951
Esdon, Elwin Loudon Greensboro McLam, Alida N. Thetford June 14, 1945
Esdon, George Morton Greensboro Parks, Florence B. Hardwick June 27, 1939
Fassett, Kendall Gene Greensboro Haff, Marion Lee Ottawa, IL Dec 25, 1963
Fassett, Ronald H. Greensboro Tevyaw, Brenda J. Walden June 19, 1971
Fassett, Steven J. Greensboro Loomis, Karen L. Concord, NH Aug 11, 1971
Ferland, Henry Hardwick Dezan, Evelyn Greensboro Feb 21, 1950
Findlay, James Howard   Morey, Thressa Marie   Sept 27, 1933
Fineman, Jonathan Peter Shaftsbury Smith, Barbara Ragsdale Greensboro Dec 31, 1966
Fletcher, Clifford B. Hardwick Lapierre, Rachel A. Greensboro Sept 18, 1970
Folsom, Deane R. Sanford, ME Darling, Oris Viola Sarasota, FL June 30, 1951
Fontaine, Armand A. Greensboro Bend Blouin, Elizabeth P. Barton Sept 3, 1955
Fontaine, Fernand Marcel Greensboro Guyette, Laura Ann Orleans Nov 8, 1969
Fontaine, Henry Denis Greensboro Lantagne, Beatrice P. Stannard Sept 2, 1961
Fortune, Carl R., Jr. Craftsbury Demars, Elaine M. Greensboro Aug 16, 1958
Foster, Clarence B.   DeBrune, Evelyn M.   June 29, 1934
Foster, Forrest L. Walden Allen, Paula P. Greensboro Bend June 26, 1971
Fox, Ronald E. Barton (Orleans) Willey, Shirley L. Greensboro Oct 4, 1958
Fuller, Lester   Clement, Ruth F.   Dec 6, 1933
Gallagher, John Thomas Montpelier Massey, Marie Bernadette Greensboro Bend Nov 24, 1938
Gallant, Clarence Irvin Greensboro Bend Couture, Florence F. Hardwick Sept 25, 1948
Gallant, Lawrence Edmond Greensboro MacDonald, Jean Margaret Hardwick Jan 22, 1949
Garven, Vivien Lael Greensboro Richardson, Henriette Marie Greensboro Nov 16, 1961
Gates, Louis J. Hardwick Willey, Sylvia J. Greensboro April 1, 1961
Gebbie, Donald M. Greensboro Greaves, Madeline R. Morristown June 28, 1944
Gebbie, John M.   Slicer, Lois Ruth   May 21, 1930
Gervais, Peter Roland Enosburg Falls Allen, Frances Huntington Greensboro Aug 17, 1963
Gifford, David K. Greensboro Martin, Barbara C. Hardwick Dec 7, 1968
Gile, Graydon Lawrence Greensboro Bend Burbank, Harriette Laverne Albany March 26, 1948
Glosten, George Leroy   Willey, Helen Margaret   Sept 15, 1937
Gomes, Delbert B. Greensboro Lanphear, Sayde Stannard Jan 28, 1947
Gonyaw, Dean E. Greensboro Brochu, Jocelyne E. Hardwick July 19, 1969
Gonyaw, Edward Nicholson Greensboro Dunbar, Myrtle Violet Greensboro June 19, 1945
Gonyaw, Larry M. Hardwick Isham, Marlene B. Greensboro Sept 18, 1971
Gonyaw, Samuel J. Greensboro Bend Tetreault, Annette R. Charleston July 4, 1970
Gorlewski, Eugene Leopold New Britain, CT Boyd, Narcissa Ann Greensboro Oct 7, 1967
Guyette, James M. Irasburg Willey, Jeanette L. Greensboro Bend Sept 25, 1971
Hackett, Reynold N. Albany Hinman, Celia Greensboro June 16, 1957
Hanks, Maynard Leland Greensboro Botwright, Peggy Sylvia Olive Bedford, England April 21, 1945
Hanson, Earl A. Greensboro Tate, Ruth L. Greensboro Oct 13, 1946
Hanson, Guy Elijah   Spooner, Cecille Blanch   Dec 15, 1931
Hart, George Tyler Greensboro Donaldson, Charlotte Erline Burlington Aug 23, 1941
Harvey, Robert Stanley   Greenway, Viola Lavina   July 15, 1933
Hatch, Earle C. Cabot Collier, Linda L. Greensboro July 27, 1968
Heidger, John H. Greensboro Lumsden, Nina Margaret Greensboro Dec 28, 1927
Heidger, Luther Caldwell   Young, Bessie Cordner   Feb 12, 1937
Herbert, Arthur Horamidas Greensboro Noel, Jeannette Rollande Cookshire, Canada Oct 29, 1940
Hill, Andrew Jackson   Richardson, Jeanette Elizabeth   June 17, 1929
Hill, Arthur Robert Greensboro Weeks, Marilyn Etta Hardwick Aug 2, 1949
Hill, Earl Gordon   Bullard, Lucille Merle   May 8, 1937
Hill, Edward Harlan Greensboro Sinnott, Jane Elizabeth Hardwick Dec 14, 1946
Hill, George W. Greensboro Bickford, Lucy J. Milton, MA Nov 18, 1940
Hill, George W. Greensboro Degreenia, Earline M. Barton Oct 12, 1955
Hill, Harlan Ellsworth Greensboro Leavitt, Fay Katherine Wheelock Oct 22, 1942
Hill, Jasper E. Greensboro Flett, Evelyn A. Hardwick Aug 9, 1957
Hill, John Andrew Greensboro Myott, Beverly Grace Hyde Park Jan 29, 1954
Hill, Lewis Reuben Greensboro Davis, Nancy May Greensboro May 4, 1969
Hill, William S.   Potter, Doris M.   June 9, 1934
Hinman, Lewis I. Greensboro Lee, Lillian M. St. Johnsbury May 18, 1957
Hislop, Donald Willey Greensboro Salls, Patricia Ann Greensboro Nov 5, 1960
Hislop, Russell Wendell, Jr. Chelsea, MA MacLeod, Sandra Ruth Greensboro Aug 19, 1961
Hodgdon, Harold Lee   Urie, Mildred Ellen   Dec 19, 1931
Hooker, Harold L. Greensboro Machia, Patricia A. Hardwick Nov 25, 1961
Hopkins, Roy K. Hardwick Preva, Rocky D. Greensboro April 19, 1958
Humphrey, Bruce A. Proctor Wilson, Harriet Greensboro Oct 26, 1957
Hunt, David H. Greensboro Messier, Marilyn A. Enosburg Falls Nov 15, 1958
Hurst, Ernest Matthew Keene, NH Willey, Phyllis Jean Greensboro Aug 21, 1948
Hussey, Earle John Greensboro Brochu, Lucille Josephine Hardwick Nov 4, 1947
Hussey, Leo Henry Greensboro Guay, Therese Shirley Hardwick Dec 28, 1946
Jewett, Larry E. Greensboro Dansereau, Jeanette L. Greensboro July 23, 1960
Jewett, Richard P. Greensboro Tate, Genevieve M. Greensboro Sept 15, 1960
Jones, Carl W. Greensboro Nolette, Bernadette I. N. Woodstock, NH March 31, 1951
Jones, Gerald E. Greensboro Champagne, Adeline B. Lincoln, NH Feb 22, 1951
Judkins, Clarence E.   Rich, Pearl H.   July 23, 1936
Kendall, Harry Lawrence Greensboro Field, Pearl Mary Hardwick May 19, 1927
Keyes, Langley Carleton, Jr. Cambridge, MA Gray, Nancy McKeen Claremont, CA Sept 7, 1963
King, Harold Taylor   Donbrouski, Jessie Stimson   Sept 5, 1931
Lachance, Levis J. Greensboro Fontaine, Fernande G. Greensboro Sept 26, 1959
Ladd, Samuel W. Greensboro Logan, Ina G. Greensboro Oct 7, 1941
Laird, Wilford Lynn Greensboro Kibbee, Nathalie Gertrude Hardwick Oct 18, 1939
LaMadeleine, Edward  Greensboro Coolbeth, Shirley Greensboro Oct 12, 1957
Lambert, Alfred E. Haverhill, MA Rochette, Leane Marie Greensboro Jan 31, 1942
LaMonda, Archie D.   LaMonda, Eva   Aug 24, 1936
Lamphere, Joseph L. Greensboro Kimball, Lettie G. Barton March 16, 1948
Landon, Horace Z.   Martin, Edna Gertrude   Jan 3, 1932
Langdell, Gary Herbert Hyde Park Smith, Bonnie Bess Greensboro Nov 12, 1966
Lapierre, Arlton Ernest Greensboro LaMonda, Marjorie Lucille Greensboro June 8, 1938
Lapierre, Lawrence Allen Greensboro Tousant, Jane Ellen Stannard Sept 17, 1966
Lapierre, W. F. Frederic   Brush, Alleen Lucille   March 2, 1929
Lavely, Norman Earl Greensboro Miller, Ann Nancy Greensboro Oct 10, 1953
Lawrence, David Carrol Albany Hinman, Delin Greensboro Oct 21, 1956
Lemay, Paul E. Barton Stone, Leona M. Greensboro April 12, 1958
Lemere, Philip J. L. St. Johnsbury Fontaine, Henrietta M. Greensboro Bend May 25, 1957
Lewis, Clayton Gordis Littleton, NH Gomes, Olga Leonia Greensboro Bend Dec 16, 1954
Lewis, Fred   Badger, Delia E.   Feb 2, 1932
Ling, Frederick Arthur Greensboro White, Dorothy Mary Greensboro Sept 2, 1950
Locke, Wilbur Wayne   Gebbie, Susan D. Greensboro Aug 30, 1967
Low, David H. Bristol, RI Patterson, Patricia B. Bay Head, NJ Sept 10, 1958
Lumdsen, Lawrence L. Greensboro Brown, Sherral A. Hardwick Jan 3, 1970
Lumsden, Allan E.   Lyford, Evelyn L.   Sept 3, 1934
Lumsden, Donald B.   Brown, Irene Inez   March 28, 1936
Lumsden, Lee M.   Nunn, Lucille E.   Dec 2, 1929
Lumsden, Lee M. Greensboro Gonyaw, Matilda Greensboro Aug 13, 1944
Lumsden, Lee Maxwell Greensboro Newton, Madelene Ralph Hardwick Aug 21, 1938
Lumsden, Ronald Byron Greensboro McKinney, Lillian Pearl Walden Aug 10, 1951
Lurvey, Gordon W. Greensboro Machia, Gloria E. Hardwick March 16, 1963
Lyles, Everett Eddy   DeBrune, Helen Ruth   March 16, 1935
Lyles, James Henry Greensboro Gray, Shirley Ann Greensboro June 17, 1961
Lyman, Thomas G., Jr. Westwood, MA Peters, Sally Rockport, MA Aug 5, 1967
MacDonald, Earl P. Greensboro Graham, Mary E. East Craftsbury Nov 23, 1939
MacDonald, Gordon W. Greensboro Shepard, Harriot L. Hardwick Jan 8, 1942
Machia, Ernest F., Jr. Hardwick Darling, Charlene V. Greensboro Oct 15, 1965
Mack, Robert Gillette   Messer, Marion Mabel   July 26, 1929
Mandigo, Joseph B. Hardwick Martin, Elnora A. Hopkins Greensboro May 5, 1962
Marceau, Albert W. Danville Hill, Christie Greensboro Bend Sept 29, 1938
Marshall, Lewis S. Hardwick Mathews, Guila Greensboro June 14, 1944
Marshall, Stephen Edward Foxborough, MA Gomes, Millie Rose Greensboro Dec 24, 1969
Masse, Florian Joseph Albert Craftsbury Deslauriers, Lorette Marie Therese Greensboro May 30, 1953
Massey, Arthur   Rogers, Isabelle Evelyn   Aug 27, 1934
Massey, Edward Charles Greensboro Alexander, Gloria Elizabeth Cabot May 3, 1961
Massey, Leon Anthony Greensboro Chouinard, Clara Jean Greensboro Aug 18, 1956
Massey, Richard Paul Greensboro McKinstry, Lucille Jean Walden July 2, 1966
Massey, William Edward   Cassevah, Lorette Josephine   July 19, 1929
Mathews, Howard Post   Norrie, Pheobe Angeline   Aug 28, 1933
Matthews, Leon Manford   Richardson, Margaret Irene   May 19, 1930
Maynard, Darcy W. Cabot Hull, Betty Greensboro Aug 16, 1958
McCarty, Patrick M. S. Burlington Allen, Bernice B. Greensboro Oct 22, 1967
McKay, Clifford Gordon St. Johnsbury Hill, Florence E. Greensboro May 23, 1942
McLeon, Leonard Waterbury Perry, Camelia Greensboro Bend Jan 1, 1966
Menard, Raymond G. Hardwick Tanguay, Marie L. Greensboro Bend May 29, 1971
Merchant, Alfred C.   Ingalls, Elizabeth Symons   July 21, 1930
Mercier, Arthur J. Hardwick Gonyaw, Colette M. Greensboro Oct 2, 1971
Mercier, Donald Paul Hardwick Gebbie, Patricia Dawn Greensboro Oct 31, 1964
Mercier, Joseph Henry Greensboro Fournier, Alexina Hardwick Oct 24, 1940
Messier, Ernest L. Greensboro Olney, Dorothy B. Walden Oct 30, 1971
Messier, Gerard E. Greensboro Gomes, Sharon L. Greensboro Dec 5, 1970
Messier, Joseph Arthur Robert Stannard Wilson, Martha Theresa Greensboro Feb 14, 1953
Messier, Raymond L. Greensboro Bend Norrie, Florence E. Greensboro Bend Aug 28, 1971
Metcalf, Michael W. Falmouth, MA Merrill, Mary Lee Greensboro April 4, 1970
Meyer, Merritt Kempshall Peoria Heights, IL McGee, Susan Morris S. Hadley, MA June 17, 1967
Mitchell, Leslie D. Greensboro Sanders, Mary E. Craftsbury Nov 29, 1940
Moffatt, Walton Peasley Greensboro Hunt, Shirley Rose Greensboro July 1, 1946
Molleur, Gilles Joseph Walden Tanguay, Jacqueline Irene Greensboro Oct 5, 1963
Molleur, Marcel Leonard Walden Gonyaw, Cheryl Ann Greensboro June 29, 1963
Moore, George Franklin   Willey, Jennie Isabella   July 26, 1934
Morton, Irvin Frederick Newport Massey, Anna Marie Greensboro April 16, 1956
Nash, John F. Greensboro McNeely, Lucile A. Conkling Eustes, FL Sept 14, 1952
Neil, Donald Francis Stannard Tate, Gail Sharon Greensboro June 22, 1962
Noel, Hilaire Edward   Fortin, Rosanne Marie   Sept 24, 1930
Norman, Philip Merle Walden Gochie, Bonnie Lee Greensboro Bend March 14, 1964
Norrie, Alton L. Greensboro Smith, Barbara J. Greensboro June 26, 1940
Norrie, Charles William   McQueen, Avis   July 30, 1936
Noyes, Milton Martin Greensboro Urban, Lee Wingfield Oneonta, NY June 12, 1954
Oates, William Adrian, Jr. Craftsbury Hardy, Rosanne Beatrice Greensboro March 28, 1962
Paquin, H. Augustus   Salls, Velma F.   Nov 11, 1935
Parker, Michael Francis St. Johnsbury Randall, Mary Ella Greensboro Bend June 17, 1967
Patterson, William Dudley   Day, Ellen   Sept 1, 1934
Peake, Rupert W. Hardwick Tracey, Gertrude M. Greensboro Nov 2, 1940
Peel, David Frederick Stark, NH Gibson, Theresa Etta Stark, NH June 21, 1952
Peel, Herbert H.   Campbel, Ruth Elizabeth   June 9, 1936
Pepin, Arthur J. Glover Richardson, Marjorie E. Greensboro June 17, 1939
Perkins, Everett Frank   Olmstead, Clara Jette   Sept 4, 1937
Perrin, Justus Newton, 3rd Greensboro Willey, Dorothy Edna Greensboro Aug 25, 1927
Perron, Rene J. Glover Shatney, Almy W. Greensboro Aug 17, 1940
Perron, Victor L. Greensboro Renaud, Laurette D. Hardwick Sept 5, 1953
Perry, Llewellyn Parks Greensboro Bend St. Louis, Elaine Gene Greensboro Bend Feb 10, 1968
Perry, Philip S. Milton, MA Sullivan, Sheila Donovan   June 19, 1966
Peterson, Alan Carl Arlington, MA Alfriend, Constance Arlington, MA Aug 9, 1969
Philbrook, Frank Clyde Greensboro Demars, Grace Evelyn Greensboro Bend Sept 15, 1938
Philbrook, Harrison W.   Salls, Florence Gertrude   Nov 12, 1934
Philips, Thomas Hall, Jr. Cambridge, MA Strieby, Ann Cambridge, MA Aug 30, 1952
Phillips, Peter Greensboro Colbeth, Laura Greensboro March 11, 1927
Pihl, Carl Frederick Wappingers Falls, NY Quinlan, Hazel Gay Newton, MA Aug 2, 1969
Piper, George Burton   Ward, Edith Gertrude   June 10, 1929
Powers, Roland Erton Greensboro Stone, Beulah Anabelle Greensboro Oct 19, 1941
Pratt, Robert Charles   Domey, Lillian Mae   Dec 27, 1937
Rabida, William Tom Greensboro Horner, Beatrice May Johnson Sept 16, 1939
Randall, Edward A. Greensboro Bend Leach, Christine R. St. Johnsbury Sept 10, 1971
Randall, Elbert Clive Greensboro Pilbin, Clarie E. Greensboro April 5, 1969
Reed, Willis Norris   Allen, Gladys May   June 19, 1933
Renaud, L. Philip Hardwick Demars, Helen Louise Greensboro Nov 24, 1949
Renaud, Rolan W. Hardwick Demers, Marie A. Greensboro June 6, 1957
Rhodes, Darwin Earl Wilmington, Del. Gebbie, Ruth Janice Wilmington, Del. May 12, 1956
Richard, Armand Meriden, CT Rochette, Elodia Greensboro Sept 2, 1941
Richardson, Gerald M. Greensboro Dufresne, Emilienne M. Hardwick Aug 21, 1944
Richardson, Gordon Marshall Greensboro Vigneault, Patricia Harriette St. Johnsbury Aug 5, 1952
Richardson, Henry Dustin   LeBlanc, Dolores Blanche   Nov 28, 1935
Richardson, Reuben G.   Gochie, Elva M.   Oct 5, 1929
Riddell, Carl DeForest Williamstown Miller, Flora Mary Greensboro June 29, 1946
Riendeau, Alfred Vincent Rockville, CT Chouinard, Florence Margaret Greensboro Bend Sept 8, 1956
Roberson, Walter James Greensboro Waterman, Beluah Gertrude Glover Dec 21, 1926
Robinson, Donald Frank Greensboro Appleby, Janet Rosamond Hardwick Jan 24, 1968
Robinson, Frank William   Hill, Mary Jane   Sept 23, 1929
Robinson, Marvin B. Greensboro McFarlane, Edith Greensboro July 8, 1927
Rochette, Leopold Greensboro Hanks, Marjorie Aria Greensboro Sept 27, 1947
Rochette, Philip Leo Greensboro Bend Tousant, Bette Ann Stannard July 1, 1967
Rochette, Rudolph Greensboro Thompson, Thelma Elinor Greensboro Aug 26, 1946
Rodgers, Arthur J. Hardwick Thompson, Adrienne Greensboro June 20, 1945
Rogers, Earl H. Greensboro Gallant, Velma Greensboro Sept 20, 1947
Rouse, Herman H. Richford Gebbie, Harriet Mary Greensboro June 28, 1946
Rutledge, Everett Leroy Greensboro Olmstead, Delia Arlene Greensboro June 30, 1938
Salls, Edward W. Greensboro Blondin, Donna Rae Cabot June 27, 1964
Salls, Ephraim Greensboro Twombly, Jessie St. Johnsbury Nov 26, 1950
Salls, Ephraim W. Greensboro Fleming, Pauline P. Wolcott July 20, 1955
Salls, Erwin Harvey Greensboro Chaloux, Wilfreda Joan Greensboro Sept 11, 1948
Salls, Howard H.   Coolbeth, Ruth E.   Dec 14, 1935
Sargeant, Joseph John Greensboro Bartlett, Gertrude Dickson Greensboro March 31, 1947
Sayers, Elmer R., Jr. Northfield Norway, Linda M. Greensboro March 22, 1969
Scott, Wendell A. Hardwick O'Neil, A. Marguerite (Stearns) Greensboro July 5, 1949
Shatney, Carroll Greensboro Lamphear, Leona Greensboro June 3, 1943
Shatney, Earl C. Greensboro Cane, Regena M. Worcester Oct 11, 1969
Shatney, James A. Greensboro Bennett, Irene M. Bridgeport, CT Sept 24, 1955
Shatney, Leo J. Greensboro Calderara, Louise M. Montpelier July 11, 1970
Shatney, Leslie Arthur   Laird, Cora Evelyn    Nov 21, 1933
Shatney, William Leslie Greensboro Russell, Linda Jayne Lyndonville Dec 11, 1965
Shelton, John H. Laurel, MD Mackenzie, Clementina R. Laurel, MD Sept 5, 1970
Sicard, Lawrence A., Jr. Westmore Chaffee, Shirley L. Greensboro May 3, 1957
Silver, Raymond Lee Greensboro Hanson, Alice (corrected certificate) Glover May 19, 1917
Silver, Stewart Charles Stannard Thompson, Ila Lee Greensboro Dec 17, 1951
Slayton, Roger Lee Greensboro Hull, Estella Abbie Greensboro Oct 30, 1946
Smith, Capt. Thomas W. Springfield, MA Dickinson, Constance V. Springfield, MA Aug 25, 1962
Smith, Douglas L. Walden Pilbin, Joan S. Greensboro Bend Oct 1, 1971
Smith, Harvey Linwood, Jr. Richmond, VA Harmon, Audrey Reed Wakefield, MA Aug 26, 1939
Smith, Lawrence Alexander, Jr. Greensboro Degreenia, Margaret Virginia Greensboro Dec 22, 1948
Smith, Lynn Craig Greensboro Pepin, Aline Alice Greensboro Feb 20, 1950
Smith, Percy R. Greensboro Beaupre, Betty Lou Hardwick July 17, 1962
Smith, Richard M.   Gonyaw, Matilda May   Sept 2, 1933
Smith, Roberts Cameron Greensboro Hance, Allyson Burlington May 13, 1967
Soper, Arthur William Boothbay, ME Rowse, Harriet Mary Gebbie Greensboro Jan 23, 1954
Speirs, William George   Alston, Grace Louise   March 2, 1931
Spooner, Newton Arthur Greensboro Jones, Nellie May Warren Dec 23, 1926
Sprague, Raye Osborne Baltimore, Vt Rich, Lillian Agatha Greensboro June 26, 1940
Spring, Warner Archer Craftsbury Gebbie, Elizabeth Anne Greensboro Sept 26, 1953
St. Louis, Robert M. Greensboro Bend Champagne, Carole A. Greensboro Bend Aug 21, 1971
Stetson, Homer Mark, Jr. Greensboro Snide, Elizabeth Mae Winooski May 27, 1956
Stillwell, Harold Carlton   Harris, Erma Virginia   Aug 4, 1934
Stone, Bert Greensboro Stratton, Madeline Beebe, Can May 26, 1927
Stone, Leon Walter   Demars, Clara   Oct 2, 1937
Story, Eldon E. Berlin, NH Hussey, Alice Bombard Greensboro March 24, 1926
Stratton, Frank Henry Newton Highlands, MA Wilson, Margaret Louise Greensboro Oct 16, 1948
Sulham, Raymond Louis   Rathburn, Laura Annis   April 14, 1931
Sweetland, Robert E. Hardwick Wright, Laurel A. Greensboro June 14, 1958
Sweetser, John Henry Morrisville LaMonda, Martha Blanche Greensboro Feb 13, 1942
Swinyer, Emory James, M.D. Greensboro Simpson, Avis Viola Waterford May 23, 1939
Syrene, Arthur L.   Brown, Clara B.   Jan 21, 1937
Taylor, Howard G.   Philbrook, Elsie F.   Jan 14, 1933
Thibault, J. Andre Rosaire Burlington Deslauriers, M. Ann Katari Gisle Greensboro Aug 8, 1959
Thompson, Clifton H.   Shepard, Grace Barbara   Oct 12, 1935
Thompson, Dale A. Greensboro Anair, Beverly R. Hardwick June 25, 1955
Thompson, Fay A. Greensboro Anair, Barbara A. Hardwick Dec 16, 1957
Thompson, Frank A. Greensboro Dore, Lehlia Clement Barton Oct 6, 1928
Thompson, Franklyn A. Greensboro Bend Sternberg, Gloria J. Greensboro Bend Dec 14, 1957
Thompson, Richard D. N. Hartland Tyrrell, Alice Greensboro Aug 9, 1959
Thompson, Warner Elwood Greensboro Place, Dorothy Beatrice Wolcott Nov 23, 1940
Thompson, William F. Greensboro Collier, Patricia A. Greensboro Jan 7, 1955
Tolman, Alpha E.   Ritchie, Alice S.   April 20, 1935
Tolman, George H.   MacSpiers, Elsie   June 25, 1935
Tolman, Harold George Greensboro Dufresne, Lorraine D. Glover Dec 29, 1962
Tulip, Karl Raymond Greensboro Rich, Almira Emily Greensboro Jan 1, 1941
Turcotte, Austin Gideon   Hitchcock, Muriel   Nov 18, 1936
Turcotte, Francis Regis Fairfield, CT Molleur, Pauline Anne Hartford, CT May 16, 1959
Umlah, Donad M. Washington, DC Thompson, Vivian E. Greensboro Bend June 22, 1957
Urban, Robert Luchars Princeton, NJ Wingfield, Lee Virginia Martinsville, VA July 23, 1940
Urie, Andrew John Greensboro Jones, Lorraine Frances Hyde Park Feb 15, 1964
van den Bergh, Richard L. White Plains, NY Chamberlin, Sally P. Lonegren Gladstone, NJ Aug 25, 1962
Vancour, Carroll A. E. Hardwick Allen, Ruth E. Greensboro June 18, 1955
Vatalaro, Charles Louis, Jr. Malden, MA Davis, Sylvia Jane Greensboro Dec 31, 1966
Wallace, Frank King Greensboro Bachrach, Elizabeth New York City, NY July 28, 1945
Wallace, George Tompkins Greensboro Broadbent, Beatrice Florence New York, NY Nov 8, 1953
Wallace, Herbert Trull   Batten, Elsie Mae   April 16, 1931
Washburn, Bernard Ernest Greensboro Spaulding, Pauline Thressa Morristown April 30, 1941
Waters, Milton H. Norwalk, CT Hull, Esther Norwalk, CT June 18, 1957
Wells, Mervin Ralph Marshfield White, Clara Elizabeth Greensboro Sept 2, 1945
Wells, Stanley E. Morristown Gonyaw, Linda L. Greensboro July 18, 1970
White, Irwin A., Jr. Greensboro Basford, Gloria B. Glover July 14, 1957
White, Irwin Alton Greensboro Rogers, Beatrice Kate Greensboro July 9, 1938
White, Lawrence James Greensboro Tate, Kathleen Elizabeth Greensboro Sept 30, 1950
Willey, Clayton G. Greensboro Kimball, Beverly A. Barton March 28, 1944
Willey, Donald Greensboro Marckres, Ellen Stearns Greensboro June 4, 1938
Willey, Ernest H. Greensboro Hull, Elida M. Greensboro Nov 12, 1948
Willey, Ewin L.   Colbeth, Julia   Dec 27, 1935
Willey, Harry Lewis Greensboro Salls, Clara Jennie Greensboro June 13, 1948
Willey, Kenneth Morris Greensboro Bend Leslie, Pamela Jean Hardwick April 27, 1968
Willey, Lawrence R. Hardwick Hill, Deborah M. Greensboro Sept 11, 1971
Wilson, Robert Edward Greensboro Riddell, Harriette Louise Williamstown June 14, 1941
Withers, Bernard Greensboro Shatney, Evelyn Greensboro Nov 24, 1943
Withers, Bernard Adelbert Glover Shatney, Cora Evelyn Greensboro May 15, 1948
Withers, Elwin Lester Greensboro Stone, Shirley Alice Wheelock July 2, 1941
Withers, George Adelbert   Austin, Una Alberta   Aug 1, 1932
Withers, Kenneth C. Greensboro Salls, Evelyn Malinda Greensboro April 25, 1947
Withers, Raymond Wesley Greensboro Rodger, Frances Grace Greensboro Oct 23, 1946
Woods, Eddy Herbert Danville Stone, Caroline Dawn Greensboro Aug 14, 1954
Wright, Ellis H. Greensboro Curtis, Anabel R. Greensboro Sept 30, 1927
Wright, Milton Francis Greensboro Williams, Diana Lee Woodbury April 29, 1965
Wright, Seaver David, Jr. White River Jct. Miller, Alice Lynette Greensboro June 29, 1946
Young, Everett George   Goodrich, Josephine   Aug 25, 1937
Young, George Everett Greensboro Howard, Beverly Jean Hardwick May 29, 1965

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