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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date Married
Albrecht, Creed Michael Lowell Castellon, Carmelita Victoria Lowell June 2, 2001
Allen, David Michael Newport Horner, Karen Patrice Lowell Oct 4, 1975
Amyot, George Francis Barton Willis, Geraldyne Lowell Dec 17, 1966
Arel, Andrew A. Lowell Aldrich, Jenna M. Charleston Aug 20, 2011
Arel, Larry St. Albans Murphy, Carolyn Lowell Dec 29, 1962
Arel, Larry G. Lowell Symonds, Suzanne S. Lowell Jan 23, 1997
Arel, Patrick L. Lowell Starr, Gina L. Lowell Dec 4, 1982
Badger, Roger Lowell Sheltra, Virginia Lowell Aug 10, 1952
Baraby, John Allen Milton, VT Snider, Dianna RoseAlma Lowell April 6, 1974
Baraw, Burton Lowell Sheltra, Lillian Newport May 10, 1957
Baraw, Frederick Vaugh Troy Pion, Annette Marie Lowell Aug 4, 1973
Bathalon, Gilles R. Troy Sargent, Kelly S. Lowell Oct 4, 1997
Bathalon, Guy Jean Paul Westfield Doyon, Aline Maria Lowell June    1977
Bathalon, Lucien M. Westfield Doyon, Marielle J. Lowell Jan 6, 1968
Beaulieu, Leo L. Lowell Crepeau, Jeannette Troy Sept 16, 1937
Beaulieu, Philippe Lowell Coutu, Jeanne Westfield June 23, 1951
Bedard, Arnold Lowell Currier, Marilyn Newport Feb 18, 1956
Bedard, Leon Lowell Pope, Vivian Lowell Oct 20, 1956
Bedell, Marvin G. Troy Taylor, Maurine I. Lowell Aug 9, 2008
Benoit, Eugene D. Lowell Pion, Jeannette Westfield June 26, 1939
Benware, Alan Wayne Lowell Ingalls, Janet May Johnson Dec 2, 1978
Benware, Gordon R. Lowell Morse, Charlotte Lowell Dec 6, 1952
Benware, Gordon Roger, Jr. Lowell Patenaude, Denise Jean Newport Center Aug 31, 1974
Benware, Harold Marshall Lowell Sweet, Beulah Bernice Troy Jan 8, 1942
Benware, Michael S. Lowell Jarvis, Tonya L. Lowell Aug 2, 1986
Benware, Ralph R. Lowell Hill, Pauline  Newport Oct 31, 1933
Benware, Roger Henry Lowell Gelo, Bonnie Joan Lowell Sept 27, 1975
Bernard,  Henry Joseph Newport Cotnoir, Alma Lowell Jan 11, 1940
Besaw, Elbridge E. Lowell Sheltra, Jeanette Rita Coventry Dec 16, 1943
Besaw, Roger L. Lowell Gendron, Yvonne North Troy Feb 16, 1938
Bickford, Stephen N. Lowell Cammett, Arletta Esther Newport Nov 25, 1944
Billado, Carlton   Lepine, Anita   Sept 19, 2015
Blackler, Christopher A. Morristown Phillips, Melody R. Lowell July 14, 1982
Blanchard, Ernest M. Lowell Jones, Joyce Ena Hyde Park Aug 26, 1955
Blanchard, Ernest Millard, Jr. Lowell Verdon, Tammy Lynn Lowell Nov 21, 1998
Blanchard, Harry Dexter Lowell Durivage, Effie M. (Warner) Lowell Sept 2, 1978
Blanchard, Harry Dexter Lowell Newton, Marie Laura Lowell Sept 7, 1990
Blanchard, Renest Derby Warner, Effie May Lowell Dec 20, 1927
Blay, Durwood Francis North Troy Warner, Juanita Lee Lowell May 9, 1976
Bliss, Russell Lowell Beebe, Elizabeth Newport Oct 11, 1941
Blouin, Gean Guy St. Barbabe, Que. LeBlanc, Denysc Lowell April 23, 1951
Boardman, Prentiss R. Wolcott Sheltra, Isabelle E. Lowell Oct 25, 1952
Bonin, Germain Joseph Hartford, CT LeBlanc, Marielle Lowell July 27, 1957
Bonin, Marc R. Troy Geoffroy, Kathy A. Lowell Nov 11, 1989
Bonneau, Ange Marie Lowell McAllister, Idel Lowell Oct 5, 1942
Bonneau, Bernard E. Lowell Raboin, Fernande Lowell Sept 20, 1949
Bonneau, Brian J. Lowell Gray, Hope L. Lowell March 10, 2007
Bonneau, Jean Paul Lowell Meunier, Germaine M. Westfield Sept 6, 1943
Bonneau, Jerard Lowell Murphy, Mary Lowell July 10, 1944
Bonneau, Stephen Joseph Lowell Powers, Nanette Viola Lowell June 29, 1968
Booth, Robert North Troy Warner, Joanne Lowell June 20, 1959
Booth, Robert J., Jr. Lowell Putvain, Lisa P. Lowell Nov 11, 2005
Bowen, Raymond Westfield Sheltra, Dianna Lowell July 17, 1965
Bowen, Vern Lowell Clapper, Mary Underhill Sept 8, 1946
Bradley, Jason Marshall Lowell Hebert, Sharman Lynn Lowell June 30, 2000
Britch, Roland Neal Newport Cheney, Beverly Elaine Lowell Aug 1, 1950
Brochu, John C. Lowell Sargent, Sharon D. Lowell May 14, 1977
Brock, Jordan W. Lowell Stratton-Tarbox, Ashleigh Lowell Sept 18, 2010
Bullard, Chandler R. N. Hyde Park Nelson, Carrie A. Lowell March 29, 1997
Bullard, Haven Stowe Hyde Park Pope, Rita Mae Lowell June 25, 1942
Burke, Keith A. Lowell Cretella, Nicole M. Lowell Oct 14, 2006
Burns, David Wayne Enosburg Falls Poutre, Claire Marie Lowell Aug 31, 1968
Burrington, Matthew Dean Lowell Lutes, Marcella Jean Lowell Aug 4, 2001
Cadoret, Paul E. Manchester Depot McAllister, Marie L. Lowell June 16, 1956
Carlson, James, Jr. Lowell Scott, Amanda Ontario, Canada Sept 19, 2013
Caron, Azarias R. Lowell Sheltra, Celia Lowell Aug 26, 1940
Carter, Everett L. Newport Town Murphy, Margaret L. Lowell July 17, 1989
Carter, Ronald Allen Newport Pope, Debra Jean Lowell March 2, 1972
Chaffee, James Lowell Merritt, Tona Lowell May 4, 1960
Chaplin, Pearley M. Irasburg Smith, Grace M. Lowell Oct 15, 1926
Chauvin, James Eden Poutre, Louise Lowell Sept 5, 1964
Cheney, Donald Howard Lowell Draper, Merelene Marie Newport March 16, 1963
Cheney, Edgar Forrest Lowell Morse, Betty Ann Lowell April 24, 1950
Cheney, Erwin D. Lowell Before, Elsinore E. Walpole, MA May 22, 1960
Cheney, Robert M. Lowell Foster, Helen Margaret Lowell July 22, 1950
Cheney, Wayne Lowell Judd, Priscilla Newport April 19, 1952
Choquette, Donat Newport Raboin, Jeannine Lowell Oct 4, 1952
Choquette, Mark P. Newport Center Morse, Lisa R. Lowell Sept 21, 1985
Clark, Stephen F. Lowell Brennan, Robin Lowell May 20, 1989
Cleary, Brian Dean Morristown Pierce, Benina Marie Lowell Sept 8, 1984
Cleary, Roy Johnson Sheltra, Grace Lowell April 18, 1959
Clinger, Joshua D. Lowell Dopp, Ashley E. Johnson July 6, 2012
Coe, Robert Clyde North Troy Tetreault, Colette Gertrude Lowell Jan 17, 1981
Coleman, William Arthur Lowell Gustafson, Amanda Lee Lowell July 15, 2000
Collins, Donald Elroy Lowell Lancaster, Susan Stowe June 29, 1968
Collins, Gordon Paul Lowell Saulters, Carole Rae North Troy Nov 11, 1969
Collins, Joel Robert Lowell Bursey, Frances Elizabeth Lowell Jan 5, 1996
Collins, Paul Durward Lowell Archambault, Ann Marie Orleans Feb 24, 1968
Collins, Robert Stanley Lowell Newton, Simone M. Lowell July 10, 1976
Collins, William George Lowell Houston, Cheryl Faye Orleans Aug 17, 1968
Comtois, Albert A. Lowell Geoffroy, Laurette A. Lowell Sept 24, 1945
Comtois, Arthur Lowell Deslandes, Aline Lowell May 29, 1950
Comtois, Ernest William Lowell McAllister, Evelyn Ellen Lowell July 15, 1940
Comtois, Real Lowell Lamarche, Jeanne Mance Lowell July 28, 1941
Cota, Alfred Eden Parker, Thuria Lowell Sept 11, 1948
Cota, L. Leon Irasburg Crandall, Katherine Alice Lowell July 21, 1941
Cota, Leo Lowell Nichols, Velma Hyde Park Sept 27, 1926
Cote, Brian A., Jr. Lowell Handy, Carrie S. Lowell Aug 25, 2007
Cote, Claude Lowell Parker, Charlotte C. Lowell March 20, 1927
Cote, Ronald Gordon, Sr. Lowell Terrien, Nancy Ann Lowell Jan 9, 1988
Cotnoir, Louis Lowell Bouffard, M. Alma Westfield Sept 6, 1926
Cotnoir, Real M. Lowell Cutting, Janice L. Lowell Nov 5, 1977
Coulombe, Roger Guy Burlington McAllister, Blanche Lowell April 23, 1960
Crawford, Lyle H. Irasburg Sanville, Ruth M. Lowell June 25, 1934
Cutting, Earl Lowell Cote, Ella N. Hyde Park Sept 29, 1951
Cutting, Steven Howard Lowell Amyot, Diane Shirley Troy July 23, 1977
Cyr, Mark Randall Cambridge, VT Raboin, Joanne Denise Lowell May 21, 1988
Dannat, Mark D. Lowell Joiner, Anita J. Lowell July 12, 2008
Dannat, Wayne A. Morrisville Godin, Laurie A. Lowell July 30, 2005
Darby, George E. Lowell Gendreau, Lida Lowell June 15, 1932
Davis, Robert G. Johnson Laythe, Madeliene P. Lowell March 11, 1928
Dawson, Alton Levi Barton Robtoy, Dora Yvonne Eva Lowell Oct 5, 1940
Degre, Andre Richard Lowell Lavers, Ruby Ann Newport July 10, 1965
Degre, Jean-Roch Lowell Hauver, Gene Anne Newport May 30, 1964
DeGreenia, Terry Lyle Irasburg Pope, Cheryl Ann Lowell Sept 25, 1975
Densmore, Bradley Ray Hardwick Pion, Linda Jean Lowell Aug 6, 1966
Denton, William Clarence Craftsbury Grassette, Priscilla Marie Lowell Aug 6, 1960
Desautels, William Bernard Lowell Bissonnette, Judy Carol Lowell March 2, 1994
Deslandes, Russell Lowell Fournier, Rita Troy May 1, 1950
Desvergnes, Fortunat Lowell Geoffroy, Mary Jane Lowell Dec 12, 1927
Dezotelle, Andrew D. Lowell Willey, Amanda E. Lowell Sept 6, 2008
Diette, Homer Lowell Comtois, Lillian Lowell Oct 3, 1933
Diette, Napoleon H. Lowell Ledoux, Beatrice Irasburg Nov 26, 1931
Dodge, Stephen Craig Elmore Lamphere, Pearl Helen Lowell Dec 14, 1967
Dolan, Byron Lloyd Lowell Sheahan, Donna Jean Lowell Sept 9, 1978
Dolan, Lloyd L. Lowell Warner, Shirlene H. Lowell Dec 27, 1945
Domina, Edward H. Lowell Alix, Nancy Lee (Paxman) Derby Line Aug 11, 1984
Donahue, Christopher Michael Clinton, CT Warner, Brandy Lee Clinton, CT July 14, 2001
Doyon, Marcel Norman Denver, CO Finnegan, Catherine Ellen Denver, CO Oct 12, 1980
Doyon, Maurice Francis Lowell Tetreault, Janine Annette Lowell Oct 7, 1978
Ducharme, Howard P.   Paronto, Rachel Lowell April 3, 1935
Dudley, Terrance Jay North Hyde Park Dolan, Daphne Clare Lowell Dec 3, 1966
Dugan, Otley Leland Lowell Bacon, Ruth Elizabeth Burlington June 23, 1943
Dumas, Kevin M. Lowell Heath, Kitty M. Lowell July 26, 2009
Dunn, Harold F. Newport Sullivan, Doris E. Lowell Feb 1, 1933
Dunn, Mitchell Patrick, Jr. Lowell Roy, Norma Suzanne Lowell Nov 28, 1981
Durivage, Dorman A. Lowell Crowe, Nancy L. Derby June 27, 1959
Durivage, Elmer Lowell Dolan, Clarice Eden March 10, 1956
Durivage, M. C. Lowell Waldron, Myrtle Sanborn Westport, CT Sept 1, 1937
Durivage, Merrinott Lowell Stearns, Jacklyn Morrisville Aug 3, 1963
Durivage, Ralph H. Lowell Blanchard, Effie Warner Lowell Nov 6, 1937
Eldred, Roland Lowell McDonald, Mary Louise Lowell Sept 26, 1959
Elie, Perry L. Lowell Rogers, Lesa J. Coventry Sept 6, 1986
Elwood, Dale Ira Sheldon Eldred, Lydia Helen Lowell Oct 21, 1967
Emerson, William L. Newport Girard, Olida L. Lowell Jan 30, 1982
England, Clifton Patterson Lowell Boudle, Greta Alice Colebrook, NH June 14, 1941
Errickson, David C. Lowell O'Rorke, Shari L. Lowell March 22, 1985
Farnham, Randall David Stowe LaBarron, Ruth Ann Lowell July 2, 1988
Farrar, Arthur Henry Newport Baraw, Irene Arlie Lowell May 23, 1958
Fellinger, Jeffrey Lowell Sims, Katherine Lowell Sept 21, 2013
Ferland, Paul E. Wolcott Beaulieu, Marie Jeanne Lowell June 14, 1937
Field, Emmanuel F. Lowell Bedard, Jean Lowell Sept 12, 1959
Fleischer, Edward B. Lowell Henderson, Melinda E. Lowell Aug 9, 2008
Fontaine, Leo Ernest Lowell Benware, Charlotte Louise Lowell Jan 27, 1996
Forbush, Bernard C. Berlin, NH Knowles, Katherine Lowell Sept 4, 1948
Fournier, Philip Joseph Hardwick Dolan, Andrea Gay Lowell Oct 16, 1971
Fowler, Jack A. Morrisville Bonneau, Sharon Lowell Nov 26, 1966
Frisbee, George C. Lowell Benevides, Judith L. Lowell Oct 14, 1989
Fulford, Samuel Earl Eden Mills, VT Pion, Loretta Theresa Lowell Aug 10, 1974
Gagner, Mark Ludger Fairfax, VT Willey, Anita Fay Lowell Oct 1, 1988
Garceau, Joseph B. Lowell Guerin, Heather L. Lowell Oct 9, 2011
Gauvin, Real Waterloo, Que. MarcAurele, Beatrice Lowell July 22, 1961
Gauvin, Real Lowell Perry, Shirley Brownington March 22, 2014
Gauvin, Ronney Peter Newport Lague, Ericka Angela Lowell July 20, 1991
Gelo, Harry T. Lowell Palin, Jennie M. Newport    Sept 26, 1927
Gelo, Kevin A. Lowell Arel, Laura A. Lowell May 10, 1986
Gelo, Malcolm H. Lowell Maloney, Margaret Troy Nov 7, 1949
Gelo, Stanford E. Lowell Parker, Helen A. Lowell Sept 4, 1933
Gelo, Terrance A. Lowell Murphy, Sharon L. Lowell June 15, 1985
Gelo, Terry A. Lowell Page, Bonnie Troy Aug 13, 1960
Geoffroy, Joseph P. Lowell Starr, Lisa M. Lowell Aug 27, 2005
Geoffroy, Marc Lowell McGillivray, Cory Lowell Aug 30, 2014
Geoffroy, Matthew   Champney, Megan   Sept 26, 2015
Geoffroy, Philip Lowell Morse, Gloria Lowell July 22, 1946
Geoffroy, Philip Marshall, Jr. Lowell Messier, Diane Lorraine Newport Center April 22, 1967
Geoffroy, Raymond Larry Lowell Greene, Elaine Sue Shaftsbury April 29, 1978
Geoffroy, Roger Ben Lowell St. Sauveur, Diane Beatrice Newport July 13, 1963
Gervais, David E. Lowell Coburn, Brittany L. Lowell June 13, 2009
Gillen, George M. Morrisville Blanchard, Marjorie E. Lowell June 13, 1943
Girard, Earl C., Jr. Lowell St. Onge, Gail L-A Lowell June 15, 1991
Girard, Scott Charles Lowell Gove, Deborah Elaine Lowell Oct 6, 1984
Girouard, Roger W. Lowell Piette, Therese Derby Line June 13, 1938
Gonyaw, Dean Edward Lowell Robinson, Eileen Marie Lowell Aug 1, 1999
Gonyaw, Emanuel H. Lowell Symonds, Evelyn M. Wolcott April 18, 1931
Gonyaw, George Lowell Wells, Myrtle Barton Feb 14, 1942
Gosselin, Gerard Lowell Bickford, Jacqueline Lowell Aug 10, 1957
Gosselin, Rene Lowell Crowe, Mary Patricia Derby Sept 25, 1954
Grassette, Geoffrey Joseph Lowell Herman, Jean India Morrisville Jan 27, 1962
Green, Gerald, Jr. Lowell Greenway, Madeline Lowell June 21, 2014
Greenway, Michael M. Lowell Young, Virginia A. Lowell Sept 25, 2010
Greenway, Michael Maurice Lowell Doyon, Madeleine Mary Lowell Oct 5, 1968
Gregoritsch, Albert John, Jr. Burlington Hodgeman, Sherrill Jean Lowell June 24, 1967
Guilette, Marcel Rene Derby Roberge, Francine Louraine Lowell Oct 2, 1971
Guillette, Andre J. Derby Murphy, Julia A. Lowell Aug 4, 1947
Gunn, Nolan Westfield Clinger, Rachel Lowell June 7, 2014
Guyette, Dennis Arthur Lowell Cleary, Virginia Inez Lowell July 1, 1995
Guyette, Gleason H.   Bousquet, Elizabeth   Sept 19, 1936
Guyette, Harland A. Lowell Richer, Arlene Mary Westfield Aug 6, 1928
Hayden, Rickie J. Lowell Browning, Carol L. Barton Aug 30, 1986
Hecht, David Murry Lowell Glaser, Patricia Ann Lowell Sept 14, 1984
Henn, William P., Sr. Lowell Handy, Torrie L. Lowell Aug 26, 1989
Herman, James Allen Lowell Spaulding, Linda Ann Morristown April 1, 1972
Hill, Gilbert Newport Center Murphy, Linda Lowell March 3, 1962
Hilliker, Brent Kleon Island Pond Gosselin, Lisa Ann Lowell July 2, 1976
Hilliker, William H., Jr. Morristown Kelly, Barbara A. Lowell Nov 22, 1957
Hoadley, Clayton H. Lowell Souther, Florence E. Lowell Sept 26, 1931
Hoadley, Clayton Harrison, Jr. Lowell Armstrong, Beverly Mary Newport March 27, 1954
Hoadley, David B. Lowell O'Neil, Victoria A. Lowell April 22, 1989
Hoadley, David B. Lowell Guillette, Mary J. Lowell Oct 16, 2010
Hoadley, David Bradley Lowell Dingham, Leona Mae Lowell Nov 24, 1973
Hoadley, Gary Leroy Lowell Kipp, Sarah Madge Newport July 19, 1975
Hoadley, Michael Stanley Lowell Turcotte, Jeanne Marie Sheffield Oct 20, 1979
Hoadley, Ronald Orrin Lowell Dingman, Delores Audrey Lowell June 15, 1984
Hoadley, Stanley R. Lowell Bedard, Lucille Lowell May 10, 1947
Hodgeman, Duane Howard Burlington Gardner, Joyce Marie Burlington Dec 30, 1967
Hodgeman, Kevin Thurston Lowell Deslandes, Susan Pauline Newport Oct 19, 1974
Hodgeman, Thurston C. Lowell Cutting, Joyce P. Lowell Sept 14, 1940
Hoglund, Leif B. Lowell Lamphere, Darlene B. Lowell Oct 13, 2012
Houghten, Peter Todd Lowell Wood, Susan Marie Lowell May 14, 2000
Ingalls, Kenneth M., Jr. Johnson Cutting, Deborah J. Lowell Feb 5, 1977
Jackman, Dean Monty Middlebury, VT Collins, Linda Rae Lowell Jan 1, 1972
Janci, Edward W. Norwalk, CT Morin, Jean Lowell Feb 19, 1972
Jarvis, Arthur Henry, Jr. Danielson, CT Johnson, Constance Lou (Bean?) Brooklyn, CT Feb 14, 1976
Johnson, Cleo Keith Lowell Kingsbury, Sherri Lynne Lowell March 1, 1996
Jones, Donald George North Troy Coderre, Anita Alice Lowell Nov 24, 1979
Jones, Lee H. Lowell Sheltra, Barbara Lowell July 8, 1953
Jones, Ronald Thomas Lowell Jones, Anita Alice (Coderre) Lowell Sept 22, 1984
Jones, Thomas H. Montpelier Warner, Janet E. Lowell June 8, 1963
Judkins, Lewis Lowell McLean, Shirley Waterville, VT Oct 20, 1956
Kelley, Kleon W. Lowell Tillotson, Bethleen E. Lowell April 2, 1938
Kelley, Wayne D. Newport Cheney, Donna J. Lowell Dec 15, 1962
Kelly, William James Lowell Calamia, Marie Ann Lowell May 30, 1981
Kimball, Robert Lewis Lowell Johnson, Constance W. Johnson June 14, 1969
King, Carl Patrick Lowell Holly, Lorraine Doris Lowell Dec 24, 1995
Kinsley, Benton R. Montpelier Finnegan, Ann M. Lowell Nov 22, 1932
LaBarron, Brian Keith Lowell Stevens, Marie Ardis Lowell July 18, 1992
Labarron, Bruce A. Lowell Dion, Evelyn K. Lowell Dec 12, 2000
LaBarron, Frederick George Lowell Plante, Rose Marie Charlestown Dec 24, 1984
LaBarron, Randy Allen Lowell Button, Kathy Jean Lowell June 9, 1984
Labbee, Marcel Antonio Troy Hoadley, Donna Jean Lowell June 18, 1977
Lacourse, Lee, Sr. Lowell Stetson, Heather Lowell May 18, 2013
LaCross, Larry Kirk Newport Center Eldred, Lydia Helen Lowell June 30, 1973
LaCross, Larry Kirk Lowell Sylvester, Debra Ann Lowell Nov 5, 1999
LaDeau, Richard    Lowell Edwards, Sandra Lowell April 29, 2014
LaDeau, Richard Wendell III Lowell Bonneau, Amy Lynn Lowell July 22, 1995
Lague, Alfred North Troy Guenette, Lucine Lowell Oct 22, 1935
Lague, Henry Edward Johnson McElroy, Verniece Susan Lowell Sept 22, 1973
Lague, Henry Edward Lowell Choquette, Claudette Evelyn Barton Dec 12, 1992
Lague, Napoleon J. Lowell McAllister, Alice O. Lowell Feb 14, 1953
Lague, Randy Allen Lowell Lacroix, Suzanne Theresa Beebe, Que. June 30, 1976
Laird, Francis Lyman Lowell Parker, Lilla Hodgeman Lowell April 5, 1941
Lamarche, Joseph G. Lowell Bonneau, Maria Lowell Oct 25, 1939
Lamere, Frank Edward Coventry Morse, Madeline Grace Lowell March 1, 1941
Lamont, Loren Rand Springfield, MA Kelley, Dawn Alicia Springfield, MA May 18, 1963
Lamphear, Wyman E. Lowell Durivage, Helen M. Lowell Oct 6, 1928
Langmaid, Randy G. Lowell Elwood, Tonya M. Lowell July 15, 1989
Lapierre, William D. Orleans Diette, Alice B. Lowell Nov 26, 1931
Laplume, Yvan L. Westfield Warner, Connie A. Lowell May 24, 1969
Laraway, Lee Lowell Judd, Helen May Newport July 12, 1940
Lawrence, Leslie Allen Derby Newton, Denise Annette Lowell June 18, 1971
Lawson, Frederick Joshua Newport Gosselin, Theresa Agnes Lowell May 14, 1946
Lawyer, Donald P. Morristown Corliss, Bernice Lowell Nov 22, 1930
Leblanc, Alain E. Lowell Gosselin, Laurie Ann A. Irasburg Oct 10, 1987
LeBlanc, Andre R. Lowell Morse, Sara A. Lowell Aug 30, 1986
Leblanc, George A. Lowell Raboin, Anne Lowell Feb 1, 1954
LeBlanc, Herman Joseph Lowell Lavoie, Lucienne Adeleine Newport Oct 5, 1957
Leblanc, Norman O. Lowell Bonneau, Celine Lowell Aug 18, 1953
Leblanc, Rejean A. Lowell Desrocher, Rita Newport June 3, 1961
Legacy, David J. Lowell Arel, Jill L. Lowell June 25, 2005
Legrand, Peter Tujunga, CA Matsuo, Aline Tujunga, CA June 15, 2014
Lehouillier, Henri-Paul Norman Johnson Benware, Diane Rae Lowell Oct 26, 1968
Letourneau, Leo Paul Troy McElroy, Coleen Effie Lowell Dec 18, 1971
Limoges, Real Jean Newport Bonneau, Martha Lowell Aug 30, 1952
Macie, Elwin David North Troy Gosselin, Rose Marie Pauline Lowell June 29, 1957
Macie, Ernest H. Irasburg Sheltra, Mamie M. Lowell July 16, 1934
Maffett, Jeffrey Joseph Ft. Stewart, GA Symonds, Kathie Lynn Lowell Oct 5, 1992
Mandigo, Clifton Clement Lowell Warner, Ruby Ivah Lowell July 23, 1950
Manning, Douglas C. Lowell Regan, Deborah A. Lowell Sept 27, 1997
Manning, Richard North Hyde Park Leblanc, Gynette Lowell Nov 22, 1962
Mansfield, James Poughkeepsi, NY Sharp, Patricia Poughkeepsi, NY Jan 3, 1967
Marcotte, Ralph A. Derby Scott, Mildred May   Dec 5, 1936
Marsh, George M. Littleton, NH Morin, Blanche Irene Lowell Aug 27, 1940
Mason, Sammy R., Jr. Lowell Jones, MaryJane K. Lowell June 10, 2006
Matten, Craig A. Lowell LeMay, Christina Jay Oct 25, 1997
Matten, Russell Westfield Warner, Priscilla Lowell Sept 26, 1964
McAllister, Carrol Lowell Pettengill, Sue Newport Center Nov 4, 1961
McAllister, Charles A. Lowell Cutting, Beverly Lowell June 15, 1950
McAllister, Douglas C. Lowell Carter, Carol-Lynn Lowell May 24, 1991
McAllister, Douglas Charles Lowell Laplume, Rachel Ann-Marie Westfield July 17, 1971
McAllister, Glendon Lowell Gelo, Joyce B. Lowell May 11, 1957
McAllister, James A. Lowell Therriault, Delina Lowell June 4, 1930
McAllister, Ronald P. Lowell Lamere, Sally Ann Lowell Aug 18, 1959
McAllister, Stanley W. Lowell Pion, Solange Westfield June 23, 1941
McAllister, Timothy Craig Lowell Ingalls, Julie Marie Eden July 24, 1976
McAllister, Urban Lowell Morse, Barbara Lowell Nov 26, 1955
McAllister, Vincent Lowell Gosselin, Dianna Lowell June 18, 1951
McAllister, Wendell Howard Lowell Riley, Lillian Lowell Feb 21, 1975
McAllister, William H. Lowell Dunton, Barbara Eden Nov 19, 1955
McCall, Frank Lowell Samberg, Ellen J. Lowell Jan 13, 1967
McCammon, Michael Guy Lowell Whipple, Beverly Anne Newport Center Dec 12, 1970
McDonald, Arthur E. Lowell McAllister, Catherine Lowell Oct 29, 1951
McDonald, Lawrence R. Lowell Benware, Frances Westfield Oct 15, 1959
McElroy, Bernard Lowell Messier, Pauline Johnson Sept 18, 1954
McElroy, Donald Lowell Leveille, Florence Berkshire Feb 15, 1943
McElroy, Donald J. Lowell Blanchard, Beverly Lowell April 23, 1949
McElroy, Gregory Ernest Lowell Moody, Catherine Jean Lowell Dec 7, 1974
McElroy, Merle L. Lowell Pope, Rhoda L. Lowell May 26, 1947
Merritt, William H. Lowell Mitchell, Erma Lowell Oct 10, 1939
Merritt, William H. Lowell McAllister, Bertha A. (Hill) Lowell Sept 17, 1977
Metcalf, Ray Earl Irasburg Shufelt, Dorothea Emma Lowell June 18, 1938
Meunier, John O. North Troy Mitchell, Fern C. Lowell June 11, 1945
Meyers, Joseph Thomas Lowell Cyr, Linda Gardner Lowell June 13, 1992
Meyers, Joseph Thomas Lowell Schaufus, Gaye Ann Lowell May 30, 2001
Michon, John W. Lowell McDonald, Theresa Lowell April 12, 1949
Millard, Cecil George Burlington Geoffroy, Cecile Alice Lowell Aug 3, 1940
Molsa, Vilho Lowell Voyer, Lilla (Hodgeman) Lowell Dec 1, 1951
Monfette, Blayne Newport Meryweather, Sandra Lowell July 16, 1983
Montieth, Arthur Tench Lowell Hodgdon, Nylene L. Newport Oct 26, 1946
Morey, Andrew Joseph Lowell Pion, Lisa Marie Lowell July 19, 2003
Morey, Gerald S. Westfield Powers, Hazel V. Lowell June 13, 1937
Morgan, Arthur C. Camden, Alabama McElroy, Rhoda (Pope) Lowell Jan 20, 1951
Morse, Charles Andres Lowell Chezem, Monica Rae Lowell Aug 21, 1999
Morse, Roger Lowell Fontaine, Annette Westfield Nov 9, 1946
Morse, Wayne Merrill, Jr. Jay Geoffroy, Julie Lynne Lowell July 17, 1993
Mosher, Colen A. Coventry Kelley, Cleo Lowell Nov 17, 1958
Moulton, Shane Anthony Coventry O'Neil, Juanita Lin Lowell June 11, 1994
Murphy, Francis W. Lowell Field, Glenna M. Troy Sept 2, 1938
Murphy, George S. Lowell Gladden, Jessamine L. Highwater, Que. July 1, 1939
Murphy, Henry Francis Lowell Andrews, Margaret Lydia (Murphy) Lowell July 6, 1968
Murphy, Martin J. Lowell Stone, Evelyn Grace Derby Line Aug 28, 1943
Murphy, Shaun Lowell Archambault, Sandy Lowell Dec 31, 2013
Murphy, Timothy P. Lowell Cote, Melissa L. Lowell July 1, 2006
Naramore, Robert S. Lowell Hoy, Jane Fay Newport April 23, 1960
Naramore, William M. Lowell Lyon, Valda Barton Sept 18, 1937
Naramore, William M. Lowell Knowles, Blanche Elizabeth Lowell June 1, 1946
Naramore, William Manley, Jr. Lowell Finnegan, Barbara Jeanne Lowell June 2, 1973
Nelson, Brett J. Biloxi (Air Force Base) Manning, Julie A. Lowell Sept 16, 1989
Nelson, Douglas Lowell Houston, Amy Helen Craftsbury Dec 19, 1962
Nelson, Maurice S. Lowell Cowles, Leah W. Albany Oct 6, 1966
Nelson, William H.   Hoadley, Leora Lowell Oct 1, 1935
Neron, Jerard J. Lowell Honsinger, Hilda V. North Troy Aug 1, 1931
Neron, Wilfrid A. Lowell Girard, Simonne Y. North Troy Aug 3, 1931
Newton, Charles Clinton Lowell Ingalls, Christy A. Eden Oct 4, 1975
Newton, Floyd A. Lowell Norway, Mildred E. Newport Center March 23, 1926
Niles, Stuart Bryan Troy Collins, Pamela Ann Lowell March 24, 1972
Olmstead, Robert L., Jr. Niantic, CT Orvis, Kristina H. Niantic, CT June 23, 2007
Orr, Elmer Coventry Scott, Minnie M. Lowell Nov 30, 1939
Osborne, William Thomas Calgary, Alberta Finnegan, Theresa Marie Calgary, Alberta Aug 14, 1981
Ostrout, Thomas E. Westfield Bonneau, Diane Jean Lowell Feb 3, 1968
Ostrowski, Robert Dennis Burlington McAllister, Bertha Lowell Nov 28, 1959
Parker, Clifford J. Lowell Cochran, Edna L. Lowell Aug 30, 1930
Parker, Howard C. Lowell Sweet, Mary L. Troy Dec 4, 1939
Parker, Ray T. Lowell Cote, Marion Lowell Dec 5, 1926
Parker, Raymond V. Lowell Hodgeman, Lilla E. Lowell Sept 1, 1927
Parker, Richard A. Lowell Grout, Nancy Jean Westfield May 19, 1942
Paronto, George J. Lowell Clement, Marjorie Diana Woodsville, NH Oct 19, 1946
Parrott, Clifton F. Eden Sheltra, Glenna M. Lowell Nov 1, 1952
Patenaude, Luke Allen Newport Center Morin, Donna Ruth Lowell July 7, 1973
Peters, Gerard Ervin Irasburg Barnard, Mary Catherine Lowell Aug 19, 1977
Peterson, Donald L. Lowell Tolar, Faye J. Lowell June 26, 2010
Petrecz, Benedict Joseph Lowell Petrecz, Josephine L. Lowell Oct 9, 2001
Phillips, Raymond Joseph Lowell McCarthy, Ann Francis Bolton, Que. Nov 3, 1984
Pion, Albert P. Lowell Shaw, Shannon-Faye A. Westmore Sept 16, 1989
Pion, Albert Roland Lowell Bedard, Cynthia Ann (Bean?) Albany Feb 28, 1976
Pion, Armond Roger Lowell LaBounty, Linda Marie Newport Dec 14, 1973
Pion, Bruce Wayne Lowell Morey, Laurine Karla Lowell Dec 3, 1994
Pion, Darren Maurice Lowell Orr, Christy Marie Barton July 11, 1998
Pion, Francis Gene Lowell Ostrout, Tina Ann Lowell Aug 19, 1995
Pion, Francis Gene Lowell Tetreault, Lisa Jean Lowell Sept 16, 2000
Pion, Gerard Ovila Lowell Collins, Susan Florence Lowell Nov 9, 1968
Pion, Jeremy Allan Lowell Blanchard, Julie Ann Lowell Dec 3, 1999
Pion, Maurice Oliva Lowell Gelo, Mary Ann Lowell June 10, 1972
Pion, Norman Lowell Willis, Melissa Lowell April 16, 1983
Pion, Reginald R. Lowell Chastenay, Karen M. Lowell Sept 20, 2008
Pion, Reginald Raymond Lowell Reynold, Annette Marie Jay June 11, 1977
Pion, Rejean J. Lowell Fontaine, Kristine I. F. Barton Sept 28, 1985
Pion, Richard Rene Lowell Mason, Sherry Ann Irasburg July 27, 1968
Pion, Robert Lowell Pothier, Susy Colebrook, NH Aug 21, 1982
Pion, Roland Lowell Choquette, Huquette Troy Aug 28, 1965
Pion, Ronald Raoul Lowell McAllister, Charlene Ann Lowell Oct 20, 1973
Pion, Stacey Wade Lowell Ingalls, Patricia Ann Johnson Aug 6, 1994
Poitras, Claude Irasburg Sheltra, Patricia Irasburg Jan 7, 1967
Pope, Harold T. Lowell Wiltshire, Beulah E. Eden Oct 8, 1927
Pope, Robert W. Lowell Perrier, Edith F. Lowell Nov 18, 1954
Pope, Rufus A.   Begue, Marjorie Winooski May 9, 1936
Pope, Stanley Edward Lowell Deaette, Patricia Jean North Troy Aug 28, 1961
Pothier, Andreo A. West Charleston Pion, Denise B. Lowell Aug 13, 1977
Potter, Bradley M. Hardwick Warner, Beth Ann Lowell June 10, 1952
Poutre, Laurent Jean Louis Lowell Sheltra, Evelyn Margaret Lowell June 24, 1940
Poutre, Raymond J. Lowell Limoges, Therese Newport Center Sept 2, 1961
Poutry, Abner J. Lowell Shedd, Eulalee D. Craftsbury Aug 1, 1928
Powers, Robert Donald Lowell Willis, Debra Diane Westfield June 23, 1973
Powers, Wayne Roland Lowell Hill, Ester Louise Lowell Jan 20, 1980
Provoncha, Rodney Ben Lowell Porter, Dorothy Ann Mansfield, CT July 6, 1978
Provoncha, Wayne Lee Lowell Cyr, Louise Theresa North Troy May 22, 1976
Raboin, Gerard Paul Lowell Laplume, Pauline Rita Newport Aug 31, 1968
Raboin, Maurice G. Lowell Leblanc, Aline L. Lowell Oct 9, 1982
Raboin, Michael N. Lowell Cote, Carla A. Montgomery July 26, 1986
Raboin, Robert Lowell Choquette, Rita Newport Center Aug 20, 1955
Racicot, Alfred George Milford, NH Marc-Aurele, Helene Lowell July 10, 1971
Racicot, Gerard Ernest Westfield Tetreault, Theresa Joan Lowell Oct 16, 1948
Rancourt, James Daniel Tucson, AZ Faucher, Jeannine Theresa Lowell June 13, 1970
Raymond, Richard Albert Reparius, NY McAllister, Virginia Lowell Aug 30, 1958
Reed, Harold Frank Portsmouth, NH Gardner, Sally Jane Portsmouth, NH Oct 17, 1981
Renihan, David Emmett Newport City Cheney, Thelma Diane Lowell Oct 20, 1962
Rhynhart, Hana Dietrich Pomfret Ctr, CT Swenson, Elizabeth Jane Pomfret Ctr., CT Aug 25, 2001
Rice, Steven J. Lowell O'Connor, Cassidy A. Essex Jct. Oct 8, 2011
Richardson, Andrew S. Lowell Morrow, Freda M. Newport Nov 4, 1934
Richardson, Barry Harold Lowell Sargent, June Ann Lowell Oct 30, 1971
Richardson, Brian Ray Lowell Daigle, Angel Ann Lowell Oct 21, 1995
Richardson, David Allen Lowell Saulter, Mary Ellen Montgomery Center April 17, 1971
Richardson, Dwight Percy Lowell Cassidy, Cynthia Ann Montgomery   Dec 20, 1969
Richardson, Gary Lowell Woodard, Phyllis Newport Town Sept 11, 1965
Richardson, Jack Benjamin Lowell Sargent, Margaret Sarah Lowell Jan 21, 1967
Richardson, Jamie Jack Lowell Pion, Lynn Marie  Lowell Dec 9, 1995
Richardson, Keith G. Lowell Greenway, Laura A. Lowell Oct 17, 1987
Richardson, Keith G. Lowell Cota, Peggy L. Lowell June 25, 2005
Richardson, Ken P. Lowell Wheeler, Tina M. Lowell July 18, 1987
Richardson, Percy H. Lowell Cutting, Ilene E. Lowell June 18, 1944
Richardson, Wayne Alan Lowell Cote, Melanie June Lowell June 22, 1996
Roberge, Jean Claude Mario Lowell Parrott, Donna Jean Morrisville Oct 20, 1973
Roberge, Jean Pierre Lowell Parrott, Susan Alice Lowell July 12, 1981
Roberge, Rejean Lowell Verge, Susan Francis Newport March 4, 1966
Roberts, Dennis J. West Charleston Tetreault, Jeanne C. Lowell May 31, 1980
Roberts, Harold Burlington Therriault, Angelina Lowell June 7, 1932
Russell, Alexander Bates Newport Tetreault, Christine Ann Lowell June 12, 1999
Sadowski, Jennifer   Collins, Melissa   Oct 24, 2015
Sampson, George Samuel Lowell Gibeault, Lucienne Marie Jeanne Troy Feb 5, 1940
Santaw, Dale Lowell Baraw, Ruth Lowell Feb 19, 1956
Santaw, James Harley Westfield Benware, Laura Jean Lowell May 20, 1978
Santaw, Jerry Allen Lowell Merriam, Diane Marie Westfield April 11, 1981
Sargent, George Edward Lowell Starr, Kay Eavon Lowell June 10, 1972
Sargent, Ryan   Richards, Mandy   Aug 22, 2015
Searles, Asa Joseph Lowell McCuin, Kimberly Devon Lowell June 28, 1998
Shedd, Erval Dean, III Elmore Willis, RoseMarie Theresa Lowell March 9, 1974
Shedd, Kendall Wayde Wolcott Cheney, Heidi Marie Lowell April 9, 1981
Sheltra, Andrew J. Lowell Kinsley, Bertha M. Lowell Jan 28, 1933
Sheltra, Charles L. Lowell Richardson, Sheila J. Hardwick Jan 12, 1963
Sheltra, Dennis Henry Lowell Hall, Nancy Jane Newport Dec 17, 1966
Sheltra, Everett Lowell Sherlaw, June Newport Center July 13, 1963
Sheltra, Gerald J. Lowell Fortin, Marie Annette Irasburg Oct 21, 1946
Sheltra, Henry D. Lowell Bullis, Christine L. Troy Oct 21, 1939
Sheltra, Homer A. Lowell Shover, Ruby Westmore June 12, 1939
Sheltra, Joseph Lowell Scott, Beatrice Lowell Nov 1, 1931
Sheltra, Leland J. Lowell Sheltra, Irene M. Lowell Aug 16, 1926
Sheltra, Lewis Lowell Lafoe, Bertha Orleans March 8, 1947
Sheltra, Merrill A. Lowell Taylor, Arlene Newport Center July 26, 1941
Sheltra, Nelson H. Lowell Sheltra, Sylvia J. Lowell Feb 21, 1928
Sheltra, Pheleos Lowell Spiller, Tharon C. Lowell May 21, 1938
Sheltra, Philip Joseph Lowell Smith, Florence Jean Lowell Jan 30, 1965
Sheltra, Robert Lowell Shufelt, Irene Elizabeth Lowell Oct 19, 1940
Sheltra, Steven F. Lowell Guyette, Autumn L. Lowell Oct 1, 2011
Sheltra, Wilfrid Lowell Boivin, Lorette   July 17, 1948
Shinohara, Charles Edward Lowell Avella, Gabriella Lowell June 26, 1976
Shortsleeves, Harley H. Lowell Gile, Bertha Albany July 31, 1943
Shortsleeves, William G., Jr. Lowell Hoadley, Viola M. Lowell Oct 3, 1931
Shufelt, Leonard Lowell Dennaise, Bertha Baldwin Irasburg Nov 15, 1941
Sicotte, Reynold Daniel Lowell Brault, Francine Liliane Newport Aug 14, 1976
Sicotte, Sylvain Guy Lowell Santin, Sandi Lynn Colchester, VT July 14, 1984
Smith, Craig Cotter Lowell Gleason, Maria Lynn Lowell Aug 28, 1993
Smith, George H.   Hines, Velma Troy Sept 1, 1935
Smith, James Hayden Lowell Pion, Jenny Lee Lowell Aug 9, 2003
Smith, Warren Lowell Simons, Samantha Lowell Nov 16, 2013
Snider, Raoul L. Westfield Beaulieu, Theresa M. Lowell June 7, 1945
Snider, Shermie W. Lowell Burke, Nancy Ann Burlington Oct 16, 1976
Sorenson, Paul R. Lowell Sosa, Marta N. Lowell Jan 26, 1980
Sorrell, Jesse William Lowell Nick, Billie Jo. Lowell May 30, 2001
Souther, Ernest W. Lowell Gray, Lila E. Colebrook, NH May 29, 1940
Souther, Sterling Willard Lowell Hart, Leona Agnes Newport Aug 31, 1940
St. Onge, Michael Leo North Troy Blanchard, Laura Jean Lowell July 11, 1981
St. Onge, Raymond Clement North Troy Willis, Gail Lou Ann Lowell May 12, 1979
St. Onge, Raymond Clement Lowell Lague, Verniece Susan Lowell Dec 15, 1990
Stannard, Floyd L. Lowell Breault, Gulette Troy March 27, 1926
Start, Chauncey F. Bakersfield Brahana, Marian D. Lowell July 14, 1934
Stebbins, Hazen I. Lowell Tillotson, Evelyn B. Lowell Jan 22, 1927
Stephenson, John F. Lowell Wright, Marjorie Bennington Aug 1, 1949
Stetson, Clifton Montgomery Center Luxford, Rose Lowell Aug 13, 1965
Stone, Paul Ivan, Jr. Newport Center Roberge, Gaetane Doris Lowell Oct 12, 1968
Swanson, George John Lowell Breisach, Gloria Jeannette Lowell Sept 26, 1992
Sylvester, Raymond Barre Parker, Irene Lowell Oct 30, 1927
Symonds, David Hardwick Eldred, Nanette Lowell Aug 29, 1964
Taylor, Jack Raymond West Charleston Sheltra, Janice Joyce Lowell July 8, 1972
Taylor, Rickie Bernard Brighton Pierce, Frances Ann Lowell Dec 31, 1984
Tetreault, Andre Lowell Aurele, Gertrude Marc Lowell Oct 5, 1963
Tetreault, Andre M., Jr. Lowell Ward, Amy L. Lowell July 15, 2006
Tetreault, Andre Marcel Lowell Garrison, Marilyn Marie Lowell Aug 25, 1984
Tetreault, Bernard Paul Newport Center Hill, Lisa Jean Lowell Sept 27, 1980
Tetreault, Michael J. Lowell Geoffroy, Pamela J. Lowell Sept 6, 1986
Tetreault, Norman Newport Center Voyer, Rita Annette Lowell Sept 24, 1955
Tetreault, Phillip Lowell McKown, Carrie Lowell Nov 1, 2014
Tetreault, Rene Newport Town Pion, Dianne Lowell Sept 1, 1962
Tetreault, Roger J., Jr. Lowell Faust, Valerie B. Lowell Feb 19, 1977
Therrien, Julien R. Newport Center Hoadley, Nancy A. Lowell Aug 1, 1981
Thibodeau, Philip O. Lowell Burt, Bernice Lowell Jan 8, 1932
Tillotson, Harold H. Lowell Paronto, Bernice Lowell July 8, 1926
Tillotson, Wayne Sargent Barre Brown, Hazel G. Lowell March 10, 1941
Uhlendorff, Christopher M. Lowell Warner, Marcia S. Lowell July 26, 1986
Vallieres, David M. Coventry Raboin, Samantha M. Lowell Aug 6, 2011
Verdon, Claude Gerard Newport Center Leblanc, Michelle Diane Lowell Feb 19, 1966
Villegas, Frank M., Jr. Lowell Messier, Melissa M. Lowell June 18, 2009
Voyer, Arthur A. Lowell Laird, Lilla H. Lowell Feb 6, 1945
Voyer, Eugene Simeon Lowell Brean, Theresa Germaine Lowell April 18, 1944
Voyer, Rosaire Lowell Blais, Claire North Troy May 19, 1962
Wagner, James Lowell Gelo, Mary Lowell Nov 6, 1954
Wagner, James Alfred    Lowell Cheney, Merelene Marie Lowell Dec 25, 1991
Wagner, James Alfred, Jr. Lowell Ashline, Hope Marie Morrisville March 14, 1992
Walker, Andrew Brenenstuhl Melrose, MA Griggs, Mildred K. Malden, MA Oct 9, 1965
Ward, William B. Lowell Sheltra, Shirley Lowell Aug 25, 1953
Warner, Albert W. Lowell Girard, Julia Montgomery Center May 25, 1960
Warner, Albert Woodrow Lowell Lamb, Evelyn Marie (McDonald) Dearborn, Mich. July 27, 1980
Warner, Alden Wayne Lowell Billings, Patricia Rose Antoinetta Barre Aug 10, 1972
Warner, Alden Wayne Lowell Cota, Lisa Marie Lowell July 13, 1996
Warner, Allan W. Lowell Quirion, Jacqueline M. Westfield July 24, 1982
Warner, Alvin W. Lowell Snider, Margaret  Westfield Oct 31, 1938
Warner, Austin Lowell Tanner, Sandra Eden Sept 12, 1959
Warner, Austin Vercil Lowell McElroy, Veronica Lowell Dec 12, 1971
Warner, David Andrew Lowell Davis, Greta Gail West Charleston Jan 24, 1970
Warner, Delvin C. Lowell LaDeau, Susan J. Winchendon, MA June 22, 1968
Warner, Douglas L. Lowell Burrington, Joanne S. Lowell Oct 22, 2005
Warner, John William Lowell Starr, Lois Hazel Lowell March 4, 1966
Warner, Kevin W. Lowell Richardson, Laura A. Lowell July 28, 2007
Warner, Lawrence L. Lowell Cheney, Barbara Lowell Sept 7, 1951
Warner, Melvin C. Lowell MacKenzie, Marie G. Newport July 24, 1937
Warner, Patrick H. Lowell Mason, Denise R. Hardwick Sept 25, 1976
Warner, Roy Allan Lowell Leblanc, Lorraine Laurette Troy March 18, 1972
Warner, Stephen Alden Lowell Blood, Dulcie Ann Hartford, VT March 19, 1995
Warner, Vercil Lowell Smith, Mable Lowell July 22, 1960
Warner, Vercil W. Lowell Bickford, Barbara Newport Center Oct 7, 1939
Warner, Vercil Warren Lowell Yaeger, Ann Mary Lowell June 15, 1992
Warner, Vernon Damon Lowell Archer, Rachel Lowell Sept 25, 1965
Warner, Winston W. Lowell Cheney, Barbara F. Newport Nov 11, 1990
Waterman, Mark  Rutland Raboin, Claire Lowell April 30, 1983
Webster, Mark Clee Irasburg Collins, Carolyn Paula Lowell June 5, 1965
Weinhagen, Frederick Berthold Lowell Ware, Nancy Grace Williston April 28, 1979
White, George R. Lynn, MA Tillotson, Annie M. Lowell Sept 17, 1932
Willey, Benjamin James Lowell Clark, Kerri Colleen Lowell June 2, 2001
Willey, Dale W. Lowell Cutting, Sadie Lowell Oct 10, 1959
Willey, David Robert Lowell Brown, Linda Jean Wolcott Sept 18, 1965
Willey, Harold O., Jr. Lowell Burns, Avis A. Richford Nov 10, 1961
Willey, Harold O., Jr. Lowell Willey, Joan L. Lowell April 12, 1980
Willis, Clifton Don, Jr. Lowell Hayward, Lorelei Jean Newport March 11, 1972
Willis, Clifton Don, Sr. Troy Willis, Mary Jane Theresa (Boucher) Lowell Feb 27, 1976
Willis, Lawrence Lowell Pope, Virginia Lowell Nov 18, 1954
Willis, Lawrence S. Island Pond Grassette, Geraldyne Anne Lowell Nov 26, 1964
Woodard, Stacey Adam Virginia Bolser, Melinda Jill Virginia July 8, 2000
Woodard, Wayne Arthur Lowell Sheltra, Florence Jean Lowell March 25, 1978
Woodward, Darrel E. Newport Center Richardson, Susan E. Lowell Aug 2, 1969
Wright, Daniel Edgar Lowell Tetreault, Rebecca Ann Lowell Sept 12, 1992
Wright, Donald Philip Lowell Bathalon, Danielle Rae North Troy Sept 17, 1994
Wright, Ernest Edgar Brownington Geoffroy, Rachel Ann Lowell June 20, 1970
Wyman, William W. Lowell Welch, Luella M. Peacham Dec 3, 1932
Zebzda, Dominique S. Lowell Turley, Charles C. Lowell July 25, 2010
Zebzda, Dominique Stanislas Lowell Turley, Charles Curtis Lowell Aug 7, 2004

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