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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date
Achilles, Sidney Waterford Ailes, Marjorie St. Johnsbury May 6, 1967
Aiken, Philemon Andrew St. Johnsbury Towle, Adella May Waterford Aug 10, 1937
Aldrich, Byron W. Waterford Fenoff, Roberta L. Waterford Nov 23, 1975
Aldrich, Gregory J. Waterford Greenwood, Shari Lynn St. Johnsbury July 14, 1979
Anderson, Dean R. Beverly, MA Classen, Cathryn A. Waterford Nov 25, 1977
Anderson, Karl William Waterford Swasey, Winona Louvia St. Johnsbury June 15, 1946
Armitage, Thomas B., Jr. Wrentham, MA Ludwig, Laura J. Waterford Nov 5, 1977
Atherton, Craig Thomas Fairfield, CT Brown, Penny Annette Fairfield, CT Sept 12, 1987
Aubin, Gerald Charles Lyndonville Morrison, Clara Sarah Waterford June 18, 1938
Babcock, William Henry Waterford Bryer, Patricia Anne Concord, VT Sept 4, 1982
Badger, Perley Edward Burlington Hastings, Mildred Abbey Waterford Aug 4, 1934
Balaskovits, Michael P. Waukegan, IL Bakshis, Margaret E. Waukegan, IL Nov 24, 1992
Balavender, Ernest Carl New Britain, CT Domler, Nancy Ann E. Hartford, CT Aug 28, 1992
Banks, William M. Waterford Eastman, Alice Danville Aug 11, 1936
Barnett, Mark Elliott, II Sunnyvale, CA Macpherson, Kimberly Anne Waterford Sept 16, 1991
Barnett, William George St. Johnsbury Hill, Elsie Laura Waterford June 25, 1931
Baron, Ronald Steven Nashua, NH Aldrich, Carrie Ann Waterford Aug 28, 1976
Barrett, Herbert Edward St. Johnsbury Morrison, Martha Louisa Waterford June 25, 1946
Barrett, Kenneth Howard St. Johnsbury Bullock, Helen Frances Waterford April 21, 1946
Basnar, Walter Earl Waterford Metevier, Lisa Ann Waterford April 11, 1992
Bates, Michael E. Waterford Nash, Julie A. St. Johnsbury Sept 5, 1975
Bean, Ashley E. Waterford Bunnell, Lena M. St. Johnsbury April 17, 1965
Bean, Dennison D. Waterford Remick, Eunice Mabel Concord July 2, 1938
Bean, Russell Herbert Waterford Tripp, Marion Allwyn St. Johnsbury June 30, 1944
Bedard, Maurice St. Johnsbury Powers, Lucille Waterford Sept 9, 1967
Begin, Antoine Waterford Pelletier, Marie Louise Lancaster, NH June 1, 1936
Begin, Ernest Waterford Lambert, Vivianne Montreal Jan 21, 1967
Begin, Paul Andre Waterford Fortin, Lorraine St. Johnsbury Oct 12, 1939
Belknap, Perley Homer Waterford Morrill, Gladys Arlene Waterford Oct 19, 1935
Belmore, Edmond Littleton, NH Duquette, Shirley Waterford Oct 6, 1968
Bennett, Melvin C. St. Johnsbury Waldron, Dawn E. Waterford Sept 7, 1974
Bessette, Ronald Adrien St. Johnsbury Aldrich, Sharon Marie Waterford July 17, 1971
Biancarelli, George A. Dunmore, PA Rizzo, Mary Ann N. Dunmore, PA Dec 18, 1990
Billig, Michael Franklin Waterford Gray, Doreen Mae Waterford Jan 4, 1992
Binney, James L. Norfolk, MA Arpin, Linda F. Norfolk, MA Sept 16, 1978
Blais, Dona Joseph St. Johnsbury Lavature, Clara Alice   May 16, 1932
Blaisdell, Edward W. Waterford Noyes, Joan M. St. Johnsbury Nov 2, 1963
Blake, Robert Arthur Lyman, NH Crowe, Thelma Hattie Waterford July 19, 1947
Blodgett, Keith Neal Waterford Chongborriboon, Pairin Waterford Oct 13, 1972
Blodgett, Warren Willard Waterford Larabee, Virginia Helen Lyndonville Sept 22, 1945
Boardman, Gerald R. Waterford Hatley, Evelyn A. Waterford April 15, 1979
Bolton, Burton Russell Waterford Gullen, Virginia May Concord Sept 1, 1957
Bolton, Everett O. Waterford Bolton, Madalene Ward Waterford July 20, 1948
Bolton, Raymond E. Waterford Williams, Mary R. Lyndonville June 18, 1949
Bolton, Raymone E. Waterford Ward, Madalene F. Walden March 23, 1942
Bonnett, Earl F. Waterford Derosia, Ruth M. St. Johnsbury Nov 4, 1963
Bonnett, Earl Francis St. Johnsbury Houley, Helen F. Waterford Sept 25, 1937
Bonnett, Joseph S.  Waterford Caldwell, May Vienna St. Johnsbury Oct 22, 1927
Bonnett, Joseph Samuel, III Littleton, NH Salmon, Laurie Anne Littleton, NH June 15, 1985
Bonnett, Joseph Samuel, Jr. Waterford Fuller, Doris Carol St. Johnsbury July 3, 1952
Boudreau, Ronald H. Richford Plourde, Irena A. Waterford June 5, 1982
Boulay, Henry A. Waterford Coleman, Catherine Rose St. Johnsbury Feb 16, 1942
Boulay, Theodore A. Waterford Boulay, Catherine R. St. Johnsbury May 11, 1957
Bourtell, Ernest Clifton Waterford Bolton, Esther A. Waterford June 2, 1951
Bowen, Albert John Waterford Mackie, Emma Lisbon, NH Feb 26, 1932
Bowen, Carlus Allen Waterford Crowe, Doris Isabell Waterford Nov 2, 1931
Briggs, Lyndol Clark Waterford Bishop, Mary Alice Granby Oct 20, 1943
Briggs, Wendell George Waterford Powell, Charlena Elizabeth Concord Jan 2, 1943
Bristol, Paul A. St. Johnsbury Curran, Margaret A. Waterford Dec 14, 1974
Bristol, Paul Alan Waterford Fellows, Sharlene Noyes Waterford July 19, 1985
Broome, George Waterford Magoon, Ann St. Johnsbury Oct 18, 1961
Broome, Robert Waterford Willson, Ann Danville Dec 19, 1960
Brown, Oscar Charles St. Johnsbury Chouinard, Noella Marie Waterford Jan 1, 1938
Brown, Steven Ellsworth Kirby Bundy, Brenda Louise Waterford Feb 5, 1983
Bryant, Jon W. Belfast, ME Bullock, Gwendolyn Ruth Waterford May 30, 1958
Bullock, Clifton G. Waterford Orr, Jane H. St. Johnsbury June 3, 1989
Bullock, Fred C. Waterford Tobin, Ruth Addie Danville Nov 25, 1946
Bullock, George Clifton Waterford Ingalls, Linda Mae Littleton, NH Oct 28, 1960
Bullock, Halsey H. Waterford Reed, Harriett Elizabeth Littleton, NH Feb 18, 1928
Bullock, William David Waterford Carson, Ellen Marie Danville Feb 18, 1984
Burke, Napoleon Waterford Blair, Madeline St. Johnsbury May 14, 1935
Burton, J. Verne Manchester, NH Stoddard, Agnes M. Waterford Sept 21, 1926
Buswell, Brian Albert Waterford Lund, Donna Rae Waterford June 8, 1984
Caldwell, Fillmore Eastman Lower Waterford Darwicki, Anne Huntington Beach, CA Sept 3, 1983
Call, Rodney Jay Waterford Perkins, Stacy Sue Waterford July 4, 1982
Calverly, Martin Vernon, CT Marshia, Gail Ann Vernon, CT July 28, 1984
Canning, David D. Waterford Kazanas, Kati M. Waterford Nov 28, 1977
Carlson, Robert Alfred Warwick, RI Phillips, Elizabeth Mary Warwick, RI March 6, 1992
Carpenter, Donald Cross Waterford Desrochers, Angelina Aurora Barnet May 2, 1941
Carpenter, Glenn E. Waterford Adams, Mabel I. Littleton, NH June 18, 1932
Carpenter, John L. Concord Ladd, Althea E. Waterford Aug 21, 1948
Carter, Derek London, Eng. Rogerson, Patricia Anne London, Eng. Dec 7, 1991
Carter, Frank Burtchaell, III Weston, MA Hession, Mary Jean Weston, MA Sept 7, 1991
Casey, Dennis Richard Waterford Zander, Barbara Ann Waterford Oct 10, 1992
Cassady, Arthur A. Littleton, NH Kinne, Virginia Mavis Littleton, NH June 12, 1958
Charlton, Paul Henry Lower Waterford Garfield, Nina Royce Lower Waterford Sept 17, 1983
Checote, Gideon D. Groton, CT Persons, Edith A. Waterford July 3, 1961
Choquette, Richard M. Waterford Bedor, Susan D. Waterford Nov 6, 1971
Chouinard, Oliver Melvin Waterford L'Etoide, Lillian Arcelia E. Jaffrey, NH May 31, 1941
Christi, Robert Willis, Jr. Waterford Caron, Judy Mae St. Johnsbury March 13, 1991
Clark, Robert C. Lancaster, NH Neil, Muriel J. Waterford Dec 25, 1961
Clark, Robert Donald Beverly, MA Bouchard, Denise Gail Beverly, MA July 2, 1983
Clark, Roy Martin Waterford Somers, Denise Helen Barnet June 5, 1976
Classen, Michael E. Waterford Stuart, Marion E. Barnet June 7, 1980
Cliché, Philip C. Waterford Amidon, Gloria Ann Waterford July 15, 1989
Colburn, Alan J. W. Berlin, NH Neveu, Patricia A. Waterford Aug 14, 1976
Collins, Richard Allen Fort Wayne, Ind. Swanson, Terree Michele Fort Wayne, Ind. May 11, 1991
Conlin, Augustus Windsor, VT Walsh, Evelyn Roy Waterford Aug 21, 1987
Conly, George H. St. Johnsbury Ransom, Jane C. Waterford July 1, 1972
Coombs, Donald Earl St. Johnsbury Morrison, Dorothy Isabelle Waterford July 18, 1955
Cooper, John R. Springfield, NJ Szmaida, Nancy Springfield, NJ Dec 2, 1989
Cota, Donald Edward, Jr. Waterford Fletcher, Kimberley May Waterford Jan 6, 1984
Cota, Scott Allan Edward Waterford May, Diane Lynn Waterford Oct 11, 1990
Courser, Roger Willard St. Johnsbury Bullock, Irene Mildred Waterford Oct 28, 1950
Couture, Roger W. Berlin, NH Choquette, Jeanette M. Waterford April 20, 1974
Covell, Maurice E. Waterford Perkins, Geraldine Stone Waterford Nov 16, 1947
Croteau, Paul J. Kirby Cushman, Esther Bell Waterford Nov 8, 1942
Crown, Gregory A. Waterford Earle, Karen L. Waterford Sept 2, 1986
Cunningham, James Waterford Willson, Joan Marybelle Waterford Aug 4, 1956
Cushing, Charles W. Waterford Paro, Marjorie Viola Littleton, NH July 24, 1939
Cushing, George C. Newbury Willson, Linda L. Waterford July 10, 1965
Cushman, Robert David Waterford Duffy, Phyllis Ruth St. Johnsbury Nov 1, 1951
Cushman, Wilbur Russell Waterford Croteau, Helena Antinette Kirby June 29, 1942
Cuthbertson, Maurice C., Jr. St. Johnsbury Willson, Dorothy Lorraine Waterford March 28, 1958
Cuthbertson, Maurice Clayton St. Johnsbury Crowe, Avis Sylvia Waterford May 28, 1938
Cuthbertson, Maurice Dean Waterford Rowe, Carol Doris Waterford May 24, 1986
Dahlbergh, Arthur O'Rourke St. Johnsbury Fitchett, Dorothy May Sophia Waterford Dec 25, 1939
Daniels, Glen M. Waterford Lang, Norma N. Monroe, NH Nov 11, 1950
Daniels, Stephen A. Groton    Powers, Judith E. Waterford Jan 19, 1974
Davenport, Dennis Guy Waterford Plourde, Mary Theresa Lyndonville June 27, 1987
David, Christopher S. Waterford Marcotte, Sandra Laroque Waterford Feb 2, 1984
Davis, Edward Richard, III Indialantic, FL Barrett, Ann Tupper Indialantic, FL March 8, 1991
Davis, James G. Waterford Powers, Cynthia A. Waterford Oct 7, 1972
Davis, Michael Andrew Pawtucket, RI Thomas, Amalia Theresa Pawtucket, RI June 16, 1990
Davis, Russell Burton Waterford Daniels, Vivian Mae Waterford Sept 25, 1948
Denio, Bruce Waterford Mathews, Carolyn Waterford June 23, 1967
Desbiens, Raymond L. Waterford Thomas, Beverly Ann St. Johnsbury Jan 17, 1959
Dilley, Harold A., Jr. Waterford Jacobs, Nancy L. Kents Hill, ME June 30, 1973
Dodge, Ralph S., III St. Johnsbury Gingue, Louise Michelle Waterford May 21, 1977
Douse, E. Donald Walden Whittemore, Barbara L. Waterford May 3, 1953
Douse, Everett Russell Waterford Taylor, Alice Jean Lyndon    Aug 14, 1976
Doyon, Ralph Waterford Laramee, Germain North Troy May 31, 1937
Drain, Robert Cameron Manhattan Beach, CA Karlesses, Cynthia Ann Manhattan Beach, CA Oct 9, 1983
Drew, Jon William Amesbury, MA Worden, Emily Ikumi Waterford March 16, 1991
Dunbar, Norman Eric Waterford Lyons, Deborah Jean Waterford June 23, 1979
Duquette, Robert Barton Nutter, Shirley Ann Waterford Jan 3, 1959
Easter, Donald F. St. Johnsbury Hurley, Martha C. Waterford Jan 7, 1978
Edler, Carl Eric Waterford Hagadorn, Susan Loureen St. Johnsbury July 30, 1978
Engel, John N. Concord, NH Chase, Elizabeth M. Concord, NH Oct 8, 1949
Farmer, Michael K. Windsor, VT Roesch, Pamela T. Windsor, VT Oct 21, 1989
Farr, Collins Jacob St. Johnsbury Daniels, Lucile Alice Waterford Sept 3, 1937
Farr, Edward C. Waterford Beattie, Alice L. Danville Oct 7, 1961
Farrand, Carlton Edgar St. Johnsbury Blodgett, Bernice Ella Waterford July 27, 1952
Faust, Denis Aime Irasburg Pelletier, Irene Lucille Waterford July 28, 1956
Fauteux, Aldei Ronald Bristol, CT Begin, Irene Rose Waterford May 3, 1958
Fenoff, David W. Waterford Aldrich, Rebecca J. Waterford July 21, 1974
Fenoff, Nelson J. Waterford Mayo, Beulah Maude St. Johnsbury Oct 25, 1926
Fessler, Mark E. Quincy, MA Atherton, Sue Ellen Quincy, MA Nov 19, 1989
Fillion, Dennis G. St. Johnsbury Giguere, Diane M. Waterford July 3, 1976
Fisher, Oliver Lorenzo Lyndon Surridge, Alice Elizabeth Waterford Jan 23, 1936
Fissette, Bertram Waterford Stahler, Frances Passumpsic Oct 14, 1967
Fitzgerald, James David Monroe, NH Bates, Barbara Ann Waterford July 14, 1979
Fleming, Bryant E. Waterford Wright, Carolyn C. Framingham, MA July 24, 1965
Fleming, Gordon Everett Waterford Neil, Florence Chamberlin Waterford Dec 27, 1957
Fleming, Robert Waterford Jones, Jennifer St. Johnsbury Ctr April 8, 1967
Flynn, Donald B. Troy, NY Gagne, Helen M. Waterford Aug 8, 1964
Gadomski, Stephen Alan Granada Hills, CA Neighbors, Patricia Lynn Northridge, CA Oct 16, 1985
Gagne, Fernendo J. Waterford Pelletier, Marie Jeanne D'Arc St. Johnsbury June 16, 1940
Gagne, Roland Waterford Pelletier, Dalores St. Johnsbury June 17, 1935
Gagnon, Louis Theodore Raoul Waterford Chamberlain, Dora Bell Ryegate Nov 14, 1935
Ganley, David C. Exeter, NH Walsh, Patricia M. Waterford Aug 24, 1974
Garry, Ralph J. Waterford Samtleben, Elke Germany July 26, 1981
Gauthier, Armand St. Johnsbury Lamontague, Anna Waterford April 18, 1929
Gill, Everett Field Ft. Lauderdale, FL Masterson, Pauline Elizabeth Ft. Lauderdale, FL June 26, 1971
Gillander, Allen Waterford Davis, Glenn S. East Burke June 18, 1932
Gillander, Kevin Christopher Barnet Willey, Paula Delores Waterford Sept 3, 1983
Gillander, Richard Allen Waterford Persons, Marion Elaine Waterford June 27, 1959
Gillander, Robert B. Waterford Burdette, Gertrude Remick St. Johnsbury May 16, 1941
Gingue, Bernard Raymond Waterford Desrochers, Robin Melissa St. Johnsbury Aug 26, 1978
Gingue, David Marcel Waterford Silloway, Katherine Ann St. Johnsbury May 29, 1982
Gingue, John L. Waterford Landry, Henriette St. Johnsbury Jan 3, 1951
Gingue, Michel L. Waterford Slicer, Joni St. Johnsbury Oct 25, 1980
Gingue, Paul E. Waterford Wheeler, Rosemary H. St. Johnsbury Oct 8, 1977
Gingue, Pierre A. Waterford O'Neil, Marianne St. Johnsbury Oct 11, 1975
Gingue, Roland A. Waterford Fournier, Patricie St. Johnsbury Oct 7, 1950
Gingue, Theodore Joseph Waterford Lapierre, Pauline Waterford May 1, 1954
Goodwin, Clyde Everand Seymore, MO Lucier, Cheryl Evans Waterford Sept 29, 1990
Gordon, Oscar L. Littleton, NH Albee, Eleanor Littleton, NH Oct 9, 1938
Goslant, Michael Francis St. Johnsbury Davis, Kathleen Ruth Waterford Sept 23, 1972
Grant, Donald Francis Waterford Crowe, Arlene Blanche Waterford June 7, 1941
Grant, Kenneth William Lyndon    Powers, Sandra Jean Waterford Oct 7, 1978
Gravett, Jeffrey Alan St. Johnsbury Kimball, Carolyn Hope Waterford May 31, 1969
Gray, Burnie Arthur St. Johnsbury Persons, Priscilla Eliza Waterford March 6, 1940
Gray, Russell Paul St. Johnsbury MacPherson, Marsha Worden Waterford Aug 18, 1984
Gregoire, Edmund E. Waterford Pierce, Vera Waterford July 14, 1925
Grenier, Roland G., Jr. St. Johnsbury Langlois, Diane Waterford Dec 1, 1973
Gucwa, David P. Wallingford, CT Willey, Bonnie Lee (Knight) Wallingford, CT Sept 3, 1978
Guyer, Ernest A. Waterford Patenaude, Donna J. Barnet Oct 23, 1965
Guyer, Ernest A. Waterford Frigon, Linda W. Lyndonville July 28, 1973
Guyer, William Alfred Waterford Emery, Anna Isabell St. Johnsbury May 20, 1933
Hadlock, Bryan Bruce Littleton, NH Toney, Amy Kathryn Waterford May 19, 1990
Hale, Michael G. St. Johnsbury Vear, Margaret C. Waterford March 4, 1978
Haley, Stanley Martin Severn, MD Shifflett, Linda Marie Beltsville, MD Dec 23, 1984
Hall, William George Waterford Perry, Kathleen Ann Waterford April 7, 1990
Harran, Franklin Kendall Waterford Miles, Linda Sargent Waterford Nov 24, 1985
Harrington, Paul C. Chester Keen, Elaine Therese Waterford July 8, 1972
Hastings, Howard Ralph Waterford Dauphin, Paulina St. Johnsbury June 20, 1948
Haynes, John S. Waterford Cole, Eiko Waterford July 4, 1980
Hazen, Bruce H. St. Johnsbury Root, Debra J. Waterford Aug 4, 1973
Heath, Edward Leroy St. Johnsbury Begin, Annette Waterford Aug 9, 1969
Heath, Raymond Daniel Waterford Call, Trudy Ann Waterford July 5, 1986
Heath, Raymond Daniel Waterford Doucet, Anna Mary Waterford Jan 4, 1992
Heath, Roy T. Waterford Courser, Milene C. Hardwick Sept 13, 1981
Hegarty, Charles H. Waterford Keniston, Elizabeth Waterford July 4, 1989
Hegarty, Jean P. Waterford Letendre, Kathleen L. St. Johnsbury Aug 20, 1989
Hevey, Eugene Edward St. Johnsbury Begin, Rose Ursile Waterford June 1, 1936
Hevey, Roger L. St. Johnsbury Begin, Claire Waterford Aug 27, 1960
Heywood, John B. Waterford Kittredge, Rachel M. St. Johnsbury April 21, 1972
Hooker, Scott T. Waterford Chaloux, Denise St. Johnsbury June 19, 1981
Hooper, George Littleton, NH Gadwah, Sandra Littleton, NH Dec 17, 1961
Hourigan, Christopher David Waterford Brown, Mary Catherine Norfolk, VA Sept 1, 1984
Hovey, Robert Francis St. Johnsbury Sanville, Dorothy Margaret St. Johnsbury Dec 31, 1982
Howard, Chester James Concord Stuart, Reta Waterford March 16, 1940
Hoyt, Warren Jason Tunbridge Achilles, Sally Veda Waterford Dec 20, 1969
Hudson, Harold Henry Waterford Nichols, Marcia Concord Jan 30, 1959
Hurlbert, Gerald D. Waterford Wetherell, Doris I. Waterford Dec 7, 1980
Hutchins, Gerald Freeman Danville Bumps, Betty Almeda Waterford Dec 11, 1949
Jackson, Michael Frank Waterford Davison, Laurie Ann Waterford July 26, 1986
Jackson, William F. Randolph Farr, Constance Waterford Sept 6, 1959
Jacques, Harold Henry Concord Prue, Doris Althea Waterford Oct 12, 1931
Jacques, Howard H. Waterford Powers, Elizabeth Agnes Waterford Aug 31, 1946
Jacques, Royce Morton Waterford Therrien, Theresa St. Johnsbury June 10, 1950
Jewell, Jess C. Waterford Lavature, Elinor Maceline Waterford July 26, 1941
Johnson, George B. Littleton, NH Fitchett, Fannie J. Waterford June 13, 1925
Jones, Douglas H. Natick, MA Lacaillade, Roxanna Rae Natick, MA June 25, 1983
Jones, Irving L. Waterford Brown, Effie M. Dunkin, Que. Nov 5, 1934
Kelly, Brian Thomas Calais Simpson, Jo-Ann Waterford Sept 18, 1971
Kincaid, Shawn Edward Waterford Blais, Linda Joyce Waterford July 9, 1983
Kinne, George H., Jr. Littleton, NH Noyes, Myrna J. Lisbon, NH Oct 23, 1961
Kirkpatrick, Roland Alfred Waterford Charron, Philamen Ora Lyndonville Aug 11, 1934
Knight, Kenson A. Newbury Nutter, Lillian Waterford Sept 24, 1949
Knights, Roderic St. Johnsbury Rudd, Elizabeth Waterford April 29, 1967
Koloski, Robert John Waterford Meyers, Paula G. St. Johnsbury Oct 23, 1982
Lacoss, Brian Howard St. Johnsbury Bedor, Nancy Ann Waterford June 13, 1970
Ladd, Gordon D. St. Johnsbury Choquette, JoAnne R. Waterford June 28, 1975
Lais, Michael Joseph Tribes Hill, NY Whelly, Claudia Ann Tribes Hill, NY Jan 11, 1992
Lamontagne, Alfred Henri Waterford Boisvert, Gertrude Waterford June 21, 1932
Larocque, Dale Richard Charlotte, NC Bonnett, Marie Irene Waterford March 23, 1985
Lavature, Leo Waterford Fraser, Helen Margaret Barnet Jan 27, 1943
Lavigne, David V. St. Johnsbury Kimball, Betty L. Waterford Dec 10, 1965
Lawrence, C. Abbott Waterford Graves, Pearl Elizabeth Waterford April 30, 1946
Leclerc, Charles Ernest Waterford Grady, Dorothy A. Waterford Dec 31, 1983
Lee, Edward B. Waterford Lee, Bertha M. Waterford June 19, 1949
Lee, Jeffrey Harold Barrington, NH Clickinger, Alison Renee Barrington, NH July 8, 1990
Lewis, Elwood W. Easton, NH Carpenter, Wilda I. Waterford April 29, 1933
Lewis, Wayne K. Waterford Lewis, Sallie A. Waterford Dec 24, 1989
Lewis, Wayne Kenneth St. Johnsbury Gagne, Yvette Olivette Waterford May 1, 1942
Locke, Raymond Russell St. Johnsbury Barrett, Sharon Ann Waterford Sept 5, 1970
Longley, Glenn E. Waterford Page, Patricia A. Waterford March 11, 1978
Longmoore, David Newbury Bean, Priscilla Waterford Oct 6, 1952
Longwell, Donald John Cambridge, MA Henshaw, Janice Rae Cambridge, MA Aug 25, 1984
Lote, Ronald G. St. Johnsbury Greenleaf, Mary J. Waterford Oct 28, 1989
Lunnie, Harold W. Concord Daniels, Helen M. Waterford May 10, 1961
Lutter, Clyde Ott Orange Pk, FL Turner, Kathleen M. Waterford May 23, 1981
Lyndes, Kim J. Waterford Aldrich, Lurette A. Waterford April 15, 1978
Mangiro, Arthur A. West Caldwell, NJ Powers, Sharon E. Waterford Sept 22, 1979
Mann, Stephen Michael Millis, MA Saulnier, Jody Ann Lincoln, NH Oct 27, 1991
Marcotte, Joseph Alvery William Berlin, NH Gingue, Rose Anna Waterford Jan 28, 1946
Marrow, George Meredith St. Johnsbury Remick, Louise Webber Waterford April 26, 1935
Marshall, Eric Clifton Coxon Barnet Powers, Eulalie Julia Waterford Feb 12, 1940
Martel, Roger R. Waterford Robinson, Marcia Ann Barnet June 15, 1968
Mason, Roy James St. Johnsbury Houston, Beverly Lois Waterford July 3, 1955
Mathews, Locke Raymond Waterford Ladd, Barbara Wilson St. Johnsbury April 3, 1943
Mathews, Stanley R. Waterford Roy, Joan O. Barnet July 2, 1965
Maurice, Gary R. St. Johnsbury Guyer, Marie J. Waterford April 22, 1972
McCullock, Leon F., Jr. Waterford Daniels, Barbara A. Waterford July 20, 1974
McCullock, Patrick H. Waterford Dopp, Cathy J. St. Johnsbury May 25, 1974
McElroy, Patrick J. St. Johnsbury Bullock, Cheryl E. Waterford Jan 24, 1974
McGinnis, Rupert F. Kirby Bullock, Ruth E. Waterford Oct 27, 1931
McMahon, James Frederick Whitefield, NH Lee, Candace Virginia Whitefield, NH July 14, 1984
Meigs, James Benjamin Brookline, MA Talcott, Julia Means Brookline, MA Aug 24, 1985
Merrill, Dennis George Waterford Cummings, Alice Elizabeth Waterford Feb 15, 1992
Miles, Carroll H. Melrose, MA Wright, Rozel Mae Waterford June 12, 1936
Miner, Charles Edward Waterford Gauthier, Bernice May Waterford Jan 26, 1928
Mitchell, Andrew Paul Waterford Russell, Sherri Ann Waterford Nov 2, 1984
Mitchell, Clarence H., Jr. Waterford Chadburn, Carol J. Waterford Dec 22, 1979
Mitchell, Douglas L. Galway, NY Wright, Esther L. Waterford Sept 30, 1973
Morin, Yves Roger Montreal, Que. Mehnert, Maren Ingrid Montreal, Que. Sept 12, 1992
Morris, Arthur Sterling, MA Knights, Brenda Waterford June 29, 1963
Morrison, Arthur Thomas Waterford Pease, Dorothy May Waterford June 21, 1942
Moulton, Reginald L. St. Johnsbury Sizen, Ann C. Waterford Oct 23, 1978
Moyse, J. Russell Concord Pierce, Nina E. Waterford April 10, 1928
Murray, Chester C. Wheelock Pinard, Rhonda Mary Waterford Feb 26, 1972
Neil, Bernard Waterford Nelson, Frances St. Johnsbury Aug 27, 1966
Neil, David William Waterford Rowen, Andrea Helen Burlington March 29, 1969
Neil, Walter Waterford Emmons, Sandra B. Passumpsic Feb 16, 1963
Newkirk, Michael Avery Waterford Garfield, Olivia Pattison Waterford July 26, 1986
Newland, Jack H. Waterford Placey, Noreen St. Johnsbury July 2, 1973
Noel, Robert Dennis St. Johnsbury Ovitt, Barbara Anne Waterford Aug 19, 1972
Noyes, Miland Eugene Waterford Hale, Linda Ann Barnet April 6, 1968
Nutter, Herbert G. Waterford Ellis, Martha R. St. Johnsbury April 18, 1974
Olansky, Alan Joseph Augusta, GA Smith, Linda Diane Augusta, GA May 19, 1977
Olds, Robert James Waterford Fitzgerald, Roxanne Mary Monroe, NH Aug 22, 1970
Page, Wayne Passumpsic Vigeant, Dorothy Waterford Aug 6, 1960
Parker, Forrest Whiting Littleton, NH McGinnis, Ruth Erma Waterford Aug 17, 1948
Parker, Glen Austin Lincoln, NH Goss, Karol Lynn Waterford July 26, 1987
Pasho, Chester R. Waterford Hawthorne, Sandra Jeane White River Jct June 15, 1968
Pasho, Daniel Arthur Waterford Wright, Glenna Raye Waterford Dec 19, 1970
Patchell, David John Portland, ME Borsodi, Kelley Dawn Portland, ME Sept 8, 1990
Paulsen, John Robert Woburn, MA Whitehill, Margaret Emma Waterford June 23, 1951
Pelletier, Maurice Waterford Gagne, Jeannette Waterford Oct 13, 1931
Perkins, Roland Harvey Danville Clark, Rowena E. Waterford March 19, 1941
Pierce, Earl E. Waterford Gregoire, Yvonne B. Waterford Dec 22, 1925
Pierce, Frank Ellery Waterford Miltimore, Marion Katherine Concord Nov 11, 1928
Pierce, Fred D. Waterford Kittredge, Beatrice Wilson Barnet Aug 12, 1939
Pierce, Fred Dexter Waterford Moyse, Nellie Hardwick Concord Oct 10, 1932
Pike, Robert Grant Kirby Cushman, Lucile May Waterford June 14, 1951
Pinard, Royce Waterford King, Sherry Island Pond Nov 10, 1961
Plourde, Gerard Joseph St. Johnsbury Begin, Irena Waterford July 25, 1959
Poliquin, Robert J. Waterford Paquette, Gertrude D. St. Johnsbury Oct 26, 1957
Powers, Daniel G. Waterford Wright, Jane M. St. Johnsbury June 22, 1974
Powers, Kevin Russell Waterford Johnston, Debra Lynn West Rutland June 28, 1986
Powers, Leland Gilbert Waterford Wright, Thelma Lucile Waterford March 5, 1947
Powers, Rick Dean Waterford Fenoff, Melody Anne Waterford Nov 1, 1986
Powers, Ricky D. Waterford King, Pamela J. Littleton, NH Aug 28, 1979
Powers, Russell F. Waterford Wallace, Patricia E. Waterford June 6, 1947
Powers, Willard Bates Waterford Bullock, Lina Elizabeth Waterford Dec 20, 1946
Powers, Willard Bates Waterford Sidell, Gwendolyn Janice St. Johnsbury Aug 4, 1990
Prue, George Waterford Guyer, Celia Waterford Jan 20, 1926
Prue, Richard Paul Waterford Watson, Donna Nancy Waterford April 3, 1982
Racenet, Craig Salt Waterford Nusca, Colleen Rae St. Johnsbury Aug 7, 1982
Racenet, Joseph Ernest Pike, NH Salt, Joyce Carolyn Waterford Aug 6, 1955
Rash, Nelson W. Danville Jacques, Laura Waterford Nov 24, 1956
Remick, Clyde Edward Waterford Oakes, Juna Glee Walpole, NH April 16, 1943
Remick, Henry Ernest Waterford Smith, Charlotte Mary Port Henry, NY Oct 2, 1937
Remick, Homer W. Littleton, NH Bean, Jennie Robie Waterford June 9, 1939
Remick, Howard R. Waterford Whitney, Arda M. Rutland July 2, 1938
Remick, Paul W. Waterford Jimmo, Bertha M. Underhill June 28, 1936
Remick, Russell E. Waterford Leonard, Ethel Pomfret May 14, 1933
Rich, Edwin D.  Waterford Boardman, Elizabeth St. Johnsbury Feb 14, 1946
Richardson, Stephen Andrew St. Johnsbury Nailie, Sheila Lois St. Johnsbury June 28, 1986
Rivers, Arthur L. St. Johnsbury Prue, Yvonne M. Waterford Dec 5, 1970
Rivers, Clyde Walter St. Johnsbury Willson, Geneva Margaret Waterford Dec 27, 1958
Robbins, Mark Edward Barnet Dilley, Patricia Ruth Waterford Aug 21, 1971
Roberts, James Wilson, 4th Washington Crossing, PA Graham, Elizabeth Conrad Waterford Sept 11, 1976
Roberts, Merton A. Lynn, MA Powers, Theresa Waterford Feb 1, 1942
Robinson, Percy A. Sutton Hastings, Bertha Ellen Waterford June 21, 1947
Rodliff, Frederick Hill St. Johnsbury Chandler, Margaret Louise Waterford Oct 7, 1929
Roman, Paul S. Stoughton, MA Hood, Janice Stoughton, MA June 25, 1989
Root, Rodney R. Waterford Berthiaume, Mary P. Waterford June 29, 1974
Rosensteel, Mark T. Edensburg, PA Gingue, Marie C. Waterford Sept 26, 1981
Rosett, Charles Richard New Haven, CT Heuston, Heather Forth New Haven, CT Jan 3, 1987
Rousseau, Joseph Edward St. Johnsbury Doyon, Rose Theresa Waterford June 30, 1940
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