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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Married on Place
Ackley, Theodore H. Westfield Crawford, Susan T. Westfield June 20, 1980  
Alix, Gerard Raymond Newport Center Paxman, Nancy Lee Westfield Feb 3, 1962  
Amyott, Robert Leon   Gibeault, Shirley Polly   March 14, 1970 North Troy
Anders-Andreoli, Peter Westfield Peebles, Jennifer De Andrade Westfield Feb 18, 2005  
Anderson, Rolf Fredric Westfield Powers, Sharon A. Burlington Sept 24, 1984  
Azur, David M. Newport Pudvah, Nancy E. Westfield June 15, 1968  
Backus, Dan Arlan Westfield Malloy, Kimberly A. Westfield Aug 20, 2005  
Baraw, Shawn Michael Newport Center Shirley, Casey Deanna Westfield Sept 28, 2002  
Barre, Isadore S. Westfield Graveline, Alice Mary Coventry April 26, 1930  
Barrett, Reginald John Quebec, Canada Heffernan, Elizabeth L. Dorval, Canada July 6, 1991  
Bates, Malvin I. Westfield Barre, Alice M. Westfield June 23, 1979  
Bathalon, Bernard Westfield Willis, Tammy L. Westfield Aug 29, 1981  
Bathalon, Gaston P. Troy delaBruere, Rose M. Westfield Jan 9, 1982  
Bathalon, Guy J. P. Westfield Doyon, Aline M. Lowell June 4, 1977  
Bathalon, Jacques A. Westfield Randall, Marie G. North Troy Aug 28, 1976  
Bathalon, Jean L.   Comtois, Yvette M.   June 17, 1972 Newport
Bathalon, Lucien M. Westfield Doyon, Marielle J. Lowell Jan 6, 1968  
Bathalon, Marcel A. Westfield Brasseur, Diane M. Newport Center Sept 10, 1977  
Bathalon, Pierre P. J. Westfield Mead, Alice J. Hyde Park Nov 13, 1976  
Bathalon, Raymond Ernest   Letourneau, Lillian Doris   June 26, 1971 Troy
Bathalon, Richard Westfield Hauver, Mary A. Newport Oct 16, 1976  
Bathalon, Robert Gerard Westfield LeBlanc, Joanne M. Lowell Sept 8, 1984  
Bean, Carl M. Westfield Ramsdell, Nora M. Westfield July 17, 1937  
Bean, Donald C. Westfield Miller, Betty Ann Westfield April 11, 1981  
Bean, Harley Alfred Westfield Sheltra, Olive Mae Lowell Aug 25, 1935  
Bean, Lloyd Russell Westfield Desilets, Angelina Eugena St. Johnsbury Aug 20, 1955  
Bean, Ralph Carl Westfield Curtis, Evelyn C. Derby March 31, 1936  
Beaulieu, Phillippe Lowell Coutu, Jeanne Westfield June 23, 1951  
Beldon, Larry Ernest North Troy Ellsworth, Anza Suellen Westfield April 18, 1973  
Belisle, Jason Edward Westfield Tetreault, Jessica Marie Westfield July 26, 2003  
Bell, Wendall W. Westfield Wilcox, Nora E. Newport Dec 5, 1930  
Bendlak, John Herman Westfield Daniels, JoEllen Claire Westfield Sept 2, 2006  
Benoit, Aurel Westfield Corliss, Chloe Lowell Nov 24, 1926  
Bentley, William A.   Beaulieu, Helene P.   Oct 7, 1972 Troy
Bergeron, Odilon J. Easthampton, MA Brouillard, Francoise Westfield Sept 6, 1944  
Berthiaume, Louis Victor Westfield Gelo, Joan Alma Lowell April 16, 1955  
Berthiaume, Thos. Louis Phillipp Westfield Poutre, Gabrielle Troy Oct 26, 1940  
Blackman, Ian David London Newhouse, Andrea F. London July 4, 1992  
Blais, Reginald North Troy St. Jacques, Rose Westfield Aug 19, 1961  
Blanchard, Roland Troy Longey, Shirley Richford Jan 21, 1963  
Bonneau, Jean Paul Lowell Meunier, Germaine M. Westfield Sept 6, 1943  
Bonneau, Rene L. Troy Judd, Mary Lou Westfield Oct 17, 1981  
Bonnell, Mark Andrew Westfield Orrego, Maria Francisca Westfield Aug 23, 1996  
Bonvechio, Brian Edward Campbell, CA Couture, Louise Marie Campbell, CA June 22, 1985  
Bouchard, Delphis Roland East Hartford, CT Fontaine, Rachel Alice Westfield Aug 2, 1952  
Bouchard, Gerard Raymond North Troy Coulter, Susan Lynn Westfield March 17, 1973  
Bouchard, Gerard Raymond Westfield Valiquette, Melissa Renee Westfield July 10, 1999  
Bousquet, Mark A. Middletown, CT Bartlett, Elaine N. Middletown, CT July 16, 1994  
Bowen, Charles C. Westfield Brooks, Carrie May Newport July 7, 1949  
Bowen, Leonard S. Westfield Handy, Constance J. North Troy June 17, 1961  
Bowles, Robert W. Westfield Perry, Gloria J. Westfield Aug 12, 1983  
Brittain, Matthias Troy Maclure, Lisa J. Westfield July 29, 1978  
Brouillard, Henry J. Westfield Lague, Germaine M. North Troy June 12, 1939  
Brouillard, Leonel Albert Westfield Beaudry, Roseanne Troy June 1, 1948  
Brouillard, Rosario Westfield Lague, Simone North Troy June 12, 1944  
Brousseau, Robert T. Westfield Bullis, Rose M. Westfield Aug 25, 1990  
Brown, Guy B. Westfield Willis, Merle A. Westfield Feb 11, 1928  
Brown, Paul Floyd Derby Goulding, Bessie Ruth Westfield May 21, 1955  
Bruhn, Steven Henry Westfield Shattuck, Susan R. Derby June 16, 1984  
Burgess, Robert Francis Herman, ME Peters, Trinity Jeanne Herman, ME Oct 19, 2002  
Carr, Thomas Richard   Morse, Rachel Yvonne   July 3, 1970 Barton
Carter, Jason Westfield Blanchard, Melba Lowell April 29, 1945  
Cedroni, Salvatore Roxbury Fontaine, Evelyn Lillian Westfield Sept 11, 1954  
Charland, Allen Lee Westfield Sargent, Shannon Lee Westfield Aug 9, 1997  
Chimileski, Robert B. Westfield Azur, Judith A. Newport April 21, 1983  
Choiniere, Moise H. Flint, Mich Benoit, Laura A. Westfield Sept 3, 1934  
Choquette, Jean Paul Westfield Tetreault, Mary Jane Newport Center Jan 6, 1943  
Choquette, Rosaire Joseph Westfield Sylvester, Theresa Sylvia Derby Oct 14, 1950  
Clark, Roy Allen Moorestown, NJ Caruso, Gail Lynn Moorestown, NJ Dec 31, 2006  
Coe, Garry K. North Troy Baraw, Penny L. Westfield Sept 12, 1981  
Colburn, Dick Arthur Westfield Bowen, Diana Claire Westfield July 6, 1985  
Collins, Durward Paul Westfield Breault, Rita Yvonne Troy Sept 16, 1944  
Collins, Elroy Harley Westfield Willis, Shirley Mildred Troy Feb 24, 1940  
Comtois, Paul Wilfred Newport Ste. Marie, Carol Ann Westfield Oct 13, 1973  
Cook, Donald Gregory Rutland Jacques, Dianne Anita Westfield June 8, 1974  
Couture, Andre J. Westfield Maclure, Linda J. Westfield Aug 27, 1977  
Couture, Armand Westfield Taylor, Beverly E. Newport Center Oct 25, 1958  
Couture, Daniel M. Westfield Choquette, Lise R. Newport Center Aug 13, 1983  
Couture, Jacques Real Westfield Letourneau, Pauline Annie Troy Sept 6, 1969  
Couture, Jean Joseph Westfield Brault, Katharine Marie Troy Oct 13, 1973  
Couture, Leon E. Westfield Diette, Alicia Ann Troy July 13, 1957  
Couture, Michael Joseph Westfield Morin, Kim Marie Westfield Aug 2, 2003  
Cox, Robert W. Emporium, PA Angier, Marice Evelyn Westfield Nov 13, 1943  
Crawford, Jimmy Dan Westfield Paxman, Joyce Ann Westfield Sept 22, 1973  
Cullina, Michael Joseph, Jr. Hartford, CT Berthiaume, Veronica Dorothy Westfield July 3, 1954  
Currier, Robert J. Newport Couture, Denise M. Westfield May 5, 1979  
Daigle, Conrad Honore Westfield Diette, Constance Beatrice Lowell April 3, 1954  
Daigle, Joseph Antonio Jacques Westfield Pigeon, Theresa Antoinette North Troy May 1, 1954  
Daigle, Louis Westfield Stephenson, Sandra Hope Westfield Aug 15, 1964  
Daigle, Norbert G. Westfield Labrecque, Jeannette Newport Aug 4, 1962  
Daigle, Roland Burlington Blais, Susan Burlington Nov 24, 1962  
Daigle, Yves Avila Westfield Willis, Hilda Leola Westfield Dec 27, 1952  
Danforth, Everick Westfield Coulter, Lynn S. Westfield June 28, 1980  
Darby, Edward Westfield Limoges, Gertrude Newport Center April 20, 1963  
Davignon, Larry P. Westfield St. Onge, Yvette J. Troy Sept 3, 1977  
Davis, Harold Ernest Westfield Barre, Hazel Lucy Westfield June 8, 1957  
Dean, Scott Richard East Burke Daigle, Kelli Eve Westfield July 10, 1993  
Deatte, Donald Neil Westfield Thompson, Christina Elaine Westfield Nov 27, 1994  
Deatte, Howard Thomas   Sheltra, Judith Gail   Aug 22, 1970 Newport
Degre, Jacques B.   Meunier, Suzanne R.   Dec 2, 1972 Troy
Degre, Richard Rock Westfield Desrochers, Jan Louise Westfield Sept 1, 2004  
delaBruere, Peter R. Mathuen, MA Branchaud, Alice M. Lawrence, MA Sept 16, 1989  
Descheneaux, Roger North Troy Watson, Janice Westfield Aug 7, 1954  
Desjarlais, Richard Gerard Westfield Cox, Sharon Ann Westfield May 20, 2000  
Deslandes, Russell, Jr.   Kennison, Dorothy M.   July 8, 1972 Troy
Dickens, Russell L. Westfield Gray, Julie A. Westfield Nov 16, 1992  
Doane, Harley Monroe Newport Warner, Myrtle Wing   July 21, 1943  
Donhauser, Richard D.   Aitken, Joan Kathryn   Aug 8, 1970 Westfield
Doyon, Gaston Maurice Westfield Bonneau, Therese Agnes Lowell Aug 16, 1949  
Doyon, Paul John Westfield Archambault, Pauline M. Westfield Aug 16, 1986  
Dukett, Thomas N. Newport City Baraw, Eula R. Westfield Nov 4, 1965  
Dumais, Matthew Cyr Westfield Upshall, Deborah Ann Westfield Sept 19, 1998  
Dunton, Roger Towle Sheldon Pudvah, Elizabeth Ann Westfield June 15, 1947  
Duranleau, Lawrence Norman Westfield Griggs, Joyce Mae North Troy Oct 30, 1948  
Dykeman, Daniel Wayne Westfield Burke, Amanda Elaine St. Johnsbury April 8, 2006  
Dykeman, Nakiah Calvin Westfield Couture, Emily Martinette Barre March 25, 2006  
Eldred, Michael W. Troy Chaput, Jacqueline M. Westfield Sept 10, 1988  
Elie, Perry Lee Westfield Corkins, Amanda Rae North Troy June 29, 2002  
Elliott, Homer William Westfield Hodgdon, Catherine Amanda South Troy June 27, 1953  
Elliott, Jesse Westfield Stetson, Rose Westfield April 1, 1967  
Elliott, Jesse R. West Charleston Provost, Miriam M. Coventry Feb 1, 1975  
Elliott, John Evans Cumberland, RI Guerin, Frances G. Cumberland, RI Feb 13, 2005  
Elliott, Ray Acel Westfield Watson, Betty Ann Newport Center March 7, 1953  
Elliott, Stanley   Westfield Estes, Eleanor Westfield June 26, 1958  
Elliott, Stanley Leon Westfield Simpson, Cora May Newport Dec 14, 1952  
Ellis, Donald Farquhar Westfield Lyster, Mary Catharine Westfield Aug 26, 1995  
Emerson, David Edward Westfield Cloney, Lisa Marie Westfield Nov 22, 1986  
Exell, John W. LaPlace, LA LaPlume, Rachel A. LaPlace, LA July 11, 1992  
Falworth, Joseph Perry Montreal, Canada Coyne, Sile Mary Montreal, Canada July 5, 1995  
Farrar, Steven F. Westfield Gilmartin, Judy A. Westfield Sept 5, 1981  
Ferrara, John Dumont Westfield Keim, Katherine Shelburne Aug 27, 1997  
Fontaine, George Westfield Meunier, Rita North Troy Jan 20, 1947  
Foster, Robert J., Jr. Westfield Olson, Elizabeth A. Westfield Oct 25, 1980  
Fuller, James P. Manchester, NH Magarian, Dawn A. Manchester, NH Aug 4, 1989  
Gallup, Gaylord Erwin Troy Kennison, Deborah Ann Westfield June 28, 1969  
Garland, David W. Orleans Urbatzka, Daniela A. Westfield July 3, 1982  
Gibeault, Adrien  Westfield Goulding, Polly Westfield Nov 2, 1935  
Gibeault, Ernest Adrien Westfield Dunham, Janice Mabel   March 15, 1958  
Gibeault, Roger G. Westfield Piper, Beverly I. Westfield Feb 5, 1988  
Gibeault, Roger Glenis Westfield Haynes, Brenda Eileen   Oct 12, 1968  
Gibney, Cecil Edward Westfield Hitchcock, Eunice Irene Westfield Oct 21, 1944  
Gibney, Levi I. Westfield Besaw, Lorene Lowell June 22, 1931  
Gilding, Mark W. Newport Chicoine, Rejeanne A. Westfield Oct 14, 1978  
Gizzi, Michael C. Troy, NY Couture, Julie R. Westfield July 11, 1992  
Goodwin, Ervin E. Westfield Parker, Janellen Alyce Westfield Sept 25, 2004  
Goulding, John Harrison Westfield Touseau, Irene Gertrude Troy May 23, 1949  
Graveline, Duane E. Westfield Grass, Mary G. Westfield Aug 14, 1989  
Gray, Harry H.   Harris, Mary W.   Feb 6, 1971 Westfield
Guillette, Maurice Andre Westfield Randall, Lisa Rose Westfield Aug 14, 1999  
Hamelin, John G. Westfield Kittredge, Marley A. Westfield July 16, 1990  
Hamelin, John Gary Westfield Gray, Wendy Susan Westfield March 1, 2003  
Hartley, James R. Newport Meunier, Rosemarie M. Westfield July 9, 1966  
Hawes, Rudy Roger Westfield Jewett, Pearl Ellen Westfield June 23, 1973  
Hendrix, Winfred C. Westfield Hitchcock, Grace Edna Barre Nov 16, 1938  
Hisman, Gary E. Westfield Breault, Debbie R. Newport June 11, 1979  
Hisman, Larry C. Westfield Gaudreau, Pauline H. Beebe Plain, VT Feb 25, 1977  
Hisman, Larry Charles Westfield Andrews, Cynthia Ann Westfield July 14, 2001  
Holmes, Edward Wilson, Jr. Westfield Westover, Isabelle Arceilia North Troy Aug 5, 2001  
Houle, Albert A., Jr. Glover Desautels, Gisele Westfield Jan 12, 1963  
Hunter, John Graydon W. Charleston Kennison, Patricia Ruth Westfield Nov 12, 1969  
Hussey, Robert A. Lyndon Center Berthiaume, Judith S. Westfield Aug 23, 1975  
Jacobs, Bert Anthony Westfield Cota, Heidi Rae Westfield Aug 12, 2000  
Joyal, Leon Newport City Page, Sheila Westfield Aug 7, 1965  
Kelley, Wayne D. Westfield Carter, Constance A. Westfield July 9, 1983  
Kennison, Clifton R. Westfield Hackett, Florence Westfield March 14, 1928  
Kennison, Clifton Ryder, Jr. Westfield St. Onge, Eriah Winona Newport Center Dec 23, 1950  
Kennison, Donald Monroe Westfield Lunna, Louise Marilyn Newport Center Dec 11, 1956  
Kennison, Eric Lee Westfield Schmitz, Tisha Marie Richmond, VA Sept 28, 2002  
Kennison, Larry L. Westfield Couture, Suzanne M. Westfield Oct 2, 1976  
Kennison, Roger Lee Westfield Boudreau, Jeanine Jean Troy June 29, 1957  
Kinsley, Richard Charles Westfield Mead, Shirley Grace North Troy Nov 18, 1950  
Knox, Lester M. Westfield Estes, Emma  Westfield May 30, 1969  
Kolreg, William Joseph Westfield Robinson, Betty May Auburn, ME Oct 4, 1950  
Lacoss, Kevin W. Newport Quintal, Marilyn J. Westfield April 26, 1980  
Lacourse, Norbert  Orleans Pope, Beverly Westfield July 16, 1966  
Lamarche, Andre Roger Westfield Provoncha, Sheri Lynn Westfield Dec 31, 1993  
Langevin, Eugene Westfield Lafarier, Blanche Troy Aug 17, 1931  
LaPlume, Andre L. Anaheim Hills, CA Dady, Janice E. Anaheim Hills, CA Sept 19, 1992  
Laplume, Cyril C. Westfield LeBlanc, Linda A. Barton May 27, 1978  
Laplume, Gerard Marcel Westfield Blake, Donna Lee Newport May 26, 1973  
Laplume, Guy L. Westfield LeBlanc, Rita A. Barton June 16, 1979  
LaPlume, Kenneth Rosaire Westfield LeBlanc, Elizabeth Ann Newport Center June 5, 1991  
Laplume, Rosaire Stanilas Westfield Cyr, Loretta Graciella Newport May 27, 1947  
Laplume, Yvan L. Westfield Warner, Connie A. Lowell May 24, 1969  
Laramee, Urbain Westfield Quintal, Jeannette Yvonne Westfield Dec 28, 1948  
Laramee, Victor U. Westfield Caron, Brenda E. Newport July 27, 1988  
LaRose, Allen Joseph Westfield Benway, Deborah Lois Newport July 12, 1969  
LaRose, Almond Elwin Westfield Watson, Geraldine Mae Westfield July 31, 1954  
LaRose, Richard G. Westfield Belisle, Lucille M. A. Troy Aug 10, 1968  
Lassonde, Arsene Troy Quintal, Eva Westfield Dec 13, 1952  
Lavariere, Norbert Henry Joseph Elmwood, CT Bonin, Yvette Mary Hartford, CT June 25, 1955  
Lavoie, Claude Henry Springfield, MA Morse, Isabelle Margaret Newport Dec 27, 1951  
Lavoie, David John Orleans Quintal, Susan Marie Claire Westfield July 14, 1973  
Lawson, Gordon Leonard Coventry Kettle, Helen May Westfield June 29, 1941  
Leather, Jeremy Michael Scipio Center, NY Gosselin, Jennifer Lee Scipio Center, NY June 25, 2005  
LeBaron, Scott E. Westfield Meunier, Laura J. Westfield June 25, 1988  
LeBarron, Dean S. Lowell Carter, Susan L. Westfield March 31, 1989  
LeBlanc, Daryl D. Westfield Hinman, Margaret F. Newport April 23, 1977  
LeMay, John Paul West Charleston Roberge, Ghislaine Laurianne Westfield June 1, 1968  
LeMay, Robert C. Westfield Gouin, Christina Westfield July 11, 1990  
Lemieux, Louis Troy St. George, Delia Troy May 25, 1963  
LeRoy, Winston Westfield Miles, Elizabeth Jane Newport Aug 23, 1958  
Letourneau, Leo Paul   McElroy, Coleen Effie   Dec 18, 1971 Troy
Lianos, Scott Christos Manchester, NH Couture, Jacqueline K. Manchester, NH Aug 31, 2002  
Lloyd, Harry S. Westfield Shover, Blossom Westfield March 13, 1930  
Longley, Paul Steven Westfield Poulin, Lucille Jeanne Westfield July 5, 2003  
Lucas, Stephen M. West Charleston Twombly, Sherie A. Westfield May 19, 1979  
Lucier, Gary Richard Westfield Chaffee, Patricia Lynne   Dec 28, 1968  
Lyster, Peter Frederick Seattle, WA Russell, Lara Nicole Seattle, WA Aug 26, 2006  
Machabee, Charles Frank Brushton, NY Oey, Rebecca Elisabeth Brushton, NY Dec 22, 1995  
Macie, Elwin David North Troy Gosselin, Rose Marie Pauline Lowell June 29, 1957  
MacLure, Jean Paul Westfield Quintal, Irene May Westfield Sept 13, 1952  
Maclure, Jean Paul Westfield Morin, Marielle T. Derby Oct 28, 1978  
Mahoney, Collin Guthrie Westfield Lazor, Christine Mary Westfield July 12, 2003  
Marcotte, Roderick Lee   Pudvah, Margarette Ann   July 23, 1971 Shelburne
Matten, Russell Westfield Warner, Priscilla Lowell Sept 26, 1964  
Mayhew, Carl, Jr. Westfield Marcotte, Margarette A. Westfield Sept 8, 1978  
Mayhew, Louis William Lisbon, NH Ducharme, Mary Alice Westfield Nov 4, 1939  
McAllister, Conrad Oliver   Lamarche, Jeannine Rita   May 15, 1971 Lowell
McAllister, Douglas Charles   Laplume, Rachel Anne-Marie   July 17, 1971 Lowell
McAllister, Stanley W. Lowell Pion, Solange Westfield June 23, 1941  
McAvinney, Daniel Gregory Westfield Talcott, Theresa Ann Westfield Jan 17, 1998  
McDonald, Lawrence R. Lowell Benware, Frances   Oct 15, 1959  
McManis, David Alvin Westfield Longo, Miriam P. Westfield March 13, 1993  
Messier, Bernard J. Guardian Angel, Que. Meunier, Rose Ange Westfield Nov 2, 1944  
Metcalf, Glen C. Westfield Flint, Marion V. Troy Sept 16, 1933  
Meunier, Arthur A. Westfield Lague, Mary Alice Troy Sept 5, 1944  
Meunier, Denis J. Westfield Bruhn, Diana G. Westfield Sept 8, 1979  
Meunier, Gaston J. Westfield Audet, Simonne Newport City June 12, 1943  
Meunier, Gerard J. Westfield Lapalme, Simone J. Westfield June 18, 1940  
Meunier, Jean L. Westfield Lapalme, Laurette M. Westfield Sept 3, 1945  
Meunier, Marcel Audrey Westfield Fournier, Jeannine Frances North Troy May 30, 1951  
Meunier, Paul Newport Center Boudreau, Jeanette Troy May 9, 1964  
Meunier, Roger Joseph   Mason, Deborah Jean   May 29, 1971 Troy
Meunier, Romeo L. Westfield Forand, Madeline Irasburg May 25, 1946  
Mihill, Cleve H.   Rowe, Bonita A.   Sept 16, 1972 Newport Ctr
Miller, Lee R. Westfield Hedin, Ruth E. Westfield Dec 17, 1938  
Miller, Max M., Sr. Westfield Montague, Alice Westfield May 20, 1935  
Moeykens, Andrew J.   Ste. Marie, Joanne M.   May 29, 1971 Newport
Morey, Gerald Sherwood Westfield Powers, Hazel Viola Lowell June 13, 1937  
Morrison, Alfred Carlyle Brattleboro Berthiaume, Rachel Pauline   May 19, 1956  
Morse, Durwood Glennie Jay Gibeault, Rachel Yvonne Westfield July 1, 1967  
Morse, Roger Lowell Fontaine, Annette Westfield Nov 9, 1946  
Mount, James Edward Westfield LaPlume, Melissa Lee Westfield Sept 18, 1999  
Mungioli, Albert Joseph Voorhees, NJ Erny, Dawn Cheryl Voorhees, NJ Dec 31, 1987  
Murphy, Michael Martin Newport Center Gallup, Deborah Ann Westfield July 15, 1991  
Myott, Steven R. Westfield Moeykens, Barbara A. Newport June 2, 1973  
Needler, John Duncan Westfield Kirkland, Karen Lynn Westfield July 13, 2001  
Nelson, Bruce H.   LeBlanc, Gail A.   July 1, 1972 Westfield
Orrock, John David Quebec, Canada White, Susan Thompson Westfield March 16, 1991  
Ostrout, George William Westfield Ramsdell, Rachel Mary North Troy Oct 29, 1960  
Page, Dale H. Westfield Bonneau, Rachel M. Newport City Aug 7, 1965  
Page, Ronald W. Westfield Gagne, Gabrielle Yvette Troy May 24, 1958  
Paquin, Etienne G. New Britain, CT Thibodeau, Solange Westfield May 12, 1942  
Patenaude, Richard Joseph Albany Johnson, Jacqueline Sue Albany Oct 5, 1996  
Paxman, Gerald  Westfield Wilcox, Persis Westfield July 2, 1966  
Percy, Ronal D. Troy Kennison, Ora Faye Westfield Nov 17, 1962  
Phaneuf, Troy Stanley Canada Sargent, Marjorie Ann Canada July 18, 1997  
Phenning, Marc A. Westfield Rush, Shelly J. Westfield Aug 7, 1982  
Piette, Normand Pierre   Perry, Dianne Cecile   Aug 14, 1971 Orleans
Piette, Normand Pierre Westfield Cote, Susan Rosemarie Westfield May 18, 1991  
Pion, Anselme R. Westfield Norway, Hilda B. Newport March 29, 1948  
Pion, Ovila Westfield Benoit, Albina Enosburg Falls June 21, 1952  
Pion, Rene O. Westfield Powers, Shirley M. North Troy Sept 6, 1944  
Pion, Roger Raoul Westfield Fontaine, Annette Mary Newport Center Oct 15, 1955  
Piper, Michael James Westfield Sheltra, Barbara Jean Westfield Aug 15, 1998  
Pollard, Dwight D. Westfield Routhier, Louise C. Westfield May 6, 1988  
Pope, Kenneth Merrill Westfield Brown, Betty Jane Derby May 10, 1957  
Poutre, Donald Joseph   Roberge, Etiennette P.   June 13, 1970 Troy
Powers, Robert Donald Lowell Willis, Debra Diane Westfield June 23, 1973  
Provoncha, Dale Dean Westfield Boulanger, Sharon Leah Westfield April 12, 1997  
Provoncha, Orrin Augustus Westfield Walden, Lois Mae Westfield Oct 15, 1952  
Pudvah, Charles Lyons Westfield Grout, Mary Lou Derby Line Sept 7, 1947  
Quinn, William Henry Portland, ME Lyons, Elizabeth Winslow Portland, ME April 17, 1952  
Quintal, Alain M. Westfield Lafleur, Jane P. Orleans Aug 5, 1978  
Quintal, Daniel J. Westfield LaFleur, Francine M. Irasburg April 28, 1979  
Quintal, Edward Theodore Westfield Boudreault, Rachel Coaticook, Que. Sept 27, 1952  
Quintal, Gerald E. Westfield Lafleur, Jeannette M. Irasburg July 1, 1978  
Quirion, Emilien Westfield Sevigny, Rosanna Troy Oct 6, 1962  
Racicot, Andre John Westfield Darby, Ann Marie Westfield Sept 3, 1966  
Racicot, Fernand Westfield Brault, Fernande Troy Oct 25, 1943  
Racicot, Gerard Ernest Westfield Tetreault, Theresa Joan Lowell Oct 16, 1948  
Racicot, Joseph Roger Westfield Lemieux, Francoise North Troy Oct 27, 1962  
Racicot, Maurice D. Westfield Despins, Yvonne B. Newport May 10, 1938  
Randall, Lawrence Westfield Goulding, Gertrude Westfield Jan 24, 1946  
Recchia, Tony Springfield, MA St. Jacques, Mary   April 27, 1957  
Reed, Jeremy C.   Steele, Sandra F.   Dec 26, 1972 Westfield
Renihan, Darin S. Rochester, NH Lavalette, Michelle A. Rochester, NH May 12, 1990  
Roberts, Dennis Charles North Troy Gallup, Tracy Dawn Newport Sept 21, 1991  
Robitaille, Robert E. Westfield Berthiaume, Ritta L. Westfield June 27, 1944  
Rodier, Alfred A. San Diego, CA Cota, Flora J. Westfield July 16, 1980  
Rogers, Michael John Somers, NY Moore, Holly Jane Carmel, NY Aug 21, 1999  
Rondeau, Arthur Westfield Guilbault, Simonne Troy Aug 23, 1941  
Rosenberger, Andrew Bectal Westfield LeBlanc, Vanessa Jean Westfield May 4, 2002  
Routhier, Armand Joseph Westfield St. Marie, Georgette Theresa Theberge Newport Dec 29, 1969  
Routhier, Joseph Paul A. Troy Daigle, Louise L. Westfield Oct 26, 1968  
Santaw, Jerry A. Westfield Merriam, Diane M. Westfield April 11, 1981  
Sanville, Douglas Wayne Salisbury, MA Scanlon, Dorothy May Salisbury, MA Nov 28, 1987  
Sanville, Gary Lee Westfield Hefferman, Mary Frances Westfield Aug 8, 1987  
Sargent, Donald Dunkin, Quebec Smith, Jeannette Dunkin, Quebec March 29, 1962  
Sargent, George E.   Starr, Kay E.   June 10, 1972 Westfield
Sartwell, Michael Westfield Hill, Judith Westfield Aug 5, 2000  
Scott, Earl Silas Westfield Aiken, Yvette Antoinette Westfield Sept 2, 1994  
Shellhorn, Robert Francis Ocean City, NJ Hoy, Peggy Ann Ocean City, NJ May 29, 1994  
Sheltra, Elwin Richard Westfield Elkins, Elaine Lillian Montgomery Oct 25, 1947  
Sheltra, Gary Richard Westfield Allen, Christine Ann Westfield Dec 31, 1994  
Sheltra, Gary Richard Westfield Marczyzak, Carol Ann Westfield Aug 30, 2003  
Sheltra, Paul James   LaPlume, Yvette Louise   June 20, 1970 Lowell
Sheltra, Raymond M. Westfield Roy, Alice H. Newport April 12, 1941  
Sheltra, Raymond P. Coventry Bean, Elsie A. Westfield June 15, 1948  
Sheltra, Richard F. Westfield Pope, Lillian E. Westfield April 5, 1947  
Sheltra, Robert Westfield Lucas, Linda Derby June 20, 1964  
Sheltra, Robin Leigh Pulaski, NY Curtis, Laurie Dee Pulaski, NY Dec 15, 2001  
Sherbert, Bernard E. Westfield Poutre, Marie O. Irasburg Sept 5, 1944  
Shover, Clarence M. Westfield Smith, Esther Newport Feb 17, 1934  
Sicotte, Albert Noe Westfield LeBlanc, Helene Therese Lowell June 25, 1951  
Sicotte, Guy Westfield Phenix, Mary Jane Newport Town Sept 25, 1943  
Slayton, Austin H. Westfield Allen, Vivian J. Morristown Aug 21, 1976  
Smith, David P. Westfield Pruden, Nancy M. Newport Oct 18, 1989  
Snider, Clifford L. Westfield Mayhew, Theresa D. Montgomery Dec 26, 1939  
Snider, Raoul L. Westfield Beaulieu, Therese Muriel Lowell June 7, 1945  
Souther, Francis Willard Westfield Warner, Barbara Ruth Westfield Sept 27, 1965  
St. Jacques, Lawrence Westfield Tessier, Lucie Anne Troy Aug 4, 1931  
St. Onge, Philip L. Westfield Morin, Pauline M. Westfield May 11, 1944  
Starr, Gregory Durward Newport Couture, Ann Marie Westfield Aug 31, 1985  
Starr, Howard B. Troy Bean, Latheria Candace Westfield Oct 1, 1949  
Starr, Jack Edward, Jr.   Gibeault, Dianne Marie   May 16, 1970 North Troy
Starr, Michael J. North Troy Daigle, Tena L. Westfield Sept 2, 1978  
Ste. Marie, Robert G.   Proteau, Claudette C.   June 10, 1972 Newport
Stevens, John Randall Westfield Gibney, Melba Vivian Hartford, CT May 21, 1945  
Stewart, Frederic R. Westfield Rogers, Barbara R. Westfield May 29, 1982  
Stoddard, Matthews Charles Westfield Gleason, Lill Rose Mary Blair Orleans May 14, 1938  
Stone, Joe C. Westfield Lax, Susan P. Westfield Dec 20, 1980  
Sullivan, James Henry IV Westfield Larocque, Sherri Lee Westfield Sept 7, 1996  
Swanson, Lynn D. Oak Harbor, Wash Maclure, Shirley C. Westfield May 1, 1976  
Sylvain, Norman P. Westfield Gilman, Deborah M. Westfield Oct 2, 1982  
Sylvester, James Lewis, III York, PA Daigle, Laurette Claura York, PA Nov 24, 1962  
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