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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Date Parents Bride Residence Parents Place of Marriage 
Armstrong, Warren E.   Jan 27, 1930   Mitchem, Lillian      
Austin, Albert William Lyndon, VT June 11, 1966   Smith, Donna Rose Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Austin, Oscar James   March 30, 1929   Willey, Maribe Abbie      
Bailey, Arthur Ranald Wheelock, VT Dec 27, 1955   Charland, Mary Kay Lyndonville, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Baker, Duane Everette Wheelock, VT March 27, 1964   Aldrich, Barbara Jean St. Johnsbury, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Baker, Duane Everette Wheelock, VT Nov 3, 1969   Cobb, Millye Corene Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Bandy, Francis M. Wheelock, VT July 2, 1977   Allard, Jacquelyn Wheelock, VT    
Bauer, Richard Wheelock, VT Sept 13, 1975   Connolly, Patricia Wheelock, VT    
Bean, John Graves Wheelock, VT May 22, 1939   Burden, Elizabeth Jean St. Johnsbury, VT    
Bedor, Stephen Francis St. Johnsbury, VT June 19, 1976   Walker, Susan Marie Wheelock, VT    
Berry, David Russell   July 14, 1941   Snelling, Barbara Lois      
Berry, Edwin M., Jr.  Lyndon, VT Sept 29, 1979 Edwin M. Berry, Sr.
& Ida M. Lewis
Smith, Denise E. Wheelock, VT Bradley I. Smith
& Rhoda M. Sims
Berry, Garold A.   Oct 14, 1936   Snelling, Dorothy Ruth      
Berry, Maurice J.   June 10, 1935   Lynaugh, Shirley Ruth      
Berry, Maynard C.   Dec 12, 1931   Jesseman, Arlene E.       
Berry, Scott F. Lyndon, VT Feb 19, 1979 Edwin Berry & Ida Lewis Leonard, Cindy M. Lyndon, VT Floyd Leonard &
 Barbara Metevier
Berry, Willis A. Sheffield, VT March 20, 1952 Raymond L. Berry
&  Marion Gilman
Chesley, Barbara B. Wheelock, VT Virtulon Chesley
&  Jennie Craig
Best, Dayton Horace   June 29, 1931   Blake, Ila Mildred      
Bickford, Howard C. St. Johnsbury, VT Sept 16, 1944 George Bickford
&  Edith Roberts
Drown, Ena Louise Wheelock, VT Plummer Drown
&  Martha Kelley
Bickford, Roy Chester Wheelock, VT April 4, 1940   Batchelder, Hattie E. Burke, VT    
Blair, Vernice Roy Wheelock, VT June 10, 1952 William Blair
&  Mary Peck
Hamilton, Agnes C. Boston, MA John Marahan &
 Louisa MacDonald
Blake, Austin K. Wheelock, VT May 7, 1938   Brown, Barbara A. Lyndonville, VT    
Blake, Clayton   July 25, 1934   Pritchard, Elizabeth      
Blake, Norris A.   May 17, 1930   Cushing, Dorcas      
Blake, Raymond George   July 28, 1928   John , Estella Maria      
Boulay, Gerard A. Wheelock, VT May 7, 1977   Kennedy, Rose Marie Wheelock, VT    
Breault, Paul   June 11, 1930   Picard, Alphena      
Brisson, David Lee St. Johnsbury, VT March 6, 1970   Bocash, Allana Louise Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT 
Brown, Foster Ronan Wheelock, VT July 9, 1943 Irving C. Brown
&  Belle Sisco
Chamberlain, Vivian Dorothy Barton, VT Max Chamberlain
&  Linnie Smith
Brown, Harold Wheelock, VT Oct 17, 1953   Daigle, Roseanna Burke, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Burke, Alexander J.   Aug 22, 1929   Salmon, Mae Maria      
Champagne, Roger A. Wheelock, VT Nov 19, 1938   Bickford, Verla A. Wheelock, VT    
Chase, Hariold E.   Sept 8, 1925 George Chase 
&  Emma Awens(?)
Hunt, Thelma   Ernest Hunt 
&  Lillie Copp
Chesley, Wendell Lyle   Aug 6, 1985 Virtulon P. Chesley
& Jennie C. Craig
Allard, Sandra Jean   Burton A. Allard
& Hilda M. Alger
Cole, Stuart Frederick St. Johnsbury, VT Aug 20, 1966   Smith, Jennie Ann Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Craig, Walter L. Wheelock, VT Oct 1, 1951 Fred Craig
&  Rosie La Clair
Cleverly, Mabel Mae Barton, VT Enoch Spoor &
  Frances Crandall
Cree, Stephen C. Wheelock, VT June 22, 1937   Borland, Joyce V. West Glover, VT    
Crossett, Chad   Feb 29, 1992 Richard Harold Crossett
& Jocquetta Ann Hoffman
Camber, Crystal Rose   Charles Leighton Camber & Donna Rose Smith  
Cutting, Alton R. Wheelock, VT Nov 25, 1937   Herrick, Laura H. Coventry, VT    
Damon, Clifton Gerald Barton, VT Oct 11, 1948 Peter Wilfred Damon
&  Aurilla Deparo
LaFlamme, Anita Elizabeth Wheelock, VT Arthur LaFlamme &
Mary Elizabeth Krewett
Davis, Jack A. Wheelock, VT Aug 2, 1980 Roger Davis
& Alice Cook
Ott, Denise E. Sheffield, VT Arhtur Ott &
 Shirley Mahoney
Davis, Reginald Alton Wheelock, VT July 20, 1948 Kie I. Davis
&  Daisy M. Blake
Miller, Phyllis Louise New Haven, CT Henry R. Miller
&  Marion L. Miller
Davis, Russell W. Lyndon, VT Oct 8, 1977 Henry P. Davis
&  Alberta B. Leonard 
Hudson, Brenda R. Wheelock, VT Melvin D. Hudson
& Verla R. Berry
Davis, W. Earl Sheffield, VT June 4, 1937   Bickford, Essfa E. Wheelock, VT    
DeGreenia, Walter W.   May 17, 1929   Chamberlain, Emma E.      
Deos, Charles Donald Wheelock, VT Feb 10, 1950 Dewey O. Deos
&  Rosie Viola Brown
Peck, Virginia Doreen Sutton, VT Elmer William Peck
& Flossie May Facteau
Deos, Francis H. Wheelock, VT Dec 22, 1951 Dewey O. Deos
&  Rose V. Brown
Peck, Geraldine Sutton, VT Elmer Peck &
  Flossie Facteau
Desjardines, Ovila   Oct 15, 1932   Leavitt, Alvira      
Dezan, Milo Edward Wheelock, VT Sept 6, 1939   Rodger, Irene Laura Greensboro, VT    
Diamond, Danill Patrick   July 30, 1924 William Diamond 
& Elizabeth Pedleton
Martelle, Jennie (Carr)   Harlow Carr 
&  Hattie Derlon
Dionisio, Arthur A. Wheelock, VT Aug 18, 1979 Arthur Dionisio
& Josephine Ciampi
Caron, Mary L. Wheelock, VT Roland Caron &
 Marie-Paul Breaton
Drake, Donald Mexworth Wheelock, VT June 1, 1945 Samuel Drake
&  Etta Currier
Howland, Betsy Williams Edgewood, RI Elton Howland
&  Elaine Wilcox
Drown, Kenneth   March 17, 1934   Hanscom, Ruth Elizabeth      
Edmunds, Ashley Ryland Lyndon, VT Sept 18, 1971   Cole, Jennie Ann Wheelock, VT    
Elliott, Waldo Francis St. Johnsbury, VT Nov 22, 1942   Blodgett, Phyllis Arlene Wheelock, VT    
Embair, Brian Thomas Wheelock, VT July 19, 1975   Bachand, Deborah Lee Wheelock, VT    
Embair, Dennis H. Wheelock, VT Nov 2, 1974   Bachand, Gail Ann Wheelock, VT    
Fisher, Theophilus Sheffield, VT Oct 5, 1951 George Fisher
&  Margaret Bischoff
Chesley, June Wheelock, VT Virtulan Chesley
& Jennie Craig
Flint, Herbert Forrest, Jr.  Randolph, VT May 30, 1955   Pinkham, Kanora Ida Wheelock, VT   Montpelier, VT
Fox, Merton C. Lyndon, VT Jan 13, 1951 Dennis Fox
&  Anna Skinner
Libby, Elodie Wheelock, VT William Libby
& Hazel Aldrich
Gale, Robert Harris Wheelock, VT June 16, 1973   Farrington, Laurie Jean Wheelock, VT    
Gauthier, Paul Joseph Manchester, VT June 4, 1966   Smith, Gayle Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Gendron, Robert Wheelock. VT May 21, 1959   Thompson, Linda North Troy, VT    
Gilman, Norman George Lyndonville, VT Nov 8, 1958   Murray, Virginia Irene Wheelock, VT    
Gilman, Stanley Allen   Oct 2, 1982 Wilbur George Gilman
& Ruby Jean Silver
Willey, Beverly Rose   Clayton George Willey & Beverly A. Kimball  
Gonyaw, Harold Wheelock, VT Sept 6, 1926   Cushing, Evelyn May Sheffield, VT    
Haile, Nick Todd Nathan   Feb 14, 1993 Nathan Clarence Haile
& Helen Freida LeClair
Covey, Christine Pamela   Victor Covey &
Joanne Anascowitz
Halligan, Lemuel Quebec  Nov 26, 1947 Patrick Halligan
&  Anna Spence
Gilfillian, Hazel (Mrs.) East Haven, VT Orem Woods
& Ada Allen 
Hannett, Edward O.   Sept 19, 1927   Noe, Florida      
Heath, Theron R. Wheelock, VT Sept 3, 1938   Allard, Mildred E. Lyndon, VT    
Hill, Harlan Ellsworth Greensboro, VT Oct 22, 1942   Leavitt, Fay Katherine Wheelock, VT    
Houde, Michael David   June 26, 1992 Fernand G. Houde
& Mildred E. Streeter
McKinstry, Candace M.   Paul C. Page &
Phyllis McKinney
Hudson, Clinton Howard Wheelock, VT July 31, 1971   Giroux, Patricia Ann Wheelock, VT    
Hudson, Erton Donald Wheelock, VT Aug 22, 1970   Surridge, Elizabeth May Barnet, VT   St. Johnsbury, VT
Hudson, Kenneth Alfred Wheelock, VT Aug 15, 1939   Paquin, Josephine Abbie Danville, VT    
Hudson, Melvin Donald   March 29, 1941   Berry, Verla Ruth      
Hudson, Raymond Merl Wheelock, VT June 22, 1940   Grady, Lois Elizabeth Wheelock, VT    
Hudson, Robert L. Wheelock, VT June 29, 1937   Rowell, Elizabeth F. Greensboro, VT    
Hume, Douglas Roy Wheelock, VT May 24, 1981 Harry R. Hume
& Susie E. Eisnor
Willey, Faye Janice Wheelock, VT Harold G. Willey &
Philena E. Dunn
Hutchinson, Donivan E. Wheelock, VT Jan 4, 1938   Morse, Esther L. Wheelock, VT    
Ingalls, Freeman Eugene Wheelock, VT April 26, 1945 Harry Ingalls
&  Della LaCoss
Moulton, Reda Martha Lyndon Ctr., VT Ray Moulton &
Winnie Dewey
Ingalls, Max Wheelock, VT Aug 29, 1953   Allard, Ruth Lyndonville, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Ingalls, Wallace  Linwood Wheelock, VT June 17, 1948  Harold C. Ingalls
&  Delia LaCoss
Deos, Joan Edith Wheelock, VT Dewey O. Deos &
Rosie V. Brown
Jolin, Aldeo Wheelock, VT April 26, 1952 Oree J. Jolin 
&  Marie Jolin
Bernier, Rose Wheelock, VT William Bernier &
Kettle, George John Sheffield, VT Nov 30, 1949 George Kettle
& Eunice White
Degreenia, Emma Elida Wheelock, VT Clyde Chamberlain
& Nellie Drew
King, Lawrence Wheelock, VT Aug 1, 1942   Noyes, Velma Mae St. Albans, VT    
Kirk, Frederick Weeks Woodsville, NH Feb 18, 1950 Harold Benjamin Kirk &
  Madeline Marie Weeks
Bailey, Adele  Louise Wheelock, VT Arthur Ranald Bailey
&  Rita Sarah Lowry
Knapp, Howard H.   Oct 1, 1993 William H. Knapp
& Katherine M. Barnes
Knapp, Glen Ann   Bernard S. Hudson &
Elizabeth Houghton
Lamoureux, Oscar   July 31, 1932   Bernier, Alma      
Langley, Ronald Bernard Wheelock, VT Nov 28, 1981 Bernard Langley
& Alinie Poirrier
Pierce, Leigh Wheelock, VT Cedric Pierce, Jr.
& Claire Hubbell
Langmaid, Ronald Harry Craftsbury, VT June 26, 1965   Murray, Linda Jean Wheelock, VT   So. Wheelock, VT
Lapoint, Luciene U. Wheelock, VT July 2, 1938   Stone, Marguerite L. Wheelock, VT    
Libby, Charles Franklin Sutton, VT Sept 23, 1946 Amos Libby
& Mary Wallman
Wyman, Wilma W. East Haven, VT Elden Cole
& Celia Moulthrop
Libby, Hiram Gerald   April 16, 1931   Hanscome, Dorothy G.      
Mann, Gilbert David Burlington, VT June 23, 1962   Poulin, Ramona Lee Wheelock, VT   Sheffield, VT
Martineau, Gedeon Joseph Wheelock, VT Jan 27, 1968   Benesch, Elizabeth Franziska Islip, NY   Lyndonville, VT
Massman, Frederick New Rochelle, NY Aug 9, 1952 William Massmann &
 Margaret McKean
Pinkham, Jacqueline Wheelock, VT Clarence Pinkham
& Dolores Smith
Masure, Conover George Lyndon, VT Jan 5, 1944 Lewis Masure &
  Valentine Aldrich
Knapp, Theda Wheelock, VT William Knapp
& Dorothy Riley
Mathewson, Derwood Wheelock, VT June 7, 1956   Nelson, Florence Mabel Danville, VT   E. St. Johnsbury, VT
Mathewson, Hugh   April 25, 1925 E. ? Mathewson
&  Nancy Marsh
Carpenter, Mattie Atlanta   Haines Carpernter 
& Minnie Page
Mathewson, Hugh Jenkins Wheelock, VT March 6, 1957   Proof, Sandra Muriel W. Burke, VT    
McKinstry, John Wheelock, VT March 27, 1951 Orlo McKinstry
& Ethel White
Hale, Jean Morrisville, VT Hiram Hale
& Gladys Griswold
McNally, Gregory Arthur, Jr.  Wheelock, VT March 24, 1974   Young, Edith Ann Wheelock, VT    
Montgomery, John W. Hardwick, VT March 20, 1980 James C. Montgomery
& Louise E. Noyes
Withers, Brenda J. Wheelock, VT Wayland W. Withers
& Betty J. Wright
Morgan, Edward Robert   March 4, 1993 Donald H. Owens
& Joyce L. Ferch
Schwarz, Cordula Maria   Gunther Schwarz &
Christa E. Maikowski
Murray, Chester C. Wheelock, VT Feb 26, 1972   Pinard, Rhonda Mary Waterford, VT    
Murray, Robert Edward Wheelock, Vt March 18, 1961   Hill, Elsie May Littleton, NH    
Murray, Roger Charles Wheelock, VT June 28, 1969   Bristol, Ruth Ann St. Johnsbury, VT   Barnet, VT
Nault, Elphege   Sept 5, 1932   Lavigne, Gertrude      
Nault, Peter Gerald Gilford, NH Jan 21, 1967   Peak, Lucille Elizabeth Wheelock, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Norcross, Gary Dale Wheelock, VT Feb 10, 1973   Gray, Sherrilyn Ellen Lyndon, VT    
Norway, Milton S. Stannard, VT Aug 25, 1952 Earl V. Norway
&  Minnie J. Combs
Withers, Ione M. Wheelock, VT Wesley Withers
& Ruth L. Taylor
Noyes, Lee R. Wheelock, VT Feb 18, 1978 Raymond Noyes
& Alma Peak
Eldridge, Elaine M. Wheelock, VT Raymond Eldridge &
Jacqueline Pearlman
Paquette, Wilfred Benjamin Lyndon, VT Dec 9, 1939   Hitchcock, Evelyn Wheelock, VT    
Peak , Irvin W. Wheelock, VT Dec 31, 1938   Grady, Marion L. Wheelock, VT    
Peak, Albert Edwin Wheelock, VT June 29, 1966   Morse, Gladys Evelyn Lyndonville, VT   So. Wheelock, VT
Peak, George A.   July 11, 1929   Flanders, Olive      
Petitier, Raymond A. Wheelock, VT Nov 19, 1976   Chamblain, Jane Ellen Lyndon, VT    
Picard, Leonide   Sept 7, 1935   Nault , Lillian      
Pillsbury, Francis John Lyndonville, VT Aug 3, 1974   Fox, Ronda Jean Wheelock, VT    
Pillsbury, Fred J.   Aug 4, 1930   Lawrence, Frances R.      
Poulin, John Raymond Wheelock, VT July 2, 1965   Stetson, Diane Proctor Lyndon Ctr, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Poulin, Robert Edgar Wheelock, VT Dec 22, 1964   Huntoon, Paula Elaine Bradford, VT   Newbury, VT
Poulin, Russell Edward Wheelock, VT Aug 10, 1963   Smith, Lorraine Delight Wheelock, VT   Sheffield, VT
Powers, Nathan Todd   July 28, 1984 Pleas Powers
& Ruby Adkins
Smith, Karen Louise   Robert W. Smith
& Janet E. Smith
Proia, Anthony, Jr.  St. Johnsbury, VT July 31, 1976   Anderson, Judith M. Wheelock, VT    
Remick, Carl D.   Aug 17, 1984 Carl D. Remick
& Mabel Miles
Maynard, Theresa A.   Fredrick I. Maynard
& Julia A. Sinon
Remick, Carl Duane St. Johnsbury, VT Oct 17, 1970   Smith, Mavis Libby Wheelock, VT   So. Wheelock, VT
Rich, Jerry Francis   June 8, 1984 Harold F. Rich
& Evelyn Emerson
Gochie, Regina C.   Reginald Switser
& Fargo Laroche
Rickert, Robert Turnham Wheelock, VT Sept 5, 1965   Milton, Betty Francis Newport News, VA   St. Johnsbury, VT
Robinson, Cassius Albert Wheelock, VT July 4, 1960   Scott, Margaret Johnson Danville, VT    
Robinson, Stephen James Wheelock, VT Dec 29, 1962   Norrie, Madeline Louise Sheffield, VT    Sheffield, VT
Robinson, Willie Clarence Wheelock, VT Aug 26, 1964   Hunt, Caroline Linstruth Sheffield, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Rowell, Kenneth Paul Wheelock, VT May 1, 1971   Kimball, Cheryl Ann Florence St. Johnsbury Ctr., VT    
Rowell, Richard C. Wheelock, VT April 7, 1957   Mitchell, Hazel A. Sutton, VT    
Rundell, George D. Fairbanks, AK Jan 26, 1979 Orville Rundell
& Esther Hedglin
Smith, Rhoda M. Wheelock, VT Forrest Sims
& Lucille Mayse
Safford, Horace H. Wheelock, VT Sept 4, 1938   Pierce, Mabel A. St. Johnsbury, VT    
Sanborn, Dale Stevens Wheelock, VT May 20, 1947 Clifton J. Sanborn
& Marion Willey 
Blodgett, Erla Elizabeth Wheelock, VT Earl F. Blodgett &
Agnes Althea Sherburne
Sanborn, Lawrence Clinton Wheelock, VT Sept 14, 1955   Willey, Pearl Avis Wheelock, VT   Newark, VT
Sanborn, Paul Clifton Wheelock, VT Aug 2, 1944 Clifton Sanborn
& Marion Willey
Pinkham, Pauline Hannah Lyndonville, VT Paul Pinkham
& Hannah Daley
Sherburne, Carrol F. Wheelock, VT June 2, 1926   Robinson, Leis A. Lyndon, VT    
Sherburne, George R. Wheelock, VT Jan 9, 1937   Hudson, Bertha E. Wheelock, VT    
Simpson, Guy O.   Sept 24, 1930   Sherburne, Viola      
Simpson, Roland L. Wheelock, VT Dec 26, 1938   Hitchcock, Beulah M. Danville, VT    
Sinon, Martin   Aug 27, 1925 James Sinon
&  Margaret Trumey
Hughes, Elizabeth   Tim Hughes
& Esther
Skinner, Everett Earl S. Wheelock, VT Feb 9, 1957   Bean, Elizabeth Ann Whitefield, NH    
Skinner, Norman Wheelock, VT Jan 20, 1951 Lynn Skinner
& Dora Blake 
Dunnells, Joyce Bridgewater Corners, VT Lewis Dunnells &
Agnes Richardson
Skinner, Wallace Lynn Wheelock, VT June 20, 1950 Lynn S. Skinner
& Dora Jeannett Blake
Cota, Marion Arlene Grand Isle, VT William Cota
& Ella M. Larock
Smith, Arthur Lynn Columbia, NH Nov 11, 1949 George Smith
& Lizzie E. Pickney
Withers, Shirley Alice Wheelock, VT Fred Stone &
Winnota Mae Smith
Smith, Bradley I. Wheelock, VT June 16, 1951 Cecil Smith
& Doris Hunt
Prise, Rhoda Mae Marlington, W. VA Forrest Sims &
Lucile Mayse
Smith, Clarence Albert   Dec 12, 1992 Clarence J. Smith &
 Karlene M. Boardman
Sequin, Brenda Joyce   Arland A. Butler
& Janice P. King
Smith, David Wheelock, VT June 11, 1954   Libby, Mavis Wheelock, VT   Sheffield, VT
Smith, David Ralph Wheelock, VT Dec 31, 1970   Camber, Nancy Janeen West Burke, VT   Lyndonville, VT 
Smith, David Ralph Wheelock, VT Oct 19, 1973   Westover, Lorraine Fay St. Johnsbury, VT    
Smith, Donald Robert Wheelock, VT Feb 16, 1980 William C. Smith
& Bessie Berg
Brown, Caren Marie Wheelock, VT Robert Brown &
Phyllis Mirando
Smith, Duane Paul Wheelock, VT June 18, 1956   Ingalls, Joan Sherley Wheelock, VT   Sheffield, VT
Smith, Gaylon G. Wheelock, VT Oct 20, 1979 Cecil I. Smith
& Doris Hunt
Dobson, Virginia M. Concord, VT Everett Dobson &
Charlotte Kenny
Smith, Gaylon George Wheelock, VT July 9, 1956   Mitchell, Waneta Sara Lyndon Ctr., VT   St. Johnsbury, VT
Smith, Preston Thomas Wheelock, VT June 18, 1966   Rainey, Audrey Louise Lyndonville, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Smith, Robert William Wheelock, VT March 27, 1960   Bailey, Janet Elaine Wheelock. VT    
St. Louis, Eugene   July 18, 1924 Charles E. St. Louis
&  Sally Willey
Duckless, Blanche   Harry Duckless
& ?
St. Louis, Eugene, Jr. Wheelock, VT Dec 24, 1949 Eugene St. Louis &
 Blanche Duckless
Thompson, June Eclipse Glover, VT Benjamin H. Thompson & Lillian Chadurn  
Stahler, David Russell Wheelock, VT Aug 1, 1970   Moykens, Rena Marie Newport, VT   Newport, VT
Stahler, Francis Hill Wheelock, VT June 2, 1947 Herbert H. Stahler
&  Grace C. Hill
Legare, Bernice Winifred Alma Quebec Ernest Legare
& Annie Mathers
Stahler, Howard Herbert Wheelock, VT Aug 15, 1942   Rice, Mildred Eleanor Lyndonville, VT    
Stahler, Larry Arthur   June 27, 1993 Larry Arthur Stahler &
 Norma Jeanne Johnson
Novick, Carol F.   Eli Novick & Helen
 Adele Yekelchick
Stahler, Russell Arthur   Dec 27, 1941   Lynaugh, Elsie Eva      
Stephan, James Vincent   Aug 28, 1993 Thomas Joseph Stephan, Sr & Linda May Emmerson Edson, Naomi Rachel   William Perkins & Kathleen Susan Carter  
Stimpson, William Harris Wheelock, VT July 26, 1980 Harris W. Stimpson, Jr.
& Linda F. Howland
Mitchell, Teresa Ida Lyndon, VT William F. Mitchell
& Edith F. Jacques
Stone, Delbert H.   Sept 9, 1930   Hovey, Edith      
Stone, Fred Clarence Wheelock, VT March 20, 1942   Allen, Doris Wheelock, VT    
Stone, George T. Wheelock, VT Aug 6, 1977   Norway, Carmel Sheffield, VT    
Stone, Kenneth Gordon Wheelock, VT March 14, 1942   Dopp, Virginia Claire Barton, VT    
Sweet, Floyd   Oct 18, 1932   Devenger, Ida      
Tanner, Earl Percy Wheelock, VT June 17, 1940   Mathewson, Mattie Wheelock, VT    
Tanner, Hayden Lee Wheelock, VT July 7, 1962   Murray, Patricia Ann Wheelock, VT   So. Wheelock, VT
Tanner, Robert Harold Sheffield, VT March 8, 1950 Harold Leroy Tanner
& Myrtle Belle Green
Mathewson, Lula Jeannette Wheelock, VT Hugh Jenkins Mathewson &  Mattie Atlanta Carpenter  
Trefethen, Laurette Lester Wheelock, VT Dec 16, 1939   Paul, Ruth Myrtle Barton, VT    
Trembley, George Bernard Danville, VT June 29, 1968   Hudson, Linda Mae Wheelock, VT   Wheelock, VT
Walker, Willie H.   April 18, 1992 Eddie O. Walker
& Iola M. Sheldon
Willson, Yvette R.   Paul L. Rock & Lucille M. Pinsonnault  
Waters, John Paul Maurice   June 19, 1993 Michael Francis Xavier Waters & Margaret Mary O'Carroll Nolan, Maura Bridget   John James Nolan
& Carolyn Elizabeth Curran
Weis, Jay Edward Wheelock, VT Aug 2, 1975   Blair, Patricia Ann Lyndonville, VT    
Welch, Roland Daniel   Oct 29, 1927   Smith, Vera Elizabeth      
Whitcomb, Douglas Steven Sheffield, VT July 12, 1969   Fox, Donna Marie Wheelock, VT   Sheffield, VT
Willson, David Wendell Wheelock, VT Jan 27, 1968   Reynolds, Marie Ann Lyndonville, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Willson, Gary Alden North Concord, VT July 20, 1974   Poulin, Cynthia Jean Wheelock, VT    
Willson, James M. Wheelock, VT July 1, 1977   Walker, Diane Wheelock, VT    
Willson, James Melvin Wheelock, VT Oct 22, 1969   Griffith, Rosalie Jean Lyndon, VT   Sheffield, VT
Willson, Lincoln Joseph, Jr. Wheelock, VT April 20, 1963   Rock, Yvette Rosina St. Johnsbury, VT   Lyndonville, VT
Winsor, William J. Wheelock, VT Aug 20, 1978 Paul Winsor
& Joan M. Parsons
Peters, Susan J. Wheelock, VT Waldo Peters &
Shirley Cushman
Withers, Elwin Lester   July 2, 1941   Stone, Shirley Alice      
Wright, Richard D.   July 27, 1985 Leonard Wright
& Marion MacDonald
Belway, Donelle S.   Theodore Belway
& Priscilla Bates

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