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Groom Bride Town  & date Issue date
Adams, Harlan P. of Lancaster Burleigh, Miss Ellen E. of Lancaster Lancaster  Dec 21 1/9/1875
Adams, Henry Edward of Guildhall Wheelock, Miss Marion H. of Hartford Hartford  May 23 6/3/1876
Allen, George E. of Maidstone Beliavance, Miss Leonora of Barford, PQ Maidstone, VT  March 16 4/5/1873
Ames, William L. of Dixville, PQ Champion, Laura J. of Dixville, PQ Island Pond  April 10 4/12/1878
Balch, Herbert F. Dean, Miss Susie E. Lunenburgh  10/10/1879
Balch, Willie E. of Lunenburg Powers, Ella Marr of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Sept 27 10/21/1876
Ball, Emery M. D. of Maidstone Peck, Miss Sarah L. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Sept 21 10/2/1875
Barnes, Edwin J. of Island Pond Lemeter, Mary J. of Island Pond Island Pond  Dec 17 12/26/1879
Barnes, Jacob H. Worth, Miss Ida M. Island Pond  Oct 23 10/31/1879
Barrett, George M. age 79 Townsend, Miss age 21 Grafton     recently 6/14/1878
Bean, Samuel L. of Berlin Potter, Mrs. Sarah J. of Mason, ME Berlin  May 22 6/5/1875
Beaton, John of Guildhall McGlinchey, Miss Maggie of St. Stephen, PQ Guildhall  Aug 29 9/8/1877
Bias, Thomas of Victory, VT Suitor, Jane of Victory, VT St. Johnsbury  Jan 26 2/8/1873
Bisbee, Charles J. of Haverhill Morton, Miss Frances of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 31 2/14/1874
Bishop, Harvey of Burke Gray, Miss Lillian S. of Burke Island Pond  Oct 6 10/10/1879
Blodgett, Loyal of Stratford Lambkin, Miss Sarah A. of Stratford Lancaster   10/25/1873
Blodgett, Riley of Stratford Grow, Miss Lestina R. of Guildhall Stratford, NH Feb 28 3/7/1874
Blood, Clement of Lunenburg Whiting, Miss Abbie B of Guildhall Littleton  Dec 2(5) 1/5/1878
Bolles, Curtis E. of Dalton, NH Hubbard, Miss Anna of Whitefield, NH Lunenburg?  1st inst 3/8/1873
Bories, Calvin E. of Franconia Burns, Laura E. of Whitefield Lancaster  Jan 1 1/10/1874
Bosworth, Augustus W. of New Richmond, Wisc Robinson, Lilla J. of Island Pond Island Pond  June 11 6/14/1878
Bowker, Mark D. of Lunenburg Silsby, Miss Nellie J. of Lunenburg (item 12-29) Lunenburg  Dec 11 12/22/1877
Bowman, Louis of N. Stratford Brown, Miss Persis of Oldtown Oldtown, ME  April 16 4/26/1873
Bowman, Seth E. of Sonora, CA Osgood, Miss Helen A. of Columbia Colebrook  Jan 29 2/6/1875
Boyce, A. R. of Granby not named recently 8/1/1879
Brown, Sumner of Carroll Holmes, Miss Clara B. of Carroll Carroll  Aug 30 9/26/1874
Buck, W. M. of Island Pond Ladd, Miss M. E. of Sutton Barton  Aug 21 8/30/1878
Bullard, Willie E. of Lancaster Burns, Miss Minnie C. of Lancaster Lancaster  March 15 3/17/1877
Burke, John of Berlin, NH Blodgett, Miss Maggie of Berlin, NH Berlin  Aug 17 8/23/1873
Burnham, Leavitt, Esq. of Omaha, Neb Gibson, Miss Sarah E. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 16 10/4/1873
Campbell, A. R. of Island Pond Lang, Miss D. Idella of Island Pond Island Pond  May 1 5/9/1879
Carpenter, Arthur H. of Lancaster Stanley, Miss Hattie E. of Maidstone Maidstone  Oct 28 10/31/1874
Carpenter, Barnes of Granby Emerson, Miss Julie of Victory               Sept 22 10/4/1878
Carpenter, Lyman of Dakota Terr. Lyman, Miss Mariall L. of Columbia S. Columbia  Dec 5 12/16/1876
Carruth, James T. of Concord, VT Woodbury, Angeline of Benj Woodbury of C. Lunenburg  Jan 25 1/29/1876
Cates, Charles D. of Berlin Ellingwood, Miss Menette of Milan Berlin  May 30 6/5/1875
Cave, George E. of Montpelier Flanigan, Miss Annie of Island Pond Guildhall  Oct 17 10/28/1876
Chamberlain, Pierre Cabana, Miss Ellen Island Pond  Oct 19 10/31/1879
Chamberlin, Rush T. of St. Johnsbury Badger, Miss Sarah of Irasburg Lunenburg Oct 25 10/31/1874
Chaplin, Richard W. of Lyndon Allen, Miss Althena of Charleston Island Pond  Oct 15 10/18/1878
Clarke, H. A. of Ft Wallace, Kan. Carpenter, Miss Lilla A. of W. Charleston W Charleston  June 9 6/13/1879
Cloudman, Joseph B. of Lancaster Forbes, Miss Nettie B. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 14 9/27/1873
Cobb, Arthur of Brighton Joy, Miss Laura of Brighton Brighton  March 19 3/21/1879
Cobb, Plummer B. of Guildhall Gray, Miss Ella of Northumberland Lancaster  Dec 30 1/5/1878
Coburn, Howard of Lunenburg Silsby, Miss Mary L. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Dec 27 1/3/1874
Colby, Charles of Colebrook Dudley, Miss Sarah A. of Hanover Hanover  Jan 22 2/8/1873
Cole, George E. of Gorham Wentworth, Miss Rosetta of Dummer Gorham  Nov 30 12/5/1874
Cole, Greenleaf of Stark Carpenter, Miss Josephine B. of Granby, VT Stark  April 10 4/19/1873
Cole, Richard of Stark, NH Ward, Miss Frances L. of Guildhall Lancaster, NH Dec 17 12/20/1873
Collins, Amos W. of Bradley, ME Turner, Miss Abby C. of Milan Milan  Aug 16 8/28/1875
Cook, L. R. Andrew, Miss Clara J. Island Pond  Sept 8 9/13/1878
Coombs, Charles W. of Gorham Grapes, Miss Cora B. of West Milan Gorham  Nov 20 11/27/1875
Corey, Enos B. of Franconia Hanno, Miss Sarah M. of Whitefield Lancaster  Nov 5 11/14/1874
Coyle, Joseph of Lancaster Shannon, Ida M. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 29 10/4/1873
Crafts, Samuel G. of Stewartstown Carter, Miss Melinda of Colebrook Colebrook  July 10 7/26/1873
Crapo, Joseph Willey, Miss Caroline Island Pond  Oct 5 10/10/1879
Cummings, John D. Curtis, Miss Eliza of Stratford, NH Guildhall  last Thurs 11/7/1879
Currier, Frank C. of Lunenburg Spaulding, Miss Alice C. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Jan 1 1/6/1877
Curtis, Charles C.  Lace, Miss Anna L. of Worcester Worcester, VT Dec 2 12/13/1873
Cutting, Horace W. not named East Concord last week 12/20/1878
Danforth, Christopher of Brighton Whitney, Martha of Brighton Morgan Centre  Oct 7 10/18/1878
Danforth, William R. of Brighton Smith, Miss Jennie of Holland Island Pond 4/5/1878
Darling, John of Concord Darling, Miss Lucy B. of Concord Concord  March 1 3/14/1879
Davis, B. F. of E. Charleston Applebee, Julia E. of P. J. Applebee of E. C. E. Charleston  last Sat 6/7/1878
Davis, Frank not named E. Charleston  recently 10/4/1878
Davis, Henry E. of Stewartstown, NH Nelson, Miss Susan of St. Sylvester, PQ Guildhall  Sept 30 10/2/1875
Day, Nahum D. of N. Stratford Curtis, Miss Mary E. of N. Stratford Bloomfield  Nov 20 12/13/1873
Dean, Benjamin F. of St. Johnsbury Bonett, Miss Emma H. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 27 10/9/1875
Dean, Fred A. of Lunenburg Currier, Lavina P. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Oct 9 10/18/1878
Denison, H. W., Esq. of Yokahama, Japan Cross, Miss Nellie W. of Lancaster, NH Brooklyn, NY  Thurs 2/15/1873
Derby, Elmore H. of Lancaster Hartshorn, Mary E. of Lunenburg Lancaster  Sept 10 9/20/1878
Derby, George W. of Lancaster Bemis, Miss Georgianna of Jefferson Jefferson  April 15 4/25/1874
Dewey, William J. S. of Maidstone Bath, Mrs. Annie R. Donnell of Pittston, ME Hallowell, ME  Jan 21 1/31/1879
Dodge, William C. of Lunenburgh Temple, Mrs. Estelle M. of Lunenburgh Lunenburgh 11/22/1878
Dolan, P. D. of Portland, ME Cassady, Miss Margaret of New Ireland, CE Lunenburg  Oct 4 10/23/1875
Dolloff, Daniel H. of Lancaster Mann, Sarah M. of Haverhill Lancaster  Jan 17 1/31/1874
Dorr, Orrin A. of Cambridge, MA Wentworth, Molly J. of Lancaster Lancaster  Feb 23 3/7/1874
Dunham, Frank Ladd, Lizzie of C. M. Ladd Island Pond week ago Mon 7/12/1878
Dunn, Joseph of Columbia Wheeler, Miss Martha J. of Stratford Stratford Hollow  Jan 31 2/8/1873
Eastman, Darius G. of Milan McWane, Miss Cora Almeda of Milan Milan, NH  Dec 13 12/19/1874
Eaton, George B. of Whitefield, NH Bishop, Miss Ann B. of Whitefield, NH Lunenburg  Aug 15 8/21/1875
Edmunds, Alonzo of Canaan Laughton, Miss Adelia H. of Canaan Canaan, VT  Jan 8 2/1/1873
Eggleston, Harby of Burke Shores, Miss Abby S. of Granby E. Burke Nov 28 12/13/1873
Egglestone, Harby of Burke Shores, Miss Abby S. of Granby E. Burke  Nov 28 12/20/1873
Elliott, Alexander of Bloomfield Spencer, Mary L. of Guildhall Lancaster  April 18 4/26/1873
Elliott, Otis of Dalton Crouch, Flora E. of W. S. Crouch, Esq. of D. Dalton  Nov 17 11/27/1875
Ellis, Royal J. of Lancaster Ingerson, Miss Lizzie of Lancaster Lancaster  May 27 6/3/1876
Emerson, Wesley of Granby not named   8/22/1879
Evans, Parker C.  Tubbs, Addie A. of Orrin Tubbs, Esq. Gorham, NH Tues 5/30/1879
Evans, Pearson G. of Gorham Twitchell, Helen M. of Col. Adams Twitchell of Milan Milan  18th inst 10/28/1876
Everett, DeVolney of Nashua & Concord, NH Adams, Miss A. Jennie of Lancaster Lancaster  Oct 18 10/25/1873
Fairman, William of Colebrook Ingalis, Minerva of Brunswick, VT Colebrook  Jan 19 3/22/1873
Farham, Eblen of Lancaster Winters, Miss Mary of Lancaster Lancaster  Dec 17 1/11/1873
Farnham, John M. of Lancaster Cotton, Augusta of Lancaster Lancaster  Nov 21 3/6/1875
Ferguson, Robert of Island Pond Butler, Miss Anastasia of Quebec Longueull, Que Sept 1 9/12/1879
Flanders, James R. of Lancaster Holmes, Miss Sophronia C. of Jefferson Lancaster  June 28 7/4/1874
Fletcher, Dan of Colebrook Knapp, Mrs. Elvira of Colebrook Colebrook  March 19 3/29/1873
Flint, George R. of Wentworth Bennett, Miss Martha A. of Wentworth Colebrook  Oct 14 10/25/1873
Follensby, Lorenzo of Victory Dudley, Miss Miriam of Granby Granby  Nov 23 12/12/1874
Fuller, Charles E. of E. Concord Fuller, Miss Minnie A. of E. Concord East Concord  March 15 3/21/1879
Getchell, George E. of Oldtown, ME Miles, Miss Clara C. of Stark Stark  July 22 8/2/1873
Gillis, James of Bloomfield Clough, Miss Ellen C. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Sept 10 10/2/1875
Gilnes, Franklin F. of Groveton Boudreau, Mrs. Annie of Montreal Groveton  April 30 5/16/1874
Gleason, Benjamin C of Granby Emery, Miss Ella of Guildhall Granby  March 21 3/28/1874
Goad, George S. of Dummer Wheeler, Miss Emma of Shelburn Milan  Oct 8 10/18/1873
Goud, Clifford A. of Dummer Kendall, Miss Lizzie of Milan Milan  Nov 13 11/20/1875
Gould, George S. Abbott, Miss S. Alice Lancaster  March 22 4/1/1876
Gould, Page of Shelburne Greene, Miss Diannah H. of Shelburne Shelburne  Jan 16 1/25/1873
Gray, Milo of Lunenburg Drew, Miss Julia of Haverhill, NH not listed 7/12/1873
Green, Darius of Shelburne Kendall, Hannah V. of Milan Milan  Nov 23 12/9/1876
Green, Manson of Shelburne, NH Allen, Miss Mary A. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 18 10/4/1873
Grey, Thomas C. of Whitefield Grant, Miss Ida E. of Whitefield Guildhall  Sept 6 9/13/1873
Griswold, Charles Lyman of Lancaster Kent, Sarah Eliza of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 16 1/18/1873
Griswold, John of Dalton, NH Rand, Miss Nellie Belle of Dalton, NH Lunenburg  Sept 23 10/21/1876
Grover, Sewellyn D. of Bethel, ME Morse, Mrs. Mahitable A. of Bethel, ME Berlin, NH  Jan 17 1/25/1873
Guilmette, George of Island Pond Danforth, Sarah E. of Island Pond Island Pond 12/6/1878
Hall, Alfred of Maidstone Drew, Ella F. of Maidstone Lancaster  Feb 10 2/14/1879
Hall, Charles F. of Maidstone Clark, Miss Vina R. of Trempealeau, Wisc. Passumpsic  Aug 26 8/30/1878
Hall, Thomas S. of Island Pond Holmes, Miss Mary J. of Island Pond Island Pond  Sept 30 10/3/1879
Hamlin, Charles G. of Gorham Blake, Mrs. Lydia A. of Milan Milan  Nov 20 11/27/1875
Hanson, Herbert of Derby  (item) House, Miss Ella of Beebe Plain, PQ Derby Line  May 2 5/10/1878
Haren, Richard of Jefferson Pratt, Mrs. Kate of Lancaster Lancaster  July 3 7/17/1875
Harriman, Andrew C. of Jackson Wilson, Miss Alice L. of Gorham Randolph, NH March 14 3/25/1876
Hart, Alfred W. of Lancaster Morse, Miss Cora B. of Guildhall Lancaster  Feb 8 2/14/1879
Hart, Isaac L. of Fall River, MA Wright, Miss Abbie J. of Lunenburgh Littleton, NH Sept 4 9/12/1879
Hartshorn, Charles E. of Guildhall Beede, Miss Ada P. of Maidstone Maidstone  May 19 5/22/1875
Hartwell, James M., MD of Colebrook Barker, Mrs. Hattie T. of Suncook Suncook  April 13 4/19/1873
Haynes, Guy of Maidstone Stevens, Miss Emeline of Maidstone Groveton  Sept 14 10/31/1874
Heath, Angier A. of Gorham Elkins, Eunice C. of Guildhall Guildhall  Nov 8 11/20/1875
Hebbard, Charles C. of Shelburne Farwell, Miss Adelaide S. of Shelburne Lancaster  Oct 21 10/28/1876
Hinds, Norris E. of Stark Cole, Miss Dorah R. of Stark Lancaster  April 18 4/26/1873
Hinman, Havilla B. of N. Stratford Barrett, Miss Kate M. of N. Stratford N. Stratford  Dec 28 1/10/1874
Hinman, William B. of Maidstone Pratt, Miss Hattie L. of Jefferson, NH Jefferson, NH May 8 6/13/1879
Hitchcock, Col. John R.  Lary, Miss Dawn Gorham  11th inst 1/16/1875
Hodgdon, Charles S. of Lancaster Porter, Miss Moretta of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 14 1/18/1873
Hodgdon, Daniel W. of Milan Bean, Miss Rose of Milan Milan  Nov 27 12/4/1875
Hodgdon, Samuel F. of Milan Scales, Abbie M. of Milan Milan  Nov 25 12/9/1876
Holmes, Valorus Reed of Lancaster Rines, Miss Clara A. of Jefferson Lancaster  Dec 28 1/11/1873
Holmes, Willis of Carroll, NH Kimball, Ella E. of Madison, NH Carroll, NH April 11 5/8/1875
How, C. E. of East Haven Lunderville, Miss Jennie of Newport East Haven  Nov 28 12/13/1878
Howard, Ezra I. of S. Bend, Ind. Moses, Miss Emma of Colebrook Niles, Mich Feb 11 3/22/1873
Howard, George of Randolph, NH Carpenter, Miss Loretta of Granby Granby 4/18/1879
Howard, Leonard of Concord, VT Hudson, Miss Susan E. of Boston, MA E. Haven  Jan 1 2/1/1873
Hubbard, Charles E. of Guildhall Willard, Miss Otelia C. of Newton, MA Lunenburg  Feb 26 3/3/1877
Hubbard, George of Guildhall Richards, Mrs. Lucy M. of Haverhill, MA Groveton  June 24 6/27/1874
Hudson, Erwin A. of East Haven Hartwell, Miss Miranda of East Haven East Haven  Nov 10 12/4/1875
Humphrey, John of Stark Page, Sarah E. of Veasie, ME Stark  Jan 16 1/23/1875
Ingerson, William E. of Lancaster Stebbens, Helen S. of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 1 1/8/1876
Jewell, Frank of Lyme, NH Jewell, Eliza of Barnston, PQ E. Brighton  Aug 14 8/16/1878
Johnson, G. Lockhart of Lancaster Heath, Miss Ida M. of Gorham Lancaster  May 22 5/27/1876
Johnson, George D. of Lancaster Jackson, Miss Eliza of Guildhall Guildhall  Dec 23 12/27/1873
Johnson, John G. of Stratford Curtis, Miss Anna of Stratford Stratford  Nov 25 12/11/1875
Jordan, Chester B., Esq. of Lancaster Nutter, Miss Ida R. of Lancaster Lancaster, NH  July 19 7/25/1879
Keach, Henry A. of Columbia, NH Blodgett, Miss Helen of Lemington, VT Lemington, VT May 5 5/15/1875
Keith, Charles of Guildhall Joslyn, Miss Emeline M. of Waterford Lower Waterford Oct 14 10/31/1874
Keniston, Charles W. of Lancaster Porter, Miss Lucia of Lancaster Lancaster June 18 6/27/1874
Kent, David of Guildhall Webb, Miss Esther Ann of Maidstone Maidstone  Feb 1 2/5/1876
Kettle, William of Charleston Kent, Miss Lizzie Addie of D[alt]on, PQ Island Pond  Sept 16 9/20/1878
King, Joseph of Berlin, NH Buxton, Miss Lizzie of Berlin, NH Berlin  Aug 17 8/23/1873
Ladd, Martin Morse, Lillian of S. D. Morse Esq. of I. Pond Barton   last Tues. 6/7/1878
Lane, Albert S. of Lunenburg Dodge, Miss Arvilla A. of Lunenburg Lunenburg 8/9/1878
Lane, Henry J. of Lunenburg Philips, Sarah E. of E. Burke Lunenburg  May 20 6/3/1876
Laviture, Joseph Crawford, Miss M. East Concord 12/12/1879
Lewis, Edgar H. of Lunenburg Holman, Miss Ida of Winchendon, MA Lunenburg  July 3 7/12/1878
Lippet, L. of Mass. Hardy, Miss Caroline of E. Concord Waterford  Sept 27 10/3/1879
Liscomb, W. P. of Lancaster Dennison, Miss Emma of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 29 10/9/1875
Locke, Fred W. of Columbia Rogers, Miss Lucy of Errol Bloomfield, VT  Oct 2 10/18/1873
Locke, George S. of Concord, NH Marshall, Belle of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 23 9/27/1873
Longee, M. B. of Compton, PQ Ryder, Miss Josie of Lewiston, ME Island Pond  Nov 8 11/14/1879
Lovejoy, D. W., MD of S. Royalton Wood, Eva M. of late J. Y. Wood, Esq Pomfret, VT Sept 26 10/17/1874
Luca, John B. of Brighton Brewer, Miss Addie E. of Newark Island Pond  Dec 13 12/26/1879
Lucas, H. C. of St. Johnsbury Carr, Miss Ella of M. W. Carr Lunenburg  Dec 8 1/18/1873
Lund, Hosea of Victory Shores, Miss Mina of Granby               Sept 22 10/4/1878
Lungwell, Peter of Guildhall Rivers, Mary L. of Lyndon Guildhall  Jan 29 2/7/1874
Lurvy, George B. of Bloomfield Scott, Miss Lucinda E. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Nov 1 11/6/1875
Macomber, Thomas of Lancaster Wood, Miss Alice M. of Malone Malone, NY  July 27 9/11/1875
Maguire, Ezekiel of Stark, NH Ellingwood, Miss Sarah E. of Bethel, ME Shelburne 1/11/1873
Manor, Andrew J. of E. Concord Russell, Miss Harriet E. of E. Concord E. Concord  Feb 22 2/27/1875
Marshall, Alvo G. of Lancaster Hodgdon, Miss Emma J. of Lancaster Lancaster  Feb 3 2/10/1877
Marshall, Freeman G. of Columbia Dustin, Miss Mary E. of Columbia Colebrook  April 17 5/3/1873
Matthews, C. W. of Victory Wells, Miss Hatie of Granby Granby ?  Last Thurs 7/4/1879
McDuff, Peter of Lancaster Stickney, Miss Emma E. of Lancaster Lancaster  July 17 7/24/1875
McGrear, Charles I. of Whitefield Hicks, Miss Josephine A. of Jefferson Jefferson  March 1 3/29/1873
McKelvey, James of E. Concord Gee, Hellen of W. Concord [Concord   July 28] 8/4/1877
McKenney, J. Bemis of Stratford Luther, Miss Emily Jane of Maidstone Maidstone, VT  Jan 25 2/8/1873
McKenzie, W. S. of Scotland Remick, Miss Ella L. of Jefferson Jefferson, NH July 19 7/29/1876
Merrill, Seneca S., Esq. of Colebrook Pitkin, Mrs. Arvilla P. of Colebrook Colebrook  Feb 23 3/11/1876
Merrow, Charles S. of Lancaster Leavitt, Miss Emily of Lancaster Lancaster  April 23 5/3/1873
Michael, Rev. George of Penn Tewksbury, Lizzie of Rev. Geo F. Tewksbury       May 20 5/30/1874
Miles, John H. of Leeds, PQ McCord, Miss Allie of Lancaster, NH Bloomfield  Sept 25 9/27/1878
Moore, George of Brighton Wilder, Miss Emma J. of Brighton Brighton  Oct 1(4) 10/18/1878
Morrill, George W. of Boston, MA Boynton, Mrs. Helen L. of Lancaster, NH Guildhall  Jan 1 1/3/1874
Morse, Charles of Bloomfield Hapgood, Josie M. of Coos Lemington  Aug 7 8/14/1875
Morse, Ithiel of Lancaster Russell, Miss Chastina of Lancaster Lancaster  Aug 30 9/2/1876
Morse, James P. of Dalton Eastman, Mrs. Hattie of Newbury, VT Dalton  Oct 15 10/31/1874
Moulton, Nelson of Lancaster Woodward, Novel P. of Jefferson                 Dec 31 3/6/1875
Nassau, Edward of Lancaster Gouchee, Mary of Lancaster                 Feb 3 3/6/1875
Neary, Rev. Phillips of Lyndon Longard, Kate of John D. Longard, Esq. Wolfsville, NS May 27 6/13/1874
Nelson, Edward of Brighton Gunn, Miss Bridget of Brighton Island Pond  June 1   6/6/1879
Newman, J. B. of Concord, VT Ovett, Miss Edna of Concord, VT Lunenburg  8th inst 7/15/1876
Newton, Hosea of Dixfield, ME Hall, Miss Abbie A. of Mexica, ME Gorham  Oct 4 10/16/1875
Nichols, Horatio H. of Lunenburg Meader, Mrs. Lizzie of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Nov 4 11/7/1874
Nichols, L. Allen of Lunenburg Pond, Miss Carrie E. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  May 30 6/2/1877
Norris, F. W. of Lancaster Warren, Miss Anna M. of Burke W. Burke, VT June 21 7/1/1876
Noyes, Albert L. of Hyde Park not named Hyde Park prob Mon 12/27/1878
Noyes, R. B. of Bloomfield Paul, Miss Mary A. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Sept 2(0) 10/6/1877
Nutter, C. E. of Lancaster Drew, Miss Gusta L. of Jefferson Jefferson  Dec 24 1/16/1875
Nutter, John Q. of Lancaster & Ukiah, CA Green, Mary Bietta of John Green Almeda, CA March 14 (item) 4/10/1875
Olcott, Dr. B. T. of Lancaster Baldwin, Miss Anna A. of Bloomfield Bloomfield, VT  Oct 15 10/18/1873
Ordway, Samuel T. of Milan Besse, Miss Hannah C. of N. Woodstock, ME Milan  July 4 7/11/1874
Palmer, Haven, MD. of Meredith Ellis, Miss Lucy J. of Lancaster Concord  July 1 7/17/1875
Palmer, Henry O. of Gorham Cross, Miss Sarah J. of Gorham Gorham  Aug 8 8/14/1875
Palmer, Joseph W. of Coaticooke, PQ Nims, Miss Ella of Island Pond West Charleston  Sept 19 9/20/1878
Parks, James R. of Northumberland Hartford, Ella E. of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 1 1/29/1876
Parsons, Edward J. of Island Pond Nelson, Miss Minnie A. of Boston Boston  Dec 4 12/13/1878
Parsons, Hezekiah B., Esq. of Colebrook Aldrich, Miss Mahala of Colebrook Colebrook  Feb 22 3/8/1873
Pattee, John C. of N. Stratford Cross, Miss Mira of Colebrook Bloomfield, VT Nov 2 11/8/1873
Peabody, Alvin S. of Milan Wentworth, Miss Maria P. of Milan Milan  Nov 13 11/20/1875
Peabody, Arthur J. Ormsby, Miss Nellie M. Guildhall  Nov 29 12/2/1876
Peabody, Joseph D. of Watertown, MA Marshall, Miss Eveline B. of Guildhall Guildhall  Oct 22 10/31/1879
Pease, Elmer C. of Lunenburg Hartshorn, Miss Lucy E. of Lunenburg St. Johnsbury  July 3 8/2/1873
Pellett, Dea. Francis B. of Pomfret, CT Goodwin, Mrs. Sarah J. of Lancaster Lancaster  May 3 5/9/1874
Perkins, Calvin of Groveton, NH Nelson, Miss Margaret M. of Groveton, NH Guildhall  July 3 7/10/1875
Perkins, Charles not named Bloomfield  Dec 1 12/12/1874
Perkins, Martin V. B. Guernsey, Hattie J. of Aaron Guernsey, Esq. Lancaster  April 27 5/2/1874
Pettengill, Alpheus W. of Milan, NH Wheeler, Miss Viola of Waterford, ME Milan  April 12 4/24/1875
Phillips, Will T. of Lancaster Lyman, Ida C. of Colebrook Lancaster  May 11 5/29/1875
Pierce, Frank H. of Lunenburg Pond, Miss Viola L. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Sept 25 9/29/1877
Pilbro, George D. of Colebrook, NH Emery, Miss Addie D. of Guildhall Guildhall  Nov 27 12/4/1875
Pond, Eugene F. of Lunenburg Warren, Miss Kate J. of Lunenburg Lancaster  July 20 7/31/1875
Pope, William of Dalton Fiske, Addie of Littleton Dalton  July 20 7/29/1876
Potter, Leonard of Stark Hutchins, Miss Hattie E. of Lancaster Stark  Sept 24 11/1/1873
Powers, Edwin P. of E. Haven Woodard, Elizabeth B. of Newark E. Haven  Sept 1 9/19/1879
Pratt, William A. of Lancaster Leavitt, Ida J. of Lancaster Lancaster  Dec 27 1/8/1876
Priest, Albert M. of Newmarket, NH Richey, Miss Sarah A. of Groveton Guildhall  July 4 7/10/1875
Quint, John M. of Whitefield Hall, Miss Julia B. of late Col. J. H. Hall Gorham  Jan 1st 1/16/1875
Ramsdel, Henry of Lunenburg Rivers, Miss Delia of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Feb 27 3/20/1875
Ramsdell, John R. of Lunenburg Prouty, Miss Ada E. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Sept 14 9/29/1877
Reeves, Barnabas of Colebrook Shattuck, Miss Maria of Colebrook Colebrook April 29 5/15/1875
Rice, F. A. of Granby, VT Barkley, Mrs. Leonora B. of Burlington Burlington, VT May 11 5/20/1876
Rice, Oliver S. of Granby, VT Metcalf, Miss Mary L. of Lancaster Lancaster  Sept 9 9/12/1874
Rich, Horace of Milan Low, Miss Sarah of Milan Berlin  Aug 22 10/16/1875
Rines, Henry A. of Jefferson Caning, Miss Anna of Jefferson Jefferson  Aug 21 9/2/1876
Rivers, Henry of Stewartstown Fellows, Miss Samelva of Stewartstown Stewartstown 11/1/1873
Roberts, G. W. of Rumford, ME Edmonds, Miss Lucena A. of Mexico, ME Shelburne Nov 30 1/10/1874
Roby, John S. of Lancaster Dennison, Miss Adella of Lancaster Lancaster  July 28 8/8/1874
Rodgers, John B. of Negance, Mich & Northumberland Wheelock, Miss Emma L. of Hartford Hartford, Wisc Nov 27 12/13/1873
Rowan, Thomas G.  Gould, Miss Ellen of Colebrook Colebrook  Aug 8 8/19/1876
Sanders, Onestus not named East Concord last week 5/24/1878
Savage, John of Colebrook Willard, Miss Eliza of Colebrook Colebrook  Aug 15 8/21/1875
Sawyer, Benjamin Franklin of Charleston Smith, Miss Rosa L. of Charleston Island Pond  Sept 10 9/19/1879
Sayers, William Moulton, Miss Arilla East Concord 12/12/1879
Schoff, Haven of Brunswick, VT Blodgett, Miss Lucy A. of Stratford Stratford  Sept 15 9/26/1874
Seaver, Francis E. Whiteney, Caroline F. of Newton, MA Lancaster  Sept 30 10/11/1873
Sedgell, James W. of Lancaster Boutwell, Inez of Lancaster Lancaster  April 17 5/8/1875
Shaw, John James, Miss Alversa Victory  May 19 5/26/1877
Silsby, Fred of Lunenburg Gleason, Miss Jennie E. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Sept 24 9/27/1873
Silsby, Milo M. of Levi Silsby, Esq. of I. Pond Davis, Miss Isabella J. Boston?  Last Wed 9/26/1879
Small, Joshua of Hanover, ME Thurston, Mrs. Hannah of Erroll Erroll  Oct 15 11/6/1875
Smith, Bushrod W. of Brighton Luroy, Miss Ellen A. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  July 25 8/4/1877
Smith, Charles McKelvey, Miss Jessie East Concord last week 4/25/1879
Smith, David of Victory Appleton, Miss Flora of Victory Victory  Jan 22 1/31/1874
Smith, David W. of Lancaster Chesman, Katie of Lancaster Lancaster  March 24 3/27/1875
Smith, Horace W. of Lancaster Lamkin, Miss Ada of Maidstone Groveton  March 8 3/14/1879
Smith, John of Bloomfield Crane, Miss Betsey of St. Giles, PQ Bloomfield  Dec 18 12/22/1877
Smith, Oliver R. of Lunenburg Lane, Laura J. of Lunenburg Lunenburg 9/27/1878
Smith, Richard B. of Lunenburg, VT Rounds, Miss Clara of Lancaster Lancaster  Jan 29 2/8/1873
Smith, Truman L. of NYC Powers, Miss Addie of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Feb 1 2/6/1875
Smith, Wesley C. of Dalton Barrows, Miss Eliza J. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  March 18 4/1/1876
Snow, George W. of Lunenburg Lucas, Cora A. of John M. Lucas Esq. of L Lunenburg April 21 4/24/1875
Soule, Charles of Bangor, ME Grover, Miss Lucy of Colebrook Colebrook  July 12 7/26/1873
Spencer, Edwin W. of Bloomfield Peck, Miss Nettie C. of Stratford, NH Bloomfield  July 12 12/5/1874
Spreadby, David of Northumberland Stone, Miss Julia R. of Northumberland Lancaster  Feb 19 2/22/1873
Steele, Edward A. of Dalton Elliott, Miss Bell of Dalton Lancaster  March 23 4/1/1876
Stevens, Charles Jr. of Boston Perkins, Miss Abbie S. of Boston Lancaster  March 30 4/15/1876
Stevens, Fred T. of S. Columbia Lucy, Miss Julia Greenfield, MA Oct 2 10/25/1873
Stevens, Henry H. of Bloomfield Perkins, Miss Abbie S. of Bloomfield Bloomfield  Dec 25 1/13/1877
Stevens, James O. of Columbia, NH Howe, Ella F. of Columbia, NH Bloomfield, VT April 4 4/10/1875
Stevens, Josiah  Dilworth, Miss Eliza of Melbourne, PQ Lunenburg   8/16/1878
Stillings, Leander L. of Lancaster Busswell, Miss Sarah J. of Lancaster Lancaster  Oct 27 11/1/1873
Stoddard, Edgar of Lemington, VT Merrill, Miss Helen of Sherbrooke, PQ Bloomfield  March 31 4/19/1873
Storey, Charles D. of Boston, MA Sartwell, Miss Edna of Canaan, NH Colebrook  Oct 8 10/18/1878
Stratton, Edmund B. of Lancaster Goodwin, Miss Sarah Adelia of Lancaster Lancaster  Dec 25 1/11/1873
Thayer, Winfield S. of East Haven McMillen, Miss Clara A. of Brighton East Haven  Dec 22 12/27/1878
Thomas, George H. of Lancaster Howland, Corrilla S. of Lancaster Lancaster  July 16 8/1/1874
Thompson, Alvin, 2nd of Lunenburg Nichols, Miss Eliza J. of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Feb 26 3/8/1873
Tinkham, Alden R. of Boston Smith, Miss Emma J. of Lancaster Lancaster  Feb 13 2/19/1876
Titus, Ethan A. of Columbia Hobart, Miss Hattie E. of Columbia Colebrook  Dec 13 12/16/1876
True, Adna D. of West Concord Wetherbee, Miss Miranda of West Concord W. Concord  July 23 8/8/1879
Turner, Samuel age 70 Conro, Elizabeth age 77 NH 2/3/1877
Twitchell, Frank H. of Lancaster Powers, Miss Ellen of Island Pond Portland, ME  Dec 30 1/8/1876
Underwood, Henry D. of Concord, VT Douglass, Miss Maria A. of Concord, VT Lancaster  Feb 5 2/14/1879
Vance, Martin V. B. of Lunenburg Balch, Miss Matilda C. of Lunenburg E. St. Johnsbury June 4 6/13/1874
Walker, Oren P. of Southboro, MA Eastman, Miss Angie of Colebrook, NH Plymouth, NH  April 29 5/15/1875
Wallace, Anson of Columbia Legro, Clara W. of Columbia Bloomfield  April 9 4/19/1873
Wallace, Ira Freelan of Lancaster Hall, Miss Lizzie of Calais, ME Dalton  Oct 15 10/31/1874
Washburn, George C. of Guildhall Kinney, Miss Arvilla R. of Messena Messena, NY  Feb 19 3/14/1874
Washburn, Zephie of Guildhall Keyes, Miss F. A. of Guildhall Lancaster  July 14 7/31/1875
Watson, Laban M. of Randolph Burbank, Miss Anna A. of Randolph Randolph, NH Oct 11 10/18/1873
Webb, Calvin N. of Lunenburg Knight, Addie F. of Lancaster Lunenburg  Dec 24 1/8/1876
Webb, Fred H. of Lunenburg Knight, Miss Ada of Stark, NH Lunenburg  May 19 6/2/1877
Weeks, Charles H., Esq. Fletcher, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Canaan, VT  April 15 5/3/1873
Wells, Joseph of Granby Bruce, Miss Lilla of West Burke St. Johnsbury March 13 3/21/1879
Wentworth, Ora E. of Lancaster Blake, Hattie T. of Lancaster Lancaster  March 23 4/8/1876
Wheeler, William W. of St. Johnsbury Fisher, Carrie of C. D. Fisher, Esq. of Charleston E. Charleston  March 3 3/15/1873
Whitcher, Sydney of Whitefield, NH Noyes, Miss Jennie M. of East Concord E. Concord?  Last Sat 8/15/1879
Whitcomb, R. B. of Lancaster Fellows, Miss Grace E. of Lancaster Lancaster  June 30 7/17/1875
Whiting, Horace A. of Lisbon Gray, Miss Emily J. of Lancaster Lancaster  May 24 6/6/1874
Whitmore, Joseph L. of Lancaster Foster, Rosie L. of George F. Foster, Esq. of P. Portland  June 23 7/3/1875
Wi[nslow], James A. Rich, Georgie A. Guildhall  Nov 29 12/2/1876
Wilde, George R. of Island Pond Guilmette, Miss Maria of Island Pond Island Pond  July 19 7/25/1879
Willey, Henry Crapo, Miss Flora Island Pond  Oct 5 10/10/1879
Williams, Frank not named East Concord last week 5/24/1878
Williams, Leonard T. of N. Stratford, NH Fuller, Miss Martha C. of Bloomfield Bloomfield, VT July 4 7/10/1875
Willis, Rev. J. G. of Guildhall Gilbert, Miss Nettie of Union Valley Union Valley  15th inst 12/15/1877
Willis, William A., Esq. of Dummer Folsom, Mrs. Nancy G. of Dummer Milan  Jan 11 1/22/1876
Wilson, Edward of ST. Johnsbury Reed, Miss Bethia B. of Lunenburg Lancaster  Feb 24 3/3/1877
Wilson, Samuel of Wentworth's  Grapes, Mrs. Maria D. of Colebrook Colebrook  Dec 18 1/11/1873
Wingate, Charles B. of Farmington, NH Hartshorn, Ida of Anson H. Hartshorn of Lun. Manchester, NH April 4 4/10/1875
Woodward, Ira E. of Lancaster Eastman, Mrs. Matilda M. of Lancaster Lancaster  Oct 28 11/4/1876
Wright, Harris T. of Lunenburg Libby, Miss Lilla of Lunenburg Lunenburg  Sept 17 9/26/1879
Wright, Josiah of Weld, ME Harndon, Miss Flora M. of Weld, ME Shelburne 9/13/1873
Young, Cyrus of Littleton Eastman, Miss Ellen F. of Tilton Lancaster  Feb 14 3/3/1877
Young, Henry of Lancaster Styles, Hattie Ella of Lancaster Lancaster  June 12 7/17/1875
Young, William of Island Pond (item) Chanonhouse, Mary of late Robt Chanonhouse Island Pond  21st inst 7/1/1876

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