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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue Date
Abbott, Franklin M.  Ainger, Miss Ida M. Sutton - March 26 4/3/1882
Abell, Rodney of Troy Griggs, Miss Ella M. of Troy Westfield   1/14/1884
Addison, Thomas H. of Holland Jenness, Miss Ida M. of Holland Holland - May 14 6/2/1884
Addison, William of Brompton, PQ Applebee, Miss Bell of Holland Holland - Oct 15 10/27/1884
Aiken, Alvin of North Troy Abbott, Miss Nellie E. of Troy Barton - Aug 9 8/14/1882
Ainger, Daniel of Sutton & CA not named, of California CA recently 10/24/1881
Ainger, Herbert R. of Newport Wright, Miss Eveline L. of Newport Newport - Jan 18 2/6/1882
Albee, Curtis Bishop, Miss Ida of Holland Morgan    12/29/1884
Alden, Loren S. of Irasburgh Foss, E. Gertrude of Hiram Foss Esq. of Stanstead Newport - Nov 22 11/26/1883
Aldrich, Guy E. of Barton Duke, Dellah R. of Barton West Burke - March 4 3/8/1880
Aldrich, William R. of Glover Dolley, Nellie of Waterville Waterville - Sept 6 10/22/1883
Alexander, Alfred P.  Berry, Miss Josephine Brownington - April 12 4/19/1880
Alexander, Edward E. of Brownington Bruce, Miss Myrtle M. of Charleston Charleston - April 23 5/3/1880
Alexander, Irving of Brownington Leonard, Mrs. Myra of Brownington Barton Landing - Feb 12 2/25/1884
Allbee, Elmer E. of Derby not named Derby prob 9/22/1884
Allen, Frank Q. of Lyndon McGaffey, Miss Laura I. of Wheelock Sutton - Sept 6 9/11/1882
Allen, George H. of Lake Weeden, PQ Rice, Elvina C. of Melbourn Ridge, PQ Island Pond - June 22 7/24/1882
Allston, Arthur M. Root, Lucia A. of Deacon Root N Craftsbury - Jan 1 1/14/1884
Ames, Frank W. of Pepperell Wilson, Miss Ann Eliza of N. Craftsbury Pepperell, MA 12/17/1883
Amidon, Carl C. of Burke Shurtleff, Ada L. of Lyndon Island Pond - Aug 12 8/21/1882
Amidon, O. C. of Lyndon Folsom, Pertie A. of Rev. E. Folsom Island Pond - June 3 6/12/1882
Anderson, Guy of Glover Urie, Miss Mary I. of Greensboro E Craftsbury - May 17 6/9/1884
Anderson, Robert Chase, Miss Susie of George Chase of Craft. Craftsbury - last Wed 1/16/1882
Anderson, Robert of Craftsbury Chase, Miss Susie of George Chase of Craft. Craftsbury - Jan 11 1/16/1882
Anderson, Thomas  Jenness, Ida Holland - May 14 5/26/1884
Andrus, Charles W. of Craftsbury Jacobs, Miss Alma E. of Craftsbury East Albany - July 7 7/26/1880
Andrus, W. F. of Barton Watson, Alice M. of Littleton Littleton, NH - Jan 1 1/7/1884
Annis, John F. of St. Johnsbury Woodcock, Miss Cora H. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Arlington, Harry C. of Barton Chamberlin, Miss Sarah C. of Irasburg Barton - Nov 1 11/17/1884
Arthur, John of Glover Carpenter, Mrs. Alma J. of Hyde Park Boston - Sept 25 10/1/1883
Aseltine, Albert A. of Lowell Lathrop, Miss Florence E. of Lowell Burlington - Sept 6 9/15/1884
Ashley, D. of White River Jct. Ward, Jennie of West Derby West Derby 9/15/1884
Atherton, A. C. of Glover Phillips, Miss Alice E. of Waterbury, CT Hartford, CT - Jan 10 1/14/1884
Atwood, A. M. of Sheffield Eastman, Miss Emma A. of Sheffield Sheffield - Jan 28 2/2/1880
Atwood, J. K. of Lisbon, NH Parker, Mrs. Lizzie F. of Barton Barton - July 22 7/24/1882
Austin, Adelbert of Lowell Curtis, Cora of Lowell Lowell - Nov 23 11/28/1881
Austin, William W. of Webster, NH Blanchard, Miss Alma E. of Glover Glover - April 25 5/1/1882
Averill, Fred L. of Barton Long, Miss Lizzie O. of Irving, NY Lowell, MA - Feb 1 2/13/1882
Babcock, Henry of Glover Stiles, Adele C. of St. Johnsbury Center St. Johnsbury Ctr - Aug 4 8/9/1880
Babcock, Stephen A. of Greensboro McLaren, Miss Emma L. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury - Jan 16 1/23/1882
Badger, Clarence E. of Derby Dodge, Miss E. S. of Derby Derby Line - June 23 8/7/1882
Badger, Edgar E. of Greensboro Clark, Miss Eva A. of Stannard Greensboro - Sept 16 9/22/1884
Badger, F. D., M.D. of E. Charleston Harvey, Miss Mary L. of Apple Grove, PQ Apple Grove, PQ - Dec 12 12/17/1883
Badger, Harrison A. of Irasburg Croft, Jennie L. of Charleston Irasburg - April 2 4/7/1884
Badger, Henry G. of Irasburgh Newton, Ella of Craftsbury Irasburgh - Feb 10 2/12/1883
Badger, Oscar B. of St. Johnsbury Chandler, Mary M. of Holland Newport - Dec 28 1/3/1881
Bailey, W. E., MD of Greensboro Noble, Lizzie C. of Hydepark Morrisville - Sept 19 9/25/1882
Bailey, W. S. of Cambridge, MA Martin, Miss Flora of Peacham Peacham - Oct 10 10/16/1882
Baird, Richard G. of Barton Hill, Miss Lardin A. of Barton Barton - Sept 4 9/10/1883
Baker, Edward of Glover McKellar, Miss Aggie Fargo, D.T.    8/20/1883
Baker, Thomas Jr. of Fargo, Dakota Root, Miss Julia M. of Fox Lake Fox Lake, Wisc - Aug 22 10/2/1882
Baldwin, William of N. Stratford, NH Kilburn, Mary of Holland Holland - Sept 12 9/24/1883
Ball, Joshua M. of Sutton Richards, Miss Lizzie of Sutton Sutton - July 13 7/26/1880
Barber, Joseph of Wheelock Garfield, Miss Alice of Wheelock Wheelock - April 17 4/25/1881
Barber, Lyman of Glover Cook, Katie F. of Glover Irasburgh - Jan 13 1/19/1880
Barister, James Bailey, Mrs. W. F.  North Troy - last Tues 4/7/1884
Barker, Charles H. of Sutton Brown, Miss Josie M. of Lyndonville Newport - July 3 7/10/1882
Barker, Elbridge K. of Milwaukee, Wisc. Handy, Mrs. Sarah C. of Glover Hartford, CT - July 18 7/31/1882
Barnard, R. H. Howard, Martha Charleston - Oct 10 10/22/1883
Barnes, Walter MD of Lyme, NH Vance, Miss Olive Albany - Jan 2 1/15/1883
Barnett, Russell C. of Stratford, NH Badger, Cora M. of Derby Derby - Nov 16 11/28/1881
Barney, Curtis F. of Charleston Griffin, Miss Julia R. of Johnsville, PQ Island Pond - Feb 6 3/6/1882
Barron, E. W. Young, Miss Nellie of Peter Young of W. Charleston W. Charleston 10/10/1881
Barron, E. W. of Charleston Young, Miss Nellie of Charleston W. Charleston - Oct 4 10/10/1881
Barrows, Hamlet W. of Irasburgh Sumner, Miss Emma E. of Braintree Braintree - Feb 28 3/6/1882
Barry, Charles D. of Irasburgh Loveland, Miss Hattie E. of Irasburgh Albany - Jan 27 2/7/1881
Barry, James C. of Stanstead, PQ Stratton, Estella of Beebe Plain Derby - Dec 29 1/3/1881
Bartlett, Homer A. of Stowe Hatch, Miss Laura M. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - July 15 7/24/1882
Bartlett, John C. of Barton Taft, Miss Amy A. of Manchester Manchester, NH - June 13 6/19/1882
Bartlett, W. A.  Taylor, Miss Julia Morgan - March 20 3/24/1884
Bashaw, Eber A. of Albany Shepard, Emma M. of Albany Plainfield - July 2 7/18/1881
Batchelder, Edward H. of Morgan Smith, Miss Jennie S. of Holland Holland - July 17 8/1/1881
Batchelder, Robert of Lyndon Wetherbee, Miss Sarah J. of Burke Sutton - Dec 25 1/5/1880
Bates, Harlow S. of Greensboro Woodward, Miss Hattie E. of Glover Glover - Feb 28 3/6/1882
Bates, Hiram Lewis of Chicago Paddleford, Miss Jennie of Greensboro Glover - Aug 20 8/25/1884
Bates, S. N. of Greensboro Wakefield, Mrs. Martha of Hardwick Sheffield - Feb 2 2/6/1882
Baxter, Rev. A. F. of Lisbon Young, Miss Ida A. of Glover Littleton, NH - Sept 10 9/17/1883
Beach, Asa M. of Glover Patterson, Miss Nancy E. of Glover West Glover - Feb 12 2/16/1880
Bean, Denison D. of Barton Dwinnell, Miss Lola A. of C. H. Dwinnell of Barton Barton - July 26 8/1/1881
Beck, William of Barnston, PQ Jewell, Nellie of Charleston Holland - Sept 22 10/9/1882
Bedford, Benjamin of Wolcott Mayfield, Arvilla of Wolcott St. Johnsbury - March 23 3/28/1881
Beede, George A. of Irasburg Johnson, Miss Nellie E. of Barre Plainfield - Jan 21 2/6/1882
Beede, Howard A. of Newport Caples, Moriah T. of Newport Newport - July 1 7/10/1882
Before, Joseph Jr. of Derby Jondro, Miss Aurilla of Derby Newport - Sept 19 10/2/1882
Belden, William of Burke Meese [Morse], Miss Mary V. of Lyndon East Burke - Dec 30 1/5/1880
Belrose, Frank of Westfield Blanchard, Miss Nellie of Westfield Lowell - June 7 6/13/1881
Benjamin, Leon A. of Hardwick Leckner, Miss Lilla E. of Hardwick Wolcott - Nov 29 12/11/1882
Bennett, Charles E.  Carpenter, Miss Kate West Charleston - Wed last 6/28/1880
Bennett, Franklin of St. Johnsbury Jones, Carrie E. of St. Johnsbury Newport - Aug 15 8/21/1882
Bennett, Samuel O. of Holland Gray, Manilla Nellie of Sheffield Holland - Feb 5 2/21/1881
Benoit, Eugene of Newport Rollins, Miss Ettie of Newport Newport Center - May 4 5/10/1880
Benway, Julius of Westfield Jacques, Miss Lizzie of Westfield Lowell - June 5 6/13/1881
Berry, Charles F. of Barton Belknap, Miss Susie B. of Barton Lyndon - Sept 2 9/11/1882
Berry, Lisle M. of Sutton Chase, Miss Clara of Sutton Sutton - June 23 7/4/1881
Bickford, Schuyler O. of Barton Wilkey, Miss Josephine of Barton Glover - Sept 30 10/11/1880
Bicknell, Ira of Brownington Drown, Miss Mina F. of Brownington Barton Landing - Nov 19 11/28/1881
Bigelow, Horace P. of Barnston, PQ Buckland, Mary Ann of Barnston, PQ Derby - Jan 13 1/19/1880
Billings, Orville K. of Glover Rice, Mrs. Syrena F. of Sutton Glover - July 17 7/25/1881
Blair, George D. of Peacham Corbeth, Miss Margaret of Peacham Danville - Oct 10 10/16/1882
Blair, Peter of Stanstead Pratt, Miss Etta M. of Sheffield Sheffield - Jan 1 1/12/1880
Blair, William C. of North Troy Judd, Miss Hattie B. of North Troy Newport - May 21 5/29/1882
Blake, Elisa C. of Derby Scribner, Miss Flora B. of Holland West Derby - April 30 5/16/1881
Blake, William A. of Derby Hinman, Miss Alma H. of Derby Derby - Jan 27 2/16/1880
Blanchard, Nathan A. of Glover Noyes, Mrs. Mary of Lisbon, NH Glover - Nov 18 11/22/1880
Blasdell, William H. of Barton Land. Page, Lucinda Maria of Plainfield Montpelier - May 20 5/26/1884
Bliss, Sumner W. of Swanton Hinkley, Miss Nellie M. of Glover Georgia - March 16 3/21/1881
Blodgett, George W. of Charleston Green, Miss Gertie of Charleston Salem - May 23 5/31/1880
Bogue, Herbert MD of W Derby Bisbee, Miss Mabel of W Derby Newport - April 7 4/21/1884
Bogue, Homer of Irasburgh Miles, Ida of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Dec 6 12/25/1882
Bonett, Abner H. of Island Pond Sargent, Marcia M. of Island Pond Island Pond - June 3 6/18/1883
Bonnett, S. C. of Lyndon Gray, Miss Gertrude of Coventry Barton - Dec 21 1/19/1880
Boothman, Edwin A. of Holland Judd, Miss Abbie W. of Geo. H. Judd of Holland Holland - Sept 6 9/13/1880
Boulduc, George of Brownington Randall, Miss Florence G. of Brownington Barton - May 10 5/12/1884
Bradford, William John of Charleston Hutchinson, Mary M. of Charleston West Charleston - Oct 20 11/1/1880
Bradley, Herman P. of Lyndon Kedney, Miss Rubie L. of Coventry Barton - June 18 6/20/1881
Bradley, Homer of Barton (item 6-7) Anderson, Mrs. Roena of Craftsbury East Charleston - March 18 3/22/1880
Brainard, Fred of Morgan Streeter, Miss Nellie of Charleston Charleston - May 2 5/17/1880
Branch, Charles F., M.D. of Coventry Burbank, Miss Ida H. of Coventry Coventry - Oct 31 11/15/1880
Brenan, Richard Perley, Ella of J. M. Perley Barton Landing - last Tues 12/20/1880
Brenan, Richard R. of Barton Landing Perley, Ella L. of Barton Landing Barton Landing - Dec 14 12/27/1880
Brennan, William W. of Barton Landing Churchill, Miss Hopie E. of Irasburg Barton - Sept 17 9/22/1884
Brewer, Truman E. of St. Johnsbury Spencer, Miss Harriet E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - May 6 5/15/1882
Brigham, Levi of Lowell Sherburne, Mrs. Jerusha of Newport Lowell - May 10 5/21/1883
Bronson, Timothy G. of Estelline, Dakota Avery, Miss Jennie L. of Hon. W. B. D. Avery Corinth - April 20 4/24/1882
Brooks, Charles E. of Coventry Newton, Miss Louise of Coventry Newport - Nov 25 11/29/1880
Brooks, Joseph C. of Barton Crawford, Miss Mary of Lyndon Lyndon - Sept 25 10/1/1883
Brown, C. L. of Peacham Wright, Miss Hattie W. of Greensboro Greensboro - Oct 5 10/10/1881
Brown, C. W. of S. Acton, MA Caswell, Minnie of Barton & Springfield, MA Barton - last Tues 1/1/1883
Brown, Clarence W. of Acton, MA Caswell, Miss Minnie of Barton & Springfield, MA Barton - Dec 26 1/1/1883
Brown, Elisha W. of Waterford Blodgett, Mrs. Ella of Glover Glover - Nov 30 12/6/1880
Brown, Elisha W. of Waterford Kinne, Eliza C. of Waterford Waterford - May 31 6/5/1882
Brown, Foster I. of Sutton Ham, Miss Lydia W. of Sutton Sutton - Jan 1 1/9/1882
Brown, Henry C. of Delton, Wis. Bryant, Clara J. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Oct 9 10/29/1883
Brown, Hollis W. of Sutton Houghton, Miss Helen E. of East Burke Sutton - Jan 1 1/9/1882
Brown, Luther of Newport  Hammond, Miss Sabrina of Newport Newport - March 5 3/17/1884
Brown, Philo W. of Middlesex Salmon, Miss Aggie E. of Glover E Craftsbury - June 3 6/9/1884
Brown, U. W. of Brownington Gallup, Miss Tina A. of Brownington Barton - Dec 25 1/8/1883
Browning, Edward T. Elder, Miss Jessie A. Derby Line - Sept 25 10/30/1882
Bruce, George of Danville Shattuck, Miss Jennie of Danville Danville - May 6 5/15/1882
Brunell, Franklin of Wolcott Childs, Alma of Craftsbury Irasburgh - May 11 5/16/1881
Bryant, Frank D. of St J Freeman, Miss Lizzie B. of Waterford Montpelier - March 5 3/17/1884
Buchanan, E. M.  Evans, Nellie of J. H. Evans of Evansville Barton Landing - last Tues 6/7/1880
Buchanan, Edgar M. of Barton Evans, Miss Nellie of Brownington Brownington - June 1 6/7/1880
Buchanan, Frank of Greensboro Bend Webster, Miss Jennie of David H. Webster Esq. Irasburgh - Sept 26 10/1/1883
Buchanan, Robert of Albany Rowell, Miss Elsie of Guy E. Rowell Barton - Jan 26 1/31/1881
Buck, Frank L. of Johnson Tenney, Miss Cora P. of Albany Albany - Feb 12 2/19/1883
Bullock, William C. of Stanstead, PQ Haseltine, Miss Menta R. of Stanstead, PQ Newport - June 6 6/12/1882
Bumps, Dana S. of Craftsbury Freehart, Miss Louisa N. of Barton Landing Irasburgh - Nov 30 12/18/1882
Bundy, Will P. of Burke Hall, Miss Minnie B. of Burke Burke - Dec 20 1/1/1883
Bunker, Samuel J. of Manchester Rowell, Carrie F. of Manchester Nashua, NH - Nov 1 11/10/1884
Burbank, George of Newport Scott, Miss Annie of Newport Newport - Aug 26 9/3/1883
Burbank, Moses not named Barton Landing - recently 6/7/1880
Burbank, Moses of Irasburgh Huse, Sarah A. of Barton Derby - May 29 6/7/1880
Burke, John C. of Albany Dow, Gertrude of Albany Albany - Dec 23 1/10/1881
Burke, Mr. Dow, Gertrude Albany prob 12/27/1880
Burnett, Charles W. of Derby Line Gadipee, Miss Louisa of Derby Line Derby - July 4 7/18/1881
Burnham, Newell of Barton Shepherd, Miss Flora E. of Broome, PQ Irasburgh - June 25 7/11/1881
Burnham, Rev. C. G. of Westfield Cole, Miss S. Elizabeth of Brunswick Brunswick, ME - June 26 7/26/1880
Burrell, Charles W. of Bucksport, ME Soule, Miss Lillian of Greensboro Glover - May 10 5/15/1882
Burroughs, Areline of Morgan Perkins, Mary of Morgan Morgan Center - July 2 7/12/1880
Burroughs, John R. of Stannard Budd, Mrs. Laura G. of Craftsbury South Albany     12/8/1884
Burroughs, Willie H. of Brownington Nichols, Miss T. Alzada of Brownington Newport - March 12 3/21/1881
Butler, Charles A. of Jay Miles, Miss Lizzie of Albany Albany - Dec 13 12/19/1881
Butterfield, A. H. Hunt, Miss Gertie North Troy - last Wed ? 6/28/1880
Butterfield, Riley of Sutton Fisher, Miss Emma of Sutton Bristol, NH   8/29/1881
Buzzell, Gardner Booth, Miss Anna South Troy - 21st 12/25/1882
Buzzell, Gardner of Jay Booth, Miss Annie of Jay Richford - Nov 21 1/1/1883
Buzzell, Jas. F. of Newport Sleeper, Miss Carrie I. of Newport Newport - April 18 4/26/1880
Calkings, A. J. Blake, Mrs. Isaac Morgan Center - Sun 5/12/1884
Call, J. M.  Howe, Miss Eva M. Derby Line - Oct 11 10/30/1882
Cameron, William of Glover Urie, Miss Annie E. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury - March 8 3/27/1882
Cannon, Perry W. of Brownington Bryant, Miss Clara J. of Brownington Barton Landing - June 15 6/20/1881
Cargill, W. of East Charleston not named E. Charleston prob 12/4/1882
Carr, Curtis F. of St. Johnsbury King, Miss Ida M. of Danville Danville - Jan 29 2/9/1880
Carr, Garvin A. of Glover Vance, Addie H. of Glover S. Albany - Oct 12 10/24/1881
Carr, Rev. William of Irasburgh Thompson, Miss Susan E. of Charleston, MA Charleston, MA - Sept 16 10/4/1880
Carrick, A. B. of St. Johnsbury Balch, Miss Inez of Newport Center Newport Ctr - Dec 25 12/31/1883
Carrow, Nelson B. of North Troy Peabody, Miss Ida M. of Mansonville, PQ Newport - July 23 8/1/1881
Carter, Fred Rufus of Charleston Tinker, Mary Ann of Inverness, P.Q. Irasburgh - May 8 5/17/1880
Carter, Oscar of Sheffield Page, Miss Lucy of Sheffield Sheffield   2/19/1883
Cass, Gilbert G. of Barton Marsh, Janet of Brownington Irasburgh - July 19 7/23/1883
Chaffee, Beckley D. of Lowell Campbell, Ida E. of Greensboro Craftsbury - Dec 9 12/27/1880
Chaffee, Milo L. of Albany   (Miles?) Way, Miss Ellen L. of Albany Albany - Jan 18 1/22/1883
Chamberlain, Nathaniel of Westfield Ainger, Mrs. Mary E. of Troy Troy     12/1/1884
Chapman, Fred E. of Wrentham, MA Campbell, Miss Jennie M. of Sutton Sutton - Nov 10 11/19/1883
Chapman, Herman of Sutton Easterbrooks, Lucy of Sutton Sutton - June 4 6/6/1881
Chappell, Fred E. of Newark Kimball, Miss Eliza A. of Newark Barton - July 4 7/5/1880
Chase, Edgar M. Bartlett, Miss Myra Jay 8/22/1881
Chase, Frank J. of Craftsbury Dorman, Myra A. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Jan 9 1/15/1883
Chase, Harry J. of Littleton Colliston, Miss Mertie of Barton Littleton, NH - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Chase, Nathan of W. Charleston Crandall, Widow of Island Pond W. Charleston - last Mon 11/15/1880
Chase, Nathan of W. Charleston Crandall, Mrs. Arabell of Charleston Charleston - Nov 9 11/22/1880
Chase, S. B. of Glover & Oberlin, Ohio Butt, Miss P. L. of Oberlin, Ohio Oberlin, OH - June 30 7/11/1881
Chatterton, Fred of Irasburgh Clough, Jennie of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Oct 24 10/29/1883
Cheney, Fred N. of Barton Davis, Miss Lula I. of Glover Glover - Dec 27 1/1/1883
Cheney, Fred of Barton Davis, Miss Lula of Glover Glover - last week 1/1/1883
Cheney, Harry of Westmore not named Kansas - recently 11/22/1880
Cheney, William of Charleston McNeal, Miss Emeline of Barton Brownington - July 4 7/26/1880
Chesley, Theron H. Whitney, Miss Minnie of Kewanee, IL Kewanee, IL - Oct 13 10/24/1881
Childs, Fred P. of Hyde Park Clark, May of Cady's Falls Craftsbury - Aug 20 8/27/1883
Church, M. E. of S. Albany not named recently 3/17/1884
Churchill, Frank Hamblett, Mattie  Barton - Last Wed 3/27/1882
Churchill, Frank H. of Barton Hamblet, Miss Mattie E. of Barton St. Johnsbury - March 22 4/3/1882
Clapp, William J. of Montgomery Stevens, Miss Alice of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Aug 10 8/14/1882
Clark, A. F. of Troy Goodro, Miss Emma of Troy North Troy - Sept 6 9/18/1882
Clark, Caleb W. of Glover Wyllie, Miss Maggie of Glover Glover - Jan 1 1/5/1880
Clark, Charles C. of St. Johnsbury Fletcher, Miss Anna T. Holland - Dec 5 12/11/1882
Clark, Charles of St. Johnsbury Fletcher, Miss Anna of Holland of Judge Fletcher recently 12/11/1882
Clark, Ezra L. of Glover Skinner, Miss Addie A. of Glover Glover - May 5 5/10/1880
Clark, Harry C. of Irasburgh & Norwood, NY Powell, Mary R. of Norwood, NY Madrid, NY - Nov 8 11/27/1882
Clark, James S. of E. Burke Rudd, Miss Susan J. of E. Burke East Burke - March 16 3/28/1881
Clement, A. O. Hall, Miss Julia Barton - last week 7/2/1883
Cleveland, John Eugene of Brownington Cameron, Miss Bessie of Barton West Glover - March 8 3/13/1882
Cleveland, Lester of Newport Campbell, Miss Clara of Newport Coventry - Dec 25 1/5/1880
Clifford, Charles of Newport Porter, Miss Hattie E. of Potton, Que. Newport - March 29 4/9/1883
Clough, Harley O. of Albany Willis, Mary J. of Albany of Mrs. E. L. Willis East Albany - Oct 5 10/10/1881
Clough, Solomon of Irasburgh Hodgkins, Mrs. Ruth P. of Lewis, NY Johnson - Aug 9 8/21/1882
Cobleigh, E. G. of Barnet Peck, Miss Cora E. of Danville St. Johnsbury - May 22 5/29/1882
Cobleigh, F. Young, Miss Ada E Charleston 10/20/1884
Coburn, J. A. of S. Troy not named recently 12/26/1881
Coburn, Rev. William of Andover, MA Dwinnell, Miss Myra of C. H. Dwinell of Barton Barton - March 14 3/20/1882
Cochran, Will of Craftsbury Demeritt, Lilla of Eden Craftsbury - June 12 6/27/1881
Colby, Harry C. of Sutton Bridgman, Miss Bannie of Hartland Glover - Feb 22 2/27/1882
Colby, Nehemiah M. of Derby Ward, Hattie M. of Derby Derby - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Cole, Charles W.  of Holland Stevens, Adeline of Holland Holland - Dec 17 12/20/1880
Cole, Clyde F. of Brownington Marshall, Rata C. of Brownington Westmore - Sept 6 9/15/1884
Cole, Ed of Newport Center Bradford, Miss of Bradford, PQ Newport Ctr - Dec 25 12/31/1883
Cole, George C. of Coventry Hancock, Miss Jane of Irasburgh Newport - Sept 20 9/25/1882
Cole, George of Holland Palmer, Elmira of Stanstead, P. Q. Holland - Nov 12 11/21/1881
Cole, Richard of Newport Center Bradford, Miss of Bradford, PQ Newport Ctr - Dec 25 12/31/1883
Collins, Curtis T. of Coventry Owen, Ruth E. of Coventry Barton Landing - March 26 4/18/1881
Collins, George of Coventry Dwyer, Miss Betsey of Coventry East Coventry   1/19/1880
Collins, Will of Craftsbury Brigham, Hattie of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Dec 31 1/9/1882
Comstock, Benjamin of Providence, RI Williams, Miss Effie J. of Troy Troy - Oct 11 10/23/1882
Comstock, William S. of Stanstead, PQ Schoolcraft, Mary D. of Stanstead, PQ Derby - Jan 1 1/3/1881
Conn, Levi S.  Robinson, Mrs. Nancy A. of Danville, PQ Derby - Dec 5 12/31/1883
Conner, Irving M. of Irasburgh Bickford, Miss Jennie M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Nov 29 12/18/1882
Conner, O. of Newport not named recently 10/4/1880
Cook, Henry of Glover Drew, Lurene L. of Glover Glover -  Dec 23 12/29/1884
Cook, John N. Pratt, Ada of T. B. Pratt W Charleston - May 28 6/16/1884
Cooledge, Edgar of Lowell Dutton, Cora C. of Lowell Lowell - Feb 22 2/27/1882
Cooledge, Eugene of Lowell Sawyer, Miss Ella of Lowell Lowell - July 4 7/9/1883
Corrow, George W. of Coventry Wright, Miss Gertrude C. of Coventry Newport - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Courser, D. Lucier, Miss May Jay - last Tues 4/16/1883
Courser, William of Stanstead Farwell, Ida of Albany West Derby - Oct 25 11/14/1881
Courtney, John C. of Newport Percy, Miss Myra A. of Newport Newport - Dec 28 1/2/1882
Courtney, Martin L. of Newport Center Cleveland, Miss Lois B. of Newport Center Barton - April 17 4/23/1883
Cowles, Albert E. of Craftsbury Page, Mrs. M. C. of Johnson Johnson - Dec 4 12/17/1883
Craft, William G. of Derby Bartlett, Jennie M. of Charleston Barton Landing - March 16 3/19/1883
Crawford, George of Newport Pettengill, Mrs. Abby of Newport Lowell - Nov 28 12/10/1883
Crawford, J. F. of Newark Kinerson, Annie E. of Newark St. Johnsbury - Dec 25 12/31/1883
Crawford, James T. of Newark Kenison, Miss Annie E. of Newark St Johnsbury - Dec 24 1/7/1884
Crocker, James C. of North Hydepark Atwell, Anna W. of Barton Landing Brownington - March 20 3/26/1883
Crosby, John A. of Holland Smith, Miss Lucy I. of Brighton Morgan Ctr - Jan 17 1/26/1880
Cross, Lewis of Lowell Ricker, Miss Ladona of Lowell Irasburg - Oct 4 10/20/1884
Cummings, Dea. Lorenzo of Newport Williams, Miss Esther A. of Newport Newport - Jan 25 2/6/1882
Cummings, Hiram of West Burke Forrest, Mrs. Irene of West Burke West Burke - Dec 2 12/13/1880
Cummings, Merrill of Newport Lunderville, Eliza Ann of Newport Newport - Oct 12 11/1/1880
Currier, Elmore D. of Morgan Cleveland, Miss Flora A. of Brownington Barton - Feb 30  [Jan] 2/12/1883
Currier, Eugene of Lowell Seymour, Flora of Westfield Lowell - April 24 5/10/1880
Curtis, B. N. of Barton Twombly, Miss Lizzie A. of Barton Barton - March 20 3/26/1883
Curtis, Willard R. of Island Pond Stevens, Miss Fannie I. of Island Pond Island Pond - Sept 6 9/19/1881
Cushman, Charles of E. Charleston not named E. Charleston prob 11/26/1883
Cutler, Charles F. of Glover Cameron, Miss Mary of Glover E. St. J. - Jan 6 1/10/1881
Cutler, Ethan of Albany Davis, Miss of Craftsbury   3/19/1883
Cutler, Nathan A. of Craftsbury Copeland, Miss Ella of Albany Albany - Sept 25 10/3/1881
Dana, Ai of Lowell Cooledge, Ella of Lowell Lowell - March 2 3/7/1881
Dane, George H. Oliver, Miss Josie of Charleston Charleston - Oct 11 10/15/1883
Dane, George H. of W. Charleston Oliver, Josie of Dea. J. C. Oliver Wed 10/15/1883
Dane, Olin S.  Robinson, Miss Mabel of West Derby Newport - last week 10/25/1880
Dane, Olin S. of Newport Robinson, Miss Mabel of Derby West Derby - Oct 23 11/1/1880
Danforth, Charles W. of Hatley, PQ Hackett, Nettie of Hatley, PQ Holland   8/23/1880
Darling, A. K. of Derby Line Tinker, Miss Mary C. of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain - July 5 7/9/1883
Dashney, John S. of Burke Eggleston, Miss Helen M. of Newark Sheffield - June 8 6/13/1881
Dassance, Almon of Newport Mansur, Mrs. Mary of Morgan Newport - March 10 3/22/1880
Davis, Frank H. of Lyndon Smith, Nellie A. of Lyndon East Burke - Jan 1 1/14/1884
Davis, Fred H. of Lyndonville Ayer, Miss Julia S. of Lyndonville Lyndon - Jan 11 1/22/1883
Davis, George A. of Albany Rogers, Sophie O. of Albany Albany - Aug 25 8/30/1880
Davis, Julius E.  Hoyt, Miss Jennie A. Westfield - Sept 17 10/2/1882
Davis, Roswell C. of Barton Currier, Miss Flora H. of Hardwick Barton - Nov 28 12/1/1884
Davis, Sidney of Newport Ctr Cook, Imogene of Newport Ctr Newport Ctr - July 3 7/21/1884
Davis, Solomon N. of Danville Amsden, Mrs. Patience D. of Walden Greensboro - Jan 1 1/3/1881
Davis, Willis M. of Potton, PQ Tatro, Miss Ellen E. of Troy Westfield - Aug 22 9/6/1880
Day, Bert H. Jenkins, Mamie C. of S. R. Jenkins Esq. Brownington - Dec 12 12/17/1883
Day, George W. of Jay Ward, Mrs. Philinda A. of Westfield Enosburgh - Oct 31 11/13/1882
Day, Hollis of East Coventry Lines, Mrs. Annie of East Coventry Coventry - Jan 15 1/26/1880
Day, Luke of East Coventry Field, Helen E. of Derby Coventry - March 22 3/26/1883
Dean, Nelson W. of Sutton Moulton, Miss Jennie E. of Sutton Sutton - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Degreenie, C. O. Clifford, Mary Irasburgh - Aug 12 8/28/1882
Demeritt, Maurice of Craftsbury Temple, Miss Susie of Worcester, MA Craftsbury - Oct 9 10/27/1884
Denio, Austin of Glover Buckley, Helen of Glover Barton - Nov 22 12/25/1882
Denning, Thomas J. of Burke Brickett, Miss Jennie M. of Burke Lyndon Center - Nov 22 12/3/1883
Deveraux, William R. of Barton Twombly, Miss Jennie E. of Westmore Craftsbury - March 8 3/14/1881
Devereaux, Horatio of Barton Page, Miss Ida J. of Westmore St. Johnsbury - July 4 7/11/1881
Dewing, Edward W. of Glover Smith, Miss Elizabeth O. of Glover Glover - Nov 15 11/20/1882
Dexter, Charlie W. of Glover Sherburne, Miss Etta A of Glover Glover - April 28 5/3/1880
Dodge, Marshall Chamberlin, Cannie [Candis] Newport 5/19/1884
Dodge, Willis E. of Jamestown, D. T. Crist, Hattie M. of Vinton Vinton, Iowa - March 27 4/3/1882
Doe, Henry M. of Westfield Townsend, Miss Flora of Westfield Westfield - Nov 7 11/15/1880
Dolber, Joseph A. of Candia, NH Herman, Miss Rosa M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Aug 29 9/4/1882
Dow, James B. of Albany Metcalf, Miss Ellen A. of Albany Glover - May 3 5/9/1881
Dow, James of Glover Wells, Mrs. Clara of Sherbrooke, PQ Albany - Nov 22 11/24/1884
Dow, Wason E. of Cabot Bandy, Miss Rosa of Danville Danville - May 25 6/7/1880
Downing, Byron L. of South Barton Hurd, Miss Annie M. of Manistee, Mich Manistee, Mich - April 26 5/8/1882
Drew, Alex N. of St. Johnsbury Cass, Miss Celia S. of Barton Barton - May 16 5/21/1883
Drew, George E. of Glover Berry, Miss Flora M. of Sutton Barton - Feb 24 2/28/1881
Drew, George O. of Barton Mason, Miss Lydia S. of Glover Glover - March 31 4/7/1884
Drew, George S. of St. Johnsbury Owens, Cora L. O. of Westmore West Concord - Nov 13 11/22/1880
Drew, Ora M. of N. Danville Stanton, Miss Clara M. of N. Danville Portland, ME - Dec 1 12/26/1881
Drown, Adin H. of Brownington Smith, Miss Therza M. of Brownington Brownington - Oct 9 11/8/1880
Drown, Charles W. of Sheffield Drown, Miss Ida E. of Sheffield Sheffield - May 19 8/30/1880
Drown, G. E. of Brownington Turner, Miss Aphia E. of Morgan Morgan - July 4 7/9/1883
Drown, Melvin of Barton Burgin, Emma J. Washington - Sept 13 9/25/1882
Dudley, John of Charleston Crandall, Carrie B. of Salem Barton - Sept 30 10/4/1880
Dutton, Percy not named Sheffield 6/4/1883
Duvall, Frank of Burke Coocher, Miss Louisa of Burke West Burke - Aug 30 9/5/1881
Dwinell, Gilbert of Marshfield Snow, Miss Gertie of Marshfield Marshfield - Sept 4 9/12/1881
Earl, Phillip of Quebec, PQ Seymore, Tuazy of Troy Westfield - May 20 6/5/1882
Eastman, Eli of Wheelock Davis, Miss Katie A. of West Burke Sheffield - Feb 3 2/14/1881
Eastman, J. Willey of Lyndon Gray, Miss Eva of Lyndon Montpelier - Dec 31 1/5/1880
Eastman, Luke of Greensboro Smalley, Mrs. Sarah A. of Greensboro Greensboro - 4th inst 11/12/1883
Edmunds, John D. of Irasburgh Rogers, Nancy M. of Newport Irasburgh - Feb 23 3/5/1883
Eldridge, A. W. of Albany Willis, Mrs. E. L. of Albany Albany - Nov 15 11/21/1881
Eldridge, Wallace of Albany McLellan, Miss Jessie L. of Albany Albany - Nov 1 11/6/1882
Eldridge, Wallace of Westfield, MA McLellan, Miss Jennie of Albany   11/6/1882
Elliott, John Pillsbury, Widow of Holland Morgan Center 5/19/1884
Elliott, William J. of St Johnsbury Hopkins, Miss Ellen of Barton Barton - Oct 30 11/3/1884
Ellis, Gilbert E. of Barton Jenness, Miss Adnah D. of Barton Barton - Feb 1 2/5/1883
Ellis, Merton A. of Fargo, Dakota Garvin, Miss Ella E. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Nov 25 12/11/1882
Erwin, Dr. Sleeper, Miss Ella Newport Center - 22nd 6/30/1884
Esdon, Robert Jr. of Greensboro not named recently 12/19/1881
Esdon, Robert of Greensboro Porter, Miss Lellice J. of Wheelock Portland, ME - Dec 1 12/26/1881
Evans, Rev. W. A.  Ingalls, Miss Eva Morgan - Nov 23 11/28/1881
Evans, Rev. W. A. of Coventry Ingalls, Miss Eva G. of Morgan Morgan - Nov 23 11/28/1881
Facto, Godfrey of Coventry Dwyer, Miss Laura of Coventry Newport - Dec 23 1/3/1881
Fairbrother, Arthur C. of New Haven, CT Willey, Miss Cora Maud of Coventry Barton Landing - Sept 6 9/18/1882
Fairbrother, David W. of Coventry Collins, Miss Jennie S. of Coventry Newport - Jan 15 1/17/1881
Fairbrother, Henry of Brownington Gray, Miss Nellie A. of Barton Barton - Dec 6 12/18/1882
Farr, Charles W. of Burke Joy, Anna A. of Brighton Brighton - Nov 23 11/27/1882
Farr, Col. E. P. Noyes, Miss Mary Ella Landaff, NH - 19th inst 10/30/1882
Farr, Fabyan J. of Lowell, MA Kingman, M. Alice of Coaticook Coaticook, P.Q. - Nov 24 12/5/1881
Farrar, Denison W. Phifield, Miss Edna M. Barton - July 4 7/7/1884
Farrington, Lewis W. of Walden Yaw, Miss Lucella E. of Walden S. Walden - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Fevro, Napoleon of Johnville, NY Denonville, Miss Delphine of Wheelock St. Johnsbury - Jan 4 1/10/1881
Fifield, James D. of Newport Booth, Edna P. of Troy Irasburgh - Dec 12 12/24/1883
Findley, William of Glover Wylie, Miss Mary M. of Glover Glover - Jan 15 1/19/1880
Fisher, William H. of Irasburgh Hancock, Miss Emma Ann of Irasburgh Coventry - Dec 25 1/5/1880
Fisk, George S. of Barton Tripp, Miss Ella S. of Barton Barton - April 2 4/9/1883
Flanders, Mr. of Ayer, MA Stewart, Miss Carrie of South Troy S. Troy prob - Thanksgiving 12/4/1882
Fletcher, George A. of Coventry Goodnow, Adella of Brownington Barton Landing - Feb 19 2/23/1880
Fogg, Arthur D. of St. Johnsbury Phillips, Miss Chloe P. of Glover Barton - June 16 6/20/1881
Folsom, Harry A. of Barton Gordon, Miss Hattie M. Bethlehem, NH - Jan 13 1/22/1883
Folsom, S. M. of Lyndonville not named Lyndonville 11/17/1884
Ford, Willis H. of Lyndonville Bean, Lettie A. of John Bean of Barton Barton - April 2 4/7/1884
Foster, Edwin R. of W. Charleston Foster, Mrs., they were divorced, now remarried out west prob 8/13/1883
Fountain, Joseph Smith, Mrs. Caroline  Holland - March 31 4/4/1881
Fox, Charles of Newport Carson, Miss Estella of Newport West Derby - July 24 8/8/1881
Fox, Everett of Stanstead, PQ Gould, Miss Martha of Barnston, PQ Newport - June 13 6/18/1883
Frasier, A. L. of Grafton, NH Davison, Nellie of Hardwick Hardwick - May 1 5/7/1883
Frasier, A. L. of Grafton, NH Davison, Miss Nellie of Hardwick Hardwick - May 1 5/14/1883
Freeman, Joseph B. of Barton Urie, Miss Mary E. of Glover Barton - Sept 19 9/25/1882
French, Horatio L. of Green Point, L.I. Ireland, Miss Sarah A. of Bridgeport Bridgeport, CT - Nov 25 1/5/1880
French, Samuel B. of Glover Scott, Mrs. Elizabeth F. of Glover Barton - Sept 20 10/24/1881
Frissell, Henry of Newport Page, Miss Lucy of Barton Barton Landing - Feb 5 2/19/1883
Frost, George W. of Barton Kimball, Miss Susa[n] J. of Barton Barton - Jan 6 1/8/1883
Fuller, Cassius A. of Newport Magoon, Miss Nellie F. of West Derby West Derby - June 20 7/3/1882
Fullerton, John W. of Newark Dennis, Abbie E. of Stratford Guildhall - Oct 18 12/4/1882
Gage, James of Craftsbury Patterson, Miss Marion G. of Greensboro Greensboro - Feb 22 2/27/1882
Gallup, Dyer of Brownington Cummings, Miss Susannah of Morgan Ctr Morgan Center - March 19 4/12/1880
Gallup, Edmund A. of Brownington Bloss, Miss Lilla J. of Brownington Brownington - July 5 7/26/1880
Gallup, Leroy of North Troy Everts, Edna of Jay North Troy - Dec 17 1/2/1882
Gardner, Calvin F. of Derby Welcome, Hattie M. of Derby Derby Line - Jan 10 2/16/1880
Gardner, Wellington O. of Derby Allbee, Sarah D. of Holland Newport - Jan 8 1/15/1883
Garfield, William B. of Burke Merrill, Mrs. Lizzie P. of Barton Glover - Oct 9 10/16/1882
Gates, Fred of Barton Rash, Miss Lilly of Barton Barton Landing - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Gates, George A. of Barton Wright, Miss Mamie E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr - Nov 3 11/6/1882
George, Sias R. of Albany McGuire, Mrs. Mary W. of Albany Albany - Dec 10 12/19/1881
Gero, John L. of Westmore Murphy, Louise J. of Westmore Westmore - Nov 28 11/26/1883
Gibble, George of Greensboro Anderson, Annie S. of Craftsbury Glover - Oct 2 11/5/1883
Gibson, Ezra A. of Barnet Smiley, Miss Ella of Danville Danville - Jan 27 2/2/1880
Gibson, Oscar of Newport Buley, Cora of Newport West Derby - Nov 22 12/6/1880
Giffin, George of Sheffield Gray, Miss Sylvia of Sheffield Albany    6/23/1884
Gilbert, Otis not named Newport 11/14/1881
Gilmore, James of Glover Tenney, Miss Florence E. of Albany Barton - Sept 20 9/25/1882
Gilmour, David A. of Glover Anderson, Miss Mary Ann of Glover E. Craftsbury - Nov 21 11/26/1883
Gladden, Edward R. of Coventry Pierce, Hattie L. of Brownington Newport - Feb 16 2/20/1882
Glass, Robert of Hoosac Falls, NY Stewart, Miss Maggie of St. Johnsbury ST. Johnsbury - Aug 10 8/15/1881
Goad, George of Montreal, PQ Elliott, Miss Bertha C. of Barton Barton - May 14 5/23/1881
Goding, Sumner of Greensboro Bend Page, Miss Henrietta M. of Brompton, PQ Sherbrooke, PQ   1/15/1883
Godwin, H. E. of Wolcott Clark, Miss Ida L. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Feb 23 3/3/1884
Going, Alfredah E. of Brownington Wilcox, Miss Laura E. of Brownington Barton Landing - April 3 4/9/1883
Going, George A. of Brownington not named recently 1/7/1884
Goldsmith, George W. of Boston, MA Bickford, Miss Laura A. of Glover Glover - Dec 28 1/2/1882
Gonya, Charles of Island Pond Boyle, Miss Rosa D. of Derby Newport - May 7 5/15/1882
Goodenough, Wells B. of West Derby Brown, Miss Annie A. of Potten, PQ West Derby - Oct 5 10/23/1882
Goodheart, Joseph of Barton Boucher, Delia of Barton Barton - May 9 5/16/1881
Goodnoe, Almon S. of Brownington Carr, Aurilla C. of Williston Derby - Sept 16 9/27/1880
Goodrich, A. A. of Hardwick Spencer, Miss M. L. of Hardwick Bloomfield - Dec 19 1/1/1883
Goodrich, Charles A. of Greensboro King, Miss Lizzie A. of Greensboro Greensboro - March 13 4/2/1883
Goodrich, Guy H. Chamberlin, Laura E. Craftsbury - June 30 7/14/1884
Goodrich, Guy K. of Lowell Ferry, Miss Anna of Greensboro Lowell, - Dec 21 1/3/1881
Goodwin, Etney E. of Cabot Gochey, Miss Ella L. of Barton Barton - June 28 7/2/1883
Gordon, John E. of St Johnsbury Barlow, Miss Eva S. of St. Johnsbury Newport - July 29 8/14/1882
Goulding, John of Newport Brown, Miss Delia of Potton Newport - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Gower, Alfred of Lowell Yaw, Olive A. of Lowell Lowell - Oct 5 10/11/1880
Graham, Samuel B. of Peacham Moody, Miss Emma of Peacham Peacham - Jan 26 1/30/1882
Granger, Rev. P. N. of St. Albans Stevens, Miss E. E. of Derby Line Stanstead - Sept 7 9/20/1880
Grant, Archabald of Irasburgh Metcalf, Miss Viola of Irasburgh Irasburgh - May 4 5/8/1882
Grant, Elisha B. of Barton Ainsworth, Miss Adelia B. of Morgan Barton - Feb 6 3/19/1883
Grant, Eugene of Irasburgh Durivage, Laura L. of Lowell Newport - July 4 8/23/1880
Grant, Fred J. of Greensboro Caldwell, Miss Julia A. of Wheelock Albany - Nov 1 11/19/1883
Grant, Willis H. of Barton Quinn, Mary A. of Barton Irasburgh - May 9 5/17/1880
Gray, Albert M. of Sheffield Booth, Electa E. of Sheffield Glover - Feb 25 3/1/1880
Gray, Don H. of Burke Hoffman, Lucy A. of Wheelock Island Pond - Nov 30 12/4/1882
Gray, Frederick S. of Coventry Cass, Miss Cada S. of Coventry Derby - Feb 28 3/14/1881
Gray, Walter O. of Glover Jones, Miss Ella M. of Glover Sheffield - Dec 26 1/3/1881
Green, Harley M. of Plainville, MA Mathewson, Miss Mercy P. of Lyndon Lyndon Ctr - May 12 5/23/1881
Grout, George S. of St. Johnsbury Beck, Miss Theresa of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Jan 17 1/22/1883
Grovro, Varney R. of Albany Dilts, Nellie M. of Wolcott Albany - Aug 29 9/5/1881
Grow, Arthur of Brownington Hodges, Bell of Brownington Brownington - Jan 1 1/3/1881
Grow, Charles C. of Barton Baxter, Miss Gertie L. of Barton Barton - Dec 15 12/19/1881
Grow, George W. of Brownington Walter, Emma J. of Charleston Island Pond - May 23 6/12/1882
Hackett, Isaac of Holland Cargill, Miss Ella of Morgan Morgan - March 26 3/28/1881
Hackett, William of Holland Smith, Miss Emma E. of Stanstead, P. Q. Holland - Sept 28 10/3/1881
Hadlock, Everett Baraw, Addie of Jay Jay 3/12/1883
Hall, Alvah G. of Barton of J. G. Hall Dunham, Miss Nellie E. of Brownington Barton Landing - Oct 18 10/24/1881
Hall, Lell  Moshier, Miss Nellie Holland - Dec 27 1/1/1883
Hall, Rev. William of Troy Currier, Mrs. Lucinda A. of Troy North Troy - Dec 4 12/19/1881
Hamblet, Charles of Morgan Clark, Alice dau of Mrs. O. P. Clark Charleston - Oct 10 10/15/1883
Hamilton, George Jr.  Brown, Mrs. Malora widow of Dr. A. P. Brown West Charleston - 15th 3/22/1880
Hammond, Fred Chandler, Miss North Troy - last Thurs 5/5/1884
Harding, Ralph D. of Lowell Thompson, Miss Kate S. of Barnet Barnet - Feb 14 2/26/1883
Harriman, David E. of St. Johnsbury Knapp, Miss Huldah of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Jan 17 1/26/1880
Harrington, Prof C. E. of E. St J Bowen, Miss Nellie J. of E. St J. West Concord - May 3 8/4/1884
Harris, C. E. of Newport Center Galbraith, Miss Minnie E. of North Troy North Troy - July 20 7/31/1882
Harris, William M. of Derby Wheeler, Miss Jennie of Rock Island, PQ Derby - Jan 3 1/16/1882
Hartwell, George of Lowell not named   9/8/1884
Hartwell, Henry of Stanstead, P. Q. Labarien, Miss Mary of Stanstead, P. Q. Holland - Sept 22 9/26/1881
Harvey, Amos of Stanstead Ross, Mary of Stanstead Holland - July 10 7/19/1880
Haskell, Stewart of Derby Line Sheafe, Margaret H. of Derby Line Stanstead Plains - Sept 5 9/18/1882
Hawkins, John W. of Calais Fair, Miss Lucy L. of Woodbury Sheffield - Dec 1 12/6/1880
Hawkins, Willard Jr. of St. Johnsbury Hammond, Miss Myra A of Newport Coventry - Oct 19 11/1/1880
Hayward, Wilson S. of Westmore Curtis, Miss Roxanna of Sutton Westmore - March 8 3/15/1880
Hazelton, Albert of Eaton, PQ McGlinchy, Miss Mary J. of St. Stephen, N.B. Newport - May 13 5/22/1882
Hazelton, Charles of W. Charleston at CA not named CA prob 12/17/1883
Healey, Samuel of Irasburgh Ainsworth, Abby of Craftsbury Barton - March 13 3/19/1883
Heath, John of Albany Smalley, Mary A. of Albany Albany - Nov 20 12/6/1880
Hedges, Stephen L. of E. Topsham Snelling, Cora of Sheffield Sheffield - Nov 13 11/19/1883
Heerman, Fred H. of Coventry Wright, Miss Florence M. of Coventry Coventry - Oct 10 10/17/1881
Heerman, Willard of Coventry Allen, Miss Verona of Coventry Irasburg - Sept 21 9/29/1884
Hendrix, Loren S. of Westfield Morey, Miss Theoressa Eudora of Westfield Westfield - April 21 5/9/1881
Herring, George W. of Craftsbury Demerrit, Miss Ellen of Craftsbury Craftsbury - June 28 10/27/1884
Hildreth, D. W.  Flint, Mrs. Etta Barton Landing - Nov 23 12/4/1882
Hill, Carlos of Westfield Fletcher, Luna of Montgomery South Troy - Aug 24 9/6/1880
Hill, Harlan H., Dr. of Morgan Drew, Zana B. of Glover Glover - May 12 5/19/1884
Hill, Hiram C. of St. Johnsbury Merrill, Miss Eliza E. of Danville Danville - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Hill, Jethro J. of Barton Twombly, Mrs. Sarah M. of Barton Lyndon Ctr - June 28 7/4/1881
Hill, Wright F. of Charleston Carter, Miss Delia of Charleston Island Pond - Jan 15 1/30/1882
Hines, Wallie Sinclear, Mrs. Hannah Lowell 11/19/1883
Hitchcock, Mark N. of Westfield Manuel, Edith C. of Jay Newport - Oct 1 10/10/1881
Hitchcock, Seldin B. of Troy Farrington, Miss Henrietta of Irasburgh Irasburgh - March 14 3/19/1883
Hobson, Howard H. of E. Brighton Mansur, Miss Emma A. of East Charleston E. Charleston - Dec 21 1/3/1881
Hogaboom, Lorenzo M. of Walden Wilson, Miss Jennie M. of Walden Walden - March 24 4/2/1883
Hollingsworth, William of Derby Peavey, Miss Helen F. of Derby West Derby - May 26 6/7/1880
Holman, John of Irasburg Grant, Miss Georgietta of Irasburg Irasburg - Dec 25 12/29/1884
Holt, Fred S. of Derby Abbott, Ida of Stanstead, PQ Derby - Jan 12 2/14/1881
Holton, Charles O. of West Charleston Hamilton, Miss Ida M. of West Charleston W. Charleston - Dec 31 1/12/1880
Holton, Charlie of W. Charleston not named recently 1/5/1880
Hopkins, Charles P. of Derby Richardson, Annis C. of Derby Newport - Nov 13 11/14/1881
Houston, George A. Whiten, Miss Addie S. Walden - Oct 9 10/20/1884
Houston, Thomas of Morgan McAllister, Fanny of Bloomfield Bloomfield - Sept 3 9/12/1881
Hovey, James K. of Westfield not named Westfield 11/15/1880
Hovey, Silas of Independence, Iowa Glassburn, Miss May of Tampico Tampico, IL - Sept 19 10/15/1883
Hovey, Wallace H. of Albany Jackson, Miss Lydia A. of Albany Albany - Nov 10 11/15/1880
Howard, George F.   Williams, Etta L. Craftsbury - Jan 2 1/21/1884
Hubbard, Frank J. of East Hardwick Paine, Helen A. of East Hardwick West Derby - Oct 19 11/1/1880
Huff, Willie of Compton, P.Q. Morrill, Anna of Compton, P.Q. Morgan - Dec 19 1/5/1880
Hull, George W. of Concord Frye, Edith M. of Concord Irasburgh - July 3 7/17/1882
Hunt, Frank Evans, May of J. H. Evans of Evansville Barton Landing - last Tues 6/7/1880
Hunt, Frank G. of Westmore Evans, May A. of Brownington Brownington - June 1 6/7/1880
Hunt, Rawson S. of Glover McLellan, Helen M. of Glover Glover - Dec 25 12/29/1884
Husband, Thomas H. of Glover Sargent, Sadie A. of Glover Barton - May 5 5/10/1880
Hutchinson, S. L. of W Charleston not named          of Chester, VT Chester, VT - Jan 15 2/4/1884
Hyatt, Enos of Barton Estes, Mrs. Cordelia of Barton Irasburgh - July 19 7/26/1880
Hyde, J. W. of Westmore Quint, Miss Melisse of Manchester, NH St. Johnsbury - March 31 4/11/1881
Jenne, Elmer E. of Derby Jones, Miss Emma R. of Derby West Derby    12/29/1884
Jenne, Harlan P. of Derby Sargent, Miss Abbie L. of Newport Newport - Nov 9 11/20/1882
Jenne, Lucian P. of Derby Carpenter, Miss Hattie S. of Derby Derby - May 27 6/7/1880
Jenne, Rev. Mr. of South Troy Young, Miss Ida of South Troy South Troy - recently 5/2/1881
Jenness, Duer W. of Bradford, NH Jones, Emma E. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - April 29 5/8/1882
Jerome, Benjamin B. of Barton Drew, Helen A. of Samuel Drew Esq. of Barton Barton - April 10 4/17/1882
Jewell, Alvin of Charleston Allyn, Miss Abbie of Charleston Morgan Ctr - Jan 12 1/26/1880
Jewell, Herman E. of Barnet Gammell, Mrs. Emma of Barnet Barnet - March 23 4/3/1882
Johnson, Henry A. of Craftsbury Hawkins, Miss Clara B. of Barton E. Craftsbury - Nov 21 12/19/1881
Johnson, Nelson H. of Newport Niles, Miss Della J. of Newport Newport Ctr - Oct 28 11/12/1883
Johnson, W. C. of Barton Landing Brigham, Mrs. Julia M. of Derby Derby - March 19 3/24/1884
Johnson, William C., M. D. of Helena, Mont. Washburn, Emma J. of L. M. Washburn of Craft. Craftsbury - Jan 19  (*see 3-21) 3/7/1881
Jones, Frank W. of Lowell Patterson, Miss Mattie G. of Glover Glover - Feb 10 2/16/1880
Jones, Frederick F. of Lowell Hines, Miss Amy E. of Lowell Lowell - Oct 13 10/18/1880
Judd, Edward of Holland Miller, Julia A. of Holland Holland - March 17 3/22/1880
Judd, Walter of Holland not named Holland prob 10/20/1884
Judd, William of Holland Hussey, Blanche E. of Derby Holland - Nov 15 11/22/1880
Katen, George of Barton Whitcher, Miss Ida M. of Barton Barton - Dec 13 12/18/1882
Keir, John of Craftsbury Paddleford, Miss Carrie E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - 16th 7/30/1883
Kelley, Albert of St. Johnsbury Dwinell, Miss Nena of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Jan 16 1/22/1883
Kelley, George I. of St. Johnsbury Dickinson, Miss Clara I. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Ctr - Sept 19 10/2/1882
Kelley, Isaac S. of Danville Orcutt, Miss Martha of Wheelock Greensboro - Dec 7 12/18/1882
Kelley, John of Lowell Huntley, Mrs. Emma of Lowell Troy - Nov 10 11/15/1880
Kelley, John of Rock Island Carter, Etta of Stanstead, PQ Derby Center - Oct 24 10/25/1880
Kendall, Wallace J. of Newport Barnes, Miss Matilda of Westfield Montgomery Ctr - May 20 6/7/1880
Kennedy, Charles of Troy Sherman, Miss Sarah of Newport South Troy - Feb 17 2/23/1880
Kennedy, Frank O. of Troy Crafts, Miss Augusta M. of Lowell Newport - Jan 16 1/29/1883
Kenniston, Edgar A. of Lowell Hackett, Miss Jennie W. of Coventry Lowell - April 13 4/26/1880
Kidder, Arthur H. of Holland Alton, Clara Eroe of O. Alton of W. Charleston W. Charleston - March 9 3/21/1881
Kimball, John of Sherbrooke, PQ Bartlett, Miss Anna L. of Barton Barton - April 30 5/7/1883
Kimball, Moody of Irasburgh Dow, Miss Jennie of Coventry Newport - Feb 20 2/26/1883
Kimball, Oscar of Westmore Colby, Emma J. of Barton Irasburgh - April 28 5/3/1880
Kimball, Samuel C. of Albany Hovey, Miss Celma V. of Albany Sheldon -  March 13 3/26/1883
Kinerson, Russel of Peacham Bailey, Miss Lucy of Hardwick Hardwick - Jan 19 1/23/1882
Kipp, William of Newark, NJ Leach, Miss Grace of North Troy North Troy - Jan 19 1/30/1882
Knight, Benjamin L. of Irasburgh Haynes, Miss Julia E. of Irasburgh Newport - Sept 6 9/18/1882
Labarian, Burton of Stanstead Smith, Mary of Stanstead Holland - Oct 21 10/25/1880
Labelle, James of Newport Douglass, Miss Melvina of Coventry Newport - July 4 7/17/1882
Labor, Louis of Barton Downing, Viola E. of Barton Barton - Aug 22 8/28/1882
Laclair, Edgar of Lowell Brahaney, Miss of Lowell Mansonville, PQ - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Ladd, Charles U. of Stanstead Chamberlain, Miss Ella E. of Coaticook, PQ Morgan Ctr - May 26 6/4/1883
Lafoe, Henry of Holland Bryant, Nettie of Holland Holland - Oct 16 10/27/1884
LaFont, Amos of Glover Miles, Nellie of Albany Irasburg - March 11 3/31/1884
Lane, George R. of Newport Lane, Mrs. Mary A. of Newport Newport - Jan 5 1/16/1882
Lang, A. J. of Charleston Elliott, Mrs. Alice of Charleston W. Charleston - April 27 5/9/1881
Lang, John of Barnet Judkins, Miss Minnie of Barnet Barnet - Oct 11 10/17/1881
Langmaid, Dixon A. of Danville Sivright, Nettie E. of Derby West Derby - Oct 12 11/1/1880
Langmaid, E. W. of Coventry Thrasher, Mrs. Nettie S. of Coventry Coventry - March 3 3/5/1883
Lanou, Joseph of Irasburgh Kidder, Miss Gertrude of Barton Irasburgh - Dec 1 12/6/1880
Larabee, Alvah R. of Newport Baker, Anna R. of Newport Newport - Feb 15 2/20/1882
Larabee, Alvin S. of Newport Sweet, Mellissa A. of Newport Newport - Dec 20 12/26/1881
Latham, William M. of New York City Willson, Adelia A. of Barton Barton Landing - June 12 6/18/1883
Lathe, William R. of Coventry Page, Miss Ida M. of Newport Albany - Sept 17 9/26/1881
Lawrence, Charles H. of Glover Kelsea, Mary A. of Derby Derby Center - Sept 30 10/4/1880
Lawrence, James F. of Lowell Perkins, Miss Addie M. of Lowell Albany - May 1 5/9/1881
Leach, Wyllis D., Esq. of Irasburgh Carpenter, Marinda of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Nov 6 11/12/1883
Leavens, Eugene O. of Charleston Magoon, Attie M. of West Derby West Derby - Feb 6 2/11/1884
Lee, Charles H. of Irasburgh Dudley, Miss Hattie of Barton Coventry - April 29 5/7/1883
Lee, Fred O. of Albany Magoon, Miss Anna R. of Barton Glover - Jan 25 2/6/1882
Lee, Fred of Albany Magoon, Miss Anna R. of Barton West Glover - 25th inst 1/30/1882
Lee, Herbert F. of Irasburgh Lee, Miss Jennie L. of Irasburgh Newport - May 1 5/14/1883
Lee, Howard J., M.D. of Cleveland, OH Ayer, Miss Mary O. of Chelsea Chelsea, MA - Dec 1 12/13/1880
Leith, Robert of Hoosac Falls, NY Stewart, Miss Isabel of St. Johnsbury ST. Johnsbury - Aug 10 8/15/1881
Lemos, Frank A. of Irasburgh Woodbury, Miss Jennie F. of Irasburgh Barton - Oct 4 10/16/1882
Leonard, Dr. of W. Charleston not named -- from Canaan, NH NH prob 8/13/1883
Leonard, E. B. of Newport Mackinnon, Mary of Lyndonville Lyndonville - Oct 25 11/14/1881
Leonard, Elmer L. of Brownington Leland, Miss Leona R. of Barton Irasburg - Aug 2 8/4/1884
Leonard, Mitchell of St. Thomas, P.Q. Jerome, Miss Rosa of Glover Glover - July 31 8/1/1881
Leonard, Zuar R. of Craftsbury Smith, Mrs. Charlotte L. of Barton Newport - Oct 4 10/23/1882
Lewis, Charles of Irasburgh Turner, Mary A. of Coventry Irasburgh - March 30 4/3/1882
Lewis, Fred H. of Graniteville, MA Hunt, Miss Lennie C. of Newport Center Newport Center - Oct 18 10/23/1882
Lewis, Harvey M. of Littleton Hurd, Myra F. of Lyman Lyman, NH - May 24 6/5/1882
Lewis, Nelson M. of Barton Martin, Miss Laura L. of Barton Barton - Aug 10 8/15/1881
Liddell, Edgar E. of Littleton, NH Hunt, Miss Emma F. of Barton Barton - Jan 4 1/8/1883
Lindsay, Josiah of Greensboro Blood, Leonora of Glover Glover - Dec 24 12/29/1884
Livingstone, Luke of Coventry Adams, Mrs. Emma of South Hero Coventry - June 17 6/21/1880
Locke, Dr. William E. of Corinth Sanborn, Lena of Barton Barton - Nov 27 12/1/1884
Lockwood, George R. of Irasburgh Haskell, Miss Marcia M. of Norwood Norwood, NY - Sept 14 10/17/1881
Lonto, J. W. of Derby Corse, Miss Linnie of Newport Ctr. Nashua, NH - June 5 6/20/1881
Lord, Evans of Belvidere, P. Q. Parker, Mary of Compton, P. Q. Derby Center - Sept 29 10/4/1880
Lougee, John F. of Newport Mower, Miss Nellie A. of Lyndonville Lyndonville - Sept 26 10/9/1882
Lowell, Harris E. of Kirby Bailey, Miss Eliza D. of Sutton Barton - Dec 14 12/19/1881
Luce, Cyrus F. of Holland Judd, Miss Nettie A. of Geo. H. Judd of Holland Holland - Sept 6 9/13/1880
Lucia, Harley L. of Newark McFarlan, Sarah of Newark Island Pond - July 13 7/24/1882
Lucier, Charles King, Bell of Enosburgh Jay 3/12/1883
Lumsden, James J. of Greensboro Stevens, Miss Mary Ann of Walden E. Hardwick - May 1 5/15/1882
Luxford, Turner W. of Troy Cooper, Della E. of Bolton, P.Q. Newport - Nov 7 11/14/1881
Lyon, Joseph P. of Westmore Devereaux, Miss Mary of Barton Glover - June 4 6/12/1882
Magoon, George W. of Charleston Moore, Miss Mary E. of Charleston E. Charleston - July 4 7/25/1881
Mann, Enoch D. of Westmore Cass, Miss Elizabeth S. of Barton Barton - Dec 30 1/2/1882
Maplesden, Richard D. of Morgan Moulton, Lennie L. of Troy Newport - Feb 27 3/6/1882
Maplesden, Richard of Morgan Sawyer, Mrs. Emily L. dau of Amos Parlin of C. Charleston - Jan 5 1/10/1881
Marshall, Reuben J. of Craftsbury Garvin, Miss Luella of Craftsbury Albany - Oct 22 10/27/1884
Martin, Edwin of Hatley, P. Q. Brown, Jennie A. of Barnston, P.Q. Derby - Sept 25 9/27/1880
Martin, George B. of Troy Everts, Miss Lyda L. of Jay Westfield - Jan 20 1/28/1884
Martin, Hosea of Craftsbury Porter, Sylvia of Craftsbury Craftsbury 7/25/1881
Martin, Joseph age over 70 not named Westfield - Dec 25 1/10/1881
Martin, Wesley G. of Albany Magoon, Miss Martha M. of Wolcott Albany - Nov 18 11/22/1880
Martin, William H. of Barton Bailey, Mrs. Dolly of St. Johnsbury Barton - Feb 14 2/19/1883
Mason, Roswell S. of Glover Tichurst, Miss Lavina of Stanstead, PQ Newport - May 23 5/29/1882
Mathews, A. D. of Barton McNiel, Mrs. Mary E. of Barton Barton - Dec 15 1/1/1883
Mathews, J. C. of St. J & S. Troy Pike, Mrs. Elvira of Stanstead S. Troy - Wed 9/27/1880
Mathews, John C. of Troy Pike, Mrs. Elvira of Stanstead Troy - Sept 22 10/4/1880
Maxwell, Samuel Libby, Nettie Brownington 6/30/1884
Maynes, W. N.  Whiten, Miss Nellie Walden - Oct 9 10/20/1884
McAllister, John J. of Newport Wells, Miss Maggie M. of Coventry St. Johnsbury - April 28 5/14/1883
M'Caskill, D. A. of Montreal Abbott, Miss Lillian of Sutton Sutton - 24th inst 1/29/1883
McCasco, Oliver of Danville Huse, Miss Clarinda of Danville Danville - Aug 28 9/4/1882
McLane, John Morey, Hattie Coventry - Sept 16 9/15/1884
Meron, Eugene of Springfield, MA Page, Jennie of Irasburg Irasburg - Feb 6 2/18/1884
Merriam, William of Glover French, Mrs. Ann E. of Glover Glover - July 18 7/24/1882
Merriam, William, Esq.  French, Mrs. Ann Glover 7/24/1882
Merrill, Charles S. of Craftsbury Eaton, Miss Mary F. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - March 5 3/10/1884
Merrill, George of Craftsbury Rawson, Eliza H. of Craftsbury Irasburgh - Feb 28 3/5/1883
Merrill, Nathaniel C. of Boston Joy, Gertrude C. of Boston Newport - Oct 7 10/11/1880
Merritt, Homer Carpenter, Ida South Troy 5/21/1883
Metcalf, Guy P. of Irasburgh Adams, Miss Annie F. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Nov 17 11/28/1881
Miles, Arthur H. of Brownington Gibson, Miss Angie F. of Brownington Brownington - Dec 25 12/29/1884
Miles, Deming R. of Sutton McDowell, Miss Jennie of Melbourne, PQ St. Johnsbury - Nov 30 12/5/1881
Miller, Albert S. of Westfield House, Miss Jennie L. of Derby Line Derby - Jan 4 1/15/1883
Miller, Henry of Greensboro Scott, Miss Josephine A. of Greensboro Glover - March 18 3/22/1880
Miller, James E. of Warren Gallup, Miss Ida M. of Troy Richford - Jan 17 1/29/1883
Miller, Pliny E. of Westfield Perkins, Miss Annette E. of Troy Holland - Oct 4 10/9/1882
Mitchell, Alfred of St. Johnsbury Jones, Miss Katie of St. Johnsbury South Walden - June 3 6/12/1882
Monteith, William J. of Brompton, PQ Leonard, Miss Martha A. of Brownington Barton - June 6 6/11/1883
Moody, Royal of Craftsbury Root, Carrie A. of Moses Root of Craftsbury Craftsbury - May 18 5/23/1881
Moranville, Cyrus of Irasburg Robinson, Miss Rosetta A. of Salem Irasburg - Sept 18 9/22/1884
Morey, Will of Newport Wheeler, Miss Annie of W. Charleston W. Charleston - May 17 5/22/1882
Morey, William G. of Newport Wheeler, Miss Annie L. of Charleston W. Charleston -  May 17 5/29/1882
Morgan, A. G. of Jay Barber, Florence of Jay North Troy - Dec 16 1/2/1882
Morgan, A. H. of Newport Walker, Jennie of Newport Newport - June 12 6/16/1884
Morgan, Gary of Newport Brown, Myra of Newport Newport - Nov 27 12/4/1882
Morse, Clark S. of Coventry Rowell, Miss Laura of Coventry Coventry - July 23 8/1/1881
Morse, Ed of Jay not named   3/24/1884
Morse, Rev. C. W. of Rev. J. Morse of Wolcott Goodrich, Alma of Levi Goodrich Lyndon prob - June 1 6/12/1882
Morse, Romener of Jay Hanks, Miss Olive of Jay Lowell - May 5 5/23/1881
Mosier, Frank of Island Pond Morrill, Jessie niece of A. J. Morrill, Esq. W. Charleston - last Thurs 11/1/1880
Mossman, Waldo of Barton Owen, Miss Ella of Barton Irasburgh - Feb 24 2/28/1881
Moulton, Charles of Morgan Johnson, Emma of Bolton, PQ Newport - May 21 5/30/1881
Moulton, Otis R. of Barnston, PQ Cushman, Miss Ella M. of Charleston Charleston - May 14 5/30/1881
Moxley, George Skinner, Miss Etta West Glover 1/16/1882
Moxley, George W. of Albany Skinner, Miss Etta B. of Glover Glover - Jan 11 1/16/1882
Munson, Warren G. of Derby Wiggins, Hannah D. of Derby West Derby - March 11 3/20/1882
Murray, George N. of Barton Owen, Miss Carrie S. of Barton ST. Johnsbury - April 29 5/8/1882
Nadeau, Adolph of Charleston Burnash, Miss Emma of Charleston Charleston - May 14 5/30/1881
Nelson, Ethan S. of Barton Miller, Miss Marion of Glover Barton - Feb 8 2/13/1882
Nelson, John C. of Scotts Valley Crandall, Miss Mary B. of Scotts Valley Scotts Valley, CA - Aug 4 8/22/1881
Newcomb, Orem of Derby Field, Miss Luna H. of Newport Newport - Sept 21 10/3/1881
Newland, George H. of Newport Parker, Miss Florence E. of Newport Newport - May 11 5/22/1882
Newman, Nathan of Brownington Smith, Miss Lucinda J. of Brownington Barton Landing - June 28 7/4/1881
Newton, Fred E. of Lowell Works, Lizzie C. of Lowell Lowell - Feb 26 3/8/1880
Newton, George of Coventry Guild, Miss Lilla V. of Coventry Newport - Aug 1 8/13/1883
Nichols, Joseph of Manchester, NH McGuire, Miss Nancy of Manchester, NH Albany - Feb 8 2/16/1880
Nichols, Mr. Foss, Widow of West Charleston West Charleston 5/31/1880
Nichols, Nathan of Charleston Foss, Mrs. Mary of Salem Salem - April 14 5/3/1880
Norcross, R. G. of Glover Ayer, Miss Katie M. of Glover Glover - Dec 6 12/11/1882
Norris, Frank B. of Sutton Stoddard, Miss Addie V. of Newark Barton Landing - Feb 1 2/21/1881
Norton, Charles of Barton Hunt, Miss Sophia L. of Barton Barton - Nov 2 11/7/1881
not named Williams, Mrs. Peter of Newport Ctr. recently 5/31/1880
Noyes, Henry S. of Newport Orenger, Miss Rosa of Newport Coventry - July 31 8/14/1882
Nutting, George E. of Westmore Kimball, Mary L. of Westmore Irasburgh - March 10 3/15/1880
Nye, George of Barton Landing Foster, Miss Mary of Irasburgh last Sat 12/27/1880
Nye, George of Barton Landing Foster, Miss Mary of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Dec 25 12/27/1880
Ogden, Joe Sloggett, Mrs. "still wife of Charles Sloggett" Newport - Feb 27 3/26/1883
Olmstead, Alphonso M. of Barton Cowles, Amelia of Barton Irasburgh - Sept 30 10/4/1880
Ordway, Arthur E. of Barton Landing Garland, Miss Ada of Barton Landing Barton Landing - April 23 4/25/1881
Ordway, Cyrene B. of Barton Landing Winslow, Mrs. Mary A. of Brownington Barton Landing - Dec 9 12/20/1880
Owen, W. K. of St. Johnsbury Amy, Miss Katie of Monroe, NH St. Johnsbury - April 29 5/15/1882
Paddleford, Edward C. of Greensboro Tate, Sadie J. of Greensboro Glover - May 30 6/5/1882
Page, Clarence W. of W. Charleston & Peabody Moore, Miss Clara A. of Peabody, MA Lynn, MA - July 24 8/22/1881
Page, Harley of Sheffield King, Miss Martha A. of Sheffield Sheffield - Jan 1 1/5/1880
Page, J. C. of Westmore Rowell, Mrs. L. P. of Albany St. Johnsbury - June 12 6/25/1883
Page, Judson M. Tabor, Miss Sadie M. of Holland Holland - last Tues 5/10/1880
Palmer, Joseph Nims, Miss Ella of Island Pond W. Charleston prob 6/6/1881
Palmer, Lewis M., M. D. of Litchfield, ME Prouty, Miss Nellie B. of Newport Newport - March 28 4/3/1882
Parker, Chester S. of Glover Silsby, Miss Mattie of Waterford Waterford - Dec 6 12/11/1882
Parker, Robert W. of Charleston Sillars, Maggie of Inverness, PQ West Charleston - Dec 22 1/2/1882
Parker, William J. of Holland Hill, Nellie of Holland Holland - Feb 26 3/7/1881
Patterson, Thomas Stephenson, Miss May Lowell - Nov 29 12/4/1882
Paupau, John of Holland Lundervill, Miss Lizzie of Holland Holland - April 18 4/24/1882
Peacock, Robert of Coventry Enos, Miss Hattie of Franklin Coventry - Dec 25 12/29/1884
Peak, Albert  of Peacham Phifield, Miss Elsie of Warden, PQ Lyndon Ctr - Jan 8 1/23/1882
Pearl, J. A. of Johnson Elkins, Miss Hattie of North Troy North Troy - March 15 3/27/1882
Pearl, Oscar of Sheffield Gray, Miss Delia of Sheffield Sheffield - Feb 25 3/5/1883
Pearsons. Dr. J. A. of Barton Alden, Miss Finette I. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Aug 16 8/22/1881
Pease, Allison A. of Ascot, PQ McCollum, Miss Mary J. of Lyndon Barton - June 20 6/25/1883
Peavy, Edwin J. of Sutton Berry, Miss Hattie E. of Sutton Sheffield - Dec 19 1/1/1883
Percy, Eugene of Newport Garland, Miss Locia of Newport West Derby - March 10 3/17/1884
Percy, Loan of Bolton, P. Q. Scott, Miss Lilla B. of Coventry Coventry - Nov 2 11/15/1880
Peters, John of Potton, Que Clifford, Miss Clara of Potton, Que. Newport - March 29 4/9/1883
Peterson, Benjamin F. of Barton Woodard, Miss Helen I. of Barton Barton - April 23 4/30/1883
Peth, Richard of St. Johnsbury Andrews, Maria C. of Shipton, PQ Newport - April 22 4/24/1882
Phillips, C. S. of Glover Randall, Miss N. Mae of Glover Glover - Oct 28 11/3/1884
Phillips, Stephen A. of Craftsbury Smith, Linda E. of Craftsbury Albany - Dec 12 12/15/1884
Pierce, William of Brownington Miles, Miss Betsey A. of Sheffield Sheffield - Aug 26 8/30/1880
Pillsbury, Joseph of Holland Leeland, Mrs. Eliza of Holland Holland - May 8 5/16/1881
Place, Charles of Newport Kelsea, Mary of Derby Newport Ctr - Nov 15 11/21/1881
Post, Albert of Irasburgh Austin, Luella of Newport Irasburgh - March 13 3/19/1883
Powers, John of Derby Burroughs, Miss Josie S. of Coventry Coventry - March 19 4/4/1881
Preston, Charles W. of Barton Hooker, Miss Cora B. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Dec 26 1/2/1882
Prue, Henry of Holland Worth, Ella of Holland Derby Line - Nov 22 12/5/1881
Putney, Charles F. of Coventry McLan, Anna of Coventry Newport - Nov 12 11/21/1881
Putney, John H. of Coventry Glover, Mrs. Ellen Y. of Charleston Barton Landing - Sept 25 10/6/1884
Putney, Mr. Glover, Mrs. W Charleston 10/20/1884
Quimby, Gilbert of Lyndon McNeal, Ella of Sheffield Sheffield - Dec 25 1/5/1880
Quincy, William C. of Lowell Owen, Mary A. of Coventry Glover - June 21 6/23/1884
Randall, Charles H. of Lyndon Twombly, Miss Ida F. of Lyndon Lyndonville - Nov 11 11/15/1880
Rash, George A. of Irasburgh Willey, Miss Addie E. of Irasburgh Barton - March 29 4/2/1883
Rash, Lewis W. of Barton Gilman, Miss Elma May of Westmore Barton - March 31 4/10/1882
Rawson, Corydon of Craftsbury Kinney, Olive R. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Nov 1 11/5/1883
Ray, Edward of Ossiau Ray of Lancaster Brown, Miss Alice S. Whitefield, NH - July 20 8/1/1881
Raymond, A. C.  Hitchcock, Miss Alice of Westfield Westfield - Dec 15 12/24/1883
Reagan, Wesley not named Newport Center 5/15/1882
Revoir, Orrin of Bolton, PQ Tracy, Miss Altha of Bolton, PQ Troy - Jan 12 1/21/1884
Rich, A. E.  [of Clinton, MA prob] Gray, Miss Villa Glover - May 25 6/5/1882
Rich, Albert E. of Glover Gray, Miss Villa of Glover Glover - May 25 6/5/1882
Richards, Charles of Newport Alexander, Miss Mary of Newport Newport - Aug 26 8/28/1882
Richards, George R.  (age 100) [Rice, Sarah Fennimore] Barton Landing - Aug 1879 3/1/1880
Richardson, Edwin of Barnet Taylor, Nettie M. of Barton Barton - May 21 5/26/1884
Richardson, Rev. C. J. of Wolcott Bailey, Miss Sarah S. of Wolcott Wolcott - March 13 3/27/1882
Richardson, Will F. of Brownington Fairbrother, Miss Minnie S. of E. Coventry E. Coventry - Oct 31 11/5/1883
Richmond, Willie of Newport Wright, Emma L. of Newport Newport - Jan 29 2/9/1880
Rickford, George H. of Irasburgh Nelson, Mrs. Lizzie M. of Albany Albany - Nov 20 12/10/1883
Rivers, Paschal of Lowell St. Louis, Miss Elvira of Lowell Lowell - Feb 7 2/16/1880
Robbins, Ephraim A. of Craftsbury Garvin, Miss Lydia M. of Craftsbury E Craftsbury - March 15 4/21/1884
Robbins, Willie I. of Sheffield Lord, Miss Jennie M. of Sheffield Sheffield - Dec 27 1/9/1882
Robinson, Edward B. of Barton Hanscomb, Miss Jennie of Sheffield Sheffield - Dec 28 1/2/1882
Robinson, Harold E. of Westmore Averill, Miss Josie G. of Westmore Barton Landing - Nov 27 12/1/1884
Robinson, Willie E. of Charleston Willoughby, Miss Grace C. of Island Pond Charleston - Nov 23 12/4/1882
Robinson, Willie E. of E. C. Robinson Willoughby, Miss Grace of Island Pond W. Charleston - Nov 23 12/4/1882
Rockwell, Charles Laraway, Stella of Morrisville South Troy 3/6/1882
Rogers, Frank S. of Troy Aiken, Miss Alice of Jay Troy - April 11 5/8/1882
Rogers, Jesse B. of Craftsbury Lawrence, Miss Edna M. of Albany Albany - Dec 15 12/19/1881
Rohan, James P. of St. Johnsbury Phelps, Miss Clara of St. Johnsbury St. J Center - April 27 5/8/1882
Rose, Joseph Noe, Mrs. of Morrisville South Troy - Wed 2/20/1882
Ross, Harry Provanche, Miss Mary Jay 2/20/1882
Roundy, Fred A. of Sutton Cheney, Miss Mattie of Sutton Irasburgh - June 19 6/27/1881
Rowell, Orville D. of Barton Hall, Miss Jennie of Barton Barton - Feb 23 2/27/1882
Rowell, Willard of Albany Priest, Miss Ella of Irasburgh Coventry - Feb 6 2/12/1883
Rowell, Zuar of Barton & CA not named CA prob 2/11/1884
Royce, Clark not named - from Canada East Charleston 4/18/1881
Ruggles, Fred L., MD of Lyndon Knapp, Miss Della E. of Salem, Mich Salem, Mich - June 29 7/18/1881
Russell, George W. of Irasburg Palmer, Miss Ada B. of Irasburg Irasburg - Dec 11 12/15/1884
Sage, Richard F. of Canada Lathe, Miss Sophia of Coventry West Derby - Nov 18 11/27/1882
Salmon, Henry M. of Glover Miller, Miss Jennie H. of Newbury Newbury - Jan 12 1/16/1882
Salmon, John Jr. of Glover Drew, Mrs. Betsey of Glover E. Craftsbury - Dec 24 1/5/1880
Salmon, Pete of Glover not named   1/14/1884
Sanborn, Amos Stiles, Clara of East Albany   6/18/1883
Sanborn, Charles E. of Barton Lyon, Myrtie of Westmore Westmore - May 4 5/16/1881
Sargent, Aaron G. of Glover Partridge, Miss Nellie of Glover Barton - March 13 3/17/1884
Sargent, Silas F. Parker, Miss Carrie Barton Landing - last Thurs 1/2/1882
Sargent, Silas F. of Barton Parker, Miss Carrie E. of Barton Glover - Dec 20 1/2/1882
Sawyer,  Bert of Craftsbury not named   12/31/1883
Sawyer, Adna Robinson, Miss Fannie L. Barton - Dec 9 12/10/1883
Sawyer, Ferdinand of Lowell Murphy, Rose of Lowell Mansonville, PQ - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Scales, John R. of Troy Wade, Miss Minnie P. of Troy S. Troy - Oct 30 11/5/1883
Scales, Royal Wade, Minnie South Troy 11/5/1883
Scott, Amos W. of Barton Dickinson, Mary of Rev. L. C. Dickinson of ST. J St. J Ctr - Oct 22 10/24/1881
Scott, Earnest V. of Greensboro Hartson, Miss Cora A. of Greensboro Glover - Nov 25 12/10/1883
Scott, James of Boston Sutton, Miss Nellie A. of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick - May 30 6/6/1881
Scott, John W. of Glover Phillips, Miss Dora S. of Sheffield Sheffield - Aug 28 9/4/1882
Scranton, Benjamin F. Hammond, Miss Lucy A. of Wheelock Wheelock - Jan 16 1/22/1883
Seavey, Frank E. of Boston Ward, Miss Dora A. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Jan 19 1/26/1880
Sessions, Amasa P. of Coventry Owen, Miss Roena A. of Coventry Barton Landing - Nov 24 12/6/1880
Severans, George N. of Salem not named Salem 10/11/1880
Seymour, Nelson of Westfield Wright, Clara of Westfield Lowell - Aug 20 9/5/1881
Shattuck, J. F. of Irasburgh Kent, Miss Mamie I. of Barton Landing Barton Landing - Oct 24 10/29/1883
Shattuck, John F. of Derby Kent, Mamie J. of Ferrisburgh Barton Landing - Oct 24 10/29/1883
Shaw, E. Manning MD of Waterford Brewster, Miss Emily T. of Irasburg Irasburg - Oct 14 10/20/1884
Shaw, Frank A. of Bolton, PQ Cooper, Miss Estella of Bolton, PQ Newport - Aug 17 8/21/1882
Shaw, Loren B. of Highgate Davis, Miss Ardella of Troy Troy - Nov 27 12/18/1882
Shay, John C. of Littleton, NH Smith, Miss Sarah A. of Derby Derby - Dec 26 1/8/1883
Sheils, William S. of Barton Beard, Orpha L. of Barton Barton - April 17 4/21/1884
Shepard, William A. of Albany Phelps, Betsy G. of Albany Albany - Nov 5 11/13/1882
Shepherd, Charles of Albany Whitcomb, Aldora of Cabot Cabot - Dec 7 1/9/1882
Shepherd, Lucius N. of Lowell Haskins, Miss Harriet E. of Hydepark Lowell - March 22 4/4/1881
Sherburn, George of Sheffield Hunter, Miss Ida of Sheffield Sheffield - April 5 4/21/1884
Sherburne, Bertie M. of Glover Dexter, Miss Ida H. of Glover Glover - Sept 12 9/20/1880
Sherbut, Mitchell of Lowell Lumbra, Miss Electa K. of Johnson Mansonville, PQ - Jan 28 2/26/1883
Sherwin, D. of Craftsbury not named recently 3/26/1883
Shorey, Ezra of Jackson, Kan Batchelder, Miss Mary of Burke Topeka, Kan - April 13 5/5/1884
Sias, Arah of Sheffield Heath, Mrs. Clara of Sheffield Sheffield - Dec 20 1/1/1883
Silver, Charles B. of Craftsbury Dyer, Hattie S. of Elmore Irasburgh - Nov 21 11/26/1883
Simonds, Benjamin D. Farnsworth, Mrs. Sarah Littleton, NH - Sept 30 10/22/1883
Sisco, Fred E. of Barton Cutler, Miss Edna E. of Glover West Glover - March 15 3/22/1880
Sisco, Fred E. of Barton Bean, Miss Hattie I. of Victory Glover - June 17 6/23/1884
Sisco, George of Jay Huntley, Elizabeth of Jay Troy 6/13/1881
Skinner, Olin D. of Barton & Topeka Patterson, Miss Aggie of Topeka, Kan Topeka, Kan. - Dec 1 12/12/1881
Skinner, Preston H. of Albany Clark, Miss Sylvia S. of Glover Glover - May 17 5/23/1881
Slee, Sydney of Newport  (Rice??) Howland, Miss Sarah H. of Hatley, PQ Newport - Jan 31 2/26/1883
Sleeper, Carlos of Newport Ctr not named   8/7/1882
Sleeper, Willie E. of Boston, MA Dutton, Cora A. of Boston, MA Newport Ctr - Aug 9 8/15/1881
Sloan, John J. of Derby Gray, Miss Mamie of Derby Derby - Feb 13 2/18/1884
Smart, George N. of Cabot Ainsworth, Nellie F. of Calais Cabot - Dec 31 1/9/1882
Smeallie, William B. of Amsterdam, NY Kimball, Cora F. of Newport Newport - Jan 19 1/24/1881
Smith, A. J. of Westmore Kettle, Miss Nellie E. of Charleston Westmore - May 31 6/16/1884
Smith, Clark of West Burke not named - they left town West Burke 2/13/1882
Smith, E. H. of Tunbridge Knight, Miss Ella S. of Irasburgh Starksboro - Aug 16 9/11/1882
Smith, Ed of Burlington Merrill, Nellie of Newport Newport - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Smith, Edgar of Barton Robinson, Miss Laura of Evansville Barton - July 7 7/21/1884
Smith, Ellis G. of Barnet Gilman, Miss Martha of Westmore Barnet - March 10 3/15/1880
Smith, George R. of Barton Hubbard, Mrs. Maria of Glover Glover - May 3 5/10/1880
Smith, Herman not named Newport Center 8/9/1880
Smith, Lewis P. of St. Johnsbury Pearly, Clara E. of Barton Barton Landing - Dec 27 1/2/1882
Smith, T. Frank of Greensboro Dow, Miss Ida M. of Albany E. Craftsbury - June 14 6/26/1882
Snell, Veranus of Brockton, MA Holman, Miss Cora A. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - June 29 7/17/1882
Soule, Carl of Fairfield Ingalls, Miss Florence of Greensboro Greensboro - Sept 27 10/10/1881
Souther, Joseph A. of Lowell Holt, Mrs. Maria S. of Derby Derby - Oct 15 10/22/1883
Souther, Wilber of Lowell Cox, Nellie of Lowell Lowell - March 2 3/7/1881
Spalding, Burleigh F. of Fargo, Dakota Baker, Miss Alida of Glover West Glover - Nov 25 11/29/1880
Spaulding, Burleigh F. of W. Glover & Dakota Baker, Mrs. Alida of W. Glover W. Glover prob 12/6/1880
Squires, Charles H. of Newport Hagar, Miss Nettie L. of Newport Newport - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Squires, James A. of Newport Morrill, Etta G. of Coventry Barton Landing - Sept 8 9/15/1884
Stafford, Edwin D. of Barton Land. Tripp, Miss Julia A. of Barton Barton - May 8 5/12/1884
Stanton, Jerry B. of Danville Clifford, Miss Nellie M. of Danville St. Johnsbury - Dec 21 1/1/1883
Stark, Robert W. of Newport Hall, Miss Lilla A. of Newport Newport - June 11 6/19/1882
Stevens, Charles A. of Barton Waterman, Miss Hattie A. of Barton Barton - Nov 5 11/21/1881
Stevens, Charlie Washburn, Nellie Craftsbury - recently 2/28/1881
Stevens, Frank H. of Coventry Wooley, Miss Ida M. of Derby Derby - April 9 4/19/1880
Stevens, George F. of Coventry Leonard, Miss Nettie of Bolton, PQ Newport - May 22 5/29/1882
Stevens, H. F. of Craftsbury Washburn, Nellie J. of L. M. Washburn of Craft. Craftsbury - Feb 22 3/7/1881
Stevens, Orum H. of Danville Anderson, Miss Mary C. of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - Aug 24 8/29/1881
Stockwell, Burt E. of Newport Gates, Miss Eldora M. of Woodstock Woodstock - Oct 10 11/12/1883
Stoddard, Elmer E. of W. Burke Kimball, Nettie S. of Sutton Glover - June 26 6/30/1884
Stone, Abel B. of St. Johnsbury Steele, Miss Anna of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury - June 1 6/6/1881
Stone, Joseph of Concord Leonard, Mrs. Sarah of Manchester, NH West Concord - Dec 14 12/20/1880
Story, Henry J. of Derby Dane, Miss Laura of Newport Derby - June 22 7/10/1882
Stowell, Rev. Charles W. of Concord Tower, Miss Jennie E. of B. F. Tower, Esq. Coventry - April 18  (item) 4/24/1882
Stratton, Carlton S.  Gage, Miss Augusta S. E. Hardwick - March 25 4/30/1883
Streeter, Burton H. of Worcester, MA Wright, Kate J. of Greensboro Greensboro - Oct 15 11/12/1883
Strickland, David  Gale, Miss Eliza Ann E. Hardwick - Oct 19 10/29/1883
Sutton, W. W. of Craftsbury Reynolds, Miss Alice of Lowell Mansonville, PQ - Jan 1 1/8/1883
Sweat, Oscar of Barton LaPlant, Abbie of Barton Glover - May 30 6/4/1883
Swett, Sidney D. of Newport Lewis, Mary L. of Irasburgh Newport - April 28 5/9/1881
Switser, Harley W. of Sutton Berry, Abbie J. of Sutton Sutton - Dec 22 1/7/1884
Sylvester, Charles of Irasburg Story, Miss Alice L. of Irasburg Irasburg - Jan 13 1/16/1882
Taplin, Alonzo of Greensboro Collins, Mrs. Emma N. of Greensboro N. Greensboro - Oct 20 10/25/1880
Taplin, Oscar H. Boynton, Miss Sarah E. Derby Center - Oct 9 10/30/1882
Taylor, Farmer of Charleston Cuming, Miss Victoria F. of Cleveland, PQ Melbourne, PQ - Sept 7 9/18/1882
Taylor, Frank L. of Danville Webster, Miss Marcia E. of Danville Danville - July 3 7/9/1883
Taylor, John of Greensboro Wilson, Mrs. Agnes of Scotland Glover - Oct 5 10/10/1881
Taylor, Rev. J. C. of E. Craftsbury Clark, Miss Ella of Sun Dale Sun Dale, OH - July 21 8/8/1881
Taylor, Rev. L. E. of S. Walden Pierce, Miss Martha A. of Holliston, MA Island Pond - Sept 18 9/24/1883
Tenney, Frank W. of Albany Wilcox, Etta F. of Albany Barton Landing - June 21 6/28/1880
Tenney, George N. of Albany Bowman, Miss Jennie L. of Burke Burke - Nov 30 12/4/1882
Thayer, Edwin of Newport Highland, Mrs. Ruby of Newport Newport - Jan 31 2/9/1880
Thomas, Clarence J. of Barton Ward, Mrs. Hattie M. of Barton Glover - Oct 4 10/9/1882
Thompson, Hon. L. H. of Irasburgh Kinney, Miss Helen C. of Craftsbury Lebanon, NH - Aug 27 9/5/1881
Thrasher, F. P. of Portland, ME LaNoe, Miss Imogene of Irasburg Plymouth, NH - May 1 5/5/1884
Thurber, True H. of East Burke Chesley, Miss Mary E. of Sheffield Albany - Jan 29 2/2/1880
Thursey, Amos P. of Lowell, MA Russell, Miss Alma M. of Irasburgh Boston, MA - Aug 5 8/28/1882
Tibbetts, Simon B. of Island Pond Cole, Nettie J. of Holland Holland - Nov 12 11/21/1881
Tichurst, Henry G. of Glover Mitchell, Miss Maggie of Glover Newport - Nov 8 11/13/1882
Tillotson, Will of Craftsbury Gage, Florence of Craftsbury Craftsbury - March 21 3/27/1882
Tinker, George A. of Albany Bailey, Ellen of Glover Irasburgh - April 21 4/26/1880
Tite, Charles of Barton Corliss, Mrs. Gracia of Sutton Barton - April 11 4/18/1881
Tower, George C. of Coventry Morrill, Miss Lizzie M. of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Oct 18 10/23/1882
Town, E. H. of Elmore Hadley, Miss Clara E. of Craftsbury Craftsbury - Feb 11 2/21/1881
Tracy, Herbert H. of Brownington Driver, Ida M. of Charleston West Charleston - Nov 25 12/6/1880
Tracy, Morrille S. of Barton Cota, Miss Elsie E. of Danville Danville - Nov 29 12/5/1881
Tracy, Thaddeus of Sutton, PQ Skinner, Miss Alice of Potton, PQ Barton - Nov 14 11/19/1883
Tripp, Benjamin of E. Charleston Melvin, Mrs. Julia of E. Charleston W. Charleston - Dec 25 12/31/1883
Tripp, Frank of Charleston Wolcott, Miss Myra of Charleston Sutton - Sept 26 10/1/1883
Tripp, Fred not named E. Charleston - recently 6/12/1882
Tripp, Willard H. of Barton Landing Culver, Nellie E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing - Sept 17 9/22/1884
Trudell, George of South Troy wife from Canada Canada prob 5/16/1881
True, Harry A. of Derby not named Derby prob - last Tues 11/29/1880
Twiss, Frank P. of Craftsbury Tillotson, Jennie M. of Craftsbury Craftsbury prob - Feb 21 2/26/1883
Twombly, Wallace D. of Barton Landing Brenan, Miss Ella A. of Barton Landing St. Johnsbury - May 26 6/4/1883
Twombly, William C. of Barton Brockway, Lydia A. of Barton Barton Landing - Oct 3 10/8/1883
Twombly, Wilmer Z. of Barton Murkland, Miss Grace M. of Barton Barton - Oct 22 10/27/1884
Udall, Warren D. of Craftsbury Collins, Miss Hattie E. of Craftsbury Greensboro - June 1 6/5/1882
Underwood, Willie H. of Barton Landing Ward, Miss Jennie of Walden Barton Landing - April 27 5/2/1881
Uttin, Arthur N. of Derby Durgin, Miss Hattie M. of Derby Derby 1/21/1884
Utting, Eugene of Hatley, PQ. Ryder, Miss Minnie D. of Newport Newport - July 27 7/31/1882
Vance, Charlie H. of Glover Streeter, Miss Edna R. of Littleton, NH Littleton, NH - Nov 12 11/17/1884
Vancour, Joseph of West Hatley, PQ Leonard, Miss Mary J. of Derby Derby - Nov 13 11/20/1882
Vinton, William of Holland Burbeck, Miss Lizzie A. of Holland West Derby - Jan 3 1/19/1880
Vonarx, Arnold of Morgan Ainsworth, Emma A. of Morgan Barton - Oct 18 10/29/1883
Wait, Briggs of Canada Cutts, Flora of Newport Center Newport Ctr - Sept 15 9/19/1881
Walbridge, D. A. of Peacham Hurd, Mrs. Marietta C. of Peacham St. Johnsbury - Sept 10 9/19/1881
Waldo, W. W. of Marshalltown, Iowa Clement, E. Bell of Barnet Barnet - Sept 3 9/12/1881
Walker, Rev. J. N. of St. J. not named - from England N. Troy - last Thurs 3/3/1884
Walworth, Charles of Dakota not named - prob of Dakota Coventry 10/31/1881
Ward, Denison C. of Barton Wilson, Lillis L. of Barton Barton - Sept 29 10/4/1880
Ward, E. A. of Sauk Center, Minn Farley, Miss Hattie E. of Barton St. Johnsbury - Aug 6 8/22/1881
Ward, Samuel W. Gray, Mrs. Eliza Hardwick - Nov 27 12/11/1882
Wark, Joseph A. of Morgan Sillers, Christia A. of Morgan Holland - Dec 26 1/17/1881
Washburn, Lorenzo M.  Newton, Mary N. Craftsbury -  May 14 5/19/1884
Waterman, D. S. of Glover  (large item) Willey, Miss Nora L. of Mr. L. B. Willey Glover - Nov 12 11/17/1884
Watts, William G. of Irasburg McLellan, Miss Jennie M. of Troy N Troy - May 24 6/2/1884
Way, Horace of Albany Currier, Mary Etta of Lowell Albany - Feb 27  [Jan] 2/5/1883
Webb, Charles W. of Irasburgh Doying, Nellie of Irasburgh Irasburgh - Aug 22 9/4/1882
Webster, John P. of Somerville, MA Foss, Clema P. of Barton & Brooklyn, NY Lyndonville - July 27 8/2/1880
Welch, William of Barnet Livingston, Miss Mary of Peacham West Barnet - May 13 5/22/1882
Wellington, George H. of Newport Piersons, Sophronia F. of Newport Newport - Oct 7 10/11/1880
Wells, Edward F. of Albany Willis, Miss Dette of Albany of Mrs. E. L. Willis East Albany - Oct 5 10/10/1881
Wells, Loomis of Granby Willson, Miss Lucy Ida of Barton Barton Landing - Oct 7 10/18/1880
Wells, Samuel E. of Lowell Hackett, Miss Ada E. of Lowell Lowell - Dec 27 1/5/1880
Wentworth, John E. of Sutton Pierce, Jane of Sutton Sutton - Oct 18 10/27/1884
West, Charles B., Jr. of West Derby Porter, Miss Clara J. of West Derby West Derby - April 13 4/24/1882
Wheeler, Clarence A. of Lyndonville Colby, Miss Etta A. of E. Charleston Lyndonville - July 2 7/5/1880
Wheeler, Osgood P. of Newbury Bailey, Miss Eliza S. of Newbury Newbury - June 19 6/28/1880
Wheeler, Rev. George B. of Newport Fisk, Mary A. of West Woodbury W. Woodbury - Dec 20 1/2/1882
Wheeler, Silas of Glover Warren, Mrs. Jane of Barton Glover - Sept 7 9/11/1882
Wheeler, William of Georgeville, PQ Bickford, Miss Eva of Sutton, PQ Newport  - Nov 11 11/13/1882
Wheelock, Moses B. of Lisbon Nye, Miss Ida of Horatio Nye of Barton Bethlehem, NH - June 13 7/10/1882
Whipple, Charles H. of Sutton Craig, Miss Mary J. of Sutton Barton - June 20 6/25/1883
Whipple, John J. of Lisbon, NH Vance, Mrs. Abby N. of Glover Glover - Sept 8 9/12/1881
Whitaker, Eugene E., MD of Newport Lane, Miss Eva E. of Newport Newport - Sept 21 10/2/1882
White, Azra of Craftsbury Faulds, Miss Martha of Greensboro Greensboro - Dec 25 1/1/1883
Whitney, Horace of Glover Cameron, Miss Mary of D. T. Cameron of Barton  Irasburgh - Sept 26 10/24/1881
Whitney, William C. of Newport Peck, Miss Emily of Barton Landing Barton Landing - Feb 28 3/6/1882
Wiggins, Don Carlos of Barton Chamberlin, Miss Alice J. of Irasburg W Charleston - Sept 6 9/15/1884
Wilcox, George S. of Wolcott Lovejoy, Miss Ellen L. of Greensboro Hardwick - Dec 14 1/2/1882
Wilcox, Sumner of Morgan Colburn, Miss Emma A. of Albany Glover - May 30 6/4/1883
Wilder, Frank of Charleston Mabry, Nellie of Charleston Holland - June 19 6/28/1880
Wilder, Maynard O. of Lowell, MA Curtis, Miss Emma V. Sutton - Aug 18 8/30/1880
Wilkie, Charles of Barton Buswell, Clara of Irasburgh Irasburgh - April 5 4/12/1880
Wilkie, Edwin C. of Barton Garey, Miss Joanna of Barton Newport - July 28 8/2/1880
Willard, Charles of Salem Wiseman, Bell of Salem Salem - April 25 5/3/1880
Willey, Charles of Coventry Hodges, Miss May of Brownington Barton Landing - Nov 2 11/28/1881
Willey, Charley W. of Craftsbury Fisher, Miss Nellie E. of Wolcott E. Craftsbury - Oct 4 10/10/1881
Willey, Sumner McDowell, Miss Jennie Stannard - last week 6/16/1884
Williams, Alex G. of Albany, VT Rowell, Wilma E. of Albany, VT Suncook, NH - Nov 7 12/17/1883
Williams, Charles W. of Craftsbury Anderson, Miss Alice E. of Glover Glover - Dec 25 12/29/1884
Williams, N. Bartlett of Craftsbury Cowles, Miss Lenna O. of Craftsbury Newport - Feb 12 2/18/1884
Willis, Orrin of Barton Devereaux, Miss Ida M. of Albany Barton - May 21 5/23/1881
Wilson, Jonathan E. of Charleston Wilson, Bessie of Lynn, MA Derby Center - Oct 12 10/18/1880
Wilson, W. D. of Craftsbury Smith, Miss Isabel Susan of Glover Glover - March 5 3/10/1884
Winchester, Romanzo F. of Barton Streeter, Miss Lillian E. of Lyndon Lyndon - April 7 4/19/1880
Winslow, Soother of Charleston Norris, Miss Cora of Charleston Barton Landing 9/29/1884
Wisson, Moses of Danville Nutting, Miss Adeline of Danville Danville - June 30 7/4/1881
Woodman, Edwin C. of Barton Cook, Miss Flora of Boston Barton at NY? 8/11/1884
Woods, Frank T. of Peacham Goss, Miss Mary of Peacham Danville - June 30 7/12/1880
Woods, Henry of Lowell King, Florence of Lowell Lowell - May 1 5/9/1881
Woods, Hosea N. of Lowell Cox, Lois of Lowell Lowell - Jan 4 1/9/1882
Woods, Willis F. of St. Johnsbury Morse, Miss Alice G. of Concord Littleton, NH - Oct 26 11/7/1881
Woodworth, Harlan of Westfield Barnes, Miss Hattie of Westfield Lowell - May 14 5/28/1883
Wright, Fred of Coventry & Manitou Blackwell, Miss Annie of Manitou Manitou, CO - Feb 8 2/21/1881
Wright, Homer of Coventry Hancock, Ida R. of Coventry Newport - Feb 24 2/28/1881
Wylie, W. A. of Glover McWhirter, Miss Lizzie J. of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury - Oct 4 10/10/1881
Young, George L. of Glover Urie, Miss Mary I. of Craftsbury Craftsbury 12/11/1882
Young, Jason A. of Greensboro Calderwood, Miss Minnie M. of Glover E. Craftsbury - March 15 3/21/1881
Young, John of Lowell Page, Alma of Lowell Lowell - Feb 22 2/27/1882

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