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St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT

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Groom Bride Town & Date Issue
(H ), Henry E. of Boston Wils(on), Miss Marguerite M. of Sawyerville, PQ Barton Sept 7 9/12/1898
__son, Willie E. McClary, Mamie prob of Greensboro Concord, NH recently 1/21/1895
Abbot, Chester of Woodsville, NH Williamson, Abbie of F. D. Williamson of Barton Barton last Wed 6/27/1898
Abbott, Chester of Woodsville, NH Williamson, Miss Abbie S. of Barton Barton June 22 6/27/1898
Abbott, Walter Hibbard, Miss Lucy A. Newport Aug 17 8/22/1898
Abell, Rodney Morway, Miss Enosburgh 28th 10/3/1898
Adams, James not named West Derby last Wed 7/19/1897
Adams, Willard O. of Newport Darling, Miss Winnie of West Derby W. Derby 28th 12/2/1895
Aiken, H. Olin of Albany Hitchcock, Mrs. Sarah J. of Albany Westfield 15th inst 1/20/1896
Aiken, Rev. O. E. Livingstone, Florence M. of George Livingstone Coventry last Wed 12/30/1895
Aldrich, Carl G. of Barton Allchurch, Miss Bessie of Barton Barton Nov 28 12/2/1895
Aldrich, Frank E. of Westmoreland, NH Wheeler, Miss Lena of W. Townshend W. Glover last week 7/19/1897
Alger, Clarence K. of New Haven, CT Smith, Miss Minnie of Barton Landing Barton Land Sept 12 9/16/1895
Allbee, Charles Edward of Charleston Bishop, Kate Belle of Holland Holland Sept 2 9/20/1897
Allbee, Edward Bishop, Miss Kate of Holland W. Charleston last Thurs 9/6/1897
Allbee, Guy of E. Hardwick (3/16) Johnson, Bell T. of G. L. Johnson of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick 3/2/1896
Allen, Charles of Newport Center Martin, Mila of Newport Center Newport Center Oct 13 10/25/1897
Allen, Job of Craftsbury Scott, Mrs. Emeline W. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 26 8/31/1896
Allen, Wallace I. of Charleston Arkley, Clementine of Barton W. Charleston Nov 4 11/16/1896
Alston, Ora Brell, Venus East Craftsbury last week 10/31/1898
Amey, Harry B. of Lancaster, NH (item) Norton, Gracia A. of W. H. Norton of W. Charleston W. Charleston May 8 5/17/1897
Amsden, Frank B. of Walden Barr, Miss Jennie of John Barr of Greensboro Bd Greensboro Bd last Thurs 1/7/1895
Anair, George H. of Greensboro Bend Derby, Miss Carrie P. of Newport Newport last Wed 4/25/1898
Anderson, Alson Ellis of Glover Partridge, Miss Amy Louise of Glover Glover May 12 5/17/1897
Anderson, David of Glover Clark, Miss Myrtie O. of Glover Glover Sept 28 9/30/1895
Anderson, Frank G. Reynolds, Miss Mattie H. of East Albany Albany June 17 6/29/1896
Anderson, George H. of Glover Foster, Miss Clara Glenn of Glover S. Albany Sept 14 9/19/1898
Anderson, Irvin W. of Glover Eldridge, Matie E. of A. W. Eldridge of Albany Albany Jan 1 1/7/1895
Anderson, Will of South Albany Foster, Miss Luda last Wed 10/11/1897
Anderson, William E. of Glover Foster, Miss Luda L. of Glover Glover Oct 6 10/18/1897
Angell, W. F. Col( ), Miss Carrie J. Hardwick last Tues 11/18/1895
Arkley, Willie Spalding, Miss Inez Barton 3/18/1895
Armstrong, William not named Morgan 4/8/1895
Arnold, Charles of A. C. Arnold Fuller, Maude of Dr. & Mrs. Fuller Hardwick 2/24/1896
Austin, Alfie not named Lowell 4/8/1895
Austin, Charles S. of Lowell Montague, Miss Grace of Nelson Montague of N. Newport June 30 7/5/1897
Ayer, Wright W. of Hardwick Burbank, Mrs. Abbie M. of Walden E. Hardwick Jan 4 1/10/1898
Babcock, John Chase, Minnie Craftsbury 2/7/1898
Babcock, John Jr. of Greensboro Chase, Miss of Craftsbury Craftsbury? Last week 2/14/1898
Bailey, Harlow of Greensboro Farrington, Chestina P. of Greensboro Greensboro Feb 18 2/24/1896
Baker, Ernest Bean, Miss Nettie W. Glover Thanksgiving 11/28/1898
Baker, S. D. of Greensboro Cady, Mrs. Laura of Stowe   10/28/1895
Baldwin, Charles C. of Barton Stebbins, Miss Emily Porter of Northfield Northfield March 18 3/23/1896
Baldwin, Henry P. of Barton Hibbard, Miss Bertha of C. N. Hibbard of W. Glover W. Glover Sept 14 9/19/1898
Ball, Edgbert W. of Newport Farrar, Miss Effie of Newport Newport Ctr Jan 16 1/20/1896
Ball, Frank T. of West Derby Fairchild, Emma of West Derby W. Derby March 8 3/16/1896
Ball, Herbert of West Derby Fairchild, Miss Gertie of West Derby W. Derby 26th 12/2/1895
Balley, Harley of Sutton Pearl, Sadie of Sheffield Sheffield Wed 1/25/1897
Baraw, Charlie of Troy Eaton, Miss Bertha of Corinth, VT Corinth Sept 21 9/26/1898
Baraw, Emmett R. of South Troy Rockwell, Minnie J. of South Troy Irasburgh Oct 16 10/21/1895
Barber, Herbert C. of Danville Weeks, Miss Lena M. of Danville Glover Aug 1 8/5/1895
Barnard, John of Barton Clark, Miss Nettie of Barnet Barton? Jan 1 1/6/1896
Barnard, Ned of R. H. Barnard of W. Charleston not named   10/21/1895
Barnes, George of Barton (item) Hurd, Miss Flora M. of Newport, NH Newport, NH Wed 11/28/1898
Barrows, Delma A. of Bellows Falls Stevens, Miss Lena F. of Hon. C. P. Stevens of Troy Troy Sept 4 9/9/1895
Barrows, Elmer L. of Morristown Morse, Miss Lula J. of Waterbury East Albany Oct 20 10/25/1897
Bartlett, John Willey, Vievia Brownington last Mon 7/1/1895
Bartlett, John H. of Barton Willey, Miss Vieva Brownington June 24 7/8/1895
Bartlett, Mr. of Barton Landing Rawson, Mrs. J. G. Craftsbury 11/18/1895
Bashaw, Austin F. of Charleston Scribner, Miss Lulu B. of Morgan E. Charleston March 27 4/5/1897
Batchelder, Elmer of Morgan Lurvey, Miss Della A. of Bloomfield Holland March 12 3/30/1896
Batchelder, John F. of Barton (item) Robinson, Miss L. Mae of Barton Barton June 18 6/24/1895
Batchum, Elmer E. of Lowell not named Lowell 4/15/1895
Bates, Henry of Holland Turner, Mrs. Betsey of Morgan   1/6/1896
Batten, Albion Bailey, Miss Nettie E. Hardwick last Thurs. 8/10/1896
Batten, George of Greensboro Flanders, Lelia of George Flanders of Greensboro Bd Greensboro Bend Wed 9/7/1896
Bean, Arthur of Newark Cummings, Miss Rose West Burke last week 9/6/1897
Bean, Carl Cross, Effie Westfield Feb 14 2/21/1898
Bean, Carl Walton of Glover Walcott, Miss Ida Bell of Glover Glover Feb 12 2/17/1896
Bean, Denison D. of Barton McLellan, Miss Abbie of Glover Glover June 5 6/10/1895
Bean, Frank of West Glover not named Coventry 6/10/1895
Bean, Fred G. of Irasburgh Perry, Miss Nellie F. of Irasburgh Irasburgh June 2 6/10/1895
Bean, Melvin J. Bond, Anna C. of Derby Derby Sept 7 9/14/1896
Bean, Melvin J. of Cambridge, MA Bond, Mrs. Annie S. dau of Asa Moran of Derby Derby Sept 7 9/21/1896
Bedell, Francis H. Miles, Carrie of Newport Newport Jan 19 1/24/1898
Beede, Albert D. of Barton Landing Lothrop, Miss Annie E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing Oct 15 10/19/1896
Bell, Walter S. Desilet, Miss Dorathy Barton Landing May 6 5/9/1898
Bemis, John L. of O. A. Bemis of Whitman, MA Cummings, Miss Jessie A. Whitman, MA 3/14/1898
Bennett, Heber of PQ Stoddard, Miss Eva of Charleston Charleston Dec 25 12/30/1895
Benware, George of Westfield Sanville, Lizzie of Westfield Troy May 11 5/20/1895
Bickford, Carroll A. of Barton Stevens, Miss Maude E. of Coventry Glover Feb 3 2/8/1897
Bickford, Edwin G. of Albany Wells, Blanche E. of Albany Derby June 23 6/27/1898
Bickford, Eugene S. of Sheffield Cameron, Mrs. Samatha of Barton Glover Aug 20 8/24/1896
Bickford, Frank of Charles Bickford not named Sheffield last week 1/7/1895
Biddell, Francis H. Miles, Miss Carrie of Newport Newport last Wed 1/24/1898
Bigelow, F. Avery of Barton Gibson, Miss Hattie M. of Sheffield Barton Sept 11 9/16/1895
Billedou, Fred Valley, Alice of Joseph Valley of Barton Barton today 8/9/1897
Bilodeau, Fred Napoleon of Newport Valley, Miss Alice Lizzie of Barton Barton Aug 9 8/16/1897
Bishop, Willie O. of Newark Densmore, Miss Emma of Burke Barton Aug 22 8/26/1895
Blair, Burton J. of Newport Recor, Miss Ida E. of Jay Newport Nov 25 12/7/1896
Blake, Herbert of West Derby Fuller, Miss Marcia of West Derby Derby last Mon 12/9/1895
Bleek, G. A. of Whitman, MA Currier, Miss Eda of Westfield Whitman, MA? Jan 26 2/11/1895
Bliefling, Tennys of Peaks Island, ME Tucker, Miss Lila dau of E. O. Randall of Greensboro Greensboro last Thurs 3/28/1898
Blodgett, Will W. of Newport Ely, Miss Sadie A. of W. Charleston W. Charleston Jan 1 1/11/1897
Bombard, George N. of Lowell Paronto, Miss Lydia of Lowell Enosburg Falls July 22 8/1/1898
Bowker, Archie Morse, Miss Mattie prob of W. Derby W Derby last Mon 10/5/1896
Bowley, Eugene A. of Newport Croft, Betty S. of Wm Croft of W. Charleston Derby May 8 5/13/1895
Bowman, Wallace B. of Barton Croft, Miss Meda M. of Barton Charleston Sept 20 8/24/1896
Boynton, William Bogue, Mrs. Sarah M. West Derby 22nd 2/3/1896
Brahana, Dennis A. of Irasburg Clewell, Miss Mattie A. of Barton Irasburg May 25 5/30/1898
Brahana, Patrick H. of Lowell Gilbert, Miss Mary of Westfield Lowell Oct 24 11/7/1898
Brainerd, Henry Bowley, Miss Lucia of Newport Derby 5/11/1896
Branch, Dr. C. F. Greenwood, Miss Clara Bell of Coventry Coventry Wed last 1/27/1896
Branch, Dr. C. F. of Newport Greenwood, Miss Clara Bell of Coventry Coventry Jan 22 2/3/1896
Bridges, Charles A. of Greensboro Robbins, Miss Clara of Craftsbury E. Craftsbury Feb 26 3/2/1896
Briggs, Fred prob of Newport Center Beadle, Miss Luella West Derby June 1 6/13/1898
Brigham, Dr. John Perkins Powers, Miss Mabel of Bakersfield & Irasburgh Bakersfield Dec 29 12/28/1896
Brooks, A. G. of Newport Morse, Mrs. Laura E. of Newport Newport June 24 6/29/1896
Brooks, Clarence Ware, Josie of George Ware of Coventry Coventry last Thurs 9/6/1897
Brooks, Clarence of Coventry Ware, Josie Coventry Sept 2 8/30/1897
Brooks, John not named Coventry 3/25/1895
Brown, A. of Lowell, MA Sanders, Lottie of Mrs. Amanda Sanders of Albany Albany last week 2/1/1897
Brown, Ernest of St. Johnsbury Simpson, Minnie of Wheelock Lyndonville Oct 14th 10/12/1896
Brown, Ernest of St. Johnsbury Simpson, M. Blanche of C. B. Simpson of Sheffield Sheffield ? 10/19/1896
Brown, Ernest P. of St. Johnsbury Simpson, Minnie Blanche of Sheffield Sheffield Oct 14 10/26/1896
Brown, Mahlon of Newport Lindsay, Adelaide Harriet sis of Walter D. Lindsay Derby June 1 6/7/1897
Brown, Nathaniel of Greensboro Shepard, Clara May of Wheelock Greensboro March 9 3/18/1895
Brown, Rufus of Newport Welsh, Miss Elfreda of Newport Newport June 16 6/20/1898
Brown, Vilas Hill, Miss Craftsbury 4/12/1897
Brown, Wilson G. of Brownington Foster, Miss Aacada Z. of Brownington Barton Aug 17 8/23/1897
Brownell, Emerson P. of Barton Lacy, Miss Minnie of Barton Barton Nov 19 11/25/1895
Browning, Fred C. of Barton Scott, Myrtie E. of N. M. Scott Barton 2/3/1896
Browning, Fred C. of Barton Scott, Miss Myrtie E. of N. M. Scott of Barton Barton Jan 30 2/3/1896
Brownson, John of Troy Clifford, Mary of Irasburgh Troy Jan 30 2/4/1895
Bruce, Van E. of Burke Fairbanks, Emma M. of Newark Burke Jan 11 1/24/1898
Brush, Charles H. of Hopkinton, NH Colton, Miss Jessie O. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 21 10/26/1896
Buck, Leon G. of East Charleston Campbell, Lizzie of Mrs. Sarah Campbell of Brownington Brownington Jan 26 2/28/1898
Bullard, Ernest not named Derby 12/9/1895
Bullard, Rolla C. of Fairfax Brigham, Fanny A. of Rev. S. S. Brigham Underhill 11/4/1895
Bullis, Chester of Newport McLaughlin, Miss Lizzie of Newport Newport May 13 5/18/1896
Burbank, Bert of Greensboro Bend Blair, Miss Mabel of Stannard Stannard? Wed 2/14/1898
Burbank, Fred D. of Troy Peck, Minnie E. of Troy Buffalo, NY last week 8/10/1896
Burke, A. M. of Morrisville Dewey, Mrs. Sylvia d/o Franklin Blake of Kansas VT? 10/10/1898
Burke, Burton Kinney, Miss Isabel of Glover St. Johnsbury March 2 3/7/1898
Burnham, George H. of Barton Blake, Miss Carrie M. of E. Charleston E. Charleston Nov 28 12/2/1895
Burnham, Mr. of MA Gray, Miss Cora of West Glover recently 6/8/1896
Burroughs, Ora C. of Morgan Barrett, Gertrude A. of Morgan Morgan Feb 18 2/24/1896
Burroughs, Ora C. of Morgan Barrett, Gertrude A. of Byram Bartlett of Morgan Morgan Feb 18 3/9/1896
Burrows, Eugene E. of Brownington Gooley, Nellie A. of Brownington East Albany Oct 24 11/2/1896
Butler, Charles Niles, Miss Grace Derby last week 11/14/1898
Butler, Clayton B. of Lyndon West, Mabel M. of Newport Newport Sept 28 10/18/1897
Calderwood, Orra of W. Glover not named - prob of Danville Danville last week 10/14/1895
Cameron, W. S. of Newport LaDue, Miss Hattie of Newport Newport June 17 6/22/1896
Camp, T. C. Schoolcraft, Miss Florence M. Newport June 29 7/4/1898
Campbell, Burton J. of Brownington Sherburne, Cora Belle of Chester Sherburne of Glover Glover Feb 9 2/14/1898
Campbell, Lincoln of Brownington Gray, Miss Alice Morgan 5/13/1895
Cargill, Herbert R. of Morgan Burroughs, Jennie M. of Morgan Holland Dec 8 12/13/1897
Carpenter, Hiram of Troy Bucarran, Miss Mary of Westfield Troy June 6 6/14/1897
Carpenter, John prob of Irasburgh Cowles, Miss Lottie of Craftsbury Craftsbury Jan 22 1/25/1897
Carrow, Ed. of Brownington Morrill, Miss Carrie of Derby Newport last Tues 2/15/1897
Carrow, Herbert of Craftsbury Gage, Maggie of Craftsbury Craftsbury 10/28/1895
Cashmore, James Kettle, Jessie Derby Jan 18 2/4/1895
Cass, Selden E. of Lowell, MA Gilmour, Miss Mary E. of Glover E. Craftsbury Sept 21 9/26/1898
Cassler, Rev. King, Margaret of Rev. & Mrs. King of Westfield Westfield prob Oct 6 9/28/1896
Caswell, C. A. Clark, Nellie of Greensboro Bend Greensboro Bend last Wed 8/5/1895
Caswell, G. R. West, Mrs. Lavina widow of William E. West Derby Line 11/23/1896
Caswell, George prob of Newport Thompson, Sarah Derby Line last Tues 8/30/1897
Chalmers, Calvin of Burlington Defond, Miss Rose Lyndonville later this month 8/10/1896
Chamberlin, Walter G. Lucier, Louise J. Jericho Tues 8/5/1895
Chase, A. C. of Greensboro Wheeler, Miss Hattie Rosa of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 19 10/24/1898
Chase, Edgar of John Chase of Jay Todd, Miss Inez of Westfield Westfield 5/4/1896
Chase, George of Craftsbury not named -- wedding at Mr. Larrabee's (his dau?) Craftsbury 9/21/1896
Cheney, E. B. of Wm Cheney of Barton Huthwaite, Miss Alice of Pawtucket, RI Pawtucket, RI 9/20/1897
Cheney, E. C. of Holland Stone, Miss Ella of Holland Holland June 18 6/24/1895
Chessa, George Larrabee, Miss Fida Barton Aug 31 9/7/1896
Christie, Roy Prindle, Miss Josie Manchester 12/20/1897
Churchill, Frank of Barton Landing prob Clark, Eva St. J last week 10/31/1898
Clapper, Charles of North Troy Jondro, Miss Hattie of North Troy Troy May 12 5/17/1897
Clapper, Theron M. of Holland Eaton, Mrs. Melissa A. of Holland Holland Oct 19 10/24/1898
Clark, Colby of Marion, OH Driver, Miss Minnie of W. Charleston W. Charleston Aug 12 8/26/1895
Clark, Erwin of Westfield Hartwell, Miss Emaliza of Lowell Lowell Jan 1 1/7/1895
Clark, Ezra of Wakefield, MA Davis, Mrs. Mary C. of Glover Wakefield, MA Oct 12 10/21/1895
Clark, Irwin of Westfield Hartwell, Miss Emma of Lowell Lowell Jan 1 1/7/1895
Clark, Olin S. of W. Charleston & Chicago Baker, Miss Jennie of Johnson   2/3/1896
Clarke, Colby Driver, Minnie M. of Mrs. L. R. Driver of W. Charleston W. Charleston Aug 12 8/19/1895
Clement, Frank M. of Albany Smith, Mrs. Hattie E. of Eden E Albany June 6 6/15/1896
Clifford, Henry of Irasburg Moffat, Miss Lydia of Coventry Lowell Sept 28 10/12/1896
Clough, Arthur M. of Irasburgh Post, Miss Catherine D. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 2 10/7/1895
Cobb, Burton E. Warner, Miss Bert(ie) Hardwick last Tues 11/18/1895
Cobleigh, Adna of E. Charleston Deland, Miss Carrie of North Thetford N. Thetford prob 10/10/1898
Coe, Eddie A. of Newark Walter, Myrtie A. of Somerville, MA West Burke April 22 4/27/1896
Colby, Henry P. of Derby Clark, Miss Nellie M. of Derby Derby Dec 21 12/27/1897
Colby, Walter E. of Barton Wheeler, Mrs. Carrie L. of Troy Barton Jan 1 1/7/1895
Colcord, Albert P. of Lyndonville Greaves, Cora K. of Irasburgh Irasburgh May 20 5/25/1896
Cole, Arthur C. Paddock, Annie M. N. Craftsbury June 29 7/4/1898
Cole, Charlie Eastman, Eva of North Troy Coventry 10/28/1895
Cole, Dana O. Williams, Miss Kate E. Newport last Wed 11/4/1895
Cole, Wesley Wambolt, Nellie of Troy? Manchester, NH July 2 7/18/1898
Collins, Bert B. of Stowe Sallice, Miss Elva H. of Stowe Albany Sept 25 9/30/1895
Collins, Curtis T. of Albany Brown, Mrs. Augusta H. of Irasburgh Albany Sept 1 9/9/1895
Collins, Homer G. of Irasburgh Dingman, Miss Lydia B. of Albany Albany June 3 6/10/1895
Collins, Leon E. of Glover Dopp, Miss Bertha R. of Glover Barton April 21 4/25/1898
Collins, Leslie A. of Coventry Dwire, Miss Bettie L. of Brownington Albany March 20 3/25/1895
Colliston, Fred of Barton Noyes, Hattie of A. H. Noyes of Newport Barton Feb 9 2/15/1897
Colton, John Jr. of Barton Landing Dodge, Miss Mary E. of Barton Landing Barton Landing June 2 6/7/1897
Comstock, Fred W. of Barton Rowell, Miss Bessie I. of Manchester, NH Manchester Wed 2/24/1896
Conant, Mr. of Johnson Lawrence, Clara of Daniel Lawrence of Albany Albany last Tues 1/11/1897
Conley, Charles R. of Westmore Hinton, Miss Myrtie B. of Westmore E. Charleston July 2 7/5/1897
Converse, John of Barnston Horn, Miss Sadie sister is Mrs. Geo Moir Beebe Plain 1/31/1898
Cook, George prob of Coventry not named   12/27/1897
Cook, Justin E. of Glover Wright, Mrs. Agnes J. of Glover E. Craftsbury Nov 26 11/30/1896
Cook, Lyman P. of W. Glover & Maine Russell, Miss Elsie M. of Yarmouthville, ME Yarmouthville, ME last Sat. 12/27/1897
Coolbeth, Francis of Lowell Hoadly, Miss Belle of Lowell Lowell Dec 24 1/3/1898
Corliss, Edward D. of Barnston, PQ Miles, Calista A. of Barnston, PQ Derby May 19 5/23/1898
Cousins, Forest of Bolton, PQ Doneghy, Miss Kate of West Derby West Derby Oct 5 10/10/1898
Cowdry, Arthur of W. Charleston Lackey, Cora (item) Pepperell, MA Dec 28 1/6/1896
Cowles, Arthur of Derby Foote, Miss Mamie of Derby Line Derby last week 7/12/1897
Cowles, Ernest of Craftsbury Gile, Miss Lizzie of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury Nov 4 11/11/1895
Cowles, Harry of Newport not named Newport last Wed 2/25/1895
Cowles, O. E. of Barton (item 10/31) Foster, Miss Carrie I. of Claremont, NH Claremont last Wed 10/17/1898
Cowles, Roscoe Aiken, Bertha of B. O. Aiken Albany last week 6/10/1895
Crawford, Ernest H. of Barton Collins, Miss Grace A. of Coventry Glover Oct 16 10/21/1895
Critchett, Harley F. of Montpelier Ordway, Maud E. of Montpelier Montpelier May 13 5/23/1898
Crosby, John Bowen, Miss Florence Derby 8/30/1897
Cross, Almon A. of Westfield Wright, Miss Lettie Maria of Newport Westfield Jan 19 1/25/1897
Cross, Andrew Currier, Miss Effie Westfield 5th inst 11/14/1898
Cross, Andrew of Westfield Currier, Ethel of Westfield Westfield Nov 5 11/21/1898
Cross, Ernest of Barton Alexander, Miss Jennie G. of Brownington Irasburgh May 26 5/31/1897
Crow, Norris M. of E. Charleston Rexford, Miss Carrie M. of Brighton Holland Oct 15 10/24/1898
Cummings, Willie F. of Sutton Winslow, Mrs. Julia A. of Sutton West Burke Dec 8 12/16/1895
Curley, Arthur G. Nye, Mrs. Genie Barton June 3 6/10/1895
Currier, Amos G. of Derby Wheelock, Miss Bertha M. of Holland Barton Sept 8 9/13/1897
Currier, Ernest Aulis, Miss May Wheelock last Thurs 9/5/1898
Curtis, Roy of Sutton Richardson, Gertie of W. Burke W. Burke April 27 5/6/1895
Cutting, Arthur W. of West Derby Knight, Miss Carrie E. of W. Charleston W. Charleston Sept 26 10/7/1895
Darling, Fred P. of Glover Dana, Miss Belle M. of Wheelock Barton July 31 8/2/1897
Davenport, Alpha B. of Montreal, PQ Morton, C. Alberta of Solomon Morton of Lowell Lowell May 20 5/25/1896
Daverson, David D. Sisco, Miss Alice M. Newport Dec 8 12/13/1897
Davis, Alvah F. of Holland Woodard, Myrtie B. of John S. Woodard of Holland Holland Feb 19 2/24/1896
Davis, Edward of Brighton Stoddard, Flora of Mrs. H. A. Stoddard of Charleston E. Charleston recently 6/24/1895
Davis, Eugene E. of Charleston Coe, Mary J. of East Haven Derby May 18 5/23/1898
Davis, Harley L. of Sheffield Way, Miss Gertrude M. of Wheelock Wheelock Aug 28 9/2/1895
Davis, Leroy C. of Burke Ball, Laura M. of Newark Burke Jan 11 1/24/1898
Davison, Fred M. of Newport Allen, Miss Amanda E. of Newport Newport Oct 14 10/19/1896
Davison, Rev. F. B. of Minnesota Damon, Miss Persis E. Charleston 11/28/1898
Davison, Wilbur F. House, Miss Edith May of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain 7/6/1896
Day, Alson H. of Sheffield Kirby, Miss Lovina V. of Glover Glover July 3 7/8/1895
Day, Alson of Sheffield Kirby, Lovina of Hiram E. Kirby of Glover Glover July 3 7/8/1895
Dean, Burt not named West Burke 10/25/1897
Dean, Burt of West Burke Goss, Miss Annie West Burke last Tues 6/21/1897
Dean, Carl of George Dean of W. Burke Gilman, Miss Eva of Sutton West Burke last Wed 10/5/1896
Dean, Charles prob of Coventry not named of Wolcott   6/17/1895
Dee, George W. of Granby Foster, Addie M. of Lunenburgh West Burke Nov 19 12/9/1895
Denio, Arthur of W. Glover Gould, Miss of Passumpsic   2/7/1898
Denio, Horace of Enosburgh Gage, Mrs. J. W. of Craftsbury Craftsbury Aug 26 8/31/1896
Densmore, Riley W. of D. R. Densmore Mooney, Miss Ella West Burke June 2 6/8/1896
Densmore, Riley W. of West Burke Mooney, Ella A. of West Burke West Burke June 2 6/22/1896
Dexter, Henry W. of Springfield (long item) Welch, Mary Agnes of Hollis Welch of Wheelock Wheelock Oct 20 10/25/1897
d'Humy, Fernand E. of Boston, MA Hubbard, Miss Blanche E. of Boston, MA Troy Sept 18 9/23/1895
Dodge, Ai of Irasburgh (Carlos A. Dodge) Cleveland, Miss Cora B. of Barton Landing Barton Landing June 9 6/13/1898
Dodge, James E. of Massena, NY Wheeler, Miss Elsie of Sutton Sutton Jan 22 1/25/1897
Dolloff, Dennis A. of Newport Allchurch, Miss Kate of Newport Newport May 6 5/11/1896
Douglass, Dr. H. E. Edmunds, Mabel of Rufus Edmunds of Coventry Coventry last Wed 7/5/1897
Dow, Forrest of Coventry Fletcher, Clara dau of Mrs. J. C. Cobb of Derby Derby Aug 5 8/10/1896
Drew, Lennie not named Glover 2/3/1896
Drew, Leonard L. of Glover Berry, Miss Grace I. of St. Johnsbury Glover Jan 28 2/3/1896
Driver, Everett Hinman, Mrs. Hattie West Charleston Dec (1)0 1/3/1898
Drown, Frank Drown, Hattie Sheffield Jan 29 2/15/1897
Drown, Fred A. of Barton Conner, Lena P. of Barton Barton Landing Jan 1 1/7/1895
Drown, Harry of Johnson Smith, Ida of Troy Troy Last Mon 9/20/1897
Drown, Herbert Stockwell, Miss Myrtie Sheffield 1/10/1898
Drown, Warren Lunge, Miss Emma West Burke last week 8/16/1897
Ducharme, Fred Recor, Amelia (prob of Westfield) Westfield ? Last Tues 4/1/1895
Ducharme, Tom Gardner, Miss Elvira Westfield 11/9/1896
Duckles, Harry H. of Albany Hyde, Winnifred F. of Albany E. Albany Nov 6 11/25/1895
Dunn, Herbert G. of Wheelock Mitchell, Miss Nellie B. of Sheffield Glover Oct 17 10/19/1896
Durivage, Leon of Lowell (item) Wakefield, Emma of Wallace Wakefield of Westfield Westfield Nov 16 11/21/1898
Dutton, Edwin Ladd, Miss May Hardwick last Mon 1/25/1897
Duval, Eli J. of Burke Barney, Mary M. of Burke West Burke May 25 6/3/1895
Dwire, Fred of Charleston Bowen, Miss Edith M. of Charleston Albany March 20 3/25/1895
Dwire, Llewellyn A. of Brownington & Barre Bond, Miss Grace V. of Orange Barre Oct 29 12/2/1895
Dwyer, Fred A. of Barton Folsom, Miss Lottie E. of Barton Barton Dec 10 12/14/1896
Dwyre, Oliver A. of Brownington Broadbent, Miss Hannah of Lawrence, MA Lawrence, MA Nov 25 12/13/1897
Dyer, Barney of Lowell & NYC Murphy, Miss Mamie of Lowell & NYC NYC July 13 7/18/1898
Eaton, Benjamin F. of Irasburgh Locke, Miss Nellie L. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Dec 23 12/28/1896
Eaton, Luke Bryant, Miss Ina Coventry Jan 1 1/4/1897
Eaton, Luke S. of Irasburgh Bryant, Ina J. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 1 1/11/1897
Edmunds, Elmer Wakefield, Florence of W. W. Wakefield of Westfield Westfield Aug 11 8/16/1897
Elder, John O. Peters, Alma Newport Dec 16 12/21/1896
Elkins, Charles Harvey of Hon. Wm. G. Elkins Wright, Miss Ethel S. of Oscar P. Wright Westfield 23rd inst (item) 1/28/1895
Elliott, Clarence Griffin, Miss Ida Morgan Center 24th 10/3/1898
Elliott, Melvin J. of Barton Murkland, Grace of J. W. Murkland of Barton Barton last Mon 7/13/1896
Ely, John of Charleston Sawyer, Mary of Island Pond Charleston Feb 27 3/9/1896
Estey, Albert W. Flanders, Lottie of Coventry Newport Feb 13 2/18/1895
Fairbrother, Rodney M. of Coventry Anderson, Miss Mabel K. of Coventry Barton April 20 4/22/1895
Farr, Bert Marsh, Miss Myrtie of Holland Morgan last Wed 1/20/1896
Farr, Frank L. of Burke Wilson, Miss Della E. of Wheelock Glover Nov 28 12/2/1895
Farr, William Pearl, Nellie of Sheffield Sheffield Dec 28 1/20/1896
Farrell, J. E. of Newport Shepley, Alice A. prob of J. T. Shepley Newport last Tues 1/21/1895
Fifield, F. S. of Troy Field, Jennie of Troy Lowell Jan 30 2/3/1896
Fisher, A. S. Trow, Miss Blanche of C. C. Trow of Hardwick Hardwick last Thurs 1/4/1897
Fletcher, Addison W. of Barton Persons, Miss Maud L. of Morgan Irasburg Nov 25 11/29/1897
Fletcher, Carl Chittenden of St. Albans Wells, Miss L. Lillian of Hiram Wells of Cabot Cabot Sept 14 9/26/1898
Folsom, Fernando N. of Barton Ufford, Miss Ethel K. of Barton Glover June 22 6/29/1896
Foss, Wallace E. of Eureka, CA & Brownington Bradford, Miss Florence of S. D. Bradford of Alliance Alliance, CA 10/24/1898
Fraiser, Guy E. of East Burke Aldrich, Maggie S. of East Haven West Burke Sept 21 10/4/1897
Frasier, Alex Martin, Mrs. E. Albany recently 5/6/1895
Freeman, Leone J. of Barton & Manchester Smith, Eliza M. of Manchester, NH Lowell, MA April 27 5/6/1895
French, A. C. prob Shepard, Miss possibly???? Stannard Nov 27 12/2/1895
French, Robert E. of Glover Bean, Miss Martha of John Bean of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/6/1896
Friend, Fred A. of Barton Wilson, Annie J. of Sawyersville, PQ Barton Landing Dec 9 12/28/1896
Fuller, Allie of Derby not named   1/25/1897
Fuller, Bert of E. Charleston Allen, Miss E. Charleston Jan 5 1/10/1898
Gage, George A. of Lyndonville Pike, Miss Myrtie M. of N. Craftsbury East Craftsbury Nov 9 11/14/1898
Gale, Harry L. of Newport Bowker, Miss Blance A. of Mansonville, PQ Newport 9/23/1895
Gardiner, Herbert M. of Wells River Whitney, Carrie of M. M. Whitney of Barton Barton Jan 1 1/6/1896
Garland, Forrest of Mansonville, PQ Baxter, Miss Margaret of Mansonville, PQ Newport Oct 18 10/28/1895
Gaskill, Henry Fogg, Miss Mabel West Burke last week 2/28/1898
Gauvin, Birdwell E. of Burke Howland, Miss Nora A. of Mrs. A. R. Howland Lyndon Aug 28 9/2/1895
Gay, Fred of New London, NH Drown, Miss Kittie of New London & Glover Glover last week 6/21/1897
Gelo, Francis E. of Newport Mahony, Miss Clara M. of Searsmont, ME Searsmont, ME Nov 23 12/19/1898
George, Ammi N. of Fairlee Richmond, Clara M. of K. Richmond of Newport Newport Dec 24 12/30/1895
George, Dr. of Hardwick Gray, Miss Flora Wheelock 4/25/1898
George, Frank of Sheffield Pope, Miss of Canada   5/9/1898
George, Franklin T. of Sheffield Pope, Miss Maria M. of Sheffield Barton April 29 5/2/1898
Gibson, Edward J. of Barnston, PQ Drew, Orpha of Barnston, PQ Holland May 25 5/30/1898
Gill, Rev. O. C. of Westmore Nelson, Miss Mary (item) Westmore Sept 12 9/16/1895
Gillis, Frank of N Dakota & Greensboro Randall, Miss Myrtle of Ellendale, ND Ellendale, ND 7/12/1897
Gilman, Henry Archive of Mansonville, PQ Elkins, Miss Anna Currier of North Troy North Troy Oct 16 10/21/1895
Gilmour, David Telfer, Maggie (of Thomas Telfer?) W. Glover Wed 6/22/1896
Gilmour, David D. of Glover Telfer, Miss Margaret A. of Glover Glover June 17 6/29/1896
Gleason, Albert L. of Glover Harris, Miss Lottie May of Barton Glover Aug 22 8/26/1895
Gleason, Francis J. of Glover Ordway, Miss Emma L. of Irasburgh Barton Sept 19 9/23/1895
Goddard, Dr. A. M. of Albany Darling, Ina Grace of J. B. Darling of Albany Albany last Wed 10/31/1898
Gokey, Joseph Lacourse, Laura Newport last Mon 6/24/1895
Gonzenbach, Ernest of Brooklyn, NY & Barton Colliston, Bernice Ethel of E. G Colliston of Barton Barton May 12 5/18/1896
Goodrich, J. H. Darling, Miss Daisy of J. B. Darling Albany June 19 6/24/1895
Goodrich, Joseph A. of Hardwick Darling, Miss Daisy of Albany Albany June 19 7/1/1895
Gordon, George L. of L. W. Gordon of Sutton Ball, Myra Rachel of S. P. Ball of Sutton Sutton last Wed 1/7/1895
Gordon, Harry of Barton & McIndoes Badger, Miss Lillian of Lyndonville last week 7/13/1896
Gordon, Lum D. of Newark Graves, Mrs. Sarah E. of Newark West Burke Nov 4 12/9/1895
Gorse, Rev. C. of Sheffield Buck, Miss Maud of Walden Walden? Last week 2/14/1898
Goss, Bert F. of Albany Duchesney, Carrie L. of Albany Irasburgh March 6 3/18/1895
Goss, John A. of Greensboro Kallemyer, Margaret D. of Greensboro Greensboro May 10 5/16/1898
Gould, Clayton Laplant, Alice of West Derby West Derby Friday 4/20/1896
Gower, Alfred S. of Lowell Laplant, Miss Georgiana M. of Lowell Lowell Oct 4 10/18/1897
Grapes, David J. of Brownington Bates, Miss Gracie dau of Mrs. Orne of Brownington Barton Landing April 8 4/15/1895
Gravell, John M. of Craftsbury Shute, Blanche of Albany Eden July 5 7/12/1897
Gray, Aaron of Sheffield Jones, Mrs. of Sheffield Sheffield 12/2/1895
Gray, E. K. Cummings, Susan Coventry last Wed 1/17/1898
Gray, Edward K. of Coventry Cummings, Miss Sue G. Barton Landing Jan 12 1/24/1898
Gray, Elwin E. of Holland Rumery, Luna of Holland Holland Nov 30 12/7/1896
Gray, Fred Fox, Myrtie Holland Nov 16 11/28/1898
Gray, George Wright, Miss of St. Johnsbury Sheffield 3/15/1897
Gray, Solon of Morgan Moulton, Miss Minnie of Holland   12/2/1895
Gray, Solon of Morgan Moulton, Miss Minnie of Holland Holland Nov 27 12/9/1895
Greenwood, Eugene of Enosburg Falls not named   11/25/1895
Gregory, Warren A. of Littleton, NH Gray, Miss Velma S. of Littleton, NH Littleton, NH Sept 15 9/20/1897
Griswold, George E. of Waterbury Scott, Alma L. of Waterbury Barton May 28 6/3/1895
Grout, Charles T. of Newport Cannon, Miss Alice B. of Bellows Falls Bellows Falls Oct 14 10/19/1896
Grout, Charles T. of Theo. Grout of Newport Cannon, Miss Alice B. of Bellows Falls Newport per Barton Oct 14 10/12/1896
Grow, A. E. of Brownington Felker, Miss Louisa B. of Barton Brownington Sept 11 9/30/1895
Grow, Lewis G. of Barton Hyatt, Gertrude of Barton Barton Landing Aug 18 8/24/1896
Guyett, Arthur of Albany not named - prob of Canada   2/10/1896
H(aner), Albert of Sheffield Stone, Mrs. Emma dau of L. Rock of Barton Barton Tues 10/11/1897
Hadlock, Burton W. of Troy Truax, Miss Etta of Troy Newport Feb 15 2/24/1896
Hager, Burton R. of Newport Lampher, Miss Grace A. of Troy Newport Ctr June 24 7/5/1897
Hall, Dennie of Burke Thompson, Effie of Burke West Burke Nov 10 11/21/1898
Hall, Horace F. of Lowell Thornton, Miss Libbie of Lowell Westfield April 17 4/22/1895
Hall, I. Harvey of Lyndon of I. H. Hall Dodge, Miss Eva of Barton Landing Brownington Ctr. Nov 4 11/8/1897
Hall, Iphus Harvey, Jr. of Lyndon Dodge, Miss Eva of Barton Landing/Brownington Brownington Ctr Nov 4 11/15/1897
Hall, William D. of Fitchburg, MA Brown, Lillian E. of G. W. Brown of W. Charleston W. Charleston Feb 22 2/28/1898
Hamilton, Edward of Boston Holmes, Miss Emma W. Charleston 1/4/1897
Hamilton, Harry Fuller of Newport (item) Gilman, Miss Lillian of Newport Newport Sept 15 9/20/1897
Hammond, H. R. of S. Stukeley, PQ Richardson, Miss Annie of Waterloo, PQ Newport June 30 7/6/1896
Hammond, Harlo of Newport Murry, Miss Sarah of Newport Newport Aug 21 8/26/1895
Hanson, Harley A. of Glover Marnock, Miss May E. of Glover Glover Oct 5 10/18/1897
Hanson, Harley of Greensboro Marnock, May of Thomas Marnock of S. Albany S. Albany last Tues 10/11/1897
Hanson, Mr. Brown, Miss of Rev. Brown of West Glover W. Glover ? 9/9/1895
Hanson, Willie E. of Greensboro not named   1/28/1895
Hardy, George of Troy Randall, Miss Rena of Troy Troy Dec 28 12/28/1896
Hare, Robert Lafountain, Lottie Jay 9/7/1896
Harlow, George B. of Albany McGuire, Miss Minnie of Albany Irasburg Nov 24 11/29/1897
Harris, Rev. J. W. Young, Mary of James Young of Greensboro Greensboro March 30 4/6/1896
Harris, Wallace B. of Barton Mitchell, Mrs. Julia of Greensboro Barton Dec 23 1/6/1896
Hart, Cyrus of Newark Chappell, Hattie L. of Westmore West Burke March 25 4/1/1895
Hartson, Ephriam E. Leavitt, Miss Della of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 15 12/27/1897
Hartson, Homer of Greensboro Butler, Mrs. Laura dau of Mr. ( ) A. Smith of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 17 11/21/1898
Harvey, R. M. prob of Troy Wheelock, Mrs. Caroline prob of Troy Newport Ctr last Thur 9/28/1896
Haws, Herbert not named Newport ? 8/15/1898
Hazel, John McCartny, Miss Anna of Barre Newport June 9 6/14/1897
Hazelton, Clarence of Beebe Plain Schoolcraft, Hattie of Beebe Plain Beebe Plain 12/5/1898
Heath, Charles Raymond of Holland Smith, Jessie of Barnston, PQ Barnston, PQ Sept 22 10/4/1897
Heath, Elgin J. of Georgeville Sisco, Miss Theodora of So. Barnston Beebe Plain 2/21/1898
Heath, John L. of Barnston, PQ Hill, Winnie M. of Barnston, PQ Holland Dec 22 12/27/1897
Heine, Rev. R. Bessie, Miss Cora Sheffield March 10 3/22/1897
Hendrey, Thomas of Barton Gates, Mrs. Sarah A. of Dedham, MA Albany Sept 15 9/20/1897
Henry, William T. of Iron Hill, Que. Durrell, Miss Ada E. of Mansonville, Que. Troy May 26 5/30/1898
Hicks, Frank G. of Barton (item) Chase, Miss Nettie M. of Barton & Charleston Charleston June 24 6/28/1897
Hildreth, Will of Charleston Peavey, Lilla Morgan Dec 24 12/28/1896
Hill, Abner Dennison, Miss Mary of Albany Greensboro Thanksgiving 12/5/1898
Hill, Dr. H. H. of Lowell Sanborn, Miss Isabel of Eden Mills Eden Mills Nov 3 11/9/1896
Hitchcock, Aaron C. of Westfield Wright, Lillian Salome of D. E. Wright of Westfield Westfield Dec 1 12/6/1897
Hitchcock, Deacon M. C. of Westfield Corey, Miss Rebecca of Newport West Derby Jan 1 1/11/1897
Hitchcock, Deacon M. Clark Corey, Miss Rebecca of Newport Westfield Jan 1 1/4/1897
Hitchcock, Willie of Manchester, NH not named per Coventry 7/27/1896
Holmes, Frank A. of Sutton Whipple, Miss Etta of Sutton Sutton Aug 26 8/30/1897
Holtham, Will Berry, Miss Eva Sutton June 8 6/13/1898
Holtham, Will F. (long item) Berry, Miss Eva of Stephen Berry of Sutton Sutton June 8 6/27/1898
Holton, William P. prob of West Charleston Rogers, Miss Hattie of Monroe, NH Barnet April 7 4/22/1895
Hope, Edward of Newport Boisvert, Miss Melina of Newport Newport Jan 8 1/13/1896
House, George E. of Troy Willis, Miss Jennie M. of Troy Irasburgh March 6 3/18/1895
House, Harry James of Newport Thompson, Helen of Judge Thompson of Irasburgh Irasburgh Aug 18 8/23/1897
Houston, Roy of Troy Woodworth, Josie of L. S. Woodworth of Westfield Westfield last week 3/11/1895
Hovey, E. M. of E. Hardwick & Chicago not named prob Chicago 7/1/1895
Howard, George of Barton/Craftsbury Simpson, Miss Ella of Hazardville, CT Hazardville Nov 24 11/28/1898
Howard, J. Warren of Barton Farrington, Miss Martha A. of Providence, RI Barton Feb 21 2/25/1895
Hudson, Kit of East Charleston Gray, Winnie Belle of East Charleston East Charleston June 29 8/1/1898
Humphrey, Albert E. of Lyndonville Danforth, Miss Nellie M. of Barton Barton Jan 5 1/11/1897
Humphrey, Frank E. of East Burke Smith, Miss Mabel C. of West Burke West Burke Aug 4 8/15/1898
Humphrey, Harley C. of Barton & Newport Frasier, Miss Josie M. of Newport Newport Sept 16 9/21/1896
Hunt, Luther M. of Newport Smith, Miss E. Edith M. of Ways Mills, PQ Newport Sept 11 9/16/1895
Huntington, Clinton W. of Barre Giffin, Miss Bertha of Allen Giffin of Orford, NH Orford, NH Dec 24 12/30/1895
Hussy, John of Holland Gardner, Mrs. Mary of Holland Holland June 25 7/1/1895
Hyde, Harvey H. of Hyde Park Campbell, Miss Flora A. of Hyde Park Barton Dec 8 12/13/1897
Ide, Harry C. of Newport Cushman, Miss Lottie of East Charleston E. Charleston Sept 1 9/6/1897
Ide, Harry of Newport Cushman, Miss Lottie of Barton Landing Barton Landing last week 9/6/1897
Ingalls, William D. of Hatley, PQ Labounty, Delia S. of Holland Holland Oct 19 10/28/1895
Jackson, Ai Hall, Lizzie of Asahel Hall of Hardwick Hardwick last week 1/27/1896
Jackson, Alpha E. of Greensboro Ferguson, Miss Gertrude of Walden Dec 31 1/11/1897
Jackson, E. M. Thurston, Miss Ruth Albany Nov 2 11/21/1898
Jackson, Elmer M. of St. Johnsbury Foster, Miss Ethel E. of Barton Barton July 1 7/8/1895
Jenkins, Ora of East Burke not named E. Burke ? 10/14/1895
Jones, Henry Valentine of Newtonville, MA Dewey, Miss Edith of H. K. Dewey of Barton Barton June 4 6/10/1895
Kelley, George J. of Albany Blake, Miss Musa D. of Mrs. Fronia Blake Newport Ctr Aug 12 8/17/1896
Kendall, Robert of Barnet Pollard, Miss Harriet of Bath Bath, NH 1/6/1896
Kenneson, Henry M. of Irasburgh Colley, Mary J. of Brownington Albany Jan (1)2 1/18/1897
Kennison, A. Edson of Westfield Ryder, Miss Lulu of Westfield Newport Oct 28 11/9/1896
Kilborn, William Hopkinson, Miss Katherine Derby last Friday 3/11/1895
Kilbourn, Rev. of Beebe Plain not named prob Beebe Plain 1/11/1897
Kimball, Charlie of Sutton Duke, Myrtie J. of P. H. Duke of S. Barton S. Barton July 29 8/10/1896
Kimball, Reuben of Derby (long item) Stevens, Mattie E. of Dr. & Mrs. E. G. Stevens Barton Land. Nov 25 11/29/1897
Kimball, Walter D. of Hyde Park Bacon, Miss Lillian M. of Eden   8/8/1898
King, Adelbert of Irasburgh Moore, Miss Emma A. of Irasburgh Albany May 1 5/6/1895
King, Edward of Troy Kendall, Miss Gertrude of Troy Troy Aug 4 8/9/1897
King, Theodore E. of Burke Nutt, Mary Esther of Sutton West Burke March 19 4/4/1898
King, Thomas - age 55 Stetson, Enah - age 17 of Horace Stetson (eloped) Westfield at Richford 11/23/1896
Knight, Fred P. of Craftsbury Telfer, Miss Mary J. of John Telfer of Barton Barton Sept 29 10/4/1897
Knowles, Robert J. of Barton McFarlane, Miss Margaret B. of Walter McFarlane Barton June 25 7/1/1895
Kugelman, Levi of West Milan, NH Solomon, Miss Rose West Burke Feb 10 2/28/1898
Ladd, Will Patterson, Miss Josephine Hardwick last Mon 1/25/1897
Lake, Owen P. of North Troy Magoon, Nettie P. of North Troy Troy Oct 19 10/21/1895
Laliberty, Joseph of Newark Legacy, Josephine of Newark West Burke Aug 26 8/31/1896
Lamarsh, John of Newport not named   8/1/1898
Lane, Elisha of Newport Durham, Miss Georgia of Boston Boston, MA Nov 17 11/23/1896
Lane, Fred A. of Concord, NH of A. A. Lane Willoughby, Miss Margarite Newport Oct 6 10/19/1896
Lane, Herbert E. of Newport Dillingham, Miss Charlotte of Delaware Delaware April 7 4/13/1896
Lane, W. A. of Barre Field, Myrtie of East Hardwick to be married soon 9/6/1897
Lane, Willis A. of Barre (F)ield, Myrtie of E. Hardwick E. Hardwick last Wed 9/20/1897
Lapier, Harvey G. of Whitefield, NH Farrer, Miss Amanda of Monroe, NH Barton April 22 4/25/1898
Larrabee, Albro of Barton Bean, Miss Annie of Minton Minton, Can Dec 29 1/24/1898
Lathe, W. R. of Jay Wagner, Miss Craftsbury July 20 8/12/1895
Lawrence, James Curnan, Mary E. of S. Willington, CT Nov 30 11/28/1898
Leach, Frank of North Troy Weed, Miss Bertha A. Lowell Nov 25 12/7/1896
Leach, Fred of Troy Boomhower, Alva of PQ Troy April 1 4/8/1895
Leavitt, Elijah R. Gay, Mabel West Derby 12th inst 3/18/1895
Leavitt, Lafayette of Wheelock Mitchell, Miss Gertie M. of Sheffield Glover Jan 1 1/27/1896
Leavitt, S. L. Jackson, Mrs. A. N. Craftsbury Thanksgiving 11/30/1896
Leland, John E. of Barton Shields, Miss Jennie of Barton Barton Jan 23 1/25/1897
Leland, Warren G. of Brownington Bailey, Miss Lucy of Barton Barton Landing June 12 6/14/1897
Lemere, Joseph A. of Derby Simmett, Susie of Stanstead, PQ Derby 8/1/1898
Lewis, John E. of Barton McLeod, Miss Lillian E. of St. Johnsbury Barton July 30 8/12/1895
Lewis, Merrill D. of Charleston Whitehill, Minnie of Charleston Irasburgh March 3 3/11/1895
Libby, Harvey Calderwood, Lola of Greensboro Craftsbury 10/28/1895
Lightwood, Joseph E. of Derby Bowen, Clara of Glover Derby July 20 7/25/1898
Lindsay, Howard D. of Barton Chase, Miss Alice of Nashua, NH Barton last Wed (Dec 7?) 12/13/1897
Lingham, Clarence H. Ranney, Miss Edith of Crawford Ranney of St. J. St. Johnsbury last Thurs 7/18/1898
Livingston, E. F. Hunt, Miss Kittie of North Troy North Troy Jan 1 1/7/1895
Longeway, John Wilson, Mrs. Lizzie W. Charleston recently 9/2/1895
Longeway, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Andrew Lowell 8/26/1895
Longfellow, F. D. of Bolton, PQ Dorcereau, Mrs. E. J. of Bolton, PQ Troy Nov 13 11/18/1895
Lothrop, Fred B. of Barton Landing Drew, Hannah J. of Ira S. Drew of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 16 10/21/1895
Louks, Herbert of Libby Town, PQ Pearson, Carrie B. of Barnston, PQ Derby July 20 7/25/1898
Loux, Will prob of Troy Healey, Missie prob of Troy Lowell Oct 3 10/12/1896
Lucas, Edward of Westfield O'Strout, Miss Florence of Westfield Westfield Nov 12 11/21/1898
Lunderville, Edward A. of Stanstead, PQ Bobo, Mary E. of South Stukley, PQ Derby May 2 5/4/1896
Lunge, Harry of Kennebunk, ME & Barton not named of Kennebunk Kennebunk, ME last week 1/31/1898
Lurette, (N)elson Kirk, Widow Westfield last Thur 10/7/1895
Lynes, Frank E. of Hardwick Calderwood, Mary A. of Glover Glover? Last Tues 11/21/1898
Lyon, Fred E. of Westmore Beebe, Miss Bertha L. of Westmore Westmore Jan 10 1/14/1895
Lyon, Leon A. of Glover Twombly, Miss Linnie A. of Glover Glover March 16 3/21/1898
Lyon, Ora A. of West Burke Govro, Miss Phebe of Barton Barton April 27 5/2/1898
Mack, Bert of Morgan Rush, Miss of Holland Morgan? 1/20/1896
Magoon, Henry H. of Albany Ainsworth, Miss Adelia B. of Morgan Holland Sept 7 9/23/1895
Magoon, Lewis of N. Hatley, PQ Boynton, Mrs. Mary of West Derby West Derby June 8 6/13/1898
Mansfield, Leigh M. of Brownville Jct., ME White, Georgia West Derby 14th 10/19/1896
Marckres, Samuel of Craftsbury Stearns, Miss Myrtle V. of Craftsbury Eden Dec 25 1/3/1898
Marshall, Benoni H. of West Burke Houghton, Miss Luvilla E. of Lyndon West Burke May 13 5/17/1897
Marshall, Charles of St. Johnsbury Fuller, Laura of John Fuller of E. Charleston E. Charleston Oct 5 10/10/1898
Marshall, William of Greensboro Spencer, Miss Blanche of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 2 12/9/1895
Martin, Thomas of Barton __________ of McIndoe's Falls McIndoe's Falls 5/6/1895
Marvin, F. I. Robbins, Miss Gertrude L. of Derby Derby Dec 29 1/7/1895
Mathews, Ernest of Barton Landing Andrus, Miss Sadie of Albany Albany Jan 1 1/6/1896
Mathewson, Hugh Craig, Miss Lilla Wheelock Jan 1? 1/6/1896
Matthew, Alexander of Morrison, IL Barnes, Mrs. Gertrude M. of Morrison, IL & Derby Morrison, IL Sept 20 10/10/1898
Maxwell, Gilbert T. of Holland Sanburn, Ida M. of Holland Holland Sept 12 9/21/1896
Mayhew, Lewis of St. Johnsbury Deroucha, Miss Rose of Barton Barton last Mon 11/7/1898
McArthur, George Moore, Miss Nellie Newport Feb 10 2/14/1898
McDonald, Rev. G. C. of Bloomfield Wakeman, Miss Lucy M. of Jay Glover April 8 4/22/1895
McGowan, Fred Dailey, Miss of Harrison Dailey of West Derby West Derby last week 10/19/1896
McGowan, Walter not named W Derby ? 11/9/1896
McKenzie, Samuel of Hardwick Tucker, Iona of Hardwick Hardwick Nov 13 11/22/1897
McKinley, James H. of Lowell, MA Dorman, Emma of A. H. Dorman of Craftsbury Craftsbury 1/25/1897
McNally, John not named East Burke 8/26/1895
McNeil, Herbert Burbick, Miss Lulu Derby March 28 4/5/1897
McNeil, Rev. J. W. Perkins, Miss Jennie of Newport Center Greensboro Bend 4/22/1895
McQueen, Henry B. of Derby Cota, Miss Cady M. of Derby Derby July 4 7/11/1898
Miles, Charles T. of Irasburg Kinsey, Mrs. Ida Irasburgh 10/24/1898
Miles, Eddie Bergoine, Lida of Coventry Coventry last Wed 1/11/1897
Miles, John W. of Craftsbury Sanborn, Lula M. of Danville Danville June 2 6/14/1897
Miles, Reuben of Albany Partlow, Edith E. of Troy Irasburgh Jan 15 1/21/1895
Miller, Henry of Greensboro Cook, Miss Anna of J. B. Cook of Greensboro Greensboro Nov 26 11/30/1896
Mills, Alson S. of Albany Priest, Miss Myrtie E. of Albany Albany Oct 29 11/7/1898
Mitchell, Herbert of Sheffield Kettle, Julia of Charles Kettle of Glover Glover last Wed 11/14/1898
Monroe, Leslie Gardyne, Miss Bertha Beebe Plain last week 12/5/1898
Monroe, W. A. of Griffin, Que. Boyle, Miss Letitra of Newport Stanstead 11/21/1898
Moody, Rev. Lewis N. of Gaysville Tower, Florence L of Amos Tower of Barton Barton Sept 9 9/14/1896
Moore, P. S. Taylor, Miss Julia of Barton Melrose, MA 11/9/1896
Moranville, Simon of W. Derby Bashaw, Mrs. West Derby Jan 11 1/14/1895
Morrill, Charles E. of St. Johnsbury Ross, Mrs. Mary of St. Johnsbury Barton May 18 5/20/1895
Morrill, Simon D. of Irasburgh Hitchcock, Miss Ida M. of Barton Barton March 6 3/11/1895
Morrison, John of Ashland, NH Cole, Miss Winnie of Troy Troy last Wed 6/13/1898
Morse, Charles Freemont of Chula Vista, CA Hinman, Mary F. of Dr. C. S. Hinman of W. Charleston Chula Vista, CA April 8 4/27/1896
Moulton, Fred of West Holland Hall, Miss of West Holland Holland 12/19/1898
Murphy, McNeal of North Troy Skinner, Nettie of North Troy Coventry June 8 6/13/1898
Murphy, William of Hartford, CT Taylor, Miss Jennie of Newport Newport Nov 21 11/28/1898
Murray, Robert not named Brownington ? 8/15/1898
Murray, Thomas G. of Barton Noyes, Mrs. Calista of Cabot Barton July 4 7/8/1895
Nelson, Fred of Barton French, Miss Mahala of Barton Barton Dec 14 12/19/1898
Nelson, George of Wheelock not named Wheelock 12/7/1896
Newell, Sylvenus T. of Jefferson, NH Mann, Emma J. of Jefferson, NH E. Charleston June 19 6/27/1898
Nichols, Dr. Elwin Milton of Lyndon Dewey, Lena of Hiram K. Dewey of Barton Barton Nov 5 11/11/1895
Nickerson, Ernest L. of Derby Nourse, Miss Mary Evelyn of Derby Derby Dec 21 12/27/1897
Niles, Edward Bergoine, Miss Elida Jan 6 1/11/1897
Niles, Herman of Newport Brunsen, Miss Carril of Derby Newport Sept 7 9/13/1897
Noble, W. B. of North Troy Kendall, Miss Stella of A. A. Kendall of Enosburg Falls Enosburg Falls Wed 3/28/1898
Norris, George of Newport Center not named   12/9/1895
Norton, Nathan A. of Glover Robinson, Viola I. of Fletcher Fletcher Jan 6 1/11/1897
not named Cleveland, Miss Laura of West Derby West Derby Jan 1 1/6/1896
not named Griffin, Miss Lillia of Greensboro Bend Greenfield, MA 1/3/1898
not named Campbell, Miss Lizzie of Brownington Brownington last Wed 1/31/1898
not named Hunt, Ethel M. of A. N. Hunt formerly of Barton Orange, MA 7/11/1898
not named Demerse, Miss Nellie of Compton, PQ Compton, PQ last week 10/24/1898
not named of Barnet Fletcher, Miss Ladona of West Burke Sutton last Thurs 3/9/1896
not named of Barre Guyer, Mrs. D. M. of Greensboro & Barre   9/9/1895
not named of Boston Townsend, Nellie of Brownington   1/27/1896
not named of New Haven, CT Watson, Miss Blanche of Westfield & New Haven, CT New Haven, CT 2/22/1897
Nott, Archie of Manchester, NH Jenne, Eva of West Derby W. Derby 27th 8/1/1898
Orne, Frank J. of Barton Hitchcock, Miss Della of Barton Barton April 20 4/22/1895
Orne, Hon. J. C. of Brownington Bates, Mrs. Sarah of Evansville Brownington last week 1/7/1895
Orton, Gardner Teachout, Letta Hardwick Mon 6/22/1896
Osgood, Edwin O. of Holland Judd, Bettie B. of Holland Holland 9/20/1897
Ovitt, Silas H. of North Derby Breer, Miss Eliza of Holland West Derby Jan 4 1/10/1898
Page, A. L. of Newport Center Bailey, Mrs. Emma prob of E. Charleston E. Charleston? 11/2/1896
Page, George T. of St. Johnsbury Drown, Miss Rose E. of St. Johnsbury St. J Center March 19 3/23/1896
Page, Lynn R. of Stowe McAllister, Miss Cynthia M. of Stowe Barton Aug 11 8/16/1897
Page, Terry of Morgan Atkins, Miss Cora M. of Evansville Barton Nov 7 11/14/1898
Paquet, Henry Fisher, Miss of Augustus Fisher West Glover Nov 9 11/18/1895
Paquette, Henry N. of Glover Fisher, Miss Clara W. of G. P. Fisher of Glover Glover Nov 9 11/25/1895
Parker, A. G. of West Derby Howie, Mrs. Helen D. of Stanstead, PQ Newport 12/21/1896
Parker, Dea. Coryden Quimby, Emily of Sugar Hill, NH Sutton maybe?? 12/20/1897
Parker, George of Derby Moody, Miss Nora of E. Charleston E. Charleston last Sun 7/5/1897
Parker, Henry E. of Morgan Atkins, Miss Minnie B. of Evansville Barton Landing Dec 7 12/9/1895
Parker, Ralph T. of St. Johnsbury Godding, Etta East Burke May 3 5/9/1898
Parker, Walter H. of Coventry Silver, Miss Sarah of Derby Derby Oct 1 10/7/1895
Parker, William S., Jr. Laplant, Miss Malinda Lowell last Mon 11/21/1898
Parlin, Frank J. of St. Johnsbury Douglass, Miss Annie M. of Coventry Derby Aug 5 8/10/1896
Parounagian, Rev. M. of Walden Mathews, Miss Clema of Barton Landing Barton last week 6/7/1897
Parrent, Jessie of West Burke Turner, Miss Gertrude of Sutton Sutton July 13 7/18/1898
Patch, Laban prob of Greensboro Bend not named - of Sutton, PQ Sutton, PQ? Jan 26 2/14/1898
Pearl, Frank F. of Sheffield Wilkie, Miss Maria C. of Barton Barton June 25 7/1/1895
Pearson, Dr. J. A. of Barton Bridgman, Mrs. Annie N. dau of W. F. Scott of Glover Glover Sept 2 9/7/1896
Peck, Elmer L. of Hyde Park Graham, Miss Minnie of Hyde Park E. Craftsbury Oct 13 10/31/1898
Percey, Lester H. of Newport Center Doane, Miss Myrtie A. of Troy Newport Feb 20 2/24/1896
Percy, (L)ester H. Dean, Myrtie Newport Center Thur last 2/24/1896
Perley, Harold G. of Barton Rowell, Miss May dau of M/M J. C. Page of Barton Barton Nov 10 11/15/1897
Perrin, Alden E. of Greensboro Pettee, Lilla of Greensboro Greensboro Oct 15 10/19/1896
Perry, Ernest of Irasburgh Drake, Cora of Coventry Coventry June 19 6/24/1895
Perry, John of Island Pond Gray, Miss Ila of H. A. Gray of E. Charleston E. Charleston last Wed 7/12/1897
Perry, Will Evarts, Edith Troy last Fri 4/19/1897
Pete, Gideon of Newport Beliran, Miss Parmelia of Newport Newport Nov 24 11/29/1897
Phillips, John of Sheffield Davis, Etta of Sheffield Sheffield Sept 1 9/7/1896
Phillips, Mazini of Glover Carter, Miss Gertie of Glover Glover June 26 7/19/1897
Pierce, W. M. of Abington, MA Kelley, Miss Bertha of Derby Derby Wed 8/30/1897
Pinney, S. P. of Greensboro Burnell, Mrs. Milo of Wolcott Lisbon, NH last Tues 5/23/1898
Place, Harry L. of Littleton, NH Hunt, Mary A. of Barton Barton March 14 3/28/1898
Plumley, John not named West Derby 5/24/1897
Pond, Edgar L. of Holland Lyon, Emma of Norton Derby Dec 8 1/11/1897
Pooler, George E. of Victory Brooks, Miss Mina of Barton Morgan Aug 25 8/30/1897
Porter, Albert M. of Franklin, NH Twombly, Miss Gertrude E. of Westmore Barton Dec 21 12/26/1898
Porter, John B. Jr. of Lowell, MA Miller, Miss Mae E. of Barton Barton Sept 25 9/26/1898
Powers, Harley M. of West Burke Goodell, Mrs. Ida L. (May), of West Burke West Burke Jan 9 1/24/1898
Pratt, Rev. Paddock, Carrie Craftsbury last week 9/6/1897
Pratt, Rev. N. Miller of New York (item) Paddock, Carolyne A. of Augustus Paddock N. Craftsbury Sept 1 9/13/1897
Prichard, Fred Paine, Miss Metella Newport Aug 18 8/29/1898
Rand, Albert S. of late Nelson Rand of Craftsbury Woodbury, Martha Merrill of late Lt Charles Woodbury Portland, Oreg March 15 4/25/1898
Randall, True A. of Evansville Gray, Miss Annie M. of J. G. Gray of Barton Barton Jan 15 1/21/1895
Ranney, W. B. of Newport Burbank, Miss Alice M. of Webster, NH Webster, NH Oct 28 11/2/1896
Ranney, Will not named Barton Landing last week 3/22/1897
Rash, Isaac E. of Westmore Fairbrother, Miss Eva of Westmore Barton July 23 7/29/1895
Rash, John E. of Barton Jarvis, Miss Minnie E. of Barton Barton July 2 7/8/1895
Raymo, Fred of Newport Wing, Miss Gertrude of Coventry Irasburgh June 15 6/21/1897
Redmond, J. W. of Newport Davis, Miss Eva A. of Newport Newport Oct 24 10/28/1895
Reed, Harry F. of Mrs. Catherine Reed Cass, Miss Nellie (item) West Derby Oct 1 10/14/1895
Reed, Rev. Frank A. of Beebe Plain not named Mauriceburgh, PQ 2/24/1896
Rempp, A. H. of New Britain, CT Wiggin, May L. of Worcester, MA & Barton Prob MA 1/11/1897
Renell, Joseph of Newport Baker, Miss Annie J. of Derby Newport Sept 22 10/4/1897
Reynolds, Dr. Wilbur A. Church, Miss Emma L. maybe of Irasburg Dorcester, MA April 17 4/22/1895
Rice, John O. of Barton Silloway, Miss Sadie of Elmore Barton April 17 4/19/1897
Richards, George James of Sherbrooke, PQ Higgins, Miss Nellie of Sherbrooke, PQ Newport Sept 7 9/13/1897
Richardson, Edwin C. of Lowell Russell, Minnie M. of Lowell Troy March 7 3/16/1896
Richardson, Ernest Glines, Gertie West Burke Dec 15 12/27/1897
Richardson, Ernest F. of Burke Glines, Gertrude M. of Burke Burke Dec 15 1/24/1898
Richardson, Russell Goddard, Miss of Canada Coventry last week 10/28/1895
Riches, John C. of Newport Hinman, Miss Mabel of West Derby W. Derby Dec 24 12/30/1895
Rickard, Truman L. of Newport Mailman, Mary A. of Nova Scotia Barton June 2 6/14/1897
Rickets, Lewis Culver, Mina St. Albans last Wed 7/1/1895
Ring, Albert E. of Newport Bernean, Mary of Newport West Derby June 22 6/24/1895
Ritchie, Bert of Derby Carlow, Miss Louise of Newport Newport? Last Thurs 7/6/1896
Ritchie, Fred E. of Derby Smith, Miss Martha E. of Derby Newport Feb 17 3/1/1897
Robb, Samuel of Westmore Bennett, Miss Lula of Westmore E. Charleston July 2 7/5/1897
Roberts, David Hanscom, Miss Beulah Sheffield Sept 28 10/3/1898
Roberts, Horatio Nelson of St. J. Center Simonds, Mrs. Nancy Ayer of Glover St. J Center May 20 5/24/1897
Robinson, Ellis A. of Brownington O'Hara, Miss Bessie of Sheffield Barton Landing Jan 6 1/10/1898
Robinson, Fred of Troy Chamberlin, Minnie E. of Troy Westfield Sept 1 9/9/1895
Robinson, Rev. C. W. of Peacham Sanborn, Miss Myrtle of Lowell Irasburgh May 11 5/17/1897
Rollins, Charles H. Coolbeth, Miss Vinnie R. Newport Jan 31 2/14/1898
Root, George B. of Lowell, MA Miller, Mrs. Hattie Newport Nov 3 11/7/1898
Roslin, John S. of St. Johnsbury Caswell, Mrs. Johanna of St. Johnsbury Barton Nov 6 11/7/1898
Roundy, Ed. Moulton, Miss Martha prob of West Burke Sutton Dec 30 1/14/1895
Rowell, George not named E. Albany recently 3/11/1895
Royce, Bernard C. of Clark Royce of C. Bashaw, Miss Nellie of Charleston E. Charleston March 27 4/5/1897
Royston, William A. of Glover Hoyt, Miss Helen R. of J. H. Hoyt of Glover Glover June 16 6/21/1897
Royston, William of Glover & Troy Hoyt, Miss Helen of Troy Troy June 16 6/14/1897
Ruggles, Burleigh of Sutton Tyler, Minnie of Burke Burke last week 8/31/1896
Ruggles, Sam of Lyndon Blake, Margaret of Sheffield Sheffield? Last week 3/21/1898
Rumery, Gerald A. of Holland Robbins, Minnie I. of Holland Holland Dec 24 1/11/1897
Runnells, Charles H. of Nashua, NH Foss, Miss Mabel of Barton (item) Irasburg Oct 27 11/1/1897
Russel, Bert Flanders, Julia E. Hardwick? June 1 6/20/1898
Rye, Henry Cox, May prob of J. B. Cox of Morgan Morgan Nov 25 11/30/1896
Sanborn, Ernest J. of Albany Willis, Della J. of Newport Center E. Albany May 4 5/9/1898
Sanborn, Frank M. of Gilmington, NH Kenneson, Winnie M. of Irasburgh Barton Landing Oct 14 10/19/1896
Sargent, Manley Bruce, Myrtie Sheffield last week 11/2/1896
Savage, E. W. of North Troy Pettengill, Miss Lucretia N. Troy last Wed 9/23/1895
Sawyer, Charles of Lowell & San Lucas, CA Doherty, Miss Kate of Salinas San Lucas, CA Sept 4 10/7/1895
Sawyer, Harry of Maine Dailey, Miss Emma of Derby Derby last Wed 5/25/1896
Sawyer, Martin Allen, Miss Viola Craftsbury 6/1/1896
Searles, Elias B. of Albany DeZotelle, Elizabeth M. of Albany Irasburgh April 15 4/19/1897
Seavey, Bert of Brownington Fuller, Miss Gertrude of E. Charleston E. Charleston Jan 5 1/10/1898
Seavey, Frank J. of Brownington Flint, Mabel E. of ( ) B. Flint of Brownington Brownington Ctr Dec 15 12/26/1898
Shadwick, Charles E. of Sherbrook, PQ Wolcott, Miss Olive M. sis of Mrs. M. S. Eddy E. Charleston past week 1/7/1895
Shedd, Allen W. of Barton Gray, Miss Mahala B. of Sheffield Glover Jan 22 1/27/1896
Shedwick, Charles E. of Sherbrooke, PQ Walcott, Mabel of Charleston Charleston 1/14/1895
Sher____, Marshall J. of Irasburgh Peck, Miss Myrtie M. of (B )ord White River Jct Dec ___ 12/26/1898
Shippee, Wallace R. of Coventry Mulgrove, Miss Alice J. of Sunapee, NH Sunapee, NH Dec 20 12/27/1897
Shorey, Erton A. of Lyndonville Forrest, Miss Nellie of J. E. Forrest of W. Burke W. Burke Sept 25 9/30/1895
Sias, W. J. of Newport Center Laplant, Miss Edna of Lowell Lowell Dec 17 12/26/1898
Silver, Albert A., Jr. of Derby Pray, Miss Blanche Julia of Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA Dec 29 12/20/1897
Simino, John M. of Irasburgh Church, Annie L. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Jan 29 2/4/1895
Sinclair, Bernie J. Mandigs, Miss Belle of Potton, PQ Troy Sept 25 10/4/1897
Sinclair, Leander R. of Lowell Thornton, Hattie of Lowell Westfield Aug 26 8/31/1896
Skinner, Henry H. of Glover Stiles, Miss Roberta E. of Glover Glover Oct 10 10/12/1896
Slayton, George of Morrisville Thomas, Miss Marion of Hardwick Morrisville Nov 29 12/6/1897
Sleeper, George prob of Newport Center not named   10/18/1897
Smith, Charles of Danville Brooks, Miss Georgiana of Sheffield Sheffield Aug 30 9/7/1896
Smith, Eddie J. of Burke Wilson, Jennie E. of Newark West Burke May 25 6/3/1895
Smith, Francis E. of Barnston, Que. Forbes, Ida G. of Barnston, Que. Westmore June 12 6/22/1896
Smith, John F. of Brooklyn, NY Coochier, Mrs. Mattie (Bugbee) of Burke W. Burke April 26 5/4/1896
Spaulding, J. E. Prince, Miss May Hardwick Thurs 4/18/1898
Spear, R. W. of Newport Brainard, Miss M. A. of Newport Newport Nov 6 11/11/1895
Speir, David G. of Greensboro Thompson, Maggie A. of Greensboro Barton Aug 28 9/9/1895
Spencer, Edwin C. of Charleston Collins, Mrs. Bettie A. of Derby Albany March 27 4/1/1895
St. John, Charles H. of Jay Abel, Cora M. Newport Feb 7 2/15/1897
Stannard, H. J. of Barton Case, Miss Nellie (item 6-28) Barton June 23 6/14/1897
Stearns, Frank of Nashua, NH Allen, Hattie of Coventry recently 12/16/1895
Stebbins, Herbert L. of Westfield & NY Bigelow, Miss Ella Westfield ? 9/16/1895
Stephenson, Clyde of Lowell & Bradford Cowan, Miss Anna of Lowell & Bradford Bradford 10/19/1896
Stevens, Albion of Island Pond Cargill, Emma C. of John Cargill of Morgan Ctr Morgan Center June 2 6/8/1896
Stevens, Bert of E. Charleston not named   9/30/1895
Stevens, Carlton George Chamberlain, Jessie Pearson of Chas Chamberlain Craftsbury at NYC March 7 3/16/1896
Stevens, Fred E. of Charleston Meehan, Matilda of Charleston W. Charleston June 1 6/10/1895
Stevens, J. C. of R. P. Stevens of Charleston Bradley, Miss Elva of St. Johnsbury Ctr St. Johnsbury Sept 15 9/26/1898
Stevens, James Woods, Alzeda Holland Sept 5 9/12/1898
Stevens, Nelson C. Stiles, Anna May West Glover Jan (1?) 1/10/1898
Stevenson, George Dean, Pearl of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Dean of Hardwick Hardwick last Tues 7/5/1897
Stewart, Carl H. of Stanstead, PQ Whitcher, Eleanor A. of Cassville, PQ Derby 9/5/1898
Stewart, Charles D. of Albany Eldridge, Miss Myrtie B. of Albany Barton March 2 3/7/1898
Stewart, Harvey J. of Lowell Kinney, Miss Louie L. of Lowell South Troy May 6 5/10/1897
Stewart, Hazen of Lowell Steinhour, Miss May E. of Highgate Highgate last Wed 4/25/1898
Stone, Frank Rice, Dora Jay 10/14/1895
Stone, Wallace of Greensboro Edson, Miss Rose of Brookfield Greensboro 9/19/1898
Story, Olin of Albany Aiken, Ethel A. of Albany E. Albany Nov 27 12/23/1895
Sweet, Burton M. (also Swett) Farr, Nettie of East Hardwick East Hardwick May 11 5/16/1898
Sweet, Horace P. of Troy Sherlaw, Gertrude of Troy Troy Nov 14 11/18/1895
Swerdfeger, John of Hardwick Hammond, Miss Winifred of Swanton Hardwick Oct 27 11/8/1897
Sylvester, Charles of Irasburgh Flint, Miss Eva of Irasburgh East Albany March 19 3/25/1895
Tatro, Leon of Newport Currier, Miss Carrie of Newport Newport June 29 7/11/1898
Taylor, Charles D. of Ryegate & St. J Pope, Miss Lena of Ascot, PQ, sis of J. H. Pope Greensboro Bend Dec 2 12/7/1896
Taylor, Daniel H. of Potton, Que. Norton, Miss Winnie of Potton, Que. Troy April 28 5/2/1898
Taylor, Frank French, Miss Emily Glover last Tues 5/3/1897
Taylor, Fred D. of Franklin Clark, Miss Effie Lu of S. N. Clark of Glover Glover Sept 16 9/21/1896
Taylor, Melvin of Bradford Folsom, Miss Hattie of Newport Newport Sept 21 10/7/1895
Temple, Clarence W. of Lowell Tillotson, Autentia L. of Lowell Irasburgh Nov 2 11/4/1895
Templeton, Fred prob of Craftsbury Wyman, Miss of Wolcott Wolcott May 1 5/6/1895
Thomas, George P. of Bethlehem, NH Abbie, Miss Josie of Derby Derby March 18 3/25/1895
Thompson, George D. of Lyndonville Phillips, Miss Carrie E. of Newport Newport last Tues 1/21/1895
Thompson, George of Lyndonville not named Newport Tues 1/14/1895
Tinkham, Francis S. of Newport Rickaby, Miss Margery of St. Johnsbury St. Johnsbury June 3 6/8/1896
Tisdale, John G. of Potton, PQ Cox, Miss Pearla G. of Troy Troy Oct 5 10/25/1897
Titcomb, John W. Ross, Miss Martha of Judge Ross of St. J St. Johnsbury last Tues 12/28/1896
Tollman, Judge H. S. of Greensboro Cole, Miss Rosella E. of Derby West Derby Jan 5 1/10/1898
Tollman, William not named - prob of NH NH prob per Craftsbury 12/2/1895
Tolman, Fred of Athol, MA Scott, Lola H. of Lyndonville Athol, MA April 22 5/4/1896
Tolman, Ulysses of East Craftsbury Stiles, Miss Carrie West Glover last Wed 11/7/1898
Tombins, William Bayliss, Mrs. Louisa of Montreal, PQ Newport Oct 14 10/21/1895
Torn, Mr. of Barre Barnard, Eunice of R. B. Barnard of W. Charleston West Charleston April 9 4/18/1898
Towle, Howard M. of S. Hampton, NH Stanford, Nellie E. of Samuel Stanford of Iras. Irasburgh Oct 24 10/28/1895
Towle, J. J. not named West Burke 6/24/1895
Tripp, Alfred L. of Barton Gray, Susie L. of Barton West Burke Sept 2 9/9/1895
Tripp, Alvin of Charleston Flanders, Miss Nettie of Barton Barton last Wed 11/21/1898
True, Arthur Goodenough, Lillian Coventry last Tues 5/31/1897
Tunney, John not named East Albany 6/7/1897
Twombly, Joseph of Eastman, PQ Jasman, Victoria of Eastman, PQ Derby Aug 15 8/22/1898
Ufford, Frank P. of Barton Tierney, Miss Bertha Hazard of Germantown, PA Germantown last Wed 11/14/1898
Underwood, Ned of E. Hardwick Clary, Miss Lillia of Greensboro Greensboro Dec 21 12/26/1898
Upstone, Merton of Newport Young, Miss Myrtie of Newport Newport June 9 6/15/1896
Utton, William of Morrisville Campbell, Miss Myrtle of Dr. Campbell of Albany Albany Nov 24 11/28/1898
Vance, Rev. John of Newport Ctr Wood, Miss Cora I. of W. Topsham W. Topsham Oct 4 10/17/1898
Vigneault, Benjamin of Newport (item) Goddard, Emma G. of Joseph Goddard of Westfield Newport Nov 16 11/28/1898
Wa(terman?), Sabin not named Barton Landing? 5/2/1898
Walker, George not named Albany 11/21/1898
Wallace, Herbert of Holland Morse, Mary dau of Mrs. Russel Melcher of Morgan (also listed as Miss Mamie Morse) Holland Oct 24 10/31/1898
Walter, Dr. Chester of North Troy Sever, Miss Bertie Baltimore, MD June 15 6/13/1898
Ward, Albert H. of North Danville Hutchinson, Mary J. of Mrs. Wm. Jenkins of N. Dan. Westfield 5/6/1895
Warner, David of Lowell Burgees, May of Lowell Westfield Oct 17 10/26/1896
Waterman, Alfred of Holland Farr, Bertha of William Farr of Morgan Morgan Dec 30 1/6/1896
Waterman, Robert of Barton Pooler, Miss Clara D. of Victory Brownington May 21 5/27/1895
Watkins, John W. of Westfield Taylor, Miss Margaret E. of Massawippi, PQ Derby May 3 5/9/1898
Watt, Robert of Lisbon, NH LaRose, Miss Jennie of Sweetsburgh, Que. Newport Oct 17 10/21/1895
Webb, Rev. A. H. not named Bellows Falls per Barton 4/22/1895
Wedge, Charlie of Lowell Parker, Cora of Lowell Westfield 10/21/1895
Wellman, Leigh B. of L. R. Wellman of Lowell Parker, Jennie May of V. M. Parker of Lowell Lowell June 24 (item) 7/13/1896
Wells, Arthur Smith, Miss Jennie Newport Oct 21 10/26/1896
Wells, Frank J. of Hardwick Brown, Miss Eva Olive of Miles Brown of Irasburgh Irasburgh May 6 5/11/1896
Westover, William H. of Waterville Barnes, Lois E. of David C. Barnes of Westfield Westfield 11/2/1896
Whalen, Joseph N. of Southboro, MA McGaff, Mabel O. of Irasburgh Irasburgh Feb 23 3/7/1898
Wheeler, A. H. of W. Townshend Severance, Miss Abbie of Jamaica W. Glover last week 7/19/1897
Wheeler, George A. of Newport Colbeth, Ellen of Newport Irasburgh July 21 7/22/1895
Wheeler, Harley C. of Barton Landing Parker, Miss Alma of Irasburg Barton Landing Feb 12 2/21/1898
Wheeler, L. A. of Holland not named Newport prob 3/30/1896
Wheelock, Ira A. of Coventry Hancock, Laura of Asa Hancock of Irasburgh Irasburgh Oct 26 10/31/1898
Whitcher, Wayland Humphrey, Miss of Newbury Barton last week 4/13/1896
Whitcomb, G. H. of Enosburgh Shangran, Miss Naomi R. of Enosburgh Newport May 1 5/6/1895
White, Caleb Edward of Stanstead, PQ Ware, Miss Alice M. of West Derby W. Derby May 2 5/4/1896
White, Carl Andrew of A. J. White of W. Derby Stevens, Nellie Ella of F. W. Stevens (long item) West Derby June 8 6/20/1898
White, Charles of Prof. Charles White Darling, Miss Maude dau of Mrs. Darling West Derby Oct 12 10/17/1898
White, E. E. of Natick, MA Cutter, Mrs. Ann B. of Rindge, NH Greensboro Sept 1 9/7/1896
White, George of Barton & Manchester Allbee, Miss J. Pearl of Barton & Manchester Manchester, NH 20th inst 5/27/1895
Whitehead, Richard N. Baker, Miss Ethel May Dec 24 1/3/1898
Whitehouse, Warren of Troy Evarts, Miss Ellen of Troy Troy July 17 7/19/1897
Wiggins, William F. of Irasburg Clark, Miss Emily E. of Barton Irasburgh May 13 5/20/1895
Wilcox, Julius of Irasburgh Dunham, Mrs. Myrtie L. of Westfield Newport Center Oct 21 11/2/1896
Wilde( r), Levi O. of Middlesex Wa( ), Miss Minnie E. of S. Wheelock Westfield 20th inst 11/25/1895
Wilder, George Grif___, Miss Etta Morgan 19th 6/24/1895
Wilder, Harry H. of Derby Robbins, Miss Grace T. of Derby Derby Jan 6 1/11/1897
Willey, Carl Fowler, Miss Hester of Westfield Troy 24th 11/28/1898
Willey, Carlos of Troy Fowler, Miss Hester of Carter Fowler of Westfield Troy Nov 24 12/5/1898
Willey, Clarence Henry of Barton Landing Farman, Elvira of Willard Farman of Westfield Westfield Jan 1 (item) 1/6/1896
Willey, Erwin A. of Barton Landing Hildreth, Miss Una M. of Charles B. Hildreth W Charleston June 15 6/22/1896
Willey, Leon S. of Fall River, MA Brock, Miss Luna M. of Troy Troy last week 5/10/1897
Willey, Lewis M. of Barton Gilfillan, Effie L. of Barton Barton May 1 5/20/1895
Willey, Stephen A. Baird, Miss Eunice J. of Newport Newport May 1 5/6/1895
Williams, Ben Smith, Edna of Island Pond Morgan 4/15/1895
Williams, Charles prob of Newport Davis, Miss Mabel Boston last Mon 3/11/1895
Williams, George C. Bean, Miss Belle C. July 25 8/1/1898
Williams, Richard C. of Bolton, PQ Stanley, Miss Edith N. of Lancaster, NH Newport Sept 7 9/13/1897
Williamson, Nelson of Barton (item) McQuieen, Miss Jennie of Nashua, NH Barton Oct 28 11/1/1897
Willis, Ralph of Worcester, MA & Albany Annis, Miss Elida of East Albany (item) E. Albany Feb 25 3/2/1896
Wilson, Alfred of Charleston Stoddard, Miss Nettie of Charleston Charleston Feb 25 3/4/1895
Wilson, Arthur H. of Enosburg (Joh)nson, Miss Alice of Newport Troy Dec 22 12/27/1897
Wilson, David of Glover Farrar, Miss Mary E. of Rupert Glover May 23 5/25/1896
Wilson, Frank Uttin, Miss Florence Derby 7/1/1895
Wilson, Fred of Derby Shedd, Rita of Hollis, NH Hollis, NH 1/3/1898
Wilson, George F. of Hardwick Allen, Ida M. of Hardwick E. Craftsbury Aug 17 8/29/1898
Wilson, George S. of Glover Smith, Mrs. Stella M. of Glover Barton Oct 5 10/18/1897
Wilson, Isaac of E. Charleston Hinton, Ina of Westmore Westmore Jan 13 1/24/1898
Wilson, Levi of Quebec Young, Ellen of Morgan Morgan Sept 18 10/14/1895
Winget, Nathan of E. Hardwick ( )almer, Miss Minnie Irasburgh 6/3/1895
Woodbridge, Charles G. of Cliftondale, MA Willard, Miss Ursula M. of Oliver Willard of Barton Barton Oct 7 10/12/1896
Woodbury, Frank G. of Newport Peasley, Miss Hulda of Newport Newport June 24 6/29/1896
Woodbury, James prob of Coventry not named - of Manchester, NH   12/27/1897
Woodcock, Clinton H. of Troy Weed, Miss Bessie of Lowell Troy Jan 1 1/11/1897
Woodcock, Clinton H. of Troy Weed, Bessie M. of Lowell Lowell Jan 1 1/18/1897
Woodmancy, Samuel S. of Greensboro Haines, Mrs. Margaret of Greensboro Greensboro March 30 4/6/1896
Woodward, James L. of Danville Wire, Abigail (Packer) of Newark @ Halsey Packer West Burke June 4 6/22/1896
Woodward, Marcus Newton of Omaha, Neb. Babcock, Miss Zelda Ann of Greensboro Greensboro June 29 7/8/1895
Wright, Charley Stickney, Miss Martha of Mansonville, PQ Newport last week 6/20/1898
Wright, Frank H. Gorman, Miss Marie J. Coventry Aug 3 8/8/1898
Wright, George of Newport Kidder, Miss Nettie of Irasburgh Irasburgh Sept 3 10/7/1895
Wright, Ira of Newport Alger, Miss Anna of Irasburg to wed soon 10/19/1896
Yarger, William of NY Stern, Miss Jennie of Lyndonville NY Oct 15 10/7/1895
Yates, William W. of Barnston, PQ Elliott, Lizzie S. of Heath Corner, PQ Derby Aug 1 8/22/1898
Young, George C. of Greensboro Jordon, Miss Lila M. of Greensboro E. Craftsbury Feb 3 2/8/1897
Young, Mr. House, Miss Lizzie of Derby Derby 7/1/1895
Young, Ned R. of Glover Johnstone, Effie C. of Charlestown (MA? or NH?) Charlestown, MA? Jan 13 1/31/1898

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