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I created a listing of the cemetery during the summer of 2004 and later compared my listing to the listing in the book
"A Catalog of Sutton, VT Cemeteries" by Richard A. Colburn, Sr. Mr. Colburn's book may be purchased from the Charleston Historical Society.
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Surname Given Name Maiden Name Relationship Birth Death  
Stoddard Ezra     (1771 ?) 1881 AE 40 yrs
(My note: this might be in error, 1781 possibly?) 
Stoddard Eleanor (Smith ?) Wife of Ezra (1774 ?) August 14, 1805 AE 84 yrs
Winslow Samuel     (July 28, 1755 ?) March 12, 1850 AE 94 yrs 7 ms
No Name (Ann Ladd ?)   His wife (Samuel ?) (June 9, 1757 ?) March 12, 1819 AE 61 yrs 9 ms
Nichols Hannah       May 5, 1805  AE 21 yrs
Orcutt Rodney     1816 1816  

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