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Lower Waterford

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Lower Waterford Cemetery
In the 1980s Eugenia Powers documented  the stones found in the Lower Waterford cemetery.
This listing was derived from her work, a copy of which was placed in the Waterford library.
Facing the cemetery from the foot of the access lane, row numbers progress beginning on the right (west wall)
and progress towards the left (east wall). Grave numbers begin at the access lane and progress towards the Connecticut River.
The first section contains rows 1 through `13. The second section contains Rows 14 through 24.

An asterisk identifies information obtained from Waterford vital records.
A double asterisk indentifies information derived from the Goss family history.
This cemetery is located on State Aid Road #2 one half mile from Lower Waterford.
It is still in use, is in good condition, and has 300+ graves. The oldest grave is dated 1801.
Access is down a narrow lane, the cemetery is about 500 feet from the road.
Row/Stone LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Age Add'l Info
LW1-1 Hall Sarpha     4 May 1813 42y Wife of Ephraim Hall.
LW1-2 Hall Ephraim     4 Jun 1836 69y  
LW2-1 Brown Cynthia         Daughter of Daniel and Hannah Brown.
LW2-2 Brown Daniel     30 Apr 1861 90y  
LW2-3 Brown Hannah     1 Mar 1847 71y  
LW2-4 Brown Daniel Jr     30 May 1853 48y 6m Due to the distance between graves there may be burials between this grave and LW2-5.
LW2-5 Beach Eugene W.     22 Feb 1852 1y 11m Son of Wm. N. and Mianda M. Beach.
LW3-1 Hill Alfred     28 Nov 1849 9y (?) Son of Joseph and Julia Hill.
LW3-2 Carr Francis L.     16 Mar 1852 8m 4d Son of Parker and Wealthy Carr.
LW4-1 Prouty Elijah King   11 Jun 1801 25 Sep 1869   Born in Charlestown, NH.
LW4-2 Prouty Cynthia Loomis   18 Apr 1836 24y Daughter of Beriah and Lovice Loomis.
LW4-3 Moulton Paulina R.     11 Dec 1847 16y Daughter of Barron and Roxanna Moulton.
LW4-4 Ruggles Mary     14 Oct 1831 18y  
LW4-5.1 Thomas George H.   1833 1888    
LW4-5.2 Thomas Corilla S.. Howland 1853 1919   Wife of George H. Thomas.
LW4-5.3 Thomas Mertie M.   1877 1888   Daughter of George and Corilla Thomas.
LW4-6 Fry Harriot H. J.     11 Apr 1849 44y 7m 26d Wife of John Fry Jr.
LW4-7.1 Fry John     12 Mar 1880 79y 7m  
LW4-7.2 Fry Harriot H. J.     11 Apr 1849 44y 7m  
LW4-7.3 Fry Lavinia M. G.     13 Apr 1871    
LW4-8 Warriner Infant     1 Nov 1856   Child of Rev. Francis and Sarah A. Warriner.
LW4-9 Knights Joseph     21 May 1836 81y Rest of inscription has sunken below ground level.
LW4-10 Knights Abigail     13 Mar 1842 84y Wife of Joseph Knights.
LW5-1 Goss Mariah I. Green  **   18 Oct 1830   Daughter of Otis and Olive Goss.
LW5-2 Thompson Ellen Drennan   17 Sep 1880 24y 11m 23d Wife of John A. Thompson.
LW5-3 Thompson Jane     13 Aug 1876 54y 4m Wife of James B. Thompson.
LW5-4 Goss Abel   31 Mar 1763 ** 29 May 1825    
LW5-5 Goss Irena     5 Oct 1853 **   Wife of Abel Goss (LW5-4).
LW5-6 Goss Capt. Abel H.   25 Sep 1800 ** 13 Sep 1880   Son of Abel (LW5-4) and Irena (LW5-5) Goss.
LW5-7 Goss Amanda Hibbard ** 8 Oct 1799 ** 5 Nov 1866 67y Wife of Abel Goss (LW5-6).
LW5-8 Goss Abel   19 Feb 1835 ** 13 Apr 1838 3y 1m 25d Son of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW5-9 Goss Harriet R.   28 Apr 1837 ** 26 Apr 1838 11m 26d Daughter of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW5-10 Goss Oliver T.   26 Oct 1841 ** 12 Aug 1842   Son of Capt. Abel (LW5-6) and Amanda (LW5-7) Goss.
LW6-1 Holland G.   1 Nov 1821 14 Nov 1887    
LW6-2 Chamberlin Clarissa   5 Nov 1797 12 Aug 1883    
LW6-3.1 Chamberlin Thomas Cleveland     3 Jul 1857 3y 7m Son of Crowell and Clarissa Chamberlin.
LW6-3.2 Chamberlin John Thomas     13 May 1842 1y 10m Son of Crowell and Clarissa Chamberlin.
LW6-4 Hovey Lizzie Chamberlin   26 Jan 1863 25y 6m Wife of Jacob G. Hovey, daughter of Crowell Chamberlin Esq.
LW6-5 Cutler Betsy Eliza     26 Oct 1860 22y Daughter of Ezekiel and Betsey Cutler.
LW6-6 Cutler Ezekiel   1792 1868    
LW6-7 Cutler Betsy A.     24 Aug 1844 44y Wife of Ezekiel Cutler.
LW6-8 Cutler Ebenezer     25 Jun 1839 78y 7m  
LW6-9 Cutler Chloe     2 Mar 1850 91y Wife of Ebenezer Cutler.
LW6-10 Cutler Hannah     17 Oct 1857 67y Daughter of Ebenezer and Chloe Cutler.
LW6-11 Lowrey Anna J.     6 Sep 1882 26y Daughter of Geo. and Mary Lowrey.
LW6-12 Caswell Louis     28 Jul 1810 10y Daughter of John and Polly Caswell. Her name might be "Lois" rather than "Louise" as "Lois" is a Caswell name.
LW6-13 Caswell Polly     5 Apr 1843   Wife of John Caswell.
LW6-14 Cheney Alatheia     12 Nov 1869   Wife of Abiel Cheney.
LW6-15 Cheney Abiel     16 Sep 1841 68y  
LW6-16.1 Bullock Lizzie J.   1868 1959   A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.2 Bullock Fred C.   1864 1925   A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.3 Bullock Halsey R.   1894 1937   A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW6-16.4 Bullock Harriet F.   1897 1951   A search of the Vital Records Index for Waterford deaths showed the surname to be "Bullock".
LW7-1 Holbrook Dorcas     17 Dec 1850 84y Wife of Harvey Holbrook.
LW7-2 Holbrook Harvey     24 Feb 1845 77y  
LW7-3 Wyatt Dorcas     16 Mar 1828 28y Wife of Gilman Wyatt, daughter of H. and D. Holbrook.
LW7-4 Bartlett Nathan     8 Sep 1844   Eldest son of Silas C. and Martha Bartlett.
LW7-5 Richardson Ira     27 Jul 1870 54y (??)  
LW7-6 Richardson Clarence M.   12 Oct 1854 12 Mar 1915   Grave has Odd Fellow symbol.
LW7-7 Richardson Emma M.     11 Aug 1867 8y Daughter of Ira and Cynthia Richardson.
LW7-8 Richardson Mary C.     23 Mar 1852 6y 9m Daughter of Ira and Cynthia Richardson.
LW7-9 Richardson Rebecca     17 May 1853 79y 2m  11d Wife of Abiel Richardson.
LW7-10 Richardson Abiel     19 Dec 1843 70y 1m 20d  
LW7A-1 Shute Sewell     11 Oct 1884 51y 4m 21d  
LW7A-2 Shute Mary B.     16-Jul-07 67y 1m 20d Wife of Sewell Shute.
LW7A-3 Shute Charlie F.     5 Apr 1877 15y 9m 25d Only son of Sewell and Mary B. Shute.
LW8-1 Kinne Susan S.     3 Mar 1866 89y 5m Wife of Amos Kinne.
LW8-2 Kinne Amos     22 Jun 1849 74y  
LW8-3 Holbrook Ludovicus     19 Nov 1837 20y  
LW8-4 Holbrook Capt. Ebenezer     19 Sep 1808 85y  
LW8-5 Holbrook Mary     24 May 1808 80y Wife of Capt. Ebenezer Holbrook/
LW8-6 Cloud Eli     13 Jan 1812 41y  
LW8-7 Holbrook Eben     21 Mar 1838 87y Miss Powers thought his name was Ebenezer.
LW8-8 Benton Samuel S. Esq.   27 Apr 1777 15 Dec 1857   Born at Harwinton, Ct., died at Newbury, Vt.
LW8-9 Benton Esther P.   23 Apr 1782 20 Mar 1860   Wife of Samuel S. Benton, born at Charlestown, NH, died at Waterford, VT.
LW8-10             Headstone with "Father" on it and nothing else.
LW8-11.1 Stoddard Willard     27 Aug 1882 74y 6m 6d  
LW8-11.2 Stoddard Hannah B.     3 Mar 1893 87y 6m 20d Wife of Willard Stoddard. There was a flag stick on this grave.
LW8-11.3 Stoddard Jesse W.     12 Apr 1832 1y 5m 9d Son of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-11.4 Stoddard Helen R.     25 Dec 1850 8d Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-11.5 Stoddard Emily E.     18 Jun 1863 16y 7m 14d Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-12 Stoddard Emily E.         A headstone marks the grave of Emily E. Stoddard.
LW8-13 Stoddard. Jesse W.     12 Apr 1832   Son of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-14 Stoddard Helen R.     25 Dec 1850   Daughter of W. and H. B. Stoddard.
LW8-15.1 Humphrey Roswell M.   3 Jul 1826 10 Mar 1897    
LW8-15.2 Humphrey Esther M.   6 Apr 1828 5 Jul 1911   Wife of Roswell M. Stoddard.
LW8-15.3 Griffin Jennie Humphrey 4 Mar 1860 3 Aug 1905    
LW8-15.4 Griffin John C.   22 Sep 1883 5 Jan 1914    
LW8-16.1 Hemingway Mildred Bullock 1891     Wife of Roy C. Hemingway, eldest daughter of Fred C. and Lizzie Bullock, granddaughter of Henry C. Davison, sister of Charles and Arthur Bullock.
LW8-16.2 Hemingway Roy C.   1894 1972    
LW8-16.3 Hemingway Marion Coe 1857 1935   Wife of Roy C. Hemingway.
LW8-16.4 Hemingway Charles L.   1858 1940    
LW8-17 Lamont Margaret   1872 1959    
LW8A-1.1 Buck Martha     13 Nov 1831 1y 4m 4d Daughter of Horace and Polly Buck.
LW8A-1.2 Buck Infant         No other information given
LW8A-1.3 Buck Infant         No other information given
LW8A-2 Buck Sally         Wife of Walter Buck Jr. Broken and set into ground in such a way that the inscription is obscured.
LW8A-3 Buck Sally A.     23 Aug 1864 2m Daughter of Walter Buck Jr and Sally Buck. There is a flag on this grave with links like IOOF, possibly a GAR symbol.
LW8A-4 Buck Jemima F.     26 Nov 1843 7y 7m 17d Daughter of Walter Buck Jr and Sally Buck.
LW9-1 Graves Mercy     30 Jan 1841 86y 9m Wife of Nathaniel Graves.
LW9-2 Graves Nathaniel     19 Apr 1801 53y  
LW9-3 Green Lucinda     6 Jun 1879 86y 11m 2d Wife of Eli Green.
LW9-4 Green Eli     8 May 1860 77y 2m 14d  
LW9-5 Green Melinda     13 May 1819 25y Consort of Calvin Green.
LW9-6.1 Goodenough John C.     7-May-08 85y 10m 24d  
LW9-6.2 Goodenough Eliza C. Carter   11 Jan 1866 29y Wife of J. C. Goodenough.
LW9-6.3 Fuller A . Gertrude     18 Mar 1893 15y 20d  
LW9-7.1 Carter E. G.     6 Feb 1891 85y 8m 5d  
LW9-7.2 Carter A. D.     19 Mar 1898 83y 2m 5d  
LW9-7.3 Carter L. Gertrude     10 May 1868 10y Daughter of E. G. and A. D. Carter.
LW9-8 Hovey Aseneth     9 May 1844 30 y Wife of Asa Hovey.
LW9-9 Buck Phebe     7 Dec 1839 66y 7m Wife of Reuben Buck.
LW9-10             Inscription cannot be read as it is buried.
LW9-11 Huntoon Amasa     26 Sep 1890 2m Son of E. L. and M. L. Huntoon.
LW9-12 Stevens Lucia B.     6 Mar 1879 17y 5m Daughter of Atho and Mary Stevens.
LW9-13 Stevens Mary     11 Jun 1879 80y 2m Wife of Otho Stevens.
LW9-14 Stevens Otho     25 Sep 1876 79y 9m  
LW9-15 Buck Silas     21 Aug 1819 19y Son of Reuben and Phebe Buck.
LW9-16 Bailey Jasper H.   Abt 1822 12 Jul 1854 31y 8m Miss Powers originally had the name "Batley" but found "Jasper H. Bailey" in the 1850 Federal Census.
LW9-17.1 Freeman Ellsworth B.   1879 1939    
LW9-17.2 Freeman Laura M.   1882 1979    
LW9-17.3 Freeman Vera E.   1910 1937    
LW10-1.1 Richardson Francis Jr     18 Mar 1841 6y 3m  
LW10-1.2 Richardson Mary L.     5 Jun 1846 3y 2m Wife of Francis Richardson.
LW10-2 Richardson Chloe C.     2 Jan 1853 52y  
LW10-3 Richardson Francis     17 Mar 1876 77y 2m 5d  
LW10-4.1 Lewis Joseph         No headstone.
LW10-4.2 Lewis           No headstone. Wife of Joseph Lewis. There is a baby buried with her.
LW10-5.1 Lewis Marion   30 Jun 1927 30 Jun 1927   Daughter of Joseph F. Lewis and Eva Fisher.
LW10-5.2 Lewis Frank     6 Apr 1925   Son of Joseph F. Lewis and Gracie Fisher.
LW10-5.3 Lewis Grace Eva Fisher   5 Jun 1930   Wife of Joseph Lewis. Daughter of Thorp and Mary (Valley) Fisher.
LW11-1.1 Hemingway Luither     6 Jan 1897 88y 3m  
LW11-1.2 Hemingway Sally C.     20 Sep 1894 80y 11m Wife of Luther Hemingway.
LW11-1.3 Hemingway Cyrus     23 Jan 1932 79y 10m Son of Luther and Sally Hemingway.
LW11-1.4 Hemingway Mary Ann     15 Jun 1842 29y Wife of Luther Hemingway.
LW11-1.5 Hemingway Infant         Child of Luther and Sally Hemingway.
LW11-2 Mason Candace     4 Apr 1829 8m * Daughter of Rev. Reuben and Polly Mason. Reuben Mason was the 2nd Congregational minister in town.
LW11-3 Holbrook Eliza Beth     1 Aug 1843 70y Wife of Dea. William Holbrook.
LW11-4 Holbrook Dea. W. M.     16 Jun 1850 80y  
LW11-5.1 Hale Joseph     28 Nov 1859 46y  
LW11-5.2 Hale Mary A. Holbrook   8 Oct 1885 67y  
LW11-5.3 Hale George L.     1 Sep 1816 2y 8m Son of Joseph M. and Mary Ann Hale.
LW11-5.4 Hale Alden J.     7 Oct 1868 19y 4m Son of Joseph M. and Mary Ann Hale.
LW12-1.1 Goss Azro A.   Aug 1817 ** 19 Sep 1864 47y 1m  
LW12-1.2 Goss Adelpha Cook **   5 Dec 1864 41y  
LW12-2 Goss Sumner A.     12 Apr 1877 15y 4m Son of Azro A. and Adelpha Goss.
LW12-3 Hutchinson Sally H.         Wife of Horatio Hutchinson. Rest of inscription is buried.
LW12-4       1879   --y 7m A fragment. The top of the stone is missing.
LW12-5 Hemingway Elizabeth     22 Jun 1844 70y 10m Wife of Sylvanus Hemingway.
LW12-6 Hemingway Sy;vanus     11 May 1842 70y 2m  
LW12-7 Hemingway Laura     26 Feb 1820 8m 10d Daughter of Elizabeth and Sylvanus Hemingway.
LW12-8 Green Jasper     2 Aug 1831 2y 4m Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-9 Green Lorenzo L.     26 Sep 1821 8y Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-10 Green Curtis     7 Jul 1817 8m Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-11 Green Samuel L.     31 Mar 1808 55y  
LW12-12 Green Olive     29 Jan 1849 49y Wife of Samuel Green.
LW12-13 Green Lucy Ann     24 Feb 1847   Daughter of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-14 Green Curtis     26 Feb 1840 21y 7m 14d Son of Eli and Lucinda Green.
LW12-15 Crane John         Date and age are missing. A top fragment set into the ground.
LW12-16 Crane Maria A.   27 Jan 1811 7 May 1874   Wife of John Crane.
LW12-17 Hale Joseph     10 Sep 1865 78y 7m  
LW12-18 Hale Mary     30 Aug 1817 32y 5m 2d Wife of Joseph Hale.
LW12-19 Hale Huldah     23 Aug 1832 48y Wife of Joseph Hale.
LW12-20 Stevens Sarah     30 May 1840 74y Wife of Otho Stevens.
LW12-21 Stevens Otho     26 Aug 1820 55y  
LW12-22 Stevens Thomas     8 Aug 1849 46y  
LW12-23 Woods Sarah S.     3 Sep 1852   Wife of Solomon H. Woods.
LW12-24 Woods Infant Son     17 Sep 1852 21d Son of Solomom H. and Sarah S. Woods.
LW12-25 Stevens Frank J.     13 Apr 1857    
LW12-26.1 Lewis Myron A.   15 Feb 1842 8 Jul 1914    
LW12-26.2 Lewis Emily A. Yaw 23 Sep 1844 23 Aug 1916    
LW12-27 Lewis Cora Belle   14 May 1875 26 Dec 1865   Daughter of Myron A. and Emily A. Lewis, wife of Edward R. Gos.
LW12A-1 Church Alathear     7 Mar 1865 89y 11m 11d Wife of David Church.
LW12A-2 Church David     24 Sep 1863 91y 11m 16d.  
LW12A-3 Morgan Clarissa     17 Feb 1863 70y Wife of William Morgan.
LW12A-4.1 Church Dea.. Parley     5 Apr 1853 88y 11m  
LW12A-4.2 Church Zurviah     15 Sep 1835 73y 4m Wife of Dea. Parley Church.
LW12A-5 Church Asa     21 Jul 1823 86y  
LW13-0             Part of a stone protruding a very little above ground. Appears to be a grave marker but no idea whose.
LW13-1 Goss Richard     12 Feb 1883 88y 11m  
LW13-2.1 Goss Betsey     22 Nov 1850 53y 10m Wife of Richard Goss.
LW13-2.2 Goss Lucretia     20 Aug 1880 82y Wife of Richard Goss.
LW13-3 Goss Charles     28 Aug 1845 10y Son of Richard and Betsy Goss.
LW13-4 Goss Abigail H. Holbrook **   6 Mar 1872 74y 1m 24d Wife of Zenas Goss.
LW13-5 Goss Zenas     5 Mar 1852 60y  
LW13-6 Goss Mary     30 Mar 1816 22y Wife of Zenas Goss.
LW13-7             That part of the stone that can be read says "Son of W. H. died 30 Jun 1818" and "Louisa". The Waterford Vital Death Index does not show these names.
LW13-8 Goss Amanda Melvina     25 Nov 1832 18y 7m Daughter of Zenas and Abigail Goss.
LW13-9 Goss Wm. H.     30 Mar 1848 28y 10m 28d Son of Zenas and Abigail Goss.
LW13-10.1 Towle Wm.  H.     23 Jan 1856 55y  
LW13-10.2 Towle Matilda Holbrook 18 Jul 1810 17 Apr 1896   Wife of Wm. H. Towle.
LW13-11 Kinnet George     8 May 1844 23y 3m  
LW13-12 Stoddard Jesse     4 Jul `864 85y  
LW13-13 Stoddard Hannah W.     11 Jan 1867 83y Wife of Jesse Stoddard.
LW13-14 Stoddard Elen     6 Aug 1851 1y 1m 20d Daughter of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard. Spelling as shown on stone.
LW13-15 Stoddard David     24 Dec 1820 21d Son of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard.
LW13-16 Stoddard Elvira     29 Jan 1821 18y 10m 6d Daughter of Jesse and Hannah Stoddard.
LW13-17.1 Farr Levi R.     24 Jul 1840 44y  
LW13-17.2 Farr Hannah B.     5 Nov 1864 63y Wife of Levi R. Farr.
LW13-18 Farr Asahel     20 Feb 1823 57y 29d  
LW13-19 Farr Lydia     13 Feb 1822 49y ?? Wife of Asahel Farr.
LW13-20 Buck Martha     15 May 1835 64y Wife of Walter Buck.
LW13-21 Buck Walter         Rest of inscription is obliterated by mending.
LW13-22 Freeman ?? Hannah         Stone is sunk in ground and cannot be read.
LW13-23 Freeman Elijah     21 Dec 1828 71y  
LW13-24 Freeman Olive     21 Oct 1820 59y Wife of Elijah Freeman.
LW13-25 Freeman Lorenzo D.     19 Nov 1841 20y 6m Son of Elijah and Hannah Freeman.
LW13-26 Farr Marcus Aurelius     9 Apr 1845 17y Son of Shubael and Abigail Farr.
LW13-27 Freeman Hannah     24 Aug 1858 70y 9m Wife of Elijah Freeman.
LW13-28 Freeman Elijah     12 Apr 1869 86y 4m 19d  
LW13-29.1 Hemingway Agnes M.     1892 * 1973 *  
LW13-29.2 Hemingway Glenn E.     1890 * 1980 *  
LW14-1 Cummings Chloe     23 Oct 1830 24y Wife of Cyrus Cummings.
LW14-2 Baldwin Helen M. Johnson 22 Aug 1831 2 Aug 1890   Wife of Sylvander Baldwin.
LW14-3 Johnson Henry T.     25 Aug 1873 21y 4m Son of Joseph C. and Helen M. Johnson.
LW14-4 Farrington Nelley Pike   23 Aug 1875 78y 8m Wife of Isaac Farrington.
LW14-5 Farrington Isaac     30 Oct 1861 66y There is a Masonic emblem on this stone.
LW14-6 Pike John     8 Feb 1896 90y 6m  
LW14-7 Pike Anna     21 Sep 1860 81y 8m Wife of Luther Pike.
LW14-8 Pike Luther     14 Apr 1844 73y 6m  
LW14-9 Pike Louis     5 Nov 1819 71y Wife of Daniel Pike. Miss Powers thought "Louis" was a misspelling of "Lois".
LW14-10 Pike Daniel     2 Dec 1839 93y A Revolutionary War soldier 1775-1783.
LW14-11 Ross Lucy     4 Jul 1851 75y Wife of Johnathan Ross.
LW14-12 Ross Johnathan     11 Nov 1820 50y  
LW14-13 Ross Eri S.     26 Nov 1819 19y Son of Johnathan and Lucy Ross.
LW14-14 Ross Mary     22 Nov 1819 12y 8m 7d Daughter of Johnathan and Lucy rOSS.
LW14-15.1 Blodgett Ephraim     1 Oct 1887 71y 9m 3d  
LW14-15.2 Blodgett Louisa Kidder   14 Nov 1888 77y 8m 4d Wife of Ephraim Blodgett.
LW14-16 Brown Elizabeth     17 Aug 1816 55y Wife of William Brown.
LW14-17 Brown Susan     31 Aug 1832   Daughter of Elisha and Mehitabel Brown
LW14-18 Farrington Lydia B.     24 AQpr 1843 36y There is a "24" in the ground line.
LW14-19 Brown William     16 Feb 1847 82y 11m  
LW14-20 Not Given           Only inscription is "My Babe".
LW14-21.1 Bowman Father   1842 1921    
LW14-21.2 Bowman Mother   1844 1914   There is a GAR holder here.
LW14-22.1 Powers Ernest William   1874 1960    
LW14-22.2 Powers Stella Rebekah Church 1873 1959   Wife of Ernest Powers.
LW14A-1 Badger Harriet C.     30 Dec 1833 4y 9m --d Daughter of Ephraim and Harriet Badger. Rest of inscription is buried in ground.
LW14A-2 Badger Infant         Miss Powers says three other children are also buried here.
LW14A-3 Badger Hannah     25 Sep 1824 47y 6m Wife of James Badger.
LW14A-4 Badger James     30 Apr 1850 77y  
LW15-1 Pike Rebeccah     25 Nov 1818 10m Daughter of Nathan Pike Esq. and Rebeccah Pike.
LW15-2 Carpenter Jonah     31 Aug 1867 90y  
LW15-3 Carpenter Hannah     2 Apr 1865 86y Wife of Jonah Carpenter.
LW15-4 Carpenter Jonah     15 May 1846 28y  
LW15-5 Ross Aldace W.     25 Mar 1867 23y 3m 21d Died at Pittsburgh, Pa.
LW15-6.1 Ross Abraham R.     25 May 1888 74y 6m 14d  
LW15-6. Ross Hannah Carpenter   18 Mar 1842 25y 6m 18d Wife of Abraham R. Ross.
LW15-6.3 Ross Harriet N. Johnson 6 Feb 1815 11 Oct 1897   Wife of Abraham R. Ross.
LW15-7 Kidder Lucy     25 Jan 1812 23y Daughter of Luther and Phebe Kidder.
LW15A-1 Joslin Mary     18 Aug 1815 6y Daughter of James and Relief Joslin.
LW15A-2 Joslin Relief     22 Sep 1829 58y 11m  
LW15A-3 Joslin James     1 Aug 1843 73y 7m  
LW15A-4 Joslin Melinda     3 Dec 1853 63y Wife of James Joslin.
LW15A-5.1 Joslin Edwin   30 Jan 1814 17 Oct 1846    
LW15A-5.2 Joslin James N.   11 Jan 1843 18 Mar 1863    
LW15A-6             This sequence number was missing from Miss Power's document.
LW15-7.1 Towey Mary D.   1877 1947   An American Legion holder on this lot.
LW15-7.2 Joslin Clarence E.   1881 1960    
LW15-7.3 Joslin Lou F.   1886 1952    
LW15-7.4 Joslin Emerson E.   1914      
LW16-1 Bennett Luther     8 May 1890 79y  
LW16-2.1 Bennett Joseph     13 Feb 1860 86y 10m  
LW16-2.2 Bennett Betsy     19 Jun 1854 75y 8m Wife of Luther Bennett.
LW16-3.1 Ross Royal     2 Nov 1856 57y 3m 10d Son of Johnathan Ross (LW14-12).
LW16-3.2 Ross Eliza Mason 25 Nov 1803 7 May 1898   Wife of Royal Ross, daughter of Rev. Reuben Mason. Rev. Mason was the 2nd Congregational minister in Waterford.
LW16-3.3 Ross Harlan P.     18 Mar 1863 21y Died at Fort Totten, D.C.
LW16-3.4 Ross Ruben M.     21 Apr 1844 5y 2m Son of Royal and Eliza Ross.
LW16-3.5 Ross Royal M.   1822 1907    
LW16-3.6 Ross Martha C. Cook 1837 1914    
LW17-1 Trascott Clarissa     10 Oct 1821 4y 4m 14d. Daughter of Amasa and Clarissa Trascott. Miss Powers thought this might be a misspelling of "Trescott". Since this stone is well into the row,, there might be unmarked graves before this one.
LW17-2.1 Phillips Anson R.   17 Nov 1832 10 Mar 1886    
LW17-2.2 Phillips Susan M. Crane 12 Feb 1836 18 Jun 1873   Wife of Anson R. Phillips.
LW17-2.3 Phillips Adelia M.   4 Jul 1862 3 Apr 1886    
LW17-2.4 Phillips Seba   26 Apr 1788 6 Feb 1861    
LW17-2.5 Phillips Flavilla Colton 26 Mar 1792 4 Jul 1862   Wife of Seba Phillips.
LW17-2.6 Phillips Frederick W.   25 Mar 1868 21 Aug 1897    
LW17-3 Goss Lafayette B. **   5 Sep 1842 ** 26 May 1843 8m 21d Son of Zebina and Mary Goss.
LW17-4 Miles Elizabeth H.     28 Dec 1881 84y  
LW17-5 Goss Mary Wright  **   13 Aug 1858 53y Wife of Zebina Goss.
LW17-6 Miles Dr. Abner     15 May 1853 73y  
LW17-7 Miles Tryphenia S.     1 Nov 1868 86y Wife of Dr. Abner Miles.
LW17-8 Brown Calvin     25-Dec-00 90y 4m 20d  
LW17-9 Brown Susan E.     2 Jan 1895 77y Wife of Calvin Brown.
LW17-10 Brown Calvin Ellsworth     19 Apr 1876 13y 10m 22d Youngest son of Calvin and Susan E.. Brown.
LW17-11 Brown Barron Moulton     25 Aug 1848 11y 6m 16d Son of Calvin and Susan E.. Brown.
LW17-12 Brown Grace     15 Sep 1882 23d Daughter of A. M. and J. S. Brown.
LW17-13 Brown Mary Alice     2 May 1889 36y 5m 14d Wife of B. M. Brown.
LW17-14 Brown B. Moulton     23 Oct 1909    
LW17-15 Wallace Christina May Brown 19 Oct 1878 16 Oct 1898   Wife of Charles W. Wallace.
LW17-16.1 Bullock Arthur D.   1902 1957    
LW17-16.2 Bullock Charles I.   1896 1963    
LW17-17.1 Bullock Frank C.   1900 1953    
LW17-17.2 Bullock Lola E.   1902      
LW17-18.1 Bonnett David B.   1862 1943    
LW17-18.2 Bonnett Lucy A. Ross 1873 1952    
LW17-19 Kinne Willard N.   4 Mar 1840 10 Jul 1907    
LW18-1 Brown Elisha     30 Jul 1863 76y  
LW18-2 Brown Mehitable     8 Jun 1879 91y 3m Wife of Elisha Brown.
LW18-3 Brown Harriet A.     26 Jan 1880 53y 9m  
LW18-4 Brown Bradley D.     16-May-00 81y  
LW18-5 Brown Mary M. Ross   21 Mar 1881 58y Wife of B. D. Brown.
LW18-6 Brown Dwight R.     19 Mar 1881 22y  
LW18-7 Brown Ella Hardy   11 Jan 1882 29y Wife of E. W. Brown.
LW18-8 Freeman Aaron     12 Nov 1864 79y 10m 12d  
LW18-9 Freeman Hannah     28 Aug 1862 81y Wife of Aaron Freeman.
LW18-10 May Caroline Freeman   23 May 1888 77y Wife of Dennis May.
LW18-11 May Dennis     13 Jul 1895 88y  
LW18-12 Goss Susan R. Way   29 Aug 1892 54y 11m Wife of Charles H. Goss.
LW18-12a             Miss Powers says this is not on the map but there definitely is a burial here.
LW18-13 Freeman Luther     2 Dec 1876 85y 6m  
LW18-14 Freeman Martha B.     19 Jul 1870 75y 10m Wife of Luther Freeman.
LW18-15.1 Green Martin L.   10 Sep 1832 24 May 1921    
LW18-15.2 Green Sarah D. Daniels 31 Aug 1835 30 Sep 1882   Wife of Martin L. Green.
LW18-16 Green Inez G.     17 Jan 1863 13m 17d Daughter of Martin L. and Sarah D. Green.
LW18-17 Davison Henry C.     11 Mar 1882 80y 6m Son of Rev. Silas Davison. The stone is eroded and the year is in question.
LW18-18 Davison Zeruah     15 May 1882 88y 6m Wife of Henry C. Davison.
LW18-19 Williams Roy W.     17 Jan 1894 9m 2d Son of John D. and Angie B. Williams.
LW18-20.1 Davison Henry C. Jr   2 Jul 1833 14 Jan 1920    
LW18-20.2 Davison Frances M. Miles 13 Jul 1835 3 Oct 1911 76y 2m 20d Wife of Henry C. Davison Jr.
LW18-21 Powers Rachel G.   1950 1952   Baby was killed by a car.
LW18-22 Bullock Darlene   1949 1952   Fred Bullock lot. Fred was son of Frank C. and grandson of Fred Bullock (LW6-16.2).
LW18-23.1 Morrison Henry   1842 1918    
LW18-23.2 Morrison Joanna Drennan 1854 1934   Wife of Henry Morrison.
LW18-24.1 Morrison George   23 Dec 1838 12 Nov 1906   Co A, 11th VT Vols.
LW18-24.2 Morrison Katherine   4 Nov 1847 25 Aug 1928   Women's Relief Corps marker.
LW18-24.3 Morrison Eliza   1871 1924   Wife of George Ballou.
LW19-1.1 Goss Richard Orsino **   1 Jan 1819 ** 1 Jul 1874    
LW19-1.2 Goss Betsy Holbrook Joslin **   12 Mar 1888 71y Wife of Richard Orsino Goss.
LW19-2 Freeman Arad     11 Apr 1866 77y  
LW19-3 Freeman Desire     9 Nov 1871 83y Wife of Arad Freeman.
LW19-4 Freeman Nellie D.     16 Aug 1866 2y 7m Daughter of Lorenzo and Diantha Freeman.
LW19-5 Freeman Katie S.     6 Jan 1869 7m Daughter of Lorenzo and Diantha Freeman.
LW19-6 Freeman Lucius S.     19 Nov 1882 70y 4m  
LW19-7 Freeman Sophronia     31 Dec 1904 90y 10m Wife of Lucius S. Freeman.
LW19-8 Freeman Lorenzo D.     10 Jan 1907 63y 4m 10d  
LW19-9 Freeman Diantha Brown   20 Jun 1916 70y 9m 22d Wife of Lorenzo D. Freeman.
LW19-10 Manchester Mary Smith   5 Nov 1862 90y 2m 8d Second wife of Dea. Ezekiel Manchester (see Manchester Family Cemetery in Ryegate VT).
LW19-11 Chamberlin Charles     17 Aug 1878 69y 6m Died in St Johnsbury VT.
LW19-12 Chamberlin Rosan Hoskins   3 Jun 1891 78y 8m Wife of Charles Chamberlin. She died in Dorchester MA.
LW19-13 Chamberlin Frances E.     21 Sep 1863 15y 8m 21d Daughter of Charles and Rosan Chamberlin. Frances died in Grafton MA.
LW19-14 Pratt Rosie H.     10 Aug 1871 25y 8m Wife of F. O. Pratt.
LW19-15 Pratt Francis O.     1 Apr 1874 38y 2m  
LW19-16 Chamberlin Emma Ann   1850 1932   Daughter of Charles and Rosan Chamberlin.
LW19-17.1 Goss Henry Martyn **   1 Mar 1829 ** 7 Oct 1896 67y 7m 6d  
LW19-17.2 Goss Hannah Baker Carpenter 27 Mar 1830 25 Nov 1909 79y 7m 29d Wife of Henry M. Goss.
LW19-18 Goss Hattie G.   4 Mar 1859 ** 29 Aug 1867 8y 5m Daughter of H. M. and H. B. Goss.
LW19-19 Goss Curtis Lucius Abel   6 Mar 1876 29 Dec 1953   Son of H. M. and H. B. Goss.
LW20-1.1 Stoddard Josiah   1830 1912    
LW20-1.2 Stoddard Philoma A. Willey 1839 1919   Wife of Josiah Stoddard.
LW20-1.3 Stoddard Grace E.   1884 1904   Daughter of Willard J. and Edith Stoddard.
LW20-2 Stoddard Willard J.     15 Nov 1884 21y 8m 24d Flag with GAR holder. Might belong on an adjacent lot.
LW20-3.1 Davison Claudius L.   10 Jun 1821 8 May 1900   Son of Henry Davison (LW18-17).
LW20-3.2. Davison Rebekah Wright 11 Mar 1821 25 Jan 1910   Wife of Claudius L. Davison.
LW20-3.3 Church Lyman B.   20 Jul 1838 30 May 1911    
LW20-3.4 Church Leandia R. Davison 12 Dec 1847 5 Jun 1910   Wife of Lyman B. Church.
LW20-4.1 Goss Abel Brown **   24 Oct 1828 24 Aug 1896    
LW20-4.2 Goss Lucy Stoddard ** Ross 21 Feb 1837 5 Jan 1894   Wife of Abel B. Goss.
LW20-4.3 Goss Ethel Abbie **   17 Apr 1873 4 Jun 1893   Daughter of Abel B. and L. S. Goss.
LW20-5.1 Bonnett Samuel W.   1880 1956   Descendant of Joseph Bonnett who came to America with Lafayette.
LW20-5.2 Bonnett Grace A. Hale 1883 1946   Daughter of Joseph Hale.
LW20-6.1 Hale Joseph F.   1856 1921   Brother of Everett and Abbie Hale.
LW20-6.2 Hale Everett E.   1859 1921   Brother of Joseph and Abbie Hale.
LW20-6.3 Hale Abbie M.   1853 1929   Sister of Everett and Joseph Hale.
LW20-7.1 Bowman Charles H.   1870 1945    
LW20-7.2 Bowman Wilhelmiene   1870 1952    
LW20-7.3 Bowman Walter Earl   7-May-02 27 Sep 1971   Lt Col US Army, World War 2 BSM
LW21-1 Richardson Jane F. Fulford 21 Nov 1823 10 Aug 1905   Wife of Abial Richardson.
LW21-2 Richardson Abial   5 Apr 1803 23 Dec 1888    
LW21-3 Richardson Eliza A.     12 Jan 1844 5m 4d Daughter of Abial and Jane Richardson.
LW21-4 Kinne Emeline     12 Dec 1862 21y 8m 26d Wife of Willard N. Kinne.
LW21-5 Richardson Lydia     5 Mar 1860 2y 1m Daughter of Abial and Jane Richardson.
LW21-6 Richardson Mary C.     30 Mar 1883 29y Wife of John P. Weeks.
LW21-7 Foster Susannah     5 Jan 1865   Wife of Nathaniel Foster.
LW21-8 Ross Belle H. Cutler   4 Oct 1884 42y 24d Wife of Charles Ross. Miss Powers thought she was a suicide.
LW21-9 Ross Willie F.     12 Jan 1884 15y 8m 2d Miss Powers said Willie was handicapped and used a wheelchair.
LW21-10 Ross Charle   3 Sep 1838 14 Nov 1926   Co A 11th VT Vols. Charles was a survivor of Andersonville prison.
LW21-11.1 Carpenter Francis Rice     26 Mar 1883 73y  
LW21-11.2 Carpenter Achsah Holbrook   4 Sep 1886 73y Wife of F. R. Carpenter.
LW21-11.3 Carpenter Elmore A.     14 Mar 1877 40y Elmore was and invalid and possibly physically handicapped mentally. He was mentioned very few times in the family diaries.
LW21-11.4 Carpenter Harlan J.     4 Sep 1891 45y 5m  
LW22-1 Church Samuel     22 Nov 1886 82y 5m 4d Son of Dea.. Parley Church (LW12A-4.1).
LW22-2 Church Lucinda Felch   14 Apr 1892 84y 2m 25d Wife of Samuel Church, daughter of Joseph Felch by his 2nd wife, Abigail Manchester.
LW22-3 Beane Lovina M.   18 Jun 1830 17 Sep 1916   Wife of Benjamin Beane.Daughter of Samuel Church.
LW22-4 Crane Addie M.     1 Aug 1864 2y 8m  
LW22-5.1 Brown Elisha W.   1852 1936    
LW22-5.2 Brown Eliza C. Kinne 1854 1935   Daughter of Willard and Jane (Parker) Kinne
LW22-5.3 Brown Dwight B.   1889 19--    
LW22-5.4 Morrrison Esther V. Reed 1886 1967    
LW22-6.1 Kinne Nathan   1863 1949    
LW22-6.2 Kinne Caro O. Morse 1867 1937   Wife of Nathan Kinne.
LW22-6.3 Kinne Wilmot   1848 1939    
LW22-7.1 Morrison William J.   1868 1951    
LW22-7.2 Morrison Annie   1873 1944    
LW23-1.1 Morrison Howard G.   1891 1920   302 Field Art Batt AEF
LW23-1.2 Morrison Samuel   19 Jun 1848 3 Apr 1912    
LW23-1.3 Morrison Elvira Thurber 1 Jan 1852     Wife of Samuel Morrison.
LW23-1.4 Morrison Harry H.   10 Feb 1878 11 Apr 1888   Miss Powers thought the 1888 deaths might have been from scarlet fever.
LW23-1.5 Morrison Clarence T.   25 Dec 1880 9 Apr 1888    
LW23-1.6 Morrison Murry S.   22 Oct 1883 8 Apr 1888    
LW23-1.7 Morrison Mary E.   31 May 1875 22 Jun 1875    
LW23-1.8 Morrison Gertrude E.   3 Feb 1882 10 Mar 1882    
LW23-2.1 Morrison Mary Nugent   28 Jul 1893 94y Wife of George Morrison.
LW23-2.2 Morrison George     16 Sep 1878 82y There is a flag here.
LW23-2.3 Morrison Eliza     11 May 1908 72y 7m 3d  
LW23-3 Peterson Mary J.     14 Sep 1875 1m 18d Infant daughter of Charles and Ann Peterson.
LW23-4 Truax Elmer E.         See LW23-5.1.
LW23-5.1 Truax Manly     1 May 1876 49y  
LW23-5.2 Truax Elmer E.     7 Sep 1868 8m Son of Manly and Martha Truax.
LW24-1 Morrison Margaret Drennan   13 Apr 1890 40y 5m 4d Wife of Joseph Morrison.
LW24-2 Swift John     22 Sep 1918   There is no stone on this lot.
LW24-3 Kirkpatrick William   1868 1936    
LW24-4 Kirkpatrick Lina I.   1877 1964    

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