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Located east of the village just short of one mile up a steep and winding gravel based road, [known as the "Dexter Mountain Road" by the local inhabitants], this tiny cemetery can be found on the right hand side just after passing a broad field blessed by mother nature with a fresh-water spring that is available and used by any and all who pass by. An existing wood rail fence with cedar post steps built into the earth is the only entrance, and the fence is in a severe state of decay causing the writer to believe it will be repaired at any time by local officials. History records that a family named FRENCH settled in the surrounding area of this cemetery about 1855, the second such family settlement in the Glover area. Silas French moved to Glover coming from Keene, New Hampshire with his family of 7 sons and 3 daughters, purchasing lot #111 [160 acres] at Keene Corner. This cemetery is no longer used - indeed the last burial took place there in 1899, and some records indicate just 29 graves. I have located and marked only 26, however, and I cannot help but wonder how many more are really buried there and how many stones will remain in the years yet to come.

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1 FRENCH, Norman B 8 APR 1862 2y 11m Son of N D and Ellen L French. "Little Norman B" engraved on opposite side of stone
2 NELLIE, Ellen L. 24 DEC 1867 28y 4m Wife of Nathaniel D French. NELLIE engraved on opposite side of stone
3 ......     A well-shaped stone obviously hand-chipped to shape. No markings on the stone and it does not appear to ever have been marked. Stone has been broken and cannot be repaired.
4 FRENCH, Sarah 19 DEC 1833 76y Wife of Mr. Silas French. Name engraved as Mrs. Sarah - Footstone has initials S.F.
5 FRENCH, Silas 2 JUL 1837 85y Name engraved as Mr. Silas French. Veterans Marker - Footstone somewhat out of line with the headstone.
6 FRENCH, Nathaniel 12 SEP 1857 68y Stone is very tall and wide.
7 FRENCH, Polly 16 OCT 1878 82y 5m Wife of Nathaniel French
8 FRENCH, Sally 25 OCT 1857 73y Comments: Daughter of Silas and Sarah French. Stone is leaning badly and should be straightened.
9 BROWN, Betty 27 DEC 1830 54y Comments: Wife of Asa Brown. A tall soapstone marker.
10 BROWN, Moses 11 AUG 1833 14y 3m Son of Asa and Betty Brown. This is a broken stone with the top chipped off. It is settling into the ground. This stone cannot be repaired but it should be reset properly.
11 ......     Appears to be a misplaced footer with the initials AWC. See #12.
12 CLARK, Allen W. 10 JUL 1823 7y 10m Comments: Son of Silas and Betsey Clark. Stone is leaning badly and should be straightened.
13 ......     A well-shaped stone similar to #3 and obviously hand-shaped. Has no markings and does not appear to ever have been marked.
14 ......     A well-shaped stone similar to #3 and obviously hand-shaped. Has no markings and does not appear to ever have been marked.
15 FRENCH, Sanford G. 1 JUN 1852 16y 6m 8d Son of Zenas and Jerusha French
16 FRENCH, Jerusha 10 NOV 1873 74y Wife of Zenus [sic] French
17 FRENCH, Zenas 1 AUG 1848 52y Comments: A broken stone, however it can and should be repaired. An unusual footstone accompanies this entry. Footstone has Z.F. engraved upon it with the "F" engraved upside down.
18 FROST, Eber 24 JAN 1871 82y 7m This is a broken stone which is presently leaning against #19. This stone needs a new base but it can and should be repaired.
19 FROST, Keziah 10 JAN 1854 72y Wife of Eber Frost. Stone is leaning badly and should be straightened.
20 FROST, Moses 12 OCT 1823 2y Children of Eber and Keziah Frost
  FROST, Keziah 27 MAY 1830 3y  
21 FROST, Eber 1871   Born 1788
  FRENCH, Keziah 1854   Born 1782, His wife
  FROST, Amanda 1899   Born 1820, It would appear that Amanda Frost had this monument erected in the 1890's.
22 FRENCH, Philander 9 FEB 1881 51y 7m  
23 ......     A small fieldstone obviously hand-shaped to appear like a small footer.
24 FRANK, Benjamin 17 SEP 1859 1y 1m 21d Comments: Son of B.P. and Sylvia King. Broken stone which can and should be repaired.
25 FRANK, G. Henry 23 APR-- 16y 1m 13d Son of Benjamin P. and Sylvia King. A broken stone which has been poorly repaired with cement which effectively covers the year of death.

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