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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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This cemetery was transcribed and compiled by

He has generously donated this listing
to the Northeast Kingdom Genealogy web page.

This census transcription is sorted alphabetical.
Names are also links to the census image.
Information that is on the census that is not listed in this trascription.
- Home owned or rented and Value if owned
- Radio set
- Live on a farm
- Sex and color of race
- Age at first marriage
- Attended school and Able to read and write
- Birthplace of father, mother
- Language spoken before coming to US
- Citzenship year and Immigration, naturallzation
- Can speak English
- Occupation and Industry
- Working or unemployed
- Veteran and War
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Surname Name Birth Birthplace Parents Spouse Children Other
Abbott Charles E. 1870 Canada   Gertrude M Abbott   Harry P Morse
Abbott Walter . 1868 Canada   Lucy H Abbott   Gertrude Darling, John Fitzpatrick, John Jurros
Abel Henry J. 1886 Vermont   Mary E Abel John H Abel, Henry J Abel, Nellie M Abel  
Adams Chester C. 1875 Vermont   Margaret S Adams Ruth C Adams, Helen M Adams  
Adams Emma . 1868 Vermont        
Adams George C. 1888 Maine   M Blanche Adams    
Adams Ranson W. 1887 Vermont   Marie Adams Elizabeth Adams, Ransom W Adams  
Addison David E. 1867 Canada     Agnes D Addison, Gordon W Addison  
Akin Bessie A. 1870 Vermont        
Albee Cecil B. 1898 Vermont   Viola R Albee    
Albee Reginald . 1903 Vermont   Gertrude Albee Mary F Albee  
Alberghini John . 1885 Italy   Lulu M Alberghini Arnold W Alberghini, William L Alberghini, Esther M Alberghini  
Alderson Sameul E. 1896 Colorado   Phyllis G Alderson Richard F Alderson, Rosemary Alderson, Margaret Alderson  
Aldrich Edward L. 1890 Canada   Mary E Aldrich Mytel R Aldrich Alton E Beck
Alexander Belle R. 1878 Vermont     Gordon L Alexander  
Alexander Jennie I. 1873 Vermont     Glenn H Alexander  
Alger Roy . 1902 Canada   Florence M Alger Ozilda T Alger  
Allaire Frank . 1872 Canada   Katherine Allaire Dorothy Allaire  
Allaire Vanier Albert Jr. 1896 Vermont   Yvonne C Allaire Mary J Allaire Orillia M Hall
Allbee Homer C. 1866 Vermont   Myrtle E Allbee    
Allbee Lemuel R. 1881 New York   Elfreda A Allbee    
Allen Lucius B. 1879 Vermont   Florence E Allen Shirley L Allen Orin P Gardner
Allen Richard C. 1893 Vermont   Lora F Allen Slorwood L Allen, Agnes E Allen, George W Allen, Mabel L Allen, David R Allen  
Anais Leon . 1857 Vermont   Lizzie Anais    
Andrews Wilbur C. 1904 Canada   Myrtie G Andrews Chistina E Lamare, Edna D Lamare, Francis E Lamare, Walter J Lamare, Erbert A Andrews  
Antetomasso Samuel . 1889 Italy   Dora Antetomasso Elizabeth Antetomasso, Olga Antetomasso, Samuel Antetomasso  
Archambault Maurice . 1899 Canada   Donalda Archambault Dorothy F Archambault  
Archambault Oliva . 1896 Canada French   Angeline Archambault Richard Archambault, Marie Archambault, Geanne Archambault, Phillippe Archambault, Bernard Archambault, Fernande Archambault, Marcella Archambault, Roger Archambault, George Archambault  
Arkin Abraham E. 1896 Russia   Katherine Arkin   Marjorie T Lamere
Arkin William . 1872 Russia   Rachel Arkin Sarah I Arkin, Lillian A Arkin, Simon Arkin, Sylvia Arkin, Bernard H Arkin  
Armstrong Chancy E. 1858 Vermont   Mary K Armstrong Howard Armstrong, Edson Armstrong  
Armstrong Edgar . 1855 Vermont   Jennie S Armstrong    
Armstrong George . 1904 Vermont   Doris Armstrong Velma Armstrong, Richard Armstrong Myrtle Wood, Shirley Wood
Armstrong William . 1901 Vermont   Mary Armstrong Natalie Armstrong, Willard Armstrong George Mills
Assaff Lewis . 1889 Syria       Isaac M Deep
Asthan James M. 1893 Scotland   Helen Asthan   William S Asthan, Viola G Willey
Astle Rodney B. 1900 New Hampshire   Lucinda I Astle Ralph S Astle, Marilyn J Astle, Stephen R Astle Gertrude C Daggett
Aubin John A. 1885 Massachusetts   Olivine E Aubin Loretta E Aubin, Irene F Aubin, Beatrice R Aubin, Theresa L Aubin, Evelyn G Aubin  
Austin Albertie A. 1893 Vermont   Pearl Austin    
Azur Dain . 1898 Syria   Mamie Azur Annie Azur, Mary Azur, Jennie Azur  
Azur Thomas . 1902 Syria   Nellie Azur Thomas Azur Jr., Phillip Azur  
Badger Daniel A. 1869 Vermont   Fannie M Badger   Fred E Harvey
Badger Effie E. 1888 Canada English John Brooks   Jay Lyon, Paul Lyon, Ray Lyon, Frances Lyon, Kathaleen Lyon  
Badger Lucy . 1853 Vermont        
Badger Mary H. 1862 Canada English       Viola C Magrow
Bailey George A. 1868 Vermont   Minerva A Bailey Emmaline R Bailey  
Bailey Raymond A. 1899 Vermont   Violet Bailey George T Bailey  
Bailey Sherbourne J. 1895 Vermont   Bernice J Bailey Emera S Bailey  
Bailey Wilford . 1893 Vermont   Nellie B Bailey Elane D Bailey  
Baird Eva M. 1894 Vermont     Lucile M Baird Lottie F Young, Cecil F Young, Charles K Young
Baker Ethel M. 1904 Canada Katherine A Sullivan   Winston S Baker, Lawrence W Baker, Betty A Baker  
Baker Herbert L. 1881 Vermont   May G Baker Stanley G Baker, Leon Baker James Jones
Ball Janette B. 1855 Vermont        
Banfford Louis . 1869 Canada   Matilda M Banfford   Adelaid Morrill, Jacob Morrill
Barber Bernard J. 1908 Vermont   Shirley E Barber Dean A Barber, Kenneth A Barber  
Barber Cleson J. 1900 Vermont   Eva M Barber Reginald W Barber, Fern A Barber, Fay L Barber  
Barber Ralph O. 1895 Vermont   Ethel L Barber Arline H Barber, Laura C Barber, Alferda M Barber  
Barbin Joseph O. 1889 Vermont   Zola M Barbin Doris E Barbin  
Barbin Octave . 1854 Canada French        
Barbin Phillip G. 1881 Canada French   Eva B Barbin Marion L Barbin, Fay W Barbin, Louise M Barbin, Beatrice A Barbin, Phillip J Barbin, Wayne N Barbin, Dorothy A Barbin Louise Pelky, Edward Benoit
Barlow Clyde L. 1893 Vermont   Pearl H Barlow Phyla R Barlow, Cleveland M Barlow, Regina A Barlow  
Barnard Fred J. 1877 Massachusetts   Harriet A Barnard Pauline J Barnard  
Barney Faun . 1894 Vermont        
Bartlett Guy C. 1889 Vermont   Ruth G Bartlett Ralph G Bartlett, Theodore Bartlett, Dale H Bartlett  
Bartlett Herbert A. 1860 Vermont     Elsie B Kinne Amasa Kinne, Richard B Kinne, Herbert A Kinne, Rachel E Kinne
Bartlett Jesse P. 1881 Missouri   Minona I Bartlett Gordon E Bartlett Flora B Bartlett
Bates Heman N. 1858 Vermont   Florence M Bates    
Bates Ralph A. 1886 Massachusetts   Elsa R Bates Ralston E Bates  
Baton Edward . 1886 Canada English   Maude Baton Maxwell Baton, Arline Coburn Clarence Coburn, Joshua Randall
Beadle Arland G. 1903 Vermont   Beulah C Beadle Berna P Beadle  
Beadle George . 1870 Vermont   Mattie Beadle Marvin Beadle, Roger Beadle  
Bean George J. 1881 Vermont   Elsie B Bean Ethel M Moody, Helen A Moody, Maxine E Moody, Constance R Moody  
Bean Lillian R. 1853 Vermont     Alice L Bean  
Bean Mary . 1873 Canada     Doris Bean, Edward Bean, Norman Bean  
Bean Milton . 1847 Vermont   Nellie R Bean   Harley E Rogers, Julia J Rogers, Richard J Rogers
Beaton Jean E. 1899 Vermont       Mabel F Mc Rae, Veda H Warboys, Evelyn M St Germain, Esther M Russ, Rose D Collins, Bertha O E K...
Beau Clarence M. 1890 Vermont   Vilorie M Beau    
Beaudette Henry J. 1875 Vermont   Mary Beaudette    
Beaulieu Alfred  1882 Maine   Ellen Beaulieu Alfred M Beaulieu, Eva M Beaulieu  
Beaulieu Joseph A. 1885 Canada   Marie Beaulieu Cecila A Beaulieu Annette J Blair
Beaulieu Omer G. 1909 Canada   Irene Beaulieu Armand O Beaulieu, Roger A Beaulieu Laurentine J Beaulieu
Beauregard Frank . 1878 Canada   Hattie Beauregard    
Beck Harvy W. 1874 England   Emma L Beck Henry H Beck, Howard N Beck, Frederick J Beck, William G Beck  
Bedard Alfred M. 1903 Canada   Jessie B Bedard Lucille M Bedard  
Bedard Napoleon E. 1861 Canada       George O Lyman, Julia E Lyman
Bedor Julia M. 1865 Vermont        
Beebe Austin J. 1885 Canada   Lena W Beebe Elizabeth Beebe Emma M Cousens
Beebe C. Ray. 1890 Canada English   Vera M Beebe Frances M Beebe  
Before Alec  1853 Canada   Carrie C Before    
Before Carville F. 1892 Vermont   Rosa S Before Hazel E Before  
Before Eugene H. 1885 Vermont   Nellie E Before Wilfred L Before  
Before Herbert D. 1899 Vermont   Ethel A Before   Mary J Porter
Before John L. 1902 Vermont   Martha M Before John C Before, Wayne A Before, Richard N Before  
Before Lewis A. 1889 Vermont   Celia M Before Maurice T Before, Marita R Before, Wayne V Before  
Beland Oliver L. 1907 Canada   Mabel L Beland    
Bellows Forrest H. 1893 Vermont   Marion L Bellows Helen F Bellows  
Benjamin Laura L. 1858 Vermont     Lena A Murphy James R Murphy, Lena L Murphy
Bennett Perley D. 1885 Vermont   Natalie W Bennett    
Benware Cecil S. 1899 Vermont   Nellie M Benware Dorothy M Benware, Cecil E Benware  
Benware George J. 1887 Vermont   Henrietta Benware Dorothy Benware, Lillian Benware, Robert Benware, George Benware Jr.  
Berard Joseph E. 1876 Canada   Mary J Berard Katherine R Berard Mary E Baldwin
Bergeron Herman . 1895 Canada   Mabel Bergeron Lillian Bergeron  
Bernard Doric . 1875 Canada French   Maria Bernard Leo L Bernard, Blanche Bernard, Clarence Bernard, Albert Bernard, Alfred Bernard, Bernadette Bernard  
Bernard Henry J. 1902 Vermont   Oliver C Bernard Mary J Bernard, Edmond H Bernard, Janett C Bernard  
Bernard William M. 1893 Vermont   Alma E Bernard   Henry H Sachariat, Delvena Sachariat
Bernear Elias . 1901 Canada   Malvina Bernear Theresa Bernear  
Bero Clara M. 1898 Maine        
Berry Oscar L. 1899 Vermont   Helen E Berry Donna R Berry  
Bibeau Chrysostorne . 1905 Canada   Aurora Bibeau Roland Bibeau  
Bigelow Mabel H. 1874 Vermont       Mary A Hill, Kate S Holbrook
Bigelow Rudolf J. 1900 Vermont   Helen S Bigelow Charles F Bigelow, Robert S Bigelow  
Billings Winona J. 1878 Canada       Mary E Dearborn, Georgia M Dearborn, Clara E Dearborn
Bishop Alfred E. 1878 Canada   Katherine H Bishop Kendall H Bishop, Philippa L Bishop  
Bishop Angus A. 1879 Canada   Marjorie A Bishop Rosamond Bishop Lucretia Healy
B--? Beach E. 1905 Canada   Heather    
Black Jane M. 1882 Vermont     Raymond G Black, Gordon F Black, Gerald W Black, Kenneth W Black  
Bladgett William W. 1873 Vermont   Sarah A Bladgett William F Bladgett, Margaret A Bladgett, Christine Bladgett  
Blair Henry G. 1876 Canada   Annie E Blair   George Massey
Blair John E. 1895 Vermont   Hazel Blair Arline G Blair Betty Burgess
Blair Oliver O. 1901 Canada   Elsie L Blair Earle H Blair, Helen O Blair, George R Blair  
Blaisdell Frank . 1889 Vermont       Carrie S Waterman
Blake Fred L. 1867 Vermont     Molly D Blake  
Blake Zenes . 1899 Vermont   Laura Blake Mary Blake, Herbert Blake, William Blake  
Blanchard Archie . 1888 Vermont   Emma M Blanchard Oliver J Blanchard, Wayne C Blanchard  
Blanchard Carroll A. 1891 Canada   Gertrude E Blanchard Agnes E Blanchard  
Blanchard Clarence C. 1891 Vermont   Annie G Blanchard Marjorie M Blanchard, Muriel L Blanchard, Gwendolyn M Blanchard, Della F Blanchard, Alta A Blanchard, Alden E Blanchard May J Hanson
Blanchard Harriet . 1866 Vermont     Christine Blanchard, Doris Bond Barbara Bond, Sylvia Bond, William Bond, Mary Blanchard, Harriet E Blanchard
Blanchard James F. 1862 New Hampshire   Carrie Blanchard    
Blanchard Marie . 1869 Vermont       Bernise Sawyer, William H Blanchard, Kate Ferrin, Evelyn M Streeter, Shirley Smith
Blanchard Wallace E. 1858 Canada   Annie Blanchard Vera Blanchard, Carlton Blanchard, Winston Blanchard  
Blay James W. 1888 Vermont   Amy Blay Leonard W Blay, Edna Blay, Allen Blay  
Blay John F. 1892 Vermont   Marjorie H Blay Carla E Blay, Joyce R Blay  
Bliss Lucian B. 1904 Vermont   Ruth E Bliss Joyce R Bliss  
Blodah Edward S. 1871 Vermont   Lena E Blodah Harold D Blodah, Sidney C Blodah, Donald E Blodah Jeremiah P Mahoney
Blodgett Lenn B. 1875 Vermont   Louise Blodgett    
Bloy Benjamin E. 1897 Vermont   Tessa J Bloy Percy E Bloy, Pauline A Bloy, June M Bloy, Robert H Bloy  
Bly Joel B. 1884 Vermont       Anna Bly, Elsie R Bly, Genevieve H Pane
Bochleaux Gonzaque . 1887 Vermont   Noamie Bochleaux Constance Bochleaux, Louis Bochleaux  
Boesvert Joseph . 1857 Canada   Nellie Boesvert    
Boisvert Arthur . 1881 Canada   Exilda Boisvert   Maria Boisvert
Boldur Hormisdes . 1901 Canada   Alice Boldur Gerard Boldur, Theresa Boldur Mary Desmarais
Bolton Lynne . 1900 Vermont   Iona Bolton    
Bonarzzi L. Antonio. 1891 Italy   Grace E Bonarzzi Audrey M Bonarzzi  
Bonneau Frances J. 1891 Massachusetts   Celina A Bonneau Rita N Bonneau  
Bonneau Joseph H. 1884 Canada   Jeanne C Bonneau    
Borella John . 1882 Italy   Mabel Borella Gasper Borella, Richard C Borella, Eleanor Borella, John L Borella Jr. Victor G Borella
Boright C. Arthur. 1880 Canada   Grace L Boright George G Boright, Francis M Boright, Barbara A Boright  
Bosley George F. 1883 Maryland   Helen J Bosley Louise C Bosley, Quentin G Bosley  
Bouchard Arthur . 1895 Canada French   Leona Bouchard Gerard Bouchard Rosario St Amand
Boucher Oliva . 1868 Canada   Edwidge Boucher Rolland Boucher, Loretta Boucher Alphonse St George
Bouffard Arestide . 1876 Canada French   Antoinette Bouffard Francis Bouffard, Edmond Bouffard, Gerald Bouffard, Paul Bouffard, Bernadette Bouffard  
Boulanger Hector . 1894 Massachusetts   Ruth Boulanger Paul Boulanger, Wilfred Boulanger  
Boulet Hector J. 1891 Vermont   Agnes C Boulet Hectorina M Boulet, Theodore J Boulet, Elwin H Boulet, Paul E Boulet Peter R Labine, Alzina C Labine
Boulet Joseph J. 1861 Maine   Emma Boulet   Howard H Corkins
Bouressa Wilfred J. 1891 Massachusetts   Mary Bouressa Frederick Bouressa, Margaret Bouressa, Charlotte Bouressa, Ernestine Bouressa, Antoinette Bouressa, Winifred Bouressa, Bernadette Bouressa  
Bowen Damon . 1899 Vermont   Leora Bowen Roderick Bowen Sidney Rollins, Leora Wilcox, Gertrude Rollins
Bowen Eliza . 1864 Canada        
Bowen Elvin M. 1878 New York   Lena Bowen    
Bowen Fred . 1901 Canada English   Asenath Bowen Eunice R Bowen, Lois M Bowen, Nelda E Bowen  
Bowen Sam A. 1860 New York   Abbie Bowen Glendon S Bowen  
Bowen Vernal H. 1907 Vermont   Leota M Bowen    
Bowers Horace A. 1884 Vermont   Nettie M Bowers Irving M Bowers, Gerald W Bowers, Myrle L Bowers, Thelma M Bowers, Therald L Bowers, Virginia A Bowers  
Bowles Lawrence S. 1905 New Hampshire   Beulah M Bowles    
Bowley Charles E. 1874 Vermont   Mabel M Bowley    
Bowley Clarence . 1858 Vermont       Alice D Mitchel
Bowley Ernest E. 1875 Vermont   Mabelle L Bowley    
Bowley Riley M. 1849 Vermont   Ada E Bowley    
Bowman Royal . 1874 Vermont   Cora Bowman Baxter Bowman, Floyd Bowman, Alden Bowman Evelyn Bowman
Boyle Mary A. 1839 Canada     James F Boyle, Louise S Boyle Simone F Paris
Bradley Daniel J. 1866 Ireland        
Bradley John M. 1883 Canada English   Edith G Bradley Genevieve Prouty  
Brado Earnest J. 1900 Vermont   Alice H Brado Derwood F Brado, Bernice E Brado, Richard R Brado  
Brainard Alonzo L. 1888 Vermont   Ila B Brainard Howard I Brainard, Velma E Brainard  
Brandon Lawrence E. 1880 Pennsylvania   Evelyn M Brandon Phyllis E Brandon Alma E Webster, Florence C Webster
Breason Eva V. 1903 Vermont        
Brien Euclide A. 1894 Canada   Lona A Brien Irene A Brien, Vivian D Brien, Lawrence N J Brien, Elizabeth A Brien, Lenard R Brien  
Briggs Charles A. 1891 Vermont   Annie Briggs Avis B Briggs, Fredrick S Briggs  
Briggs Fred S. 1872 Vermont   Blanche M Briggs Wayne H Briggs, Marion L Briggs  
Brigham Bert L. 1868 Vermont   Clara M Brigham Lois M Brigham  
Brigham John M. 1864 Vermont   Mary C Brigham Allan C Brigham  
Britch William D. 1889 Vermont   Bertha A Britch Stanford H Britch, Francis A Britch, William I Britch, Oleta T Britch, Christlene M Britch, Olen W Britch, Roland N Britch  
Brodeur Joe A. 1892 Canada   J Adelard Brodeur Therese Brodeur, Paul Brodeur, Lucian Brodeur, Jeanne D Arc Brodeur, Rita Brodeur  
Bronson Mark A. 1888 Vermont   Edith E Bronson George A Bronson, Doris H Bronson Frank Wheeler, Joseph Johnson
Brooks Claude M. 1892 Massachusetts Chesney P Brooks Annie P Brooks Claudia T Brooks, Dale W Brooks  
Brooks Clayton R. 1886 Vermont   Sadie E Brooks Charlena E Brooks, Marion C Brooks, Verna S Brooks, Bernard C Brooks, Doris E Brooks  
Brooks Henry G. 1889 Vermont   Dale D Brooks    
Brooks Louisa . 1860 England     Nellie Brooks  
Broshue Adelord . 1900 Canada   Emma Broshue Gerard Broshue, Anita Broshue  
Brouillette Fred . 1883 Canada   Alice M Brouillette Clarise E Brouillette, Arletta M Sias  
Brouillette John J. 1888 Vermont   Edith A Brouillette    
Brouillette William H. 1885 Canada French   Martha J Brouillette Susan Brouillette, Joseph Brouillette, Archie Brouillette, William Brouillette, James Brouillette  
Brown Archie . 1888 Canada English   Beulah Brown Stewart Brown, Muriel Brown, Beatrice Brown, Barbara Brown  
Brown Charles A. 1875 Vermont     Virginia Brown Anita P Barnes, May Squires
Brown Charles H. 1877 Canada English   Emma C Brown Rena M Brown Arnold G Sanborn
Brown Earl L. 1887 New Hampshire   Leola M Brown Clarence S Brown  
Brown Edmond W. 1858 Canada     Mariah I Cote Laurent N Cote
Brown Fred A. 1865 Vermont     Esther D Brown Lucia L Brown
Brown John . 1864 Canada English   Alice Brown Arthur Brown  
Brown John E. 1895 Vermont   Myrtle Brown Nadine Brown  
Brown Mary E. 1877 Canada        
Brown Ogro H. 1888 Canada       Ethel V Brown
Brown Roy C. 1896 Canada English   Ethel C Brown   William M Minor
Brown W. Raymond. 1906 Canada   Rita A Brown Wayne E Brown  
Brown Wallace H. 1884 Vermont   Dorothy B Brown Gordon H Brown, Sidney U Brown  
Brown Warren . 1896 Vermont   Hazel Brown Elwin Brown  
Bryant Alfred H. 1895 England   Alice M Bryant Alfred H Bryant, Dorothy M Bryant, Hilda M Bryant  
Bryant Homer C. 1900 Maine   Evelyn C Bryant    
Buchanan William H. 1879 Canada   Josephine Buchanan Roy Buchanan, Irene Buchanan, Charles Buchanan, Doris Buchanan, Earl Buchanan, Richard Buchanan, Shirley Buchanan  
Buck Arthur . 1903 Vermont   Lena Buck Floyd Buck  
Buck Clarence . 1879 Vermont   Matilda Buck Royce Buck  
Buck Erastus . 1866 Vermont   Effie L Buck    
Buck Harold . 1905 Vermont Charles Buck     Odina Roberts, Leonel Roberts, Mary Jane Roberts, Armand Roberts, Leon Roberts
Buck Herman . 1881 Vermont   Rilla Buck Gladys Buck, Henry Buck, Dorothy Buck, Orland Buck  
Buckland Arthur B. 1888 Canada   Emma S Buckland Elizabeth A Buckland, Charles G Buckland, Lee S Buckland, Forrest A Buckland Pearl E Buckland
Bullard William . 1881 Canada   Mrs. U N Bullard    
Bullis Chester . 1845 Canada   Elizabeth Bullis Harry Bullis Josephine Bullis, Clare Bullis, Charles Bullis, Rose Marshall
Bullis Oscar E. 1866 Vermont   Grace Bullis Helen Bullis, Allen Bullis  
Bullock Thomas A. 1897 Scotland   Ruth L Bullock Thomas A Bullock  
Bullock William B. 1867 Canada English   Nellie M Bullock   Les Camirand, Blanch Camirand, Delvica Dallaire
Bunker Sanford H. 1860 Canada   Gertrude B Bunker   Albert W Roeder, Arthur W Bushaw, Mabel E Bushaw, Ora Bushaw
Buolton Elizabeth A. 1872 England     Albert Buolton  
Buralton Arthur W. 1908 Vermont   Lydia M Buralton    
Burbank George W. 1861 Massachusetts   Myrtie A Burbank   Chancey M Chamberlin
Burdette Leon R. 1909 Vermont   Gertrude Burdette Gordon Burdette  
Burdick Don H. 1889 Vermont   Helen M Burdick John K Burdick Edson H Hunter, Nellie P Hunter, Paul Craig
Burgess Ernest W. 1883 England   Nettie R Burgess Freda E Pilbro, Marion M Pilbro, Walter W Burgess, Kathryn V Burgess  
Burgess John H. 1897 Canada   Hazel G Burgess Joyce H Burgess Annie L Griggs
Burk Earl R. 1893 Vermont   Ruth A Burk Dorothy E Burk, Hazel R Burk  
Burke Joseph . 1871 Canada English   Mary E Burke    
Burns Angelina L. 1850 Massachusetts     Frank D Burns  
Burns Edgar E. 1878 Vermont   Vivien D Burns Paisley Ann Burns  
Burns Pliny E. 1893 Vermont   Thelma C Burns Laurie E Burns  
Burt Earla . 1881 Vermont     Roger E Burt, Donald Burt  
Busky Louis . 1865 Canada   Marie Busky Ernest Busky, Louis H Busky Angeline Lantina
Bussiere Elphege . 1897 Canada   Anna Bussiere Gaston Bussiere, Lucienne Bussiere, Maurice Bussiere, Remi Bussiere, Lucile Bussiere, Pauline Bussiere  
Button Frank S. 1881 Vermont   Myrtie I Button   Charles Mccauley, Rachel Benard, Louise Benard, Oscar E Breeser, Frances Bussiere, Jean Bussiere...
Buzzell Gerald A. 1891 Canada   Shirley H Buzzell Hall G Buzzell, Sally L Buzzell  
Buzzell Reginald W. 1894 Canada   Josephine A Buzzell Elizabeth R Buzzell, William J Buzzell  
Byers Austin W. 1881 Vermont   Florence M Byers Howard Byers  
Camber John A. 1872 Canada   Bernice M Camber Everet E Camber Merle A Powers
Camirand Les . 1905 Canada French   Blanch Camirand   William B Bullock, Nellie M Bullock, Delvica Dallaire
Cammett Sherman H. Jr. 1894 Vermont   Celia Cammett Vivian Cammett, Arletta Cammett, Virginia Cammett  
Cammett Sherman J. 1865 Vermont   Hattie Cammett Bertie Cammett, Dell Cammett Elizabeth Leach, Sidney Andrews
Campbell Ovile . 1896 Canada   Antonia Campbell Bibiane Campbell, Yolonde Campbell, Angemile Campbell, Yevette Campbell, John Campbell, Germaine Campbell, Dolorice Campbell  
Carbonneau Francis H. 1903 New Hampshire   Beatrice Carbonneau Donald F Carbonneau, Lionel L Carbonneau, Cecelia B Carbonneau, Frances L Carbonneau  
Cardin Willie . 1898 Canada French   Eva Cardin Majorie Cardin, Mathias Cardin, Conrad Cardin, Antoinette Cardin, Wilbrod Cardin Irene Derosier
Carley Gladys . 1908 New York        
Carr James . 1876 Vermont       Harry Moore, Isabel Moore, Ila Moore, Lillian Davignon, Roland Davignon
Carr Jay A. 1900 Vermont   Gladys M Carr    
Carr Lynn D. 1892 Vermont   Stella F Carr   Freda Wilson
Carraw Leon J. 1904 Vermont   Geraldine B Carraw    
Carrier Moise . 1889 Canada   Blanche Carrier Lea M Carrier, Lucian Carrier George Case, Agnes M Case, Thomas H Case, Raymond Gage, Mary Moriarty
Carter Clarence A. 1872 Canada   Elizabeth A Carter Ruth A Carter Don W Mayo, Mary E Mayo, Helena L Mayo, Reginald D Mayo, Leo J Agnew, Emma E Agnew...
Carter Edward G. 1884 Canada French   Lena M Carter John E Carter, Melvin H Carter Rebbeca J Boomer
Carter Elizabeth L. 1881 England       George Lapete, Norris A George
Carter Leonard H. 1900 Vermont   Ethel L Carter Wilma Carter  
Carter Lewis . 1873 Vermont       Eva M Doloff, Robert A Doloff
Carter Victor L. 1899 Vermont   Helen E Carter Victor A Carter, Lenard K Carter, Fredrick J Carter, Vivian E Carter, Robert N Carter, Francis D Carter  
Case George . 1899 New York   Agnes M Case Thomas H Case Raymond Gage, Mary Moriarty, Moise Carrier, Blanche Carrier, Lea M Carrier, Lucian Carrier
Case Lee E. 1892 Canada Edgar A Case, Ida M Case     Ila H Case
Cass Ernest C. 1875 Vermont   Myrtie M Cass    
Cavanaugh James A. 1894 Canada   Emma M Cavanaugh Rachel I Cavanaugh, James A Cavanaugh, John F Cavanaugh, Merritt A Cavanaugh  
Centebar Joset . 1892 Vermont        
Chabot Armond L. 1910 Connecticut   Rose Chabot   Horace Bartonnair, Fernande Bartonnair
Chaffee Walter S. 1885 Vermont   Flora D Chaffee Helen E Chaffee, Richard E Chaffee, Edward E Chaffee, Edwin E Chaffee, Priscilla Q Chaffee  
Chamberlin Charles A. 1860 Canada English   Alice A Chamberlin    
Champagne Wilfred . 1898 Canada   Evelyn Champagne Dennis Champagne, Georgette J Champagne, Roger R Champagne Blanch Therriault
Champaigne Henry . 1900 Canada   Evelyn M Champaigne Victorine M Champaigne, Henry J Champaigne, Agatha L Champaigne, Robert J Champaigne  
Chance Norbert La. 1876 Canada       Laura Guilbert, Germaine St Marie
Chaney Charles P. 1885 Vermont   Annie Cheney Earl E Cheney, Nelson E Cheney, Edna E Cheney, Maynard C Cheney, Rita C Cheney, Gertrude M Cheney  
Chaney Dana J. 1879 Vermont   Vitaline M Chaney George F Chaney, Vivian E Chaney  
Chapdelaine Deus . 1888 Rhode Island   Alexine Chapdelaine Eddy Chapdelaine, Rene Chapdelaine  
Chapman Claude . 1878 Canada   Emily E Chapman   Elwin W Bowen
Chapman Guy D. 1880 Canada   Bertha C Chapman   Jean E Beaton, Mabel F Mc Rae, Veda H Warboys, Evelyn M St Germain, Esther M Russ, Rose D Collins...
Chappell Marton B. 1876 Vermont   Florence L Chappell    
Chaput Albertine M. 1898 Canada     Raoul Ricard, Paul Ricard, Irene Ricard, Rita Ricard Joseph Lagace
Chaput William . 1890 Canada   Antionette Chaput Leontine Chaput, Emelda Chaput, Florence Chaput, Roland Chaput, Bernadette Chaput, Gerard Chaput, Idea Chaput, Felix Chaput, Adrien Chaput, Vivien Chaput  
Charland Thomas A. 1868 Canada        
Charron Aime . 1878 Canada   Eyonne Charron Gean Charron, Hermignonne Charron, Albert Charron, Armand Charron, Roger Charron, Noella Charron, Maurice Charron  
Chartier Henry . 1881 Canada   Mary Chartier Hector J Chartier, Orila J Chartier, William J Chartier  
Cheney Joseph . 1857 Vermont   Kate Cheney   Julia Hall
Cheney Leo E. 1903 Vermont   Thelma F Cheney Leo W Cheney, Francis E Cheney, Edgar F Cheney, Erwin D Cheney, Wayne L Cheney, Beverly E Cheney  
Chesley Edith G. 1884 Canada Nancy B Clark   Clifton H King Fred C Shanty, Margaret Shanty, Eben Boright
Chicoine Oliver R. 1902 Canada   Aurore Chicoine    
Chillson Emma L. 1858 Vermont       Charles N Brady, A I Key
Choquett Hector P. 1888 Canada   Edwidge R Choquett Azilda R Choquett, George O Choquett, Joseph H Choquett, Elizabeth M Choquett, Charles L Choquett  
Choquette Eugene . 1903 Canada French   Annette Choquette    
Clabana James E. 1883 Canada   Lucy S Clabana Alan R Clabana  
Clapper Myron G. 1898 Vermont   Lera E Clapper Charles N Clapper, Leonore Clapper Claire Bean
Clark Anson C. 1878 Massachusetts   Martha B Clark Frances C Clark Nettie E Hinkley, Herman F Hinkley
Clark Charles A. 1884 Canada French   Harret A Clark Flora A Clark, Nelda A Clark  
Clark Hugh M. 1862 Scotland   Leila A Clark    
Clark Melburn . 1904 Vermont   Doris A Clark   Martha L Longeway
Cleary Walter H. 1888 Vermont   Arline M Cleary John M Cleary, Louise E Cleary  
Clement Robert H. 1881 Vermont   Nina M Clement Howard Clement  
Clewley George W. 1907 Canada   Anna E Clewley    
Clifford Eugene D. 1878 Canada   Susan H Clifford    
Clifford Harold J. 1896 Vermont   Connie M Clifford Donald J Clifford, Phyllis J Clifford Elizabeth Goddard, Francis W Goddard, Marjorie L Goddard
Clough Edwin L. 1863 New Hampshire   Addie H Clough Addie L Woods Dale Woods
Coan Charles H. 1878 Vermont   Grace A Coan Katherine Coan  
Coan Kenneth D. 1904 Vermont   Nellie M Coan    
Coates Reginald A. 1898 Canada   Emily M Coates Wayne R Coates, Shirley A Coates  
Cobleigh Alva B. 1878 Vermont   Carrie B Cobleigh    
Coburn Bernard H. 1883 Vermont   Rena B Coburn Warren Armstrong, Bernard I Coburn Lillian Armstrong
Coburn Daniel . 1876 Vermont   Vinie E Coburn Julia A Coburn, Florence A Coburn Flossie M Hodson
Coburn Fred H. 1889 Vermont   Bernice S Coburn Dean F Coburn, Robert F Coburn, Herbert W Coburn  
Coburn Homer . 1895 Vermont   Tessa Coburn Stanley Coburn, Phyllis Coburn, Marion Coburn  
Coburn Jennie . 1869 Vermont        
Coburn Raymond O. 1883 Vermont Abbie L Coburn Lena M Coburn    
Coe Carlie R. 1900 Vermont   Leora E Coe   Dwight P Ball
Colburn Orrin F. 1889 Vermont   Verna A Colburn Arline C Colburn, Maynard H Colburn, Miriam J Colburn  
Colby Wesley C. 1890 Vermont   Minnie Colby Carleton Colby  
Cole Arthur A. 1885 Vermont   Esefa P Cole Clifton A Cole, Duane O Cole  
Cole Valeria . 1881 Vermont       Edward E Howe
Collins Arthur G. 1879 Canada   Gladys Collins Velma M Collins, Arthur Collins Jr.  
Collins Ernest F. 1885 Vermont   Olive M Collins Dorothy L Collins, Thelma H Collins, Marvin G Collins, Reginald L Collins, Arland W Collins, Lucien V Collins  
Collins Henry . 1880 Vermont   Margaret Collins Howard Collins, Merle Collins, Leah Collins, Anita Collins  
Collins Raymond . 1907 Vermont   Emma Collins Marion Collins  
Comeau Euegbe . 1901 Illinois   Edna L Comeau Homer E Comeau, Stanley A Comeau, Francis J Comeau  
Comeaux Verney J. 1905 Canada   Ellen E Comeaux    
Como Isriel . 1863 Canada   Abbie J Como   Ellen Gaylor
Conley Edwin M. 1888 Canada   Iva B Conley    
Conn Lemuel S. 1883 Vermont     Rose E Conn, Percy A Conn Ella M Conn, Benjamin P Heath
Connal Clarence . 1890 Vermont   Vera Connal Edith Connal  
Connal Edson N. 1853 Vermont        
Connal Mariett . 1851 Vermont        
Connal William R. 1860 Vermont       Myra I Gray
Conner George C. 1891 Vermont   Julia E Conner Helen C Conner, Robert G Conner  
Cook George L. 1872 Canada   Eva A Cook Irma A Cook  
Cook J. Wesley. 1899 Vermont   Charlotte B Cook    
Coolbeth Albert . 1882 Vermont   Elouise Coolbeth Rita Coolbeth Janice Turner, Joseph Geoffroy, Libronio Depietre
Coolbeth Eben . 1885 Vermont   Ruby G Coolbeth Ernest Coolbeth Eva Vail
Cooley Walter F. 1878 New Hampshire   Lena S Cooley Eleanor J Cooley, Sherrill M Cooley  
Coomer Maurice W. 1902 Vermont   Beulah Coomer    
Corbeil Miles A. 1886 Canada   Blanche N Corbeil    
Corey Richard K. 1872 New Hampshire   Bernice D Corey Dane H Corey, Alden E Corey  
Corkins Gladys L. 1910 Vermont        
Corkins Jimmie J. 1890 Vermont Albert A Corkins, Hattie Corkins   Eola M Corkins, Julias L Corkins, Albert C Corkins, Charlot E Corkins, Marion E Corkins, Rudolph A Corkins, Harold R Corkins  
Corley Ivah A. 1903 Vermont        
Corliss Howard B. 1901 Canada English   Leota A Corliss James H Corliss  
Corrow Everington . 1869 Vermont   Alberta Corrow    
Corrow Ira J. 1910 Vermont   Doris A Corrow    
Corrow Nelson . 1875 Vermont   Oriller O Corrow Wilford H Corrow, Ada M Corrow Marion Sanville
Cosling Alfred F. 1881 Vermont   Alice R Cosling    
Cote Noe . 1880 Canada   Eva A Cote Ovalina Cote, Evers Cote, Irene Cote  
Cote Rosaire . 1902 Maine   Blanch Cote    
Cournoyer Emile A. 1902 Canada French   Pricilla E Cournoyer    
Courser Ephraim H. 1855 Canada   May M Courser Alene R Miner  
Cousteau Charles C. 1884 Canada   Ruth A Cousteau Gordon S Cousteau  
Coutts Flora J. 1896 Vermont       Annie Coutts
Cramer Ina W. 1880 Canada       Hayden O Wells
Cramer Reginald H. 1902 Canada English   Edna A Cramer Reginald H Cramer  
Crandall Elmo . 1902 Vermont   Alice Crandall Katherine Crandall, Lucile Crandall  
Crandall Foster . 1863 Canada   Pearl Crandall Rachel Crandall, Rowley Crandall, Delilah Crandall  
Crandall James . 1878 Canada        
Crandell Harold A. 1893 Vermont   Katherine C Crandell    
Crawford Amasa  1845 Vermont   Ella Crawford    
Crawford Chas J. 1862 Vermont   Abbie L Crawford Fred B Crawford Blanch Norway
Crawford Clarence . 1888 Vermont Ellen Crawford Daisy Crawford Gilman J Crawford, Althea E Crawford, Dorman W Crawford, Dennis H Crawford, Robert R Crawford  
Crawford Steven G. 1873 Vermont   Bertha L Crawford Vernon S Crawford  
Creaser Osmond W. 1881 Canada   Florence N Creaser Earl Treds, Clyde Creaser Emma Blakely
Crees William . 1890 England   Florence Crees Harriet Mcallister, Lyle Mcallister Leah Labare
Crosby Florence . 1881 Vermont     Claud W Crosby, Richard H Crosby, Ruth Crosby  
Crosby Robert P. 1902 Vermont   Louise A Crosby Jeanette R Ambrose  
Crosier Walter . 1870 England        
Crowell John W. 1888 New York        
Cruso Joseph W. 1898 New York   Alice Cruso Mildred G Caruso Robert G Watherell
Cummings Clarence C. 1892 Massachusetts   Gladys M Cummings Betty V Cummings  
Cummings Susie I. 1879 Vermont        
Cunningham John M. 1863 New York        
Cunningham Nettie E. 1867 Canada English        
Cunningham Vyvyian D. 1900 Canada English   Beulice N Cunningham Betty M Cunningham George H Cunningham
Currier Elmer E. 1877 Vermont   Olive E Currier George E Currier, Albert J Currier, Evelyn G Currier, Arline C Currier Emily L Decker, Arthurine Decker
Curtis Bryon S. 1871 Massachusetts William H Curtis, Helen Curtis   Justin A Curtis  
Curtis Homer . 1892 Canada   Avis Curtis Donald Curtis  
Cushing Emma . 1882 Vermont     Katherine Cushing, Edna Cushing, Madeline Cushing  
Cushing Harry F. 1884 Vermont     Virginia M Cushing Verna P Derusha, Arthur R St Peter
Cushing Silas J. 1873 Vermont   Kate B Cushing    
Cushman Addie I. 1859 Vermont        
Cyr Joseph L. 1891 Canada   Roseanna Cyr Leo A Cyr, Ludger R Cyr, Lorenzo D Cyr, Loretta G Cyr, Fernand C Cyr, Pauline L Cyr Artemis Filian
Dagenais Margaret . 1880 Vermont       William Norton
Daigle Antonia A. 1896 Canada French   Rose A Daigle Blanche C Daigle, Robert F Daigle, Raymond C Daigle  
Dailey Harrison W. 1847 Canada   Belle L Dailey    
Dailey Herbert L. 1859 Canada   Sarah Dailey    
Dailey Patsy T. 1875 Ireland   Dora L Dailey Rudolph E Dailey, Robert M Dailey, Patricia T Dailey  
Dailey Selah D. 1882 Canada   Lucy D Dailey Reginald C Dailey  
Dailey William . 1884 Canada   Inez Dailey Marjorie Dailey  
Dame Ovide P. 1891 Canada   Malvina M Dame Laurence Dame, Paul Dame, Raymond Dame, Roland Dame, Irene Dame, William Dame Hector Harton
Daniels John . 1887 Massachusetts   Marie Daniels Arthur J Daniels, Liza M Daniels, Irene M Daniels, Rudolph J Daniels, Pearl M Daniels, Viola M Daniels, Florence M Daniels, Earnest J Daniels, Violet Daniels Celia L Laport
Davidson David W. 1871 Scotland Louise P Sisco Alice M Davidson    
Davis Burt H. 1891 Canada   Minnie Davis Alberta Davis  
Davis Carroll A. 1874 Vermont   Helen C Davis   Sarah P Clarke, Annie W Martin
Davis Charles C. 1855 Vermont       May Alger
Davis David L. 1890 Vermont       Ida M Thomas, Robert E Thomas
Davis Henry M. 1884 Vermont   Florence M Davis    
Davis Homer N. 1884 Canada English   Marnie T Davis Gardner H Davis, William H Davis, Stanley M Davis, Lula N Davis, Goldie M Davis Nina E Marsh, Dorian Leavitt, Carroll C Rediker
Davis Lucia A. 1854 Vermont        
Davis Ray E. 1906 Vermont   Lucille E Davis   Charles D Hunter, Grace V Hunter
Davis Riley J. 1888 Vermont   Gertrude S Davis Royal S Davis, Howard A Davis  
Davis Robert W. 1887 Vermont   Irene B Davis Payson F Davis  
Davis Sidney E. 1864 Canada   Nellie Davis    
Davis Sydney F. 1872 Vermont   Josephine L Davis    
Davis William E. 1857 Canada English   Ella M Davis Roy O Davis  
Davis William J. 1882 Vermont   Lydia Davis Marguerite H Davis  
Davison Irvin M. 1893 Vermont   Hazel Davison Ray Davison, Esther Allen  
Day Ora A. 1894 Canada Marguerite Day Isabelle M Day Cyril O Day, Calvin P Day, Lawrence A Day  
Deamanis Alex R. 1906 Canada   Jennie B   Albert J Deamanis
Dean George A. 1884 Canada     Ernest G Dean, Harry Dean, Louis F Dean, Romeo Dean, Lillian A Dean  
Dean Homer E. 1883 Canada English   Jennie V Dean    
Dearborn Mary E. 1847 Vermont     Georgia M Dearborn Clara E Dearborn, Winona J Billings
Decoteau Ellen . 1860 Canada     Mary L Decoteau  
Decoteau Fred . 1886 Canada French     Charles Decoteau, James Decoteau, Eleanor Decoteau Margaret Coffey
Demars Joseph N. 1875 Massachusetts   Georgianna Demars Cecile Demars, Therese Demars, Francois Demars  
Demers Mederic . 1880 Canada French   Methilda Demers George Demers, Charles Demers, Paul Demers, Dominique Demers  
Demontigny Joseph . 1869 Canada   Angelina Demontigny Joseph Demontigny Jr., Ellen E Bernard William G Bernard
Dennison James M. 1879 Vermont   Fannie E Dennison Reuel J Dennison, Stanton C Dennison  
Derick Lawrence P. 1897 Canada   Elsie M Derick Leonard L Derick Mildred Roy
Desbenes Marie . 1904 Canada        
Desroshers Oscar . 1904 Canada Parmelia Desroshers      
Desruisseaux Elise . 1882 Canada        
Dexter Lester N. 1892 New Hampshire   Lena C Dexter    
Dickinson Ervin B. 1885 Vermont   Madeline E Dickinson    
Doane Clarence W. 1884 Vermont George W Doane, Elizabeth Doane Pearl M Doane    
Doane Harley . 1889 Vermont   Wilma Doane    
Donaghy Thomas F. E.. 1876 New Hampshire   Eva M Donaghy    
Doran Benjamin R. 1875 Massachusetts   Ida M Doran Maye F Doran, Stephen A Doran  
Dougherty John . 1883 Canada   Alice C Dougherty Norma B Carder  
Dow Addie M. 1849 Vermont       Charles D Niles, Mar L Niles, Alice A Carter
Dow Alice C. 1860 Maine        
Dow Maurice C. 1909 Vermont   Dale E Dow    
Dowe Harold . 1890 Vermont   Jane Dowe Carlton Dowe, Carolin Dowe, Doris Dowe, Hazel Dowe Fred Hamblett, Emma Hamblett
Doyen Charles D. 1861 Canada   Myrtie M Doyen Leo B Doyen, Idda B Doyen, David G Doyen George W Clark
Dragon Albert L. 1901 Massachusetts   Cecilia M Dragon    
Drew Effie M. 1907 Canada        
Drew Forrest D. 1895 Vermont   Vera G Drew    
Drew Kate A. 1863 Vermont       Mildred Pomeroy, Blanch S Dolly, Geraldine A Dolly
Drew Lee O. 1878 Canada   Helena E Drew   Fay A Temple
Drew Leonard L. 1872 Vermont   Grace I Drew John K Drew  
Drew Melvin W. 1891 Canada   Mayme F Drew Floyd M Drew, Alfred L Drew, Ruth M Drew  
Drew William S. 1883 Canada   Alice Drew Arlene Drew  
Driver Abbie E. 1857 Vermont     Herbert E Driver, Leona M Driver, Maude Aldrich  
Drown Archie . 1893 Vermont   Madge Drown Marilyn Drown  
Drown Asa R. 1889 Vermont   Blanche Drown Nelson S Drown, Kathleen Drown  
Drown Harry E. 1874 Vermont   Ida M Drown    
Drown Nellie A. 1856 Vermont        
Drown Warren B. 1893 Vermont   Ruth E Drown Warren B Drown Jr., Colin C Drown Jessie E Allen
Dubois Moses . 1865 Canada French   Angeline Dubois Eucarde Dubois  
Dubray Clarence F. 1889 Vermont Effie L Dubray Mabel R Dubray Pauline H Dubray  
Duby Charles W. 1894 Rhode Island   Eva J Duby Charles W Duby  
Ducharme Elphige . 1901 Canada French   Germaine Ducharme Elphige Ducharme, Louis P Ducharme  
Duchesneau Edward . 1869 Vermont   Alice E Duchesneau Eglantine Duchesneau, Orien L Duchesneau, Leon Duchesneau, Bertha Duchesneau Lena Lahue
Duckless Clarence . 1875 Vermont   Lona Duckless Arden Duckless, Arland Duckless  
Duckless Clayton E. 1874 Vermont   Jennie E Duckless   James M Wheeler, Clemmer W Wheeler
Duckless Forrest E. 1902 Vermont   Lillian Duckless Kenneth Duckless, Harold Duckless  
Duffy Frank L. 1880 Canada   Carrie Duffy Donald Duffy  
Dugan Otley L. 1886 Ohio   Kathleen Dugan Kermit Dugan, Leland Dugan, Robert Dugan  
Dunbar John . 1885 Vermont        
Dunn Helen M. 1906 Vermont        
Dunn Timothy R. 1866 Vermont   Sarah Dunn Irva Dunn, Harold Dunn John F Dunn, Vincent Dore
Dunsmore Andrew . 1895 Canada   Esther J Dunsmore    
Dunsmore Arthur B. 1900 Canada English   Edna O Dunsmore Gordon V Dunsmore  
Dunsmore William W. 1862 Scotland   Jean E Dunsmore    
Dupont Xavier . 1874 Canada French   Alice Dupont Simonne Dupont  
Duquette Arthur Jr . 1875 Vermont   Lilla B Duquette    
Dutton M. Elmore. 1904 Vermont   Hazel H Dutton   Julia A Hall
Duval Charles E. 1886 Canada French   Maud E Duval Floyd E Duval, Lila E Duval  
Duval Fred P. 1882 Vermont        
Duval Gideon . 1871 Canada French     Louise Drouen  
Dwyer Ora E. 1881 Vermont   Ethel M Dwyer Harold E Dwyer, Gladys M Dwyer Arthur F Olson
Dyette Arthur L. 1882 Canada   Delia Dyette   Ethel Bonner, Emerson F Bonner, Joseph A Brouillette
Eastman Chester G. 1858 Vermont   Martha J Eastman    
Eaton George J. 1888 Massachusetts   Amy L Eaton Helen L Eaton  
Elder Alma P. 1857 Vermont       Ozro Cass, Lawrence D Leonard, William Griffin
Elie Arthur N. 1891 Massachusetts   Jessie E Elie Doris J Elie, Eleanor L Elie  
Elie Ernest 1886 Canada   Hattie Elie Earl Elie  
Elie Lucien J. 1884 Canada   Alma E Elie    
Elie Nelson J. 1862 Canada   Ellen Elie Wilfred R Elie, Pauline I Elie  
Elliot Leslie M. 1898 Vermont   Eva M Elliot Richard L Elliot  
Elliot Nellie A. 1882 Vermont Carrie Willey   Philip Elliot  
Elliott Herbert A. 1895 Vermont   Ava Elliott Florence E Elliott, Kenneth J Elliott  
Elliott Stanley R. 1880 Vermont     Lyle S Elliott, Emma N Elliott Gertrude Channel
Ellis Roy A. 1895 Canada English   Bertha E Ellis    
Ellsworth Clarence S. 1898 New Hampshire   Unice V Ellsworth Dorothy M Ellsworth, Frances E Ellsworth  
Ellsworth H. Victor. 1896 Massachusetts   Helen R Ellsworth Marguerite R Ellsworth, Forrest W Ellsworth, Lillian M Ellsworth  
Embury Charles C. 1869 Massachusetts   Rhoda M Embury    
Emery Curtis S. 1862 Vermont   Harriet Emery    
Emond Alphonse J. 1898 Vermont        
Enos John . 1851 Canada   Laura Enos   Jennie Story, Ernest I Dane, Frank A Curran
Estell Gerald M. 1902 Vermont   Yernag Estell Gerald M Estell  
Fairbanks Ralph R. 1879 Vermont   Grace A Fairbanks    
Fairbrother Burns E. 1889 Vermont   Daisy O Fairbrother Walter B Fairbrother, Robert S Fairbrother, Donald E Fairbrother  
Fairbrother Hugh W. 1890 Vermont Arthur C Fairbrother, Cora M Fairbrother Jessie D Fairbrother Clinton R Fairbrother, Dale A Fairbrother, Harriet F Fairbrother  
Fanchs Henry W. 1893 Vermont   Jessie M Fanchs Marion M Fanchs, Bruce A Fanchs, Hanry V Fanchs John E Brown, Bertha L Brown
Fanfare Kenneth C. 1897 Canada   Helen M Fanfare Milford A Fanfare  
Fanfaw Clinton A. 1902 Canada   Bertha C Fanfaw Roberta G Fanfaw, Leatrice L Fanfaw, Robert C Fanfaw  
Farman Ada B. 1875 Vermont     Willard B Farman, Elvira M Farman Almer F Montague
Farmer Ellen . 1865 Canada English       Howard N Watton
Farrant John R. 1862 Canada   Hattie A Farrant    
Farrar Carl O. 1883 Vermont   Agnes M Farrar    
Farrar Daniel . 1870 Canada English   Estella Farrar    
Farrar Ernest A. 1886 Vermont   Lillian M Farrar Elsie M Farrar, Blanche H Farrar, Stanley R Farrar, Irma E Farrar  
Farrar Harry U. 1894 Vermont   Sophia I Farrar Donald M Farrar, Velma E Farrar, Eureta M Farrar, Wayne N Farrar Leslie G Leach
Farrar Raymond . 1904 Canada   Evelyn Farrar    
Farrell Laura M. 1893 Vermont     Alvin J Farrell Leon E Sias
Fee Percy E. 1884 Canada   Hazel B Fee Enid J Fee, Editha B Fee, Doreen G Fee  
Fidella Cosmo . 1890 Italy   Mary Fidella Tony Fidella, John Fidella, Cosmo Fidella Jr., Mary Fidella  
Fields Thomas L. 1886 Canada French   Grace E Fields Barbara M Fields, Marion E Fields  
Fifield William E. 1881 New York   Mabel L Fifield Mary O Fifield, Helen E Fifield  
Fisett Ludger . 1857 Canada French   Olive Fisett   Alcide Provencher
Fish George W. 1871 Vermont   Lillian E Fish   Clara L Ramsdell, Henry O Smith, Lawrence L Smith
Fisher Arthur W. 1880 Vermont   Lillian M Fisher Gordon A Fisher  
Fisher Edward W. 1852 Vermont   Lucinda L Fisher    
Fisher Emerson E. 1898 Vermont   Mary Fisher Dorothy Fisher, Mildred H Stewart, Everett Stewart  
Flanders Arthur W. 1879 Vermont   Edith A Flanders   Lydia J Gregory
Flanders Delbert . 1869 Vermont        
Flanders Edgar E. 1876 Vermont   Lillian P Flanders Dale P Flanders  
Flanders John W. 1899 Canada   Alice M Flanders Richard W Flanders  
Flanders Lucius G. 1893 Canada   Laura M Flanders Viola F Flanders, Murile D Flanders, Frederick E Flanders Cyril G Haney
Flanders William O. 1865 Canada   Idela M Flanders Raymond D Flanders  
Flint Albert . 1867 Vermont        
Flint Charles H. 1904 Vermont   Frances B Flint Marjorie J Flint  
Flint Gerald G. 1893 Canada   Grace M Flint Katherine E Flint, Elenor G Flint  
Flint Kenneth B. 1898 Canada English   Grace I Flint   Wilford L Langevin
Flint Minnie H. 1870 Vermont       Alice L House, Charles M Flint, Hannah Leslie, Marjorie Hinkley
Flint Walter E. 1902 Vermont   Clorintha N Flint    
Fogg Clarence M. 1887 New Hampshire   Hazel B Fogg Margaret L Fogg, Norman W Fogg  
Folsom Joseph H. 1874 Vermont        
Forcier Oscar . 1886 Canada French   Cornelia Forcier Valmore Dube, Roland Forcier, Julian Forcier, Valada Forcier, Conrad Forcier, Fernand Forcier  
Ford James C. 1884 Vermont   Eva L Ford Barbara M Ford  
Fordyce Walter J. 1874 Canada English   Hattie A Fordyce Clarence W Fordyce, Ruth C Fordyce Barbara R Fordyce
Fortin Paul . 1880 Canada French   Marie Fortin Armand Fortin, Annette Fortin, Rolland Fortin, Gerard Fortin, Aline Fortin, Therese Fortin, Walter A Maxfield, Dwight B Horn, Virginia Larabee Pauline E Maxfield, Mildred E Maxfield, Venon Gewear, Ray Watson, Stella Watson
Foster Agnes M. 1892 Vermont        
Foster Bessie M. 1890 Massachusetts     Mildred Foster, Estelle Foster  
Foster George W. 1865 Vermont   Mabel Foster Lindsay Foster Alfreda Welch
Foster Judah E. 1853 Massachusetts     Lettie L Foster  
Foster Nathan P. 1896 Vermont   Hallie Foster Edna Foster  
Foster Ned L. 1859 Vermont     Helen Foster  
Foster (absent) Jennie . 1855 Vermont        
Fountain Fred . 1868 Canada   Lucy Fountain Arthur Fountain, Margaret Fountain Anthony Marcotte, Iola Marcotte
Fournier Arcade L. 1902 Canada French   Alexandrine Fournier Robert R Fournier, Leonard O Fournier, Richard O Fournier  
Fournier Ephraim . 1905 Canada   Diana Fournier Jermain Fournier  
Fournier Max . 1890 Canada Mathilda Fournier Eugenie Fournier Fernand Fournier  
Fox Charles I. 1889 Canada English   Eva P Fox Doris C Fox, Kathleen F Fox, Ruth P Fox, Carolyn M Fox  
Fox Everet W. 1886 French Canada   Jennie M Fox Mildred I Fox, George E Fox, Elizabeth G Fox, Lawrence L Fox, Reginald G Fox, Cora E Fox  
Frissell Bert . 1891 Vermont   Mildred Frissell Eleanor Frissell  
Frissell Herman H. 1856 Vermont   Ida M Frissell    
Frost George L. 1882 New York   Emma S Frost    
Fuller Allie H. 1895 Vermont   Ruth A Fuller Patricia J Fuller, Alward D Fuller, Marilyn J Fuller, Janice E Fuller  
Fuller Donald F. 1896 Vermont   Myrtle L Fuller    
Fuller Lester D. 1860 Maine   Effie J Fuller Howard G Fuller  
Gage Henry L. 1863 Maine   Margaret A Gage    
Gage Ralph E. 1897 New York   Mildred Gage Edward B Gage, Alice A Gage, Thelma E Gage  
Gagne Joseph . 1909 Vermont Hattie M Gagne      
Gagne Joseph P. 1905 Vermont   Flora E Gagne Carl L Gagne  
Gagne Ludger . 1876 Canada   Louise Gagne Irene M Gagne, Paul J Gagne, Georganna Gagne, Angeline Gagne, Henry Gagne, Theresa Gagne, Lucien W Gagne, Lucienne O Gagne  
Gale Amelia F. 1846 Canada English     Ivah W Gale  
Garceau Charles . 1878 Canada   Clara Garceau    
Gardner Charles M. 1862 Vermont   Evellie M Gardner    
Gardner Claude . 1892 Vermont   Helen Gardner Dean Gardner, Lucile Gardner, Beverly Gardner James Tinker, Margaret Hammond
Gardner Fred . 1889 Canada English   Grace Gardner Cecil Gardner, George Gardner  
Gardner James T. 1876 Maine   Calista Gardner Lucilla Gardner, Richard Gardner, Rudolph Gardner  
Gardner Thurland . 1908 Vermont   Altha Gardner Joyce Gardner  
Garo Bert E. 1867 Vermont   Clora E Garo    
Garrett Charles J. 1884 Vermont   Flora B Garrett    
Garry Bernard L. 1883 Vermont   Mary J Garry Lena C Garry, Bernard L Garry Charles W Mackenzie, William Muir
Gauthier Laura . 1871 Vermont     Reginald G Gauthier  
Gaylor Harry . 1904 Vermont   Pauline A Gaylor Bernard E Gaylor, Theodore Gaylor, Frederick J Gaylor Margaret T Villeneuve, Theresa Bedor
Geach Leroy F. 1897 Michigan   Myrtle Geach Marjorie J Geach, Geraldine A Geach  
Geer Arthur J. 1869 Canada   Bernice M Geer   Zelda Eley, Mildred E Wood, Allen Lepper
Gelo Effie . 1857 Vermont        
Gendron Joseph A. 1874 Canada       Alida Gendron, Eva Gendron
Gero John . 1873 Vermont        
Gervais Simion . 1904 Canada French   Lillian Gervais Paul Gervais  
Gibb Bertha M. 1878 Vermont       Bertha R Carpenter, Ila G Carpenter
Gibb Russell D. 1885 Vermont   Helen Gibb Donna L Gibb Alice Pepin
Gibney Arthur . 1882 Vermont   Doris Gibney Gordon Gibney, Dale Gibney, Berdina W Gibney  
Gibson Fred E. 1884 Vermont   Elva Gibson    
Gilbert Lewis H. 1880 New Hampshire   Mary A Gilbert Lou A Gilbert, Ernest H Gilbert, Gladys E Gilbert  
Gilchrist George D. 1876 Texas   Bernice E Gilchrist    
Gilman Earl L. 1891 New Hampshire   Katherine Gilman Luva A Gilman, Howard Gilman, Earl Gilman Jr.  
Gingras Alice  1874 Canada     Paul Gingras, Beatrice Gingras  
Glidden Harold C. 1904 Vermont Herbert Glidden, Edna Glidden Florence M Glidden Mildred Guyette  
Goddard Archie L. 1897 Vermont   Emma N Goddard Archie L Goddard, Carl C Goddard  
Goddard Charles O. 1862 Vermont   Elsie Goddard    
Goddard Earl M. 1871 Canada English   Louvian Goddard   Grace M Dawson, Courtland P Smith, Ruth M Dawson, Dennis H Bousquet, Loren E Penney, Merton R Dean...
Godin Levi . 1886 Canada     Yvonne B Godin, Victoria D Godin, Lionel H Godin, Roland Godin, Cecil Godin, Reginald Godin, Lucille Godin Mabel N Godin
Gokey Philine A. 1881 Vermont        
Gokui John N. 1869 Vermont   Anna Gokui Homer J Gokui  
Golden William . 1897 Canada       Rena Hardy, Glenna Hardy
Gooch Nathaniel De. 1846 Vermont     Etta Larue Leona C Larue, William H Larue, Robert L Larue
Goodenough Charles B. 1890 Vermont   Grace N Goodenough Wells W Goodenough, Kenneth W Goodenough, Charles D Goodenough, Reta B Goodenough  
Goodnough George A. 1851 Vermont       Ellen Witheral
Goodson Ralph J. 1893 Vermont   Lepha A Goodson Celesta E Goodson, Helena V Goodson  
Goodwin Alonzo G. 1863 Vermont   Sophronia Goodwin    
Gosselin Edward L. 1896 Canada   Alice S Gosselin Agnes A Gosselin  
Gosselin Henry J. 1896 Vermont   Bertha D Gosselin Therisa A Gosselin  
Gosselin Homer H. 1862 Canada   Rosa Gosselin Albert Gosselin, Joseph Gosselin, Adlors Gosselin James Burns
Gosselin Napoleon L. 1901 Vermont   Marion E Gosselin Louise R Gosselin, Frances T Gosselin  
Gosselin Wilfred B. 1888 Canada   Natalie M Gosselin Alfred J Gosselin, Bertha M Gosselin, Helen M Gosselin, Alexander M Gosselin, Beatrice M Gosselin, Jannet I Gosselin, Lucille T Gosselin, Alphonsence R Gosselin, Roger H Gosselin, Paul E Gosselin  
Gould Clayton S. 1879 Vermont   Grace Gould    
Grant Ethel M. 1903 Vermont     James L Grant, Lena M Grant, Arthur J Grant, Roy D Grant, Lefaun E Grant Beatrice C Rosbury
Graveline Albert E. 1902 Vermont   Hazel R Graveline    
Gray Bernard R. 1902 Vermont   Eleanor H Gray Ann L Gray  
Gray Morris S. 1895 New Hampshire   Madeline Gray Shirley Gray  
Green Carter E. 1854 Vermont        
Green Clara H. 1882 Canada English Sarah M Humphrey   Gertrude E Green Paul J Wells
Green Donald C. 1893 Massachusetts   Mary A Green Lillian M Green, Hazel E Green  
Green Ellen J. 1848 Vermont     Harriet E Green  
Greene Edward . 1869 Ireland   Mary Greene Gladys Smith Virgil Smith, Kermit Smith, Milton Smith
Greene Stephen E. 1906 Vermont   Gladys M Greene Shirley K Greene, Beverly J Greene Arthur Gignac
Greenwood Joseph H. 1884 Canada   Rose M Greenwood    
Greenwood Laurence . 1909 Vermont   Estelle O Greenwood    
Greenwood Peter . 1877 Canada   Albina Greenwood Dolor Greenwood  
Greenwood William . 1846 Canada   Elizabeth Greenwood    
Greer John . 1872 Canada   Anna Greer Beatrice E Clang  
Gregory Daniel J. 1879 Vermont   Berl L Gregory Hubert A Gregory, Phillip H Gregory  
Gregory Frank . 1891 Vermont   Lula M Gregory   Stella Ramsdell, Carroll Ramsdell
Gregory William H. 1864 Vermont   Lula J Gregory Bernard G Gregory Ernest Santaw, Benjamin Lagrow
Griffin Clarence H. 1879 Vermont   Ara C Griffin Lawrence F Griffin  
Griffin Frank C. 1860 Vermont   Mary J Griffin   Hazel Brahana
Griffin Mary J. 1858 Vermont        
Griggs Asa A. 1889 Canada English   Mary E Griggs Frances L Griggs  
Griggs Beatrice A. 1891 England     Madeline R Griggs, Florence B Griggs, Dorothy G Griggs  
Griggs Earle L. 1908 Vermont   Ida M Griggs    
Griggs Ina C. 1872 Vermont       Gordon Mckenney
Griggs Leon O. 1895 Vermont   Leona L Griggs Richard W Griggs  
Griggs Stuart S. 1863 Canada   Jennie L Griggs Clifton C Griggs, Ray M Griggs Florence Santaw
Grow Archie R. 1876 Vermont   Lillian M Grow William B Grow  
Guimond Frank D. 1876 Canada   Ethel M Guimond Mary F Guimond Norma E Davignon
Guoitte Ludger A. 1898 Canada   Janett M Guoitte Paul E Guoitte  
Guy Lewis M. 1899 Vermont   Violet M Guy Phyllis I Guy, Lois S Guy, George L Guy Bruce C Henderson
Guyette Edward A. 1890 New Hampshire   Gertrude M Guyette Merrell E Guyette, Eda M Guyette  
Guyles Robert L. 1904 Iowa   Margaret M Guyles Robert L Guyles, Iris M Guyles, Carrie L Guyles, Matilda J Guyles  
Hackett George A. 1883 Vermont   Clara A Hackett Clinton W Hackett Alice Hackett
Hackett Howard T. 1902 New Hampshire   Dorothy H Hackett Dale O Hackett, Carol N Hackett  
Hagan James H. 1873 New York   Margaret M Hagan Elizabeth A Hagan, James H Hagan  
Hager Burton H. 1866 Vermont   Myrtle L Hager    
Haire Eugene D. 1897 Vermont   Marjorie R Haire    
Hall Charles E. 1865 New Hampshire   Annie V Hall Ina Hartshorn  
Hall Florian G. 1905 Vermont   Attie L Hall N Stanley Hall  
Hall Fred D. 1878 Vermont   Dora E Hall Eleanor G Hall  
Hall Fred L. 1864 Vermont       Eva A Carney, Charles Copeland, Martin E Reilly, Constance Sargent, Silvio Magoni, Halsey R Flower...
Hall Harry W. 1894 Massachusetts   Mildred F Hall Gertrude M Hall, Joshua F Hall, Alfred R Hall, Collins K Hall, Gilbert L Hall  
Hallett Jennie M. 1882 Massachusetts        
Halley Alferdia  1903 Vermont        
Halley William H. 1866 Canada   Jennie E Halley Alfreda H Halley Edward M Lagnon
Hamblett Ralph F. 1889 Vermont   Natalie Hamblett Tarlton W Hamblett, Robert H Hamblett Charles A Tarlton
Hamel Dina . 1880 Canada     Arthur J Hamel, Reva Bernard, Leonard Bernard Leonard Menard
Hamel Frank . 1902 Vermont   Hermeline Hamel Joseph Hamel, Ernest Hamel  
Hamel Toussaint . 1855 Canada   Emma Hamel    
Hamelin Charles E. 1880 Vermont   Gertrude E Hamelin Aldemand L Hamelin Adeline Lathe
Hamer John . 1886 Canada   Theresia O Hamer William A Hamer, Grant H Hamer  
Hamilton Ernest A. 1878 Vermont   Margaret M Hamilton    
Hamilton Etta . 1854 Vermont       Wilmot C Lister
Hamilton Harry F. 1875 Vermont   Lillian G Hamilton    
Hamilton Samuel W. 1888 Vermont   Kate M Hamilton Junior Hamilton, Helen L Hamilton, Frank Hamilton, James Hamilton Josephine Prue
Hammond D. Stanley. 1893 Vermont   Florence Hammond Vivian Hammond, Lyle Hammond, William Hammond, Winston Hammond  
Hammond Dwight . 1889 Vermont   Mollie Hammond John Hammond  
Hammond Earl S. 1897 Vermont   Marian Hammond David Hammond, Milton Hammond, Priscilla Hammond Walter Greene
Hammond Etta M. 1865 Vermont     Ruth M Hammond  
Hancock Orville D. 1878 Vermont   Bertha M Hancock Gladys M Alexander Maurice E Alexander, James Vance, Maurice L Houle
Handy Edward . 1887 Syria   Marion Handy Charles Handy, Ned Handy  
Handy Peter M. 1881 Syria   Mamie Handy Tom Handy, Dorothy Handy, Wenie Handy, Theresa Handy  
Haney Edward C. 1903 Canada   Doris H Haney Wayne E Haney, Charles P Haney, Eleanor Haney  
Haney George H. 1901 Canada        
Hanson Charles N. 1897 Vermont   Marjorie G Hanson Phyllis M Hanson, Helen E Hanson, Arline M Hanson, Madeline A Hanson, Mary J Hanson  
Hanson Harry E. 1893 Vermont   Lillian B Hanson    
Hanson Oscar W. 1886 Canada   Florence E Hanson Marguarite L Hanson  
Hardy London . 1872 Canada   Emma Hardy Ruth Hardy, Jonathan Hardy  
Hardy Olin G. 1876 Vermont Mary Skinner Mabel P Hardy Roy E Hardy, Murial B Hardy Henry H Bryant
Harlow George L. 1867 Nebraska       Deliah A Beland
Harper John . 1856 Canada   Angeline Harper    
Harris Guy L. 1896 Vermont   Ruth H Harris    
Harrison Allan W. 1899 Canada   F Janet Harrison Eleanor J Harrison Sophia A Knowlton
Harrison Charles J. 1859 England   Drusilla A Harrison    
Hart Moses D. 1890 Vermont   Etta M Hart Leora A Hart, Duane L Hart, Eula E Hart  
Hart Roy L. 1900 Vermont   Marion I Hart Elinor H Hart, Josephine M Hart  
Hartley Elmer . 1874 Canada   Emma Hartley Henry A Hartley, Allie A Hartley Lillian A Hartley
Hartshorn Leslie W. 1885 Vermont   Ida M Hartshorn    
Hartson Gustey E. 1873 Canada   Helen D Hartson Leota C Hartson  
Harvey Fred E. 1874 Vermont       Daniel A Badger, Fannie M Badger
Haseltine Harold V. 1901 New York   Catherine R Haseltine Lucille C Haseltine, Russel A Haseltine  
Haselton Clarence O. 1877 Canada        
Hastings Hattie F. 1872 Vermont     Florence E Hastings  
Hastings Otis B. 1903 Vermont   Thelma C Hastings Patrica V Hastings  
Hatherell Ralph H. 1868 England   Mary A Hatherell    
Hauver Albert H. 1877 Vermont   Annie E Hauver Raymond H Hauver Herbert W Hauver, Earl A Hauver
Hauver Howard H. 1890 Vermont   Adele M Hauver    
Hauver Mabel S. 1891 Massachusetts     Harold W Goodale, Ethel L Hauver, Dorothy E Hauver, Elmer A Hauver Clyde J Bickford
Hayes Charles L. 1865 Vermont   Mildred E Hayes    
Hayes George W. 1873 Vermont   Rosena M Hayes Geneva G Hayes  
Haywood Frank A. 1872 Vermont   Netty B Haywood   William Getty
Heath George . 1875 New Hampshire   Ella Heath    
Henrickson Fred A. 1865 Canada French   Mary Henrickson Alfred J Henrickson, Leon F Henrickson, Marguerite M Henrickson Priscilla P Bernier
Heroux Alphee P. 1894 Canada   Eva A Heroux Anita M Heroux, Loraine E Heroux, Paul J Heroux, Therese I Heroux  
Herrick Bert . 1867 Vermont   Alma Herrick   Hilliard Gray
Heyer Eva J. 1866 Vermont     Mildred B Heyer  
Hicks Guy S. 1897 Vermont Nellie F Hicks Blanche M Hicks Ruth E Hicks, Pauline M Hicks, Elwin C Hicks  
Hicks Roy H. 1893 Vermont   Verna M Hicks Earle S Hicks  
Hildreth Arthur W. 1896 Vermont   Mabel I Hildreth Harry S Hildreth, Homer C Hildreth, Regis B Clark  
Hildreth John B. 1875 Vermont   Addie M Hildreth    
Hildreth Laura E. 1858 Vermont        
Hill Ami N. 1877 New York   Grace L Hill Eleanor M Hill, Irene E Hill Charles H Briggs
Hill Charles E. 1893 French Canada   Stella M Hill Norma E Hill Earnest B Willey, Ellen B Willey
Hill Clarence . 1891 Vermont   Eva Hill Capitole Hill, Helen Hill, Vendetta Hill, Eva Hill, Clarence Hill, Oliver Hill, Alene Hill, Therese Hill  
Hill Frank O. 1865 Vermont   Ella G Hill   David Mayo
Hill Fred A. 1900 Vermont   Reita M Hill Margarette M Hill Leona M Sims
Hill George L. 1867 Canada English     Marion E Hill  
Hill Jerry D. 1869 Vermont     Solon T Hill, Frederick A Hill Mabel Hodges, Beverly W Hodges
Hill John E. 1866 New Hampshire   Edith M Hill H Sumner Hill, Thelma J Hill  
Hill John R. 1877 Vermont        
Hill Robert V. 1908 Vermont   Claire Hill    
Hilliker Myrl J. 1900 Vermont   Loretta Hilliker Stanley Hilliker, Janet Hilliker  
Hills Loren O. 1872 Canada   Mildred M Hills Patricia G Hills  
Hines Asa . 1862 Vermont       Alex Lampron, Willimene Lampron
Hinman Bert C. 1868 Vermont   Ida M Hinman Harriet E Hinman  
Hinman Carrol . 1884 Vermont   Blanche G Hinman Ferol M Hinman, David G Hinman, C Paul Hinman, Maida B Hinman, John C Hinman  
Hinman Ella R. 1850 Canada       Dominic Caporaso, Joseph Lontine, Florence M Lontine, Leonard P Stevens
Hinman Helen B. 1870 Vermont       Ruth J Lyon, Merle E Judd
Hinman Walter L. 1871 Vermont   Gertrude E Hinman    
Hitchcock Stanton E. 1871 Vermont   Stella M Hitchcock Clay S Hitchcock, Alton W Hitchcock Eleanor J Hitchcock, Mary A Smith
Hitchcock W. C. 1906 Vermont   Ruby Hitchcock    
Hoag Harley C. F.. 1875 New York   Grace L Hoag    
Hogaboom Erton . 1871 Vermont   Eva Hogaboom    
Holbrook Frank F. 1865 Vermont   Jessie C Holbrook   Nellie M Harvey
Holden Ernest M. 1895 Canada   Marion Holden Gertrude R Holden, Geraldine M Holden, Gordon M Holden, Donald D Holden  
Holmes William . 1894 Canada   Edna M Holmes    
Hope Elzear J. 1870 Canada   Louisa R Hope Leonard G Hope Laurette Bussiere
Hopkins Warren D. 1892 Vermont   Luna R Hopkins    
Hormmel Peter C. 1889 Canada   Bell E Hormmel Loretta E Hormmel, Reginald A Hormmel, Joseph G Hormmel  
Horn Benjamin . 1869 Canada   Anna Horn    
Horskins Albert . 1883 Vermont       Jennie Horskins
Horskins George . 1874 Vermont   Harriet Horskins Hazel Horskins, Hilda Horskins, Delbert Horskins, Enoch Horskins, Lila Horskins, Etta Horskins  
House William E. 1874 Vermont   Harriet D House   Fred Young, Elizabeth C Young
Hovey Marie C. 1896 Canada English        
Howard Mike . 1893 Syria   Barbara Howard George Howard, Annie Howard, Sam Howard  
Howard Samuel . 1895 Syria   Margaret Howard Joseph Howard, Nellie Howard, Samuel Junior Howard  
Howard Thomas . 1890 Syria   Susie Howard Dorothy Howard, Junior Howard  
Howe H. Scott. 1885 Canada   Lillian E Howe   Leonard W Moore
Howe Wayne S. 1897 Vermont   Vara Howe Joan B Howe  
Hubbard Cordelia L. 1861 Vermont       Lyle A Coburn
Hudon Emile P. 1894 Canada   Eva E Hudon    
Hudon Joseph . 1891 Canada   Laura Hudon    
Hudon Joseph M. 1886 Canada        
Humphery Eber . 1874 Vermont   Hilda E Humphery   Sarah Mansfield
Humphrey Elmer C. 1905 Vermont   Gladys Humphrey    
Hunt Ernest L. 1869 Vermont   Lillie M Hunt    
Hunt Everett M. 1886 Vermont   Lillian C Hunt Henry Hunt, Winton Hunt  
Hunt Franz A. 1887 Vermont   Edith C Hunt Kenneth W Hunt, Robert C Hunt, Helen E Hunt  
Hunt Richard . 1867 Canada English   Alice E Hunt    
Hunt Winston H. 1903 Vermont   Roxie M Hunt Beverly E Hunt Thelma Hall
Hunter Charles D. 1897 Scotland   Grace V Hunter   Ray E Davis, Lucille E Davis
Hunter George C. 1888 Vermont   Margaret C Hunter    
Hunter William D. 1891 Canada   Eva M Hunter Clayton W Hunter Wilbur Cavier, Alma M Talbot
Huntington Carroll . 1877 Vermont   Edith W Huntington    
Huntington Elizah C. 1874 Vermont   Ina M Huntington Dean B Huntington  
Huntington Ralph . 1879 New York   Aida Huntington   John Griffith
Hutchins Harold H. 1867 Canada   Blanche A Hutchins    
Hutchison Gilbert R. 1884 Canada   Everne G Hutchison Frances G Hutchison  
Hutshingon Chester . 1895 Vermont        
Hyde Damon . 1883 Vermont   Ethel Hyde Lillian Hyde, Barbara Hyde William Norton
Ireland Elwood F. 1899 Maine   Francis G Ireland Robert S Ireland, Leslie M Ireland, Elwood F Ireland Jr.  
Iver Merle Mc. 1898 Vermont   Xina Mc Iver Kenneth Mc Iver Harley Hammond
Ives Annie C. 1880 England     Esther M Ives Ackland Mooney, Francis Brown
Jacques Alderic  1879 Canada French   Rosanna Jacques Aldene Jacques, Raymond Jacques, Rosario Jacques, Roger Jacques  
Jarvis Zenon J. 1872 Canada     Robert L Jarvis, Gerald Jarvis, Loretta Jarvis, Ernest Jarvis  
Jeborin George . 1871 Syria   Amelia Jeborin Elizabeth Jeborin, Eva Jeborin  
Jenks Harold B. 1893 Vermont   Elsie L Jenks Betty E Jenks  
Jenne Florence . 1873 Canada       Emma M Cusson, Robert Parker
Jervah Fred A. 1876 Canada   Gertrude J Jervah    
Jewett Edward H. 1897 Vermont   Permiller L Jewett Lawrence E Jewett, Elmond R Jewett, Dale R Jewett Clyde W Jewett
Johnson Albert H. 1878 Canada French   Emma N Johnson   Earnest Miller
Johnson Angelina A. 1866 Canada English     Gertrude M Johnson, Leo F Johnson, Ernest E Johnson  
Johnson Edward K. 1896 Vermont   Bernadette B Johnson    
Johnson Harry R. 1893 Vermont   Helen M Johnson Bernard H Johnson Lillian E Ladd
Johnson Oscar H. 1880 New Hampshire   Bessie M Johnson Hazen V Johnson, Robert G Johnson Delia M Henrichon
Johnson Perley . 1885 Canada   Grace Johnson Alton Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Helen Johnson  
Johnson Richard J. 1885 Vermont   Mary A Johnson Gladys M Johnson, Beaulah I Johnson, John A Johnson, Winnie K Johnson, Viola B Johnson, Gilbert R Johnson  
Johnson William H. 1861 Canada English   Nellie Johnson    
Johnston Edward A. 1891 New Hampshire   Edith Johnston    
Johnston George R. 1900 Illinois   Arline Johnston    
Jones Albert E. 1859 Canada   Lucy H Jones   Margaret E Rollins
Jones Alfred H. 1896 Portugal   Hazel M Jones   Hazel G Beattie
Jones Eva K. 1870 New Hampshire     Francis Jones  
Jones Vincent N. 1867 Canada   Cora B Jones    
Joslyn Everett J. 1872 Vermont   Angie Joslyn    
Joyal Emma . 1874 Canada French     Eugene G Joyal, Wilford A Joyal, Hectorin M Joyal Theodore St Germain, Rudolph St Germain, Fred W Alliston
Judd Arthur L. 1893 Vermont   Grace M Judd Leon W Judd, Helen M Judd, Evelyn C Judd, Arthur A Judd  
Kalloway Albert . 1870 England   Julia J Kalloway    
Keefe Maurice J. 1889 New Hampshire   Flora L Keefe David J Keefe  
Keirn Wallace W. 1898 Pennsylvania   Dorothy B Keirn D Louise Keirn  
Keith Annie L. 1867 Vermont       Ralph D Woods
Keith John B. 1871 Vermont   Eva L Keith    
Keith Matilda . 1868 Vermont     Rotha Selby Clarence Crandall
Kelley Alvin G. 1897 Vermont   Jennie C Kelley Beulah A Kelley, Elwin G Kelley, Claudine F Kelley, Melvin O Kelley  
Kelley Dermond . 1900 Vermont   Gladys Kelley Geraldine Kelley, Ruth Kelley, Gordon Kelley, Francis Kelley, Rosanna Kelley, Grace Kelley  
Kelly C. Arthur. 1888 Vermont   Myrtle L Kelly Wayne G Kelly Laura M Webb, Dorothy B Webb
Kelly Fred H. 1888 Vermont   Cora M Kelly Edith M Hall, Raymond Hall, Rena B Hall, Bernice B Pelletier Lucian H Pelletier
Kelly Lee I. 1892 Vermont   Effie E Kelly Gertrude A Kelly, Pearl B Kelly, Harold E Kelly, Raymond B Kelly  
Kelsey Frank W. 1896 Canada   Daisy V Kelsey Edson W Kelsey, Glendon W Kelsey, Arnold L Kelsey, Gerald J Kelsey, Irene B Kelsey, Frances Kelsey  
Kelsey John W. 1855 Canada     Grace P Hill  
Kendall John L. 1889 Canada   Pearl W Kendall Allen M Kendall, Florence K Kendall, Barbara R Kendall  
Kendall Mahlon W. 1883 Vermont   Audrey A Kendall    
Kendall Wallace J. 1853 Vermont   Matilda M Kendall    
Kendall Wright . 1882 Vermont   Wilmar C Kendall Max T Kendall, Bessie A Kendall, Homer W Kendall, Hurley H Kendall, Beulah A Kendall, John S Kendall  
Kendell Milo N. 1905 Vermont   Katharine E Kendell Marilyn L Kendell, Virginia F Kendell  
Kenerson Frederick . 1884 Vermont   Ethel Kenerson Joyce Kenerson, Janet L Kenerson  
Kenerson Warren W. 1875 Vermont   Marion Kenerson    
Kennison Edgar E. 1861 Canada        
Kennison Fred H. 1863 Canada   Martha P Kennison Mildred E Maguire William J Maguire, Melissa J Lake
Kennison Harold E. 1896 Vermont   Ina L Kennison Lawrence Kennison, Elisnore E Kennison  
Kidman John . 1873 England   Jessie Kidman Alden W Loucks  
Kilby Nellie M. 1877 Vermont     William J Kilby Wilman Souther, Willard R Laraway
Kilby Olin T. 1863 Vermont     Olin B Kilby, George J Kilby, John G Kilby Charles M Adams, Eva Adams, Sarah E Adams, Vera E Adams
Kimball Frank J. 1880 Vermont   Annie B Kimball    
Kimball George G. 1869 Vermont     Iris M Kimball Shirley B Kimball
Kimball William . 1869 Vermont     Carl Kimball Doris Kimball, Fay Kimball
Kimball William H. 1894 Vermont   Charlotte A Kimball Geraldine H Kimball, Wayne C Kimball, William H Kimball  
King Henry T. 1886 England   Alice B King Martin F King  
Kinkner Lita M. 1892 Vermont Mary D Martin     Irving Adams, Blanche Wilson, Clara A Cushing
Kinney Foster C. 1907 Vermont   Yvonne Kinney Foster Kinney Jr., Bernadette Kinney, Evonne Kinney  
Kipp John P. 1884 New Jersey   Madge S Kipp Frederick Kipp  
Kipp William E. 1857 Vermont   Grace A Kipp William H Kipp  
Kirk Harold B. 1893 New Hampshire   Madeline W Kirk Harold G Kirk, Frederick W Kirk  
Kirkland Mahlan . 1904 Vermont   Myrtie Kirkland    
Kirkland Thomas . 1876 Canada English   Mabel F Kirkland   Mamie A Jaquith, Mildred Jaquith
Kirkpatrick John K. 1864 Canada   Hilda I Kirkpatrick   Willard F Kelley
Kiser Walter S. 1890 Vermont   Helen E Kiser Donald L Kiser, Ruth E Kiser, Rodney F Kiser, Kenneth Kiser  
Kofor Arthur . 1893 Greece   Fannie Kofox Freda Kofox, Lena Kofox, George Kofox  
Kofox Nicholas . 1890 Greece   Polchia Kofor Monthe Kofox, Cleo Kofox  
Kullman Axel . 1892 Sweden   Angot Kullman Ingreed Kullman, Ruth Kullman, Gloria Kullman, Doris Kullman Cecile C Lamonthe
LaBarge Alfred H. 1891 Vermont   Calista J La Barge Raymond A La Barge, Paulita C La Barge  
Labarr Irene . 1895 New York        
Labbe Leon G. 1862 Canada   Mary Labbe Leonette Labbe, Antoinette Labbe, Jeanette Labbe, Pauline Labbe, Dennis Labbe, Irene Labbe, Dorothy Labbe Eleanor Labbe
Labonnty Hiram D. 1884 Vermont   Amanda A Labonnty Alfred H Labonnty, Arline M Labonnty, Edmund A Labonnty  
Labounty Adelina . 1869 Canada     Morris Labounty, Marion Labounty, Arthur Labounty Wilfred Champigny
Labounty Eugene . 1876 Vermont   Lona Labounty Evelyn Labounty Virginia Ficaro
Labounty Eugene H. 1893 Vermont   Eva Labounty    
Labounty Julius T. 1892 Vermont   Julia S Labounty Yonia E Labounty, Erma E Labounty, Vera M Labounty, Agnes C Labounty  
Labounty William . 1863 Canada   Elizabeth M Labounty Elizabeth M Labounty, Alice Labounty, George W Labounty, Madeline Labounty  
Labrecque Hormisdas . 1881 Canada   Victoria Labrecque Wilfred Labrecque, George Labrecque, John Labrecque, Rene Labrecque, Yvette Labrecque, Imelda Labrecque, Lucia Labrecque, Doris Labrecque, Gerard Labrecque, Lucian Labrecque, Eugene Labrecque  
Lacasse Albert . 1875 Canada French   Minnie A Lacasse Beatrice E Lacasse, Ardeth A Lacasse  
Laclair Mary E. 1857 Vermont     Alice M Curtis  
Lacross Charles . 1895 Vermont   Hazel Lacross Erlene Lacross, Lloyd Lacross, Kent Lacross  
Ladeau Peter L. 1883 Vermont   Mildred Ladeau Ronald Buzzell George Trudell
LaFountain Ernest J. 1891 Canada   Clementine N La Fountain Alexandria M La Fountain, Ernest J La Fountain Josphine Graveline
Lafountain Henry . 1855 Vermont   Jennie Lafountain    
LaFrance Ernest S. 1882 Canada   Alice M La France    
Lafrance William . 1867 Canada English   Mary J Lafrance   Ellen M Cassidy, Walter E Tiedeman, Lena L Tiedeman, Clyde G Tiedeman, Herbert W Tiedeman, Clyde O Bishop...
Lague Israel I. 1891 Canada   Vivien B Lague Thomas Lague, Lucille Lague, Phillip Lague, Albert Lague, Anthony Lague, Theresa Lague, Raymond Lague, Rita Lague  
Lahar Joseph J. 1886 Vermont   Anna J Lahar Doris E Lahar, Murial C Lahar, Lula K Lahar, Austin E Lahar, Edmond E Lahar, Emily L Lahar, Raymond J Lahar, Audria L Lahar  
Lahar Louis J. 1878 Vermont   Alma D Lahar Arthur Lahar  
Lahar Phoebe . 1851 Canada     Mabel Lahar, Nelson B Lahar  
Lahue Nelson L. 1882 Canada   Mabel A Lahue Maurice L Lahue, Agnes T Lahue, Doris G Lahue, Mamie M Lahue, Ernest Lahue  
Lalime Edward F. 1877 Vermont   Delia P Lalime Eugene E Lalime, Orin P Lalime, Wendell R Lalime  
Laline Abraham P. 1878 Vermont   Annie P Laline Margarette Laline  
Lambert Jerry I. 1859 Vermont   Gertrude L Lambert   Genevieve Ware, Katherine C Bailey, Edwin W Winberry, Edith Chamberlin
Lambert Joseph E. 1890 Canada   Marie V Lambert Cecile M Lambert, Lomer Lambert, Rosette Lambert, Lucien Lambert, Hermenegild Lambert, Laureanne Lambert, Alfred Lambert, Marie T Lambert  
Lamere Carl N. 1894 Massachusetts   Blanche J Lamere Winifred G Lamere, Maynard C Lamere, Dorothy E Lamere, Irene N Lamere, Kathleen M Lamere, Floyd H Lamere, Rudolph H Lamere Ulysses G Peray
Lamere Lewis . 1854 Vermont        
Lamorey Selome . 1858 Canada     Cecil W Lamorey, Clara Clark  
Lamothe Ernest J. 1899 Canada   Florence M Lamothe Rudolph J Lamothe, Morris E Lamothe, Theresa J Lamothe  
Lamothe Wilbur I. 1875 Vermont   Ada F Lamothe Ulric E Lamothe, Viola L Lamothe  
Lamoureux Charlotte C. 1911 Vermont       Arkhille E Lamoureux
Landry Elzear O. 1893 Massachusetts   Yvonne L Landry Alice C Landry, Roselia M Landry, Theodore E Landry  
Landry Olivine . 1851 Canada     Rodias Lambert David E Price Jr., Idea E Price, Donia A Price, Wilbroard E Price, Fredora I Price, Blanche M Price...
Lane Herbert E. 1862 Vermont   Charlotte Lane   Eliza Paine
Langdeau Ademard . 1884 Canada   Marie Langdeau Yvette Langdeau, Leonel Langdeau, Maurice Langdeau, George Langdeau  
Lanone Rene . 1904 Canada       Remillard Laurien, Leona Laurien
Lanoue Oliver . 1882 Canada   Anna Lanoue Hector Lanoue, Adrian Lanoue, Germaine Lanoue, Armand Lanoue, Rose Lanoue, Charles Lanoue, Romeo Lanoue, Laura Lanoue, Therese Lanoue, Victor Lanoue  
Lanpher Wesley . 1882 Vermont   Myrtle Lanpher Kenneth Lanpher  
Lapier Horace W. 1868 Vermont   Clara M Lapier Francis Lapier, Anna M Lapier Kenneth F Lapier
Pierre Edward . 1859 Vermont     Henry La Pierre, William La Pierre  
Laplant Albert T. 1893 Canada   Sarah Laplant Florence Laplant, Gertrude Laplant, Arthur Laplant  
Laplant Hector J. 1892 Canada   Sarah C Laplant Heneretta M Laplant, George W Laplant, Bernard H Laplant, Rosenna B Laplant, Blanch E Laplant, Joyce E Laplant  
LaPlante Frank S. 1885 Canada   Bella La Plante Elmer La Plante, Cleon La Plante, Melba La Plante  
Laplante Henry J. 1890 Canada   Armina M Laplante Mary R Laplante  
Laporte Elphege . 1894 Canada Amanda Ducharme Rosa A Laporte Philippa Laporte, Florette Laporte, Lucile Laporte, Claire Laporte Emilien Brouillard, Euchariste Brouillard
Larabee Anna . 1862 Vermont       Arthur Buzzell, Alvah Larabee
Larabee Eddie . 1867 Vermont   Hattie Larabee   Curtis Sweet
Larabee Oscar . 1888 Vermont   Fanny Larabee Alvin Larabee, Ivan Larabee, Shirley Larabee, Kenneth Larabee, Dale Larabee, Dean Larabee  
Larabee Sarah E. 1856 Vermont       Ernest Dawson
Laramie Leopold . 1894 Canada Melie Laramie Eva Laramie Beatrice Laramie  
Lathe Adeline . 1875 Canada       Charles E Hamelin, Gertrude E Hamelin, Aldemand L Hamelin
Lathe Fred . 1888 Vermont   Beatrice Lathe Alice Lathe, Lawrence Lathe, Irene Lathe, Allison Lathe  
Lavoie Frank . 1898 Canada Adeline Lavoie Corona Lavoie Camille Lavoie, Roger Lavoie, Louis Lavoie, Joseph Lavoie Henry Lavoie, Julien Forcier
Lawson Amos F. 1859 Vermont   Ella E Lawson Blanche E Lawson, Leon A Lawson, Carrol B Lawson  
Lawson Archie . 1884 Vermont   Ethel Lawson Alton Doyle, Milton Lawson, Fredrick Lawson  
Lawson Percival W. 1884 Canada   Grace L Lawson Orison W Lawson Lucy I Spaulding
Lawson Richard C. 1895 Canada   Delight B Lawson Dale W Lawson  
Lawyer Eugene W. 1866 Vermont       Matilda M Lawyer
Leach Gladys L. 1905 Vermont     Leroy E Leach, Walter G Leach  
Leach Leon E. 1880 Vermont   Alice M Leach Marion D Leach  
Leach Robert A. 1891 Vermont   Edith M Leach Robert A Leach  
Leavens Merle O. 1892 Vermont   Annette G Leavens Barbara J Leavens, Stuart C Leavens, Beverly D Leavens, William L Leavens Annie M Verge
Leavitt Agnes A. 1880 Vermont        
Leavitt Carroll E. 1878 Canada   Avis M Leavitt   Ai D Kennison, Fay E Kennison
Leavitt Elijah R. 1869 Canada   Mae E Leavitt    
Leavitt Hollis J. 1887 Vermont   Harriet M Leavitt    
Leavitt John L. 1883 Canada     Doris M Leavitt  
Leblanc Alfred T. 1888 Canada   Eva B Leblanc   Eddy H Roberts, George Turcotte
LeClair Fred E. 1879 Vermont     Thelma Le Clair, Dennis E Le Clair, Erma R Le Clair Della J Sanborn, Lloyd W Sanborn
Leclerc Ernest . 1897 Canada French   Alice Leclerc Marie Paulle Leclerc L A Leclerc, Edgar Forcier
Ledoux Herbert . 1895 Vermont   Rose Ledoux Claire Ledoux, Herbert Ledoux, Viola Ledoux  
Lee Frank E. 1865 Canada English   F Ethel Lee M Dorine Lee, Robert E Lee  
Lee Preston H. 1899 Vermont   Daisy W Lee Virginia W Lee, Preston H Lee  
Leithead Josie M. 1879 Canada     Orator O Leithead  
Lemay Charles . 1869 Massachusetts   Lumina Lemay Aime Lemay  
Lemire Alfred  1880 Canada French   Jeannette Lemire Armand Lemire, Theresa Lemire, Mary Jane Lemire, Mary Ange Lemire, Bruno Lemire, Rose Alice Lemire, Georgette Lemire, Bibiane Lemire, Cecile Lemire, Pauline Lemire, Rita Lemire  
Levin Jesse . 1902 Vermont   Esther Levin    
Levoie Norbert . 1872 Canada     Omer Levoie, Joseph Levoie, Ronarie Levoie, Aime Levoie  
Levoux Melvina J. 1888 Vermont     Brunett P Levoux  
Levoy Archie . 1900 Canada French   Beatrice M Levoy   Edith Welch, Effie Gardner
Levoy Donald G. 1904 Canada   Lillian E Levoy    
Lewis Clarence E. 1902 Vermont   Winsome D Lewis Jeane Lewis, Carolyn Lewis  
Lewis J. Harold. 1895 Canada   Beatrice V Lewis Ralph H Lewis  
Libbey Frank J. 1866 Vermont   Carrie Libbey   George Stewart
Libby May L. 1873 Canada        
Liberty Annie . 1873 Vermont     Harry Liberty Robert D Green, Gladys M Green, Gloria M Green, Beverly J Green, Lawrence Tabor, Charles Pomeroy...
Light John L. 1898 Pennsylvania   Algie Light Virginia C Light, Pauline J Light  
Lilfillan Safford E. 1888 Vermont   Hester O Lilfillan Eugene D Lilfillan, Frank D Lilfillan, Betsy H Lilfillan, Robert C Lilfillan, Harold K Lilfillan  
Lindsay William C. 1868 New York        
Linquest Fred A. 1893 Canada   Clara Linquest Harold Linquest  
Linston John G. 1884 Sweden   Hilda M Linston Jane G Linston  
Lippens Alphonse J. 1877 Canada   Alice A Lippens Rita I Lippens, Blanche Bessette Alfred Bessette
Lippeus Peter . 1855 Belgium   Annie P Lippeus    
Litchfield Frank I. 1862 Canada     Charles Litchfield, Mildred B Bean Ralph A Bean
Litchfield Harold G. 1896 Vermont   Jessie F Litchfield Hazel M Litchfield, Mary B Litchfield, Mark F Litchfield  
Livingston Aran W. 1869 Canada   Minnie E Livingston    
Livingston Harry M. 1889 Vermont   Gertrude O Livingston Rudolph E Livingston, Allen D Livingston, Donald D Wilkie  
Lizotte Albert . 1880 Canada   Hattie L Lizotte Doris H Lizotte, Clarence W Lizotte, Laura M Lizotte, Mary L Lizotte Leonard Lizotte
Lockhart Effie A. 1868 New Hampshire       Mabel G Currier
Lodge George F. 1871 Canada   Ida M Lodge Elva M Lodge, Fredrick G Lodge  
Logan Patrick . 1869 Vermont   Mary F Logan   John Keement, Alice Keement, Agnes Keement, Lawerence Keement
Longeway Etta A. 1849 New Hampshire     Leslie E Longeway Ella A Longeway
Longeway Frank A. 1903 Canada   Candis A Longeway    
Longtine Francis . 1882 Vermont   Gertrude L Longtine Lillian K Longtine  
Longtine John B. 1863 Canada   Eleonore M Longtine    
Lontine Alex J. 1905 Vermont   Carmel F Lontine Izabelle I Lontine, Frances A Lontine, Melvin W Lontine, Roland W Lontine  
Lontine Joseph . 1860 Canada     Alice J Lontine  
Lontine Wilford J. 1895 Vermont   Blanche E Lontine Janett J Lontine, Marion B Lontine, Earnest W Lontine  
Lontini Leon J. 1890 Vermont   Gertrude Lontini Loretta M Lontini, Floyd Lontini Phoebe Leroux
Lontins Leo H. 1900 Vermont   Mildred W Lontins    
Lord Leonard . 1906 Canada   Emaline Lord Leonard Lord, Henry Lord  
Lorimer Archie T. 1879 Canada   Minnie J Lorimer Marrion G Lorimer  
Loukx London . 1877 Vermont   Florence I Loukx Albert C Loukx, Clayton Loukx, Viola Loukx, London Loukx Jr., Smyrna V Loukx, Evelina R Loukx, Daphne A Loukx  
Lunderville Hubert . 1896 Canada   Doria Lunderville Frances Lunderville, Ruth Lunderville  
Lunna John . 1885 Vermont   Kate Lunna Alice Lunna, Henry Lunna, Albert Lunna, Francis Lunna, Helen Lunna, Grace Lunna, Richard Lunna, Robert Lunna, Eleanor Lunna  
Lunna Mariett . 1856 Vermont       Annie Lunna
Luxford Hattie A. 1857 Vermont        
Luxford Turner W. 1851 Vermont     Helen Luxford  
Lyford Ned E. 1887 Canada English   Grace M Lyford Arline V Lyford, George H Lyford  
Lynch Tom W. 1870 England   Pearle F Lynch Flora E Lynch, Edward T Lynch, Thomas M Lynch, Donna F Lynch  
Lyon Claude E. 1897 Vermont   Mildred C Lyon Ernest R Lyon, Ruth M Lyon, Leslie F Lyon  
Lyster Carl T. 1893 Vermont   Ruth Lyster Theodore Lyster, Pricilla Lyster, Alwilda Lyster  
Lyster Edward W. 1895 Canada English Ellen M Lyster      
MacArthur George B. 1873 New York   Ellen E Mac Arthur    
Macdearmid George L. 1860 Canada        
MacDermid John L. 1899 Canada   Ruth A Mac Dermid David L Mac Dermid  
Machle Harold G. 1891 Pennsylvania   Mae A Machle Gordon H Machle, Ruth L Machle  
Mackenzie Donald L. 1893 Vermont   Louise M Mackenzie Donald J Mackenzie, Gwendolyn M Mackenzie, Elaine L Mackenzie, Geraldine M Mackenzie, Robert B Mackenzie  
Maclean Donald M. 1863 Canada   Elizabeth M Maclean Ruth Maclean, Rita Maclean Fern Souther
Macneal Hugh E. 1897 Vermont   Mary A Macneal    
Madgett Milo L. 1880 Vermont   Bertha Madgett Evelyn M Madgett, Warren E Madgett  
Magoon Alanson R. 1860 Canada   Carrie A Magoon Marjorie C Magoon, Albert J Magoon  
Magoon Fred . 1885 Vermont   Edith M Magoon    
Magoon Guy . 1889 Vermont   Ester Magoon Alton Magoon, Lois Magoon Pearl Ranger
Magoon Guy D. 1891 Canada   Mildred E Magoon Donald A Magoon, Lucille M Magoon  
Magoon Luman A. 1860 Canada English   Jane C Magoon Elaine C Magoon  
Magoon Millard . 1874 New Hampshire   Lendolene Magoon    
Maguire Belle . 1887 Canada     Isadora C Hancock Robert C Hancock, Jim O Boynton
Mailloux Dora M. 1888 Vermont Jennie M Pelkey   Louis L Mailloux Moses Pelkey
Maloney Annie O. 1876 Canada        
Marquis Ambrose F. 1885 Canada   Mamie Marquis Earl F Marquis, Gertrude E Marquis  
Marrow John J. 1882 Canada English   Grace M Marrow   Ada B Hill
Martel Albina M. 1882 United States Albert F   Leola M Martel, Antionette I Martel  
Martel Carmille . 1901 Massachusetts   Hattie M Martel    
Martin Fred E. 1895 Vermont   Marion K Martin Richard P Martin  
Martin Harry . 1882 Vermont   Cora Martin Hilda Martin  
Martin Ida E. 1870 Canada     Homer L Martin  
Martin James H. 1858 Vermont   Isabelle M Martin    
Martin Rupert E. 1882 Canada   Florence M Martin    
Martineau Adelard . 1881 Canada Marline Martineau Georgette Martineau Loretta Martineau, Beatrice Martineau, Bertha Martineau, Maurice Martineau, Blandine Martineau, George Martineau, Juliette Martineau  
Martineau Henry . 1888 Canada French   Mariann Martineau Paul Martineau, Gaston Martineau, Rene Martineau Elie St Onge
Mary Charles L. 1876 Vermont   Alice A Mary    
Mason Aime . 1881 Canada French   Christina Mason    
Mason Hector . 1892 Canada   Madge Mason Glenna Mason Homer Buck, Ralph Buck, Claude Buck, Carroll Buck
Mason Napoleon . 1899 Canada   Hazel Mason Paul Mason  
Mason Stanley A. 1890 Canada English   Emma R Mason Frances R Mason, Stanley A Mason Jr. Russell W Owen
Mason Victor M. 1862 Canada     Rudolph J Buteau, Bessie M Buteau Bernard L Buteau
MasQueen Cady M. 1874 Vermont       Edward Eastman
Massey Frank J. 1879 Vermont   Mabel C Massey    
Matten Arah . 1900 Vermont   Mildred Matten    
Matten Edson . 1874 Canada English   Emily Matten John Matten, Gordon Matten, Arnold Matten, Herbert Matten  
Matten Elizabeth . 1862 Vermont       Hattie Mooney
Matten Lavern . 1902 Vermont   Pearl Matten    
Mavis Rose A. 1900 Canada Morie C Brien   Lucile I Mavis, Laurette M Mavis, Roland A Morin Ellen Assoff, Marion M Assoff, Lewis J Assoff
Maxfield Emma E. 1867 Canada        
Maxfield Raymond E. 1897 Vermont   Mina A Maxfield Wendell B Maxfield, Elsie M Maxfield, Evelyn M Maxfield Gerald J Maxfield
Mayo Don W. 1883 Canada   Mary E Mayo Helena L Mayo, Reginald D Mayo, Leo J Agnew, Charlotte E Mayo Clarence A Carter, Elizabeth A Carter, Ruth A Carter, Emma E Agnew, Mildred M Agnew, Marion M Agnew
Mayo William M. 1854 Canada French   Celina S Mayo    
Mays Charles A. 1885 Canada   Gertrude A Mays    
Mccaffery Wilfred J. 1880 Canada   Sadie A Mccaffery Randel J Mccaffery  
McCarley C. Parker. 1894 Vermont   Madeline R Mccarley Charles P Mccarley, Marguerite J Mccarley  
McCauley Reginald 1898 Vermont   Margaret E Mc Cauley    
Mccarten James E. 1880 New Hampshire   Roxanna Mccarten   Richard C Douglas, Rosina Wells
Mccarthy Charles E. 1862 Vermont   Jennie E Mccarthy    
McClellan Samuel G. 1876 Vermont   Rosa J Mcclellan    
McEwen John G. 1872 Canada   Laura Mc Ewen Mary E Cushing Patricia M Cushing, Jean E Cushing
McFarland Henry A. 1899 Vermont   Elva M Mcfarland    
McFarlane Ernest C. 1902 Vermont   Marjorie A Mc Farlane Ruth A Self  
McGee James A. 1882 New Hampshire   Ora F Mc Gee Lenard F Mc Gee Antoine M Bernard
McGee Perley C. 1898 Vermont   Ida C Mcgee Viola M Mcgee, Ernest R Turner  
Mciver Leo H. 1882 Vermont   Edna D Mciver Fredrick D Mciver, Emily E Mciver, Marion L Mciver Roy A Gustin
McKay James C. 1901 Canada   Edna M Mckay    
McKenny Addie . 1862 Vermont       Lucy Conner
McKinney Hiram L. 1890 Vermont   Melissa M Mc Kinney Milton J Mc Kinney  
Mclean Katherine . 1892 Massachusetts        
Mcmasters Robert E. 1893 Massachusetts   Grace D Mcmasters Gladys Mcmasters  
Meader Theron L. 1892 Vermont   Marjorie L Meader   Annie K Duff, Amy E Button
Mechon Roy H. 1875 Vermont   Blanche I Mechon    
Menard Victoria . 1875 Canada     Peter H Menard, Rashael C Menard, Mary L Menard, George N Menard  
Menard Wilfred E. 1904 Canada   Antoinette A Menard    
Mero Ellworth . 1870 Vermont        
Merrill Edward J. 1863 New Hampshire   Cora A Merrill    
Merrill Elijah D. 1880 New Hampshire Elijah N Merrill Leola M Merrill    
Messer Mildred . 1899 Vermont        
Messier Leo . 1901 Canada   Laura Messier Virgel Messier, Henriette Messier, Andrea Messier, Renald Messier  
Metras Dalme . 1901 Canada   Mary A Metras Anna Metras, Eva Metras, Cecile Metras, Rene Metras, Jane Metras  
Meyer Fredrick A. 1907 New York   Mary A Meyer    
Miclette George . 1892 New Hampshire   Lizzie Miclette Gerald Miclette, Morris Miclette, Cecile Miclette, Roland Miclette, Roger Miclette  
Miles Raymond L. 1898 Vermont   Bertha V Miles    
Millard Walter N. 1898 Massachusetts   Alice E Millard    
Miller Edwin L. 1893 Massachusetts   Hallie M Miller Adele E Miller Timothey T Sias
Miller Frank . 1853 Vermont   Carrie Miller    
Miller Harold L. 1895 Vermont Loomis S Miller Esther M Miller Eileen F Miller, Maxine M Miller  
Miller Marshall E. 1900 Vermont Elizabeth B Miller Sarah E Miller Wayne M Miller, Allen W Miller  
Miller Max M. 1878 Vermont   Lena G Miller Harriet E Miller Minnie E Gilpin, Flora I Robinson
Miller Olin A. 1887 Vermont   Alma J Miller Charles O Miller, Lee J Miller, Ruth L Miller, Pauline L Miller