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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town., Where no Post Office address follows a name the Post Office is Concord
ANDERSON HARMON (Isabel), lab, h E Concord
Ash Eli P (Alma), lab, h
" Ralph, emp M C R R, r E P Ash
" Willie (Mary), emp M CR R, h High
Baird Archie (Bertha), lab, h N Concord
Baker Alban S (Cleona T), plant mgr New England Dairies Inc, h Main
" Effie A (Mrs Orville W), clk Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Henry A, lab, h
" Micah C (Mary), farmer, h Concord Corner
" Orville W (Effie A), town auditor and treas-mgr Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
Bancroft Ernest, pres New England Dairies, res Barre, Vt
Barnett Chauncey (Dora), sec foreman R R,h Main
Barrett Delia, hskpr and dom nurse, r
Barrows Parkie (Dora), emp M C R R, h E Concord
Bartlett Earl J (Marion L), asst foreman T B Creamery, h Main
" Kenneth, emp T B Creamery, r J R Ralston
Bazin Ellen A, wid E H, h Pleasant
Bean Harriet, r Concord Ctr
Bedell Harry M, farm hand, r C H Lewis
" Ward M (Jean), carp, h Main
Belden Jennie, sum res Main
Bellerose Arline, dom O W Baker, Main, r do
Bennett Bert, lab, r George Bennett
" George (Carrie E), farmer, h Royalston Corner, R D
" Robert J (Margaret), hardware Main, h do
Bernier John, barber, h
Berwick Harvey, carp, r V Woodsbury
Bissell George H (Blanche M), blacksmith, h
Blodgett Raymond (Delia), paper mkr, h E Concord
" Wesley D (Emma A), h Main
Bolton Elsie, r
Bombard Clyde C (Helen F), lab, h
" Leigh (Ruth), h
Bombard Loren, r
" Nela (Lydia), farmer, h
Bona John, lab, r V Bona
" Vittario (Bertha), farmer, h N Concord
Bordeau Homer O (Maude A), farmer, h Miles Pond
Bouchard J Rosario (Dolores), groceries and dry goods Main, h do
Boutwell George E (Angie), farmer, h E Concord
Boyle James (Minnie), grocer E Concord, h. do
Bradshaw Merlin W (Dorothy), granite cutter, h
Brewer Fred A (Susie H), surveyor, town clerk, town treas, town agent, notary public, h Main
Briggs Gerald (Bertha), lab, h E Concord
" Horace C, farm hand Mrs H Steere, r do
" Ralph (Annie), farmer, h E Concord
Brown Irving L, chauffeur, r E P Ash
" Ithamar H (Carrie), farmer, h P O Miles Pond
" Roy H (Gara), r Miles Pond 
" Willie N, h Miles Pond
Buckminster Earl (Gertrude) f painter, r Mrs E Gleason
Burlock Charles, r
Butler Myrtis, cook, r V Woodbury
" Wilbur (Olive), emp Gilman Paper Co, h E Concord
" Leah, emp St Johnsbury, r
" Miro, student, r
" Olga S, bkpr Trout Brook Creamery, r 
" Rose B, wid Antonio, h
Carpenter Bessie G, wid Frank L, dom nurse, r V L Stacy (was spelled as Barpenter)
" F Stacy, driver, r V L Stacy
" George M, student, r V L Stacy
" Helen M, dom, r V L Stacy
" Leslie M (Pearl L), h
Chaplin Clara A, wid Orrin S, r G H Hastings
Chapman Louise M, mgr New England Tel & Tel Co, r Mrs M Chapman
" Mary, wid George, h
" William J (Eunice C), granite quarryman, h High
Church Roy (Nellie), farmer, h
Cobleigh Ariel F, teacher Gilman Vt, r F M Cobleigh
" Carroll, lab, r F M Cobleigh  
" Frank M (Bertha), sta agt M C R R & Ry Exp Agency, h High
Codieux Stanley, farmer, r R D 1 
Coffran Marion, dom, r R Coffran
" Ralph, emp State Highway Dept, h Pleasant 
Cole Grace Mrs, r J Moyse
Concord Garage, Patrick J Martin prop, auto repairing, Main
" town of, auditors, Mrs Bertha P Cobleigh, Reginald R Reed, Albert Rook
" town of .constable and tax collector, John I Folsom
" town of dist supt of schools, Sidney S Harding (res St Johnsbury)
" town of, health officer, F Russell Dicksin M D
" town of, justices of the peace and notaries public, Fred.A Brewer, Mrs Helen Folsom, William J Chapman, W H Fuller, Albert D Streeter
" town of, listers, F A Lewis, W P Streeter, Albert E Owens
" town of, overseer of poor, A D Streeter 
" town of, road commissioner, A J Warren 
" town of, school directors, Frances J Lillicrap, Harry P Streeter, Harry E Currier
" town of, selectmen, Richard M Southworth, F M Hastings, H O Woodbury
" town of, town agent, Fred A Bewer
" town of, town clerk, Fred A Brewer
" town of, town hall
" town of, town treasurer, Fred A Brewer
Cooper Richard (Annie), emp Gilman, h EConcord
Corey—see Covey 
Cote Emelee J (Mrs), farmer, h
Covey Earl, r E Concord
Crawford Robert (Reta), truckman, h 
Crawford Sherman (Crissie), h E Concord
Crofton Grace E, teacher, r Mrs K E Crofton
" Kate E Mrs, h Main
" Mildred S, r Mrs K E Crofton
Cross Robert D (Maude), farmer, r
Crowell Clyde A (Gertrude), emp town, h Main
Currier Harry E (Irena), poultry fancier Main, h do
Cutting Clarence F (Lola M), prop O B Cutting & Son, h Main
" Lois B, wid Oliver B, h Main 
" Malvern, emp Barre, r C F Cutting
" Murray C (Myrtle), emp St Johnsbury, r C F Cutting
" O B & Son, Clarence F Cutting prop, pharmacy and paints, Main
DANE HELEN MRS, hskpr C H Lewis, r do
Davis Arthur, lab, r
" Herman I (Sabra M), rngr C A Smith, h Main
" Mary Mrs, h Main
" Rebekah, wid Clinton, farmer, h N Concord
Dickson Frederick R (Hazel B), health officer and physician Main, h do
Dodge Roy (Geraldine), farmer, P O Waterford
Donaghy Elmer (Louise), r H Donaghy
" Harvey, farmer, h 
" Howard, lab, r H Donaghy
" Lewis, lab, r H Donaghy
Duval George, emp C C C, r W Duval
" William J (Mabel E), h
Emery Willis V (Kate), farmer, h E, Concord
Episcopal Church, Main, pastor supplied from St Johnsbury
FARMER CARL, carp, r Gertrude Burt
Farrington Earl G (Edith), lab, h
Fisher Albert, lab, h E Concord
" Harry (Susie), h P O E Concord
" Lemuel H (Demmie R), lab, P O E Concord
" Lilla, r M L Rogers, E Concord
" Renford, emp Gilman Paper Co, r E Concord
" Roy (Blanche), emp Gilman Paper Co, h E Concord
Folsom John I (Helen), saw mill E Concord, P O do
" Ross (Myra), farmer, h E Concord
Fontaine Lquis (Josephine), farmer, h R D 2
Ford Daniel, farmer, h R D 2
Forest Joseph, r E P Ash 
Forrest Victor F (Georgiana), farmer, h 3 miles Concord P O
Forsaith Leola T, teacher Athol Mass, h Main
Fortin George (Lona), farmer, h C Corners
French Alice E, wid George B, h
Fuller William H, h Miles Pond
GLEASON ELLA, wid Benjamin C, h
" Walter H, farmer, r Mrs E Gleason
Goodall Curtis, lab, h E Concord
Goodreault Alfred Mrs, farmer, h 1 mile. E of Concord P O, R D 1
" Alfred A (Rose), fanner, h 1 mile E of Concord P O, R D 1
Grant Augustus (Kate), farmer, h E Concord
" Eldora, wid Ira, h E Concord
" Ernest B,r M B Grant
" Elmer E, r M B Grant
" M Burt (Lizzie), farmer, h
Graves Bert, retired, h Main
Gregoire Peter (Florence), lab, h Miles Bond
Grow Clara J Mrs, h Main
HALANA JOSEPH, lab, r E Concord
Hamnet Louie (Helen), truck driver, h
Hanscom Alice, r R D 1
Hartshorn Doris, wid Lindsey, asst postmistress E Coneord, r M M (Morrill ?)
" Etta Mrs, hskpr W H Gleason, r do
Hastings Calvin, student, r F E Hastings
" Evelyn, r F E Hastings
" Frank (Rachel), farmer, h Concord Corner
" Fred E (Ada H), sheriff, h Main
" George H (Lilla), farmer and coal dealer Gilman, h Folsom av
" William E (Myrtie), farmer, h R D 1
Haviland Stephen C, baggage master M C R R, h High
Higgins Edward (Abbie), h High
" George W, lab, h E Concord, R D 1
" Harley, lab, r R D 1
" Nettie, wid Emmett, h Main
Hodgdon Allen, r
Hodge Mary, wid Charles K, h Main
Holton Abby, wid Lyman T, h Main
Howland Leslie, lab, r E Concord
Hudson Edward Mrs, farmer, h
Hunt Nettie, wid Harry, r H Sargent
Hurlbutt Wilson, r E Concord
Huse Mariah A, sum res, h
I O O F HALL, Main
" Lodge No 43, N G, David Streeter; V G, Clyde Crowell; sec-treas, Steve C Haviland.   Meets 2nd and 4th Sat at I O O F Hall
Isham Helen (Mrs Maurice), teacher, r L H Isham 
" Hubert, millwkr, r L H Isham
" Leonard H (Bessie), farmer, h E Concord
" Maurice (Helen), farm hand, r L H Isham
JACQUES JAMES P (Phoebe), h Miles Pond
Janson Lewis (Anna), farmer, h R D 1
John Levi (Lena), farmer, h R D 2
Joslin Edward E, r M J Spaulding
" Susan, r M J Spaulding
Joslyn Clarence E (Lou), fanner, h R Dl
" Earle; r C E Joslyn, R D 1
" Elmer, lab, h E Concord 
" Joseph A, section hand, h 
KEACH WILLARD H (Helen), prop Keach & Calacci, h Main
" & Calacci, Willard Keach prop, granite mfrs near Depot 
Kendall H Gordon (Mildred E), farmer, h H A Quimby
Keneson Carl H (Lenna), h E Concord
" Lenna (Mrs Carl H), school teacher, h E Concord
Keough H A (Mary C), lab, h Main
Kettles Edgar (Evelyn), r E Concord
King John, farmer, h E Concord  
" Persis, wid George, h E Concord
Ladd George (Martha B), farmer, h N Concord
Lamere Clarence R (Gladys M), farmer, H
Lamphier Curtiss A (Marjorie), farmer, h
Landry John (Myra), farmer, h R D 1  
Lavature Adelbert Mrs, lab, h E Concord 
" Alphonse, lab, r E Concord
" Arthur L (Alberta), farmer, h E Concord
" George (Eliza), farmer, h E Concord
Lee Brigham, student, r E D Lee  
" Cora, wid Henry, h
" Ernest D (Edith), lumber dealer, h Main
" Howard, emp Portland, Maine, r E D Lee
Levesque Charles, farm hand, r T Levesque
" Thomas (Rosa), farmer, h N Concord
Lewis Cyrus H, farmer stock buyer, h
" Fred A, lab, r Mrs Mettie Hill, Main
Lillicrap E & Son, granitewkrs and dealers
" Francis (Lillian), h
" Fred (Pearl), granite cutter, h
" Ruth, wid Clarence W, h
Lincoln David A, farmer, h E Concord
Lunnie Almira R, wid D J, h
" Arline C, nurse St J, r K Lunnie
" Francis M, emp St J, r K Lunnie
" Harold W (Ruth), rural mail carrier, h
" Kate S, wid John, h
" Pearl, r Mrs A R Lunnie
Luther Howard (Vera), h E Concord 
Lynaugh Harlan (Goldie), lab, h N Concord
" John G (Maggie), fanner, h N Concord
Lyon Milton (Sophie), h E Concord
" Roy (Kate), millwkr, h E Concord
MACK ERNEST, emp St Johnsbury, r Mrs E Hudson
Mahoney James, lab, r R D 1
Maine Central Railroad, Frank M Cobleigh station agent, stations Concord, E Concord and N Concord
Mann Robert J (Emma), janitor Concord High School, h Main
Martin Mary (Mrs Patrick), restaurant Main, h
" Patrick J (Mary), prop Concord Garage, h Main
" Paul E, auto mech Concord Garage, r Main
" Regina M, waitress, r P Martin
McBey Thomas (May), M C R R foreman, h N Concord
McDonald Harry (Cleona), deputy sheriff, h E Concord
" John, farmer, h E Concord
McFarlin Mildred F, student, r W T McFarlan, Main
" Walter T (Laura), carp, h Main
McGill F W (Martha), lab, h Main
McGinnis Alice (Mrs Clyde), teacher; h N Concord
" C Henry, r N A Burt, Main
" Clyde (Alice), farmer, h N Concord
McLain A A (Jennie B), h N Concord
McPherson Alfred C (Hepsibeth A), station fireman Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
Merrill Hazel M, r J Lunnie, Main
Methodist Episcopal Church, Main
Miltimore Eldie, wid Chauncey, h Main
" George (Bertha), r Eldie Miltmore
" Luther M (Emma), grocer and filling station Main, h do
Modern Woodmen of America, Reginald R Reed in charge.   Meets 1st Mon IOOF Hall
Montgomery Drury L (Sarah), h Miles Pond
Moore Leon, lab, r E Concord
" Wilbur (Emma), lab, h E Concord 
Morehouse George (Anna), express messenger, h 
Morrill Addie Mrs, h Main  
" Hollis W (Florence P), farmer, h E Concord
" Mary, wid George M, general store and postmaster, h E Concord
Morrison Harvey B (Anna C), farm hand, h High
Morton Harry H (Iva), farmer, h 
Moyse Alice L, r J Moyse
" Clement, lab, r J Moyse
" John, granite wkr, h
" Russell (Nina), lab, h Main
" Vern, lab, r J Moyse
NELSON GEORGE W, lab, h High
New England Dairies Inc, Main, pres, Ernest Bancroft; plant mgr, Alban S Baker
" England Telephone & Telegraph Co, Louise M Chapman mgr Main, Concord
Kewick Thomas W, farm hand, r C A Lamphier
Nichols Harry (Marcie), lab, h E Concord
Nichols Lemuel A (Mary), farmer, h E Concord
" Lewis, lab, h E Concord
" Maurice (Helen), lab, h E Concord
" Sarah, wid Edwin F, h
" Walter A Mrs, farmer, h R D 1
Noble Harold, lab, r N Concord
" John (Ena V), farmer, h N Concord
" John N, lab, h N Concord
" Leon, r N Concord
O'BRIEN JOHN (Rosalie) prop Shadow Lake Rest, h E Concord
Osgood Roger H, lab, r Folsom av
" Sidney M, r Folsom av
" Thomas H (Gertrude), emp Trout Brook Creamery, h Folsom av
Owens Albert E, r H W LaPier
PAGE JOHN M REV (Emma), pastor Universalist Church, h
Paradis Morris, student, r Folsom av
" Wilfred (Dora), section foreman M C R R, h Folsom ar
" Yvette, student, r
Parker Ada Mrs, emp Mrs A Morrill, r do
" John S, lab, r C A Crowell
" Roscoe M, farmer, h Royalston C, R D 2
Parks Myron F (Bertha), lab, h E Concord
Peck Sybil, hskpr S C Haviland, r do
Perkins Clayton (Ida), h E Concord
" Everett, millwkr, r C Perkins
" Frank H (Stacia), emp Gilman, h E Concord
" Howard (Lela), lab, h E Concord
" Milo H (Bertha), carp and farmer, h E Concord
" Perley C (Luva), farmer, h E Concord
" William, millwkr, r C Perkins
Phillips Alden P, farmhand, h R D 1
" Lewis L, lab, r A P Philips
Pierce Frank (Marion), lab, h
Pooler T N, lab, r Minnie Wilson, R D 1
Post Offices: Concord poastmaster, Mrs Margaret Walsh; carrier R D, Carl F Richards, Harold W Lunnie; E Concord postmaster, Mrs Mary E Morrill; N Concord postmaster; William M Rich; Miles Poad postmaster, William H Fuller
Powell Clarence (Grace), emp M C R R, r FH Turner
Powers Eugene C (Carrie), farmer, h White's Corner, R D 1
" Frank G, painter, h E Concord
Proctor George M, emp Boston, sum res Miles Pond
QUIMBY HERBERT A (Flora I), farmer, h R D 2 
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, Frank M Cobleigh ageat Depot
Rainey Leslie W Mrs, farmer, h N Concord
Ranney Harry A (Ina), farmer, h N Concord
" Henry (Mariorie), lab, h
" Nellie M, farmer, r 
Raymond Samuel M (Almira), farmer, h E Concord
Reed Ellen, h Main
" Elmer (Ellen R), farmer, h
" Reginald R (Aris B), farmer, h
" William L (Gertrude), farmer, h Main
Remick Morton, student, r W Remick
" William (Mabel), truck driver, h
Rich Gertrude, wid William M, h
Richards Carl F (Lena), rural mail carrier R D 2, h Folsom av
" Dorothy, r E A Bazin
Rivers Arthur, lab, r David Rivers 
" Dana (Lizzie), farmer, h P Q Concord, R D 1
" David (Emma), farmer, h 
" Francis, lab, r David Rivers
" Isabelle, r D Rivers
Robillard Henry J Mrs, farmer, h
Rogers Mame L, wid Fred, E Concord
Rollins May, wid Alfred, r
Rook Albert, lab, r C Rook
" Cecile, r C Rook
" Charles (Louise), stonecutter, h Main
" Louise N, student, r C Rook
" Mabel L, r C Rook
Roy Tillis (Kate), retired, r J R Bouchard, Main
Rutledge Florence, wid J Abner, h R D 1
" Hazen, farmhand, r
" Henry (Dorothy), farmer, h R D 2
" Laura M, r Mrs F Rutledge
" Neal A, farmer, r Mrs F Rutledge
" Willard, farmhand, r Mrs F Rutledge
SAMPSON ADELAIDE, wid David B, h Miles Pond
Sargent Homer (Hazel), chauffeur, h
" Vera F, student, r H Sargent
Sayers Fred, farmhand, h E Concord
Scales John E (Bertha), farmer, h E Concord
Shadow Lake Rest, John O'Brien prop, E Concord
Shaw Eugene (Natalie), farmer, h Miles Pond
Silsby Harley (Margaret), h E Concord
Smith Allen (Minnie A), retired, h Main
" Anna (Mrs Harry), millwkr, h E Concord
" C A, grocers and grain dealers, Herman I Davis mgr, Main
" George A Mrs, farmer, h E Concord
" Grover J (Adelaide), farmer, h E Concord
" Harry (Anna), millwkr, h E Concord
" Irvin W (Etta), lab, h E Concord
" Loren E, granite cutter, r E M Brook
Southworth Richard (Helen), farmer, h
Spaulding Fred J (Gladys), farmer, h Folsom av
" Mark J, lab, h Folsom av
Stacy Viola L, wid Curtis L, h
Stockwell Charles (Capitola), emp Gilman Paper Co, h E Concord
" Louis D (Mary), farmer, h E Concord rd
Streeter Adelbert P (Mary), gen store Main, h do
" David (Doris), farmer, h R D 2
" Doris, phone opr, r W P Streeter
" Harry P (Lilla A), lab, h E Concord
" William P (Cora), farmer,  h R D 1
Stuart Edward (Ellen), farmhand, r Nora Stuart
" John Mrs, farmer, h
" Luther (Florence), farmer, h
" Nora R, wid John R, r
Sylvester Kenneth, emp T B Creamery, r 14 Sargent
TAFT CYRUS A (Lou M), lab, h
Tardif E P (R A), farmer, h
Tassea Rose, nurse, h
Tilton Frank, r Mrs N W Tilton
" Nellie W, wid Hascall, h
Timson Bernard (Gladys), lab, h E Concord
Tisdale Malcolm (Arline), h E Concord
Town Hall, Main
Trout Brook Creamery (Inc 1896), Main; treas-mgr, Orville W Baker; clk, Myrtle Wells
Turner Frank H, retired, h
UNIVERSALIST CHURCH Concord, pastor, John M Page
VANCE ESTELLE MRS, hskpr F Sayers, E Concord
" Joseph (Esther), h
Virtue George, r J A Virtue
Virtue James A (Etta I), farmer, h
WALKER JOHN (Amelia), lab, E Concord
Walsh Margaret: (Mrs Thomas R), postmistress Concord, h
" Thomas R (Margaret), clk P O, h
Warren A J (June), road comm, h
" Dewey C (Lou), farmer, h
Webb Addie, wid William, h E Concord.
Welcome Frank (Carrie), farmer, h R D 2
" Herbert, r F Welcome
Wells Myrtie S (Mrs Neil P), sten Trout Brook Creamery, h Main
" Neil P (Myrtie S), draftsman E & T F & Co, h Main
Wheaton Bessie (Mrs Thadeus), emp St Johnsbury, h Main
" Thadeus E (Bessie), com trav, h Main
Whipple Mary A, wid George E, h Main
Whitcomb Frank J (Flora), emp Gilman, h E Concord
White Guy (Maude), emp T B Creamery, h Main
Widger Delia, dom, r R E Concord
Williams Flora M, dom, r Mrs M A Whipple
" Mabel, h
" Minnie Mrs, h Concord Cor
" Robert (Martha), farmer, h R D 2
William Jr, farmer, h Concord Cor, R D 2
Wilson Avis, teacher, r H T Wilson
" Hazel, dom, r J C Wilson
James C (Clara), h
Woodbury Charles, lab, r E Concord
" Edmund, r R D 1
Elvin, r R D 1
Esther, wid Harry E, h R D 1
Howard O (Mabel), truck driver, h E Concord
Vianna, wid Philip S, h Main
Willard, r H O Woodbury
Woods James (Ella), lab, h E Concord
Woodward G H (Addie), emp Trout Brook Creamery, h
YOUNG ARTHUR T (Sarah J), farmer, h R D 2
" Ray (Myrtle), farmer, h R D 1

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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