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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town.
When no Post Office address follows a name the Post Office is Danville
AILES GEORGE O. (Myrtie), farmer, h
Ainsworth Wallace W., lab, h W Danville
American. Railway, Express Co
Ames Sarah J. Mrs., h
Armstrong George. W., stonecutter, h W Danville
Ayer Edward P., h W Danville
   "    Harley L., h
   "    Oscar (Kathleen), h W Danville
   "    Otis (Katherine), h W Danville
Badger Charles H., h
   "    Eddie H., h
   "    Ella, r
Bagby Mary Mrs.; h
Bailey Harriet H. B. Mrs, h
Barnett Harvey, C., farmer, h
Bartlett Allen H., farmer, h Harvey's Hollow
   "    Charles G., student, r
   "    Charles W., salesman, h
   "    Edith G., emp Caledonia Nat Bank, r
   "    Myrtie S., h
Batchelder William D., r
Berard Joseph, h
Bickett Otis (Irene), h W Danville
Bickford Frank E., ins agt, h
Blackadar A. D., h W Danville
Blair Alec, farmer, h
Blake V. D., h W Danville
Blanchard Ernest (Frances), blacksmith, h
Blewett A. E., farmer, h N Danville
Blodgett Harley P., farmer, h N Danville
   "    Walter, h
Bolton Henry D., h W Danville
   "    Ora A., farmer, h W Danville, R D 1
Borland Arthur E., farmer, h
   "    James H., printer, h
Bradley John O., south part Passumpsic, R D
   "    Lewis, h
Brainard Charles D. (Emma), farmer, h
Brickett Evelyn, teacher, r
   "    John H., lab, h W Danville
Brooks Luther, farmer, h W Danville
Brown Brian (Marion A), lawyer Danville, h do
   "    Harry J. (Frances), h W Danville
Bryer C. L.( h St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Joseph, h
Burbank Harvey (Lillian T), h
Burdick Fred H., r
   "    Helen, h
Burnham Herbert H., farmer, h N Danville, R D 1
CAHOON LELAND C. (Clara), (Leland C Cahoon & Sons), h
   "    Leland C. & Sons (Leland C and Walter Cahoon), props Elm House
   "    Walter (Viola), (Leland C Cahoon & Sons), h
Caldwell A. A., sawyer, h
Caledonia National Bank, pres, Beauman G. Rogers; v-pres, Alpha E. Tolman; cashier, Asa Wesson, Danville
Calkins F. B., h
Carr Harry A., h
   "    Laura Mrs., r
Chalmers Henry E., h R D
Chamberlain George E., h W Danville
Chandler Harry (Maud), h W Danville
Churches: Baptist, N Danville, Congregational,   Danville, Methodist, Danville, N Danville and W Danville
   "    Congregational Church, Rev. Frank W. Hazen pastor
   "    Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  Rev.  William  H.   May pastor
Clark Harley G., lab, h
Clement Madeline, r
   "    Murray D., h
   "    William, farmer, Danville
Clifford Bert A., lab, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury R D
   "    Charles R., farmer, h
   "    Charles T., h
   "    Fred W., farmer, h Danville, R D 1
   "    George P., lab, r N Danville, St. Johnsbury R D
   "    Guy, h
   "    William H., farmer, h St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    William R., farm hand, h Danville, R D 1
Colbeth Daniel R. (Edith A), h W Danville
Collins James T., farm hand, h
Cook Tirzah, h
Crane Frank A., farmer, h 1/2 mile out
   "    Mary B., h
Crapeault Joseph, h R D 1
Currier Albert E. (Mary D), retired, h
   "    Frederick M., farmer, h R D 1
   "    John N., civ eng, r
   "    Marjorie, teacher, r
   "    Samuel (Annie), retired, h
DALTON ETHEL D., emp Caledonia Nat Bank, r
Damon George R., h St. Johnsbury, R D
Danforth Bell, h
   "    Elwood (Lettie), sub rural carrier, h
   "    Harry M., stone mason, h
Daniel Albert A., sawyer, h
Daniels Fred (Eliza) slsman h W Danville
Dansereau Adrienne, student, r
   "    Fred (Clara), emp Danville Mfg Co, h
Danville Creamery Association, F. S. Morse mgr, Danville
   "    Grain Co, pres, M. D. Leonard; asst treas-mgr, Delmer O. Smith, grain dealers and grocers
   "    Harness Shop, Harvey Peck prop
DANVILLE MFG CO C. H. Davis mgr, mfrs wood products, see un name
Danville Town Farm, southeast part of town
   "    Town of, town clerk and treasurer, Asa Wesson
   "    Town of, constable, H. M. Osgood
   "    Town of, superintendent of schools, Harvey Burbanks
   "    Town of, health officer, Herman Osgood
   "    Town of,   listers, Fred Gadapee, William Clement, F. E. Bickford
   "    Town of, Notaries Public, C. S. Dole, Asa Wesson, Earle Fisher
   "    Town of, overseer of poor, Herman Osgood
   "    Town of, road commissioner, William F. McCormick
   "    Town of selectmen, James D. Stevens, L. C. Bennett, Arthur Webster
Davidson Merrill E., farmer, St. Johnsbury, R
Davis Bliss N., emp P O Dept, Wash., D. C., r
DAVIS C H (Gertrude), mgr Danville Mfg. Co, h
   "    Orpha, r 
Devenger Bros. (Ernest & Vernon Devenger), auto  repairing, Danville
   "    Charles, emp Devenger Bros., r
   "    Ernest (Mildred), (Devenger Bros), h
   "    Vernon J. (Devenger Bros), h
Dole Alice (Mrs. Harvey), librarian Danville, h do
   "    Augusta, f
   "    Charles S., agt J L Taylor Co, suits and coats h
   "    Durant, h
   "    George M. (Ethel), h
   "    J. D., h
   "    Jessie G., r
   "    Lyman S., farmer, h
   "    Nelson A., h
   "    S. Mrs., teaches, h
   "    William E. (Ann H) farmer, h R D 1
Dow Martin V. B. (Ella S), dir Caledonia National Bank, h
Drew Charles, h St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    George M., St. Johnsbury, R D 3
ELM HOUSE (Leland Cahoon & Sons)
Emmons Edward H. (Susie), const wkr, h
   "    Ralph (Alice), lab, h
   "    Timothy (Marjorie), emp Danville Creamery Assoc, h
FARRINGTON CLAYTON C. (Lilla), emp Danville Mfg Co, h
   "    Donald, student, r
   "    Millicent, student, r
   "    Willametta, student, r
Fecteau Leon (Mary), carpenter, h
Fellows Asa G., farmer, h W Danville
   "    George T., carpenter, h
   "    William H., farmer, h R. D 1
Finley William, farmer, h
Fisher Earle H. (Clara), postmaster Danville, h do
   "    George H. (Minnie), h
Fitzpatrick Robert J., lab, east part St. Johnsbury, R D
Forbes Katherine A., r St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    W. A., farm hand, r St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    William, farmer, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Fournier Irene, emp Hotel Thurber, r do
   "    Julia, student, r Ella Badger
Frye Burton R., h southeast part of town
GADAPEE FREDERICK, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Gadapee Harold, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    John D., h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Joseph, farm hand, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Louis (Minnie), farmer, h
   "    Mildred W., teacher Groton, Vt, r
   "    Evelyn, student, r.
Gadley Benjamin L., dir Caledonia National Bank, h
Gagnon John A., farmer, h R D 1
Gates David, h W Danville
Gillis J. Ward (Mary), general store Danville h.
Girard Augustus, h
   "    Paul, h R D 1
Gorman Harry, telegraph opr, h
Goskin Orin V., farmer, h
Goss Ashley J., granite wkr, h W Danville
   "    Frank A., h W Danville
Gray Wilfred, h
Green Cora, h
   "    James, caretaker Danville Cemetery, r
Greenbank Foster, h Danville, R D
HAMILTON WILLIAM (Frances), veterinary Danville;. h
Hancock Henry, h
Hanna Ethel Mrs., clk J. Ward Gillis Store
   "    Ethel Mrs., agt A. S. Janeau Undertaking
Harris Harvey (Harriet), h W Danville
Hartshorn Ernest (Nellie P), dog fancier; Klankit Kennels, h
   "    Irene, student, r
   "    Mary Mrs., h
   "    Thelma, student, r
Hastings Gilbert S. (Jennie R), gen store, H W Danville
   "    Jennie R. (Mrs Gilbert S), postmistress, h W Danville
   "    R. W., h
Hatch H. E. (Margaret), prop H E Hatch's Store, h
   "    Samuel A., farmer, P O W Danville
Hatch's H E Store, gen store H E Hatch prop, Danville
Hawkins Hiram B., farmer, h
Hazen David D., student, r
   "    Frances M., student, r
   "    Frank W. Rev. (Mary), pastor Congregational Church
   "    Margaret P., r
Heath Albert M., lab, h
   "    Benjamin F., fanner, h Passumpsic, R D
   "    Chandler (Elizabeth), licensed auctioneer Danville, h do
Hebb Roy W., blacksmith, h
Hetherington Ernest F.  (Maida), prop The Hetherington Store, h
   "    Louise, student, r
   "    Store The, Ernest F. Hetherington prop, gen merchandise
Hodgdon George E., h
   "    George R., r
Hotel Thurber, William E. Worthen prop, Danville
Houghton Abel F., farmer, southeast part Passumpsic rd
   "    Edgar, farmer, southeast part Passumpsic rd
   "    Seldon E., emp Caledonia Nat Bank, h
Hubbard Rufus R., N Danville, St. Johnsbury R D
Hunt Eugene W., h
INGALLS ARTHUR (Anna), steam shovel opr, h
   "    George, farmer, h
Isham Hilda, teacher, r
Johnson Bert, h
   "    G. N., St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Joslin Charles (Gertrude), retired, h
Joy Philip, mechanic, h
Joyce Charles A., h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
KELLY EDGAR (Annie), h
King William H., farmer, south part, P O E Barnet
Kingsbury Florence M. Mrs., h
Kittridge Ernest, h W Danville
   "    Fred O., farmer, h 2 miles out
   "    George, h W Danville
   "    Harold, h R D 3
Kizer Harry, farmer, h R D 1
Knight Frank, h
   "    George, emp St. Johnsbury, h
   "    Howard, student, r
Knights of Pythias, G. C, Charles Scott; V. C, Ralph Osgood; M. of F., William Finley; M. of E., Fred Peck; K. of R., Charles McCosco; M. of A., Henry Chalmers; Prelate, Glen Crane; I. G. A. F. Page; O. G., Frank Lamberton.    Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays 8:00 A. M.
LAKE VIEW HOUSE, W. A. Smith prop, W Danville
Lamberton Frank (Alfreds), clk J. W. Gillis Store, r
Lemieux A., h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Lang Carl W. (Anna), h
   "    Emerson, teacher, r
   "    Marjorie, student, r 
   "    Merton, farmer, h R D 1
   "    Violetta Mrs., h R D 1
Langmaid Berl A., farmer, h
   "    Dixon A., farmer, h W Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Fred W. (Edith), farmer, h
Leighton Fred C, farmer, h
Lemos Frank, h St, Johnsbury, R D 3
Lewis Homer Prof, retired, h
Libraries, Danville Public Library, Alice Dole Librarian
Lowrey Joseph (Eva), farmer, h
MACK HERBERT A. (Eunice E), emp C. A. Smith, St. Johnsbury, h 1 Peacham rd, R F D 1 Danville
Masonic, 0. E. S. Diamond Chapter No. 14, W. M., Jennie G. Dole; sec, Lillian T. Burbank; treas, Flora B. Peck. Regular meeting comes on Wednesday of the week preceding the meeting of the Washburn Lodge
   "    Washburn Lodge F. & A. M. No. 92, W. M., Vernon J. Devenger; treas., Charles S. Dole; sec, Harold Sykes Meets Wednesdays after the first moon.
Massey G. A., h St. Johnsbury, R D 2
Mathews Milo S., lab, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
May William H. Rev. (Nellie), pastor Methodist  Episcopal Church, h     
McCormack William F., farmer, h
McCormick Frank H., lab, h
   "    Irene, r
   "    William (Etta), road comm, h
McCosco Oliver, mach, h W Danville
McDonald Martin R. (Agnes), bridge wkr, h
   "    Plynn H. (Mary L), farmer, h 1/2 mile east
McDowell William J., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D 3
McEwan John F., farmer, h R D 1 
McGill John, farm hand, h 2 miles out
   "    John P., h
   "    Patrick T., h
McLaughlin Glen D., prop Pt Comfort Dance Hall and Lunch Room, h W Danville
McNaughton W. H., h R D 3
Milligan P.B., h W Danville
Mills Charles E. Mrs., h
Mitchell W. J., h Passumpsic, R D 1
Moore Eliza, student, r
   "    Ernest R., farmer, h
   "    Frank H., farmer, h R D 1
   "    Mahlon E., saw mill, h
Morrill Calvin (Myrtie), bus St. Johnsbury, h
   "    George B., farmer, h
 John D., h Passumpsic, R D 1
   "    Joseph A., farmer, P O Passumpsic
   "    Myrtie (Mrs Calvin F), prop Morrill's Gift Shop, h
Morrill's Gift Shop, Mrs. Myrtie Morrill prop, Danville
Morse Belle Mrs., h
   "    Fenton S. (Ethel), (Smith & Morse), h
   "    George C, farmer, h
   "    George D., lab, h
Morse Gerald, clk Hetherington's Store; r
   "    Lucy Mrs, h
NEW METHOD LAUNDRY, Charles Ray agt, office St.  Johnsbury
North Danville Creamery Association, P O St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Nutting Patience Mrs., teacher, h
ODERKIRK FRED L., farmer, h
O'Donnell Fannie Mrs., r
Osgood Harry S. (Jennie), farmer, h
   "    Herman (Carrilla), constable, h
   "   Ralph A. (Helen), h
   "    Raymond (Stella), lab, h
   "    Stella, clk H E Hatch, r
Owen Wilfrid L. (Mona), head master high; school, h
PAGE ALONZO, farmer, h
   "    Charles (Ruth), lab, h
   "    Ellen, r
   "    Gertrude, student, r
   "    Harrison, h
   "    Newton B., farmer, h
   "    Ruth, emp Hotel Thurber, r do
Paine Allan (Florence), carpenter, h
   "    Edith, student, r
Paquin Harry G., lab, h. R D
Patterson Erlene, student, r Ella Badger
Paulson Julia E. Mrs., r
   "    Martin J. P. (Louisa D), physician; Danville,  do
Peck Charles A., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Clarence E. (Irma B), butter maker, h,
   "    Fred B., farmer, h
   "    Harvey (Ina), prop Danville Harness Shop, h
   "    Leonard (Marion), truck driver, h
   "    Reginald, student, r
   "    Walter H. (Flora), farmer, h 1/2 mile out
Perkins Ida Mrs., h
Perry Lewis W., h
Pettingill Guy, farmer, h R D 1
   "    James M., farmer, h 1 mile out
Phillips Academy or Danville High School, principal Wilfrid Owen
Pickett Albert W., farm hand, h
Pierce Arthur C. H., h N Danville St. Johnsbury, R. D
Placey Wilson, h
Plant Lizme, auto mech, h
Pope C. Archie, h W Danville
Porter Charles, h
Porter Jennie L., h Danville
Post Offices, postmaster Earl H. Fisher; asst., Clara Fisher, Danville, postmaster W Danville, Jennie M. Hastings
Powers Frank W., farmhand, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Guy W., h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Howard M., h St. Johnsbury,  R D 3
Pressy Perley J. (Bertha), station agent St. J & L C R R, h
Preston Fred J., carpenter, h
Pt. Comfort Dance Hall & Lunch Room, Glen D. McLaughlin  prop, W Danville
Pythian Sisters, M. E. C., Helen Osgood; E. S., Mary Chalmers; E. J., Elsie Bigelow; Man., Mary Peek; M. R. C., Anne Steady; M. of F., Jessie Dole; P. C., Jane Steady
RANCOUR JOSEPH (Maud), restaurant and pool room, h W Danville
Ranney Harley L., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
Reed Ira, retired, h
Robinson Levi P. (Ruth), h W Danville
Rodger Earle (Mary), prop West Danville Garage, h.
   "    Ernest, lab, h R D 1
   "    Merton L., stone cutter, h W Danville
   "    Nellie Mrs., h
   "    Oscar (Augusta), sawyer, h
   "    Samuel G., emp Earle Rodger, h
Rogers Beauman G., pres Caledonia National Bank, h
   "    Ella, emp Caledonia Nat Bank, r
   "    Hazel, emp Caledonia Nat Bank, r
   "    Phil S., dir Caledonia National Bank, h
Rollins Curtis K., h
Rowe Horace Mrs., h
Roy Augustus, h W Danville
   "    Charles, barber, r
Rutledge Perley A., h
SANBORN ALLEN C., blacksmith, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Anna Mrs., h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Arthur T., h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Martin L., farm hand, h N Danville
Sargent Neal W., h
Scott Charles A., h
Shattuck Beauman, r St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Emily, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Paul, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Sizen Mary E., h Passumpsic
   "    Norman W., farmer, h
Smith Aaron D., farmer, h
   "    Austin E. (Lillian), (Smith & Morse), h
Smith Byron, clk H E Hatch Store, r
   "    Carl (Lillian), h
   "    Delmer O. (Gladys M), asst treas Danville Grain  Co, h
   "    Eli W. (Mary), section hand, h
   "    Howard B. (Lorinda), salesman, h
   "    Rev. Mr., pastor N Danville Church St. Johnsbury, R D 3 h
   "    Sadie Mrs., h
   "    W. A., prop Lake View House, h W Danville
   "    Warwick (Rose), h W Danville
   "    & Morse (Austin E Smith and Fenton S Morse), hardware, plumbing & heating
Spaulding Mary E., r
Spencer Earl W., emp Goss Garage, St. Johnsbury, r
   "    Sylvia B., student, r
   "    William T. (Bertha), chief eng Danville Mfg Co, h
Stanton George H., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Herbert C., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Homer P., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Walter P., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
Steady Anne, teacher, r
   "    Jane, r
Steele Rose, wid Archibald, h
Stevens Albert H., farm hand, h St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Charles B., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
St. J & L C R R, Perley J. Pressy sta agt, Danville
Swasey Charles, h W Danville
Swett Frank G., farmer, h 3 miles out, St. Johnsbury R D
   "    Louisa, h St. Johnsbury, R D 2
   "    Walter B., h St. Johnsbury, R D 2
Sykes Harold (Lina), lab, h
THOMPSON EDWIN G., farmer, h Passumpsic, R D 3
Thurston A. Russell, h Passumpsic, R D
Tolman Alpha, v-pres Caledonia National Bank, h
VALLIER FRANK, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
Vance Carl, h
   "    Charles H., farmer, h
Vondle Peter, h
WARD ALBERT H., h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Benjamin H., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
   "    Eugene, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
   "    Harold, farmer, h
   "    Herbert E., farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
Waterman Stephen, farmer, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, RD
Way Frank L., janitor Town Hall, h
   "    Hollis G., P O W Danville
Webb Edwin M., farmer, h
Webster Arthur H., farmer, h R D
Weeks Anna Mrs., h
   "    Emma Mrs., h
Wesson Asa (Leila B), town clerk and cashier Caledonia National Bank, h
   "    Lelia B. (Mrs Asa), asst cashier Caledonia National Bank, h.
West Danville Garage, Earle Rodger prop, auto repairing
Wheaton C. J., h
Whittier Harriet, h
Williams Helen Mrs., h
   "    John D. (Helen), dog fancier, h
Wilson George (Laura), farmer, h
Winn Frank A., h Passumpsic, R D
   "    Fred C, farmer, east part Passumpsic, R D
Woods Arthur, h
   "    Carl B., h W Danville
   "    Carl H., h
   "    L. E. Mrs., clk The Hetherington Store, h
Woodward William A., farm hand, h N Danville, St. Johnsbury, R D
Worthen William E., prop Hotel Thurber, h
Wrightman John, h St. Johnsbury, R D 3
YOUNKIN WILLIAM (Rose), h W Danville
Young Harry, h W Danville

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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