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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town.
When no Post Office address follows a name the Post Office is Danville
Ailes Charles R (Maud) farmer h Passumpsic RD1
"    George O (Myrtie) retired h
"    Kenneth farm hand r C R Ailes
Ainsworth Clarence lab r W Danville
"    Howard (Gladys) farmer h W Danville
"    Hugh truck driver r W Danville
"    Inez Mrs r W Ainsworth
"    Martin lab r W Danville
"    Wallace lab h W Danville
Albisser Frederick farmer r
"    Joseph farmer h
"    Louis (Nellie) farmer h
Allen Gordon M (Abbie) carp h
"    Margaret tchr  Danville High  School r
American Legion Auxiliary pres Mrs Beulah Wakefield,   sec   Mrs Marion   Randall, treas  Mrs  Clara  Fisher,   Danville
"    Legion Post No 53 com Earl H Fisher, adj Albert H Danforth, fin sec Raymond H Osgood, Danville
Armstrong Gladys r W Danville
Austin Frank D (Euphemia) farmer h N Danville St Johnsbury RD3
"    H C r F D Austin
"    Lillian D (Mrs Austin F) clk Danville Post Office h
Ayer Alice E wid Edward F h W Danville
"    Oscar (Kathleen) lab h W Danville
"    Otis (Katherine) gas sta W Danville h do
BACON BEVERLY J (Mildred C) lab h
"    Mildred C Mrs (Beverly J) phone opr h
Badger Edward H (Eva) power house opr h W Danville
"    Ella J wid Dana h
"    Levi farmer h
"    Lillian wid Charles dom r
"    Morris emp St Johnsbury r W Danville
Bailey Harriet H B wid Charles M h
Baptist Church Rev F A Kelly pastor M Danville
Barnett Harvey C (Effie) farmer h
Barnett Nelson (Eva) farmer h
Barrett Ruby Mrs hskpr Fred Leighton r do
Bartlett Allen H (Ella) farmer h Harvey's Hollow
Bashaw Theodore (Willametta) lab h
Batchelder William D retired h
Bathalon Albert lab r
Bean Perley L (Alice) farmer h W Danville
Beaton Franklin (Cora) cattle dealer h
Beers James (Emily) farmer h St Johnsbury RD3
Belville   Raymond   (Marion)   farmer  h   N Danville
"    William G (Julia) farmer h N Danville
Bennett Clifton h N Danville
"    Fred (Laura) farmer h St Johnsbury RD3
"    Lambert L farmer h St Johnsbury RD3
Berard Joseph (Maud) h
Bessette Wilson (Ruth) lab h
Bickford Flora E wid Frank E h
Bigelow Bert A (Nettie) farmer h S Danville
"    Morris (Elsie) farmer h Walden rd Danville RD
"    Walter (Avis) farmer h
Blackadar A Douglass (Sadie) farmer h W Danville
Blair Bessie wid Alec h 
"    Kenneth R farmer h
"    Madeline G dom r
"    Winton A gas sta attd r Mrs B Blair
Blake Vanaida D (Effie) h
Blewett Albert E (Josie) farmer h N Danville
Blewitt James h St J RD3
Blodgett Harley P (Luella) farmer h N Danville
"    Walter (Ruth) fmr h St Johnsbury RD3
Bolduc Joseph M (Marie) farmer h St J RD3
Bolton Arietta teacher W Danville Graded School res Cabot
"    Ora A farmer h W Danville RD1
Bond John r St J RD3
Bonzey Charles (Alyce) farmer h St J RD3
Borland James H (Jennie) printer h
Bowman Frank (Agnes) farmer h St J RD3
Bradley Lewis (Alma) farmer h RD
Brickett Otis (Irene) lab h
Brown Gerald (Eunice) farmer h
"    Harry J (Frances) h W Danville
"    Margaret r W Danville
Bryer Clarence L (Mabel) farmer h St JRD2
"    Joseph P (Mildred) farmer h
"    Wallace (Arlene) saw mill wkr r
Bullock Benjamin P (Laura) h St J RD3
Burbank Lillian T wid Harvey h
Burdick Fred H r
Butt George (Frances) sum res W Danville
CAHOON BROS (Walter S, Ralph H and
"   George D  props The Elm House
"   Clara wid Leland C h
"   George D (Madine)  (Cahoon Bros) res Walden
"   Lawrence A r W S Cahoon
"    Ralph H (Lucy) (Cahoon Bros) h
"    Walter S (Viola) (Cahoon Bros) h
Calderwood Roy sum res Joe's Pond
Caledonia National Bank pres Beauman G Rogers, v-pres Alpha E Tolman, cashier Asa Wesson Danville
Calhoon Charles farmer h S Danville
"    Laurence A   (Edith)  farmer h  S Danville
Calkins Howard (Alice) const wkr h
"    Rena E chief opr NET&TCo h
Caron Amedee (Blanche) farmer h St J RD2
Carr Edward student r
"    Harry A (Clarissa W) h
"    Laura Mrs h H A Carr
Carson Fred J (Bessie) farmer h
"    Jeannie emp Barre r
Chamber of Commerce pres Frank H Scott, sec Allen Hebb Danville
Chamberlain George R (Hattie) farmer h W Danville
"    Irving lab h W Danville
Champagne Archie J (Ina) farmer h St J RD3
Chandler Harry (Maud) farmer h W Danville
Chickering Carl (Alice) h St J RD3
Church Everett farm hand r N Danville
"    Mattie wid Frank J h St J RD3
Cilley Delbert farmer h St J RD3
"    William D (Addie) farmer h St J RD3
Clark Harley G lab h W Danville
Clement William D (Lillian) farmer h
Clifford Burt A (Winifred) lab h
"    Benjamin L farm hand r W R Clifford Danville RD1
"    Charles R farmer h
"    Edith r St J RD3
"    Fred W farmer h Danville RD1
"    George P (Laura) farmer h St J RD3
"    Wallace farmer r St J RD3
"    William H (Etta) farmer h St J RD3
"    William R farmer h Danville RD1
Cobb Howard E (Ruth) farmer h RD
Cochran Clarence C (Myra) h St J RD3
"    Dan C (Leola) farmer h St J RD3
Cole Frank lab h
"    George (Eliza) h St J RD3
"   Ralph (Josephine) farmer h St J RD2
Coleman Jackson r W Danville
Collins Nellie, r
"    Nellie wid James T, h
"    Wallace, lab r
Congregational Church Rev Melville C Mays pastor Danville
Coolbeth Charles L (Shirley) emp St J & LCRR h W Danville
"    Daniel R (Edith A) clk Gilbert S Hastings h W Danville
"    Winthrop D (Nellie) lab h W Danville
Corriveau Mary Mrs teacher r
Couture Gaston h St J RD3
"    Jules h St J RD3
Cox Olive Mrs h
Crane Carroll M (Georgina) farmer h
"    Frank A (Mary B) farmer h 1/2 ml out
"    Glen (Mae) h
Currier Donald (Cela) h
"    Frederick M (Alice) fmr Danville RD1
"    Kate r
"    Marjorie teacher h
"    Samuel (Annie) retired h
"    Harold farm hand r St J RD2
Danforth Albert H (Lettie) mail carrier and farmer h 
"    Alvin C (Shirley) farmer h Danville RD.
Daniell  Clarence   (Mildred)  farmer h  W
"    Eliza (Mrs Fred) prop Lake Shore House h W Danville
"    Fred (Eliza) salesman h W Danville
Danville Creamery Asso Fenton S Morse mgr Danville
"    Garage (Ernest and Vernie Devenger) auto repairing
"    Grain Co pres Merrill D Leonard, asst treas-mgr Delmer O Smith grain dealers, and grocers
"    Mfg Corp Charles H Davis pres-mgr mfrs wood products
"    Public Library Mrs Alice D Dole librarian
"    Town Farm Ernest E Hartshorn stipt southeast part of town
"    town of town clk and treas Asa Wesson
"    town of constable Ernest E Hartshorn
"    town of supr of school John A Holden Jr
"    town of health officer Martin J P Paulson
"    town of listers Fred Gadapee, Harry A Carr, J Durant Dole
"    town of notaries public Selden E Houghton Asa Wesson
"    town of overseer of poor Ernest E Hartshorn  
"    town of road commissioner Herman Emmons
"    town of selectmen Lyman G Morrill, Franklin Beaton, Charles A Parker
"    Woman's Club pres Mrs Clarissa W Carr, sec Mrs Anna Lang, treas Mrs Susie M Sleeper. Meets at Library 2nd and 4th Wed at 3 p m
Davenport Guy (Mildred) farmer h W Danville
Davis Bliss N retired h
"    Carol (Betty) h
"    Charles H (Gertrude) pres-mgr Danville Mfg Co h Depot
"    D Shirley r St J RD2
"    Edwin (Lillian) r
Davison Eugene farmer h St j RD2
"    Karl r St J RD2
"    Merrill E (Edith) farmer h St J RD2
Deford Charlie h Passumpsic
Devenger Bros (Ernest and Vernie Devenger) props Danville Garage Danville
"    Charles r E Devenger
"    Ernest (Mildred) (Devenger Bros) h
"    Vernie J (Devenger Bros) h
Diamond Chapter No 14 Order of Eastern Star  sec  Mrs  Anne  Vance  Regular meeting comes on Wed of the week preceding  the  meeting  of  the  Washburn Lodge Dole Alice D wid Harvey librarian Danville h do
"    Ann H wid William P h Danville RD1
"    George M (Ethel) farmer h
"    J Durant (Marion) h
"    Joel R student r
"    Lillian D dom Burlington r
"    Susan D r
Dow Martin V B dir Caledonia Nat Bank h
Dresser Harold (Mary) farmer h St J RD3
Drew Millie wid George M h St J RD3
Drown Ruth teacher r
"    Winfred (Ruth) farmer h
Drummond David (Addie) h St J RD3
Duclos Joseph (Laura) painter h
"    Napoleon farmer r
"    Napoleon (Hannah) h St J RD3
EASTMAN  EVELYN  MRS  tchr  West Danville Graded School res E Hardwick
Edgerton C Duncan (Marjorie) farmer h St J RD3
Elm House Cahoon Bros props
Emmons Herman (Madeline) lab h
"    Timothy C (Marjorie H) emp Danville Creamery Asso h
FAIRVIEW    COTTAGE    Mrs    Elizabeth Heath prop Danville Center
Farrington Clayton C (Lilla) emp Danville Mfg Co h
Fecteau Leon (Mary) carp h
Fellows Alice Mrs h W Danville
"    Doris r W Danville
"    Evelyn r W Danville
"    Frank r
"    George T carp h
"    Hazel r W Danville
"    Walter lab r
Fisher Earle H (Clara) h
Forbes William A r St J RD2
Frye Burton R h
"    George H (Ramona) r B R Frye
Fuller William (Gertrude) h St J RD3
GADAPEE  FREDERICK  (Minnie)  h  N Danville St J RD3
"    Harold (Eva) h
"    Inez Mrs hskpr Fred W Clifford r do
"    John D (Lillian) h N Danville St J RD3
"    Leonard (Pearl) h St J RD3
"    Merle (Doris) farmer h St J RD3
Gagnon Moise (Aurore) farmer h St J RD2
"    Rene farm hand r M Gagnon
Gamlin Elizabeth Mrs r
Gates Clinton (Susan) h
"    David A (Mary) farmer h W Danville
Getchell Paul h Passumpsic
Gilbert   Carl  J   (Bernice)   farmer  h   RD1 Morses Mills
Gilbert Frederick farmer r W Danville
"    Richard lab r W Danville
"    Victor L (Bessie) farmer h W Danville
Gillis Mary wid J Ward h
Gilman Paul teacher Danville High School r
Gorman Elsie r St J RD3 
Goslant Kenneth (Ruby) h St J RD3
Goss Albert farmer r W Danville RD1
"    Frank A h W Danville RD
"    Nellie wid Ashley J h W Danville
Grady Arthur r Passumpsic
Gray Frank (Mrs) farmer h
"    W Clinton lab r
"    Wilfred E (Susie) lab h
Green Charles (Ethel) h
"    Cora M wid Isaac h
"    Forrest (Gladys) lab h
"    James lab h
Griggs Floyd (Lena) h
"    Wallace W (Maud) farmer h W Danville
Guertin Joseph (Delia) farmer h Passumpsic
"    Ronald lab r Passumpsic
HADLEY JOHN L emp Danville Mfg Co r W C Heath
Hall Merton H (Eliza) farmer h St J RD3
Hamilton  William A   (Frances)  veterinary Danville h do
Harris Alvin emp Woodstock r W Danville
"    Harvey (Harriet) h W Danville
Hartshorn Ernest (Nellie P) h
"    Thelma student r E Hartshorn
Hastings Gilbert S (Jennie M) gen store W Danville h do
"    Jennie M (Mrs Gilbert S) postmaster W Danville h do
"    Ralph U acct St J r W Danville
Hatch Harold E (Margaret) h
"    Saml A (Jennie) farmer h PO W Danville
"    Warren (Marjorie) farmer h W Danville
Hawkins Frank (Viva) carp r W Danville
"    Fred r
Heath Benj F (Hazel) farmer h Passumpsic RD
"    Elizabeth (Mrs W Chandler) prop Fairview Cottage h
"    W Chandler (Elizabeth) h Danville
Hebb Allen emp Danville Creamery Assn r
"    Rolla W (Flora) h
Holbrook Walter (Jennie) lab h
Hotel Thurber Danville 
Houghton Edgar J (Margaret) farmer southeast part Passumpsic rd h W Danville
"    Selden E teller Caledonia Nat Bank h Danville
Howe Alice r Passumpsic
"    J Gilman (Frances) farmer h
Hubbard Carl r St J RD3
"    Clarence (Arlene) farmer h St J RD3
"    Mattie wid Frank J h St J RD3
"    Rufus R (Lottie) h N Danville St J RD3
"    Walter (Gladys) farmer h St J RD3
"    William D (Irene) farmer h St J RD3
Hughes Archie J (Mildred) painter St J h
Hutchins Harley H (Alice) farmer h St J RD3
Hutchinson Gordon   (Charlotte)   lab  h  W Danville
Huzzey Elmer lab r
IDE E T & H K flour, feed and grain Leonard Peck mgr, Danville; Frank Scott mgr N Danville
Ingalls Arthur (Anna) steam shovel opr h
"    George (Isabel) farmer h
"    Walter r St J RD3
Jennings Charles (Elizabeth) fanner h
Jensen Carl lab h
"    Florence E Mrs dom r
Johnson Andrew chauffeur r
"    Bert W (Effie) h
"    Cart t
"    Edwin mail messenger Danville r
"    Lawrence E, (Fannie M) emp Danville Garage h W Danville
"    Maida student r W Danville
"    Ray (Lillian) lab h
Jones Glen (Sylvia) h
Joyce Beulah Mrs r St J RD3
KELLY F A REV (Martha) pastor Baptist Church h St J RD3
King William N farmer south part h
Kirker John (Luella) h St J RD3
Kittridge Ernest (Carrie) h
"    Harold J (Edna) farmer h
Knapp Warren J (Bertha) retired h St J RD3
Knights of Pythias C M Martin R McDonald, sec Newton B Page, treas Alottzo F Page Meets 1st and 3rd Fridays 8 p m K of P Hall
Knowles Elwin F (Maud) lab h
LABBAY DAVID (Georgianna) h
"    Leo farmer r
Labree Henry (Lena) truck driver h
"    Raymond farmer r
LaClair Albert (Clara) farmer h St J RD3
Laird Ellen N r
Lake Shore House Mrs Eliza j Daniell prop W Danville
"    Side House Warwick A Smith prop W Danville
Lance Mary tchr Danville High School r
Lang Carl W (Anna) h
"    Emerson tchr r C W Lang
"    Merton. N  (Marjorie) farmer h RD1
Langmaid Berl A (Ethel) farmer h St j RD3
"    Fred W (Edith) farmer h
"    Janet nurse Danville r
Lapan Fabian h St J RD3
Lavallee Thomas farmer r
Lee Carl (Lottie) trucking Danville b
Leighton Albert emp H M Osgood r do
"    Fred janitor Elm House r do
"    Paul lab r
Leonard Merrill D pres Danville Grain Co res Boston Mass
MACHELL CARL T (Anita) farmer h St J RD2
"    Josie r St J RD2
"    Violet r St J RD2
Manning  Philip  E   (Joanna)  prin  Phillips Academy h
Marceau Ovila (Dora) carp h
Massey George A h St J RD2
Mathews Milo S (Bertha) h N Danville St J RD2
"    Roy N r St J RD2
Mays Melville G Rev (Olive) pastor Congregational Church h
McCosco Fred (Amanda) farmer h W Danville
McDonald Harriett bkpr Caledonia Nat Bank r M R McDonald 
"    Martha J bkpr Caledonia Nat Bank r M R McDonald
"    Martin R (Agnes) postmaster h
"    Plynn H (May) farmer h 1/2 mile east
McDowell Frank (Mildred) farmer h St J RD3
McEwan John F farmer h RD1
McFarland Cleo D Mrs sten Caledonia Nat Bank res Hardwick
McGill Elizabeth r
"    John P carp h
"    Patrick T (Gertrude) h
McLaughlin Elizabeth wid Glenn D prop Point Comfort Dance Hall and Lunch Room h W Danville
McLellan Violet r W Danville
McNaughton Donald r W H McNaughton
"    Howard gas sta attd Danville r
"    Maurice r RD1
"    William H (Florence) h RD1
McReynolds Earl (Evelyn) r St J RD3
"    W Henry (Persis B) farmer h St J RD3
Merchant Shirley (Jessie) h PO Si J RD3
Metcalfe Cecil (Josephine) h St J RD3
Methodist  Church  Rev  Leland  D  Smith pastor Danville, N Danville and W Danville
Milligan Freeman B (Julia) grocer W Danville h do
Mitchell William J  (Maud) h Passumpsic RD1
Moore Austin r
"    David W (Ruth) farmer h
"    David W Jr r
"    Earl D lab h
"    Ernest R (Edith) farmer h
"    Florence wid Frank h Danville RD1
"    Joe M salesman St Johnsbury r
"    Rolf r
"    Steven lab r
"    William S (Beatrice) salesman k
Morrill Hamilton B (Josephine) asst postmaster Danville h
"    John D (Elsie) h Passumpsic RD1
"    Lyman G (Florence) farmer h St J RD3
Morrison Paul (Esther) farmer h W Danville
"    S Gordon (Lena) farmer h St J RD3
Morse Alice Mrs h
"    Earl H r G D Morse
"    Fenton S (Ethel) hardware, ins and mgr Danville Creamery Assoc h
"    George C (Betty) farmer h
"    George D (Nellie) lab h 
"    Irving (Martin) clk Fenton S Morse r do
Mussey John h
North  Danville Creamery Association PO St J RD3
Noyes Charles (Hilda) h St J RD3
Nunn Wallace lab r
Nutting Mildred nurse Danville r
"    Patience Mrs hairdresser Lyndonville h
OAKES THELMA teacher r
Oderkirk Fred L (Gertrude) fanner h
Osgood Carilla wid Herman M h
"    Jennie M wid Harry S dom h
"    Ralph A (Helen) lab h
"    Raymond (Stella) clk Hatch Store h
"    Walter, farmer r
Ovit Clyde (Mary) farmer h RD1
PAGE ADDIE bkpr Burlington r
"    Alonzo F (Edna) farmer h
"    Barbara teacher r
"    Charles (Ruth) lab h
"    Ellen C h
"    Foster farmer r
"    Fred r
"    George clk Erwin R Wakefield r
"    Gertrude maid Asa Wesson r
"    Mamie bkpr Burlington r
"    Maxwell student r
"    Nathan r
"    Newton B  (Jessie) farmer h
"    Newton E r
"    Stanley (Maude) h
Paine Allon (Florence) carp h
"    Edith student r A Paine
Paquin Abbie r
"    Augustus retired r
"    Edmond r
Parker C A (Lola) farmer h St J RD2
Patrons of Husbandry Grange 520 Master C Arthur    Parker,    sec    Mrs    Elizabeth Steady,    treas    Donald    McNaughton. Meets 2nd and 4th Thurs 8:15 p m at K of P Hall
Paulson Julia E Mrs r M J Paulson
"    Julouise student r
"    Martin J P (Louisa D) physician Danville h do
Pearce Arthur h St J RD3
"    Perley r St J RD3
Peck  Clarence E   (Irma  B)  emp Danville Creamery Assn h
"    Everett (Arlene) h
"    Fred B (Mary) farmer h
"    Harvey H  (Ina) carp h
"    Henry W (Gladys) const wkr h
PECK LEONARD M (Marion) mgr E T & H K Ide h
"    Martha wid Charles h St J RD3
"    Reginald (Maybelle) truck driver h
Pelow Frank (Margaret) mill wkr h
Perkins Harvey P (Edna) farmer h St J RD3
"    Stanley (Cecelia) carp h
"    Wallace r
Pettingill Guy G (Ruth) farmer h Danville RD1
"    James T clk Caledonia Nat Bank r Danville RD1
Phillips Academy or Danville High School Philip Manning prin
Picard Bert (Leola) h St J RD3
Pierce A C r St J RD3
"    Perlye r St J RD3
"    Raymond (Louise) farmer h St J RD3
"    Willis H (Flora) farmer h St J RD3
Pillsbury Charles (Gladys) lab h
Placy Henry (Hattie) lab h
Plant Lizum auto mech Granville Garage h
Pope C Archie h W Danville
Pope Stella wid Allie hskpr Irving Chamberlain r do
Porter Alvah r J L Porter
"    Jennie L Mrs h Danville
Post Offices postmaster Martin R McDonald, asst Hamilton B Morrill, Danville, postmaster Mrs Jennie M Hastings W Danville
Pressy Perley (Bertha) sta agt St J&LCRR, agt Western Union and agt Ry Exp Agency h
Pt Comfort Dance Hall & Lunch Room Mrs Elizabeth McLaughlin prop W Danville
Punt Evelyn (Mrs Nelson) tchr h
"    Nelson (Evelyn) emp St J h
Pythian Sisters.   Meets K of P Hall
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY Perley J Pressey agt Depot
Randall Albert O (Marion) farmer h
"    Everdon emp Wilton N H r
"    Osmun emp St Johnsbury r
Ranney Fannie h
Reed Ira (Abbie) retired h
Reid Fred h St J RD3
Roberts Arden blacksmith r
"    Gordon M (Martha) blacksmith Danville h do
"    Thelma r G M Roberts
Robertson Jack A (Inez) farmer h
"    Paul (Sylvia) farmer h
Robinson Dale waitress Stowe r W Danville
"    Francis emp Westmore r W Danville
"    Gifford (Vida) driver Danville Grain Co h
"    Kenneth farm hand r St J RD3
"    Levi P (Ruth) emp St J h W Danville
"    William F (Elizabeth) farmer h St J RD3
Rodger Earl (Mary) prop W Danville Garage h W Danville
"    Emily wid Samuel G h
"    Ernest E lab h RD1
"    Merton L (Alice) stone cutter h
"    Oscar C (Augusta) prop Wayside Garage h
"    Pliny retired h W Danville
"    Ralph (Mildred) lab h W Danville
Rogers Beauman G pres Caledonia Nat Bank res Cabot
"    Robert H bkpr Caledonia Nat Bank res Cabot
Roscoe Edward farmer h St J RD3
Roy Adolph farm hand r St J RD3
"    Arthur (Iona) farmer h St J RD3
"    Augustus S farmer h W Danville
"    Charles L barber r W C Heath
"    Ernest (Antoinette) farmer h St J RD3
"    George lab h
"    Paul r
Ruggles Max H (Vesta) h St J RD3
SAHLIN. ARVID W (Agnes M) farmer h St J RD2
Sanborn Allen C  (Lottie) blacksmith h N Danville St J RD3
"    Anna Mrs h St J RD3
"    Arthur T (Addie) h N Danville St J RD3
"    Martin L farmhand h N Danville
Santaw Richard r
Sargent Neal W (Emma) farmer h
SCOTT FRANK H (Doris) mgr ET&HK Ide Inc h St Johnsbury RD3
Sevigny Paul lab r
Sevigny Raymond section hand St J&LC r
"    William (Mary) farmer h
Shattuck Beaman C (Minnie) farmer h St J RD3
"    Florence r St J RD3
Sholan Albert (Louise) farmer h W Danville
Sicard Alma. L (Corona) lab h
Sizen Earl (Mildred) h Passumpsic
"    Mary E h Passumpsic
Sleeper Robert D (Susie M) prop Smith Cut Price Cash Grocery h Danville
Sly Nelson (Irene) farmer h W Danville
Smith Austin F (Lillian) plumbing and heating h
"    Byron painter r
"    Cut Price Cash Grocery Robert D Sleeper prop Danville
"    Delmer  O   (Gladys  M)   asst  treas-mgr Danville Grain Co h
"    Howard B (Lorinda) salesman h
"    Leland D pastor Methodist Church h
"    Orville A (Margaret) emp Danville Grain Co h
"    Reginald student r
"    Sadie Mrs h
"    Warwick A (Rose) prop Lake Side h W Danville
Spaulding Mary E h
Spencer William T (Bertha) h
Stanton Homer P (Pearl) farmer h N Danville St J RD3
Steady Frank (Elizabeth) road wkr h
"    Harold r
"    Jane Mrs h
Steele Rose wid Archibald h
Stevens Albert H farmhand h St J RD3
Stewart Elsie Mrs r
St J&LCRR Perley J Pressy station agent Danville
Stratton Raymond (Thelma) lab h W Danville
Swasey Charles (Minnie) h W Danville
"    Leland farmer r W Danville
"    Vale clk St Johnsbury r W Danville
Swett Frank G farmer h 3 miles out St J RD3
"    Walter B (Vera) h St J RD2
Switser Clyde B (Edith) h St J RD3
Sykes Dana (Iris) h St J RD3
"    Harold (Lina) lab h
"    Harold (Myrtle) painter and paperhanger W Danville h do
Tellier Augustus H (Flora) retired h St J RD3
Thompson Edwin G (Cora) farmer h Passumpsic RD
Thurston A Russell  (Jennie)     farmer     h Passumpsic rd RD
"    Lawrence farmer r Passumpsic rd RD
Tolman Alpha v-pres Caledonia Nat Bank res Greensboro
UTLEY MERLE K (Hortense D) emp Danville Mf g Co h Danville
Vallier Frank h St J RD3
Vance Alden V farmer h St J RD3
"    Anna Mrs phone opr r Mrs James Steady
"    Carl H Passumpsic rd RD
"   Charles H farmer h
"    Levi r St J RD3
"    Marilla wid Vernon h St J RD3
Vinton Frances tchr Danville High School r
Vondle Irl L farmer r
"    Leslie farmer r
"    Peter (Bernice) farmer h
WAKEFIELD  ERWIN R(Beulah) grocer Danville h do
Walbridge Everett (Mary) farmer h
Walker Fred A (Mildred) farmer h St J RD3
Walsh Harry (Esther) h Passumpsic rd
Ward Benjamin H (Helen) farmer h N Danville St J RD3
"    W Eugene  h St J RD2
Warden Luther (Cora) lab h
Washburn Lodge F&AM No 92 (Masonic) sec Clarence E Peck. Meets Wednesday 8pm week of full moon
Waterman Stephen (Gertrude) farmer sum res N Danville St J RD3
Way Frank L h
"    Hollis G (Jennie) carp h PO W Danville
Wayside Garage Oscar C Rodger prop Danville
Webster Alden H farmer h RD
"    Clara teacher r
"    George teacher r
"    Laura wid Edwin h
"    Luella r
Wells Wilbur (Shirley) h
Wesson Asa (Leila B) town clk and cashier Caledonia Nat Bank h Danville
"    Lelia B (Mrs Asa) asst cashier Caledonia Nat Bank h Danville
West Danville Garage Earl Rodger prop auto repairing W Danville
"    Danville   Graded   School   Mrs   Arietta Bolton and Mrs Evelyn Eastman teachers W Danville
Western Union Telegraph Co Perley J Pressey agt Depot
White Ralph A (Susie) farmer h W Danville RD1
Whittier Harriet h
Wightman John (Pearl) h St J JRD 3
Williams John D (Helen) kennels Danville h do
Winn Frank A h Passumpsic RD
Woods Arthur (Ida) h
"    Carl B h W Danville
"    Howard painter r W Danville
"    Raymond h St J RD3
Woodward William A (May) farmhand h N Danville St J RD
YOUNG HARRY (Mabel) farmer h W Danville RD
"    Lucille office asst St Johnsbury r W Danville

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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