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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Name Wife and Children Occupation Residence
Abbey, Annette     30 Summer
Abbey, Susan M.     30 Summer
Adams, George F. Mrs. Ella C., Perley A., Inez E. farmer 5 Summer
Adams, George F. Mrs. Cora C. physician 41 Main
Adams, James Mrs. Linda, Grace, Gertrude M., Harley H. laborer 18 Elm
Adams, Laura T.     58 Main
Alexander, E. H.   mill man b 7 Main
Allard, Joseph   laborer 24 Fern
Allen, Charles E. Mrs. Fannie laborer 13 Main
Anair, George   laborer b 7 Railroad
Anair, Leon Mrs. Lizzie laborer 35 1/2 Railroad
Anair, William Mrs. Emily, Edmund laborer 7 Railroad
Archilles, James Mrs. Elnora, Nina E. carpenter 1 Clyde River
Ashberry,  Alma   laborer b 10 1/2 off Mill
Aston, Henry   laborer b 24 Fern
Aubin, L. P. Mrs. Rosina, Advel. tool maker off Fern
Baldwin, George Mrs. Annie, George L. mason 7 Western Ave.
Ball, H. J. Mrs. G. N. market gardener 24 Elm
Barry, James C. Mrs. Estelle, Leona May horse trainer 3 Lake View
Batchelder, Charles M.   laborer b 3 Concord Ave.
Baxter, Mrs. Eliza     45 Main
Beadle, Laura A.   domestic 11 Winter
Bean, Henry Mrs. Mary O. mill man 7 Green
Beaumont, Joseph W. Mrs. Ada, William, Edwin S. mechanic 12 Mt. Pleasant
Bedell, H. E. Mrs. Emeline, Herman, James A. auctioneer 5 Park
Benard, Frank Mrs. Minnie laborer off Fern
Benjamin, Homer Mrs. Laura L., Lena A. job team 31 Fern
Bernard, Antoine Mrs. Delia, Peter, Nellie, Emma laborer 28 Fern
Bigelow, G. M. Mrs. Rosina V., Arthur L. retired 2 Concord Ave.
Bishop, I. B.   druggist b 3 Autumn
Blair, Howard H. Mrs. Lillian I., Violet M. electrician 17 Main
Blake, Freeman Mrs. Mary E., Mayette E. farmer 38 Main
Blake, William   butcher 30 Maple
Blake, Z. C. Mrs. Lizzie, Addie butcher 30 Maple
Boomhower, William   laborer 10 Main
Bosley, Arthur   laborer 5 Lake
Boufore, Louis Mrs. Matilda M. laborer 4 Park
Bourassa, Noel Mrs. Lizzie laborer 23 Fern
Bowman, Mrs. O.     24 Summer
Boyle, James   laborer 31 Fern
Boyle, John   retired 2 off Eastern Ave.
Bradley, M. H. Mrs. Addie carpenter 50 Main
Broom, Thomas Mrs. Zelda laborer 2 Spring
Brown, Alfred Mrs. Hattie laborer 31 Fern
Brown, C. A. Mrs. Nellie L., Eugene N., Charles A. laborer 6 South Ave.
Brown, Charles Mrs. Ethel laborer 12 Mill
Brown, Henry Mrs. Maud laborer 22 Fern
Brown, James B. Mrs. Inez L., Hattie L. laborer 3 Concord Ave.
Brown, Mrs. A. W. Charles, Helen   14 Summer
Brown, Seth Mrs. Amelia, William laborer 20 Eastern Ave.
Bryant, G. W. Mrs. Kate A. carpenter 33 Main
Buck, Grace   domestic 30 Maple
Burdick, Cassius Mrs. Carrie painter 14 Fern
Burnham, H. C. Mrs. Nettie L., Carrie E. motorman 11 Railroad
Burr, Miss Chastina     29 Clyde River
Burton, H. T. Mrs. Mary artist 10 Main
Butler, Henry Mrs. Mary laborer off Fern
Cade, Charles Mrs. Eliza S. laborer 3 Maple
Carter, Louis Mrs. Louise, Addie, Louis, Frank, Salina, Mary laborer 16 Fern
Caswell, H. M. Mrs. Tillie M. laborer 5 Maple
Caswell, Josiah Mrs. Eliza J., Etta A. job team 4 Autumn
Caye, Louis David, Phoebe laborer 10 Eastern Ave.
Chappell, C. H. Mrs. Louisa P., Nina B. sewing machine agent 11 Spring
Cheney, Eli Mrs. Eliza, Rena, Israel, Charles mason off Fern
Cheney, Joseph Mrs. Kate, George, Dana, Julia laborer 22 Fern
Clark, Hugh Mrs. Martha L., John E. carpenter 7 Spring
Clark, J. H. Mrs. Delia L., Ida E. laborer 29 Maple
Clark, John Mrs. Zerauh A. laborer & dressmaker 7 Elm
Cobb, I. A. Mrs. Theresa T., Viola F. carpenter 23 Clyde River
Coggins, A. C. Mrs. Hattie laborer 12 Mill
Cole, Luke Mrs. Elmina, Samuel, Valarie, Irvin laborer 15 Railroad
Columbia, John Mrs. Lucy, Mertie, Gracie, Perley J. pulp maker 18 Mill
Cooper, Herbert Mrs. Lizzie farmer 20 Indian Pt.
Cota, Homer A. Mrs. Susan E., Avis M. painter 16 Mill
Cota, Levi Mrs. Harriett, Caddie M. laborer 19 Eastern Ave.
Cousens, Holland Mrs. Emma M., Warren, Annie job team 26 Summer
Cousens, Isaac Mrs. Alice A., Myrtle J. job team 35 Main
Crawford, Eva   domestic 2 Autumn
Creaser, Samuel   mechanic 31 Fern
Cunningham, J. M. Mrs. Nettie E. clerk 2 Mt. Pleasant
Daley, Herbert L. Mrs. Sarah, Ray laborer 4 Elm
Dane, Mrs. G. F.     35 Main
Darling, E. F. Mrs. Mary A. farmer 30 Summer
Darling, H. W. Mrs. Jessie A. bottling works 37 Railroad
Darling, Mrs. John E. Annie O.,, Gertrude M., Myrtle E., Winnie E., Maud L., Eva M., Cora O.   5 Young
Darling, W. H. Mrs. Julia A., Wallace bottling works 1 Main
Davis, Lewis   retired 8 Winter
Davis, Robert   laborer 36 Fern
Dawes, E. H. Mrs. Mabel W., Charlie, Austin engineer 15 Clyde River
Donaghy, Thomas Mrs. Mary N., Katie, Fred T. box maker 2 Maple
Donahue, J. A. Mrs. Ellen A., John A. Jr., Alfred G., Robert N. carpenter 55 Main
Done, Mrs. Mary M.     10 Elm
Dorr, John Mrs. Alice S. laborer 6 Park
Drake, E. T.   laborer b 6 Park
Drew, A. S. Mrs. Delia S. retired 26 Clyde River
Dubey, Edward Mrs. Delia laborer 33 1/2 off Railroad
Dubey, Joseph Mrs. Julia, Annie, Oliver, William laborer 9 Railroad
Dupont, Albert Mrs. Gertrude laborer 34 Summer
Dupras, Virginia   domestic 14 Summer
Dwyer, Frank Mrs. Hester retired 6 Indian Pt.
Eddy, Alex. Mrs. Anna stone cutter 36 Fern
Ellsworth, Edward   laborer 31 Fern
Factor, William Mrs. Agnes G., Archie laborer 6 Mill
Fairchild, Mrs. E. M.     24 Elm
Fields, Mrs. B. B.     27 Clyde River
Fisher, E. W. Mrs. Ottie, Arthur laborer 3 Spring
Folsom, Charles Mrs. Mary E.    laborer 8 Winter
Fontain, Fred Mrs. Lizzie laborer 5 Railroad
Fox, Charles Mrs. Stella, Mabel, Earl laborer 12 Spring
Frasier, Homer A. Mrs. Ellen J. laborer 61 Main
Fuller, Angelo Mrs. Adella E., Pearl M. delivery clerk 8 Young
Fuller, C. A. Mrs. Nellie F. baggage master 2 Mill
Gardner, Mary Ann     20 Indian Pt.
Garneau, Edward   stone cutter 2 Pleasant
Gibbs, Clarence Mrs. Sarah, Hattie A., Bertha M., Maud C., Russell B. laborer 2 South Ave.
Gill, Louis Mrs. Emily, Matilda basket maker 14 Fern
Goche, Dean   laborer b 3 Maple
Gokey, Fred Mrs. Myrtie B. conductor 32 Fern
Goodnough, Wells B. Mrs. Annie teamster 5 Lake
Goodwin, B. G. Mrs. Jessie M., Leslie B. laborer 4 Spring
Gosslin, Homer Mrs. Rosa laborer 16 Fern
Gould, Clayton Mrs. Alice laborer 20 Eastern Ave.
Gould, N. J. Mrs. Jennie mechanic 11 Winter
Grandy, C. E. Mrs. G. M., Callie C. machinist 7 Main
Gravlin, John   laborer 31 Fern
Gray, James F. Mrs. Susan A. clergyman 2 Elm
Green, C. E. Mrs. Belle, Wilma A., Emma E., Birdie L. laborer 7 Green
Green, Mrs. Ada Stella, Harry   12 Spring
Greenleaf, L. L. Mrs. Mary R., Ella C., Maud L., May C. miller 4 off Eastern Ave.
Greenwood, William   laborer b 3 Clyde River
Grimes, C. O. Mrs. Ruth E. merchant & postmaster 28 Main
Grimes, Rufus Mrs. May A., Elvie M., Nellie M. car inspector 6 Autumn
Gulisippe, Turconi   laborer 1 Orchard
Hadley, Mrs. W. H.     25 Clyde River
Hadlock, Alfred Mrs. Marcia watchman 20 Elm
Hair, Mrs. Emily A. Edson, George, Chester   14 Spring
Hall, Benjamin Mrs. Mary C. millman 11 Eastern Ave.
Hammond, David Mrs. Celia E., Nellie M., Lyman G., Lula L. laborer 14 Mt. Pleasant
Hancock, Horace Mrs. Roxy Ann, Eddie retired 44 Main
Hart, Johnson B. Mrs. J. L. retired 16 Mill
Haselton, A. M. Mrs. Bertha millman 1 South Ave.
Hauver, Wallace     11 Winter
Hayes, H. M. Mrs. E. A. mason 12 Elm
Hazeltine, Ellen   domestic 26 Main
Heath, J. T. Mrs. Lestina, Bertie E., Lena A. retired 21 Maple
Henrichon, Delia     35 Railroad
Henrichon, Fred Mrs. Mary conductor 35 Railroad
Henrichon, Joseph     35 Railroad
Henry, G. T. Mrs. Myrtille laborer off Fern
Henry, James Mrs. Mary E. laborer off Fern
Hill, Alfred   laborer b 26 Fern
Hill, Jerry Mrs. Meline laborer 26 Fern
Hill, John Mrs. Louise retired 26 Fern
Hilliker, Ralph Mrs. Susan    laborer 5 Elm
Hinman, W. L.   freight clerk b 2 Mt. Pleasant
Hitchcock, Bert   laborer b 5 Lake
Hitchins, Fred Mrs. Elizabeth, Hattie, Grace, Edith, Lulu laborer 9 Lake View
Holsen, Horace   clerk b 28 Main
Holsen, Martin Mrs. Addie, Lucy watchman 53 Main
Hopkins, A. B. Mrs. Mary painter 25 Clyde River
Hosmer, Mrs. L. M. Gladys   48 Main
Howe, E. S. Mrs. Lavina canvasser 6 Concord Ave.
Howe, Fred E.   barber 50 Main
Hull, Charles     2 Concord Ave.
Hunt, B. F. Mrs. Laura A. retired 10 Spring
Hunt, D. M. Mrs. Nora J. laborer 2 Main
Hunt, E. L.   optician 10 Spring
Hunt, Miss Jennie Gertrude, Charles, Alonzo, Tillie   4 Young
Hunt, Warren Mrs. Mattie M. laborer 28 Main
Hutchins, C. G. Mrs. Annie, Myrtie laborer 2 Mill
Hutchinson, Peter Mrs. Ella A., Martha, Willie laborer 48 Main
Jacobs, Luther Mrs. Ella A., Alice L., Ruth E., Fred L.,
Frank C., Freeman L., Filmore P.
stone cutter 15 Eastern Ave.
Jenkins, J. T.   merchant    51 Main
Jenne, Harland Mrs. Abbie L., Carrol, Sargent carpenter 16 Mt. Pleasant
Jennie, Elmer E. Mrs. Emma R., Hazel farmer 15 Clyde River
Jennie, R. C. Eva L., Ila, Mabel L. farmer 30 Summer
Johnson, H. E. Mrs. Mary E., George E. laborer 7 Eastern Ave.
Johnson, J. T. Mrs. Jennie S., Walter S. laborer 7 Indian Pt.
Jones, C. E. Mrs. Bessie book agent 24 Summer
Kelley, David Mrs. Emily    butcher 7 Autumn
Kelley, Edgar Mrs. Amelia laborer off Fern
Kent, George S. Mrs. Gertie I., Pearl May, Harry L. granite & marble 24 Main
Ketwell, Henry Mrs. Jane laborer 23 Maple
Kimball, Frank Mrs. Minnie M., Harry E. foreman International Mill 1 Spring
Kimball, M. B. Mrs. Jennie C., Mason R., Ella L., Theda G. laborer 8 Autumn
King, T.   laborer off Fern
La Plant, J. M. Mrs. H. M. teamster 23 Mill
Labounte, W. Mrs. Elizabeth, Rosa laborer 21 Fern
Lafluer, Ambrosa Mrs. Adel, Maud laborer 20 Fern
Lafluer, Wilbur Mrs. Cordelia laborer 20 Fern
Lamber, T. Mrs. Delia laborer off Fern
Lamontague, Joseph Mrs. Rosie, Lena laborer 3 Eastern Ave.
Lantagne, Frank Mrs. Rosila laborer off Fern
Lapine, Frank Mrs. Alice, Albina mason 31 Railroad
Lapine, Louis Mrs. Sophia, Joseph, Redoff laborer 19 Fern
Laportier, Dennis Mrs. Julia laborer 34 Fern
Laroux, Chas. Mrs. Phoebe tool sharpener 20 Fern
Lavigne, Eugene Mrs. E. mason off Fern
Lawrence, Samuel   laborer b 21 Eastern Ave.
Le Bounte, Albert   laborer b 7 Maple
Leame, Abel   laborer b 20 Fern
Leavitt, C. J. Mrs. S. M., Bertha, Hollis C. nurse 19 Main
Leavitt, Hyram Mrs. Jennie, Linne, Mammi, Earl farmer off 31 Clyde River
Leavitt, J. F. Mrs. Harriett farmer 9 Spring
Leavitt, J. L. Mrs. Anna T. carpenter 9 Spring
Lehar, William Mrs. Phoebe, Willie, Mabel, Nelson job team 17 Indian Pt.
Leme, Peter Mrs. Elzina, George laborer & dressmaker 5 Railroad
Lemonge, John Mrs. Rosilie laborer 3 Eastern Ave.
Levalle, Frank   laborer b 20 Fern
Levalle, Joseph   laborer b 24 Fern
Levalle, Nelson Mrs. Mary laborer off Fern
Linquest, Alex Mrs. Mary, Freddie laborer 15 Railroad
Litchfield, George M. Mrs. Jane M. retired farmer 8 Indian Pt.
Litchfield, John Mrs. Sarah, Harley box maker 5 Lake View
Lockhart, George Mrs. Effie A., Eva A. laborer 45 Main
Lombard, J. R. Mrs. E.  laborer 8 Concord Ave.
Long, Frank Mrs. Mary laborer 10 Main
Longeway, Isaac   job team 4 Autumn
Longeway, M. G. Mrs. Selvina car repairer 1 Green
Longtigne, Joseph Mrs. Elizabeth M., Florence brakeman 3 Clyde River
Lontagne, Charles Mrs. Louisa laborer 26 Fern
Lontagne, Ed.   laborer b 5 Lake
Lontagne, Frank Mrs. Louisa laborer 22 Fern
Lontine, Emery Mrs. Lilla polisher 30 Fern
Lontine, John Mrs. Josephine laborer 26 Fern
Lovelett, Nelson H. Mrs. Sarah T., Edith S. carpenter 39 Main
Lunderville, Charles Mrs. Ida laborer 16 Eastern Ave.
Lunderville, Frank Mrs. Margaret K., E. Meadie, Maud M.,
Rachael C., Harry L., Winnie B., James A.
laborer 21 Eastern Ave.
Lunt, S. S. Mrs. Ella M., Gertie B., Nellie E. carpenter 18 Mt. Pleasant
Lynch, Thomas Mrs. Hattie B. stone cutter 2 Green
Magoon, George L. Mrs. Alice G., Leslie P., Walter G., Bertha I. E. carpenter 47 Main
Magoon, Orin   retired 2 Mill
Martin, J. O. Mrs. Jennie S.    carpenter 35 Summer
Martin, Jacob E. Mrs. Ida May, E. Ray mason 67 Main 
Martin, William Mrs. Maria carpenter 27 Clyde River
Massey, G. H. Mrs. Deantha M., Ernest A., Frank, Emma laborer 7 Lake
Maston, D. W. Mrs. Winnie B. job team 5 Spring
Mayo, John   laborer 31 Railroad
Mayo, Joseph   laborer 31 Railroad
McCauley, C. H. Mrs. Rose M. piano salesman 20 Summer
McClellan, Herbert H. Mrs. Mabel, Seymour G. carpenter 3 Northern Ave.
McClellan, S. B. Mrs. Mary J. retired 3 Northern Ave.
McClure, Charles Mrs. Caroline E., Edith C., Edward J. carpenter 1 North Ave.
McClure, John C. Mrs. Effie V., Charlie H. carpenter 4 Indian Pt.
McKenna, Patrick Mrs. Kate B. laborer Western Ave.
McKenzie, Mrs. John Joseph, Maggie   30 Main
Miller, John Mrs. Lizzie laborer 10 Main
Miller, Lumis Mrs. Ellen, Frank, Ernest, Meloin, Bernice blacksmith 8 Young
Miser, Carl Mrs. Lizzie M. laborer 17 Maple
Mooney, Mrs. A. M.     63 Main
Mooney, Thomas Mrs. Sarah A. farmer 25 Summer
Moranville, S. Mrs. Alice, Elmer painter 1 Mill
Morrill, Mrs. Joseph     24 Fern
Morrill, P. Mrs. Maggie carpenter 20 Fern
Morse, H. F. Mrs. Mina M., Eddie wheelwright 10 Main
Morse, J. S.   farmer 10 Main
Morse, Stark Mrs. Marietta, Mattie R. retired 34 Summer
Moss, Amos Mrs. Lizzie, George section boss 23 Indian Pt.
Moulton, Frank Mrs. Jennie cabinet maker 28 Mill
Moulton, O. R. Mrs. E. M., Arthur merchant 5 Green
Munson, B. G. Mrs. Hannah E. laborer 14 Mill
Murry, William Mrs. Emma H. stone cutter 2 Pleasant
Nelson, John Mrs. Elenor A., Ruth C. blacksmith 25 Mill
Norris, E. H. Mrs. Harriette, Thomas W., Lydia H. poultry breeder 8 Fern
Nott, Archie   clerk b 28 Main
Nott, H. S. Mrs. Addie B., Winifred E., Amos L., Roy H.,
Archie S., Mary W.
job team 15 Indian Pt.
O'Hern, Patrick Mrs. Aurilla, William S., Leslie A., Lizzie M. Myra B. laborer 5 Eastern Ave.
Oliver, Amos A. Mrs. Louise, W. Herbert, Albert H., Elmer A., Winnie M. job team 23 Eastern Ave.
O'Rouke, John C. Mrs. Martha J., Susan C., Ethel M., Sarah A., Reuben J. coal dealer 17 Clyde River
Page, A. L. Martin merchant 2 Autumn
Page, B. M. Mrs. Carrie farmer 17 Eastern Ave.
Page, Will. H. Mrs. Eliza J.     2 Autumn
Palin, Louis Mrs. Julia, Maria, John laborer 19 Fern
Paquin, H. L. Mrs. Mary L., Ethel, Frederick clerk 15 Maple
Patch, Mrs. P. K.     15 Summer
Patrick, Glenn   laborer b 15 Lake
Patrick, William   laborer b 15 Lake
Patten, William Mrs. Corean laborer 8 Mill
Patterson, W. A. Mrs. Mary E. laborer 25 Summer
Pelkey, Fred   merchant 2 Orchard
Pelkey, Lewis Mrs. Louise retired 2 Orchard
Pelkey, Louis Mrs. Jennie, Alfred, Oliver, Louis fireman 19 Railroad
Pelkey, Moses   brakeman 2 Orchard
Perkins, George P. Mrs. Edith B. watchman 21 Mill
Pettingill, Mrs. Mary E.     53 Main
Pierce, Asa Mrs. Addie W. laborer 2 Mt. Pleasant
Platts, Stephen Mrs. Ellen, Josephine, Joseph A., Andrew A.,
Lilla A., Mary L.
barber 33 Clyde River
Poquet, Nepoleon Mrs. Melvina laborer 10 Main
Porter, Fred Mrs. Etta mason 14 1/2 off Mill
Porter, Frederick Mrs. Kate A., Maud E. laborer 2 Summer
Porter, Henry Mrs. Jennie, Ethel, Zelma laborer 10 1/2 off Mill
Pratt, G. W. Mrs. A. H. commercial traveler 17 Main
Procter, W. S.   laborer 48 Main
Provencal, Mrs. Addie May, George   8 Spring
Provoencher, M. P.   shoemaker 1 Railroad
Prue, Charles   laborer 3 Railroad
Prue, David Mrs. Louise, Lewis, Luna conductor 4 Orchard
Prue, George Mrs. Arvilla, Jenevieve, James, Ethel M. laborer 2 Wilson
Prue, Henry Mrs. Ella laborer 7 Young
Ramsdell, Pliny Mrs. Stella  laborer 5 Summer
Randall, Amos C. Mrs. Rachael R. retired 12 Park
Randall, George T. Mrs. Mabel S. laborer 12 Park
Rann, W. G. Mrs. Maggie, Martha G. baggage master 36 Fern
Raymond, G. W. Mrs. Lizzie M., Frank H., Hattie E., Charles W., Freddie G. laborer 7 Spring
Reed, George Mrs. Lizzie, Earl, Grant mechanic 8 Main
Reed, Harry Mrs. Nellie M. Electrician 8 Main
Reed, Mrs. Catherine     8 Main
Revoy, Thomas   laborer b 5 Lake
Rice, Calvin G. Mrs. Abah laborer 18 Summer
Rice, Luman Mrs. Ethel L. laborer 18 Summer
Richardson, James Mrs. Mertie box maker 2 Maple
Rider, O.   builder 16 Elm
Roberts, W. S. Mrs. Lula E. lumber surveyor 13 Eastern
Robinson, Mrs. P. S.     49 Main
Rodgers, Arthur   plumber off 31 Clyde River
Rodgers, Mrs. D. W.   milliner 4 Eastern Ave.
Rodgers, Mrs. L. L. Artimisa   off 31 Clyde River
Rollins, Isaac W. Mrs. Lucy L., Carroll A., Pearl B. car inspector 65 Main
Rollins, Mrs. Louise E.     10 Young
Rowell, Alfred F. Mrs. Frances C., Bernice F., Earl S. lumber surveyor 6 Young
Russell, David Mrs. Emma, David, Joseph teamster 10 Mill
Sauders, Miss Olive     6 Concord Ave.
Sawyer, Amos C. Mrs. Emma E., Charles M., Ernest N. laborer 3 Elm
Sawyer, M. C. Mrs. Martha J., Henry F. laborer 36 Fern
Shannon, J. C. Mrs. Helen C., Mary L. carpenter 11 Elm
Shatter, Mrs. Mabel     20 Eastern Ave.
Shepherd, Orin T. Mrs. Mary E., William F., Florence, Myra, Joseph A. carpenter 43 Main
Shorey, Mrs. Eunice     3 Main
Sias, E. E. Mrs. Ezoa I. carpenter 59 Main
Simms, James Mrs. Jessie, Florence stone cutter 36 Fern
Sisco, E. V. Mrs. Mary H., Josephine M. laborer 32 Summer
Smith, E. W. Mrs. Carrie R., Guy D. carpenter 3 Autumn
Smith, Everett   commercial traveler 23 Mill
Smith, J. L. Mrs. Lizzie S., George H. clergyman 33 Main
Smith, W. E. Mrs. Ruth E., Harry C. laborer 5 Indian Pt.
Snay, Alfred Mrs. Bachanda, Albina, Peter laborer 12 Fern
Snay, Charles   laborer 5 Railroad
Spencer, George A. Mrs. Annie E., Mary E., John G. pensioner 69 Main
Spiers, Rev. Junius B. Mrs. Mabel   1 Orchard
Stacy, Telvis Mrs. Kate G. laborer 25 Maple
Standish, S. E. Mrs. Kate E., E. Gladys carpenter 15 Main
Stearns, Fred W. Mrs. Bertha A., Nellie E. laborer 15 Main
Stevens, L. P. Mrs. Minnie B. mechanic 2 Elm
Stevens, Miss Lillian J. Wallace A., Walter S.   59 Main
Stiles, John S. Mrs. Eunice H., Archie, J., Laura C. constable 14 Main
Stiles, Mrs. Laura     14 Main
Stimson, Will   laborer b 20 Eastern Ave.
Stonge, Mary A.   domestic 1 Orchard
Stratton, Beeman Mrs. Mina   9 Young
Stratton, Joseph Mrs. Carrie laborer 3 South Ave.
Streeter, Ed. Mrs. Addie clerk 6 South Ave.
Sweet, Homer H. Mrs. Janette E., Hazel, Mildred laborer 3 Lake View
Tatro, James Mrs. Mary, Lena, Belle painter 17 Railroad
Tatro, Mrs. Kate John   2 Green
Taylor, Alfred Mrs. Margarette E. retired 73 Main
Taylor, Thomas Mrs. Bridget, Patrick, Lizzie, George, Agnes laborer 33 1/2 off Railroad
Tiedman, George      retired 4 Winter
Tiedman, George W. Mrs. Dora M. laborer 4 Winter
Tower, Charles Mrs. Dora, Alton, Foster, Inez E., Theo O., Benjamin L. butcher 15 Spring
Trudell, J. P. Mrs. Emma, Leonard, Mildred laborer 35 1/2 off Railroad
Trudell, John   laborer 18 Fern
Tucker, C. J. Mrs. Plumie M. laborer 19 Indian Pt.
Tucker, John Mrs. Rachael  retired 5 Elm
Tute, Orin H. Mrs. Didamie C., Herbert, Alida laborer 3 Indian Pt.
Vagnie, Frank Mrs. F. laborer 25 Indian Pt.
Vagnie, Zephiner Mrs. Roselie, Joseph, Josephine, Mary, Ovid laborer 19 Railroad
Virns, Charles Mrs. Hermine D., Adolphus, Aulderic, Delicas, Valirier, Martha laborer 6 Eastern Ave.
Waide, H. R.   clerk 4 Spring
Waide, Mrs. A. N. Harry  (laborer)   4 Spring
Wakefield, G. E. Mrs. Lucy C. laborer 19 Indian Pt.
Wakefield, L. H.     19 Indian Pt.
Ward, J. C. Mrs. C. E. sash & door 27 Mill
Ward, Kimball Mrs. Minnie laborer 11 Mill
Watson, Richard Mrs. Lucy farmer 13 Mill
Weatherston, J. W. Mrs. Annie S. laborer 17 Maple
Webb, George Mrs. Nettie laborer 10 1/2 off Main
Webster, Almer Mrs. Florence E. laborer 27 Maple
Webster, Evelyn M.   domestic 65 Main
Webster, Jasper Mrs. Sarah, Herbert I., Evelyn May, Bernice W. carpenter 22 Summer
Webster, Percy   laborer b 24 Fern
Weir, E. P. Mrs. A. D. laborer 3 Young
Whaley, Alex. Mrs. Della stone cutter 4 Fern
Wheeler, Alex. Mrs. Della stone cutter 14 Mt. Pleasant
Wheeler, Walter Mrs. Rhoda E., Agnes M. mechanic 12 Young
White, A. J. Mrs. Nellie A., Carl E., Daisy M. sash & door 26 Main
White, Charles L. Mrs. Georgina C., Fred, Charles W., Georgia A. music teacher 42 Main
Whitehead, Benjamin Mary, Benjamin, Melvin, Gardner, Oscar laborer 36 Main
Whitney, J. P. Mrs. Linnie M., Gracie M., Victor D. baggage master 31 Clyde River
Whitney, Martin A.   farmer 29 Clyde River
Whitney, Mrs. Betsey H.     29 Clyde River
Wier, D. S. Mrs. Ellen laborer 3 Young
Wilkie, Ina     b 20 Eastern Ave.
Willard, M. A. Mrs. C. A., Bertha E. job team 2 Indian Pt.
Willey, George Mrs. Amy mechanic 16 Elm
Wilson, Smith Mrs. Emma, Dora laborer 1 Wilson St.
Wood, E. H. Mrs. Saphina H. retired 9 Elm
Wood, Fred A.   farmer 24 Mill
Wood, Holbrook Mrs. Adaline D. retired 24 Mill
Wood, J. E. Mrs. J. E., Johnie, Edith mechanic 3 Young
Woodbury, J. D. Mrs. Lydia L. plumber 10 Mt. Pleasant
Woodward, E. J. Mrs. Luva laborer 6 Concord Ave.
Worth, Henry   laborer b 15 Railroad
Worth, Lucius   laborer b 15 Railroad
Worth, William Mrs. Maggie, Wallace, John, Maggie section boss 2 Main
Young, Alexander Mrs. Elmina T. retired 1 Young St.
Young, Edward Mrs. Josephine laborer 4 Elm
Young, Edward Mrs. Jossie brakeman 30 Fern
Young, Peter Mrs. Saphrona retired 22 Main

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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