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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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Name Occupation Wife and children Residence
Abbott, Charles   (Gertrude) Winter
Abel, Daniel W. carpenter (Dina), Mildred, Bessie Clyde
Abel, Henry J. emp Intern. Mill (Mabel), John, Henry Causeway
Adams, Chester lab B. & M. frt. shed (Marguerite), Ruth, Helen Young
Adams, Ethan A. retired (Ellen) Sias Ave.
Adams, Dr. George F. Physician (Cora) Main
Addison, David eng B & M (Agnes), Ethel, Agnes, James, Gordon Lake View
Albee, Homer emp B & M (Myrtie) Young
Albee, Lemuel tel operator B & M (Fleda), Hugh, Natalie, Charles Northern Ave.
Alexander, Eugene lab    (Jennie) Lake View
Alexander, Myron L. mgr H. P. Hood & Son (Belle), Ruby, Earl, Maurice, Gordon Pine Hill Rd.
Allen, Alanson H. retired (Charity)     bds M. L. Alexander's Pine Hill Rd.
Allen, Chas. W. car inspector B & M (Mila), Mercedes, Mildred Orchard
Arkin, William peddler (Rachel), Aby, Moses, Esther, Sarah,
Lily, Joe, Simon, Syldia
Eastern Ave.
Armstrong, Edgar conductor B & M (Jennie) Elm
Asbury, Mrs. Alma   John, Alma   bds Mrs. Mary J. Porter Mill
Aseltine, Mrs. Bethano   bds Mrs. Sarah Gibbs So. Ave.
Austin, Albert A. brake B & M (Ethel), Max, Harvey, Pauline Concord
Avery, Maurice C. postmaster (Lita) Main
Ball, E. S. fruit raiser (Jeanette) Sias Ave.
Ball, Frank florist (Emma) Elm
Ball, Herbert J. florist (Gertie) Elm
Bean, Milton   (Nellie) Young
Bedard, Mrs. Julia M.     Eastern Ave.
Bedor, Napoleon E. eng. B & M bds Edgar McDonald Orchard
Beebe, R. J. clk Blodgett & Burgess (Lena), Elizabeth Elm
Beford, Eugene H. car inspt joint (Nellie), Wilfred Pine Hill Rd.
Beford, Lewis sec B & M (Cecelia) Pine Hill Rd.
Benway, Josway watch N. Elec. Light Co. (Emma), Joseph, David Clyde
Bergerson, Leon A. lab (Myrtie), Leo, Clark, Ida Clyde
Bisbee, Madison J. U. S. Customs (Jennie), Faye Main
Blair, Charles prop. Blair's Pharmacy (Ethel), Frances, Kathleen Main
Blair, William real estate bds Mrs. Jennie Sias Orchard
Blake, Herbert C. farm & butcher Hazel, Doris, Zenas Maple
Blake, Mrs. Zenas C.     Maple
Blanchard, Ardine trucker B & M frt (Emma), Oliver, Wayne Clyde
Blanchard, Clarence clk T. & B. (Annie), Marjorie, Dora Western Ave.
Blanchard, Francis   (Lona) Clyde
Bolac, Lawrence H. butcher, W. Derby Market (Ellen) Main
Bouldman, Henry     Pine Hill Rd.
Boulet, Frank carpenter B & M (Eva), Esther, Frances, Elbridge Sias Ave.
Boulet, Joseph lab (Emma), William Clyde
Bowen, Augustus G. lab (Annie) Clyde
Bowen, Chancey emp Intern. Mill (Iva), Esther Railroad
Bowen, Charles car insp B & M.   Mill
Bowen, Ernest E. emp Intern Mill (Alice), Willis, Wallace Causeway
Bowen, Horace A. car repairer (Nellie), Vernal, Ervin, Gerald Clyde
Scott, Ira lab     bds Ernest E. Bowen Causeway
Bowley, Eugene emp B & M frt office (Bessie), Harold Young
Bowley, R. M. carpenter (Ida) Indian Pt.
Brandon, Lawrence E. mech Lindsay Garage (Blanche), Editha, Lawrence Main
Brewer, Charles lab (Mabel) Winter
Briggs, Leon frt brake (Beulah), Floyd, Dwaine, Leonne Spring
Brouilette J. A. emp F. V. S. Co. (Dill), Fred, William, John, Emille Causeway
Brown, James emp flour shed Olive Elm
Brown, Wallace lab (Dorothy), Raymond, Gordon, Sidney Field Ave.
Bryant, Arthur clk restaurant (Hettie), Mabel, Muriel, Arthur, Mary, Mertie Sias Ave.
Buck, Beatrice gen house work   Pine Hill Rd.
Buckland, Arthur R. clk Joe Gendron's (Emma), Elizabeth Lake   
Buckland, Hollis W. emp Intern Mill (Elfreda) Lake
Burt, Jerry A. fire B. & M.  (Earla), Roger Pine Hill Rd.
Burns, Frank fisherman (Mary) Clyde
Buskey, Mrs. Antoine   Florence, Henry, Allie, Lillian Eastern Ave.
Cade, Mrs. Eliza     Autumn
Campbell, Mrs. Henry   rms J. Madison Main
Carr, Frank lab (Flora), Wilfred Clyde
Carr, Fred W. plumber Freda, Jay No. Field Ave.
Carter, Edward G. train B & M (Lena), John, Melvin Pine Hill Rd.
Carter, Jack granite cutter (Winnie) Lake
Cassidy, John W. mach Intern Mill (Gladys) Orchard
Cay, Loren lab (Ann) Oak
Chaffee, Walter S. clk Lee & Slack (Flora), Helen Sias Ave.
Chapman, Claude A. eng. B & M (Laura), Chas. Pine Hill Rd.
Cheney, Arthur baker (Catherine)  
Clark, Charles A. clk T. & B. (Harriet), Flora, Nelva Pine Hill Rd.
Clark, George painter   Clyde
Clark, W. C. farm     (Nancy), Edith Winter
Cobleigh, Abner B.   Leota, Laura Oak
Cobleigh, Mrs. Ada     Main
Coburn, Ray O. condu B & M (Lena), Marian Eastern Ave.
Cook, George carpenter (Eva), Wesley, Harry Main
Coplan, A. junk dealer (Bessie), Ida, Jennie Eastern Ave.
Copp, Charles lab (Mrs. Charles) No. Ave.
Corey, Richard F. condu B & M, Capt Co.L.V.N.G. (Bernice), Eileen, Dane, Alden No. Field Ave.
Corkins, Caleb carpenter A. O. Norris (Ida) Mill
Corkins, J. J. carpenter  (Mary), Erla, Julian Mill
Cota, Levi farm (Harriet)   Sias Ave.
Courteau, Charles cashier C.P.R. (Ruth), Gordon Autumn
Cousens, H. K. farm (Emma) Elm
Crandall, Henry B. retired (Harriet) Mill
Crosby, John emp Norris Mill (Mrs. John), Effie, Natalie, Lena, Robert,
Flossie, Claude, Richard, Ruth
Crosier, Walter A. farm   Concord
Cushing, Alfred clk B & M frt. (Alice), Arline, Lyle Young
Cushing, S. J. dealer in hay and grain (Clara) Field Ave.
Cushing, T. R. lab (Ida), Dorcas, Edna, Francis, Catherine Orchard
Cushion, Harry teamster Silas Cushion (Bessie), Doris Spring
Cutting, Charles emp Intern Mill (Hattie), Nora, Harold, Arnold Elm
Dailey, Herbert   (Sarah), Claude, Gerald Elm
Daley, Harrison retired (Belle) Spring
Dane, Leon fire B. & M.  (Pearl) Lake
Davio, David L. stonecutter (Arline), Dorothy Concord Ave.
Davio, Henry brake B & M (Clara), Clara, Alvin, Chester, Irene,
Catherine, Christina
Concord Ave.
Davis, Bert C. prop. W. Derby Bakery (Altha), Bernice, Eldred Main
Day, Mrs. M. L.   Pauline, Marjorie Sias Ave.
Demers, Joseph C. carpenter (Mabel), Alice, Lillian Clyde
Demontigny, Joseph fore F. V. S. Co. (Angelina), Noel, Joseph, Emmalina, Ellen Causeway
Doane, Mrs. Mary     Elm
Doherty, John car inspt joint (Alice), Norma So. Ave.
Donaghy, Thomas lamp lighter joint (Mary) R. R.
Donehue, Fred clk (Eva), Glenna Young
Doolin, Edward plumbing (Emily), Florence, George, Cornelia,
Margaret, Joanna
Eastern Ave.
Doran, Benjamin yd emp B & M (Ida), May, Stephen Orchard
Drake, Miss Gertrude Mae dressmaker, milliner   Main
Drew, Leonard L. electrician (Grace), Forest, Editha, Helen, Milton,
Grace, Levi, Bess, Kenneth
Duckles, Clayton lab Geo. Herrick (Jennie) Clyde
Duffy, Charles train B & M (Elizabeth), Harrison, Edith Sias Ave.
Dwyer, John lab (Iva), George, Ora Causeway
Dwyer, Ora brake B & M (Ethel), Harold, Beatrice, Gladys Causeway
Dyett, Arthur emp F. V. S. Co.   Causeway
Elder, John G. prop. W. Derby Hotel (Alma) Main
Elie, Arthur N. painter E. E. Scott (Jessie), Doris, Lawrence Eastern Ave.
Elie, Earnest painter E. E. Scott (Hattie), Mildred, Earle Eastern Ave.
Elie, Nelson teamster (Ellen), Wilfred, Pauline Eastern Ave.
Facto, William emp Clyde River Pulp Co. (Agnes), George Mill
Fairbanks, Ralph clk (Grace)     Northern Ave.
Fairbrother, Vera maid E. H. Rickaby   Pine Hill Rd.
Fee, Percy clk joint (Hazel), Enid Sias Ave.
Fisher, Arthur W. condu B. & M. Lillian Maple
Fisher, Edward W. emp B. & M. (Lucy) Spring
Flanders, Will O. lab (Idella), Mamie, Lucius, Victoria, John, Raymond Clyde
Fordyce, N. J. gate tender joint (Hattie), Clarence, Ruth Indian Pt.
Fountain, A. O. frt transfer (Neva), Hollie, Hugh, Hugh, Leslie, Don Indian Pt.
Fuller, Cassius A. emp B. & M. (Nellie) Pine Hill Rd.
Fuller, E. E. farm   Sias Ave.
Fuller, Lester D. asst fore B & M frt (Effie), Howard Pine Hill Rd.
Gard, A. B. frt condu B. & M. George, Henry Sias Ave.
Gard, Mrs. L. A.     Sias Ave.
Gardner, J. T. agt Bailey Music Rooms (Calista), Lawrence, Katherine, Lucille Lake View
Garfield, Frank B. hackman (Stella) Main
Gero, Burt E. expressman (Clara) Pine Hill Rd.
Gero, Charles lab (Mary), Lyman, Winnie, Nelson, Bernice,
Clara, Alvina, Flossy, Elsie
Eastern Ave.
Gerry, B. L. frt condu B. & M.   Main
Gibb, Russell merchant N. Grocery Co.   So. Ave.
Gibb, Mrs. Sarah   Maude, Bertha So. Ave.
Gilbert, Charles baker Hamblett's Gordon Elm
Gilchrist, George D. express messenger B & M (Bernice), Scott, Dean Pine Hill Rd.
Gilchrist, Mrs. George     Pine Hill Rd.
Gilman, E. L. fire B. & M.  (Katherine), Howard, Luva No. Ave.
Goodell, Mrs. Hattie   bds Winfield Rowland Pine Hill Rd.
Gould, N. J.   (Jennie) Winter
Gray, Walter D. carpenter B & M (Sophia) Oak
Griffin, Henry retired (Mary), Clarence Elm
Gross, L. L. emp Pillsbury Flour Co. (Nina), Hilda, Gilbert Maple
Grow, Archie R. customs broker (Lillian), William, Alice Orchard
Hackett, George A. frt condu B. & M. (Delia), Clinton, Albert Autumn
Hackett, Mary dressmaker     Edith Hackett - Nurse Young
Hall, Fred brake B & M (Dora) Field Ave.
Hall, H. E.   Mrs. Harry Lake
Hanley, Ray brake B & M (Effie), Gweneth, Leland Spring
Hanson, H. E. fire B. & M.  (Lillian) Indian Pt.
Hanson, L. E.   Mrs., Bernard Elm
Harrison, C. J. bkkpr (Pearl) Main
Harrison, W. J. blacksmith (Emma), Allen, Reta, Doris Main
Hart, Charles R. brake B & M (Berdina), Gertrude, Lawrence Young
Hart, Delial D. car cleaner B & M (Etta), Leona, Dwane Main
Hart, Miss Dora clk F. D. Flint's bds Delial Hart Main
Hart, Mrs. J. B.   Jacyntha, gr son Roy, gr dau Doris Mill
Hart, Nathaniel B. emp Pulp Mill (Anna), Flora Huzzey Clyde
Hawkins, Henry retired (Hettie)   No. Field Ave.
Hayer, Earnest sec lab (Rena), Clarence, Harold, Willie Maple
Heath, J. F. retired (Amelia) Maple
Henrichon, Alfred F. condu B & M    (Mary), Priscilla, Charlotte, Alfred, Leon Main
Herrick, George A. farm & milk man (Hattie), Ethelwyn, Wesley Sawyer Clyde
Hibbard, Walter emp round house   Elm
Hicks, Roy H. clk Joint (Verna), Earl Main
Hildreth, Arthur baker B C. Davis (Laura)   Spring
Hildreth, Homer clk B. & M. (Laura), Dorothy Spring
Hill, Ami N. blacksmith (Grace), Vernon, Bernie, Eleanor, Irene Main
Hill, George fore flour shed (Mina), Lee, Marion Elm
Hinman, Bert C. eng B & M (Ida), Maurice, Harietta Young
Hinman, Walter emp frt depot (Gertie) Field Ave.
Hitchcock, Stanton E. janitor Federal Bldg (Minnie), Clay, Alton, Ila, Iva Oak
House, William E. comm. Man (Mary), William Indian Pt.
Humphrey, Samuel A. emp H. J. Ball (Addie), John Autumn
Hunt, E. L. optometrist (Lillie), Thelma Elm
Hunter, W. D. fire B. & M.  (Eva), Clayton Indian Pt.
Huntington, Carroll druggist Newport (Edith), Vernon, Alton Pine Hill
Hussey, Theron lab Orleans (Inez) Spring
Jervah, F. A. carpenter (Gertrude) Lake
Johnson, Hiram H. lab (Angelina), Leo, Nellie Sias & Main
Johnson, William lab (Nellie) Indian Pt.
Keith, John ins. (Eva), Donald, Gordon, Mildred, Harry Concord Ave.
Kelley, Arthur emp F. V. S. Co. (Myrtle), Vera Eastern Ave.
Kelley, Lee emp F. V. S. Co. (Effie), Gertrude, Pearl Maple
Kelley, David carpenter (Emily)  South Ave.
Kendall, George condu B & M (Anna), Milo Northern Ave.
Kennedy, Frank H. mgr & prop Roeder Inn (Eva) Park
Kimball, F. J. train B & M   Field Ave.
Kiser, Don F. trucker B & M frt (Clara), Lila, Marion Maple
Knowlton, Mrs. Jeanette     Northern Ave.
Laganiere, Fred carpenter (Gertrude), Arnold Eastern Ave.
Lalene, George lab (Mabel), Edward, Harold, Earl Causeway
Lamb, Miss     Concord Ave.
Lanlays, Mrs. J.   Gilbert, Ephraim, Ora, Alice Causeway
Lapier, Horace W. barber   Main
Lathe, Clayton carpenter   Western Ave.
Lathe, George lab   Western Ave.
Leavitt, Gerald C. barber (Agnes) Main
Lee, Frank merchant     (Ethel), Dorine, Robert Northern Ave.
Leithead, Jas.   (Mollie), Murray, Robert, Archie, Otis Indian Pt.
LeMay, Peter emp P. & M. (Edith), Gladys Clyde
Leonard, Will emp Hood's creamery (Carrie), Ronald, Oscar Clyde & No. Ave.
LePine, Frank mason Alice   bds Harvey G. Potter Causeway
LePine, L. F. emp C. P. R. (Lula) Maple
Litchfield, Frank clk W. D. Market (Inez), Mildred, Harold (Co. L., V. N. G.)
Charles, Hazel
Concord Ave.
Lockhart, W. G. village trustee (Effie), George Sias Ave.
Longeway, Isaac N. teamster (Etta), Millie Spring
Lontine, Joseph H. sec B. & M. (Elizabeth) Clyde
Lorimer, Collins J. mach Overall Factory (Ada), Marjorie Pine Hill
Loverin, Luke D. farm (Almira) Sias Ave.
Luxford, Loren O. lab Levi Cota (Emma) Eastern Ave.
MacDonald, Edgar fire B. & M.  (Elsie), Roger DeWitt Orchard
Magoon, George L. carpenter (Alice) Main
Magoon, Luman emp F. M. Sherman (Jane), Weltha, Maude, Pauline, Elaine Elm
Maguire, Mrs. J. F.   Isadore Causeway
Martin, Mrs. C. A.     Main
Marvin, Delos R. real estate, emp C.J. Oben & Co. (Ada) Autumn
Marvin, Wallace D. real estate, emp C.J. Oben & Co. (Ila), Bernice Autumn
Massey, G. H. sexton (Diantha) Lake
Maxwell, Ray emp Intern. Mill (Mabel), Dorothy Concord Ave.
McCaffrey, Wilfred J. frt. condu B & M (Sadie), Wilfred, Rondelle Clyde
McCarty, Charles janitor  (Jennie) Young
McCauley, Charles mgr Bailey's Music Rooms (Rose), Gladys, Parker, Reginald Main
McClellan, Samuel lab Maurice Northern Ave.
McClure, Charles   (Caroline E.), John, Edyth, Edwin Main
McClure, J. C. lab (Effie), Mildred Indian Pt.
McKelvey, Capt. Abbie capt salvation army   Western Ave.
McLean, Donald emp F. M. Sherman (Elizabeth), Ruth, Rita Main
Meigs, Rosina emp C. A. Chapman   Pine Hill Rd.
Mero, Elsworth carpenter   Clyde
Merrill, Elijah J. lab (Leola) Spring
Miller, D. C. plumber (Anna), Ernest Pine Hill
Mills, Dr. E. H. veterinary (Mamie), Leonel, Russell Main
Mitchell, Mrs. Carrie D.   Walter Main
Monroe, Mrs. Letitia     Western Ave.
Mooney, Mrs. Annie     Sias Ave.
Moranville, Mrs. Alice     No. Ave.
Moranville, Elmer car inspt joint (Margaret), Arline Colby Autumn & So. Ave.
Morey, Hollis H. emp Silas Cushion (Lena), Hollis, Fred, Orlando Spring
Morrill, A. J. retired (May) Indian Pt.
Morrill, Louis farm (Mary), Leo, Gertrude, Jeanette Sias
Morrill, W. S. R. R. mail clk (Clara), Howard, Eleanor, Dorothy, Clara
N. Field Ave.
Morse, George emp B. & M. (Mrs. Geo.) Lake View
Mosher, Benjamin E. harness maker (Hilda), Lawrence R. R.
Mudgett, M. L. carpenter Howard, Evelyn, Lillian, Marian, Warren Lake
Norris, Mrs. Mary L.   bds Mrs. Maude Parker Spring
Nault, Joe H. car cleaner C. P. R. (May) Indian Pt.
Neil, W. P. eng. B & M (Pearl), James, William Main
Noe, Henry lab (Lydia), Mary, George, Eva, Rose, Eda,
John, Alfred
Page, Mrs. Benjamin M.     Eastern Ave.
Page, Mrs. Frank R.   Earl,    bds H. E. Page Maple
Page, Homer E. watch. Intern. Mill (Hazel), Myrtle, Waldin Maple
Paine, Annie emp W. W. Robinson   Clyde
Parker, Bernard C. brake B & M (Mary), Lillian, Viola Pine Hill Rd.
Parker, Perley N. brake B & M (Jennie), Oliver, Allison, Bernard Spring
Parker, Mrs. Maude N. nurse Helen Spring
Parker, Mrs. Richard F.   Arabelle I. Autumn
Patten, W. E. lab (Alice), Bert, Marty, Pearl Maple
Peacock, W. L. frt. brake B & M. (Bernice) Sias
Pearson, William E. job team (Susie) Eastern Ave.
Pelky, Joseph fire C. P. R. (Eva), Lucretia, Edward, Earl, Vivian, Dorothy Causeway
Pelky, Mrs. Louis washwoman Antoine Causeway
Pelky, Napoleon emp. Lindsay Garage (Lora), Evelyn Eastern Ave.
Perry, Loan farm (Lilla) Mill
Perkins, John W. painter, Henry Paquin (Elizabeth) Main
Percy, Fred emp., B & M. (Mrs. Fred) Field Ave.
Phoenix, Ernest E. prop., W. Derby meat market (Isola) Main
Pickel, Fred horse trainer (Edna), Charlotte Sias Ave.
Pickel, Peter horse trainer (Myra) Elm
Pomfrey, Rev. George clergyman (Mattie), Bertha, Madeline Main
Porter, Linus lab (Louise), Alton Indian Pt.
Porter, Mrs. C.     Sias Ave.
Porter, Mrs. Mary J.   Lena Mill
Potter, Harvey G. eng B & M (Emma), Alberta, Alice, Francis Causeway
Powers, E. L. lumber (Blanche), Vera Main
Powers, Frederick J. emp Intern. Mill (Maude), Merle, Frederick Main
Puffer, Don R. frt. Clk., C. P. R. (Anna) Autumn
Puffer, Freeman retired (Emma) Autumn
Putney, Charles F. emp B & M (Mattie)   Pine Hill Rd.
Ramsdell, Harold clk MacDiarmid (Nora), Dale, Kenneth, Carleton R. R.
Ranney, Mrs. Cora   Guy, emp. Pulp Mill Eastern Ave.
Reed, Albert B. printer W. B. Bullock (Goldie), Irene, Madeline Main
Reed, George W. prop. Orleans Boat & Machine Works   Main
Reid, C. H. car inspect. (Martha), Hilda, Geneva, Arnold No. Ave.
Richardson, E. A. fore. Intern. Mill (Sarah), Jennie Maple
Richardson, James switchman (Myrtie), Berdena, Harry Indian Pt.
Richie, Fred E. painter Henry Paquin (Martha), Gertrude Clyde
Richie, George     Eastern Ave.
Richie, John brake B & M (Emma), Albert, Chancey Main
Rickaby, Ernest H. eng. B & M (Grace), Robert, Ruth Pine Hill Rd.
Riley, B. J. eng. B & M (Adella), Charles, Grace, Evelyn Orchard
Robinson, M. J. yd. Master, B & M. (Ida), Shirley, Madeline, Cathlene, Lucile Main
Robinson, Winfield W. grocer (Lucy), James, Elizabeth Mill
Roeder, Albert horse dealer, Roeder Inn   Park St.
Rogers, Clarence H. electrician, N. Elec. Light Co. (Annie), Rachel Clyde
Roger, John H. fore. Intern. Mill (Weltha), Clarence Mill
Rollins, W. F. emp. Flour Sheds (Lila), Burton, Myrtle, Hazel Indian Pt.
Roque, John T. emp. Memph. Bottling Co. (Mrs. John) Causeway
Rowland, Winfield S. painter (Jennie), Jennie Mill
Roystan, Mrs. Nelson     Autumn
Rushlow, Joseph E. lab (Belland), Harold, Jeanette, Marian, Walter,
Howard, Reginald, Hazel, Evangeline
23 Causeway
Rushlow, Joseph F. stonecutter (Katherine), David, Elsie, Irene Mill
Sanborn, J. E. agt., Grand Union Tea. Co. (Louise), Rose, Flora, Harland Sias
Saulls, Miss Eunice   bds M. A. Stevenson Main & Spring
Savage, E. W. C.P.R. Agt (Lucretia), Bernard, Reginald, Helen, Harold
Earl, Frances
Sias Ave.
Scott, Ernest lab   Concord Ave.
Selby, Mrs. Thomas   Florence, Rosa Elm
Sequin, J. E. brake B & M (Elvira), Albert, Doris, Herbert Park
Shackett, Edward lab (Eva), Raymond Causeway
Shackett, Mrs. Leslie   Edmund, Bernice, Leon, Leslie Causeway
Shackett, William lab (Minnie), William, Rose, Mildred, Edwin Causeway
Shanty, Joseph emp. B & M (Eliza), Fred, Marion Mill
Sharby, George lab (Ethel), Ronaleyn Main
Sharland, Tom job team Roy Maple
Shattuck, Roy V. eng. B & M (Emma), Flora, Gladys, Harold, Ruth Spring
Shaw, Harry W. bkkpr. Agr. Asso. (Vera) Pine Hill Rd.
Shaw, Loren J. farm (Winnie), Elizabeth Main
Sheldon, Mrs. Mamie   Madeline   bds L. H. Bolac Main
Shepard, W. C. emp. B & M (Mrs. W. C.), Helen Main
Shufelt, Claude livery (Bertha), Gordon, George Pine Hill Rd.
Sias, Charles W. emp. Dr. Gaines (Sarah) Sias Ave.
Sias, Mrs. Jennie washwoman   Orchard
Sisco, Ralph C. prop. People's Steam Laundry (Lucretia) Pine Hill Rd.
Slack, Mrs. E. A.   Barbara, Howard Indian Pt.
Sloggett, Clifford C. mach. Lindsay Garage (Eva) Concord Ave.
Smith, Everett emp. B & M (Ruth) Young
Smith, Guy D. supt. Pulp Mill & Elec. Light Sta. (Lepha), Marjorie, Caroline Autumn
Snay, Fred G. brake C. P. R. (Eva) Pine Hill Rd.
Snyder, Samuel junk dealer (Jennie) Eastern Ave.
Sockol, Alfred M. prop. Newport Iron & Metal Co.   Concord Ave.
Sockol, Mose junk dealer (Bessie), Max, Sam, Sarah, Joe, Solomon
Ima, Era
Concord Ave.
Somers, Homer retired (Clara), Clarabel Autumn
Spencer, John G. eng. B & M (Mina), Rupert, Alice, George Pine Hill Rd.
Squires, Dwight H. tester N. Milk Co. (Lorenz) Mill
Squires, Mrs. John D.   May, Margaret, Ruby, Pearl Mill
Stark, Herbert emp. B & M (Lulu) Main
Stenson, Joseph J. eng. B & M (Clara J.) Spring
Stephens, John eng. B & M (May), Normany, Frederick, Nellie Elm
Stevens, Charles lab (Annie), Ina, Lena, Elmy, Vernon, Floyd Maple
Stevens, Delma C. ins. (Rose), Daisy, Harry, Harley South Ave.
Stevenson, Mark A. lab (Fannie), Charlotte Main & Spring
Sturgen, Ed. P. emp. B & M (Jessie), Stephen, Philip Indian Pt.
Swett, Ora A. clk. E. Lane & Son (Maude), Margaret, Claire, Sidney Pine Hill Rd.
Syres, E. E. retired   Main
Tatro, James painter (Mary), Eva, Eunice Main
Taylor, Mrs. Farmer     Indian Pt.
Taylor, Marguerite     Main
Tice, Wilbur F. retired bds Mrs. Z. Tyler Main
Tilton, Mrs. Cora hskpr. P. D. Walker   Pine Hill Rd.
Tower, Charles C. retired Alton   bds Theron Hussey Spring
Towne, Edwin A. emp. H. P. Hood & Son (Emma), Shirley, Edwina Pine Hill Rd.
Tripp, William merchant (Annie), Ralph, Albian Field Ave.
Truax, Mrs. Mamie   Hayes Main
Tyler, Mrs. Zelda     Main
Vance, A. P. retired (Martha) Sias Ave.
Vanier, Ovid brake. B & M (Emma), Helena, Oland, Vivian, Gilson Maple
Vanier, Mrs. Z.     Main
Utton, W. J. emp. Stock Farm (Myrtle), Priscilla, Alden, Robert No. Field Ave.
Walker, Philo D. farm   Pine Hill Rd.
Ward, H. B. emp. Dr. Gaines (Carrie)    Elm St.
Ward, Mrs. Ida     Orchard
Webster, Mrs. Sarah     Sias Ave.
Wells, Archibald printer     (Hallie), Barbara, Helen, Ruby Maple
Wentworth, M. J. emp. Intern. Mill   Elm
Wheeler, James lab (Nellie), Ralph, Francis Oak
Wheeler, Mrs. Jane     Autumn
Wheeler, Mrs. Melissa     No. Ave.
Wheeler, Norman carpenter (Flossy), Roland Spring
Whipple, Mrs. J. M.     No. Ave.
Whitcomb, Mrs. E. R.     Concord Ave.
White, A. J. retired (Nellie), Daisy Main
White, Frank lab (Minnie), Charles, Leon Oak
Whitehead, Luke E. Harness & Shoe Shop   Main
Whitney, James P. baggage man B & M (Carrie), Victor Clyde
Whitney, Martin retired bds H. C. Bowen Clyde
Wilkinson, Clarence eng. C. P. R. (Lunett) Pine Hill Rd.
Willey, Ernest B. painter (Nellie) Pine Hill Rd.
Williams, Charles fore. flour shed (Mabel), Theodore Lake View
Williamson, Clark mach. Lindsay Garage (Hattie), Marjorie Spring
Wilson, Cook   (Susan) Eastern Ave.
Wilson, Smith emp. Frt. Shed (Mrs. Smith) Maple
Wood, Fred A. emp. John Corliss (May), Myrtle Mill
Woodbury, Frank emp. P. & M. (Hulda), Clyde, Hazel, Mildred, Doris,
Henry, Harold
Western Ave.
Worth, William   Walsworth, John Main
Wright, Benjamin S. traveling salesman (Katherine), Stewart, Raymond So. Ave.
Wyman, John clk, True & Blanchard (Alma), Emily Colfax
Wyman, Leon fire. B & M (Cora), Lloyd, Evelyn Oak
Young, Ralph V. lab (Bessie), Eleanor Clyde
Zabarsky, Daniel peddler (Ida), Harry, Sophia, Milton, Bessie, Sylvia Eastern Ave.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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