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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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Post Offices and Postmasters-Lydon, E. C. Morse,
Lyndon Center, George W. Rhines; Lyndonville, John P. Webster.
Churches-One Congregational, one Methodist at Lyndon; one Free Baptist at Lyndon Center; one Congregational, one Methodist, one Universalist, one Episcopal, one Catholic, one Christian 'Science at Lydonville.
Halls-Chase Hall, Lyndon; Music Hall and 0. M. Darling Hall, Lyndonville
Library-Cobleigh Free.
Town Clerk-Charles L. Stuart.
Selectmen-'George W. Pierce, Charles H. Hoyt, Chas. K. Hodge.
Listers-Hollis B. Welch, David M. Silsby, Harris 0. Allen.
Treasurer-Charles L. Stuart.
Auditors-Hadon W. Lyster, John E. Lincoln, Hale M. Atwood.
District Supervisor of Schools-Martin E. Daniels.
Overseer of t<he Poor-Charles H. Hall.
Constable and Collector-John M. Le Bourveau.
Health Officer-John W. Copeland, M. D.
Road Commissioner-Eugene L. Clement.
All parties in business are designated by an asterisk [*]. The Post Office address is given when it differs from the name of the town. When no Post Office follows a name the Post Office is Lyndon.
ADDiSON DAVID, engineer, L.
Ahearn John A., train despatcher, h Main st, Lyndonville
Ahern W. A., farm hand, L
Aldrieh Alex, laborer, L
" Arnold laborer
" Ernest, lumberman, Lyndon Ctr
" E. Perkins, farm hand
" Henry G. farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" John G., laborer
" Paul, laborer
" Rufus P., boilermaker, L
" William J., laborer
Allen Frank Q., farmer, Wheelock road, Lyndon Center
" Harris 0., foreman Lang & Co, L
" Ralph, laborer, Lyndon Center
ALLYN G. B. Co. (George B. and L. F. Allyn), undertakers, house furnishings, wall paper, etc., Depot st, Lyndonville (see page 232)
" Lillian F. (G. B. Allyn & Co), bds Union Hotel, Lyndonville
Ames Charles W., farm hand, E Burke rd, E Burke
" John W., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
*Arkley W. H., builders' finish, rfd 3
Atwood Hale M., farmer, Mathewson Hill, po Lyndon Ctr
Aubin Alphonse, clerk-RR, L
" Bert, plumber, L
" Joseph, RR. carpenter, L
Austin James, freight conductor, Main
Avery Henry L., baggage master, bds Union House, L
Ayer Charles H., boiler maker B & M. RR, L
" D. J., engineer
" L. C, laborer
BADGER LEVI B., farmer
Baker Bert H., farmer, E Burke rd, po, E Burke
Bailey A. Miles, trader, po East Burke
" Edwin. E., mail clerk
" Fred, laborer, L
" Henry I., carpenter
" William M., carpenter, h Main st, L
Ball Charles W., farmer, po East Burke rfd
" E. W., carpenter
" Hosea, laborer, Lyndon 'Center
" Leonard, laborer, Lyndon Center
Barber Aldis, farm hand, L
" Thomas, trainman, Depot st, L
Barrett Albert L., emp creamery, h Lyndon Center
Barrow P. F., emp RR, Main, L
BatcheJder Albert L., RR carpenter, Lyndon Center
" Albert E., machinist RR shop, Lyndon Center
" Clarence, mail carrier, Elm st, L
" George H., laborer, po Lyndon Centre
" George W., painter, RR shop, L
" Gerald, machinist, Lyndon Center
" Harley, machinist. Lyndon Center
" Robert, laborer, h Main st L
*Bean Arthur L., carpenter, Lyndon Center
" Austin W., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Charles, farmer, L, rfd 1
* " John A., carpenter, L, rfd 1
" Ray S, machinist, School, L
" Thomas W., farmer
" William H,, farmer, L, rfd 2
Beard A. J., farm hand, Lyndon Center
" I. C, farm hand, Lyndon Center
Beattie Thomas C, fireman, Charles st, L
Beauregard Albert, trainman, Charles st, L
* " Benjamin, RR blacksmith, L
" Lewis, stenographer, Charles, L
Beauschesne Joseph, emp RR, Raymond st, L
Beck Thomas, laborer
Beckwith D. J., emp RR, Charles st
Bedard Fred L., blacksmith, East st, L
" Henry, shoemaker, Depot st, h East st, L
Beecher William, laborer, East, L
Bell Ronald, RR carpenter, L
" James, laborer
" Henry, laborer
Belser James W., trainman, Elm st, L
Bemis Joshua, farmer, East Burke road, L
" Welcome A., farmer, Bemis' Hill, L
" William A., stenographer, Main, L
Bennett Pashal B., carpenter, Chapel st
" Perley, farm hand, Chapel st
Berribee Napoleon E., laborer
" Frank W., clerk, L
* " Marcus N., butcher and truckman, L, rfd 2
" Melvin, butcher, L, rfd 2
" Richard, laborer, h East st, L
*Bigelow A. Lulu Mrs., milliner, Depot st, h Center st, L
" Elisha, conductor, h Center st, L
" F. Avery, tinsmith, h Main st, L
" George M., farmer, L, rfd 2
" Lorenzo A., emp RR, L, rfd 2
Bill Carl H., carpenter, L
Bilodeau Joseph W., emp RR shop, L
" Joseph Jr., brakeman, L
Bishop A. E., farmer, L
Blaisdell Fraver V., engineer B & M RR, bds Charles st, L
Blake Amos, farmer, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 2
" Carl L., farm hand, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 2
" Charles S., engineer B & M RR, L
" Wellman C, physician, Chapel st, L
Blodgett Edwin J., ins agt and (Campbell & Blodgett), h Broad and South sts, L
" Frank J., trainman, East, L
" Henry P., trainman, Hill. L
" Sylvester, laborer, East, L
Blood George M., laborer, L
" Hazen W., laborer, L
" Wona, laborer, L
Bonette Jonathan C, farmer, east part, L
Bonner Edward D., car repairer, h Park st, L
" Wlliam H., tel operator, Williams, L
Boulrisse Amos, watchman. Depot st, L
Bouner Edward J., machinist, L
Borden Henry L., farmer, L, rfd 3
Bowker William H., painter
Bowman Harry, RR machinists, L
Bradley Albro M., emp B & M RR, Lyndon Center
" Chauncey S., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Ellon D., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Herman P., farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
" William C, retired, po Lyndon Center
Bradshaw Charles B., emp RR shop
" Charles H., laborer
" Ernest B., laborer
" John, painter, L
" Thomas, farmer, east, part, L, rfd 1
" Edward G., farmer
Briggs Leon, fireman, Depot st, L
Breason Joseph Jr., boiler maker, B & M RR L
Brown Benjamin F., road master, L
" David R-, physician, Church, L
" Edward D., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
" Edward W., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Henry F., L
" William H., farmer, po Lyndon Center
Brunelle Leon:, car inspector, h East st, L
Buckley Charles. J., engineer, L
Buell & Richardson (J. S. Buell and F. Richardson); plumbers, Ide's block, Depot st, L
" James 'S., (Buell & Richardson), Park st, L
Bugbee Fielding E., farmer, rfd 1
*Bundy Carlos j., real estate agt, Main, L
Burke R. Van Buren. commercial traveler, Lyndon Center
Burns Henry E., machinist RR, L
" Robert B., engineer, Broad st, L
Burpee Herman P., emp RR shop, L
Burrington Adna F., farmer, h East Burke rd, po E Burke
" George A., farmer, East Burke po
" George W., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Willie F., farmer, h East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Winfred, farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
Buskett William E., machinist, RR, Bast Burke rd, L
Bussey Joseph, emp RR, L
Butler Jay S., tinsmith, h Williams st, L
Butterfield Bailey R., carpenter, East Burke rd, L
" Herley A., carpenter, h East road, L
" Herman H., carpenter, Main, L
*CABLE JOHN B., barber, Depot st, h Highland ave, L
Campbell Bert J., night sta agt, Park ave, L
* " Eugene M., coal dealer, also (Campbell & Blodgett), h Lyndon Center, po L
* " Gilbert M., cattle drover, h Main st, L
* " & Blodgett (Eugene M. Campbell and Edwin Blodgett), insurance agents, Depot st, L
Campion John L., farmer
Cannaway John, carpenter, h Main st, L
Carr Edmund, farmer, L, rfd 1
" Eugene, farmer
Carron Jeremiah, laborer, L
" Raymond, section man, Charles st, L
" Roseoe A., dentist, Depot st, L
Chalmers Robert B., farmer
Chamberlin B. R., farm hand, Lyndon Center
Chandler M. 0. farmer, Lyndon Center
Chaplin Barley A., rfd carrier, h Williams st, L
Chapman Charles P., emp round house, h Broad, L
Charland Arthur J., machinist, South st, L
" Alexander, machinist, Raymond st, L
" Cyrell, machinist, South st, L
" Henry, laborer, Raymond st, L
*Charron George, meat market
Chase Gillis C, fireman, bds Union House
" John B., prop Vermont Union Journal (weekly)
* " Oren G., prop Union House, Williams st, res do, L
Chayer Joseph, blacksmith, Lyndon Center
*Cheney Albertus A., physician, also (Cheney Bros), h Church st, L
* " Bros. (Albertus A. and Wilmot R.), druggists, Depot st
* " Wilmot R. (Cheney Bros), bds Mrs. A. A. Cheney
" Morton, emp Electric Light Co
Chesley Fred H,, farmer, L
" Oscar B., farmer, east part, L
" O. Warner, paper hanger, L
Chinnevert Charles, machinist, East, L
Christopher A. F., fruit dealer, Depot st, L
Clark Carl W., tinsmith, Park st, L
" Philip &., train despatcher, h Church st, L
" William C, Cong. clergyman
Cleary John, emp RR shop, h Bark st, L
" William K, machinist, Center, L
Clement Eugene L., farmer and road commissioner, Lyndon Center
" Frank, farm hand, L, rfd 1
Cole Clifton, laborer
*Clifford Everett L., milkman, Lyndon Center
" Luther, retired, Pudding Hill road, Lyndon Center
Cobleigh Eber W., farmer, East Burke rd, L
" Frank E., insurance agent, Main, L
" Merrill K, laborer, L
*Coffin Charles W., hay, grain and straw, Charles, L
Colby Clifford, laborer
" Harley R., emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
Cole Amos, laborer, L, rfd 1
" Clifton, laborer
" William, farm hand, po East Burke
Coleman Cornelius, farmer, L, rfd 1
" John, emp RR shop, L, rfd 1
Collins James F., laborer, Main st, L
" John, retired, L
" Peter, farmer, southwest part, L, rfd 3
Collison Silas G., retired, Lyndon Center
Conners "Willis C, emp Lyndonville Creamery
Cook Edwin A (Cook & Norton), res Newport
" & Norton (Edwin A. Cook and Nathan A. Norton), lawyers, Ide block, L
*Copeland John W., physician and president Savings Bank, h Main st, L
Corliss Fred P., mgr Darling's Farm, po East Burke
Cote C. W., fireman, L
Cowing Charles E., retired, Lyndon Center
Cowles Henry, tinsmith, L
*Couchier Mary A., wid John, grain and feed
Crafts Lewis P., baggage master on train, L
Craig Thomas, farm hand
Crawford Arthur E., photographer Highland ave, L
Coer George W., asst supt Pass Div B & M RR, and treas St J & L C RR, South st, L
Crofton James, section hand, East st, L
Cross John, laborer, L
Cunningham John T., farmer, north part, L, rfd 2
Currier Chester D., farm hand, Lyndon Center
* " Eli A., harness maker, Elm st, h Charles st, L
" Ernest G., RR supt, Lyndon Center
" L..H., farm hand, Lyndon Center
Cushman Gardner H., traveling man, h Pudding Hill road, Lyndon Center
" O. E., boiler maker, Hill st, L
" Oscar A., boiler maker, Hill st, L
Cusson Joseph B., brakeman, Raymond st, L
" Rosario Jr., freight conductor, h Williams st, L
" Eugene J., .brakeman, L
" George, carpenter, L
" John, section hand, L
" Louis, emp RR shop, L
" Peter, emp RR shop, East st, L
" Association, J. L. Noxris, Jr., pres, C. Gr. Norris, treas, Depot st, L
Dana Charles E., farmer, L, rfd 3
Daniels Edwin A., stenog RR, Broad st, L
" Martin E., dist supt schools, South st, L
Darling Charles M., capitalist, Main, L
" Fred, emp RR shops, Main, L
Davidson William A., freight conductor, L
Davis Allen, farmer, L
" Elbridge A., farmer, L, rfd 2
Frank, farmer, Lyndon Center, L, rfd 1
* " Fred H., physician, h South st, L
" Fred M., carp, E Burke rd, E Burke
* " George H., milkman, Main, L
* " H. 0. & Co, printers, Depot st, L
" Ira, farmer, L, rfd 2
" Melvin, farmer, L, rfd 1
Dean Noah, retired, Main, L
Delaney Frank E. emp J. E. Eaton & Co, L Ctr
Dennison Charles 0., h Main st, L
Deos Alonzo L., farmer, Brook rd, L, rfd 3
" Charles B., farm hand, L, rfd 3
" Charles, farm hand, L, rfd 3
" Elias B., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" Fred E., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Harvey, farm hand, L, rfd 2
" Orlando M., farmer Brook rd, L, rfd 2
" V. Jr, farm hand, L, -rfd 2
*Dexter James D., watch repairer, South, L
Dickerman Edward C, emp RR shop, L
" Henry C. farmer, L
" William C, West Burke rd
Dodge Clarence B. (Dodge & Watson), h School st, L
" &. Watson (Clarence B. Dodge and Claude Watson), furniture dealers and undertakers, Main st, L
Dowlin William, farmer
*Downer William H., truckman, Lyndon Center
Downey Lorin, clerk, Depot, L.
Dresser Everett T., blacksmith, L
" Frank H., blacksmith, bds Leona Quimby, Lyndon Ctr-
Drown Alfred G., hack driver, L
" Archelaus, farmer, L.
" Elisha, lab, L
" F. E., electrician, L
" Gill P., truckman
" Herbert, laborer
" Herman Ȥ., laborer
* " James G., farmer and blacksmith, rfd 3
Dubois Arthur, trainman, East, L
" Joseph, painter, L
Dufond John B., laborer, L
Duke George L., foreman Novelty Wks, Main, L
Dunham F. F., emp RR shops, Church st, L
Dunton Arthur, farm hand, po Lyndon Center
" Silas E., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Center
Duvail Fred J., section hand, West Burke rd, L
Duval Edward C, laborer, Lyndon Center
" Frank, lab, East Burke rd, L
Dwinell Fred E., physician, druggist, etc., Masonic bldg, h Maple st, L
Dyer William M., painter RR shops, Scohol st, L
EASTERBROOKS L. SHERIDAN, farmer, Pudding Hill rd. L, rfd 2
Eastman Eli, farmer, Lyndon Ctr
" George O., laborer, Main st, L
" Hugh, farm hand, Lyndon Ctr
" J. William, farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Ctr, rfd 2
* " Stephen, grocer and baker. Depot st,, h Main st, L
" Walter S., yard master RR, h Raymond st, L
*Eaton Julius.C. (J. C. Eaton & Co), L
* " J. C. & Co. (Julius C, Eaton and Hadon W. Lyster)
Edgerton Levi F., clerk, Webb's Hotel
Eggleston Ezra S., carpenter, E Burke rd, L
" Ora W., farmer, East Burke rd, L
Emery Arthur G., engineer. Main, L
Emerson Horace P., emp B & M RR, h Main st, L
* " Rufus W., truckman, po Lyndon Center
Esplin D. F., laborer
Esterbrook Don E,, farmer. Pudding Hill rd, rfd 2
Everett Martin P., farm hand, Speedwell Farm, L Ctr
FAETO ALEX, emp J. C. Eaton, East, L
Farmer A. C, farmer, po East Burke
Farrar C. 0., emp RR shop, Main, L
Farnum Scott M., farmer, rfd 1
Ferguson George F., train dispatcher, po Lyndon Center
Finney Alfred L., baggage master, h Broad st, L
" Alvah, laborer
" Austin G., farmer, po East Burke
" Charles D., farmer, east, part
" Charles E., freight conductor, L
" Charles H., emp RE shop
" George E., train dispatcher, h Charles st, L
" Lorenzo H., farmer, L
Fitzpatriek Thomas, lab, East Lyndon, L, rfd 1
Fletcher Alanson S., farmer, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
" Earl H., farm hand, L
" J. Alfred, farmer, L
" Henry, teamster, Lyndon Center
Flower John A,, farmer, East Burke rd, L
Folsom Charles, farmer, h Island Pond rd, L
Fred S., engineer RE, po L
" Harley E., supt C & P Div B & M RR, h Center st, L
Foster Charles, farmer, East Burke rd, po. East Burke
" Grover C, barber, Depot st, L
Forsythe Clyde N., clerk, Lyndon Center
" Cylon, laborer, Lyndon Center
Fowler Annie Miss, clerk, bds 0. E. Fowler, L
" Orange E., emp RE shop, L
Frappied J. B., trainman, Main st, L
Frasier Issac J., laborer, Depot st, L
French Edward G., Cong clergyman, Church st, L
Frost Alvin M,, farm hand, L, rfd 2
* " Edward C, boarding house, Main st, L
*Frye Henry H., butcher
GAGE ISAAC, retired farmer, Main st, L
" Roy, farmer, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
" William C, clerk RR, Main st, L
Gardner Stephen B., farmer. East Burke rd, L
Garrison Walter, emp RR shop, L
Gaskin Robert E., laborer, Lyndon Center
Gaudette Edward A., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
" Peter, farmer
" Peter Jr., RR machinist, L
Gero Charles H., teamster, L
Gerry Burns, trainman, L
" Lucia L., wid Eldbridge, bds E. J. Blodgett
Gilbert Charles M., laborer, L, rfd 3.
" Frank E., farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
Gibson Archie (Gibson Bros), Main st, L
" Arthur (Gibson Bros), Main st, L
" Bros (Archie and Arthur Gibson), ice dealers, Main, L
Gilson Daniel B. farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
" Henry H., farm hand, Speedwell Farm, L
George, farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
" Myron H., farmer Old County rd, po East Burke
Gingrass Louis, brakeman RR, L
Gleason Albert, tinsmith, bds Webb's Hotel, L
* " Joseph T., lawyer, h South st, L
Gordon Frank L., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Iphus H., emp Novelty Works, Charles st, L
" Lewis W., retired, Hill st, L
" Lucius H., emp RR, Center st, L
Gorham Edward W., pass brakeman, h Broad st L.
Goss Adelbert, RR carpenter, L
Gour George, section foreman
Grant Ira, painter
" John W. Jr., painter
" Perley, painter
" William F., painter
* " Ulysses S., house and carriage painter, L
Graves Charles D, machinist, Lyndon Center
" Edward C, pool room and barber, L
" Henry E., electrician, Main st, L
* " Philo B., farmer and cattle dealer. Main, L
Gray Charles H., farmer, west part, L
" Charles H., lumber agent, Main st, L
" Ellery H, farmer, west part
" J. Gilbert, farmer, rfd 3
" Lorenzo W., deputy sheriff
Green Harley A., farmer, River rd, po Lyndon Center
Greenwood George, mason, east part, L, rfd 1
George A., laborer. East part, L, rfd 1
" John, stonemason, L, rfd 1
" Loff, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Guild Arthur L., carriage mfr and grist mill. Brook rd, rfd 3
" Willis L., emp RR shop. Broad st, L
Gregory Albert Rev., retired Methodist clergyman
" Daniel, engineer, Church st, L
Garrison Charles, emp RR, L
Gronberg D. A., machinist, South st, L
Guyer Dennis A., stonemason, L
*HADLEY JETHRO G., carpenter, L
" Thomas, engineer, bds Webb's Hotel, L
Hall Charles H., supt Town Farm, rfd 1
" Edward C, barber, Charles st, L
" George, painter
" Iphus H., farmer, Chapel st
" Loren J., farmer
" Lorenzo D., farmer
" Treff, laborer
Hannett Dana, laborer
" David, farmer, Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
" Elwin, farmer Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
Harris Fred A. K., farmer, Vale's Hill, Lyndon Center
" Luther B., cashier Lyndonville National Bank, h Lyndon Center
" Theodore V., blacksmith, L
" William S., clerk, Lyndon Center
*Harvey Napoleon B., contractor, Charles, L
Hazel Edward J., machinist, L
" Thomas, car inspector, h Main st, L
Heath A. E., farmer, L, rfd 2
Herbert Aime, plumber, East st, L
" Alphonse, laborer, L
" Edmund, laborer. L
Hill Curtis R., retired, h Main st, L
" Henry, laborer
Hinds Bert, clerk, Ruggles Bros., Charles st, L
Hodgdon Calvin W., farmer, east part
" Ola W., farmer, east part
*Hodge Charles K, blaeksmith
Hoffman Charles W., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
" Edwin H., farmer, east part, rfd 1
Holton Henry H., farmer
Hopkins Carl D.. laborer, east part, E. Burke rd, L
" Eugene B., farmer, west part
Horrigan A. P., trainman, bds Union House, L
Hosford H. W.. photographer, bds Webb's Hotel, L
Hough Edwin, emp B & M RR, h 14 Main, L
Houghton Annie B. Miss; milliner, bds Austin W. Houghton
" Austin W., laborer, h Main st, L
" Wallace, farmer
" William P., farmer southeast part, rfd 1
Hovey Edwin E., farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" Fred M., farmer, east part, rfd 1
* " H. Eldin, truckman, Centre st, L
" Luther J., laborer, Chapel st
" Richard L., farmer, L, rfd 2
Howe Leroy S., engineer B & M RR, h Church, L
Howland Abner F., farmer, Bemis' Hill, East Burke, rfd 1
Hoyt Alanson T., farm hand
" Barnard, farmer, 2% miles out, rfd 2
" Charles H., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Center
" Charles L., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" Charles R., farmer, Wheelock rd, po Lyndon Centre
" Francis A., farmer, Brook rd, rfd 3
" George L., farm hand, Wheelock rd, Lyndon Center
Hubbard Charles D., farmer, h Park's Hill, Lyndon Ctr, rfd 2
" George C, carpenter. Lyndon Center
" Harry J., farm hand, Lyndon Center
" Herbert J., clerk RR offices, L
* " Lorenzo W., physician, Cbapel st, L
" Wallace N., foreman Speedwell Farms Co.
Hubley Dan H., emp RR shop, L
Hudson Charles W., farmer, north port, L, rfd 2
" Clarence A., laborer, Elm, L
Hughes William D., farmer
Humphrey Albert E., pass brakeman, h Main st, L
" Wallace N., emp creamery, Main, L
Hunter Allen F., farmer, East Burke rd, po East Burke
" Asa W., farmer, po East Burke
" Charles M., laborer, L
" Frank H., baggage master, Main, L
" Ira, farmer, po East Burke
" Mark J., machinist, Lyndon Center
Huntley Daniel G., passenger conductor, L
" Lorin T., asst p m, bds Center st, L
Huntoon Sidney, laborer
*Hutchins Samuel B., grocer, L
Hutchinson Clark B., maister mechanic RR, Broad st, L
Hyatt William G., fireman,, h Charles st, L
Hyde L. W., carpenter, Elm, L
*IDE GEORGE P, farmer
Ingalls Alonzo L., farmer, County rd, rfd 3
" Charles H., farmer, County rd, rfd 3
" George B.. farmer, L Ctr
Ingerson Hezekiah, farmer, h Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Ctr
" Luther B., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center
Ingraham George W., farmer, Wheeloek rd, po Lyndon Ctr
JAMIESON G. A., prin Lyndonville school, Maple st, L
Jeffers William S., trav agt B & M RR, h Main st, L
Jenkins Albert H., farmer, County rd, po East Burke
" George W.. farmer, west part, L, rfd 3
Jock E. E., trainman, Elm st, L
" Jacob, farm hand, L
Johnson Harley. F., clerk RR, Charles st, L
" M. L., section foreman, L
" William, 2nd, laborer Speedwell Farm, L
" William J., fireman, L
John Harry, farmer, east part, L
Jolly August, laborer, Depot, L
Jones Carl H., laborer, L, rfd 1
" Horace H., farmer, L, rfd 1
Joyce William, fireman, L
KELLEY THOMAS A., emp Speedwell Farms, Lyndon Ctr
Kennedy Peter, farmer, L, rfd 3
Kenney James, engineer, Center, L
Kennerson Warren W., fireman, L
*Kimball Fred R., farmer and butcher, po Lyndon Center
" H. J., farmer, East Burke rd, L
Kittredge A. A., farmer, po East Burke
" George H., farmer, po East Burke
Knight George W., emp RR shop, Williams, L
Kerr William T., tinsmith, bds Webb's Hotel, L
LA BARD EDWARD, trainman, East st, L
Lachance Noel P., machinist, L
Ladd Charles D., emp RR shop, h South st, L
" Roger, clerk RR, South st, L
Laducer Bion H., farmer, rfd 1
Lafiamme Peter, emp RR, L
" E. J., emp.RR, L
LaFranee William A., brakeman, L
LaHue George, emp RR. East, L
Lambert Irving, emp RR shop, L
Lamere Daniel, laborer
" Joseph, mason
LaMond J. H.. farmer,, Bemis Hill
Lamontaigne Edward, painter
" Orlin K, laborer, East Burke rd, L
" Sherburne, lumber dealer, L
*Lapoint George, meat market, Depot st
" Joseph, farmer
Larry Victor, emp RR shop, L
Lavely Charles, laborer, L
" Joseph, laborer, East Burke rd, L
" William, laborer, L
Lau George R.; draughtsman, Main st, L
Lawson Luther, .farm hand, Lyndon Center
LeBourveau John M., constable and collector, Maple, L
LeClair Lewis, meat cutter, Depot st, L
" Urban, freight brakeman, h East st, L
Lavoie J. A., laborer, east part, L
" Lewis, laborer, east part, L
Lee Charles H., horse dealer, h Charles st, L
" Henry, millwright, rfd 1
Leith Pirteus, laborer
Lemire Daniel, painter, L
*Letourneau Louis, shoemaker, h East st, L
Lewsey Charles A., storekeeper RR shops, L
Libby Clayton H., fireman, L
* " Edward 0., job teamster, Lyndon Center
" Jacob, farmer, Mathewson Hill, L
" O. E.. teamster, Lyndon Center
Liberty Simeon, brakeman, L
Lincoln & Squires (John E. Lincoln and Herman A. Squires)
" John E. (Lincoln & Squires)
" John E. (Squires & Lincoln), South st, L
Little Richard H., emp RR shop, rfd 1
Livingston Wheaton, retired
Locke Charles H., farmer, east part, rfd 1
Locking Elias B., farmer, west part, rfd 3
" Elias B., farmer, west part, rfd 3
" Elmore J., farmer South Wheelock road, rfd 3
Loomis William A., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
Lord N. J., emp RR shops, Lyndon Center
Lowell W. A., teamster, L
Lynch Frank C, farmer, East Burke rd, L
Lyndon Club (social), Depot st, L
* " Library, Depot st, L
* " Literary Institute, po Lyndon Center
* " Savings Bank, John W. Copeland pres, Ida S. Pearl treas, L
" Water Works, Henry H. Frye, mgr
*Lyndonville and Sheffield Stage Line, daily 5 pm, 8 m, L
" Creamery Ass'n, W. Irving Powers, treas and mgr, Main st, L
* " Electric Light Co, 0. G. Chase, L
LYNDONVILLE ELECTEO-PLATING WORKS (H. F. Stahler prop), platers of gold, silver, bronze, etc, contract work for manufacturers a specialty, near RR shops, (see page 232)
* " Military Band and Orchestra, H. C. Wilson director
* " National Bank, Luther B. Haxris, cashier, Broad st, L
* " Stage to East Burke and East Haven, 9 am and 5 pm L
" Water Works, Austin D. Page, mgr, L
Lyner John, emp Speedwell Farm Co, rfd 2, L
Lynn John D., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
Lyon Charles, teamster, h East st, L
" Wilmer A., passenger brakeman. L
*Lyster Hadon W. (J. C. Eaton & Co.), L
" William H. Rev., Freewill Baptist minister, po Lyndon Center
MAILLOUX BARNEY, laborer, East st, L
" Baraey, Jr.., freight brakeman, h Williams st, L
" Napoleon, laborer, East st, L
Marsh E. A., fireman, L
Martin Charles E., carpenter RR, L
" Ernest E., plumber, L
" Henry E., fireman, Charles st, L
* " Norris D., livery stable, bds Union House, L
" William E,, drug clerk, Main, L
Masten Winfield S., emp B & M RR, h Park st, L
Matthewson Charles H., farmer, L, rfd 3
" Edwin H., farmer, Matbewson Hill
Mattocks Henry, news agent
" Samuel S.., Chapel st
Mayette Edward, laborer, Lyndon Center
Mayhew William J., brakeman, L
McGann John C, RR engineer, h Main st, L
McCarthy Joseph, upholsterer, bds Union House, L
MeClure Charles, moulder, Lyndon Center
McDonald George W., printer, Maple st, L
*McDowell Arthur C, physician, Park st, L
" James A., livery stable, Lyndon Center
" O. R., blacksmith, Lyndon Center
" Robert J., carpenter, Lyndon Center
MoGuinness Arthur E.,, emp creamery, Main st, L
MeGinnis Edward, farmer, L
MciGovern William T., salesman
McLane James C, conductor, Main st, L
McLaughlin Ira W., Universalist clergyman, Main st, L
McLellan Frank, farmer, Wheelock road
McPhee George E., emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
MeVicar William H., retired, Main st, L
Masserve Warren C, farmer
Miles Ansel J., mason, East Burke road, L
" A. A., painter, Lyndon Center
" George A., porter, Union House, L
Miller Horace H., farmer, L, rfd 1
" Myron C, carpenter, L
" Rufus C, traiaman, Highland ave, L
Mills Frank A,, clerk RR, Main, L
" Gerald W., carpenter, Main, L
*Mitcihell Kingsley G., painter, Main st, L
Monroe Robert A., car repairer, h Center st, L
Morancey Albro, RR painter, L
Morrison Amanda M., wid lyf-irge G., bds Union House, L
* " Bryan G., grocer, Depot, 'xds Union House, L
" Stella Mrs., stenographer, bds Union House, L
Morse Amos E., emp RR shop
* " Edmund C, general store
" Frank A., clerk
" George W., clerk E. C. Morse
Mortienson Morton, farm hand, po Lyndon Center
Mosher Howard, emp RR, L
Murch George D., brakeman, Broad s\ L
" John M., watchmaker,, L
Murphy Charles E., laborer
Music Hall, Broad st, L
Myott Peter, h East st, L
NADEAU ORVID, emp RR, Depot, L
Nash John F., paymaster RR, Charles, L
*Neagle Joseph J., milkman,, h Main st, L
" Thomas E., clerk, Main st, L
Newell George B., carpenter
" Hiram, farmer
" Willie, station agent
N. E. TEL. & TEL. CO., see Passumpsic Tel. Co. (see p 329)
" Frank M., farm hand, Lyndon Center
* " John D., truckman, Lyndon Center
" Stephen D., farmer, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
Niekerson Charles, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Norris Charles G., Dairy Asso, h Park ave, L
" John L., pres Dairy Asso, Depot, L
Norton Alfred F., RR machinist, Raymond st, L
* " Nathan A. (Cook & Norton), Ide block, Depot st, h Park st, L
" William A., machinist, L
Novelty Works, L. B. Harris prop, East st
Nye E: W., farmer
OUR HUSBAND MFG. CO., Dairy Medicines, A. B. Pratt, mgr
PAGE FRANK C, boiler maker, L
" George T., laborer
" Henry, teamster, L
" John R.,. emp Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury road
" Oscar, retired farmer, Lyndon Center
Paige Austin D., train dispatcher, h Parke ave, L
Paquette Octave, blacksmith, L
*Paris Daniel, saw mill and lumber manufacturer, Chapel st, L
" Louis E., emp RR shop
" Murray K., laborer
Park George M,, farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Hiram. A., farmer, north part, po Lyndon Center, rfd 2
" Lewis N., farmer, Lyndon Center
" Lucius, mail carrier, Main st, L
" William L., farmer, Lyndon Center, rfd 2
Parker Edwin G., farmer, Pudding Hill road, rfd 2
* " Harland L., jewelry, shoes and crockery dealer, Depot st, h East st, L
* " E. W., barber and pool room
" William H., machinist, Main st, L
" Theodore W., carpenter, Park ave, L
Pas Arie. farm hand, Lyndon Center
Patty William, emp St. Jock, bds J. St. Jock, L
Pearl Ida S., treas Lyndon Savings Bank, Park ave, L
Pelky L. A., trainman, L
Perrier George L., laborer
" Leon, laborer
" Bert, laborer
" L. W., farmer, L, rfd 1
" Phelps F. R., trainman, L
Philbrick Charles S., bridge builder, Main st, L
Phillips Charles A., farmer, rfd 1
" Carl E., blacksmith, Lyndon Center
* " Charles W., truckman, h East st, L
" Gifford, fireman, L
" Gordon, fireman, L
" Henry, farmer, East st, L
Pickle John T., laborer, po Lyndon Center
Pierce George W., clerk depot and selectman, h Main st, L
Piper Myron E., farmer, Lyndon Center
Ploude Michael, emp creamery, East Burke rd, L
Plummer Winfield S.. emp RR shop, Lyndon Center
Pontbriand Charles L. Rev., East st, L
" Leo N., sexton Catholic cemetery, L
Porter W. M., trainman, L
Poulin Louis F., agent Singer Sewing Machine
Powers Eugene W.. engineer B & M RR, h Highland ave, L
" Frank O., painter, L
" Frank R., farmer, East Burke road, L
* " W. Irving, treas and mgr Lyndonville Creamery, h Park ave, L
Pratt A. B., Our Husband Mfg Co
Pownd Fred. RR machinist, Depot st, L
Prescott Loring J.., farmer, h Lyndon Center, po do
" Sumner G., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
Pride Helen Miss stenog Speedwell Farm Co
Priest L. S., farm hand, L, rfd 3
Putton Tiffs, farm hand, Lyndon Center
QUIMBY BAINBRIDGE F., laborer, Lyndon Center
" Gilmore.H., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
" Leona Miss, h Lyndon Center
" Lorenzo K. retired merchant
" Wells, emp RR shop
RAMSDELL James A., mgr creamery, Main, L
Randall Edward D., farmer, west part, rfd 2
" Francis O., farmer, L
" George W., RR engineer, h Depot st, L
" Joseph W., farmer, south part
Ranney Scott C., farmer, southeast part, rfd 1
" George W., general store and postmaster, Lyndon Center
Rice A. M., supt creamery, Main st, L
" Ruez H., farmer, Pudding Hill rd, Lyndon Center
Richards Charles, mason, Charles, L
Richardson Fayette M. (Buell & Richardson), Lyndon Ctr
Riley John, RR carpenter, L
" William B., teller. Lyndonville National Bank, L
RIPLEY JOHN B., U. S. Pension Agent, asst town clerk, L
Roberge Alino. trainman, East st, L
Robie Alfred M., emp RR. L
" Harry A., clerk po. Main, L
Robinson Arthur, emp RR shop. Williams st. L
* " James W., barber, Main st, L
" Mathew J., emp B & M RR, h Centre st, L
" Mathew, brass moulder, Main st, L
Rogers Charles, retired, Main st, L
" Henry S., trainman. Elm st, L
" W. B., laborer, Williams st, L
Ross Henry E., carpenter, L
Roundy Olin E., boiler maker, Main st, L
Roy August, brass moulder, Hadleyville, L
Rudd George, farmer
Ruggles. Albert E. (Ruggles Bros.)
" Bros. (Everett E. and Albert K), meat market, Depot st
" Charles E., farmer, h Main st, L
" Ephrim W., engineer, L
" Everett E. (Ruggles Bros), h Main, st, L
" George H., farmer, East Burke road, L
" George T., farmer, L
" Halsey R., farmer, Pudding Hill road, L, rfd 2
" Samuel .A., farmer, L, rfd 2
Running Uilzar trainman, L
Russell Wallace H., farmer
Ryan James W., laborer, Main st
*ST. JOCK IRA, restaurant, Depot .st, L
* " Joseph, Automobile dealer, Depot st, L
Sawyer Edward C, laborer, Williams .st, L
" Fred W., laborer, Williams st, L
SANDERS DAVID B., ladies' .and gent's tailor, cleansing, pressing, etc., Ide's block, Depot st, Lyndonville (see at beginning Lyndon)
" Richard H., farmer, west part
Sanger Ezra S., farmer, west part
Schofield Joseph S., RR engineer, h Main st, L
Shattuck M. A., engineer, Main st, L '
Sherburn John W., farmer, L
Sherburne Wilbur H., carpenter, Park ave, L
Sherrer George, trainman, Charles, L
" Harry J., trainman, Charley (L
Shonyo Fred C, farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
" Louis F., farmer, east part, L, rfd 1
*Shores James, carpenter, po Lyndon Center
Shorey Erton A., clerk
* " George, flour and grain dealer, South st, L
Short George C, RR clerk, L
Shurtleff Lysander G., mill hand, L
Sidney Benjamin D., laborer
" Joel F., emp RR shop
" William, laborer
*Silsby David M., stable keeper, Elm st, h Main st, L
* " Frank W., clothing, dry goods, Depot st, h Church st, L
" Harry P., clerk, bds F. W. iSilsby
Simpson Archelaus, emp RR shop, Park ave, L
" Edwin A., farmer. L, rfd 1
" Fred E., farmer, L, rfd 1
" James E., farmer, L, rfd 1
" John E., farmer, east part
Smith Arthur R. L., emp RR shop, Main st, L
" Charles E., lab, East, L
" Dana E., farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Enoch F., RR. engineer, h Hill st, L
" Fred D., farmer, east part, rfd 1
" Garfield J., brakeman, L
* " George P., ins agt, h Charles st, L
* " Harry M., dentist, Depot st, L
" H. M., trainman, L
" James T., mechanic, Depot st, L
" Richard, farmer, So Wheelock rd, L, rfd 3
Spaulding Albert E., emp B & M RR, h 42 Main, L
*Speedwell Farm Co., Theodore N. Vail pres, W. Irving Powell treas, W. N. Hubbard mgr, Lyndon Ctr
Spencer Clyde, laborer
" E. T., pipe organ and piano tuner
* " Frank C., depot carriages
" Fred, granite and marble worker
" George P., printer
" Joseph W., emp RR shop, h Charles st, L
" Jesse C, bookkeeper Dairy Asso, h Charles st, L
Squires Curtis A., clerk, Squires & Lincoln, Main , L
" Herman A. (Lincoln & Squires), Main st, L
STAHLER HARRY, prop Lyndonville Electro Plating Works, Charles st (see page 232)
*Starkey Edward F., carpenter, h Charles st, L
Stearns Byron, trainman, Bemis Hill, L
Stern Albert (S. Stern), Park, L
" Daniel (S. Stern), Park, L
" S. (Albert and Daniel Stern), dry goods1, etc., Depot, L
Stevens Charles D., emp RR, h Center st, L
" Frank A., retired
*STEVENS JOHN C, tailor, Darling's block, h St. Johnsbury (see top and foot lines), tel Citz. 4A
Stienehour Fred, trainman, Depot, L
STUART CHARLES L., town clerk, coal dealer, real estate and ins, Park and Center sts, L
Stockwell Fred A., pass conductor, h Highland ave, L
" Robert P., pass brakeman, Hill, L
Stoddard "William F., carpenter, L
Stone Eugene, laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" George E., painter, East st,
* " Henry R., carpenter, h east part, L, rfd 1
" Mark W.., painter, Main st, L
Swail Henry, ft conductor B & M RR, h Main st, L
*Swett E. M. & Co. (Murray E. and Lucia K. Swett), general store and millinery
* " Lucia K, wid Ephraim M. (E. M. Swett & Co.)
* " Murray E. (E. M. Swett & Co.)
Tarbell George W., clerk po, L
Taylor Alfred F., farmer, Burke rd, rfd 2
" Charles M., farmer, L
" John H., farmer, Sutton rd, rfd 2
" Ray W., carpenter, po Lyndon Center
Therault George, laborer
" Joseph, laborer
Thomas H. A., clerk Watchie Co, Lyndon Ctr
Thompson Fred B., emp RR shop, Charles st, L
Tisdale E. E., laborer
Todd Louis C charge of motive power B & M RR, Park ave, L
" Cephus J., retired, Center st, L
" H. C, farmer
" Frank J., farmer, west part
* " Samuel C., carpenter
Trull Cornelia C., wid Daniel N.
Tute David S., truckman, L
" George D., farmer, L
UNION HOUSE, O. G. Chase, prop
VAIL ISAAC Q., retired, L
* " Theodore N., pres Speedwell Farm Co, and Lyndonville Creamery Association, Lyndon Center, po L
Varney Fred H., clerk, bds S. Eastman
Vermont Union Journal (weekly), J. B. Chase, prop
WADE ORSON L., laborer east part, rfd 1
" R. V., laborer east part, L, rfd 1
Wakefield Harry V., bookkeeper, h Main st, L
* Walsh Thomas J., dentist
Walter Albert H., emp RR shop, Main, L, rfd 1
" Charles T., mgr St. Johnsbury Republican, L, rfd 1
" Herman L., farmer Bemis Hill rd, po Newark
Walters Hosea, emp RR shop, Hadleyville, L
" Solon M., farmer, Old County rd, po East Burke
Wark Thomas, emp RR shop, L
*Watchie Joseph L. (J. L. Watchie Co.), Main st, L
Waters Frank E., laborer
Watson Claude (Dodge & Watson), Park ave, L
" Henry E., retired, h Church st, L>
" Robert, emp St. Jock, Church st, L
Way Frank A., farmer
" William C, farmer, rfd 1
*Webb William N., prop Webb's Hotel, also livery stable, L
Webber Clarence, farmer
" James F., com trav, Main st, L
" Wilbur F., farmer, L, rfd 1
*Webb's Hotel, William N. Webb, prop L
Webster Albert A., farmer, West Burke rd, L, rfd 2
" Clarence A., laborer, Charles st, L
" Jason B., retired, Main st, L
* " John P., postmaster, h Main st, L
" Joseph B., emp RR shop, h Elm st, L
Welch Chauncey L., farmer, Charles st, L
* " Hollis B., stencil cutter and Sexton Cemetery, Lyndon Ctr
Wells Charles M., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" Edwin L., RR clerk, h Center st, po L
" Frank, brakeman, Church st, L
" Frank M., emp Speedwell Farm Co, Lyndon Center
Wesson N. B., carpenter RR, Lyndon Ctr
Wetherbee Henry L., farmer, Lyndon Ctr
Wheeler George G., emp RE. shop, h Church st, L
" Willis, emp RR shop, Hadleyville, L
Whipple George A., farmer, po Lyndon Ctr
Whitney Bartholomew, laborer, Main st, L
White Fred L., clerk, Broad st, L
" F. E. Rev., pastor M. B. Church
Wilcox Fred, fireman, L
Wilder Elias F., h southeast part, L, rfd 1
Wilkey Henry E., barber, Elm st
Willett Alfred T., emp B & M RR, Broad, L
" J. H., laborer
*Willey Frank J., fancy goods, h Depot st, L
* " George E., retired, Lyndon Center
* " Margaret A. Mrs., millinery Depot st, L
Williams Ashky, farmer, west part
Williamson William, farmer, Hadleyville, L, rfd 1
Willmarth Henry, farmer west part, L, rfd 3
" Honora, wid Marshall K.
" William H., hostler, h Williams st, L
Wilson David H., retired
" Homer C., American Express agt, h Main st, L
Squires J., emp RR shop, h Main st, L
*Wood. Edwin T., brass founder Grove st ,h Park ave, L
" Fred L., engr RR, L
" Joseph, emp RR shop, h south part, L
" O. E., emp Electric Light Co, L
Woodward Dexter, laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" F. S., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
" H. C., laborer, Lyndon Ctr
Wright H. Augustus, carpenter, Center st, L
" Richard, farm hand, L
" Robert, farm hand, Lyndon Center
YOUNG DAVID, farmer, L , rfd 1

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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