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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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  Lyndonville Rural Delivery
  R. F. D. No. 1 R. F. D. NO. 2 R.F.D. NO. 3
  Patrons-Route No 1, covers Southeast and East section of Lyndon and portion of Town of Kirby Patrons-Route No 2, covers western section Lyndon, a portion of Whee-lock and southeastern part of Sutton Patrons-Route No 3, covers Southwestern Lyndon, Eastern Wheelock and Southern portion Sutton
Akley Clarence, r 8 Center BAILEY CLARENCE " Grace Mrs " Eleona
" Eula M, student, r 8 Center " Erdaline Allard Burton " Marguerite
" George V (Edith L), crane opr CPRR shops, h 8 Center " Everet " Ernest F " William
Albee Cecil, mgr First Nat Stores, res inq do . " William E " Grover C Mrs Aldrich Clara Mrs
Albert Vile J (Edna E), machinist CPRR shops, h 43 Main Baird Ethel Mrs " Lawrence Aldrich Glenn Mrs
Aldrich Darwin L (Grace), emp L Motor Co Inc, h Vail's Hill, Lyndon Baril Alfred " Mildred " Paul
" Guy W, student, r 36 Main " Anna " Shirley Mrs " William J
" Kate, wid John, h rear of P O Lyndon " Oscar Allen Ethel E Alger Glenn
" Rufus P (Gertrude), boilermkr CPRR shops, h 36 Main Barnett Eliza " Ethel G " Mary Mrs
" William J (Carrie M), farmer, h L Ctr rd, R D 3 " William " Howard M BEECH ELSIE MRS
Allan Hayden D, r 22 Main Basnar Agnes " Ralph H " Richard J
Allard A Dean, farmhand, r Lyndon " Clarence BARBER BLANCHE Berry Arlene Mrs
Arnold, r Arthur C Allard Beattie Daisy Mrs " Ernest A " Bertha
Arthur C (Lillian), farmer, h Lyndon " Harold " Everett " Clifford Jr
" Gicele, student, r Hormidas Allard " John J " Neal " Maynard
" Hormidas (Leontine), emp C P R R, h East " Phyllis " Rita " Ora
" James E (Hazel M), driver L C A, h L Ctr " Ruby Bayard Henry Blake Alvina Mrs
" James E Jr, r J E Allard Bishop Alyah A " Marguerite Mrs " Austin
" Maurice (Rose), laborer, h Charles " Etta Mrs Bernier Alice " Clayton
" Remi (Alice), lab, h Williams " Howard " Rose " Estelle Mrs
" Rene, emp C P R R, r Hill Blood Dale " William E " Fred
" Robert, farmhand, r Lyndon " Ethel Berry Clara Mrs " Maynard
" Seth E (M Theresa), h Eta " George " Leslie " Merritt
Allen Katherine N, wid Charles, r Cecil A Burns Brooks Adelard J Bessette Armand " Raymond
" Lydia, wid John, r George A Whipple " Adolphe " Blanche Blodgett Agnes Mrs
Allyn George B (Lillian T), ca;rp, h AUyn Block Church " Josephine " Dorian " Dorothy
Amadon Calles P, emp L C A Garage, r L Ctr Burke Fred " Loretta " Earl
" Charles H, carjD, h York, Lyndon " Lottie Mrs " Phileas " Harry
" Gordon J (Edith), janitor, h School, L Ctr Burns Austin Blake Carl L " Phyllis
" Julia C, wid Harley T, h L Ctr " Ella " Myrtie " Rose Mrs
" Merritt A, emp E & T P & Co, r L Ctr CELLEY CHARLES Breault Raoul Bouley Annette Mrs
American Legion Post No 30, comdr, Homer A LaPoint; adj, Cecil A Burns; fin ofiicer, Cecil A Burns. Meetings 1st Thurs each month G A&R Hall 8:00pm " Evelyn Brown Frank H " Irving
" Red Cross, Lyndon Chapter, ehr, Rev Charles P Goudey; sec, Rev Norman Webster; treas, Pauline Fiske; nursing committee, Mrs Harry Robie; Meets 1st Thurs at 2:30 p m Cobleigh Public Library Chesley Fred " Hortense Mrs Brown Belle Mrs
Ames Charles, laborer, r 54 Main (2) " Mable Mrs " Howard " Harold A
" Lilla Mrs, r 54 Main (2) Clifford Rita " Julia A Mrs " Lillian
Amidon Garland H (Florence H), auto mech L C A Garage, h Main " Walter Bundy Forrest H " Lula
Amoco Filling Station, Harold F Gage prop, Broad, Lyndonville Corey Arthur " Grace Mrs CHAPLIN ZELLA
Andross Elgin D, r 6 Center " Cora Mrs Burpee Henry A Chisholm William
" Walter C (Elgena W), emp L DA, h 6 Center Cox Alfred " Jennie B Clark Wilbur A
Angell Mark T (Lela T), emp C P R R, h L Ctr " Iva CASEY JOHN Clifford Calvin
Annis Fred L (Agnes G), storekeeper C P R R, h Main DAVIS ALLEN Castonguay Louise " Everett
" Ruth L, student, r Main " Edith Mrs Chapman Abbie " Flora
Armory Co C, 172rid Inf (Vt Nat Guard), captain, Robert F Pierce; 1st Lt, Walter J Hughes; 2nd Lt, Clare H Emerson " Esther Mrs " Fred Cookson Violetta
Ashe Volney D (Pauline T), farmer, h Lyndon, P O Lyndonville " Melvin " Helen Craig Rosa, wid Fred
Atlantic & Pacific Co The Great, Irwin Brown mgr, Depot " Nellie " Leslie DARLING DORIS MRS
Atwood Hale M (Emma A), retired farmer, h L Ctr Dee George " Mary Mrs " George H
Aubin Alphonse J (Marie A), rural carrier No 3, h Charles " Mabel " Ralph W Davis Earl M
" Antoinette, wid Bartholomew J, h East " Maurice Chesley Vertulon " Winifred Mrs
" David A, student, r A J Aubin, Charles Demars Aurella " Verwill Deos Dewey O
" Gerald J, chauffeur, r A J Aubin, Charles " Eugene Clary Floyd " Orlando N
" Jane, r East Dresser Eleanor " Jedd A " Rosie Mrs
" Paul V, r A J Aubin, Charles " Guy " May Mrs Devenger Ida
" Victorinei wid Joseph, h Charles " Louise Crosier John Drown Kenneth
Austin William (Ruth), r H H Moulton Dwmn Emma Mrs DAVIS ELBRIDGE A " Ruth Mrs
Ayer Alberta S, wid Harlie L, h Memorial Drive, Lyndon " Raymond " Elena EASTMAN ELI
B Drown Warren " Evelyn M FLANDERS CLAYTON
BABCOCK BERNARD A (Addie) emp Barton, h Lyndon Ctr Dunn Mable Mrs " Lila M " Thelma Mrs
Bailey Carl S, emp O H Mfg Co, h Broad EMERY CHARLES " Luella A Folsom Arthur
" Delwin G, driver, r E E Bailey, Lyndon " Ernest " Myrtie R Mrs " Inese Mrs
" Elwin E (Blanche F), R R mail clerk, h Memoriaji Drive, Lyndon " Lloyd " Perley D GARFIELD RAYMOND
Baird Earl (Rose), station fireman C P R R, h Main " Mamie " Warren Gilbert Bertha
Baker Theta H, teacher Lyndon Inst, r'Thompson Cottage, L Ctr " Myrtle Mrs Deos Harland " Maurice
Baldwin Daisy C Mrs, principal L Graded School, h South " Stedman " Harley A Gilman Delia Mrs
Ball Blanche B (Mrs Leonard M), linotype opr Vt Union Journal, h Bemis Hil 1 FARNUM NELLIE L " Mary Mrs " Gains
" Leonard M (Blanche B), truck gardener, h Bemis Hill " Scott M Drown Burleigh A " George M
Baraw Perle (Laura R), ins agt, h Charles Fletcher Earl " Louise Mrs " George W
" Ross L, elk A & P Tea Co, r Charles " Emma EASTMAN HUGH " Harry
" Shirley R, student, r Charles " Harriett Esterbrooks Dan " Nina Mrs
Barbara Fretchie Commandery No 2, Sons & Daughters of Liberty; councilor, Mrs Maude Bixby; treas, Mrs May Mooney. Meets 1st and 3rd Tues D of L Hall, Lyndon Ford Clarence " Don L " Wilbur C
Basner Carl H (Thelma L), carp, h Star Route " Viella " Eva Gonyaw Bertha
Bassett Alcide, elk, r E J Bassett, Raymond Foster Blanche " Guy " Curtis
" Andrew H, student, r E J Bassett " Frank " Ida Mrs Gonyaw Fred
" Earl J (Rose A), carp, h Raymond " Howard " Ila " Geneva
" Jeannette C, r E J Bassett GARDNER LOUISA " Lee " Harold
" Percy A (Jeanette B), elec welder C P R R, h Hill c Williams Gorham Densmore FRASIER GARDNER " Rose Mrs
" Rose J, dom, r E J Bassett " Iva Mrs " Josie Guild Arthur L
" William H, retired, h Main Graves Elizabeth Frost Alvah M " Cora
Batchelder Daisy, wid Clarence, r Mrs Flora Powers " Harvey Hoyt Caroline Guyer Adeline Mrs
" Garold B (Marguerite L), carp, h Charles " Louise " Flora Mrs " Agnes
" Gerald H (Mabel L), milk dealer L Ctr, h do " Nellie " George L " Dennis A
Bean Ai (Delia D), elk L Creamery, h Charles HAWKES ALBERT J " Gordon " Edward
Beattie AlbertE (Ruth), emp CPRR, h PO Bldg, Depot " Hattie Hubbard Emily " Ernest
" Donald R, emp D A, r T C Beattie " Hobart " Emma HADLOCK NETTIE MRS
Beattie Florence E, student, r T C Beattie " Lucy " Fred A Hall Elgin
" Harold W (Phyllis), truck driver, h Lyndon Henderson Bruce " Sylvia Mrs " Flora Mrs
" Lloyd, student, r T C Beattie Hill Grace Mrs Hudson Cola " Henry
" Thomas C (Mildred B), engineer C P R R, h Charles Hofiman. Bernice " Dorothy Mrs " Thomas
Beauchesne Althea M, elk Christopher's Cafe, r J A Beauchesne " Carl " Verne " Walter
" Gerard J (Mary F), mgr First Nat Store, h Charles " Clayton Hutchins Befnice Mrs Hannett Clarence R
" Joseph A (Amanda M), machinist Vt T & D Co, h Raymond C Williams " Cora " Dale " Edward
Bedard Eugene J (Ida D), barber John B Cable, h Hill " Kenneth "Margaret " Elwin
" Theodore L, emp Corner Garage, r Hill Home Beatrice " Merton L " Florida Mrs
Belcher Dolly, h Memorial dr " John JAY CLINT " Virginia Mrs
Belevance Arthur, chef Shonyo Cafe, r Mrs Blanche Slyce Houghton Effie Jenkins Emma Hanscom Chet
Bell Catherine G, nurse 38 Main, r do " Fred GEER HARRY " Harry
" Ronald (Lena E), foreman carp C P R R shops, h 38 Main " Mary "Vera Mrs " Harry Mrs
Bennett Addie D, wid Julian, hskpr C H Amadon, r do " Milo Gilman Elroy F " Ruth
" Earl R (Gladys M), machinist V T Tap & Die Corp, h Depot " Paul " Helen Mrs " Velma
" Emma A Mrs, h 29 Main " Roy " Jennie Mrs Hoffman Harley H
" Harry (Ella), laborer, h Memorial Drive n P O, Lyndon " Ruby " John E " Lizzie Mrs
" Homer, retired, h L Ctr '' Wallace W Gordon Harry B Holmes Violet Mrs
" Ross F (Gertrude Z), mach opr V T Tap & Die Corp, h 23 Main Hovey Anna HEATH ALBERT E Hoyt Charles H
" Stanley H, student, f 23 Main " Fred M " Jennie Mrs " Francis A
Bentley Lawrence H (Mabelle E), emp Corner Garage, h Main " Harry " Justin H " Kenneth
Berry Harry A (Josephine), painter, h L Ctr " Jennie Mrs " Theron " Lester
Berube Alfred J (Sadie), shoe and harness repairing Williams, h do " Karl Henderson Clifford " Maggie Mrs
" Frances, dom, r Williams Hutchinson Edith " Doris " Marjorie
" Leo, lab, r Williams " Freddie W " Ethel " Viola Mrs
Berwick E Irene, student, r Mrs Mary Berwick Hutchinson Hiram "John W Hudson Alfred
" Mary Mrs, emp Shonyo Cafe, h Center " Minnie "Ida " Bertha E
" Willey J, student, r Mrs Mary Berwick JENKINS ELIZABETH Jesseman Ethlyn " Edward J
Bessette Edward A (Eva G), emp C PR R, h East Jewell Mary " Gilbert W " Kenneth A
Bigelow Elvira E, wid Henry, h Church n Depot " William " Lucy Mrs " Mattie Mrs
" F Avery, retired, r Frank F Bigelow Jones Emma Jewell Dorothy " Melvin D
" Frank A, plumbing and heating, h off Memorial dr, Lyndon " Horace H KELLEY MARY J MRS " Pearley N
" Josephine M, wid Justin, h off Memorial dr, Lyndon KELLEY EMILY Kettles Irving " Raymond
" Reginald A (Grace), salesman, h Main Kelsey John " Rose Mrs " Robert L
Billings Howard O (Lois), const wkr, h Depot LAMOND EVA " William Hutchinson Emma Mrs
Bishop A Allyn, photographer Emmons & Hebert, h Depot " James LACASSE FABION " William T
Bixby Chester H, r Lyndon LeClair Beulah " Sadie Mrs IVERSON DAVID
" Herbert A (Maude A), carp, h Lyndon Lenton Fred Lahue Adeline " Robert
" Walter R, r Lyndon " George " Elizabeth Mrs JENKINS LAWRENCE
Blaine Ruby A, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr " Ianza " Herbert " Leslie
Blaisdell Traver V (Carolyn N), eng B & M R R, h Williams Libbey Ezra E Lambert Cedric " Pearl Mrs
Blake Elwin N (Effie T), (Depot Garage), h L Ctr " Orack Lawson Alma Jewell Herman L
" G Harry (Ethel), h L Ctr " Queenie " Edwin A " Irene Mrs
" Naomi, wid Amos, h Center n covered bridge " Rose " Evelyn John Bertha Mrs
" Raymond G (Estelle M), truck driver, h Raymond Lord Minnie " Verna Mrs " Fred
Blodgett Annie (Mrs Henry), sub phone opr NE T&T Co, h Main " Roy Lepine Albert " George
" Harry L P (Elma), emp E & T F & Co, h Charles MacQUEENAVIS " Aneis Mrs " Leo
BLODGETT & HOPKINS Leon E Hopkins prop, coal, wood, tracking and gen insurance Depot see un name McRae Hazel Lynaugh Effa Mrs " Wilder Mrs
Boardman Delmar A (Adell D), welder, r Center Menut Alice " Elsie KENNEDY WILLIAM H
" Gerald, C C C, r Center Merriam Anna "Fred King Ada Mrs
" Gordon E, student, r Center " Austin " Mabel " Archie
Bole Rita, prin Normal Training Dept Lyndon Inst, r do " Byron " Percy King Joseph
Boles Alice Mrs, r Heman Burpee " Harland MATHEWSON MARTHA " Joseph Jr
Bowen Vernal H (Leota), machinist, h Charles c Prospect " Helen McGinnis Edna " Lawrence
Bradley Albro M, carp, h Church " Luella " Elizabeth Mrs " Sadie
" Alva C, r Church " Luther " Frank L LANG AMY MRS
Bradshaw Charles B, retired, h York, Lyndon " Oriana " Hazel " Bert J
" Earl B (Helen), carp, h off York, Lyndon " Rodney " Robert Lawrence Genevieve Mrs
Breason Cora M, r East Meserve Beryl Miller Heman " Joseph
" Joseph M (Theresa), emp C P R R, h East opp Raymond " George " Maude R Mrs Lessard Cyrille
" Leon, cable splicer N E T & T Co, r East Miles Emma Mitchell Bernard " Juliette
" Lillian, r East Morse Barbara " Catherine Mrs " Ronaldo
Brill Etta L, wid George H, h L Ctr " Gladys Mitchell Cecil L " Raymond
" Isabelle M, student, r L Ctr " Harold " Dorothy Mrs Libby Dorothy Mrs
" Lewis E (Rosa M), lab, h L Ctr NEWELL TIARRY " Harriett " Gertrude
" Maxwell G, emp C C C, r Mrs Etta L Brill Newman Addie " J Leonard " Hazel Mrs
Brooks Adelaid, farmhand, r A Brooks, Lyndon Nickerson Charles H " Walter E " Hiram
" Adolphus (Josephine), emp L Elec Co, h Lyndon, R D 1 " Phoebe " Willie F " Jacob
" Charles R (Blanche), wood turner, h Lyndon, R D 1 Nurenberg Fannie NORRIE NELSON " Josiah
" Clyde T (Helen), teamster, h 56 Main " Maurice " Wilfred " William J
" Edward G, emp The Traveling Grocery, r A J Brooks PARKER ELLA MRS Noyes Alphena Mrs Liggett Ethel E Mrs
" Everett J, emp Axe Handle Factory, r FJ Brooks . " Frank Noyes Oscar " Ruby
" Frederick J (Florence), emp Gihnan, h Memorial dr Peck Rosmore " Raymond Litchfield George D
" L Dean, r Mrs Edith L Lyons Phelps Bernis A " Rena " G D Mrs
" Lester R, mgr Brooks' Garage, r F J Brooks " Estella PARK HIRAM A Locklin Alice Mrs
" Margaret H, phone opr N E T & T Co, r 56 Main Pierce Leslie " Mary Mrs " Curtis
" Ronald C, emp The Traveling Grocery, r A J Brooks " Mildred Peak Albert " Denis
Brown Charles H (Doris E), supt Tempored Maple Corp, h Vail Hill Piper Louise Mrs " Lena Mrs " Elmer J
" Irwin (Ida M), mgr A & P Tea Co, h Church " William Powers Earl " Guy
" Leo M (Mildred E), emp C P R R, h Charles Potter Ellen Mrs " Vera Mrs " Leo
" Philip G, student and emp Darling Head, r Church " Frank Prescott Sumner G " LeRoy
" Velma P, student, r C H Brown Powers Agnes RAINEY PERCY M " Melina Mrs
Buck Catherine E, wid Solon A, h Byron S Kendall " Frank R " Ruth Mrs " Ruth
Buckley Charles J (Kate M), loco eng C P R R, h South c Broad " Maurice Randall Edward D. Lynaugh Allen
Bull Frank W (Thelma H), rural carrier No 2, h Prospect Powers Roy Rice John " Barbara
Burden William (Ruth), emp St Johnsbury, h Main QUIMBY ELIZABETH MRS " Mildred " Glenn
Burge Frederick W, pastor St Peters (Episcopal) Church, h Elm " G WendeU " Teresa Mrs " Marion
Burns Austin C (Ella M), emp St Johnsbury, h Memorial dr, Lyndon RANDALL ELLEN Robbins Ella " Russell
" Cecil A, elk P O, h Park av " Frank " Harvey MASURE CECIL MRS
Burpee Heman P (Carrie), emp C P R R, h Park av " Frank Jr " Jennie " Jeanne
Burrington Harry (Lottie), emp D A Co, h Depot " Grace " William I " Louis Mrs
" Verna Mrs, boarding and rooms L Center, h do " Thehiia Mrs Ruggles Ferna Mrs " Joseph C
Burton R (Goldie), emp C P R R, h William Robinson Andrew J " Fred " Phyllis
BUSSIERE J ALFRED (Ida T), sec-treas Corner Garage, h South ," J Earle " George Thayer Matherson Hugh J
Butterfield Herman H (Gertrude), auto mech, h 52 Main " Katie " Harry " Mattie Mrs
" Jackson B, student, r 52 Main " Phyllis " Ila Mrs McClellan Flora Mrs
" Riley H (Emma G), janitor Peoples M E Church, h Church n Grove "Robert " Margaret " Frank
C " Robert J " Roberta Meserve Beatrice Mrs
CABLE HERBERT W (Catherine E), barber Depot, h do " Rosie " Samuel A " Harry B
" John B (Nettie L), barber shop and billiards Church and Depot and prop Rudd Evelyn SCHAEFFER MILDRED MRS Miles Eliza Mrs
Cable's Beauty Shop, h Prospect " Jasper Sherburne John W " Ira
Cable's Beauty Shop, John B Cable prop, Lyndonville Realty Co bldg, Depot Russell Eugene Shetra Katherine Mooney Howard
Campbell Mary E, wid Gilbert, h S Main c Center SANDERSON DAN Simpson Eva Mrs NORCROSS CLARENCE
" May A, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Clayton E Fisher " Queenie " Frank " Verna Mrs
" Raymond E (Helen R), ins agt, h S Main Simpson Anna " George W Noyes Herman H
Campion Helen, wid John L, h off York, Lyndon " Annie " Oscar " Mildred Mrs
Canadian Pacific Railroad, Mrs Emma Cleary sta agt, Lyndon " Daisy Smith Gordon " Robert
" Pacific Railroad, Herbert J Hubbard sta agt, Depot " Dorothy Snelling Arthur " Samuel
Carpenter Bertha, h Lyndon (sum res) " Earl " Beverly Nye Cora J Mrs
" Ernest K, truck driver, r H W Carpenter " Harriet WEARE LEAH MRS " Walter E
" Haynes W (Minnie E), h L Ctr " Howard K " Leon A PAQUIN ANITA
" Marshall J (Lizzie A), carp, h Lyndon " Ina Webster Albert A " Rene
Carr Henry F (Margaret), retired, h Lyndon " Leland " Albert A Jr Parks Julia
" Josephine W, wid Hugh C, h Charles " Mabel " Ida D Peak Alma
Carter Jackson D (Ruth L), dentist Depot, h L Ct " Marion   " George W
Chamberlain Harvey (Sadie), sta fireman CPRR, h Broad " Pearl Mrs   " Irving
Chapman Fred E, janitor L Inst, h L Ct " Perley   " Melvin
Chappell Fred S (Flora), millhand, h L Ctr " Ruth   " Olive Mrs
Chafland Albert (Imelda), (Charland Garage), h Williams " W Arthur   Piper Myron
" Arthur J (Hattie C), general foreman CPRR shops, h Elm Smith Bertie   Priest Leonard
" Garage (George and Albert Charland), auto repairing, Broad " Dana M   QUIMBY NORA MRS
" George (Hortense), (Charland Garage), h Broad " Esther   " Walter
Charron Ernest J, prop Ernie's Cafe & Bakery, r Carl J Gaffney " Susie   RANDALL EDITH MRS
" Francis C (Florence M), lab, h Williams Stahler Beverly   " Edward J
" Leo P, r Pinehurst Hil " Grace   Ranny Clara Mrs
" Lorenzo (Juliette), emp C P R R, h East " Herbert H   " Clyde S
" Nelson M (Arlene R), h Charles Stanhope Myrtle   Rich Alma Mrs
" Noel A, emp C C C, r Pinehurst Hill " Richard   Rock Charlotte
" Zodique M (Flossie M), emp St J, h Pinehurst Hill " Thomas H   " Ethel Mrs
Chase Arlene A Mrs, r Mrs Stella R Wilkie Stark Alden   " Frank
" Elizabeth M (Mrs John B), prop Chase House and Elizabeth Chase Maple Stone Beatrice   " James P
Candies and Products, h Memorial d , Lyndon " Edward E   " John
" Ethelynd B, emp Washington, D C, r Main " Kenneth   " Phyllis.
" Giles C (Alice M), fireman C P R R, h Hill " Vera   " Russell
" Harold E, carp, r Harry Deos, Lyndon St Peter Moses   " Sarah Mrs
" House, Mrs Elizabeth M Chase prop tea room, and Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies and Products, Lyndon TAYLOR CLAIRE   Rogers Fried E
" John B (Elizabeth M), prop Vermont Union-Journal, h Lyndon " Madeline Mrs   SANSORN CARL
" Kathleen M, student, r Giles c Hill " Maxwell   " Came Mrs
" Lillian E, wid Ernest, h Main " Wilbur I   " William G
" Molly E, r Giles c Hill Thresher Harland   Sanger Arvilla Mrs
" Sarah S B, wid Everett, h 5 South " Ruth Mrs   Seymour Etta Mrs
" Wendell B, r Giles c Hill Tweed Goldie   Sherburne Carroll
Chayer Bertha P, teacher, r Mrs Bertha H Philbrick " Ralph   " George
Checkerboard Feed Store, Myron G Eastman mgr, end Church " Stanley   Simpson Guy
Cheney Albertus A (Ida L), physician and surgeon Park c Church, h do WALTER ALICE   " Nathan G
" Edson, r M Cheney, Lyndon " Dorothy   " Roland
" Morton (Mrs), emp L Elec Plant, h Lyndon Walter Fannie   " Viola G
" Pearl, emp Shonyo Lunch, r M Cheney, Lyndon " Herman   " Viola Mrs
Chester B Graydon, student, r C H Chester " Hosea F   " Zaida Mrs
" Clayton H (Blanche E), const wkr, h Hill c East " Jessie   Sinon Agnes Mrs
Christian Science Church, GAR Hall, Depot, Services Sun 10:45 a m, Wed 7:30 p m " Lottie   " Martin A
Christopher Aldo F (Angie), prop Christopher's Ice Cream Parlor, h Centre c Broad (1) Watkins Arlene   Skinner Dora Mrs
Christopher's Cafe, Aldo F Christopher & Co props, ice cream and conf, Depot " John G   " Lynn S
Clark Ellie, wid Philip, r Homer G Watson " Robert   Smith Arthur
Clary Floyd J, shipper C H Goss Co S J, r Jed A Clary " Vera   " Elizabeth Mrs
" Jed A (May E), carp C P R R, h W Burke rd Webber Clarence E   " Ella Mrs
Cleary Edward (Emma), baker St Johnsbury, h Memorial dr, Lyndon " Winnie   " Emory
" Emma L Mrs, sta agt CPRR and agt Ry Exp Agcy Lyndon, h Memorial Dr Wetherbee Anhantha   " Georgia Mrs
" Louise, wid John, h Park av " Howard   " Gerald
Clement Alice E, wid Eugene, hskpr Fred Chapman, r do Wetherbee Mary   " May Mrs
Clifford Calvin, farmer, r L Ctr rd, R D 3 " Vera   " Raymond
" Flora, wid Everett J h L Center rd, R D 3 Wilson Edward   Snelling Dorothy.
Cobleigh Public Library, Depot c S Main; Lyndon, Angie L Hunter librarian, 8082 volumes; open daily 1 to6 p m, Mon Wed Thurs Sat 7 to 9 p m " Leslie   " Dorothy Mrs
Cochrane John J (M Elizabeth), agt Met Life Ins Co, h Depot Wheeler Etta   " Fred W
Coe Beulah M, domestic, r Main " Mary J   " Mildred Mrs
" Burton E, r Main "William C   " Ruth
" Elmer H, retired, h Main Whipple Henry S   " William C
" Stella G, domestic, r Main Wilson Augustus "Edward   Stewart Mina Mrs
Colbath Katherine Mrs, r Edward S Gilbault " Leslie   Stitton Louise
Colby Clifford R, carp, r W T McGovern, Lyndon Woodard Frank   " Margaret
" George A, emp St Johnsbury, r Mrs May C Colby     " Marion Mrs
" Glen E, laborer, r Lyndon n P O     " Walter E
" Harley R, laborer, h L Ctr     Sylvester Orene
" Harry E (Ellen F), retired, h S Main     TANNER ABBIE MRS
" Hattie M, teacher Beverly, Mass, r William McGovern     " Gerald H
" May C, wid Alton G, h Raymond     " LeRoy
" Veda M, r Lyndon n P O     Trefren Emily Mrs
Collins Harold C (Gladys B), teacher Lyndon Inst, h Lyndon Ctr     " Jennie
Colombe Leo (Medora), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Main     URWICK ALICE MRS
Community Church, Lyndon, pastor supplied; service Sundays at 9:45 a m     "Alton
Conner Blanche M, treas L C A, h Broad     " Constance
" Willis C (Ethel W), mgr L C A and v-pres Vt tap & Die Corp, h Center     " Richard
Constantine Frank A (Daisy M), elec L Elec Plant, h Charles     WATERMAN BEATRICE MRS
Coolidge Helen, h Memorial dr, Lyndon     " Leona
Cooper Milo (Catherine), milk dealer Memorial dr, Lyndon, h do     Way Edith
Copeland Rezina A, wid John W, h 8 Main     " Maurice
Corey Arthur (Cora), emp C P R R, h Lyndon     Willey Charles
CORNER GARAGE INC pres, David I Grapes; v-pres, Mrs Grade M Grapes; sec-treas, J Alfred Bussiere, Ford and Studebaker sales and service, Depot c Broad, see p 228     " Edith Mrs
Coucher Mary, wid John, h York, Lyndon     Wood Perry M
Cournoyer Emile P (Priscilla E), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h S Main     Woodward Bernice W
Couture Henry J (Emma), emp C P R R, h Norris blk (4)     " Nelson W
Cowles Harley R (Susan H), salesman, h South     YOUNG CARRIE MRS
Crawford Ray S (Ruth M), salesman, h Memorial dr, Lyndon     " Pay A
" Ruth M (Mrs Ray), elk L P O, h Memorial, dr, Lyndon      
Crescent Lodge No 66 F & A M (Masonic), treas, P Russell Griswold; sec, Robert F Pierce. Meets Masonic Hall 1st Sat each month except July and Aug, 8 p m      
Croft Henry G (Ruth E), fireman C P R R, h Church opp Park      
Cross George A, painter, h York, Lyndon      
" John (Libbie E), lab, h Memorial dr      
Cusson Armand, r Broad      
" Charles, student, r Broad      
" Hermine M, elk L Elec Co, r Broad      
" R Joseph (Louise), cond CP RR,h Broad at R R crossing      
Cutting Donald H, r L Ctr      
" Dorothy, nurse Springfield, Mass, r L Ctr      
" Orris H, wid Rene, h L Ctr      
" Robert J, r Orris Cutting      
DAHLBECK CARL E, student, r Norris blk (2)      
" William E (Augusta M), baker Wakefield's Food Shoppe, h Norris blk (2)      
Daigle Edward, lab, r W Nicholson      
" Eugene (Rebecca), emp B & M R R, h Raymond c East      
" George (Delphine M), emp CP RR, h East opp Raymond      
" Louise J Mrs, hskpr William Nicholson, r do      
" Lucien C (Alphonsine M), elec C P R R, h Main      
" Norman E, r E Daigle      
Dairy Association Co Inc, manufacturers of veterinary remedies, pees, Ziba A Norris; sec-treas, John L Norris, Depot c Church      
Dana Charles E (May), general store Lyndon, h do      
Daniels Edwin A (Sadie H), freight elk C P R R, h Prospect .      
" Kenneth (Evelyn), emp Donahue & Griswold, h Main      
" Martin E (Cora B), supt Schools Northern Cal County, h South      
Darling Alfred B, student, r S Main c Center      
" Beatrice M, r S Main c Center      
" Charles M, retired, h S Main c Center      
" Inn, Thomas E Kane mgr, Depot, Lyndonville      
" S Wallace (Hattie G), emp B & M R R, h Williams c Depot      
" Velma, emp Boston, Mass, r S Main c Center      
Darrell C Earle, mech Fuller's Garage, r C. O. Darrell      
" Clarence O (Nellie L), painter, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Davis Albert R, r R E Davis      
" Delia, wid Thomas, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Edward (Annie), lab, h East      
" Elbridge A (Lena), farmer, h Sheffield rd, R D 2      
" Fred H, physician 8 Main, r do      
" Grace E, painter Novelty Shop, r R E Davis, Lyndon, R. D. 1      
" Homer N (Mamie), mach, h East      
" Howard, teacher, r L Center      
" Hugh E, elk, r L Ctr      
" Leella A, teacher, r Sheffield rd, R D 2      
" Lila M, teacher, r Sheffield rd, R D 2      
Davis Nelson H, r T C Beattie      
" Percy E, truck driver, r Edward Davis      
" Rachael (Mrs Williain H), emp Chase House, h Williams      
" Ralph E (Flora), wood turner, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Robert N, lab, r Mrs Delia Davis, Lyndon      
" Rufus J (Zelia W), lab, h Depot      
" Stanley, r H N Davis      
" Warren L, farmer, r Sheffield rd, R D 2      
" Wilfred E (Laura M), mail messenger, h Charles      
""William E (Myrtie L A), sta fireman C P R R, h L Ctr      
" William H (Rachael), mach, h Williams      
Day Clifton B (Mabel L), machinist, h Hill      
" Doris E Mrs, h East      
" Walter, emp C P R R, r Charles J Lamoiireaux      
Delorme Peter, foreman HA H S Co, r Mrs Rose Hartwell      
Denonville Omer, lab, r Main      
Deos Fred E, driver, h York, Lyndon      
" Harry (Emina), emp L Electric Plant, h Lyndon      
Depot Garage (Raymond L Jenne and Elwin N Blake), Williams      
Dsspres Oscar H (Bernica L), barber, h 20 Main      
Devonger Raymond (LiiyJ, h Memorial dr      
Dexter Helen, physical training instr Lyndon Inst, r Mrs S E Welck      
" James "D (Minnie T), watch repairer and jeweler Depot, h S Main      
Deyette George (Agnqs M), asst mgr Darling Inn, h Hill      
" Herman, r Center      
" Moses S (Enima K)f h Center      
Diamond Bronze Co (Inc), division Canadian Bronze Co Ltd, Joseph C Roas supt, Grove c Church      
Dickerman Curtis W (Winifred L), farmhand, h Pinehurst Hill      
Dilley Albert J (Ethel M), opr C P R R, h Park      
" George F (Olive M), retired, h Main      
" Olive M, student, r Park      
" W George, opr Gem Theatre, r Park      
Dodge Clarence B (Elva S), fanner, h Park av      
" & Watson, Robert F Pierce prop, undertakers and embalmers, Church n Depot      
Domey Israel L, emp L C A, h 35 Main (2)      
Donahue Archie E (Julia), (Donahue & Griswold), h 49 Main      
" & Griswold (Archie E Donahue and Palmer R Griswold), dealers in coal, Main      
Dopp Frances I (Mrs Fred B), emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Fred B (Frances I), emp D I Grapes Garage, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Dorion Joseph P., gen advertising Church n Depot, r do      
" Robert (Ostavie), retired, h Church n Depot      
Dresser Myron (Qna), emp C A Smith Store, r Fred Smith      
Drew Clifton L (Ann C), lawyer Emmons & Hebert Bros blk Depot, h Vail's Hill      
" Florence E, teacher Lyndon Inst, r L Ctr      
" Floyd M (MarjorieG), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Main      
" Melvin W (Mayme F), foreman Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Church n Depot      
Drown Burleigh F, r Oilman P Drown      
" Emma H, bkpr L C A, r George Hogge      
" Gihuan P (Carrie), h Broad      
Ducham Ruth Mrs, emp Springfield, Mass, h Lyndon n P O      
Duford Joseph (Etarina), emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, h Raymond      
" Mariarifia, emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, r J Duford, Raymond      
Dufour Angelina H, student, r Raymond      
" Celistin (Genevieve), const wkr, h Raymond      
" Federick F. (Zenaide J), lab, h Pinehurst Hill      
" Rose J, r. Pinehurst Hill      
Duke Charlotte J, emp St J, r G L Duke      
" Elizabeth A, wid Palm H, r Hill n Charles      
" Floyd F, emp A N Wetherbee, r G L Duke, Lyndon      
" George L (Ruth M), foreman A N Wetherbee, h Lyndon      
" Hazel R,. teacher, r G. L Duke, Lyndon      
Dunbar Harold J (Aileen W), prop H J Dunbar's Hardware Store, h York, Lyndon      
Dunbar's H J Hardware Store, Harold Dunbar prop, Lyndon      
Dunham Archie M (Viola I), salesman, h 61 Main (2)      
Duquette Arthur J (Lilla), emp T & D Mfg Co, h Broad      
Dusseault Lucien (Marion), boilermkr C P R R, h Broad at R R crossing      
" Lucienne, student, r L Dusseault, Broad      
Dustin Clara, elk Moore & Tripp, h Depot      
Duval Prank (Gladys), h Lyndon, P O Lyndonville      
EASTMAN CLARA A, teacher Lyndon Ihst, r Thompson Cottage, L Ctr      
" Lucy M, wid Walter S, h Church opp Park      
" Myron G (Laura E), mgr Checker Board Peed Store, r G A Whipple, South      
" Nancy A, wid Augustine, h Thompson Oottage, L Ctr      
Eaton Lorenzo Q (Mayvelle R), retired, h Church      
Edmunds Arnold W (Helen M), prop Edmunds' Pharmacy, h South      
" Arnold W Jr, student, r South      
" Donald L, student, r South      
Edmunds' Pharmacy, Arnold W Edmonds prop, drugs Depot      
Egelston Llewellyn W (Gladys), rural mail carrier No 1, h 57 Main (2)      
Elizabeth Chase Maple Candies, Mrs Elizabeth M Chase prop, Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Elliott Arthur B (Louise J), teacher Lyndon Inst, h Lyndon Center      
Ellsworth George W (Rebecca N), emp L D & H G Shonyo, h High      
Emerson Clare H, r 12 Main      
" Edna, emp Mathewson House, h L Ctr      
" Elizabeth (Mrs Robert A), cheese wkr L C A, h 29 Main      
" Robert A (Elizabeth), retired, h 29 Main      
" Wesley O (Rosamund A), (Stuart & Emerson), h .12 Main      
Emery Pauline, emp Montpelier, r Main      
" Perkins, emp Emmons & Hebert, r Main      
" William J (Eunice S), insp L C A, h Main      
EMMONS ALBERT F pres-treas-mgr Emmons & Hebert Inc, h Emmons & Hebert blk, Depot      
EMMONS & HEBERT INC hardware, Depot, pres-treas-mgr Albert F Emmons; v-pres, Jessippe G Hebert, see un name      
Enterprise Grange No 16 (Lyndon), master, Clayton R Hoffman; sec, Charles Willey; treas, Mrs A J Grady. Meets 1st and 3rd Pri, Grange Hall      
Erskine Warren O {Hester L), foreman C C C Camp, h Main      
Ernie's Cafe & Bakery, Ernest J Charron prop, restaurant and bakery Depot      
Esplin David F (Flora A), h Lyndon, R D 1      
Esther Chapter No 20, Order of Eastern Star; worthy matron, Mrs Ruth E Croft; sec, Daisy C Baldwin; treas, May A Camp Jell. Meets Masonic Hall 2nd Tues each month except July and August at 8 p m      
Evans Ida, wid Albert, h 47 Main (2)      
Ewens Roderick (Dorothy), etap E & T F & Co, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
FARNUM SCOTT M (Nellie L), wood dealer Memorial dr and prop Lyndon Water Wks, h Lyndon, P O Lyndonville      
Farrington Bertha I, wid William A, h Williams      
" Martha O, asst town clk, r Williams      
Fay Elizabeth, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Center      
Ferguson George F (Dora H), h 39 Main      
Fernow Alice, teacher Lyndon Inst, r L Ctr      
First Congregational Church, Church c Park, Rev Charles F Goudey pastor; services Sun 10:45 a m, 7 p m, Sunday School 12 m, Prayer Meetings Wed 7:30 pm      
" National Stores Inc, Gerald J Beauchesne mgr and Cecil Albee mgr, Depot      
Fisher Alberta C (Mrs Clayton E), music teacher (piano and vocal), L Ctr, h do      
" Clayton E (Alberta C), teacher L Inst, h Lyndon Ctr      
" George E (Alice M), retired, h Charles      
" Lawrence, lab, r Mrs Delia L Myott      
Flanders Gerald N (Jennie), painter, h Broad      
Folsom Fred S (Agnes M), eng C P R R, h Broad      
" Gilbert A (Jessie E), retired, h York, Lyndon      
" Harley E, pres Conn Passumpsic R R Co and pres Lyndonville Savings Bank & Trust Co, h Center c Park av      
" Harley E 2nd, student, r Broad      
" Ruth A, sten L S Bank & Trust Co, r Broad      
Forbes Lydia A, wid Arthur W, h L Ctr      
" Wilbur W (Mildred R), retired, h L Ctr      
Ford Charles F, r H Ford      
" Harry F (Lyda T), lab, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" William, lab, r Memorial dr      
" William F, lab, r H Ford, Pinehurst Hill      
Forrest Albert P, student, r Hill      
" Dora E, wid Elbridge, tailoring Hill n Charles, h do      
Forsyth Emma A Mrs, sub elk P 0, h Main      
Fowler Anna F, r Main      
Free Baptist Church, Lyndon Center, Rev Howard H White pastor; services Sunday 10:45 a m and 7 p m, S S 12 m, Wed 7 p m      
Frisby Lora A, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr      
Fuller Dallas D, teacher, r Lyndon      
" Evelyn, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr      
" Harry W (Sada S), auto repairing Memorial dr, Lyndon, h do      
G. A. R. HALL, Depot      
Gaffney Carl J (Georgianna), h Williams      
Gage Clara R, wid Edward E, r Hill opp Williams      
" Harold F (Clarice A), prop Amoco Filling Station, h Darling's Hill      
" Roy R (Clara), emp H S A H Co, h South      
Gale Bernard, student, r Clinton H Gale      
" Clinton H (Marion N), elec L Elec Plant, h Center      
" Dehnar K, student, r Clinton H Gale      
Gallagher Herbert C, student, r H E Folsom      
" Susie, wid William T, dom H E Folsom, r do      
Gallup Ambrose E, mach, h Charles      
Garceau Charles V (Clara. V), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Main      
" Clara V (Mrs Charles V), dressmkr Main, h dp      
Garrison Walter L, lab, h Park av      
Garron Peter G (Mary), emp AN Wetherbee, h Lyndon      
" Wilma, student, r Memorial dr      
Gaskin Beatrice I, student, r D E Gaskin      
" Dora E, wid Robert E, h Pinehurst Hill.      
Gaudette Elizabeth, wid Edward A, h Williams      
" Harry E, r Williams      
Gibson Thomas M (Margaret G), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h S Main      
Gilman Leon (Ruth A), emp L C A, h 51 Main (2)      
" Raymond L F (Mary D), mach, h Charles      
Gokey Homer, emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, r F D Hart, Main      
Goodwin Raymond E, fireman B & M R R, h Williams      
Goozey Lewis P (Agnes M), retired, r GE Fisher      
Gordon Carroll J (Eva B), mech St J, h Center      
Goudey Charles F (Ruth B), pastor Congregational Church, h Maple      
Goulding Henry A (Dora M), carp C P R R, h 37 Maia (2)      
" Lloyd, r 37 Main      
Gout Ernest D (Irma L), trainman C P R R, h L Ctr      
" Maurice D, student, r L Ctr      
Gsady Harriet, emp T & D Corp, r 12 Main      
" Raymond (Mary), emp St J, h Lyndon      
Grant Dexter R, painter, h York, Lyndon      
" Frank (Annie), painter C.PRR shops, h rear P O, Lyndon      
" Kenneth G, painter, r P E Grant, Lyndon      
" Kermit E, painter, Lyndonville, r Lyndon      
" Perley E (Beatrice), paint store Depot, Lyndonville and prop Plee-zing Store, h Lyndon n P O      
" Ulysses S (Estella P), paint shop Memorial dr, h Lyndon      
" William A (Arlene), farmhand, r rear P O Lyndon      
" William F (Lillie), painter.h rear P O Lyndon      
Grapes Clarence B (Henrietta T), salesman Corner Garage, h Elm cor Church      
GRAPES DAVID I (Gracie M), pres Corner Garage Inc, St Johnsbury and pres Corner Garage Inc, Lyndonville, h Main c Park      
" Forrest I (Margaret), salesman Corner Garage (Inc), St J, h Park      
GRAPES GRACIE M (Mrs David I), v-pres Comer Garage (Inc), h Main c Park      
" Henrietta T (Mrs Clarence B), exchange agt N E T & T Co, h Church      
" Irma H, phone opr NE T & T Co, r Main c Park av      
Graves Edward C, village trustee, r G W Ellsworth      
" Henry E, mgr Lyndonville Municipal Elec Plant, h Main      
Gray Austin E, r C W Gray      
" Charles H, r Frank A Constantine      
" Clifton W (Geraldine F), prop Gray's Market and Pleasant View Tavern, h do      
" Gerald W, student, r C W Gray      
Gray's Market, Clifton W Gray prop, grocers, Depot      
Greenslade George P (Annie), carp C P R R, h Church      
" Irene A, teacher Pomfret, r Church      
Greenwood Ashton H (Bertha W), truck driver L C A, h L Ctr      
" Edward (Lula), painter, r Mrs L Forbes, L Ctr      
" Eugene (Helen), carp, h off Memorial, P O Lyndonville      
Gregoire Nina J Mrs, hskpr A E Gallup, r do      
Grenier Georgette, r J A Grenier      
" H John (Eleanor), attd Webber's Filling Sta, r J A Grenier, East      
" Joseph A (Amelia L), carp C P R R, h East      
Grisani Albertine, wid Charles, h East      
Griswold Ethel S (Mrs Palmer R), bkpr D Asso Co, h 14 Main      
" Palmer R (Ethel), (Donohue & Gnswold), treas Vermont Tap & Die Corp, town elk and general insurance 11 Main, h 14 do      
Grover J Madison (Eleanor G), salesman, h Maple      
Guy Lewis M (Violet M), mach Vt Tap & Die Corp, h R D I      
Guyer Adolphus (Roseanna), mason, h East      
" Eva, r Adolphus Guyer      
" Melissa, wid Octave, h Depot c East      
" -see Goyette      
Guyette-see Goyette      
HALE GENEVA W, r Park av      
Hall Burnice C (Isabeile), ins agt, h Elm c Center      
" Lorenzo D (Amelia M), retired, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Hamel Antonio J, emp Berlin, N H, r East      
" Cyril J, emp Berlin, N H, r E Hamel, East      
" Eugene J (Demerise M), lumberman, h East      
" Helen, clk McDowell's Variety Store, r East      
" Rene, r East      
Hannett Clarence R (Virginia G), farmer, h S Wheelock rd, Lyndon      
" Edward O (Florida), truck driver, h East      
Harper Method Beauty Shop, Alice M Warner prop, Depot      
Harris Alice D Mrs, h L Center      
" Derby T, r L Ctr ,      
" Lulu W, wid Lucius, r Mrs Stella Wilkie      
" Perley L, emp Stamford Conn, r Park      
" Perley S (Bessie L), elk C P R R, h Park av      
" Willard S, r P S Harris      
" WilliamS (Grace C), emp D A Co, h.L Ctr      
Harrison Allan W (Janet S), supt Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Maple      
Hart Edgar A, retired, r F D Hart, Main      
" Fred D (Amelia), retired, h Main at Powers Park      
HartweE Floyd S (Lois A), h 39 Main (1)      
" Marjorie E, r 39 Main      
" Rose, wid Philemon E, h L Ctr      
Harvey Bert (Mildred), painter, h Charles      
" Ruth, student, r Bert Harvey      
Hatherill Ralph H, r Mrs Lillian E Chase      
Hawkes Albert J (Lucy), emp Cedarhurst N Y, h Memorial dr, R D 1 Lyndon      
" Hobart, emp The Pine Lodge, r do      
" Lucy (Mrs Albert J), mgr The Pine Lodge, h do      
Hayes Eileen S, teacher, r S Main      
" Gerald A, lumberman, r S Main      
" James R (Esther M), lumberman, h S Main i      
" J Cornelius, clk A & P Tea Co, r J E Hayes      
" Richard C, lumberman, r S Main      
Hazard Howard J, student, r Jay Hazard      
" Jay (Gladys), foreman L C A, h Main      
Hebert Adrian J, plumber, r S Main      
" Aime E (Alice M), pres Hebert & Sons Inc, h S Main      
" Bertha, phone opr, r East      
" Ernestine, wid Alphonse, r East      
" Francis J, v-pres Hebert & Sons Inc, r S Main      
HEBERT JESSIPPE G (Ida) v-pres Emmons & Hebert Inc, h East n Raymond      
" Leo J, treas Hebert & Sons Inc, r S Main      
" Olivine A, r S Main      
" & Sons (Inc), plumbing, heating and painter Depot, pres, Aime E Hebert; v-pres, Francis J Hebert; sec, Harold H Stone; treas, Leo J Hebert Hill Maurice, student, r William D Hill      
" Reginald L (Christine), physician S Main, h do      
" W D & A R (William D and Arthur R Hill), mfrs all-metal window screens, Lyndon Center      
" William D (Eunice A), W D & A R Hill, r Lyndon Ctr.      
Hinds Burt A (Edith A), meat cutter City Market, h Broad      
Hoffman Clayton (Bernice), farmer, h Lyndon, RD 1      
" Elizabeth C, teacher Lyndon Inst, r L Ctr      
Hogge Ethel M, teacher L Graded School, r off Broad, R D 3      
" George (Elizabeth A), lab, h off Broad      
" John, emp Sanborn House, r do      
Holbrook Robert O (Etta M), carp and builder York, Lyndon, h do      
Holt Horace M, h Depot      
HOPKINS LEON E prop Blodgett & Hopkins, h Lyndon Center      
Home John (Beatrice), lab, h East Lyndon      
Homer Harvey B (Kate A), janitor First Cong Church, h Church      
Horrigan William P (Edna W), conductor B& M R R,.h Main      
Hosford Herman W, photographer Depot, h do      
Hough J Edwin (Eunice H), supt cemetery, h Williams      
Houghton Annie B, h Main      
Hovey Blanche M (Mrs Edward E), emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies; h Lyndon      
" Edward E (Blanche M), farmer, h Lyndonville      
" Phyllis I, emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, r Lyndon      
" Ralph K (Christel E), pres Hovey & Simpnds Inc, h Center nr covered bridge      
" Reginald A (Constance E), civil eng, h Church      
" & Simonds Inc, garage Willow, pres, Ralph K Hovey; sec-treas, Lee W Simonds      
Howe Rita, dom Rev Charles F Goudey, r do      
Hoyt Hattie C, wid Alanson T, h Lyndon      
Hubbard Clayton A (Adeline), mach C P R R, h L Ctr.      
" George C (Lena), carp, h L Ctr      
" Herbert J (Minnie B), sta agt C P R R and agt W U T Co, h 5 Park av      
" Lillian, emp St Johnsbury, r L Ctr      
" Wallace N, h Lyndon      
Hubley Nettie A, wid Daniel H, h Hill      
Hughes Walter J (Vera M), bkpr L S Bank & Trust Co; h S Main      
Humphrey Albert E (Nellie M), conductor CPRR,h Park av      
Hunter Allen F (Grace), gas and oils Main, h do      
" Angie L, lib Cobleigh Public Library, r Lyndon R D 1      
" Bernice M, teacher Lyndon School , r 57 Main      
" Clyde H, carp, r Williams      
" Effie M, r Memorial dr Lyndon R D 1      
" Eugene W (Nellie B), carpenter, h Williams      
" Howard C, emp 0 H Mfg Co, h 57 Main      
" Isadore, wid Frank, r S R Wakefield, S Main      
Huntley Loren T (Una), asst postmaster, h Main      
Huntoon Albert J, student, r Pinehurst Hill      
" George E, lab, r Pinehurst Hill      
" Orrin E (Elizabeth M), hostler, h Pinehurst Hill      
Hutchins Herbert O, dentist Church, h do      
" Robert, elk First Nat Stores, r Church      
JACKMAN CLYDE H (Ruby E), carp.b. Church n Grove      
" Oliver M (Dorothy), chemist L C A, h Broad      
Jenne Mary L (Mrs Raymond L), teacher Lyndonville Graded School, h 28 Main (2)      
" Raymond L (Mary L), (Depot Garage), h 28 Main (2)      
John David J (Margaret M), lab, h Pinehurst Hill      
" William, emp Traveling Grocery, r Edith Lyons      
Johnson David S (The Traveling Grocery), r G N Johnson      
" Glenn N (Sylvia E) (The Traveling Grocery), h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Homer C, student, r G N Johnson      
" Madeline, r G N Johnson      
" Noyle W (The Traveling Grocery), r G N Johnson      
Judd William E, retired, r Myron G Scott      
KEARNS DORRIS L, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Center      
Kelley Ernest L (Glee), emp L C A, h 51 Main      
" Florence, r 45 Main (2)      
" Glee (Mrs Ernest L), reporter Col Paper, St J, h 51 Main      
" Ralph W (Alice), carp, h 45 Main (2)      
Kelloway Edgar W (Bertha V), mach C P R R shops, h Main      
Kendall Byron S (Elgie M), h L Ctr      
Kenison Marion, teacher L Graded School, res Sheffield      
Kennedy Arthur (Grace), lab, h York, Lyndon      
Keniston Percy (Alice), painter, h Hill      
Kent William B (Francena), salesman, h Charles      
Kerr Alton A, r W T Kerr, Charles      
" Margaret (Milton J), sten D Asso Co, h Main      
" Milton J (Margaret), emp Vt Tap & Die Co, h Main      
" William T (Anna E), plumber Emmons & Hebert Bros, h Charles      
Knapp Gertrude, wid Lucius, r R E Goodwin      
Knight Lilla Mrs, h Main      
Knowlton Sophia A, wid Luke W, r A W Harrison, Church      
Kreamy Ice Kream Co (Stuart & Emerson), Park av      
L C A GARAGE, Willis C Conner mgr, Main      
Labor Arthur H (Annie E), blacksmith, h East      
" Eleanor M, r Arthur H Labor      
" Howard B, farmhand, r Arthur H Labor      
Lachance George J (Lyndell P), emp C P R R, h Williams      
Ladd Jennie M, h Williams      
" W John, printer Depot c Main, h Burke      
Laflfo Ellen W, wid Isaac, h Park av n School House      
Laflamme Armand N, student, r G T Laflamme      
" Gideon T (Inez), sta fireman L C A, h Broad      
Laflamme Peter (Arlene), emp H S A H Co, h Memorial dr      
LaFrance Alice Mrs, h Hill      
Lambert Celenire, wid Honore, r Mrs Albertine Grisani      
" Irving, r Mrs Delia L Myott      
LaMott Henry, carp, r Richard LaMott      
" Richard, h York, Lyndon      
Lamoureaux Charles J (Ruth), meat cutter, h East      
Lamoureaux Oscar C (Alma), lab, h Charles      
Lang Bert J, retired, h Lyndon Qtr rd, R D 3      
" Charles, emp L C A, r Mrs Annie Blodgett      
" Edward (Iris), truck driver, h Memorial dr      
" Philo, real estate and cattle dealer Depot, h Center      
" Ruth Mrs, h Star Route, Lyndonville      
" Terese Mrs, emp Willoughby's Dept Store, r James A Hayes      
LaPoint Bros, Homer A LaPoint prop, meats and provisions, Depot      
" Carl, emp A N Wetherbee, r inq do      
" Dona F, lab, r Mrs Delia L Myott      
" Homer A (Hazel B), prop LaPoint Bros, h South      
" John C (Florence E), emp LaPoint Bros, h S Main      
Larray Arthur A (Adeline S), signalman C P R R, h Depot      
Lawson Edwin A (Verna), h R F D 2, Lyndonville      
" Luther T (Olive W), bridge foreman C P R R, h L Ctr      
Leach Bertha M, wid Frank H, h Prospect      
" Charles W, carp, r E A Daniels, Prospect      
" Eva, emp Boston, Mass, r F H Leach, Prospect      
Learmonth Gladys A, r Charles      
" Murray (Helen), emp N Witherbee, h Charles      
LeBoeuf Hessie, teacher L Graded School, res Fulsom Cor      
Lee Fay F, elk, r Church      
" Forrest F (August A), emp Darling Farm, h Church      
" Phyllis E, r Church      
Leith Roger H (Ruth H), emp C P R R, h Charles      
Lemear Joseph, h Lyndon      
Lenton Fred G (Ienza A), emp L Elec Plant, h Lyndon opp Depot, RD1      
Leonard Archie L (Fayalene), physician Park av, h do      
" Ernest E (Edith B), emp C P R R, h East      
" Howard, const wkr, r Ernest E Lessard      
" Lois H, student, r Park av      
" Ora J (Ella S), janitor L Graded School, h Center c Elm      
Leonhardt John R (Luda R), steam shovel opr, h Allyn blk, Church      
Lewis Robert K (Eleanor H), teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr      
Lewsey Charles A (Harriet I), retired, h Main c Park      
Libbey Clayton H (Alice J), freight conductor C P R R, h Hill      
" Elizabeth E, sten St Johnsbury, r C H Libbey, Hill      
" Ellis C, emp Lyndonville Golf Club, r C H Libbey, Hill      
" Ezra E (Rose), trainman C P R R, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Geraldine F, r E E Libbey      
" Helen A, cashier Gem Theatre, r C H Libbey, Hill      
" Kermit (Ruth), ins agt, h Charles      
" Orrock G, C C C, r E E. Libbey, Lyndon, R D 1      
Liggett John J (Ruby F), lab, h L Ctr rd, R D 3      
Little Annie M, wid Richard H, r Main      
" Reginald A (Muriel P), emp L C A, h Main      
" Violet P Mrs, h L Ctr      
Lizotte Albina, r East      
" Edward J, r East      
" Emil J (Delia M), emp C P R R, h East      
" John B (Marjorie H), plumber, h Main      
" Leo, r East      
Lord Carl M, emp W L Wright, r N J Lord, Lyndon Ctr      
" Nattie J (Carrie L), emp L C A Garage, h L Ctr      
Lowell George (Elizabeth A), carp C P R R, h East      
Lynch Cora B, wid Frank C, emp Darling Inn, h Main      
" Jack, emp L C A, r Main      
Lyndon Barber Shop, Louis Thomas prop, Lyndon n P O      
" Camp No 75 Veteran Military Organization Sons of Union "Veterans of the Civil War," comdr, K G Mitchell; sec, Percy O Moultrop; treas, Rufus P Aldrich. Meets 2nd and 4th Sat evenings at Darling's Hall, Lyndonville      
" Club, pres, L J Egelston; v-pres, Herman A Squires; sec-treas, Robert F. Pierce. Meets 1st Wed 7:30 p m, Lyndonville Realty Block      
" Golf Club Grounds, Hill, pres, G F Ferguson; sec-treas, L J Hebert. Meets 1st Tues in April at Town Clerks office      
LYNDON INSTITUTE Ozias D Mathewson prin, Lyndon Center, see p 249      
" Town of, agent, Nathan A Norton      
" Town of, auditors, R E Campbell, A W Edmonds, Robert F Pierce      
" Town of, clerk, Palmer R Griswold      
" Town of, collector, Lawrence B Wood      
" Town of, constables, Archie E Donahue, George Lachance      
" Town of, district supervisor of schools, Martin E Daniels      
" Town of, listers, Prank B Carr, C R Hoffman, C A Calley      
" Town of, overseer of poor, Archie E Donahue      
" Town of, road commissioner, Paul Houghton      
" Town of, selectmen, W Arthur Simpson, John Lang, James H Grady      
" Town of, supt of cemetery, Edwin Hoff      
" Town of, treasurer, Palmer R Griswold      
" Water Works, Scott M Farnum prop, Memorial dr      
" Woman's Club, pres, Mrs Homer LaPoint; v-pres, Mrs Alice Iibby; sec, Mrs Emma Forsyth; treas, Ethel Hogge. Meets 2nd Thurs at 8 p m      
Lyndonville Creamery Asso, pres, Harry P Silsby; v-pres, Homar G Watson; mgr, Willis C Conner, sec, B G Morrison; treas, Blanche M Conner, N Main      
" Encampment No 26, I. O 0 P, c p,Fay A Young; scribe,'James A Ramsdell treas, George G Wheeler. Meets 2nd Wed each month 8 p m G A R Hall      
" Graded School, Park av opp Maple      
" Military Band, Homer C Wilson director; Erton A Shorey, sec-treas; Dr Fred H Davis, mgr; band rooms Library Bldg basement, Depot. Meetings Mondays 8pm      
" Municipal Electric Plant, commissioners, A W Edmunds, Albertus A Cheney and David I Grapes, offices Broad      
" Realty Co Bldg, Depot opp Corner Garage      
" Rotary Club, pres, Truman E Wheeler; v-pres, Martin E Daniels; sec A M Markey; treas, Alfred B Darling. Meets Darling Inn, Thursday noons      
" Savings Bank and Trust Company, pres, Harley E Folsom; sec-treas, W Edward Riley, Broad      
" Village of, agent C L Drew      
" Village of, auditors, R F Pierce, R E Campbell, C D Stevens, Raymond E Campbell      
" Village of, elk, Palmer R Griswold      
" Village of, chief engineer of fire dept, Perle F Baraw      
" Village of, chief of police dept, William H Parker      
" Village of, jail, rear Realty Bldg      
" Village of, school board, John L Norris chairman, Stunner C Stuart and Willis C Conner      
" Village of, tax collector, Lawrence B Wood      
" Village of, treasurer, Palmer R Griswold      
" Village of, trustees, Willis C Connor, Edward C Graves, R F Pierce      
" Village pf, water commissioners, C B Grapes, R F Pierce, Perle F Baraw      
Lyon Elizabeth, teacher Barre, r Hill c Charles      
" Wilmer A (Hattie M), pass brakeman B & M R R, h Hill c Charles      
Lyons Edith L, wid Henry, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Lyster Mary S, wid Haddon W, h Park av      
MACKINNEY SYLVIA, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Center      
MacMillan John, retired, r Harry A Robie      
Magoon Ira D, retired, r William D Hill      
Marshall Luvilla E, wid Benoni, h Hill opp Williams      
MarteU Mary B, wid Napoleon, hskpr D W Rivers, r do      
Martin Charles E, farmer, h off Broad      
Mason Eleana M, hskpr Rev Louis I Sevigney, r do      
" Harold F (Eunice C), postmaster and general store L Ctr, h do      
Masonic Temple, Lyndonville Realty Co bldg      
Masten Arlene M, nurse St J, r E A Masten, Lyndon      
" E Gordon, farmhand, r E A Masten, Lyndon      
" Ernest A (Gertrude), h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Ralph W, farmhand, isLyndon      
" Velma F, teacher Burlington,. Vt, r Lyndon      
" Wendell N, student r E A Masten .      
Matherson Martha, wid Edson H, r Mrs Clara Gage      
Mathews Adella L, wid Hiram J, r Mrs Emma Wells      
Mathewson Miriam S, teacher Lyndon Inst, r do      
MATHEWSON OZIAS D (Grace H), principal Lyndon Institute, h do      
" Philip H, student, Lyndon Inst, r do      
Maynafd Clarence L (Gertrude), painter, h 21 Main (3)      
" Clement T (Dora M), com trav, r 21 Main (3)      
Mayo Ellen M Mrs, hskpr B M Quintal, Charles, r do      
McCann Arthur J (Clara), grocer Depot, h Broad c Smith      
McClure Caroline, wid Maxim, h East      
McDowell Abbie M, wid Orrie M, h P O Lyndon Center      
" B Lucille, student, r Scott S McDowell      
" Edith M, wid Arthur C, h Park av      
" Scott S (Laura E), prop McDowell's Variety Store, h Church      
McDowell's Variety Store, Scott S McDowell prop, Depot      
McGovern William T (Nellie E), retired, h off York, Lyndon      
McHarg David E (May F), retired, h L Ctr      
McLane Alexander D (Alice L), elk P O, h Charles      
" James C, retired, h Charles      
McLaughlin William, teamster, r Mrs Etta L Ockington      
McLeod George R (Nina M), agt Ry Ex Agcy Lyndonville and trucking Depot sq, h L Ctr      
McShane Durwood (Mabel B), painter, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" George A (Maude E), farmer, h Church n Depot      
" Howard G, r Mrs Emma Bennett      
" Reginald B, student, r Church '      
McVicker Edward, retired, r Pleasant View House      
Meighan Orissa B Mrs, h Church      
Methodist Episcopal Church, Norman C Webster pastor, Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Meyette Charles E, lab, r Pinehurst Hill      
" Edward (Ada M), moulder, h Pinehiirst Hill      
Miles Mildred M, teacher Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr      
Miller Claire, wid Arthur, h 27 Main      
" Harold D (Isabel), mach, h East      
Miner Avon (Eva), painter, h York, Lyndon      
Mitchell Kingsley, painter, r Williams      
Mooney Wilnam J (Mary E), retired, h York, Lyndon      
Moore Pearl, wid Prescott L (Moore-Tripp Co), r 5 Park av      
" -Tripp Co (Mrs Pearl Moore and Hiram A W Tripp), dept store, Depot      
Morin Dona J (Lillieth M), emp D A Co, h East      
Morrison Byron G (Stella), retired, h Center      
" T Fred (Louisa), carp, h Hill      
Morse Clarence E (Florence M), mach C P R R shops, hMain      
" Frank A (Estella), asst mgr Our Husbands Co Inc, h Lyndon      
" Mary B, emp Springfield, Mass, r F A Morse, Lyndon      
" Mary E, wid John F, r Main      
" Priscilla C, r F A Morse      
" Stephen F (Joyce), farmer, r F A Morse      
" Walter (Andrea), const wkr, h Charles      
Mortensen Morton (Ellen), retired, h L Ctr      
Moulton Hiram H (Martha M), lab, h L Ctr      
MoultroupPercy O (Avis A),boilermkrCPRR,h55Main      
Mullaney Joseph (Esther), auto, painting, body and fender repairs, Lyndon, res inq do      
Myers Abraham, r Mrs Clara R Gage      
Myott Delia L, wid Peter, boarding and rooms, h East      
NADEAU FRANCIS X (Caroline), lumberman, h Lyndon, P O Lyndonville      
" Joseph E, emp J C Warren, h Center n covered bridge      
" Ovide (Mary D), lab, h Charles      
Neagle Peter G (Hannah), elk Pleasant View Tavern, r do      
Newell Laura Mjs, r J E Allard      
New England Tel & Tel Co, Mrs Henrietta T Grapes exchange agt, Broad      
Newman Nellie H, wid Richard S, h WiUiams      
Nichols Stephen D (Addie H), agt Mut Life Ins Co of N Y City, h L Ctr      
Nicholson William F, blacksmith Grove, h Church      
Norcross Amy, wid George R, r MeLeod, L-Ctr      
" Clarence B (Verna L), truck driver Ry Ex Agcy, h R D 3      
Norris John L (Ida M), mgr sec-treas Dairy Asso Co, h Park av      
" John L Jr, asst treas Dairy Asso Co, r Park av      
" Ziba A, pres Dairy Asso Co, res Melrose, Mass      
NORTON E GUY (Frances E), elk Municipal Court, r Park av      
NORTON NATHAN A (Viola R), lawyer Allyn Block, h Park av, office tel 230, res tel 291, see under name      
Nurenberg Morris (Fannie), gen merchandise Lyndon, h do      
Nutting Clyde (Abbie M), emp C P R R, h Hill      
" Mildred, student, r Depot      
" Patience M Mrs, hairdresser Cable's Beauty Shop, h Depot      
OCKINGTON ETTA L, wid George P, h Charles      
Olsen William O (Alice M), painter, h Hill      
Olympia Lodge No 19, Knights of Pythias, meets C N Darling Hall every Tues at 7:30 p m; Chancellor commander, Nathan A Norton; K of R & S, Harold D Miller; M of F, Rufus R Aldrich      
Ouelette Oliver (Marie A), emp C P R R, h 3 Raymond      
Our Husbands Co Inc, mfrs horse and cattle remedies, pres, Harry W Witters; treas-gen mgr, David E Porter; asst mgr, Prams A Morse, Lyndon      
PAGE JOHN R (Sadie), emp St J, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Paquette John A (Lena), mach, h Pinehurst Hill      
" Lawrence B, student, r Pinehurst Hill      
" Octave C (Clara A), blacksmith, h Pinehurst Hill      
" Wilfred B, emp Troy, N Y, r Pinehurst Hill      
Paris Alice G (Mrs Joseph R), teacher Fletcher School, h Elm      
" Bertha (Mrs Murray K), clk Lyndon P O, h Lyndon      
" Henrietta, wid Daniel, r Raymond Crawford, Lyndon      
" Joseph R (Alice G), lumberman, h Elm      
" Murray K (Bertha), postmaster Lyndon, h do      
" Murray K Jr (Dorothy) rep Dunbar, Hardware Store, h Prospect      
Park Nettie M Mrs, h 35 Main      
Parker J Elwin (Myrtie C), salesman, h L Ctr      
" Raymond E (Winona M), dist mgr First Nat Stores, h Church      
" Raymond O (Doris A), auto salesman, h Charles      
" Theodore L, radio service Center, r do      
" William H (Irene E), chief of police, h Center      
Patten Gordon J (Mary M), mach Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Center pi, Box 93      
Peck Roland C, student, r William Peck      
" Stanley W, student, r William Peck      
" William (Carrie), h L Ctr      
Pelkey Leon A (Emma M), painter, h Charles      
Peoples Methodist Episcopal Church (Church opp Park) Rev Norman C Webster, pastor; services Sun 11 a m, 7 p m, S S, 12 m,prayer meeting Wed 7pm; Epworth League, Sun 5:45 p m      
Perkins Albert N (Katherine E), emp L C A, h 53 Main      
" I Marguerite, student, r 53 Main      
Perrault Alphonse J (Ceceile E), tel opr C P R R, h Hill      
Phelps Stella(Bernice),emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, h East Lyndon      
Philbrick Bertha H, wid. Clinton H, h S Main      
Pierce Edward A (Charlotte L), h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" GlenniceR, teacher, rL Ctr      
" Ila B, wid George W, teacher Lyndonville Graded School, h 20 Main (1)      
" Kenneth G (Esther), carp, h L Ctr      
" Leslie A (Mildred G), shipper D A Co, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Marshall A (Mary E), carp C P R R, h L Ctr      
" Robert F (E Meryl), prop Dodge & Watson, h Church      
" Robert K (Pearl M), emp C P R R, res St Johnsbury      
Pike Opal R, r Carl S Bailey      
Pilgrim George W, emp Kreamy Ice Kream Co, r Williams      
" Marion W Mrs, h Williams      
Pillsbury Nelson S (Fay), mason, h P 0 Lyndon      
Pinard Horace E (Gertrude M), lineman L Elec Plant, h Prospect      
Pine Lodge The, Mrs Lucy Hawkes mgr, Memorial dr, Lyndon, R D 1      
Pinkham Paul E (Hannah), asst lineman L Elec Plant, h Elm      
Player Donald A, farmhand, r T J Player      
" Frank G (Irene), lab, h Memorial dr      
" Thomas J (Mabel C), h Pinehurst Hill      
Pleasant View Tavern, Clifton W Gray prop, Williams      
Plummer Arthur L (Ruth R), painter, h L Ctr      
Pooler Bernard, printer Vermont Union Journal, r Lyndon Center      
Pope Jennie Mrs, r 14 Main      
Porter Viola M, student, r W M Porter, Hill      
" Walter M (Kitty V), carp, h Hill      
Post Offices, Lyndon Vt, postmaster, Murray K Paris      
" Offices Lyndon Center, Vt, postmaster, Harold F Mason      
" Offices Lyndonville Vt, postmaster, Truman E Wheeler; assistant postmaster, Loren T Huntley; clerks, Harry A Robie, Alexander D McLane, Cecil A Burns; substitute, Emma A Forsyth; R F D carriers, Route No 1, Lewellyn J Egelston, Route No 2, Frank W Bull. Route No 3, Alphonse J Aubin; substitute carrier, Scott S McDowell. Lyndonville Post Office hours, week days, 6:30 a m to 7:30 p m, money order window, 8:00 a m to 6:00 p m, registered mail window 6:30 a m to 7:30 p m; holidays general delivery and stamp windows open 7:00 a m to 8:00 a m, money order windows not opened; registry system effective; Sundays distribution of mail made between 8:00 a m to 9:00 a m, general delivery and stamp windows not open; lobby kept open for convenience of patrons having lock boxes      
Powers Flora, wid Eugene W, h Prospect      
" Harvey S, retired, r Clayton H Libbey      
" Luvia A Mrs, emp E Burton, r do      
" Park, Main opp Grove      
Pownd FredT (KatieE), emp CPRRshops, hElm c Center (1)      
Prefontaine Arthur (Maria), boilermkr C P R R, h Charles      
" Maurice R, student, r Arthur Prefontaine      
" Raymond A, student, r Arthur Prefontaine      
Prescott Laura A, sten, r L Ctr      
" Ralph L, truck garden L Ctr, h do      
Pride Helen E, sec Lyndon Inst, r Lyndon Ctr      
Prinn Dorothy M, wid William C V, h Hill      
Putney Kathleen I, sten Blodgett & Hopkins, r 2 Center      
Pyer Harold J, lineman N E T & T Co, h William      
QUINTAL BURTON M, barber shop Depot, h 25 Main      
RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY, George R McLeod agt-Depot, Mrs Emma Cleary agt C P RR Depot, Lyndon      
Ramsdell James A (Ella), emp L C A, h 54 Main (1)      
" Malcolm, carp, r 54 Main (1)      
Randall Edith S Mrs, dom C B Dodge, r do      
" Mary E Mrs, dressmkr Williams, h do      
Ranney Clyde S (Clara A), mach C P R R, h School, Lyndon      
Rexford Maud B (Mrs Moses), emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, h Memorial dr Lyndon      
" Maurice P, clk Plee-zing Store, r Memorial dr c York, Lyndon      
" Moses (Maude B), laborer, h Memorial dr c York, Lyndon      
Rice Albert, C C C, r M M Rice, Hill      
" Claude, emp H S A H, r M M Rice, Hill      
" Mattie M, wid William H, emp Shonyo Cafe, h Hill      
Raymond (Pearl), emp C P R R, h East      
Rich Alva H, salesman, h L Center      
Richardson Andrew Lee (Vera), elk C P R R, h Broad      
" Erma H, student, r Broad      
" Millicent, r Edna Emerson, L Ctr      
" Ross C, student, r Broad      
Riley M Agnes, bkpr L Savings Bank & Trust Co, h Hill      
" Patricia, student, r South      
" W Edward (Margaret H), sec-treas Lyndonville Savings Bank and Trust Company, h South      
Rivard Dorilla A, prin Lyndon Graded School, r H W Wetherbee      
Rivers Dennis W, painter, h L Ctr      
Roberts Beulah S Mrs, h S Main      
" Elsa M, emp St J, r S Main      
Robie Harry A (Janet), elk P O, h Prospect      
Robinett Kathleen A Mrs, r Williams      
Robinson Wallace J (Maude R), elk W H Saunders, h Depot      
Rogers Jennie M Mrs, h Lyndon Ctr      
Ronan Anna E, emp St Johnsbury, r M P Ronan      
" Mary B, student Burlington, r M P Ronan      
" Michael P (Bertha H), lumberman, h Charles      
" Winifred A, elk L Municipal Elec Plant, r M P Ronan      
Ross Joseph C (Irene M), supt Diamond Bronze Co, h Park      
Rotary Club, see Lyndonville Rotary Club      
Rottady Dale L (Dorothy), farmer, h W Burke rd      
Roy Hattie M, hskpr John L Norris, Park av, r do      
Rudd Edith, sec Lyndon Inst, r L Center      
Rubles Albert E (Agnes L), bus Eaton, h South      
" Frederick H, farmer, h R D 2      
" J Frank, USA Plattsburg, N Y, r South      
Russell Edith L (Mrs William H), mgr Russell's General Store, h Lyndon.      
" Eleanor C, r Lyndon      
" Evelyn P (Mrs Raymond L), sten D A Co, h Efcn      
" Raymond S (Evelyn F), elk Moore-Tripp Co, h Eta      
" William H (Edith L), prop Russell's General Store and emp E & T F & Co, h Lyndon      
Russell's General Store, William H Russell prop, Lyndon      
SAMPSON EMMA S, wid Walter, r Mrs Sarah S B Chase      
Sanborn House, Florence E Drew matron, dormitory Lyndon Inst      
Sanderson Daniel P, farmer, h Lyndon, R D 1      
Saunders William H (Susan M), druggist Depot, h S Main      
Savage Joseph (Esperence), teacher, h L Ctr      
Sawyer Elbridge A, farmer, h off York, Lyndon      
Scott Lena, r Myron G Scott      
" Myron G (Priscilla J), lab, h Memorial dfnPO Lyndon      
Scribner Warner B (Anne D), h Elm      
Selby Howard W (Helen M), emp L C A, h Center      
" Lloyd O, r Center      
Sevigny Louis I Rev, pastor St Elizabeth's French Catholic Church, h Charles      
Shattuck Howard W (Margaret), prop Shattuck's Garage, h Memorial dr      
" Marion K, r South c Broad      
" Milo A (Bella A), eng CPRR,h South c Broad      
Shattuck'.s Garage, Howard W Shattuck prop, Memorial dr, Lyndonville      
Shaw Ethel Mrs, r Main      
Sheltra George J (Lena A), mech Hovey's, h East      
Sheltry Homer A, emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, rPD Hart      
Sherburne May Mrs, hskpf Mrs Mary Campbell, r do      
" Wilbur H (Annie. G), carp, h Park av      
Sherrer Cedric E (Verona B), lineman C P R R and musician, h Prospect      
" Gail H, student, r H T Sherrer      
" Howard T (Edith M), prop Squires & Lincoln, h Prospect      
" Robert H, elk Squires & Lincoln, r Howard T Sherrer      
Shirley Clara E, h 25 Main (3)      
Shonyo Annie D (Mrs Fred C), prop Shonyo Cafe, h Charles      
" Cafe, Mrs Annie D Shonyo prop, Depot      
" Fred C (Annie D), mgr Shonyo Cafe, h Charles      
" Howard G (Arlene), ( L D & H G Shonyo), h Prospect      
" L D & H G (Lewis D and Howard G Shonyo), cattle dealers, Depot      
" Lewis D (Marion F), ( L D & H G Shonyo), h Prospect      
Shores Alia, wid James, h L Ctr      
" Venila, teacher, r L Ctr      
Shorey Erton A (Nellie F), bkpr St J, h South      
" Pliny J (Leila L), mach C P R R, h 45 Main      
Shute Ortho, student, r James A Ramsdell      
Silsby H P, pres Lyndonville Creamery Asso, res inq do      
Simonds Lee W (Juliet V), sec-treas Hovey & Simonds Garage, h South      
Sisco George E (Grace R), mach Vt Tap & Die Corp, h South      
Sleep Lemuel O (Devilla F), com trav, h Center n covered bridge      
Smelker Edith R, teacher Lyndon Inst, r L Ctr      
Smith Arthur E, farmhand, r Mrs Elizabeth E Smith      
" Birdene E, teacher, r H M Smith      
" C A, Fred W Smith mgr general store and grain, Lyndon n C P RR station      
" Carl H (Mabel), clock repairing Memorial dr n P O Lyndon, h do      
" Earl F, student, r L Ctr      
" Elizabeth E, wid Alexander J, h York, Lyndon      
" Elsie (Mrs Henry), emp Sanborn House, r do      
" Eva, wid Fred, sum res Charles      
" Fred E (Verna), salesman, h Hill c Charles (2)      
" Fred W (Flora B), mgr C A Smith, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Gwendolyn M, dom Clayton Fisher, r L Ctr      
" Harry J (Irene M), tel opr C P R R, h 30 Main      
" Henry (Elsie), emp C P R R, h Sanborn House, L Ctr      
" James F (Margaret L), machinist, h Hill      
" James S (Lillian H), painter, h York, Lyndon      
" Jennie, wid Enoch F, h Hill c Charles      
" Lillian H (Mrs James H), emp Elizabeth M Chase Maple Candies, n York, Lyndon      
" Marjorie G, r Norris Blk      
" Monford A, emp Darling Inn, r do      
" Percy S, mach, r 54 Main (2)      
" Ray F (Annie M), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Charles      
" Roy E (Grace H), mgr Smith's Cut Price Cash Grocery, h Norns, BJk      
" Vera Mrs, hskpr E EStpne, Lyndon, r do      
" Walter J (Lottie M), emp, L Elec Co, h L Ctr      
Smith's Cut Price Grocery, Roy E Smith mgr, S Main      
Somers Carleton G, student, r Thomas F Sobers      
" Kenneth C, student, r Thomas F Somers      
" Melvin F, student, r Thomas F Somers      
" Thomas F (Mabel M), boilermkr C P RR, h L Ctr      
Spencer Conrad M, r 14 Main      
" Doris W, office elk L C A, r 14 Main      
" Ethel, wid Jesse, h 14 Main      
"Grace B, r W B Scribner      
" Joseph A, bkpr Corner Garage, r 14 Main      
" Nantie E, wid Joseph W, h S Main      
Sprague Milo H (Nellie), lab, h Lyndon opp P O      
Squires Hermann A (Alice D), farmer, h L Ctr      
" & Lincoln, Howard T Sherrer prop, conf and fruit, Depot      
Stafford John J (Myrtie B), blacksmith Depot, h do      
Stahler Herbert (Grace), farmer, h Lyndonville, RD1      
Standard Oil Co of New York, tanks Church c Grove      
Steady Mary K Mrs, teacher Lyndon Graded School, h Depot      
Stearns Clara, maid Homer G Watson, r do      
St Elizabeth's (French Catholic), Church, Rev Fr Louis I Sevigny pastor; services Sun 8:00 and 10 a m, week days 7:00 a m, Charles      
Stern Isabel, h 5 Park      
Stevens Charles D, tailor shop Depot, h Main      
" Dennis, elk Edmund's Pharmacy, r Main      
" Martha A, r C D Stevens      
" Minerva A Mrs, nurse York, Lyndon, h do      
Stimson Irene, music teacher, r Helen Coolidge, Lyndon      
Stockwell Harriet A, pastry cook Darling Inn, h Charles      
" Robert P (Harriet A), emp C P R R, h Charles      
Stone Albert J (Madeline E), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Main      
" August, r Albert J Stone      
" Beatrice, wid Henry R, h Lyndon n Depot, R D 1      
" Carroll W, r E Stone, Lyndon      
" Clinton B (Natalie N), elk Edmunds' Pharmacy, h Charles      
" Edward E, section foreman C P R R, h Lyndon n Depot, R D 1      
" Harland, r Albert J Stone      
" Harold H (Maude M),l aw student, deputy sheriff and sec Hebert & Sons Inc, h York, Lyndon      
" Kenneth F, farmhand, r E E Stone      
" Lucy P, wid Albert M, r Harley E Folsom      
" Maud M (Mrs Harold H), sten Lyndonville Sav Bank & Trust Co,' h Lyndon      
" Merrill, r E E Stone      
St Onge Lee H (Florence M C), chef Shonyo Cafe, h Charles      
Stowell Clayton (Beatrice), lab, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Dolly Mrs, hskpr Ervin Stowell, r do      
St Peter Moses, emp A N Wetherbee, h E Lyndon, R D 1      
St Peter's Episcopal Church, Frederick W Burge pastor; services every third Sunday, Elm      
Stuart Caroline, r Park av      
" Marjorie T, student, r Park av      
" Stunner C (Alice W), (Stuart & Emerson), h Park av      
" & Emerson (Stunner C Stuart and Wesley Q Emerson), props Kreamy Ice Kream Co, Park av      
Sunset Ball Room, David I Grapes prop, dancing pavilon Depot      
Sylce Bernard A, student, r A M Bradley      
" G Blanche, wid John, r Church.      
" Harry R, student, r A M Bradley      
TARRIS FLOYD L, salesman, r William W Tarris      
" William W (Virginia M), emp Lisbon, N H, h Lyndon, P O E Burke      
Taylor Arthur C (Geneva), lab, r W I Taylor, Lyndon      
" Fred E (Mildred R), painter, h Memorial dr      
" Karl E, painter, r Fred E Taylor      
" W Irving (Madeline), painter, h Lyndon, P O Lyndonville      
Tegu Andrew, mgr Tegu's Gem Theatre, res St Johnsbury      
Tegu'sGem Theatre, Andrew Tegu mgr, Elm      
Tempered Maple Corp, bowling pins, Lyndon Center      
Temple Barbara M, student, r R A Temple, Charles      
" Evelyn A Mrs, r 6 Center      
" Lauris J, cheese mkr, h Main      
" Roy A (May A), carp, h Charles      
Theriault Joseph G (Laura), mach, h East      
Thomas Louis (Rita), barber and pool room Memorial dr n P O Lyndon, h do      
Thompson Olive E Mrs, h 29 Main      
Thresher Anna, wid William, h Lyndon, RD1      
" Harland G, r Lyndon, R D 1      
" Ruth A, typesetter, r Lyndon, R D 1      
Tower Grace, dom, r A J McCann      
Traveling Grocery The (Glenn N, David S and Noyle W Johnson), Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Trefren Dorothy J, student, r Center n covered bridge      
" George S (Theda P), emp Dodge & Watson, h L Ctr      
" Harvey C (Laura R), cond C P R R, h Center n covered bridge      
Tripp Grayden (Genevieve), emp Hunter's Garage, h Main      
" Hiram A W (Genevieve M), (Moore-Tripp Co), h South opp Elm      
Turner Harold (Clara), truck driver, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      
" Henry W, r J Elwyn Parker, L Ctr      
UNION LODGE NO 4, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, fin sec, Reginald A Bigelow; cor sec, G P Greenslade; treas, Ai Bean. Meets GAR Hall 2nd 3d 4th Mon at 7:30 p m      
United States Post Office, see Post Office, Depot      
VANCOUR LOUIS A (Augustine), carp, h Charles      
" Maude A, dom, r East      
Vaughn Mary Mrs., h East      
" Tap & Die Corp, pres, C Harry Davis; v-pres, WiUis C Conner; trea, Palmer R Griswold; supt, Allan W Harrison, mfrs steel taps, Main Grove      
" Union-Journal, John B Chase prop, Depot      
WAKEFIELD SHERMAN R (Blanche), h Center      
Walker Clyde R (Ruth E), h Memorial dr,. Lyndon      
Wallace Bruce (Leilla), emp L C Co, h Williams      
Walter Hosea F (Lottie C), painter, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Tesse (Frances), carp, h Lyndon, RD1      
Ward Ivan F (Elgie R), mech-CornerGarage, h East      
Wark Thomas (Thais E), inach C P R R shops, h 21 Main (2)      
Warner Alice M, prop Harper Method Beauty Shop, res East Burke      
Watkins John G (Arlene), milk dealer, h Lyndon, R D 1      
" Robert (Vera), farmer, r John Watkins      
Watson Claud (Maude H), h Park av      
" Dorothy E. student, r William P Horngan      
" Homer G (Theia P), retired, h Park av      
" Irving, student, r Park av      
Way Elva C, wid William. C, h Main      
Webb Obie W (Helen), foreman Vt Tap & Die Corp, h Elm      
Webber James F (Elizabeth P), retired, h South      
" W Sharon (Opal G), prop Webber's Filling Station h Elm c Center      
Webber's Filling Station, W Sharron Webber prop, Broad      
Webster Clarence A (Cora E), retired, h S Main      
" Norman C, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, b Cnurcn      
Welch Sophie E, wid Hollis, h L Ctr      
Wells Clifford M (Alma M), emp Lapoint Bros, h Church      
" Emma L, wid Edwin, h Park av      
Western Union Telegraph Co, Herbert J Hubbard agt, Depot      
Weston Norris E. (Mary), retired, h 55 Main      
WETHERBEE A N Co Mrs Mary E Wetherbee prop, mfrs tops, lumber and mill waste, Lyndon R D 1, see un name      
WETHERBEE HOWARD W (Vera H), mgr A N Wetherbee Co, h Lyndonville, R D 1      
wftherbee MARY E wid Alson N, prop A N Wetherbee Co, Lyndon, R D 1      
WETHERBEE REVILLO A (Gertrude), asst mgr A N Wetherbee Co, h Prospect      
Wheeler Clayton (IdaM), emp L Creamery, h West Burke rd, Star route      
" George G (Mary P), retired, h Church      
" Gordon A (Marion H), emp Vt Tap & Die Corp h S Main      
" Mary J, wid Richard R, r W C Wheeler, RD 1      
" Truman E (Hazel A), postmaster Lyndonville, h S Mam      
" Willis C (Etta M), milk dealer Lyndon, R D 1, h do      
Whipple Alice A, wid George, h Center      
" George A (Gertrude A), retired, h South      
Whitcomb C Harold, official service sta N A A C, gasoline, oils, lumber, wood and shingles Lyndon opp P O, h do      
" Clarence N, student, r Lyndon      
" Merton H, student, r C H Whitcomb      
White Fletcher H, student, r L Ctr      
" Howard H (Nellie), pastor Free Baptist Church, h L Ctr      
Whitney Frank E (Nellie M), (Abar & Whitney) h Lyndon      
" Helen M, emp D Asso Inc, r Lyndon      
" Kenneth B, carpenter, r Lyndon      
Wilkie Alfred T (Selina), h East      
" Clifton A, machinist, r Main      
" Harland F (Gladys M), mach C P RR shops, h Charles      
" Henry E (Eva C), farmer, h Lyndonville, R D 1      
" Leslie R (Clara M), boiler helper C P RR, h East      
" Stella R, wid, Archie, h Main      
Wilkin Francis W (Martha E), blacksmith, h East      
Williams Rose, hskpr J Lemere, Lyndon, r do      
Williamson Guy E (Nina P), h Merriam dr n P O Lyndon      
Willoughby Charles E (Martha), prop Willoughby's Dept Stbre, h Center c      
Willoughby's Department Store, Charles E Willoughby prop, Depot      
Wilmarth Clara H, r F G Duval, Lyndon      
" Juana C, sten L C Asso, r Main      
Wilson Augustus (Janet), emp C P R R, h Lyndon n Depot, R D 1      
" Homer C (Mary H), shoe repairing and horse goods. Depot, h 28 Main (1)      
" Nina P, sten Our Husbands Co, r. Memorial c York, Lyndon      
" Sarah A, wid Robert, hskpr R E Goodwin r do      
" Thomas L, student, r A Wilson      
" William E, student, r A Wilson, Lyndon      
Winsor Harriet B, sum res Memorial dr, Lyndon      
Wishart Robert G (Izella G), machinist, h East      
Wood Alice L, wid Fred T, h Prospect      
" Beryl (Carroll), emp L C A, h 27 Main      
" Carroll (Beryl), clerk L C.A, r Mrs Liilian Wood      
" Evelyn R, student, r L Ctr      
" Hubert F, teacher E Concord, r Mrs A L Wood, |>rbs;      
" Lawrence B .(Ruth J), cjlfcl, Sav Bank & Trust Co,      
" Lillian, wid Marvin, r P O Lyndonville      
" Lucile I, student, r L Ctr      
" Ray E (Leila J), emp C P R R, h L Ctr      
" Russell W. mach, r Mrs A L Wood      
" Sarah A, wid Edwin T, h Park av      
Woodman George E (Jeane), carpenter, h L Ctr      
" Maurice E (Verna L), lab, h Park av      
" Verna L (Mrs Maurice E), teacher Brattleboro, h Park av      
Woods Milo, h at beginning R D 1 route      
" William A, embalmer Dodge & Watson, r Church      
Wright Charles W Martha), teacher Lyndon Institute, Lyndon Ctr      
" John, lab, r Leon E Hopkins      
" Rolla J (Mrs), carp, h P 0 Lyndon,, RD1      
" Will S (May H), grain store Hill, h 7 Maple      
YOUNG EDWARD F (Sarah A), carpenter, h Memorial dr, Lyndon      

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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