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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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A cordwainer (or cordovan) is a shoemaker/cobbler who makes fine soft leather shoes and other luxury footwear articles.
A  bell hanger is a person who installs and repairs bells  and their attachments. 
A "packet" in the 18th and 19th centuries was a boat contracted to carry mail (also passengers, but mail was the most important thing) regularly between two ports. Some made quite short trips (e.g. between England and France across the English Channel); others went halfway across the world, e.g. England to Australia or India. Packet boats were designed for speed, and were often armed, to protect the mail they carried form pirates, privateers and enemy navies. So a packet master was the captain of a packet.
A boatswain is an unlicensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship. The boatswain supervises the other unlicensed members of the ship's deck department, and typically is not a watchstander, except on vessels with small crews. Other duties vary depending on the type of ship, her crewing, and other factors.
A purser (also purser or pusser) is the person responsible for the handling of money and is responsible for all administration and supply.
A ship chandlery was a retail and wholesale source of supplies for both individual seamen and vessels.
A wharfinger is a person who is the keeper or owner of a wharf.
A Ware Dresser is a person who dresses and polishes ware and segregates ware into standard grades. Grinds down dressed spots and other defects, such as glaze droplets, kiln dirt, and color spots, using grinding wheel. Polishes dressed ware, using power buffer.
A whitesmith is a person who works with "white" or light-colored metals such as tin and pewter. While blacksmiths work mostly with hot metal, whitesmiths do the majority of their work on cold metal (although they might use a forge to shape their raw materials). The term is also applied to metalworkers who do only finishing work – such as filing or polishing – on iron and other "black" metals.
Whitesmiths make things such as tin or pewter cups, water pitchers, forks, spoons, and candle holders.
Abbott John E., mariner, 1 Ball.
Abbott John W., geld and silver smith, 10 Market sq., h. 24 Court.
Abrams  (Ellen P.) &  Black (Caroline P.) dress makers, 9 1/2 Congress, Miss A. bds. 3 Mulberry.
Adams Benning, laborer, 20 Hanover.
Adams Charles weaver, 28 Anthony.
Adams Daniel T., mariner, bds. 10 Water.
Adams Daniel W., laborer, 16 Water.
Adams Eben'r G., shipmaster, bds. 25 Court.
Adams Emerson P., mariner, bds 16 Water.
Adams George W., mariner, bds. 25 Court,
Adams Helen M., dress making and millinery, 14 Congress, bds. b Pickering.
Adams Jerome B., mariner, 1 Edward.
Adams Joseph B., cooper, bds. 16 Water.
Adams Joseph C, blacksmith, 26 & 28, bds. 57 Daniel.
Adams Josiah, joiner, h. 2 Gates, shop rear do.
Adams Mark, grocery, 61 Daniel, h. 57 do.
Adams Samuel, at John Neal's bds. 8 Jefferson.
Aditms Sarah, widow of Ebenezer, 25 Court.
Adams Sarah Ann, widow of Win. P., boarding house, 12 Deer.
Adams Thomas, joiner, 1 Pickering.
Adams Thomas A., auctioneer & commission merchant, 51 & 53 Market, h. 12 Middle.
Adams William, fisherman, 9 Charles.
Adams William S., blacksmith at Franklin Foundry bds. 4 Warren.
Adamson Edward, mariner, bds. 16 Water.
Adwers Daniel, mariner, 7 Hunking.
Akerman Aaron, tin plate and sheet iron worker, bds. 33 Islington.
Akerman Abigail, widow, of John, 1 Gates.
Akerman Barnet,  laborer, 30 Middle.
Akerman Benjamin, boot and shoe manufactory, and surveyor, 56 Congress, bds. John Davenport's.
Akenrma Esther, widow of Joseph, 33 Islington.
Akerman Henry, cordwainer at Hill & Can's, bds. 39 Islington.
Akerman (John S.) & Scriggins (Stephen. D) painters & glaziers, 3 Church, Aker's h. 50 Pleasant.
Akerman Joseph, farmer, at Walter Akerman's.
Akerman Joseph D., extra Stage driver, Portland  Stage Co. h. 16 Vaughan .
Akerman Leonard, grocer, 62 State, corner Penhallow, h, 5 Marlborough.
Akerrnan Lucy, 101 Market.
Akerman Mark, farmer, 40 Islington.
Akerman Mark, baker, h. 67 Water.
Akerman Samuel,  tanner, h. 39 Islington.
Akerman Sarah, nurse, 36 Islington.
Akerman Simeon, ostler at Gen  Simes', h. 33 Water.
Akerman Walter, farmer, White's road.
Akerman Win.  H., tin plate & sheet iron worker, h. 36 Hanover, corner Bridge.
Amazeen John, shipmaster, 9 Sheafe.
Amazeen Joseph, Sd Lieut  U. S. Rev. Cutter Madison, h. 45 Slate.
Ames George W. (colored) 7 State.
Ames John, ship-carpenter, h. 2 South Church Place.
Anderson Edward A , moulder, bds. 7 Atkinson.
Anderson James, mariner, 3 Mast.
Anderson Nancy, widow of Andrew, 2 Pickering.
Annable Robert VV., Boston Mail Stage driver, 11 Fleet.
Applelon Susannah, wid. of Jotham O., 43 Court, corner of Atkinson.
Atwell Mary, widow of Thomas, 6 Mt. Vernon.
Austin Mary, widow of Daniel, 3 Washington,
Austin Sarah W., School mistress, h   3 Washington.
Ayres Alfred, laborer, bds  at Mercy T. Ayres'.
Ayres Amos, morocco dresser, h. 1 Langdon.
Ayres Charles W., boot & shoe manufactory, 23 Daniel b. North School.
Ayres George W., mason, S Anthony.
Ayres Henry, laborer, 3 Jackson hill.
Ayres James, cordwainer at John Clark's, h, 3 Jackson hill
Ayres John, stone layer, South, towards Pound.
Ayres John H, mariner, bds. John Ayres'.
Ayres Joseph S., h. 21 Court. 
AyresMary, widow of Phinehas, 29 Gates.
Ayres Mercy T., widow of John, 1 Langdon.
Ayres Oliver, Clerk and Treasurer Aqueduct Co., h. 25 Washington, corner Hancock.  
Ayres Richard, blacksmith ai Raynes', h. 10 Dennett.
Ayres Sarah, widow of Jonathan W., 5 North School.
Ayres Stephen, calker, bds. 29 Gates.
Ayres William, fisherman, 9 Charles.
Bachelder Abigail M. A., dress maker, 5 Fleet, cor. State, bds. 99 State.
Bacbeldor Samuel, joiner, h. 67 Water,
Bacholder William N., mariner, bds. 67 Water.
Bacon Henry, sailmaker, U. S. Navy, h. 8 1/2 Austin.
Badger Albert J., stoves, tin and sheet iron ware, 7 Daniel, h. 13 Vaughin.
Badger Caroline, widow of Nathaniel, nurse, 5 Manning.
Badger George, calker, bds   56 Daniel, cor. Bow.
Badger John L , (firm Lord & Badger)  h. 56  Daniel, corner Bow.
Badger Sarah, widow of Robert, 1 Wall.
Badger Susannah  P., widow of John, 25   Hanover, cor. Fleet.
Bagley Sarah H., private school, 38 Daniel, bds. 1 Mulberry.
Bailey, Daniel ( firm T. D. & D. Bailey) h. 1 Manning Place.
Bailey John, cordwaines at Hill & Carr's h. 56 Pleasant.
Bailey Thomas D. & Daniel, grocers, wood and lumber, 4 Long whf. Thomas D's h. 40 Court.
Bailey William, phip carpenter, h. 6 Blossom.
Baker Franklin,  foreman at Ports. Iron Foundry, h. 10 Atkinson.
Baker John W., packet master 3 Charles.
Baker Mark Ash, (colored) mariner, 13 Water.
Balch Nathaniel, farmer at John L. Elwyn's farm, Rye road.
Ball Catharine, widow of Daniel, 12 Pickering,
Ball Daniel, mariner, bds, 11 Pickering.
Ball George (colored) mariner, 5 Slate.
Ball George T., shipmaster, 3 Sheafe.
Ball James, (colored) mariner, Sifton.
Ball John, h. 2 Washington, corner State. 
Ball John M , cooper, h. 90 Water.
Ball Samuel S., joiner, h. 15 Middle.
Ball Sarah B., widow of John, 87 Slate.
Ballou Moses, Rev., 1 Chapel, corner State.
Banks Ann, widow of Edward, grocery, 9S Market, h. 99 Market.
Barber Jethro L., farmer, 3S Islington.
Barker Jonathan, mason, 2 Mulberry.
Barnabee Wilhs, Franklin House, 27 Congress, cor. Fleet.
Barnes Enoch B., naval store   keeper, Portsmouth Navy Yard, bds. Franklin House.
Barnes John E. H., joiner, h. 1 South school.
Barnes Lewis, merchant, c. r. 5 Pier buildings, h 20 Islington.
Barnett Andrew, (colored) laborer, 4 Walden.
Barney Nelson, truckman at John Prescott's. bds. do.
Bartlett Ichabod, counsellor, 3 Market, bds. Rockingham House.
Bartlett James, blacksmith, 4 Green, h. 10 School.
Bartlett (John H.)   & Varrell (Hall) coopers, 39 Pier buildings, B's h. 11 Ladd.
Bartlett John K, student at Dr. Cheever's, bds. 10 School.
Bartlelt William, laborer, 2 Ball.
Barton (James) Cobb (Samuel F.) & Norwood (Joseph   G.) Piano-Forte and Organ manufact'y 29 Pleasant, B's h. 16 Pleasant.
Barzantee John, 23 Anthony.
Basin Joshua W., tailor at S. Gookin & Son's, h. 6 Manning.
Benl Josiah, ship-carpenter, h. 20 Fleet.
Beals Asa, copper smith at Samuel Gerrish & Son's, bds, Jos. Bell's.
Beck Abigail, Rye road.
Beck Alfred M. & Andrew J., carriage and harness manufactory, 6 & 7 Congress & 3 Church, houses 6 Austin, cor. Summer. A. M. is also chief clerk of Post Office.
Beck Ann, widow of Samuel, 1 Russel.
Beck George, blacksmith, h 10 Gates.  
Beck Gideon, printer & farmer, h 16 Court.
Beck Hannah, widow of Thomas O., Sodom road.
Beck Jerusha, 95 Water.
Beck Joanna, tailoress, 1 Russeil.
Beck John, farmer, 32 Middle.
Beck Joseph, farmer, Sagamore Creek.
Beck Lucy, 23 Vaughan.
Beck Peter, farmer, Rye road.
Beck William, farmer. 6 Cabot,
Bell Andrew W., merchant, c. r. 4 Pier buildings, h. 26 State,
Bell Andrew W., Jr., ship chandlery, 9 & 11 Water, h. 28 State.
Bell James L., bds. A. W. Bell's.
Bell John L., at J. P. Lyman's bds. 6 School.
Bell (Joseph W.) & Downes (William) victualling and liquor, 13 Bow, Bell's h. 20 Bow.
Bell Matthew, laborer, 1 Mt. Vernon.
Bell Robert, truckman, 2 Parker.
Bell Shedrach, laborer, bds. 20 South, cor. Blossom.
Bell William, blacksmith, h. 3 Hancock.
Bennett John, town clerk, 74 State, h. 17 South.
Berney Win. M., grocery, 25 Middle, h. 26 do.
Berry Andrew, at Sam'l Hale's,
Berry Bartholomow, baker, h. and shop 12 Jefferson, bakery rear do,
Berry Caroline, widow of Wm., bds. 59 Pleasant, cor. Manning.
Berry Dainel, truckman, 2 Deer.                       :
Berry Joseph H., blacksmith, 117 and 118 Market, h. 16 High, cor. Hanover.
Berry Samuel C, farmer and joiner, Sodom road.
Bickford James, truckman, h. 2 Edward.
Bigelow Adeline M., widow of Dan'l J., school mistress, bds. 71 Water.
Bigelow Sarah, widow of Elnathan, 26 Washington.
Billings Samuel, packet master, 7 Franklin.
Billings Tobias, bar keeper at Susan Chase's,
Black Caroline (see E. P. Abrams & B.) hds. 1 Mulberry.
Black Wm, boatswain U. S. Navy, h. 1 Mulberry.
Blaisdell Daniel, mason, bds. Susan Chase's.
Blaisdell David, at Jona. Walker's.
Blaisdell Eli, blacksmith, bds.  6 School.
Blaisdell Judith, widow of Abner, grocery, 25 State, h. 3 Mulberry.
Blaisdell Lewis C, blacksmith, 17 Fleet, h. 12 Court, cor. Chesnut.
Blaisdell Maria, Louisa & Mary , 44 Court, cor. Atkinson.
Blaisdell Samuel, shipcarpenter, h. 33 Deer.
Blake Asa, morocco dresser, 9 Bridge, cor. Parker, h, 29 Hanover.
Blaney Jos. B, mariner, 12 Washington.
Blasland William, mariner, 2 Bridge.
Blunt Abagail L., widow of Charles, 6 Chapel.
Blunt Charles E.,shipmaster, 4 Gates.
Boardman George C, shipmaster, 3 Auburn.
Boardman John H., physician, 94 State.
Boardman Lawrence, blacksmtth, bds. 19 High.
Boardman Michael, cordwainer, h. 19 High.
Boardman Rachael, widow of Langley, 14 Middle.
Boardman Richard, sailmaker, 80 Market, h. 19 High.
Bodge Joseph, laborer, 22 Anthony.
Bodge (William) & Dodge (James,) wood, lumber & lime, 1 & 2 heirs Jacob  Sheafe's whf., B's. house 5 School.
Booth George,  crockery,  glass  and   hard   ware, 21 Market, h. 41 Deer.
Bowers Mary, widow of Philip, 5 Sudbury.
Bowles Frances B., widow of Charles, 3 North.
Bowles John L., farmer, Little Harbor road.
Bowles Sam'l & Co., (Elihu Fernald &  Wm. T. Frye) coopers, 34 Bow, B's house 13 Ladd.
Boze Hannah Ann, (colored) 58  Daniel.
Boyd George W., bds. 87 State.
Boyd Susan, widow of Wm., bds. 87 State.
Brackett Levi, truckman, 7 Hancock.
Brackett Martha, dress making,7 Hancock.
Brackett Mehitable, widow of Thomas, 7 Hancock.
Brackett Thomas, truckman, 84 Water.
Brainard Hannah, straw millenery and dress making, 23 High.
Bragdon Ann M., widow of Jeremiah, 8 Cabot, corner Austin.
Branscom Win. H., farmer, Middle, near the Plains.
Breed Henry, mariner, 41 Water.
Brewster Charles W., printer, 3 Ladd, h. 18 Islington.
Brewster George G., surgeon dentist, 16 Islington, h. 15 Islington.
Brewster Jeremiah G., joiner, h. 3 Mark.
Brewster John G., joiner, & dealer in wood, 3 Geen, h. 40 Vaughan.
Brewster Jonn S., 15 Islington.
Brewster Joshua, farmer, Peverly's hill.
Briard Catharine, 23 Middle, cor. Summer.
Briard Wm. A., shipmaster, 23 Middle, cor. Summer.
Briggs Eleanor, widow of John, 1 Cabot.
Broadhurst Daniel D., mariner, 6 Salter.
Brooks Joshua, tanner & currier, 11 1-2 Dennett, bds. 34 Vaughan.
Brooks Martin P., grocer,  112 Market, bds. 36 Daniel.
Broughton Deborah, 95 Water.
Broughton James, mariner bds John Broughton's:
Broughton John, mariner, 5 Salter.
Brown Amos, tin plate worker, b. rear 23 & 24 Congress.
Brown Catharine, widow of Elisha, nurse, 16 North.
Brown Daniel, ship carpenter, bds. 16 North.
Brown (Edmund M.) & Joy (Alfred T.) cabinet furniture & upholstry, 38 40 & 60 Market, B's h. 10 Court.
Brown George, cordwainer at Wm. Brown's, bds. do.
Brown George, truckman, 2 Woodbury.
Brown Harskel, truckman, 4 Sudbury.
Brown Horatio G., cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 3 Sudbury.
Brown James, mariner, bds. Edmund M.Brown's.
Brown John, mariner, 27 Gates.
Brown John A., draper &, tailor, 14 1-2 Mk't., h. 6 High, corner Ladd.
Brown John T., (colored)   mariner, 58 Daniel.
Brown Margaret, widow of Jos. E., nurse, 2 Woodbury.
Brown Martha A., dress maker, 31 Pleasant, cor. Court, bds. 36 Vaughan,
Brown Nathaniel, 91 State, corner Chesnut.
Brown William, boot and shoe manufactory, 43 State, h. 39 Court.
Brown William, (colored) mariner, Sifton.
Bruce Lewis, cordwainer, & toll collector, at New Castle bridge, 101 & 102 Water.
Bruce Lewis Jr., (firm Rand & Bruce, ) bds. Lewis Bruce's.
Bryant George, sailmaker at Wm. Somerby's, bds. do
Bufford Henry, painter & glazier, 2 Chesnut, h. 3 do.
Bufford James L., painter & glazier at Henry Bufford's h. 6 Fleet.
Bufford Marcellus, printer, bds. Henry Bufford's.
Burdine John, sailmaker U. S. Navy (at Portsm,) bds Franklin house.
Burnham John, mariner, bds. Geo. B. Dennett Jr's.
Burns Alice, widow of Edward, 4 Sudbury.
Burroughs Charles, Rev. 37 Pleasant.
Burt Ann, widow of George, 56 Market.
Burt George, mariner, bds. 56 Market.
Butland Jesse, bds. 12 Pickering.
Butland Samuel, ship carpenter, h. 12 Pickering.
Call Rebecca E., straw bonnet   millenery, 54 Congress, h. 55 do.
Call Thomas E., (firm Wm. Simes & Co.) 55 Islington.
Camp Green, blacksmith, bds. 10 Penhallow,
Campbell Richard, farmer at Andrew Hussey's.
Carkin Butterfield, farmer, North; road leading to h. nearly oppo. Gravelly ridge school house.
Carkin Levi, farmer at do,
Carlton Benj. L., rope maker, Peirce's Island.
Carpenter Thos. B., at Jos Wiggin's.
Carr James M., (firm Hill & Can;) 53 Court.
Carroll John, farmer, Little harbor road, (A.  W  Haven's farm.)
Carter Benjamin, 13 School.
Carter Benj. Jr., grocer, 2 Pleasant, h. 22 Middle.
Carter Mary, widow of Joseph, 28 Middle.
Carter  Wm. D., grocer,   37 and 39 Congress,  cor. Vaughan, h. 36 Congress.
Caswell Charles, cordwainer at Matthew  H. Roach's, bds. do.
Caswell Temperance, wid. of Edmund, 41 Deer.
Cate Daniel D., farmer. Creek road (Gove farm.)
Cate George, butcher, stall Spring market, h. 20 High.
Cate Hannah, widow of Wm., 48 Court.
Cate Henry F., boat builder, h. 32 Hanover.
Cate Joseph G., joiner, h. 3 Hunking. 
Cate Mark A., hatter, h. 32 Hanover.
Cate Salome, widow of Henry, 32 Hanover.
Cate Samuel, farmer, Middle.
Cate Walter A., baker at Clapham's, bds. Do.
Cate Wm., farmer and cordwainr, Middle.
Cate Charles D., cordwainer at A. B. Mudge's, h 2 Manning.
Cayhue James, fisherman, 3 Hancock.
Chadwick John, moulder, Portsm. Iron foundry, bds. 2 State.
Chamberlain Albert, porter, h. 2 Bridge.
Chamberlain Ira, blacksmith at Morrison & Webster's, bds. At Lewis C. Blaisdell's.
Chamberlain Lucy, widow of Joshua, 7 Hunking.
Chapman Ira S., spinner at hosiery factory, bds, Jethro L. Barber's.
Chapman Samuel, farmer, South, beyond Pro. Bur/ ground.
Chase Adeline S., Caroline A., and Ann M., 41 Court.
Chase Asahel P., laborer, 4 Mulberry.
Chase Benj. P. cooper, h. 8 North.
Chase Charles H., shipmaster, h. 6 Franklin.
Chase Dudley, shipcarpenter, h. 6 Franklin.
Chase Francis, mariner, 6 Howard.
Chase John, shipmaster, 15 Court.
Chase Joseph B., grocery, 32 Washington, cor. Gates, h. 3 Hunking.
Chase Martha, widow of Jos. B., 6 Howard. 
Chase Sarah,  vidow of William, 37 Court, corner Washington.
Chase Susan, seamen's boarding h. 2 Deer, bar room 71 & 72 Market.  
Chase Wm. A., mariner, 41 Court.
Chase Wm. H., farmer at Daniel N. Pickering's.
Cheever Anna, straw millenery, 30 Hanover.
Cheever Benj., draper and tailor, 44 Market, house 9 Hanover.
Cheever Chas. A, physician, 58 State.
Chesley George, scoolmaster, bds. 23 Vaughan.
Chesley James, at Wm. S. Hadley's.
Chick James H., shipmaster, 11 Chapel.
Christie John, clerk to Commandant Navy Yard, h. 11 Daniel.
Christie Mary L., widow of James, 28 Deer.
Claggett Wm., counsellor, 13 Pleasant, h. 3 Austin.
Clapham Thomas, baker, h. 16 Fleet, bakery 19, shop 18 do.
Claridge Winthrop H., mariner, 4 Middle.
Clarinbole Joseph C, laborer, 64 Water.
Clarinbole Richard, cordwainer, h. 64 Water.
Clark Alice G., (see Hadley & Glark)
Clark Amey, widow of Joseph, h. 17 Vaughan.
Clark Daniel, mariner, at Sea.
Clark Edmund, laborer, 9 Dennett.
Clark Edmund Jr., cooper, h. 9 Dennett.
Clark (Eliza) and Day, (Frances  M.) pr.  school,   92 State, cor Chesnut, bd. 35 Bow.
Clark George, laborer, 17 Hanover.
Clark Henry M., grocer, 2 Congress, corner Church, h. 23 Vaughan.
Clark John, dry goods, boots  and shoes,  27 Market, h. 60 State.
Clark John,   moulder, h.  South, next South Burying grounds.
Clark John Jr., packet master, 7 Jefferson.
Clark Joseph, laborer, bds. 7 Gates.
Clark Joseph H., gold and silver smith, 2 Daniel, cor.  Market, bds. 31 Court.
Clark Josiah, laborer, 2 Sparhawk.
Clark Mary, widow of Win., 23 Vaughan.
Clark Reuben, mariner, 7 Gates.
Clark Samuel, joiner, h. 68 Pleasant.
Cl&rk Sarah, widow of John, 7 Gates.
Clark Stephen, hosiery weaver, bds. Jasper G. Crane's
Clark Susannah, private school, 31 Daniel, bds. 60 State.
Clark William, painter, h. 40 South.
Clark William, fireman at hosiery factory, 24 Anthony.
Clarkson Hugh, teacher mathematics, 1 Edward.
Cleaves Samuel & Co., (Horatio D. Walker) candle & soap manufactory, 33 Vaughan, cor. Jackson, C's h. 18 Vaughan.
Clifford Newell, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, bds, Farmers Hotel.
Coburn   Thomas J.,  keeper  Rockingham house, 97 State.
Coffin Charles, merchant, bds. Rockingham house.
Coffin James, joiner, h. 6 Anthony, shop rear h.
Coffin Horatio, bds. Rockingham house.
Coffin  Thomas  S.,   shipmaster,   bds.    Rockingham house.
Colbath Charles, farmer, at Jos. Wiggin's.
Colbath George, farmer, Middle, between  Pound & Plains.
Colbath William, farmer, at Aaron Hodgdon's.
Cole Rufus, ship carpenter, 10 Dennett.
Collins Samuel, packet master, 46 Daniel.
Colman James M., spar maker, bds. 40 Bow.
Colman Joseph, joiner, h. 40 Bow.
Conant Aaron, Boston accomodation stage driver, h. 10 Washington, cor. Jefferson.
Conant Wm. M., clerk at Win. D. Garter's, bds. A. Conant's.
Cook Charles, mariner, 31 Water.
Cook Sarah, widow of James, h. Middle, this side Danielson house.
Cooper John P., grocer, dye stuffs, &c,   41 Market, cor. Bow, bds. 3 North.
Cornelius John, stevedore, 5 Franklin.
Cosgrove James, dry goods, 12 Market, h. 3 Bridge.
Cotton    Leonard,  grocer, 17 Pleasant, h, 24   Washington, cor. Richmond.
Coues Samuel  E., (firm Goodwin & Coues) 2 Livermore.
Craig Almira F., 45 Daniel.
Crane Elisha C,   merchant, c. r. 57 Market, h. 10 Middle.
Crane Hozea, agent hosiery factory, h. Islington, st. (Daniel H. Treadwell's farm.)
Crane Jasper G., overseer at   hosiery factory,   h. 37 Islington.
Crosby John, cooper, house 17 Washington, corner Hancock.
Crosby John P., mariner, bds. John Crosby's.
Crosby Joseph, mariner, bds. do.
Crowell Peter, laborer, 2 Rock.
Crowley Daniel, laborer, 41 Water.
Crowley John, at Ichabod Goodwin's.
Currier Alice, widow of Caleb, 65 State.
Currier Caleb, comm. U. S. R. Cutter   Madison,. 65 State.
Currier Isaac M., butcher, stall 5 brick market, h. 39 South.
Currier Joseph B., butcher, stall spring market, h. 3 Mulberry.
Currier Philip W., butcher, stall 4 brick market, h. 33 State.
Currier Philips, butcher, stall 3 brick market,  h. 14 North.
Currier Thomas &  Co.,   (Thos C.) butchers, stall 1 brick market, T's h. 36 Court.
Currier Thos. C, h 16 Gates.
Curtis Benj., cordwainer, h. 22 Gates.
Curtis Benj. Jr., cabinet maker at Ebenezer Lord's, bds. do.
Curtis Henry T., 62 Water.
Cushing Charles, farmer, Little Harbor road.
Cushing Charles W., at Charles Cushing's.
Cushing Theodore S., at do.
Cushman Samuel, connsellor, 78 State, h. 11 Washington.
Cutter   Charles W., counsellor,  38   Market, bds. 12 Islington.
Cutter Jacob, h. 12 Islington.
Cutter Martha  A. M., widow of Ammi R.,   6 Howard.
Cutter Ralph C,  merchant, c. r. 45 1-2 Market, h. 59 State.
Cutts Edward, counsellor, 11 Market sq. h. 93 State, cor. Chesnut.
Cutts John S., tanner and currier at David Libbey's, h. 34 Vaughan.
Cutts John S. 2d., mariner, at Sea.
Cutts Thomas, packet master, 90 Water.
Cutts Wentworth, joiner, bds. 90 Water.
Dame John, blacksmith  at Raynes', h. 10 Auburn.
Dame John T., mason, 30 Islington.
Dame Mary, widow of George, 10 Auburn.
Dame Nathaniel B., baker at Clapham's, h. 2 Tanner
Damrell Elisabeth, widow of Moses, 15 South.
Damrell Lucy, widow of Benj., 46 Water, cor. Hancock.
Dana Mary Ann, widow of Nathaniel G., 43 Pleasant, cor. Edward.
Daniels Elisabeth, widow of Andrew, 4  Chapel,   cor. Sheafe. 
Danielson Mads, seamen's boarding house, 22 and 24 State.
Davenport John, boarding house, 84 State, cor. Fleet.
Davies John T. G., physician,  bds. 2 Islington, corner Bridge,
Davis John, shipmaster, 1 South,
Davis John S., shipmaster, 11 South
Davis Mary, widow of Owen, 31 Water.
Davis Wm., laborer, bds. P. W. Currier's.
Day Frances M., (see Misses Clarity & Day.)
Day Joseph, packet master, h. 44 Court.
Day Mary, widow of James, 35 Bow.
Dav William, packet master, 49 Court, corner Liberty.
Dean Henry, book keeper, bds. Market  Street house.
Dean William, mariner, bds. at S. Parsons' .
Dearbon Daniel G., tanner and currier, 2 Green,  bds. 6   Russel.     
Dearbon Gilman, tanner,  foot Dearbon, h. 4 Dearbon.
Dearbon Jonathan, hatter,   h .42 Vaughan.
Dearbon  Nathaniel, boot   and shoe    manufactury, 6 Pleasant, bds. 12 Penhallow.
Dearbon Ruhamah, widow of Asa, 6 Russel.
Dearbon William,    workman  for   Aqueduct  Co., 25 Court.
Dearing Joseph, sail maker, h. 31 Water.
Decatur Maria S.,  widow of John P., 7 Auburn.
Decatur Stephen, passed midshipman, U. S. Navy, h. 7 Auburn
Dennett Abigail, widow of Ephraim, dyer, 6 Dennett.
Dennett Alfred, calker, h. 81 Water.
Dennett Elihu D., mariner, bds. 6 Dennett.
Dennett Ephraim, joiner, bds. 2 Marlborough.
Dennett George, naval  officer, Custom House, 4 Penhallow, h. 13 North.
Dennett George B., boat builder, h. 81 Water.
Dennett George B. Jr., packet master, 2 Pray.
Dennett James, joiner, 2 Marlborough.
Dennett James Jr., 1st. officer Whale Ship Ann Parry, bds. 2 Marlbqrough.
Dennett Hannah, 53 Pleasant.
Dennett Jane, widow of John, Middle, (Plains.)
Dennett T. Plumer, joiner, h. 15 North, shop rear do.
Dennett John, stone layer, 15 Auburn.
Demiett John B., cabinet maker, h. 15 Auburn.
Dennett Joseph, farmer, 3 Pray.
Dennett Margaret, widow of George, 13 North.
Dennett Mark, farmer, North;  road leading to  h. nearly oppo. g. ridge school house.
Dennett Mark Jr., cabinet maker at  Brown & Joy's, h. 5 Green.
Denett Nathaniel, mason, 11 Dennett.
Dennett Nath'l Jr., grocer, 11 North, h. 11 Dennett.
Dennett Oliver, ship carpenter, bds. 3 Charles.
Dennett Oliver, farmer, Middle, near the Plains.
Dennett Phebe, 5 Dennett.
Dennett Richard, farmer, Middle, between Pound and Plains.
Dennett Samuel, cabinet maker, bds, 5 Dennett.
Dennett Sarah, 22 Islington.
Dennett Thomas, miller at South mills, h. 72 Water.
Dennett Thomas, mariner, 46 Daniel,
Dennett William, mason, 5 Dennett.
Dennett William Jr., joiner, h. 3 Dennett.
Derby   Consider S.,  confectioner, 27 Penhallow, h. 6 Sheafe.  
Derby Sarah, widow of Nathaniel, nurse, 16 Anthony.
Deverson Joshua, calker, 65 Pleasant.
Deverson Mary, widow of Joshua, 65 Pleasant,
Deverson Wm., cabinet maker, h. 3 Walden.
Dickson John, physician, 6 Bridge.
Dimick Jason, Captain U.   S. Army, at Fort Constitution, h. 30 State.
Dimpsey Delia G., dress maker, 1 Wibird.
Dimpsey Sarah, widow of Edward, 1 Wibird.
Dimpsey Thomas, chaisemaker, h, 1 Wibird.
Dinsmore Samuel, foreman at Raynes' saw mill, h. 1 Raitt's Court.
Dixon Ira, cordwainer, h. & shop 3 North School.
Dockum Ephraim, truckman, 4 Marlborough
Dockum Samuel M., cabinet maker, h. 7 Vaughan.
Dodge Jabez,   cordwainer &  potter,   shop rear  4 North, h. 12 North, cor. Dennett.
Dodge James, (firm Bodge & Dodge,) h. 41 Daniel.
Dodge John S., joiner, bds. James Dodge's.
Dodge   Joseph, potter, h. 3 Dearbon, corner   North, shop rear do.
Dodge Leonard, wheelwright, h. 4 North,   shop rear.
Dodge Samuel J., (firm Jos. G. Sise & Co.,) h. 2 Mulberry.
Donnell Francis, cordwainer   at Hill & Carr's, h. 4 Rock.
Donnell Oliver, 7 State.
Donnell Precilla, widow of Oliver, 6 Church.
Dore Elisabeth, widow of John, 10 Bridge.
Dow Eliza Ann, straw bonnet maker, 6 Islington, cor. Parker.
Dow Henry, joiner, 4 Summer, h. 5 do cor. Austin.
Dow Isaac, tin plate & sheet iron worker, h. 22 High.
Dow JohnT., mariner, 4 Anthony.
Dow Samuel K., mariner, bds. 4 Anthony.
Dow Timothy M., ostler at Bell tavern.
Dow Valentine P., 2 South Mill.
Downing Bartholomew, joiner, h. 2 Wentworth.
Downing Ebenezer, fisherman, east of North st., near Pis. river.
Downing John, farmer, 8 North.
Downing  Nelson   N.,   sawyer   at Raynes', bds. 6 Bridge.
Downing Samuel, fisherman, east North st., near Pis. river.
Downs Wm., (firm Bell & Downs,) bds. 20 Bow.
Dreaux Monsieur & Madame, frisseurs, 14 Pleasant.
Drew Deborah, 3 Manning
Drisco Jane, widow of James, Sen., 6 Howard.
Drisco Joshua H., at E. S. Wendell's, h. 3 Charles.
Drisco Margaret, widow of James Jr., 3 Charles.
Drought John, hosiery weaver, 35 Islington.
Drown Daniel P., collector of customs, Custom House 4 Penhallow, h. 6 Ann.
Drown Mary W., 55 Water.
Drown Olive, Widow of Jos., 8 Jefferson.
Drown Samuel, pilot, 3 Franklin.
Drown Sarah, widow of Wm., 31 Court.
Dunbar Thomas J., cordwainer at John Clark's, h. 17 High, cor. Hanover.
Dunn Joshua, Portland Stage driver, bds. Franklin h
Dupray Francis, confectioner, 39 Market, h. 15 Deer.
Dupray Francis Jr, mariner, bds. Francis Dupray's.
Dunyon Augustine, watch and clock maker, 7 Congress, h. 14 Ladd.
Dunyon John, confectioner, 4 High, corner Ladd, & 24 Market, h. 14 Ladd.
Durgin Alexander, wool stapler at hosiery factory, h. 2 Cornwall.
Durgin John W., truckman, 5 Pickering.
Durgin Lawrence, fisherman, 91 Water.
Dwight Josiah, physician, 39 Pleasant.
Dwight Wm. L., shipmaster, 39 Pleasant.
Dyer Eliza, widow of Ezekiel, 10 Bridge.
Earing Mathew, mariner, 27 Water.
Edgecomb Ann, tailoress, widow of James, 18 State.
Edmonds Emeline H., dress making, 6 School.
Edmonds Hannah, boarding house, 6 School.
Edmonds Joseph M., clerk at Custom House, h. 6 School.
Edmunds Eri, farmer, bds. 2 Edward.
Edmunds Samuel, truckman, 2 Edward.
Elliot Rnssel F., weaver at hosiery factory, h. 24 Anthony.
Elwyn John L., farmer,. Rye road.
Emery Alfred, blacksmith, 7 Warren, h. 11 do.
Emery Henry, truckman, 5 North,
Emery James W., counsellor, 3 Market, h. 25 Islington.
Emery Peter, farmer, Islington St., near the Powder house.
Emery Shem, grocer, 2 Jaffrey's whf., Spring hill,  h. 13 Dennett.
Emery (Thatcher,) & Rider (John,) grocers, 73 Pleasant,   E's house 72 do.
Emery Dolly, 46 Bow.
Evans David Jr., rope maker, bds. 6 Deer
Evans Leonard B., iron machinist at Franklin foundry, bds. 16 Hanover.
Evans William S., ropemaker  h. 6 Deer.
Ewins Alexr., at E. C. Ewins', h. 19 Market.
Ewins  Ebenezer  C,  dry goods.  19   Market, h. 18 State.
Fall Ellen, 15 State.
Fall Tames, rigger, h. 3 Hanover.
Fall Otis, pilot, Ms. Farmers  hotel.
Fall Otis Jr., mariner, at Sea.
Fall Tredick, mariner, at Sea.
Felker Elias R., cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, bds. 35 Market.
Fellows Anthony W., tin plate & sheet iron  worker; bds. 36 Deer.
Ferguson Hannah B., widow of Stephen, 2d., 38 Bow.
Ferguson Maria, widow of Stephen, 6 Church.
Ferguson Moses, iron machinist at  Franklin foundry, bds. 3 Jefferson.
Fernald Almerin W.,   mast & blockmaker,   bds. 30 Gates.
Fernald Ammi R, H., book keeper at Geo. Raynes', h. 10 Summer, cor. Islington.
Fernald Archelaus, farmer, 88 Water.
Fernald Benj. C., mariner   48 Court.
Femald Daniel, 5 Manning.
Fernald Elihu, (firm Samuel Bowles & Co.,) 35 Bow.
Fernald Frances, 22 Daniel.
Fernald Fredrick W.,  (firm   Raynes & Fernald,) 48 Court.
Fernald Henry H., (firm Wm. Fernald Jr. & Co.,) 12 Bow.
Fernald John W., agent Portsmo. Iron Foundry Co., h. 56 Market.
Femald Lucy G., widow of Joseph, 30 Gates.
Fernald Lydia, widow of Amos, 4 Gates.
Fernald Maria, cloth cap maker, 51 Congress.
Fernald Olive, widow of Nathaniel W., 4 State.
Fernald Phebe, 54 Water.
Fernald Randall, blacksmith, 9 Summer, h. 10 do, cor. Islington.
Fernald Samuel, blacksmith, h. 36 Bow.
Fernald Thomas, grocer, 32 Daniel, h. 34 Daniel.
Fernald Wm., 12 Bow.
Fernald Wm. Jr. & Co., (Henry H Fernald,) grocers, 10 Bow, h. 12 Bow. 
Fernakl Win. D., mast and block maker at Wm. Martin's, h. 76 Market.
Fiolds John, ship carpenter, h. 42 Bow.
Fish Eleazer, laborer, 43 Court, cor. Atkinson.
Fisher John,mariner, 48 Water.
Fisher John Jr., mariner, 47 Water.
Fishley Benjamin, sailmaker, 86 Market, h. Sheafe.
Fishley George, 2 Jefferson.
Fishley George Jr., mariner, 2 Jefferson.
Fishley Sarah, widow of Wm., 30 Court.
Fiske Samuel. Portland Acc. Stage driver. 3 Fleet.
Fitzgerald Edmend, farmer ? North School.
Fitzgerald Margaret, widow of (Ezekiel ??), 4 Russel alley.
Fitzgerald Richard, blacksmith, 29 Islington, shop rear do.
Flanders Charles, shipmaster, 27 Vaughan.
Flint Samnel, carder at Walker's mills, h. 4 North.
Floyd Elisabeth, widow of Benj., 3 Auburn.
Fogg Horatio, butcher at Gilman Leavitt's, h. 6 Islington, corner Parker.
Follansbee Joshua, currier at Moses H.  Goodrich's, bds. Farmers hotel.
Folsom Nathan B.  & Son, (Nathan B. Jr.,)  commission   merchants,  c.   r.   4   Bow,  cor. Market st., (Merchants' row,) N, B's h. 7 Islington.
Folsom Nathan B. Jr., h. 53 Congress.
Folsom Nathaniel. 3 Warren, cor. Church.
Folsom Thomas, farmer, Middle, above Plains.
Fosdick  James Jr., (firm   Walker & Fosdick,) bds. 2 State.
Fobs Smith G., truckman, 1 Anthony.
Foss Salome, widow of Samuel, 24 Gates.
Foss Supply C., 2d. Lieutenant   U.   S. Rev.  Cutter, Mobile station, h. 24 Gates.
Foster Elisabeth, widow of Robert, 13 Hanover.
Foster John W., book store, 5 Market, h. 42 Pleasant.
Foster Simon P. shipmaster, 1 Gates.
Foster Wm. H., printer, 22 Penhallow, h. 41 Court.
Fowler Martha J., dress making, 11 High.
Fowler Paul, joiner, 15 High, cor, Hanover, h. 11 High.
Foye Hannah  Jane  &   Martha, dress  making & rnillenery, 45 Daniel.
Francis Alcy R., Noble's Island.
Franklin Frederick A., 29 Middle.
Freeland John, master joiner at Navy Yard, h. 50 Court.
Freeman James & Allen, oysters, 12 Congress, h. 8 Sheafe.
Freeman Peyton R., counsellor, h. 17  High, corner Hanover.
French Enoch B., cordvvainer at JamesD.Goodrich's, bds. do.
French Mary, widow of Samuel, 31 Washington,
French Thomas, tailor, h. 55 Water.
Fretson William, calker, 9 Jefferson.
Frost John, 21 Washington.
Frost John N., flour & corn, 87 Market, h. 22 Deer.
Frost Nancy, 10 Jefferson.
Frost William, packet master, 8 Jefferson.
Frost William, truckman, 4 Washington.
Frye Ivory, blacksmith, h, 16 Washington.
Frye Leonard, cordwainer,h. 2 Jefferson.
Fvye Oliver, blacksmith, h. 4 School.
Frye Wm. T., ( firm Samuel Bowles & Co.,) bds. 13 Ladd.
Fuller Joseph, farmer, Sodom road.
Furber John H., ship carpenter, h. 10 Cabot.
Furber William, joiner, h. 3  Marlborough, shop rear.
Gadd George, hosiery weaver, 7 Anthony.
Gadd Thomas, cordwainer, bds. 7 Anthony.
Gaines George, watch & clock maker,& jeweller, 14 Market, h. 18 Middle.
Gains John, watch & clock maker, do. h. do.
Gallagher James G., boatswain U. S. Navy (at Portsm.) bds. 34 Daniel.
Gammon Thomas, fisherman, 98 Water.
Gammon Thomas S., cooper, h. 4 Franklin. (Avenue.)
Gardner Andrew, farmer, Pev. hill road, cor. Rebellion road.
Gardner Christiana, v/idow of Joseph, South, towards Pound, cor, Lafayette road.
Gardner John, 27 South.
Gardner John, ostler Port. Stage Co.,bds.Franklin h.
Gardner Joseph R., mariner, 7 Pickering.
Gardner   Sarah, widow  of Wm., 9 Mechanic, cor. Gardner.
Garland James, farmer, Creek st., (house belonging to town farm.)
Garland Samuel, cooper, h. 38 South.
Garland Thomas, laborer, 1 Langdon.
Garland Thomas Jr., laborer, bds. 1 Langdon.
Gavett Elisabeth, 2 & 4 Liberty.
Gerrish Abigail, widow of Wm., 9 Jefferson.
Gerrish Andrew D., copper smith at Gerrish & Son's, bds. at Sam'l Gerrish's.
Gernsli Dolly, widow of George, 15 Penhallow.
Gerrish Henry C, grocer, 7 High, h. do.
Gerrish Mary A., dress making & tailoring, 1 Wibird.
Gerrish Phebe, widow of Andrew, boarding house, 14 Auburn.
Gerrish Robert F., )firm Yeaton & Gerrish.) bds. N. Folsom's.
Gerrish Samuel & Son, (Sam'l Gerrish Jr.,) brass & copper founders and plumbers, 16 Bow, S, G's h. 24 High, cor. Deer.
Gerrish Samuel Jr., bds. 24 High, cor. Deer.
Gerrish Sarah C, widow of Daniel, 64 Pleasant.
Gerrish Woodbury C, cabinet maker at Lord's, h. 15 Penhallow.
Gibbs Mary, widow of William, 1 Wendell.
Gilbert James, mariner, bds. James W.Goodwin's.
Glazebrook Charles, hosiery  weaver, h. Middle, this side Danielson house.
Glines Samuel B., ship carpenter, h. 2 Wendell.
Goddard William, physician, 5 Daniel.
Godfrey James, farmer at Jos. Wiggin's.
Godfrey Nathan, shipmaster, 28 Vaughan.
Godfrey Simon, farmer at Josiah Marston's.
Gooch Mary & Elisabeth, tailoring, 24 Vaughan,
Goodrich Amos T., packet master, 42 Daniel,
Goodrich Anna, widow of James, 16 Hanover.
Goodrich James, inspector of customs, 2 New Castle.
Goodrich James D., boot  &   shoe   manufactory, 66 Daniel, h. do.
Goodrich Jeremiah D., groceries and wood, 10 & 12 Water, cor. Court, h. 55 Court, cor. Water.
Goodrich John, packet master, 42 Daniel.
Goodrich Moses H., tanner and currier, 1 North, bds. 19 Hanover.
Goodrich William, grocer, Ceres, back Spring market, & 10 Pleasant, h. 1 Melchor.
Goodwin (Ichabod,) & Coues (Samuel E.,) merchants, c. r. 82 Market, G's h. 26 Islington, cor. Conwall.
Goodwin James W., seamen's boarding house & grocery, 22 and 24 Water, cor. Jefferson.
Goodwin William, mariner, 15 State.
Gookin Saniuel & Son, (Win. P.,) drapers & tailors, 6 Water, cor. Court, Samuel's h. 46 Court.
Gookin Wm. P., h. 5 South.
Gordon Abigail, 6 Manning.
Gordon James, ropernaker, bds. 1 Wibird.
Gordon Stephen L., professor of music, 12 Fleet, cor. Congress.
Goss Daniel, farmer, C North School.
Gotham Charles, blacksmith, 1 Whidden place, h. 46 State.
Gotham James M., blacksmith at A. W. Emery's, bds.  do.
Gove Joseph L, stone layer, 7 Dennett.
Gove Samuel, at A. W. Haven's, h. 23 1-2 Islington.
Gove Sarah, widow of Edward, 5 Sudbury.
Gove Win. A., farmer, 3 Woodbury.
Gould Martha, widow of John, 2 Rock.
Gould Tampson, widow of John, Sen., 5 Gates.
Grace Joseph, shipmaster, 12 Gates
Grandlooth John, mariner, 2 Hunking.
Grant Andrew, at Sam'l Sheafe's, h. 9 Deer.
Giant John, rigger, 5 Mast, cor. Charies.
Grant John T., mariner, bds. 8 Pray.
Grant John W., mason, 3 Brewster.
Grant Henry, butcher at Philip W. Currier's, bds. do.
Grant Mary J., dress making, 10 Vaughan.
Grant Peter, laborer,  9 Deer.
Grant Samuel, shipcarpenter, 8 Pray.
Grant Samuel Jr.,  calker, 5 Pray.
Grant Samuel 3d., mariner, bds. Andrew Grant's.
Grant Sarah, widow of James, 10 Vaughan.
Granville Mary, widow of Charles, 42 Court.
Gray Enos, mariner, 4 Pickering.
Gray Robert, gold & silver smith, 9  Congress, h. 21 Vaughan.
Gray William, truckman, 32 State.
Green Benjamin, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 32 Vaughan.
Green Elisabeth, 3 Melcher.
Green John, carpenter U. S. Navy, h. 8 Cabot, cor. Austin.
Green Joseph, boat builder &  ship decorator, Long's Whf., h. 13 Auburn.
Green Mark, boat builder, h. 2 Jackson.
Green Mark Jr., & Samuel S., boat builders, 2 Short, Mark Jr's h. 2 Jackson.
Green Nehemiah, cordwainer, h. 37 Vaughan.
Green Samuel S.,( firm Mark Green Jr. & Sam'l S.) h. 48 Daniel.
Grreen Sarah, widow of Nehemiah, 37 Vaughan.
Greenleaf Abner, post master, h. 19 South.
Greenleaf Abner Jr., printer, 3 Pleasant, h. 62 Pleasant.
Greenleaf Wm. H., laborer, bds. 36 Bow.
Greenough  Benjamin,   grocery, 63 Water,   corner Hunking, h. do.
Greenough Charles, mariner, h. 7 Sheafe.
Greenough Charles H., mariner, bds, 12 Ladd.
Greenough Mary, widow of Samuel, 4 Pickering,
Greenough Wm. A., h. 41 Court.
Gregory John, inspector  of customs, 2  Chapel, cor. State.
Griffin John, mariner, 10 Jefferson,
Grifrin Thomas, fisherman, 6 Dennett.
Grover Eliphalet, bar keeper Steam Boat Portsmouth, h. 51 Court.
Grover Norard, 6 Jefferson.
Grover Norard Jr., mariner, 6 Jefferson,
Grover Olive, widow of William, 40 Deer.
Gunnison James B., packet master, 10 Pickering.
Gunnison Joseph, joiner, h. 21 Anthony,
Gunnison Nathaniel, grocer, 28 South, h. 26 do.
Gurney Robert, carriage and chaise   manufactory, 17 Washington, h. 33 Court.
Hackett Wm. H. Y., counsellor, 2 Market, h. 49 Congress.
Hadley (Josiah G.,) and Clark. (Alice G.,) Farmers hotel, 9 Pleasant, cor. Warren.
Hadley Wm. S.. victualling and liquor cellar, 7 Pleasant, h. Market sq., rear T. and E. Rand's.
Haines Ebenezer, cordwainer and farmer, 107 State.
Hale (Samuel,) and Rollins (Ichabod,) merchants, c. r. 11 Commercial whf., H's h. 13 Court.
Haley Abigail L., widow of Ephraim H., tailoress, 26 Washington.
Haley John B., shipmaster, 9 Auburn.
Hall Abigail, widow of John, 32 South.
Hall Andrew, painter, h. 31 Washington.
Hall Eliza D.,fancy goods, dress making and millenery., 13 Daniel, h. 10 do.
Hall Elisabeth W., widow of Edward dress making and millenery, 21 Daniel, h. 2 South.
Hall Ephraim, farmer, Sodom road.
Hall John, laborer, 32 South.
Hall Joseph M., mariner, bds. 32 South.
Hall Joseph T., clerk to Naval Store keeper, Navy Yard, bds. Mansion h.
Hall Margaret, widow of Wm., 9 Penhallow.
Hall Nancy, widow of Stacy, 3 Howard.
Hall Samuel, surveyor of customs, h. 2 South.
Hall Stacy, 21 Water.
Hall Stacy Jr., shipmaster,bds. 17 South.
Hall Theodore, farmer at Job Tabor's.
Hall (Timothy) & Laighton (Charles E.,) wholesale & retail grocers, 63 Market, H's h. 8 High.
Hall Wm., laborer, bds.32 South.
Hall Wm. 2d., joiner, bds. 2 Parker.
Halliburton Andrew, 24 Islington.
Ham Albert W., printer at C. W. Brewster's, bds. 2 North.
Ham Ann Emily, pri. school, 17 Islington, bds. 2 Dennett.
Ham Asa, farmer, Creek st., 1st h. above Bridge.
Ham Dorothy, widow of Hall J., 25 Washington, cor. Hancock.
Ham Elisabeth, widow of Daniel, 55 Pleasant.
Ham Elisabeth Miss, 6 North.
Ham Elisabeth Mrs., 9 Anthony.
Ham Elisabeth Caroline, pri. school, 2  Dennett, bds 1 Dennett.
Ham Hannah S.. 24 South.
Ham Henry H., watch and clock maker, 6 Pleasant, h. 105 State.
Ham Joanna,   widow of George, h. 23 Vaughan. 
Ham Joseph, gundaloman, bds. 2 Liberty.
Ham Joseph W., bds. 11 Islington.
Ham Mark, joiner, bds_ 3 Russel.
Ham Mary, widow of Oliver, 1 Russel.
Ham Mary, widow of Samuel, at John S Walker's.
Ham   Nath'l J., watch   and   clock  maker,   bds.   23 Vaughan.
Ham   Robert, farmer, Creek  st,  1st. house above bridge.
Ham Samuel, farmer South, first above Pound.
Ham Sarah, widow of James, 1 Sparhawk.
Ham Supply, watch and clock maker, 17 Congress, h. 11 Islington.
Ham Timothy, joiner, 2 Dennett, h. 1 do.
Ham William 101 State, cor. Middle.
Ham Wm. Jr., joiner, h. 2 North, shop adjoining h.
Hammett Alice, widow of Thomas, 59 Daniel.
Hammett George W.,  mariner, 7 Pickering.
Hammett Wm., mariner, bds. 59 Daniel.
Handy John N., grocer, 6 Market sq,, h. 7 do.
Hanscom James, cooper, bds. 41 Vaughan.
Hanscom Nathaniel, joiner, h. 7 North School.
Hanscom Oliver, cooper, 109 Market, h. 41 Vaughan.
Hanson Amos, laborer, h. 1 Madison.
Haraden John, calker, h. 3 Atkinson.
Harden Jesse, mariner, 47 Court.
Harding Satn'l Jr, shipmaster, 2 Auburn.
Hardy   Charles,   draper   and   tailor,   2  High,   h. 1 Parker.
Hardy Rebecca B., fancy goods and dress making, 4 Daniel, h. 14 Hanover, cor. High.
Hardy Wm. R., draper and tailor, 27 Daniel, cor. Penhallow, h. 14 Hanover, cor. High.
Harford   Noah,   ship    carpenter    at Raynes',  h. 42 Vaughan.
Harmon John, mariner, 3 Wentworth.
Harmon Samuel, (colored) mariner, 58 Daniel.
Harrat Charles, rigger, 5 Charles.
Harrat Charles Jr., rigger, 5 Charles,
liarrat John, grocer, 56 State, bds. 2 Jefferson.
Harrill James, sawyer, 20 Russel.
Harris Ann M., widow of Thomas A., 4 Sheafe.
Harris Mary M. W., widow of Theodore J., 54 Daniel, cor. Bow.
Harris Sarah S. L., widow of Robert, 43 Pleasant cor. Edward.
Harris Thomas A., priv. school, rear 2 Parker., bds. 8 Auburn.
Harris Win. C,   priv.  school   at   Academy,  h. 8 Auburn.
Harrold Ann, 1 Gates.
Harrold Joseph, packet master, 22 Daniel.
Harrold Joseph Jr., cooper at oil factory, h. 5 Raitt's court.
Hart George, blacksmith, 29 Deer, h. 30 do.
Hart Hannah, widow of Win., 25 Daniel, corner Penhallow.
Hart Hanson M., pilot, U. S. Rev. Cutter Madison, h. 4 Bridge.
Hart Sarah, Mary J., and Elisabeth, 13 Russel
Hartshorn   James P., foreman at Hill and Carr's, h. 36 Deer.
Hartshorn Nathaniel, laborer, 18 Russel.
Harvey John, mariner, 4 Hunking.
Harvey John S., stock and exchange broker, 35 Congress, h. 22 Deer.
Harvey Joseph, 14 Auburn.
Harvey Mary, widow of Caleb, 10 Pickering.
Harvey Theodore, mariner, 1 Richmond.
Harvey William, mariner, bds. 10 Pickering.
Haselton Benj. D., 6 Sudbury.
Haselton lra, dealer in stoves, 5 Mark't sq., h.l Rock, corner Islington.
Hatch Daniel, farmer, 33 Middle, cor. Madison.
Hathaway   Ann,   dress   making   and   millenery, 17 Daniel.
Haven Abigail, widow of Samuel, 12 Gates.
Haven Alfred   W.,  counsellor, 47   Market,  h.   47 Congress.
Haven Cullum, (firm   Washington Haven &  Co.,) bds. 2 Islington, cor. Bridge.
Haven Eliza W., widow of Nath'l A. Jr., 45 Pleasant.
Haven George W., counsellor, bds. 3 Islington.
Haven John, merchant, c. r. 46 Mark't. h. 3 Islington,
Haven Mary T. widow of Nathaniel A., 5 High.
Haven Mehitable, 18 High
Haven Susan P., widow of Wm. Jr., bds. 1 School.
Haven   Washington   &  Co, (Culhon Haven,)   dry goods and shoes, 17 Market, house 1 Comm. alley.
Haven Wm. cashier N. H.  hank, h .20 Middle, corner Austin.
Hawkes Samuel, boot and shoe manufactory. 23 Daniel, h. 38 Deer.
Hawkins Samuel V.,  saihnaker,   U.  S. Navy, h. 7 Mechanic.
Hayes Albert, cordwainer at Matthew H. Roach's, bds. do.
Hayes Daniel. farmer, Marston farm, Cutts st.
Hayes Isaac, farmer, North. (I. Bartlett's farm.)
Hayes John, laborer, 1 Sparhawk.
Hayes John L,, counsellor, 11 Market sqr. h. 98 State.
Hayes Mary E., private school, 34 Deer.
Hayes Paul, joiner, h. 34 Deer, shop rear do.
Hayes William,joiner, bds. at Isaac Hayes'.
Hayes Wm. H., mariner, bds, 1 Sparhawk.
Hayes Zenns, truckman, 3 Parker.
Haynes Caroline, widow of Henry, 15 State.
Haywood Thomas, pilot, 25 Gates.
Head Moses, laborer, h. 10 Ladd.
Henderson Elisabeth, 22 Islington.
Henderson George, dry goods, 3 Daniel, h. 2 Sheafe.
Henderson  Robert,   groceries,   paints,  dyes &c.  3 Congress, h. 5 do.
Henderson Robert Jr., ship master, bds. 11 Hanover.
Hickey Charles,mariner, 8 Gates.
Hickey Charles E.,  manner, bds. 8 Gates.
Hickey Joshua W., mariner, bds. 8 Gates.
Hill (Aaron H.) & Carr (James M.) boot & shoe store & manufactory, 34 Market, H's h. 6 Hanover.
Hill Abigail, widow of James, 22 Deer.
Hill Alfred, ship master, bds. 22 Deer. 
Hill Alfred J., joiner, bds. fanner's hotel
Hill Caroline L., 108 State.
Hill Clara A., assistant in Mrs. Bigelow's school, bds. 31 Middle, corner Anthony.
Hill Elisha, merchant, c. r. 61 Market, h, 10 Islington.
Hill George C., dry goods, 36 Market, h. 20 Vaughan, corner School.
Hill  Harriet L., school, g. ridge, bds. 31 Middle, cor. Anthony.
Hill James M., shipmaster, 16 North.
Hill John,  distillery,  1 Short, cor. Green, h.  15 Vaughan, cor. Hanover.
Hill John, farmer at Asa Watson's.
Hill John R., ropemaker, bds. Farmers hotel.
Hill Joseph, variety store, 10 Market, h. do.
Hill Samuel, mariner, 11 School,
Hill Walter B., clerk at   Leonard  Cotton's, h. 31 Middle cor. Anthony.
Hill William, h. 19 Vaughan.
Hills Elias W., bonnets  & dry goods, 33 Market, h. 35 do.
Hillsgrove James W., ship carpenter, 2 Ann.
Hilton Eliza, widow of Edward, 9 Cabot.
Hitchings George, (colored) mariner, 28 Bow.
Hodgdon Aaron, farmer,Goslin road, 1st. from North.
Hodgdon Benjamin, farmer, North, [late Tho's. Sheafe farm.)
Hodgdon Calvin S., farmer, rear Goslin road.
Hodgdon Charles, farmer & joiner, North, 1st. house north g. ridge school house.
Hodgdon Charles A,, farmer, little harbor road. (A. Greenleaf's farm.)
Hodgdon Ephralm, farmer, Goslin road.
Hodgdon George, farmer, Rebellion road.
Hodgdon John, joiner, h. 4 Warren.
Hodge George B , 1 Mast.
Hodgkins Charles E., mariner, bds. 9 Atkinson.
Hodgkins John, inspector of customs, 6 Atkinson.
Hoit (See Hoyt.)
Holbrook Benjamin, 78 Water.
Holbrook John R., sailmaker, bds. 27 Court.
Holbrook Robert, sailmaker, h. 27 Court.
Holbrook Robert H., mariner, h. 78 Water.
Holman Charles,  botanic physician, 3 Market, shop 30 Daniel.
Holman Eber, farmer, South, 1st. House above Pound.
Holman Oliver, mariner, 6 Chapel.
Holman Sarah, widow of Silas, 11 School.
Holmes John, farmer, Sodom road.
Holmes Joseph, butcher, bds. 5 Ann.
Holmes Lydia, widow of Robert, 2 Sudbury.
Holmes Mary, widow of Benjamin, (farmer) Sodom.
Holmes Mary, 7 Gates.
Holmes Robert, laborer, 7 Gates.
Holmes Sarah, Sodom road.
Holmes Sarah Ann, widow of Benjamin, (joiner) 59 Pleasant, corner Manning.
Holmes Spencer, farmer, 79 Water.
Holmes William, farmer, North. (Kittredge farm.)
Holmes Zebulon, mariner, 79 Water.
Holt Edwin, Rev., 44 State.
Hooker Jonathan, 70 Pleasant.
Hooker Mary, widow of Michael, 69 Pleasant.
Hooper Ann, widow of Eleazer, 18 Deer.
Hooper Major, grocery, 8 Water, h. 27 Washington.
Hopkins Elihu H., mariner, Dennett st., foot Jackson's hill.
Horton Julia S , 4 South Mill.
How Elisabeth, widow of Richard, 29 Bow.
How Catherine, widow of John, 5 Jefferson.
How Margaret, tailoring, 46 Water, cor. Hancock.
Hoyt Abigail, widow of Daniel, 18 Water.
Hoyt Alfred M., schoolmaster, h. 1 Blossom.
Hoyt Dennis, farmer, h. next above John S. Walker's, North.
Hoyt Elisabeth, widow of William, 30 Middle.
Hoyt James, schoolmaster, 22 Vaughan.
Hoyt John T., shipcarpenter, h. 8 Hunking.
Hoyt Nathan W. truckman, 4 Mast.
Hoyt Thomas, truckman, 5 Hancock.
Hoyt Winthrop P, joiner, h. 4 Dennett,
Hubbard Elisabeth, widow of Rufus, 7  Austin, cor. Summer.
Hunter Hugh, laborer. 6 Mt. Vernon.
Hunter Robert, mariner, bds. 99 Market.
Huntoon Silas, moulder at Franklin Iron Foundry, bds. 1 Wibird.
Huntress Alice, widow of James, 16 Washington.
Huntress Ann, widow of Joshua L., at Robert Smith's.
Huntress Clement, fisherman, North, near Piscataqua River.
Huntress Danie J., book keeper at Leonard Cotton's, bds. 3 Jefferson;
Huntress Edward T., joiner h. 6 Pickering.
Huntress George, 5 Pickering.
Huntress George Jr., book binder, 8 Daniel, h. 9 Righ.
Huntress John, fisherman, 18 Hanover,
Huntress John, farmer, Creek St., (house belonging to town farm.)
Huntress Joseph, farmer, Boyd's road.
Huntress Seth, farmer, h. 36  Hanover, cor.  Bridge.
Hurd Joseph, 17 Middle.
Hurd Thomas, toll collector, Portsmouth bridge, h. near do.
Hussey Andrew, farmer, Middle, just above Plains.
Hutcliings Brackett, druggist and apothecary, 4 Market, h. 47 Daniel.
Hutchings Dorothy, widow of Win., 87 Bow.
Hutchings Esther, widow of Joseph; 12 Washington.
Hutchings Jos. C, bar keper, Mansion house.
Hutchings Samuel, druggist and apothecary. 12 Market sq. cor. Market st., h. 58 Pleas., cor. Whidden.
Hutchings Sarah, widow of Tlios., 10 Jefferson.
Hutchings William, boat builder, 43 Bow, h. 37 Bow.
Hyde Susan, widow of Thomas, 14 Washington.
Ilsley Wm. hatter, house. 4 Jefferson, cor   Atkinson,
Ingersoll Charlotte, widow of John, 26 Deer, corner Vaughan.
Israel Robert W., bds. Chas, Cushing's.
Jackman Sarah, 10 Gates.
Jackson Andrew, boatswain U. S. R. Cutter Madison, h. 5 South Mill.
Jackson Asa, boot and shoe manufactory and grocer, 7 North, h. 5 do.
Jackson Catharine, dress making, 42 Congress, cor. Chesnut.
Jackson Christopher C, Concord stage driver, bds. Franklin house.,
Jackson Elisabeth, widow of Samuel, 18 Hanover.
Jackson Elisabeth, 14 Hanover, cor, High.
Jackson John H., keeper Globe tavern, at the Plains.
Jackson Joseph, laborer, 29 Islington.
Jackson Joseph, (colored) mariner, 2 Hancock.
Jackson Mary, widow of John H., 7 Jefferson.
Jackson Nathaniel, farmer, Jackson's hill, Jackson hill st.
Jackson Nathaniel J., machinist at Hosiery factory, bds. 41 Islington.
Jackson Oren, Boston Accommodation stage driver, bds. Franklin house.
Jackson Richard, joiner, h. 10 Deer.
Jackson William, joiner, h. 5 Dearbon, shop nearly opposite.
Jackson Wm. Jr., cordwainer & boarding house, 9 1-2 Congress.
Jaffrey George, 57 State.
Janvrin Mendurn, boot & shoe manufactory & grocer, 34 South, h. 36 do. 
Janvrin Nancy, widow of George, grocery, 77 Water, h. 76 do.
Jenkins Augustus, calker, 9 Ladd.
Jenkins Ephraim S, stone Iaver, 87 Wat«r
Jenkins John, stone layer, 87 Water
Jenkins Paul, packet master, 56 Market
Jenkins Sarah E.., widow of Stephen, 4 Auburn.
Jenkins Thomas, fireman Steam Boat Portsmouth, h. 41 Bow.
See Junkins.
Jenness (George W.,) & Nowell (Wm.   G., ) cabinet furniture & upholstry, 42 Market, J's h. 19 Hanover
Jenness Hannah, widow, nurse, 80 Water,
Jenness Horace, clerk at Riclnrd Jenness', bds. 12 Deer.
Jenness Peter, (firm James H. Kelsey & Co.,) bds. Farmers' hotel.
Jenness Richard, hard ware, 16 Market, cor. Ladd, h. 57 Pleasant, cor. Manning.
Jennings Dinah, (colored) widow of Samnel, 5 Anthony.
Johnson Andrew, rigger, 10 Hanover.
Johnson Charlotte, 30 Water.
Johnson Jeremiah, patent cordage manufactory, Johnson's court, h. 12 South, cor. do.
Johnson John A., mariner, 2 Melcher.
Johnson Joshua, livery stable, 24 Hanover, h. 22 do.
Johnson Joshua B., ostler at Joshua Johnson's.
Johnson Sarah J., widow of Brackett, 26 Hanover.
Johnson Sophia J., priv. school, 2G Hanover.
Jones Abigail A. & Sarah, 56 Water.
Jones Andrew H., livery stable, 11 Vaughan, h. 14 do.
Jones Benjamin, (firm, Trundy & Jones,) bds.  34 Hanover.
Jones Deborah, widow of John, 14 South.
Jones Joseph, mason, 18 Washington.
Jones Joseph  Jr., hair   dresser,   26 Congress,  h.  10 Fleet
Jones Joshua, farmer, 11 Atkinson.
Jones Mehitable, 26 Gates.
Jones Nancy, dress making, 12 Hanover.
Jones Thomas, shipmaster, 44 Water, cor. Hancock.
Jones Thomas, joiner at Theodore F. Rowe's.
Jones Timothy L., boarding h. 2 State.
Jones Wm.  &   Son,    (Wm. P. Jones   &   Mark R. Wendell,) dry   goods, 29  Market,   Wm. J's h. 53 State.
Jones Wm. P., bds. 53 State.
Jones William 3d., mariner, 59 Daniel.
Jones Zaccbeus, laborer, 3 Woodbury.
Joy Alfred T., (firm Brown & Joy,) 51 Congress.
Judkins Daniel V., cabinet maker, bds. 1 Rogers.
Judkins Jonathan, cabinet furniture   & upholstry,   23, 24 & 25 Pleasant, cor. State, h. 1 Rogers.
Judkins Leonard, cabinet maker, bds. 1 Rogers.
Julien Andress, farmer, Sodom road.
Junkins David, ship carpenter, h. 6 Green.
See Jenkins.
Keen Wm., gunner U. S. R. Cutter Madison, 9 South.
Kelsey James H. & Co.,  (Peter Jenness.,)  wholesale grocers, 24 Bow, K. bds. Franklin house.
Kennard Edward, shipmaster, 21 Islington, cor. Ann.
Kennard Elisabeth, 18 Deer.
Kennard James, shipmaster, c. r. 17 Pier Buildings, h. 9 Austin.
Kennard James Jr., bds. 9 Austin.
Kennard Oliver P., store keeper, h. 3 North.
Kennard Ruth, widow of Nath'l., 4 School.
Kenny Hampti, joiner, h. 19 Gates, shop rear do.
Kenney Hannah S., widow of Joshua, 9 Chapel.
Kimball David, druggist and apothecary, 26   Market, h. 2 A ustin.
Kitriball Jonathan, mason, bds. 6 School.
King John, mariner, 5 Liberty.
King Thomas, boarding house, 10 Penhallow.
Kingsbury Benjamin, grocer, 2 Ceres, h. 8 Chapel.
Kingdbury Samuel, joiner, 1 Penhallow, h. 3 Chapel.
Kinsman Samuel, foreman Franklin  iron foundry, h 8 Mechanic.
Kitson Thomas, shipmaster, 41 South.
Kittredge Rufus, physician, 17 Vaughan.
Knight Daniel, hatter, 30 Market, h. Islington, (D. H. Treadwell's farm.)    
Knight Ebenezer, shipmaster, bds. Andrew Hussey's.
Knowlton Ammi  L., packet  master, 1  Marlborough, cor. Rock.
Knowlton Epps, packet master, 5 Jefferson.
Knowlton John, blacksmith, 60  Daniel, c. r. 62, h. 33 Daniel.
Knowlton Joseph, packet master, 45   Court, corner Atkinson.
Knowlton Lucy, widow of Josiah C, 1 Marlborough, cor. Rock.
Knox Ephraim R., at Hosiery factory, h. 11 Cabot
Ladd Alexander, merchant, c. r. 64 Market, h. 62 do.
Ladd Alex'r H., ( firm C. H. & A. H.) bds. 62 Market.
Ladd. Charles E., clerk at A. W.  Bell  Jr's,   bds.   106 Market.
Ladd Charles H. & Alexander H.,  commission   merchants, 55 Market, Oil factory, 116 Market, C. H. bds. 62 Market.
Ladd Henry,  merchant,  c. r.  67 Market,  house 17 Middle.   
Ladd Henry H., 1 Auburn, cor. Middle.
Ladd James, agent Franklin Foundry, h. 106 Market.
Laighton Benjamin D,  grocer, 75   State,    22 Pleasant, bds. 23 Court.
Laighton Charles E., (firm Hall & Laighton.) h. 66 Market.
Laighton Deborah, widow of Mark, 5 Green
Laighton Edward J., school master, h. 73 Water.
Laighton Elisabeth, widow of Luke M., 8 Mechanic.
Laighton George H, at Wm. J. Lughton's, h. 61 Pleasant, cor. Franklin.   
Laighton John, Navy agent, office 74 Stale,  house 23 Court.
Laighton Joseph W., grocer, 107 Market, h. 7 Green.
Laighton Littleton M., mast & block maker, 6 Mechanic, h. 2 Gardner.
Laighton  Mark, mariner, bds 5 Green.
Laighton  Paul, manner, 54 Water.
Laighton Thomas B., h. 100 Market.
Laighton  William, grocer, 105 Market, h. 17 Russel.
Laighton Wm. F., mast & block maker, h. 62 Water.
Laighton  William J., dry goods, 13 Market, h. 23 Washington.
Laighton  Win. M., carpenter U.S.  Navy, h. 7 Mechanic.
Lake Alfred, mariner, bds. 7 Austin, cor. Summer.
Lake John, shipmaster, 7 Austin, cor, Summer.
Lake Mary T., 42 Congress, cor. Chesnut.
Lake William, mariner, bds. 7 Austin, cor. Summer.
Lakeman Elisabeth, widow of Aaron, 19 Islington, cor. Ann.
Lakin John, mariner, bds. At Susan Chase's.
Lambert William, shipmaster, 43 Water.
Lane Charles, at Hall & Laighton's, h.  1 Russel.
Lane Enoch M. C,. joiner bds. 1 Mark.
Lane George, mariner, 10 Jefferson.
Lane John E., shipmaster, 16 Gates.
Lane John I., sailmaker, h. 1 Edward.
Lane John J., school master, h. 1 Mark.
Lane Solomon, master Steam Boat Portsmouth, h. 22 South.
Lang Aaron, farmer, bds. At Mark Lang's.
Lang Daniel, joiner, road leading from Marden's, Lafayette road, to Rye Meeting house.
Lang Elisabeth, widow of Wm., road leading from Marden's, Lafayette road, to Rye Meeting' house.
Lang Mark, tanner,                     do.
Lang Mark Jr., farmer,                do.
Lang Meriba, widow of Phineas, 1 Anthony.
Lang Theodocia, widow of John, 9 Charles.
Lang Thomas M., farmer, road leading fm. I. Marden's to Rye meeting house.
Langdon Frances & Sophia, 23 Islington.
Langdon Henry S., 23 Islington.
Langdon Lydia, widow of Samuel, Lafayette road.
Langdon Mary, 30 Court.
Langdon Patience, widow of Jos., Lafayette road.
Langdon Samuel, farmer,                     do.
Langdon William, farmer,                     do.
Langdon Woodbury, shipmaster, bds, 23 Islington.
Larkin Edward,  captain's clerk, U. S. Navy, bds. 16 Middle.
Larkin Samuel, auctioneer & commission merchant, & Dep. Sheriff, 70 State, h. 16 Middle.
Larkin Samuel Jr., passed midshipman,   U. S. Navy, bds. 16 Middle.
Larrabee John, harnesss maker at Washington Swetser's, bds. Bell tavern.
Laskey Wm., ropemaker, h. 8 Pickering.
Lawry George, laborer, h. 1 Russel.
Lawry George S., laborer, h. 1 Russel.
Lawry James, packet master, 1 Walder.
Laws Curtis, livery stable, 49 Pleasant, h.  34 Washington.
Laws John S., clerk at Meshach B. Trundy's, bds. 34 Washington.
Lawson Andrew, mariner, 52 Court.
Leach Margaret, 9 South.
Leach Stephen, calker, 21 Gates.
Lear Ann, 41 Vaughan.
Lear John, mariner, 99 Water.
Lear William, mariner, bds. 33 Water.
Leavitt Gilman, butcher, stall 2 brick market, h. 48 Congress.
Leavitt Wm., cooper, h. 6 Deer.
Lee Anna, 23 Fleet.
Lefavor Robert,   morocco dresser, 12   Bridge,  2 Middle.
Lerow Wm. E., mariner, 1 Madison.
Leslie Daniel A., conlwainer at Hill .& Carr's, h. 24 Vaughan.
Lester David G,,  cordwainer at Hill & Carr's,  bds. Bell tavern.
Lewis  Andrew,   cabinet   maker,  h. 9  School, shop rear do.
Lewis Harriet, 25 Daniel, cor. Penhallow.
Lewis Thomas, cabinet maker at Brown & Joy's, bds. 6 School.
Libbey Daniel,  shipmaster, bds. Franklin house.
Libbey David, tanner  &  currier,  5  Parker, h. 39 Deer.
Libbey Dennis, at Alex'r Ladd's.
Little Win. D., 35 Deer.
Littlefield Benj. D., mariner, 9 Charles.
Littlefield Samuel, farmer, Lafayette road,
Locke David J., on board Steam Boat Portsmouth, h, 1 Pray.
Locke  Hamilton C, tavern keeper, Danielson house, Middle.
Locke Hiram, on bd. S. Boat Portsmouth, h. rear 23 & 24 Congress.
Locke James M., painter, h. 50 Water, corner Gates.
Locke Jethro, tailor, h. 18 Gates.
Locke John & Son, (John S. Locke,) painters, & glaziers, 20 Penhallow, John's  h. 51 Water cor. Gates.
Locke John S., h. 49 Water, cor. Gates.
Lolley Samuel, rigger, 29 Gates.
Lombard Elisabeth, widow of  John,  20 South,  cor. Blossom.
Long David, (colored) clothes renovator, 8 Penhallow.
Long George, 1 Auburn, cor. Middle,
Long John, (colored) mariner, bds. 8 Penhallow.
Long Sam'l. P.,  professor of painting,  1 Islington, (Academy)   bds. 1 Auburn, cor. Middle.
Lord Charlotte A., widow of Augustus, 4 High.
Lord Ebenezer, cabinet furniture & upholstry, 24 & 26 Penhallow, h. 3 Howard.  
Lord Mary, widow of Simeon, 1 Manning.
Lord (Sampson B.) & Badger (John L.) ship carpenters & calkers, Union whf., L's h. 15 Gates.
Lord Samuel,  cashier Piscataqua bank, h. 3 Middle, cor. Warren.
Lovering Benjamin, boot & shoe  manufactory, 23 & 25 Penhallow, h. 5 Hanover.
Lovering Calvin,  cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 36 Daniel.
Lowd Daniel, joiner, h. 19 Anthony.
Lowd Daniel, mason, h. 57 Daniel.
Lowd David, cooper, h. 42 Bow, shop rear do,
Lowd David S., joiner, bds. 19 Anthony.
Lowd Elisabeth S., 5 Manning.
Lowd Henry, messenger for the Banks, h. 1   Wentworth, cor. Pleasant.
Lowd Hunking. cooper, Dennett, rear 1 Dearbon.
Lowd James B., fishmonger, h. 6 Blossom.
Lowd John, grocer, 21 Congress, h. 1 Fleet, cor. Court.
Lowd John, cooper, bds. 7 Liberty.
Lowd Mary, widow of David, 1 Fleet.
Lowd Matthew B.,  blacksmith & brass founder, at Fredrick B. Mullen's, h. 15 Washington.
Lowd Nathaniel, sailmaker, h. 46 Bow.
Lowd Noah, mast & block maker,  h. 18 State.
Lowd Sarah, widow of Peter M., 7  Liberty, corner Charles.
Lowd Sarah, widow of Edward, 6 Blossom.
Lowd William B.,  book  binder, 22 Penhallow, h. 57 Daniel.
Lowd William B., brass founder,  bds.   15 Washington.
Lowe Sarah, widow of John, 8 Chapel.
Lunt Ann S., widow of Martin P., 53 State.
Lunt Elisabeth, pr. school, 29 Pleasant, bds. 1 Lunt's court.
Lunt Mary, widow of Thomas, 1  Lunt's court,   Market street.
Lyman John P., iron & steel store,  46 Market, h. 1 School, cor. High.
Lyman Lueretia, widow of Isaac, 1 School, corner High.
Lyndner Hans, rigger, 3 South Mill.
Lynn Ann E., widow of Andrew, 11 Anthony.
Manent Charles, mariner, 22 Fleet.
Manent George, stock & exchange broker, 15 Congress, h. 13 do.
Manent George A., 13 Congress.
Manson Leonard, tanner & currier at Dan'l G, Dearbon's, h. 1 Dennett.
Manson Nathaniel, mariner, 31 Washington.
Manson Oliver, joiner, h. 8 Austin.
Manson Parker, joiner, h. 1 Woodbury.
March Martha P., widow of John, 34 Vaughan.
March Nathaniel, book store, 12 Pleasant, h. 46 Water, cor. Hancock.
March Nathaniel B., 47 State.
Marden Abigail, 6 Hancock.
Marden Benjamin, bar room, 31 Penhallow.
Marden Caleb C., mariner, at Sea.
Marden Daniel, joiner, h. 27 Middle.
Marden Francis, farmer, Lafayette.
Marden Francis Jr., joiner, h. 31 South.
Marden Francis 3d., at Abner Greenleaf's.
Marden Franklin, joiner, h. 11 High.
Marden George, mason, 12 High.
Marden George E., farmer at Israel Marden's.
Marden Israel, farmer & tavern keeper, Lafayette.
Marden Israel 2d., farmer, brick house this side Francis Marden's.
Marden James, farmer at Mrs. Martin's farm, Little harbor.
Marden James 2d., ostler at Frankln house.
Marden John, farmer, Lafayette road.
Marden John Jr., farmer, Lafayette road.
Marden Jonathan, mariner, 42 Court.
Marden Joseph W,, farmer, Lafayette road.
Marden Margaret, at Mrs. Gibbs, 1 Wendell.
Marden Mary, rear 10 Ladd.
Marden Olive, Lafayette road.
Marden Olive M., widow of John P., 18 Water.
Marden Robert H., fanner, Lafayette road.
Marden Sandyman B., stage driver, 9 Middle.
Marden Sarah, widow of Daniel, 6 Cabot.
Marden Sarah, widow of James, 7 Ladd.
Marden Sarah, widow of Jonathan, 5 Manning.
Marden Simon, fanner at John L. Elwyn's.
Marden Thomas, farmer, Sodora road, 1st, h. from Lafayette road.
Marden Woodbury T., ship carpenter at Raynes', h. 1 Mechanic.
Marsh George M., book keeper at John H. Sheafe's h 13 Hanover. 
Marsh Sarah C, widow of Mathew S., 11 Hanover
Marshall Ann C, & Eliza M., pr. school, 1 Livermore, bd. 14 Gates.
Marshall Ann L., widow of Samuel, 14 Gates.
Marshall Edward G., shipmaster, bds. 43 Water.
Marshall Geo. W., clerk at Franklin house.
Marshall Nathaniel, grocer, 37 Water, bds. 43 Water.
Marshall Samuel H., shipmaster, 14 Gates.
Marshall William, mariner, bds. 34 Daniel.
Marston Benjamin, at Mary T. Haven's.
Marston Benning,  painter & glazier, h. 6 Hunking, shop adj'g do.  
Marston  Elijah,  farmer, Goslin road.     (Win. Sheafe farm.)
Marston Joseph, farmer, South, towards Pound.
Marston Josiah, farmer, Lafayette road.
Marston Levi, laborer, 15 Fleet.
Marston Levi L., truckman, 37 Vaughan.
Marston Samuel P., farmer, Lafayette.
Marston Sherburne, farmer,  North. (Stephen Pearsc's farm.)
Marston Simon, farmer, Pev. hill road. (Jas.  Sheafe farm.)
Marston William, mariner, 2 Hunking.
Martin Abraham, bds. Win. Martin's, 7 Deer.
Martin Alfred, joiner, bds. 2 State.
Martin Francis,   2d. Lieut. U. S. R.  Cutter Madison, h. 18 South.
Martin Henrietta M., widow of Wm. M., Little Harbor road.
Martin Joseph L Joiner, h. 12 Dennett.
Martin Mary, 31 Islington.
Martin Thomas, joiner, 25  Pier buildings, (Central Whf.) h. 32 Islington.    
Martin William, block & mast maker, Long's whf., h. 7 Deer.
Marvin William, shoresman, Oliver's Island.
Mason Abigail B., widow of Benjamin, 21 Penhallow.
Mason Alfred W., dyer, Hosiery factory, h. 6 Sudbury.
Mason Amory N., farmer, Pev. hill road, 1st. from Plains,
Mason Daniel, farmer, Salter's island.
Mason Mercy, widow of Samuel, 6 School.
Mason Nathaniel, mariner, 31 Washington.
Mason Robert T., calker,  bds. 6 School.
Mason Samuel J., dry goods, 23 Market, h. 25 do.
Massey Hannah, widow of George, variety store, 24 Daniel, h. do.
Mathes Jeremiah M., grocer, 17 Bow, h. 14 High.
Mathews John, wool stapler at hosiery Factory, h. 36 Islington.
Maxwell Isaac, blacksmith, h. 15 Washington.
Mayo Thomas, packet master, Holmes' court.
McClintock.John, 85 State, cor. Fleet.
McDaniels Elisabeth, widow of Thomas, 5 Gates.
McIntire Jefferson, machine shop at Franklin foundry, 5 Mechanic, h. 2 Mechanic.
Melcher Catharine G., pr. Sch'l, 81 State, h. 35 Washington.
Melcher Dorothy, widow of Nathaniel, (boat builder) 35 Washington.
Meleher Elisabeth, widow of Nathaniel, (whitesmith) 1 Bridge.
Melcher George, packet master, 54 Pleasant, cor. Melcher.
Melcher Geo. Jr., cashier Commercial B'nk, h.52 State.
Melcher Hannah & Elisabeth, tailoring, 1 Bridge.
Melcher John, 38 Congress, cor. Chesnut.
Melcher Olive, pr. school, 4 Summer, h. 35 Wash'gton.
Meloon Abraham, sexton 1st. Baptist Society, h. 3 Cornwall.
Meloon John, farmer at Walter Akerman's.
Meloon Mary, widow of Enoch, 25 Court.
Mendum Ann E., widow of John F., 6 South.
Mendurn John, Boston Accommodation stage driver, 8 Fleet, cor. Warren.
Mendum John, joiner, 6 Mast, h. 7 Charles.
Mendum Jonathan, boot & shoe manufactory, 5 Middle, h. 5 Bridge.
Mendum Sam'l., fanner & cordwainer, h. Rebellion rd.
Merriam Eliza, tailoring, 30 Washington, cor. Gates.
Merriam Mehitable,  widow of Nathaniel,   30 Washington, cor, Gates.
Merrill Hiram K., bar room, 14 Water, h. over do.
Meserve Ira B., cordwainer, bds. 36 Daniel.
Messer Joshua J., mariner, 20 Hanover.
Millard David, Rev., bds. 55 Congress.
Miller George, rigger, 10 Russel.
Miller Nathaniel D.,  brass founder at S. Gerrish & Son's, h. 11 Deer.
Miller Ruth, widow of John, 2 Cornwall.
Miller Wm , farmer & joiner, North, 1st. h.  above g. ridge school h., same side.
Monroe Henry, iron & paper stock dealer, 2 Water, bds. Mansion nouse.
Mooney John, farmer, 16 North.
Moore Fredrick W., cooper, h. 42 Court.
Moore Henry, Lieutenant at Navy Yard, bds. Rockingham house.
Moore Thomas, hosiery weaver, h. 16 Anthony.
Moran Andrew, joiner, bds. 11 Chapel.
Moran John H., moulder, Portsm. iron foundry, h. 11 Chnpel.
Moran Thomas J., mariner, bds. 11 Chape!.
Morrell   Benning,   packet   master,  71   Water,   foot Pleasant.
Morrell George, book keeper at Lord & Badger's, bds. 71 Water.
Morrison Augustus, clerk at Morrison & Webster's, bds. 1 Summer.
Morrison John, workman at Hosiery factory, 43 Court. cor. Atkinson.
Morrison (Jonathan) & Webster (Charles H.) stoves, tin & sheet iron ware, 15 Daniel, M's  h.1 Summer.
Morrison Robert, sup. of  Alms house,  resides same building.
Morse David, engineer S Boat Portsmo, h. 4 Bridge.
Morse Stowell, mariner, 53 Pleasant.
Morton Isaac, joiner, h. 12 Auburn, shop rear do.
Moses Aaron, joiner., h. 4 Gardner.
Moses Alfred D., joiner, h. 2 Whidden.
Moses Benjamin, cordwainer, h. 21 Vaughan.
Moses Edward, mariner, bds. 60 Pleasant.
Moses Elisabeth, widow ofWm,, 43 Vaughan.
Moses Elisabeth, S Vaughan.
Moses James, farmer, Sagamore creek.
Moses James Jr., joiner, b. 8 Atkinson.
Moses James 3d., joiner, h. 8 Franklin.
Moses John G., laborer, 1 Edward.
Moses John Wesley, mariner, bds. 1 Edward.
Moses John Woodman, draper & tailor, 28 Market, h. 3 Russel.
Moses Leonard, joiner, h. 44 Water.
Moses Levi, joiner, h. 60 Pleasant.
Moses Martha T., school mistress, h. 43 Vaughan.
Moses Mary V., widow of Aaron, 4 Atkinson.
Moses Nehemiah, draper &  tailor, c. r. 28 Market, h. 9 Court.
Moses Samuel W., foreman at A. Greenleaf Jr's, h. 8 Franklin.
Moses Thomas, keeper of  Bath house, & tailor, 31 Hanover.
Moses Thomas P., professor of music, 8 Pleasant, h. 8 Vaughan.
Moses William, farmer, Rye road, cor. rd.  leading to Sagamore creek.
Moses William,sail maker, h. Peverly's hill, Peverly hill road.
Moulton David, blacksmith, 8 Church, cor. State, h. 4 Warren, cor. Church.
Moulton  Harriet N.,   private  school,  92  State,  cor. Chesnut, bds. 11 Auburn.
Moulton Hiram, farmer, 8 Manning, cor. Gates.
Moulton John, blacksmith, h. 66 Pleasant.
Moulton Joseph, laborer, 1 Cornwall.
Moulton Jos. W., blacksmith, h. 4 Charles.
Moulton Mary, widow of Thomas, 8 Jefferson.
Moulton Nancy, widow of John W., 6 Russel.
Moulton Nathaniel T., draper & tailor, 5  Ladd, h. 11 Auburn. 
Moulton Peletiah, teamster, bds. at Susan Chase's.
Moulton Samuel, blacksmith, h. 86 State.
Moulton Thomas, baker at B. Berry's.
Moulton Wm. P., tin plate & sheet iron worker, h. 20 High.  
Mow Samuel P., sawyer, bds, 40 Deer.
Muchmore Elisabeth K., widow of Wm., 1 Richmond.
Muchmore John K. P., tailor, h. 2 Hunking.
Muehmore Joseph C, mariner, 3 Manning.
Muchmore Meshach T., ship carpenter at Raynes', h. 13 Hanover.
Muchmore Snmuel, mariner, 3 Manning.
Muchmore William, mariner, 9 Hunking.
Mudge Aaron R, boot & shoe manufactory, 13 Penhallow, h. 12 do.
Madge Edward A., book bindery & stationary, 12 Daniel, h. Penhallow.
Mudge Isaac B., cordwainer at Lovering's, h, 50 Pleasant, cor. Washington.
Mudge  Samuel W., foreman at John  Clark's, h. 6 Chesnut.
Mugridge John, calker & ship carpenter, c. r. 1 Rindge whf., h. 119 Market.
Mugridge John F., joiner, h. 21 Gates.
Mugridge Sarah, widow of Wm., 21 Gates.
Mullen Frederick B., brass founder, 80 State, h. 31 Deer.
Mullen James, 46 Daniel. 
Mullen Thomas S., cordwainer, h. 11 High.
Mullenox Esther, (colored) widow of Win., 48 Pleasant.
Murch Isaac C., mariner, 9 Atkinson.
Murdock Wm. W., truckman, 5 Liberty.
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, 41 Water.
Murphy Thomas. Portsmouth Dying establishment, 28 & 30 Penhallow,   bds. Wm. S. Hadley's.
Murphy Weymouth, dyer at do., bds. do.
Myers Charles E., draper & tailor, 7 Bow, 33 Penhallow, bds. 1 Bow.
Myers Jacob, mariner, 10 Anthony.
Nason Abigail, widow of Wm.,   15. Dennett.
Nason Ezekiel V., bar keeper at   Globe hotel, Plains.
Nason John, joiner, bds. 12 North.
Nason Moses, mariner, 2 Edward.
Naylor John G., Rev., h, 7 Austin, cor. Summer.
Neal Adeline P., widow of James, 13 Deer.
Noal Charles A., mariner, bds. 11 South.
Neal John, ship chandlery &  groceries, 9 Bow, 34 Penhallow, bds. 44 Daniel.
Neal Joseph, ship carpenter, bds. 44 Daniel.
Neal Margaret, widow of Robert, 1 South School.
Neal Robert, 11 South.
Neal Sarah, widow of Samuel, 6 Auburn.
Neal William, shipmaster, 14 Daniel,
see Neil.
Neef Mehitable B., widow of Alexander, 3 Atkinson.
Neil. Kobert G., book keeper, bds. 10 Penhallow.
Neil Thomas, North, brick h. above Cutt's house.
Nelson Frances, widow of Isaac, 3 South.
Nelson Isaac F., at Jeremiah. D. Goodrich's, h.  3 South.
Nelson Nathaniel, sailmaker, Pier buildings, bds. 13 South.
Nelson Samuel, sailmaker, bds. 13 South.
Nerrett Charles, (col'd) farmer, bds. 14 State.
Newman Daniel P., ropemaker, h. 25 South.
Newman Edward, grocer, 40  Congress, cor. Vaughau, h. 8 Vaughan.
Noble Jeremiah, shoresman, Noble's Island.
Noble Moses, shoresman, Noble's Island.
Noble Sarah, widow of Robert,  do.
Norris Moses, ropemaker, 1 Sudbury.
Norris Samuel, mariner, at, Sea.
Norton Benjamin, joiner, 12 Austin, h. 11 do, corner Cabot,
Norton Elisabeth, widow of William, Lafayette road.
Norton Jefferson, farmer, Lafayette road.
Norton John, joiner, 10 Anthony, h. 14 Anthony.
Norton John Jr., joiner, 8 Ladd, h. 7 Ladd.
Norton Thomas, joiner, 13 Anthony, h. 16 Austin, cor. Anthony.
Norton Win., joiner, Lafayette road, cor. road, lead'g to Rye M. H. (? Rye N.H. ?)
Norwood Elisabetli, 3 Vaughan.
Norwood  Lucy,  variety  store, 41 Congress, h. 3 Vaughan.
Nowell Anthony, 10 Gates.
Nowell Anthony F., dry goods, 11 Market, h. 44 Pleasant, cor. Gates.
Nowell Henry, clerk at James Nowell's, bds, do.
Nowell James, flour & corn, 61 Market, h. 106 State.
Nowell Wn. G., (firm Jenness & Nowell) 32 Court.
Nutter Benjamin, joiner, h. 96 Water.
Nutter George P., farmer at Nathaniel Jackson's, bds. do.
Nutter John, baker at Robert Smith's, bds, do.
Nutter John J., cooper, bds, 96 Water.
Nutter John N., inspector of the customs & surveyer of lumber, h. 4 Richmond.
Nutter Joshua, farmer at John S. Walker's.
Nutter Mary, widow of Jacob, 8 Hunking.
Nutter Nathaniel, farmer at Ezra Young's.
Nutter Phebe P., widow of Joseph. S., 3 Jefferson.
Nutter Wm., laborer, 33 South.
Nutter Wm., joiner, 7 Bridge, h. 6 Bridge.
Odell Lory, counsellor, 14 Market square, bds. Rockingham house.
Odiorne Benjamin, farmer, Rye road.
Odiorne Benjamin, joiner, h. rear 46 Bow.
Odiorne Charles E., Concord stage driver, bds, .Franklin house.
Odiorne Daniel, farmer, Marston farm, Cutts st.
Odiorne.Hannah, widow of Thomas, 6 Gates.
Odiorne James, joiner, 8 Ladd, h. 23 Washington.
Odiorne Leonard H., ostler at Franklin house.
Odiorne Olive, widow of John, Middle, this side Danielson house.
Odiorne Ruth, widow of George, 1. Wendell.
Odiorne Simeon S., farmer, Little Harbor road. next below S. Hall's farm.
Odiorne Thomas, mast & block maker, 2 Manning place, h. 20 Gates.
Otis Harrison G., iron machinist at Franklin foundry, h. 2 Salter.
Oxford John, truckman, wood & lumber, 96 Market, h. 9 Russel.
Oxford John R., grocer, 96 Market, h. 9 Russel.
Owen John, mariner, 11 Pickering.
Page Daniel, farmer, 4 Anthony. 
Page Stacy, mariner, 2 Anthony.
Palmer Isaac, (colored) laborer, 28 Bow.
Palmer Wm., laborer, bds. 36 Bow.
Parcher George, laborer, 113 Market.
Parcher Henry, 1 Rnssel alley.
Parker Georgiana, widow of Stanton, 43 Pleasant, cor. Edward.
Parker Wm., shipmaster, 5 Islington,
Parker Win. B., notary public, 5  Washington, h. do.
Parks John, mariner, 2 Deer.
Parks Solomon, grocer, 17 State, h. 39 Bow.
Parks Win., mariner, 39 Bow.
Parrott Enoch G., passed midshipman, U.  S. Navy, bds. 38 State.
Parrott James B., clerk at C. H. & A. H. Ladd's, bds. 38 State.
Parrott Susan P., widow of Enoch G., 38 State.
Parrott Wm. F., shipmaster, bds. Rockingham house.
Parsons Isaac D., shipmaster, 14 Deer.
Parsons. John, coppersmith at S. Genish & Son's, bds. 10 Penhallow.
Parsons John Jr., joiner, bds, 29 Water.
Parsons Nathaniel, packet master, 4 Mulberry.
Parsons Samuel, farmer, Boyd's road.
Patten Joseph, ship master, 7 Russel.
Patterson David, mariner, 68 Water.
Paul Jeremiah, mariner, 4 Salter.
Paul Keziah, widow of Joseph, 74 Market.
Paul Martin P., clerk at. T. & E. Rand's, 16 Congress.
Paul Sarah, widow of Hiram, 3 Mark.
Paul Simon, laborer, 74 Market.
Paul Susan, 11 Pickering,
Paul Timothy, baker, bakery, h. & shop 29 State.
Payson. John P.,  cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 5 Raitt's court.
Peabody Andrew P., Rev., 21 Middle.
Pearse George, clerk at Stephen Pearse's, bds. do.
Pearse Stephen, grocer, 13 Market square, cor Daniel h. 9 Islington.
see Peirce.
Pearson Almer W., mariner, bds. 6 Green.
Pearson George P., mariner, bds. do.
Pearson Moses, baker at Clapham's, bds. Ciapham's. 
Pearson Robert, mariner, 3 South School.
Pearson Stephen B., mariner, bds. 6 Green.
Peavey Anthony, truckman, 39 Bow.
Peavey John, mariner, bds. 39 Bow.
Peckham James, mariner, 64 Water.
Peduzzi Domenick, confectioner, 1 Congress, corner High, h.1 High.
Peduzzi Domenick Jr., confectioner, h. 8 School.
Peirce Andrew C, mariner, 18 Gates.
Peirce Charles L., packet master, 28 Gates.
Peirce Daniel H., physician, 1  Court, cor. Middle.
Peirce George, joiner, h. 25 Hanover, cor. Fleet.
Peirce Joseph F., (firm of Tarlton & Peirce)  bds. 25 Hanover, cor. Fleet.
Peirce Mary, widow of John, 1 Court, cor. Middle.
Peirce Mark W., merchant, c. r. 2 Market sq., h. 50 Daniel.
Peirce Nathaniel, packet, master, 89 Water.
Peirce Sarah, widow of Samuel, 48 Daniel.
Peirce Sarah H., widow of Nathaniel, 14 Washington;
Peirce Sarah S., widow of Nathaniel T. S., 29 Court.
Peirce Thomas, farmer at Andrew Hussey's.
Peirce Wm. A., baker at Timothy Paul's, bds. do.
Peirce Win. M., mariner, 9 Hunking.
see Pearse.
Pendexter Alfred, joiner, h. 37 Deer, shop rear do.
Pendexter George  W.,  joiner,   35  Hanover, h.  12 Vaughan.
Pendexter Jacob J., lumber, Wm. Sheafe whf., bds. Franklin house.
Pendexter James M., joiner, bds. 12 Vaughan.
Penhallow Andrew J., clerk at Hale & Rollins', bds. 21 Fleet.
Penhallow Benjamin, notary   public,   and   justice peace, 15 Pleasant, h. 1 Austin.
Penhallow Benjamin H., printer, bds, 1 Austin.
Penhallow Eliza W., dress maker, 25 Water.
Penhallow Harriet, widow of Hunking, 21 Fleet.
Penhallow John P., shipmaster, 21 Fleet.
Penhallow  Oliver W., notary public, just, peace & town collector & treasurer, 71 State, h. 3 Summer.
Penhallow Peirce W., mariner, bds. 21 Fleet.
Penhallow Tliomas W., merchant, c. r. 20 Pier buildings, h. 55 State.
Penhailow Wibird, 25 Water.
Pepper Daniel, hosiery weaver, h. 15 Austin.
Perkins Abigail, widow of Thomas, 6 North School.
Perkins   Ann T.,   widow of Jeremy M.,  42 Congress, cor. Chesnut.
Perkins Charles, mariner, bds. 33 Water.
Perkins Elias, farmer, Pev. hill road.
Perkins George H., hatter, h, 1 Cabot.
Perkins James, truckman, 4 Brewster.
Perkins John, joiner, 5 Cabot, h. 2 Cabot.
Perkins Jonathan, mariner, 2 Blossom.
Perkins Mary, widow of George, 1 Cabot.
Perkins Nathaniel, mariner, 30 Water.
Perkins Noah, joiner, h. 45 Congress, shop mar do.
Perry Joseph, at S. Cleaves & Co's., h. 43 Deer.
Perry Samuel, truckman, h. 5 Hunking.
Perry Sarah, widow of John M., 6 Liberty.
Peterson Adrian A., gunner U. S. Navy, h. 16 South.
Peterson John, mariner, 16 Water.
Peterson Paul, clothing store, 3 State.
Peterson Sarah, widow of Samuel, 1 Wibird.
Pettigrew Arthur, mariner, Long's whf.
Pettigrew James, cordwainer, h.  36 Washington.
Pettigrew Mary R., widow of Joseph, 13 Fleet.
Pettigrew Olive, widow of Samuel, 19 Russel.
Pettigrew William Jr., ship carpenter, at Raynes', h. 3 Raitt's court.
Peverly Freeman, truckman, 64 Water.
Peverly George, joiner, 7 South.
Peverly  Robert, farmer, Middle, between Pound & Plains.
Peverly William Jr., drummer on board U. S, R. Cutter Madison, bds. at Gen. Peverly's.
Phalin Hugh, fisherman, 6 Dennett.
Philbrook Daniel, laborer, 2 Mark.
Philbrook David, truckman & wood whf., h.  4 Hancock, whf. adj. do.
Phillips James, mariner, at Sea,
Phillips Thomas, bell hanger & locksmith, 8 Church cor. State, h. 10 Warren.
Phipps Sarah, widow of Robert, 14 Auburn.
Pickering Charles W., Lieut. U. S. Navy, Creek st. (Woodbury house.)
Pickering   Daniel   N.,   farmer,   North.   ( Sherburne farm.)
Pickering Ephrairn, laborer, 3 Woodbury.
Pickering Hazen, school master, h. 58 Congress.
Pickering Isaac, Creek st. (Woodbury house )
Pickering Isaac S., boarding house, 16 Hanover.
Pickering Jacob S., cashier Rockingham Bank, h. 9 Vaughan.
Pickering James, lumber, Win. Sheafe whf., resides at Newington.
Pickering  John K.,  flour & corn,   49 Market, h. 36 Pleasant.
Pickering Jos. W., farmer, 7 Summer.
Pickering Jos. W. Jr., mariner, 7 Summer.
Pickering Louisa J. W., Creek st. (Woodbury house.)
Pickering Nathaniel, farmer at Andrew Hussey's.
Pickering Thomas, ship carpenter, h. 3 Salter.
Pickering Timothy W., 7 Summer.
Pickernell Lydia, widow of Thomas, 4 Jefferson, cor Atkinson.
Pickett Samuel, ship master, 2 Summer.
Pierrepont Harriet P., widow of James H., 4 Sheafe.
Pike John, farmer, Little Harb'r. road. (Samuel Hall's farm)
Pillow Joseph D., book keeper at Hosiery factory, & gauger, h. 27 Islington.
Pinder John H., butcher, h. 8 Dennett.
Piper Moses, saddler & harness maker, 14 Daniel, h. 22 Court, cor. Pleasant.
Pitman Dorothy, widow of Mark, nurse, 7 Pray.
Pitman John, packet master, bds. 2 Melcher.
Pitman Mark, mariner, bds. 7 Pray.
Pitman Mary, widow of Charles H., 2 Parker.
Place Abigail, widow of Win., 29 Gates.
Place Charles, mariner, 29 Gates.
Place Sarah, widow of Daniel, 29 Gates,
Place Susan, widow of James, 20 Hanover.
Plaisted Elisha,  wood, lumber &  lime, 1 State, h. 5 Court, cor. Mark.
Plaisted Mark, cooper, h. 41 Bow.
Plumer Avery, baker, h. 4 Church, shop, 5 do., bakery, 6 Warren.
Plumer Cyrus, baker at Avery Plumer's, bds. do.
Plumer Geo. W,, baker at Clapham's, bds. do.
Plumer Jacob P., printer, 16 Daniel, bds. 4 Church.
Plumer Samuel N., baker at Avery Phuner's, h. 23 Fleet.
Pook Samuel, naval constructor, Navy Yard, h. 1 Atkinson, cor. State.
Poor Nancy, straw  bonnet millenery, 28 Vaughan, bds. do.
Potter Chandler E., 23 Middle.
Potter Oliver, mariner, 5 Vaughan.
Pratt Barnabas, mariner, at Sea.
Pratt James H., laborer, 5 Dennett.
Pray Ansel A., Dover stage driver, bds. Franklin h.
Pray Ellen, widow of Samuel, 13 Deer.
Pray James B., joiner, 7 Cabot, cor. Austin, h. do.
Pray John mariner, 3 Pray.
Pray John S., mariner, bds. 13 Deer.
Pray Mark, farmer, North, at Carkin's.
Pray Mary, widow of Peter, 3 Pray.
Prescott Hannah, widow  of Benjamin, Sheafe farm, Sagamore creek.
Prescott Henry, pilot, 8 School.
Prescott Henry Jr., mariner, bds. 8 School.
Prescott   John,   distiller at. Waldron's, & dealer in Wood, 3 Short, h. 6 Jackson.
Prescott John, shipcarpenter, h. 41 Bow.
Preston Win. R., druggist & apothecary, 82 State, bds. 2 Islington, cor. Bridge.
Priest John, at Samuel Larkin's.
Pulcifer Nehemiah, spinner at Hosiery factory, bds. 24 Anthony.
Purcell Susan & Ann, 9 Mechanic, cor. Gardner.
Putnam  Fernando C, pri. school, 2 Fleet, cor. Court, bds. 2 Islington, cor. Bridge.
Quincy Charles C.,  packet master, grocery, 74 Market.
Quincy Oliver, mariner, bds. 74 Market.
Radcliffe Benjamin, ship carpenter, 80 Water.
Raitt James, blacksmith, Noble's Island, h. 6 Raitt's court.
Rand (Aaron L.) & Bruce (Lewis Jr.,) painters & glaziers, 58 Market, R's h. 8 Atkinson.
Rand   Alexander,  grocer,  35 & 36 Water,  bds. 6 School.
Rand Albeit G., at Samuel Gookin  & Son's, bds. 6 Pray.
Rand David, farmer, ror.d leading fm. Marden's, Lafayette rd. to Rye M. H. (? N. H. ?)
Rand Edward, (firm Thomas & Edward) 6 Court.
Rand Hannah, widow of Samuel, 6 Pray.
Rand Henry, ostler at  Fanners' hotel,  h.  30 Washington, cor. Gates.
Rand Henry S., hatter, h. 22 Daniel.
Rand James, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 2 Richmond.
Rand John G., victualling & liquor cellar, oppo. Spring market, h. 29 Penhallow.
Rand Joshua, cordwainer at Lovering's, bds. do.
Rand Reed V., joiner, h. 12 Cabot, shop rear do.
Rand Reuben, farmer, Lafayette road.
Rand Simeon, fanner, Lafayette road.
Rand Thomas & Edward, grocers, 1 Pleasant, corner Market sq., Ts h. 99 State.
Rand Thomas O., mariner, 100 Water.
Rand Wm., grocer, 3 Ceres & 1 South Church place, h. 4 Manning.
Randall Bradburv C., machinist, h. 41 Bow.
Randall.George, laborer, rear 1 Parker.
Randall Reuben, mariner,  3 Anthony.
Randall Reuben S., mariner, bds. 41 Pleasant
Randall Sarah, widow of Edward, 35 Court.
Randall (Wiliiam) & Tripyear (Nancy) confectioners, 7 Washington,  cor. Court, h. 35 do.
Raynes (Charles) & Fernald, (Frederick W.)   ship builders, Badger's Island, Raynes bds. 36 Daniel.
Raynes George, ship builder, ship  yard,  foot Short, h. 46 Vaughan.
Rea Samuel, keeper Bell Tavern, 20 Congress.
Reay Andrew, rigger, h. 37 Bow.
Reding Charles W., bds. 104 State.
Reding Phebe, widow of Charles, 104 State,
Reed John F., whitesmith, h. 16 Russel.
Reed Salome, widow of Luther, 16 Russel.
Reilley Barnard, sawyer at Geo. Raynes', bds. Market st. house.
Reilley Michael, sawyer at Geo. Raynes', bds.   do.
Remick Hiram P., morocco dresser, h. 30 Hanover.
Remick Joseph, foreman   at Hill &  Carr's, h. 10 Russel.
Rice   Alexander, agent Portland stage co., bds. Franklin house.
Rice Charles W., at James Rnndlett's.
Rice George, baker at Timothy Paul's, h. 11 Gates.
Rice George W., clerk N. H. Union Bank,   bds.  17 Court.
Rice John, cashier N. H. Union Bank, h. 17 Court,
Rice Robert, merchant, c. r. 47 Market, h. 8 Islington, cor. Parker.
Rice Wm., merchant, c. r. Win. Sheafe wharf, h. 19 Deer.
Rice Wm. .A., shipmaster, 9 Market.
Richards Caroline, widow of Mark, 19 Islington, cor. Ann.
Ricker Charles, rigger, h. 53 Water.
Ricker Moses D., shipmaster, h. 4 Chapel, cor. Sheafe.
Rider John, (firm Emery & Rider) groceries, 33 Court, h. do.
Rider Mary, 1 Jefferson.
Rinaldi Charles, mariner, bds. 11 Jefferson.
Rinaldi John, mariner, bds.  do.
Rindge John P., bds. 10 Penhallow.
Rindge Wm. H., farmer at Job Tabor's.
Roach Edmund P., joiner, h. 39 Deer, shop rear do.
Roach Matthew H., boot & shoe manufactory, 28 Daniel, cor, Penhallow.
Roach Phebe, widow of Thomas, Goslin road.
Roach Wm., farmer,  
Roberts Charles, blacksmith, h. Jackson hill.
Roberts Daniel, farmer, Cutts st.
Roberts James, boot & shoe manufactory, 109 Market, h. 42 Deer.
Roberts Jonathan, farmer, 1 Dearbon.
Roberts Thomas, fanner, 9 North.
Roberts, family of the late Edmund, 61 State, corner Penhallow.
Robertson Thomas, pilot, h. 16 Washington.
Robinson Abigail P., straw bonnet millenery, 45 Congress, bds. do.
Robinson Abednego, farmer, Sherburne's road.
Robinson Abednego Jr., farmer, do.
Robinson Charles, flour & corn, 14 & 15 Bow, h. 34 Pleasant.
Robinson Charles Jr., clerk  at Charles Robinson's, bds. 34 Pleasant.
Robinson Jacob S., bds. Abetlnego Robinson's.
Robinson John.S., stage driver,   bds. Jos. E. Robinson's.
Robinson Joseph E., farmer, Creek st., 2d house above bridge.
Robinson (Samuel) & Howe (Charles H.) livery stable 8 Warren, Rob's, h. 2 Court. 
Robinson   Walter S., joiner, bds. Abednego Robinson's.
Rogers Arthur, bds. Danielson's.
Rogers Cyras, laborer, 9 1-2 Deer.
Rogers Daniel R,, merchant, c. r. 71  State,  h.  10 Congress.
Rogers Frederick W., stoves, flour, & corn, 43 Market, h. 3 Jackson.
Rogers Georce, manufacturer of brick, foot Jackson hill st.
Ropers Hannah, widow of Daniel, 10 Congress,
Rogers Hannah, widow of Enoch R., 11 Anthony.
Rogers Joseph, rigger, 4 Charles.
Rollins Dinah, (colored) 29 Bow.
Rollins Ichabod,   (Jim Hale & Rollins) h. 69 Pleasant.
Rollins Timothy E., cabinet maker at Brown & Joy's, bds. 36 Daniel.
Rosa Evans, joiner, 11 Long wharf, h 3 Melcher.
Ross John, (colored) mariner, 48 Pleasant.
Ross John P., lot layer & surveyor, h. 3 Melcher.
Rowe Charles H, (firm Robinson & Rowe) h. 10 Fleet.
Rowe Ebenezer, 2 North School.
Rowe Frederick, butcher, stall 6 Brick mark't, h. 8 South.
Rowe Nancy H., widow of Jabez, 6 Liberty.
Rowe Rebecca, widow of Peirce, 15 State.
Rowe Samuel, clerk, at John Yeaton's, bds. 36 Daniel.
Rowe Theodore F., ship joiner & turner, 1 Jones, h. 4 North School.
Rugg Ivah N., manufacturer of soap & candle boxes, Walker's mills, h. 36 Vaughan.
Rugg Pers's H., widow of John, 32 Vaughan.
Rundlett Alfred, dry goods, 8 Market, h. 13 Middle.
Rundlett Andrew J., mariner, bds. 13 Cabot.
Rundlett Edward, mariner, bds, 13 Cabot.
Rundlett Gideon H., bde. 13 Cabot.
Rundlett James, c. r. 6 Market, h. 24 Middle.
Rundlett Taylor M,, b. 24 Deer, cor. Vaughan.
Rundlett William,  workman lor Aqueduct  co,, h. 13 Cabot.
Rundlett VVm. H., painter at Henry Bufford's, h. 17 Anthony.
Runnells Ebenezer, blacksmith, h. 17 Gates.
Russell Elisabeth, widow of Benjamin, 3 Walden.
Russell Wm., packet master, 13 South.
Rymes Lucy, widow of Christopher, 3 School.
Rymes William, whitesmith & blacksmith, 22 Bow, h, 38 Bow.
Safford Dorothy S., widow of Thomns. 29 Court.
Safford Samuel, wheelwright, bds, 29 Court.
Safford Thomas J., bds. 29 Court.
Salter Charles H., shipmaster, bds. 20 Court.
Salter Elisabeth, widow of Richard, 25 Vaughan, cor. Deer.
Salter Henry P.,  merchant, c. r. 22 Pier buildings, h. 28 Deer.
Salter John, agent Marine railway co., c. r. brick building, h. 13 Washington.
Salter John E., shipmaster, bds. 20 Court.
Salter Maria L., widow of Henry, 20 Court.
Salter Sarah, widow of Joseph M., 21  Washington.
Salter Sarah E., private school, 27  State, bds. 21 Washington.
Salter Titus, merchant, c. r. 22 Pier  buildings, h. 1 Salter.
Sampson Josiah A., moulder, h. 74 Water.
Sanborn   Elhanan W., cordwainer, h, 2 Hancock.
Sanborn   Jane, widow of Daniel, 6 Salter.
Saunders Elisabeth, widow, 3 Hancock.
Scott Daniel P.,   farmer, Sherburne's road. (Haver farm.)
Scriggins   John, tanner at Robert   Lefavor's,  h. 2 Dearbon.
Scriggins Sarah Ann, tailoring,   17 Hanover.
Scriggins Stephen D., (firm Akerman& Scriggins) bds. 4 Marlborough.
Seaver John, machinist, h.  12 Anthony.
Seavey Deborah, widow of John, 26 Gates.
Seavey Elijah, farmer, Islington st., cor. White's road.
Seavey Joel, morocco dresser at Blake's, h. 10 Bridge.
Seavey Nancy, widow of John, 37 Islington.
Seavey Stephen, packet master, 103 Market.
Seavey William, packet master, 26 Washington.
Seaward John, mariner, bds. 3 Rock.
Seaward John H., wharfinger,  Portsmouth Pier co., c. r. 7 Pier whf., h. 45 Vaughan.
Seaward Lucy M., (firm Trickey & Seaward) bds. 45 Vaughan.
Seaward Mark, mariner, bds. 1 Hunking.
Seaward Susan, widow of Wm., nurse, 3 Rock.
Seaward. William, mariner, 1 Hunking
Seaward Wm. 2d., mariner, bds. 3 Rock.
Senter Daniel, hair dresser, 4 Congress, bds. 13 Austin, cor. Cabot.
Sonter Dorothy, widow of Wm., 13 Austin, cor. Cabot.
Senter Elisabeth, dress making, 13 Austin, cor. Cabot.
Senter John, at Jos. Hurd's 17 Middle.
Senter Margaret, widow of John T., 26 Washington.
Senter Oliver, hair dresser, 19 Penhallow, h. 64 Pleasant, cor. Franklin.
Senter Timo' G.,  school  master, bds.   13 Austin, cor. Cabot.
Senter William, hair dresser, 25 Congress, cor. Fleet, h. 4 Raitt's Court.
Sewell Caroline & Susan, 9 Gates.
Seymour Solomon, blacksmith,   North,   green  house above John S. Walker's.
Shackford Amelia, widow of John, Sen., 55 Daniel, cor. Mulberry.
Shackford Charles C, Rev., bds. 35 Daniel.
Shackford Dorothy N., widow of Benjamin, school mistress, 3 South.
Shackford George, 55 Daniel, cor. Mulberry.
Shackford Jane S., widow of John Jr., 55 Daniel, cor. Mulberry.
Shackford Samuel, joiner, h. 19 Court, shop adj. do.
Shackford Sarah, 3 Wentworth.
Shackford Win. M., ship master, 35 Daniel.
Shannon George, joiner, h. 2 Sudbury.
Shannon James, cooper, h 19 Washington.
Shannon John,  farmer, North,   next above Joseph Wiggin's.
Shannon Wm.,  farmer,     do.
Shapley Hamilton, 3 Court.
Shapley Sarah, widow of James, 3 Court.
Shapley William, blacksmith, at Ports,  iron foundry, bds. 57 Daniel.
Shaw Izette, widow of Abraham, 54 State.
Shaw John, ship carpenter, 4 Pray.
Shaw Rebecca N., widow of Thos. M., 45 Water.
Sheafe Ann B., Charlotte & Francis, 46 Congress.
Sheafe Edmund Q,., merchant, c. r. Win Sheafe whf., h. 21 Deer.
Sheafe John, cordwainer, bds. 43 Court.
Sheafe John H., iron &  steel, 92 & 94 Market, h. 69 State.
Sheafe Mark W., merchant, c. r. Wm. Sheafe whf., h. 46 Congress.
Sheafe Samuel, merchant, c. r. 89 Market, h. 68 Market, cor. Deer.
Sheafe   Theodore, Sagamore creek, Sheafe farm.
Sheas Susan, widow of John, 15 Water.
Sheffield Henry L., mariner, 15 Water.
Sheldon Kittredge, butcher, stall S. market, h. 5 Ann.
Shepherd Sarah F., widow of James, 6 Islington, cor. Parker.
Sherburne Augustus, hatter, h. 55 Congress.
Sherburne Daniel, farmer, Middle, nenr the Plains.
Sherburne Edward, cordwainer, h. 7 Atkinson,   cor, Jefferson.
Sherburne Elisabeth, widow of Nathaniel, 52 Daniel, cor. Chapel.
Sherburne Elisabeth, widow of John, 12 Auburn.
Sherburne George C, farmer, Middle. (March farm.)
Sherburne Hepsabah, widow  of Joseph, Islington oppo. Plains.
Sherburne Jane, wid.of Dan'l, Middle, opp. Plains.
Sherburne John N., c. r. 1 Pier whf,, h. 52 Daniel, cor, Chapel.
Sherbuine Joseph, farmer, at Hepzabah Sherburne's
Sherburne Levi, farmer, Middle.
Sherburne Levi Jr., farmer, do.
Sherburne Samuel, mariner, 2 Anthony.
Sherburne Sarah, widow of Samuel,  Myrtle.  (Sherburne farm.)
Sherburne Wm., tailor, 12 Auburn.
Sherburne Wm. B., farmer, Islington, oppo. Plains.
Sherburne Wm. H., stone cutter, bds. 5 Brewster.
Sherive Samuel, grocer, 1 Long whf., cor. Water, h. 67 Pleasant.
Sherky Robert, cordwainer at Lovering's, bds. do.
Sherridan Michael, workman at Oil factory, h. 43 Court, cor, Atkinson.
Shillaber Joseph, shipmaster, 5 Brewster.
Shillaber Robert, constable, 8 Ann.
Shillaber William, mariner, 7 Brewster.
Shores James F. & Son, (James F. Shores Jr.) book store, 1 Market.
Shores  James   F.,  acc't  at Piscataqua   Bank, h. 46 Pleasant, cor. Gates.
Shores James F. Jr., bds. James F. Shores'.
Shores Lucy, widow of Peter, 41 South.
Shores Peter, boat builder, h. 37 South.
Shores Sarah A. R., fancy goods,   dress making & millenery, 20 Daniel, h. 18 Deer.
Shorey Ephraim, mariner, 1 Woodbury.
Shute John, cooper, h. 8 Russel.
Sides Richard S., blacksmith, h. 1 Dearbon.
Sides Samuel, laborer, 14 Cabot.
Simes George, livery stable, h. 11  Court, stable r. do.
Simes Hannah, widow of Wm., 15 Court.
Simes John D., ship chandlery, 59 Market, h, 7 Court.
Simes Mary A., widow of Mark, 7 Court.
Simes Stephen H., dry goods, 7 Mk't, h. 3 Livermore.
Simes William & Co., (Thos. E. Call) grocers, 1 Mk't sq., corner High.
Simpson Marietta, widow of Charles, 6 Cabot.
Sise Edward F.   & Co., (John Walker) crockery & glass ware, 75 Market, S's h. 63 State.
Sise Joseph G. & Co., (Sam'l J. Dodge)   wholesale & retail grocers, 52 Market, cor. Hanover, S's h, 19 Pleasant.
Slade Samuel, 22 Vaughan.
Slade Susannah,       do.
Slade Thomas, 4 Cabot.
Slade Washington, farmer, Rebellion road.
Smart George J., cordwainer, 5 South.
Smith Alexander, mariner, N. Yard, h. 4 Mast.
Smith Anna C, widow of Simeon P., 17 Russel.
Smith Daniel, laborer, 3 Mt. Vernon.
Smith Edward A., painter & glazier, 11 Penhallow, bds. 19 Daniel.
Smith  Elisabeth, (colored)  widow   of William,   48 Pleasant.
Smith George, mariner, bds. 17 Russel.
Smith James, 8 Richmond.
Smith James, truckman, 43 Deer.
Smith James Jr., counsellor, h. 86 State.
Smith James M., clerk at John Clark's, bds. 43 Deer.
Smith John, painter & glazier,  11   Penhallow, h. 19 Daniel.
Smith   Lucy H, widow of Daniel, 16 Anthony.
Smith Robert, baker, & grocer, shop 58, h. 59, bakery 60 Water.
Smith Samuel,   cordwainer at Hill & Carr's,  h. 35 Market.
Smith William, mariner, bds. Susan Chase's,
Smith William G., joiner, h. rear 46 Bow.
Somerby John & Son, (Joseph C.) cabinet furniture & upholstery, 18 Congress, John's h. 8 Bridge.
Somerby John P. cabinet maker, h. 16 Hanover.
Somerby Joseph  C,  (firm John   Somerby & Son) 6 Auburn.
Somerby Shcrburne, Haverhill stage driver, h. Mark't. sq., rear T. & E. Rand's.
Somerby William, sailmaker, 3 Pier buildings, h. 7 Howard.
Sowersoy Eliza, dress making, 57 Congress,
Spalding Alfred, mariner, bds. 2 Atkinson, cor.   State.
Spalding Lyman D., shipmaster, 2 Atkinson, cor. State.
Spear Thomas  S., ropemaker    at   Johnson's,   bds. Franklin house.
Spencer Robert, farmer, Little Harbor. (Gideon Beck's farm)
Spinney Benjamin, mariner, 74 Market
Spinney Daniel H, truckman, bds. 1 Spinney's court.
Spinney Ebenezer, farmer, Cutts.
Spinney   James S., at Win. Jones' 53 State.
Spinney Joseph, ware dresser at Franklin Foundry, h. 4 Blossom.
Spinney Joseph H., mariner, bds. 1 Spinney's court.
Spinney Plumer, mariner, bds. 6 Sheafe.
Spinney Samuel, truckman, 6 Deer.
Spinney, Thomas, laborer, 1 Spinney's court.
Spinney Walter, ostler,  Eastern   Stage Co., boards Franklin house.
Spinney William, mariner, 19 Russel.
Stackpole George, joiner, & mariner,6 Salter.
Stackpole Joshua, joiner, h. 71 Pleasant.
Stacy Moses P., clerk at Win, Jones & Son's, bds. 5 Austin.
Stacy Samuel S., ass't. to Purser, Navy Yd., h. 5 Austin,
Stafford Mary, widow of John A., 18 Deer.
Staples Abraham A., joiner, 51 Daniel, cor. Chapel, bds.. 10 Chapel.
Staples Benjamin, mariner, bds. Mrs. Francis', Noble's Island.
Staples James, laborer, 8 North School
Staples   Joshua, blacksmith, 63 Daniel, h. 53 Daniel, corner Mulberry.
Staples Lucretia, widow of Samuel, nurse, 11 High,
Staples   Margaret, widow of John, 10 Chapel.
Stark Lewis, machinist at Hosiery factory, h. 41 Islington.
Stavers John, iron & steel, 79 Market, h. 48 Congress.
Stavers William, 95 State.
Stevens Charles T., mariner, 30 Gates.
Stevens Hannah, widow of Ezra A., keeper .Seaman's home, 1 Bow.
Stevens Joseph, (col'd) mariner, 3 Walden.
Stevens Samuel, mariner, 30 Water.
Steward Samuel, (col'd) mariner, 58 Daniel.
Steward Japhet, mariner, bds. 1 Bow.
Stewart John, packet master, 97 Water,
Stewart Mary, 97 Water.
Stickney John, painter, h. 27 Gates.
Stickney Joseph, ropemaker, h. 2 Mt. Vernon.
Stickney Samuel, ware dresser at Portsmouth  Iron Foundry, h. 1 Green.
Stickney William, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 10 Hanover.
Stiles Joseph, laborer, 9 Pickering.
Stiles Simeon, wheelwright, 23 High.
Stinsou William, 3 Cabot,
Stacker Mary, widow of Win,,4 Pray,
Stocker Mary, widow of John, 4 South.
Stockman David, laborer, bds. 2 Rock.
Stockman John, laborer, 28 Islington.
Stockwell Win.  P., weaver  at Hosiery factory, bds. Bell tavern.
Stokell John, butcher, stall Spring mk't, h. 29 Gates.
Stokell Robert, butcher, stall Spring mk't., h. 30 South.
Stone John, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, bds. Farmers' hotel.
Stone Sarah, widow of Nathaniel, 7 Russel.
Storer Dorothy, widow of Clement, 52 Congress, cor. Middle.
Storer George W., Capt. U. S. Navy, 19 Middle, cor. Auburn.
Storer Mary, 7 Hunking.
Storey Daniel, agent Eastern Stage co.,h. 22 Hanover.
Strong James, bds. Susan Chase's.
Sullivan Sarah, school mistress, 8 School.
Sweetser Abby, widow of Benjmin C, 4 Parker.
Sweetser Washington, saddler & harness maker, 43 Congress, h. 4 Parker.
Symonds Ruth, 113 Market.
Tabor Job, farmer, Middle road.
Tabor John, farmer, do.
Tarlton Benjamin, farmer, Lafayette road.
Tarlton Charlotte, widow of Joseph, 6 Liberty,
Tarlton Daniel, farmer, Lafayette road.
Tarlton Elias, farmer, Lafayette road.
Tarlton (James N.) & Peirce (Joseph F.) ship chandlery and hard ware, 84 & 85 Market, T's  h. 100 State.
Tarlton John, laborer, 3 Manning.
Tarlton Lydia- & Ruth, Lafayette.
Tarlton Stephen, farmer, Creek st. (Gove farm.)
Tusker John T., school master, h. 16 North.
Tasker Jonathan, dyer at Hosiery factory h. 4 Cabot.
Taylor Garret H. N., mariner, 22 Washington.
Taylor Thomas, mariner, 11 Jefferson.
Teague John, cabinet maker, h. 22 High.
Tebernel Louis, fishmonger at Spring market, h.  67 Water.
Tetherly   George, candle & soap manufactory, Pierce whf. oppo. 24 Washington, shop 1 Howard h. 2 do.
Tetherly Oliver, mason, 56 Water.
Thomas William, mariner, bds. at Francis Marden's, Lafayette road.
Thompson Anna, rear 10 Ladd.
Thompson Anna Maria,bd'g h., 2 Islington, cor. Bridge.
Thompson Elisabeth, widow of Joseph, 1 Mt. Vernon.
Thompson Jacob W., shipmaster, 36 State.
Thompson James, mariner, 1 Hancock.
Thompson James, farmer, North, cor. Goslin road.
Thompson John L., bds. 39 Pleasant.
Thompson Nathaniel,  cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, bds. 10 Hanover.
Thompson Wm. W., shipmaster, 88 State.
Thompson Zara, draper & tailor, 37 Mk't., h.3 Bridge.
Thurber John, rigger, 2 Pray.
Tiftbets Sarah, widow of Richard S., 40 Pleasant.
Tilion Enoch, Mansion house, 22 Congress, cor. Fleet.
Tilton Peter, stone cutter, 17 & 18 Penhallow, h. 12 Penhallow.
Tisdale Elisabeth S., dress making, 4 Islington.
Tisdaie William, shipmaster, 4 Islington.
Toby Stephen, shipcarpentcr, Raynes', h. 39 Vaughan.
Toby William, blacksmith, h. 2 North School.
Todd George, laborer, 3 Hancock.
Todd Mary, widow of John, 3 Hancock.
Todd Samuel, mariner, at Sea.
Tolpey Samuel C, mast & block maker, bds. 2 State.
Toppaii Christopher S., merchant, c. r. 77 Market, h. 25 Vaughan, cor. Deer.
Towle  Geo. W., dep'y. sheriff & jail keeper, h. 13 Islington, jail 14 do.
Townsend Jacob, mariner, 3 South mill.
Tuwnsend John R., shipmaster, 3 Pickering.
Trafton Forest, joiner, h. 108 State.
Trask Jonathan B., cabinet maker, h. 27 Water.
Treadwell Ann,  widow  of Robert, 27 Pleasant, cor. Court.
Treadwell Ann, widow of Jacob, h. 3 Vaughan.
Treadwell Daniel H., c. r. 74 State, h. 109 State. (Mason's hill, so called.)
Treadwell Jacob, bds. 1 Sparhawk.
Treadwell James, mariner, bds. 20 Deer.
Treadwell Samuel P.; cabinet maker at Brown & Joy's, bds. 32 Congress.
Treadwell Thomas, grocer, 30 Congress, h. 32 do.
Treadwell Thomas P., grocer, 2 Bow, h. 12 Ladd.
Treadwell William, cabinet maker, bds. 32 Congress.
Treat Allen, (firm Samuel Treat & Son) 3 Russel.
Treat Samuel & Son, (Allen Treat) stone cutters, 17 Deer, Samuel's h. 20 Deer.
Tredick Jonathan M., cashier Portsmouth Bank, h. 1 Salter.
Tredick Martha, widow of Jonathan, 43 Water.
Tredick William, mariner, 99 Water.
Trefethen Abigail, widow, nurse, 8 Hunking,
Trefetlien Abigail   Y., wid. of Henry. 1 New Castle.
Trefethen Ann, widow of Abraham, 4 Blossom.
Trefethen Archelaus F., packet master, 94 Water.
Trefethen Elisabeth, widow of Win., 55 Pleasant.
Trefethen Henry, mariner, 40 Bow.
Trefethen Henry Jr., mariner, 40 Bow.
Trefethen Joseph Jr., ship carpenter, h. 7 Deer.
Trefethen William, packet master, 4 Wentworth.
Tremills, John, seamen's boarding house, 29 Water,
Trickey John G., calker, h. 4 Hunking.
Trickey John H., laborer, 7  South.
Trickey (Olive M.) & Seaward (Lucy,) fancy goods, dress making &  millenary, 22  Market, Mrs. T. bds. J. Davenport's.
Trickey Samuel, laborer, 10 Ladd.
Tripe Eliza Ann, widow of William, priv. school, 90 State, h. 3 Parker.
Tripe Jemima, widow of Richard, 68 Pleasant.
Tripe John H., shipmaster, 68 Pleasant.
Tripe Richard, shipmaster, 68 Pleasant.
Tripe Seth M., shipmaster 21 Islington, cor. Ann.
Tripp Israel, ostler at A. H. Jones', bds. do.
Tripp Robert, at John Davenport's.
Tripyear Nancy, (see Randall & Tripyear.)
Trott Amos, joiner, 2 Melcher.
True Ezekiel, Rev. bds. 41 Bow.
Trundy Elihu G., painter & glazier, 2 Long Whf., h. 29 South.
Trundy (John) & Jones, (Benjamin) mathematical instrument makers, 18 Bow, T's h. 34 Hanover.
Trundy Martha, widow of Thomas, 29 South.
Trundy Meshach  B., wholesale   & retail grocers, 48 Market, h. 1 Sheafe, cor. Penhallow.
Trundy Sarah, widow of John, grocery, 23 South.
Tucker Alfred, victualling & liquor cellar, 1 Ceres, h. 2 Jaffrey's court, rear John Neal's.
Tucker Charles, joiner, h. 11 Gates.
Tucker Charles W.. farmer, at Michael W.  Tucker's.
Tucker Elisabeth, widow of Wooclbury, 44 Water, cor. Hancock.
Tucker Hozea B., carriage maker, h. 5 Blossom.
Tucker John, joiner, 3 Blossom, h. 5 Blossom.
Tucker John Jr., mast &   blockmaker,  h. 20   South
Tucker John A., joiner, bds. 28 Court.
Tucker Joseph M., ostler at Robinson & Rowe's, h. 17 Hanover.
Tucker Leonard, cordwainer, h. 1 Tanner.
Tucker Michael W., farmer, Rye road.
Tucker Oliver P., mariner, 4 Franklin, (avenue.)
Tucker Samuel, stone layer, South, towards  Pound.
Tucker Sarah, widow of Henry, 85 Water.
Tucker Sarah A., tailoring, 37 South.
Tucker Timothy,wheelwright, 79 State, h. 7 Manning.
Tucker William, joiner, 1 Penhallow, h. 45 Daniel.
Tucker William, 1 Tanner.
Tucker Win. H., ropemaker, 85 Water.
Tucker Woodbury, ship master, bds. 44 Water, cor. Hancock. 
Tuckerman Andrew J., mariner, bds. 93 Water.
Tuckerman John, boat builder, 3 Mechanic, h. 23 Gates.
Tuckerman Oliver, mast & block maker, bds. 3 Gardner.
Tuckerman Samuel, packet master, 93 Water.
Tuckerman William, packet master, 3 Gardner.
Tuckerman Wm. Jr., 3 Gardner.
Tuffts Moses, cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, bds. 36 Daniel.
Tullock Mary, widow of Wm., 1 South School.
Tullock Wm. S., agent Steam Boat Portsmouth, (at Boston) bds.  1 South School.
Twoinbly Amos, laborer, Woodbury, cor. Sparhawk.
Twombly James, ostler Eastern stage co., bds. Franklin House.
Tyler Phineas, ship carpenter, h. 2 Franklin.
Underwood John A., 3d. Lieut. U. S. Rev. Cutter, Philadelphia station, 8 Bridge.
Underwood Sarah, widow of John, h. 8 Bridge.
Upham Joseph B., wholesale & retail grocer, 69 & 71 Market, h. 96 State.
Upham Timothy, merchant, c. r, 71 Market, h. 4 Austin.
Upham Win. A., mariner, bds. 4 Austin.
Varney David, iron   machinist at Franklin Foundry, bus. 16 Hanover.
Varney Edward, iron machinist at Franklin foundry, bds. 6 School.
Varney Eliphalet C, morocco dresser at Robert Lefavor's, h. 2 Rock.
Varrell Hall, (firm Bartlett & Varrell) h. 8 Hanover.
Varrell John, 8 Hanover.
Varrell William, painter & glazier, h. 10 High, shop rear do.
Vaughan Caroline A.  R., tailoring, 67 State,  h.  75 Water.
Vaughan Daniel, packet master, 24 Vaughan.
Vaughan Mary, widow of Daniel, 10 South.
Vaughan Mary S., widow of Michael, 75 Water.
Vaughan Wm. A., painter & glazier, 3 Water, h. 9 Manning, front Manning Place.
Vennard George, mariner, 5 Jefferson.
Vennard Henry T., joiner, bds. 103 State.
Vennard Matthew B., packet master, h. 103 South.
Vincen Levi, (colored ) ostler at Laws', bds. 14 South
Vincent Joseph H., at George Raynes', h. 5 North.
Vinton Harvey, physician, bds. Farmers' Hotel.
Walden James H., mariner, bds. 6 Wai den.
Waldon John M., blacksmith, h. 6 Walden.
Walden Joshua M., laborer, h. 28 Washington.
Walden Nathan, 37 Daniel.
Walden Richard, calker, bds. 2 State.
Walden Thomas, 2 South School.
Walden Thomas Jr., calker, b. 7 Sheafe.
Walden William, pilot, bds. Bell tavern.
Waldron Charles H., sailmaker at Benj. Fishley's, h. 17 Hanover.
Waldron Isaac, merchant, c. r. 5 Bow, h. 44 Congress.
Waldron Joshua F., laborer, 14 Russel.
Walker Alfred W., shipmaster, 22 Daniel.
Walker Charles, professor of music,  h. 1 North Sch'l. cor. North.
Walker Charles, sailmaker, 6 Pier whf., h. 5 Auburn.
Walker Charles W., clerk at Market street house.
Walker Daniel, mariner, 11 Jefferson.
Walker Daniel, sheet iron & tin plate worker, bds. Franklin house.
Walker Gideon, Boston stage driver, 2 Raitt's court
Walker Gideon W., manufacturer, Walker's mills, 47 Vaughan, h. 44 do.
Walker Henry G., mariner, bds. 2 Russel.
Walker Horton D., (firm Samuel   Cleaves & Co.) 31 Vaughan.
Walker John, (firm E.F. Sise & Co.) 5 Auburn
Walker John K., farmer, bds. Nath'l Walker's.
Walker John S., farmer, & boot & shoe manufacturer, North, 2d. above Cutts h.
Walker John S. Jr., mariner, bds. 6 Charles.
Walker Jonathan, keeper Market street house, 114 & 115 Market.
Walker Lydia, widow of Gideon, 44 Vaughan.
Walker Mark, 21 High.
Walker Mary, 55 Congress.
Walker Nathaniel, farmer, Sodom road.
Walker Nathaniel K., hatter, 11   Congress,   h. 50 State.
Walker Richard, machinist, 45 Bow, h. do.
Walker Samuel, fanner, 5 Wentworth.
Walker (Samuel P.) & Fosdick (James Jr.) confectioners, 39 State.
Walker  Samuel P., cordwainer, h. 45 Court, cor, Atkinson.
Walker Stephen, draper fy tailor, 9 Daniel, h. 5 Auburn.
Walker William, truckman & wood whf., h. 6 Charles, whf. rear do.
Walker William, dep. collector, weigher, & gauger, at Custom House, h. 2 Russel, cor. Vaughan.
Wallace Isaac, mariner, 7 Pray.
Walls Jane, widow of Thomas, nurse, 17 Hanover.
Walsh John, laborer, 43 Daniel.
Walsh Lucy, widow of Win., nurse, 28 Washington.
Walton Benjamin, cooper at Dan'l. W. Wendell's, bds. 11 Russel.
Walton Joseph, inspector of the customs, h. 26 Gates.
Walton Joseph Jr., inspector general of fish, c. r. 110 Market, h. 11 Russel.
Walton Susannah, widow of John, 11 Russel.
Warburton John, calico printer, Sherbume's   rd., near Ephraim Hodgdon's.
Ward  Elisabeth   L.,  grocery,  29 Vaughan, corner Russel.
Warren Alonzo K., farmer, Pev. hill road, 1st. from Plains.
Washington Thomas G., (col'd.) 3 Sparhawk.
Waterhouse Arthur, sailmaker, h. 22  Washington.
Waters Mary, 61 Water.
Watkins Benjamin, truckman, 2 Mast.
Watkiris Thomas, truckman, 6 Hancock.
Watkins Thomas Jr,, truckman, 2 Mast.
Watson Asa, keeper of Pound, h. near do.
Watts Olive, widow of Edward, 5 Vaughan.
Webb Phebe Ann, (col'd.) widow of Isaac, 14 South.
Webb William, (Colored) seamen's boarding house, 14 State.
Webber William, draper & tailor,  11  Pleasant, h. 1 Whidden.
Webster Charles H., (firm Morrison & Webster)   bds 1 Summer.
Webster Hannah, widow of Josiah, 9 Ladd.
Weeks Benjamin, mast & block maker, h. 74 Water.
Weeks John J., joiner, at John Norton's, bds. do.
Weeks Joseph T., joiner, h. 64 Water.
Weeks Margaret, widow of John, 38 Court.
Weeks   William, printer & boarding   house,   36 Daniel.
Welch Artis, laborer, 15 Fleet.
Welch James, laborer, 1 Liberty.
Wellman George, mariner, bds. at Susan Chase's.
Wendell Abraham, ship chandlery, 1 Water, 6 State, h. 47 Pleasant.
Wendell Abraham Q,, (firm D. D. & A. Q. Wendell) 13 High.
Wendell Daniel   D. & Abraham Q.,  hard ware, 3 Market sq., D. D's h. 49 Daniel.
Wendell Daniel W., cooper, 110 Market,   h. 12 Russel.
Wendell Edward S., grocer, 20 Water, cor.  Jefferson, h. 13 Gates.
Wendell Henry F., clerk at Abraham   Wendell's, bds do.
Wendell Jacob, book keeper at Goodwin & Coues, h. 41 Pleasant, cor. Edward.
Wendell John H., mariner, bds. 12 Russel.
Wendell Mark R., (firm Wm. Jones & Son) bds. 41 Pleasant, cor. Edward.
Wentworth Ebenezer, merchant, c. r. 5 Long whf., h. 52 Pleasant, cor. Wentworth.
Wentworth Job, (colored) laborer, 58 Daniel.
Wentworth Mark H., dry goods,  15 Market, bds. 52 Pleasant, cor. Wentworth.
Wentworth Mary, widow of Daniel, 33 State.
Wentworth Mary (colored) widow of Caezer, 5 State.
Whaling Benjamin, laborer, bds. 15 Russel.
Wheeler Hunking, joiner, 1 Gardner.
Wherren Joseph, ship carpenter, 46 Bow.
Wherren Moses P., mariner, bds. 74 Market.
Whidden Abigail, 15 South.
Whidden Daniel, ostler at Joshua Johnson's, h. 33 Hanover.
Whidden Hannah S., widow of Joshua B., 49 Daniel.
Whidden James W., farmer, Sodom road.
Whidden John W., mariner, bds. Thos. J. Whidden's.
Whidden Joseph, farmer, Lafayette road.
Whidden Joseph 2d;, blacksmith, 3 Whidden place, h. 2 do.
Whidden Joseph W., farmer, Lafayette road,
Whidden Oliver, farmer, Sodom road.
Whidden Sally, widow of Samuel, Sodom road.
Whidden Samuel, farmer, Lafayette road.
Whidden Thomas, blacksmith, Lafayette road.
Whidden Thomas J, farmer, Little Harbor road.
Whidden Thomas J. Jr., farmer at Thos. J. Whidden's.
Whidden William, farmer, Lafayette road.
Whipple Dinah, (colored) widow of Prince, 48 Pleasant.
White Edward, mariner, 100 Water.
White George M., passed midshpman, U. S. Navy, bds. Rockingham house.
White James W., ship  carpenter at Raynes', h. 5 North.
White John, laborer, 7 High.
White John M., grocer, 6 Penhallow, bds. 3 Market.
White Sarah H., 48 Daniel.
White Wm A., mariner, 25 South.
Whitehouse Ebenezer, cooper, h. Long's wharf.
Whittemore Henry, mason, 40 Daniel.
Wiggin Eliza, widow of Stephen, 9 Chapel.
Wiggin Joseph, farmer, North, cor. Creek st. (formerly Sparhawk place.)
Wiggin Samuel P., provision store, 54 Market, h. 3 Parker.
Wiggin Thomas, farmer, 25 Gates.
Wiggin Thomas 2d., gundalo man. bds. J. G. Rand's.
Willard Sarah, widow of Ezra, 15 Penhallow.
Willey Jacob, gundalo man, h. 111 Market.
Willey John, ship carpenter, h. foot Jackson's hill Dennett st.
Willey Martha, Peverly hill road, 1st from Lafayette.
Willey Stephen, mariner, bds. Susan Chase's.
Wiiley Wm. S., painter, h. Pev hill road, 1st from Lafayette.
Wilson Aaron, joiner, h. 14 Cabot.
Wilson Isaiah, joiner, bds. 6 School.
Wilson Joaiah H., hatter, h. 5 Wentworth.
Wilson   Nathaniel, purser, U. S.  Navy, (at Portsmouth.) bds Rockingham house.
Wilson Peter, inspector of the customs, h.  14  Court, cor. Chesnut.
Wilson Samuel, rigger, 4 Deer.
Wilson Samuel Jr., stone cutter, bds. 4 Deer.
Wingate George, joiner at Franklin foundry,  h.   26 Washington.
Winkley Jane   S., widow of  John, priv. school, 19 High.
Winkley John F., mariner, bds. 19 High.
Winn Jeremiah, cordwainer at Lovering's, bds. do.
Wise Mary, widow of Daniel Jr., 44 Vaughan.
Wise Michael, hatter, h. 26 Washington.
Witham Joseph, rope maker, h. 72 Water.
Witham Nancy, widow of Theodore, 2 Pickering.
Witham Theodore, fisherman, 11 Pickering.
Woodbury Lucy, widow of Benjamin, 55 Water.
Woodman James S., blacksmith at Raitt's, bds. do.
Woods Sarah, 15 Russel.
Woodsum Job, calker, h. 34 Court, cor. Washington.
Woodworth   Nathaniel, weaver at Hosiery  factory, bds. 16 Hanover.
Wormwood Samuel, mariner, 1 Russel.
Wyatt Ebenezer, cigar manufactory, 26 Court, h. do.
Wyatt Ebenezer Jr., harness maker & chaise  trimmer at A. M.& A. J. Beck's, h. 22 High,
Yeaton Ann, widow of Benjamin, 4 Mt. Vernon.
Yeaton John, grocer, 31 Market, h. 65 Water.
Yeaton Moses, joiner, 12 Austin, h. 11 do.
Yeaton (Orlando) & Gerrish (Robert F. )stoves, sheet iron & tin ware, 18 Daniel, Y's h, 32 Pleasant.
Yeaton Richard C., joiner, h. 5 Hancock.
Yeaton Sarah, widow of Benjamin, 65 Water.
Yeaton William, mariner, bds. 64 Water.
York John, ship carpenter  at Raynes', h. 1  North  School.
Young Acanthus, blacksmith, h. 8 Deer.
Young Charles, mast & block maker, h. 82  Water, grocery, 83 do.
Young Charlotte . H.,  school  mistress,   bds.   Ezra Young's.
Young David, ropemaker at Johnson's, h. 92 Water.
Young Elijah B., ostler at Eastern stage  stable, h. 10 Washington, cor. Jefferson.
Young Ezra, farmer, Rebellion road.
Young Lavinia H., school mistress, bds. Ezra Young's.
Young Lucy, widow of Jonathan, 92 .Water.
Young Lucy Maria, widow of Asa, 8 Deer.
Young Richard N., cordwainer at Hill & Carr's, h. 43 Court, cor. Atkinson.
Young Samuel, mariner, bds. 5 Chesnut.
Youngs James, shipmaster, (Ann Parry) bds. at John Marden's, Lafayette road.
Zane Timothy, mariner, 5 Hunking.

The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.

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