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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date Married
Abel, Henry J., Jr. Newport Sanville, Brenda C. Orleans Sept 2, 1967
Abston, John R. El Paso, TX Austin, Ann L. Barton Oct 18, 1975
Adams, Herbert W. Montague, MA Jackson, Myrtle Montague Ctr., MA Nov 19, 1965
Aiken, Joseph Wilfred Lyndonville Libby, Sarah Gladys Willoughby Sept 17, 1932
Albright, Harry Perley Barton Moulton, Ruth Ellen Newark May 30, 1927
Alexander, James Leon Orleans Alger, Beverly Joyce Orleans April 22, 1966
Alexander, Joseph Warren Barton Whalen, Pearl Ida Cabot Nov 11, 1942
Alexander, Stephen Edward Orleans White, Sandra Leah Orleans Sept 14, 1965
Alger, David Edwin Orleans Rexford, Nancy Lea Orleans April 17, 1965
Alger, Ralph Ernest Barton Prescott, Gertrude Martha Barton April 14, 1932
Alix, Gerard Raymond Newport Center Paxman, Nancy Lee Newport Center Dec 17, 1968
Allard, Lawrence A. Lyndonville Cleasby, Dorris Orleans Oct 16, 1955
Allard, William Alfred Barton Deroucha, Florence Mary Barton Jan 17, 1927
Allen, Charles Frederick, Jr. Barton Emerson, Nancy Lea Barton Jan 25, 1964
Allen, David D. Orleans Beam, Melinda I. Castleton Aug 25, 1973
Allen, Donald Vernon Barton Laythe, Olive Isabelle Barton Aug 13, 1949
Allen, Vergial Ralph Barton Hall, Geraldine Irma Anair Barton March 20, 1948
Allen, Vernon Leonard Barton Clifford, Hazel Eliza Barton March 17, 1951
Alston, Philippe R. Hardwick Robillard, Jane C. Orleans May 22, 1971
Altenhoff, George John Bellwood, IL Rock, Virginia M. (Kwiatkowski) Barton July 20, 1973
Amidon, Lawrence S. St. Johnsbury Lamarre, Rita C. Orleans May 4, 1968
Amyot, George Francis Barton Willis, Geraldyne Ann Lowell Dec 17, 1966
Amyot, Henry Louis Barton Bergeron, Alice Rose Barton May 12, 1962
Amyot, Vincent William Barton Robillard, Ryamond Fabiola Derby June 25, 1955
Anders, John Wayne S. Burlington Raymond, Linda Suzanne Barton Jan 17, 1970
Anderson, Irving Frank Arlington, VA Bailey, Marjorie Lucille Barton Dec 31, 1953
Anderson, Kenneth Fern West Glover Hayes, Sheila Anne Barton Sept 2, 1953
Annis, Hazen Tewksbury Barton Baxter, Eleanor Mae Concord, NH March 17, 1946
Antigiovanni, John R. Farmington, CT Renault, Lorraine Alma Farmington, CT Aug 10, 1968
Armstrong, Walter Edson Orleans May, Priscilla Jean Barton June 29, 1963
Ash, Arnold Saunders Barton Russell, Glenna Isabell Glover Oct 21, 1927
Ashe, Bruce Rodney Barton Kelley, Barbara Sue Barton Sept 11, 1959
Ashe, Harold Eugene Barton Vachon, Rosalia Mary Sheffield Nov 8, 1948
Ashe, Malcolm Earl Barton Goad, Kathleen Ida Whitefield, NH Jan 18, 1932
Ashe, Malcolm Jr. Barton Waterhouse, Rebecca Bernice Barton July 3, 1959
Ashe, Ronald Murray Barton Shattuck, Susan Lorraine Newport Feb 29, 1960
Atherton, Larry J. Orleans Reed, Crystal A. W. Glover July 27, 1973
Atkins, Charles Orleans Carr, Jessie Ida Mae Woodbury, VT Dec 13, 1930
Auchu, Armond Adrian Barton Monet, Adrienne Rita Newport Center Aug 30, 1927
Auger, Ernest Emile Barton Brault, Germaine Mary Louise Orleans Aug 18, 1930
Auger, Jean Claude West Glover Desjardins, Jeanette Florence Orleans March 2, 1957
Auger, Maurice J. Albany Fontaine, Pierrette R. Barton Sept 2, 1961
Auger, Raoul Barton Nadeau, Cecile Jeanneark Barton Oct 18, 1958
Austin, Dale Cecil Orleans Hutchins, Mary Gertrude Orleans April 22, 1967
Austin, Dwane Gordon Orleans Hoyt, Shirley Jean Orleans April 21, 1962
Austin, Gordon William Orleans Lathe, Ida Edith Orleans April 2, 1927
Austin, Lawrence D. Orleans Schmitter, JoAnn L. Orleans Sept 17, 1977
Austin, Perry Hubert Orleans Miles, Phostine Roberta Albany Aug 22, 1945
Austin, Warren Lawrence Orleans Drew, Lois Iona St. Johnsbury Sept 5, 1948
Ayers, Adna VanNess Barton Russell, Elizabeth May Stowe Oct 27, 1940
Babcock, Ray Everett Barton Larocque, Gloria Ann Barton June 29, 1968
Badger, Henry I. Barton Webster, Susan L. Milford, NH April 11, 1935
Badger, Irving Hiram Irasburg Dow, Gladys Ola Barton Nov 27, 1928
Bailey, Robert Clinton San Antonio, TX Amadon, Gayle Louise Orleans Nov 15, 1974
Baird, Emery Lucius Barton Hall, Shirley Ethel Hunt Barton Aug 21, 1950
Baird, Lyle Greene Barton Downing, Elsie Linda Dunn Barton Oct 12, 1946
Baird, Ray Leland Barton Bean, Mary Louise Richford Oct 5, 1936
Baird, William Barton Davis, Mrs. Leafy Wolcott, VT Nov 11, 1930
Baird, William Barton Warren, Emma Anne Chester, NH Sept 26, 1936
Baker, David B. Glover Stevens, Alene V. Barton Oct 9, 1935
Baker, Gordon Page Barton Clark, Mildred Maud Barton June 10, 1931
Baldwin, Charles Carroll Barton Chensy, Lena Dewey Westmore Dec 26, 1940
Baldwin, Charles Nelson Orleans Johnson, Sylvia Louise Irasburg March 13, 1926
Baldwin, Frederick George Lyndonville Cornish, Amelia Barton Feb 28, 1931
Baraw, Raymond Orlow Orleans Miles, Ruth Eleanor Albany July 2, 1931
Barber, Kenneth Alan Glover Locke, Melba Eloise Barton July 4, 1953
Barber, Warren Asahel Barton Ingalls, Ida May Barton June 28, 1938
Barger, Bion Dwight Jr. Chicago, IL May, Patricia Anne Chicago, IL Aug 31, 1958
Barker, William Albert Blane Barton Deroucher, Eva Blanche Barton June 14, 1932
Barlow, Roy Roderick Orleans Wicox, Ardys Emily   [Wilcox?] Orleans Jan 22, 1938
Barney, Earl Bancroft Orleans Charron, Ledora Odellei Orleans Oct 7, 1939
Barrows, Charles Alfred Barton Carter, Edith Josephine Barton Nov 8, 1928
Barrows, Charles Parker Barton Mansur, Lois Mabel Weston June 22, 1957
Barter, Adelbert Densmore Barton Chesley, Ruth Jennette Barton March 26, 1932
Barton, Angus William Barton Larocque, Irene Blanche South Albany June 27, 1938
Barton, Barry Roger Orleans Wright, Ellen Dorcas Brownington Jan 4, 1967
Barton, Peter Dennis Orleans Wells, Constance Newport April 6, 1958
Basford, Brian Carl Orleans Brown, Linda Lou W. Charleston April 11, 1970
Basford, Edson Gilford Barton Paul, Ethel Olive Barton Feb 16, 1932
Basford, Lelan Baxter Barton Ryder, Adele Louise Owen Portland, ME Jan 8, 1938
Bassett, Fred A. Orleans Morse, Lillian Maud Orleans July 25, 1954
Baxter, Wayland Arthur Barton Cass, Louise Jane Westmore June 29, 1963
Bayley, Franklyn Robert Barton Wiggins, Kate Hitchins Brownington March 19, 1953
Beach, Robert J. New York City Asselin, Liane Evelyn Barton Aug 16, 1930
Bean, Fred O. Barton Reed, Addie Myrtilla Richford June 29, 1929
Bean, Harry Leonard Irasburg Card, Catherine Georgia Orleans May 27, 1930
Beaton, Robin N. Orleans Willey, Dianna E. Newport July 30, 1966
Beaudry, Marcel Joseph Barton Kimball, Florence Shirley Barton July 8, 1948
Beaudry, Raymond Archie Barton Joseph, Theresa Beverly Barton Sept 11, 1953
Beaumier, Michael Francis Irasburg Duckless, Linda May Orleans Feb 10, 1973
Beauregard, Jean Luc Orleans Gilfillan, Donna Marie Barton June 10, 1972
Bedard, Paul Frederick Orleans Raymond, Frances Marie Highgate Ctr., VT June 24, 1940
Beede, Parke Campbell Orleans Dean, Fannie Della Orleans May 15, 1927
Belanger, Arthur Fulford, PQ Blouin, Isabel Mabel Barton Nov 22, 1958
Belanger, Carroll George Orleans Leach, Thelma Marilyn Orleans Oct 18, 1948
Belval, Elzear Barton Fountaine, Beatrice Albany Nov 22, 1927
Belval, Eugene Andrew Barton Demers, Marguerite Julienne Barton July 26, 1933
Bemis, Elwin Carlton Boston, MA Brownlee, Arleen Barton Sept 29, 1928
Bennett, Bernard Milton Orleans Durgin, Doris Effie Newport April 28, 1948
Bennett, Bernard Milton Orleans Bohannon, Gertrude Jean Montpelier July 5, 1953
Bennett, Carleton Fred Orleans Wells, Jean Luella Irasburg May 9, 1948
Bennett, Danny Earl Orleans Anderson, Geraldine Ruth Lunenburg Jan 12, 1969
Bennett, Gary W. Orleans Miller, Cathy A. Brattleboro Aug 9, 1973
Bennett, Leroy Gaudette Willoughby Brown, Edith Belle Willoughby Aug 15, 1931
Bennett, Samuel Archie Barton Archambault, Nellie Mae Greensboro Oct 19, 1929
Benson, Raymond D. Barton Renault, Linda Mae Barton Sept 29, 1973
Bent, Douglas M. Barton Cutting, Linda L. (Wheeler) Barton Oct 20, 1973
Bent, Leonard Earl, Jr. Orleans Cote, Mona Eileen Orleans June 20, 1964
Bent, Norman L. Barton Blevin, Doris L. (Robert) Barton May 27, 1978
Bent, Ronald Clyde Orleans Carpenter, Connie Evelyn Langevin Evansville July 15, 1972
Berard, Gilles Richard Barton Vezina, Jeannine Blanche Barton July 1, 1961
Bergeron, Louis Wendell Barton Valley, Rosebelle Pearl Greenfield, MA July 25, 1951
Bergeron, Merriman A. Barton Stetson, Rosemary Barton April 9, 1977
Bergeron, Wayne A. Orleans Conley, Rosemarie Barton May 25, 1979
Berggren, Norman Godfrey Danbury, CT Whitcomb, Beatrice Vera Barton Sept 7, 1946
Bernadet, Guy Emile S. Burlington Dubois, Lucille Marie Swanton Nov 2, 1968
Bernier, William Jeffrey Brattleboro Frechette, Lucille Claire Barton June 13, 1964
Berry, Donald Albert Orleans Royer, Yvette Rosa May Orleans Feb 10, 1941
Berry, Kenneth Merrill West Burke Ryan, Margaret Mary Barton Dec 14, 1944
Bessette, Roger Maurice Waterloo, Que. Cota, Linda Louise Orleans May 18, 1968
Beuregard, Raymond R. Claremont, NH Barton, Marilyn J. Claremont, NH March 2, 1957
Bickford, Carlton Ellis Barton Lahue, Maybelle Mary Barton March 16, 1926
Bickford, Donald E. Barton Lyon, Debra L. Derby Line May 15, 1971
Bickford, Gary L. Barton Mason, Pamela J. Barton April 28, 1978
Bickford, Roland Keith West Glover Larocque, Sharon Lee Barton Aug 9, 1975
Billado, Kenneth R. Enosburg Falls Bickford, Beverly J. (Basford) Barton Oct 17, 1974
Bjorkman, Henry Bior New York, NY Cutler, Elizabeth Barton Nov 24, 1928
Blair, Alfred Ephraim Joseph Barton Beckwith, Ann Mary Charlotte Barton Aug 26, 1935
Blair, Maurice Armand Orleans Lapre, Elizabeth Marie Orleans Aug 20, 1955
Blake, Harley R. Brownington Tripp, Kathleen M. Orleans Sept 2, 1931
Blake, Harry R. Orleans Labrecque, Monica Elaine Glover Feb 23, 1974
Blake, Richard Henry Binghamton, NY Brown, Carolyn Elizabeth Barton Aug 20, 1966
Blake, Wayne Harley Orleans Greenwood, Sharyn Raye Newport Nov 21, 1964
Blanchard, Harry D. Newport Jenne, Doris H. (Lizotte) Barton Oct 25, 1975
Blanchard, Harry Saunders Orleans Warner, Phyllis Mary Orleans Aug 28, 1948
Blanchard, Paul Orleans Scott, Dorothy Orleans April 2, 1938
Blanchard, Robert Milne Orleans Drown, Ruth Adelaide Greensboro Dec 27, 1945
Blanchard, Walter Roland East Weare, NH Mullaney, Phyllis Cecilia Barton Dec 28, 1931
Blanchard, Wendell Allen Orleans Wallace, Kathleen Alice Orleans Nov 9, 1939
Blanchard, Wilfred Orleans Freehart, Annette Orleans Feb 10, 1936
Blanchard, Winston Edward Orleans Colton, Jean Dodge Orleans Oct 13, 1934
Blevin, Robert P. Orleans Palmer, Gloria L. (Stoddard) Orleans Aug 6, 1977
Blish, Albert Henry Orleans Green, Marian Orleans June 12, 1936
Blodgett, Andrew Raymond Barton Boutin, Nicole Louise Glover June 23, 1973
Blodgett, Dennis Paul Irasburg Marsh, Cindy Jane Orleans Aug 3, 1980
Blodgett, Edward Lee Barton Perron, Diane Ava Glover June 10, 1972
Blodgett, Horace Julius Barton Batchelder, Harriet Elizabeth W. Charleston Nov 22, 1931
Blodgett, Julius Erwin Orleans Shatney, Shirley June Orleans Dec 27, 1958
Blodgett, Kenneth Wallace Barton Paul, Lydia Mary Barton Feb 16, 1961
Blouin, Albert Charles Barton Johnson, Pearl Mae Orleans Oct 26, 1934
Blouin, Albert Philip Barton Blay, Mabel Pauline Barton Dec 27, 1926
Blouin, Dwane R. Barton Aldrich, Marcia K. Barton July 2, 1977
Blouin, Raymond George Barton Patrick, Patricia June E. St. Johnsbury Sept 8, 1956
Blouin, Robert Barton Poutry, Bessie Albany Aug 31, 1957
Boggs, Andrew Thompson III Scarsdale, NY Mathews, Sarah Louise Orleans July 26, 1947
Boisvert, Joseph Marjorique Henri Sutton Hurlbutt, Claire Jeanne Barton June 30, 1962
Boisvert, Robert Maurice Barton Tribul, Broni Lynne Orleans July 22, 1972
Boivin, Joseph Albert Orleans Lamontagne, Marie Eustelle St. Johnsbury Aug 11, 1937
Bolduc, Michel John Orleans Meunier, Gail Ann Newport Jan 9, 1971
Bole, Harry S. Barton Daniels, Evelyn Donahue Lyndonville March 17, 1945
Bonin, Antonio Roger Derby    Breton, Solange Marie Barton June 25, 1966
Bonnette, George M. Barton Lamadeleine, Therese L. Barton Nov 1, 1975
Bottiggi, Michael R. Orleans Young, Nan M. Orleans Sept 1, 1979
Boucher, Dean A. Barton Pierce, Carol A. Barton Sept 21, 1974
Boucher, Ronald Ernest Newport City Leach, Susan Barbara Orleans Aug 11, 1973
Boudreau, Romeo Barton Morin, Kathleen Margaret Barton Oct 21, 1936
Boudreau, Willie J. Barton Gosselin, Blandine (Blanche) Irasburg June 14, 1943
Boulanger, George Ludger Orleans Trotier, Madeleine Gabrielle Orleans Jan 13, 1951
Boulanger, Joseph Wilfred Orleans Farrand, Gloria Pauline Newport Feb 19, 1966
Boulanger, Raymond Louis Orleans Dean, Elaine Belle Irasburg June 26, 1948
Boulanger, Theodore Etienne Orleans Royer, Yvonne Aurore Orleans June 15, 1931
Boutin, Clement Henry Barton Valois, Agathe Marie Anna West Glover Sept 6, 1948
Boutin, Edmond Joseph Barton Talbot, Collette Jacqueline Glover May 17, 1947
Boutin, Raymond Clement Barton LaMadeleine, Catherine M. West Glover July 14, 1973
Bowen, Arthur Milton Newport Bradley, Madge Buckland Barton Aug 28, 1927
Bowen, Roderick Daniel Newport Center Barry, Lura May Orleans May 4, 1945
Bowman, Bruce Baxter Orleans Knuckles, Helen Elizabeth Orleans May 18, 1951
Bowman, Wallace B. Orleans Washburne, Flora May St. Johnsbury Jan 25, 1926
Bowman, Wallace Baxter Orleans Graves, Junie Trefren Lyndon Sept 22, 1931
Bowman, William Walter Orleans Baldwin, Dorothy Rena Irasburg March 7, 1929
Boyles, Peter W. Northfield, VT Holton, Cheryl A. Barton Aug 23, 1969
Brahana, John Howard Orleans MacLean, Rita Newport Jan 27, 1933
Brainard, Ricky Alan Derby Coburn, Dolores Corinne Barton July 22, 1978
Brault, Louis Philip Athol, MA Paquin, Adrienne Florida Barton Nov 28, 1946
Brault, Maurice Albert Barton Salvator, Innocence Elizabeth Barton June 20, 1934
Brault, Rosaire Joseph Biddeford, ME Blanchette, Pauline Regina Saco, ME July 29, 1939
Brean, Henry Arthur Barton Bouthillier, Madelaine Mary Barton Feb 22, 1941
Breault, Walter Myron, Jr. W. Charleston Harbec, Murielle Marie Orleans May 1, 1971
Breault, Zene Delore Barton Leroux, Jeanne Ida Barton Sept 30, 1929
Brennan, Kenneth Joseph Orleans Roberts, Barbara Mae Orleans Aug 17, 1967
Breton, Richard Noel Barton Sykes, Sharon Lynn Holland July 17, 1976
Brewer, Harold G. Barton Dawley, Ruth T. (Taylor) Barton May 23, 1974
Britch, Stewart Alton Barton Paul, Rita Alice Barton Jan 29, 1943
Brochu, Reginald R. Hardwick Dewing, Lorraine M. Barton June 16, 1973
Brodeur, Dennis C. H. Bennington Provost, Mina Sallyann Barton May 27, 1972
Bronson, Robert I. Barton Edgerly, Lucille A. (Perrault) Barton May 1, 1975
Brooks, Arnold M. Barton Twombly, Esther A. Barton July 1, 1959
Brooks, Douglas Neil Glover Leck, Marguerite Katherine Barton Aug 30, 1969
Brooks, Earl W. Willoughby Valley, Simone Barton July 9, 1942
Brooks, Paul W., Jr. Barton Cameron, Elizabeth Northampton, MA July 14, 1946
Brooks, Ross Wilbert Barton Rice, Ruby Agnes St. Johnsbury Dec 17, 1954
Brown, E. Merriman Barton Bruso, Lucy F. (Ford) St. Albans Feb 1, 1978
Brown, Erton C. Sheffield Humphrey, Grace Cynthia Barton July 7, 1928
Brown, Erton Clarence Barton Needham, Emma Elizabeth Orwell Aug 16, 1941
Brown, Foster Ronan Barton Reynolds, Pauline Ethel (Sheltra) Lyndonville May 27, 1972
Brown, Fred Comings Barton Edwards, Reta Pearl Chappell Glover Sept 18, 1945
Brown, Frederick Harold Orleans Allen, Ila Naida Orleans June 24, 1938
Brown, Frederick Holmes Barton Tredo, Bessie Faye Newport Oct 20, 1947
Brown, James Elliott West Burke Stone, Elversa Mae Barton Oct 24, 1959
Brown, Robert Bailey, Jr. Beverly, MA Kipp, Sandra May (Dane) Orleans April 8, 1972
Brown, Steven Sanders Barton Menard, Isabelle Claire Barton Nov 24, 1961
Bruneau, Bertrand George Orleans Perrault, Yvette Simone Orleans June 26, 1954
Bruneau, Henry Roland Orleans Auger, Jeannine Gisale West Glover Aug 25, 1951
Bruneau, John L. Orleans Darling, Rona L. Orleans June 30, 1979
Brunnelle, Gerard Marcel Plainfield, CT Matteau, Gay Georgette Plainfield, CT Feb 6, 1969
Buck, Daniel Eugene Orleans Crawford, Bertha L. Amelia Orleans May 22, 1935
Buck, Daniel George Orleans Raymond, Mary Jean Highgate Ctr., VT June 24, 1940
Buck, Glenn William Orleans Tevyaw, Emily Ruth Newport July 31, 1937
Buckley, Cornelius Barton Holbrook, Elizabeth Barton June 19, 1929
Buckley, Cornelius Barton Guertin, Lilla Wilkie Barton Nov 26, 1931
Bullard, Percy James Orleans Aiken, Florence Eliza Orleans Oct 7, 1926
Bullis, John David Holland Glodgett, Beverly June Orleans Nov 26, 1953
Bumps, Walter Eugene Glover Legacy, Ida Grace Island Pond Dec 16, 1968
Burdick, Edwin Frank Orleans Jenness, Susan Mebal (Blair) Brownington July 12, 1975
Burdick, Everett Willard Barton Chaffee, Ida Lyn Albany Oct 26, 1968
Burdick, Lawrence Orleans Lussier, Gertrude Orleans Jan 12, 1974
Burdick, Willard Samuel Orleans Rossier, Marjorie Ella Noe Orleans June 17, 1948
Burnham, Barry J. Orleans Tribul, Cheryl C. Orleans Oct 7, 1972
Burnham, George Emery Barton Stone, Annie Laura Albany July 3, 1938
Burnham, Richard Henry Barton Fluet, Marie Catherine Yolande Alexandriene Barton Oct 23, 1939
Burnham, Robert Thomas Jr. New York City Moran, Margaret E. New York City Aug 28, 1971
Burns, Gardner Edgar Orleans Dawson, Ada Mary Newport Feb 15, 1948
Burnum, Benjamin A. Grand Isle Nelson, Florence A. Barton Oct 29, 1928
Burton, Stephen J. West Lebanon, NH Sylvester, Martha J. Orleans Aug 14, 1971
Bushey, Louis Barton Courchaine, Albanie Barton Oct 8, 1928
Buskey, Paul George Barton Davis, Jovanna Melviny Orleans July 3, 1939
Buskey, Robert O. Barton Searles, Eileen M. Bloomfield, CT Nov 22, 1941
Butler, Bernard Dana Barton Kimball, Shirley Belle Newport July 12, 1941
Butler, Willis Dana Barton Hayes, Sandra Jean Barton Sept 29, 1963
Calkins, Richard Meri Orleans Goss, Kathleen Laura Irasburg April 19, 1947
Calkins, Willie Eugene Barton Jewett, Permiller L. Barton Nov 23, 1955
Campbell, Donat Orleans Poirier, Ida Marie Orleans May 27, 1967
Campbell, Philip Paul Newport Collette, Suzanne Marie Orleans Oct 10, 1970
Campbell, Roland Barton Paquin, Rose Fabienne Barton May 8, 1944
Card, Thomas A. Orleans Kennison, Loretta M. Glover Sept 4, 1976
Carl, Leigh Hazen Orleans Hardy, Priscilla Alden Orleans May 28, 1952
Carley, Marvin F., Jr. Brattleboro Forty, Donna Lee Barton Oct 10, 1964
Carnagie, James Norman Rochester, NH King, Marjorie Elsie Barton July 5, 1930
Caron, Alfred Joseph Barton Cheney, Linda Francine Newport Sept 9, 1967
Caron, Louis Henry Barton Cloutier, Beatrice Christiana Barton Aug 31, 1936
Caron, Omer Joseph Barton Boisvert, Fleur Auge Barton Oct 27, 1930
Carpenter, Irving Francis Jr. Orleans Allen, Lorraine Sarah Orleans Dec 7, 1945
Carr, Eugene Ralph Barton Rash, May Westmore Aug 18, 1930
Carrier, Roland Norman Glover Beauregard, Lise A. Barton Aug 28, 1971
Carson, Bruce Ira Doyleston, OH Fisk, Florence Sarah Barton June 18, 1946
Carter, Alex Bruce Orleans Kittredge, Connie Sue Brownington Sept 13, 1980
Carter, Randy Paul Newport City Gilson, Nancy Lynn Orleans May 5, 1973
Carter, Richard Albany Cook, Lorraine A. (Wheeler) Orleans May 6, 1979
Cassidy, Bernard Folsom Barton Rock, Amie Gertrude Barton Feb 22, 1947
Cassidy, Clyde Clifton, Jr. Barton Rock, Pauline Helen Barton April 19, 1947
Celley, Murray Eugene Orleans Chase, Daisy Virginia Orleans Feb 1, 1942
Centebar, Jay Willis Barton Larabee, Mildred Amelia Barton June 24, 1929
Chadburn, Gordan Charles Barton Blake, Linda Jean Orleans July 23, 1966
Chagnon, Raymond Giles Coaticook, Que. Breton, Pauline Diane Barton June 1, 1968
Chalifoux, Ernest N. Barton Morey, Tharon Cordelia Spiller Barton Oct 10, 1951
Challifeaux, Leon Alfred Barton LaBounty, Antoinette Lillian Barton Oct 19, 1936
Chamberlain, Theodore Franklin St. Johnsbury Baird, Hazel Erma Barton June 18, 1932
Chamberlin, Harold O. Orleans Blake, Molly D. Newport Nov 23, 1935
Chamberlin, Harris M. Barton Larocque, Edna E.   March 20, 1943
Chamberlin, Ralph Edwin Orleans Dutton, Doris Alice Orleans Nov 6, 1926
Chamberlin, Rupert Calvin Barton Rocheleau, Muriel Catherine Morgan Center Nov 25, 1960
Champagne, Archie John Barton Hubbard, Ina Louise Barton Nov 2, 1926
Champagne, John Barton Binason, Sarah Fountain Newport April 11, 1942
Champagne, Moses Barton Paul, Rose Ila Barton May 8, 1929
Chapdelaine, Gerard E. Barton Aubin, Lise A. Newport Oct 14, 1978
Chapdelaine, Robert Paul Barton Barry, Beverly Ruth Orleans Aug 12, 1947
Chapdelaine, Wilfred E. Joseph Barton Kimball, Ruth St. Johnsbury Jan 29, 1931
Chapman, Alan Carter Augusta, Maine Harlow, Gloria Jean Barton Oct 19, 1963
Chapman, Robert Dantonet Lexington, MA Roach, Mary Elizabeth Lexington, MA Aug 30, 1933
Chappell, Perley C. Barton Powers, Beulah A. Barton Aug 7, 1957
Chappell, Raymond Perley Barton Boudreau, Arlene Marie Barton June 21, 1935
Chappell, Raymond Perley Barton Lyon, Marjorie Viola Barton June 9, 1948
Chappell, Wesley Herbert Barton Webster, Mary Maria Barton Sept 28, 1929
Chartier, Joseph A. Orleans Provoncha, Bonnie J. (LaCoss) Orleans July 8, 1972
Chase, Carroll Henry Orleans Sanville, Katherine Elizabeth May Orleans Dec 28, 1940
Chase, Charles David Orleans Thompson, Josephine Orleans Oct 19, 1931
Chase, George Nelson Wilbraham, MA McKinley, Mrs. Emma D. Barton July 21, 1926
Chase, Philip Howard Summit, NJ Schoff, Marion Almira Barton June 7, 1943
Chicoine, Edward Joseph Barton Frechette, Alice Barton Sept 22, 1930
Chicoine, Edward Patrick Barton Chapdelaine, Phyllis Elaine Barton Sept 7, 1953
Childers, Eugene Perkins Orleans Leslie, Jean Cynthia Orleans June 29, 1968
Choiniere, Anthime Barton Goyette, Adele Lyndonville Jan 16, 1934
Choiniere, James Raymond Orleans Picard, Francine Marie Hardwick April 4, 1970
Choiniere, John Michael Orleans Girouard, Diane Theresa Irasburg Oct 6, 1976
Choiniere, Joseph Albert Barton Bedard, Louise Lewiston, ME July 20, 1939
Choiniere, Reynold Roland Orleans Alberici, Ester Mae Blair Newport Nov 24, 1969
Choiniere, Ronald W. Newport Laramee, Christine A. Barton Aug 22, 1970
Choquette, Charles L. Barton Menard, Laetitia D. Orleans Aug 16, 1926
Choquette, Dennis Raymond Barton Perron, Rachel June Glover Sept 7, 1968
Choquette, Raymond Orleans Souliere, Claire Orleans June 15, 1942
Ciechanowicz, Antoni Joseph Orleans Kimball, Geraldine Helen Orleans Jan 4, 1942
Ciechanowicz, Robert W. Orleans Sawyer, Bonnie L. Jericho May 22, 1971
Clark, Malcolm W. Glover Wakeman, Ursula W. Barton Aug 14, 1929
Clark, Percy Don Glover Witt, Alice L. Orleans July 30, 1932
Clark, Robert B. Orleans Nolan, Judith A. (Martin) Newport City June 16, 1973
Clark, Robert Earle Barton Champagne, Gisele Antoinette Glover June 20, 1955
Clark, Wilmer Everett Barton Cross, Edith Mary Burlington April 30, 1955
Cleasby, Ernest Milo Orleans Swett, Ibbiejean Renfrew Orleans Dec 16, 1930
Cleveland, Ernest Philip Orleans Wells, Barbara Mae Orleans Dec 4, 1954
Cleveland, Everett Philip Barton Jones, Theo Joyce Barton July 15, 1933
Cleveland, Harlan Amos Barton Harper, Margaret Craftsbury Sept 16, 1933
Cleveland, Richard E. Barton Hall, Joanne M. Barton April 29, 1978
Clifford, Hale Edward Barton Shatney, Theressa Irene Craftsbury Nov 29, 1939
Clifford, Irving Patrick Barton St. Cyr, Eva Constance Barton July 3, 1933
Clifford, Kenneth Roy Barton Ponton, Jeanette Lovinska Newport April 4, 1932
Clinton, Charles William Hollis, NH Hinton, Esther Jessie Hollis, NH Oct 8, 1934
Clogston, Charles John Barton Folsom, Etta M. Richford Oct 10, 1946
Cloutier, Aime Barton Sylvester, Suzanne Orleans April 18, 1970
Cloutier, Gaston Roland Barton Marcotte, Pauline Claire Barton June 24, 1950
Cloutier, Joseph Raoul Barton Griffin, Charlotte Eleanor Barton July 4, 1933
Cloutier, Joseph Victor Barton Dawson, Lucille Agnes Orleans Aug 13, 1955
Cloutier, Lionel L. Barton DesRechers, Anna Helen Woodsville, NH Dec 28, 1931
Cloutier, Norman Edward Springfield, MA Brodeur, Rita Theresa Orleans July 26, 1952
Cloutier, Rene Atwell Barton Pedersen, Anni Kirsten Tangstrom Aalborg, Denmark Jan 4, 1969
Cloutier, Rodolphe J. Barton Guillet, Lorrette A. Hardwick Oct 7, 1946
Cloutier, Romeo Barton Frechette, Lucie Barton Oct 3, 1927
Cloutier, Ronald Griffin Barton Kilby, Alice Colleen West Glover June 12, 1965
Coapland, Clifford C. Orleans Sheltra, Ila Mae Orleans July 20, 1969
Coathup, Melvin Robert Barton Colegrove, Sandra Jean W. Danville Sept 3, 1967
Coburn, Donald L. Orleans Rexford, Joyce Arline Orleans Aug 15, 1970
Coburn, Lewis Chelsea Valley, Louise Helen Barton May 15, 1935
Coffey, Everett Walter Orleans Healey, Annie Patricia Barton Aug 6, 1960
Coffey, John Heath Orleans Wagner, Shirley Jean Randolph June 6, 1948
Coffin, Robert Frederick Orleans Derick, Dorothy Elliott Miller Orleans Jan 22, 1950
Colburn, Maurice Elbin Orleans Badger, Blanche Myra Irasburg Dec 8, 1934
Colburn, Roy William Orleans Benoit, Marie Louise Newport Aug 1, 1953
Colby, Carl Wilbur Barton Miles, Mildred M. Glover Aug 23, 1941
Colby, James Arthur Exeter, NH Knowles, Olive Annette Northampton, NH Aug 17, 1953
Cole, Jeffrey A. Barton John, Diane L. Barton May 5, 1979
Cole, Stuart Frederick Newark Bagley, Lucille Elsie (Cady) Barton May 26, 1980
Colie, John R. Barton Gilfillan, Leona M. Barton Nov 24, 1971
Collette, Maurice R. Orleans Choiniere, Bella Orleans Oct 5, 1946
Collette, Philip Orleans Souliere, Marcelle Orleans July 24, 1946
Collins, Joseph Daniel Barton Hendy, Rena Marie Barton Jan 23, 1965
Collins, Lee W. Barton Auger, Pierrette R. (Fontaine) Barton Feb 19, 1980
Collins, William George Lowell Houston, Cheryl Faye Orleans Aug 17, 1968
Comstock, Dean Moulton Barton Willis, Barbara Jennie Newport Sept 18, 1950
Comstock, Fred Wires Barton Willard, Minnie Danforth Glover July 5, 1934
Comstock, Michael Dean Greenlane, PA Souza, Carolyn Ann Greenlane, PA Nov 29, 1980
Conley, Bruce Howard Glover Dewing, Janice Charlotte Barton June 27, 1970
Conley, David H. Barton Lancaster, Cheryl A. Orleans Sept 6, 1969
Conley, James Anthony Barton Hill, Judith Ann Groton Nov 28, 1975
Conley, Jesse Barton Whipple, Karen R. Barton Nov 10, 1972
Conley, Jesse Hunter Barton Dewing, Ernestine E. (Wright) Barton Nov 29, 1974
Conley, Royce Dean Barton Perron, Lillian Louise Glover Dec 11, 1965
Converse, Burton Eugene Orleans McCurdy, Lillie Archibald Orleans Jan 1, 1929
Converse, Mack Burton Orleans Donaldson, Pauline Alice Orleans May 27, 1951
Cook, Howard Leslie Barton Keeler, Waver Sylvia Coventry June 9, 1934
Cook, Larry W. Orleans Damon, Elizabeth L. Barton May 27, 1972
Cook, Roland Harry Irasburg Gonyaw, Marion Irene Barton Feb 10, 1973
Cook, Russell L. Barton Wood, Ruby I. Barton June 5, 1976
Cook, Wendell Winfield Barton Casey, Lillian Alice Burlington June 24, 1936
Cooke, Robert Mears Montpelier Vezina, Alice Pauline Montpelier July 8, 1967
Cookson, Daniel C. Hardwick Fournier, Laurette E. (Lamadeleine) Orleans Aug 2, 1976
Copping, Charles Hartwell Barton Frechette, Marie Ange Barton June 26, 1930
Corlis, Vearon Spencer Barton Stuhre, Wanda Dorothy Casper, Wyoming Oct 1, 1956
Corlis, Xavier Fred Barton Ticehurst, Margaret Rae Barton June 17, 1956
Corliss, Simon W. Barton House, Lillian M. North Troy March 12, 1930
Corliss, Simon W. Barton Crowe, Annie Elizabeth Smith Derby Line Aug 6, 1945
Cornish, John Henry Barton May, Freda Katherine Barton July 1, 1938
Corriveau, Joseph Marcel St. Ele d'Orford, Que. LeBlanc, Lucile Jeannine Orleans May 24, 1952
Corrow, Clarence Sutton Friend, Ethel Barton Jan 4, 1930
Corrow, Elwin Albion Niagara Falls, NY Hunt, Lucy Doris Friend Willoughby Nov 26, 1946
Cota, Arthur Joseph Barton Hanson, Grace June Barton June 29, 1947
Cota, James A. Barton Pelkey, Linda L. Newport April 11, 1970
Cota, John Francis Barton Perron, Audrey Elaine Glover July 8, 1872
Cota, Raymond Lester Orleans Weeks, Helen Marie Barton Feb 16, 1952
Cota, Rupert Allen Barton Murphy, Mary Roberta Montpelier Oct 29, 1945
Cota, Russell Francis Barton Buskey, Doris Corinne Barton Nov 2, 1946
Cote, Peter Barton Blais, Alphonsine Lambert St. Flavien, Que. Sept 15, 1938
Cote, Raymond Napoleon Lester Orleans Hoadley, Sylvia Belle Orleans Oct 28, 1933
Cotnoir, Joseph Isadore Barton Turgeon, Bertha North Troy Sept 1, 1941
Courchaine, Phillippe Bernard Orleans Mason, Ann Louise Waterbury Dec 9, 1961
Covell, Joseph James Rutland Vigario, Gloria Jean Barton Aug 4, 1962
Cox, Douglas F. Barton Carlson, Jennifer Lynn (Warnholtz) Barton Nov 13, 1976
Crawford, Ernest Vilroy Orleans Lafoe, Evelyn Mable Orleans Oct 26, 1939
Crawshaw, Thomas Orleans Lacoss, Mabel Margaret Orleans Oct 15, 1932
Crepeault, Paul Randall St. Johnsbury Harrington, Helen Frances Orleans July 2, 1973
Cross, Earl Elwin Barton Parker, Althea Matilda Wilmington, MA Oct 25, 1933
Croteau, Frederick Albert Orleans Chainey, Yvette Marie Irasburg April 19, 1948
Croteau, Leo Paul Orleans Bent, Debra Ann Orleans July 10, 1971
Crouse, Merle Ellis, Jr. E. Hartford, CT Sinon, Barbara Jean Hartford, CT Feb 11, 1956
Crowe, Omer W. Lebanon, NH Mathews, Sarah N. Andrews Orleans Sept 18, 1948
Currier, Arthur J. Barton Dawson, Janet Eva (Mason) Orleans July 31, 1969
Currier, Arthur Julian Barton Diette, Jeanette Marie Barton May 5, 1947
Currier, Maynard Alphonso Barton Ticehurst, Jessie Faith Tomfobia, Que. July 26, 1938
Currier, Raymond Arthur Barton Spring, Bonnie Jeanne Barton May 24, 1969
Curtis, Benny E. Brownington Messier, Karol L. Barton Jan 22, 1977
Curtis, Leigh Nelson Irasburg Labrecque, Lori Ann Glover Aug 12, 1978
Curtis, Roger W. Sutton Longevin, Mildred M. Barton Oct 12, 1926
Custeau, James Joseph Lincoln, NH Vezina, Aline Claire Barton Aug 2, 1958
Daignault, Francis Paul Barton Young, Deborah Faye Glover July 21, 1973
Dailey, Gerald Edward Barton Green, Marilyn Joyce Barton May 4, 1963
Dalley, Lloyd Kenneth Barton Green, Ruth Ann Barton Dec 29, 1956
Damon, Arthur Joseph Barton Bickford, Lillian Mae Barton June 12, 1947
Damon, Karl D. Barton Murray, Lorraine Barbara Mary Montreal, Que. Nov 8, 1980
Davenport, Ernest Paul Barton Robinson, Ruth Helen Barton June 30, 1926
Davidson, Malcolm James Jr. Orleans Viens, Carol Janice (Bancroft) E. Charleston Dec 6, 1974
Davies, William Boyd Orleans Curtis, Barbara Ellen Cambridge, MA June 28, 1975
Davis, Alfred Leonard Springfield, MA LaClair, Marion Maude Barton Jan 25, 1936
Davis, Darryl W. Westmore Freehart, Brenda S. Barton April 11, 1972
Davis, Earl Raymond, Jr. Orleans Webster, Joyce Ann Coventry June 11, 1949
Davis, Earle Williams Barton Hamblet, Bernice Adelaide Barton Nov 25, 1932
Davis, Howard Edwin Barton Langevin, Hilda Bertha Barton Sept 21, 1932
Davis, Laurence R. Orleans Burt, Vicki G. Sugar Hill, NH July 24, 1971
Davis, Norman Edward Orleans Chase, Ethel Pearl Orleans Sept 22, 1928
Davis, Oscar Leslie Orleans Waterman, Ella Mae Orleans June 15, 1946
Davis, Rogers Edward Willoughby Paul, Elsie May Barton Jan 23, 1937
Davis, Stanley Edward Orleans White, Beverly Ann Barton Aug 17, 1963
Davy, John Albert Montpelier Davy, Edna Fair Montpelier Nov 22, 1958
Dawson, Alton Levi Orleans Robtoy, Dora Yevonne Lowell Oct 5, 1940
Dawson, Clark A. North Troy Sheperd, Alice G. (Strawn) Orleans Nov 6, 1971
Dawson, Clark Almond Orleans Labounty, Margaret T. Orleans Nov 20, 1926
Dawson, Gerald Orleans Wells, Agnes Lura Orleans July 4, 1928
Dawson, Roy Eldridge Orleans Robbins, Josephine Millington Smith Orleans Aug 31, 1951
Dawson, Willie Albert Orleans Hill, Dorothy Elizabeth Greensboro July 30, 1949
Dean, James Cushman Barton Thompson, Katherine Grace Glover Aug 22, 1948
Dean, Ray E. Barton Butkovich, Sandra A. West Glover July 24, 1979
DeAngelis, Ernest Peter Montclair, NJ O'Brien, Belle Melissa Barton May 10, 1943
Decker, Harry Paul Orleans Wheeler, Laura Evelyn Orleans Aug 29, 1942
Decker, Terrence Lynne Orleans Girouard, Madeleine Anita Orleans July 4, 1970
DeGrafft, Russell Allen Niantic, CT Woodard, Norman Iris Barton Aug 17, 1963
Degreenia, Clifton Archie Barton Paul, Edith Myrtle Barton Feb 5, 1935
Degreenia, Howard Earl Barton Fournier, Madeline Maryette Newport Oct 25, 1950
Degreenia, Trefley Dean Barton Clough, Betty Lou Barton Nov 2, 1963
Delage, Wilfred Antoine Franconia, NH Moquin, Judy Marie Barton Oct 19, 1968
Demars, Carl Dennis Salem, NH Gurley, Cynthia Jean Salem, NH May 5, 1967
Demers, Norman Lorain New Bedford, MA Adamides, Athena New Bedford, MA May 26, 1954
Demick, Paul Edward Orleans Wells, Persis Glee Irasburg June 16, 1951
DeMuth, Gerald R. Barton Cote, Jeanette G. Barton Aug 6, 1977
Denny, Geoffrey Rock Island, Que. Desjardins, Mary Jane Orleans May 29, 1965
Derosier, Leo Nidos Barton Marcotte, Edith Rita Barton June 21, 1947
Desilets, Edmond Joseph Orleans Lavasseur, Barbara Louise Prue Orleans Aug 25, 1946
Desjardins, Emile Hartford, CT Beauregard, Ginette Hartford, CT Aug 2, 1969
Desjardins, Herbert Orleans Sun, Yong Orleans Oct 16, 1971
Desjardins, Roland E. Orleans Downey, Frances Baie-Verte, Newfoundland May 4, 1957
Desmarais, Dennis Guy Barton Laro, Jennifer Diane Rock Island, Que. Sept 30, 1967
Desmarais, Rene Marcel Orleans Robinson, Kathleen Brownington Oct 30, 1965
Desmarais, Roger Paul Orleans Lesperance, Maureen Rita Alice Orleans Aug 14, 1965
Desreuisseau, Amey Barton Stevens, Madeline Glover June 28, 1930
Desreuisseau, Octave Glover Jenness, Irene Barton May 12, 1928
Devereaux, Donald Richard St. Johnsbury Pond, Hazel Marion Orleans July 4, 1930
Devine, Allen Charles Easthampton, MA Hemenway, Shirley Ann Orleans Aug 10, 1968
Devino, Robert Earle Barton Wheelock, Ramonah Mae Barton Aug 1, 1965
Dewing, Maynard Edgar Barton Foley, Frances Ruth St. Johnsbury June 28, 1947
Dewing, Raymond Allen Orleans Thayer, Alete Grace West Charleston June 20, 1964
Dewing, Russell Paul Orleans Swanson, Janice Mae Orleans April 29, 1962
Dewing, Terry L. Barton Bowman, Bonnie J. Brownington June 10, 1972
Dewing, Wendell Leo Orleans Brosseau, Denise Monique Orleans Oct 24, 1964
Dewing, Winston George Orleans Wright, Ernestine Esther Charleston March 29, 1948
Deyo, Marvin Wayne Barton Corrow, Susan Ann St. Johnsbury May 31, 1975
Dickens, Harry G. Orleans Furler, Ruth E. Red Bank, NJ April 13, 1951
Diette, Armand Roland Barton Sicard, Elizabeth Evelyn Westmore May 20, 1961
Diette, Ovide Orleans Dudley, Beatrice McGoff Orleans May 25, 1930
Diette, Paul Francis Barton LeBlanc, Alice Laura Regina Barton June 19, 1948
Diette, Paul Leo Barton Warner, Becky Ann Newport City July 6, 1974
Dixon, Harry Clyde Orleans Jones, Velma Anna Orleans Feb 6, 1937
Dodge, John Raymond Barton Morse, Evelyn Florence Barton March 6, 1951
Dodge, Merle A. Barton Stuart, Gladyce Pond Orleans July 9, 1949
Dodge, Raymond John Barton Seymour, Arlene Mary Island Pond Aug 16, 1936
Dolan, Donald Chicago, IL Lambert, Laureanne Orleans July 20, 1946
Domina, Harold Ralph Orleans Rogers, Clara Belle Orleans Aug 25, 1960
Dopp, Calvin E. Barton Davis, Marilyn J. (Placey) Barton Dec 2, 1972
Dopp, Marvin E. Barton Leck, Elizabeth C. Barton Jan 3, 1975
Douglas, Kenneth Norman Hartford, CT Gile, Jeannette Rose Hartford, CT July 11, 1959
Dove, Morton Donald Plainview, Nebr. Hollenbeck, Ruth Lula S. Stukley, Que. Aug 13, 1946
Dow, Arthur Norman Orleans Stone, Glenn Ava Orleans Oct 30, 1954
Dow, Maurice Cecil Orleans Ramsdell, Dale Isabelle Newport Nov 27, 1929
Dow, Moses Francis Plaistow, NH Bleier, Patricia Anita Barton Oct 19, 1935
Dow, Preston Oren Orleans Mason, Charlena Newport    Aug 4, 1927
Dow, Winston Cecil Orleans Schoppe, Brenda Kay Orleans Jan 17, 1951
Doyle, Willis Benjamin Orleans Brown, Jennie Comfort Sheffield Nov 10, 1930
Drake, Leland G. Coventry Nutting, Phyllis H. Barton Oct 5, 1963
Drake, Philip Scott Orleans Hilliard, Verla Edith Orleans Dec 14, 1940
Drew, Douglas Alan Orleans Duckless, Marilyn Doris Orleans Feb 20, 1965
Drew, Harland Lee Barton Grammo, Arlene Pearl Willoughby Aug 24, 1946
Drew, Raymond A. Glover McLeod, Irene G. Barton Nov 17, 1930
Driver, Everett Herbert W. Charleston Smith, Patricia Ann Barton Sept 3, 1966
Drown, Brent E. Barton Gratton, Neena P. Newport July 9, 1977
Drown, Carl Duke Willoughby Drown, Gladys Woodard Willoughby Oct 23, 1931
Drown, Grosvenor Irvin Willoughby Crandall, Lucille Olive Orleans June 29, 1946
Drown, James W. Greensboro Stevens, Rowena Louise Barton Dec 19, 1964
Dube, Arthur Barton Duchesneau, Lea Barton Nov 24, 1930
Dubois, Ralph Gordon Barton Parent, Audrea Elizabeth Barton April 1, 1939
Ducharme, Cecil Paul Orleans Noe, Dorothy Elizabeth Orleans June 28, 1939
Duchesneau, Eugene Chicopee Falls, MA Vachon, Adrienne Barton July 1, 1929
Dudley, Carl Ford Orleans Chatfield, Mabel Eunice Richford Jan 29, 1927
Dudley, Charles R. Orleans Comstock, Terry L. Barton Aug 19, 1972
Dudley, Dwight Templeton Orleans Stevens, Nancy Jean Barton July 4, 1965
Dudley, Eugene Pearl Orleans Butler, Irene Ruth Orleans March 24, 1940
Dudley, Leslie Eugene Orleans Charron, Dorothy Rae Lyndon   Oct 11, 1968
Dudley, Michael R. W. Lebanon, NH Roy, Suzette W. Lebanon, NH August 9, 1975
Dudley, Rawlston Edwin Orleans Blodah, Helena Esther Freehart Irasburg Aug 3, 1946
Dudley, Richard Bruce Orleans Pike, Elizabeth Mary Irasburg Sept 22, 1946
Dunham, Clifton Roland Barton Squires, Cora Barton Sept 29, 1928
Dunham, Leslie Everett Groveton, NH Lussier, Patricia Rose Orleans May 26, 1973
Dunham, Phillip B. Orleans Howell, Charlotte J. (Sherman) Orleans May 12, 1973
Dunn, Brian Wayne Troy Choquette, Joanne Louise Barton Nov 22, 1980
Dunn, Herbert George Craftsbury Christie, Della Barton July 2, 1928
Dunsmore, William W. Orleans Tolman, Alice Orleans June 27, 1959
Dupont, Austin Russell Orleans Williams, Isabelle Irene Groton Aug 4, 1940
Duquette, Jean Anthony Barton Sanville, Gladys Louise St. Johnsbury Sept 17, 1934
Duquette, Jean Anthony Barton Cote, Gratia Odelie Derby Line June 3, 1939
Duquette, Jean P. Barton LeBlanc, Pauline M. Barton Oct 16, 1976
Duquette, Lionel Joseph Orleans LaBounty, Rachel Florence Orleans Aug 6, 1934
Duranleau, Robert Joseph Barton Forand, Pauline Yvette Orleans Oct 19, 1946
Durfee, Bradford Everett Somerset, MA Rives, Eleanor Isabelle Barton Dec 29, 1931
Durivage, David Arlan Orleans Nault, Vivian Anita Barton Sept 1, 1956
Dutton, Charles Anthony Morgan Willis, Beverly Ann N. Stratford, NH Jan 22, 1969
Dutton, Donald William Irasburg Burgess, Elizabeth Lila Orleans June 13, 1935
Dutton, Francis Hiram Carlisle, MA Gilpin, Hazel Elvira Maynard, MA Jan 1, 1927
Dwinell, Carl Merriam Orleans Beauregard, Katherine Sinon Maplewood, NJ Aug 28, 1946
Dwyer, Francis J. Barton Labrecque, Lisa C. Glover Dec 20, 1975
Dyke, Robert Edmunds Barton Lewis, Helen Janet Barton Nov 22, 1938
Eastman, Randy W. Orleans Gilson, Kathleen E. Orleans Jan 27, 1979
Eaton, David Barker Rockville Center, NY Kowalski, Blanche Mary Lynn, MA April 26, 1949
Edney, George L. Barton Carrick, Catherine Elizabeth Barton Sept 7, 1968
Eldred, Frank Ervin Orleans Lamphere, Hattie Eldred Orleans Jan 7, 1943
Elliott, Alverton Alfred Barton Clark, Isabelle Rodelia Glover Jan 1, 1928
Elliott, Dean Robert Barton Desmarais, Jacqueline Monique Barton Jan 20, 1962
Elliott, Herbert Alvin Barton Sequin, Floy C. Newport Sept 15, 1957
Elliott, Kenneth James Barton Urie, Grace Edna Barton June 12, 1947
Elliott, Ora Orleans McMullen, Greta Elzada Orleans Sept 27, 1941
Elliott, Ralph Graham Barton Racicot, Muriel Mary Barton May 6, 1961
Elliott, Raymond C. Barton Montague, Linda M. Barton June 30, 1973
Ellis, Arthur Russell Barton Murphy, Laura Ida Barton Oct 5, 1957
Emerson, Arthur F. Barton Brennan, Doris Sanders Barton Nov 8, 1932
Emerson, Arthur James Orleans Heath, Lula Mae Orleans June 30, 1928
Emerson, Erlon Leslie Barton Emerson, Phyllis Marjorie Woodstock, NH Sept 4, 1929
Emerson, Forrest Heath Orleans Meehan, Ruth Evelyn Orleans June 15, 1961
Emerson, Lee Earl Barton Ball, Dorcas Minnie Barton Aug 4, 1927
Emmerson, Dennis Gilbert Brownington Rives, Mary Elizabeth Barton Feb 22, 1964
English, Gerald John Glover Tarbox, Sheila Rae Barton May 30, 1973
Erickson, Robert Sven St. Johnsbury Whitcher, Ida Louise Barton June 17, 1928
Ezekiel, Samuel F. N. Quincy, MA Forde, Emily M. (Mattson) Scituate, MA Aug 15, 1979
Fairbrother, Graham Ernest Barton Leonard, Geneva May Barton June 3, 1939
Fairbrother, Keith R. Oxon Hill, MD Glick, Jo Ellen Oxon Hill, MD Nov 28, 1975
Fairbrother, Pliny Barton Paquette, Theresa Barton March 30, 1937
Fairbrother, Raymond Dennis Barton Provencher, Peggy Rae Barton Oct 2, 1965
Farland, Florier Louis Barton Carrick, Catherine Elizabeth St. Johnsbury Sept 9, 1936
Farland, Rene Rosemond Willoughby Burns, Madeline Eliza Lyndonville Nov 2, 1940
Farnsworth, Donald L. Barton Bent, Sharon L. Barton Sept 16, 1972
Farnsworth, Luther George Barton Friend, Geraldine Fay Barton Oct 9, 1951
Farrand, Dewey George, Jr. Barton Nault, Gloria Pauline Barton June 15, 1946
Farrar, James M. Orleans LaBounty, Debra A. Barton July 8, 1972
Farrell, Joseph Richard Orleans Lesperance, Danielle Ann Orleans Aug 5, 1961
Farrell, Thomas Gleason Orleans Malshuk, Phyllis Mary Orleans April 13, 1955
Faust, Stephen David Orleans Young, Lauray Anne Barton June 8, 1958
Fay, Arnold Livingston Brookfield Ctr., CT Jacobus, Dale Leonard Orleans May 16, 1964
Ferland, Henry Rene Claremont, NH Hannah, Alice Catherine Barton June 25, 1955
Ferrin, Kermit Ernest West Charleston Stevens, Norma Jane Barton Nov 11, 1960
Ferrin, Wendell Floyd Barton Stevens, Marion Olive Barton Aug 5, 1939
Fink, James Ira Plattsburg, NY Duquette, Jacqueline Augustine Barton Aug 21, 1965
Fink, Paul T. Orleans O'Neil, Betty Ann Morrisville Oct 25, 1966
Firkey, David Joseph Burlington Lanoue, Joan Aline Orleans Jan 16, 1971
Fisher, Harold Francis Dansville, NY Patterson, Dorothy Louise Hornell, NY July 24, 1941
Fisk, George Shepherd Barton Dolley, Blanche S. Newport Nov 11, 1943
Fisk, William Osborne Barton Lawson, Judith Dawn Coventry June 10, 1961
Flanagan, Patrick Ronald Orleans LaMadeleine, Patricia M. (Wright) Orleans July 5, 1980
Fletcher, Leon M. Orleans Smith, Rubie New Rochelle, NY April 25, 1956
Fletcher, Roger Erwill Orleans Herman, Frances Marie Orleans June 16, 1956
Fleury, Bobby J. Barton Paquette, Yvonne P. Barton Aug 30, 1975
Fleury, Damase J. St. Johnsbury Vautier, Barbara Barton July 16, 1945
Foley, Gregory William Barton Kittredge, Luella Ann Orleans Sept 2, 1979
Fontaine, Alain E. Barton Brace, Sheila M. Orleans April 19, 1975
Fontaine, Armand Augustine Greensboro Blouin, Elizabeth Pearl Barton Sept 3, 1955
Fontaine, Fernand Marcel Greensboro Guyette, Lara Ann Orleans Nov 8, 1969
Fontaine, Gerard N. Barton Lamadeleine, Helen Rosemarie Barton July 3, 1965
Fontaine, Marcel I. Barton Gates, Karen Lee Barton June 18, 1977
Fontaine, Marcel R. Barton Shufelt, Rose A. Barton Sept 29, 1979
Fontaine, Real A. Barton Wells, Kitty L. Newport Center June 29, 1974
Fontaine, Real A. Barton Girouard, Rosalie A. Barton June 30, 1979
Fontaine, Ronald Rosaire Barton Cox, Evelyn Mae Lyndonville July 9, 1966
Foote, Edwin Johnson Walton, NY Akley, Lucille Ada Barton Aug 12, 1939
Forcier, Fernand J., Jr. Orleans Bradley, Susan Gail West Charleston Jan 24, 1976
Ford, Barry Lee Lyndonville Beadle, Sara Gay Orleans Aug 23, 1969
Forest, Fernard Gerard Derby Lanoue, Sharon Joyce Orleans Nov 18, 1967
Fortin, Roger J. Orleans Tinker, Marla R. Orleans Oct 19, 1974
Fortune, Joseph William Burlington Cota, Diane Marguerite Orleans Dec 28, 1968
Foss, Frank Irving Barton Farrow, Evelyn Mary Peacham July 20, 1952
Fournier, Aime Joseph Barton Racicot, Paulette Mary Westmore June 8, 1968
Fournier, Germain East Albany Girouard, Laurette E. Barton Feb 14, 1956
Fournier, Robert Raymond Barton Lahar, Pauline Eva Newport April 30, 1951
Fox, James R. Palisades, NY Person, Ellen Falls Church, VA Aug 25, 1973
Fox, Preston Everett Orleans Carter, Elmira Isabelle North Troy Aug 1, 1936
Fox, Ronald Everett Orleans Willey, Shirley Leona Greensboro Oct 4, 1958
Foy, Edward Joseph Orleans Allen, Esther Annette Orleans Sept 20, 1945
Francis, Edward Herbert Sheffield Martin, Myrtle Agnes Orleans April 25, 1931
Franklin, Frederick George Orleans Chadwick, Sandalyn Clare Orleans Aug 2, 1980
Frechette, Roland Rodolphe Barton St. Onge, Marguerite Rose Barton Sept 5, 1949
Freehart, Bernard Charles Orleans Pond, Hazel Marion Orleans Sept 6, 1947
Freehart, Edgar Joseph Orleans Dwyer, Madelyn Mildred Barton July 31, 1948
Freehart, Edward Joseph Barton Sweeney, Leone Mildred Orleans July 2, 1932
Freehart, Herbert Dona Orleans Nolan, Patricia May St. Johnsbury Oct 28, 1961
Freehart, Roland Joseph Orleans Baldic, Simone Alice Orleans Sept 12, 1935
Freehart, Wayne W. Orleans Fitts, Mary L. Bellingham, MA Oct 1, 1966
Freeman, Robert Brokaw Orleans Sheltra, Mrs. Joseph Willoughby June 3, 1930
Frengs, Frederick W. Sheffield, MA LaBounty, Rachel A. Barton June 14, 1969
Friend, Francis Lyle Willoughby Robinson, Lucille Ethel Barton July 9, 1938
Friend, George Elbridge Barton Lahue, Lucy Clara Wheelock Dec 14, 1927
Friend, Wilbur Perley Willoughby Lyon, Alta Lucille Westmore Dec 9, 1942
Frizzell, Benjamin Ernest E. Charleston Allen, Marion Wells Orleans July 1, 1966
Frizzell, Michael Duane Derby Leblond, Suzanne Regina Barton Oct 4, 1969
Frost, Alan Hullbridge, England Doyle, Cheryl L. Barton Aug 8, 1976
Fuller, Howard Bailey Barton Tripp, Doris Fleda Newport Aug 15, 1928
Gaboriault, Jean Claude Barton Duckless, Ruth Ellen Newport June 24, 1967
Gaboriault, Stanislaus J. Barton Frechette, Yvonne Barton Sept 9, 1961
Gaffney, Roy Nelson Littleton, NH Fisk, Harriet Amy Barton Sept 14, 1952
Gage, Christopher Marc Barton Perrault, Carmen Marie Irasburg July 9, 1977
Gage, Peter T. Barton Pierce, Beverly S. Barton July 6, 1974
Gage, Raymond Verne Barton Legacy, Florence Lillian Bentley Barton Dec 2, 1939
Gagnon, Emile John Orleans Elliott, Marion Florence Orleans Jan 24, 1942
Gagnon, Joseph Barton Belleveau, Beatrice Barton Oct 12, 1927
Gallup, Harold Leslie Newport, NH Bean, Eleanor Richmond Newport, NH Aug 22, 1929
Gallup, Harold Leslie Orleans Couture, Theresa Roy Orleans Oct 13, 1952
Galuska, Barry B. Portsmouth, NH Bailey, Lee Ann Portsmouth, NH Sept 1, 1979
Gamache, Joseph Roland Bristol, CT Clark, Helen Esther Bristol, CT July 5, 1952
Garfield, Donald Carrol Barton Moquin, Sharon Ann Barton March 6, 1971
Gariepy, John Ross Newport Lavoie, Linda Mary Orleans Sept 17, 1960
Garland, Ormond B. Orleans White, Elizabeth Grace Barton Sept 5, 1959
Gates, Albert Joseph Springfield, MA Moore, Marilyn Althea Indian Orchard, MA Sept 2, 1956
Gaudette, Agenord Barton LaClair, Ila Westmore April 18, 1938
Gauvin, Ernest Francis Orleans Williams, Arabella Celia Burlington Oct 21, 1939
Gearwar, Albert Mitchell Dover, NH Friend, Leslie Muriel Willoughby June 29, 1946
Gee, Kenneth Leon Barton Boivert, Lucille Louise Newport Sept 3, 1966
Genereaux (Freehart), R. Arthur Barton Monette, Eva Anne Newport June 27, 1936
Gentley, Robert Edward Orleans Batchelder, Nickolet Theresa W. Charleston Dec 26, 1971
Geraw, Chester Howard Orleans Coderre, Desneiges Jean-Darc Walden April 22, 1972
Getchell, Richard Leroy Barton Sheltra, Rita Eva Barton Feb 28, 1941
Gibson, Jesse Howard St. Johnsbury Valley, Florence Barton July 30, 1931
Gile, Howard I. Barton Putvain, Geneva L. Hardwick Feb 23, 1974
Gilfillan, Allen R. Barton LeBlanc, Jeanne Laurette Barton Oct 14, 1972
Gilfillan, Frank Davis Barton Diette, Pauline Maria Barton May 29, 1948
Gilman, Elliot Shaw Barton Lafoe, Beatrice Lydia Morgan Center Dec 30, 1938
Gilpin, Wallace H. Barton Parker, Lenore M. Derby Line March 8, 1945
Girouard, Marcel Orleans Lamadeline, Laurette Elmire Barton June 14, 1947
Gjessing, Frederick Cheney San Juan, Puerto Rico Witton, Helen McDuffee Brookline, MA Sept 3, 1955
Glasson, Eugene W. Orleans Daniels, Bernice M. (Bingham) Island Pond (Brighton) Sept 7, 1974
Gleason, Carroll Willey Barton Aiken, Annabella Gladys Newport Center April 7, 1951
Gleason, Ernest Barton Smith, Myrtie Orange, MA July 22, 1942
Gleason, Ernest Malcolm Barton Whipple, Dora L. Coventry May 30, 1953
Gleason, Merton L. A. Orleans Dixon, Velma Enna Orleans Aug 22, 1957
Gleason, Merton Leon Orleans Blair, Rose Mary Orleans July 29, 1934
Glidden, Wright L. Barton Chappell, Mary M. Rowe Barton Nov 8, 1946
Glodgett (Blodgett), Jacob Dennis Barton Shaw, Lois Elizabeth Barton Oct 31, 1936
Glodgett, Roy Orleans Davis, Violet Orleans Oct 24, 1928
Glodgett, Terrance Roy Brownington Blouin, Carolyn Geneva Barton April 29, 1968
Glodgett, Theodore Lizer Barton Thompson, Rhoda Barton April 30, 1929
Gonyaw, Bruce Dale Barton Parenteau, Lorraine Ann Westmore Dec 12, 1970
Gonyaw, Dean Ferdinand Barton Patten, Joanne Lee Glover Dec 9, 1967
Gonyaw, Richard George Barton Brooks, Ruth Ann Glover Jan 21, 1966
Goodhue, Arthur William Ascott, P. Q. Holbrook, Alice Ella Barton July 11, 1931
Goodwin, Randolph Ruben Hartford, CT Willis, Constance Natalie Barton Sept 23, 1967
Gorham, Mark P. Barton Tiedeman, Diane L. Barton July 8, 1978
Gosley, Wayne W. Barton Cote, Kimberly A. Barton July 8, 1977
Goss, George Burton Newport Rash, Terry Lyn Orleans Aug 30, 1975
Graham, Raymond Hawley Jr. Orleans Fisk, Marion Ruth Barton Sept 20, 1947
Grammo, Elwin Albert Barton Drown, Florence Julia Barton Sept 21, 1929
Grammo, Floyd Ernest Willoughby Berry, Thelma Helen Littleton, NH June 17, 1933
Granai, Robert A. Orleans Lavoie, Theresa J. Orleans Oct 3, 1975
Grandy, Carl Clifton Orleans Kelley, Inez Nason Orleans June 22, 1934
Grant, Dexter Rowell Lyndon Colby, Marion Lang Lyndon Oct 12, 1957
Grant, Elmer Emery Orleans Chase, Mrs. Frances Orleans June 11, 1937
Gravel, Robert Albert Wolcott Patrick, Betty Anne Barton June 2, 1962
Gray, Bernard Robert Orleans Lyon, Eleanor Harriet Orleans June 23, 1926
Gray, Dale Noel Morgan White, Jacqueline Ora Barton Aug 29, 1964
Gray, Donald Ronald Orleans Fielder, Edythe Marion Essex Jct, VT Oct 20, 1947
Gray, Wayne Frederick Orleans Doyon, Lorraine Marie St. Johnsbury Sept 2, 1967
Greaves, Raymond C. Chicopee, MA Beaton, Patricia M. (Campagn) Orleans July 14, 1973
Green, Alson E. Barton LaPlante, Henrietta M. Newport Aug 26, 1933
Green, Carroll Charles Barton Elsemore, Bessie Waterbury Oct 29, 1926
Green, Charlie Andrew Orleans Jackman, Annie Glenora Orleans July 4, 1937
Green, Dayton Chester Orleans Macie, Bessie Olive Orleans Oct 4, 1928
Green, Harold Leland Orleans Stimpson, Eliza Delphine Orleans Nov 28, 1934
Greenwood, George A. Orleans Graves, Elsie Orleans Aug 10, 1940
Gregoire, Albert Henry, Jr. Barton Allen, Arlene Louise Barton July 25, 1946
Gregory, Bernard George Barton Gay, Edith Constance Barton July 1, 1939
Gregory, Bernard George Barton Blay, Marian Alice Barton March 30, 1947
Grenier, Leo E. Derby Paquette, Gabriel A. Barton June 12, 1976
Grenier, Richard Clement Barton Fortin, Mary Ann Derby Feb 21, 1970
Griffin, Allen Everett Barton Labrecque, Georgette Raymonde Barton Sept 27, 1980
Griffin, David J. West Glover Stevens, Rebecca E. West Glover June 23, 1973
Griffin, Eldon Royce Barton Martin, June Eileen Wesleyville, PA May 9, 1952
Griffin, Elwin Rogers Barton Anderson, Janet Blaine Barton Aug 24, 1947
Griffin, Francis Lawrence Barton Durkin, Catherine Ann Barton Feb 22, 1969
Griffin, Michael R. Barton Loveland, Donna M. Barton July 7, 1975
Griffin, Ray Evan Barton Urie, Olive Arden Glover Sept 22, 1945
Griswold, Alonzo Cornelius Lebanon, NH Blake, Beatrice Agatha Lebanon, NH Dec 27, 1941
Guertin, Dale L. St. Albans Henry, Mary A. Barton May 13, 1973
Guillette, Camille Fernand Orleans Chabot, Louise Orleans Feb 7, 1959
Guillette, Louis John Sr. Derby McGivern, Gail A. (Austin) Orleans June 24, 1978
Gunther, Richard Joseph Jamaica, NY Guyette, Louise Margaret Flushing, NY Nov 26, 1960
Guyer, John Henry St. Johnsbury Gleason, Grace Dora Barton July 21, 1928
Guyette, Dennis A. Orleans Daigneault, Suzan L. Orleans Oct 16, 1976
Guyette, Glenn Edward Orleans Cummings, Janice Pearl Orleans Aug 10, 1963
Guyette, Leonard Barton Wakefield, Kathleen Clara Barton July 25, 1932
Guyette, Maurice Evans Orleans Rushlow, Katherine Neila Orleans Nov 15, 1963
Haag, Raymond Arthur Barton Perron, Rita Bertha Glover June 9, 1949
Hagen, Kenneth R. West Haven, CT Rollins, Linda G. Barton Jan 14, 1978
Haley, Brian M. Jay Tarbox, Kim M. Orleans Aug 11, 1979
Hall, Clarence Leo Barton Anair, Geraldine Irma Barton Oct 13, 1945
Hall, Clarence Leo Barton Peters, Lillian Rose Barton Dec 31, 1949
Hall, Clifford Foster Orleans Hodgdon, Isabel Marie Orleans Sept 17, 1943
Hall, Everett Wendell Orleans Leland, Jessie Tilley Evansville Feb 22, 1930
Hall, Everett Winslow Orleans McKinney, Doris Leota Newport June 9, 1950
Hall, Kenneth J. Irasburg Royer, Beverly A. Barton May 5, 1973
Hall, Merton Edward Orleans McRobert, Gladys Genevieve Plattsburg, NY March 21, 1936
Hall, William Vincent Barton Hunt, Shirley Ethel Glover Dec 24, 1936
Hamel, Frederick L. Orleans Scheidt, Linda E. (Lockwood) Orleans April 28, 1973
Hamel, Philip G. Orleans Lowe, Kathy J. (Kimball) Orleans May 4, 1974
Handley, Douglas D. Barton Conley, Fannie J. Barton April 6, 1973
Hannah, Albert Joseph Barton Bachand, Mary Alboma Frappier Kingscroft, PQ July 22, 1950
Hannah, Clarence John Barton Phenix, Simonne Craftsbury April 2, 1934
Hannah, Raymond Thomas Barton Desautels, Irene Norton July 30, 1960
Hannula, Fred William Walpole, MA Dean, Janet Hae Orleans June 19, 1949
Hanson, Dale Merrick Barton Kinne, Janice Myrtle Derby Aug 25, 1956
Hanson, Dale Merrick Barton Rocheleau, Beverly Mae Boston, MA May 27, 1961
Hanson, Merrick William Barton Proctor, Grace Charlotte Barton Aug 14, 1926
Harbec, Adrien J. Orleans Shaw, Beverly Ruth Orleans Sept 1, 1967
Hardie, Howard C. Orleans Orne, Dorothea S. Coventry Aug 28, 1954
Hardie, Howard Candish Orleans Powers, Phoebe Mae Brownington Center Oct 27, 1934
Hardie, Philo James Orleans Dutton, Diana Gail Springfield, VT June 23, 1973
Hardie, Reginald James Orleans Provoncha, Alma Odeal Orleans May 2, 1930
Hardy, Alton Eugene Barton Corlis, Arthenea Ellen Barton Oct 16, 1960
Hardy, Charles Phillips Orleans Alden, Priscilla Orleans Oct 8, 1926
Hardy, Forrest Orleans McDanolds, Margaret Orleans Feb 22, 1936
Hardy, Frank W. Orleans Burbank, Nelly McDaniels Morrisville June 9, 1934
Harlow, Gerald Arthur Irasburg Phillips, Madeline Rose Orleans Sept 29, 1931
Harper, George A. Beaufort, SC Alexander, Mary L. Barton Jan 31, 1974
Harper, James Howie Barton Wood, Lucille Idella Lyndon Center June 24, 1946
Harper, Woodrow James Barton Mossa, Rose Marie Barton July 13, 1968
Harrington, Thomas C. Barton Nichols, Easter Barter Barton Sept 6, 1930
Harris, Carl W. Barton Manning, Harriet A. (Anderson) Barton Jan 1, 1975
Hartshorn, Alan Earl Warren Maxwell, Constance Jan. Orleans Oct 4, 1969
Hartwell, Robert Arnold Orleans Allbee, Thelma Fay Orleans Nov 23, 1956
Hartwell, William Henry Orleans Hoolahan, Olive May Farrell Staten Island, NY April 17, 1946
Harvan, Charles Michael Frankfort, NY Hunt, Patricia Evans Utica, NY Nov 27, 1965
Haselton, Mark C. Penacook, NH Lanoue, Christine G. Orleans Nov 26, 1977
Haskell, Cedrick L. Belleville, NJ Asselin, Emma Bertha Barton Aug 16, 1930
Hassell, Charles D. Moretown Hardin, Andree M. (Thibault) Barton May 31, 1975
Hastings, Loren Albert Barton Leno, Avis Mary Barton Nov 12, 1955
Hathaway, David Charles Walton, NY May, Dorothy Ellen Barton Dec 30, 1967
Hawkens, William E. Orleans Houghaboom, Judith D. Orleans July 1, 1972
Hawkins, Robert James Orleans Dudley, Betsy Ellen Orleans Oct 15, 1966
Healey, Carleton Curtis Barton Healey, Hattie May Gay Barton March 25, 1946
Healey, Milton Barton Gay, Hattie Barton Aug 4, 1940
Healy, Edward Eugene Jr. Barton LaClair, Nancy Ann Barton June 25, 1966
Healy, James Carroll Barton Warner, Georgia F. Burlington May 28, 1928
Heath, Raymond Grant Barton Henry, Esther Mae Burlington July 11, 1949
Heath, Robert Howard Barton Paradis, Geraldine Alice Island Pond Sept 2, 1947
Hebert, Joseph David Barton Skow, Regina K. (Mahlman) Barton June 16, 1977
Hebert, Joseph Phillipe Antonin Waterbury, CT Diette, Cecile Loretta Waterbury, CT April 19, 1941
Hebert, Philip Arthur Newport Jaquish, Jo-Ann Barton Jan 18, 1975
Helm, William F., Jr. Barton Martin, Ina C. (Lynch) Colchester April 7, 1979
Hemenway, Allen Ernest Orleans Hardy, Frances Orleans June 21, 1957
Hemenway, Ernest Frank Orleans Allen, Elaine Margaret Orleans May 26, 1934
Hemenway, Fern Hale Orleans Kennison, Shirley Marie Enosburg Falls, VT Aug 20, 1940
Hemenway, Herbert Orin Orleans Smith, Euna Belle Barton Oct 6, 1931
Hemmings, Roy Albert Barton Hemmings, Mary Ann Barton March 31, 1932
Hendy, Anthony Earl Barton Lavoie, Rena Marie Barton March 31, 1951
Hendy, Dennis J. Barton Stone, Gail A. Winooski Jan 12, 1974
Hendy, John Barton Valley, Ella Barton Dec 9, 1936
Hendy, John Elias Barton Dyke, Donna Lewis Barton Jan 18, 1958
Hennessey, Willis Goodwin Orleans Barry, Lois Lovila Orleans Nov 22, 1947
Henry, Thomas Arthur Barton Cushing, Pamela Joyce Littleton, NH Feb 14, 1970
Herman, Wendell Leigh Barton Dean, Nancy Rae Barton Sept 23, 1962
Hill, Jerry Alfred Newport Card, Lena Mabel Orleans Nov 21, 1926
Hill, Terrill Earl East Hardwick Duquette, Claudette Gratia Barton March 29, 1966
Hilliard, Brent Maynard Barton Boutin, Diane Marie Glover July 1, 1972
Hilliard, Maynard Ralph Orleans Buzzell, Marlene June Orleans Oct 19, 1951
Hilliard, Warren Bryan Orleans Boulanger, Rita Lucille Orleans Sept 24, 1949
Hilliker, Ronald Watkins Greenfield, MA Goodfellow, Alice Lillian Barton Feb 3, 1942
Hinton, Alan L. Orleans Burgess, Carolyn D. Orleans Sept 4, 1976
Hinton, Dale Kevin Barton Chamberlin, Valerie Ann Glover Sept 14, 1979
Hoadley, Gordon Earl Orleans LaFoe, Helen Orleans April 8, 1933
Hoadley, Orison Robert Orleans McKinney, Helen Gertrude Newport March 6, 1938
Hodgdon, Albert Gilman Barton Simonds, Lillian Cornish, NH March 30, 1950
Hodgdon, Carl Harold Orleans Moore, Marion Genevieve Newport July 16, 1940
Hodgdon, Hale William Barton Gibney, Sandra Jean Newport Sept 22, 1962
Hodgdon, James Archie Pittsburgh, PA Mason, Jeannette Lucille Orleans Aug 9, 1947
Hodgdon, Wendell James Orleans Pierce, Rachel J. Barton Dec 8, 1943
Hoffman, Henry P. Orleans Stevens, Marlene M. (Davis) Orleans Sept 15, 1973
Holbrook, Stanley Lucius Springfield, MA Goodhue, Gladys Ella Sherbrooke, Que. May 2, 1933
Holton, Richard Alan N. Brookfield, MA Alger, Cheryl J. Orleans Feb 24, 1973
Hommel, Richard Desmond Barton Casey, Alida Beatrice Vergennes Aug 26, 1967
Hood, Thomas Gregory Ridgefield, CT Whitcomb, Esther Ann Barton July 1, 1967
Hoops, Herman R. Barton Damon, Lorilei A. Barton Dec 18, 1971
Horton, Clifford Harrison Wilmington, MA Lathe, Florence Mabel Orleans June 18, 1928
Houghaboom, Lloyd Burton Orleans Litchfield, Mary Beth Newport May 29, 1948
House, Orval Dewey Orleans Dudley, Helen Vina Orleans Nov 11, 1934
House, Orval Dewey Orleans Calkins, Evelyn Adams Orleans April 27, 1952
Hoyt, Darrell George Orleans Wheeler, Lillian Ethel Orleans Sept 17, 1932
Hoyt, Robert Elkins Orleans Watson, Joyce Derby Aug 27, 1966
Hoyt, Roderic K. Orleans Rock, Judy A. Barton Oct 1, 1971
Hubbard, Nathaniel Moses Barton Thompson, Ruby Viva Orleans May 26, 1932
Hubbard, Roy I. Barton Clark, Nellie Glover June 29, 1935
Hull, Glenn Buell Barton Hughes, Alice May Barton Sept 11, 1929
Humphrey, Willie Barton Gordon, Mary E. (Meader) Barton July 23, 1976
Hunt, Dalton Clement Barton Ober, Mary Kay Saxtons River Aug 5, 1967
Hunt, Herman E. Glover Friend, Lucy D. Barton May 22, 1935
Hurlburt, William Henry Willoughby Friend, Lucille Bessie Willoughby Dec 9, 1944
Hussey, Richard Wardwell Melrose, MA Gray, Cynthia Jane Orleans Oct 21, 1950
Hutchins, Ralph Gomer Orleans Walker, Mary Gertrude Orleans Nov 19, 1950
Hyland, James Alfred Orleans Hodgdon, Florence May Newport Nov 20, 1938
Illingworth, Neil Arnold Newport Dudley, Jill Marie Orleans June 24, 1967
Ingalls, Earl Burton Orleans Loukx, Smyra Newport April 25, 1936
Ingersoll, Arthur Eugene Barton Paquette, Theresa Mae Barton June 5, 1950
Jack, John Christie Oakland, CA Miller, Genia Haselton Orleans Nov 16, 1927
Jackson, Carroll N. Columbia, NH Mason, Pauline E. Orleans July 17, 1929
Jacobson, Richard Arvid Quincey, MA Alexander, Eleanor Mary Barton April 7, 1946
Jallorina, Jose Locust Valley, LI, NY Goad, Vivian Barton July 19, 1938
Jenkins, Carroll Esty Orleans O'heere, Juline Elizabeth Rogers Orleans Aug 20, 1950
Jenne, Norman Phelps W. Enosburg Larose, Evelyn Mae (Cote) Orleans June 17, 1972
Jenne, Richard Leland Barton Dean, Ruth Mae Barton Feb 19, 1953
Jenne, Robert Reginald, Sr. Irasburg Letourneau, Coleen Effie (McElroy) Orleans June 16, 1979
Jennings, George Ervin Barton Nye, Cora J. Barton Nov 20, 1937
Jensen, Earle M., Sr. Barton Waterman, Marie P. (Blouin) Barton Aug 2, 1980
Jervais, Jean Charles Barton Cote, Ovelena A. Newport June 27, 1934
Jerzykowski, John Joseph Las Vegas, N. M. Rollins, Myrtle Georgia Barton June 9, 1944
Jewett, Steven L. Newport Center Cote, Wannette F. Orleans June 23, 1973
Jewett, Verne Arthur Marshfield Richardson, Pauline Effie Orleans March 9, 1926
John, Richard R. W. Burke Dean, Janice Rae Barton Oct 6, 1973
Johnson, Hoyt C. Glover Wakeman, Hallie W. Barton June 20, 1929
Johnson, Kenneth J. Waltham, MA Sauvageau, Betty (Farmer) Marlboro, MA July 17, 1976
Johnson, Kevin Joseph Burlington LeBlanc, Suzanne N. Barton June 13, 1970
Johnson, Perley George Orleans Grant, Viola Glover Orleans May 26, 1928
Johnson, Robert Taylor Pittsburg, KY LaCross, Lorette Irene Westmore Jan 17, 1959
Jones, George Fern Orleans Searles, Ruth Eleanor Barre Aug 28, 1937
Kalivas, Christ George Orleans Wilkins, Josephine Marie Orleans Aug 2, 1969
Kambour, Theodore Barton Beattie, Margaret Mary St. Johnsbury June 24, 1950
Kelley, Elwin Gilbert Orleans Burdette, Maxine Madeline Newport July 29, 1941
Kelley, Elwin Gilbert, Jr. Newport Freehart, Deborah Ann Barton Oct 9, 1965
Kelley, Howard William Barton Collins, Rena May Barton June 15, 1935
Kennison, Arie C. Orleans Mecham, Blanche I. (Camber) Orleans Jan 29, 1972
Kimball, Amos Ray Pittsfield, MA Jenness, Sylvia Elizabeth Barton June 15, 1927
Kimball, Carl Loren Barton Green, Doris Elizabeth Newport Center Feb 6, 1926
Kimball, Edward C. Barton Roberson, Beulah Waterman Newport Feb 19, 1938
Kimball, Edward Clarence Jr. Barton Cloutier, Rita Lucia Barton May 26, 1951
Kimball, Freeman W. Barton Gilman, Mrs. Mary L. Barton July 20, 1927
Kimball, Ralph Philemon Barton Mason, Blanche Mae Albany Nov 15, 1943
King, Brian Foster Island Pond May, Mary Alice Barton Aug 19, 1961
Kinney, Foster Curtis Orleans Phelps, Ethel Kaye Orleans Feb 6, 1947
Kinney, Robert Michael Newport City Burns, Karen Ann Barton Dec 16, 1973
Kinsey, Frederick Cornelius, Jr. Barton Rowell, Louise Olive Albany June 7, 1947
Kinsey, Robert Everett Barton Rowell, Eunice Helen Albany May 1, 1948
Kinsley, Brian E. Barton Wiggett, Martha J. Randolph June 13, 1971
Kinsley, Sumner Elliott Barton Conner, Ruth Marion Barton April 29, 1944
Kinsley, Sumner Elliott Barton Carpenter, Dale Thelma Barton Dec 5, 1954
Kipp, Frederick Morton Orleans Dane, Sandra May Charleston July 1, 1967
Kipp, Frederick Morton Orleans Lemieux, Antoinette Georgette Newport Nov 4, 1972
Kipp, Lawrence F. Barton Auger, Diane J. Barton Dec 2, 1978
Kipp, Michael John Orleans Pierce, Carol Anne Orleans Dec 14, 1968
Kipp, Peter J. Orleans Dewing, Barbara J. Barton July 6, 1974
Kipp, Richard Foster Orleans Hawkins, Florence Doten Newton Center, MA April 19, 1946
Kipp, Steven H. Orleans Marsh, Marilyn G. Brownington Oct 2, 1971
Kittredge, David Wayne Orleans Lorimer, Leah Edna Stannard Dec 13, 1958
Kittredge, Leigh Hidger Barton Butler, Beatrice Glenna Irasburg Dec 27, 1936
Kittredge, Lynn Eldon Barton Morin, Fleurette Lurette Donelda Barton Nov 6, 1935
Kittredge, Preston L. Barton Davis, Sandra Barton Sept 27, 1969
Knirimen, Charles Elmer II Baltimore, MD Annis, Betty Lou Barton Aug 29, 1959
Kral, George Edward Sewickley, PA Miller, Claire Pauline Barton May 5, 1956
Krasnow, John L. Barton Nye, Sharon L. Barton July 13, 1974
Krewet, Louis M., Jr. Barton Annis, Geraldine P. Barton June 21, 1942
Kwiakowski, Peter Joseph Barton Lowe, Patricia Gayle Troy June 15, 1968
LaBarron, David Wayne Newport Decker, Lori Ann Orleans May 31, 1980
Laberee, Charles Leander Orleans Bronton, Malinda May Orleans Sept 25, 1926
Labor, Brian Lee Orleans Yang, Heang-Sun Kyeongki, Korea Sept 18, 1971
Labor, Carl B. Barton Valley, Gladys Julia Barton July 18, 1936
Labor, Gilbert Orleans Roberts, Twila Ardell Orleans Aug 11, 1934
Labor, James Joseph Barton Gibney, Betty Lou Barton Aug 29, 1964
Labor, John F. Barton Gentley, Elaine G. Orleans Oct 18, 1969
Labor, Kenneth Lewis Barton Stetson, Alberta Marjorie Barton Feb 8, 1964
Labor, Larry Thomas Barton Conley, Betty Jean Barton Dec 14, 1963
Labor, Merton Joseph Barton Ashe, Kathleen Ida Goad Barton June 18, 1950
LaBounty, Adolph Barton Royer, Alice Island Pond March 13, 1933
LaBounty, Arthur W. Barton Garland, Mabel N. (Moore) Barton March 1, 1974
Labounty, Bruno Dolphus Barton Sheltra, Annette Virginia Barton Dec 7, 1938
LaBounty, Kenneth Barton Blay, Pauline Barton Oct 1, 1945
LaBounty, Laurence Louis Orleans Leonard, Lavinia Velia Lafoe Brownington Oct 13, 1949
LaBounty, Ludolphe Joseph Barton Vezina, Luce Barton Sept 4, 1933
LaBounty, Lynn A. Barton Wing, Pamela L. Island Pond     Aug 11, 1979
Labounty, Richard Dean Barton Lussier, Rita Laura Barton July 23, 1949
LaBounty, Selby Louis Barton Stevens, Catherine Esther Barton Feb 6, 1937
LaBounty, Simon Joseph Barton Lanphear, Rachel May Barton Oct 22, 1948
LaBounty, Victor L. Pittsburgh, PA Kelecic, Malina (Rotondo) Pittsburgh, PA Aug 15, 1972
Labrecque, Henry Joseph Barton Limoges, Jeannette Rita Newport Center Sept 4, 1954
Lachance, Joseph Maynard Athol, MA Sicard, Rita Doris Barton Jan 17, 1942
Lacivita, Francis John Orleans Collins, Priscilla Mary Orleans Feb 20, 1961
LaClair, Brian Maurice Barton Charland, Phyllis Marie Derby    Dec 5, 1971
LaClair, Carroll Charles Barton Rollins, Doris Mae Barton Jan 22, 1955
LaClair, Earl Dale Willoughby Daniels, Margaret Lillian Willoughby Nov 23, 1946
Laclair, Eldon Marvin Glover Perkins, Caroline Brenda Glover June 4, 1966
LaClair, Elwin Rodolphe Barton Austin, Joyce Pearl Barton Nov 25, 1950
LaClair, Michael R. Barton Pilbin, Catherine M. Barton Jan 13, 1973
LaClair, Richard E. Barton Landry, Lise M. A. Orleans Aug 28, 1971
LaClair, Roy Ervin Sutton Knapp, Avis Barton June 18, 1928
Lacoss, Archie Joseph Orleans Chelifoux, Catherine Irasburg Aug 15, 1931
LaCoss, Dennis Paul Lyndon Labrecque, Jennine R. M. Barton Aug 13, 1977
LaCoss, George Edward Orleans Shedd, Luvia Ethel Craftsbury Dec 21, 1931
Lacourse, Norbert Orleans Pope, Beverly Westfield July 16, 1966
Lacroix, Omer Joseph St. Johnsbury Nault, Esther Dorothy Barton Sept 27, 1952
LaCroix, Reil Joseph Lebanon, NH Hannah, Pauline Hazel Lebanon, NH Nov 14, 1959
Lacross, Michael Archie Orleans Dawson, Betty Jane North Troy April 25, 1969
LaCross, Norman Homer Orleans Basnar, Donna Louise St. Johnsbury Dec 27, 1969
LaFlam, Arthur Barton Krewet, Mary Elizabeth Barton March 5, 1927
Lafoe, Allen Dean Brownington Kittredge, Linda Marie Orleans Sept 1, 1973
Lafoe, Forrest Valentine Barton Chalifaux, Shirley Alberta Irasburg Nov 2, 1938
Lafoe, Gary Lee Orleans Kelley, Charlotte Jean (Cole) Newport Aug 7, 1971
Lafoe, Ricky Gene Orleans Bartlett, Doreen Erna Greensboro July 5, 1975
Lafoe, Stacey Bernie Concord, NH Leonard, Gail Louise Concord, NH Jan 19, 1980
Lafont, Wayne Lee West Glover Campbell, Denise Anne Irasburg Aug 25, 1978
LaFontaine, Henry Granby, MA Martel, Cecile M. Barton Aug 1, 1953
Lahue, Harold Jarvis Barton Davison, Lillian Theresa Newport Jan 3, 1933
Lamadeleine, Bernard Francois Barton Jamier, Henriette Marie Ange Marseille, France Aug 24, 1968
Lamadeleine, Clement A. Barton Dustin, Lois J. Newport Jan 19, 1974
Lamadeleine, Denis Maurice Barton Moffatt, Elaine Shirley Hardwick Dec 4, 1965
LaMadeleine, Gerard P. Barton Garfield, Sharon M. Barton July 7, 1979
Lamadeleine, Leo Germain Barton Growley, Darlene C. (Sylvester) Irasburg July 21, 1980
LaMadeleine, Richard H. New York, NY Bergeron, Laurette Ware, MA July 6, 1957
LaMadeleine, Ronald Albert Barton Walker, Aline Dora (Fontaine) Barton July 7, 1972
Lamoureux, Gerard Philip Middletown, CT Folsom, Rachel Lee Barton Aug 2, 1958
Lamphere, James Charles Brownington Washer, Tanya Dorcas Barton July 19, 1975
Lancaster, Maurice Dean Orleans Labor, Elizabeth Mary Decker Orleans Feb 10, 1950
Lancaster, Royden Elywin Newport City Choquette, Patricia Monica Barton Dec 16, 1972
Landry, Clement Joseph Barton Stone, Diane Mae Glover Aug 3, 1974
Langdeau, George Valmor Orleans Buskey, Theresa Loraine Barton Sept 29, 1941
Langevin, Ralph Napoleon Barton Guyer, Lena Mary Newport Dec 29, 1928
Lanham, Paul E., Jr. Rochester, NY Kipp, Martha E. Rochester, NY Sept 3, 1977
Lanou, Eric G. Orleans Cleveland, Gail M. Orleans May 3, 1975
Lanoue, Gary Thomas Orleans Curtis, Deborah Ann Orleans Jan 30, 1971
Lanoue, Gerard Raymond Orleans Forest, Marie Monica Helen North Troy May 23, 1964
Lanoue, Mark Alan Irasburg Frey, Betty Lou Brooklyn, NY May 20, 1967
Lanoue, Peter Polydor Barton Young, Sandra Kaye Glover Aug 30, 1974
Lanoue, Roland Andre Orleans Campbell, Gilberte Yvonne Irasburg Sept 2, 1940
Lanoue, Ronald Andre Orleans Goodwin, Karlene Ann Newport May 15, 1965
Lanoue, Victor L. Orleans Sanville, Elsinore I. (LaCourse) Orleans May 23, 1972
Lanoue, Yvon Roger Orleans Rexford, Doris Ann Orleans June 29, 1963
Lapierre, Emile Edward Orleans Butler, Annette Idythe Irasburg June 27, 1953
LaPierre, William Edward Orleans Tatro, Olive Orleans Feb 28, 1927
Lapierre, William Edward Orleans Diette, Alice Beatrice Lowell Nov 26, 1931
LaPlume, Cyril Charles Westfield LeBlanc, Linda Anne Barton May 27, 1978
Laplume, Guy Leo Paul Westfield LeBlanc, Rita Anne Barton June 16, 1979
Laramee, Leonard J. Jr. Barton Hodgdon, Rebecca L. Hardwick Oct 25, 1975
Largey, John Earl Worcester, MA Willey, Demis Abbie Worcester, MA Aug 22, 1927
Larocque, Carroll Robert Barton Drown, Bonnie Mae Barton Nov 29, 1968
Larocque, Clayton Harley Brownington Allard, Yvonne A. Barton Oct 2, 1932
LaRocque, Clifton Moris Barton Baxter, Genevieve Ferrin Barton Nov 22, 1952
Larocque, Francis Dean Barton Russ, Susan Jane (Benson) Barton Oct 20, 1972
LaRocque, Frank J. Barton Moquin, Lorraine M. Barton July 4, 1959
Larocque, Kenneth Rae Barton Hinton, Janice Ellen Barton Sept 18, 1965
Larocque, Merrill Louis Barton Nault, Alice Virginia Barton Nov 22, 1934
Larocque, Ralph Henry Barton Sawyer, Betty Jane Albany Dec 5, 1951
Larocque, Roger Lee Barton Roy, Christine Claire Newport Nov 26, 1966
Larocque, Roland Ora Barton Mason, Mildred Angie Albany Feb 9, 1946
Larose, Carl F. Barton Judd, April A. (Beard) Glover Feb 17, 1972
Larose, Carl Frederick Barton Roberts, Evelyn Cote Orleans May 21, 1966
LaRose, Frank Joseph Orleans Roberts, Marion Pearl Orleans June 15, 1932
Larue, Robert E. Barton Glasson, Geraldine Barton Dec 25, 1945
Lathe, Emerson C., Jr. Orleans Valley, Barbara Jean Newport City Nov 15, 1980
LaTray, John Duncan Barton Jackson, Ethel Ann Barton March 8, 1965
Lavoie, Albert Joseph Orleans Alberghini, Madeline Esther Orleans Sept 9, 1940
Lavoie, David John Orleans Quintal, Susan Marie-Claire Westfield July 14, 1973
Lawes, Dean Merle Brownington Gadwah, Betty Leah Orleans Dec 23, 1968
Lawler, David Joseph Hartford, CT Perry, Theresa Eva Hartford, CT Aug 26, 1950
Leach, Allen Walter Orleans Mason, Marion Mary Clarkson Montpelier April 5, 1948
Leach, Allen Walter Orleans Faust, Gemma Irasburg July 20, 1950
Leach, Gary A. Barton Dudley, Jennifer L. Orleans Dec 29, 1973
Leach, Michael F. Orleans Willis, Susan D. (Sicard) Barton May 12, 1973
Leach, Myron Wilmer Orleans Dewing, Charlotte May Orleans Oct 20, 1948
Leavens, Stuart Eugene Orleans Hurley, Leota Ruth Newport Aug 3, 1946
Leavitt, Keith Amherst Orleans Lafoe, Pauline Francenah Orleans Jan 30, 1937
Lebel, Aime Dennis Orleans Choquette, Theresa S. Orleans July 30, 1966
LeBlanc, Allen M. Orleans Pepin, Irene M. Brownington March 2, 1974
LeBlanc, Bernard Eugene Barton St. Armand, Margaret Grace Orleans Sept 2, 1946
LeBlanc, Gabriel Gerard Barton Boutin, Marie Jeanne Barton May 28, 1949
LeBlanc, George Paul Barton Holcomb, Noella Simonne Gaboriault Glover Oct 23, 1950
LeBlanc, Laurence G. Barton Thompson, Norma Kathryn Orleans June 16, 1973
LeBlanc, Maurice A. Barton Hilliard, Candace R. Orleans May 27, 1972
LeBlanc, Napoleon Leo Barton Miller, Florence Elizabeth Barton July 18, 1957
LeBlanc, Norman J. Barton Wallace, Joan A. Orleans July 14, 1979
LeBlanc, Raymond Bernard Barton Delisle, Suzanne Marie Newport May 23, 1970
LeBlanc, Robert R. Orleans Geoffroy, Rachel M. Newport Sept 23, 1967
Leblanc, Roger Philip Barton Burns, Wendy Marie Derby June 12, 1971
LeBlanc, Valerien Edward Barton St. Amand, Marypaul Theresa Irasburg Aug 2, 1948
LeBrun, Octave Leo Lisbon, ME Desjardins, Paulette Clair Orleans May 4, 1957
LeClair, John Baptist Barton Cargill, Leola Winnifred Morgan   May 2, 1938
LeClerc, Henry A. Barton Laramee, Doris R. Barton Sept 20, 1974
LeClerc, Joseph Eugene Barton Hawkins, Marjorie Anita Barton June 18, 1944
LeClerc, Joseph Eugene Barton Elliott, Barbara Ann Barton Aug 22, 1970
Lee, Willie Henry Orleans Guyette, Louise Irasburg Sept 24, 1931
Lefebvre, Arthur Barton Langlois, Jane Morrisville July 1, 1940
Leith, William Bruce Melrose Park, IL Rives, Caroline Lucille Barton Nov 6, 1940
Lemay, Paul Emile Barton Stone, Leona May Greensboro April 12, 1958
Lemieux, Dollard Barton LaBounty, Edith Orleans Oct 21, 1935
Lemieux, Maurice Joseph Barton Fournier, Cecile Troy June 22, 1936
Lemieux, Paul Lawrence Bernard Barton Noel, Theresa Lucia Newport May 31, 1937
Leno, Corcell Alfred Orleans Dewing, Frances Ruth Orleans Dec 29, 1957
Leno, Corcell Alfred Orleans Wood, Helen Louise Newport Dec 31, 1967
Lenton, Davis Foster St. Johnsbury Nault, Lorraine Eleanor Barton Dec 12, 1952
Leonard, Raymond Ronald Erving, MA Hutchins, Beverly Jean Barton Jan 19, 1952
Leonard, Roland O. Glover Desreuisseau, Gertrude B. Barton March 15, 1931
Lepine, Albert George Barton Lemieux, Blandine Lucienne Barton June 7, 1937
Leroux, Aurelle Joseph Barton Roy, Laurette Mary Glover Sept 2, 1935
Leroux, Clovis J. Barton Sicard, Irene Barton Dec 31, 1934
Leroux, Lucien Hormidas Salvanie Barton Messier, Jeanette Orleans June 23, 1941
Leroux, Robert Roland Worcester, MA Coomer, Jane Barton Sept 4, 1961
LeRoy, Lewis Henry Haverhill, MA Kimball, Freida Sarah Barton May 16, 1936
Lesperance, Michel A. Orleans Gray, Theresa M. Orleans Oct 6, 1973
Letourneau, Alan Phillip St. Johnsbury Paquette, Marie Althea Barton Oct 11, 1952
Letourneau, Gaetan Pierre Irasburg Bowman, Cynthia Ruth Orleans June 16, 1979
Letourneau, George, Jr. Orleans James, Marguerite Emilienne Orleans Oct 2, 1933
Letourneau, Oscar Joseph Barton Dolcier, Marie Anna Rachel Lyndonville Nov 28, 1928
Letourneau, Robert Rene Orleans Bacon, Enid Cecile Beebe, Que. Sept 14, 1963
Lewandowski, Leo Leonard Joilet, IL Mosele, Mary Angela Lockport, IL Nov 18, 1941
Lewis, Arthur G. Derby Twombly, Doris Caroline Orleans Nov 6, 1931
Lewis, Carl Warren Barton Webster, Winifred Hope Barton June 21, 1933
Lewis, Earle Temple Barton Turcotte, Theodora Jane Newport June 30, 1935
Lewis, Harry Libby Barton Bona, Loretta Mary Barton July 16, 1938
Libby, Bickford Clarence Orleans Rexford, Audrey June Orleans Oct 19, 1962
Libby, Calvin Jacob Barton Gay, Evelyn Pauline Barton April 4, 1931
Libby, Carlos Josiah Barton Fairbrother, Vera Sophia Barton Dec 27, 1931
Libby, Clinton Augusta Barton Vautier, Helen Manchester, NH Aug 13, 1932
Libby, Howard Clinton Barton Webber, Daisy Mae Barton Oct 18, 1936
Liberty, Byron L. Orleans Prive, Gloria J. (Shover) Orleans July 12, 1973
Little, Douglas Stewart Barton Carpenter, Marlene Jane Coventry Sept 5, 1970
Lizotte, Leonard James Barton Provost, Jeannette Clarinda Troy Oct 5, 1947
Locke, Edgar Clarence Southbridge, MA Chappell, Beulah Annabelle Barton Jan 11, 1963
Locke, O. W. Orleans Higgins, Gertrude Parker Orleans Oct 4, 1950
Locke, Orrin Willey Orleans Niles, Mrs. Gertrude Josephine Newport Oct 9, 1930
Locke, Roland E. Barton Walcott, Charlotte B. Barton Dec 18, 1970
Locke, Vernon Carl Barton Sheldon, Tessie May Barton Oct 15, 1932
Longaker, William F. Haverford, PA Casey, Janet D. Havertown, PA Oct 12, 1973
Longeway, Leon Orleans Schefe, Edna Derby Sept 26, 1931
Longeway, Lyman Russell Orleans Bennett, Marcella Jane Orleans March 8, 1956
Longley, Milton J. Jay Bowman, Donna M. Orleans Nov 9, 1974
Loomis, Durward Austin Barton Bocash, Mary Linda Newport Aug 8, 1967
Loomis, George W. Hopkinton, RI Loubert, Lorraine B. Hopkinton, RI Sept 2, 1978
Lorimer, Bruce E. Exeter, NH Kittredge, Lorna C. Orleans July 8, 1972
Loukx, Albert Orleans Holden, Ruth Orleans Aug 1, 1942
Lowe, Rollo Plynn Barton Davis, Betty Jane St. Johnsbury May 8, 1948
Luhaink, John, Jr. Barton Dempsey, Mary Anne Concord, MA Nov 25, 1946
Lunge, Raymond Jerry Orleans Holmes, Mary Louella Richford Aug 23, 1933
Lussier, Gerard Gaston Orleans Durkee, Nancy May Winchester, NH Aug 23, 1969
Lussier, Jean Paul Barton Aldrich, Charlotte Barton May 6, 1966
Lussier, Larry M. Barton Cote, Sherril A. Barton July 7, 1973
Lussier, Roland Roger Barton Dodge, Beatrice Bertha Barton June 24, 1950
Lussier, Steven R. Newport Prue, Karen L. Barton April 14, 1973
Lyman, Forrest Vance West Glover Hendy, Helen Anne Barton Aug 20, 1951
Lyman, Gary John Barton Perron, Gail Louise Glover May 28, 1977
Lyon, Dean M. Penacook, NH Young, Ellen M. Penacook, NH Sept 23, 1977
Lyon, Harvey Earl Barton Taylor, Doreen Marie Glover Oct 30, 1971
Lyon, Jesse James Brownington Wright, Rossann Lee Barton May 5, 1973
Macdonald, Robert Morris, Jr. Cranston, RI Stone, Beryl Francis Orleans Jan 1, 1946
Macie, Kenneth Charles Orleans Roberts, Theda Vivian Orleans Feb 8, 1937
Macie, Lloyd Daniel Orleans Cote, Alice Virginia Orleans July 1, 1933
Macie, Owen Henry Orleans Aldrich, Leah Eleanor Nashua, NH Aug 30, 1933
Mack, Ernest Everett Orleans Barron, Priscilla Derby Dec 18, 1964
Mackrianis, Peter N. Springfield, MA Diette, Antoinette L. Springfield, MA Aug 10, 1957
MacLeod, Edmund Orleans Roberts, Verna Mae Orleans June 27, 1959
Maclure, Ronald Alan Irasburg Gonyaw, Linda Rae Barton Nov 3, 1973
MacMillan, Alexander Gordon Auburndale, MA Bassett, Marjorie Waterman Orleans Aug 31, 1940
Magill, Herman Arthur Burke Dow, Leah V. Orleans July 1, 1927
Magoon, Roland Carroll Barton Truax, Carolyn Emily Barton May 29, 1938
Mailman, Newton Isaac Orleans Clough, Dorothy Evelyn Orleans June 25, 1960
Maker, Clarence Everett Orleans Young, Cecile Fay Orleans Aug 14, 1964
Malshuk, Philip Alex Orleans Baldic, Margaret Emma Orleans Dec 7, 1936
Malshuk, Stephen Alex Orleans McKinney, Doris Leota Newport May (3), 1938
Malshuk, Tony A. Orleans Salazar, Virginia M. Orleans Oct 14, 1972
Mandigo, Melvin Harvey Barton Wakeman, Enid Charlotte Barton April 1, 1934
Manning, John Frederick Providence, RI Anderson, Harriet Doris Mahlik Barton April 27, 1940
Marckres, Wayne Elmer Irasburg Libby, Connie Rae Barton May 12, 1979
Marcotte, Clarence Barton Brault, Jeanette Barton June 22, 1935
Marcotte, Gary David Barton Thompson, Alicia Harryette Brownington Jan 1, 1976
Marcotte, Gerald Eugene Barton Lemay, Jeannine Madeline Barton Jan 23, 1954
Marsh, Danny J. Orleans Faust, Lucille A. Irasburg Feb 12, 1977
Marsh, Kenneth Rogers Barton Nelson, Marion Cherrie Barre Jan 19, 1944
Marsh, Robert Willard Groveton, NH Donnelly, Pauline Mary Groveton, NH May 19, 1946
Marshall, Robert Wells Orleans Marsh, Marguerite Ellen Chester Depot, VT Oct 16, 1941
Martel, Ludger Joseph Barton Lemieux, Cecile Mary North Troy Oct 20, 1941
Martel, Richard R. St. Johnsbury Cole, Kathleen M. Barton Sept 9, 1978
Martel, Thomas A. Orleans Blair, Rosemary E. Orleans July 3, 1976
Martel, Thomas Allen Orleans Armstrong, Barbara Joan Orleans Jan 24, 1971
Martell, Alfred Oliver Barton Frechette, Mary Cleophie Barton July 7, 1928
Martin, Donald Fred Orleans Holmes, Carrie Helena Orleans March 1, 1930
Martin, Lloyd Monroe Belmont, MA Scott, Lillian Althea Barton Oct 27, 1945
Martin, Raymond Lester Orleans Gibeault, Cecile Doris South Troy Aug 15, 1936
Martineau, Gabriel E. Orleans Sinon, Beverly J. East Albany Oct 2, 1971
Mason, Elwin Joseph Orleans Allen, Earla Muriel Orleans Oct 31, 1947
Mason, Frank Edward Barton Hill, Bertha Marion Barton March 19, 1966
Mason, Gerald Maurice Orleans Tinker, Norma Goss Orleans April 27, 1946
Mason, Harold Merton Barton Libby, Gertrude Irene Lyndonville May 12, 1945
Mason, Kenneth Allen Orleans Hommel, Barbara Ellen Orleans Sept 14, 1963
Mason, Leon E. Irasburg Tinker, Marcia Joan Orleans July 2, 1976
Mason, Leon Emmanuel Orleans Marsh, April Em Brownington June 3, 1972
Mason, Leroy Joel Glover Smith, Grace Ann Barton May 29, 1970
Mason, Philip Augustus Orleans Goss, Edna Marion Irasburg Aug 30, 1941
Mason, Ray A. Barton Bacon, Susan K. Barton July 7, 1979
Mason, Roger Hugh Orleans Fontaine, Mary Jane West Charleston Aug 6, 1945
Mason, Roland Edward Orleans Dow, Shirley Mae Orleans April 1, 1954
Massey, Dennis Raymond Hartford, CT Rollins, Mary Lou Barton Oct 30, 1965
Massey, Emile Irving Barton Sawyer, Evelyn Gertrude   May 8, 1943
Massey, Raymond Barton Heath, Alice M. Barton Aug 22, 1942
Mathews, Ernest Dexter Orleans Bergeron, Rose Alma Orleans Dec 11, 1945
Mathews, James Alexander Barre Labounty, Lena Dora Barton Dec 10, 1928
Mathews, Ralph Alson Orleans Bullard, Vera Maude Orleans Dec 24, 1929
Matthews, Bernard Jeddie Orleans Brooks, Theresa Mary Coventry Jan 27, 1941
Maxwell, Edmond Dean Irasburg Bruneau, Jean Cindy Orleans June 18, 1976
May, David Lewis Boston, MA Logan, B. Michael Boston, MA May 19, 1979
May, Frederick S. Barton Lewis, Jane H. Barton April 20, 1957
May, Ralph Hough Barton Brown, Beatrice I. Sheffield July 31, 1934
Mayette, Richard Norman Burlington Davis, Betty Ann Long Island, NY April 21, 1953
Maynard, George Joseph Barton Wheeler, Mabel Mildred Barton Oct 16, 1936
Maynard, James William Ormand Beach, FL Pudvah, Loretta Mae Glover Aug 17, 1963
Maynes, James Mills Barton Potter, Alyce Marie Barton Nov 19, 1941
McAdam, Kenneth E. Hardwick Patten, Elaine R. Barton Aug 16, 1969
McCarthy, Leo Charles Jr. Lawrence, MA St. Onge, Mary Dorothy Barton Feb 15, 1936
McCauley, Charles Louis Wakefield, MA Morse, Ellen Rita Barton March 1, 1940
McClean, Joseph Henry Athol, MA Cass, Alice Lena Barton Jan 30, 1939
McCoy, David J. Barton Brow, Diane A. Barton July 1, 1978
McCoy, Timothy J. Orleans Provost, Kathy R. Derby Sept 23, 1977
McDermott, John Bernard Walpole, NH Bousquet, Irene Rosina Barton Oct 12, 1936
McKay, Clifford G. Barton Conn, Rose Ella Barton June 29, 1968
McMahon, Patrick Orleans LaCourse, Evelyn May Orleans Feb 28, 1960
McNamara, James Clark, Jr. Orleans Doyle, Stella May Orleans Dec 11, 1926
McNamara, William Roger Orleans Kennison, Natalie Lena Irasburg Feb 4, 1928
McQuatters, Edward Kennedy IV Barton Perron, Doris Lorraine Glover Feb 21, 1976
McRedmond, Arthur Henry Orleans Paquette, Germaine Orleans July 28, 1941
McRitchie, William Donald Barton Sinon, Madelyn Ann Albany Oct 8, 1934
Meehan, Dale C. St. Johnsbury Leck, Deborah A. Barton Sept 30, 1972
Meehan, Neil Conrad Brighton Virgil, Rafelita Mabel Cheyenne, Wyoming Dec 28, 1955
Meier, Randall A. Glover Martel, Barbara J. (Armstrong) Barton July 3, 1976
Meier, Robert A. Glover Daignault, Maryse G. Orleans June 20, 1975
Menard, Francis J. Barton Comstock, Sue Ann Barton Oct 9, 1971
Menard, Roland Herve Barton Stone, Lois Jane Glover Aug 6, 1965
Mercier, Robert Orleans Quelch, Rusela (Foss) Montpelier Oct 26, 1973
Merrill, Harry E. Barton Gates, Mrs. Lilla Rash Barton Nov 4, 1929
Messier, Clifford James Irasburg Bowman, Carolyn Patricia Barton July 14, 1978
Messier, Keith Alan Orleans Shaw, Susan Marie Barton May 3, 1980
Messier, Robert Joseph Barton Chappell, Marie Anne Barton March 10, 1951
Metcalf, Brady Lee Irasburg Desmarais, Mariette Claire Barton Sept 27, 1969
Miles, Arthur Elmer Barton Hodgdon, Esther Dorothy Barton May 26, 1951
Miles, Clyde Archie Barton Powers, Geraldine Lucretia West Glover July 20, 1929
Miles, O. G. Glover Freeman, Nellie Edith Barton Nov 24, 1936
Miller, Franklin Bradford Westmore Benoit, Leigh Ann Barton March 17, 1977
Mitchem, Gary R. Lyndonville Arel, Danielle L. Barton Nov 12, 1977
Moffett, Harry W. Barton Gilpin, Lenore M. Barton Sept 30, 1959
Moffett, Richard Howard Barton Rodgers, Ruth Ann Glover March 24, 1959
Molbach, Erik Barton McArthur, June West Glover Aug 1, 1973
Moler, Armand Herve Charleston Lawson, Helen Mae Orleans Dec 19, 1953
Monfette, Brian Francis Orleans Berube, Rhonda Kay (Berry) Lyndon   Feb 20, 1976
Monfette, Raymond Ralph Orleans Allen, Ernestine Alice North Troy Sept 20, 1958
Montague, Earl Oral Orleans McDowell, Helen Mae Orleans Nov 23, 1929
Montague, Paul Max Orleans Robert, Rachel Orleans Feb 22, 1958
Montague, Roger Earl Orleans Cloutier, Pauline Rita Orleans Jan 25, 1952
Montague, Stephen M. Barton Blake, Vicki L. Orleans May 26, 1979
Montgomery, George A. Barton Moulton, Leona Barton May 12, 1926
Montgomery, Roderick Frank Barton Chouinard, Nancy (Davignon) Brownington Feb 3, 1973
Montminy, Ralph Carl Glover Rollins, Joan Marie Barton Oct 25, 1958
Moquin, Albert Edwin Barton Wood, Geraldine Sargent Glover Dec 1, 1934
Moquin, Charles Ernest Barton Boudreau, Jeanette Rose Barton June 10, 1939
Moquin, Francis Amie Barton LaCoss, Betty Jeannette Orleans March 5, 1947
Moquin, Victor Hector Barton LaClair, Winifred Beatrice Glover May 10, 1939
Morey, John Maynard Orleans LeBlanc, Pauline Elizabeth Barton June 28, 1947
Morin, Emile Holyoke, MA Duchesneau, Regina Barton Sept 5, 1927
Morin, Gaston Barton Norrie, Carolyn Orleans Sept 1, 1942
Morin, John Arthur Newport City Morley, Jane Louise Orleans June 14, 1980
Morin, Leslie James Barton Souliere, Gervaise O. Barton July 7, 1951
Morin, Raymond Nelson Jr. Somerville, MA Lemay, Emily Yvonne Somerville, MA Nov 23, 1957
Morley, James Gabriel Orleans Prue, Marjorie Mildred Irasburg May 21, 1976
Morley, John Maynard Jr. Orleans Marsh, Nancy Mae Brownington Jan 10, 1969
Morley, Michael Francis Irasburg McCoy, Amy Marie Barton Oct 11, 1980
Morrill, John Alan Drummondville, PQ Knight, Helen Annabel Barton May 29, 1954
Morse, Harold Glendon Barton Stone, Doris Marjorie Sheffield Oct 8, 1934
Morse, Robert Charles St. Johnsbury Simons, Joyce Aldena Barton Dec 23, 1955
Mosher, Murray Charles Concord, NH Gleason, Lottie May Barton Nov 28, 1942
Moulton, Phillip Sheridan Orleans Mooney, Kathryn Ann St. Albans March 1, 1946
Moulton, Phillip Sheridan Orleans Gallup, Myrtle Rollins Orleans Oct 21, 1950
Mudgett, Mark H. N. Sandwich, NH Fontaine, Diane S. N. Sandwich, NH June 18, 1977
Muer, Frederick MacMonnies Orleans Hill, Nancy Lee Newport July 25, 1948
Mullaney, Cornelius John Barton Cota, Mary Louise Barton Sept 1, 1946
Mullaney, Thomas P., Jr. Barton Pierce, Carolyne Avis Barton Oct 9, 1943
Murphy, Robert Charles Barton Hann, Carol Lois Edgewater, NJ Sept 16, 1960
Murray, Walter Andrew Barton Clark, Mrs. Minnie Brownington March 23, 1937
Nadeau, Paul Arthur Barton Locke, Verne Belle Barton Dec 31, 1951
Nadeau, Raymond Andrew Barton Tyler, Gail Wilma West Charleston June 16, 1962
Nadeau, Roger Emilien Barton Paris, Diana Lee Barton Oct 6, 1962
Nash, Chester Lawrence Orleans Turgeon, Gabrielle Brangere Brattleboro Nov 26, 1935
Natole, George Barton Gates, Lettie Clark Barton Jan 11, 1928
Nault, Charles Albert Barton Larocque, Mary Brownington Oct 7, 1929
Nault, Chris R. Barton Beauregard, Elaine Lise Glover July 21, 1979
Nault, Frank Joseph Barton Kinsley, Ruth Ella Barton Sept 16, 1950
Nault, Ralph Herbert Barton Menard, Pauline L. Barton July 23, 1955
Nelson, Forrest Richardson Barton Damon, Geneva Barton Oct 13, 1928
Nelson, Robert Hamilton Barton Damon, Cordelia Emma Barton July 21, 1928
Newcomb, Webster Monroe Malden, MA Morley, Emily Marie Framingham, MA Feb 21, 1946
Nichols, Elwin Milton Barton Barter, Easter Eliza Barton Oct 6, 1926
Nichols, Gerard Joseph St. Albans Metras, Anna Josephine Barton May 27, 1944
Nicole, Louise Jacques Westboro, MA Cloutier, Violette Margaret Barton June 8, 1946
Niles, Charles Reuben Barton Bergeron, Ethel Maude Enosburg Falls April 22, 1944
Niles, Harry Oliver, Jr. Newport Center Lowe, Betty Jane Barton Dec 29, 1967
Niles, Ray Howard Barton Allen, Caludia Dee Orleans Aug 14, 1965
Niles, Ruben Glover Norton, Julia Lucy Barton June 20, 1927
Nolan, Burton James Orleans Chilafoe, Virginia Pauline Orleans July 30, 1949
Norrie, David William Lyndonville Wilson, Joyce Marie Barton Oct 28, 1978
Norris, Howard Earl Plymouth, NH Labounty, Theresa Ann Barton April 12, 1969
Norton, Ralph Eugene Orleans Eastman, Albina Priscilla Orleans Sept 25, 1933
Nutting, George Elsworth Barton Hovey, Phyllis Irene Barton Sept 5, 1942
Nye, William Percy Barton Brooks, Ina Norma S. Royalton Feb 18, 1947
O'Brien, William Arthur Barton Wilson, Eileen Rita Orleans Jan 14, 1945
O'Dell, Thomas R. Orleans Chaffee, Patty A. Orleans Nov 17, 1973
O'Heere, Thomas Gordon Orleans Rogers, Juline Elizabeth Orleans May 15, 1926
Orr, Richard M. Newport Paul, Myra M. Barton July 2, 1977
Orsini, Joseph Jr. Philadelphia, PA Nadeau, Yvette Claire Barton May 25, 1963
Ostrout, David H. Barton Norway, Mary H. (Searles) Barton April 9, 1971
Ouellet, Joseph Arthur Manchester, NH Fortier, Gemma Cecile Barton July 25, 1936
Owen, Harry Daniel Barton Gay, Averyl Violet Barton Nov 21, 1929
Owen, Robert Henry Barton Labor, Anita Mae Newport Oct 14, 1961
Palin, Dean Arthur Newport Gray, Janice Ann Orleans Nov 13, 1954
Palmer, Frank Eldridge Wollaston, MA Allen, Esther Bernice Boston, MA Sept 9, 1939
Palmer, Terance M. Newport Stoddard, Gloria L. Orleans Nov 12, 1966
Palmer, Terrance Morris Barton Joslyn, Cheryl Ann Brownington Feb 11, 1974
Paquette, Carl Everett Barton Davison, Gardena Montpelier June 21, 1958
Paquette, George Joseph Barton St. Onge, Yolande Alice Barton May 28, 1956
Paquette, Joseph Armand Gerard Orleans Blais, Marianna Avis East Hardwick Dec 27, 1945
Paquette, Paul Aime Orleans Baird, Cora Belle Barton July 31, 1944
Paquette, Raymond Leo Barton Ryan, Theresa Agnes Barton July 23, 1935
Paquin, Patrick Joseph Barton Perron, Lauretta Theresa Glover Nov 26, 1949
Paquin, Rene Joseph New Britain, CT Hannah, Erma Margaret Claremont, NH April 14, 1941
Pariseau, Joseph R. G. Orleans Fiske, Barbara J. Barton April 6, 1974
Parker, Guy Henry Barton Marcou, Sarah Evelyn Barton Aug 9, 1943
Parlin, Charles Owen Orleans Joslyn, Mrs. Etta M. Orleans July 19, 1935
Patrick, Vernon Glenn Barton Stevens, Linda Lee Barton April 12, 1969
Patten, Bruce Gordon Barton Bickford, Evelyn Jean Glover July 26, 1969
Patten, Frederick J. Barton Gentley, Alfreda M. (Jackson) Orleans Oct 2, 1976
Pearl, Rand E., Sr. Orleans Blair, JoAnn M. Orleans April 24, 1976
Peasley, Randall Monroe Bolton Ctr., Que. Marcoux, Brenda Jean Sutton Jct., Que. Nov 29, 1968
Pelland, Raoul O. Glover Blair, Annette Barton Aug 12, 1930
Pelletier, Richard Jean Barton McKay, Louise Mary Glover May 4, 1963
Pelletier, Robert Maurice Barton Wiren, Eva Elisabeth Hartford, CT July 18, 1969
Perkins, Raymond C., Jr. Barton LaClair, Mary Lynn Barton Aug 7, 1976
Perron, Richard E. Barton Richardson, Marilyn J. Sheffield Aug 4, 1973
Perry, Gilbert Ernest Orleans Bouthillier, Simone Coventry July 25, 1948
Perry, Llewellyn Parks St. Johnsbury Colgrove, Jo-Ann Ruth (Withers) Orleans April 1, 1972
Perry, Mark N. Orleans Tourangeau, Leona M. Irasburg Feb 3, 1979
Peters, Bernard Earle Albany Squires, Ruby Ethel Orleans June 3, 1967
Peters, Vernon Roy Barton Willey, Sandra Shirley Barton July 29, 1961
Peters, William Ervin Barton Tremblay, Jeanne Rachel Albany May 27, 1944
Phelps, Proctor Redfield Barton Russell, Mary Alice Glover Nov 1, 1941
Phinney, Edward Irving E. Hartford, CT Diette, Emma Emily Hartford, CT Oct 31, 1953
Pickel, David R. Newport Lapierre, Cynthia J. Orleans July 5, 1975
Pickel, Edric Malcolm Westmore Gervais, Ella Mary Barton Dec 13, 1935
Pierce, David Reuben, Jr. Barton Gaboriault, Isabelle Irene Glover May 30, 1949
Pierce, Fred Horace Orleans Hill, Mary A. McConna Orleans Jan 10, 1931
Pierce, Jeffrey H. Orleans Lantagne, Sally I. Newport March 31, 1979
Pierce, Theodore George Burlington Card, Irene Hazel Orleans June 24, 1926
Pike, Steven Denis Irasburg Leach, Linda Ann Orleans March 25, 1964
Pilbin, Robert D. Barton Perry, Brenda S. Brownington Sept 17, 1977
Pitt, Joseph Horace Louis Barton Maynard, Marie Martha Emilie Dupuis Barton May 9, 1938
Pittsley, Frank Armstrong Oswego, NY Duplessis, Florence Louise Oswego, NY Aug 30, 1931
Place, Clyde Everett Orleans Mason, Marjorie Muriel Lebanon, NH Dec 21, 1945
Place, Raymond Hinman Orleans Valley, Ruby Edith Westmore Sept 1, 1927
Place, Raymond Hinman Orleans Hall, Jessie Matilda Leland Orleans Jan 23, 1949
Place, Winnieford Solon Orleans Miller, Ruth Linnie North Troy Nov 5, 1945
Pladade, Arthur Fall River, MA Russell, Charlotte Irene Barton April 6, 1940
Plante, Camille Newport Blouin, Beverly Ann Barton June 29, 1957
Plante, Robert J. Barton Souliere, Carmel M. Barton May 27, 1978
Poginy, Adelord Newport Center Desjardins, Olive M. (Chainey) Barton June 24, 1978
Poginy, Claude Christopher Barton Rives, Pamela Ruth Barton Jan 30, 1965
Poginy, Denis J. Barton White, Victoria L. Glover Oct 20, 1973
Poginy, Paul Roger Barton LeBlanc, Estelle Noella Barton June 6, 1970
Poginy, Peter Raymond Barton Valley, Donna Rae Westmore Oct 26, 1968
Poginy, Rosaire Leon Barton Lenton, Katherine Louise Ryegate March 6, 1965
Poirier, Alan P. Barton Valley, Laurie Ann Barton April 22, 1978
Poirier, David B. Barton LaFleur, Diane S. Barton April 15, 1972
Poirier, David Leo Orleans Dawson, Judy Ann Orleans Oct 26, 1968
Poirier, Gaston Wilfred Irasburg Dextraze, Yvette Marie Barton April 16, 1955
Poirier, Gerard Lionel Orleans Larocque, Marie Berthe Lorette Burlington Nov 24, 1945
Pollender, Nelson E. Orleans Brown, Mary A. Orleans Oct 10, 1970
Porter, Dean Crandal Barton Hamel, Lucille Mariette Orleans April 25, 1964
Porter, Lee A. Orleans Shippee, Alice J. Orleans Oct 14, 1944
Porter, Vernon Mason Barton Boutin, Ida Marcie Ann E. Charleston June 14, 1937
Potter, Kendall Wayne Barton Dextraze, Annette Lillian Barton Nov 27, 1954
Potter, Merritt Juline Barton Ford, Mildred Clara Barton Oct 14, 1926
Pouliot, Michel Irenee Orleans Ramsdell, Arlene Elaine North Troy May 18, 1963
Poutre, Andre M. Irasburg Dutton, Gail A. Barton Sept 10, 1978
Powell, Ervin M. Barton Deblois, Ethel R. Barton Sept 23, 1973
Power, Richard Bertrand Orleans Currier, Dorothy Hectorine Orleans July 22, 1935
Powers, E. S. Grant Auburn, ME Gross, Natalie Helen Auburn, ME Aug 23, 1938
Powers, Stephen E. Barton Rowell, Carolyn A. Barton Aug 20, 1977
Pray, Gerald Herbert Albany Dewing, Benita Mae Orleans Dec 24, 1966
Pray, Gerald Herbert Barton Foley, Sharon Louise Barton Sept 28, 1980
Prescott, Ceylon J. Barton Baker, Rowena Whitefield, NH June 30, 1942
Prescott, Milton Ellis Barton Wells, Marion Elizabeth Craftsbury Dec 4, 1945
Preseault, Camille Lefaivre, Ont. Boudreau, Exelia Barton June 1, 1927
Prevost, Roger Barton Comstock, Betty G. Barton Aug 20, 1951
Proctor, Fletcher James Barton Joly, Marie Louise Burlington Nov 28, 1934
Provencher, Raymond Alfred Barton O'Brien, Genia M. Barton Feb 6, 1946
Provencher, Terence R. Barton Armstrong, Bonnie Orleans Nov 21, 1970
Provoncha, Eugene Walter Derby Line Lacoss, Bonnie Jean Orleans July 17, 1959
Prue, Daniel Craig Irasburg Herman, Linda Ann (Spaulding) Orleans July 19, 1975
Prue, Jerry Wayne Orleans Lacoss, Judith Dawn Orleans June 27, 1964
Prue, Reginald David, Jr. Barton Sicard, Pamela Jean Barton June 30, 1980
Prue, Steven C. Newport Nutbrown, Kerry L. Orleans Aug 5, 1977
Prue, Timothy E. Barton Cole, Tina M. Barton Oct 20, 1979
Pudvah, Bernard Louis Barton Baldwin, Francis Marie Irasburg Sept 5, 1938
Pudvah, Charles Harold Barton Smith, Melanie Lindberg Barton Jan 13, 1968
Pudvah, Edward John Barton Perron, Mamie Glover Sept 30, 1935
Pudvah, Harold James Barton Landry, Louise Albany June 29, 1940
Queior, Lawrence Herbert Orleans Wing, Gladys Ethel Orleans April 2, 1936
Quintal, Daniel Jerry Westfield LaFleur, Francine Mary Barton April 28, 1979
Racine, Donald Paul Irasburg Smith, Carol Jeanne Barton Sept 30, 1972
Racine, Paul Orleans Smith, Achsah Marion Orleans Feb 18, 1928
Racine, Paul Andy Orleans Blake, Betty Louise Orleans Feb 26, 1966
Racine, Richard Mark Newport Mason, Peggy Lynn Orleans May 31, 1975
Rafferty, Sherwood C. Orleans Blanchard, Brenda J. Orleans Feb 5, 1977
Rakowski, Henry Peter Canajoharie, NY Sydow, Sandra Lyman Canajoharie, NY May 4, 1968
Ramsdell, Carroll Burton Morrisville Heath, Mildred Alice Elie Orleans Jan 11, 1960
Randall, Earl Darwood Barton Sloane, Wanda June St. Albans Sept 3, 1949
Randall, Glen Steven Barton Chalifoux, Sharon D. Barton May 22, 1976
Rash, Alfred Lewis Barton Haney, Norma Jean Newport Nov 25, 1951
Rash, Clifton Horace Barton Tatro, Hilda Westmore Feb 16, 1929
Rash, Erwin Eugene Barton Laythe, Beulah Rose Barton Sept 27, 1952
Rash, Larry Dean Barton Vanslette, Deborah Jean Swanton Dec 1, 1979
Raymond, Roger S. Orleans Hinton, Patricia M. (Rossier) Orleans Oct 22, 1977
Ready, William Joseph Burlington Moquin, Jane Annette Orleans Oct 28, 1967
Reed, Clifford H. Burlington Paquette, Linda A. Barton Oct 20, 1973
Reeves, George William Washington, DC Jenkins, Elva Mae Orleans Dec 9, 1939
Reinhardt, Harris Pt. Washington, NY Gray, Doris Evelyn Orleans June 12, 1948
Renault, Dale Roland Barton Royer, Linda Theresa Barton April 24, 1971
Renault, Roland S. Barton Diette, Irene M. Barton Sept 22, 1945
Reoch, Ambrose L. Liverpool, England Hellesen, Sara K. Barton June 24, 1972
Reynard, David Cecil Danville, Que. Cote, Jerald Leona Barton June 8, 1963
Ricciardi, Alfred William Greenwich, CT Prevost, Betsey L. Barton Aug 6, 1976
Rice, Kevin A. Orleans Blodgett, Juanita M. Barton Aug 7, 1976
Rice, Lyle Kenneth Orleans Marsh, Lila Arlene Barton Aug 27, 1933
Rice, Ronald F. Barton LeBlanc, Mariette A. Barton Aug 5, 1978
Rice, Wayne Burton Orleans Shaw, Joyce Ruth Orleans June 25, 1966
Rice, Wilfred Jock Orleans Woods, Helen Anna Orleans Jan 27, 1926
Richard, Julian J. Walden Raymond, Hope A. Barton Aug 7, 1971
Richards, Stephen F. Framingham, MA Gage, Deborah J. Framingham, MA Jan 12, 1974
Richardson, Mark Lewis Orleans Provoncha, Arene Agnes Orleans Oct 29, 1929
Richmond, John Atwood, Jr. Plymouth, MA Govoni, Helen Beatrice Plymouth, MA April 16, 1946
Rickan, Fred Warren Barton Berry, Marlou Barton Nov 27, 1968
Riendeau, Alfred Vincent Rockville, CT Chouinard, Florence Margaret Greensboro Bend Sept 29, 1956
Riendeau, Bernard A. Albany LeBlanc, Paulette C. Orleans July 26, 1975
Rivard, James L. Newport Roberts, Diane P. Orleans Sept 16, 1967
Rivard, Laurend Arthur Newport Wallace, Barbara Elizabeth Newport Nov 19, 1951
Rivard, Thomas Grant Newport Landry, Ginette Lise Orleans Feb 10, 1968
Rives, Christopher John Barton Bergeron, Virginia Mary Coventry July 11, 1964
Rives, John Cook Barton Miner, Gladys Emily Barton July 11, 1934
Rives, Wright E. Barton Hoar, Marjorie Ruth St. Johnsbury Aug 25, 1935
Robbins, Frank Minot Barton Norrie, Esther Rosanna Brownington Oct 3, 1936
Roberson, Earl Irwin Barton Stanley, Marvis Lucille Glover Feb 13, 1949
Robert, Roland Edward Orleans Poutre, Andrea Troy Aug 14, 1952
Robert, Steven R. Newport LaFleur, Denise M. Barton May 19, 1979
Roberts, Dorio Paul, Jr. Barton Bailey, Roxana Elsie West Glover July 7, 1979
Roberts, Dwight Akley Orleans Willard, Isabelle Catherine Derby Dec 23, 1938
Roberts, Joel Albert Barton Scott, Lillian Belle St. Johnsbury Dec 27, 1937
Roberts, John Matthew, III Orleans Thompson, Cynthia Jean Orleans Sept 2, 1966
Roberts, Kenneth Hartford, CT Agustin, Magdalina Frances Hartford, CT Nov 22, 1969
Roberts, Kenneth P. Albany Cote, Valerie A. Orleans July 5, 1975
Roberts, Leon W. Orleans Bouthillier, Jeannette M. Newport July 6, 1946
Roberts, Maurice Arnold Barton Cote, Evelyn Mae Orleans June 7, 1943
Roberts, Richard Elden Barton Racicot, Jeannine Mary Westmore May 9, 1959
Roberts, Rodney Clark Orleans Hardy, Diana Orleans June 14, 1958
Roberts, Roger Maurice Newport Conley, Elizabeth Belle Barton Feb 9, 1963
Roberts, Sterling Irving Orleans Linquist, Marjorie Ella Orleans March 26, 1945
Roberts, Vernon E. Barton Wilson, Lillian V. (Barrett) Barton April 22, 1972
Roberts, Walter Edgar Gardiner, ME McIntosh, Geraldine Mae Willoughby Nov 22, 1946
Robitallie, Harvey Joseph Barton Nault, Beverly Beryl Barton June 25, 1949
Rock, Earl Joseph Barton Nault, Millie Barton Dec 5, 1932
Rock, Leonard M. Barton Ball, Carol A. St. Johnsbury June 5, 1971
Rock, Paul Ernest Barton Kwiatkowski, Virginia Mary Barton April 8, 1944
Rockwell, Donald Norman Barton Fiske, Norma Louise Barton April 27, 1963
Rockwell, Richard Warren Barton Perron, Cynthia Mae Glover Oct 1, 1966
Rockwell, Robert E. Barton Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Barton Jan 2, 1962
Rodgers, James Allen Glover Healy, Nancy Yvonne Barton Oct 22, 1966
Rodgers, John Willard West Glover Amyot, Marie Albertine Barton Sept 15, 1962
Rollins, Mark Preston Barton Thurston, Leah Grace Danville Jan 22, 1932
Rollins, William George Barton Griggs, Jane Dianne Albany June 11, 1952
Ross, Harry Arthur Orleans Longeway, Frances Lilla Orleans May 5, 1953
Ross, James E. Moretown Pasell, Martha R. Barton July 6, 1974
Rowe, Marcellus H. Pembroke, NH Griffin, Ruth N. Barton June 5, 1927
Rowell, Clifton Richard Morrisville Thorpe, Hazel Amelia Barton Sept 3, 1927
Rowen, Mason Vincent Barton Hovey, Helen Lucile St. Johnsbury Oct 18, 1947
Roy, Raymond Joseph Westborough, MA Fontaine, Noella Marie Barton Sept 1, 1958
Royer, Emile Paul Irasburg Bernard, Jeannette Cecile Orleans April 11, 1953
Royer, Ernest Dale Coventry Judd, Judith Greta Orleans Oct 3, 1970
Royer, Ernest Philidore Orleans Limlaw, Virginia Theresa Derby April 17, 1948
Royer, Philbert Noel Barton Graveline, Elsie Coventry July 29, 1933
Royer, Roland Ernest Orleans Dumas, Rose Antoinette Elmore Dec 27, 1941
Royer, William Rudolph Barton Holmes, Gladys Louise Orleans July 13, 1927
Ruggles, Alvah William Barton Hawkens, Betsy Ellen (Dudley) Orleans March 28, 1969
Ruggles, John C. Barton Lauritzen, Dorothy S. Burlington April 15, 1978
Rundgren, Ernest J., Jr. Barton Orzolek, Catherine A. Barton Aug 19, 1978
Russell, Darrell Lynford Barton Griffin, Phyllis Eileen Orleans Nov 7, 1958
Russell, Thomas Barton Thompson, Hilda Goss Barton June 12, 1929
Russell, Wallace C. III Barton Ducharme, Gabrielle Glover Sept 18, 1976
Russell, Wallace Clayton Jr. Barton Willard, Nettie Elaine Newport March 29, 1950
Ryan, Gerald Joseph Barton Adams, Veda Mae Woodsville, NH Aug 30, 1937
Ryan, Richard Barton Brean, Rita Theresa Irasburg Feb 14, 1942
Ryder, Ora Alton Barton Owen, Adele Louise Portland, ME Dec 12, 1933
Sackett, Donald E. Island Pond Monfette, Debra C. Orleans April 26, 1975
Saffell, Reid Hamilton, OH LeBlanc, Gina Elizabeth Barton Aug 9, 1969
Salazar, Alfredo Beeville, Texas Kettle, Dorothy Virginia Coventry Aug 16, 1953
Salmon, Melvin Alexander N. Stratford, NH Dyke, Frances Ethel Lisbon, NH April 11, 1937
Sample, Gary L. Barton Domina, Lucy A. Barton June 23, 1979
Sample, Richard Harold Barton Kenneson, Beverly Ruth West Glover Oct 9, 1955
Sanville, Douglas L. Newport Labrecque, Gisele A. Barton May 26, 1979
Sanville, Philip Allen Orleans Anaskowich, Marie Pearl Orleans July 15, 1967
Sargent, Dennis C. Barton Rogers, Lois E. Barton June 28, 1974
Sargent, Lynn Arthur Orleans Corrow, Marion Arcada Coventry May 16, 1947
Sargent, William G. Berkshire Brunelle, Frances M. Barton Oct 14, 1978
Saunders, James Courage Brownington Terhume, Laura Joy Brownington Oct 29, 1965
Sawyer, Larry J. Barton Cotnoir, Francine C. Irasburg March 11, 1973
Scamman, W. Douglas Stratham, NH England, Greta B. (Boudle) Orleans July 8, 1972
Scheer, William August Barton Roberts, Gertrude Mary Orleans Jan 8, 1949
Schneider, Robert A. Chicopee, MA Butterfield, Doris T. Chicopee, MA July 6, 1940
Schrecke, John R. W. Springfield, MA Swanson, Linda M. Westfield, MA May 11, 1974
Schreiter, Ernest M. Barton Desreuisseau, Genevieve S. (Brunning) Barton Oct 1, 1980
Schuyler, Douglas Franz Long Island, NY Pierce, Dorothy Maude Barton July 6, 1948
Scott, Charles Reginald Orleans Faufaw, Hazel Victoria Orleans Jan 12, 1926
Sedita, Salvatore F. Hawthorne, CA Cloutier, Bertha Edith Barton June 24, 1967
Seguin, Albert J. Newport Butler, Brenda J. Barton June 22, 1974
Segur, David L. Pine City, NY Girouard, Susan R. Holyoke, MA Nov 9, 1974
Selan, Mark John Newport Lauzon, Cheryle Emily (Palmer) Orleans June 15, 1979
Shaw, Edwin M. Orleans Royer, Faith Marion (Curtis) Orleans June 20, 1970
Shaw, Mack Edwin Orleans Hussey, Beverly Ruth Orleans June 15, 1945
Shaw, Richard M. Barton Thibault, Marguerite A. Barton Aug 16, 1974
Shaw, William Richard, Jr. Orleans Laplant, Melba Avyce Orleans May 3, 1946
Shea, John Francis Chicopee, MA Decker, Phyllis Marguerite Orleans Sept 2, 1950
Shedd, George Henry Barton Bean, Beatrice Amelia Barton Oct 8, 1928
Shedd, Orrison Barton Stevens, Marion Louise Barton July 28, 1938
Shehadi, Alexander Margate, NJ Nadeau, Marguerite Paula Atlantic City, NJ Feb 27, 1960
Sheltra, Kenneth Joseph Jr. Irasburg Blouin, Marie Pearl Barton July 20, 1968
Sheltra, Kenneth Joseph Jr. Irasburg Brown, Gail Ann Barton Aug 25, 1973
Sheltra, Randy E. Irasburg Trefethen, Joyce A. Barton June 5, 1976
Sheltra, Rodolphe John Barton Lavoie, Mary Doris Marguerite Barton Jan 4, 1937
Shepherd, Stanley Marshall Quechee, VT Dodge, Kathryn Robbins Orleans March 17, 1943
Shields, Harland Dunton Barton Cochrane, Claire Estelle Chandler Dexter, Maine Sept 1, 1950
Shulman, Alvin East Burke Chandler, Elizabeth S. Albany June 15, 1969
Sicard, Alan Michael Barton Lyon, Janice Elaine Barton Nov 4, 1972
Sicard, James Allan Westmore Gonyaw, Priscilla Jean Barton Sept 26, 1964
Sicard, Lawrence Alfred Barton Labor, Dorothy Edna Barton Sept 15, 1932
Sicard, Richard R. Barton St. Onge, Jeanne M. Barton Oct 9, 1976
Sicard, Roger Paul Barton Deos, Marybelle Lyndonville June 25, 1946
Sicard, Terry W. Barton Renault, Christine A. Barton July 2, 1977
Simard, Alexandre Adrien Barton Spiller, Barbara Jean Barton Dec 23, 1952
Simino, Carl Michael Glover Sicard, Vickie Marie Barton Aug 28, 1977
Simino, Eugene Frank Barton Harlow, Madeline Rose St. Johnsbury Oct 14, 1961
Simons, Gordon Robert Barton Gosselin, Gertrude St. Johnsbury Center Dec 23, 1942
Simons, Norman David Barton Russell, Arlene Eva Barton July 6, 1949
Simons, Olin George Barton Labor, Marion Elizabeth Barton Oct 25, 1931
Simons, Russel Howard Barton Stevens, Glen Ava Barton Sept 16, 1936
Sisino, Michael J. West Glover Hobbs, Susan K. Barton Aug 30, 1975
Six, Chalmers Dean Washington, DC Eastman, Sally Lou Orleans Sept 13, 1952
Skinner, Myron Robert Orleans Racine, Ruth Marion Barton July 25, 1953
Small, Addison Bartlett Carmel, Maine Lavoie, Mildred Alice Barton Feb 9, 1937
Smith, Anthony John Barton Monteith, Nettie Barton June 12, 1937
Smith, Arnold Davis Barton Ticehurst, Alberta R. Glover Oct 15, 1952
Smith, Dale Philip Barton Spring, Sondra Rae Barton Aug 2, 1968
Smith, David Robert Orleans Perron, Denise Berthe Lyndonville Dec 10, 1955
Smith, David V. Orleans Butler, Barbara L. Barton Aug 7, 1971
Smith, Frederick Ronald Barton Pierce, Dorothy Hazel Barton April 26, 1952
Smith, Kenneth H. Barton LaMadeleine, Edna I. (Collette) Barton Nov 23, 1978
Smith, Lawrence Irvin Orleans Webb, Dorothy Belle Newport Oct 14, 1933
Smith, Lawrence Irving Orleans Hoadley, Dorothy Anna Orleans Feb 5, 1938
Smith, Lewis R. Barton Farrar, Mary R. Orleans April 7, 1972
Smith, Perley Mason Orleans Dawson, Frances Katherine Orleans Oct 10, 1940
Smith, Preston Carl Orleans Clegg, Doris Martha Craftsbury Feb 4, 1931
Smith, Randall E. Orleans Beauregard, France D. Orleans Sept 22, 1973
Smith, Raymond Irving Barton Jennings, Margeurite Celeste Barton May 17, 1936
Smith, Robert Leslie Orleans Archambault, Gertrude Marie Orleans Oct 29, 1960
Smith, Thomas Orleans Twombly, Stella M. Orleans Oct 27, 1931
Smith, Virgil Francis Orleans Houghaboom, Charlotte Maude Orleans Dec 26, 1946
Smith, Wayland D. Barton Vanier, Monique B. (Harbec) Barton Aug 31, 1979
Smith, Wayland Delbert Barton Stiles, Shirley Barton July 4, 1942
Smith, William Arthur Newport Mayo, Linda Lue Barton Oct 14, 1972
Soapes, James D II Huntington Beach, CA Lavoie, Nancy E. Huntington Beach, CA March 2, 1974
Souliere, Joseph Roland Orleans Pollander, Joan Brownington Feb 27, 1954
Souliere, Maurice R. Barton Montague, Bettie Lois Orleans July 16, 1962
Souliere, Paul Joseph Barton Royer, Sindy Theresa Irasburg Aug 6, 1977
Souliere, Reginald Paul Orleans Desbiens, Therese Lorraine Coventry June 10, 1967
Souliere, Rene Esdras Orleans Rodrigue, Monique Florida Island Pond Feb 7, 1959
Souliere, Rosaire Roman Orleans Faust, Lillian Maria Orleans Aug 5, 1950
Spencer, Gordon Forrest Barton Courtney, Barbara Anne Windsor, VT Sept 8, 1946
Spencer, Stanley Orleans Hames, Marion El Paso, TX Jan 3, 1970
Springer, Harold Bernard Orleans Ward, Kathleen Violetta Orleans April 26, 1926
Springer, Merl Joseph Orleans Mason, Yvonne May Glover April 20, 1927
Squires,  Basil Hugh James Barton Eastman, Effie Mildred Barton April 26, 1938
Squires, Lawrence Charles Barton Royce, Madeline Annette Newport Jan 28, 1937
Squires, Richard John Orleans Godin, Janet Marie Morristown, VT Aug 22, 1972
St. Onge, Alfred Roy Barton Paquin, Elizabeth Licienne Barton May 1, 1948
St. Onge, Eugene E. Jr. Orleans Stevens, Bonnie R. (Parker) Orleans Aug 4, 1974
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St. Onge, Maurice John North Troy Phillips, Bonnie Lee Barton June 8, 1968
St. Pierre, Andrew Orleans Blair, Doris Orleans May 8, 1933
Stafford, Dwight Emery Orleans Parlin, Pauline Ruby Island Pond June 25, 1927
Stanfield, Raymond M. Orleans Whittemore, Jacqueline M. (Imbeault) Sherbrooke, PQ April 8, 1977
Staples, Lloyd C. Shelton, CT Ladue, Rose Cordelia Orleans Sept 11, 1954
Stearns, Kermit Burdette Orleans Osgood, Hazel Elizabeth Concord Oct 9, 1947
Stetson, Donald Francis Barton Burclaff, June Fay Barton April 19, 1963
Stetson, Gerald Stowe Page, Madeline Stowe July 23, 1960
Stetson, Leo Donovan Barton Calkins, Ruth Arline Glover Aug 9, 1927
Stevens, Albert Alfred Barton Gray, Lucille Anne Barton May 17, 1947
Stevens, Bruce I. West Glover Therrien, Charlotte Montgomery Sheldon July 21, 1979
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Stevens, Carroll Howard Barton Archambault, Marie Irene Barton May 4, 1968
Stevens, Cedric V. West Glover Vanasse, Lucille A. Barton Aug 17, 1974
Stevens, Clarence Edward Barton Jerome, Florence Annie Glover Nov 26, 1936
Stevens, Clifton A. Barton Hall, Marjorie H. (Harvey) Waterford Feb 9, 1979
Stevens, Clifton Aderian Barton Carruth, Irene Anette Newport Jan 9, 1942
Stevens, Fred Irvin Barton Eastman, Estella May Barton May 21, 1932
Stevens, Gael Cedric Barton Davis, Madeline May Orleans March 1, 1946
Stevens, Harry Amie Barton Hussey, Flossie Irene Orleans June 17, 1950
Stevens, Homer Richardson Orleans Miller, Annie Alson Orleans Aug 28, 1926
Stevens, Howard Reuben Barton Lussier, Claire Irene Glover Aug 24, 1946
Stevens, Jeffery L. Barton Pierce, Pamela Jean Barton June 22, 1974
Stevens, Larry Bruce Barton Peavey, Velma Irene Nashua, NH June 29, 1963
Stevens, Nelson Cheney III West Glover Butler, Linda Arlene Irasburg July 25, 1964
Stevens, Roland Victor Barton Sharon, Thelma Stella Newport Dec 22, 1945
Stewart, William Harry W. Hyannisport, MA Hunt, Marylyn Jeannette Orleans Sept 18, 1943
Stiles, Carlton William Barton Lewis, Isabelle Carrie Morgan March 8, 1934
Stoddard, Richard A. Orleans Rash, Kathy Lee Westmore Sept 5, 1970
Stone, Bruce A. Glover Wright, Tami J. Barton Aug 26, 1978
Stone, Dan Lee Glover Messier, Sandra Laura Barton May 10, 1952
Stone, George Harrington, Jr. Orleans Carr, Catherine Margaret Orleans Aug 24, 1968
Stone, Harold Irving St. Johnsbury Bushaw, Ivy Barton July 27, 1929
Stone, Hugh Elwin, Jr. Wallingford, CT Billado, Sandra Jean Barton Oct 4, 1969
Stone, Terry Keith Barton Fournier, Rose Marie Ann Glover Oct 25, 1980
Stoneking, James E. Eustis, FL Harris, Ada Murray Orleans Aug 23, 1960
Stoughton, Frank Latham Medford, MA Skinner, Eleanor Clarissa Medford, MA June 15, 1941
Stratton, Harold Beeman Beebe, PQ Moulton, Jessie Eveline Barton Sept 25, 1929
Streeter, Bernard Albra Jr. Keene, NH Bowman, Janice Almeda Orleans Aug 31, 1958
Stryffeler, Donald Curtis Barton Putvain, Alberta Leola Barton June 21, 1980
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Sudman, Leonard L. Needham, MA McNiff, Erlene R. Needham, MA July 24, 1965
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Sweeney, Adolphus Charles Barton Wilson, Avis Irene Albany Sept 2, 1939
Sweeney, Charles Howard Barton Russell, Doris Mabel Barton June 1, 1938
Sweeney, Paul Raymond Barton Wilson, Rena Lida Albany June 1, 1938
Sweeney, Ronald C. Barton Blanchard, Rachel P. (Valley) Barton Nov 27, 1976
Talbot, Leo Pierre Paul Glover Dextraze, Mary Jane Barton Sept 24, 1955
Tanguay, Fernand Joseph Orleans Lanoue, Claire Lucille Orleans Aug 13, 1960
Tanguay, Gilles J., Sr. Barton Hinton, Cynthia J. Orleans May 3, 1975
Tanguay, Maurice Ralph Gorham, NH Sheltra, Geraldine May Barton Aug 18, 1951
Tanguay, Michel Joseph Barton Burnett, Cynthia Jean Troy June 23, 1973
Tarbox, Carlton Orval Orleans Waterman, Gertrude Eva Orleans May 31, 1949
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Tarbox, Neil A., Jr. Barton Teator, Cynthia D. Burlington May 29, 1971
Tarbox, Steve Walter Orleans Blodgett, Patricia Diane Irasburg Sept 25, 1976
Taylor, Adelord Louis Barton Lafont, Lois Kathleen Albany Oct 11, 1952
Taylor, Edwin Rollins Barton Stevens, Janet Ann Morrisville May 19, 1956
Taylor, Francis Richard Glover Vanesse, Helene Annette Barton July 22, 1972
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Taylor, Richard Dexter Barton Diette, Theresa Regina Barton June 5, 1948
Tenney, Michael T. Barton Wilcox, Kathy A. Barton June 23, 1979
Terrien, David C. Barton Bickford, Frances R. Barton March 2, 1968
Thomas, Henry Earl Orleans Willis, Gloria A. (Abel) Orleans June 26, 1976
Thompson, David Wayne Craftsbury Stevens, Wanita Marie Barton June 24, 1978
Thompson, Frank A. Greensboro Dore, Mrs. Lelia Barton Nov 5, 1928
Thompson, Lewis George Newport Laws, Amy Orleans Aug 19, 1935
Tibbitts, Ralph Harrison Willoughby Maxwell, Irene Pearl Newport Oct 22, 1933
Ticehurst, Robert J. Barton Freehart, Joanna M. Barton May 18, 1978
Tinker, Allyn Rolfe Orleans Cummings, Judy Ray Orleans July 6, 1963
Tinker, Mark Bennett Orleans Blanchard, Judy Milne Orleans July 19, 1980
Tinker, Richard Glen Orleans Bennett, Priscilla Joan Orleans Sept 12, 1948
Tirrell, Harry Clinton Easthampton, MA Downey, Doris Elizabeth Easthampton, MA March 22, 1963
Tocci, Gregory Michael Orleans Bean, Emily Styring Springfield, VT Aug 3, 1974
Todd, Milton D. Orleans Campbell, Rita J. Cape Elizabeth, ME July 25, 1970
Todd, Terwin Don Barton Lague, Anita Louise Newport Oct 8, 1966
Tomasi, Thomas N. Barton Coughlin, Anne L. Essex Junction April 20, 1974
Tornquist, David Adams Barton Maksimovic, Dragana Cacak, Yugoslavia July 20, 1967
Towle, Enoch George Lisbon, NH Bennett, Mabel Helen Orleans June 23, 1934
Tracy, Clarence Seymour Orleans Carpenter, Vera Mae Orleans June 18, 1928
Traver, James Augustus Orleans Couture, Alexina Faucher Orleans June 22, 1946
Tripp, Guy Erwin Orleans Bergeron, Mary Jane Coventry Dec 24, 1936
Trotier, John Paul Orleans Stearns, Barbara Jean Orleans Sept 10, 1949
Trotier, Mark Marcel Newport Stevens, Rhonda Sue Barton Nov 18, 1972
Turcott, Austin Gideon Central Falls, RI Roy, Marie Theresa Barton June 15, 1929
Turcott, Davis Merrill Orleans Blair, Bertha May Orleans May 28, 1934
Urie, Arthur James Barton Rollins, Georgia Gladys Barton June 5, 1928
Urie, John R. Barton Diette, Yvonne West Glover May 2, 1942
Urie, Ralph Lawrence Williston Eldridge, Hazel Myrtha Orleans June 28, 1953
Utton, Alden Campbell Barton Petrie, Florence B. Island Pond Aug 20, 1933
Vachon, Armand Hector Barton Savoie, Marie Paule Granby, PQ June 24, 1940
Vachon, Roland Joseph Derby Line Duchesneau, Claire Rose Barton July 4, 1953
Valley, Albert Jeffery Barton Taylor, Irene Helen Albany June 25, 1928
Valley, David Lewis Barton Pray, Judith Darlene Albany Oct 7, 1967
Valley, David Milton Barton Forthun, Linda Lee St. Johnsbury Nov 29, 1980
Valley, Edgar I. Barton Brien, Sandra M. (McKinney) Barton Oct 3, 1970
Valley, Edgar J. Barton Bergeron, Bertha E. Claremont, NH Aug 20, 1932
Valley, Ernest Edgar Barton Paquette, Louise Greensboro