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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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This file is composed of two parts: Part one is taken directly from the Barton Vital Records books - Microfilm F 1473  
School Districts  
1st District 2nd District 3rd District 5th District  
Kimball, Asa 3 Smith, Daniel 5 Whitney, Mellin 5 Allbee, Silas 3  
Hayward, Abner 4 Sturtevant, Cyril 2 (Chamberlin?), John 3 Wadham, Soloman 3  
Goodell, Abishai 2 Sturtevant, Jarius 2 Tabor, Joseph 7 Abbott, David 2  
Leland, Joseph B. 5 Blood, Timo[thy]  Jr. 4 Harrington, Aaron  9 Gould, W[illia]m 3  
Blodget, Oliver 4 Parlin, John 2 Smith, Josiah 3 Graves, Daniel 1  
Sailsbury, James 3 Sturtevant, Lem[ue]l 3 Chamberlin, W[illia]m 1 Horham, Daniel 2  
May, James    7 Phelps, Abner 1 Sturtevant, Nathaniel 1 total 14  
Cobb, Ellis         4 Chamberlin, Amos 5 Mellin Whitney, District Clerk 29      
Kimball, Philemon 3 Robinson, Jona[than]  3     Dan[ie]l Blodget, District Clerk    
Owen, Joseph 3 Meriam, John 5 4th District      
Bancroft, Moses               1 Allyn, Jona[than] 6 Graves, Joseph 5      
Brown, Welcome 2 Pilsbury, David 4 Benton, Joel 3      
Dexter, Stephen 4 Kimball, John 6 Mosher, Daniel 1      
Brown, Jeremiah 2 Chamberlin, Erastus 3 Kimball, George W. 2      
Griswold, Enoch 4 Blodget, David 4 Blodget, Seth 1      
Lord, Sam[ue]l  3 total 55 Crofs, Eben[eze]r 3      
Smith, John  6     Bingham, Levi 1      
Green, Uriah 1 John Meriam, District Clerk   Whitcher, Abraham 3      
A. Goodell, Dist Clerk 61     George W. Kimball, Dist Clerk 19      
State of Vermont, Orleans County: Town clerks of Barton, March 1812.  I hereby certify that the above as true copies from the original returns made by the original District Clerks, as above attest, Robert Rodgers, Town Clerk    
Births Deaths
The children of Mr. David Abbot, & his wife Sally Parker, recorded as follows:
Polly Abbot born at Parsonsfield District, Maine 10th Oct 1787.
Prudence Abbot born at Parsonsfield District, Maine (20th) Jan , 1791
David Abbot Jr. born at Parsonsfield Dis., Maine, 8th March 179(4)
George Abbot born 3rd June, 1797
David S. Abbot born 6th October, 1798
Hannah Parker Abbot born 19th March AD 180(3)
Deaths in Mr. David Abbot family recorded as follows:
David Abbot died
Sally Abbot died
Prudence Abbot Buswell died
David S. Abbot died May 14th 1885, aged 86-7-8
David Abbot died 7th Aug 1797, aged 3 years 5 months
Geore Abbot died 20th July 1797 aged 8 months 17 days  (George?)
The children of Mr. John Ames & his wife Polly, recorded as follows, viz:
Hannah Ames born at Wheelock, VT  28th June 1794
William Ames born at Wheelock 9th February, 1797
John Ames Jr. born 23d July 1800
Deaths in Mr. John Ames' family recorded as follows:
Mr. John Ames died 5th Nov AD 1800, aged 31 years 1 month (19) days
Hannah Ames died 14th Aug 1796, aged 2 years 1 month & 16 days
The children of Jonathan Allyn Esq. & his wife Betsey recorded as follows, viz:
Sarah Hidden Allyn born August 9th, 1797
Ebenezer Strong Allyn born 30th May AD 1799
Ora Allyn born May 5 AD 1801
Rachel Elizabeth Allyn born April 3d AD 1803
Paschal Allyn born May 25th AD 1805
Jonathan Henry Allyn born Feb 27th AD 1808
The children of Abner Allyn Jr. & his wife Anne recorded as follows:
Alpha Allyn born Nov 30th AD 1802
The children of Silas Albee & his wife Mary recorded as follows:
Aza(el) Albee born 22d September 1806
The children of Mr. Oliver Blodgett & his wife Polly recorded as follows:
Ethen Blodget born 28th November AD 1799
Patience Blodget born 6th June AD 1802
Maria Blodget born 29th July AD 1804
Abigail Nye Blodget born 2d January AD 1807
Susan Blodget born 14th June AD 1809
Oliver Blodget Jr. born 11th Dec 1811
Polly Blodget born 23d August 1814
Nye Peckham Blodget born 4th March 1817
Sarah Blodget born 26th March 1819
Deaths in Oliver Blodget family:
Nye Peckham Blodget died 20th September 1820
Sarah Blodget died 5th September 1822
Oliver Blodget died April 3d 1845, aged 74 years 7 mos
Polly his wife died 3d March 1858, aged 78 yrs 6 mos 21 days
Patience Blodget wife of Orson Smith died 27th July 1840
Maria Blodget died 14th March 1871
Susan Blodget died May 14th 1823
Oliver Blodget Jr died March 20, 1882, aged 71 years 3 months & 9 days
The children of Mr. David Blodget & his wife Lucy (in part) recorded as follows:
Nathan Blodget born 4th Sept AD 1800
Samuel Blodget born 28th April AD 1803
Joseph Blodget born 13th April AD 1805
Clarissa Blodget born 20th July AD 1807
Lucy Blodget born 5th March AD 1809
Joshua Blodget born 25th Feb AD 1811
Achsa Blodget born 7th April AD 1815
Phebe Blodget born 6th February AD 1817
Deaths in Mr. David Blodget family:
Clarifsa Blodget died 5th Dec 1810

The children of Mr. Welcome Brown & his wife Phebe recorded as follows:
Elisha Brown born 25th June AD 1802
Joseph Farnum Brown born 21st June AD 1804
Ama Brown born 25th Jan AD 1806
Clarissa Brown born Nov 20th AD 1807
The children of Welcome Brown & Freelove Brown:
Phebe F. Owen Brown born Nov 10, 1813
Waitstill Waterman Brown born May 12th, 1815
Daniel Owen Brown born October 10th, 1816
Waitstill Waterman Brown born January 14th, 1819
Welcome Owen Brown born March 27th, 1822
Phebe Brown wife of Welcome Brown died November 9th AD 1811
Waitstill Waterman Brown died Nov 10th 1815

Jeremiah Brown & his wife Esther their children's names recorded as follows:
Andrew Brown born 12th Oct AD 1806
Freelove Brown born 31st Dec AD 1807
The children of Mr. Amos Chamberlin & his wife Anne recorded as follows:
Cyrus Chamberlin born at Thetford, VT 11th June AD 1791
Anne Chamberlin born at Thetford, VT 12th Sept AD 1793
Merribah Chamberlin born at Thetford, VT 28 May AD 1796
Amos Chamberlin Jr. born at Orange, VT 19th Feb AD 1798
Major Chamberlin born at Orange, VT 1st Dec AD 1800
The children of Erastus Chamberlin & his wife Dorcas recorded as follows:
Martha Chamberlin born 7th Oct. 1803
Eliza Chamberlin born 6th Dec 1805
Eliza Chamberlin wife of John L. Woodman died March 14th 1881
Ellis Cobb & Abigail Chamberlin were married at Danville 27th Oct 1805
The children of Ellis Cobb & his wife Abigail recorded as follows:
Timothy Chamberlin Cobb born Monday Oct 27th AD 1806
Clarissa Cobb born Jan, Monday 18th, AD 1808
Abigail (&?) Mary Cobb were born Sept 13th AD 1811
Sophia C. Cobb was born 30th May AD 1817
T. C. Cobb died May 17th 1880
Clarifsa Cobb died Jan 3d AD 1819 aged 10 years 11 months & 16 days
The children of Stephen Dexter & his wife Olive recorded as follows:
William Allyn Dexter born at St. Johnsbury, VT 14th May 1796
Sarah Dexter born at St. Johnsbury, VT 14th May AD 1798
Mehitabel Dexter born 9th Feb AD 1800
Samuel Peck Dexter born March 28th AD 1803
The children of Asa Kimball & his wife Naomi recorded as follows:
Anstress Kimball born 11th Dec 1796
Amey Kimball born 9th Dec 1798
Alva Owen Kimball born 16th May 1801
George W. Kimball died April 3d 1849, aged about 65
The children of Mr. William Gould & his wife Hannah recorded as follows:
Sarah Gould born 18th March 1775 at Salisbury, MA
Anna Gould born 19th Oct 1777 at Salisbury, MA
Hannah Gould born 30th April 1779 at Londonderry, NH
Jenny Gould born 18th Feb 1781 at Londonderry, NH
John Gould born 1st Nov 1784 at Deering, NH
James Gould born 10th Sept 1786 at Deering, NH
William Gould born 14th May 1788 at Deering, NH
Betty Gould born 11th February 1790 at Deering, NH
Rhoda Gould born 15th Aug 1791 at Deering, NH
Nathan Gould born 1(1)th June 1793 at Deering, NH
Cornelia Gould born April 10, 1795 at Deering, NH
Jesse Gould born 23d June 1798 at Deering, NH
The children of Mr. John Kimball & his wife Eunice recorded as follows:
Anna Kimball born at Vershire, VT 2d March AD 1794
John Hazen Kimball born at Vershire, VT 30th Aug AD 1795
Lucretia Kimball born at Concord, NH 19th May AD 1797
Mary Kimball born at Concord, NH 16th May AD 1799
Samuel & William Kimball born 29th Oct AD 1801
Frederick White Kimball born 7th Jan AD 1805
Eliza Kimball born 19th Feb AD 1807
Sylvester Dana Kimball born 5th Nov AD 1808
Clarifsa Kimball born 11th Nov AD 1810
Deaths in John Kimball's family recorded as follows:
John Kimball died May 9th 1844, aged 74 years
Eunice Kimball died May 24th, 1840, aged 69 years
Anna Kimball died April 28th, 1815
Lucretia Kimball died December (8)th, 1823
William Kimball died 31st Oct AD 1801 aged 2 days
Samuel Kimball died 1st Nov AD 1801 aged 3 days
Eliza Kimball died October 2d 1820
The children of Mr. Samuel Lord & his wife Elizabeth recorded as follows:
Abner Keyser Lord born at Oysipy, NH 13 June 1795
Josiah Lord born 21st January 1798
Nancy Lord born 26th June 1800
The children of Mr. James May & his wife Betsey (Elizabeth) recorded as follows:
Ora May born at Gloucester, RI 1st Jan 1795
Amlia May born 3d October 1796 (first born in Barton)
Thomas Owen May born 27th Oct 1798
Stephen May born 11th February 1800
Deaths in Mr. James Mays family recorded as follows:
James May died April 1st 1863, aged 88 years
Ora May died 19th Sept 1798 aged 3 years 8 months 10 days
Betsey May died August 28th 1865 (the last of the resident first settlers)
Thomas Owen May died July 29th 1878
The children of Mr. Samuel Nichols & his wife Lucy recorded as follows viz:
Emely Sophia Nichols born at Windsor, VT 23d Dec 1792
Josiah Matthews Nichols born at Weatherfield, VT 27 April 1796
Lucy Matthews Nichols born at Windsor, VT 15th Feb 1795
Hannah Rethia Nichols born 15th (Dec?) 1798
The children of Mr. Joseph Owen & his wife Esther:
Mary An Owen born at Foster, RI May 7th 1803
Freelove Owen born February 15th 1807
Daniel Owen born March 21, 1805
Deaths in Mr. Owens family:
Joseph Owen died September 24, 1866, aged 88
The last one living that dug out runaway Pond in Glover 1810
The children of Mr. David Pilsbury & Rhoda his wife recorded as follows viz:
Hannah Pilsbury born at Salisbury, MA 15th May 1787
William Pilsbury born at Salisbury, MA 2(0) March 1789
Rhoda & David Pilsbury Jr. born at Gilmanton, NH 26 Nov 1791
James Pilsbury born at Wheelock, VT 31st July 1794
Betsey Pilsbury born at Wheelock, VT 9th Nov 1795
Samuel Huntington Pilsbury born 19th Feb 1801
Catherine B(ewel) Pilsbury born 4th Jan 1803
A part of the children of James Redmond & his wife Hepsibah recorded at follows:
Bartholomew Stoddard Redmond born 12 May AD 1798
Richmond Crandall Redmond born 21 March AD 1800
Experience Fitch Redmond born 19th (Jan/June) AD 1802
A part of the children of Ensign Jonathan Robinson & his wife Hannah recorded as follows, viz:
Jonathan Robinson Jr. born 20th Sept AD 1797
Lyndon Robinson born 18th Jan AD 1800
A part of the children of Lieut. Lemuel Sturtevant & his wife Priscilla recorded as follows, viz:
Deborah Sturtevant born 15th Oct 1799
The children of Philips Sweetser & Mary Kelly Sweetser:
Charles Philips Sweetser born 6th February 1819
(Town clerk's office Barton 1st March 1819)
(a true record attest John Kimball, Town Clerk)
The children of James Salisbury & his wife Lydia recorded as follows:
Darkes Salisbury born Feb 24th AD 1804
The children of Moses Bancroft & wife recorded as follows:
Freeman Tainter [Bancroft] born May 20th AD 1811
The children of Daniel B. Smith & his wife Thankful:
Charles W. Smith born Nov 17th AD 1796
Orson Smith born April 30th AD 1798
Daniel Smith born April 16th 1800
Maria Smith born Oct 26th 1801
Sarah B. Smith born July 20th 1806
William Willard Smith born July 22 1809
Clarissa Smith born Nov 7th 1812
Recorded as directed by parents, Nov 30th 1809
Attest, John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Solomon Wadhams & his wife Alice recorded as follows:
Jerusha Wadhams born on Thursday (9)th April 1805
Solomon Wadhams died May 26, 1857, age 8(9)
Alice Wadhams died April 18th 1858, age 85 1/2
Jerusha (Wadhams) Kelam died ____________(no date)
The children of Joseph & Abigail Taber recorded as follows:
Hannah Taber born December 27th AD 1794
Eliza Tabor born June 1st AD 1797
Abigail Taber born May 28th AD 1799
Betsy Taber born February 24th AD 1801
Patty Taber born January 18th AD 1803
Maria Taber born December 18th AD 1805
Harvey Taber born March 1st AD 1807
George Taber born September 11th AD 1809
David Taber born October 28th AD 1812
Rhoda Taber born July 2nd AD 1814
Note - the above is a record as shown me by Hannah Taber the oldest child of the above Joseph & Abigail in January last.
Barton 1st March 1823 said to be taken from the bible by the above named Joseph
Attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Joseph Taber died in April 18(16)
Eliza Taber died in Feb 1817

  Deceased at Barton the 21st day of Nov AD 1830
Samuel Wells Revolutionary (Poutiones) Ellis Cobb administrator
Children of Lorin Frost and his wife Abigail M.:
Emily Elvira Frost born 28th August 1818
Martin Miranda Frost born 23d August 1820
Recorded 19th December 1821, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Clarrissa Chandler Frost born Feb 16th 1822
Recorded 16th December 1822, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of James Pilsbury and his wife Lydia:
David Franklin Pilsbury born Oct 22, 1819
Parnell Lewis Pilsbury born May 2d, 1821
Rhoda Howard Pilsbury born February 28th, 1823
Recorded May 1823, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The Children of Zenas Howard & his wife Catherine:
Samuel Pilsbury Howard born Oct 12th, 1822
Recorded May 1823, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Stephen & F(any) Sargent recorded as follows viz:
Stephen Emery [Sargent] Born Sept 2d, 1809
Fanny Maria [Sargent] born August 4th, 1811
Sukey [Sargent] born Sept 30th, 1813
Nancy Kimball [Sargent] born Nov 22d, 1815
Betsey [Sargent] born December 27th, 1817
The three first namely Stephen E., Fanny M. and Sukey were born at Bath, NH
Recorded this 7th day of April 1822 as directed by their parents.
attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Moses & Sukey Sargent recorded as follows:
Angelina [Sargent] born Nov 3, 1805 at Bath, NH
Susan [Sargent] born April 12th, 1811 at Bath, NH
Recorded this 7th April 182(4) as directed by Stephen & Fanny Sargent their
Uncle & Aunt, their Father & Mother being not living.
attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Charles K. Johnson and his wife Huldah:
James Bryant Johnson born July 9th, 1822
Mary Jane Johnson born July 17th, 1823
Recorded Sept 1st, 1822 as directed by the Mother.
Attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Joseph Rich and his wife Zilpah:
Charles Rich born in Wheelock, Sept 13th, 1817
Betsy Permela Rich born in Barnston, Lower Canada, August 1st, 1819
Recorded Sept 1st, 1821 as directed by the mother
attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Daniel Graves and his wife Jenny:
Daniel Graves Junr., born in Andover, NH, Nov 8th, 1802
William Graves born Sept 14th, 1811
John Graves born April 4th, 1815
Recorded 22d April 1826  attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Daniel Graves died 25 January 1836, Aged 61 years
Jane Graves died 6th October 1844, aged 63 yrs
Daniel Graves Jr., died at Northfield, VT March 25th, 1879
William Graves died 1st December 1882
The children of Daniel Smith & his wife Eliza:
Ann Eliza [Smith] born 17th September AD 1824
Recorded 17 Nov 1824, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
The age of the children of Nathan Gould and his wife Huldah recorded as follows:
Hannah Gould born August 3d AD 1814 in Ch(oconut), Pennsylvania
William Gould born January 3, AD 1816 in Oswego, New York
Warran Crofs Gould born June 26th, AD 1817
Lucinda Whitney Gould born October 1st AD 1819
James Francis Vance Gould born June 4th AD 1821
Recorded 30th March 1826, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Major Gould born 12th Oct, 1828
Recorded 19th Nov 1828, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Nathan Gould died Nov 3d, 1833 aged 40 yrs
Huldah Gould died Nov 7, 1857 [age 66 yrs 27 dys]
Hannah Gould died April 10th, 1865

Warren Cross Gould died at Fremont, Michigan April 7th, 1875
Lucinda W. Gould wife of Moses Hubbard died May 8th, 1889

Major Gould died Nov 8th, 1828
The children of Cornelius Dunham Taber and his wife:
Lemuel Franklin [Taber] born February 6th, 1826
Recorded March 3d, 1826, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Jonathan Ferrin Taber born May 13th, 1827
Recorded Oct 11 by me, John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Alexander Benton and his wife Jerusha:
Sarah [Benton] born August 3d AD 1816
Orpha [Benton] born January 15th, 1818
Reuben [Benton] born September 2d, 1819
Fanny [Benton] born December 13, 1821
Eleanor [Benton] born October 4th, 1823
Recorded this 7th day of April AD 1826, attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Orilla Benton born Feb 18th, 1827
Recorded 14th July 1828 by me John Kimball, Town Clerk
Charles Benton born March 25th 1827
Recorded 11 July 1834 by me, John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Philip Tabor and his wife:
Harry Benton Taber born 5th March AD 1826
Recorded 5th April 1826 by me, John Kimball, Town Clerk
Levi Taber born 20th May AD 1829
Recorded 22d January 1830 by me, John Kimball, Town Clerk
The children of Paul McNeal and his wife Abigail:
Afa [Asa] Kimball McNeal born April 24th, 1823
Horace Kimball McNeal born July 17th, 1824
Mary Manervia McNeal born August 13th, 1826
Afa [Asa] K. McNeal died October AD 1825
Abigail McNeal wife of Paul McNeal died January 23d, AD 1827 
The children of Ethan Blodget & his wife Lois:
Susan Blodget born January 16th, 1824
Nye Peckham Blodget born May 16th, 1825
Recorded June 30th, 1828 by me, John Kimball, Town Clerk
Levi Garland's family records:
Alonzo (Noble?) Garland born at Barton 14th June 1823
Lucretia Kimball Garland born at Barton 6th April 1826
Abigail Garland wife of Levi Garland died at Barton 18th May 1830
Joel Phelps Junr. Family record:
Julius Frederick Phelps son of Joel Phelps Junr. and his wife Sarah was born at Barton on the 26th December AD 1832
attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
John Stewart family record:
Allen Stewart born June 17th 1828
Alexander McDonald Stewart born October 22d 1829
Mary Berry Stewart born August 16th 1832
William Wallace Stewart born February 23d 1834
Eunice Kimball Stewart born October 2d 1835
Town Clerk office Barton 4th July 1836
I certify the above to be a true record and directed to be recorded by the above named John Stewart.  attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Alvin Newton Stewart born Barton June 3d 1838
John Allen Stewart born June 17th, 1828
Town Clerk office Barton December 22d, 1849
I certify the foregoing to be a true copy as presented to me for record by John Stewart.  attest: Wm Graves, Town Clerk
Rev. Ora Pearson family recorded:
Thomas Scott Pearson son of Asa Pearson and Mary H. Pearson born at Kingston, NH September 14th, 1828
Leigh Richmond [Pearson] born at Kingston, NH March 23d 1832
Edward Payson [Pearson] born at Barton, VT December 27th, 1834
Recorded March 4th 1836 as directed by Ora Pearson
attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
Mary Lucretia Kimball Pearson born at Compton in the County of Sherbrooke, Lower Canada on the 26th day of February AD 1837 daughter of Rev. Ora Pearson & Mary Pearson (above) recorded as directed by parents.  attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk
John H. Drown family record:
The following is the record of the ages of the children of John H. Drown and his wife Lydia Loisa Drown.
Sylvia Drown born September 2 A.D. 1832
Orville Drown born October 5 A.D. 1836
Zelotes Drown born July 25 A.D. 1838
Sylphina Drown born January 4 A.D. 1841
Town Clerks office Barton 23 April 1841
Recorded the above as directed by John Drown the father of the above children.
Attest John Kimball, Town Clerk
This file is composed of two parts: Part two is taken from a typewritten manuscript copied from the Barton Vital Records books.
The two files were to include all the Barton birth, marriage and deaths for the years 1775 to 1860 in the town records.
Birth Date of Birth Father Mother Town of Birth
Alden, ______ Nov 20, 1857 Philander S. Alden   Barton, VT
Allard, Vilyanda July 7, 1860 William S. Allard N. Y. Barton, VT
Allyn, Betsey A. Nov 13, 1858 Orra Allyn Harriet Barton, VT
Baker, Thomas March 1, 1859 Thomas Baker Sarah Barton, VT
Broks, Joseph  [Brooks] July 10, 1857 Joseph Broks [Brooks] Ties Lomdor  
Cass, Unnamed July 3, 1857 Hiram Cass Loraine Barton, VT
Cass, Gilbert G. April 4, 1860 George B. Cass Alvira Barton, VT
Colburn, Florence July 28, 1857 Luther Colburn Jane  
Colburn, Martha Ann Nov 13, 1859 Luther Colburn Jane  
Damon, Unnamed July 9, 1857 Dennis Damon Matilda Bosier Barton, VT
Damon, Unnamed Jan 9, 1859 Belany Damon   Barton, VT
Damon, Clarissa Feb 12, 1857 Bellany Damon Ann Barton, VT
Davis, Unnamed Oct 23, 1857 Lewis Davis Cynthia Barton, VT
Devereaux, Angus May 8, 1860 Charles Devereaux Arzina Barton, VT
Devereaux, Charles May 8, 1860 Charles Devereaux Arzina Barton, VT
Evans, Unnamed July 3, 1857 Joseph H. Evans Hannah W. Barton, VT
Felker, Mary Louisa Oct 5, 1859 John Felker J. A. Barton, VT
French, Unnamed Dec 16, 1859 A. F. French Hannah     Barton, VT
Gary, John Oct 17, 1860 Thomas Gary Mary Barton, VT
Gould, Mary Nov 24, 1857 William Gould Mary C. Barton, VT
Grow, Lorenzo July 6, 1858 Edwin Grow Zelpha Barton, VT
Hunt, Arthur Nelson June 3, 1858 Nelson Hunt Abby  
Martell, Addie E. Aug 27, 1847 Elson L. Martell Mary Kelly Barton, VT
Martell, Elexia D. Oct 18, 1845 Elson L. Martell Mary Kelly Barton, VT
Martell, Frank E. March 12, 1844 Elson L. Martell Mary Kelly Barton, VT
Martell, James L. Feb 8, 1851 Elson L. Martell Mary Kelly Barton, VT
McDaniels, Ida Z. March 23, 1860 Willard McDaniels Lovina Barton, VT
Oakes, Frederick W. July 13, 1858 Mortimer A. Oakes Lizzie M. Barton, VT
Pearl, C. E. June 9, 1859 John Pearl Lydia A. Barton, VT
Pierce, Selden April 12, 1860 Lewis T. Pierce Eliza A.  
Tisdale, Betsey Oct 16, 1858 Joel Tisdale Betsey Stevenson  
Valley, Mary Feb 26, 1857 Antoine Valley Sophia  
Wheeler, Charles L. Nov 16, 1858 Hosea Wheeler Ellen Titus Barton, VT
Wiggins, Unnamed April 24, 1859 William P. Wiggins Louisa Barton, VT
Woodward, Alvin E. June 14, 1860 E. S. Woodward Matilda E. Barton, VT
Died Date of Death Age Parents or spouse:  
Cass, Roxylania June 14, 1857 59 yr 15 dy    
Cass, Sally March 27, 1859 72 yr 8 mo 27 dy    
Damon, Unnamed March 12, 1859 2 mo 3 dy Father,  Balany Damon  
Devier, Daniel April 8, 1857 83 yr    
Foss, Roxanna May 2, 1860 54 yr Father, Asa Wheeler  
Gould, Nathan E. Feb 4, 1857 7 wks of James F. Gould & Betsy  
Heath, Adaline Dec 31, 1857 8 yr 11 mo 26 dy    (48 yrs??)    
Heath, Julia April 19, 1857 27 yr 7 dy of Benjamin Heath & Adeline  
Hyde, John July 10, 1859 61 yr 2 mo 10 dy    
Newton, Catherine H. Oct 20, 1860 26 yr 10 mo 11 dy Father, John Holtham  
Pierce, Samuel H. May 1, 1858 3 yr 3 mo 3 dy of Charles & Nancy A. Pierce  
Robbins, Rebecca R. 1859 55 yr 9 mo 4 dy of Stephen & Bridgett Russell  
Sartte, Charles Edward Sept 4, 1857 6 mo of John P. & Susan Sartte  
Smith, Lucina King Dec 9, 1857 76 yr 10 mo 24 dy    
Tripp, Willard Dec 25, 1860 1 yr 10 mo 21 dy of Alex & Mary Tripp  
Valley, Orrala Sept 20, 1857 15 yr 3 mo 6 dy wife of Antoine Valley  
Welch, Catherine Dec 17, 1859 30 yr    
Wiggins, unnamed April 30, 1859 5 dy of William & Louisa Wiggins  
Groom Bride Date of Marriage  
Abbott, Varnum Dwinell, Ellen C. Oct 17, 1860
Baker, Joseph McCheney, Helen March 27, 1859
Barry, George W. Colburn, Harriet Oct 13, 1860
Bickford, Harvey L. Dexter, Abba H. Oct 6, 1859
Brewer, Elisha Knight, Nancy Nov 26, 1857
Bryant, Albert J. Badger, Susan A. Nov 22, 1857
Colby, John F. Loveland, Mary Ann June 5, 1860
Colliston, David Robinson, Lucy A. Feb 1, 1860
Colliston, William Leavitt, Adeline July 7, 1857
Cowles, Jefferson Johnson, Oriet F. April 4, 1860
Daniels, Samuel Drew, Ada A. Nov 29, 1860
Drown, Nelson McDaniels, Caroline Jan 1, 1860
Dutton, Thomas T. Gary, Mary J. Dec 1, 1858
Ford, Lewis Patten, Laura Oct 11, 1857
Goodell, George I. Swasey, Abby O. Feb 19, 1858
Goodell, William B. Babbitt, Sarah H. March 3, 1858
Goodwin, W. H. Morse, Lovina May 26, 1857
Hall, William A. Bartlett, Lestina M. Dec 8, 1858
Harran, Ivel Edgar Morse, Philinda Thursday June 9, 1860
Hunt, Orrin S. Kiser, Julia E. Dec 18, 1860
Huntoon, Philip Goodwin, Mary June 10, 1858
Jewell, Moses B. May, Amelia March 30, 1860
Joslyn, Myron W. Little, Ellen E. Feb 26, 1860
Keeser, David Merriam, Henrietta C. Dec 7, 1857
Kelley, William Thomas Brooks, Persis May 24, 1860
Kerwin, John Beattie, Elizabeth Jan 9, 1859
Ladd, Gustine I. Dexter, Frances S. Oct 6, 1859
Leland, Carlos B. Robinson, Elvina M. April 15, 1858
Leland, Joseph P. Dutton, Eliza Jane July 4, 1858
Litchfield, Charles H. Orcutt, Mary C. Jan 13, 1859
Merrill, George C. Smith, Sophia N. Oct 13, 1857
Merrill, Orren Hanson, Nancy L. Oct 8, 1860
Orne, James Covey, Eliza Ann Nov 12, 1860
Robinson, George Leland, Lucy Jan 1, 1857
Scott, Lucius P. Scott, Sylvania Nov 1, 1858
Snelling, Asa E. Bailey, Abba A. Nov 22, 1857
Smith, Edwin B. Beman, Lovina C. Aug 7, 1858
Sternes, Leonzo Marble, Elizabeth Aug 19, 1859
Thayer, Charles H. Randall, Aletha April 28, 1859
Tidd, Sylvester J. Gray, Susan Dec 14, 1857
Twombly, William B. Currier, Emeline May 23, 1858
Varney, Harrison Hannett, Kate March 14, 1860
Willey, Lysias French, Sophia Nov 24, 1858
Walker, Thomas Hill, Eliza Dec 29, 1857
Weyer, Samuel Shields, Mary A. Aug 15, 1859

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