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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Date
Abel, Henry James Newport Farrar, Elsie Mae Newport May 20, 1944
Abel, John Hobart Newport Baird, Jane Ethel Newport Aug 21, 1943
Aborn, Empson   Humphrey, Ruth   Oct 16, 1925
Adams, George Cheney Newport Morency, May Blanch Barre    May 18, 1929
Adams, Russell Steele   Newland, Marion Hazel   Aug 17, 1922
Adams, Theron Everett Newport McCarty, Cora Elizabeth Newport May 30, 1948
Addison, David James  Melrose Highlands, MA Donaghy, Glenna Mary   Newport July 31, 1926
Addison, Gordon William Newport Channell, Mary Isadore Stanstead, Que. June 18, 1938
Aitchison, Robert Gordon Grimsby, Ont. Payne, Margaret Irene Sherbrooke, Que. Aug 17, 1935
Akley, Arthur Eugene Newport Daniels, Violet Cecelia Newport July 6, 1947
Akley, Vernon Gracier   Moore, Geraldine Elizabeth Newport Nov 20, 1941
Albee, Winston C. Springfield, MA Sroka, Viola Ludlow, MA Feb 15, 1952
Alberghini, Richard Arnold Newport Kealey, Mary E. Newport Aug 27, 1954
Alberghini, Walter Arnold Newport Osgood, Grace Minerva Newport Center Sept 18, 1930
Aldrich, Alfred Lambert Derby    Coutts, Anne Milne Newport June 27, 1936
Aldrich, Carroll G. Derby Line Coutts, Alice A. Newport Aug 17, 1936
Aldrich, Harold Ashley Lennoxville, Que. Carroll, Frances Eleanor Sherbrooke, Que. Nov 10, 1937
Alexander, Frederic Ansel Irasburg Gosselin, Frances Theresa Newport Dec 29, 1956
Alexander, Maurice Eugene Newport Hancock, Gladys Mae Newport May 28, 1929
Alger, Gordon Newport Berard, Katherine Newport Feb 13, 1948
Allaire, Albert Joseph   Lamoureux, Yvonne Clara   Feb 20, 1922
Allard, Armand Edward Newport Mailhot, Yvette Arlene Newport Jan 2, 1956
Allbee, Hugh Richmond Newport Whalen, Dorothy Lucinda Newport July 6, 1935
Allen, Howard C.   Osgood, Almide   Dec 24, 1925
Allen, Richard Addison Hartford, CT Bashaw, Barbara Joyce West Hartford, CT June 9, 1951
Allen, Sherwood Lynne Newport Lontine, Jeannette J. Newport May 26, 1935
Allison, George Eugene Carlisle, PA Blanchard, Alta Anne Newport June 26, 1948
Alliston, William Frederick Newport Joyal, M. B. Hectorine Newport July 2, 1934
Allyson, Oscar Leominster, MA Wilkie, Isabelle M. Newport Jan 30, 1944
Ames, Fritz B. Newport Wheeler, Frances Belle Newport March 24, 1933
Ames, Fritz Burton Newport Bryan, Rita Alice Beebe, PQ Nov 19, 1931
Ames, Fritz Burton Newport Monty, Gilberte Cecile Newport July 1, 1944
Anderson, Arthur L. Hopkinton, NH Ellsworth, Frances E. Newport Aug 19, 1945
Anderson, Arthur LeRoy Arlington, MA Ellsworth, Frances Eleanor Newport Oct 13, 1948
Anderson, Gunnar Eldrick Natick, MA Demick, Iris Kathleen Wellesley, MA Aug 6, 1945
Anderson, Howard Alexander Castleton-on-Hudson, NY George, Alice Jane Georgeville, Que. Oct 29, 1938
Anderson, James W. New York, NY Hardy, Bernice M. Newport June 30, 1936
Anderson, Stephen Phillip Natick, MA Getchell, Elizabeth Florine Fitchburg, MA Jan 2, 1939
Angier, Herbert I. Boston, MA Kendrew, Margaret Loleta Newburyport, MA Dec 26, 1945
Archambault, Albert L. Beebe Plain Desmarais, Jeanne Y. Newport April 22, 1946
Archambault, George No. Stukley Graves, Anita Sherbrooke, Que. Jan 2, 1936
Arel, Evroul Henry Newport Kealey, Mildred Eunice Ayers Cliff, PQ Sept 24, 1946
Armstrong, Frederick William Foster, Que. Burnett, Elsie Marion Lennoxville, Que. June 15, 1940
Arnold, Donald Speare, Jr. Bethel Rowell, Margaret Anne Newport April 5, 1953
Ashman, Edward Albert Derby Coles, Violet Newport June 1, 1936
Ashton, John North Hatley, Que. Brown, Jane M. N. Barnston, Que. July 15, 1935
Ashworth, Joseph Worcester, MA Stevens, Doris Ethel Framingham, MA Dec 3, 1935
Atchinson, Wayne Luther Morrisville Kneeland, Joyce Lucy Newport June 22, 1945
Atkins, Alfred Barre Duncan, Elizabeth Newport Oct 4, 1935
Atwood, Roger Alfred Irasburg Scott, Nellie Cerry Irasburg Sept 3, 1929
Austin, Alburtie Augustus   Newport McClure, Pearl   Newport Jan 26, 1927
Austin, Clyde Grover   Newport Paye, Mary Arslee   Newport June 13, 1926
Austin, Ellis, Jr. Coventry Shattuck, Ruth Thelma Newport Jan 14, 1933
Austin, Elmer Donald Long Lake, NY Miner, Alene Ruby Newport July 26, 1930
Austin, Gordon Earl West Charleston Newman, Winnifred Anne Newport April 8, 1954
Austin, James Lyndon Lahar, Adelia Newport Jan 9, 1930
Austin, Max Harry Newport Hart, Gertrude Delbertia Newport Aug 24, 1930
Austin, Roger Howard Newport Fairbrother, Nancy June Newport Nov 12, 1953
Avery, Laurence Lorenzo N. Somers, CT Leavitt, Ena Normia N. Somers, CT Dec 7, 1947
Awalt, Edwin B. Somerville, MA Lee, Bertha M. Newport Dec 26, 1932
Azur, Malcolm Joseph Newport Carbonneau, Lorraine Frances Newport April 22, 1946
Azur, Parker Joseph Newport Sheltra, Elizabeth Mary Newport Aug 17, 1953
Babel, Paul Vincent Ransom Arlington, MA Savage, Frances Margaret Boston, MA Aug 23, 1941
Babin, Lionel Francis Berlin, NH Travers, Veronica Mary Berlin, NH May 13, 1942
Bachman, Norman Peter E. Norwalk, CT Fournier, Yvette Theresa E. Norwalk, CT Nov 14, 1953
Badger, Daniel A.   Derby Stevenson, Fannie H.   Newport Oct 19, 1926
Badger, Daniel A.   Newport Luxford, Hattie A. Newport Nov 2, 1931
Badger, Daniel Austin Newport Ramsdell, Nettie Westfield Aug 29, 1940
Bailey, Bernard Waterville, Que. Lortie, Salange Waterville, Que. July 9, 1955
Bailey, Charles Frederick Charleston Pelkey, Vivian Eva Newport Aug 26, 1933
Bailey, George Samuel Wolfeville, Nova Scotia Morris, Ruth Evelyn Montreal, PQ Sept 10, 1937
Bailey, Paul Lloyd Rock Island, Que. Hartley, Alice Ruth Stanstead, Que. June 7, 1940
Bailey, S. J.   Daggett, Bernice   Oct 21, 1925
Bailey, W. H.   Stevens, Della K.   Oct 28, 1925
Baker, Donald Leon Newport Letourneau, Mary Pauline Newport Dec 24, 1954
Baker, Edwin R.   Rathwell, Martha   Feb 20, 1925
Baker, Lawrence Edward Newport Nelson, Laura Jean Newport Center April 25, 1953
Baker, Leon Henry Newport Sessions, Katherine A. Newport July 20, 1935
Baker, Orville Willard, Jr. Newport Martin, Muriel Regina Concord, VT June 16, 1935
Baker, Samuel   Lejonhud, Lucy   Sept 14, 1925
Baker, Stanley Garfield Newport Leavitt, Doris Mildred Newport June 26, 1935
Baker, Stanley William Newport Marshall, Marianne Troy, NH June 12, 1956
Balboni, Armando   Bowker, Martha L.   May 21, 1922
Ball, David William Coaticook, Que. Martin, Edna Almida Sawyersville, Que. Nov 29, 1935
Ball, Dwight Packer Newport Kendall, Beulah Alice Newport Jan 30, 1940
Balthazar, Rene Joseph Farnham, Que. Bonneau, Rita Helena Newport Feb 19, 1949
Baraw, Ernest Vaughn Newport Powers, Lena Adella Newport Feb 7, 1944
Baraw, Harold W., Jr. Newport Colt, Darlene A. Coventry May 17, 1955
Barber, Frank Elliott, Jr. Brattleboro Fairbrother, Harriet Frances Newport Aug 27, 1949
Barbin, Joe Ozyam   Newport Dymond, Zula May   Newport Feb 15, 1926
Barbin, Odilon St. Louis, IL Bernier, Maria Manchester, NH May 9, 1929
Barlow, Kenneth Rock Island, Que. Page, Lora Newport July 24, 1937
Barnard, Paul Derby Alger, Marian Elizabeth Newport Feb 3, 1948
Barnard, Walter David Derby Streeter, Gladys Georgina Newport June 16, 1951
Barnett, Earl Anthony Newport Tabor, Eleanor Carlene Newport June 17, 1935
Barnett, Leroy L. Newport Young, Marie F. Newport July 9, 1934
Barney, Ralph Stacy Newport Bullock, Ruth Vinton Orleans Dec 6, 1948
Baron, Joseph Ernest Ovila Capelton, Que. Pothier, Marie Lucille Paulette Sherbrooke, Que. May 11, 1939
Barrup, Howard Kenneth Newport Turner, Patricia Ann Newport July 21, 1951
Barry, Alvin Jerome St. Johnsbury Robitaille, Lucienne Newport Feb 25, 1936
Barter, Elson F. Newport Curtin, Irene Enosburg Falls Nov 1, 1942
Bartlett, Gordon Ernest   Newport LeClair, Florabel May   Burlington Sept 27, 1928
Batchelor, Frederick Christopher Stanstead, Que. Adams, Helen Margaret Boston, MA June 25, 1938
Bates, Eugene Arthur Newport Martineau, Blanche Alice Newport June 2, 1941
Bathalon, Philippe Hartford, CT Lackard, Agnes Beatrice Newport Sept 13, 1950
Bauer, Samuel Lennoxville, Que. Rodell, Ivy Alice Lennoxville, Que. April 6, 1940
Bean, Arthur W.   Newport Seguin, Doris L.   Newport Nov 10, 1928
Bean, Claire Auburn Newport Mosher, Dora Jane Newport Nov 15, 1930
Bean, Claire Auburn Newport Coes, Estelle Mary Dorchester, MA June 28, 1941
Bean, Clare A.   Comstock, Mildred   April 1, 1925
Bean, Donald C. Glover MacLean, Ruth M. Newport June 15, 1940
Bean, Frank Martin E. Hartford, CT Keement, Mary Patricia Newport Feb 27, 1954
Bean, George John Newport Lackard, Agnes Irasburg Feb 26, 1935
Bean, Niles A. L. Newport Roberts, Yolande Elize North Troy Oct 13, 1956
Bean, Niles S. Newport Rocheleau, Constance Newport Dec 7, 1932
Bean, Ralph A.   Litchfield, Mildred   July 25, 1925
Beardsley, George Howard Newport Pisanelli, Amelia Lee Boston, MA Oct 11, 1937
Beatty, Jack A. Montreal, Que. Colebrook, Mildred Alberta Montreal, Que. May 21, 1956
Beaudette, Henry   Laplante, Mary   Dec 3, 1925
Beaudry, Stanley A. Portland, Oregon Nadeau, Rita Sherbrooke, Que. Oct 8, 1943
Beaulieu, Alfred Napoleon Newport Powers, Hazel Irene Newport Sept 1, 1938
Beaulieu, Ephrem Louis Nashua, NH Fugere, Gilbertha Blanche Newport Oct 27, 1947
Beaulieu, Joseph Alfred E. Newport Blais, Marie Elise Newport Aug 1926 prob
Beaulieu, Leslie George Lennoxville, Que. Williams, Madeline Simone Sherbrooke, Que. Oct 27, 1936
Beaulieu, Omer   Gervais, Marie Irene   Nov 3, 1925
Beaumier, Francois Gerard Newport Messier, Marguerite Yvette Newport Dec 24, 1946
Beck, Frederick John Newport Sargent, Wilma Eva Newport Sept 20, 1946
Beck, Howard Nathaniel Newport Kelley, Pearl Beatrice Newport Feb 18, 1940
Beck, Howard Nathaniel Newport Fournier, Francoise Newport March 10, 1952
Becotte, Robert Joseph Newport Bouchard, Theresa Melvina Newport Aug 31, 1950
Bedard, Alfred Edward Rock Island, Que. Allen, Shirley Lucretia Newport July 14, 1951
Bedard, Arnold Lowell Currier, Marilyn Newport Feb 18, 1956
Bedard, Charles Auguste   Newport Demers, Lillian   Newport Ctr Oct 10, 1927
Beddie, William Newport Barbin, Louise Newport July 4, 1937
Bedell, Walter Lafayette, Jr. Newport Kullman, Ingrid Dorothy Newport July 17, 1944
Beebe, Carroll Ray   Duncan, Veronica   Dec 8, 1922
Befford, Henri   Neunier, Leoma   Oct 26, 1921
Beffore, Herbert Daniel   Ashbury, Ethel   July 24, 1922
Before, Maurice T. Derby Martin, Hilda G. Newport Aug 4, 1947
Before, Wilfred Ludger Newport Diette, Corinne Marie Newport Sept 14, 1936
Beland, Oliver Louis   Newport Scott, Mabel Lee   Newport June 26, 1927
Belton, Thomas Doherty Sarnia, Ont. Gurd, Alice Marguerite Montreal, Que. Aug 5, 1939
Belway, Theodore Roosevelt Newport Bates, Priscilla Hildreth Derby Aug 20, 1947
Benjamin, Fernand Adrien Milford, CT Ducharme, Evelyn Isabelle Bedford, Que. Sept 26, 1942
Benjamin, Harold Norman Newport Taylor, Bettie Jane Newport March 2, 1957
Benner, Richard Emmerson Newport Bates, Elizabeth Newport April 25, 1934
Bennett, Bernard Milton Orleans Durgin, Doris Effie Newport April 28, 1948
Bennett, Earl Carlton Newport Rowe, Ethel Irene Newport Dec 1, 1945
Bennett, Irwin E., Jr. Newport Roy, Gilberte R. Newport April 25, 1953
Bennett, Robert Clarke Newport Morin, Pauline Janet Newport Jan 30, 1947
Benoit, Alfred Joseph Eastman, Que. Deadman, Alice Annie E. Eastman, Que. Nov 16, 1935
Benoit, Harold Joseph Hudson, MA Duchesneau, Eglantine Delena Newport April 26, 1942
Benoit, Moise W. Lawrence, MA Maffee, Pauline Revere Milford, NH Oct 23, 1936
Benoit, Ronald Rene Brunswick, ME Mitchell, Barbara Ann Newport June 12, 1954
Benware, Robert Taylor Philadelphia, PA Blanchard, Harriet Elizabeth Newport Sept 6, 1942
Benway, Bob Lawrence Glover Lavallee, Dorothy Josephine Newport Sept 20, 1952
Benway, Cecil Edward Newport Lorimer, Audrey Lois Beebe Dec 8, 1949
Benway, Cecil Sylvester   Hartley, Nellie May   Sept 4, 1922
Berg, Quentin Paterson, NJ Hitchcock, Cora F. Newport Jan 18, 1937
Bergeron, Armand J. Coventry Hart, Eula E. Newport Oct 17, 1943
Bergeron, Leo Alexander Newport Duchesneau, Bertha Leona Newport May 14, 1945
Bernard, Albert Phillip Newport Greene, Lillian May Newport May 4, 1936
Bernard, Andrew Hector Bristol, CT Bishop, Roberta Violena Newport Oct 17, 1936
Bernard, Henry Joseph Newport Cotnoir, Alma Lowell   Jan 11, 1940
Bernard, Leo L. Newport Drew, Arline Newport Center April 7, 1932
Bernard, Leonard Oliver Newport Swift, Clarice Pearl Groveton, NH Nov 30, 1939
Bernard, William   Astbury, Alma Ethel   Dec 23, 1922
Bernard, William George Newport DeMontigny, Mary Eliz Newport Nov 26, 1929
Bernier, Ernest Arthur   Henrichon, Priscilla Mary   Oct 9, 1922
Bernier, Louis Phillip Boston, MA Henrichon, Margaret Newport Feb 6, 1933
Besaw, Leo Newport LeClair, Elva Mae Newport July 13, 1929
Bessant, Norman Dale Lennoxville, Que. Young, Ruth Jennie Lennoxville, Que. Nov 16, 1946
Bessette, Alfred Bryan   Newport Lippens, Blanche C.   Newport Oct 24, 1927
Bessette, Joseph Alphonse Taussant Newport Cardin, Jeannette Marie Rochester, NH Sept 3, 1956
Beswick, James Albert Dean Sherbrooke, Que. Robichaud, Pearl Lennoxville, Que. May 27, 1939
Bevins, Laurence Clark Milton LaPlante, Rosanna Newport Feb 22, 1941
Bickford, Stephen N. Lowell Cammett, Arletta Esther Newport Nov 25, 1944
Bieber, Ernest Tobin Drummondville, Que. Christman, Elizabeth Mabel Drummondville, Que. Aug 23, 1937
Bigelow, Elisha   Avery, Flora Davis   June 24, 1922
Bigelow, Robert Savage Newport Roe, Jeanne Newport Sept 10, 1948
Bigelow, Rudolf James   Savage, Helen Ida   Sept 18, 1922
Billado, Stephen Clarence Richford Elie, Alfreda Beatrice Newport Dec 5, 1935
Binney, Albert Kenneth Sherbrooke, Que. Lucuyer, Grace Sherbrooke, Que. April 16, 1938
Birchard, Edson Almon Newport Sinclair, Betty Ann Newport June 11, 1955
Bisbee, Milo Annis Newport Woodbury, Hazel Agnes Newport Aug 7, 1940
Bishop, Clyde Oliver Newport Lahar, Lillian Rosemond Newport Aug 18, 1929
Bishop, Clyde Oliver Newport Poirrier, Florence Yuette Newport June 15, 1931
Bishop, Kendall Hinman Newport Edwards, Betty Mae Montpelier Aug 14, 1937
Bissonnette, Joseph Albert Aimee Newport Nadeau, Madeline Eveline Newport July 6, 1937
Blair, Ernest   Paquin, Alice   May 11, 1925
Blair, George Reginald Newport Bowman, Bernice Evelyn Newport Oct 21, 1950
Blair, Harold E. Woodsville, NH Kenyon, Sheryl A. Newport Sept 15, 1956
Blair, John E.   Rollins, Hazel   Oct 29, 1925
Blair, John E. Newport Rowe, Martha May Newport Nov 6, 1931
Blais, Russell Cyril Newport Fortin, Lucienne Marguerite Derby Line May 10, 1952
Blake, Herbert Leavens Newport Lacoss, Doris Margaret W. Charleston July 9, 1951
Blakely, Harold Leighton Waterbury Ennis, Lucille Martin Newport May 15, 1935
Blanchard, Alden Emerson Newport Spaulding, Elva May W. Charleston Oct 30, 1948
Blanchard, Carroll Arthur Newport Gibney, Ethel Margarite North Troy April 23, 1941
Blanchard, Harry Dexter   Newport Lizotte, Evelyn Mary   Newport Feb 7, 1927
Blanchard, Oliver A. Newport Lamere, Edna D. Newport Oct 31, 1932
Blay, Albert Allie   Derby Hackett, Marion Jeanette   Newport May 27, 1928
Blay, Albert Mose Newport Couture, Jeannine Newport July 4, 1957
Blay, Percy Ernest Newport Davio, Alma Christine Newport Oct 15, 1945
Blevin, Earl Newport Adams, Esther Blanche Coventry Jan 23, 1929
Blevin, Raymond Earl Derby Roberts, Doris Lorraine Newport Aug 5, 1950
Bliss, Russell Lowell Beebe, Elizabeth Newport Oct 11, 1941
Blodah, Donald Edward Newport Freehart, Helena Esther Newport Sept 21, 1940
Blois, Charles Norman Newport Crosby, Ruth Newport Jan 1, 1940
Blow, Lester Robert Burlington Carbonneau, Evalina Elizabeth Newport March 3, 1956
Bly, Harley Sam Newport Webster, Muriel Ethel Island Pond July 7, 1946
Bockus, Ellis Leland Foster, Que. Greig, Jane Benning Waterloo, Que. Oct 12, 1936
Bockus, Gordon Leigh Sherbrooke, Que. Hayes, Iler Mae Sherbrooke, Que. Nov 18, 1935
Bogue, Clarence Newport Nemeth, Mary Hartford, CT May 29, 1948
Boisvert, Joseph H. Newport Chaloux, Rose F. Derby Line June 4, 1932
Boisvert, Ralph Newport Paquette, Patricia Barton Aug 27, 1955
Bole, Harry Spencer Newport Somers, Dorcas Susan Newport June 4, 1938
Bonner, Thorald Alexander St. Johnsbury Squires, Arlene Porter Rutland May 4, 1929
Booth, Albert Leadville, Que. Gilbert, Irene Magog, Que. Nov 16, 1939
Booth, Samuel Allen Hartford, CT Fitzsimmons, Ruth Cecelia Hartford, CT July 8, 1948
Borella, John Lester Newport Pierce, Beverly Mae Barton June 23, 1946
Borella, Richard Charles Newport Lunderville, Frances Maud Newport Jan 24, 1942
Borella, Victor G. New York City, NY Theriault, Cecelia New York City, NY July 2, 1934
Boright, Eben Colton Newport Stevenson, Margaret G. Newport Dec 5, 1930
Boright, Eben Colton Newport Whitehill, Mary F. Newport Dec 9, 1951
Bosley, George F. Newport Johnston, Pearl W. St. Johnsbury July 11, 1945
Bosley, George Henry   Newport Smith, Ila Mabel   Newport Nov 26, 1927
Bosley, George Quentin Newport Alexander, Mary Johnson Charlotte, NC July 3, 1937
Bosley, Kenneth George Newport McGivern, Pauline May Newport Jan 16, 1952
Boucher, Alfred Edward   Newport Wilcox, Maude Ella   Newport Oct 23, 1926
Boucher, Edmond Stanley Centerville, MA Mitchell, Fleeta Hazel Newport Feb 11, 1929
Boucher, Ernest Arthur Derby Knowles, Florence Katherine Newport Oct 5, 1946
Boucher, Leopold   Newport Beaulieu, Alice   Newport Aug 2, 1926
Bouffard, Francis Joseph Newport Savard, Marie Corrine Rita Island Pond June 23, 1951
Bouffard, Gerard Albert Newport Odell, Frances Helen Newport April 13, 1948
Bougie, George Montreal, Que. Bouchard, Frances Montreal, Que. Sept 2, 1939
Boulanger, Benjamin J. Derby Line Lablanc, Alice L. Newport June 16, 1947
Boulet, Elwin Hector Joseph New Britain, CT Gilbert, Vaulene Ethel Lisbon, NH April 26, 1941
Boulet, Paul Emile Newport Jerome, Nellie Clara Newport Oct 6, 1952
Bourassa, Frederick Newport Beaudry, Yvonne Burlington Dec 26, 1934
Bousquin, Rodolph Derby Murray, Grace Newport May 18, 1936
Bouthillier, Thomas Charles Newport Hartley, Shirley Ann Newport July 19, 1952
Boutin, Edmond Albert Littleton, NH Jarry, Therese Margaret Newport May 10, 1948
Bowen, Arland J. Newport Center Farrar, Irma Elaine Newport Sept 18, 1944
Bowen, Arthur Milton   Newport Bradley, Madge B.  Barton Aug 28, 1927
Bowen, Ellewin Newport Wheeler, Grace Newport May 18, 1938
Bowen, Gordon Elvin Newport Chappell, Arlene Marie Newport July 24, 1948
Bowen, Howard Earl Newport Gaboriault, Irene Cecile Newport Nov 6, 1954
Bowen, Irving, Melvin Newport Kelley, Gertrude Alberta Newport Sept 2, 1939
Bowen, Melvin L. Newport Ritchie, Louise Derby Nov 26, 1934
Bowen, Roger Milton Newport Sloan, Rita Henriette Island Pond Dec 30, 1936
Bowen, Therald Lyle Newport Heath, Eva June Merrimac, MA Dec 28, 1944
Bowen, Vernal H.   Peters, Leota M.   Dec 23, 1925
Bowers, Thad M. Newport MacIver, Eva Lake Megantic, Que. Oct 6, 1934
Bowman, Gerald Ernest Newport Town Phillips, Marion Calista Newport Aug 13, 1955
Boyd, Thornton William Waterloo, Que. Milberry, Clara Myrtle Waterloo, Que. July 24, 1948
Boynton, Carroll Lewis   Newport Bowker, Isadore Esther   Newport May 10, 1923
Boynton, Jesse Osban Newport Maguire, Belle Newport Dec 24, 1931
Bradford, George North Troy Rowland, Mildred Gertrude Newport Sept 7, 1939
Bradley, John McGee   Newport Prouty, Edith   Newport June 1, 1927
Brahana, John Howard Orleans McLean, Rita Newport Jan 27, 1933
Brainerd, Howard Irving Newport Cheney, Vivian Etheline Newport April 29, 1936
Branon, William Barry Newport Mulcahy, Mary Helena Brandon Aug 22, 1938
Bransford, Charles William Newport Pelkey, Dorothy Newport March 6, 1939
Brantley, Malvin Stuart Monroe, LA Daley, Patricia Theresa Newport July 18, 1950
Bray, Frederick Manvel   Lindsay, Dorothy   June 3, 1922
Bray, Leslie Montreal, Que. DeFelice, Marie Montreal, Que. July 3, 1950
Breslin, Charles Joseph Watertown, MA Grant, Helen Theresa Urbaczewska Newtonville, MA Sept 29, 1940
Brewer, Elwin Sloan Derby       Fugere, Agnes Helene Newport Feb 25, 1953
Brien, Conrade Maurice Derby McKinney, Sandra Mae Newport Nov 16, 1957
Brien, Leonard Raymond Newport Laplante, Joyce Ethelwyne Newport July 5, 1948
Brien, Paul Whitefield, NH Willey, Bernice Newport June 28, 1937
Briggs, Charles Arthur   Newport Smith, Annie Hannah   Newport Center Dec 27, 1927
Brigham, Allen Crafts Newport Reid, Doris Pearl Brownington Nov 20, 1930
Brisebois, Paul Roxton Falls, Que. Nicol, Janet South Roxton, Que. Nov 20, 1937
Britch, Francis Orien Newport Wheeler, Pearl Viola Rock Island, Que. Aug 5, 1939
Britch, Roland Neal Newport Cheney, Beverly Elaine Lowell Aug 1, 1950
Britch, Stanford Harold Newport DeRusha, Edna Irene Newport Feb 17, 1940
Britch, William Z., Jr. Newport Gustin, Celesta Milford, MA Nov 11, 1950
Britch, William, Jr. Newport Gustin, Celesta Newport July 27, 1935
Brittain, Donald H. New York, NY Von Damm, Rosel New York, NY July 3, 1954
Britton, Lawrence E.   Newport Rossier, Evelyn May  Coventry May 27, 1927
Brochue, Adelord Joseph   Irma Desbiens   June 5, 1922
Brock, Frank Henry Stanstead, Que. McIntyre, Iris Rose Stanstead, Que. April 18, 1933
Bronson, George A. Newport Perkins, Verion Holland Aug 5, 1933
Bronson, George Alexander Newport Manning, Helen Esther Newport Nov 16, 1940
Bronson, Mark Newport Larue, Ettie Newport Jan 20, 1937
Bronson, William Wallace Beebe, Que. Heatherton, Amy Stanstead, Que. March 4, 1939
Brooks, Bernard Clayton Newport Beauchesne, Antoinette Simonne Derby Line Sept 23, 1939
Brooks, Bernard Egan Newtonville, MA Newman, Audna Emma D. Newport Aug 24, 1938
Brouilette, John J.   Traver, Edith   Sept 12, 1925
Brouillette, Joseph W. Newport Goodsell, Gertrude M. Rock Island, Que. April 29, 1936
Brousseau, Raymond Newport Stuart, Charlotte Concord Sept 29, 1956
Brown, Alfred Freemont Newport Govro, Doris May Newport July 1, 1939
Brown, Alton W. Newport Ford, Barbara M. Newport July 8, 1944
Brown, Clarence Streeter Newport Gour, Lucille Ila Newport Aug 3, 1942
Brown, Donald Elwin Newport LeClair, Margaret Newport April 8, 1939
Brown, Elwin T. Derby Lombard, Beverly Newport June 22, 1957
Brown, Frederick Holmes Barton Tredo, Bessie Faye Newport Oct 20, 1947
Brown, Gordon Lucius Newport Gray, Shirley McCuin Newport Jan 3, 1943
Brown, Isaac Chester Newport Westover, Evelyn Bertha Newport April 4, 1942
Brown, John Elgin Newport St. Germain, Christine Flora Richford June 9, 1931
Brown, John W. Montreal, Que. Loweryson, Beverly Lennoxville, Que. Jan 4, 1956
Brown, LaForest Clifton Portland, ME Whitman, Jennie E. Portland, ME Nov 10, 1929
Brown, Sydney U. Newport Clark, Regis Newport Nov 1, 1930
Brown, Sydney Urbin Newport Clark, Hazel Esther Newport Aug 24, 1944
Brown, Wallace Raymond   Newport Schoolcraft, Rita Alberta   Newport Sept 23, 1926
Bruce, Carl R. Derby McGovern, Blanche Newport Dec 31, 1935
Brunner, Endre K. New York, NY Carroll, Eleanor Staten Island, NY July 10, 1937
Bryant, Alfred Henry Burlington Beaulieu, Marie Elise Newport June 17, 1944
Buchanan, Charles Henry Newport Hanson, Helen Elva Newport Dec 6, 1940
Buchanan, Earl William Newport Stephens, Nellie Mae Newport July 19, 1942
Buchanan, Guy Arlington Newport Pilbro, Lola Marion Newport Oct 12, 1930
Buck, Arthur   Ovitt, Lena   Sept 30, 1925
Buck, Floyd Arthur Newport Town Fox, Ruth Pearl Newport April 7, 1947
Buck, Glenn William Orleans Tevyaw, Emily Ruth Newport July 31, 1937
Buck, Royce J. Coventry Roberts, Leota Fay Newport Aug 10, 1942
Buck, Theodore Hall Barre Geach, Margery Jane Newport Sept 27, 1944
Buck, William Edwin Jr. Sherbrooke, Que. Mitchell, Georgiana Sherbrooke, Que. July 17, 1937
Buck, William Harrison Newport Watson, Nellie May Newport Jan 2, 1946
Buckland, Charles Gardner Newport McIver, Marion Louise Newport Feb 23, 1943
Buckland, Forest A. Newport Howe, Joan Barbara Newport Aug 25, 1946
Buckland, Lee Swanson Newport White, Sarah Alida East Ryegate June 22, 1946
Bugden, Wilson A. Newport Douglas, Stephanie Fort Lauderdale, FL Oct 14, 1951
Bullis, Albert Joseph Newport Elie, Pauline Newport May 25, 1931
Bullock, Leslie H. Beebe, PQ Bullock, Frieda M. Beebe, PQ Dec 8, 1932
Bullock, Stewart Lee Stanstead, Que. Brack, Mabel Elizabeth Stanstead, Que. June 29, 1940
Burdick, John Keenan Newport Chase, Virginia Adelaide Newport April 26, 1947
Burke, Bernard Andrew Newport Pelkey, Geneva Alice Newport Dec 20, 1952
Burke, Ellsworth Joseph Newport Farrar, Eureta May Newport June 26, 1945
Burlton, Albert E. Newport Domina, Genevieve S. Derby Line April 22, 1932
Burlton, Arthur Wellesley   Newport Hunt, Lydia May   Newport Oct 5, 1927
Burnett, Arlington Hurst  Montreal, Can. Smith, Dorothy  Vale Perkins, Can. May 14, 1927
Burnham, Gerald Edward Magog, Que. Rousseau, Claire Clauge Magog, Que. Aug 19, 1944
Burns, Edgar Edras   Newport MacMillan, Vivian Dunalda   Stanstead, Que. March 21, 1928
Burns, Frank Duane Newport Johnson, Beulah Irene Newport April 16, 1935
Burns, Gardner Edgar Orleans Dawson, Ada Mary Newport Feb 15, 1948
Burrows, Harold Steven   Boston, MA Walsh, Jeanette   Boston, MA Sept 30, 1928
Burt, Roger Elwin Newport Fuller, Elizabeth Anita Newport Oct 2, 1937
Bushaw, Perley Arthur Bridgeport, CT Smith, Margaret Lillian Bridgeport, CT Jan 1, 1942
Bushey, Alfred Charles Newport Gray, Katheryn W. Derby Line Jan 17, 1942
Bushnell, Earl Raymond Rock Island, Que. Gosselin, Louise Roseanna Newport June 30, 1947
Bushnell, Eli Augustine Val D'Or, Que. Pomerleau, Ida Mary Newport Sept 4, 1939
Buskey, Edward E. Newport Woods, Alice Brownville, ME Aug 23, 1934
Buteau, David Ronald Newport Kealey, Patricia Joseph Newport June 21, 1952
Buteau, Rudolph J.   Collins, Marian   Aug 31, 1925
Buteau, Wilfred   Bernard, Vivian Alice   Dec 12, 1922
Butler, Bernard Dana Barton Kimball, Shirley Belle Newport July 12, 1941
Butler, Francis Elton Sherbrooke, Que. Tilton, Ellison Marion Sherbrooke, Que. Dec 3, 1939
Butler, Gordon Arthur Stamford, CT Graves, Marjorie Stamford, CT Aug 14, 1944
Butler, William Orwell Watkins, Emma Newport Sept 4, 1938
Byers, Howard William Newport Tuthill, Bernice Wilma Morrisville Dec 8, 1942
Byrd, Harold R.   Baker, Gertrude F.   June 8, 1925
Byrne, Edward James Newport Clark, Frances Catherine Newport Dec 17, 1938
Byron, Howard E. Newport Martineau, Loretta Newport May 28, 1934
Cairo, Moreno Long Island, NY Cass, Ila Hattie Magog, Que. Sept 20, 1948
Calhoun, Philip Sheridan Middlebury Vigneault, Evelyn E. Newport Jan 15, 1934
Calkins, Nelson Miles, Jr. Rutland, MA Hunt, Helen Edith Newport Nov 9, 1946
Call, Mitchell Nelson Knowlton, Que. Reed, June Carolyn Newport June 22, 1957
Callahan, Eugene M. Concord, NH Oyston, Pauline Winifred Newport June 22, 1936
Calouri, Jack Abercorn, Que. Lucia, Blanche Abercorn, Que. June 22, 1939
Camber, Everett Newport Scott, Adeline Coventry Sept 15, 1951
Cammett, Horace B.   Newport Adams, Mary C.   Newport May 18, 1926
Campbell, Jean Marie Bridgeport, CT Gour, Bernice Mae Newport Dec 29, 1945
Campbell, Leo Donat Irasburg Gaboriault, Rachel Alice Newport Sept 1, 1947
Campbell, Melville F. Springfield, MA Wilkins, Madaline Lois Springfield, MA May 6, 1930
Canning, Thomas William Newport Kimball, Pearl Agatha Island Pond Sept 14, 1930
Capral, Louis Rocky Hill, CT Bronson, Doris Hazel West Hartford, CT Aug 27, 1938
Carbonneau, Francis Donald Newport Mason, Sara Virginia Newport Aug 14, 1946
Carbonneau, Francis Harry   Carter, Beatrice   May 29, 1922
Carbonneau, Harry L. Newport Brainerd, Lorraine V. Newport Sept 3, 1955
Carbonneau, Lionel Leonard Newport Mackenzie, Elaine Louise Newport June 29, 1944
Carpenter, Charles B. Newport Lamere, Winifred G. Newport April 6, 1932
Carpenter, Lester E., Jr. Auburn, MA Boatman, Barbara L. Worcester, MA June 4, 1955
Carr, Alfred Newport Royea, Miriam Newport Sept 29, 1955
Carr, Elmer Herbert Newport Langevin, Rose Mary Stanstead, Que. Nov 8, 1944
Carr, Jess H. Newport Davis, Joyce M. Newport Aug 11, 1949
Carr, Jesse Howard Newport Kelley, Ruth Virginia Newport Oct 24, 1938
Carr, Perley M. Barre McRae, Mabel F. Newport Oct 31, 1930
Carrier, Robert P. Pittsford Bole, Dorcas Somers Newport May 1, 1943
Carron, Donald Archibald Newport Parenteau, Amelia Ann Newport July 4, 1953
Cartee, Jesse Cannon Newport Vanier, Madeline Claire Newport April 29, 1938
Carter, Francis Dale Newport Gilbar, Shirley Dorothy Newport Nov 25, 1950
Carter, Frederick James Newport Besaw, Ruth Jessie Newport July 31, 1948
Carter, Gary Newport McDonald, Shirley Derby Jan 14, 1956
Carter, Leonard Newport Cadieux, Rita Newport March 26, 1956
Carter, Leonard Homer   Newport Lawler, Ethel  Highwater, Can. Sept 3, 1927
Carter, Louis Napoleon Newport Sheltra, Lucille Roseanna Newport Feb 9, 1952
Carter, Melvin Henry Newport Korb, Dorothy Joan Orleans June 22, 1940
Carter, Robert Neil Newport Tiedeman, Natalie Ann Newport Oct 10, 1953
Carter, Victor A., Jr. Newport Sylvester, Lucille Margaret Newport Nov 1, 1950
Carter, Victor Alexander, Jr. Newport LaFleur, Christina Marion Irasburg Aug 15, 1944
Carter, Wayne Gilmore Newport Bullis, Iona Delia Newport Center Aug 12, 1950
Carter, William Gordon Newport Sanborn, Yernage E. Newport Jan 2, 1929
Cartwright, Conrad Younkin Newport Sawyer, Marjorie Ella Newport July 24, 1940
Caruso, Joseph William, Jr. Newport Stevens, Eileen Marie Newport June 2, 1954
Casanave, John H., Jr. Radnor, PA Taft, Una A. Wayne, PA Aug 31, 1935
Case, George Newport Davio, Alma Elevyn Newport Nov 19, 1949
Cass, Lee Ernest Newport Horskins, Hazel Jane Newport Town Sept 25, 1940
Cassie, John Glen Brooklyn, NY Rhinehart, Catherine P. New York, NY Aug 19, 1952
Centebar, George Newport Russ, Rachel Newport Oct 16, 1955
Cervinek, Emile Montreal, Que. Quayle, Mona Montreal, Que. June 10, 1950
Chadburn, Gerald C. Irasburg Dwyer, Gladys M. Newport Dec 31, 1931
Chaffee, Carlton Henry Newport Stevens, Beverly Mae Newport July 31, 1948
Chaffee, Clyde Lynwood Newport Chase, Rachel Louise Newport Oct 3, 1946
Chaffee, Edward E. Newport Goodenough, Rita B. Newport July 19, 1956
Chaffee, Edwin Earl Newport Fedele, Mary Antoinette Newport Aug 7, 1950
Chaffee, Richard Emmett Newport Blay, Pauline Alberta Newport Oct 5, 1940
Chamberlain, Ralph A. Newport LaFlamme, Diana Lyndonville Nov 4, 1930
Chamberlin, Harold O. Orleans Blake, Molly D. Newport Nov 23, 1935
Champagne, Henry Joseph, Jr. Newport Page, Ruth Marion Newport Dec 6, 1945
Champagne, John Barton Binason, Sarah Fountain Newport April 11, 1942
Champagne, Robert Frederick James Newport Tebbetts, Olive Geraldine Irasburg May 7, 1947
Chandler, Paul B.   Bretton, Margaret E.   Aug 15, 1925
Chaput, Fernand Albert Newport Center Lanpher, Geraldine Belle Newport June 20, 1953
Charbonneau, Paul Emil Holland Ladue, Alice Holland May 8, 1929
Charkey, Charlie Ayer's Cliff, Que. Lacroix, Rose Ayers Cliff, PQ Dec 21, 1937
Chartier, Henry Joseph Newport Lampron, Mary Wilhelmina Newport Nov 9, 1946
Chartier, Henry L. Newport Roy, Olive R. Newport Nov 29, 1932
Chase, Gordon Elms Bryant Pond, ME Merrill, Janice E. Eddington, ME June 11, 1941
Cheney, Earl Edward Newport Gerry, Lena Lucille Wheelock July 10, 1933
Cheney, Francis Enos Newport Chilafoe, Jeannette Olive Orleans Jan 23, 1947
Cheney, Leo Webster Newport Kennison, Elsie Celia Newport April 2, 1949
Cheney, Maynard Charles Framingham, MA Rondeau, Evelyn Mary Framingham, MA April 8, 1947
Cheney, Nelson Elie Newport Morin, Hazel Ruth Newport June 5, 1933
Choinard, Diogene   Bousquet, Melvina E.   April 11, 1925
Choquette, Charles Leo Paul Newport Sanville, Rosalie Olive Newport Sept 16, 1946
Choquette, Joseph Hector Newport Talbot, Ola Mae Newport April 19, 1941
Choquette, Ovila Polydor Newport Choquette, Pauline Anita Newport Dec 30, 1957
Chouinard, Emile J. Enfield, NH Godin, Victoria Newport Nov 24, 1934
Chouinard, Gerard A. Newport Gendron, Aldea Newport July 3, 1934
Chouinard, James Henry Winooski Woodard, Virginia Geneva Newport May 25, 1941
Christianson, Victor W. Berlin, NH Arsenault, Olive Berlin, NH Nov 1, 1934
Christie, Andrew Steele   Sherbrooke, Que. Cowan, Frances Ruth   Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 7, 1928
Christie, Gordon Allan North Hatley, Que. Young, Mildred Irene North Hatley, Que. Oct 14, 1939
Cinqmars, Albert Frank Burlington Larabee, Joyce Newport Feb 23, 1952
Clark, Dale Newport Joslin, Ella Hartford, CT Feb 5, 1944
Clark, Francis Corbett Detroit, Mich. Collingnon, Naomi Ruth   Newport Jan 3, 1927
Clark, George T., Jr. Bellefontaine, OH Emerson, Shirley C. Newport April 10, 1949
Clark, Leslie B.   Stanton, Hortense   June 1, 1925
Clark, William Leslie Verdun, Que. Taylor, Mary Anna Montreal, Que. Nov 5, 1939
Clarke, Benjamin Livingston New York City, NY Silverlos, Mabel Viola Brooklyn, NY Aug 21, 1936
Clarke, Charles Roy Sherbrooke, Que. Bennett, Eileen Harriet Montreal, Que. June 25, 1951
Clarke, William Leonard Sherbrooke, Que. Boisvert, Anita Yvonne Sherbrooke, Que. June 12, 1937
Clayton, Lawrence Walter Greensboro    Mitchell, Lylas S. Newport July 8, 1936
Cleary, Thomas Montreal, PQ Moss, Margo Montreal, PQ Dec 6, 1955
Clement, Arthur Adelard Newport Farrar, Lillian Maye Newport June 9, 1944
Clement, Gerald Julien Sherbrooke, Que. Hall, Patricia Ann Sherbrooke, Que. May 26, 1949
Clement, Howard R. Newport Hall, Rotha E. Boston, MA June 16, 1934
Clement, J. Gerald Sherbrooke, Que. Mason, Joyce D. Lennoxville, Que. April 20, 1956
Clements, Sidney W. Lennoxville, PQ Gordon, Gertrude Sherbrooke, P. Q. Dec 3, 1932
Clifford, Kenneth Roy Barton Ponton, Jeannette Lovinska Newport April 4, 1932
Clifford, Wallace Lane St. Johnsbury Doran, Maye Lilla Newport Jan 23, 1942
Clothey, Everett Webster Newport DuBois, Grace Geraldine Lyndon    Feb 1, 1935
Clough, Aaron G. Ayer's Cliff, Que. James, Mary R. Toronto, Ont. Dec 4, 1934
Cloutier, Raymond Lionel Newport Laramee, Solange Mary Newport May 17, 1952
Coalts, Ralph Henry Newport Cheney, Mary Ann Newport Sept 20, 1957
Coan, Charles Kendrick Newport Bushey, Ila May North Troy Feb 19, 1933
Coan, Kenneth Davis   Newport Smith, Nell Mae   Newport Aug 20, 1927
Coburn, Foster La Roy Newport Lague, Teresa Agnes Newport Aug 9, 1952
Coburn, George Glendon Newport Buchanan, Nellie Mae Newport Aug 13, 1950
Coburn, John Franklin Newport Tinker, Wilma E. Newport Nov 14, 1955
Coburn, John Franklin Wood Newport Spooner, Rachel Lillian Newport Oct 19, 1947
Coburn, Lewis Alexander Newport Austin, Avis Rebecca Orleans Nov 4, 1949
Coburn, Roy William Barton Benoit, Marie Louise Newport Aug 1, 1953
Coburn, Walter G.   Hamilton, Dorothy D.   June 27, 1925
Coffin, George Henry  Portland, ME Moore, Christina May   Stanstead, Que. Oct 12, 1927
Coffin, Robert Frederick Newport Rushlow, Anita B. Newport April 17, 1940
Cohen, Herbert L. Newport Tuckosh, Anna Roseton, NY April 18, 1937
Cohen, Hyman Newport Vargeletis, Angelina Newport Dec 13, 1940
Colburn, Maynard Hollis Newport Holland, Mildred Annette Derby Line Aug 31, 1941
Colby, Carlton Wesley Newport Wheeler, Betty Lou Newport Dec 15, 1949
Colby, Herman W. East Auburn, ME Myrand, Christine Priscilla Auburn, ME July 10, 1933
Cole, Gerald Leslie Sherbrooke, Que. McLean, Gertrude Mae Sherbrooke, Que. Dec 17, 1938
Collette, Frank Xavier St. Albans Hommel, Loretta Evelyn Newport June 3, 1940
Collins, Arland Wilbur Newport Blake, Althea Elizabeth Derby May 3, 1941
Collins, Arland Wilbur Newport Sheltra, Melba Marguerite Newport July 14, 1952
Collins, George Arthur   Newport Huntington, Gladys M.  Barton Nov 14, 1927
Collins, Howard Stewart Newport Town Hill, Eva Newport Jan 22, 1941
Collins, Lucien Vernon Newport Knowles, Pearl Lillian Newport Jan 1, 1947
Collins, Marvin Gilbert Newport Mizo, Marion Olive Newport Dec 25, 1938
Collins, Reginald Lewis Earl Newport Prue, Madeline Claire Newport June 4, 1940
Colpitts, James Gibson Bangor, ME Somerville, Edith Pearl Newport Nov 11, 1938
Colt, Dale Reginald Newport Baraw, Janice Iola Newport March 29, 1953
Comeau, Homer Eusebe Newport Laporte, Claire Marie Newport July 16, 1951
Comeau, Stanley Arthur Newport Laporte, Lucille Annette Newport July 16, 1951
Comeau, Verney Newport Jacobs, Margaret W. Newport Sept 17, 1957
Comstock, Dean Moulton Barton Willis, Barbara Jennie Newport Sept 18, 1950
Congdon, Ralph Winnie Brattleboro Allbee, Natalie Marion Newport June 1, 1929
Conley, Fred W. Coaticook, PQ McCaffrey, Lavina M. Nicklet, Que. Sept 16, 1931
Conner, George Calvin   Newport Flanders, Julia E.  Beebe, Que. Jan 13, 1927
Cook, John Wesley   Pickle, Charlotte Beatrice   April 1, 1922
Cook, Walter Newton Newport Brainerd, Velma Eugenia Newport May 7, 1939
Coolbeth, Ernest George Newport town Percey, Ruth Newport July 25, 1937
Coomer, Maurice Wendell   Newport Brunell, Beulah Helen   St. Johnsbury April 7, 1928
Corkins, Harold Richard Newport Riegel, Dorothy May Newport Dec 6, 1947
Corkins, Julian Leroy Newport Murray, Doris Catherine Newport Nov 16, 1936
Corkins, Julian Leroy Newport Lemere, Irene Una Newport Dec 24, 1938
Corkins, Junnie Julian Newport Delaney, Laura Madlene May Montreal, Que. July 26, 1941
Corkins, Rudolph Edwin Newport Brien, Vivian Marguerite Newport June 25, 1942
Corliss, Arthur Frederick Derby Blevin, Esther Newport May 20, 1937
Corliss, James Howard Newport Bowen, Elaine Louise Sherbrooke, Que. Nov 1, 1943
Cornell, Cleveland Edward, Jr. Newport Cheney, Cynthia Lucille Newport Oct 13, 1956
Corron, Oliver David Newport Purtill, Isabell Teresa Newport Sept 2, 1944
Corrow, Bernard C. Coventry Brien, Irene A. Newport Oct 23, 1941
Corrow, Leon Joseph   Newport Derusha, Geraldine Beatrice   Derby June 25, 1928
Cote, Bernard Philippe Holyoke, MA Tourigny, Ruth Ellen Newport May 27, 1950
Cote, Donald Gaston Newport Sheltra, Laurette Martha Marie Newport Aug 16, 1952
Cote, Evarice Vivian Newport Stratton, Thelma Agnes Beebe Plain Aug 4, 1936
Cote, Evarice Vivian Newport Moore, Helen Winifred Newport Oct 11, 1947
Cote, James F. N. Hatley, PQ English, Margaret N. Hatley, PQ May 6, 1954
Cote, James Fuller N. Hatley, Que. Irving, Muriel Barbara Campbelton, N.B. Dec 30, 1940
Cote, Reginald C. Newport Shortt, Margaret New York City, NY Feb 12, 1934
Cote, Roland J. Mansonville, Que. Woodbury, Beverly May Newport June 24, 1956
Courchesne, Leo Emile Newport Lippens, Marie Blanche Elaine Derby Oct 4, 1943
Coutu, Joseph, Jr. Newport Darling, Braunda E. Newport June 11, 1955
Couture, Ernest   Belile, Germine   Sept 21, 1925
Cowens, John Earl Rock Island, Que. Vinton, Mollie Maude Newport June 26, 1937
Cox, Floyd Ernest Newport Keith, Patricia M. Newport Aug 18, 1934
Craft, Rudolph Noble Newport Wright, Barbara Elaine Newport June 2, 1955
Crafts, Noble Jewett   Newport Warner, Ethel A.   Newport Oct 13, 1926
Craig, Paul Newport Rocheleau, Evangeline Elise Newport July 26, 1940
Crandall, Arthur H. Derby Drake, Gertrude Newport Oct 31, 1929
Crandall, Harold Arthur Newport Westover, Katherine C. Richford Jan 23, 1929
Crane, Maurice John Newport Robinson, Helen Mae Orleans Dec 24, 1938
Crawford, Fred Brown Newport Robinson, Shirley Gordon Newport March 5, 1936
Crawford, Gilman Orleans Hardy, Ethel Newport Nov 20, 1956
Crawford, Josiah Fred   Newport Barber, Louise   Newport April 9, 1927
Crawford, Vernon S. Newport Drew, Effie M. Newport July 1, 1932
Creaser, Clyde Curtis Newport Hayward, Barbara Randolph June 20, 1937
Crichley, Charles William Compton, Que. Marshall, Mildred Lennoxville, Que. May 9, 1938
Crosby, Robert   Friend,  Louise A.   May 5, 1925
Crosby, Robert Pearle Newport Mackle, Mae Ann Newport Nov 18, 1948
Crosier, Walter Newport Beaulieu, Edith Newport April 24, 1935
Cummings, Harlan George Newport Bates, Carleen Greta Newport June 4, 1957
Cunningham, Vyvyan D.   Newport Hall, Beulice Nell   Newport July 8, 1927
Curran, Frank, Jr. Newport Dunn, Helen Mildred Newport Nov 4, 1931
Currier, Edward George Newport Breason, Eva Virginia Newport July 27, 1940
Currier, Joseph Albert Newport Boulanger, Maria Cecile Newport June 15, 1931
Currier, Lance Holland Ellsworth, Marguerite Newport Dec 13, 1941
Currier, Maurice Adelord Newport Simino, Vivian May Newport March 1, 1947
Curtis, Dallas Earl Newport Percy, Betty Ann Newport Nov 6, 1954
Cushing, Asa J. Stowe Simino, Minnie Newport Dec 31, 1952
Cushing, Milton G. Newport Daniels, Elizabeth Newport Feb 25, 1934
Cushman, Darwin E. Brownington Hunt, Thelma A. Newport June 4, 1932
Cusson, Jean Baptiste Newport Carney, Eva Annie Newport Oct 28, 1933
Cuthbert, Stanley P. Sherbrooke, Que. Jackson, Priscilla M. North Hatley, Que. Nov 8, 1934
Cutting, Stanley W. Hanover, NH Spaulding, June D. Newport June 11, 1943
Cuyler, John Earl Boston, MA Marandola, Yvonne A. Newport Oct 14, 1933
Cyr, Kenneth Reginald New Town, CT Brien, Elizabeth Ann New Town, CT June 24, 1950
Daigle, Raymond Paul Newport Wightman, Anna Merci Newport May 12, 1947
Daine, Gerald Edmund Mansonville, Que. Rogerson, Jean Ann S. Bolton, P. Q. Sept 15, 1936
Dallaire, Joseph Aime Delvica Newport Methot, Beatrix Mary Newport Sept 26, 1936
Dane, Arnold Ora Charleston McGivern, Gertrude Mary Newport Sept 5, 1951
Dane, Oliver Seldon Newport Morrill, Juliette Bernice Newport Sept 30, 1946
Danforth, Wallace Waterville, Que. Crawford, Roberta Lennoxville, Que. June 20, 1953
Daniels, Arthur Joseph Newport Ambrose, Jeannette Reta Newport Nov 22, 1930
Daniels, Ernest Joseph Newport Prue, Elaine Margaret Newport Nov 4, 1946
Daniels, Rudolph Joseph Newport Wing, Lillian Minnie Newport June 2, 1951
Darby, Paul Lucien Derby Line Bashaw, Beverly Grace Newport June 20, 1948
Davio, Arthur Albert   Newport Reed, Thelma L.   Newport May 27, 1927
Davio, Elroy Donald Newport Barber, Fern Alice Newport Jan 25, 1941
Davio, Robert Elwin Newport Curtis, Phyllis Allegra Newport May 19, 1945
Davis, Frederick Payson Newport Thibodeau, Beverly Stevens Newport March 15, 1947
Davis, Garnold Grant Boston, MA Murphy, Katherine Marie Mattapan, MA Aug 20, 1938
Davis, Howard Albert  Portland, ME Spaulding, Avice E.   Newport Oct 5, 1927
Davis, Howard Alden Newport Fee, Enid Jennette Newport June 17, 1937
Davis, Ray Earl Newport Dickinson, Lucille E. Newport Aug 8, 1929
Davis, Roy O. Newport Wight, Irene M. Derby Aug 4, 1934
Davis, Royal Smith Newport Brooks, Claudia Thais Newport July 12, 1938
Davis, Wayne H. Newport Town Kipp, Madge S. Newport May 23, 1948
Dawson, Ernest Leon Newport Town Paradis, Ida Newport July 30, 1941
Day, Cyril Ora Newport Monfette, Evelyn Irene Newport July 1, 1946
Day, Lawrence Alden Newport Smith, Clarabelle Mary Orleans Aug 27, 1949
Day, Ora Arthur Newport St. Peter, Alice J. Newport May 1, 1950
Dean, Elwin Wayne Irasburg Chapdelaine, Patricia Newport May 29, 1953
Dean, Harry A. T. Newport Reid, Evelyn M. Newport Aug 18, 1934
Dean, Louis Alfred Newport Elliott, Emma Nellie Newport Aug 21, 1937
Dean, Romeo R. Newport Morin, Mildred Maryann Newport Aug 21, 1939
Decoteau, Robert Oliver   Newport Stratton, Kathleen Margaret   Newport May 29, 1926
Degreenia, Howard Earl Barton Fournier, Madeline Maryette Newport Oct 25, 1950
Demar, Henry St. Albans Raymo, Ethel   Newport Aug 21, 1926
Demers, John Charles Newport Lantagne, Marguerite Jessie Newport Feb 2, 1957
Demontigny, Joseph Charles Newport Tatro, Irene May North Adams, MA Jan 3, 1945
Demontigny, Joseph O., Sr. Newport Besaw, Mary Newport May 25, 1944
DeMontigny, Noel F. Newport Fuchs, Gertrude Newport Nov 11, 1934
Derick, Laurence Phillip Newport Alger, Alzilda Florence Newport Jan 22, 1948
Derick, Leonard Lawrence Newport Gage, Alice Adele Newport May 14, 1942
Derick, Leonard Lawrence Newport Gray, Phyllis Effie Newport April 16, 1947
Derusha, Harold L. Derby Bates, Rebecca Newport March 18, 1937
Descoteaux, Henry Joseph St. Johnsbury Moore, Mary Ellen Newport Jan 1, 1954
Desilets, Joseph Newport Town Lantai, Angeline Newport April 18, 1936
Deslauriers, Jean Louis Newport Ricard, Denise Newport Aug 29, 1953
Dewey, Sidney Raymond Stanstead, Que. Eryou, Winnifred Ethel Georgeville, Que. Dec 17, 1938
Dexter, Milton Gregory  Pawtucket, RI Curtis, Jennie Augusta Newport Aug 28, 1926
Dickerman, Gerald M. Lyndon Ellsworth, Lillian M. Newport June 30, 1950
Dietz, Walter J., Jr. Perth Amboy, NJ Audet, Rachel Waterbury, CT April 3, 1944
Doak, Willis Stimson   Newport Porter, Helen E.   Newport July 2, 1927
Doane, Clarence S. Newport Hodges, Mabel Newport Dec 14, 1932
Dobyns, Howard Riley Chehalis, Wash. Pfirter, Eva Dorren Wootton Chehalis, Wash. Sept 25, 1948
Doherty, Robert Charles S. Portland, ME Hart, Rowena Lorraine Newport June 28, 1952
Domina, Andrew Joseph Newport Before, Louise Marie Newport April 22, 1948
Domina, Leonard C. Derby Line Green, Hazel E. Newport June 30, 1936
Donaghy, Harold Archie Sherbrooke, Que. Giguere, Lillian Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 3, 1938
Doncaster, Wayne Everett Derby Rhodes, Elizabeth Ann Newport May 6, 1952
Doran, Stephen Alfred Newport Lahue, Lena Adelle Newport Nov 18, 1936
Dore, Alain A. Newport Stetson, Unice Evansville May 4, 1935
Dore, George   Clement, Lelia   Dec 3, 1922
Dore, Noel Newport Hennaford, Doris Newport Nov 26, 1930
Dority, F. Earl Brockville, Ont. Dority, Muriel M. Brockville, Ont. Nov 7, 1952
Doubleday, Edward Sherburne St. Albans Jenne, Olive McKinnon Newport June 27, 1942
Douglass, William   Bickford, Mable   Feb 24, 1925
Dow, Carlton Wilder Newport Parker, Jessie Elizabeth Newport May 13, 1939
Dow, Maurice Cecil Orleans Ramsdell, Dale Isabelle Newport Nov 27, 1929
Dower, Leo Robert Newport Horton, Frances Katherine Newport Aug 9, 1952
Downes, Russell Alexander Newport Downes, Ann Agnes Barre Nov 6, 1948
Downing, Paul Albert Hardwick Norris, Frances Joyce Newport March 8, 1952
Draper, Delbert William Elmore Daniels, Florence Cecilia Newport Aug 4, 1942
Draper, Reuben Gordon Elmore Daniels, Viola Evelyn Newport Oct 16, 1940
Drew, Floyd M. Lyndonville Cole, Marjorie Newport May 15, 1932
Drew, Harry Stevens East Burke LaClair, Thelma Arilla Newport May 22, 1933
Drew, John Kenneth Newport Bowman, Dorothy Faye Worcester, MA May 11, 1938
Drew, Kenneth Maxwell   Burlington Shattuck, Gladys C.   Newport July 24, 1927
Drew, Milton Whipple Newport Tabor, Pearl Esther Holland Oct 8, 1938
Drew, Raymond A. Glover Smith, Mildred J. Newport April 2, 1938
Drew, Robert Leslie North Hatley, Que. Marlin, Eileen Alice North Hatley, Que. Aug 30, 1939
Drown, Melvin Paul North Troy Daniels, Pearl Mary Newport April 19, 1939
Drown, Nelson S. Newport Town Aubin, Beatrice Rosina Newport Oct 4, 1941
Drown, Warren Branch, Sr. Newport Watson, Lois Augusta Bridport June 12, 1943
Drummond, Willard Gerald Celine, OH Woodard, Marjorie Viola Newport Aug 16, 1939
Dubois, George   Bean, Beatrice   March 17, 1925
Dubois, Norman Donald Newport Town Quintin, Pauline Frances Newport Feb 18, 1957
Ducette, Joseph Newport Dukette, Pearl Swanton July 29, 1935
Duchesneau, Leon A. Coventry Monfette, Eva May Newport Aug 23, 1955
Duchesneau, Orien L. C. Newport Messer, Mildred M. Newport Aug 31, 1930
Duckless, Robert Newport Center Drew, Marilyn Newport Aug 3, 1957
Duffy, Lawrence F.   Niles, Ethel   April 17, 1925
Dunham, Wilfred Henry Newport Judd, Constance Evelyn Newport Oct 28, 1955
Dunn, James Edward Waterloo, Que. Stoddard, Blanch Ardell Waterloo, Que. Aug 16, 1947
Dunn, Ronald Coventry Ramsdell, Hazel L. Newport Dec 30, 1948
Dunn, William G. North Troy Dunn, Regina O. Newport Nov 6, 1949
Dunne, John Borough Indianapolis, Ind. Bailey, Emmaline Ruth Newport Nov 27, 1936
Duquette, Maurice Joseph Newport Garland, Althea M. Newport Nov 22, 1946
Duquette, Walter   Farnham, Georgie   Nov 4, 1925
Durkee, George Arthur Newport Spates, Betty-Jane Newport Sept 2, 1956
Durocher, Frank Joseph Newport Mason, Desmah Ardene Newport Feb 18, 1933
Dutton, Edward Anderson Craftsbury Sawyer, Bernice MacVey Newport June 14, 1930
Dutton, Mark Elmore   Newport Hall, Hazel Eola E. Charleston Dec 26, 1928
Dutton, Roy Allen Tomifobia, Que. Coates, Inez Helen Islandbrook, Que. July 23, 1951
Duval, Fred Peter Newport Conn, Ella May Newport June 13, 1942
Dzengelewski, Stanley E. Roxbury, MA Davis, Edris A. Littleton, NH June 11, 1934
Earl, George Adams, Jr. Newport Danforth, Winnifred Burton Newport Nov 17, 1937
Eaton, Albert Edward, Jr. Derby Lee, Marjorie Dorine Newport June 26, 1936
Eccleston, Oscar G. Greensboro Bend Webster, Isabelle Newport Sept 19, 1930
Edgerley, Harold Frederick Montpelier Hardy, Muriel Blanche Newport June 16, 1939
Edwards, Olen Newport Sheltra, Alice Pauline Newport May 30, 1953
Edwards, Willis B.   Chappell, Retta Pearl   Sept 23, 1922
Eisenhour, Harold Bernard W. Palm Beach, FL Cote, Camille Laurence N. Hatley, Que. June 10, 1953
Eldridge, David Augustine Newport Towne, Beverly Martha Newport Oct 12, 1947
Ellie, Earl J. Newport Lontine, Yvonne Newport Jan 27, 1934
Elliott, Herbert Alvin Barton Seguin, Floy C. Newport Sept 15, 1957
Elliott, Jesse R.   Honsinger, Edna V.   Aug 22, 1925
Elliott, Phillip O. Concord, VT MacDonald, Verna Myrtle   Newport Aug 9, 1928
Elliott, Quentin L. Newport Town Johnson, Ruth J. Newport May 19, 1949
Ellis, Henry Pierce Stanstead, Que. Stratton, Madeleine Russell Highwater, Que. Dec 12, 1938
Ellsworth, Dale James Newport Autaubo, Carol Jean Mt. View, OK Sept 23, 1954
Elmer, Donald C. Staten Island, NY Reed, Barbara A. Newport June 26, 1954
Elsner, Alfred Paul   Leavitt, Harriet Lillian   May 6, 1922
Emerson, Wayne Buchanan Newport Herman, Dorothy Mae Orleans Nov 4, 1951
Emond, Alphonse J. Newport Wilson, Frieda V. Newport April 5, 1932
Emslie, Stanley Beebe, Que. Richards, Cora Bulwer, Que. Feb 10, 1940
Enair, Roland Alfred Sherbrooke, Que. McCormick, Eileen Esther Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 3, 1955
Enderson, Laurence William   Willey, Ella May   Sept 21, 1922
Enderson, Roger   Carter, Mary   Aug 24, 1925
Epeneter, Leon Adolph Orange, MA Bellows, Laura Louise Springfield, MA July 5, 1930
Erice, Francesco Providence, RI Weller, Hazel Maureen Doris Granby, Que. Oct 23, 1951
Eryou, Leslie Fitch Bay, Que. Hethrington, Catherine Zeruah Stanstead, Que. Oct 12, 1939
Esden, James Aaron Barnet Barber, Faye Newport Feb 13, 1948
Essaff, Lewis John Newport Laplante, Gertrude Newport March 25, 1940
Fairbanks, Stanley   Lontine, Bertha   June 6, 1925
Fairbrother, Clinton R. Newport Spear, Marion Elizabeth Newport March 6, 1931
Fairbrother, Dale Arthur Newport Sessions, Katherine Alfreda Newport May 2, 1938
Fairbrother, Donald Stanley Newport Dodge, Bernice Mae North Troy Sept 9, 1948
Fairbrother, Robert Earl Newport Blake, Mary Elizabeth Newport April 26, 1946
Farnham, Bruce North Troy Camirand, Irene Newport July 30, 1955
Farnham, Maurice Troy Leavens, Barbara Jane Newport April 14, 1937
Farr, Murray Walter Newport Kendall, Florence Kathryn Newport March 17, 1940
Farrand, Dewey George   Newport Woodbury, Doris May   Newport Nov 24, 1928
Farrar, Richard David Newport Gilbar, Carolyne Joyce Newport Nov 15, 1952
Farrar, Richard Lee Craftsbury Pope, Marion Ella Newport June 18, 1950
Farrar, Stanley R. Newport LaCoss, Marjorie O. Sheffield Oct 19, 1946
Farrell, Alvin Joseph Newport St. Peter, Lillian E. Newport Dec 7, 1935
Faufaw, Alfred W. Westboro, MA Rollins, Lillian Brown Newport Nov 23, 1929
Fedele, Anthony Newport Farrow, Martha D. Newport Sept 2, 1956
Fedele, Cosmo Norbert, Jr. Newport Brodeur, Yvette Fernande Troy June 19, 1950
Fedele, John Newport Gosselin, Agnes Adele Newport June 20, 1949
Felty, Allen Guy Pine Grove, PA Boisvert, Simone Marie-Ange Newport Feb 14, 1953
Ferland, Donat  Lowell, MA Choquette, Bertha   Newport Oct 26, 1926
Fields, James Herbert Stratford, NH Kimball, Lela Mae Newport Oct 22, 1955
Fifield, William E. Newport Bashaw, Grace Smith Newport March 29, 1933
Fifield, William Elisha Newport Lawrence, Ethel B. Vergennes July 17, 1948
Finney, Edwin C. Peekskill, NY Haight, Violet Nellie Peekskill, NY Dec 11, 1948
Fisher, Arthur William Newport Somerville, Natalie Newport Dec 3, 1936
Fisher, Emerson Ezra   Stewart, May Catherine   Sept 18, 1922
Fitzpatrick, Lyle P. St. Johnsbury Brouillette, Suzane Newport March 8, 1931
Flanders, Dale Pierce Newport Aubin, Theresa Lorraine Newport June 11, 1938
Flanders, Frederick Edward Newport Spaulding, Rose Earlene W. Charleston Oct 30, 1944
Flanders, Kenneth John Newport Elsemore, Laura Jean Newport Dec 19, 1953
Flanders, Raymond Daniel Newport Davis, Iris Elizabeth Derby Oct 13, 1957
Flanders, Richard William Newport Poutre, Henrietta Rachel Newport Sept 6, 1947
Flanders, Ruben Oscar   Fitch Bay, Can. Handy, Mary Evelina   Fitch Bay, Can. April 13, 1928
Fleming, Gordon Kenneth Rock Island, Que. Lalonde, Joanne Rock Island, Que. Aug 23, 1955
Flint, Bernard   Pellettier, Lona   June 11, 1925
Flint, Leslie   Beauchesne, Marie   Feb 25, 1925
Flint, Walter Edward Newport Menard, Clorinthe U. Newport Oct 15, 1929
Flynn, Urban Alfred Morgan Rollins, Louise Edith Newport Nov 1, 1942
Folsom, Wilmer B. Canaan, NH Wright, Louise G. Lowell, MA Sept 5, 1938
Fontaine, Adrien Lucien Westfield Coutu, Irene Newport Oct 4, 1955
Fontaine, Dolor Osias Newport Gaboriault, Florence Annette Glover June 11, 1951
Fontaine, Leo Ernest Newport Blake, Hazel Eleanor Newport July 3, 1950
Forcier, Conrad Gaston Newport Marquis, Melinda Island Pond Jan 16, 1939
Forcier, Fernand Jan Newport Guyette, Anita Anna Newport June 2, 1952
Forcier, Joseph Roland Newport Trahan, Jeannette Claire Newport May 6, 1935
Ford, Timothy M. Hollis, NH McCann, Marion A. Nashua, NH July 4, 1933
Fordyce, Clarence Wilbur Newport Kelley, Ruth Virginia Newport July 20, 1946
Forrest, Richard Edwin Newport Kendall, June Carolyn Newport Aug 2, 1952
Foss, Cortez Jay Morrisville Watkins, Marion Harriet Newport Feb 1, 1929
Foster, Lindsay D. Newport Larue, Leona C. Newport Dec 25, 1932
Fotiou, Constantine Newport Twombly, Gertrude Lanoue Irasburg May 25, 1952
Fountain, Hawley Emmet Atlantic, MA Shattuck, Flora May Newport July 3, 1929
Fournier, Donald Armand North Troy Roberge, Lise Marie Newport Dec 31, 1954
Fournier, Edgar Fortunat Beebe, Que. Nadeau, Francoise Theresa Newport June 30, 1940
Fournier, Germain Ephrem Newport Turgeon, Anita Esther Newport Center Aug 21, 1950
Fournier, Lawrence Rosaire Newport Wood, Janalene Anita Newport Oct 6, 1952
Fournier, Maurice Joseph Newport Bowen, Virginia Alice Newport June 8, 1950
Fournier, Roger J. Troy Greenwood, Hectorine C. Newport May 16, 1953
Fox, George Everett Newport Morse, Pauline Estelle Newport June 25, 1943
Fox, Reginald Gordon Newport Souliere, Rachel Rolande Orleans July 31, 1943
Frappied, Cecil Gage   Newport Huntoon, Hazel Lillian  Lyndonville July 14, 1927
Frazier, Gardner S. Newport Jones, Rosemary Parker St. Johnsbury April 26, 1947
Freehart, Wayne Whipple Irasburg Couture, Anita Theresa Newport July 4, 1955
Fregeau, Albert H. Rock Island, Que. Gill, Catherine New York City, NY Oct 20, 1934
French, Charles Henry Stanstead, Que. Allatt, Mabel Irene Scotch Plains, NJ Aug 18, 1936
French, Harry Merrill Newport Wiswell, Lottie Anna Stanton Clarksville, NH May 21, 1950
French, Holman Harry Newport Cammett, Vivian Newport Center April 24, 1940
French, Ovila Harry Newport Prue, Mary Blanche Newport Oct 6, 1940
Frizzell, Marshall Ray Woodstock Simons, Carlisle Ann Newport June 20, 1954
Fugere, Giles Henry Newport Leblanc, Antoinette Marie Madeleine Newport June 16, 1951
Fugere, Louis Andrew Newport Vigneau, Mathild Florence Derby June 1, 1948
Fuller, Howard Bailey Barton Tripp, Doris Fleda Newport Aug 15, 1928
Fyfe, Ronald Martin Montreal, PQ Stuart, Margaret McDougall Montreal, PQ Nov 30, 1938
Gage, Donald C. Derby Wallace, Rena A. Newport Feb 26, 1949
Gage, Edwin Bradley Newport Prouty, Genevieve Newport Aug 31, 1940
Gage, Ralph Erwin Newport Tripp, Violet Lillian Newport June 28, 1943
Gagne, Joseph Phillip Newport Monfett, Flora Evelyn Newport Feb 2, 1929
Gagne, Leon Paul Newport Monfette, Alice Kathrine Newport April 13, 1936
Gagne, Lionel Roxton Pond, Que. Nicol, Emily Roxton Pond, Que. Oct 16, 1937
Gagne, Lucius Wilfred Newport Litchfield, Alma Hazel Newport Nov 23, 1944
Gagner, Edward Newport Scott, Marion L. Newport Sept 4, 1936
Gagner, Henry Ernest Newport Young, Barbara Blanche West Glover Feb 26, 1947
Gagnon, Bernard A. Derby Line Davidson, Clara Edwards Alice Newport June 26, 1948
Ganzer, James Miles Hartford, CT Lewis, Caroline Belle Newport Sept 6, 1947
Gardner, C. Dean Newport Town Rice, Olive Newport May 25, 1946
Gardner, Carroll Dean Newport Lahar, Lula Catherine Newport June 21, 1936
Gardner, Cecil M. Newport Anderson, Doris Elizabeth Newport Dec 17, 1945
Gardner, Dorian Eldon Newport Camp, Hester Truslow Newport May 28, 1949
Gardner, Frederick F. Newport Story, Sofie Mabelle Newport July 7, 1953
Gardner, George   Hair, Winifred   April 18, 1925
Gardner, Lawrence Emery   Newport Sheldon, Elenore Priscilla   Newport July 24, 1926
Gardner, Malcolm Edmond Stratford, CT Smith, Elizabeth Jane Milford, PA June 30, 1945
Gardner, Russell Sherman Newport, NH Parker, Ruth Elizabeth Newport, NH Oct 2, 1948
Gardner, Thurland S.   Derby Hardy, Altha E.   Newport Jan 28, 1928
Gardyne, Robert William Newport Rowell, Barbara Elizabeth Derby    July 13, 1952
Gareau, Roland Leonidas New York City, NY Poulin, Eva Mary Newport Aug 30, 1935
Gaudereau, Maurice Idea Newport Rivard, Jane Newport Sept 30, 1935
Gauthier, Arthur Nelson Newport McGowan, Anne Blanche Newport Feb 6, 1946
Gaylor, Frederick James Newport Woods, Patricia Lauvain Newport Nov 8, 1947
Gaylor, Theodore Heman Newport Broome, Grace E. Derby Sept 24, 1946
Gelo, Harry T. Lowell Palin, Jennie M.   Newport Sept 26, 1927
Genereux (Freehart), Rudolph Arthur Barton Monette, Eva Anne Newport June 27, 1936
Gero, Harold Louis  St. Johnsbury Henrichon, Charlotte   Newport Aug 22, 1927
Gerquest, Harry William Jersey City, NJ Dunsmore, Margaret Harper E. Orange, NJ March 23, 1946
Gerry, Bernard Lucius Newport Farrar, Velma Elaine Newport Dec 24, 1948
Gervais, Simeon H. Newport Godin, Lelia Newport May 15, 1929
Gibson, John Francis Newport Seidensticker, Margaret Jeannette Newport Feb 27, 1937
Gibson, William Thomas Newport O'Connor, Catherine Mary Boston, MA Jan 18, 1936
Gilbar, Bruce Newport Prive, Evelyn Johnson Nov 3, 1956
Gilbar, Donald G. Newport Wright, Lucille Newport Aug 29, 1953
Gilbert, Ernest Hector Newport Choquette, Aldea Fedora Scarsdale, NY June 10, 1936
Gilbert, Levi Branch Beecher Falls Brochu, Eva Clara Newport Aug 20, 1955
Gilbert, Robert J. Sandybrook, CT Fortier, Jeannine Thetford Mines, Que. March 24, 1954
Gill, Albert Lawrence East Hatley, Que. Orcutt, Edith Irene East Hatley, Que. Aug 7, 1951
Gilson, Leonard Brown New Orleans, LA Noble, Muriel Esther Newport May 25, 1952
Gingras, Leopold Ernest O. Newport Vanier, Dorothy May Allaire Newport Oct 10, 1937
Gingras, William Arthur Newport Blanchard, Edna Doris Newport July 24, 1954
Girouard, Normand Eugene Marlboro, MA Lahar, Audria Loraine Newport July 1, 1947
Girouard, Robert John  Marlboro, MA Rixford, Marion Dorothy Marlboro, MA Sept 15, 1951
Giroux, George Roger Napierville, Que. Bernard, Fleurette Marianna Newport Dec 2, 1944
Giuranna, Carl Joseph Philadelphia, PA Turner, Claire Jean Newport Nov 29, 1952
Gleason, Alfred A. Newport Hart, Hilda M. Newport May 16, 1953
Gleason, Thomas William Orange, MA Robertson, Louise Sydney Saugus, MA Sept 15, 1940
Glover, Eugene Christopher   Newport Taylor, Elsie Belle  Rock Island, Can. Oct 30, 1926
Glover, Lyle William Newport Boulet, Hectorine Mary Newport Sept 21, 1935
Goddard, Archie Leon Newport Legarcy, Agnes Mary Groveton, NH Jan 19, 1942
Goddard, Archie Theodore Newport Allen, Ruth Margaret Newport Dec 19, 1953
Goddard, Archie, Jr. Newport Corkins, Marion Edna Newport Aug 28, 1937
Goddard, Gerald C. Newport Bernier, Theresa S. Newport Sept 16, 1950
Goddard, Gerald Charles Newport Dane, Alice Marion Charleston Feb 25, 1942
Gokey, Alfred Joseph   Henault, Laura Rose   May 16, 1922
Gokey, Frederick William Montreal, Que. Irving, Viola Agnes Montreal, Que. Oct 11, 1945
Gonyaw, Duane Roy W. Charleston Pelletier, Simonne Edna Newport June 9, 1952
Goodsell, Carroll George Rock Island, Que. Farrow, Margurite Rock Island, Que. March 26, 1938
Gordon, Frank E. Providence, RI Fisher, Sally Mae E. Providence, RI June 10, 1949
Gordon, Robert Orion Sherbrooke, Que. Belle, Olive East Angus, Que. May 8, 1939
Goss, Leland Robert Newport Davis, Nancy L. White River Jct. June 25, 1955
Gosselin, Alphee William   Newport Bernard, Yvonne M.   Newport Oct 25, 1926
Gosselin, Edward Leon   Newport Raymo, Alice Sophia   Newport Center Sept 5, 1927
Gosselin, Henry J.   Paquette, Berthe   Aug 31, 1925
Gosselin, Lawrence Newport Roy, Marielle Barre Feb 11, 1956
Gosselin, Paul Irasburg Lague, Lucille Newport Aug 22, 1945
Gosselin, Paul Eugene Newport Ricard, Lillianne Marie Newport Sept 5, 1949
Gosselin, Roger Henry Newport Nelson, Eleanor Mae Newport Sept 26, 1949
Gould, Clayton S.   Newport Noble, Grace  Concord, NH Aug 20, 1926
Goulet, Raymond Hector Brighton Lamothe, Theresa Julienne Newport July 4, 1953
Goulin, Oscar   Newport Blais, Leonie Beebe Plain, VT Dec 26, 1928
Gour, Harold Charles Newport Mollica, Suzanne Ann Newport July 16, 1946
Gour, Maurice Dudley Newport Lontine, Marion Blanche Newport June 17, 1946
Gover, Neil Lynford Burlington Grow, Alice Lillian Newport July 7, 1954
Gowdey, Richard Francis Newport Ambrose, Marion Agnes Montpelier Feb 18, 1950
Goyette, Ludger Albert   Newport Blais, Marie Jeanette   Newport July 16, 1928
Grace, Henry Anthony Miami, FL Wood, Margaret Brown Miami, FL July 24, 1940
Graham, Alfred Henry Sherbrooke, Que. Wheeler, Florence Elizabeth Sherbrooke, Que. July 1, 1938
Graham, William W. Newport Armstrong, Lorene Newport Nov 21, 1954
Gratton, Paul Leo Derby Poulin, Lucienne Newport Aug 24, 1936
Graveline, Norman Edward Derby       Fairbrother, Ellen Louise Newport Sept 29, 1954
Gray, Donald Ronald   Newport Fielder, Catharine Olive Essex Jct. June 23, 1926
Gray, James William Newport Akin, Carolyn Adele Newport June 14, 1951
Gray, Vincent Earle, Jr. Springfield, MA Hanson, Mary Jane Springfield, MA Aug 21, 1954
Green, Daniel Henry  Knowlton, Que. Shufelt, Lizzie  Allston, MA March 30, 1926
Green, Donald Edward Sherbrooke, Que. Lewis, Dorothy Frances Sherbrooke, Que. Nov 3, 1938
Green, Robert Newport Storey, Ruth Newport Nov 8, 1955
Green, Walter A. Newport Center Befford, Bernice Newport Oct 17, 1930
Greene, Dewey C. Newport Rowland, Margaret L. Newport Aug 5, 1943
Greene, Walter Lee Newport Watters, Ila Marsh Newport Dec 2, 1944
Greenwood, Glendon Ivan Derby Line Morse, Phyllis Beverly Newport Oct 23, 1944
Greenwood, Lawrence William Newport LeBlanc, Estelle M. Newport May 27, 1929
Greenwood, Lester Clyde Newport Davis, Jacqueline Montreal, PQ July 31, 1953
Greenwood, Raymond Stuart Derby Line Bishop, Phillippa Loraine Newport June 29, 1938
Gregory, Hubert Newport Morrison, Victoria Montreal, PQ Aug 24, 1932
Grenier, Alfred Joseph Napoleon Rock Island, Que. Smith, Marie Rose Newport April 21, 1951
Grenier, Paul Anton Newport Gilbert, Pauline Mary Berlin, NH May 22, 1942
Griffin, Glendon Gail Irasburg Aubin, Irene F. Newport Sept 25, 1943
Griffin, Wayne A. Schenectady, NY Watson, Winifred M. Utica, NY June 16, 1945
Griggs, Ray Merton Newport Bliss, Ruth Ethel Newport Oct 21, 1939
Grise, Armand Rene   Newport Hamelin, Vivian   Newport March 22, 1926
Grondin, Lewis John, Jr. Barton Walker, Patricia Jean Newport May 7, 1951
Guay, Alfred Guy Lennoxville, Que. Murray, Frances Pearl Eustis, Que. Oct 26, 1936
Guganig, Howard John Barnet Labbee, Mary Pauline Newport Oct 9, 1937
Guida, Salvatore A. New Rochelle, NY Pellicci, Frances M. N. Pelham, NY July 27, 1946
Guilbert, Hector Jules   Newport St. Germaine, Cecile   Newport May 9, 1927
Gunter, Ronald Louis Ashton, Idaho Lantagne, Cecilia Lucienne Newport June 6, 1945
Gustin, Bernal Avon Ayer's Cliff, Que. Higginson, Margaret D. Ayers Cliff, PQ May 23, 1936
Guyette, Arthur Joseph Newport Lippens, Rosalie Anna Newport Nov 30, 1950
Guyette, Joseph Newport Downing, Eugenia Passumpsic June 30, 1956
Guyette, Leo George Newport Swett, Florence Mae Newport Oct 7, 1946
Guyette, Merrill E. Newport Dunn, Lois Elnora Newport June 27, 1947
Guyette, Merrill Edward Newport Waterman, Ruby Ione Brownington Sept 21, 1937
Guyette, Wilfred George Newport McElroy, Veronica Minnie Newport Feb 5, 1945
Hackett, Albert Dayton Montpelier Robinson, Lucille Frances Newport June 21, 1931
Hackett, Carl Raymond Derby Line Leland, Norma Gertrude Newport May 5, 1951
Hackett, Clinton Worth Newport Stevens, Alice Ermina Newport June 1, 1929
Hackett, Howard Thomas   Drew, Dorothy Helena   March 30, 1922
Hackett, Warren Holland Curtis, Alice Newport Dec 9, 1950
Hadekel, Daniel Montreal, Que. Pank, Inga Montreal, Que. Sept 30, 1950
Haire, Eugene David   Newport Elkins, Marjorie R.   Newport June 23, 1927
Haley, Richard Vaughn Malden, MA Helly, Elizabeth Marie Philadelphia, PA Aug 7, 1949
Hall, Collins Kenneth Newport Nault, Ruth Marion Newport Oct 19, 1947
Hall, Donald Harry Beebe, Que. Lewis, Shirley Joyce Newport Oct 10, 1953
Hall, Everett Winslow Orleans McKinney, Doris Leota Newport June 9, 1950
Hall, Fred L. Newport Baker, Gertrude V. Rutland Oct 12, 1947
Hall, Joshua French Newport Blake, Daphne Ellen Derby Feb 2, 1942
Hall, Joshua French Colebrook, NH Phenix, Rachel Pauline Newport Nov 22, 1952
Hall, Kenneth Jewit   Newport Deaette, Emily Antoinette   Newport Oct 9, 1926
Hallett, Earl George Sherbrooke, Que. Henderson, Madelyn Florence Sherbrooke, Que. April 25, 1936
Hamblett, Ralph F. Newport Billings, Helen G. Newport Sept 12, 1945
Hamblett, Tarlton Winston Newport Ames, Jessie May Derby Sept 16, 1940
Hamel, Leon  Cambridge, MA Tremblay, Philomene   Newport Aug 16, 1927
Hamelin, Aldemand L. Newport Turner, Alice M. Newport June 25, 1934
Hamelin, Charles Louis   Newport Lague, Gertrude Emma   Newport May 3, 1926
Hamer, John Newport Clarkson, Adelaide Anniston, Ala. Feb 18, 1950
Hamer, William Alfred Newport Fortin, Aline Fabiola Newport Town Dec 28, 1940
Hamilton, Alan Jackson Charleston Roberts, Jacqueline Lucille Newport June 3, 1956
Hamilton, James Lewis Newport Gilbert, Estella Watrous Meriden, CT Oct 3, 1936
Hamilton, Joseph Sayward Newport Lahar, Doris Elizabeth Newport Dec 11, 1930
Hamilton, Roy Gordon, Jr. Devon, CT Moore, Deane Barbara Newport Aug 17, 1944
Hammond, Ralford W. Newport Foster, Mildred Dale Newport Sept 1, 1931
Hammond, Winston H. Newport Town Bernier, Lucile Lorraine Newport Aug 22, 1953
Hancock, Kenneth Wilmond Newport Buchanan, Doris H. Newport Oct 23, 1936
Handy, Earl   Handy, Flora Alice   Dec 3, 1922
Handy, Joseph J. Newport Menard, Louise H. Newport Sept 27, 1933
Handy, Richard Gabriel St. Johnsbury Handy, Mary Waddie Newport Nov 29, 1931
Haney, George H. Newport Flanders, Viola Newport May 24, 1930
Haney, Wayne Edward Newport Demers, Jeannine Theresa Newport Sept 2, 1950
Harding, William Harry  Brooklyn, NY Burtt, Martha Aimee L.   Boston, MA Sept 7, 1926
Harper, Matthew West Lebanon, NH Coutts, Flora Mabel Newport Aug 31, 1930
Harrington, Robert M. Newport Labbee, Leonette M. Newport June 23, 1934
Harris, Cecil E. Newport Christiansen, Carolyn E. Newport July 10, 1955
Harrison, Allan Wilbert   Knowlton, Sophia Janet   June 28, 1922
Hart, Dwane Leslie Newport Messier, Josephine Eva Irasburg June 14, 1940
Hart, Roy Lawrence Newport Clough, Marion Adella Newport Feb 19, 1929
Hart, Roy Lawrence Newport Clough, Marion Idella Newport March 8, 1930
Hartley, Henry Alvin Newport Gilbert, Lumena Newport Nov 19, 1931
Hartshorn, Leslie Willis Newport Davignon, Clara Cansada Newport Aug 25, 1940
Hartson, Albert A. Paterson, NJ Whittier, Eva Emily Newport Dec 7, 1929
Hartson, Gordon C. Ayers Cliff, PQ Davis, Doris May Ayers Cliff, PQ June 13, 1931
Harvey, Claire Stuart St. Johnsbury Lucas, Mary Frances Newport Jan 12, 1951
Harvey, James Jacksonville, FL Coutu, Therese Emelda Newport July 27, 1953
Haselton, Harry Emmerson   Newport Yates, Gweneth Eva   Newport July 3, 1926
Haselton, Lyman H. Newport Blay, Anne Edna Newport Oct 14, 1935
Haskell, Orrin Joe Stanstead, Que. Drew, Jennie Stanstead, Que. Feb 2, 1940
Haskins, Frederick Burlington Reid, Marjorie Blanche Newport July 13, 1931
Haskins, Kenneth North Troy Wheeler, Irene Newport Oct 12, 1935
Hastings, H. Houghton Beebe, PQ Robertson, Mildred Beebe, PQ June 6, 1931
Haswell, Phillip Stephen Oak Park, IL Lanphear, Marion M. Lawrence, MA Nov 21, 1929
Hatch, Lewis Edward Mt. St. Dennis, Ont. Walsh, Susan Hilda Sherbrooke, Que. July 2, 1938
Hauver, Earl A.   Lavoie, Rita   Nov 21, 1944
Hauver, Elmer A. Newport Lahar, Lois Lillian Newport May 24, 1947
Hauver, Gordon Royce Ayers Cliff, Que. Godbout, Theresa Clara Ayers Cliff, Que. Oct 2, 1954
Hauver, Harold William Newport Grow, Viola Julia Derby April 30, 1941
Hauver, Howard Hamilton Newport Blanchard, Adelle Derby Aug 12, 1929
Hauver, Raymond Hibbord Newport Carter, Isabel Bertha Holland Feb 8, 1941
Hawkins, Stanley R. Montreal, PQ Evans, Audrey Montreal, PQ May 18, 1955
Hayes, Lloyd Thomas Newport Provoncha, Dorothy Mae Morgan June 18, 1955
Hayward, Floyd Russel Newport Watson, Henrietta Newport Sept 26, 1950
Hazard, Howard Dean Newport Parker, Bessie May St. Johnsbury Oct 15, 1939
Hazen, Charles Lang Montreal, Que. Jenne, Gwendolyn Hope Newport June 23, 1951
Head, Charles Percival Sherbrooke, Que. Campbell, Alberta Gertrude Sherbrooke, Que. May 27, 1936
Heath, Earl Donald Derby Line Ormsbee, Janice Louise Newport Dec 27, 1955
Hebb, Allen J. Newport Sanderson, Roberta B. Newport July 3, 1954
Henderson, Harry C. Auburn, ME Tilton, Grace Auburn, ME Sept 8, 1934
Henderson, William J. Northfield, NH Norway, Jessie H. Newport Sept 16, 1950
Hendrick, Shirley Irving Lyme, NH Elliott, Ethel Rose Newport June 7, 1938
Henrichson, Leon F. Newport Hall, Rena Belle Newport Feb 8, 1938
Henry, Nazaire Portland, ME Wright, Marion Margaret P. Portland, ME Sept 12, 1933
Herrick, Byron Alonzo Newport Brown, Muriel Eileen Newport Jan 21, 1935
Hetherington, Leslie Alden Sherbrooke, Que. Chilvers, Hazel Mercia Sherbrooke, Que. March 1, 1937
Hey, Robert Harry Quincy, MA Gordon, Doris Winthrop Boston, MA Sept 1, 1940
Hibbard, James Boynton, Que. Eryou, Myrtle Minnie Fitch Bay, Que. Dec 17, 1937
Hickcox, Charles Atwood Norman, Okla. Smith, Miriam Elizabeth Newport Sept 3, 1938
Hicks, Earl Stevens Newport Gustin, Helena Violet Newport Aug 9, 1941
Hicks, Guy Sidney   Hardy, Blanche M.   Feb 17, 1925
Higginbotham, Claud Newport Loukx, Evelena Ruby Newport Jan 24, 1940
Higginson, William T. Beebe, PQ Kelley, Mabel M. Rock Island, Que. March 3, 1934
Hight, Hanson V. Newport Hight, Fern Margaret Newport June 26, 1952
Hill, Elbur Russell Newport Sisco, Winnie Derby Line Oct 12, 1929
Hill, Francis William Newport Wheeler, Belle Morgan Jan 7, 1930
Hill, Frank   Kelsey, Grace   March 6, 1922
Hill, Frank Robert Newport Carbonneau, Cecilia Beatrice Newport Sept 19, 1942
Hill, Frank Robert Newport Simpson, Catherine Leona Newport Oct 25, 1952
Hill, Fred Arthur   Sias, Rita May   Oct 30, 1922
Hill, Jerry Alfred   Newport Card, Lena Mabel  Orleans Nov 21, 1926
Hill, Orson Jerome  Deland, FL Sisco, May M.   Newport Oct 5, 1926
Hill, Robert Dean Newport Mailhot, Alice Lilly Newport May 15, 1948
Hill, Robert Victor Newport Coburn, Claire Margaret Newport Oct 27, 1929
Hilliard, Glenn Reynolds Newport Fales, Jennie Frances Hinsdale, NH Sept 9, 1948
Hilliker, John Gardner Newport Bullis, Helen Mary Newport Aug 22, 1948
Hines, Roger Wilbur Lyndon Powers, Mildred Arlene Newport Aug 8, 1947
Hinman, John Carlton Newport Wallace, Marion Alma Stanstead, Que. Aug 27, 1947
Hinves, William Samuel Knowlton, Que. Bullock, Irene Ruth Beebe, Que. Aug 14, 1935
Hitchcock, Alton Ward Newport, RI Bolton, Genevieve B. M. N. Troy June 19, 1936
Hitchcock, Charles M. Derby McAllister, Beryl Lyndonville Oct 6, 1943
Hoadley, Clayton Harrison Lowell Armstrong, Beverly Mary Newport March 27, 1954
Hoadley, Orison Robert Orleans McKinney, Helen Gertrude Newport March 6, 1938
Hobbs, Thomas Henry  Sherbrooke, Can O'Reilly, Bridget A.  Sherbrooke, Que. May 24, 1927
Hodgdon, Archie Windsor   Cote, Ilean Dale Newport May 22, 1955
Hodgdon, Carl Harold Orleans Moore, Marion Genevieve Newport July 15, 1940
Hodgdon, Gordon Roy Newport Moore, Roberta Irene Newport Nov 30, 1940
Hodgdon, Richard Elmer Newport Monfette, Laura Emily Newport Aug 8, 1953
Hodges, Lawrence Abbott Newport Smith, Ruth Marie Newport Nov 2, 1940
Hoffman, Hans White Plains, NY Reed, Betty Calhoon Newport Sept 7, 1950
Hogaboom, Harry L. Hardwick Austin, Evelyn B. Newport Feb 26, 1954
Hogan, James Mickael Newport Carlisle, Elizabeth Graves Newport, RI Sept 4, 1936
Holden, Donald Douglas Newport LaBounty, Pauline May Newport Oct 28, 1950
Holden, Donald Leslie Rock Island, Que. Hartson, Leota Blanche Newport Jan 14, 1935
Holden, Robert Harvey Newport Houle, Pearl Louise Beebe, Que. March 27, 1954
Holland, Frederick George Derby Line Hutchins, Bette Lou Elaine Newport Dec 21, 1954
Holland, Stanley Leo Derby Line Smith, Dorothy Annette Newport Aug 17, 1929
Holmes, Frank J.   Otis, Myra S.   July 10, 1922
Hommel, J. Desmond Newport Stone, Ellen Ruth Orleans June 16, 1940
Hommel, Peter Cleveland Newport Seguin, Beatrice Newport April 20, 1935
Hommel, Reginald Andrew Newport Andrews, Margaret Elizabeth Newport May 25, 1941
Hopkins, Warren David Newport Tucker, Edna Gertrude Bellows Falls Jan 19, 1952
Hopkins, Warren David  Derby Line Libby, Luna Roxana   Newport Sept 19, 1928
Hopkinson, Reginald Charles Newport Fox, Carolyn May Newport Sept 28, 1947
Horvath, Charles Dominic Allentown, PA Cleary, Louise Ellen Portsmouth, NH Feb 12, 1945
Houghaboom, Lloyd Burton Orleans Litchfield, Mary Beth Newport May 29, 1948
House, John E. Beebe, PQ Leonard, Bertha M. Newport July 2, 1932
House, Vaughn William Newport Watkins, Alice Corse Newport Jan 7, 1930
House, William   Locke, Ethel   Oct 12, 1925
House, William Edward   Davis, Hattie   Sept 17, 1922
Howard, Samuel Sab Newport Isaac, Margaret Newport July 29, 1936
Howland, John Stewart N. Stratford, NH Fields, Naomi Ann N. Stratford, NH Nov 23, 1950
Hulburt, John J. Newport Bernier, Priscilla M. Newport Dec 14, 1957
Humphrey,  Elmer C.   Newport Taylor, Gladys M.  Hartford, CT June 25, 1927
Hunt, Carlton P. North Troy Gardner, Beverly G. Newport Aug 23, 1944
Hunt, Franz A. Newport Urie, Mary E. Barton March 3, 1955
Hunt, Henry Everett Newport Peavey, Estelle Gilman Exeter, NH June 30, 1941
Hunt, Kenneth Humphrey Newport Wilcox, Geraldine Mae Newport Sept 27, 1947
Hunt, Robert Campbell Newport Wilcox, Lucille Mildred St. Johnsbury Nov 1, 1945
Hunt, Winston S. Newport Parker, Lillian G. Newport Jan 20, 1932
Hunter, George C. Newport Gibb, Helen L. Newport Sept 22, 1934
Huntington, Perley Douglas Newport Towne, Priscilla Anne Newport Sept 2, 1946
Huntress, Roy Percy   Crosby, Flossie Jane   May 27, 1922
Hurley, William Henry Newport Winters, Margaret Ethel Newport Feb 7, 1939
Hutchinson, Chester   Hill, Clara Isidore   April 6, 1922
Hyde, Damon E. Newport House, Alice L. Newport July 17, 1943
Hyland, George Edward Newport Walker, Bertha Worcester Greenville, ME March 12, 1940
Hyland, James Alfred Barton Hodgdon, Florence May Newport Nov 20, 1938
Ingalls, Earl Burton Orleans Loukx, Smyra Newport April 25, 1936
Irons, Francis Smith Bennington Coutts, Lillian Ella Newport July 6, 1937
Irving, Vernard R.  Groveton, NH Goddard, Edith   Newport Jan 7, 1928
Isham, Clarence Edward Barre Lizotte, Mary Louise Roseline Newport Dec 19, 1941
Jackson, Howard Sherman Cathcart, P.O., Ont. Taft, Ethel Eleonora Detroit, Mich. March 1(3), 1943
Jacobs, Arnold Vanie Newport Gilbar, Elizabeth Phyllis Newport Nov 23, 1946
Jacques, Alderic L. Newport Thevierge, Delia Newport Sept 21, 1936
Jacques, Arthur Newport Davignon, Norma Newport April 29, 1931
Jacques, Raymond Alfred Newport Poutre, Mariette Viola Doria Troy June 15, 1940
Jalbert, Romeo Stratton, ME Blais, Maria Stratton, ME Sept 30, 1939
James, Henry Joseph, Jr. Lynn, MA Haney, Eleanor Joyce Newport Aug 15, 1952
Jarry, Clarence Fernand Newport Boutin, Yvonne Rachel Newport May 19, 1947
Jeffers, Cecil A. Leominster, MA Riordan, Elizabeth F. S. Lancaster, MA Aug 9, 1942
Jenks, Harold Burton Newport MacLean, Ruth M. Newport July 11, 1943
Jenne, Arthur C. Derby Stevens, Florence E. Newport Feb 21, 1932
Jenne, Leland Charles Derby Lizotte, Doris H. Newport June 6, 1931
Jenness, Walter James Newport Ferrin, Joyce Mermetta Newport Nov 24, 1948
Jennings, John Bernard  New Bedford, MA Doiron, Demerise  New Bedford, MA Sept 22, 1927
Jennison, Scott Newport Clough, Arlene Barton Dec 19, 1955
Joeckel, William Fritz Newport Cornell, Cora Eleanor Newport April 4, 1956
Johnson, David George Newport Prebor, Shirley Elois Newport Center Oct 10, 1953
Johnson, Durward Darling Newport Simpson, Dorothy Elizabeth Newport Dec 19, 1952
Johnson, Edward Kanaley Newport Tetreault, Bernadette Newport Sept 23, 1929
Johnson, Edwin Charles Sherbrooke, Que. Hatch, Eileen Ruth Sherbrooke, Que. June 4, 1938
Johnson, Ernest Newport Fordyce, Ruth C. Newport Nov 3, 1934
Johnson, Frank Brier North Hatley, Que. Silcock, Marjorie Violet Montreal, PQ Jan 16, 1937
Johnson, Hazen Vernon Newport Blake, Priscilla Chester Jan 25, 1942
Johnson, Howard Edgar Oak Park, IL Lynch, Donna Frances Newport Sept 5, 1953
Johnson, Leo Forrester Newport Nolan, Bessie Eva Newport May 5, 1942
Johnson, Paul W. Lewiston, ME Marshall, Marilyn E. Lewiston, ME Nov 2, 1946
Johnson, Ralph Leonard New York City, NY Hurst, Gertrude A. New York City, NY Aug 16, 1930
Johnston, Gordon David Thetford Mines, Que. Dunn, Doris Anne Lemuserier, Que. Dec 9, 1939
Jones, Bruce Derby Percy, Dorcas Newport Feb 25, 1950
Jones, George Edward Sherbrooke, Que. Brulette, Leona Sherbrooke, Que. July 2, 1938
Jordan, Fred Edward Poughkeepsie, NY Slater, Joan Beverly Newport June 27, 1953
Jordan, Linwood Earl Colebrook, NH Weeks, Florence M. Colebrook, NH May 27, 1935
Joyal, Eugene George Newport Morin, Lillian Bertha Jeanette Newport Oct 3, 1938
Joyal, Joseph H. Holyoke, MA Laramee, Oringa Newport June 12, 1953
Joyal, Omer Arthur Burlington Tatro, Marion Evelyn Newport June 22, 1931
Judd, Arthur Albert Newport Marcou, Louise Rose E. Haverhill, NH Jan 19, 1950
Judd, Leo Francis Newport Carter, Vivian Elizabeth Newport Sept 10, 1943
Judd, Leon William Newport Armstrong, Barbara Emily Newport Nov 25, 1944
Kaarstad, Olav Newport Lontine, Irene Mary Newport May 20, 1929
Karaberis, Nicholas Arthur Newport Prue, Doris Mae Newport Sept 21, 1947
Kastorysky, Boris G. Moorestown, NJ Comegys, Velma Harriett Lance Moorestown, NJ Aug 29, 1950
Kay, Harry L. Newport Hurley, Rose M. Colebrook, NH July 8, 1931
Kearney, Kevin Emmett Newport Davis, Eleanor Jean Newport June 18, 1949
Keefe, Charlie J. Tomifobia, Que. White, Millicent Fitch Bay, Que. May 1, 1953
Keefe, David Joseph Newport Fournier, Lucille Mae Newport Sept 14, 1948
Keefe, Maurice Joseph   Blake, Flora Louise   May 29, 1922
Keement, Anthony Newport Monfette, Betty Newport Dec 31, 1955
Keement, John L. Newport Town Watters, Sadie M. Newport Nov 10, 1951
Keement, Vincent James Newport Smith, Betty Irene W. Charleston Sept 5, 1953
Keilty, Joseph James Boston, MA Labbee, Jeanette Germaine Newport April 11, 1942
Keith, Clyde Haven Newport Pierce Rosalie Anne Newport June 26, 1946
Keith, Richard Leonard Newport Lewis, Jeane Newport Aug 16, 1945
Keith, Stephen Whitney Newport Moore, Barbara Rena Newport Sept 16, 1946
Kelley, Bernard Arthur Newport Bean, Barbara Evelyn Derby July 31, 1954
Kelley, Darius Munro Newport West, Frances Elizabeth Newport Dec 18, 1941
Kelley, Dermond Garold Newport Lawson, Louise Alice Coventry Nov 25, 1954
Kelley, Donald Richard Derby Darling, Lorraine Fairbanks Newport Sept 17, 1950
Kelley, Elwin Gilbert Barton Burdette, Maxine Madeline Newport July 29, 1941
Kelley, Fred Herbert   Hall, Cora May   June 13, 1922
Kelley, Gordon Reginald Newport Jewett, Leona Hattie Newport Nov 12, 1942
Kelley, Harold Edward Newport Monfette, Gladys Lillian Newport Feb 25, 1939
Kelley, Joseph E.   Kettell, Doris   Sept 28, 1925
Kelley, Melvin Ora Newport Knowles, Dorothy Ruth Newport May 16, 1947
Kelley, Raymond Burton Newport Shea, Alice Rita Lowell, MA Dec 18, 1941
Kelley, Roland Newport  Cole, Charlotte West Burke March 17, 1956
Kelley, Rufus S. Newport Willey, Una Orleans Oct 11, 1947
Kelly, John Alexander Bridgeport, CT Eaton, Helen Louise Newport July 7, 1951
Kelsey, Ivan Frank Newport Woods, Addie Leona Newport Sept 27, 1942
Kemp, Richard David Nashua, NH Smith, Patricia Frances Nashua, NH Oct 25, 1947
Kendall, Allan Mackenzie Newport Newey, Florence Ivy Montreal, Que. June 7, 1942
Kendall, Herbert Sherbrooke, Que. Beall, Anna MacDonald Wakefield, RI Oct 5, 1947
Kendall, Homer Wright J. Newport Noel, Solange Newport Sept 7, 1936
Kendall, James Newport  Pickel, Joan E. Westmore Jan 25, 1956
Kendall, Milo Norris   Newport Gardner, Katherine Elizabeth   Newport July 24, 1926
Kendall, Thomas D. Shelburne Pomeroy, Mildred E. Newport June 1, 1932
Kennedy, David Jamieson Montreal, Que. Tetreau, Estelle Montreal, Que. Sept 1, 1951
Kenneson, Claude Roy   Derby Davio, Irene Eva   Newport May 16, 1927
Kennison, A. D. Newport Young, Lottie F. Newport Oct 26, 1934
Kennison, Harold Estabrook Newport Coes, Esther Gonzea Newport Nov 9, 1940
Kennison, Lawrence Estabrook Newport Marquis, Pearl Blanche Island Pond May 16, 1946
Kennison, Leland Eric Newport Ormsbee, Joan Lee Newport Oct 17, 1957
Kennison, Melvin B. Coventry Marrone, Alma Newport March 30, 1946
Kennison, Wayne A. Coventry Sanville, Elsie L. Newport Oct 10, 1945
Kenyon, Lawrence Harold Columbus, OH LaCasse, Beatrice Eva Newport April 19, 1933
Kern, John McCune Newport Hotchkiss, Helen Margret Keota, Iowa Oct 22, 1936
Keroack, Robert Victor Newport Fugere, Marie Lucille Newport Sept 7, 1953
Kerr, Benjamin   Leclair, Geneva   Oct 29, 1925
Kerr, Louis Rodman New Bedford, MA Wilson, Bertha Elizabeth New Bedford, MA Sept 14, 1931
Kerr, Robert Winfield Robinson, PA Blake, Marion Abbie Newport Feb 27, 1943
Kezar, Alvin N. Ayer's Cliff, Que. Mosher, Doris S. Ayers Cliff, PQ Oct 15, 1934
Kezar, Kenneth Earl E. Charleston Colburn, Arline Esther Newport Feb 18, 1937
Kezar, Warren Trimble N. Hatley, Que. Fairley, Velma Parqulla G. N. Hatley, Que. March 10, 1953
Kidder, William J. Derby Richard, Margaret H. Newport Jan 25, 1940
Kilby, William John Newport Reid, Erma Ethel Brownington June 26, 1942
Kimball, Edward C. Barton Roberson, Beulah W. Newport Feb 19, 1938
Kimball, Russell Charles Newport Blake, Lela Mae Derby July 11, 1941
King, Clifton H. Newport Kennison, Faye E. Newport Aug 31, 1934
King, Vernon Wilmot   Newport Grise, Anita Gertrude   Newport March 22, 1926
Kinney, Foster Curtis   Martineau, Yvonne   Oct 28, 1922
Kipp, Frederick William Newport Smith, Beatrice Bertha Holland Aug 14, 1936
Kipp, Frederick William Newport Domey, Marilyn Anne Newport Center Dec 28, 1951
Kirby, Raymond W. Swanton Fields, Eleanor Newport May 12, 1940
Kirkner, Wilbur T.   Avery, Lita M.   Jan 15, 1925
Kiser, Donald Leslie Newport Wells, Helen Orcelia Newport June 20, 1948
Kiser, Kenneth Stanley Newport Clapper, Leonore Gwendolyn Newport Oct 19, 1947
Klatt, Arthur Rocky Hill, CT Bronson, Alice M. Newport July 9, 1932
Knapp, Clayton Randolph Sherbrooke, Que. MacNaughton, Marguerite Caroline Lennoxville, Que. Sept 22, 1939
Knapp, Durwood Carroll Colebrook, NH Shaw, Justine Colebrook, NH Oct 23, 1939
Knowles, Dale Emery Newport  Willey, Constance Joyce Newport  April 14, 1956
Knowles, Leonard Henry Newport Pickhardt, Mary Jane New Britain, CT June 14, 1947
Knowlton, Gordon Henry Foster, Que. Sisco, Edna May Rock Island, Que. Jan 27, 1940
Knutson, Olof Waterville, Que. Eager, Kate Evelyn North Hatley, Que. June 8, 1935
Koehn, Frederick Joseph Newport  Colburn, Miriam J. Newport  June 2, 1956
Krzywicki, Joseph S. Saugus, MA Shepard, Helen Nelson Newtonville, MA June 6, 1931
Kurtz, George Richard Concord, MA Rawcliffe, Ruth Mabel Newport June 20, 1949
Labounty, Alfred Hiram Newport Besaw, Iva Josephine Newport Feb 18, 1939
Labounty, Eugene Henry   St. Pierre, Eva   Jan 23, 1922
Labounty, George William Newport Wright, Elizabeth Ruth Newport June 7, 1937
Labrecque, Doris Lionel Newport Center Story, Laura Emmabelle Newport Oct 31, 1944
Lachance, Frank D. Newport  Illingworth, Barbara E. Newport  July 3, 1956
Lachance, Paul Albert St. Johnsbury Cote, Therese Cecile Newport Aug 6, 1955
Lachance, Sylvio Berlin, NH Bilodeau, Juliette Quebec City, Que. April 24, 1950
LaClair, Dennis Eugene Oxford, MA Dopsis, Mary Katherine Oxford, MA April 18, 1951
Lacoss, Rodney Melvin Orleans Guyette, Merrilyn Ella Newport Nov 16, 1957
Ladd, Gordon Daniel Brighton Davio, Alberta May Newport Oct 14, 1940
Ladd, Robert Charles Newport Barker, Edythe Burlington April 12, 1933
Ladeau, Archie Levine Newport Nash, Helen L. Putnam, CT June 6, 1936
Lafleur, Gerard Montreal, Que. Lalime, Margaret Newport Oct 12, 1946
Lafoe, Wessell James Newport Bullis, Arlene Helen Newport Dec 15, 1950
Lafond, Albert J.   Paquin, Jane Carmen   Sept 11, 1922
Laforest, Charles Oscar Farnham, Can. Normandin, Gerardine  Farnham, Can. Feb 17, 1927
LaForest, William Robert Montpelier Crawford, Althea Eleanor Newport Feb 25, 1939
Lafountaine, Ernest Newport Simmoneau, Yvonne Newport Oct 28, 1950
LaFountaine, Ernest Arthur Newport Powers, Dorothy Elizabeth Newport Sept 5, 1936
LaFrance, Ernest S. Newport Blake, Nina E. Newport Oct 10, 1946
Lague, Philip Emery Newport Blake, Lucille Margaret Newport April 15, 1943
Lague, Thomas Euclide Newport Labrecque, Lucia Marie Anne Newport Center May 6, 1940
Lahar, Austin Eugene Newport Demers, Theresa Mary Newport Nov 23, 1946
Lahar, Edmond Enos   Newport Davidson, Gladys Violet E. Hardwick June 13, 1928
Lahar, Eugene Lionel Newport Ricard, Berthe Simone Newport Aug 14, 1952
Lahar, Leo N.   Schayltz, Isabel   Dec 8, 1925
Lahar, Paul Alouis Derby Dugan, Elizabeth Carolyn Newport July 3, 1954
Lahue, Harold Jarvis Barton Davison, Lillian Theresa Newport Jan 3, 1933
Lahue, Lawrence Darwin Newport Cushing, Jean Elizabeth Newport Oct 19, 1943
Lahue, Maurice Carl Newport Paquin, Dorothy Ethel Newport June 27, 1930
Lalime, Edward Eugene Newport James, Agnes Miriam Newport Jan 3, 1940
Lalime, Paul Orrin Newport Before, Marita Rosalie Newport July 9, 1940
Lalime, Robert Wendell Newport Gendron, Georgette Marie North Troy June 11, 1940
Lamay, Peter David Newport Kingsley, Rose Jennie Newport April 19, 1933
Lambert, Herman Albert Orleans Mailhot, Helen Beatrice Newport Aug 27, 1952
Lambert, Raymond A. Newport Mailhot, Doris A. Newport Aug 29, 1949
Lamere, Walter Joseph Newport Griffin, Dorothy Edna West Charleston Aug 11, 1941
Lamonthe, Harvey Wilfred   Trepania, Dorothy   Dec 28, 1922
Lamothe, Leon I. Newport Woodward, Minerva Mansonville, Que. Nov 9, 1938
Lamothe, Maurice Ernest Newport Durocher, Mary Elizabeth Derby      Sept 16, 1953
Lamothe, Roger Norbert Newport  Galipeau, Joyce Edith Burlington Oct 27, 1956
Lamothe, Rudolph Richard Newport Powers, Esther Mae Newport June 24, 1946
Lamoureux, Charles Adelard Newport Poutre, Hermance Angele Newport Sept 6, 1948
Lamoureux, Gerard Emile North Troy Prive, Rosilda Newport Oct 22, 1935
Lamoureux, Roland Hector Edgar Newport Prive, Mary Flora Alberta Newport Nov 20, 1944
Lamoureux, Victor Charles Brighton Duval, Lila Ella Newport June 30, 1935
Lanatagne, Francis Alexander Newport Metras, Rita Mathilda Newport Dec 25, 1950
Lance, Phillip Carroll   Newport Wilkie, Olive Esther   Newport July 26, 1928
Landry, Theodore Elzear Newport Perrault, Constance Carmel Newport May 7, 1953
Lane, Arton Harold  Waterville, Can. Miller, Grace C. Waterville, Can. Sept 28, 1927
Lanetot, Edmond Stewartstown, NH Percy, Lorraine Newport July 3, 1941
Langevin, Frank Alfred   Newport Lahue, Candis Anna   Newport May 28, 1927
Langevin, Joseph Alfred Newport Fox, Mildred Irene Newport Sept 16, 1943
Langevin, Ralph Napoleon Barton Guyer, Lena Mary Newport Dec 29, 1928
Langloix, Leo Albert Magog, Que. Aldrich, Eleanor Magog, Que. June 25, 1940
Lanoue, Armand J. Newport Center Gendron, Bertha Marie Newport June 19, 1939
Lanpher, Walter Frederick Newport Morse, Esther Elsa Barton June 1, 1941
Lantagne, Aristide Lloyd Newport Mason, Esther Delilah Newport Oct 31, 1946
Lantagne, Clarence Newport Campbell, Dolores Sally Newport April 19, 1947
Lantagne, George Eugene Newport Hart, Josephine Marie Newport March 24, 1950
Lantagne, Lawrence George (Lontine) Newport Booth, Edna Mae North Troy Dec 24, 1953
Lantagne, Melvin Newport Noble, Leona Newport Oct 9, 1954
Lantagne, Oliver Leon Newport Blanchard, Joyce Edna Newport Jan 13, 1950
Lantagne, Roland Wadsworth Newport Levick, Velma Julia Newport Oct 6, 1951
Lapier, Ernest Henry Newport Wilkie, Ruth Evelyn Newport April 22, 1937
Lapier, Francis William Newport Schoolcraft, Alida E. Newport June 24, 1930
Lapierre, Albert H. Shelburne Beaulieu, Laurentine Newport Sept 7, 1931
Laplant, Arthur Albert Newport Judd, Shirley Alice Newport May 7, 1941
Laplant, Elmer Derby Rushlow, Irene L. Newport Oct 18, 1930
Laplante, Bernard Hector Newport Corkins, Charlotte Evelyn Brattleboro Aug 2, 1940
Laplante, George William Newport Rayno, Barbara Jean Franklin, NH Nov 2, 1947
Laplante, Hector Charles Forestville, CT Turcotte, Cynthia Faye Newport Jan 29, 1955
Laplume, Charles Edward Newport Ricard, Rita Blanche Newport April 28, 1943
Laplume, Rosaire Stanilas Westfield Cyr, Loretta Graciella Newport May 27, 1947
Lapointe, Arthur deAudette  Detroit, Mich. Belisle, Anna  Montreal, Can. Sept 18, 1926
Larabee, Earl F. Newport Hall, Ethel M. Newport Oct 9, 1932
Laramie, Leonard Joseph Warden, Que. Cooper, Madeline Louella Waterloo, Que. Nov 12, 1955
Laraway, Eleson Elton Hanover, NH Willey, Beatrice May Newport Dec 6, 1941
Laraway, Lee Lowell Judd, Helen May Newport July 12, 1940
LaRose, William J., Jr. Fitchburg, MA Dame, Alice Mary Fitchburg, MA July 5, 1941
Larsen, Jens Peter Glendale, CA Bishop, Ada M.   Newport May 25, 1927
Lasnier, Arthur   Ellsworth, Florence Gertrude   Oct 31, 1922
Lasnier, Lucien St. Caesare, Que. Lefebvre, Yvette St. Caesare, Que. April 5, 1938
Lasonde, Raymond Osais Newport Ellsworth, Dorothy Maxine Newport Feb 4, 1946
Lauderbach, John C., Jr. Winooski Crawford, Joan R. Newport June 8, 1957
Lavers, Earl L. Ayer's Cliff, Que. Carroll, Leslie J. Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 14, 1934
Lavoie, Claude H. Newport Town French, Waneta M. Newport June 4, 1949
Lavoie, John Newport Center Donahue, Patricia Newport  Feb 4, 1956
Lawrence, George B. Swanton Guimond, Ethel Mabel Newport Oct 5, 1942
Lawson, Dale Winburn Roy Newport McLaughlin, Audrey Elizabeth Lyndon   July 26, 1947
Lawson, Frederick Joshua Newport Gosselin, Theresa Agnes Lowell May 14, 1946
Lawson, Milton Archie Newport Buck, Gladys Mame Newport Town April 3, 1945
Lawson, Orison William Newport Hanson, Phyllis Melba Newport Sept 1, 1937
Laythe, Eugene Kenneth Derby Line Spaulding, Margaret Bernice Newport June 12, 1939
Laythe, Laurance Cullins Derby Blodgett, Christine Newport Sept 14, 1939
Laythe, Royce Buchanan Stanstead, Que. Piette, Vernice Newport Feb 17, 1939
Leach, Leroy Earl Newport Briggs, Avis Blanche Newport Dec 7, 1946
Leach, Leslie Garfield Newport Lawson, Evelyn May Newport May 30, 1941
Leavens, Charles Marson Brighton Long, Ella B. Albany July 24, 1930
Leavens, Stuart Eugene Orleans Hurley, Leota Ruth Newport Aug 3, 1946
Leavens, William Linus Newport Anderson, Barbara Jessie Derby Line July 18, 1953
Leavitt, Dorian Gay Newport Vinton, Della Margaret Newport Oct 17, 1936
Leavitt, John Luther Newport Villeneauve, Ena Newport April 25, 1935
Leavitt, Keith Amherst Newport Millett, Charlotte Elaine Newport May 25, 1946
LeBel, Jules Edmond Coventry Mason, Barbara Elizabeth Newport Sept 20, 1952
LeBon, Robert Napoleon Quebec City, Que. Fenton, Hilaire Rheuby Pemaquid Harbor, ME Dec 27, 1956
Leclerc, Phillipe Leger   St. Johnsbury Fortin, Agathe Marie   Newport July 2, 1928
Lees, John, Jr. Beebe, Que. Boucher, Gertrude Rock Island, Que. Sept 4, 1936
Lefmann, Delbert Erwin Lawrence, Kan. Pace, Mary Harriett Parsons, Kan. Aug 7, 1948
Leggett, Edwin Harvey Kalamazoo, MI Woodward, Beulah Laura Newport Aug 30, 1954
Leithead, Archie Allison Newport Ward, Muriel Isabelle Newport April 27, 1935
Leithead, Archie Allison Newport Matten, Pearl Retta Newport May 19, 1951
Leithead, Proctor Otis Newport Bowen, Thelma Madine Newport May 17, 1942
Lemere, Floyd Henry Newport McLean, Mildred Rhoda Roxbury, MA Nov 14, 1942
Lemere, Maynard Carl Newport Gilbert, Bernice Louise Derby Line Sept 21, 1935
Lemieux, Albert Frank Newport Rougeau, Margaret Sylvia Plattsburg, NY Aug 10, 1941
Lemieux, Paul Lawrence Bernard Barton Noel, Theresa Lucia Newport May 31, 1937
Lenton, Robert Francis Newport Gosselin, Lorraine Roseanna Newport Oct 21, 1950
Leonard, Fred Allison Newport Thomas, Ida May Newport July 2, 1936
Leonard, Lawrence D. Newport LaClair, Florence M. Newport Sept 21, 1934
Leske, Robert Richard, Jr. Newport Tobey, Jean Newport July 10, 1948
Levesque, Hormidas Alfred Winooski Woodard, Gertrude Newport Sept 16, 1946
Lewey, Harry F. Cleveland, OH Kish, Marie Phillips Cleveland, OH Nov 12, 1938
Lewis, Clarence Earl   Jones, Dorothy Winsome   Aug 16, 1922
Lewis, Earle Temple Barton Turcotte, Theodora Jane Newport June 30, 1935
Libby, Howard A. Lancaster, NH Collins, Dorothy L. Newport Nov 24, 1932
Liberty, Earl Harold Newport Cheney, Edna Elizabeth Newport April 10, 1940
Liberty, Lyndon A. North Troy Stratton, Merial A. Newport April 17, 1937
Lilley, William Bassett Sherbrooke, Que. Gilbert, Brenda Marie Sherbrooke, Que. Dec 6, 1938
Lillicrap, William Houghton Newport McGill, Marguerite I. St. Johnsbury May 11, 1935
Limlaw, Gardner Louis Newport Armstrong, Velma Catherine Newport Jan 30, 1953
Linquist, Harold Frederick Newport Pope, Marjorie Ella Westfield Oct 31, 1936
Lister, Wilmot Charles Newport Ramsdell, Ella Baker Newport April 15, 1939
Litchfield, Charles F. Newport Howard, Gladys Myrtis Bellows Falls Jan 1, 1931
Litchfield, Clayton Helmuth Newport Lavalee, Iva Leona Newport Oct 24, 1943
Litchfield, Gordon Lawrence Newport Tatro, Rita Marion Newport April 14, 1947
Litchfield, Mark Ferguson Newport Fuller, Marilyn Joanne Derby June 13, 1948
Litchfield, Milton A. Newport Gagner, Irene M. Newport Feb 10, 1934
Litchfield, Reginald Moses Newport Gagne, Mary Angeline Annette Newport June 11, 1938
Little, Kenneth Edward Hartford, CT Flatley, Eileen Mary Wethersfield, CT July 31, 1948
Livingston, Harrison Newport Wilkie, Gertrude O. Newport Sept 21, 1929
Lizotte, Leon Victor   Newport Willis, Maud   Newport May 20, 1927
Locke, Orrin Willey Orleans Niles, Gertrude J. Newport Oct 9, 1930
Logan, Elbert Willis Colebrook, NH Parker, Marion Grace Newport June 15, 1940
Long, John Joseph Canfield, Ont. Labounty, Agnes Coralie Newport June 25, 1946
Lontagne, Joseph Clarence Newport Ficaro, Angeline Brigitte Aline Newport Dec 23, 1940
Lontine, Antonio Ernest Newport Riegal, Shirley Viola Newport Nov 9, 1957
Lontine, Ernest Wilfred Newport Day, Ruth Anne Newport Feb 3, 1941
Lontine, Floyd Leon Newport Barber, Laura Cedelia Newport Sept 5, 1936
Lontine, Leo H.   Ware, Mildred E.   Aug 9, 1925
Lontine, Raymond Joseph Newport Wright, Loretta Marion Newport Oct 29, 1947
Lord, Louis Phillipe   Newport DeMontigny, Emmeline Eva   Newport April 20, 1927
Lord, Norbert Euclide   Newport Taylor, Olive Idelle   Newport July 16, 1928
Loudfoot, Victor David Northampton, MA Blodgett, Margaret Anna Newport Dec 25, 1940
Loukx, London, Jr. Newport Fellows, Isabel Gertrude Woodsville, NH July 7, 1944
Lovell, Merriman Tabor Coaticook, Que. Thatcher, Gertrude Cornelia Coaticook, Que. Oct 28, 1937
Lovering, Earl Walter Newport Bickford, Helen G. Newport July 3, 1930
Lower, Joseph B., Jr. W. Lebanon, NH Lewis, Cecile Mary Newport July 9, 1954
Lowther, James Magog, Que. Buckland, Lucy Matilda Magog, Que. May 2, 1936
Lucas, Arthur Harold Derby Pipen, Leona Newport April 27, 1938
Lucas, Robert James Newport McCormick, Muriel Frances Newport Oct 5, 1946
Lunna, Henry Chaffee Burlington Rivard, Loretta Newport Feb 11, 1936
Lurvey, Wendell Elwood Brighton Smith, Beulah Mae Newport Sept 13, 1947
Lynch, Heber Johnson New London, CT Mizo, Katherine Dorothy Providence, RI Aug 5, 1940
Lynch, Richard Emanuel Newport Corliss, Carolyn Mary Newport Dec 3, 1949
Lyon, Guy Holland Derusha, Phyllis Newport Oct 19, 1957
Lyon, Milford Earl Newport Foster, Estelle Mona Newport Jan 18, 1942
Lyon, Paul Alfred Newport Turgeon, Simonne Noella Island Pond Sept 23, 1935
Lyon, Roy Edward Newport Coapland, Merle Arlene Newport Nov 24, 1937
Lyons, Joseph Henry New York, NY Morrill, Agnes C. W. Brighton, NY Oct 10, 1927
MacAllister, Donald S. Sherbrooke, Que. Hollenbeck, Betty I. Lenoxville, Que. July 11, 1955
MacDonald, Colin Edward   Newport Bocash, Edith   St. Johnsbury Oct 26, 1928
Macdonald, Willard A. R. Randolph, MA Carbary, Ruth E. Boston, MA Jan 9, 1937
MacGowan, James Rollin Newport Tinker, Beatrice Lida Irasburg March 31, 1941
Mack, Gordon Earl Newport Wheeler, Doris Craftsbury May 12, 1942
Mackay, Clifford Alexander Sherbrooke, Que. Dunsmore, Florence Evelyn Sherbrooke, Que. April 23, 1937
MacKenzie, Donald Joseph Newport Wood, Viola Olive Newport June 24, 1938
Mackey, John Connor   Buford, Ruth   April 15, 1922
MacLean, Murdo Hughie Gould Station, Que. Coates, Lottie Evelyn Bury, Que. Oct 28, 1939
MacLean, Ralph Douglas Newton Center, MA Foster, Genevieve E. Nahant, MA Oct 17, 1931
MacLeod, Gordon Allen Sherbrooke, Que. Runions, Marjorie Violet Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 5, 1946
MacNaughton, Jas. Alexander Sherbrooke, Que. Lothrop, Ernestine Anne Sherbrooke, Que. May 11, 1936
Magoon, Alton R. Newport Norton, Peggy Ann Montpelier April 28, 1946
Magoon, Alton R. Newport Jones, Bertha Newport June 18, 1955
Magoon, Guy Donald Newport Leavitt, Mae Emma Newport July 7, 1951
Magoon, Richard Guy Newport Spooner, Rachel Lillian Newport Sept 8, 1957
Mahoney, Jerimiah P. Newport Marquis, Gertrude E. Newport Sept 22, 1934
Mailloux, Louis Leon Newport Morancy, Helen Rose Newport March 1, 1947
Maloney, Donnal Dean Newport Gosselin, Rita Jeannine Newport Nov 4, 1950
Maloney, William Albridge Newport Sanders, Etta Philippa Derby Sept 18, 1948
Malshuk, Stephen Alex Orleans McKinney, Doris Leota Newport May 8, 1938
Mandigo, Charles    Mandigo, Evelyn M.   March 26, 1925
Manning, Athol Edward Newport Little, Winona Dorothy Plainfield July 10, 1943
Manning, Gordon Leslie Newport Miles, Elizabeth Abbie Newport June 17, 1950
March, Andrew Sumner Columbus, Indiana Savage, Elizabeth Louise Newport April 28, 1951
March, Herbert Billington, Jr. Newport McCauley, Marguerite Joyce Newport June 30, 1941
Marcotte, Albert   St. Marie, Evonne   June 22, 1925
Marcotte, Antonio Newport Harvey, Iola Ella North Troy Sept 4, 1929
Marcotte, Russell K. Derby Nault, Elizabeth M. Newport Aug 18, 1945
Marino, Peter J. Brookline, MA Shufelt, Virginia Newport  May 26, 1956
Marocco, John Schenectady, NY Dubois, Delima Schenectady, NY Nov 9, 1932
Marrone, Alfred Michael Cambridge, MA Walker, Alma Elizabeth Newport June 12, 1941
Marsh, Walter G. Bridgewater, CT Griggs, Isabelle Newport Dec 17, 1934
Marshall, Dwight Harold Watervliet, NY Mollica, Margaret Nancy Newport Jan 16, 1943
Martelle, George Edward Lyndonville Wilson, Grace Nancy Newport Aug 4, 1938
Martin, Henry J.   Roy, Marie Rose   March 3, 1924
Martin, Wendell James Newport Shallow, Marion Mae Colebrook, NH Sept 17, 1949
Martineau, Rene M. Newport Lussier, Rita Newport May 31, 1952
Maslack, Joseph Paul Poultney Chaffee, Priscilla Inez Newport Oct 18, 1952
Mason, James David Newport  Sloan, Jo Anne M. Derby March 24, 1956
Mason, Paul Stuart Newport Gagnon, Verlie Orilla Derby Line June 28, 1947
Mason, Robert William Richmond, Que. Wattie, Elizabeth Richmond, Que. April 22, 1957
Mason, Stillman Alton Newport Russ, Esther Morse Newport Aug 16, 1936
Mason, Victor Newport Abell, Diana M. Newport Nov 28, 1931
Matten, Arnold Richard Newport Center Hill, Vendetta V. Newport Dec 21, 1935
Maxfield, Gerald James Newport McMasters, Bertha Rose Newport Oct 14, 1948
Maxwell, Blaine Richard Brighton Smith, Barbara Eunice Newport April 24, 1953
Maxwell, Gordon Victor Beebe, Que. Macie, Berdina Arlene Newport June 28, 1953
McAllister, Lyle C. Newport Schoolcraft, Vena B. Newport April 4, 1931
McCabe, Gerald Everett Bromptonville, Que. McKay, Jean Mary Cookshire, Que. Aug 30, 1939
McCaffrey, Rondelle J. Newport Benedict, Jean Melrose, MA Sept 12, 1932
McCaffrey, Wilfred James Newport Morrill, Gertrude A. Newport Jan 16, 1936
McCann, Fred Farfield New York City, NY Allen, Elita Virginia Sherbrooke, Que. Feb 25, 1933
McCauley, Charles Robinson Newport Choquette, Yvette Blanche Newport Jan 23, 1948
McClay, Hamilton Tillman St. Johnsbury Miles, Glendora Francese Newport April 24, 1949
McClure, Rupert Leslie Newport Labounty, Erma Eloise Newport Feb 28, 1940
McCormick, Henry Clive Newport Wilson, Stella Rowena Derby Line March 17, 1955
McCutcheon, Donald George Newport Parker, Dorothy Perline Newport June 19, 1948
McDermott, Thomas William New York, NY Armstrong, Mary Gertrude New York, NY July 19, 1941
McDonald, Alexander C. Scotstown, Que. McDonald, Catherine Scotstown, Que. May 21, 1934
McDonald, Douglas Edward Danville, Que. Hanke, Genevra Pauline Danville, Que. Aug 27, 1938
McFadgean, James Thomas Rock Island, Que. Bergeron, Ida Margueritte Newport April 20, 1940
McFarlin, Harold William St. Johnsbury Stewart, Mildred Helene Newport May 29, 1930
McGee, Eldon Frederick Sherbrooke, Que. Chilvers, Evelyn Alberta Sherbrooke, Que. Oct 14, 1939
McGee, Paul George Lachine, Que. Poutre, Rejeanne Lucile Newport July 20, 1957
McGennis, Arthur E.   Willis, Gertrude M.   Oct 18, 1925
McGivern, Curtis W. Rock Island, Que. Benway, Nellie Newport Dec 22, 1955
McGivern, Joseph Michael   Newport Loukx, Marion Ruth   Newport Nov 17, 1927
McGivern, Lawrence Rock Island, Que. Ponton, Aurora Cecile Newport May 5, 1940
McIntyre, Lyman Tomfobia, Que. Cooper, Marion Ruth Boynton, Que. June 19, 1939
McKay, James Alexander   Newport Wilson, Edna M.   Newport June 23, 1927
McKenny, Gordon Wendall Newport Baker, Dorothy May St. Johnsbury Ctr. Sept 1, 1930
McKinney, Calvin Gerald Newport Prior, Isabelle Delores Newport Nov 6, 1940
McKinney, Earl Thomas Newport Boutin, Dorothy Mary Island Pond June 19, 1937
McKinney, John Dolzon Newport Beaulieu, Marie Eva Newport May 20, 1938
McKinney, Milton J. Newport Mitchell, Arlena Alta St. Albans Oct 26, 1936
McMasters, Robert Newport Lamotte, Bertha Rose Newport July 6, 1946
McMullen, Earl Charles Newport Kiser, Ruth Eva Newport Jan 23, 1954
McNamara, Daniel Joseph, Jr. Newport Percy, Lorraine Gladys Newport Oct 20, 1946
McNeal, Brian D. Newport  Rocheleau, Joan Newport  Feb 4, 1956
McPhee, Glenn Frederick Newport Wheeler, Hope Elizabeth Enosburg Falls Oct 25, 1940
McPheters, David H.   Foster, Mabel   Feb 16, 1925
McQuillen, James Francis Newport Jenks, Betty Elaine Newport Feb 12, 1955
McVeety, Harvard Leeman Lennoxville, Que. Nutbrown, Reta Gertrude Lennoxville, Que. March 9, 1940
McVetty, Thomas Edgar Sherbrooke, Que. Butler, Marion Lennoxville, Que. March 17, 1951
Menard, Leonard Sutton Choquette, Beatrice Newport Oct 7, 1937
Menard, Peter Henry Hartford, CT Bernard, Rena Newport Sept 4, 1943
Menard, Richard Norbert Newport Boisvert, Annette Lucille Newport Aug 11, 1951
Menard, Wilfred E.  Irasburg Hamel, Antoinette   Newport June 21, 1926
Mercier, Alfred J. Rumford, ME Bragoli, Jean Louise New York, NY Aug 24, 1949
Merrill, Albert M.   Johnson, Alice M.   Dec 24, 1925
Merrill, Clyde C. Hartford, VT Longmoore, Margaret Newport June 21, 1931
Merritt, Charles J. Orleans Vincent, Thelma B. Newport Sept 8, 1934
Messier, Dalle Truman Coventry Bernard, Mary Jean Newport April 18, 1953
Messier, Jean M. J. Coventry Guillette, Madeline R. Newport Dec 14, 1944
Messier, Lawrence Harvey Winooski Desbiens, Margaret Yvette Newport Nov 25, 1937
Messier, Renald Joseph Newport Center Grover, June Ann Newport June 28, 1952
Meunier, Roger Nelson Newport Lippens, Lucille Leona Newport June 12, 1950
Meyer, Robert Julius Montreal, Que. Roberts, Mary Alena Montreal, Que. Dec 9, 1950
Michaud, Laureat Francis Auburn, ME Saucier, Evangeline Rita Newport May 21, 1940
Miclette, George J. Newport Brien, Matilda M. Newport June 15, 1940
Miles, Raymond   Duval, Bertha   June 24, 1925
Miller, Albert W. Newport Halley, Harriette Alferdia Newport June 7, 1936
Miller, Arnold Joseph Manchester, NH Lombard, Helen Lois Newport Dec 17, 1955
Miller, Charles O. North Troy Smith, Helen Gertrude Newport May 29, 1937
Miller, Edwin Leonard   Sias, Hallie Mae   July 3, 1922
Miller, Ernest Louis Newport Tabor, Genevieve Arline Newport April 25, 1937
Miller, Lee Jordan Newport Guyette, Leola Gertrude Newport July 2, 1933
Millet, William Andrew Rock Island, Que. Smith, Mary Olwens Beebe, Que. May 12, 1937
Mills, Lionel Victor Newport Armstrong, Evelyn Newport Center April 24, 1929
Mills, Lionel Victor Newport McGivern, Marion Newport March 30, 1936
Mills, Lionel Victor Newport Tobin, Althea L. Newport Nov 30, 1946
Mills, Robert Leonard Newport Fugere, Theresa Laura Newport Oct 22, 1949
Miner, John Burnham Greenwich, CT Tollerton, Sally Ann Newport Aug 28, 1948
Miner, Woodman Harry Brighton Labbee, Irene Isola Newport Sept 20, 1941
Minkler, Marvin Newport Fox, Elizabeth Geneva Newport April 26, 1941
Minor, Ronald Floyd Magog, Que. Rollins, Olive Ethel Fitch Bay, Que. Dec 14, 1937
Mitchell, James Dundas, Ont. Logie, Audrey Winnifred Lennoxville, Que. May 6, 1939
Mizo, Elery G.   Burney, Clydie   Nov 18, 1922
Moeykens, Julius V. Newport  Shea, Eleanor A. S. Burlington Sept 2, 1957
Moffat, Lawrence Henry   Newport Hyatt, Grace E.   Derby March 21, 1927
Monahan, Russell Kearns Boston, MA Hall, Eleanor Gates Boston, MA Feb 20, 1938
Monette, Francis Oliver Newport Picard, Florence Christina Rock Island, Que. Feb 10, 1951
Monette, John Albert Newport Barbin, Doris Elaine Newport Oct 24, 1949
Monfett, Oliver Levi   Ellie, Eva May   Oct 2, 1922
Monfette, Alfred Robert Newport Farrar, Blanche Helen Newport Dec 23, 1940
Monfette, Patrick O. Newport Angell, Iona May Lyndon Center Sept 18, 1940
Monfette, Paul William Newport Curtiss, Dorothy Virginia Newport Aug 9, 1942
Monfette, Willis A. Sheffield Page, Elizabeth C. Newport Sept 28, 1946
Montieth, Arthur Tench Lowell Hodgdon, Nylene L. Newport Oct 26, 1946
Monty, Leonard G. Newport Carter, Wilma I. Newport July 15, 1955
Mooney, Ackland V. Newport Foster, Marion S. Chester June 22, 1931
Mooney, Chester W. Newport Osborne, Doris E. Newport June 30, 1935
Mooney, Gordon Raymond Newport Douglass, Evelyn Alice Newport June 2, 1930
Mooney, Raymond James   Newport Hawkins, Hattie B.   Newport Oct 16, 1927
Moore, Edward Henry Lyndon Brown, Ada Belle Newport Feb 6, 1946
Moore, George A. North Hatley, Que. MacKinnon, Jessie M. North Hatley, Que. Dec 14, 1955
Moore, John A. Newport Alberghini, Esther M. Newport May 23, 1949
Moore, John Arthur, Jr. Newport Magoon, Lois Elaine Newport July 1, 1950
Moore, John Isaac Woonsocket, RI Hitchcock, Iva May   Newport April 10, 1926
Moore, Lawrence E. Derby Line Fluke, Margaret Jane Derby Line June 24, 1933
Moore, William L. Newport Nadeau, Marie A. Newport Aug 20, 1932
Moquin, Joseph Gabriel Newport Blanchard, Agnes Elizabeth Newport April 15, 1941
Moranville, Charles R. Newport Wood, Marion Newport Feb 11, 1933
Morin, Arnold Edward Newport Lahar, Cecile Jane Theresa Newport May 16, 1949
Morin, Arthur J.   Newport Hartson, Dora   Newport Nov 30, 1926
Morin, Elroy Newport McKeage, Elizabeth May Rock Island, Que. April 17, 1937
Morin, Ernest Hector Newport Hopkins, Rita Lendolene Coventry Sept 7, 1950
Morin, George Hector   Brien, Georgiana   Sept 25, 1922
Morin, Gerard Alphonse Wilton, CT Gosselin, Lucienne Theresa Newport Feb 15, 1947
Morin, Homer Leo Newport Mills, Patricia Elaine Newport June 3, 1950
Morin, Raymond Nelson   Newport Cheney, Doris Mary   Newport Aug 30, 1926
Morin, Reginald Charles Newport  Kendall, Faye Joyce Newport  Oct 12, 1957
Morin, Richard Arthur Newport Peck, Mary Ida Newport June 25, 1949
Morin, Robert E. Newport Gilbert, Grace E. Newport June 4, 1934
Morin, Robert Edgar Newport Laba, Stella Frances St. Albans Nov 23, 1940
Morin, Roland Arthur Newport Rice, Annie Roberta Newport Sept 18, 1950
Moritz, Arthur Mars Manhattan, NY Whiteside, Marie Lee Manhattan, NY July 1, 1937
Morrill, Dean Collins Newport Roberts, Emelda Marie Newport Nov 17, 1947
Morrill, Eleazer David St. Johnsbury Cote, Irene Amanda Newport Nov 6, 1933
Morrill, Joseph Francis Newport Pudvah, Janet Dorothy Coventry July 29, 1941
Morrison, Buel Lavon Jacksonville, FL Wood, Constance Dinah Sherbrooke, Que. Sept 8, 1955
Morrison, Donald J. Drummondville, Que. McDonald, Margaret Kate Drummondville, Que. July 7, 1939
Morrison, John Calvin, Jr. Stoneham, MA Peabody, Marguerite Jessie Newport Sept 28, 1936
Morrison, Roy Noble Newport Smith, Persis Emma Newport April 30, 1949
Morrow, Cecil Maurice Newport Bashaw, Dorcas Ellen Brownington Sept 26, 1937
Morrow, Earl Willis Newport Stevens, Everald M. Island Pond May 22, 1935
Morse, Amos   Carson, Ida E.   March 16, 1925
Morse, Ara Ira St. Johnsbury Ctr. Driver, Leona Mae Newport May 9, 1943
Morse, Asa P., Jr. Newport Hall, Daphne E. Newport Nov 8, 1952
Morse, Robert Ellsworth Newport Crowe, Beverly Ann Derby May 2, 1947
Morton, Irvin Frederick Newport  Massey, Anna Marie Greensboro April 16, 1956
Mosher, Bruce Benjamin Newport Chamberlin, Elizabeth Frances Newport Oct 8, 1942
Mosher, Deane Fremont Newport Pierce, Mary Bonner Newport June 19, 1941
Mosher, Edwin Albert N. Hatley, Can. Cunningham, Thelma N. Hatley, Can. Oct 29, 1927
Mosher, Orange Fitch Bay, Que. Minor, Aleada Fitch Bay, Que. Sept 26, 1934
Mosher, Richard R. Newport Hill, Irene E. Newport May 17, 1932
Mosher, Richard Ralph Newport Boright, Margaret Genevieve Stevenson Newport Aug 15, 1938
Moskos, Stephen William Newport Charcalis, Harriet Concord, NH Oct 19, 1943
Moss, Elmont Ellsworth Newport Spooner, Shirley Bragg Newport July 24, 1948
Mossa, Henry Arthur Newport Hoyt, Helen Newport July 5, 1938
Mossa, Rudolph Augustus Newport Turcotte, Leah Camilia Newport May 17, 1947
Mossa, William James Newport Smith, Beverly Elaine Newport Aug 16, 1948
Moulds, Reuben Foman Boston, MA Alderson, Margaret Boston, MA June 24, 1950
Moulton, Bailey Henry Auburn, MA Aiken, Catherine Hazel Newport April 4, 1942
Mudgett, Frank Henry Newport Vondle, Irene M. Stowe March 30, 1941
Muer, Frederick Macmonnies Orleans Hill, Nancy Lee Newport July 25, 1948
Mulkerin, John Francis Stamford, CT Bowen, Beverly Ruth Stamford, CT Nov 7, 1953
Mullavey, John Francis Lyndon   Centebar, Joset May Newport Aug 27, 1938
Munson, Charles Frederick Yonkers, NY Mullen, Theresa Rose Yonkers, NY July 7, 1949
Murphy, Arthur Holyoke, MA Hunter, Donna Louise Newport June 16, 1951
Murphy, James Richard Newport Petty, Leona Olive Ludlow Aug 30, 1936
Murphy, John William Providence, RI Weller, Vivian Olga Joyce Granby, Que. Oct 12, 1951
Murray, George Henry Newport Richard, Irene Dolores Newport Aug 28, 1941
Myers, Stuart Burton Newport Hinman, Ferol Millicent Newport May 11, 1942
Myette, Richard Arthur Burlington Curran, Patricia Jane Newport  Feb 13, 1956
Myotte, Arnold Leroy Newport Hunt, Theresa Yvette Claremont, NH May 28, 1954
Naatz, Charles Henry   St. Johnsbury Lorimer, Doris Lillian   Newport Oct 12, 1928
Nadeau, Andre Joseph Hartford, CT Lyon, Kathleen Mae Newport March 24, 1940
Nadeau, Charles H. Newport Goddard, Alice M. Newport Sept 30, 1954
Nadeau, Gaston J. Newport Currier, Arlean Newport Nov 21, 1938
Nadeau, George William St. Johnsbury Leavitt, Vera Corliss Newport June 14, 1929
Natole, John William Newport Hill, Marion Elizabeth Newport June 30, 1930
Nault, Ernest Alfred Newport Kennison, Marie Leona Coventry Nov 6, 1945
Nault, Harold Vernon Newport Demers, Mary Evelyn Newport July 29, 1952
Nault, Hazen Henry Newport Lippens, Madeline Cecelia Laconia, NH Feb 25, 1946
Nault, Raymond Roy Newport Prue, Marion Agnes Newport Feb 20, 1950
Neal, James Rollins Newport Wood, Mildred E. Derby Center Sept 22, 1933
Nealy, Chandler Benton Newport Lewis, Carolyn Newport June 5, 1950
Nelson, Harold Leo   Newport Conroy, Ellen   Newport Dec 13, 1928
Nelson, Robert Hugh Newport McIver, Emily Edna Newport Feb 11, 1945
Newell, Harry Stanley Spencer, MA Burns, Abbie Emily   Newport Aug 19, 1926
Newton, Clifton William Newport Hill, Madeline Eleanor Newport Nov 25, 1945
Nichols, Lee Clifford   Compton, Que. Bell, Mabel Eliza Waterville, Can. Oct 6, 1928
Nicol, Alexander Sam Sherbrooke, Que. Pinard, Irene Marie Sherbrooke, Que. Dec 7, 1939
Nicol, Jacob Granby, Que. LeBrecque, Lucille Granby, Que. Sept 7, 1946
Niles, Charles Edward Newport Currier, Ruth Irene Newport Jan 1, 1938
Niles, George Bixby Newport Town Davio, Margaret Lorraine Newport Oct 9, 1948
Niles, George Wilder Newport Mills, Evelyn Elizabeth A. Newport April 15, 1933
Niles, George Wilder Newport Ouimet, Agnes Dorothy Newport Oct 9, 1943
Niles, George Wilder Newport Haire, Berdina Myrtie Newport Sept 25, 1952
Niles, Raymond Bertrum Newport Smith, Vera Ellen Orleans June 24, 1937
Noe, John Wilfred Lyndonville Hall, Eula Newport April 10, 1933
Noel, Raymond D. Windsor Hicks, Pauline Newport May 7, 1949
Nolan, George Alfred Newport Dority Jeanine Muriel Newport Oct 12, 1948
Nolan, George Alfred Newport Shaw, Melba Avyce Newport March 26, 1951
Nolan, Leonard Elwood Fairfield Barber, Mona Hazel Newport Oct 28, 1929
Normand, Robert Adrian Wells River Ingram, Barbara Louise Newport June 15, 1951
Norris, Ernest D.   Poulin, Hattie E.   Aug 10, 1922
Norris, George Ulric Rock Island, Que. Emond, Edith Nancy Rock Island, Que. July 31, 1937
Norris, Raymond L. Newport Town Bartlett, Bertha M. Newport Aug 29, 1950
Norton, Martin T. Newport Clang, Beatrice A. Newport April 10, 1934
Norway, Earl Vincent, Jr. Newport Center Bryant, Hilda Newport May 18, 1935
Norway, William W. Newport Keenan, Constance Rita Newport Nov 8, 1941
Norway, Winston Kedric Newport Glover, Wenonah Delphine Derby June 22, 1940
Novia, Rocco A.   Vacca, Josephine R.   Sept 11, 1922
Noyes, Kenneth F. Newport Sullivan, Nellie M. Rockland, ME Jan 27, 1932
Nutbrown, Harry Leeds, Que. Patton, Joyce Leeds, Que. Nov 4, 1938
Nutting, Claude Olan   Watson, Hazel Nina   Feb 13, 1922
Nye, Norman Lester   Stevens, Daisy Newton   Dec 22, 1922
Ohno, Roy Pittsfield, MA Towle, Elizabeth Jane Pittsfield, MA Sept 3, 1949
O'Leary, John Frederick Beebe, Que. Hartson, Mildred Frances A. Ayers Cliff, PQ Sept 3, 1936
Olin, Gordon Newport Young, Lillian Newport Center May 2, 1953
Olliver, Charles W. St. Johnsbury Riley, Muriel Newport Dec 31, 1937
Orcutt, Gordon Averill Syracuse, NY Hayes, Thelma Marietta   Newport Aug 9, 1928
Ormsbee, Forrest Cassions Newport