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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Groom Residence Bride Residence Married
Adams, R. Willis, Jr.   DuBois, Elaine Agnes   Nov 26, 1942
Aiken, Donald Kenneth Newport Town Hoose, Mary Beatrice Sheldon May 5, 1955
Alberghini, Walter A.   Osgood, Grace Minerva   Sept 18, 1930
Alix, Laurier Newport Town Cota, Shirley North Troy July 6, 1957
Allen, John G. North Troy Norris, Beverly A. Newport Town May 10, 1947
Anderson, Leonard M. Granby, CT Brown, Beatrice Helena Newport Town April 2, 1960
Archambault, Gerard N.   Bernard, Bernadette M.   Sept 23, 1939
Armstrong, Fay Chester   McGuire, Ruth   Jan 13, 1940
Armstrong, Fay Chester   Palmer, Lillian   March 29, 1942
Armstrong, Robert J. Dorchester, MA Messier, Marie Henriette Delia Newport Center June 17, 1944
Armstrong, Warren E.   Mitchem, Lillian C.   Jan 27, 1930
Armstrong, Willard William   Smith, Lillian Anne   July 27, 1940
Ashman, Melvin E. Newport Town Wilcox, Merna Budd Newport Town Oct 29, 1950
Auchu, Armand   Monet, Adrianne Rita   Aug 22, 1927
Baird, Howard E.   Ramsdell, Victoria   Dec 29, 1925
Baker, Lawrence Edward Newport City Nelson, Laura Jean Newport Town April 25, 1953
Baraw, Charles N. Newport Town Gibney, Berdina J. Newport Town Aug 13, 1946
Baraw, Fred Howard   Columbia, Budd   Oct 12, 1939
Barlow, Kenneth Fairbrother   Pettengill, Dorothy Eliza   Dec 24, 1940
Barlow, Melvin Newport Town Lawrence, Lorraine Albany Aug 9, 1964
Bates, Heman N.   Elkins, Florence Mae   Feb 17, 1929
Baton, Maxwell L.   Hisman, Martha Cynthia   Sept 27, 1934
Baton, Perley Walter Newport Town Columbia, Betty Ann Coventry May 26, 1964
Baton, Walter A.   Cammett, Bertie Allen   April 15, 1931
Beadle, Arland G.   Coburn, Alice Beulah   April 20, 1928
Beadle, Arland G.   Dow, Caroline Wilma   Feb 4, 1939
Beadle, Marvin M.   Ashe, Rubie   Oct 11, 1933
Beadle, Roger H. Newport Town Whitney, Alice Elizabeth Springfield June 29, 1946
Bean, Arthur W.   Seguin, Doris L.   Nov 10, 1928
Beauvois, Raoul Newport Town Dubois, Jeannine Newport Town Sept 25, 1954
Belisle, Edward Coventry Chaput, Bernadette   1941
Belval, Henry Joseph   Amour, Cleo May   Nov 8, 1936
Bergeron, Edgar J. E. Hampton, MA Labrecque, Lucienne L. Newport Town Aug 15, 1950
Bernard, Clarence H.   Tieverge, Louise   April 27, 1936
Bernard, Leo L.   Drew, Arlene Merle   April 7, 1932
Bernard, Wilfred Alfred   LaBonte, Fleurette   Sept 25, 1940
Bickford, Warren Eugene   Hyde, Lillian Hester   Nov 29, 1933
Bickford, Woodrow Orlo   Hyde, Barbara Ruth   Nov 29, 1933
Bickford, Woodrow Orlo   Allbee, Alta Jean   1941
Blackey, Steven C. Newport Town Lane, Harriet Newport Town May 2, 1964
Blake, William D. Newport Town Ingalls, Gwen M. Orleans Dec 5, 1954
Bonneau, George Newport Town Leclerc, Marie-Paule Newport Town Oct 14, 1952
Bousquet, Leon A. New Haven, CT Smith, Charlotte V. Newport Center Nov 27, 1944
Bowen, Arland J. Newport Center Farrar, Irma Elaine Newport City Sept 18, 1944
Bowen, Dwight Newport Town Graves, Evelyn Orleans Nov 4, 1960
Bowen, Glenn Malcolm Coventry Armstrong, Helen Mae Newport Town July 2, 1955
Bowen, Roderick Daniel Newport Town Barry, Laura May Orleans May 4, 1960
Bowen, Stanley Ray Hartford, CT Combs, Esther Maxine Newport Town Feb 28, 1946
Bowen, Winston Earl Derby Armstrong, Kathleen Edna Newport Town Oct 3, 1959
Bowman, Baxter   Wilcox, Evelyn Maud   June 5, 1929
Bowman, Dennis Lyman Newport Town Matten, Velma Maye Newport Town Dec 16, 1955
Bowman, Durwood B. Newport Town Nutting, Glenna B. Richford June 5, 1954
Bowman, Gerald Ernest Newport Town Phillips, Marion Calista Newport City Aug 13, 1955
Bowman, Winston Newport Town Libby, Velma Newport Town July 5, 1949
Bradford, Reginald Arthur   Dailey, Marjorie May   June 30, 1937
Brasseur, Richard Bernard Irasburg Deslandes, Lorraine Marie Newport Town May 30, 1953
Brouillard, Viateur A. Newport Town Rondeau, Lucille B. Newport Town Dec 6, 1954
Brown, Arthur D. Newport Center Marshia, Gwendolyn E. Newport Center June 22, 1944
Brown, Charles W. Olin   Gould, Marion Erma   Aug 28, 1929
Brown, Elwyn L. Newport Town Dow, Hazel A. Newport Town Sept 28, 1960
Brown, Harry Taylor   Wright, Lucy Agnes   Aug 20, 1932
Brown, Lyle E. Newport Town Beck, Betty V. Derby Aug 28, 1947
Buck, Arthur Harold   Ovitt, Lena   Sept 30, 1925
Buck, Charles Eugene Newport Town Laramee, Doris P. Troy June 6, 1959
Buck, Floyd Arthur Newport Town Fox, Ruth Pearl Newport City April 7, 1947
Buck, Harold C.   Bullis, Helen A.   Sept 12, 1931
Bullis, Harold W.   Sherlaw, Leola E.   Oct 26, 1926
Bullis, William Newport Town Willey, Jeannette Newport Town Jan 23, 1954
Burlton, John H. Newport Messier, Claire E. Newport Town June 27, 1959
Bussiere, Gaston Joseph   Geoffray, Cecile Fabiola   April 17, 1939
Bussiere, Maurice J.   Guillette, Mary Agnes   Nov 21, 1942
Callaway, Blain Owen   Armstrong, Natalie   July 2, 1936
Cammett, Horace B.   Adams, Mary C.   May 18, 1926
Cardin, Alphonse   Lemire, Henrietta   Dec 30, 1929
Carter, Morris James North Troy Wilcox, Shirley Elida   1941
Carter, Wayne Gilmore Newport City Bullis, Iona Delia Newport Town Aug 12, 1950
Cass, Lee Ernest   Horskins, Hazel Jane   Sept 25, 1940
Chamberlin, Lee C.   Streeter, Beatrice Inez   Dec 27, 1929
Chaput, Adrien Henry Newport Town Labrecque, Theresa Jeanne Newport Town Oct 6, 1956
Chaput, Fernand Albert Newport Town Lanpher, Geraldine Belle Newport City June 2, 1953
Chaput, Gerard A. Newport Town Favreau, Violet H. Derby Nov 11, 1950
Chaput, Hector   Ricard, Albertine   Oct 11, 1927
Chaput, Leo Paul Newport Town Desrochers, Claudette M. Newport Town Sept 1, 1956
Chaput, Roland H. Newport Town Becotte, Rachel M. Coventry April 19, 1948
Charland, Donald Morgan Aiken, Audrey Newport Town July 19, 1952
Chilafoe, Henry Gordon Irasburg Royer, Elsie   1941
Choquette, Donald Newport Town Raboin, Jeannine Lowell Oct 4, 1952
Choquette, Jean-Marie North Troy Turgeon, Lorraine Newport Town May 10, 1952
Choquette, Leo North Troy Martineau, Mary Ann Newport Town Sept 28, 1957
Cicero, Amelio A. Bridgeport, CT Rollins, Marion A. Newport Town May 31, 1947
Coburn, Bernard Ira   Hancock, Rachel Candyce   Dec 19, 1931
Coburn, Stanley H.   Streeter, Marguertie May   1941
Collins, Merle, Jr. Newport Town Scott, Goldie Newport Town Sept 19, 1959
Collins, Raymond Henry   Besaw, Emma Avis   Sept 5, 1925
Collins, Russell G. Newport Town Adams, Rebecca Ann Newport Town March 5, 1957
Columbia, Richard W. Newport Center Holman, Margaret Octavia St. George, ME Oct 29, 1944
Coolbeth, Ernest George   Percy, Ruth   July 25, 1937
Coutu, Marcel Newport Town LaMothe, Medore Granby, PQ June 23, 1951
Couture, Armand L. Westfield Taylor, Beverly E. Newport Town Oct 25, 1958
Crusoe, Joseph W.   Coleman, Alice   Dec 12, 1925
Curtis, Donald Walter Derby    Norris, Ferol Jean Newport Town Aug 26, 1956
Dagesse, Roger Holland Alix, Pauline Newport Town Sept 6, 1958
Davis, Wayne H. Newport Town Kipp, Madge Newport City May 23, 1948
Dawson, Ernest Leon   Paradis, Ida   1941
De LaBruere, Eugene Three Rivers, MA Deslandes, Irene Newport Town Oct 6, 1956
Demers, Charles Emile   Bussier, Jane Lillian   July 2, 1938
Demers, Paul   Thomas, Norma May   Aug 1, 1939
Desilets, Joseph   Lantai, Angeline   April 18, 1936
Deslandes, Nelson Arthur Newport Town Girouard, Jeannette Albany Sept 5, 1953
Desrochers, Claude J. Newport Town Morin, Vivian C. Newport Aug 23, 1958
Doane, Harley Monroe   Warner, Myrtle Wing   July 21, 1943
Donovan, Dennis Newport Town Thayer, Roberta Newport Town Oct 3, 1964
Dow, Preston O.   Mason, Charlena   Aug 4, 1927
Driver, David Errol Morgan Farrar, Lucille Estella Newport Town Nov 24, 1958
Drown, Nelson S.   Aubin, Beatrice Rosina   1941
Dubois, Gerald L. Newport Town Laramee, Dolores J. North Troy June 21, 1947
Dubois, Norman Donald Newport Town Quintin, Pauline Frances Newport Feb 18, 1957
Duckless, Harold Newport Town Godin, Lucille North Troy July 3, 1954
Duckless, Kenneth Newport Town Brouillette, Louise Newport Town Oct 26, 1959
Duckless, Robert Newport Town Drew, Marilyn Newport Aug 3, 1957
Duff, Guy Welland Newport Town Kelley, Grace Inez Newport Town Nov 29, 1956
Dugan, Kermit S.   Adams, Elizabeth Tyson   July 16, 1931
Dumaont, Maurice   Limoges, Sylvia   June 25, 1940
Dunn, Harold F.   Sullivan, Doris A.   Feb 1, 1933
Eastman, Alton H. Newport Town Pettengill, Geraldine May Newport Town June 21, 1946
Eastman, Mahlon Newport Town Armstrong, Lillian Newport Town Oct 31, 1959
Eaton, Edward Oscar   Hodgkins, Lois Harriet   May 15, 1942
Elliott, Quentin L. Newport Town Johnson, Ruth J. Newport City May 19, 1949
Farrar, Raymond Lester   Lawson, Evelyn May   Aug 28, 1926
Farrar, Wayne Neal Newport Town Chaput, Vivian A. Newport Town July 18, 1960
Farrar, William Pike Craftsbury Kinne, Rachel E. Newport Town Aug 20, 1950
Forcier, Julian Deus   Lemire, Theresa   May 3, 1932
Fournier, Germain Ephrem Newport City Turgeon, Anita E. Newport Town Aug 21, 1950
Fournier, Paul Arcade North Troy Choquette, Martha Marie Newport Town Aug 22, 1959
Frazier, Fred Newport Town Pope, Annis Newport Town June 22, 1951
Frechett, Maxime D. Franklin, MA Tetreault, Maria Newport Town July 24, 1954
French, Holman Harry   Cammett, Vivian   April 24, 1940
Gabenault, Leonard   Poutre, Roseanna   Aug 28, 1933
Garceau, Elwin J. Rock Island, PQ Armstrong, Velma C. Newport Town June 29, 1946
Gardner, C. Dean Newport Town Rice, Olive Newport City May 25, 1946
Gilbar, Donald G. Newport City Wright, Lucille Newport Town Aug 2, 1953
Gleason, Carroll Willey Barton Aiken, Annabelle Gladys Newport Town April 7, 1951
Gosseline, Edward   Chaput, Emelda   Aug 15, 1936
Grady, Donald Andrew   Larabee, Bernice Luella   1941
Gray, Wayne C. W. Charleston Nelson, Shirley Newport Town July 14, 1956
Green, Walter L.   Befford, Bernice   Oct 17, 1930
Guerin, Reginald   Stratton, Ruth Mae   Sept 23, 1939
Gustin, Lee Donald Fitch Bay, Que. Hilliker, Janet Mae Newport Town Aug 25, 1949
Hamer, William Alfred   Fortin, Aline Fabiola   Dec 28, 1940
Hammond, Eric Newport Town St. Onge, Jeanne Newport Sept 12, 1964
Hammond, John Henry   Hoadley, Janet Arlene   Aug 17, 1937
Hammond, Milton Dale Newport Town Sleeper, Phyllis Joy Scarsdale, NY Sept 7, 1957
Hammond, Winston H. Newport Town Bernier, Lucile Lorraine Newport City Aug 22, 1953
Hancock, Roy Earle   Miner, Mildred Iola   March 18, 1940
Hardy, Jonathan Floyd   Place, Ethel May   July 16, 1937
Hill, Oliver Forrest Newport Town Lique, Mary Helen White River Jct. July 18, 1950
Hill, Richard Newport Town Chenier, Claudette Newport May 16, 1964
Hilliker, Byron W.   Wahl, Gwendolyn I.   April 27, 1934
Hilliker, Stanley Myrl Newport Center Roberts, Gabrielle Cecile South Troy June 12, 1944
Horn, Dwight Benjamin   Niles, Erma Anis   Aug 3, 1933
Horskins, Adelbert Newport Town Wheeler, Wyona Morgan May 15, 1946
Horskins, Enoch Byron   Lucas, Roberta Josephine   1941
Jacques, Alderic L.   Thivierge, Delia   Sept 21, 1936
Jacques, Roger   Champigny, Lena   Oct 21, 1940
Jewett, Dale Newport Town Buck, Beulah Newport Town Nov 11, 1950
Jewett, Lawrence E. Newport Town Phillips, Thelma M. Derby Feb 11, 1950
Jewett, Ray Ernest   Morse, Gertrude Pearl   Oct 25, 1929
Johnson, David George Newport City Prebor, Shirley Elois Newport Town Oct 10, 1953
Keement, John L. Newport Town Watters, Sadie M. Newport City Nov 10, 1951
Kimball, Carl Loren   Green, Doris Elizabeth   Feb 6, 1926
Kinne, Richard Bartlett   Coburn, Marion Bernice   July 6, 1943
Kipp, Frederick William Newport City Domey, Marilyn Anna Newport Town Dec 28, 1951
Labrecque, Eugene A. Newport Town Audet, Marguerite Compton, Que. Oct 12, 1957
Labrecque, George Emile   Laramie, Yvonne Marie Cecile   Sept 10, 1935
LaBrecque, Henry Joseph Barton Limoges, Jeannette Newport Town Sept 4, 1954
Labrecque, Jean Paul   Forcier, Valeda   April 18, 1934
Labrecque, Wilfred D.   Bacon, Desniege   June 22, 1936
Lacross, Kent H.   Norris, Elsene D.   Aug 14, 1943
Lacross, Lloyd C. Newport Town Dow, Doris E. Newport Town March 11, 1949
Lague, Thomas Euclide   Labrecque, Lucia Marie Anne   May 6, 1940
Lahue, Everett Charles North Troy Bean, Patricia Nancy Newport Town May 11, 1952
Lamadeline, John   Sampson, Alma   Aug 20, 1934
Lanoue, Armand   Gendron, Bertha Marie   June 19, 1939
Lanoue, Hector   Bernard, Blanch   Aug 26, 1930
Lanoue, Hector Newport Town Warner, Ruth Newport Town June 12, 1950
Lanoue, Hector Joseph   Chapdelaine, Florina   June 21, 1934
Lanoue, Real L. Newport Town Belisle, Simone Troy June 14, 1958
Lanoue, Romeo   Vaillancourt, Marie Antoinette   Nov 19, 1938
Larabee, Alvah E. Newport Town Chamberlain, Beatrice I. Presque Isle, ME June 14, 1958
LaRue, Jack Thomas Newport Town Wilcox, Audrey M. Newport Town Nov 24, 1950
Lavoie, Aime John   Vaillancourt, Marie-Rose   June 1, 1940
Lavoie, Armand   Choquette, Mary Pearl   June 13, 1925
Lavoie, Claude H. Newport Town French, Wanita M. Newport City June 4, 1949
Lavoie, George Newport Town Geoffrey, Claire Newport May 16, 1964
Lavoie, John Newport Town Donahue, Patricia Newport Feb 4, 1956
Lavoie, Roger O. Newport Town Kamel, Leona Springfield July 7, 1960
Lawson, David Gordon Newport Town Turner, Linda Mae Newport Aug 8, 1964
Lawson, Donald W. Coventry Norway, Anne Virginia   1941
Lawson, Gordon L. Newport Town Crawford, Helen Concord May 28, 1949
Lawson, Milton Archie Newport City Buck, Gladys Mame Newport Town April 3, 1960
Leblanc, Herman Joseph Lowell Lavoie, Lucienne Adeline Newport Town Oct 5, 1957
Leblanc, Hormidas H. Newport Town Vance, Theda O. Newport Town June 11, 1955
Leduc, Rosario J. Newport Center LaMarche, Rita Grace Barton Oct 30, 1944
Lemay, Albert J.   Before, Josephine M.   June 25, 1940
Lessard, Paul E. Newport Town Morin, Fernande B. Hartford, CT June 21, 1947
Limlaw, Robert Edward Derby Roberts, Berry Jean Newport Town Dec 27, 1958
Limoges, Real Jean Newport Town Bonneau, Martha Lowell Aug 30, 1952
Limoges, Roland G. Newport Town St. George, Yvette South Troy May 30, 1959
Lucas, Allan Phillip Derby Horskins, Etta Ruth   1941
Lucas, Raymond   Horskins, Lila Ethel   Nov 27, 1939
Lucier, Duane Graham Jay Theberge, Frances Newport Town Sept 29, 1951
Lunna, Robert Preston Newport Town Carbino, Leone R. Bridgewater Aug 31, 1949
Macie, Arland Coventry Norris, Kathryn Newport Town June 2, 1953
MacKellar, James M. Dryden, NY Orthey, Alice Eugenia Newport Town Aug 20, 1955
Maloney, Daniel W. North Troy Tute, Lorraine Newport Town Oct 29, 1947
Malouin, George Newport Parenteau, Mary Jane Newport Town May 16, 1959
Martineau, Gaston   Brasseur, Lucile   June 19, 1943
Martineau, Rene H. Newport Town Lussier, Rita Newport City May 31, 1952
Mason, Napoleon Joseph   Buck, Gladys Mamie   March 21, 1942
Mathews, Ellsworth Douglass   Hardy, Hallie Alberta   Sept 14, 1929
Matten, Arnold Richard   Hill, Vendetta Virginia   Dec 21, 1935
Matten, Herbert Sydney   Sheltra, Mildred   Dec 5, 1940
Matten, John Edson   Osgood, Leona May   Feb 20, 1932
Matten, John, Jr. Newport Town Woodard, Patricia Newport Town Feb 28, 1959
Matten, Levern P.   Gatley, Pearl   Nov 2, 1926
McWilliams, Bruce North Troy Pettengill, Elaine Newport Town Aug 16, 1947
Messier, Andrew Newport Town Niles, Marion Newport Town April 28, 1948
Messier, Paul J. Newport Town Meunier, Ella H. Barton June 1, 1949
Messier, Renald Joseph Newport Town Grover, June Ann Newport City June 28, 1952
Messier, Richard E. Newport Town Lawson, Joyce G. Newport Town May 9, 1959
Meunier, Paul Newport Town Boudreau, Jeanette Troy May 9, 1964
Mitchell, Warren Swett   Allen, Jessie Evelyn   Dec 7, 1938
Moeykens, Lawrence Bernard   Martin, Flossie Evelina   June 21, 1928
Moriarty, Louis Daniel   Jaquith, Mildred   Oct 25, 1930
Morse, Robert Lionel   Wright, Katherine Ida   Dec 25, 1940
Muguira, Gustino Albert Bridgeport, CT Limoges, Madeline Marie Newport Town May 30, 1953
Nadeau, Charles H. Newport   Duckless, Myrna Newport Town Jan 14, 1964
Nichols, Myron Earl   Wilcox, Marion Gertrude   Nov 14, 1936
Niles, George Bixby Newport Town Davio, Margaret Newport City Oct 9, 1948
Niles, Harry Oliver, Jr. Newport Center Bothwell, Anne Lorraine Montreal, PQ Nov 13, 1944
Niles, Hazen Gordon Newport Town Brooks, Ernestine Laura Springfield June 23, 1956
Normandin, Leo Joseph Newport Town Quintal, Lena B. Troy June 21, 1960
Norris, Harold G.   Bean, Doris E. C.   Oct 1, 1933
Norris, Raymond L. Newport Town Bartlett, Bertha M. Newport City Aug 29, 1950
Norway, Cecil W.   Lawson, Pearl B.   Sept 12, 1932
Norway, Earl Vincent, Jr.   Bryant, Hilda   May 18, 1935
Norway, Floyd E.   Snider, Mabel   Jan 8, 1928
Norway, Milton Stewart   Dickey, Colleen Joyce   Aug 28, 1942
Olin, Gordon Newport City Young, Lillian Newport Town May 2, 1953
Olin, Gordon Henry   Young, Lillian Grace   Nov 25, 1937
Osgood, Guy W.   Wilcox, Harriet Agnes   June 4, 1928
Page, Fay Lemuel   Norway, Audrey Thelma   Sept 14, 1939
Parenteau, Aimie   Gague, Gertrude   June 23, 1930
Parenteau, Joseph Albert Newport Town Roberts, Yvette Newport City Dec 30, 1950
Parker, Clayton Burt   Kay, Rose M.   Sept 20, 1940
Parker, Russell M.   Twombly, Beatrice B.   June 18, 1927
Parker, Russell Morton   Horton, Marjorie Irene   1941
Pellerin, Ashton Warren   Hyde, Ora May   July 27, 1929
Percy, George A., Jr. Newport City Wright, Phyllis Ella Newport Town Jan 28, 1950
Percy, Lawrence Newport Town Domina, Lorraine Newport Town Sept 26, 1964
Percy, Lester H. Newport Center Fletcher, Mary Esther Newport Center April 12, 1944
Perreault, Donat A. Irasburg Archambault, Mary Newport Town Oct 21, 1950
Perry, Francis George Bridgeport, CT Turcotte, Jeanne Pauline Newport Town May 18, 1946
Perry, Martin C.   Vinton, Vera J.   Nov 15, 1926
Pettengill, Don Carroll   St. Laurent, Clemma   1941
Pettengill, Gerald H.   Seymour, Chella V.   Nov 16, 1943
Pettengill, Harley H.   Taylor, Leola   Oct 2, 1926
Phenix, Lewis G. Newport Town Boulanger, Stella Newport City Oct 24, 1949
Philbrick, Arthur A.   Hartshorn, Ina Pearl   May 18, 1930
Phillips, Archie Miles   Horskins, Hilda May   Nov 25, 1931
Piette, Marcel Orleans Tanquay, Rita Newport Town June 15, 1957
Piper, Ivan O. Derby Line Matten, Beverly I. Newport Town June 20, 1959
Pixley, Ansyl   Deerstyne, Louise Mae   July 11, 1942
Poginy, Leon Andrew   Poutre, Mary Laura Cecilia   June 25, 1935
Poginy, Oliver Newport Town Marshall, Mary Elizabeth Newport City Oct 7, 1946
Poulin, Bernard Joseph Newport Town Perrault, Jeanette Irasburg Aug 18, 1951
Poulin, Charlemange   Demers, Simonne   Oct 17, 1927
Poulin, Marcel Renal Newport Town Williams, Jeannine Irasburg Aug 6, 1946
Powers, Gerald Dean Derby Scott, Charlotte Ruby Newport Town April 23, 1959
Preston, Merton Lee Burlington Malouin, Teresia Mae Newport Town July 28, 1956
Quintin, Ernest Michell   Gervais, Anita Mae   Oct 1, 1934
Quintin, Romeo J.   Norway, Hilda E.   Oct 1, 1936
Rainey, Walter A. Newport Town Despines, Helen A. Newport Town July 5, 1948
Rand, Ernest Benjamin   Gale, Grace Clara   Nov 4, 1936
Regan, Leon Albert   Brown, Bertha Lena   Sept 29, 1936
Richards, William Wallace Dennison, OH Bullis, Esther Newport Town Jan 4, 1958
Roberts, Aldemand Newport Town Lauzon, Gisele Troy Sept 15, 1951
Robinson, Willard Jason   Spaulding, Zilpha   Aug 24, 1940
Rollins, Melvin G. Newport Town Frissell, Eleanor M. Newport Town Dec 27, 1958
Rondeau, Bernard P. Newport Town Hebert, Alice Marie Burlington Aug 21, 1954
Rondeau, George Newport Town Archambault, Jacqueline Newport Town June 2, 1953
Rondeau, John Paul Newport Town Beaudry, Florence Troy Oct 3, 1951
Rossier, Robert Daniel   Norris, Crystal Marie   Aug 14, 1934
Rousseau, Louis Paul St. Johnsbury Fortin, Margaret Marie Theresa   1941
Rowland, George Daniel   Shanty, Margaret Louise   July 28, 1938
Rowland, William Bradford Newport Beadle, Carolin D. Newport Town Sept 9, 1956
Royea, Guy C. Newport Town Columbia, Ruth A. Newport Town Oct 9, 1952
Royer, Hector William   Boucher, Marie Reini Alberta Lauretta   Sept 2, 1939
Sandretto, Gelsomino L.   Lunna, Helen G.   Dec 22, 1940
Santaw, Wayne N. North Troy Lawson, Linda S. Newport Town Dec 19, 1964
Sanville, Cyril William   Chaput, Florence Anna   Sept 25, 1937
Sawyer, Arthur Alden   Hardy, Ruth Emma   Nov 15, 1930
Schayltz, L. Joseph   Selby, Rotha Irene   Oct 26, 1940
Scott, George G. Newport Town Simpson, Laura Newport City March 29, 1952
Scott, John   Hyland, Flora Ruby   Feb 16, 1928
Scott, Silas Roger Bristol, CT Calloway, Betty Marion Bristol, CT Aug 5, 1955
Seaman, Alfred F.   Helmolt, Christine   June 3, 1936
Sheltra, Alpheus Bernard   Miotte, Vera Mae   1941
Sheltra, Merrill A. Lowell Taylor, Arlene   1941
Sheltra, Reynolds J.   Smith, Margaret E.   Oct 29, 1943
Sherlaw, Floyd L.   Sanborn, Ila Mae   Oct 20, 1928
Sherlaw, Floyd Leslie   Aldrich, Della Viola   Aug 21, 1943
Sherlaw, Harry M.   Duckless, Bessie   Aug 11, 1926
Sherlaw, Harry M.   Hill, Alena S.   July 28, 1942
Shover, Archie   Angier, Evelyn   Aug 24, 1927
Smith, Bertram C. Jersey City, NJ Messier, Gervaise A. Newport Town Sept 20, 1947
Smith, Edward Edson Irasburg Kirkland, Jacqueline Nan Newport Town Sept 17, 1951
Smith, Richard Marshall Newport City Normandin, Yvette Theresa Newport Town Sept 22, 1960
Smith, Wallace F.   Frazier, Eileen Alice   Dec 30, 1942
Spaulding, Dean H. Newport Town Woodard, Christina M. Newport City Feb 8, 1946
Spaulding, Florin Eddie   Pierce, Ruth Amy   June 17, 1939
Spaulding, Harold J. Newport Town Hilliker, Janet Mae Newport Town June 24, 1960
St. Onge, Neil    Newport Town Matten, Shirley Newport Town July 27, 1957
St. Onge, Neil C. Newport Town Kelley, Grace I. Newport City June 20, 1946
St. Onge, Ross A. Newport Town Rexford, Lucille M. Newport City July 10, 1949
Starr, Jack North Troy Nelson, Ila Newport Town July 2, 1949
Stearns, Roswell M. Newport Town Hebert, Charmaine N. Newport Dec 25, 1959
Stimson, Clark E. Lisbon, NH Forbes, Mildred R. Newport Town Nov 24, 1956
Streeter, Henry Franklin   Connal, Edith Maryette   Oct 14, 1940
Sykes, Raymond H. Newport Town Wilcox, Ardis A. Newport Town April 4, 1949
Tabor, Richard Allison W. Charleston Theberge, Madeline Rita Newport Town Sept 29, 1956
Taggart, Howard M. Manchester, NH Cammett, Virginia L. Newport Town Dec 7, 1949
Tanquay, Emelien   Dumont, Maria Georgia   Nov 12, 1934
Taylor, Alfred   Seveguy, Helene   Oct 4, 1931
Taylor, Chester Earl Troy Brown, Virginia Mae Newport Town June 25, 1955
Taylor, Earl D.   Sanville, Ella   April 16, 1934
Taylor, Edmond   Whipple, Chloa   Nov 13, 1935
Taylor, Omer   Dutilly, Gilbert   Jan 2, 1937
Terrill, Lovis Hesslar   Drown, Kathleen Annette   March 18, 1939
Tessier, Joseph   Taylor, Lillian Elizabeth   March 20, 1934
Tetreault, Norman Newport Town Voyer, Rita Annette Lowell Sept 24, 1955
Thayer, Merton Newton   Brooks, Verna Sarah   May 2, 1940
Theberge, Emile Newport Town Willis, Sandra Newport Town Jan 29, 1959
Theberge, Laurent Newport Town Curtiss, Gladys B. Newport Town March 20, 1947
Theberge, Roger R. Newport Town Buck, Carmen Gail Newport Town Jan 22, 1959
Therrien, Leo Joseph   Rondeau, Simone   Aug 28, 1937
Thompson, Lewis George   Lawes, Amy   Aug 19, 1935
Tinker, Dale Newport Town Brown, Wilma Vale Perkins, PQ Feb 22, 1951
Tinker, Dale North Troy Colby, Betty Lou North Troy Nov 30, 1957
Tinker, Floyd G.   Bowman, Doris   May 31, 1926
Tinker, Ralph Newport Town Libby, Thelma Newport Town Nov 17, 1948
Tinker, Ralph J. Newport Town Grow, Nancy L. Newport City Feb 26, 1955
Trottier, George T. Newport Town Aubin, Evelyn J. Newport City Nov 27, 1960
Trottier, Henry Newport Town Cotnoir, Harriet Newport City Aug 28, 1948
Turgeon, Bertrand Newport Town Paquette, Alberta Irasburg Aug 11, 1947
Turgeon, Norman Donald Newport Town Pion, Mary Rose North Troy Sept 1, 1952
Tute, Herbert J.   Selby, Florence N.   Aug 16, 1926
Twombly, Lawrence S.   Fletcher, Barbara H.   July 20, 1926
Tyler, Carl A. Derby Stratton, Elizabeth A. Newport Town Nov 14, 1958
Vance, Albert M. Newport Town Vance, Olive A. Newport City Sept 21, 1960
Vance, Frank P.   Pettengill, Ruth A.   April 18, 1931
Wallace, Shirley Hill Derby Bowman, Evelyn Newport Town June 18, 1957
Walsh, Terence H. Derby Line Norway, Patricia J. Newport Town April 30, 1954
Warner, Vercil W.   Bickford, Barbara   Oct 7, 1939
Watson, Cola D.   Beadle, Alice Beulah   June 18, 1936
Watson, Roy Edson   Buck, Stella V.   Dec 31, 1929
Wehncke, Martin H. Craftsbury Twombly, Barbara F. Newport Town Oct 5, 1950
Welch, Gordon Cargill Brighton Driver, Marjorie Sylvia Newport Town Sept 10, 1955
Wells, George Newport Coburn, Joanne Newport Town Oct 10, 1964
Wells, Ray Paul, Jr. Taxarkana, TX Tinker, Thelma Libby Newport Town June 7, 1954
Westover, Robert J. Newport Taylor, Rachel A. Newport Town May 31, 1958
Wheeler, Donald Island Pond Collins, Joyce Newport Town Oct 10, 1964
Whipple, Gilbert C.   Willis, Vivian E.   Dec 29, 1943
Wilcox, Marshall C. Newport Town Archambault, Florence D. Newport Town Aug 26, 1946
Wilcox, Wendell Newport Town Paronto, Florence M. Newport City Nov 17, 1948
Wilcox, William A.   Jones, Olive E.   Dec 24, 1929
Willis, Clyde E.   Percy, Edwina   May 1, 1937
Wing, Wesley E.   Smith, Gertrude R.   Feb 10, 1942
Wood, Dale Derby Farrar, Charlene Newport Town Sept 6, 1958
Wright, Cecil Albridge Newport Town LeBaron, Beverly E. Newport City Sept 24, 1949
Wright, Donald D. Newport Town Ferland, Alice R. Newport Town June 6, 1959
Wright, Eva Harrison   Sanville, Silverine Tenny   1941
Wright, Kenneth Sidney   Sanville, Isabel B.   March 17, 1932
Young, Raymond E.   Rollins, Irene M.   Sept 12, 1931

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