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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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census pages

Averill Avery Gore
Brunswick East Concord
East Haven Concord
Ferdinand Granby
Guildhall Lewis
Warners Victory
Warners Gore
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census pages

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census pages

Brighton (Island Pond)

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Census Page VT.5-14-1 (map) Census Page VT.5-9-2 (map) Census Page VT.5-10-5 (map) Census Page VT.5-11-1 (map)
Guildhall (Town) Concord (Village) East Concord (Town) East Haven (Town)
Sheridan, Joseph   Calacci, Miro Son Crawford, Sherman   Lovejoy, Clayton H.  
McGoff, Patrick   Moyse, Clement Lodger Fassett, Earl   Austin, Goldie V. Aunt
Lewis, Thomas J.   Lee, Ernest   Folson, Ross   Lund, Amasa Boarder
Nadeau, Joseph L.   Dickson, F. Russell   Stockwell, Charles   Austin, Trueman E.  
Paige, Ethelyn J. Hse keeper Smith, Minnie A.   Perkins, Everett   Simpson, Frank G.  
Poiris, Arthur Hired hand Hallett, Louise   McDonald, Harry   Cole, Elden H. Boarder
Call, John W.   Gunnip, James G-son Morse, Wilbur   Hartwell, Percy O.  
Bacon, Lillian E. Daughter Scott, Donat J.   Census Page VT.5-10-6 (map) Young, Ruth A. Hse keeper
Call, Roscoe J.   Lebeau, Yvonne   East Concord (Town) Newton, Myrtle E. Hse kpr daug
Stark, Frank J.   Frechette, Patrick Son Vancour, Mary M-in-law Smith, Harry C.  
Monahan, Delia   Libeau, Elmer Son Bess, Madeline Niece Cole, Elmer E. Boarder
Judge, William J.   Bouchard, J. Rosario   Cooper, Richard   Moultroup, Gertrude M.  
Valley, Frank H.   Hastings, Fred   Perkins, Frank   Walter, John J. Boarder
Green, George R. S-son Cutting, Clarence   Nichols, Harry   Hunt, Floyd H.  
Rich, Jerry W.   Ash, Ralph   Trombly, Richard Lodger Gero, Elroy A.  
Fellows, Irving   Davis, Lloyd Lodger Crawford, Norman   Hartwell, Norman W.  
Fellows, Ada Wife Fred A Brewer   Morrill, Mary   Hartwell, Philemon P.  
Murphy, Leo F.   Katherine Lunnie   Hartshorn, Doris Daughter Census Page VT.5-11-2 (map)
Census Page VT.5-14-2 (map) Merrill, Hazel Daughter Joslin, Earl Lodger East Haven (Town)
Guildhall (Town) Census Page VT.5-9-3 (map) Streeter, Illa   Hudson, Forrest  
Murphy, Jeanette E. Daughter Concord (Village) Woodbury, Howard   Walter, Albert H. Boarder
Potter, David Hired hand Morrill, Addie   Census Page VT.5-10-7 (map) Hartwell, George I.  
Keysar, Clyde W.   Parker, Ada Lodger East Concord (Town) Lund, Harris I.  
Haney, Thomas E.   Miltimore, Millard   Briggs, Leslie S-in-Law Wood, Ray O.  
Pooler, Nellie E. S-daugh McPherson, Alfred S-in-law Vachon, Alex G-son Little, Berkely S-son
Matthews, Frank   James, Elbridge Lodger Briggs, Ralph   Heath, Ralph L.  
Beattie, Neal W.   Miltimore, Eddie   Perkins, Clayton   Cass, Lewis V.  
Morse, Rodger E.   Tatro, Mary Lodger Fisher, Lemuel   Woodward, Winifred R. S-daug
Connors, Daniel K. S-son Crowell, Gertrude A. B.   Smith, Etta Hse kpr Bruce, Guy L.  
Whipple, Perley S-son Morehouse, Delbert G-nephew Halma, Joseph   King, Charles O.  
Morse, Geo Father Currier, Harry   Barrows, Parkie   Amidon, Bert A.  
Dblois, Geo A. Hired hand Levine, Aaron A. Lodger Whitcomb, Franklin   Roundy, Bertha M. S-daug
Henson, Elizabeth H.   Ruiter, Harold   Fisher, Harry   Paris, Robert P.  
Morse, Margaret A.   Grow, Clara J.   Briggs, Bertha Lodger Daigneau, Arthur  
Flynn, James F.   Williams, Carrie N. Sister Fisher, Carl   Park, Lincoln S. Hired hand
Anderson, Albert I.   Whipple, Mary A.   Nugent, Thomas   Washbum, Lesle J.  
Charbonneau, Isaie   Rogers, Mary L. Hse kpr Morse, Vernon   Census Page VT.5-11-3 (map)
Meacham, Byron H.   Lavature, Dorothy A. Hse kpr niece Lavature, George   East Haven (Town)
Kelly, Thomas   Williams, Flora M. Lodger Surritte, Effie Hse kpr Walter, Elmer N.  
Derousseau, Ernest Hired hand Reed, Ellen   Silver, Herbert   Hartwell, Althea M. Lodger
Lewis, John Hired hand Sargeant, Homer   Census Page VT.5-10-8 (map) Austin, Perley E. Hired hand
McKay, William Hired hand Labounty, Howard   Concord & East Concord (Town) Martin, John P.  
Census Page VT.5-14-3 (map) Davis, Herman   Perkins, Howard H.   Lebay, Robert J.  
Guildhall (Town) Coffran, Ralph Lodger Parks, Myron   Austin, Leon E.  
McDonald, James Hired hand Census Page VT.5-9-4 (map) Perkins, Hugh   Census Page VT.5-11-4 (map)
McGillvary, Angus Hired hand Concord (Village) Isham, Hubert S-in-Law East Haven (Town)
Hardy, Hardy   Germain, Leonard Lodger Raymond, Samual   blank page  
Lewis, Mary T.   Baker, Orville W.   Raymond, Edward   Census Page VT.5-21-1 (map)
Gracie, John R.   Bellerose, Arlene Hse kpr Scales, John E.   Victory (Town)
Gratage, Stanley Hired hand Christie, Ellen   Walker, John   Story, Edwin C.  
Chessman, Frank C.   Baker, Henry   Osterbrooks, Joseph   Willson, Raymond G-son
Germaine, Joseph H.   Buckminister, Earle   Briggs, Horace C.   Martin, Grace E. Hse keeper
Parker, Goldwyn   Carpenter, Leslie   Nichols, Merlin Lodger Stanley, Henry M.  
Taylor, Viola A. Sister Wallace, Flora W.   Census Page VT.5-10-9 (map) Sullivan, Joseph L.  
Allen, Winona L.   Remick, William   Concord (Town) Phelps, George  ?.  
Jones, Fred   Marcelle, Robert Lodger Isham, Leonard   Phelps, Alfred H.  
Bailey, Albert H. Lodger Farrington, Earl   Smith, Grover J.   Miller, John P.  
Crawford, Walter   Morehouse, George A.   Fisher, Albert   Anderson, Levi S-son
Holt, Eli   Osgood, Thomas   Nichols, Morris   Miller, Roy Brother
Farr, Marietta M. Sister Hall, Eugene E. Half brother Vance, Stella Mother Veillux, Gideon  
Hubbard, Willard   Census Page VT.5-9-5 (map) Baird, Archie   Moren, Armen Lodger
Steeter, Sybil E.   Concord (Village) Davis, Rebecca   Lund, Shirley  
Census Page VT.5-14-4 (map) Gleason, Walter   Rainey, Walter Hired hand Dunn, Orien  
Guildhall (Town) Hartshorn, Etta C. Hse kpr Noble, John A.   Census Page VT.5-21-2 (map)
Stevens, Willis A.   Ford, Daniel Hired hand Sweet, Carl D.   Victory (Town)
Varelas, Doned   Morrison, Harvey   Coan, Allen Lodger Dunn, Marion Daughter
Roy, Armand   Lunnie, Almira   Lynaugh, Quentin Lodger Broome, Theodore  
Thomas, Harry   Huse, Marian A. Lodger Hagan, Bernard   Valentine, Frank  
Ellis, David   Crawford, Robert   Census Page VT.5-10-10 (map) Carter, Margaret Lodger
Streeter, Charles   Remick, Morton   Concord (Town) Banks, Frederick E.  
Garron, Joseph   Lillicrap, Fred R.   McLaren, Harvey Lodger Nadeau, Delor  
LoDoo, Philip   Bradshaw, Merlin   McBey, Thomas   Delworth, John  
Sisco, Frank   Parker, John   Rainey, Leslie   Wilkie, Joseph Lodger
Fox, Felix   Duval, William J.   Rick, William   Chase, Willis  
Breault, Felix   Martin, Barbara Ann G-daug McGinnis, Edwin S-son Crawford, George  
Parrish, Cynthia M-in-law Paradis, Wilfred   Paris, Peter   Shores, Susan M-in-law
Ramsey, William   Census Page VT.5-9-6 (map) Argent, Parker Leon Lodger Howard, Evelyn Maid
Pendrigh, Joseph   Concord (Village) Lynaugh, Howard   Dunn, Lysle  
Ramsdell, Addie L.   Hale, Pliny   Lynaugh, John   French, Earl Lodger
Murphy, Michael J. Lodger Reed, Frank B-in-law Bona, Victor   Dunn, Corrydon  
Deering, William   Beerworth, Jesse   Forbes, George   Murchie, Daniel  
Walling, William   Quimby, E. Linwood   Census Page VT.5-10-11 (map) Patridge, Solon A.  
Census Page VT.5-14-5 (map) Pierce, Frank   Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-21-3 (map)
Guildhall (Town) Lillicrop, Francis   Forbes, Florence Wife Victory (Town)
Lougee, Kenneth Hired hand Moyse, Russell   Sheldon, Edward   Patridge, Winona Daughter
Ridgwell, Harry   Quimby, George   Tisdall, Cora Hse kpr Masten, Gerald  
Richardson, Charles   Tardif, Ernest   Levesque, Thomas   Jones, Edwin  
Peaslee, Fred W.   Virtue, James   Roussin, Eugene B-in-law Cahoon, Louis A.  
Hodge, John   Chapman, Louise   Stuart, John   Damon, Charles W.  
Stevens, Glen E.   Morton, Amy Sister Elliott, Lewis   rest of page is blank  
James, Charles A.   Robillard, Priscilla Lodger Lampher, Curtis   Census Page VT.5-21-4 (map)
Robinson, William E.   Census Page VT.5-9-7 (map) Reed, Elmer   Victory (Town)
Hayes, Karl E.   Concord (Village) Coburn, Ivan   blank page  
Abbott, Myrtle M.   Tilton, Nellie   Ranney, Nellie M.   Census Page VT.5-21-5 (map)
Hubbard, Wyman Son Morton, Harry   Gripp, Wesley Hired hand Victory (Town)
Howe, John J.   Quimby, Herbert   Cote, Eminien J.   Larue, Bernie H. Lodger
Rowe, Howard H.   Kendall, Gordon S-in-law Stuart, Luther   Ponliot, Alexander Lodger
Gilcris, Oliver C.   Walsh, Thomas   Pelow, Durwood Hired hand Harkins, Robert Lodger
Census Page VT.5-14-6 (map) Woodbury, Vianna   Williams, Robert   Davis, Robert A.  
Guildhall (Town) Butler, Edith Sister Myhill, Frank (ab) Hired hand rest of page is blank  
Booth, Harold A.   Lillicrap, Blanche   Warren, Dewey   Census Page VT.5-21-6 (map)
Stoddard, Marjorie Daughter Shackford, Mianda Mother Stuart, Edward   Victory (Town)
Wentworth, Robert E.   Gorham, Kate G.   Census Page VT.5-10-12 (map) blank page  
Flanders, Helen   Martin, Patrick   Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-21-7 (map)
Parkhuret, George W. Lodger Spaulding, Mark   Stuart, Ellen Wife Victory (Town)
Hodge, Carlos H.   Hastings, Myrtie Daughter Stuart, Nora R.   blank page  
Kennison, Orall H.   Bean, Dennison   Davey, Michael Hired hand Census Page VT.5-22-1 (map)
Mason, Frank B.   Higgins, Edward   Powers, Eugene C.   Warners (Town)
Laythe, Mary E. M-in-law Richards, Karl   Mann, Robert Lodger no population  
Bell, Mildred E. Lodger Woodward, Guy   Laundry, John   blank page  
Breault, Yvonne Servant Bedell, Ward   Fontaine, Louis   Census Page VT.5-22-2 (map)
Houle, William A. Inmate Census Page VT.5-9-8 (map) Grant, Marcus Betran   Warners (Town)
Ramsdell, Clarence E.   Concord (Village) Howard, Henry   blank page  
Downing, Clarence J.   Bedell, Jean Wife Young, Harry   Census Page VT.5-23-1 (map)
Hayes, Roscoe S.   Hastings, Lilla   Donoghy, Harvey   Warners Gore (Town)
McAllister, Albert C.   Chaplin, Clara Mother Rollins, May Hse keeper no population  
Styles, Frank E. F-in-law Owens, Albert Hired hand Census Page VT.5-10-13 (map) blank page  
Ford, Minnie A.   Ovitt, Walter   Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-23-2 (map)
Hand, Karlene Lodger Twombly, Elwin   Nichols, Louis (ab)   Warners Gore (Town)
Tangue, Vinnie M. Lodger Stone, Willard   Hartshan, Walter   blank page  
Census Page VT.5-14-7 (map) Haviland, Stephen C.   Fortin, George   Census Page VT.5-16-1 (map)
Guildhall (Town) Hatch, Ralph Partner Rutledge, Florence   Lewis (Town)
Cloutier, Edward   Cobleigh, Bertha P.   Rutledge, Neil   no population  
Wentworth, Clara B.   Bagir, Ellen   Cross, Robert   blank page  
Hall, Harley S.   McFarland, Forrest   Marshall, Hoyt M.   Census Page VT.5-16-2 (map)
Larry, Mary L.   McFarland, Walter   Potter, May niece Lewis (Town)
Ellis, Millicent E. Sister Census Page VT.5-9-9 (map) Hayward, Wendell Hired hand blank page  
Stevens, Earle E.   Concord (Village) O'Btien, Charles J.   Census Page VT.5-12-1 (map)
Bigelow, Harry F.   Lunnie, Milton G-son Robichaud, Raymond Hired hand Ferdinand (Town)
Noyes, Thelma A. S-daugh Smith, Harvey   Carpenter, Francis Hired hand Doyon, Audre  
Higgins, Carrie R. M-in-law Cole, Vernon Nephew Merriam, Harland Lodger Couture, Edmond  
Grondin, Eugene   Wolf, Frederick Jr.   Jenson, Louis   Doyon, Oliva  
Allen, Clayton   Miles, Margaret   Southworth, Richard   Royer, George  
Parkhurst, Etmas B-in-law Tasseau, Rose   Robillard, Homer Hired hand Richard, Mildred Hse-keeper
Tetu, Alfred P.   Census Page VT.5-9-10 (map) Colby, Ellis   Annis, Burleigh H.  
McLain, Clessen   Concord (Village) Census Page VT.5-10-14 (map) rest of page is blank  
Silver, Irving   duplicate sheet of page 9    Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-12-2 (map)
Boyce, Ella M.   Census Page VT.5-9-11 (map) Davis, May   Ferdinand (Town)
Hunter, Norman D.   Concord (Village) Labounty, Peter   blank page  
Whiting, Lenwood C. Hired hand blank page   Ladd, George   Census Page VT.5-6-1 (map)
Lockhart, Grace M.   Census Page VT.5-10-1 (map) Brown, William   Brunswick (Town)
Morse, Delia W. Mother Concord (Town) Benoit, Lloyd S-in-law Taylor, R. Watson  
Census Page VT.5-14-8 (map) Downing, Harley   Blodgett, Wisley   de Banirlle, Edgar A.  
Guildhall (Town) Horton, Charles Farm hand Shaw, Eugene   Wedge, Theodore S-son
McPheters, Sanford A.   Quimby, Alpha   Fuller, William   Chase, Robert Boarder
Willard, George   Reed, Reginald R. F-in-law Howard, Melvin   O'Dowd, George E.  
Ford, Fred H.   Rivers, David   Jacques, James P.   Mills, John L.  
Ball, Lucuis W.   Streeter, Cora J.   Fenoff, Nelson   Tina, Farley Boarder
Lamotte Clement J.   Goudreault, Alfred A.   Montgomery, Drury Lodger Conn, James  
Lamotte, Louis P.   Robillard, Henry Hired hand Brown, Ithamar   Ladoo, Dennis  
Lamotte, William P.   Cardinal, Joseph Hired hand Gregoire, Peter   Potvin, Claude  
Swann, Ralph W.   Goudreault, Rose T.   Census Page VT.5-10-15 (map) Johnson, Einar  
Drew, Albert A.   Hartshorn, Dan L.   Concord (Town) Damon, Andrew  
Ball, Leonard B.   Crawford, Lloyd R. G-son Gregoire, Bernice Daughter Beauliew, Arthur  
Caron, Pete   Joslin, Edwin   Bordeau, Homer O.   Dube, Raymond Boarder
Census Page VT.5-14-9 (map) Phillips, Alden   Lyons, Milton Lodger Dunn, Anthony  
Guildhall (Town) Williams, William   Davis, Arthur   Carr, Margaret Sister
Streeter, Clifford R. Son Rivers, Leonard   Mosher, Charles   Monahan, Patrick Hired hand
Archer, Henry Lodger Bennett, Walter B-in-law Timson, Bernard   Graham, Harry  
Lewis, Dorothy M. Daughter Parker, Roscoe   Boutwell, George   Census Page VT.5-6-2 (map)
Booth, Betty Sister Bean, Harriet Hse kpr Silsby, Harland   Brunswick (Town)
Census Page VT.5-14-10 (map) Census Page VT.5-10-2 (map) Covey, Earl   Helie, Edmond  
Guildhall (Town) Concord (Town) Lyons, Milton   Webster, Horace  
blank page   Nichols, Walter   Fisher, Roy   Mason, Charles  
Census Page VT.5-13-1 (map) Sweet, Alden S-son Census Page VT.5-10-16 (map) Broome, Nina S-daug
Granby (Town) Bombard, Nela   Concord (Town) Mason, Grant Son
Shores, Arthur W.   Church, Roy   Gwendolyn Fisher Daughter Taylor, Charlie  
Brown, Ernest K.   Young, Ray   Charles Burlock   Rosebrook, William Hired hand
Buzzell, Lilla M.   Vance, Joseph   Thomas Newick   Patnaude, William Hired hand
Shores, Vernon A.   Flood, Ely   McDonald, Fred Lodger Anderson, Andrew  
Cole, Edna H. Lodger Muzzy, Charles F-in-law Census Page VT.5-10-17 (map) rest of page is blank  
McLean, Ralph N.   Stockwell, Louis D.   Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-6-3 (map)
Matthews, Hettie Mother Woodbury, Charles B-in-law Donald Ranney   Brunswick (Town)
Williams, Robert Hired hand Lincoln, Roscoe L. Nephew Loremer, E. Goodwin Jr.   Beattie, Roy French Son
Hodgdon, Albert   Young, Helen M. Hse kpr Tarreh, Rose   Beattie, Celia M.  
Austin, George S.   Halatyn, Walter   Census Page VT.5-10-18 (map) rest of page is blank  
Lund, Hugh   Corey, Ralfe   Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-6-4 (map)
Census Page VT.5-13-2 (map) Census Page VT.5-10-3 (map) blank page   Brunswick (Town)
Granby (Town) Concord (Town) Census Page VT.5-1-1 (map) blank page  
Lund, Hosea   Dow, Etta Hse kpr Averill (Town)    
Hodgdon, S. Fox   Perkins, Milo   Boissette, John O.      
Shores, Georgie L.   Rivers, Dona Lodger Brousseair, Solomon J.      
Bishop, Henry C.   Nichols, Fred   rest of page is blank      
Shores, Ceylon   Sayers, Fred   Census Page VT.5-1-2 (map)    
Jones, Ira   Rutledge, Henry   Averill (Town)    
Lund, Edward   Baker, Mecah   blank page      
Census Page VT.5-9-1 (map) Laundry, Peter   Census Page VT.5-1-3 (map)    
Concord (Village) Hastings, Frank   Averill (Town)    
Barnet, Chauncey H.   Bunnell, Mildred   Langmaid, Mildred      
Crofton, Kate E.   Census Page VT.5-10-4 (map) Bean, Delina      
Irena Jeweth Lodger East Concord (Town) Baril, Anna      
Rook, Charles   McKearney, Terrance   rest of page is blank      
Ash, William   Fisher, Renford   Census Page VT.5-1-4 (map)    
Richards, Charles   Crawfad, Flara M-in-law Averill (Town)    
Graves, Herbert   Blodgett, Delia   blank page      
Bonnet, Harold S-son Perkins, Perley   Census Page VT.5-2-1 (map)    
Reed, William   Hurlburt, Violet Daughter Averys Gore (Town)    
Keach, William S-in-law Butler, Wilbert   no population      
Lewis, Fred   Emery, Kate   blank page      
Butterfield, Grace Hse kpr Anderson, Hammond   Census Page VT.5-2-2 (map)    
Bennett, Margaret   Harriman, Scott   Averys Gore (Town)    
Holton, Abie   Boyle, James   blank page      
Hodge, Mary L.   Streeter, Clifford          
Keniston, Harry              
Bake, Alban S.              
Perley, Elizabeth Lodger            
Calacci, Rose              

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