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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Averill Avery Gore
Brunswick East Concord
East Haven Concord
Ferdinand Granby
Guildhall Lewis
Warners Victory
Warners Gore
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census pages

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census pages

Brighton (Island Pond)

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Census Page VT.5-4-1 (map) Census Page VT.5-4-14 (map) Census Page VT.5-4-26 (map) Census Page VT.5-4-1 (map)
Brighton (Town) Brighton (Town) Brighton (Town) Brighton (Town)
Minardy, Fred E.   Barnes, Jacob H.   Moultrop, Evelyn C. Wife    
Ewendy, William W.   Samson, Norman D.   Ficaro, Evelyn T. Lodger    
Pareut, Peter E. Lodger Letowneau, John L.   Jerome, Mary Lodger    
Barrett, Leland E.   Gokey, Mary B. Sister Emery, Walter E.      
Probert, Fred O.   Dionne, Rose de Lima Hse Kpr Wing, John C. Lodger    
Cormier, Edward R.   McBridy, William H.   Henry, John      
Boylary, Patrick   Stone, Lillian O. Hse Kpr Dubois, Edwyna D. Lodger    
Samson, Ethel M. Hse Kpr Stafford, David S.   Dubois, Lawinna L. Lodger    
Dale, Timothy C.   Danfaith, Herbert W.   Chase, Elbridge G.      
Finnegan, Winnifred A. Mother Lefebvre, Frank A.   Cilley, Robert J.      
Conley, Elsie M. Daug. Kehoe, Agnes E.   Pratt, Stephen C.      
Pouliot, Joseph E.   Farrell, Clara E.   Stoddard, William E.      
Steady, Leo J. Sr.   Cooper, James M. Lodger Coe, George W.      
Gregoire, Yvonne A. Hse Kpr Lefebvre, Charles J.   Osborne, Harry W.      
Ericson, Oscar H.   Lefrebvre, Alphonse, F.   Osborne, Harriette J.      
Census Page VT.5-4-2 (map) Lampher, Clifton D.   Census Page VT.5-4-27 (map)    
Brighton (Town) Holson, Howard H.   Brighton (Town)    
Erickson, Arthur W. Son Swenson, Carly   Roaby, Agnes A.      
Erickson, Esther C. Hse Kpr Cargill, George M.   Hailey, Mary E. Lodger    
Reynolds, George W.   Census Page VT.5-4-15 (map) Wilson, Roy L.      
Devlin, Thomas F-in-law Brighton (Town) Cross, Clarence J.      
Lacroix, George R.   Goulet, Ellen D.   Morse, Annie      
Hunter, Harvey   Martin, Carl A.   rest of page is blank      
Sloan, John D.   Seymore, Odeana A.   Census Page VT.5-4-28 (map)    
Currier, Charles H.   Dodge, Ilean F. Daughter Brighton (Town)    
Moody, Charles W. G-Son Crowe, Thomas M.   blank page      
Dyer, George L.   Heon, Josephine L.   Census Page VT.5-4-29 (map)    
Bresse, Ernest A.   Testut, Gustave J.   Brighton (Town)    
Powers, Clifton M.   Rabideau, Elwin L.   Stevens, Howard R.      
Census Page VT.5-4-3 (map) Gagne, Paul A.   Stevens, Clayton P.      
Brighton (Town) John, Fred H.   Hawkins, Percy Lodger    
Berry, Fred   Houle, Leocadi M. M-in-Law Harmon, Charles E. (ab) S-son    
Wilder, Mary E.   Goulet, Emile F.   Grant, Henry F.      
Rielly, Owen A.   Census Page VT.5-4-16 (map) Maxwell, Claude M.      
Gray, Millard A.   Brighton (Town) Welch, Jessie P. Hse Kpr    
Jenney, Myron A.   Goulet, Shirley R. Daughter Daniels, Ira E.      
Foster, Claude S.   Pare, Josephine Lodger Blake, Charles H. Uncle    
Hall, Julia Hse Kpr Cheveirer, Valida M.   Sample, Harold A.      
Brown, Perley N.   Farmer, Elmer H. Lodger Hawkins, Edward D.      
Plumb, Marilyn Hse Kpr Henry, Diana Lodger Census Page VT.5-4-30 (map)    
Turcotte, Elizabeth P. Lodger Dubois, Anthony   Brighton (Town)    
LaPointe, Donat C.   Wallace, Glen C.   Hawkins, Ida G. Wife    
Stott, Addison R.   McNamara, James C.   Bagley, Anna E. Lodger    
Carroll, John W.   Goulet, Omer J.   Bumps, William E.      
Brooks, Clara A. M-in-Law Aldrich, Herbert E.   Maxwell Gibb I.      
Bartlett, Phillip A.   Aldrich, Donald D.   Worth James      
Stott, Stewart H.   Laffin, Pierce E. Lodger Provoncha, Grace A.      
Berry, Edna L. Aunt Gillis, John A.   Hinton, Leo C. Lodger    
McCullough, Tomas B.   Dyon, Mandy M-in-Law Brigham, Clifford R.      
Census Page VT.5-4-4 (map) Begin, Joseph   Johnson, Charles Lodger    
Brighton (Town) Census Page VT.5-4-17 (map) Burrier, Fred Lodger    
Caoutte, James E.   Brighton (Town) Rabida, Frank L.      
Bosworth, Augustus W.   Lachance, Edmond A. Son Fortin, Arthur J. G-Son    
Howell, Mary Lodger Dodge, Raymond J.   Bishop, Luther E.      
Devlin, Flevia D.   Hodgsen, Kenneth R.   Census Page VT.5-4-31 (map)    
Jefts, Clyde A.   Laitres, Joseph   Brighton (Town)    
King, James A.   Finnegan, Joseph   Covill, Albion W.      
Weller, Richard D.   Crowe, John L.   Covill, Laurence A.      
Champagne, John A.   Page, Charles H.   Riggi, Mary M.      
Lindsay, Cora E.   Houle, Francis J.   Bishop, William O.      
Thurston, Eolia A. Sister Bais, Joseph   Carliso, Bertie E.      
Martin, Daniel H.   Reynolds, Frank D.   Baldwin,Martha A.      
Census Page VT.5-4-5 (map) Elliott, Joseph P.   Carry, Herbert S.      
Brighton (Town) McCormick, Altie G.   Buck, Beatrice L. Sister    
Martin, Beatrice J. Daug. Daniels, Fremont A. Lodger Carkum, Herbert      
Lampher, Everett L.   Gray, George W.   Douglass, Bernard E.      
Thurber, Wendell W.   Welch, Pauline I. Lodger Coe, Harley E.      
Webster, Ernest M.   Castonguay, Gerard G.   Farmer Bert W.      
Webster, Harold V.   Castonguay, William Lodger Despins, Wilfred      
Joseph, Anthony   Paradis, Francis S. Lodger Hiuchy, James P.      
Joseph, William   Stoke, Sarah C.   rest of page is blank      
Payeur, Samuel    Currier, Malvina Lodger Census Page VT.5-4-32 (map)    
Census Page VT.5-4-6 (map) Dodge, Ralph E.   Brighton (Town)    
Brighton (Town) Goulet, Peter J.   blank page      
Payeur, Geraldine A. Daug. Census Page VT.5-4-18 (map) Census Page VT.5-4-33 (map)    
King, John T.   Brighton (Town) Brighton (Town)    
King, William   Goulet, Dehlia M. Wife Therriun, Joseph F. Rev.      
Christie, Reuben   Gillis, George A.   Barette, Elizabeth Lodger    
Danforth,Henry A.   Murphy, John H.   Larvie, Hermas R. Lodger    
Laporte, Ralph R. Lodger Hughes, William C.   rest of page is blank      
Grant, Cora M. Hse Kpr Hopkins, Agnes M-in-Law Census Page VT.5-4-34 (map)    
MacDonald John A.   Daniels, George W.   Brighton (Town)    
Young, John A.   Daniels, Joseph A.   blank page      
Merisette, Emile   Lameureux, Victor C.   Census Page VT.5-4-35 (map)    
Paradis, Herbert R.   Wilson, Allie F.   Brighton (Town)    
White, Matilda M-in-Law Hodge, George G.   Sisters of the Presentation      
Johnson, Arthur W.   Census Page VT.5-4-19 (map) of Blessed Virgin Mary      
Census Page VT.5-4-7 (map) Brighton (Town) Cote      
Brighton (Town) Hodge, Stella M. Daughter Cotudal      
Johnson, Warren A. Son Moffett, Esther I.   Bibeau      
Davis, Rodney O.   Thibodeau, Dorothy I. Daughter Laliberte      
Lavsie, Louis J. L.   Meredith, Roland L.   Hameliu      
Sequin, Claude R.   Dufour, Richard J.   Baribeault      
Currier, Walter   Gillander, Helen M. G-Daug. Coutie      
Doharty, Elizabeth M. Hse Kpr Bunker, Liceda   L. Heureux      
Pelletier,Olive I. Mother Daniels, Jessie W.   Lamey      
Gray, George E.   Deslander, Laura H.   Lemois      
Worth, Nettie Mother Julian, Louis L. Lodger Croteau      
Davis, Charlotte   Stevens Ora G. Lodger Duhamis      
Wileox, Arlington R.   Pepau, George L.   Bergeron      
Jones, Jessie B.   Couture, Joseph A.   rest of page is blank      
Elliott, Elizabeth J. Daug. Jones, Nelson G.   Census Page VT.5-4-36 (map)    
Castonquay, Joseph A.   Davidson, Lewis A.   Brighton (Town)    
Bean, Aubrey F.   Giroux, Walter E. Lodger blank page      
Chesney, Gordon G.   Census Page VT.5-4-20 (map) Census Page VT.5-4-37 (map)    
Austen, Daphne   Brighton (Town) Brighton (Town)    
Rawson, Emma L.   Coates, Arnold W. Nephew Lavoie, Hermas R. (ab) Son    
Census Page VT.5-4-8 (map) Cahill, John W.   Moffett, Emile Lodger    
Brighton (Town) Ewins, George   Dale, George N.      
Denman, John F. Lodger Powers, Hyrum C.   Perkins, Shirley O. Lodger    
Mallard, Joseph R. Lodger Maxwell, Allan H.   Grant, Edward O. Lodger    
Mallard, Annie A. Lodger Burroughs, Fred A.   Hutchins, Esther Hse Kpr    
Spaulding, Marion B. Lodger Findley, Adam F.   Green, Cora B. Hse Kpr    
Desjardin, Richard J. B. E.   Cargill, Delmay O.   Norton, Lydia K.      
Harris, Berton C.   Welch, Frank B.   Bailey, Clayton H.      
Turgeon, Edward J.   Maxwell, Edward C.   Anderson, Paul      
MacDonald, Effie M.   Chase, George   rest of page is blank      
Moore, Montgomery Lodger Meehan, John W.   Census Page VT.5-4-38 (map)    
Morris, Thomas Lodger Finnegan, John D.   Brighton (Town)    
Lindsay,Raymond I.   Census Page VT.5-4-21 (map) blank page      
Boudreau, Joseph L.   Brighton (Town) Census Page VT.5-4-39 (map)    
Prevost, Claire M-in-Law Maultrop, Henry S.   Brighton (Town)    
Brooks, Gleynn E.   Maultrop, Ralph H.   ( Hotel Osborne )      
Paquette, Elizabeth G.   McWain, Jessie F.   Belhumer, Lawrence P       
Paquette, Frank   Henry, James Lodger Wing, Caudis S. Hse Kpr    
Census Page VT.5-4-9 (map) McKinnon, Christie M. Lodger Peavey, Carl Lodger    
Brighton (Town) McKenney, Cecil G.   Dabney, Garnett H. Lodger    
Bishop, Arthur E.   Currier, Harold L.   McLaughlin, Luke C. Lodger    
Rivers, Glydes   Stolt, Roland A.   rest of page is blank      
Bellrose, Fred M. Lodger Curtis, Irving E.   Census Page VT.5-4-40 (map)    
Gleason, William A.   Sequin, Walter L.   Brighton (Town)    
O'Dowd, Daniel J.   Wheeler, Walter G. G-Son blank page      
Baird, William G.   Ovitt, Herbert I.          
Chenette, Albert J.   Ovitt, Herbert C.          
Elie, Lionel A.   Currier, Leon E.          
Davis, Jerry E.   Wallace, Bert A.          
Gagnon, Laura I. Lodger Laitres, Ernest J.          
Butter, Thomas F.   Census Page VT.5-4-22 (map)        
Gleason, Marten J. Brother Brighton (Town)        
Sloan, Hubert D.   Laitres, Lucilla M Daughter        
Census Page VT.5-4-10 (map) Guay, Edward R.          
Brighton (Town) Hawkins, Arrone E.          
Sloan, Edith I. Wife Grant, Delphin Hse Kpr        
Vinson, William H.   Bumps, Walter E.          
Manning, George Alfred   Mudget, Alden J. Lodger        
Tenney, Victor C.   Forgraves, Ben James          
Hully, Ray D.   O'Keefe, John L.          
Lefebvre, Theodore D.   Forbes, Joseph H.          
Norcross, Stressel R.   LaBounty, Joseph I.          
Lay, Nelson R.   Castonguay, Ernest J.          
Gagne, Nazire O.   Casttonguay, Paul Lodger        
Seymore, Thomas T.   Young, Paul F. Lodger        
Laba, Martha M.   Young, Frank H.          
Raiggie, Ellison Lodger Bunkey, Lawrence E.          
Tanguay, Fred L.   Census Page VT.5-4-23 (map)        
Bartlett, Herbert L.   Brighton (Town)        
Foss, Edmond C.   Pratt, Felix J.          
Morin, Ozanan F.   Farmer, John R.          
Miner, Harry F.   Henry, Llean M. G-Daug.        
Census Page VT.5-4-11 (map) Farmer, Clarence          
Brighton (Town) Samson, Archie M.          
Miner, Woodman H. Son Samson, James C. Lodger        
Larabee, Nathan H.   Merrill, John J.          
Morse, Leon E.   Marquis, Henry          
Perham, Benjamin   Daniels, Ira T.          
Ellsworth, Cyril   Merin, Alfred J.          
Melcher, Russell A.   Donaghy, Archie W.          
Klinefelter, John R.   Stearns, Ann E. Hse Kpr        
Gosley, Louis H.   Green, Charles B.          
Lontine, Leo H.   Egleston, Blanche E.          
Hodgson, Etta I.   McKey, Harold J. H. Son        
Barnes, Sydney H.   Egleston, Fredrick O. G-Son        
Foss, Leonard E.   Page, Albie A.          
Tanque, Raymond A.   Census Page VT.5-4-24 (map)        
Census Page VT.5-4-12 (map) Brighton (Town)        
Brighton (Town) Merisette, Joseph E.          
Tangue, Dorothy L. Wife Bouchard, Louis          
Todd, Lettie M. M-in-Law Bouchard, Charles J.          
Blake, Jusen   Lavric, John A.          
Kennedy, Mandy W. Hse Kpr Jewell,, Florence Hse Kpr        
Payeur, Clare G.   Weatherstone, James W.          
O'Germany, Nicholas   Goulet, William          
Strathem, Mary Louise   Vielleux, Alfred          
Chesney, Glenn E. Sr.   St Pierre, Mary          
Tracy, Thomas C.   Eglinton, Henry E.          
Elkins, Annie E. Sister Bailey, Max C.          
Maroney, Alice S. J.   Bailey, Bernard D.          
Couture, Gilbert L. Hse Kpr Merisette, Felix          
Maroney, Margaret A.   Census Page VT.5-4-25 (map)        
Davis, Lucius H.   Brighton (Town)        
Census Page VT.5-4-13 (map) Weatherstone, William C.          
Brighton (Town) Currier, William L.          
Flaherty, Catherine   Kane, William H.          
Rice, Harry E.   Kane, William I.          
Applebee, Earl D.   Campbell, William J.          
Ladd, William D. F-in-law Dupuis, Lucienne          
Brooks, George E.   Agassiz, Louis J.          
Hartshorn, Edwin H. Step son Dupuis, Margarite Daughter        
Damon, Archie Son Cole, Jape B.          
Donahue, Patrick   Nerris, Carl G.          
Scribner, Aubrey P.   Charette, Sylvie J.          
Curran, Mathew   Porter, Bruce G. Son        
Merisette, Edward   Twonbly, Laura M. M-in-Law        
Ladd, George C.   Perry, Bernard E.          
White, John J.   Drown, Thurza M. M-in-Law        
    Bissette, Charles          
    Lougee, Kenneth Lodger        
    Moultrop, Preston R.          

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