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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Averill Avery Gore
Brunswick East Concord
East Haven Concord
Ferdinand Granby
Guildhall Lewis
Warners Victory
Warners Gore
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census pages

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census pages

Brighton (Island Pond)

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Census Page VT.5-17-1 (map) Census Page VT.5-18-1 (map) Census Page VT.5-18-10 (map) Census Page VT.5-18-20 (map)
Lunenberg (Town) Lunenberg (Town) Lunenberg (Town) Lunenberg (Town)
Demetre, Samuel Jr.   Briggs, Genevieve   Morrow, Merrill H. Son Lee, Fredrick D.  
Armstrong, Elizabeth Daughter Briggs, Alfred Husband Timpson, Sarah R.   Morin, Adrien F.  
Bisbee, Ernest   Damon, Maude Sister McLaughlin, Charles P.   Merril, Boyce H.  
Thomas, Edson   Dustin, Claire   Ramsdell, Agustus E.   Covey, George L.  
Long, Philo   Colby, Elwin A.   Hartwell, Charles Roomer Wilkie, William C. Roomer
Ball, Perley   King, Persis F.   Lewis, Mabel Roomer Finn, Maurice L.  
Lamothe, Eugene   Keneson, Lenna V. Daughter Harlow, Anna Roomer Leathers, Kenneth E.  
Berry, Thomas   Fisher, Bernard K. Nephew Wentworth, William Roomer Pasache, Marion A. M-in-law
Merrill, Fred   Williams, Clarence N.   Ramsdell, Henry A.   Rogers, Earl B.  
Balch, Eugene   Howland, Maurice   Gray, Judson S.   Gunther, John L.  
Simonds, Warren   Grant, James K.   McLaughlin, Raymond W.   Mansfield, James F.  
Murtaugh, Berlram   Covey, Gordon A.   Lewis, Clarence A.   Hawley, Etta M. Roomer
Murtaugh, John   McBey, Nellie   Powers, Stephen B.   Fuller, Harry E.  
Census Page VT.5-17-2 (map) Hartshorn, Raymond M.   Fuller, Elmore T.   Lanpher, Kenneth B.  
Lunenberg (Town) Annis, Jobiah C.   Graham, Dorothy J. Niece Bradley, Alice P. Mother
Monahan, George   King, Henry E.   Quebec, Louisa   Smith, Douglas S.  
Jerome, Wallace   King, Zilpha S. Wife Hoyt, Algie M. Boarder Census Page VT.5-18-21 (map)
Drew, Glen Son Census Page VT.5-18-2 (map) Carter, Lizzie A. Boarder Lunenberg (Town)
Cole, Mabel Mother Lunenberg (Town) Blood, Agnes E.   Wood, James B.  
Bell, George   Ball, Rewata K. Daughter Ball, Lawrence E.   Wetzel, Margaret D. Maid
Jewell, Marjorie Daughter Parker, Maime M.   Census Page VT.5-18-11 (map) Edney, Arthur G.  
Pond, Nila Servant Balch, Maybel T.   Lunenberg (Town) Lacroix, Emma N.  
Colby, Clifford   Powers, Fred E.   Adams, Harry C. F-in-law Edney, Thomas A.  
Colby, Luke   Powers, Percy R.   Bell, Clinton T.   Koppan, Odd Roomer
Knapp, Maynard   Corliss, Frank   Bell, Adino N.   Cyr, Armand F.  
Drake, Francis Helper Roy, Oliva N.   Schmidt, Waldenar   McLellan, Albert L.  
Monahan, Ernest   Woods, Henry E.   Platte, Gertrude E.   Lafrancois, Paul H.  
Kenney, William   Pond, Martin R.   Gordon, Elmer E. Boarder O'Brien, John C.  
Fountain, Roland Nephew Heseltine, Robert   Halpin, John T.   Magoni, Joseph  
Brooks, Donald Hired hand White, James   Colby, William N.   Census Page VT.5-18-22 (map)
Hoyt, Lewis   Ball, Rex A.   Smith, Omlah R.   Lunenberg (Town)
Census Page VT.5-17-3 (map) Wormwood, Robert M.   Mills, Minnie E.   Gilbert, Henry J.  
Lunenberg (Town) Phelps, Wallace W.   Stone, Fred A. Boarder Resden, Leonard E.  
Colby, Howard   Census Page VT.5-18-3 (map) Woods, Renrin A.   Edney, Theadore A.  
Cole, Thelma Lodger Lunenberg (Town) Hollaway, Fred C.   Babcock, Oscar E.  
Colby, Raymond   Phelps, Douglas W. Son Census Page VT.5-18-12 (map) Boucher, Joseph A.  
Hoyt, Benjamin   Fernand, Carl S. Hired hand Lunenberg (Town) Eades, Harriet E.  
Barber, Robert   Ball, Wilber R.   Hollaway, Herbert N.   Bacon, Lloyd G.  
Tardy, William Hired hand Baxter, Arvil R. S-in-law Balch, Hattie B.   Boyle, Walter L.  
Colby, Emma   Nadeau, Edward F.   Finley, Charles B.   Chassie, Clement P.  
Bacon, Lloyd   Griggs, Leona L. Hse kpr Hartwell, Arthur P.   Silsby, Earnest J.  
Colby, Ralph   Bean, William L.   Robinson, Albert I.   Clark, Chester R.  
Curtis, Frank   Wright, Truman F.   Balch, Winona S-in-law Blood, Amos E.  
Balch, Ruth Lodger Stephens, Willie H.   Robinson, Augusta A. Wife Census Page VT.5-18-23 (map)
Tobyne, Raymond   Stephens, Henry F.   Brown, Charles H.   Lunenberg (Town)
Wilson, Oscar   Goss, Henry I.   Woods, John M.   Holmes, Shirley A.  
Burt, Royfield Hired hand Pelletir, Zepherine   Carpentier, Margaret M.   Lavalley, Joseph C.  
Haney, Loren Lodger Pelletir, Peter   Cormier, L. Jeannette Roomer Babineau, Joseph W. Roomer
Barber, Maurice   Census Page VT.5-18-4 (map) Wood, Rupert T.   Connolly, Daniel H.  
Spaulding, Margaret   Lunenberg (Town) Wontini, Robert   Wilks, Walter J.  
Valley, Ernest   Taylor, Peter N. Hired hand Bacon, Rose R. Hse kpr Gamache, Raymond N.  
Census Page VT.5-17-4 (map) Luther, Sidney E.   Brown, Sidney   Westerlund, Carl L.  
Lunenberg (Town) Luther, Howard E.   Drolows, Goldie Roomer McKay, Leroy  
Carpenter, Clara Hse kpr Woods, Alfred J.   Brown, Theda S.   Latoie, Edmond A. Roomer
Stewart, Homer   Gee, Clifford E.   Census Page VT.5-18-13 (map) Quigley, Miles C.  
Silsby, Irving   Heath, Forrest N.   Lunenberg (Town) Dewitt, Cecil V.  
Simonds, Elinor Daughter Newman, Lawrence J.   Drowns, Roderick F. Hse kpr son Joyal, Rosario J.  
Salminen, Frank   McLaughlin, Norman H.   Briggs, Garold F.   Census Page VT.5-18-24 (map)
Pellerin, Joseph   Colby, Don   Hunt, Edith A. Hse kpr Lunenberg (Town)
Silsby, Perley   Pond, Will M.   Preble, Edward C.   Morse, Lewis A.  
Varney, Carl   Forbes, Ellsworth A.   Crowley, James J.   Hopkins, Roger Roomer
Covey, Bert   Dean, Arza L.   Bates, Edward G.   Perkins, William Roomer
Barber, Elvan   Smith, Harold H.   Cox, Joseph   Appleby, John S.  
Covey, John   Lewis, Albert A.   Woodward, Gertrude O. Hse kpr Lizotte, Arsene G.  
Williams, Wendall   Census Page VT.5-18-5 (map) Roy, Louis G.   Emerson, Floyd H.  
Woods, Prudent   Lunenberg (Town) Maillet, Niel B.   McKay, Edward L.  
McLaughlin, William   Tracy, Alphonso L.   Trudell, Mark C.   Lizotte, Lionel B.  
Hoyt, Elmer Hired hand LaCrosse, Ernest A. S-son Census Page VT.5-18-14 (map) Cyr, William E.  
Richards, Ernest   Curtis, Gerald W. S-aon Lunenberg (Town) Resden, Lawrence Roomer
Carter, Harry   Tracy, Mary E. Daughter Wood, Kenneth R.   Resden, Joseph E.  
Census Page VT.5-17-5 (map) Patenaud, Carrol F. F-in-law Lavers, Mary M.   Othot, Maurice A.  
Lunenberg (Town) Jackson, Andrew H. G-father Cote, Paul E.   Rice, Stephen H.  
Burt, Geneva Hse kpr Dodge, Dan K.   Census Page VT.5-18-15 (map) Census Page VT.5-18-25 (map)
Wright, Clayton   Dodge, Stanley K. Son Lunenberg (Town) Lunenberg (Town)
Carles, Fred Lodger Donnarhma, Nichol I.   Kelly, Norman C.   Olson, Betty L.  
Taylor, Edgar   Bell, Franklin   Brenahan, Edward M.   Brunette, Alfred R.  
Bishop, Mary M-in-law Potter, Charles N. Hired hand Godin, Henrietta P.   Fox, George L.  
Willson, Melvin   Bell, Pricella F.   Fournier, Lea M. Maid Ploof, Mary R. S-in-law
Pond, Dorsie   Bacon, Stanley M.   Cobb, George W.   Ouellette, Arthur H.  
Silsby, Lucretia   Silsby, David W.   Smith, Cecil S.   Dugay, Alec J. B-in-law
Pond, Marshall   Bell, Mildred E. S-daug Bresse, Alphonsine M-in-law King, John R.  
Wetyer, John Lodger Bilodeau, Edward J.   Tremblay, Joseph A.   Hartshorn, Murry C.  
Ball, James   Bell, Carl N.   McBey, John W.   Bowen, Earl D.  
Silsby, Henry   Wagner, Ernest E.   Paquette, Lawrence J.   Lizotte, Oscar J.  
Brooks, Arthur   Moore, Reginald E.   Census Page VT.5-18-16 (map) Cyr, Rosanna M.  
Census Page VT.5-17-6 (map) Nickerson, Robert S.   Lunenberg (Town) Lyons, Nelson A.  
Lunenberg (Town) Census Page VT.5-18-6 (map) Paquette, George J.   Pilotte, Edmund L.  
Wilson, Sidney   Lunenberg (Town) Smith, Clarence A.   Morrison, William H.  
Turner, Arnold G-son Joslin, Clarence E.   Oleson, Lawrence Roomer Ranney, Margaret R. Daughter
Brown, Dora   O'Connor, Edioard B.   McLean, Maxwell Roomer Pelkey, Fred  
LaValley, Albert   Carpenter, George M.   Robinson, Vernon R. Roomer Census Page VT.5-18-26 (map)
Brown, Kyle   Carpenter, Mary D. Wife Somers, Kenneth Roomer Lunenberg (Town)
Smith, James   Carpenter, Maren S. Daughter Merrow, John P.   Temporelli, Antonio  
Dodge, Laurence   Lyon, Roy E.   Bernard, Raymond P.   Shilito, James L.  
Newman, George   Fisher, Hubbard   Sayles, Murray S.   Palomei, Romeo Roomer
Ball, Harland   Smith, Florence R. Hse kpr Williams, Harry C.   McCullock, Madelyn P.  
Colby, Walter   Howland, Dorothy M. Hse kpr's daug Brown, Reginald W. Adopt-son Heath, Lyman J. Roomer
Dionae, Edward Lodger Howland, Leslie A. Hse kpr's son Gallante, Blair J.   Weslott, Roger S.  
Pond, Dorothy   Grant, Kate F.   Sullivan, William T.   Hartshorn, Charles C.  
Henson, Harry   Isham, Maurice E. S-in-law Brooks, Phillip E.   Morse, Bradley F.  
Census Page VT.5-17-7 (map) Isham, Guy H.   Laitris, Joseph E.   Corbin, Maurice A.  
Lunenberg (Town) Nichols, James C.   Dohglas, Guy S.   Roy, Albery A.  
Henson, Nellie Wife Hamilton, James E.   Census Page VT.5-18-17 (map) Faulkner, Carrie J.  
Morin, Frank   Sanbourn, Elmeda S. Daughter Lunenberg (Town) Brown, Eleanor B. Maid
Quebec, Percy   Sanbourn, Calvin A. Son-in-law Casey, Walter E.   King, Simon J.  
Thompson, Donald Bro-in-law Census Page VT.5-18-7 (map) Prue, Joseph E.   Flanagan, Francis B.  
Young, William Lodger Lunenberg (Town) St. Cyr, Napoleon J.   Fillion, Rosaire  
Curtis, Fred   Sanbourn, Glenwood F. Boarder St. Cyr, Henry J.   Craig, Harry A.  
King, Alice Maid Hastings, Elry W.   Lallier, Mary P.   Census Page VT.5-18-27 (map)
Marin, George   Carpenter, William H.   Gibson, Lillm M.   Lunenberg (Town)
King, William F-in-law King, Josephine Daughter Dixon, Muriel A.   Rowden, William G.  
Lewis, Frank   Pond, Durwood A.   Pilatte, Donald D.   Howland, Abner H.  
Phelps, Harold Lodger Forrest, Adelord V.   Rivers, George D.   Greeley, Will N. F-in-law
Clavette, Harold   Balduc, Frank   Mailman, Alan L.   Soucie, Frank  
McGraw, Margaret Daughter Hill, Harry S.   Trottier, George J.   Hawkins, Alice L. Hse kpr
Gee, Larenzo Hired hand Lane, Franic E. Uncle Census Page VT.5-18-18 (map) Morton, William L.  
Streeter, John   Sivogny, Alfred V.   Lunenberg (Town) Joslin, Elwin N.  
Hall, Hattie Hse kpr Pike, Harry W.   LaCroix, Henry   Kimball, Benjamen M.  
Kimball, Herbert E.   Census Page VT.5-18-8 (map) Bradley, Arthur H.   Wilson, Ethyl M. Maid
Census Page VT.5-17-8 (map) Lunenberg (Town) Christie, Arthur A. G-son Carter, Levi H.  
Lunenberg (Town) Simonss, Charles F.   McMann, Edward J.   Derby, Arthur C.  
Rancour, Joseph   Plante, Clyde A.   Cook, Arnold A.   LeHouillier, Ludger L.  
Donaldson, Winona Hse kpr Lyons, John B.   Pires, Frank   Page, Harry G.  
Potter, Wesley Lodger Goodwin, Anne L. Hse kpr Moore, Lawrence F. Roomer Patterson, James L.  
Dodge, Ernest   Lyons, Reynold B. Brother Boulay, Napoleon H.   Podall, Charles A.  
Carpenter, Alton   Syvain, Jeannette B. Boarder Goff, Clarence O.   Census Page VT.5-18-28 (map)
Woodbury, Esther Hse kpr Goodwin, Roberta E. Hse kpr's daug Magoon, Ruth S.   Lunenberg (Town)
Bland, Ira   Goodwin, Roy L. Jr. Hse kpr's son Sayles, Willard J. Brother LaCroix, Henry A.  
Tinley, John   Perkins, Carl D.   Hartshorn, Clinton L.   Fontaine, Mary L.  
Kenney, Robert   Honle, Joseph A.   Gebo, Edward A.   Colpitts, Fredrick C.  
Tournier, Joseph   Powers, Erwin H.   Census Page VT.5-18-19 (map) Tewksbury, Lee B.  
King, Henry   Fisher, Oscar Hired hand Lunenberg (Town) Census Page VT.5-18-29 (map)
Story, Jack Lodger Morse, Burleigh Boarder Carpenter, Lloyd L.   Lunenberg (Town)
Tinker, William Lodger Cranton, Merril H.   Millikin, John L.   Fitzpatrick, Walter J.  
Whipple, Rose   Dodge, Richard R.   Demars, Louis A.   Edwards, Oscar W. Lodger
Wright, John   Kembly, Ralph Hired hand Lemiux, Andeol G.   Colpitts, Francis H. Lodger
Census Page VT.5-17-9 (map) Magoni, Lewis V.   Drew, Harry A.   Cutting, Stillman F. Lodger
Lunenberg (Town) Census Page VT.5-18-9 (map) Cocoran, John J.   Fisher, Anna J. Lodger
Nelson, Albert Lodger Lunenberg (Town) Fournier, Gilbert J.   Cutting, Mildred D. Managers wife
Spiler, Jack Lodger Magoni, Vincent A. Son Joyal, Omer E.   Putney, Carroll W. Lodger
Biskee, Ernest Lodger Paquette, Venerand   Gilson, Clyde B.   Parent, Albert J. Lodger
Census Page VT.5-17-10 (map) Chandler, Fred H.       Roy, Edward T. Lodger
Lunenberg (Town) Wilson, John H.       Fountain, Leo F. Lodger
blank page   Austin, Gordon Hired hand     Fuller, Leroy L. Lodger
    Davis, William E.       Carpenter, Madeline R. Waitress
    Bean, Willis H.       Blanchette, Louis E. Guest
    Balch, Walter E. Boarder     Gallagher, Henry B. Employee
    Remick, Nellie       Barber, Chester J. Guest
    Gallenelli, Gaiseppee       McCullock, Carlyle P. Guest
    Hawes, Nellie J.       Joyal, Armand Lodger
    Morrow, Alfred J.       Cutting, Rupert B. Manager 
            Cormier, Frank A. Guest
            Bartlett, Kenneth E. Guest
            Buttenwieser, Hermann Guest
            Census Page VT.5-18-30 (map)
            Lunenberg (Town)
            blank page  

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