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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Name Date of Death Town died in Age
Born Marital
Occupation Father
Name of father Maiden Name
 of Mother
Cause of Death
MacDonald, Charlotte E. Sept 2, 1958 Lincoln, NH 87 P. E. I., Canada   Housewife     Silliker, James Frost, Elizabeth  
MacDonald, Donald Mar 12, 1907   78-2-27   M Farmer     MacDonald, Donald MacDonald, Kate Mitial Regurgitation
MacDonald, Kate A. March 12, 1908   15-11-18 Prince Ed., Isl. S Scholar     MacDonald, Murdock Silliker, Charlotte E. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
MacDonald, Murdock June 25, 1938 Lincoln 74-6-19 Stratford   Acid Maker     MacDonald, Donald Martin, Sarah  
Mace, Mary E. Sept 28, 1902 Groveton 5 m 29 d Groveton S       Mace, Henry Downing, Blanche Cholera Infantum
Maclean, Alfred W. Jan 20, 1955 Lancaster, NH 86 Dorchester, MA   retired     Maclean, Edward Cameron, Jane  
Macloon, Ernest Henry April 11, 1946 Groveton 70-2-4 Portland, ME   Supt. Pub. Serv. Co.     Macloon, Charles H. Rogers, Emily  
Magillvery, Angus Sept 2, 1940 Groveton 65-11-13 Nova Scotia   Lumberman          
Magoon, Cecil Jesse Aug 21, 1946 Northumberland 65-6-2 Stanstead, P. Q.    Mill Worker     Magoon, George Evans, Olive  
MaGuire, James Aug 26, 1928 Berlin 63-11-6 Halifax, PQ S Laborer England England MaGuire, James Mason, Mary  
Mahurin, Edna Marion Mar 9, 1942 Northumberland 43-9-6 Guildhall, VT   Housewife     Paige, John W. Smith, Jennie M.  
Mahurin, Frank E. Mar 3, 1922 Northumberland 63-7-4 Columbia M Farmer Stratford Canada Mahurin, Ephraim Bailey, Mary  
Mahurin, Robert H. May 30, 1956 Lancaster, NH 60 W. Stewartstown   Millworker     Mahurin, Frank E. Hoag, Eva  
Mahurin, Theodore R. Dec 24, 1953 Concord, NH 47 Stewartstown, NH   Millworker     Mahurin, Frank Hogue, Eva  
Major, Mark Wayne Sept 11, 1959 Groveton, NH 3 mos Groveton, NH         Major, Gilbert Gagnon, Geraldine  
Malenfant, I. Alphee Nov 10, 1947 Groveton 77-6-10 St. Epiplane, Can.   Woodsman     Malenfant, Narcisse Nadeau, Chilaneau  
Malloy, Andrew T. Oct 11, 1948 Northumberland 53-7-14 Berlin   NH St. Trooper     Malloy, James J. Cooney, Bridget  
Maloney, Lilla R. June 4, 1956 Northumberland 73 Stark, NH   Housewife     Damon, Lucius Judd, Hannah  
Mansfield, Arthur S. March 27, 1936 Groveton, NH 85 Colebrook, NH   Contractor     Mansfield, Samuel Fletcher, Ardell  
Marcott, Joseph D. May 10, 1915 Northumberland 60     Laborer          
Marcou, Ella L. Jan 19, 1925 Northumberland 65-5-9 Lowell, VT M Housewife   Albany, VT Goss, George Clough, Letiza  
Marcoux, Frank Sr. April 26, 1932 Groveton 89-3-1 St. Sophia, Que. W Retired Canada Canada      
Maroise, Joseph Feb 25, 1939 Lewiston, ME 79-11-0 Canada              
Marrs, Mrs. Henry Feb 21, 1924 Northumberland 61-2-10 Portland, ME M  Housewife Portland, ME Portland, ME Smith, Charles Smith, Louise May  
Marsh, Lyman Arthur Aug 4, 1941 Northumberland 71-1-26 Barford, PQ   Carpenter     Marsh, Robert Campbell, Isabelle  
Marshall, Adelaide April 8, 1908   67-9-27 Canada M Housewife     Boucher, Peter Cardnel, Josephine Bronchial Asthma
Marshall, Agnes Jan 7, 1906 Northumberland 64-11-9 Canada M       Marshall, Frank Boucher, ____ Cancer of uterus & vagina
Marshall, Alexander Dec 27, 1915 Northumberland 83-6-5 Canada W Farmer Canada Canada Marshall, Josiah    
Marshall, Alexander N. July 8, 1921 Northumberland 65-3-11 Dalton M Farmer Canada Canada Marshall, Alexander Boucher, Adelaide  
Marshall, Andrew J. June 1, 1931 Lancaster 55-4-20 Groveton M Farmer Canada Canada Marshall, Alexander Boucher, Adelaide  
Marshall, Burton Raymond May 17, 1940 Lancaster 73-7-9 Hereford, Can.   Millwright     Marshall, William Trescott, Ellen  
Marshall, Daniel Webster Oct 5, 1953 Lancaster, NH 82 Stewartstown, NH   Master Mechanic     Marshall, William Trescott, Ellen  
Marshall, Delphis N. Oct 8, 1958 Northumberland 91 Northumberland   Laborer     Marshall, Alexander Boucher, Adelaide  
Marshall, Eugene J. March 12, 1901 Northumberland 34-11-1 Acton, P. Q. M Farmer     Marshall, Alex Boucher, Ada'e Intestinal Obstruction
Marshall, Gertrude Weeks Apr 6, 1939 Groveton 63-6-10 Canaan, VT   Homemaker     Weeks, Charles H. Emery, Hannah  
Marshall, Herbert Elmer July 31, 1956 Northumberland 60 Northumberland   Farmer     Marshall, Alexander Finney, Annie  
Marshall, Herman L. March 24, 1918 Clinton, MA 50-0-14   M            
Marshall, Infant male Jan 14, 1905 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S       Marshall, Andrew J. Couture, Georgina M. Premature Birth
Marshall, Joseph W. Dec 31, 1919 Northumberland 36-5-9 Northumberland M Farmer Canada Canada Marshall, Alexander Boucher, Adelaide  
Marshall, Maude T. April 19, 1946 Lancaster 71-9-17 Hereaford, Can.   Housewife     Smith, Gardner W. Dearth, Amanda C.  
Marshall, Patricia Ann April 23, 1959 Lancaster, NH 21 Lancaster, NH   None     Marshall, Harold E. Applebee, Evelyn  
Marshall, Silas Aug 3, 1912 Northumberland 56   M Farmer         Carcinoma of stomach
Marshall, Victor Fenton Feb 15, 1963 Groveton, NH 64 Groveton, NH   ret papermaker     Marshall, Eugene Morency, Nellie  
Marshall, William N. Feb 28, 1900 Northumberland 48-7-0 West Burke, VT M  Farm Labor     Marshall, Joseph Boucher, ___ Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Martel, Agnes R. May 4, 1907   1-2-13 Groveton S       Martel, Napoleon Dunn, Mattie Meningitis
Martin, Agnes Elmira C. Nov 10, 1933 Northumberland 48-6-1 L'Avenir, PQ M Housewife L'Avenir, PQ L'Avenir, PQ Cayo, Oliver Carroll, Catherine  
Martin, Alonzo A. Sept 7, 1912 Northumberland 71-8-12 Fairlee, VT M Retired     Martin, Ezra A. Badger, Eliza Ann Carcinoma of lip
Martin, Alva L. Dec 16, 1906 Groveton 37-2-27 Bloomfield, VT M Laborer     Martin, Alonzo Holbrook, Linda Cancer of gall duct
Martin, Bertha Feb 27, 1958 Concord, NH 80 Groveton, NH   Millworker     Atkinson, Lowery Bennett, Eliza  
Martin, Charles N. Nov 22, 1904 Northumberland 68-2-5 Bradford, VT M Millman          
Martin, Clinton Edward Feb 24, 1946 Lancaster 2-11-18 Groveton         Martin, Clinton W. Bates, Edna Mae  
Martin, Daniel Nov 29, 1903 Groveton 94-2-24 Ireland M Farmer     Martin, William McCormick, Catherine Heart Disease
Martin, Frederick Wesley March 11, 1953 Groveton 71 Albany, VT   Liquor Maker, Ret.     Martin, Wesley G. Magoon, Martha  
Martin, George Albert Dec 22, 1966 Lancaster, NH 63     Store Mgr          
Martin, Grace L. July 18, 1966 Lancaster, NH 77     Housewife          
Martin, Helena April 15, 1905 Northumberland 1 m 3 d Northumberland S       Martin, Sumner Farrell, Mabel Malnutrition
Martin, Julius Alonzo Dec 23, 1942 Lancaster 61-6-26 Bloomfield, VT   Stationary Eng.     Martin, Alonzo Ayro Holbro(ok), Linda Ann  
Martin, Linda A. Nov 8, 1920 Lisbon 73-6-7 Northumberland W Retired   Lemington, VT Holbrook, Julius Sims, Sarah  
Martin, Mabel May 10, 1918 Northumberland 40-1-3 Stark M Housewife Bethel, ME Stark Farwell, Serono Rich, Sarah  
Martin, Mary Aug 27, 1910   84-10-1 St. Sylvester, PQ W       Lynch, Patrick Dollon, Ellen Senility
Martin, Sumner T. Dec 24, 1940 Concord 70 Northumberland   Retired          
Martineau, Albert Joseph June 10, 1966 Lancaster, NH 65     Junk Dealer          
Martineau, Alfred Sept 14, 1926 Northumberland 0-3-12 Northumberland S None Strong River, PQ St. Upham, PQ Martineau, Joseph Roberts, Desmiges  
Martineau, Gordon A. Aug 31, 1944 Groveton 17-2-21 Berlin   At Home     Martineau, Albert Wood, Ledo  
Marvis, Infant April 10, 1909   0 Groveton, NH S       Marvis, Joseph Fortier, Mary Stillborn
Mason, Lillian M. Dec 12, 1930 Northumberland 40-11-9 Lowell, MA M Housewife     Hare, Winnifred Clarkson, Belle  
Massey, Germaine Apr 25, 1911 Northumberland 11 m 14 d Groveton S       Massey, Henri Lebrecque, Marie Eclampsia
Mathews, Harold E. June 26, 1939 Waltham, MA 48-0-4 Lancaster   Meat Cutter     Mathews, Walter Legrow, Bertha  
Mathurin, William J. Aug 23, 1959 Groveton, NH 66 Bloomfield, VT   Railroad emp     Mathurin, Zatique Collins, Betty  
Matthews, Allen Charles Nov 19, 1949 Groveton, NH 62 Groveton, NH   Cashier     Matthews, Stephen Gilbert, Florence  
Matthews, Don Earl Oct 10, 1953 Lancaster, NH 63 Groveton   Station Agent     Matthews, Stephen Gilbert, Florence  
Matthews, Harriet V. Aug 15, 1934 Waltham, MA 38-7-7 Groveton M Housewife Canada Nova Scotia Wilson, William J. Elliott, Ada  
Matthews, Leah Mary April 1, 1947 St. Johnsbury, VT 51-8-21 Sawyer River   Housewife     Lacombe, Joseph Paradis, Alma  
Matthews, Norman Stanley Feb 20, 1958 Groveton, NH 79 Concord, NH   Traffic manager     Matthews, Reuben M. Gilbert, Florence  
Matthews, Stephen M. July 11, 1909   58-11-27 Concord, VT M Agent B & M     Matthews, Benjamin Chase, Hannah Arteris sclerosis
Mayberry, Eugene S. Aug 18, 1927 Northumberland 49-6-4 N. Stratford W Woodsman Casco, ME Stratford Mayberry, Elias B. Stone, Elsie K.  
Mayberry, Infant March 18, 1908   0 Northumberland S         Mayberry, Ethel Stillborn
Mayhew, Helen Dec 20, 1920 Lincoln 10 m 26 d   S            
Mayhew, John J. March 18, 1949 W. Stewartstown 81-6-16 Canada   Laborer     Mayhew, Lewis Sealy, Carolyn  
McAllister, Blanche I. June 10, 1926 Northumberland 7 d Northumberland S None Fairfield, VT Fairfield, VT McAllister, Cleo Morgan, Irene  
McAllister, Douglas M. Dec 17, 1944 Fort Worth, TX 24-11-0     U. S. Army          
McAllister, Infant female May 12, 1925 Northumberland 2 hrs Northumberland S None Shelden, VT Fairfield, VT McAllister, C. A. Morgan, Irene  
McBain, Alice Bridget Jan 23, 1939 Groveton 63-7-21 Valcartier, PQ   Homemaker     Burns, James    
McBain, Arthur Oct 15, 1965 Jefferson, NH 73     Millworker          
McBain, Willoughby Feb 15, 1940 Groveton 64-7-11 Valcartier, PQ   Supt., Sulphite Dept     McBain, Curtis Ward, Margaret C.  
McCaffrey, Mary Feb 19, 1928 Northumberland 85-4-16 Canada W Retired Ireland Ireland Ford, Martin Kent, Mary  
McCarthy, Mike Jan 5, 1951 Concord, NH 78 Russia   laborer     unknown unknown  
McClosky, Mary April 15, 1900 Groveton 48-11-0 Ireland M Housewife     Hogan, James Mailing, Mary O. Pneumonia
McClure, Rose April 23, 1930 Groveton 20-5-1 Canada S Mill Girl Canada Canada McClure, Maxine Ouiette, Mellane  
McCollum, Ellen March 23, 1901 Groveton 58-2-17 Stoneham, Que. W Housewife     Brown, John   LaGrippe
McConnell, David Jan/Feb? 1906 Northumberland 63-0-1 PQ M Hotelman     McConnell, Stewart Friz'l, Elizabeth Cerebral Effusion
McConnell, Elizabeth May 13, 1926 Northumberland 73-7-9 St Sylvester, PQ W Retired Ireland Ireland Nelson, William Irving, Eliza  
McConnell, Ernest May 11, 1958 Lancaster, NH 73 Bloomfield, VT   Hotel Proprietor     McConnell, David J. Nelson, Elizabeth  
McConnell, Gertrude Feb 19, 1966 Whitefield, NH 83     ret Hotel Keeper          
McConnell, William S. Aug 9, 1943 Groveton 69-11-6 N. Stratford   Hotel Owner     McConnell, David Nelson, Elizabeth  
McCordick, James E. Apr 16, 1940 Lancaster 60-2-3 Stark   Farmer     McCordick, William Hickey, Mary  
McCormack, Irene Margaret Oct 31, 1961 Groveton, NH 60 Websterville, VT   Housewife     Miller, Arthur Guy, Mary  
McCormack, John D. Oct 21, 1923 Lancaster 15-0-9   S Student Prince Edward Isl Ornville, ME McCormack, John G. Savage, Annie M.  
McCormack, John G. May 6, 1931 Groveton 68-4-11 Prince Edward Isl. M Millwright Prince Edward Isl Prince Edward Isl. McCormack, Jasper Gillis, Margaret  
McCormack, Mary E. June 9, 1918 Northumberland 14-10-12 LaGrange, ME S Student Prince Edward Isl Ornville, ME McCormack, John G. Savage, Annie M.  
McCulla, Agnes Sept 2, 1909   40-2-26 Capleton, PQ M Housewife     Ward, Wellington Lathrope, Melissia Mitral regurgitation
McCuller, Infant male Jan 3, 1904 Groveton 1 d Groveton S       McCuller, James McCuller, Agnes  
McCullough, James Jan 31, 1928 Bellows Falls, VT 60-4-23                
McDonald, Angus  Dec 3, 1919 Northumberland 75 Canada W Retired          
McDonald, Emery Nov 12, 1941 Lancaster 66-4-1 Eastport, ME   Lumberjack     McDonald, William Calder, Elizabeth J.  
McDonald, Merrill P. Oct 15, 1902 Groveton 1-1-6 Groveton S       McDonald, Fred W. Merrill, Alice J. Meningitis
McDonald, Patrick June 22, 1900 Northumberland 49-5-10 St. Catherine, PQ M Laborer         Pneumonia
McDonald, Sarah March 13, 1912 Lincoln, NH 84   W           Cancer of liver
McDougal, Ida May March 5, 1916 Northumberland 49-8-5 Pugnash, N. S. M Housewife Pugnash, NS Pugnash, NS Sarson, Edward Rogers, Anna  
McDougal, Janette March 2, 1912 Northumberland 81-9-10 Rexton, PQ W None     Kennedy, James Scott, ___ Senility
McDow, Carrie Barrows Aug 12, 1942 Northumberland 70-11-17 England   Housewife     Barrows, Richard    
McDow, George Harold May 7, 1937 Whitefield 36-4-12 Groveton   Paper maker     McDow, Isaac Graves, Carrie  
McDow, Gloria April 22, 1920 Northumberland 3 d Northumberland S None Northumberland Colebrook McDow, George H. Gray, Minnie  
McDow, Glorine April 22, 1920 Northumberland 3 d Northumberland S None Northumberland Colebrook McDow, George H. Gray, Minnie  
McDow, Minnie G. June 24, 1939 Groveton 40-0-27 Columbia   Homemaker     Gray, Melvin A. Colby, Fannie  
McFadden, William Masterson Aug 5, 1951 Lancaster, NH 55 Warren, PA   Sulphite Supt.     McFadden, Joseph Masterson, Mary E.  
McFarland, Albert May 25, 1910   87 Lunenburg, VT W Farmer     McFarland, Reuben Smith, ______ Erysipelas
McFarland, Bell  Aug 12, 1901 Groveton 7(0) Lunenburg, VT M Shoe Maker     McFarland, R. Bell, Polly Urimic Poisoning
McFarland, Clessie March 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 60 Groveton, NH   Steam Fitter     McFarland, Jared    
McFarland, Clifford A. Oct 5, 1923 Northumberland 1-9-26 Northumberland S   Northumberland Stark McFarland, Clessie Emery, Alice  
McFarland, Ella Mae Jan 1, 1951 Littleton, NH 50 Whitefield, NH   Housewife     Clement, Morris Webb, ______  
McFarland, Elmer Sandy Nov 13, 1953 Stratford, NH 50 Stark, NH   Truckman     McFarland, Charles Lunn, Rose L.  
McFarland, Fred Joshua Feb 1, 1962 Stratford, NH 74 Groveton, NH   ret Laborer     McFarland, Charles Lunn, Rose  
McFarland, Infant March 29, 1926 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Stark Whitefield McFarland, Clarence Clement, Ella  
McFarland, James B. Dec 29, 1950 Whitefield, NH 83 Groveton, NH   Merchant     McFarland, Bell McFarland, Melinda  
McFarland, Jared D. Oct 14, 1913 Northumberland 56-10-29 Northumberland M Farmer     McFarland, Charles Emery, Mary Jane Arterio sclerosis
McFarland, Lorinda April 6, 1909   78-0-10 Northumberland W Housewife     McFarland, Reuben Bell, Polly Mitral insufficiency
McFarland, Mabel A. Dec 25, 1956 St. Johnsbury, VT       retired          
McFarland, Rose April 8, 1929 Stark 63-11-16 Stark W Housekeeper   Dummer Lunn, Joshua Crafts, Jane  
McFarland, Sarah Nov 19, 1902 Groveton 65-1-3 Levant, ME W Housework     Batchelder, Stephen Hutchins, Betsey Disease of Brain
McFarland, Vernon Sept 16, 1922 Concord 36-11-8 Stark M Farmer & Mill'k Northumberland Stark McFarland, Charles E. Lunn, Rose  
McGilvery, Ronald Feb 25, 1937 Stewartstown 62 Cape Bridgeton, Can   Laborer     McGilvery, John McAdam, Isabella  
McGinnis, Sarah P. F. Jan 17, 1923 Glover, VT 83-4-5                
McGreavy, Mary Louise Nov 26, 1931 Groveton 45-4-26 Miles Pond, VT M at home Canada Canada Fountain, Jean Coya, Felouise  
McGreevey, Infant Jan 25, 1926 Lancaster 1 d   S None Ireland St Johnsbury, VT McGreevey, Michael Fountain, Mary  
McGreevey, Michael March 29, 1958 Berlin, NH 66 County Mayo, Ire.   RR Section Man     McGreevey, Michael Archibald, Anna  
McHarg, Cora L. April 24, 1918 ST Johnsbury, VT 56-3-15 Stanstead, PQ M Housewife Canada Canada Durkee, Herman Mosher, Fanny  
McHarg, David Mar 15, 1915 Northumberland 64 Ireland S Barber Scotland Scotland McHarg, James McAllister, Anne  
McHarg, Infant Oct 30, 1927 Northumberland   Northumberland S None Groveton Milan McHarg, Earl L. Scott, Marguerite  
McHarg, James May 20, 1926 Northumberland 70-1-2 Glasgow, Scotland W Size maker Scotland Scotland McHarg, John McAllister, Mary  
McHarg, Marguerite Oct 31, 1927 Northumberland 28-5-8 Milan M Housewife Nova Scotia Milan Scott, George H. Patterson, Elizabeth  
McIntire, Abbie B. Mar 18, 1943 Lancaster 85-7-0 Northumberland   Housewife     Merriam, William Merriam, Annette  
McIntire, Julia Henrietta Aug 30, 1952 Lancaster, NH 73 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Toohey, Patrick J. Keating, Ellen  
McIntosh, John Apr 11, 1915 Stratford       Lumberman          
McIntyre, John A. B. Sept 24, 1957 Concord, NH 78 P. E. I., Canada   Lumber worker     McIntyre, Angus McVarish, Anna Bella  
McKay, Flora R. Dec 21, 1918 Northumberland 25-6-3 Glover, VT M Housewife          
McKeage, James July 21, 1913 Hanover, NH 56 Wolfstown, Que.   Carpenter     McKeage, Michael   Pleuro pneumonia
McKearney, Ralph March 27, 1954 Concord, NH 37 Bartlett, NH   Laborer     McKearney, William Scott, Marion  
McKearney, William May 4, 1949 W. Stewartstown 68-10-7 Prince Edward Isle   Laborer     McKearney, Terrance    
McKeen, Hannah O. June 18, 1927 N. Yarmouth, ME 91-6-15 Norway, ME W Retired Albany, ME Pourhan, ME Frost, Abiel F. Pingree, Dolly  
McKeen, Murl W. May 15, 1960 Hartford, VT 63 Groveton, NH   Retired     McKeen, William McMann, Harriet  
McKeen, William Westley June 29, 1944 Groveton 72-1-0 Groveton   Clerical Work     McKeen, James W. Frost, Hannah  
McKellips, Frank G. Mar 28, 1907   53-7-14 Northumberland M Foreman     McKellips, George W. Whipple, Emily A. Pneumonia
McKellips, George Nov 12, 1908   82-8-27 Bradford, VT M       McKellips, Stephen Martin, Eunice General Asthenia
McKellips, Harriet March 29, 1912 Boston, MA 74-8-3   W           Valvular disease
McKinnon, Bertha Dec 11, 1921 Northumberland 76-2 Bury, Canada W Housekeeper England England Allison, William Skipper, Elizabeth  
McKinnon, John Feb 25, 1916 Northumberland 41-6-7 Sidney, N.S. M Woodsman          
McLain, Ora April 10, 1950 Lunenburg, VT 66 Vermont   Housewife     McLain, William Crittenden, Rosamond  
McLaughlin, Harriett M. Aug 22, 1938 Groveton 65-3-0 Lunenburg, VT   Housewife     Foster, John H. Day, Mary  
McLaughlin, James Oct 1, 1942 Northumberland 80-9-12 St. Sylvester, PQ   Mason     McLaughlin, William F. McCarte(y), Elizabeth  
McLaughlin, Joseph May 12, 1951 Lancaster, NH 84 Canada   Farmer     McLaughlin, William McCarten, Elizabeth  
McLaughlin, Sophronia Nov 7, 1945 W. Stewartstown 73-8-6 Lunenburg, VT   Housewife     Parker, Alonzo Silby, Persis  
McLeod, Baby Dec 21, 1907   0 Littleton S       McLeod, James McConnell, Mary Stillborn
McLeod, Emily Foss Feb 11, 1911   69-4-20 Sanbornton, NH M Housewife     Cobb, Benjamin P. Foss, Martha A. Hemeplaegra
McMahon, Beulah A. Jan 9, 1943 Groveton 34-1-18 Lisbon   At Home     Harris, Bert Jordan, Adelia  
McMahon, Francis May 18, 1915 Northumberland 64-0-20 St. Sylvester M R. R. Labor Ireland Ireland McMahon, James Earley, Anna  
McMahon, Francis Jos. Oct 11, 1946 Groveton 49-10-27 St. Sylvester, P. Q.   Oiler Papermill     McMahon, Francis Devlin, Mary  
McMahon, James Sept 12, 1948 Northumberland 81-9-14 Groveton   Laborer     McMahon, Michael Sheridan, Margaret  
McMahon, Margaret March 7, 1923 Northumberland 79-3-24 St. Sylvester, PQ W Ret Housewife Ireland Ireland Sheridan, James Tebellin, Margaret  
McMahon, Mary Sept 13, 1930 Groveton 72-7-11 Canada W Retired Canada Canada Devlin, Domnick Kelly, Rose  
McMahon, Michael May 26, 1911   83 Canada M Laborer     McMahon, James Early, Annie apoplexy
McMann, Agnes Coats Jan 3, 1953 Groveton 59 Beecher Falls, VT   Housewife     Coats, Warren Vancour, Mary Ellen  
McMann, Benjamin James April 18, 1959 Groveton, NH 79 Groveton, NH   Papermill Emp     McMann, James Cummings, Elizabeth M.  
McMann, Charles Clare April 28, 1951 Groveton, NH 57 Stratford, NH   Millworker     McMann, Charles Stone, Lucinda  
McMann, Ellen Sept 25, 1935 Mass. 87-7-24 Canada W Retired Canada Canada Wilson, David    
McMann, James Apr 14, 1913 Coos, NH 69-10   S           Obstruction of bowels
McMann, Lawrence June 8, 1912 Northumberland 64-5 Canada M Laborer     McMann, Thomas Farrel, Bridget Paralysis   
McMann, Margaret Ann Oct 13, 1962 Northumberland 106 Ireland   Housewife     Malone, Edward    
McMann, Raynold Hartwell Nov 20, 1966 Groveton, NH 43     Store Mgr          
McMann, Thomas Oct 21, 1915 Northumberland 73-8-3 Canada M Laborer Ireland Ireland McMann, Thomas    
McMann, Warren J. Aug 18, 1948 Northumberland 38-5-8 Groveton   Watchmaker     McMann, Benjamin Coates, Mary A.  
McMann, William Sept 22, 1907   54-4-0 Leeds, PQ S Millman     McMann, Thomas Farrell, Bridget Bright's Disease
McManus, Richard Nov 23, 1927 Northumberland 77-0-14 Kingsley, PQ D Laborer Canada Canada McManus, Robert Pidrea, Elizabeth  
McNally, Charles T. June 14, 1921 Berlin 68-9-29 St. Albans, VT M Hotel Prop'r At Sea Canada McNally,  Peter T. Bennett, Sarah  
McNally, Elbert N. Jan 16, 1937 Portland, ME 59-10-0 Whitefield   Travel'g Sales     McNally, Charles T. Harford, Ladone  
McNally, Foss Dec 31, 1949 Concord, NH 83 Illinois   Hotel Owner     McNally, Peter Bennett, Sarah  
McNally, Ladona A. May 8, 1926 Berlin 73-0-15 Vermont W   Vermont Vermont Hosford, Russell Walter, A.  
McNally, Marie F. May 11, 1952 Portland, ME 60 Portland, ME   Housewife     Donovan, Thomas Jackson, Mary  
McNally, Palmer T. July 29, 1913 Northumberland 97-0-7 Stanstead, PQ M Retired     McNally, John Graham, Norah Apoplexy
McNally, Sarah Dec 5, 1913 Northumberland 83-7-23 Canada W       Bennett, John Tacberry, Martha Gen. arterio sclerosis
McVetty, Miland Aug 9, 1947 Northumberland 18-4-14 Lancaster   Laborer     McVetty, Erwin Sweet, Lora  
Mead, Infant Jan 30, 1928 Northumberland   Northumberland S None Stanstead, PQ Dalton Mead, Lawrence C. Boyle, Agnes R.  
Meade, Chalond W. March 14, 1951 Lancaster, NH 68 Canada   S. Engineer     Meade, Egbert H. Bean, Louisa  
Meade, Infant Jan 5, 1923 Northumberland 0 Northumberland     Stanstead, PQ Mass Meade, Albert Simpson, Ethel  
Mennier, Infant July 24, 1937 Groveton 0 Groveton         Mennier, Louis Philip MaClur, Louisiana  
Merriam, Martha A. March 8, 1901 Northumberland 63-0-27 Waterville, Que. M Housewife     White, Henry O. Lambkin, Mar'a Spinal Meningitis
Merrill, Benjamin M. Aug 1, 1956 Northumberland 68 Maple Grove, NH   Drum Barker     Merrill, Marshall Roger, Ruth  
Merrill, Hazen K. Feb 14, 1903 Northumberland 47-1-28 Stark M Farmer     Merrill, N. C. Stone, Doucella Septicamia
Merrill, Phoebe Alice C. May 4, 1940 Groveton 74-1-22 Craftsbury, VT   Homemaker     Corliss, Edward Miles, Alice  
Merritt, George Joshua July 8, 1964 Lancaster, NH 66     Papermill emp.          
Merritt, Mary Ida Sept 24, 1908   1 m 24 d Northumberland S       unknown Merritt, Jennie K. Malnutrition
Merritt, Winnifred Elizabeth June 29, 1966 Lancaster, NH 74     Housewife          
Meunier, Jos. A. H. April 11, 1931 Groveton 5 m 29 d Groveton S None St. Jean Baptiste, PQ Stanhope, PQ Meunier, Louis P. McClure, Louisiana  
Meunier, Lucy Leon May 8, 1940 Groveton 8 m 14 d Groveton   Infant     Meunier, Louis P. McClure, Louisiana  
Mickelboro, Harry I. Nov 23, 1950 Groveton, NH 46 Canada   Repair Crew     Mickelboro, Allin Chamberlin, Elsie  
Miles, Henry Wolbert Nov 11, 1965 Lancaster, NH 64     Millwright          
Miles, Infant Sept 24, 1938 Groveton 0 Groveton   Infant     Miles, Lewis C. Simpson, Vivien G.  
Miles, John R. Sept 19, 1902 Groveton 55 St. Johns, NB M Woodsman     Miles, John Quigley, Margaret Mitral Stenoses
Miles, Mary Oct 30, 1914 Northumberland 76-3-18 County Coren, Ire. W None     Timmons, Edward Murphy, Mary Intestinal obstruction
Miles, Sarah Aug 16, 1937 Gorham 81-10-4 Leeds, PQ   Retired     McElreavey, Andrew McElreavey, Sarah  
Millard, Max Sept 27, 1920 Northumberland 24-3-3 Montgomery, VT S Laborer Richford, VT Montgomery, VT Millard, R. A. Benway, Gertrude  
Miller, F. H.   (male) March 22, 1909                   Cerebral edema
Miller, Hazel E. July 9, 1944 Burlington, VT 50-1-27 Groveton   Housewife     Matthews, Steven M. Gilbert, Florence  
Miller, Infant Dec 26, 1921 Northumberland 0 Northumberland     Germany Jefferson Miller, Andrew J. Morgan, Myrtie B.  
Milligan, Infant March 14, 1908   1 d Groveton S       Milligan, James A. McKinley, Francis Atresea Ani
Milligan, James A. April 28, 1950 Montague, MA 74 P. Edward Isle   Screen Man     Milligan, Samuel Boyle, Matilda  
Mills, Frederick Samuel Nov 25, 1949 Lancaster, NH 46 Canada   Steam Engineer     Mills, Gilbert Nelson Ramsay, Eliza Ann  
Mills, Helen Ward Sept 12, 1963 Lancaster, NH 50 Bloomfield, VT   Office Worker     Kingston, John Graham, Katherine  
Mills, Homer Albert, Sr. Feb 21, 1957 Groveton, NH 61 Canada   Filling Station prop     Mills, Gilbert Ramsay, Eliza  
Mills, Infant Aug 6, 1928 Northumberland   Northumberland S None Winslow Mill, ME Uverolton, Que Mills, Frederick S. Richardson, Edna M.  
Mills, John Oct 17, 1948 Northumberland 63-3-23 N. Stratford   Power Sta. Opr.     Mills, John Troohey, Sarah  
Mitchell, Morton Allen March 22, 1954 Northumberland 60 St. Albans, VT   Machinist     Mitchell, William Abell, Eudaria  
Moffatt, Albert Andrew Jan 15, 1951 Peru, ME 63 Groveton, NH   Rewinder     Moffett, Michael Flarrety, _______  
Moffet, Dora Ann Nov 11, 1946 Groveton 70-2-21 Pittsburgh   Housewife     Crawford, George Chaple, Sarah  
Moffett, Irving Aug 21, 1947 Concord 65-0-11 Groveton   Clerk     Moffett, Michael Flaherty, Mary  
Moffett, John E. Feb 10, 1901 Groveton 21-8-6 Groveton M Clerk     Moffett, Michael Flaherty, M. E. Pneumonia
Moffett, Julia J. March 10, 1912 Northumberland 76-0-3 Clifden, Ireland W at home     Flaherty, Martin Connolly, Hannah Pneumonia
Moffett, Katherine B. Feb 19, 1963 Groveton, NH 74 N. Stratford, NH   Housewife     Boyle, James Doherty, Margaret  
Moffett, Michael C. Jan 17, 1916 Northumberland 75-6 St. Sylvester, PQ M Retired Ireland Ireland Moffett, John McLaughlin, Hannah  
Monahan, Anastacia April 20, 1948 Northumberland 81-10-8 Canada   Housewife     Mokler, Richard Ryan, Johanna  
Monsugh, Brittana Dec 9, 1903 Northumberland 84-9-27 Canada W Housework     Austin, Moses   Senility
Moody, Horace P. Dec 25, 1914 Northumberland 66-10-14 Milan, NH W Retired     Moody, Horace P. Sturtivant, Vesta Arterio sclerosis
Moody, Lucy Day Feb 20, 1912 Northumberland 64-3-23 Littleton, NH M Housewife     Jackman, Moses W. Day, Mary Valvular dis. of heart
Moore,        (female) July 23, 1904 Groveton 2-8-29 Groveton S       Moore, Frank S. McKeen, Fannie Membranous Croup
Moore, Carolyn Fay Mar 20, 1937 Northumberland 1-8-22 Lancaster   none     Moore, Tea Moore, Ida Mary  
Moore, Charles F. May 1, 1932 Groveton 79-3-2 Bingham, ME W Retired          
Moore, Dora Evelyn April 4, 1932 Groveton 61-6-14 Island Pond, VT M Housewife Canada Canada Davis, Willis Judd, Marion  
Moore, Fannie A. Feb 20, 1945 Portland, ME 71-1-18 Groveton   At Home     McKeen, James W. Frost, Hannah  
Moore, Frank S. Jr. April 24, 1932 New York, NY 23-11-12 Groveton S Laborer Groveton Groveton Moore, Frank S. McKeen, Fannie A.  
Moore, Frank Sumner Dec 4, 1929 Groveton 58-2-10 Groveton M Retired Stark Carroll Moore, David S. Carter, Minnie  
Moore, George Feb 26, 1935 Northumberland 76-5-3 N. Munroe W Retired Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Moore, George Oct 15, 1942 Northumberland 72-9-14 St. Albans, ME   Laborer          
Moore, James Sept 2, 1915 Northumberland 86 Northumberland S Retired     Moore, Colonel Meserve, Hannah  
Moore, Lucia M. April 9, 1912 Northumberland 76-9-5 Maidstone, VT W Housekeeper     Lampkin, Grant Day, Marcia Pleuritis
Moore, Minnie July 7, 1922 Northumberland 80-2-27 Carroll W at home New Hampshire New Hampshire Carter, Charles Chamberlain, _____  
Moore, Raymond June 24, 1926 Northumberland 9 y Wells, ME S Student York, ME Westbrook, ME Moore, Herbert Austin, Minnie  
Moore, Victoria Cole Aug 17, 1951 Groveton, NH 80 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Deforce, John B. Root, Lucy  
Morancy, Allen April 28, 1924 Springfield, MA 33     Painter          
Morancy, Edward J. Aug 2, 1948 Lancaster 57-3-28 Groveton   Laborer     Morancy, Frank Legro, Sadie  
Morancy, Mamie Jan 23, 1906 Northumberland 25 Northumberland S       Morancy, Frank   Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Morency, Alfred Sept 27, 1936 Northumberland 82-4-3 Colebrook M Retired Canada Canada Morency, Isaac Chamberlain, Caroline  
Morency, Anastasia Jan 4, 1937 Northumberland 82-0-3 Lancaster   none     Sullivan, Thomas Mooney, Ellen  
Morency, Bertha Arilla May 23, 1936 Groveton 54-9-28 Limestone, ME M Housewife Beechwood, NB Beechwood, NB Donovan, Hanford Levine, Nancy  
Morency, Caroline Sept 15, 1920 Northumberland 84-11-2 Canada W Housekeeping Canada Canada Chamberlain, ______    
Morency, Henry M. Nov 10, 1954 Berlin, NH 71 Groveton   Water Turbine Opr.     Morancy, Fred Sullivan, Anastasia  
Morency, Irving Jan 25, 1949 Hebron, ME 80-7-29 Groveton, NH         Morency, Frederick Sullivan, Statia  
Morency, Mary Baker Sept 21, 1938 Groveton 86 Unknown   Homemaker     Unknown Unknown  
Morgan, Clarence M. July 6, 1952 W. Stewartstown 63 Cape Breton, NS   Woodsman     Morgan, John J. Coliford, Bridget  
Morgan, John H. Sept 11, 1966 Lancaster, NH 74     Auto Mechanic          
Morin, Edith M. Nov 7, 1961 Stewartstown, NH 62 Brookfield, MA   none     Bohan, George    
Morrill, Rufus Kingston April 26, 1947 Groveton 82-4-1 Stanstead, P. Q.    Laborer     Merrill, Collins Kingston, Betsy  
Morrison, Christine G. May 23, 1958 Groveton, NH 75 P. E. I., Canada   R. N. & housewife     Gunn, George Corbett, Katherine  
Morse, Elnore Nov 18, 1918 Berlin 27 Bloomfield   S Nurse Claremont Derby, VT Morse, Louis Scott, Betsey  
Morse, Lewis Dec 21, 1930 Groveton 84-0-4 Claremont W Retired Canada Canada Morse, Edward Cole, Juliann  
Morse, Lillian Oct 10, 1925 Northumberland 68-0-2 Lancaster M Housewife          
Moses, Archie L. June 17, 1903 Groveton 13-4-15 Colebrook S       Moses, W. E. Terrill, Lena M. Drowned
Moses, Bertha B. Feb 27, 1960 Lancaster, NH 84 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Hayes, William Hutchins, Leonora  
Moses, Frank E. Feb 6, 1960 Groveton, NH 87 Colebrook, NH   Retired     Moses, Charles Ezra Frizzell, Amanda M.  
Moses, Nancy Dee Dec 9, 1962 Stratford, NH 25 Groveton, NH   none     Moses, Ronald    
Moses, Neil D. June 17, 1903 Groveton 8-11-23 Canaan, VT S       Moses, W. E. Terrill, Lena M. Drowned
Moses, Ronald William July 29, 1959 Stark, NH 51 Groveton, NH   Lumberman     Moses, Frank E. Hayes, Bertha  
Moses, Vernard E. Nov 18, 1906 Groveton (6)-11-24 Groveton S school     Moses, Frank E. Moses, Bertha cerebral spinal meningitis
Mosher, Levert B. April 12, 1932 Northumberland 52-5-7 Nova Scotia S Clerk Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Mosher, Nicholas Patterson, Julia  
Moulton, Frank Mar 11, 1922 Stewartstown 69   M            
Moulton, Infant March 13, 1928 Northumberland   Northumberland S None Bloomfield, VT Groveton Moulton, Sumner Martin, Edna Sybil  
Moulton, Margaret Nelson Feb 12, 1940 Lancaster 88-10-17 St. Sylvester, PQ         Nelson, John Bayne, Rachael  
Moulton, Maynard Sept 7, 1909   10 d Groveton, NH S       Moulton, Edgar M. Martin, Minnie M. Inanition
Munn, Grace Edith Feb 15, 1928 Colebrook 4-0-24 Groveton S None Mansfield, NY Great Valley, NY Munn, Harry C. Meacham, Helen A.  
Munn, Robert A. Feb 29, 1920 Northumberland 2 m 3 d Northumberland S None Great Valley, NY Mansfield, NY Munn, Harry C. Meacham, Helen  
Munroe, Daisy May March 8, 1958 Groveton, NH 87 Fond Du Lac, Wis.   Housewife     Forbush, Ephraim Miles, Louisa  
Munroe, Edmund E. Nov 4, 1944 Groveton 86-1-16 Nova Scotia   Barber     Munroe, William Shipley, Marie  
Munroe, Emily G. April 1, 1912 Northumberland 47-6-4 West Fairlee, VT M Housewife     Ricker, Beniah Preloch, Annie Heart disease
Munroe, Hattie L. B. Sept 25, 1919 Northumberland 39-11-8 Waterford, VT M Housewife Piermont, NY New Brunswick Bliss, Enos H. Neil, Mary  
Munroe, Leo F. July 5, 1924 Northumberland 24-4-23 Northumberland S Dental Student Nova Scotia Fairlee, VT Munroe, Ernest E. Ricker, Emily  
Murdock, Lawrence H. Dec 6, 1938 Northumberland 60-8-30 Glasgow, Scotland   Paper maker     Murdock, J. D. Unknown  
Murphy Michael J. Oct 4, 1948 Lancaster 64-11-16 Ireland   Sealer          
Murphy, Edith Jones Aug 9, 1948 Northumberland   Maine              
Murphy, John Joseph Sept 30, 1937 Groveton 69-4-8 St. Henri, PQ   Retired     Murphy, John Deve, Margaret  
Myers, Clifford N. Feb 2, 1901 Groveton 12-9-20 Groveton S       Myers, William Fisk, Nancy J. Pneumonia
Myers, Kate J. Jan 24, 1923 Berlin 50-8-9 Ireland M Housewife          
Myers, Nancy Elmira Nov 7, 1936 Groveton 83-2-3 Groveton W at home Groton, VT Ryegate, VT Fiske, William Wormwood, Jeannette  
Myers, William J. June 2(7), 1900 Northumberland 49-8-24 Sherbrooke, PQ M Millwright         Brights & Liver Disease
Nachod, Nicholas March 27, 1963 Lancaster, NH 67 Russia              
Nailer, Hattie Jan 31, 1913 Northumberland 42-5-29 Canada M Housewife     Revoir, Alfred Fife, Melvina Pul. Tuberculosis
Nailer, Melvina M. Oct 3, 1911   17-2-17 Derby Center, VT S Housework     Nailer, Alex Reivis, Hattie Pul. Tuberculosis
Nailer, Samuel April 29, 1932 Groveton 62-9-19 Island Pond, VT M Laborer Island Pond, VT Island Pond, VT Nailer, Nezer Labelle, Mary  
Nailor, Adeline M. Oct 9, 1918 Northumberland 6-4-29 Norton Lake, VT S   Island Pond, VT Derby, VT Nailor, Samuel Blay, Rosalie M.  
Nason, Carl Bradbry April 18, 1955 Groveton, NH 57 N. Waterford, ME   Liquor Mkr Papermill     Nason, Noah Harrington, L.  
Nason, Earl Gordon Aug 29, 1944 Sherbrooke, PQ 3-9-23 Groveton   At Home     Nason, Carl M. Coerville, Margaret  
Nason, Fred M. April 16, 1957 Ashland, NH 18 Milan, NH   Beaterman     Nason, Carl B. Conval, Margaret  
Nason, Leroy Woodbury Jan 20, 1966 Lancaster, NH 73     Maintenance           
Nason, Margaret C. Dec 6, 1962 Ashland, NH 56 Gorham, NH   Housewife     Gray, Mortmora Crawford, Arlene  
Naylor, Eli Oct 27, 1911   1-3-11 Derby Center, VT S       Naylor, Alex Revoir, Hattie Bronchitis
Neddeau, Rose Jan 3, 1902 Groveton 14 y 6 m N. Ham, PQ S Housework     Neddeau, Joseph Clement, Delphina Cardiac Insufficiency
Neil, Infant Sept 16, 1908   0   S       Neil, William Silliker, Grace Stillborn
Nelson, Charlotte Margaret Jan 21, 1951 Groveton, NH 62 Lunenburg, VT   at home     Valley, Ami    
Nelson, George K. April 14, 1949 Stark, NH 68-9-5 N. Stratford, NH   Papermaker     Nelson, Richard Kelly, Ann  
Nelson, Infant Sept 13, 1921 Northumberland 0 Northumberland     N. Stratford Lunenburg, VT Nelson, W. H. Valley, Charlotte  
Nelson, James May 28, 1917 Concord 52 Canada M Laborer Ireland Ireland Nelson, William Irving, Elizabeth  
Nelson, Joseph Apr 24, 1943 Lancaster 90-1-2 St. Sylvester, PQ   RR Foreman     Nelson, William    
Nelson, Nellie Victoria Mar 21, 1942 Groveton 68-3-23 Groveton   Housewife     Doherty, Patrick Tolan, Mary  
Nelson, Richard Dec 10, 1918 Berlin 70-8-19 St. Sylvester, PQ W Laborer Ireland Canada Nelson, John Boin, Rachel  
Nelson, Rose July 8, 1945 Detroit, Mich 72                
Nelson, William Herbert Oct 24, 1941 Lancaster 62-2-0 N. Stratford   Paper maker     Nelson, Richard Kelly, Ann  
Nelson, William J. Oct 27, 1950 W. Stewartstown, NH 74 Stratford, NH   Storekeeper     Nelson, William Farrell, Mary A.  
Newell, Infant April 25, 1927 Northumberland   Northumberland   None West Milan Albany, VT Newell, Rupert Hunter, Vivian E.  
Newsom, Virginia M. Oct 30, 1938 Groveton 45-7-3 Groveton   Homemaker     Fortier, Leon N. Comeau, Mary L.  
Newton, Douglas Sept 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 3 Groveton, NH         Newton, Raymond Tippitts, Sarah  
Newton, Judith Sept 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 5 Groveton, NH         Newton, Raymond Tippitts, Sarah  
Newton, Nellie E. Sept 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 75 Northumberland   Housewife     Boutwell, _____    
Newton, Sally Sept 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 7 Groveton, NH   Student     Newton, Raymond Tippitts, Sarah  
Newton, Silas Feb 5, 1909   74-7-2 Maine W Farmer     Newton, Nathan McFarland, Lucretia Dilatation of Heart
Newton, Sylvester J. Jan 2(4), 1904 Northumberland 60-10-21   M Farmer     Newton, Nathan McFarland, Lucretia General Debility
Newton, Wayne Sept 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 9 Groveton, NH   Student     Newton, Raymond Tippitts, Sarah  
Nichols, Fidelia B. May 2, 1934 Northumberland 85-5-28 Guildhall, VT W Retired     Batchelder, John Holme, Charlotte  
Nichols, Fred April 19, 1963 Stratford, NH 67 Russia   ret Laborer          
Nichols, Raymond Nov 10, 1955 Northumberland 28 Boston, MA   Equipment Opr.     unknown Johnson, Levessa  
Niemi, Hugo Pentti Dec 15, 1940 Northumberland 46-8-13     Lumberman          
Niles, William E. Oct 19, 1918 Northumberland 33-5-6 Norton, VT M In restaurant Canada Canada Niles, Wright Joyce, Mary  
Nocky, Mike April 12, 1956 Northumberland 59 Russia   Woodroom Foreman     Nocky, John unknown  
Noel, (infant prob) Nov 14, 1902 Groveton   Groveton S None     Noel, Napoleon Finnegan, Annie  
Nolan, Marguerite Feb 10, 1920 Northumberland 86-3-1 Quebec W None Scotland Scotland Mann, James Downey, Janet  
Nollet, Emma May 28, 1944 Berlin 47-7-10 Groveton   Housewife     Fortier, Leon Comeau, Mary L.  
Norcott, Fred June 17, 1910   74-1-28 Columbia, NH M Farmer     Norcott, Andrew Lewis, Melinda Cerebral effusion
Norcott, Mary L. Sept 14, 1924 Northumberland 82-10-20 N. Stratford W Retired Stanstead, PQ N. Stratford Hinman, George W. Curtis, Mary A.  
Normandeau, Ernest Joe. Oct 7, 1963 Groveton, NH 66 Gilead, ME   ret Truckman     Normandeau, Louis St. Peter, Annie  
Normandeau, Louis Joe. Aug 23, 1965 Groveton, NH 70     Beater Man          
not named female Jan 19, 1901 Groveton 0 Groveton S       Carboneau, A. Simard, Mary  
Nugent, Eliza Nelson Jan 9, 1921 Northumberland 72 Canada M Housewife Ireland England Nelson, John Bayne, Rachel  
Nugent, Elmer Robert Aug 18, 1966 Lancaster, NH 65     Insurance Sales          
Nugent, Thomas Francis June 14, 1939 Lancaster 62-8-27 Boston, MA   Night Supt.          
Oakes, Samuel Benjamin April 21, 1947 Groveton 77-1-26 Oldtown, ME   Bobbin Maker     Oakes, Benjamin St. Louis, Hattie  
O'Brien, Michael Feb 12, 1946 Berlin 75-11-0 Ireland   Retired     unknown Sullivan, Mary  
O'Brien, Nathan March 28, 1960 Groveton, NH 87 Barring, ME   Laborer          
O'Brion, Charles C. July 16, 1915 Northumberland 66-6-14 Portland, ME M Physician Cornish, ME Cornish, ME O'Brion, Daniel N. Lincoln, Sarah J.  
O'Dowd, Teresa Agnes Oct 8, 1949 Lancaster, NH 50 Dover, NH   Housewife     McCarty, John J. Lee, Johannah A.  
O'Haire, Robert W. July 9, 1957 Woodstock, NH 81 Jay, VT   Wet Room     O'Haire, Wm Chester Foster, Emily  
O'Leary, Arthur May 23, 1917 Northumberland 47-0-20 Rexton, Ireland M Retired New Brunswick New Brunswick O'Leary, Patrick Tohey, Sarah  
Oleson, Andrew March 17, 1927 Northumberland 82-8-22 Christiana, Nor W Laborer Christiana, Nor.        
O'Neil, William C. April 4, 1950 Groveton, NH 58 Portland, ME   Foreman     O'Neil, William O'Neil, Mrs. Wm.  
O'Sullivan, James Joseph Feb 9, 1938 Groveton 36-10-0 Burlington, VT   Laborer     O'Sullivan, Thomas Feeney, Esta  
Ouellette, Vivian July 27, 1961 Lancaster, NH 66 Groveton, NH   Waitress     Hodge, Charles Nelson, Belle  
Owen, James Oct 5, 1918 Northumberland Unknown     Laborer          
Page, Benjamin F. Apr 26, 1915 Northumberland 70-7-26 Bow M Retired Bow Manchester Page, Benjamin Young, Mary J.  
Paige, Albay Joseph Jan 5, 1962 Groveton, NH 59 Norton Mills, VT   Laborer     Paige, Charles Lavoie, Louise M.  
Paige, John W. Jan 19, 1939 Northumberland 78-0-7 Buickton, Que.   Teamster     Paige, Samuel Whitman, Mariette  
Palmer, Irene Currie April 30, 1950 Lancaster, NH 83 Fredricton, NB   Housewife     Currier, Ross S. McAdam, Elizabeth  
Palmer, James Henry March 16, 1932 Groveton 69-1 Boisetown, NB M Teamster England England Palmer, Ebenezer Collis, Annie  
Palmer, Susanna April 5, 1906 Groveton 26-6-22 Prince Ed., Isl. M       Gard, John   Heart Disease
Pappin, Emma July 21, 1919 Northumberland 65-0-22 Canada M Housewife Canada Canada LaBelle, Derrick Myotte, Corliss  
Paquette, Armand Oct 23, 1950 Groveton, NH 44 Canada   Farmer & Trucker     Paquette, Stanislaw    
Paquette, Infant May 4, 1914 Northumberland 2 d Northumberland S       Pauquette, Archie Willette, Georgianna Melaenae neouatorum
Paquette, Yvonne Oct 23, 1950 Groveton, NH 42 Canada   Housewife Ret.     Menard, Louis Hamel, Melanse  
Paradis, Frank Jan 20, 1951 Concord, NH 75 Canada   Woodsman     Paradis, Archie Goodreau, Emma  
Paradis, James Nov 28, 1935 Groveton 78 St. James, PQ W Watchman          
Parent, Azilda March 25, 1927 Northumberland 51-8-17 Bie, PQ M Housewife France Bie, PQ Langis, Ignace Tardet, Dinter  
Parent, Polidore Apr 7, 1943 Springfield, MA 68 Canada   Retired     Parent, Joseph    
Parker, Linden Jan 26, 1933 Northumberland 26-2 Canaan, VT S Chauffeur Pittsburg, NH Maine Parker, A. Lincoln Quint, Lydia  
Parkinson, Maria July 25, 1911   68-7-10 Arsinian Island W Housekeeper     Steele, Richard Steele, Jane Cerebral Effusion
Parks, George Jan 14, 1919 Northumberland 56 Orono, ME S Watchman     Parks, Samuel H. Robinson, Jennie  
Partigue, Irene Blanche April 19, 1961 Lancaster, NH 46 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Partigue, Nelson Vancore, Helen  
Patenaude, Raymond R. Nov 22, 1949 Lancaster, NH 23 Guildhall, VT   Farmer     Patenaude, Fred Dearborn, Elsie  
Patrick, Alex H. Aug 26, 1918 Northumberland 65     Laborer          
Patrick, Henry Feb 3, 1947 Groveton 60-4-17 Canada   Mechanic     Patrick, Joseph unknown  
Patrick, Leeward S. Jan 30, 1915 Northumberland 3 m 7 d Northumberland S   Canada Canada Patrick, Henry Lafrancois, Mary  
Patrick, Lena M. Dec 7, 1906 Groveton (6) d Groveton S       Patrick, Henry ____, May Convulsions
Patrick, Mary E. June 14, 1962 Lancaster, NH 71 Canada   Housewife     LaFrancois, Wilbrot Hurd, Virginia  
Paulin, George C. June 4, 1959 Lancaster, NH 75 Canada   Laborer     Poulin, Joseph    
Pauquette, Aimee May 24, 1911   8-0-23 Canada S       Pauquette, Archie Wilette, Georgina Hodgkin's disease
Payeur, Sophie Feb 20, 1945 Groveton 74-7-23 St. Hilaire, NB   Retired     Moreault, Babtiste Laine, Sophie  
Pearson, Roy W. Feb 28, 1961 Lancaster, NH 86 Pittsburg, NH   Carpenter     Pearson, Frederick Crawford, ______  
Pearson, Samuel E. April 16, 1957 Concord, NH 73 Canaan, VT   Laborer     Pearson, Fred Brown, Ella  
Pelletier, Charles E. Oct 19, 1943 Groveton 64-2-29 Fairfax, VT   Section Forman     Pelletier, Alexander Lovely, Jane  
Pelletier, Mary Mae Jan 11, 1965 Lancaster, NH 85     Housewife          
Penn, Clayton William Oct 16, 1949 Lancaster, NH 58-6 Canaan, VT   Laborer     Penn, __ac Sergent, L. C.  
Penney, Ellen Feb 10, 1930 Groveton 70-10-18 Canada M Housewife Canada Canada      
Penny, Arlene Rita Oct 8, 1922 Northumberland 7 d Northumberland     E. Angus, PQ Salem, MA Penny, Joseph M. Malefaut, Amelia M.  
Penny, Infant May 19, 1924 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Norton, VT Salem, MA Penny, Joseph Melanfant, Millie  
Penny, Morris Sept 28, 1946 Groveton 90-5-1 Thetford Mines, Can.   Laborer     Penny, Morris unknown  
Peppin, Augustus Feb 2, 1928 Northumberland 71 Canada M Laborer Canada Canada      
Perham, Annie E. May 6, 1907   38-3-14 Lancaster S Housework     Perham, John A. F. Brown, Evelina C. Cerebral Effusion
Perham, Arthur Ellsworth Aug 27, 1941 Northumberland 51-7-25 Malden, MA   Lithographer, Supt     Perham, Arthur E. Hemingway, Mary Ann  
Perham, Evelina C. Oct 15, 1912 Northumberland 82-3-28 Stratford, NH W at home     Brown, Branch Curtis, Hannah Senility
Perham, Josie Mabel Oct 3, 1963 Groveton, NH 88 Carroll, NH   Housewife     Staples, John Parker, Marcenia  
Perham, Orrie Malcolm Mar 16, 1942 Groveton 71-3-21 Lancaster   Carpenter     Perham, John A. T. Brown, Evelina  
Perkins, Ephraim John Jan 10, 1956 Northumberland 74 Groveton, NH   Bowling Alley Prop.     Perkins, Calvin Nelson, Margaret  
Perkins, Ferol F. Jan 11, 1904 Groveton 3-2-10 Groveton S       Perkins, Henry A. Humphrey, Maude E. Erysipelas
Perkins, Henry Arthur July 13, 1966 Stratford, NH 89     ret RR Worker          
Perkins, Infant female Jan 9, 1925 Whitefield 0 Whitefield S None Stark Lunenburg, VT Perkins, John L. Moran, Isabelle  
Perkins, Isabelle Jan 11, 1925 Whitefield 39-0-1 Lancaster M  Domestic     Moran, Joseph Hibbard, May  
Perkins, Jessie M. Nov 6, 1954 Lisbon, NH 87 Birchton, P. Q.   Housewife     Cairns, Henry Sunbury, Adelia  
Perkins, John Lee April 22, 1947 Groveton 59-11-17 Stark   Beater Engineer     Perkins, John Cumberland, Mary  
Perkins, Maud E. June 6, 1910   34-4-14 Bangor, ME M Housewife     Humphrey, John B. Page, Sarah E. Asthmia
Perras, Marie Berth May 15, 1950 Northumberland 54 Canada   Seamstress     Perras, Victor Huot, Delimo  
Perras, Michael Joseph Nov 15, 1958 Lancaster, NH 0 Lancaster, NH         Perras, Real G. St. Germain, Alice  
Perron, John N. Oct 13, 1945 Groveton 80-6-18 Canada   Farmer     Lasombe, Briegme Robention, Claudia  
Perron, Marilyn Joy July 14, 1944 Lancaster 8 d Lancaster   Infant     Perron, Peter E. Lunn, Dora Louise  
Perry, Charles April 13, 1904 Groveton 77-2-1   W Retired     Perry, William    
Perry, Clara E. Feb 21, 1921 Northumberland 62-5-14 Stratford W None Loudon, NH Barnston, PQ Hutchinson, Charles C. Loverin, Sarah Ann  
Phelps, Cedric O., Jr. Mar 10, 1945 Groveton 8-2-14 Lancaster         Phelps, Cedric Furguson, Hazel  
Phelps, George W. Oct 29, 1937 Groveton 84-3-29 Dummer         Phelps, George W. Grove, Nancy  
Phelps, Mary E. May 31, 1922 Northumberland 61-0-28 Jefferson M Housewife Jefferson Jefferson Crawford, Amos Whittum, Elvira  
Philbrick, Infant Jan 10, 1924 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None San Francisco, CA Fredericton, NB Philbrick, Daniel C. Kelly, Kathleen  
Pike, Ada M. Dec 4, 1910   27-8-21 Charleston, VT M Housewife     Bishop, Millard Smith, Ida Heart disease
Pike, Carl Alson Nov 19, 1958 Jefferson, NH 78 Groveton, NH   Handyman     Pike, William W. Cole, Mary  
Pike, Christina Eva Apr 4, 1917 Northumberland 11 d Northumberland S   Milan Stewartstown Pike, Harold A. Mahurin, Elsie  
Pike, Edna A. Jan 11, 1962 Groveton, NH 72 Groveton, NH   ret postal clerk     Astle, Austin W. Benton, Ida     
Pike, Ellen Arline Apr 15, 1917 Northumberland 2-8-0 Northumberland S     Stewartstown   Mahurin, Elsie  
Pike, Ellen Caroline Sept 7, 1949 Lancaster, NH 73 Northumberland   Housewife     Marancy, Fred Sullivan, Anastasia  
Pike, George Douglas Feb 5, 1928 Lewiston, ME 36-10-15 Northumberland M C N R R clerk Northumberland Munroe, NH Pike, John Douglas Webster, Ida A.  
Pike, Helen M. Oct 4, 1918 Northumberland 9-4-10 Stark S   Stark Stark Pike, Henry Pike, Electa  
Pike, Ida Nov 3, 1934 Groveton 31-0-14 Monroe W Retired     Webster, George Huntoon, Nancy  
Pike, Infant Nov 23, 1929 Groveton 9 hrs Groveton S None Stark Newport, VT Pike, Elmer Gagnon, Eva  
Pike, John D. Sept 2, 1902 Groveton 60-8-13 Northumberland M Millman     Pike, Douglas P. Wyman, Charlotte T. Apoplexy
Pike, Louis Osborne July 3, 1934 Groveton 58-10-3 Stark M Police Ch. Stark Stark Pike, Otis Perkins, Etta  
Pike, Mary Aug 19, 1918 Northumberland 76-0-13 Stark M Housewife Stark   Cole, Benjamin Masure, Sofia  
Pike, Osborne Loufs April 26, 1932 Groveton 17-3-9 Stark S Student Stark Groveton Pike, Louis O. Morancy, Nellie  
Pike, Thomas J. Sept 13, 1918 Northumberland 17-6-23 Stark S Student Stark Stark Pike, Henry Pike, Electa  
Pike, William W. May 11, 1922 Henniker 81-11-20   W Retired          
Pike, Willie T. Nov 6, 1957 Lancaster, NH 59 Stark, NH   Restaurant cook     Pike, Louis O. Kettle, Eliza  
Pilbro, Fritz Gould Oct 19, 1957 Groveton, NH 66 Colebrook, NH   Millworker     Pilbo, Erastus J. Annis, Hattie M.  
Pilbro, Georgianna Rose Oct 22, 1964 Lancaster, NH 65     Telephone Opr.          
Pilbro, Hattie April 14, 1929 Northumberland 62-8-25 Granby, VT W Housekeeper          
Pinault, Roland J. June 12, 1961 Windsor, VT 58 Fall River, MA   Steeplejack     Pinault, Joseph LeBrun, Angelina  
Pincinne, Alexander O. Jan 10, 1955 Lancaster, NH 66 Dover, NH   Lumberjack     Pincinne, Louis Chartier, Lenore  
Pinette, Mary Ellen Feb 23, 1964 Lancaster, NH 74     Housewife          
Pippin, Mary June 9, 1937 Groveton 65 Sherbrooke, PQ   Retired     Droese, Joseph Droese, Lucy  
Placey, Ethel May Jan 7, 1958 Northumberland 67 S. Drummond, Can.   Housewife     Richards, Robert Lawrence, Adelaide R.  
Platt, John James Jan 13, 1962 Groveton, NH 86 Canada   ret Fireman     Platt, Henry Olive, Mary Ann  
Platt, Joseph H. Oct 10, 1960 Lancaster, NH 52 Twin Mt., NH   Police Officer     Platt, John J. Cote, Mary  
Platt, Mary E. Mar 21, 1944 Groveton 60-9-2 Whitefield   Homemaker     Cote, James E. Monahan, Mary E.  
Platt, Richard Joseph Dec 9, 1954 Groveton 82 Canada   Caretaker     Platt, Henry Olive, Mary Ann  
Platt, Thomas Henry July 17, 1946 Whitefield 75-9-14 St. Sylvester, Can.   Board Sawyer     Platt, Henry Olive, Mary Ann  
Plunkett, Delia Howe Sept 17, 1925 Northumberland 55-3-10 Lancaster M Housewife   Lisbon Howe, Charles Sullivan, Mary  
Poirer, Lillian B. July 26, 1922 Berlin 39-6-15 Northumberland M Housewife Canada Canada Boucher, Oscar Fortier, Adelle  
Poirier, Adele April 12, 1947 Grasmere 78-4-27 Canada   at home     Bruno, ______ unknown  
Poirier, Joseph May 1, 1924 Odell 41-6-16 Canada S Laborer Canada Canada Poirier, Salomon Lepage, Ogile  
Poirier, Joseph Feb 18, 1948 Lewiston, ME 77-4-29 Canada   Retired     Poirier, Theophile Courbon, Eva  
Poirier, Marcel July 7, 1962 Laconia, NH 86 Caraquet, N. B.   Millwright          
Poirier, Valdor June 28, 1956 Northumberland 44 Adams, MA   Woodsman     Poirier, Alphonse Mattieu, Clara  
Polequin, Margaret May 28, 1928 Northumberland 16-8-2 Berlin, NH S at home Canada Canada Polequin, Narcisse LeBlanc, Lydia  
Poole, Elizabeth Feb 9, 1916 Northumberland 75-3-17 Lunenburg, VT M Housewife Concord, VT Littleton Morse, William Osgood, Elizabeth  
Poole, Sylvester C. Feb 25, 1918 Dorchester, MA 81-10-19 Haverhill W Mill Supt. Haverhill Newbury, VT Poole, William H. Chamberlain, Mabel  
Pope, Infant June 19, 1908   0 Groveton S       Pope, Charles D. Greenleaf, Maud A. Premature Birth
Potter, Aaron A. Nov 9, 1911   78-6-29 Stark M Farmer     Potter, Justus Miles, Lizzie Mitral incompetency
Potter, Burton G. Jan 1, 1949 Concord, NH 68 New Hampshire   Unemployed     Potter, Aaron A. unknown  
Potter, Clayton Justice Sept 13, 1963 Lancaster, NH 81 Northumberland   Farmer     Potter, Aaron  McFarland, Ella  
Potter, Daniel Nov 16, 1921 Northumberland 59-4-25 Stark S Laborer Stark Rochester Potter, Daniel Blake, Elizabeth  
Potter, Dorothy Elizabeth Sept 16, 1957 London, England 34 Groveton, NH   School Teacher     Potter, Clayton J. Mashure, Stella  
Potter, Ella M. Oct 6, 1938 Groveton 87-4-16 Northumberland   none     McFarland, Asel Lane, Lucy Delaney  
Potter, Elvira Oct 30, 1907   85-8-5 Stark S Housework     Potter, Justus Miles, Elizabeth Senility
Potter, Judson Aaron Nov 21, 1939 Groveton 69-6-22 Stark   Farmer     Potter, Aaron McFarland, Ella  
Potter, Katie E. Aug 23, 1960 Lancaster, NH 77 Maidstone, VT   Housewife     Bean, George Sweet, Katie  
Potter, Lucy T. March 29, 1908   61-0-12 Huntington, C M Housewife     Matthews, William _____, Susan Bright's Disease
Potter, Margaret Agnes Jan 3, 1953 Lancaster, NH 56 Millsfield, NH   Chambermaid     Collins, Henry _______, Elizabeth  
Potter, Richard Clayton July 20, 1949 Groveton, NH 5 Lancaster, NH         Potter, Richard Clayton Mullen, Harriette  
Potter, Stella M. Feb 8, 1963 Groveton, NH 52 Sheffield, VT   Housewife     Mashure, George Buker, Marion  
Powell, Mabel G. Oct 21, 1904 Groveton 30-5 Northumberland M Housewife     Hayes, William Hutchins, Elnora Tuberculosis
Powers, David April 25, 1965 Lancaster, NH 1 hr     Infant          
Pratt, Jay C. Aug 18, 1922 Farmington, ME 30-9-5 Northumberland M Farmer   Percy Pratt, Charles J. Savage, Nettie J.  
Presby, Archie Dec 28, 1918 Cabot, VT 34 New Hampshire M Laborer New Hampshire New Hampshire Presby, Leroy Presby, Almeda  
Priest, Charles W. July 1, 1903 Northumberland 54 Columbia M       Priest, Aaron    
Prince, Annie R. H. Aug 12, 1943 Groveton 94-1-11 N. Stratford   Housewife     Hinman, George W. Curtiss, Mary Ann  
Prince, E. Jesse July 1, 1960 Jefferson, NH 84 W. Stewartstown   Carpenter     Prince, James Buffington, Nellie  
Prince, James Lewis May 30, 1942 Groveton 91-6-17 Newport, PQ   Lumberman     Prince, James    
Proctor, Percy James July 20, 1960 Northumberland 77 Auburn, NH   Retired     Proctor, Marvin Haines, Emma  
Prosser, Harold O. Oct 11, 1902 Northumberland 3 m 29 d Groveton S       Prosser, James Damon, Lilla Suffocation
Prosser, James B. Sept 4, 1917 Northumberland 48-8-0 New Brunswick M Laborer New Brunswick New Brunswick Prosser, Samuel Farmer, Eleanor  
Prosser, William B. June 2, 1936 Northumberland 65-5-9 Millville, NB S Laborer Canada Canada Prosser, Samuel Palmer, Ellen  
Proulx, Angelina May 8, 1913 St Johnsbury, VT 63 Canada M Housewife     Valliere, Joseph Emmons, Marie Pul. Tuberculosis
Prue, Israel May 13, 1913 Northumberland 86-3-0 Canada W Farmer     Prue, Antoine   Bright's disease
Prue, Joseph Aug 1, 1917 Northumberland 36-2-26 Miles Pond, VT M Farmer Canada Canada Prue, Buzzell Valliere, Angeline  
Prue, Louise June 19, 1900 Northumberland 69 Canada M Wife         Acute Asthma
Purtle, Percy J. Oct 16, 1962 Groveton, NH 73 Lancaster, NH   Farmer     Purtle, James Ryan, Louisa  
Quimby, Hattie E. Oct 25, 1901 Groveton 32 Canada M Housewife     Kelley, Joseph Mahew, Lois L. Appendicitis
Ramsay, William James Jan 27, 1949 Groveton, NH 71-5-21 S. Durham, P. Q.   Farmer     Ramsay, Aaron Currie, Ann  
Ramsdell, Elizabeth June 29, 1940 Lancaster 80 McIndoes, VT         Kimball, William Marshall, Lydia  
Ramsdell, Ethel Jan 20, 1927 Northumberland 38-5-1 Whitefield M Housewife Vermont Vermont Hudson, Lovell    
Ramsdell, George Jan 21, 1929 Northumberland 73-3-25 Littleton M Retired     Ramsdell, John    
Ramsdell, Roy L. May 20, 1963 Concord, NH 87 McIndoes Falls, VT   Laborer     Ramsdell, George Kimball, Elizabeth  
Reagan, Cornelius June 7, 1917 Northumberland 85 Cork, Ireland W Farmer          
Reagon, Agnes June 2, 1905 Northumberland 72 Whitefield M Housewife     Burnes, _____   Ashpinia
Redlon, Jennie Nov 23, 1916 St. Johnsbury, VT 60-2   D Nurse          
Reed, Charles Allen Feb 18, 1945 Groveton 75-10-19 Holton, ME   Teamster     Reed, Henry    
Reed, Willard Dec 5, 1927 Lancaster 81-6-1 Bradley, ME W Retired     Reed, Alfred    
Regan, John Aug 3, 1933 Northumberland 63-1-16 Northumberland S Retired Ireland Canada Regan, Cornelius Riley, Elizabeth  
Renaud, Edmond Rosaire March 2, 1965 Lancaster, NH 2 d     Infant          
Renfrett, Ruth E. Nov 6, 1944 Hanover 34-3-25 Colebrook   Housewife          
Revoir, Elizabeth R. Aug 9, 1918 Northumberland 6 m 22 d Groveton S   Lowell, VT Charleston, VT Revoir, George A. Dwyer, Blanche A.  
Rice, Capt. Lynn F. June 20, 1936 Lancaster 67-5-28 Ogdensburg, NY M Printer New York Canton, NY Rice, Louis Ring, Julia  
Rice, Ernest E. Feb 22, 1928 Northumberland 35-6-29 Piqua, Ohio S Printer Piqua, Ohio Piqua, Ohio Rice, Fred Lawrence, Elizabeth  
Rice, Jean S. Jan 29, 1957 Groveton, NH 66 P. E. I., Canada   Housewife     Smith, Joseph unknown  
Rich, Albert Berkley July 18, 1914 Canajoharie, NY 79-10-23   W           Valvular heart disease
Rich, Barbara L. Oct 3, 1950 Groveton, NH 17 Guildhall, VT   Student     Rich, Nelson Gouthier, Adrian  
Rich, Carrie A. March 14, 1905 Northumberland 20-9 Brunswick, VT M Housewife     Wart, Harvey Cranmos, Rebecca Consumption
Rich, Clara Emma Jan 19, 1944 Hinsdale 74-6-13 Hinsdale   Housewife     Russo, William Cone, Alma E.  
Rich, Deever Dec 8, 1938 Portland, ME 82-9-7 Groveton   Retired     Rich, Charles H. Chesman, Mary  
Rich, Edwin Oct 27, 1963 Hinsdale, NH 91 Groveton, NH         Rich, Kail    
Rich, Fred I. May 7, 1935 Northumberland 69-7-5 Maidstone, VT M Retired Maidstone, VT Maidstone, VT Rich, Nelson Hay(  ), Susan B.  
Rich, Henry Nov 8, 1913 Concord, NH 79 Vermont W Farmer         Interstitial nephritis
Rich, Nelson D. June 11, 1954 Berlin, NH 51 Milan, NH   General Trucking     Rich, Fred Watson, Carrie  
Rich, Robert James March 8, 1933 Northumberland 1 m 6 d Groveton S None Whitefield Groveton Rich, Everett S. Hampton, Irene B.  
Richardson, Catie S. Mar 10, 1900 Groveton 63-4-23 Stark M  Housekeeper     Moore, Samuel Massure, Hannah Heart Disease
Richardson, infant Dec 14, 1906 Groveton 1 d Northumberland S       Richardson, Charles Ford, Jessie Asphyxia
Richardson, Infant March 16, 1908   16 d Groveton S       Richardson, Leslie Warcup, Bessie M. Injuries at birth
Richey, Charles July 15, 1904 Groveton 68-4-21 Groveton M none     Richey, James Sinclair, Lucy Asthma
Richey, Emma Sophia March 22, 1949 Westbrook, ME   Columbia, NH   at home     Atherton, Rudolphus Rich, Mary A.  
Richey, Sarah April 2, 1916 Northumberland 88-10 Colebrook, NH W Housework England   Henson, Richard    
Rideout, Hermon Leo Oct 1, 1938 Lancaster 17-7-0 Littleton   none     Rideout, Frank Cowin, Rose  
Rideout, Rose M. June 13, 1942 Northumberland 55-0-26 Canada   Housewife     Caron, Ernest Pepin, Clara  
Riendeau, Zephir Wilfred Aug 27, 1962 Lancaster, NH 54 Canada   Lumbering     Riendeau, Ulric Adam, Flora  
Riley, John Jan 24, 1919 Northumberland   unknown   Laborer          
Ritchie, Elbridge M. July 26, 1912 Northumberland 62-9-25 Northumberland W Retired     Ritchie, James Ritchie, Betsey Arterio sclerosis nephitis
Ritchie, Eliza A. June 19, 1913 Guildhall, VT 46-4-15   M Housewife         Cerebral meningitis
Ritchie, Forest E. Aug 18, 1919 Manchester 54-5 Northumberland M Carpenter          
Ritchie, Martha Jan 6, 1910 Northumberland 65 Guildhall, VT M Housewife     Atkinson, Robert ____, Maria Cerebral Effusion
Ritchie, Martha Smith Oct 14, 1931 Groveton 65-1-20 Brownington, VT M at home Vermont Vermont Smith, Samuel Currier, Melissa  
Roberts, Daniel Sept 19, 1913 Concord, NH 87-4-16 Milan, NH W Farmer     Roberts, Joshua Hanson, Dorothy Interstitial nephritis
Robertson, Daniel Apr 17, 1915 Northumberland 50     Woodman          
Robichand, Frederick Jos. March 26, 1930 Northumberland 42-10-24 St. Louis, NB M Carpenter New Brunswick New Brunswick Robichand, Oliver Richard, Olivine  
Robie, Fred Walter Jan 11, 1966 Lancaster, NH 86     Painter          
Robinson, George Apr 2, 1917 Northumberland     S Woodsman          
Robinson, Infant Jan 14, 1907   0 Groveton S       Robinson, Fred G. Gorman, Rose A. Stillborn
Roby, Leon Carl July 6, 1964 Lancaster, NH 62     Millworker          
Rogers, Blanche May 19, 1950 Berlin, NH 39 Norton, VT   Housewife     Henri, Zoel Godreau, Exarine  
Rogers, Theodore A. Dec 6, 1948 Lancaster 46-4-24 Percy   Section Foreman     Rogers, John Hiram Greene, Ara C.  
Rolfe, Alvie Aug 20, 1958 Groveton, NH 83 Jefferson, NH   Contractor     Rolfe, John Gray, Hattie  
Rolfe, Delia J. Aug 28, 1941 Portland, ME 82-6-17 Nova Scotia   Housewife     Jarvis, Nelson    
Rolfe, George May 31, 1948 Northumberland 65-7-23 Jefferson, NH   Wood Worker     Rolfe, John Gray, Harriet  
Rolfe, Harold J. Jr. Feb 28, 1952 Korea 21 Groveton, NH   Lining Machine Opr.     Rolfe, Harold J. McMann, Lela  
Rolfe, John Angus Aug 10, 1946 Groveton 61-10-15 Livingston, Montana   Plumber     Rolfe, John unknown  
Rollin, Infant Oct 24, 1913 Northumberland 2 d Groveton S       Rollin, John Mills, Rebecca Premature birth
Rondeu, Priscilla M. Sept 24, 1954 Groveton 43 Athol, MA   Housewife     Briggs, Walter A. Newton, Marion  
Root, Prosper July 25, 1931 Groveton 83-7-6 Brandon, VT W Retired Canada Canada Root, Charles Brunnell, Celeste  
Rose, Emma Aiken March 7, 1923 Northumberland 38-8-16 E. Putney, VT M Housewife Windham, VT Grafton, VT Aiken, Charles C. Daggett, Emma  
Rosebrook, Alma S. April (21?), 1905 Northumberland 34-2-22 Island Pond, VT M Housewife     C(o)rle, John Wade, Sarah Result of injury
Rosebrook, Ernest A. Dec 16, 1926 Northumberland 59-2-5 Guildhall, VT M Laborer Guildhall, VT Guildhall, VT Rosebrook, Elbridge Webb, Mary P.  
Rosebrook, Freeland April 2, 1951 W. Stewartstown 78 East Brighton, VT         Rosebrook, Edward Melcher, Sarah  
Rosebrook, Infant Sept 10, 1920 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Marshfield, VT Peabody, MA Rosebrook, Elbridge Simpson, Mabel F.  
Rosebrook, Katherine F. June 4, 1949 Lancaster, NH 76 Lunenburg, VT   Housewife     Hartshorn, Henry Briggs, Jennie  
Rosebrook, Martha S. Jan 19, 1918 Auburn, ME 17-5-22 Groveton S Scholar Guildhall, VT Waterford, VT Rosebrook, L. W. Bliss, Hattie  
Ross, Eugene Dec 4, 1933 W. Stewartstown 65 Canada   Blacksmith Canada Canada Ross, Andre    
Rouleau, Rose Dec 9, 1927 Berlin 30-5-18   M Housewife          
Roussey, John B. May 29, 1939 Henniker 59 Unknown   Lumberjack          
Roussy, Andrew Oct 26, 1914 Northumberland 38 St. Godfrey, PQ W Laborer     Roussy, Napoleon Grenier, ____ Appendicitis
Rowden, Charles Albert Jan 17, 1949 Groveton, NH 79 Canada   Millwright     Rowden, Thomas Nugent, Mary Jane  
Rowden, Lizzie April 15, 1926 Northumberland 48-6-20 Canada M Housewife     Fillgate, James Wilkins, Mary  
Rowden, William F. Jan 19, 1952 Groveton, NH 77 Maple Grove, PQ   Machinist (ret)     Rowden, Thomas A. Nugent, Mary Jane  
Rowe, Edward C. Mar 23, 1939 Lancaster 88-2-16 Vermont   Merchant       Clifford, Sally  
Rowe, Eleane Marie March 11, 1927 Northumberland 2 m 10 d Northumberland S none   Lemington, VT   Perron, Margaret  
Rowe, Frank Jan 30, 1911   84               Heart disease
Rowell, William Dec 20, 1956 Lancaster, NH 62 Pittsburg, NH   Laborer     Rowell, Burt Luce, Maude  
Roy, Edgar Joseph Jan 16, 1942 Groveton 64 Canada   Woodsman          
Roy, Infant Dec 24, 1925 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Canada Canada Roy, Leo Aube, Palmyra  
Roy, Joseph Albert L. Oct 7, 1916 Northumberland 1 d   S   Quebec Lisbon, ME Roy, Joseph Welch, Mary  
Roy, Lucien Joseph Dec 17, 1958 Lancaster, NH 57 Lambton, P. Q.   Lumberman     Roy, Michael Fortier, Elona  
Roy, Ludger Joseph Aug 11, 1961 Stratford, NH 61 Berlin, NH   Millworker     Roy, Peter Fleming, Carolyn  
Roy, Yvonne Apr 4, 1945 Groveton 46-5-1 Derby, VT   Cook     Nailer, Alex Revoie, Hattie  
Royston, Annie Oct 24, 1940 Northumberland 68-10-16 Groveton   Homemaker     Royston, Dennis Kenney, Delia  
Royston, Delia Kenney April 10, 1932 Groveton 88-9-4 Ireland W Retired Ireland Ireland Kenney, James Morin, Margaret  
Royston, Dennis March 24, 1919 Northumberland 88-0-12 Ireland M Retired England Ireland Royston, Richard Heenan, Judith  
Runge, Carl F. J. Aug 21, 1955 Lancaster, NH 70 London, England   Papermill     Runge, Fred unknown  
Runge, Cora Oct 21, 1959 Lancaster, NH 75 Canada   Housewife     Richards, Robert Lawrence, Adelaide R.  
Russ, Adeline May Mar 7, 1917 Northumberland 37-2-9 Northumberland M Housewife Canaan, VT Northumberland Frizzell, Addison H. Smith, Ellen M.  
Russ, Alma E. Nov 2, 1928 Brookline, NH 81-9-15 Errol W Housekeeper   Errol Cone, Jarcel Sweet, Charlotte  
Russ, Luella P. June 5, 1956 Northumberland 77 N. Stratford, NH   Housewife     LaRoche, Gerard LaFleur, Phebe  
Russ, Neil A. Nov 29, 1915 Northumberland 8-10-9 Northumberland S School Columbia Groveton Russ, Nelson Frizzell, Addie  
Russ, Walter Leon June 17, 1956 Northumberland 75 Columbia, NH         Russ, Gerard Cone, Alma  
Russ, William W. Feb 20, 1906 Northumberland 61-4-5   M Farmer     Russ, Stephen (B)'ner'ft, Electa Heart Disease
Russell, Carleton Elmer Nov 24, 1941 Northumberland 23-1-24 Island Pond, VT   Cook     Russell, William A. St. Croix, Agnes D.  
Russell, Charles R. Nov 22, 1954 Stewartstown, NH 61     Papermaker          
Russell, Fletcher H. Nov 22, 1961 Lancaster, NH 86 Canaan, VT   Carpenter     Russell, Horace Nutting, Melvina  
Russell, Frank E. April 5, 1903 Groveton 26-11 Hermand, ME S Laborer     Russell, E. J. Whittier, Laura  
Russell, Henry Jan 15, 1925 Northumberland 65-4-17 Vermont W Laborer          
Russell, James Stevenson Oct 25, 1966 Lancaster, NH 71     Millworker          
Ryan, Charles William July 26, 1959 Lancaster, NH 65 Groveton, NH   Custodian     Ryan, John Smith, Ella  
Ryan, John Albert April 23, 1946 Stewartstown 89-5-25 Laval, P. Q., Can.   Lumberman     Ryan, Timothy Stapleton, Mary  
Saco, Peter Mar 15, 1939 Groveton 55-6-8 Kortelechy, Russia   Woodsman          
Salomon, Charles S. Feb 3, 1921 Northumberland 3-2-4 Northumberland     Northumberland Lewiston, ME Salomon, Jacob M. Towle, Lena B.  
Salomon, Jacob M. Mar 30, 1945 Whitefield 66-11-24 Groveton   Real Estate     Salomon, Charles J. Block, Frances  
Salomon, Richard C. Nov 2, 1951 Providence, RI 39 Northumberland         Salomon, Jacob M. Towle, Lena  
Sanborn, Mary A. Jan 22, 1938 Quincy, MA 0 Unknown   none     Unknown Unknown  
Sanderson, Maude Elnora Aug 3, 1958 Groveton, NH 77 Stark, NH   Teacher & wife     Lang, Andrew G. Veazie, Sarah J.  
Sargent, Howard C. Nov 23, 1952 Northumberland 23 N. Troy, VT         Sargent, Clarence Stannard, Perfa  
Sauer, Rose Dec 17, 1954 Lancaster, NH 89 Columbia, NH   Housewife     Adams, Peter Phanoeuf, Matilda  
Sauers, Henry Dec 16, 1950 Groveton, NH 75 Germany   Labor Ret.          
Savage, Alice L. Oct 20, 1940 Lancaster 60-10-15 Northumberland   Housewife     Cummings, Aaron Eldridge, Lucy  
Savage, Charles Everett Jan 10, 1961 Lancaster, NH 92 LeGrange, ME   Asst Mgr.     Savage, Howard Hinkley, Mary  
Savage, Earl J. March 15, 1965 Groveton, NH 56     Papermaker          
Savage, Ernest C. July 25, 1956 Lancaster, NH 51 Lancaster, NH   Millworker     Savage, Rollo Gallagher, Jessie  
Savage, Herman E. March 3, 1966 Lancaster, NH 88     Farmer          
Savage, Infant April 27, 1921 Northumberland 4 d Northumberland     Lancaster Northumberland Savage, Herman Cummings, Alice  
Savage, Jodie Lynn Oct 14, 1966 Lancaster, NH 0     Infant          
Savage, Mary  June 2, 1965 Lancaster, NH 6 hrs     Infant          
Savage, Mary Alma Jan 22, 1961 Lancaster, NH 93 Litchfield Corners, ME   Housewife     Payne, Horace Baker, Sarah  
Savage, Warren Nov 23, 1918 Northumberland 9-4-6 Groveton S Student Legrange, ME Pittsfield, ME Savage, Charles E. Payne, Minnie A.  
Savary, William Henry Dec 16, 1928 Northumberland 88-8-29 Nova Scotia W Retired Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Savary, Nathan Dunbar, Phoebe A.  
Sawyer, Annie T. Nov 4, 1956 Enfield, NH 78 Stewartstown, NH   Postal Clerk     Tibbetts, Seth Blodgett, Isabel  
Sawyer, Frank Willis July 12, 1911 Northumberland 30-0-21 Stewartstown   Farmer     Sawyer, Alvah Tewksbury, ____ Suicide by hanging
Sawyer, George Freeman July 16, 1942 Northumberland 64-11-12 Jefferson   Clerical     Sawyer, Frank Tilton Hicks, Addie  
Schoff, Cora Etta June 15, 1939 Groveton 64-4-11 Dixville, PQ   Homemaker     Young, Hiram Hill, Lodezna  
Schoff, Herman Charles Dec 27, 1954 Groveton 64 Stratford, NH   Sulphite Cook     Schoff, Adna Bagley, Eliza  
Schoff, Leon H. May 4, 1928 Northumberland 61-7-1 Craftsbury, VT M Merchant Maidstone, VT Albany, VT Schoff, Adna Bagley, Eliza  
Schoff, Lillian May Oct 14, 1949 Groveton, NH 59 Westmore, VT   Housewife     Conley, Clarence Wilson, Clarabelle  
Scott, Alelia Mar 3, 1937 Northumberland 75-1-1 Stanhope, PQ   Retired     Felch, George Martin, _____  
Scott, Catherine C. Mar 23, 1944 Portland, ME 79-6-26 Groveton              
Scott, John Aug 12, 1918 Northumberland 62-3-6 Derby, VT M Teamster Drummondville, PQ Concord Scott, John Labounty, Rose  
Scott, Osmer May 13, 1941 Northumberland 68-8-4 Danville, PQ   Woodsman          
Scott, Rebecca Jan 21, 1930 Stark 73-10-7 Halifax, PQ M Retired Ireland Ireland Forbes, William    
Scott, Richard Wilbur Nov 8, 1948 W. Stewartstown 52-9-6 Holland, VT   Painter     Scott, John Flech, Alelin  
Scott, William Dec 21, 1915 Northumberland 64   S Laborer     Scott, Alexander Hall, Electa  
Scribner, Eugene L. July 23, 1943 Groveton 68-0-13 Concord   Millwright     Scribner, George Hodgman, Carrie  
Scully, Michael J. Dec 18, 1953 Lancaster, NH 54 Ireland   Veteran     Scully, Daniel Wiseman, Ellen  
Sealey, John A. Sept 27, 1926 Northumberland 51   W Laborer          
Sequin, Anna Feb 22, 1962 Groveton, NH 80 Gorham, NH   Housewife     Jolicoeur, Benjamin DeLousse, Elmire  
Sessions, Warren W. Jan 11, 1959 Groveton, NH 85 Milton Plantation, ME   Laborer     Sessions, Summner Crofts, Victoria  
Seymour, Infant Marsh 29, 1927 Northumberland   Northumberland S None Chevloix, Mich Detroit, Mich Seymour, Alvah Willey, Florence S.  
Shaft, Harold Leon Jan 4, 1954 Groveton 59 Stratford, NH   Personnel Mgr.     Shaft, Leon Hollis Blodgett, Mary Etta  
Shallow, Dennis Jan 28, 1944 Berlin 65-9-15 St. Giles, PQ   Millwright     Shallow, Daniel Boyle, Mary  
Shallow, Howard D. Dec 16, 1918 Portland    12-2-2 Groveton S Student Quebec New Hampshire Shallow, Dennis King, Anna  
Shallow, Peter July 16, 1931 Berlin 73-11-18 Canada S Retired Ireland Ireland Shallow, Dan Bogle, Mary  
Shannon, James Sept 23, 1926 Northumberland 68-1-22 Derby, VT M Paper Maker Newport, VT Newport, VT Shannon, Dennis Haley, Mary  
Sharlow, female Aug 27, 1904 Groveton 0 Groveton S       Sharlow, Dennis King, Annie Stillborn
Shea, John C. Feb 18, 1902 Groveton 62-9-14 P. Q. M Painter     Shea, Mark Byron, Katie Mitral Regurgitation
Shedd, George H. Sept 24, 1960 Groveton, NH 59 Lowell, VT   Oiler     Shedd, Warren    
Shedd, Ronald P. July 4, 1956 Holyoke, MA 25     Laborer     Shedd, George Beau, Beatrice  
Sheltry, Agnes Florence March 19, 1953 Groveton 52 Amesbury, MA   Nurse & housewife     Greaney, Michael Hanley, Bridget  
Sheltry, Almeda July 29, 1921 Northumberland 66-9-10 Aroostook, ME M Housewife     Cummings, Will    
Sheltry, Clarence Elmer Aug 31, 1962 Groveton, NH 58 Percy, NH   Millwright     Sheltry, Alfred Emery, Mary Jane  
Sheltry, Edward Edson May 31, 1963 Lancaster, NH 74 Lancaster, NH   Steam Fitter     Sheltry, William G. Cumberland, Almeda  
Sheltry, Fred A. Sept 25, 1928 Northumberland 68-3-5 Warwick, PQ M Retired Gentilly St. Morresette Sheltry, Francis Matou, Mary Ann  
Sheltry, Infant Oct 7, 1918 Northumberland 0 Groveton     Lancaster Bloomfield, VT Sheltry, Edward Spencer, Ila  
Sheltry, Melvin E. Jan 4, 1935 Northumberland 39-8-2(6) Stark, NH M Farmer Warwick, PQ Stark Sheltry, Frederick Emery, Mary  
Sheltry, William July 27, 1922 Northumberland 70-11 Kingsey, PQ W Retired Canada Canada Sheltry, Francis Matton, Maryann  
Sheltry, William A. March 3, 1935 Lancaster 44-1-21 Stark M Laborer Canada Maine Sheltry, William A. Cumberland, A.  
Sheridan, Jennie Dec 10, 1957 Lancaster, NH 81 Groveton, NH         Sheridan, John Eckerson, Mary Jane  
Sheridan, John Dec 22, 1916 Northumberland 67 St. Sylvester, PQ M Laborer     Sheridan, Patrick Tubbelton, Margaret  
Sherman, Roscoe Bolder Jan 6, 1956 Northumberland 73 Cushing, ME   Beater Man     Sherman, Edward Harris, Minnie  
Shields, Bridgett July 21, 1949 Groveton, NH 81 St. Sylvester, P.Q.   retired     Shields, John Osborne, Jane  
Shields, Edward Aug 3, 1918 Northumberland 77-1-16 St. Giles, Canada S Retired Scotland Ireland Shields, Daniel Monehan, Susan  
Shields, James P. Dec 25, 1914 Northumberland 42-5-8 St. Sylvester, PQ M Bookkeeper     Shields, John Osborn, Jane Pul. Tuberculosis
Shields, Mary Mar 1, 1939 Manchester 96 St. Sylvester, PQ   Housekeeper          
Shields, Paul March 24, 1924 Portland, ME 25-1-17 Northumberland S Laborer Canada New Hampshire Shields, James P. Keen, Alice E.  
Shields, Sara Edna Feb 28, 1931 Groveton 67-11-1 Island Pond, VT D Retired Stanstead, PQ   Danforth, George Howard, Direxa  
Shields, Willard C. Sept 11, 1918 Berlin 17-9-17 Groveton M Clerk Canada Guildhall, VT Shields, James P. Keene, Alice E.  
Shields, William March 16, 1932 Lancaster 76-3-2 St. Thomas, PQ S Retired Scotland Ireland Shields, Daniel Mountain, Suzanne  
Shoff, Charles Oct 14, 1920 Northumberland 54 Guildhall, VT S Farmer Brunswick, VT Berlin Shoff, Chester Greene, _____  
Shoff, Eliza E. Jan 5, 1925 Northumberland 76-7-4 Albany, VT W Housework Vermont Vermont Bagley, Gideon Smith, Lucela  
Shoff, Etta Mary Oct 11, 1947 Groveton 75-8-27 Stratford   Housewife     Blodgett, Leander Holbrook, Lydia  
Shoff, Gordon Oct 8, 1918 Northumberland 14-3-3 Craftsbury, VT S Student Craftsbury, VT Canada Shoff, Clinton Young, Cora  
Shoff, Vern Dec 25, 1918 Northumberland 35-7-20 Stratford S Laborer Brunswick, VT Craftsbury, VT Shoff, Adna Bagley, Eliza  
Shores, Ervin P. June 17, 1966 Lancaster, NH 71     Painter          
Shores, Henrietta Dec 29, 1951 S. Groveton, NH 91 Northumberland   Housewife     Connary, Patrick McGuire, Elizabeth  
Shores, Henry Frederick March 27, 1931 Northumberland 72-3-27     Retired Lowell, MA   Shores, Peter N. Connary, Henrietta  
Shores, Lawrence Joe. May 15, 1955 Groveton, NH 63 Lancaster, NH   Farmer     Shores, Henry F. Connary, Ellen H.  
Shores, Nora May June 13, 1966 Shelburne, Vt 73     Housewife          
Silver, Arleen R. April 16, 1932 Lancaster 9-10-13 Groveton S Student Canaan, VT Franklin, CT Silver, John W. Phillips, Mary  
Silver, Everett Oct 14, 1907   21-8-4 Northumberland S Laborer     Silver, Arad Hurrell, Bridget Typhoid Fever
Silver, Infant July 2, 1907   1 m 14 d Unknown S       Unknown Unknown Unknown
Silver, Infant Sept 6, 1917 Northumberland 0 Northumberland     Canaan    Franklin, CT Silver, John W. Phillips, Mary K.  
Silver, Infant Jan 1, 1926 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Canaan, VT Franklin, CT Silver, John Phillips, Mary  
Silver, John William Nov 22, 1948 Northumberland 61-1-14 Canaan, VT   Farmer     Silver, Bernice Edward Welch, Idell F.  
Silver, Thurman Oct 23, 1907   19-6-0 Bloomfield, VT S Laborer     Silver, Arad Hurrell, Bridget Typhoid Fever
Simard, Antoine May 13, 1920 Berlin 77-8-8 Canada M Laborer          
Simard, Philemon Nov 28, 1912 Northumberland 65-1-18 Quebec M Housewife     Campagna, Noel Dolaire, Apoline Pneumonia
Simmonds, Ruby J. April 14, 1960 Keene, NH 67 Colebrook, NH   Domestic Cook     Haney, Thomas Cummings, Laura F.  
Simonds, Fitz Feb 22, 1929 Northumberland 74-2-28 Lawrence, MA M Retired          
Simonds, Mary Estell Sept 10, 1952 Groveton, NH 94 N. Stratford, NH   At Home     Morse, Kimball Cross, Ann  
Simoney, Peter Apr 30, 1941 Northumberland 60-1-27 Boston, MA   Paperhanger          
Simpson, Arthur R., Sr. Dec 19, 1966 Hanover, NH 68     ret Cook          
Simpson, Evelyn G. Oct 22, 1913 Northumberland 1 m 14 d Groveton S       Stimpson, William Emmett, Edith M. Malnutrition
Simpson, Florence Francis Sept 12, 1966 Lancaster, NH 77     Housewife          
Simpson, William E. Jan 29, 1959 Lancaster, NH 87 Stratford, NH   Laborer          
Simpson, William Milton July 27, 1964 Lancaster, NH 95     ret Sulphite Cook          
Smart, Ada E. May 5, 1927 Northumberland 70-7 Bangor, ME D Housekeeper Medford, ME Maine Tibbetts, John C. Bowles, Esther  
Smith, Adaline Victoria Sept 25, 1958 Groveton, NH 79 Cambridge, MA   Housewife     Stafford, John Howe, Emma  
Smith, Alfred Luke Jan 31, 1945 Groveton 65-10-16 Stark   Laborer     Smith, Matthew Hickey, Eva  
Smith, Annette Myrtie Sept 26, 1958 Stratford, NH 71 Stark, NH   Domestic help     Smith, Henry Albert McFarland, Mary Myrtie  
Smith, Austin Aug 26, 1927 Concord, NH 38 Stark S None Vermont New Hampshire Smith, Henry McFarland, Mary  
Smith, Charles Nov 19, 1923 Northumberland 77-7-3 Lunenburg, VT M Farmer     Smith, Christopher Lane, Lydia  
Smith, Christopher April 29, 1953 W. Stewartstown 62 Lunenburg, VT   Farmer     Smith, Henry McFarland, Mary  
Smith, Edmund Jan 1, 1906 Northumberland 89 Northumberland W Farmer         Senility
Smith, Emma Aug 18, 1905 Groveton 43-2-26 Northumberland M Housewife     McFarland, Charles Emery, Mary J. Carcu. of tongue
Smith, Frank   July 30, 1933 Northumberland 49-2-26 Lunenburg, VT M Laborer Lunenburg, VT Groveton Smith, Henry McFarland, Emma J.  
Smith, Frank Leslie May 5, 1958 Northumberland 69 Victory, VT   Saw Filer     Smith, Leverton Thayer, Hattie  
Smith, Frank P. April 10, 1921 Northumberland 73-10-2 Canada M Retired          
Smith, Freda Oct 12, 1918 Northumberland     M Housewife          
Smith, George T. Apr 3, 1907   28 England M Mach. Ten.         Accidental
Smith, George W. April 11, 1914 Northumberland 28-6-14 Northumberland S Cook     Smith, Henry McFarland, Emma Acute delirium
Smith, Georgiana Apr 20, 1936 Berlin 58-0-29 Liverpool, Eng W at home England England Christie, William Miller, Mary  
Smith, Grover May 15, 1961 Concord, NH 77 Stark, NH   Laborer     Smith, Henry McFarland, Mary  
Smith, Harriet E. Oct 21, 1924 Northumberland 81-10-7 Stark W Retired     Holbrook, Daniel    
Smith, Harriet Persis Mar 14, 1937 Groveton 80-11-29 Jefferson   At Home     Gray, Lorenza Holmes, ____  
Smith, Harry Beecher May 1, 1942 Northumberland 78-5-2 Groveton   Farmer/Wood Sealer     Smith, Howard Whipple, Harriette  
Smith, Henry Aug 1, 1938 Berlin 84-9-6 Lunenburg, VT   Farmer     Smith, Ace S. Unknown  
Smith, Henry G. April 14, 1931 Berlin 67-3-12 Portland, ME M Restaurant     Smith, Brewster Wilson, _____  
Smith, Ida Etta Jan 15, 1955 Berlin, NH 81 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Pike, John D. Webster, Ida  
Smith, Infant May 31, 1929 Groveton   Groveton S None Gray, ME Lancaster Smith, Lester Woods, Lena  
Smith, Infant female July 16, 1903 Groveton 1 d Groveton S       Smith, Walter Gonyer, Sadie  
Smith, Irving June 17, 1963 Lancaster, NH 82 Lunenburg, VT   ret Laborer     Smith, Henry    McFarland, Emma  
Smith, Jennie N. Aug 31, 1950 Lancaster, NH 84 Stratford, NH   Housewife     Norcott, Charles F. Hinman, Mary  
Smith, Joseph James Dec 20, 1966 Groveton, NH 63     Steam Fitter          
Smith, Laura A. May 20, 1900 Northumberland 78-2-10   M Housewife     Stewart, Isiah   Dropsy
Smith, Lewis M. Oct 4, 1902 Northumberland 61-1-13 Lunenburg, VT M Liveryman     Smith, Benjamin Blood, Mary Cancer of Liver
Smith, Marshall S. March 11, 1965 Berlin, NH 82     RR Engineer          
Smith, Mary Ellen Aug 27, 1935 Groveton 89-3-29 Nashua W Retired   Guildhall, VT   Babb, Olive  
Smith, Matthew June 16, 1934 Concord 77-6-23 Canada W RR Section Hand Ireland   Smith, Mark Kennedy, Janet  
Smith, Mrs. Mary M. Apr 29, 1943 Skowhegan, ME 80-0-28 Portland, ME   Housewife          
Smith, Nellie Oct 8, 1958 Lancaster, NH 78 Groveton, NH   Housewife     McMahon, Michael Sheridan, Margaret  
Smith, Nina April 26, 1960 Lancaster, NH 69 Stark, NH   Housewife     Montgomery, James Cole, Manette  
Smith, Peter Oct 15, 1953 Stewartstown, NH 71 Canada   Woodsman     Smith, William Dubois, Jennie  
Smith, Virginia Blodgett Nov 30, 1936 Groveton 18-6-22 Stratford M Housewife Stratford Stratford Blodgett, Newell Young, Maude  
Solomon, Frances B. Oct 26, 1901 Groveton 49-7-18 Germany M Housewife     Block, Simon Kesel, Henrietta Bright's Disease
Solomon, Lena Towle Aug 22, 1955 Brunswick, ME 76 Lewiston, ME   Housewife     Towle, Walter C. Bunker, Cora  
Sortwell, Jennie R. Sept 26, 1952 Lancaster, NH 66 Stratford, NH   Housewife     Blodgett, John ___, Eliza J.  
Soucy, Josephine Aug 12, 1909   30-7-3 Canada M Housework     Gagnon, Alex Well, Celia Puerperal melancholia
Soule, Annie Eliza Sept 12, 1900 Groveton 1-5-1 Groveton S        Soule, J. B. Cole, Edith Entertis
Soule, Edith V. March 22, 1931 Portland, ME 56-5-3 Groveton M at home New Hampshire New Hampshire Cole, George Jackman, Lucy  
Soule, Gilbert H. Oct 12, 1902 Groveton 1-6-6 Groveton S       Soule, James B. Cole, Edith V. Meningitis
Soule, James B. Feb 25, 1942 Portland, ME 73-2-14 Brewer, ME   Lumberman     Soule, Gilbert B. Murchie, Eliza  
Soule, Leland S. Jan 16, 1903 Groveton 8-6-10 Portland, ME S       Soule, James B. Cole, Edith V. Appendicitis
Sousis, Infant April 21, 1909   0 Groveton, NH S       Sousis, Alzeard Gagnon, J. Stillborn
Spaulding, Dwight H. Dec 22, 1911   32-5-19 Cornish, NH M Farmer     Spaulding, Edgar Huntley, Josephine Pleuro pneumonia
Spaulding, Frank W. Feb 2, 1936 Groveton 57-4-24 Lemington, Vt M Teamster Colebrook Fairfield Spaulding, Frank Adams, Belle  
Spaulding, James D. Jan 5, 1929 Groveton 59-8-16 Lancaster M Laborer Stark England Spaulding, Daniel Whipp, Jane  
Spaulding, Louisa M. July 26, 1912 Hot Springs, Ark. 77-5-25   W           Apoplexy
Spaulding, Margaret Belle May 17, 1966 Lancaster, NH 79     Housewife          
Spencer, Lila Young June 13, 1958 Springfield, MA 68 Dixville, Canada   Companion     Young, Hiram H. unknown  
Spencer, Llewellyn B. July 18, 1917 Northumberland 50-10-15 Veazie, ME M Millman Maine Maine Spencer, George    
Spreadby, Alice V. Mar 13, 1952 Lancaster, NH 81 Martinville, PQ   Housewife     Danforth, George L. Beauclair, Eliza  
Spreadby, Charles June 30, 1927 Northumberland 78-3-15 Northumberland M Restaurant Lancashire, Eng Lancashire, Eng. Spreadby, George Shurgal, Anna  
Spreadby, David April 15, 1914 Northumberland 72-5-28 Northumberland W Carpenter     Spreadby, George Bond, Mary Hypertrophy of prostate
Spreadby, Julia R. May 26, 1913 Northumberland 62-5-7 Northumberland M