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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Name Date of Death Town died in Age
Born Marital
Occupation Father
Name of father Maiden Name
 of Mother
Cause of Death
Abrams, Bertha Elvira April 20, 1933 Groveton 54-6 Sweden S Retired Sweden Sweden Abramson, Ephraim Abramson, Sara  
Adams, Matilda Sept 3, 1912 Northumberland 77-5-1 Canada W Housekeeper         old age
Ainsworth, Harry Aug 25, 1952 W. Stewartstown 19 Groveton, NH+A7   Farmer     Ainsworth, Harry Morgan, Mildred  
Ainsworth, Robert B. Feb 23, 1932 Groveton 4-3-26 Montpelier, VT S None Montpelier, VT E. Brooklyn, NY Ainsworth, Harry J. Morgan, Mildred  
Aldrich, Anne Fuller Dec 3, 1938 Portland, ME 63-8-19 Groveton   At Home     Damon, Justin Fuller, Mary  
Aldrich, Arthur R. Nov 27, 1918 Northumberland 74-9-18 Pittsburg M Retired Pittsburg Pittsburg Aldrich, Jeremiah Applebee, Betsey  
Aldrich, Wilfred S. Aug 29, 1959 Concord, NH 77 Canada   Laborer     Aldrich, Silas Gilbert, Mary  
Aldridge, Van Jan 16, 1934 Stewartstown 49-4-16 Burlington, VT M Carpenter Sugar Hill Northfield Aldridge, John Nye, Florence  
Alexander, John Francis Feb 17, 1951 Lancaster, NH 5 Lancaster, NH         Alexander, Joseph William Hopps, Gloria L.  
Allaire, Infant male April 5, 1905 Northumberland 3 hrs Groveton S       Allaire, Fred LeCorse, Maude Difficult delivery
Allen, Cora June 22, 1910   40-0-3 Columbia, NH M at home     Locke, John Potter, Laura Sepeticaemia
Allen, Madeline July 17, 1965 Lancaster, NH 51     Waitress          
Allin, June Nancy Oct 10, 1949 Groveton, NH 54-8-9 Pittsburgh, NH   Housewife     Bacon, James Fareau, Archeseme  
Allsop, Albert Evans Oct 12, 1931 Groveton 5-11-12 Groveton S None Maynard, MA Magog, PQ Allsop, Harry F. Knowlton, Bernice  
Allsop, Horace Irving Sept 25, 1914 Northumberland 7 d Northumberland S       Allsopp, Harry Knowlton, Vernice Hemorrhage
Allsopp, Lillian May March 25, 1918 Northumberland 7 m 1 d Groveton S       Allsopp, Harry F. Knowlton, Vernice  
Anderson, Carol Anne May 7, 1937 Whitefield 2-7-23 Lancaster   None     Anderson, Charles E. McDo(w), Mable Gray  
Annis, Lyman W. March 9, 1920 Northumberland 33-5-9 Whitefield M Blacksmith     Annis, Daniel W. Cole, Ida  
Anockowitz, Paul E. Sept 7, 1950 W. Stewartstown, NH 62 Russia   Woodsman     Erickson, Andrew    
Archer, Julia A. May 13, 1922 Northumberland 56 Columbia   Housewife Vermont Craftsbury, VT Annis, Josiah Rayno, Mary  
Arsenault, Henry J. June 4, 1945 Groveton 66-7-18 W. Bathhurst, NB   Laborer     Arsenault, Dorsity Doucet, Louise  
Ashe, Celia Isabel Feb 28, 1959 Lancaster, NH 76 Bloomfield, VT   Housewife     Burbank, Henry Pattee, Ellen  
Ashe, William Horace Jr. June 28, 1944 Groveton 63-2-24 Columbia   Merchant     Ashe, William H. Day, Jennie E.  
Astarpe, John Jan 10, 1946 Stewartstown 74-9-13 Norway   woodsman     Ostrape, Even Larsen, Martha  
Astle, Annie J. May 22, 1931 Groveton 60-1 Stark W at home Ireland Canada Hopkins, Francis Tolan, Margaret  
Astle, Austin Weeks Sept 24, 1931 Pomona, CA 69-1-21 Canada W Rancher Canada Canada Astle, Edward Nutting, Sarah  
Astle, Infant April 28, 1912 Northumberland   Northumberland S       Astle, James McCaffrey, Mary Stillborn
Astle, John M. Feb 25, 1922 Haverhill 68-9-29                
Astle, Owen H. Sept 28, 1960 Lancaster, NH 68 Groveton, NH   Stockman     Astle, Austin W. Benton, Ida M.  
Astle, Sarah Apr 17, 1907   74-11-7 Canada W Housework     Nutting, Edward   Cancer of Rectum
Astle, William Henry March 23, 1931 Groveton 63-9-28 Groveton M Paper Maker England Canada Astle, Edward Nutting, Sarah  
Atherton, Ada Bell Sept 9, 1964 Lancaster, NH 82     Housewife          
Atherton, Everett Israel May 16, 1939 Lancaster 79-0-1 Mt. Desert, ME   Carpenter     Atherton, Israel Barnett, Jane  
Atherton, Fred Jan 27, 1946 Groveton 74-9-12 Stratford   Laborer     Atherton, Erastus Wheeler, Sefronia  
Atherton, Mary A. June 5, 1912 Northumberland 89-9-13 Maidstone, VT W at home     Rich, Daniel Chase, Sophia Senility
Athrina, Christie Dec 15, 1900 Groveton 1-2-21 Granby, VT M ?           Pneumonia
Atkinson, Eliza Bennett March 2, 1930 Groveton 72-0-25 Brunswick, VT M Housewife Burke, VT Maidstone, VT Bennett, Oliver Ford, Melissa  
Atkinson, Emma Florence Nov 14, 1966 Stratford, NH 84     Housewife          
Atkinson, Freeman April 5, 1924 Northumberland 66-11-0 Northumberland S None          
Atkinson, Lowery Aug 30, 1930 Groveton 79-0-20 Northumberland W Retired England Dudswell, Can Atkinson, Robert Chester, Sophier  
Atkinson, Mabel E. Feb 16, 1908   4-2-6 Groveton S       Atkinson, Thomas W. Dodds, Emma F. Acute Meningitis
Atkinson, Maria Nov 25, 1907   87-9-0 Canada W Housework         Pneumonia
Atkinson, Mary Jane Jan 27, 1928 Jefferson 78-3-12   W Retired England Canada Atkinson, Robert Chister, Marie  
Atkinson, Murray Thomas Jan 20, 1963 Groveton, NH 69 Groveton, NH   Color Supt.     Atkinson, Thomas W. Dodds, Emma  
Atkinson, Thomas Wm Nov 6, 1953 Groveton 73 Groveton   Fire Warden     Atkinson, Lawery Bennett, Eliza  
Aube, Joseph Paul W. Dec 3, 1927 Northumberland 2 d Northumberland S None Canada Canada Aube, Leo Banoit, Rosalie  
Aubury, William Dec 29, 1938 Pembroke 46-9-24 England   Paper maker     Aubury, George Howe, Ada  
Auger, Leon J. Dec 4, 1946 Groveton 66-5-6 Bromptonville, Can.   Fireman     Auger, J. Damars Potoin, Julia  
Avery, Minnie Grace Sept 7, 1908   19 d Groveton S       Baird, Avery Woodward, Minnie   
Babb, Elizabeth March 22, 1903 Groveton 32-7 Lewiston, ME M Housewife     Haley, _______   Pregnancy
baby Nov 5, 1909   0 Gorham, NH             Stillborn
Bager, Herbert Sept 7, 1919 Northumberland 16-4-1 St. Hyacinth, PQ S Laborer Boston, MA Milton, Can Bager, Henry Cote, Alvina  
Bagley, Infant Oct 30, 1912 Northumberland   Northumberland         Bagley, Henry I. Hardy, Rena B. Diseased placenta
Bagley, James Dec 30, 1942 Lancaster 69                
Bailey, Carolyn F. Sept 2, 1909   10 m 12 d Groveton, NH S       Bailey, Clinton E. Brown, Vanissa M. Asthma
Bailey, Jessie Edith B. June 8, 1939 Groveton 48-6-17 Martinville, PQ   Homemaker     Brown, Frederick Bailey, Luella  
Bailey, Nina Jan 12, 1952 Concord, NH 58 Lancaster, NH   Housewife     Boutwell, William Hubbard, Rose  
Baird, Avery Aug 29, 1907   4 m 21 d Groveton S       Baird, Avery Woodward, Minnie Dysentery
Baird, Bernard James Feb 7, 1933 Stratford 24 d Groveton S None E. Charleston, VT N. Stratford Baird, Raymond W. Bronson, Rachael  
Baird, Eva May Beatrice Dec 28, 1928 Lancaster 22-0-29   M Housewife Haverhill, VT Canada Ball, Henry J. Crepau, Mary  
Baird, Everett Evan Dec 30, 1919 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Barre, VT Stanstead, PQ Baird, Avery Deveaux, Pearl  
Baird, George James Feb 11, 1956 Stewartstown, NH 53 E. Charleston, VT   Laborer     Baird, Avery W. Woodard, Minnie  
Baird, Goldie Sept 14, 1911   8 m Groveton S       Baird, Avery Woodward, Minnie Diarrhea
Baird, Infant Jan 14, 1933 Groveton 1 d Groveton S None E. Charleston, VT N. Stratford Baird, Raymond W. Bronson, Rachael  
Baird, Infant female May 27, 1925 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Barre, VT Canada Baird, Avery Devereaux, Mildred  
Baird, Rachael Jan 16, 1933 Groveton 23-10 N. Stratford M Housewife Vermont Bloomfield, VT Bronson, Reuben Ball, Winifred  
Ball, Bertha Ann Sept 1, 1941 Berlin 1 d Berlin   None     Ball, Everett L. McCosh, Geneva  
Ball, Edward Edwin Mar 17, 1939 Groveton 46-0-14 Bloomfield, VT   Truck Driver     Unknown Ball, Elizabeth  
Ball, Emery M. D. Jan 1, 1929 Groveton 73-7-23 Newark, VT M Retired Newark, VT Haverhill, MA Ball, Wilbur F. Bean, Harriet  
Ball, Emma Mae June 6, 1958 Groveton, NH 77 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Ernest, Phillip P. Wilkins, Harriette  
Ball, Harry W., Sr. July 6, 1947 Northumberland 58-2-25 Lancaster   Salesman     Ball, Wilbur Fisk Green, Ida Emma  
Ball, Infant June 19, 1926 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Bloomfield, VT Maidstone, VT Ball, Everett Stevens, Marion  
Ball, Infant Aug 29, 1934 Groveton 0 Groveton S None Gorham, ME Whitefield Ball, Merlyn C. Lakin, Vera E.  
Ball, Jennie July 17, 1902 Northumberland 3 y Groveton S       Ball, Marshall Marshall, Ida Diphtheria
Ball, Lawn Edwin Earl Nov 22, 1921 Northumberland 2 d Northumberland     Bloomfield, VT Canada Ball, Edwin Baird, Katie  
Ball, Maynard Nov 29, 1904 Northumberland 6 m 5 d Groveton S       Ball, Marshall Marshall, Ida abscesses
Ball, Richard Dec 24, 1946 Groveton 3-0-17 Percy         Ball, Roy Allen, Alice M.  
Barasse, Mary J. Oct 10, 1918 Northumberland 1-5-22 Groveton S   Canada Canada Barasse, Orel Gerdy, Georgianna  
Barber, Elizabeth S. B. Oct 19, 1943 Groveton 58-6-12 E. Clifton, PQ   Homemaker     Bailey, James Kinneals, Ann  
Baril, Real June 7, 1908   60   S Farmer         Apoplexy
Barlow, William O. Sept 14, 1959 Lancaster, NH 75 England   Labor       Barlow, Henry O. Schnell, Susanna  
Barnes, Carl Harold, Jr. June 28, 1946 Northumberland 0-3-8 Lancaster         Barnes, Carl H. Hartlen, Marvis  
Barnes, Manley Carl Feb 28, 1942 Northumberland 63-0-5 Morgan, VT   Farmer     Barnes, Carl J. Chase, Winnie  
Barnes, Mary L. Jan 27, 1942 Northumberland 62-11-30 Sherbrooke, PQ   Housewife     Brooks, Oliver Bowman, Emilie  
Barnett, Alice C. Aug 12, 1921 Berlin 2 m 4 d Berlin     Northumberland Lyndonville, VT Barnett, Karmine Parie, Edna  
Barnett, Annie May Aug 5, 1953 Lancaster, NH 67 Bradford, ME   Housewife     Lewis, Charles unknown  
Barnett, Baby May 27, 1948 Lancaster   Lancaster         Barrett, Harold Everett Shoff, Elaine Harriet  
Barnett, Charles July 28, 1920 Berlin 23 S. Columbia S Pa. Mach Hand S. Columbia New Brunswick Barnett, Irving Foster, Lizzie  
Barnett, Cora M. July 11, 1919 Northumberland 60-10-14 Derby, VT W Housework Derby, VT Derby, VT Badger, Dennis Jenney, Harriet  
Barnett, Gertrude M. Dec 1, 1964 Lancaster, NH 84     Homemaker          
Barnett, Harry I. Sept 9, 1945 Northumberland 61-10-22 N. Stratford   Farmer     Barnett, Russell C. Badger, Cora M.  
Barnett, Irving M. Mar 20, 1915 Northumberland 45-8-9 Columbia M Millwright Montpelier, VT Columbia Barnett, Benjamin Jordan, Melvina  
Barnett, Lizzie F. April 28, 1957 Enfield, NH 85 South Branch, NB   Housewife     Foster, Wilfred Quinn, Ellen  
Barnett, Lydia Aldrich Dec 25, 1946 Northumberland 81-7-17 Colebrook   Retired     Aldrich, Benjamin Hicks, Alwida  
Barnett, Russell I. Aug 27, 1908   3 m 28 d Groveton S       Barnett, Harry Frye, Gertrude M. Cholera Infantum
Barnett, Russell T. Nov 5, 1913 Northumberland 62-0-10 Stratford M Farmer     Barnett, John C. Dows, Laura Carcinoma of stomach
Barnett, True Wilbur Feb 12, 1959 Northumberland 68 Columbia, NH   Chlorinator     Barnett, Wilbur Aldrich, Lydia  
Barnett, Wilbur March 5, 1923 Northumberland 69-2-4 Stratford M Farmer Vermont Stratford Barnett, Benjamin    
Barron, Ethra A. C. Dec 28, 1918 Northumberland 38-9 Groveton M Telephone Opr Stark S. Newbury, VT Cole, A. S. Cook, Emma M.  
Barrow, Arthur Otis G. Sept 7, 1954 Lancaster, NH 67 Nova Scotia   Laborer     Graves, Charles A. Barrows, Caroline  
Barrows, Edwin James Nov 10, 1955 W. Stewartstown 87 Dalton, NH         Barrows, Benjamin    
Barrows, Margaret J. June 20, 1950 Northumberland 80 Canada   Housewife     Gallagher, John Hefferon, Julia  
Bartholomew, Infant Jan 4, 1921 Northumberland 0 Northumberland     Durham, NY Red Falls, NY Bartholomew, W. H. Bartlong, Catherine  
Bartholomew, William April 2, 1931 Groveton 65 New York State W Laborer          
Barton, Cora Ada Sept 21, 1955 Springfield, MA 81 Groveton, NH   housewife     Sheridan, Dominick Atkinson, Martha  
Barton, Lewis S. Jan 1, 1958 Springfield, MA 86 Dover, England   retired     Barton, Jeffrey Epps, Sally  
Bassett, Grace W. July 7, 1958 Lancaster, NH 79 Cabot, VT   Housewife     Whittier, Harry Cate, Helen  
Batchelder, Arthur L. June 20, 1920 Northumberland 1-4-8   S None Holland, VT Derby, VT Batchelder, Roy E. Willard, Grace  
Batchelder, Laura A. Oct 20, 1918 Northumberland 73-7 Stannard, VT W Housewife          
Bateman, Harriet Louise Nov 13, 1937 Groveton 58-0-11 Canaan, VT   Home     Weeks, Charles Hilliard Emery, Elizabeth  
Bates, George Dec 9, 1924 Northumberland 64 England W Laborer England England      
Beaird, Almeda C. May 27, 1923 Northumberland 11 d Northumberland     Barre, VT Stanstead, PQ Beaird, Avery Deveraux, Mildred  
Beaird, Avery William Dec 19, 1926 Lancaster 56-7-29 Barre, VT M Laborer Canada Canada Beaird, Horace Elger, Martha  
Beaird, Dela Rose June 25, 1924 Northumberland 1 d Northumberland S None Barre, VT Stanstead, PQ Beaird, Avery W. Pearl, Mildred  
Beaird, Infant June 13, 1922 Northumberland   Northumberland     Barre, VT Stanstead, PQ Beaird, W. W. Devereaux, Mildred  
Bean, Aime Edmund May 28, 1955 Groveton, NH 43 Barton, VT   Machine tender     Bean, Alfred O. Stone, Mary E.  
Bean, Alcide Armand March 21, 1964 Groveton, NH 52     Machine Tender          
Bean, Annie M. May 25, 1913 Northumberland 5-0-23 Lunenburg, VT S       Bean, Oliver Crawford, Harriette Broncho pneumonia
Bean, Aralina A. Jan 21, 1921 Northumberland 81 W. Boxford, MA W Housekeeper          
Bean, Beverly A. May 14, 1943 Lancaster   Lancaster   Infant     Bean, Amie Edmund Howe, Nellie Agnes  
Bean, Dexter F. Apr 16, 1945 Camden, ME 76-6-29 Concord   Retired     Bean, George D. Harriman, Arma  
Bean, Ernest John Dec 1, 1956 Lancaster, NH 72 Maidstone, VT   Laborer     Bean, George H. Sweet, Katie  
Bean, Essie May May 19, 1945 Groveton 57-8-28 Granby, VT   At Home     Tyler, Henry Shores, Laura  
Bean, Everett April 28, 1904 Groveton 62-0-8 N. Hatley, PQ M V. Surgeon     Bean, Mark Gordon, Roxanna Cerebral Effusion
Bean, Florence S. June 2, 1945 Groveton 71-4-25 Bloomfield, VT   At Home     Morse, Lewis Scott, Besty Ann (Betsey?)  
Bean, Georgia A. Feb 28, 1927 Northumberland 51-6-14 E. Stratford S Cook Fryburg, ME Maidstone, VT Bean, George H. Sweet, Katie E.  
Bean, Joseph J. Feb 22, 1966 Lancaster, NH 82     Laborer          
Bean, Lena Dec 12, 1936 Groveton 50-11-14 Bethlehem M Housewife     Kay, Charles McHarg, Martha  
Bean, Ruth Dora March 21, 1930 Groveton 73-0-11 Stark M Housewife Stark Stark Cole, Solomon Wade, Ruth  
Beaton, Joseph Sim Oct 18, 1954 Lancaster, NH 73 Bethlehem, NH   Plumbing Heating     Beaton, Daniel Dooley, Kate  
Beaton, Lucille K. Jan 16, 1919 Northumberland 1-8-4 Northumberland S None Bethlehem Richmond, VT Beaton, Joseph A. Wilson, Celia  
Beaton, Paul Michael Jr. May 15, 1947 Portsmouth 0 Portsmouth   infant     Beaton, Paul M. Gay, Elizabeth L.  
Beaudet, Ludgerine M. Jan 14, 1945 Groveton 65-6-10 Three Rivers, PQ   Housewife     Pipen, Joseph    
Bedard, Louis Alfred June 16, 1966 Stewartstown, NH 73     Millworker          
Belanger, Edmond Aug 8, 1907   1-1-5 Groveton S       Belanger, Peter Leclerc, Lucia Congestion of Brain
Belanger, Edmund Louis March 8, 1930 Berlin 21-6 Groveton M Laborer Canada Canada Belanger, Peter LeClaire, Lucy  
Belanger, Pierre Feb 12, 1951 Claremont, NH 70 Canada   Carpenter     Belanger, Pierre    
Beliveau, Adolph Nov 30, 1916 Northumberland 39 Canada M Painter          
Beliveau, Ernest J. Aug 3, 1949 Groveton, NH 71 Three Rivers, P.Q.   Millworker          
Beliveau, Marie B. Dec 6, 1941 Concord 33-11-7 Canada   Mill Worker     Beliveau, Ernest Thibodeau, Elizabeth  
Beliveau, Robert J., Jr. Jan 13, 1949 Hanover, NH 6 d Lancaster, NH         Beliveau, Robert J. Breault, Dorothy  
Beliveau, Roger Lee Sept 18, 1950 Groveton, NH 3 wks Lancaster, NH   Infant     Beliveau, Robert Breault, Dorothy  
Bell, Francis Feb 2, 1929 Northumberland 84-11-7 Scotland W Retired Scotland Scotland Bell, James Johnson, Annie  
Bell, Iva Oct 9, 1952 Concord, NH 85 Peacham, VT   Housewife     Wade, Jake Unknown  
Bellerose, Henry E. May 27, 1930 Groveton 64-9-11 Canada W Machinist     Bellrose, Benjamin Begin, Adeline  
Bellows, Edward C. Sept 7, 1917 Northumberland 32-6-4 Waltham, MA S Paper Maker Burlington, Wisc. Northumberland Bellows, Charles E. Stark, Catherine M.  
Bellows, Fred G. May 8, 1904 Stratford 48-1 Northumberland W Laborer     Bellows, Edward Eames, P. Drowned
Bellows, Katherine Nov 12, 1933 Groveton 76-10-25 Northumberland W None Groveton Warren Stark, Phineas L. Caswell, Abbie  
Bellows, Persis E. April 24, 1905 Northumberland 73-5-3 Groveton W Housewife     Eames, Seth Williams, Lena Hemiphaegia
Bellrose, Mary Nov 6, 1918 Concord 48-0-19   M Housekeeper          
Belmore, Blanche V. July 18, 1903 Groveton 3 m 12 d Groveton S       Belmore, John Stevens, Mary Diarrhea
Belous, Phillip Nov 8, 1965 Lancaster, NH 73     Laborer          
Bennett, Edwin Jan 25, 1927 Northumberland 3 m 6 d Northumberland S None Stratford Sutton, PQ Bennett, Ralph Willey, Susie  
Bennett, Florence J. Oct 19, 1953 Groveton 87 Northumberland   ret. housewife     Jackman, Moses Jackson, Chloe  
Bennett, Floyd J. July 28, 1960 Lancaster, NH 58 Groveton, NH   Sales Clerk     Bennett, Isaac M. Jackman, Florence  
Bennett, Frank Feb 15, 1947 Concord 78-4-28 Stratford   Saw Mill Worker     Bennett, Oliver Forde, Melisse  
Bennett, Infant male Jan 18, 1904 Groveton 7 d Groveton S       Bennett, Edward M. Hall, Martha A. Premature Birth
Bennett, Isaac Metcalf May 26, 1924 Northumberland 60-11-13 New Ireland, Can M Laborer     Bennett, Joseph Metcalf, Harriet  
Bennett, Mellissa A. F. Dec 30, 1910   73-5-28 Maidstone, VT W Housework     Ford, George Rich, Adaline Cerebral Effusion
Bennett, Oliver Jan 12, 1902 Groveton 5 y 4 m Stratford S None     Bennett, Edwin Hall, Martha Bronchial Pneumonia
Bennett, Ralph Edwin May 25, 1965 Jefferson, NH 65     Laborer          
Bennett, Susie Bell June 20, 1965 Lancaster, NH 58     Housewife          
Bennett, Wallace E. March 8, 1931 Northumberland 6 m 20 d Groveton S None Stratford Sutton, PQ Bennett, Ralph Willey, Susie  
Benoit, Francois Sept 21, 1945 Groveton 78-6-29 Campton, PQ   Bourgeois     Benoit, Joseph Paul    
Benway, Lawrence Henry Aug 21, 1958 Lancaster, NH 6 hrs Lancaster, NH         Benway, Edmund L. Miles, Carolyn H.  
Berlonger, Lester Jan 5, 1903 Groveton 50-6   M           Bright's Disease
Bernier, Elzear J. Oct 22, 1957 Lancaster, NH 67 Canada   Millworker     Bernier, Octave Brie, Florentine  
Bickford, Laura Augusta March 7, 1931 Groveton 70-8-9 Island Pond, VT W Retired Stanstead, PQ   Danforth, George Howard, Direxa  
Bickford, Runa P. May 6, 1925 Northumberland 72-6-27 Dummer, NH M Ret. Merchant Dummer, NH Dummer, NH Bickford, John M. Forbush, Katherine  
Billedeau, Harry Louis Sept 28, 1941 Lancaster 67-10-9 St. Isadore, PQ   Engineer     Billedeau, Louis Faucher, Celina  
Bilodeau, Sylvio Chester Dec 20, 1954 Lancaster, NH infant Lancaster, NH         Bilodeau, Sylvio S. Rainey, Mary Diane  
Biron, William Henry Sept 10, 1900 Groveton 9 m 21 d Groveton S        Biron, Arcade O'Hearn, Mary J. Cholera Infantum
Bishop, Ida Jan 21, 1936 Groveton 78-1-9 Island Pond, VT W Retired Unknown Unknown      
Bishop, Infant Aug 12, 1908   0 Groveton S       Bishop, Joseph Huart, Josephine Stillborn
Bishop, Infant May 11, 1914 Northumberland 5 h Northumberland S         Bishop, Mertie Premature birth
Blair, Edmond Sept 13, 1936 Groveton 83-0-15 St. Edward, PQ W Retired Not Known Canada Not Known Ducharme, Bridgett  
Blais, Alfred Feb 19, 1942 Groveton 60 Sherbrooke, PQ   Teamster     Blais, Pierre Croteau, Zeanide  
Blake, Edward Feb 22, 1935 Lancaster 74-10 Groveton W Farmer Unknown Groveton Blake, Farrell Bla(ke), Mary J.  
Blake, Infant Sept 23, 1932 Groveton 0 Groveton S None Holland, VT Scotland Blake, Alvin A. Connell, Mary J.  
Blake, Jennie Aug 15, 1907   46-6-23 Maine M Housework     Maine, Martin McGray, Mary Pernicious Anemia
Blake, Mary Jane Oct 7, 1910   85-0-5 Northumberland W at home     Blake, Justus Curtis, ____ Senility
Blake, Mary Jane June 12, 1948 Stark 61-6-5 Croton, Scotland   Housewife          
Blake, William Henry Feb 25, 1936 Groveton 77-0-17 England S Retired England England Blake, Alfred B. Harriman, Harriet  
Blakeley, Ellen Mary Nov 24, 1941 Lancaster 81-7-2 Colebrook         Stevens, William Heath, Rachael  
Blanchard, Maxwell N. May 6, 1925 Northumberland 63 Vermont S       Blanchard, Frances Maillotte, Mary  
Blay, Alfred John Sept 13, 1944 Lancaster 61-11-0 Derby, VT   Laborer     Blay, Charles Scott, Mary  
Block, Annie Jan 5, 1909   32 Russia M Housewife         Surgical Shock
Block, Infant Jan 5, 1909   0 Groveton, NH S       Block, Simon Suir, Annie Difficult Delivery
Block, Rose Nov 3, 1907   40 Russia M Housewife     Berman, _____ Saina, ____ Emphysema
Blodgett, Albertha Oct 10, 1917 Northumberland 48-5-18 Stratford M Housewife Columbia Stratford Atherton, E. U. Wheeler, Sophrona  
Blodgett, Charles A. July 29, 1919 Northumberland 21-5-1 Guildhall, VT S Laborer Stratford Millsfield Blodgett, Charles E. Eastman, Ada L.  
Blodgett, Edwin Feb 27, 1946 Berlin 67-0-1 Groveton   Millwright     unknown Blodgett, Evalanie  
Blodgett, Flora Emma Nov 14, 1941 Northumberland 57-9-19 Kirby, VT   Housewife     Barnett, Albert H.    
Blodgett, Florence E. March 10, 1918 Northumberland 2-7-8 Groveton S   Stratford Millsfield Blodgett, Charles Eastman, Ada  
Blodgett, Haven Schuff April 25, 1963 Northumberland 61 Northumberland   ret Laborer     Blodgett, James Cross, Lucinda  
Blodgett, Herbert N. Jan 29, 1958 Jefferson, NH 73 Stratford, NH   Laborer     Blodgett, John McDonald, Eliza  
Blodgett, Infant Dec 24, 1911   6 h Groveton S       Blodgett, Elijah Towne, Martha Atalestasis _____
Blodgett, Lillian Apr 26, 1911   3 m 5 d Stratford         Blodgett, Calvin Egan, Bertha Congenital heart def.
Blodgett, Sophronia B. April 4, 1919 Northumberland 77-9-25 Stratford W Housekeeping Lyman Stratford Wheeler, Phineas Blodgett, Eunice  
Blouin, Henry Elzear May 26, 1941 Northumberland 44-1-5 Paquettville, PQ   Paper Maker     Blouin, Louis Demars, Sophia  
Boisant, Annie Mar 9, 1902 Groveton 18-8-11 Clarksville M Housework     Boisaut, Ename Lemair, Mary Uramia
Bonneau, Infant Jan 9, 1900 Groveton 1 d Groveton S        Bonneau, John C. Boyce, Mary J.  
Bordeau, Alice C. May 15, 1959 Groveton, NH 74 Groveton, NH   Housewife     McKay, Alfred Wilkinson, Laura  
Boris, Andrew Nov 21, 1940 W. Stewartstown 60 Russia   Lumberman          
Botts, Mary Tibbetts Oct 31, 1945 Boston, MA 52 Northumberland              
Boucher, Adelle Nov 13, 1930 Northumberland 73-11-5 St. Sylvester, PQ W Retired Canada Canada Fortier, Jean Valley, _____  
Boucher, Eliza A. Oct 19, 1908   33-9 Canada M Housewife     Gorman, Thomas Connors, Annie Pulmonary Phthisis
Boucher, Elmer G. July 13, 1913 Northumberland 20-1-16 Northumberland S Student     Boucher, Oscar Fortier, Adele Pul. Tuberculosis
Boucher, Frank Aug 12, 1901 Groveton 30-3 Plainfield, CT M Fireman     Boucher, Joseph Shannon, Rose E. Fractured Skull
Boucher, James Neil Sept 23, 1957 Lancaster, NH 58 Groveton, NH   Storekeeper     Boucher, Joseph P. Shields, Rose Jane  
Boucher, Joseph June 6, 1911   72-5-27 St. Hyacinth W Farmer     Boucher, Peter Terrier, Angie Cancer of stomach
Boucher, Joseph Phillip June 6, 1941 Lancaster 75-3-1 Northumberland   Retired Merchant     Boucher, Joseph Chagnon, Rosalie  
Boucher, Nelson Oct 29, 1904 Northumberland 61-5-21   M Farmer     Boucher, Peter Cardnise, Josette Accidently killed
Boucher, Oscar Sept 7, 1914 Northumberland 65 Canada M Laborer         Ilco-cohtis
Boucher, Priscilla Sept 20, 1905 Northumberland 6 m 4 d Northumberland S       Boucher, George A. Small, Carrie Diarrhea
Boucher, Rose Jane Feb 27, 1929 Groveton 58-7-28 St. Sylvestre, PQ M Housewife St. Sylvestre, PQ St. Sylvestre, PQ Shields, John Osborne, Jane  
Boudrias, Doris Noella March 7, 1964 Lancaster, NH 40     homemaker          
Bourassa, Albert Aug 18, 1935 W. Stewartstown 21-11-18 Stratford S Laborer Canada Stewartstown Bourassa, Ernest May(    ), Florence  
Bourassa, George Ed. Nov 12, 1958 Concord, NH 92 St. Nicholas, P.Q.   ret Fireman     Bourassa, George Oliver, Rose  
Bourassa, Joseph George Apr 13, 1907   4-6-25 Groveton S       Bourassa, Edward Letters, Emma Laryngitis
Bourassa, Rosaire Aug 16, 1932 Cascade 20-11-4 Cascade S None Canada Canada Bourassa, Edward Lettre, Emma  
Boutain, Wilfred March 23, 1958 Lancaster, NH 73 Canada   ret Meter Reader     Boutain, Onesine Couture, Zepherine  
Boutwell, George April 11, 1906 Northumberland 31 Lancaster M Farmer         Heart Disease
Boutwell, Gladys Mabel April 6, 1920 Northumberland 9 d Northumberland S None Northumberland Colebrook Boutwell, Charles H. Bailey, Louise H.  
Boutwell, Louise April 5, 1920 Northumberland 21-4-7 Colebrook M Housewife Colebrook Canada Bailey, William Vancour, Ellen  
Boutwell, Rose June 30, 1918 Northumberland 65-1-14 Waterloo, Canada W Housekeeper Canada   Hibbard, Joseph    
Boutwell, W. Warren Dec 19, 1905 Northumberland 65 Lancaster M Farmer         Cancer   
Bowen,  George April 26, 1919 Northumberland 43-2-15 Clintonville, NY M Laborer   Island Pond, VT Bowen, Edward Danforth, Laura  
Bowles, Elizabeth L. Jan 1, 1907   67-8-0 Lisbon, NH W None     Aldrich, Peter Morse, Treatia Apoplexy
Bowles, Jonathan H. July 24, 1901 Groveton 72-2-25 Sugar Hill M Bobbin Mfg.     Bowles, O. T. Holebrook, Har't Heart Disease
Boyd, John Wait Jan 18, 1959 Augusta, ME 55 Long Prairie, Minn   Civil Engineer     Boyd, Edwin Wait, Marguerite  
Boyle, Anna Apr 17, 1917 Northumberland 76-9 Halifax, Que W at home Canada Canada Herin, Michael Nason, Mary  
Boyle, Dennis June 20, 1915 Northumberland 78-2-5 Canada M Farmer Ireland Ireland Boyle, Dennis McCafferty, Susan  
Boyle, James Jan 10, 1911 Northumberland 73-5-0 Ireland W Farmer         Cerebral hemorrhage
Boyle, James Nov 18, 1920 Berlin 76 Canada M Flagman GTR Canada Canada Boyle, James    
Boyle, James Oct 9, 1923 Northumberland 43-4-1 Canada S Woodsman St. Charles, PQ St. Charles, PQ Boyle, James Doherty, Margaret  
Boyle, John June 15, 1900 Northumberland 65 Co. Donegal, Ire. W Cotton Mill     Boyle, Hugh Finson, Margaret Abscess of Lung
Boyle, Martha J. March 10, 1903 Groveton 74-10-2 Northumberland W at home     Curtis, Eli Lucas, Nancy Old Age
Boyle, Michael Feb 18, 1926 Northumberland     S Laborer     Boyle, James Doherty, _______  
Boyle, Phillip Dec 16, 1933 Berlin 49 Bloomfield, VT S Laborer Canada Canada Boyle, James Doherty, Margaret  
Bradley, James Dec 5, 1962 Lancaster, NH 75     Cook          
Braham, Infant Jan 5, 1915 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S   New Brunswick Clarksville Graham, James R. Robie, Flora M.  
Brann, Sherburn D. Nov 30, 1926 Northumberland 50-0-23 Madison, ME M Paper Maker     Brann, Beaton Doty, Nellie  
Breault, Dennis Nov 24, 1934 Northumberland 30-0-1 St. Malo, PQ M Beater E. Columbus, O Rhode Island Breault, John Benoit, Mary  
Breault, Mary Nov 2, 1956 Northumberland 85 Woonsocket, RI   Housewife     Benoit, Joseph unknown  
Brent, Addie L. Sept 27, 1926 Northumberland 58-11-29 Lancaster M Housewife Jackson Gorham Gray, Miles C. Rowell, Victoria H.  
Brent, Annie G. March 26, 1933 Groveton 49-11-25 Canada M Housewife Canada Canada Unknown Unknown  
Brent, William George Dec 23, 1955 Stewartstown 90 Brunswick, VT   RR Emp, retired     Brent, George Clarkston, Mary  
Breton, Harriet Adelade April 1, 1947 Groveton 57-0-8 Gorham   Housewife     Poulin, Ovide Care, Caroline  
Breton, Omer Eugene May 1, 1958 Lancaster, NH 75 Barford, Que.   Papermaker     Breton, Francois unknown  
Brett, Blanche Mae Sept 17, 1927 ST Johnsbury, VT 18-2-22 Lewiston, ME S None Auburn, ME Auburn, ME Brett, Melvin E. Ward, Nellie  
Brett, Melvin Earle Dec 23, 1956 Hampstead, NY 76 Auburn, ME   retired          
Brevachick, Frederick Jan 20, 1960 W. Stewartstown 71 Russia   Woodsman     unknown unknown  
Brewer, Olive Clytina July 9, 1958 Lancaster, NH 42 Bristol, N. B., Can.   Housewife     Brooks, Josiah Tilley, Roxie  
Brideau, Hannah May 13, 1911   15-11-7 North Stratford S None     Brideau, Henry Castonguay, Mary Chr. val. dis. of heart
Brideau, Henri June 15, 1915 Lewiston, ME 23   S Laborer          
Brideau, Henry Oct 24, 1935 Concord, NH 72-3-27 Canada M Fireman Canada Canada Brideau, Frank Rabishon, Alice  
Brigham, Eunice Jan 12, 1937 W. Stewartstown 14-3-16 Groveton   student     Brigham, Frank Willey, Vere  
Brigham, Mary E. July 2, 1942 Groveton 76-1-6 Eden, VT   Housewife     Larroway, James    
Bristol, George O. July 16, 1937 Groveton 64-9-23 S. Groveton   Clerical       Boucher, Ellen  
Bristol, Napoleon P. Oct 4, 1900 Groveton 75-0-3 St. Peters, Que. W Carpenter     Bristol, Napoleon Murphy, Mary E. Cholera Morbus
Brockney, Roveal J. June 30, 1966 Lancaster, NH 66     Engineer          
Bronson, Elizabeth B. May 22, 1937 Northumberland 59-8-2 Bloomfield, VT   Housework     Ball, Emory M. D. Rich, Sarah L.  
Bronson, John Nov 21, 1947 Concord 78-8-9 Shelburne, VT   Farmer     Bronson, Rubin James, Lilla  
Bronson, Marion E. June 1, 1929 Groveton 17 d Groveton S None Gray, ME Stanstead, PQ Bronson, John Devereux, Mildred  
Bronson, Reuben James April 15, 1955 Lancaster, NH 76 St. Albans, VT   Carpenter     Bronson, Reuben James, Delilah  
Brooks, Albert E. June 7, 1962 Lancaster, NH 85 Canada   Millwright     Brooks, Frank Prue, Louise  
Brooks, Amelia B. April 24, 1954 Lancaster, NH 95 Three Rivers, P.Q.   Housewife     Bowman unknown  
Brooks, Carrie N. Sept 11, 1913 Northumberland 43-1-28 Rowe, MA M       Underwood, Amos Lamb, Mina Pneumonic condition
Brooks, Eugene April 3, 1909   52-7-19 Canada M Laborer     Brooks, Joe F.   Lobar pneumonia
Brooks, George Feb 12, 1933 Concord   45-7-11 New London, CT S Farmer Canada Canada Brooks, Oliver Beaumier, Emelie  
Brooks, Henry S. Feb 4, 1927 Northumberland 76-10-15 Velcarte, PQ M Carpenter     Brooks, Thomas Miller, Mary  
Brooks, Infant July 10, 1903 Northumberland   Northumberland S       Brooks, Albert Brunell, Nina Premature Birth
Brooks, Jessie July 26, 1951 Concord, NH 68 Colebrook, NH   Housewife     Carter, Frank Marshall, Sadie  
Brooks, Louise Dec 24, 1924 Northumberland 69-5-23 Canada M Housewife Canada Canada Prue, Ephraim Lamoux, Louise  
Brooks, Mina Nov 21, 1910 Northumberland 29-5-20 Northumberland M Housewife     Brunelle, Peter Boucher, Helen Accidental shooting
Brooks, Oliver July 10, 1915 Northumberland 60-9-16 St. Peter, Que M Farmer Canada Canada Brooks, Francis Longeway, Arilla  
Brooks, William July 4, 1911 Concord, NH 68-3-1 New Brunswick M Carpenter     Unknown Unknown Heat exhaustion
Broughton, William H. Oct 3, 1935 Groveton 80 England S Retired          
Brown, Baby Boy Aug 28, 1955 Lancaster, NH   Lancaster, NH         Brown, Paul Bishop Perkins, Shirley Ruth  
Brown, Brendon Neil July 5, 1946 Groveton 0-4-26 Lancaster         Brown, Stanley M. Hawksley, Vera P.  
Brown, Ella Elizabeth Nov 22, 1937 Groveton 76-6-8 Groton         Brown, Frederick Case, Cynthia  
Brown, Elmer Frederick April 10, 1932 Lancaster 63-8-18 Colebrook S Physician Colebrook Colebrook Brown, Moses Stevens, Abigail  
Bruce, Harry G. March 17, 1928 Chelsea, MA 34-0-21 Northumberland M None Fredericton, NB Groveton Bruce, John McMann, Nellie  
Bruce, John April 18, 1957 Warren, RI       retired          
Bruce, Nellie E. Oct 10, 1909   37-5 Stark, NH M Housewife     McMann, Thomas Cummings, Elizabeth Puerperal insanity
Bruce, Thomas D. Mar 25, 1943 Santa Monica, CA 47-8-11 Groveton   Journalist & Photog.     Bruce, John McMarm, Nellie  
Brunelle, Ellen April 28, 1908   62-7-28 Waterloo, Que. M None     Boucher, Peter Cardnel, Josephine Heart Disease
Brunnell, Peter Nov 27, 1935 Northumberland 87-8-19 PQ W Retired          
Brus, Ariel Apr 22, 1938 Northumberland 40 Russia   Lumberman     Unknown Unknown  
Bryer, Clarence Alfred Jr. Jan 21, 1924 Northumberland 1/2 d Northumberland S   Berlin Derby, VT Bryer, Clarence Alfred Knowlton, Mabel K.  
Bunnell, Ida March 26, 1916 Colebrook 31-1-6   M Housework          
Burke, Lena K. Feb 18, 1966 Lancaster, NH 63     Nurse          
Burleigh, Carrie B. Oct 14, 1900 Groveton 13-9-21 Moro, ME W ? Housework     Burleigh, Thomas Cleaveland, Roy Typhoid Fever
Burnier, Joe Nov 23, 1914 Stark, NH                 accidental burning
Burns, Bridget Dec 17, 1931 Groveton 82-9-13 St. Sylvester, PQ W Homemaker Ireland Ireland McHugh, Joll Dougherty, ____  
Burns, Daniel W. Dec 8, 1902 Northumberland 26-4-28 Northumberland S Laborer     Burns, John McHugh, Bridget Typhoid Fever
Burns, John M. Feb 16, 1923 Northumberland 75 Canada M Laborer Ireland Ireland Burns, Daniel    
Burns, Lewis T. Aug 12, 1940 Northumberland 10-7-16 Jefferson              
Burns, Martha Ann Oct 14, 1945 Concord 74-2-12 England   Housewife     Hall, John Watson Ellis, Charlotte  
Burns, Michael Oct 29, 1960 Concord, NH 87 Groveton, NH   Laborer          
Burns, Patrick Nov 27, 1947 W. Stewartstown 67-10-8 St. Sylvester, Can.   woodsman     Burns, John McHugh, Bridget  
Burns, Susie Aug 16, 1908   30-5-11 Canada S       Burns, John McHugh, Bridget Cancer
Burnside, Dan Oct 12, 1927 Lancaster 80   W Retired          
Bushaw, Percy Nov 14, 1963 Manchester, NH 50 Bradford, VT   Laborer       Bushaw, Almeda  
Bushey, Gertrude Judith Nov 22, 1937 Lancaster 42-9-1 Berlin         Lang, Joseph Levesque, Mary A.  
Bushey, Infant Nov 22, 1937 Lancaster 0 Lancaster         Bushey, Walter O. Long, Gertrude  
Butler, Charles April 4, 1929 Northumberland 80 Guildhall, VT S Carpenter          
Buzzell, W. E. July 29, 1919 Whitefield 68                
Byers, (prob infant) May 14, 1902 Groveton   Groveton S       Byers, George Best, Carrie L.  
Byers, Alfreta Sept 24, 1901 Groveton 10 m 10 d Groveton S       Byers, George Best, Carrie L. Meningitis
Byers, Clarenda M. March 21, 1932 Ft. Edward, NY 66-1-20   W Retired          
Byers, David R. Sept 29, 1918 Berlin 31-6-19   S Laborer St. Johns, PQ England Byers, George Best, Clarenda  
Cameron, Geraldine K. Jan 12, 1942 W. Stewartstown 27-6-10 Groveton   Housewife     Kingston, Robert Densmore, Mabel  
Campbell, John Feb 21, 1915 Northumberland 47-3 St. Stephens, NB S Woodman St. Stephens, NB St Stephens, NB Campbell, Donald Forsythe, Sarah  
Campbell, Lanor J. Dec 10, 1943 Groveton 76-2-2 New Brunswick   At Home     Diebson, Charles Duplisse, Rovella  
Cantell, Joseph Andrew Jan 13, 1953 Groveton 58 Enosburg Falls, VT   Papermaker     Cantell, Lyman Lucia, Alice  
Cantin, Elmer June 2, 1961 Concord, NH 58 Norton Mills, VT   Millworker     Cantin, Orid Perkins, Rose  
Cantwell, Lawrence H. March 2, 1936 Groveton 19-0-21 Sherburn Springs, VT S None Enosburg Falls, VT Jay, VT Cantell, Jos. A. Ovitt, Cora A.  
Caouette, Euphraise April 2, 1930 Berlin 72-0-5                
Capen, Enock B. Aug 22, 1946 Groveton 75-4-25 St. Johns, N.B., Can.   Woods Foreman     Capen, Roland Day, Margaret  
Capen, Maud Julia Feb 10, 1941 Northumberland 65-11-25 Boston, MA   Housewife     Davis, Thomas Bock, Mary  
Capen, Olianna Feb 26, 1966 Groveton, NH 53     Housewife          
Capen, Rudolph R. April 1, 1947 Hartford, CT 34-9-20 Conway   Common Labor     Capen, Enoch Davis, Maude  
Cardin, Mary J. June 5, 1960 Groveton, NH 86 Canada   ret housewife     Hebert, Maiglorie Plourde, Constance  
Carlson, Bertha Emma Hinkley Aug 16, 1942 Lancaster 82-0-5 Canaan, VT   Retired     Hinkley, Seth Frost, Eliza Ann  
Caron, Janine Linda Aug 29, 1965 Lancaster, NH 0     Infant          
Carpovich, Clement Sept 15, 1965 Lancaster, NH 75     Fireman          
Carr, Sarah Ann Sept 20, 1936 Groveton 49-0-5 Liverpool, Eng M Housewife England England Emery, Thomas J. Unknown  
Carrier, Joseph E. Oct 13, 1940 Berlin 85-3-10 St. Giles, PQ   Railroad Man     Carrier, Benjamin Guay, Catherine  
Carroll, Michael J. Sept 18, 1916 Northumberland   Dover              
Carter, Ada Dennis Apr 30, 1944 Northumberland 83-3-25 Stratford   Homemaker          
Carter, Alfred April 5, 1951 W. Stewartstown 76 E. Charleston, VT   Woodsman     Carter, Alec Nadeau, Celia  
Carter, Alice Bennett May 21, 1937 Groveton 42-6-20 Derby Line, VT   Laundress     Bennett, Senior Powers, Edna  
Carter, Julia McClure May 28, 1940 Groveton 72-10-26 S. Durham, PQ   Housewife     McClure, Joseph    
Carter, Sherman M. Sept 29, 1952 Northumberland 83 Nova Scotia   Millwright     Carter, Matthew Neoille, Bridget  
Carver, Preston Jewett May 21, 1953 Lancaster, NH 72 Boston, MA   Cost Accountant     Carver, Edwin DeCoster, Susan Mina  
Cascadden, Amy G. Nov 9, 1950 Lancaster, NH 37 Groveton, NH   Housewife Ret.     Boucher, Joseph P. Shields, Rose  
Cascadden, Rose Jane Jan 21, 1942 Lancaster 9 m 12 d Lancaster         Cascadden, Roy G. Boucher, Amy  
Case, David Leon Nov 5, 1934 Groveton 8 m 21 d Groveton S None W. Derby, VT England Cass, James H. Emery, Sarah A.  
Cass, Emily J. Sept 6, 1915 Northumberland 26-3-23 Stanstead, PQ M Housewife Canada Whitefield Beaird, Avery Woodward, Minnie  
Cass, George Lewis March 27, 1914 Northumberland 4-7-27 Northumberland S None     Cass, James Baird, Emily Peritonitis
Cass, James May 1, 1953 Groveton 84 Stanstead, P.Q.   Sulphite Cook     Cass, Hayden Woodard, Ella  
Cass, Sarra Lillian Oct 12, 1964 Lancaster, NH 56     Housewife          
Cass, Vera Mildred Feb 9, 1927 Northumberland 1 m 19 d Northumberland S None Stanstead, PQ Liverpool, Eng Cass, James Emery, Sarah  
Castonguay, Elsie Jan 10, 1921 Northumberland 50-9-16 Canada M Housewife Canada Canada Lagasse, Edmund Berube, Henriette  
Castonguay, Louis Dec 10, 1927 Lancaster 61-8-3 Canada W Section Hand Canada Canada Castonguay, Joe Fournier, Mary  
Cates, Amos Oct 27, 1918 Northumberland 27-5-17 Dummer S Laborer       Cates, Etta  
Chace, Infant Nov 18, 1924 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Canaan, VT Northumberland Chase, Vaughn Hayes, Alice  
Chaffee, Irvin N. June 1, 1947 Togue, ME 51-4-3 Groveton   Filling Station Atd.     Chaffee, Sumner Bordeau, Emma  
Chaffee, Neal H. 1947 European Theatre       Service of US     Chaffee, Irving Hersom, Gladys  
Chamberlain, Claud March 1, 1920 Northumberland 24-10-6 Greensboro, VT M  Laborer Quebec Haverhill Chamberlain, C. E. Drew, Nellie  
Champagne, Mitchell July 11, 1910   60 Stanstead, PQ M Laborer     Champagne, John   Mitral Stenosis
Chapman, Christianna May 1, 1914 Northumberland 57 Danvers, MA S None     Chapman, Moses Westwood, Marguerite Croupous pneumonia
Chapman, Helga Abramson July 27, 1962 Groveton, NH 86 Bledsburg, Sweden   ret housewife     Abramson, Ephraim Abramson, Sara  
Chapman, Mary Lindone Oct 10, 1957 Groveton, NH 47 Stratford, NH   Papermill emp.     Ball, Willard Ernest, Emma  
Chase, Ellen F. July 30, 1934 Groveton 75-6-25 Columbia   W Retired England Colebrook Pibro, Abraham Hicks, Sarah  
Chase, Henry J. July 26, 1920 Northumberland 69-5-17 Colebrook M Laborer Louden, NH Colebrook Chase, John L. Chander, Susan  
Chessman, Iona M. (Page) April 29, 1926 Northumberland 71-7-25 England W Retired     Pyer, John Pyer, Iona  
Chessman, James May 22, 1925 Northumberland 81-16-3 Craydon, Eng M Ret. Pensioner England England      
Chessman, Roswell C. Feb 6, 1922 Portland, ME 83 Lancaster W Ret. Undertaker New Hampshire New Hampshire Chessman, Roswell Fuller, Adeline  
Chessman, Sarah A. Apr 1, 1915 Portland, ME 72-4-13   M Housewife          
Chester, Catherine McLeod Sept 20, 1964 Haverhill, NH 87     Housewife          
Chilafoe, Eugene F. Feb 23, 1943 Lancaster 0 Lancaster   Infant     Chilafoe, Mitchell F. Brigha(m), Cynthia Jane  
Chilafoe, Napoleon July 5, 1957 Groveton, NH 47 Brownington, VT   Tow Truck opr.     Chilafoe, Archie unknown  
Christie, Trott King Mar 12, 1941 Northumberland 71-0-2 St. Stephens, NB   Teamster     Christie, James J. Unknown  
Christopher, Alice Maude June 25, 1950 Lancaster, NH 49 Groveton, NH   Housewife     Bruce, John M. McMann, Nellie  
Christopher, Robert Edward July 6, 1965 Berlin, NH 82     ret Merchant          
Christopher, Robert Guy July 2, 1928 Northumberland 9-3-11 Northumberland S Student Plymouth, MA Groveton Christopher, Columbus Bruce, Alice M.  
Christopher, Rose Margaret July 18, 1951 Groveton, NH 62 Boston, MA   Housewife     Vergani, Charles Baretti, Mary  
Clancy, James May 22, 1914 Northumberland 38-8-10 Lancaster, NH S Café Checker     Clancy, Patrick Haley, Ellen Pul. Tuberculosis
Clancy, Joseph Sept 8, 1920 Northumberland 55     Laborer          
Clancy, Mary Jane Oct 24, 1921 Northumberland 83-11-13 Quebec W Retired Ireland Ireland Sweeney, Charles W. Harkin, Elizabeth  
Clark, Katherine S. June 21, 1916 Northumberland 66-4-13 Canada W   Ireland Ireland Strain, Charles Connor, Mary  
Clark, Tyler S. April 18, 1910 Northumberland 65-10-8 Compton, PQ M Farmer     Clark, Charles Bowen, Mary dis. Heart & arteries
Clark, Walter J. April 15, 1948 Northumberland                  
Cloak, Livona Jan 1, 1928 Northumberland 77-7-25 Dummer, NH W Retired Maine Milan Nichols, Jonathan Leavitt, Fanny  
Clook, Stephen April 14, 1923 Northumberland 73 Topsfield, ME M Farmer England New Hampshire Clook, William Burgess, Nancy  
Cloutier, Adelard Astare Dec 12, 1952 Groveton, NH 76 Canada   Millworker     Cloutier, Octave Roy, Lucasse  
Cloutier, Richard Samuel March 1, 1936 Groveton 4-3-18 Berlin S None Berlin Bloomfield, VT Cloutier, Amedie J. Valley, Minnie S.  
Cloutier, Rosanne Oct 26, 1960 Groveton, NH 77 Canada   ret housewife     Bergeron, Victor Chaisson, Marie  
Cloutier, Rose Marie Feb 9, 1949 Lancaster, NH 2 d Lancaster, NH         Cloutier, Eugene P. Mathurin, Hattie  
Coan, William Oct 16, 1903 Northumberland 63-4-6 St. Sylvester, PQ S Farm Hand     Coan, John McGraw, Alice Cerebral Embolism
Cobleigh, Eliza P. Dec 18, 1910   76-3-2 Unknown M Housewife     Rich, Jacob Clark, Harriet Lovar pneumonia
Cobleigh, Wayne Oct 19, 1912 Northumberland 82-4-4 Lunenburg, VT W Retired     Cobleigh, John Quimby, Rebecca apoplexy
Cochran, Charles M. April 30, 1952 Lancaster, NH 69 Eden, VT   Storekeeper     Cochran, Charles H. Demerritt, Lillian M.  
Cochran, Kenneth W. Nov 24, 1928 Northumberland 17-9-28 Wolcott, VT S Laborer Vermont Vermont Cochran, Merton Richards, Stella  
Cochran, Stella July 19, 1929 Montpelier, VT 44-1-18 Eden, VT M Housewife Eden, VT Eden, VT Richards, William Hutchins, Emma  
Cochrane, Ida Oct 19, 1918 Northumberland 1-9-7 Craftsbury, VT S   Craftsbury, VT Canada Cochrane, Harold Magoory, Nellie  
Cody, Laurence Eugene Jan 22, 1964 Concord, NH 80     Janitor          
Coffey, Robert Nelson Jan 17, 1934 Berlin 4-0-26 Berlin S None Berlin N. Stratford Coffey, David W. McConnell, Anne  
Coffin, Eunice P. Aug 10, 1947 Groveton 80-10-19 Milan   Housewife     Phipps, Charles E. Kingsbury, Eliza  
Colby, Fanny L. Sept 7, 1937 Groveton 79-11-20 Stodston Springs, ME   At Home     Ames, Alonzo Cochran, Margaret  
Colby, George P. Dec 26, 1925 Northumberland 70-3-13 Andover, MA M Retired Newburyport, MA New Portland, ME Colby, George A. Trask, Ellan A.  
Colby, Lilla R. Nov 23, 1964 Lancaster, NH 82     Housewife          
Colby, Sarah A. Oct 21, 1914 Northumberland 64-3-27 Columbia   None     Dustin, Moorly Blodgett, _____ Apoplexy
Cole, Archie S. Sept 13, 1949 Lancaster, NH 77 Stark, NH   Farmer     Cole, Ralph Durgin, Elvira  
Cole, Dexter M. Dec 23, 1911   81-10-27 Stark S Farmer     Cole, Solomon Wade, Ruth Catarrhal pneumonia
Cole, Emma M. Jan 26, 1935 Groveton 87-8-14 Not Known W Retired Unknown Unknown Cook, George Unknown  
Cole, Freda Cleona May 27, 1916 Lewiston, ME 16-2-26 Groveton S   Stark Groveton Cole, Warrington H. Cole, Victoria  
Cole, Harlie Alberto May 15, 1941 Northumberland 49-1-11 Northumberland   Ins. Broker     Cole, Warrington W. DeForge, Victoria  
Cole, Infant Apr 30, 1928 Northumberland 1 d Northumberland S None Groveton Lancaster Cole, Harlie A. Alden, Lucy A.  
Cole, Leonard L. April 13, 1960 Groveton, NH 85 Stark, NH   Retired     Cole, James E. Day, Clarissa  
Cole, Louisa P. Dec 5, 1922 Northumberland 81 Stark W Housekeeping Stark Stark Potter, Justus M. Dodge, Hannah  
Cole, Lucy B. May 21, 1921 Northumberland 24-10-6 Northumberland S None Canada Canada Cole, Warrington H. Smith, Victoria  
Cole, Murray A. Dec 3, 1905 Groveton 6-4-0 Groveton S       Cole, Willie Marsh, Ellen Diabetes
Cole, Stephen Aldrich Sept 1, 1921 Northumberland 83-9-18 Stark M Millwright Stratford Stark Cole, Stephen Pike, Sally  
Cole, Warrington March 6, 1906 Northumberland 39-6-21 Dummer M Farmer     Cole, George Jackson, Lucy Heart Disease
Cole, Wayne Oct 26, 1918 Northumberland 11-11-0 Bloomfield, VT S Pupil Northumberland Island Pond, VT Cole, Wayne Strathern, Florence  
Cole, Wayne Warren Sept 30, 1954 Northumberland 79 Dummer, NH   ret Electrician     Cole, Arison Nichols, Livona  
Cole, Wild T. Sept 24, 1910   43-3-14 Stark S Laborer     Cole, Zadoe P. Crane, Louisa M. Suicide by shooting
Collier, Jennie Oct 17, 1918 Northumberland   N. Troy, VT M Housekeeper N. Troy, VT   Horner, L. B.    
Collins, Della Anne Oct 14, 1953 Lancaster, NH 61 Canaan, VT         unknown McMillan, Katie  
Collins, Edward Francis Dec 24, 1944 Groveton 11-7-12 East Concord, VT   At Home     Collins, Theodore F. Collins, Frances M.  
Collins, Harley M. Nov 8, 1943 Northumberland 47 Stewartstown   Beater Man     Collins, Henry Goodrum, Elizabeth  
Collins, Henry Mar 10, 1943 Northumberland 81-8-23 Warner   Laborer     Collins, John    
Collins, Mary Ann Sept 11, 1945 W. Stewartstown 0 W. Stewartstown         Collins, Alvo Burke, Etta  
Collins, Merton Herbert June 3, 1953 Groveton 43 Colebrook, NH   Truck Driver     Collins, Wallace Parker, Nellie  
Collins, Nellie Parker Sept 10, 1951 Lancaster, NH 60 Canada   Housewife     Parker, William Berk, Rose  
Collins, Wallace May 29, 1951 Groveton, NH 74 Colebrook, NH   Farmer     Collins, Elba Wilson, Nell  
Colly, Lewis April 23, 1906 Groveton 18-8-14 Jacksonville, FL S Laborer     Collay, Joseph Shyland, Daisy Drowned
Colt, George Gordon Oct 13, 1948 Northumberland 75-10-14 Island Pond, VT   Laborer     Colt, John Covell, Ella  
Comeau, Jack Paul March 12, 1954 Stratford 21 Groveton   Beater Room Emp     Comeau, Joseph P. Auger, Irene D.  
Comeau, Marie Mae Nov 28, 1946 Benton 15-8-27 Groveton   Student     Comeau, Philip Auger, Irene  
Conley, Ann Feb 20, 1907   92 Ireland W       Conley, Bartley   Senility
Conley, Howard June 17, 1963 Lancaster, NH 60 Groveton, NH   Laborer     Conley, John Howes, Mary  
Conley, John July 14, 1914 Northumberland 59-3-10 Gorham, NH M Paper Maker     Conley, Thomas   Natural causes
Conn, Mary April 13, 1903 Groveton 68-3-24 Canada W Housewife     Sweeney, L.   General Debility
Connary, Edward L. R. May 26, 1916 Northumberland 25-11-29 Stratford M Merchant Stratford Ireland Connary, Simon P. Bain, Lucy  
Connary, John P. Nov 2, 1935 Groveton 73-2-1 Lancaster S Laborer Ireland Columbia Connary, Simeon Torsne, Hannah  
Converse, Asoph Dec 2(6), 1900 Groveton 73-3-20 Canada M Farmer     Converse, Reuben James, Rosa Cerbrot Softening
Converse, Frank A. Dec 4, 1901 Warren 38 Canada W Marker     Converse, Asaph   Accident
Converse, Harry G. Oct 30, 1901 Groveton 7-10-8 Groveton S       Converse, F. A. McCoy, Jennie L. Tubercular cond
Converse, Margaret Mar 15, 1907   78-8-0 Northumberland W Housewife     Eames, Seth Wilkinson, Laura Apoplexy
Conway, Mary A. March 19, 1936 Bath, ME 76-2-24 Groveton W Housewife Ireland Ireland Conley, Thomas Marion, Ann  
Cook, James Aug 17, 1913 Northumberland 89   M Farmer     Cook, Edward Campbell, Nancy Old age
Cook, Lucy Oct 28, 1919 Northumberland 83-5-2 Starksborough, VT W None Salisbury, VT Bristol, VT ______, Eli Bryant, Betsey  
Corey, Emma Dec 25, 1924 Boston, MA 58                
Corey, Walter B. June 25, 1913 Northumberland 41-0-22 Littleton, NH M Laborer     Corey, Enos B. Glade, Jennie Lobar pneumonia
Cormier, Joseph A. Oct 7, 1950 Groveton, NH 43 Norton Mills, VT   Beater Feeder     Cormier, Joseph Cormier, Olive  
Cornnier, Infant Aug 26, 1923 Northumberland 1 d Northumberland S   Lincoln Rumford, ME Cornnier, Thomas Marquis, Nellie  
Corriveau, Arthur M. Nov 24, 1960 Passdumkeag, ME 62 Winslow, ME   Restaurant man     Corriveau, Charles Cyr, Annie  
Corriveau, Mona E. May 5, 1960 Passdumkeag, ME 60 Groveton, NH   Housewife     McKeen, William McMann, Harriet  
Cote, Addie A. Oct 8, 1908   3 m 2 d Groveton S       Cote, George Coulour, Matilda Marasmus
Cote, Barbara Jean Aug 23, 1935 Groveton 2 y 9 d Groveton S None Vermont PQ Cote, Emigle J. Merrill, Gladys  
Cote, Elizabeth Mar 17, 1922 Northumberland 17-11-20 Norton Mills, VT S at home Canada Lowell, MA Cote, Jerome Liberty, Emelianne  
Cote, Ellen Mar 4, 1938 Groveton 83-7-28 St. Sylvester, PQ   Homemaker     Forbes, William Travers, Elizabeth  
Cote, Emigee Peter May 17, 1963 Lancaster, NH 6 hrs Averill, VT         Cote, Jerome Liberty, Emaline  
Cote, Emmeliene July 10, 1955 Lancaster, NH 74 Carlisle, MA   Housewife     Liberty, Peter Grenier, Emilie  
Cote, Evangeliste Joseph Apr 19, 1940 Concord 32-0-16 Norton Mills, VT         Cote, Gerome Laliberte, Emilienne  
Cote, Henry E. Apr 27, 1911   70-4-29 Canada W Farmer     Cote, Joe   Influenza
Cote, Jerome Nov 13, 1946 Concord 92-10-18 Canada   Millworker     Cote, Freil St. Ange, Adriene  
Cote, Lucy Oct 18, 1903 Groveton 63 Canada M Housewife     Gay, William   Spinal Disease
Cote, Mary Jeanne March 26, 1964 W. Stewartstown 67     Housewife          
Cote, Mary Rosealemas Jan 2, 1933 Groveton 20-9-24 Norton Mills, VT S Paper Mill Canada Lowell, MA Cote, Jerome Labtete, Emeline  
Cote, Mathilda Sept 21, 1908   50 Canada M Housewife     Trudell, Batiste   Mitra Regurgitation
Cotner, James I. June 1, 1931 Groveton 64 St. Johns, Newfdld S Woodsman          
Coulombe, Mary Ann Feb 24, 1911   68 Canada W Housework     Kier, Joseph   Mitral regurgitation
Couture, Dominick Nov 19, 1911   87 Canada   Farmer         Mitral regurgitation
Couture, Frank Xavier March 15, 1956 Lancaster, NH 87     Section Emp, RR     unknown unknown  
Couture, Isabelle March 11, 1958 Whitefield, NH 82 Lewiston, ME   Housewife     LaChapelle, William Gilman, Mary  
Covell, Almon James Mar 19, 1939 Groveton 7 m 2 d Groveton         Covell, Almon C. Hartlen, Hazel H.  
Covell, Curtis Bruce April 30, 1960 Stratford, NH 17 Lancaster, NH   Laborer     Covell, Curtiss Platt, Gertrude  
Covell, David Irving Feb 8, 1941 Northumberland 7 m 18 d Northumberland   Infant     Covell, Irving R. Cass, Elizabeth  
Covell, Gertrude E. Oct 20, 1960 Groveton, NH 47 Livermore, NH   Millworker     Platt, John J. Cote, Mary  
Cox, William I. Jan 8, 1963 Lancaster, NH 78 Canada   Laborer     Cox, George Lowe, Harriet  
Craggy, Adelaide L. Sept 3, 1912 Northumberland 80   W Housework         Hemiplegra
Craggy, Albe Holmes Oct 20, 1937 Lancaster 74-5-25 N. Stratford   Retired     Craggy, Henry Norcott, Adelaide  
Craggy, Althea Mae Oct 14, 1951 Groveton, NH 64 Columbia, NH   Housewife     Barnett, Wilbur Aldrich, Lydia  
Craggy, Charles E. Dec 12, 1936 Groveton 66-3-17 Stratford M Retired Berry, PQ Columbia Craggy, Henry H. Norcott, Adelaide  
Craggy, Clarence L. Jan 22, 1912 Woodstock, NH 34-6-7   S Laborer         shock & int'l hem'r'ge
Craggy, Eleanor White April 29, 1955 Lancaster, NH 84 Canada, PQ   Housewife     Culbert, Jerimiah White, Sarah  
Craggy, Henry F. Oct 26, 1907   75-6-19 Sherbrooke, Que. S Farmer         Bright's Disease
Craggy, Lawrence Charles Nov 19, 1964 Lancaster, NH 53                
Craggy, Norman George March 19, 1963 Lancaster, NH 85 Groveton, NH   Office Mgr.     Craggy, George Barnett, Althea  
Crawford, Clara May Jan 10, 1948 Lancaster 46-6-25 Northumberland   Housewife     Stevens, George Boutwell, Nellie  
Crawford, Enoch C. May 4, 1913 Northumberland 73-6-16 Carroll, NH W Retired     Crawford, Dearborn Cole, Rachel L. Senility
Crawford, Sherwood Hollis March 13, 1936 Groveton 2 m 4 d Groveton S None Stark Colebrook Crawford, Hollis H. Bunnell, Geraldine  
Crawford, Walter Edgar Feb 15, 1965 Groveton, NH 85     retired          
Crawford, William Herbert Apr 18, 1942 Groveton 75-8-15 Clarksville   Farmer     Crawford, George B. Chappell, Sarah  
Cross, Baby Sept 9, 1937 Groveton 0 Groveton   none     Cross, Alfred J. Whittl(  ), Blanche G.  
Cross, Charles Winslow May 26, 1956 Northumberland 89 Wilmot, NH   RR Cond., ret     Cross, Frederick Clay, Sarah  
Croteau, Joseph William Dec 27, 1960 Groveton, NH 68 Lewiston, ME   papermaker     Croteau, Telesphore Croteau, Margaret  
Cullins, David May 12, 1944 Hartford, VT 66-8-27 Canada   Laborer     Cullins, Michael McCue, Eliza  
Cummings, Alice M. Nov 2, 1911   60 England M Housewife     Mariner, John Willard, Alice Cancer of uterus
Cummings, F. Ottiline Feb 6, 1907   17-6-2 Lebanon, NH S       Cummings, J. Marrier, Alice Laryngeal Diphtheria
Cummings, Flora M. May 20, 1902 Northumberland 12-6-21 Northumberland S       Cummings, James E. Gallagher, Mary A. Suppressed Measles
Cummings, George A. Aug 6, 1936 Groveton 77-11-0 Northumberland W Retired England Ireland Cummings, William Gallagher, Dorcas  
Cummings, Jas. Edward Feb 22, 1931 Northumberland 73-7-10 Northumberland M Farmer Northumberland   Cummings, William    
Cummings, John Dec 24, 1916 Northumberland 74   W Farmer Canada Canada Cummings, William Gallagher, Dorcas  
Cummings, Mary A. Aug 17, 1915 Northumberland 56 Lennoxville, PQ M Housewife     Gallagher, John    
Cummings, Mrs. George Oct 6, 1932 Northumberland 72 Canada M Housewife Ireland Ireland Gallagher, John Hefferan, Julia  
Cummings, Nathalie C. Aug 7, 1925 Northumberland 6 y   S None          
Cummings, Robert April 13, 1935 W. Stewartstown 70-5-13 Northumberland W Laborer Canada New Hampshire Cummings, James Haskins, Helen  
Cummings, William Jan 19, 1911   92-5-12 Ireland W Farmer     Cummings, George Abbott, Mary Heart & Bright's disease
Curley, Infant female Jan 28, 1925 Northumberland 0 Northumberland S None Howland Falls, ME Conway, ME Curley, Frank R. Parker, Phebe E.  
Currier, Aurelie Marie April 5, 1953 Lancaster, NH 90 Canada   housewife     unknown unknown  
Currier, John Alfred Apr 23, 1944 Lancaster 60-10-10 Averill Park, NY   Farmer     Currier, Alfred Sampson, ____  
Currier, Marguerite Jan 9, 1919 Northumberland 8 m 5 d Magog, PQ S None Magog, PQ Fitch Bay, PQ Currier, Edwin Larue, Hattie  
Curtis, Clara Feb 1, 1905 Northumberland 34-4-7 Stratford M Housewife     Bennett, Oliver Ford, Nelssia Gal. Com.
Curtis, Hazen Wheeler March 3, 1946 Groveton 82-4-13 Stratford   Farmer     Curtis, Francis Bishop, Samantha  
Curtis, James Harvey Jan 14, 1920 Northumberland 86-1-5 Northumberland W Ret Farmer Northumberland Vermont Curtis, Eri Lucas, Mary  
Curtis, Madeline Kate Nov 11, 1923 Northumberland 1 d Northumberland S   Stratford St. Johns, NB Curtis, Elwin A. Thompson, Margaret  
Curtis, Robert C. Nov 29, 1964 Maidstone, VT 23     Millworker          
Curtis, Rollin Dec 17, 1918 Northumberland   Stratford M Retired          
Cushing, Daniel Saunders July 20, 1936 Groveton 68-9-28 Annapolistown, NS M Retired Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Cushing, Robert S. Saunders, Eliza  
Cushing, Guy Warren Sept 9, 1965 Stratford, NH 73     ret Papermaker          
Cushing, Herbert Arthur Dec 26, 1957 Lancaster, NH 62 Stark, NH   papermaker     Cushing, Daniel Harriman, Sadie  
Cushing, Lenise E. April 13, 1903 Groveton 1-3-13 Groveton S       Cushing, D. S. Harriman, Sada E.  
Cushing, Minnie Etta Dec 5, 1957 Groveton, NH 66 Littleton, NH   Housewife     Smith, Fred Lewis, Abbie  
Cushing, Richard Kent Aug 1, 1909   7-2-16 Groveton, NH S       Cushing, S. Ward Kent, Nellie articular rheumatism
Cushing, Shirley E. May 24, 1952 Groveton, NH 32 Groveton, NH   At Home     Cushing, Guy W. Smith, Minnie  
Cushner, Charles Sept 8, 1956 W. Stewartstown 75 Austria   Woodsman     Cushner, Charles unknown  
Cuzner, Ada Emily June 1, 1944 Groveton 71-9-12 London, England   Homemaker     Beauchamp, James Herbert, Sarah  
Cuzner, William Walter Nov 28, 1940 Groveton 67-11-10 Westbury, Wiltshire, Eng   Mgr., Grocery     Cuzner, John Burd, Louisa  
Cyphers, Ephraim S. March 26, 1932 Groveton 81-10-16 Searsport, ME M Retired Searsport, ME Searsport, ME Cyphers, Oliga Stimpson, Rebecca  
Cyphers, Matilda F. Nov 14, 1946 Groveton 89-1-11 New York, NY   Retired     Herman, Louis Musgrave, Mary  
Daley, Edward May 29, 1950 Berlin, NH 80 Canada   Laborer     Daley, Edward Shallow, Catherine  
Dalton, Mary Jane Nov 26, 1939 Montreal, PQ 58                
Dalton, William Jasper Dec 21, 1926 Northumberland 47-5-17 S. Durham, Can. M B & B Parl'r Colebrook   Dalton, Florencorus Clampted, Maria  
Damon, Catherine J. Feb 28, 1950 W. Stewartstown, NH 85 Lake Megantic   Housewife          
Damon, Daniel Feb 13, 1937 Northumberland 69-4-7 Stratford   W. P. A. Emp.          
Damon, Edith May Feb 22, 1915 Northumberland 6 d Northumberland S   Groveton Lunenburg, VT Damon, Dan Bean, Ida  
Damon, Eugene April 15, 1951 W. Stewartstown 89 Norton, VT              
Damon, Hannah M. Feb 20, 1904 Northumberland 61-11-20 Hanford Val, CA W Housewife     Judd, Aaron Fletcher, Polly  
Damon, Percy Sept 11, 1937 Lancaster 20-8-24 Northumberland   Laborer     Damon, Daniel Bean, Ida  
Damon, Philis R. Feb 10, 1921 Northumberland 2-3-19 Northumberland     Northumberland Guildhall, VT Damon, Dan B. Bean, Ida M.  
Damon, Susie Dec 27, 1926 Northumberland 58-5-12 New Brunswick M Housewife New Brunswick   Brow, Reuben    
Danforth, Eliza Nov 6, 1928 Northumberland 69-7-1 Waterville, PQ W Retired Canada Canada Bouclair, Joseph    
Danforth, Ephraim Nov 23, 1921 Northumberland 90-8-8 Holland, VT M Retired RR Man Vermont Vermont Danforth, Silas Aldrich, Lucretia  
Danforth, Laura J. Oct 17, 1935 Groveton 77-4-27 PQ W Retired PQ PQ Danforth, Hazel Bailey, Mirandy  
Davis, Esther Ray Aug 27, 1931 Westmoreland 11-2-18 Groveton S None Boothbay, ME Groveton Davis, William O. Jackson, Gladys  
Davis, H. Oliver Jan 8, 1939 Concord 24-1-25 Groveton   Farmer     Davis, William O. Jackson, Gladys  
Davis, Infant Aug 25, 1912 Northumberland   Northumberland         Davis, James J. Putney, Minnie M. accident at birth
Davis, Josie T. Mar 30, 1911   33-11-20 Skowhegan M Housewife     Toward, Horace A. Snow, Mary E. Acute indigestion
Davis, William O. Sept 17, 1936 Keene 67-3-22 Westmoreland M Papermaker Boothbay Harbor, ME Boothbay Harbor, ME Davis, William Tibbetts, Elsie  
Day, Eva Laura Aug 20, 1906 Groveton 1 m 3 d PQ S       Day, Archie Stafford, Eva R. Cholera Infantum
Dearborn, Maude E. Jan 23, 1960 Groveton, NH 80 Stratford, NH   Retired     Johnson, Timothy B. Blodgett, Nellie P.  
Dease, Catherine A. Feb 23, 1966 Groveton, NH 95     Housewife          
DeBlois, George Edmont June 6, 1966 Lancaster, NH 61     Millworker          
DeBlois, Irene Oct 25, 1966 Burlington, VT 53     Housewife          
deBoeack, Emerique Aug 1, 1928 Northumberland 53-5-4 Boom, Belgium M Sales Agent     deBoeack, Alex Gissens, Caroline  
Deering, Patrick Apr 25, 1917 Northumberland 79 Ireland W Farmer Ireland Ireland Deering, Patrick Madden, Elizabeth  
Deering, Peter Oct 27, 1907   75 Ireland S Farmer     Deerin, Patrick Madden, Elizabeth Uraemia
Deering, Richard Carter Jan 21, 1966 Lancaster, NH 59     Laborer          
DeLabruere, Lucien Jan 12, 1960 Lancaster, NH 60 Canada   Acid Maker     DeLabruere, Pierre Trudeau, Marie  
Deline, George Oscar Nov 12, 1957 Groveton, NH 80 Canada   Farmer & Laborer     Deline, Herbert Wilson, Margaret  
Deline, Norman Jr. Feb 16, 1935 Northumberland 3 m 28 d Northumberland S None Glover, VT Errol Deline, Norman Bee(ch), Mireatte  
Deline, William H. Sept 7, 1930 Groveton 71-9-16 St. Cunnard, PQ W Stone Mason Canada Canada Deline, William    
Demars, Alphonse Wm. Feb 19, 1934 Northumberland 67-10-4 St. Apolinare, PQ M Farmer St. Nichols, PQ St. Antoine, PQ Demers, Evan. Cote, Harriet  
Demars, Louis Alfred July 27, 1965 Lancaster, NH 58     Carpenter          
Demars, Rolland Lewis May 3, 1944 Lancaster 1/2 d Lancaster   Infant     Demars, Louis Alfred Patrick, Beatrice O.  
Demers, Lewis Nov 10, 1946 Northumberland 69 unknown   Laborer     Demers, Oliver unknown  
Demers, Mary Ann Oct 14, 1962 Lancaster, NH 82 Canada   Housewife     Filteau, Ferdinand Coulombe, Sarah  
Demers, Virginia Marie Dec 7, 1961 Groveton, NH 92 St. Antoine, P. Q.   ret housewife     Filteau, Ferdinand Coulombe, Sarah  
Densmore, Charles April 27, 1904 Groveton 1 m 27 d Groveton S       Densmore, Stephen Downer, Kate L. Cerebral Trouble
Derosia, Margaret B. March 23, 1935 New York   New York S None Canada Unknown Derosia, Meddie Derosia, Daisy  
Derosier, Meddie Nov 24, 1934 Northumberland 46-6-1 Canada M Paper M. Canada New York St. Derosier, Lewis Nadeau, Elizabeth  
Derry, Peter A. Jan 20, 1957 Carroll, NH 87 Canada   Driver Stage     Derry, Joseph Ramsey, Sarah  
Desreausseau, Earnest Sept 6, 1947 Groveton 50 to 60           unknown unknown  
Devlin, Anne Apr 12, 1939 Groveton 79-9-0 St. Sylvester, PQ   Homemaker     Doherty, Philip Sheridan, Mary  
Devlin, Elizabeth Annie May 3, 1913 Northumberland 22-10-7 St. Sylvestre, PQ S       Devlin, John J. Dougherty, Annie Pul. Tuberculosis
Devlin, John Joseph April 6, 1946 Groveton 86-4-15 St. Sylvester, Can.   Railroad Emp.     Delvin, Dominick Kelly, Rose Ann  
Devost, Elizabeth Phyllis March 7, 1966 Groveton, NH 43     Housewife          
Deyette, Philip Jan 31, 1935 Northumberland 52-2-13 Vermont M Farmer Canada Canada Deyette, S. May, Elmy  
Dickey, Celina Jan 28, 1917 Northumberland 72-3-24 Hinsdale, VT W Housekeeper Burlington, VT Vermont Curara, Louis    
Dickey, John Oct 9, 1913 Northumberland 73-7-5 St Joseph, PQ M Surveyor     Dickey, John Marcier, ____ Broncho pneumonia
Dingman, Katherine I. Oct 17, 1935 W. Stewartstown 1 d Stewartstown S None North Troy, VT Colebrook Dingman, Earl O. Chamberlin, Kate  
Dingman, Ulalee Barbara Feb 18, 1923 Northumberland 1 m 8 d Northumberland     South Troy, VT Newport, VT Dingman, Warden Wilcox, Iola  
Dingman, Ural June 18, 1918 Northumberland 1-1-17 Troy, VT S   S. Jay, VT Newport, VT Dingman, Warden Wilcox, Ida  
Dingman, Wales B. July 8, 1935 Northumberland 3 d Groveton S None Newport, VT North Troy, VT Dingman, Hugh W. Wha(   ), Hazel W.  
Dinsmore, Frederick M. May 4, 1914 Northumberland 66-0-16 St. Stephens, NB W Laborer     Dinsmore, Nathan Hayman, Sarah Carcinoma    
Dinsmore, Gertrude June 28, 1900 Northumberland 2 m Groveton S        Dinsmore, Ste'n Downer, Kate Malnutation
Dinsmore, Kate May 17, 1930 Groveton 55-10-6 Groveton M Housewife Lisbon Lyman Downer, Jas. A. Eastman, Harriet E.  
Dinsmore, Nathan A. July 12, 1925 Northumberland 31-1-18 Northumberland M Foreman New Brunswick Northumberland Dinsmore, Stephen Donner, Kate  
Dinsmore, Stephen March 4, 1936 Groveton 78-0-3 St. Stephens, NB W Laborer New Brunswick New Brunswick Dinsmore, Nathaniel Hayman, Sarah  
Dodd, Jas. Arthur Aug 22, 1935 New York 81-7-25 Sherbrooke, PQ W Retired          
Dodds, John N. Jan 3, 1942 Portland, ME 83-7-17 Senbick, PQ         Dodds, Nicholas Mills, Margaret  
Dodds, Mary Jane F. July 30, 1926 Claremont 65-6-12 Canada M Housewife England   Whitcher, John A. Crawford, Charlotte  
Dodds, William Henry Dec 17, 1947 Troy, NY 62-6-2 Northumberland              
Dodge, Arthur C. Feb 23, 1917 Northumberland 37 Canada M Laborer          
Doherity, Patrick Jan 24, 1916 Northumberland 79-2-13 Ireland M Laborer          
Doherty, Charles Irving May 5, 1917 Northumberland 29-9-21 Northumberland M Laborer St. Sylvester, PQ   Doherty, Patrick Toland, Mary  
Doherty, David Dec 15, 1913 Greenfield, MA 46-4   W       Doherty, Patrick   Lobar pneumonia
Doherty, Mary March 22, 1918 Northumberland 74-9-23 St. Sylvester, PQ W Housewife Ireland Ireland Tolen, Hugh Early, Ellen  
Doherty, Mary Ann April 9, 1900 Groveton 33 Quebec M Housewife         Asthma
Doherty, Mrs. Mary Nov 13, 1908   38 Quebec M Housekeeper     Finnegan, John Coyle, Mary Cerebral Hemorrhage
Doherty, Patrick May 20, 1932 Groveton 64-9 St. Sylvester, PQ W Laborer Ireland Ireland      
Dolan, Maude Lucy Nov 23, 1940 Groveton 49-5-5 Groveton   Homemaker     Morancy, Fred Sullivan, Anastasia  
Donahue, David Sept (20?), 1905 Northumberland 63-11-21 Quebec M Cook     Donahue, Matthew Reddy, Margaret Cap. Bronchi.
Donahue, Mabel B. July 13, 1943 Berlin 57-10-17 Groveton   Housewife     McNally, Charles T. Horseford, Ladouna  
Donavon, Julia May 3, 1930 Groveton 92-11-18 Canada W at home Canada Canada      
Donnelly, Catherine A. March 28, 1954 Groveton 80 Island Pond, VT   Housewife     LeFebure, Charles Faye, Mary Ann  
Donnelly, Constance L. Apr 17, 1917 Northumberland 16-10-5 Island Pond, VT S Student Canada Island Pond, VT Donnelly, John Faboe, Manda  
Donnelly, Doris E. Apr 30, 1902 Groveton 3-4-8 Lancaster S       Donnelly, Hugh Hughes, Elizabeth Cerebral Meningitis
Donnelly, Hoyen C. March 6, 1957 Hampton Falls, NH 62 Wenlock, VT   Brakeman     Donnelly, John Lefebvre, Amanda  
Donnelly, John Joseph June 26, 1941 Northumberland 76-0-7 St. Sylvester, PQ    R. R. Inspector     Donnelly, James Lynch, Bridget  
Donnelly, Ralph James July 5, 1945 Groveton 36-2-26 Island Pond, VT   Laborer     Donnelly, John Lefeoore, Amande  
Donnelly, Thomas M. Oct 17, 1918 Argonne, France 22-7-26   S Soldier St. Sylvester, PQ Island Pond, VT Donnelly, John Lefebvre, Amanda  
Donnolly, Maude A. Oct 27, 1927 Lewiston, ME 24 New Hampshire M Housewife Canada New Hampshire Bordeau, Jay Willey, B.  
Donovan, Brian Paul Oct 21, 1959 Lancaster, NH 1 hr Lancaster, NH         Donovan, Joseph R. Hagan, Margaret  
Donovan, John Robert April 16, 1953 Groveton 76 Coaticook, P.Q.   Farmer     Donovan, Robert Leclere, Julian  
Donovan, Lumina Oct 31, 1958 Concord, NH 75 St. Felix, P. Q.   Housewife     La Croix, Yoel Bernier, Agnes  
Donovan, Robert Feb 23, 1907   67 Quebec M Laborer     Donavan, W. Donovan, Maggie Consumption
Donovan, Zean June 22, 1940 Northumberland 47-11-6 Caswell, ME   Farmer     Donovan, Hanford A. Lavene, Nancy  
Doolan, Harry Oct 3, 1945 W. Stewartstown 61-2-16 Ashburnham, MA   Laborer     Doolan, John Gorman, Catherine  
Douglas, Wilbur Henry March 20, 1966 Lancaster, NH 62     Maintenance           
Downer, Baby Feb 17, 1902 Groveton 2 m Groveton S         Downer, Nancy Premature Birth
Downer, Charles A. Jan 20, 1943 Groveton 74-4-2 Waterford, VT   Carpenter     Downer, James A. Eastman, Harriet  
Downer, Harriet March 20, 1916 Lincoln 71-11-8                
Downer, James A. Jan 17, 1914 Northumberland 76-2-21 Lisbon, NH M Retired     Downer, Thomas McMillan, Nancy Arterio sclerosis
Downer, John W. Sept 14, 1944 Groveton 79-7-9 Lunenburg, VT   Retired     Downer, James A. Eastman, Harriet  
Downer, Lila B. Aug 20, 1937 Groveton 70-10-17 Lunenburg, VT   Housewife     Lewis, Alfred A. Cowin, Abergile  
Downing, Eliza R. Nov 28, 1908   55-7-3 Maine M Housewife     Maine, Martin L. ___, Marie E. Carcinoma of Liver
Downing, Francis Oct 23, 1918 Fort Bliss, TX 18   S            
Downing, Henry Feb 16,.1930 Lewiston, ME 80-2-7 New Brunswick W Farmer England New Brunswick Downing, John Copp, Saraphina  
Downing, Isabella June 16, 1928 Northumberland 53-10-15 Antigonish, NS M Housewife Nova Scotia Nova Scotia McDonald, John    
Downing, Leona F. July 19, 1933 Concord 48-3-22 Jackson D None New Hampshire New Hampshire Dolloff, David Leavitt, Aurilla  
Downing, Rita Jan 13, 1941 Lancaster 38-10-9 Stewartstown   At Home     Mahurin, Frank E. Hague, Eva  
Downing, Vinnie M. Sept 2, 1907   25 d Groveton S       Downing, Robert S. Doloff, Leona F. Bronchitis
Downing, William A. March 6, 1929 Groveton 69-9-26 Grand Falke, NB W Carpenter          
Dowse, Arthur Aug 12, 1918 Northumberland 49-0-14 Columbia M Laborer Columbia Columbia Dowse, William Fenn, Betsey  
Doyle, Hattie Feb 4, 1924 Northumberland 82-7-10 Jefferson W Housewife Mass Meredith Holmes, William Bryant, Priscilla  
Doyon, Andrew May 2, 1957 Groveton, NH 86 Canada   Laborer          
Draper, Albert R. Jan 2, 1907   57-6-7 Brandon, VT M Harness M.         Septic Pleuritis
Dreever, James Sept 5, 1958 Madawaska, N. B. 63     Steam Plant Supt.     unknown unknown  
Drew, Auldis March 8, 1934 Northumberland 87-7-17 Guildhall, VT D Retired          
Drew, Sharon Zoe Aug 28, 1955 Geneva, Wis. 20 Groveton, NH         Drew, Carl Pinette, Celina  
Dubois, Demerise Mary June 17, 1952 Northumberland 67 Greensboro, VT   At Home     Mercier, Cerile Massie, Angelina  
Ducharme, Charles June 19, 1916 Northumberland 8-0-13 Canada S   Fairfax, VT Norton, VT Ducharme, Charles Donovan, Elizabeth  
Ducharme, Charles May 5, 1932 Stark 69-10-23 Fairfax, VT M Farmer          
Ducharme, Elizabeth July 1, 1932 Stark 57-3-11 Norton Mills, VT W Housewife Canada St. Sylvestre, PQ Donovan, Robert Leclere, Julia  
Duffy, John W. Sept 30, 1921 Northumberland 55 Parrsboro, NS   Mill Hand          
Dugan, James Bernard Feb 25, 1927 Northumberland 53-7 Woburn, MA M Acid Maker Waterford, Ire St. Johns, Newfd Dugan, James Slattery, Catherine  
Dulka, Joe Aug 11, 1925 Northumberland 35 Poland S Laborer     Dulka, John    
Dunham, Douglas G. Apr 21, 1943 Groveton 7 m 20 d Groveton   Infant     Dunham, Everett B. Dingman, Ewenna E.  
Dunham, Gertrude Jan 22, 1935 Pembroke 16 New Hampshire S Student Maine Ireland Dunham, Edward McHugh, Annie  
Dunham, Lucy Helms Feb 27, 1920 Northumberland 83-11-22 St. George, NB W Housewife West Indies   Helms, Henry Goodwin, Sarah  
Dunham, Rose Ann Jan 24, 1964 Lancaster, NH 72     Housewife          
Dunham, William A. June 2, 1917 Northumberland 79-7-28 St. George, NB M Sea Captain     Dunham, William Langmaid, Sarah  
Dunn, Joseph Lawrence Dec 27, 1941 Northumberland 62-4-28 Leeds, PQ   Farmer     Dunn, Lawrence Donovan, Rose  
Dunn, Mary Nov 20, 1925 Northumberland 77 Berlin W Housekeeper Ireland Ireland Pheney, Patrick    
Dunne, Joseph Elroy June 10, 1908   20-5-17 Island Pond, VT S Laborer     Dunn, James   Typhoid Fever
Dupins, Joseph Nov 21, 1906 Groveton 39-11 Groveton M Laborer     Dupins, George Lochain, Mary Meningitis
Dupis, Stella Jan 26, 1907   3-6-18 Norton Mills S       Dupis, Joseph Demers, Elmira Congestion of Lungs
Dupras, Joseph April 25, 1909   44 St. Hyacinth S Workman         Extensive burns
Dupuis, Archie J. Aug 28, 1923 Northumberland 9 m 28 d Northumberland S   Norton Mills, VT Island Pond, VT Dupuis, Ovilla Conley, Vivian  
Dupuis, Estella Aug 19, 1904 Groveton 10 m Norton Mills, VT S       Dupois, Joseph Deners, Elmire Cholera Infantum
Dupuis, Joseph N. Oct 22, 1964 Lancaster, NH 77     Salesman          
Dupuis, Marie E. Oct 15, 1950 Groveton, NH 88 Canada   Housewife Ret.     Demers, Joseph Boulais, Elmire  
Dupuis, Mary Vivian I. Jan 23, 1918 Northumberland 2 m 20 d Groveton S   Norton Mills, VT Island Pond, VT Dupuis, Ovilla Connolly, Vivian  
Dupuis, Philias N. May 22, 1959 Groveton, NH 71 Coaticook, PQ   Millworker     Dupuis, Joseph Demers, Elmire  
Dupuis, Vivian March 15, 1929 Lancaster 29-5-22 Island Pond, VT M Housewife Brighton, VT Holland, VT Connolly, Archie Labonity, Rose  
Durant, James J. Feb 20, 1940 W. Stewartstown 66 Michigan   Laborer     Durant, James Mullen, Mary  
Dustin, Arthur M. Dec 18, 1957 Detroit, Mich 73     retired minister     unknown unknown  
Dustin, Daniel Herbert Oct 3, 1962 Groveton, NH 77 Hopkinton, NH   ret Farmer     Dustin, Herbert Cyrus Richardson, Sarah Adelaide  
Dustin, Maude Chandler July 27, 1957 Auburn, ME 84     homemaker          
Eames, Grace Eva Sept 22, 1940 Groveton 84-3-20 Groveton              
Eames, John Sept 27, 1926 Northumberland 100-11-11 Northumberland M Retired Northumberland Claremont Eames, Seth Williamson, Laura  
Eames, John Byron Dec 10, 1951 Littleton, NH 60 Northumberland   Theater Owner     Eames, Byron Richey, Mary  
Eames, Mary Nov 14, 1942 Littleton 76-10-22 Groveton   Housewife     Kelly, Thomas Pall, Mary  
Eastman, Lillian M. Jan 13, 1908   26-11-29 Littleton M Housewife     Leonard, Charles  Lowrey, Mary J. Sepheanina
Eastman, Richard T. June 18, 1952 Lancaster, NH 71 Littleton, NH   Scaler     Eastman, Charles F. Taft, Mary Ida  
Eldridge, Walter S. June 17, 1911   66-5-13   M Physician     Eldridge, Harry Millen, Lydia Chronic bronchitis
Ellingwood, A. D. Dec 17, 1934 Jefferson 71-8-23 Milan M Retired Bethel, ME   Ellingwood, Hiram ____, Mary E.  
Ellingwood, Daniel O. Nov 23, 1931 Groveton 66-5-26 Groveton M Retired Milan Lincoln, ME Ellingwood, Jacob Dodge, Lucy  
Ellingwood, Ismond David Aug 17, 1963 Groveton, NH 68 Groveton, NH   Truckman      Ellingwood, Daniel O. McKinley, Susan  
Ellingwood, Roland Paine July 14, 1940 Groveton 75-9-23 Bethel, ME   Grocer     Ellingwood, Edgar Goud, Mary  
Ellingwood, Susan May 28, 1961 Lancaster, NH 94 Val Cartier, P. Q.   Housewife     McKinley, David Billing, Catherine  
Elliott, Elizabeth Nov 5, 1904 Northumberland 78-10-27 Canada W Housework     Perkins, ______ Lenox, _____  
Elliott, Girvin Sept 22, 1916 W. Stewartstown 40                
Elliott, Raymond Arlo June 1, 1947 Gorham 26-6-23 Sheffield, VT   State Police officer     Elliott, Arlo Gray, Nina M.  
Elliott, Robert June 19, 1937 Boston, MA 75 Canada         Elliott, Robert Picker, Elizabeth  
Emerson, Infant Sept 21, 1938 Lancaster 0 Lancaster   Infant     Emerson, Robert J. Lee, Zilpha  
Emery, Charles Oct 21, 1918 Northumberland 54-6-8 Stark S Laborer Stark Center Harbor Emery, Nathaniel Blake, Sarah Jane  
Emery, Gertrude Sept 2, 1937 Hanover 52 New Hampshire   Cook          
Emery, Lewis Jan 21, 1923 Northumberland 44-4-17 Stark S Farmer Stark   Emery, Nathaniel Demons, Mary  
Emmett, David S. Sept 18, 1914 Northumberland 80-5-21 England W Laborer     Emmett, Andrew   Mitral regurgitation
Erickson, Andrew Jan 16, 1938 Groveton 57-2-12 Unknown   Wood Chopper     Unknown Unknown  
Ernst, Philip July 18, 1929 Groveton 75-0-23 England W Farmer England England Ernst, Philip Brading, Emma  
Estes, John March 15, 1906 Groveton 71-1   S Laborer     Estes, Thomas   Old Age
Estes, Miles George Dec 2, 1947 St. Johnsbury, VT 49-5-17 Bloomfield, VT   Log Roller     Estes, Charlie Buzzell, Anna  
Evans, John H. March 14, 1948 Northumberland 68-1-4 Canada   Laborer          
Falardeau, Louis George Jr. June 23, 1941 Northumberland 23-0-24 Berlin   Paper Maker     Falardeau, Louis George Hamel, Rose Cecile  
Falardeau, Rose Cecile Nov 11, 1939 Lancaster 41-6-10 Berlin   Homemaker     Hamel, Medard Rabida, Alvina  
Falardeau, William July 28, 1935 Groveton 68-8-17 Quebec, PQ M Laborer Canada Canada Falardeau, Louis Fountain, Mary  
Farley, Margaret May 24, 1928 Northumberland 90-9-13 Drummondville, PQ W at home     Dorey, Joseph    
Farwell, Serene P. June 17, 1912 Northumberland 77-4-16 Bethel, ME M Retired     Farwell, Charles Twitchell, Harriet Degeneration of heart muscles
Faulkenham, Hattie Belle Jan 2, 1966 Lancaster, NH 81     Housewife          
Fawcett, Eva Pearl July 10, 1946 Groveton 46-11-13 Portland, ME   Housewife     O'Brien, Nathan Roy, Carrie  
Fawcett, Infant Aug 7, 1933 Groveton 0 Groveton S None Chelsea, MA Portland, ME Fawcett, Howard O'Brien, Eva P.  
Ferren, Edward Dec 14, 1916 Northumberland 60   W Laborer          
Filgate, Infant June 3, 1916 Northumberland 19 d   S   Quebec Northumberland Filgate, Henry Fortier, Emma  
Findlay, James Robert Sept 18, 1933 Groveton 75-3-3 Windsor Mills, Q   Retired Scotland Three Rivers, PQ Findlay, William Brand, Grace  
Findley, Ernest Edward Jan 19, 1961 Groveton, NH 47 Island Pond, VT   Acid Maker     Findley, James R. Carroll, Annie S.  
Finnegan, Clayton Jan 26, 1901 Groveton 4 m Groveton S       Finnegan, D. H. Downer, Nancy Meningitis
Finnigan, Mary Aug 5, 1923 Auburn, ME 83                
Fisk, Emma A. Dec 11, 1938 Groveton 72-6-11 New Ireland, PQ   Housewife     Rowden, Thomas Nugent, Mary J.  
Fisk, Everett P. July 27, 1933 Groveton 72-5-22 Groveton M Acid Maker Ryegate, VT E. Ryegate, VT Fisk, William Wormwood, Jennet  
Fisk, Everett W. Feb 3, 1947 Groveton 57-5-18 Groveton   Plumber     Fish, Everett P. Rowden, Emma  
Fisk, Frederick Jean July 17, 1926 Northumberland 38-5-8 Northumberland S Paper Maker Northumberland Maplegrove, PQ Fisk, Payson Rowden, Emma  
Fisk, Hannah Feb 15, 1900 Northumberland 48-4-15 Brunswick, VT M  Housewife     Gardner, Ezikel Schoff, Melvina Intestine Obstruction
Fisk, Wendell James March 7, 1959 Groveton, NH 61 Groveton, NH   Machine Tender     Fisk, E. Payson Rowden, Emma  
Fiske, George W. March 22, 1910   71-9-0 Groveton D       Fiske, William Wormwood, Jeanette Paralysis shock
Fitch, George Albert Feb 11, 1932 Lancaster 77-11-10 Nova Scotia S Retired Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Fitch, Jacob Hebb, Leah  
Fitchett, Mary Elizabeth Dec 31, 1932 Groveton 86-1-20 Roslin, Ont. W Retired Marmora, Ont. Fredericksburg, Ont. Holbert, James Fitchett, Katherine  
Flaherty, Margaret E. June 25, 1927 Northumberland 85 Clifton, Ireland S Retired Ireland Ireland Flaherty, Michael    
Flanagan, Frank March 25, 1951 W. Stewartstown 75 Fort Worth, Ind.   Woodsman     Flanagan, John Murray, Mary  
Flanders, Jennie Nov 30, 1931 Northumberland 81-3 Lancaster S Retired     Flanders, Joseph Farr, Adeline  
Fletcher, Ella Louise Feb 1, 1946 Groveton 90-5-0 Brighton, VT   Housewife     Covell, ____ unknown  
Fletcher, Thomas E. Jan 29, 1923 Northumberland 57-8-26 Northfield M Railway Clerk England   Fletcher, William    
Fleury, John Baptiste Feb 10, 1962 Stratford, NH 85 Canada   ret Laborer     Fleury, Simon Gauthier, Marceline  
Fleury, Malvina June 13, 1955 Lancaster, NH 72 Canada, PQ   housework     Fleury, Simon Gauthier, Marceline  
Fleury, Marceline Nov 1, 1925 Northumberland 75-6-1 Canada W Housekeeper Canada Canada Gochee, Joseph Lacomie, Mayard  
Flome, Esther L. April 26, 1906 Northumberland 87-11-27 Canada W None     Reggie, _____ Demais, Gen'e Fatty degener'n of heart
Flury, Simon Oct 25, 1918 Northumberland 68-6-24 Canada M Laborer Canada Canada Flury, Antoine Patron, Mary  
Fogg, Albert April 15, 1957 Lancaster, NH 82 Gorham, NH   Lumberman     Fogg, Elijah N. Rines, Emma F.  
Fogg, Herman Ray Nov 17, 1938 Northumberland 55-6-9 Newark, VT   Millworker     Fogg, Herman Durkee, Cora L.  
Fogg, Infant Feb 5, 1927 Northumberland 5 d Northumberland S None Pownal, ME N. Stratford Fogg, Earl Fuller, Vera  
Foley, Patrick Francis Dec 6, 1930 Groveton 63-9-9 Lancaster W Millwright Ireland Ireland Foley, Hugh Foley, Marie  
Foley, Thomas June 10, 1916 Northumberland 26 Manchester S Laborer          
Foley, William J. Feb 5, 1927 Northumberland 78-2-4 Canada W None Canada Canada Foley, Luke Collins, Bridget  
Fontaine, Homer Joseph Oct 18, 1953 Stratford, NH 47 St. Johnsbury, VT   Meat Cutter     Fontaine, Joseph  Audette, Eugenie  
Forbes, Edward B. Dec 8, 1914 Northumberland 67-0-22 Northumberland   Farmer     Forbes, Joel W. Hatch, Phoebe Apoplexy
Forbes, John R. Feb 8, 1952 Lancaster, NH 48 Canada   Cutter Machine      Forbes, Robert Johnson, Mary A.  
Forbes, Joseph E. Dec 16, 1951 Groveton, NH 46 Canada   laborer     Forbes, Robert    
Forbes, Mary Jane Dec 11, 1956 Lancaster, NH 85 Leeds, P. Q., Can.   Housewife     Johnston, Samuel Reid, Mary Jane  
Forbes, Robert James Nov 20, 1952 Groveton, NH 93 Canada   Retired     Forbes, William Farelle, Anne  
Forbes, Samuel W. J. April 8, 1961 Lancaster, NH 61 Canada   Laborer     Forbes, Robert Johnson, Mary  
Forbes, Wilfred Dec 25, 1920 Northumberland 23-7-24 Canada S Laborer Canada Canada Forbes, Robert Johnson, Mary  
Forbes, William H. H. Feb 28, 1917 Northumberland 71-8-15 Northumberland W Farmer Windsor, VT Northumberland Forbes, Joel White Hatch, Pheba  
Ford, Mary L. Sept 30, 1903 Groveton 10 m 18 d Groveton S       Ford, Joseph Landregon, Margaret Asthma
Forde, Gloria June Feb 13, 1947 Groveton 0-3-21 Groveton         Forde, Robert C. Gaudette, Katherine E.  
Fortier, Infant Sept 28, 1938 Groveton 3 d Groveton   Infant     Fortier, Edola Fortier, Florence  
Fortier, James Delphis Nov 10, 1914 Northumberland 18-2-4 Stark, NH S Paper Maker     Fortier, Leon Corneau, Mary L. Pul. Tuberculosis
Fortier, Joseph R. July 6, 1912 Northumberland 3 m  Northumberland S       Fortier, Leon Carneau, Mary Meningitis
Fortier, Leon Nov 20, 1936 Groveton 78-4-10 St. Sylvester, PQ W Retired Canada Canada Fortier, Jean Francois Vallee, Catherine  
Fortier, Mary June 2, 1913 Northumberland 40-1-13 Canada M Housewife     Commeau, Theodule Emile, Mary Pul. Tuberculosis
Fortune, Annie E.