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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
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Date Married Place of
Groom / Bride Residence Age Occupation Town of Birth Father Father Birthplace Marriage
Jan ___, 1900 Groveton Astle, James E. Northumberland 35 Laborer Kingsbury, PQ Astle, Edwin Vermont 1st
    McCaffery, Mary E. Northumberland 25 Housemaid Canada McCaffery, Peter   1st
Jan (11), 1900 Groveton McKilvey, James Northumberland 23 Sulphite Mill Canada McKelvey, John Canada 1st
    Kelley, Minnie Northumberland 21 Housemaid Canada Kelley, Edward Canada 1st
Feb 1(7), 1900 Groveton Moran, Edmund Northumberland 21 Fireman Canada Moran, David Canada 1st
    Semard, Josephine Northumberland 16 Housemaid Canada Semard, Antoine Canada 1st
March 17, 1900 Groveton Howard, R. H. Northumberland 30 Laborer Blue Hill, ME Howard, Robert H. Orono, ME 2nd
    Gallanders, Clara Northumberland 22 Housemaid Groveton Galanders, _____ Canada 2nd
Mar 2(0), 1900 Concord Willey, J. E. Northumberland 43 Farmer Concord Willey, Thomas England 3rd
    Plaisted, Angie Somerville, MA 27 Housewife   Bevin, Solomon England 3rd
Apr 2(5), 1900 Lancaster Keene, Frank C. Groveton 30 Laborer Calais, ME Keene, W. F. Calais, ME 1st
    Potter, Cora D. Groveton 26 Housemaid Northumberland Potter, Aaron A. Stark 1st
May 15, 1900 Lyman, ME McKellips, Frank G. Northumberland 46 Yard Foreman Northumberland McKellips, George W. Vermont 2nd
    Hill, Emma M. Kennebunkport 40 Teacher Kennebunkport Hill, Nathaniel Kennebunkport 1st
Apr 1(5), 1900   Block, Louis Northumberland 27 Peddler Russia Block, W. Russia 1st
    Shapiro, Ester Lowell, MA 19 Housekeeper Russia Shapiro, ____ Russia 1st
May 1, 1900 Groveton Streeter, Charles Groveton 22 Painter Whitefield Streeter, Arnold Bethlehem 1st
    Crane, Julia A. Whitefield 2(0) Housemaid Whitefield Crane, Daniel Dalton 1st
June 12, 1900 Watertown Cummings, George A. Northumberland 38 Farmer Northumberland Cummings, William Ireland 1st
    Gallagher, Fanny A. Lancaster 37 Housekeeper Lenoxville, PQ Gallagher, John Canada 1st
June 15, 1900 Lancaster Mace, Henry Groveton 23 Laborer N. Stratford Mace, Nathan W. Concord, VT  
    Downing, Blanch Northumberland 18 Housemaid Maine Dowing, Henry Maine  
June 19, 1900 Groveton Astle, Jacob C. Northumberland 20 Laborer Northumberland Astle, Joseph C. Canada 1st
    Bell, Margaret A. Northumberland 25 Housemaid Northumberland McFarland, William New Brunswick 2nd
June 24, 1900 Groveton Landrigan, Thomas Northumberland 27 Laborer St. Catherine Landrigan, M. St. Catherine 1st
    Hurley, Katie Northumberland 26 Housemaid Wolfetown, PQ McKelvey, John Wolfetown, PQ 2nd
July 2, 1900 Groveton Marshall, Daniel W. Northumberland 29 Carpenter West Burke, VT Marshall, William   1st
    Weeks, Gertrude  Canaan, VT 24 Teacher Canaan, VT Weeks, C. H. Canaan 1st
Aug 18, 1900 Berlin Shapiro, Jacob Groveton 21 Peddler Russia Shapiro, L. Russia 1st
    Brown, Nellie Lowell, MA 19 Housemaid Russia Brown, Isaac Russia 1st
Sept 4, 1900 Groveton Bowen, George H. Groveton 24 Clerk Clintonville, NY Bowen, Edward New York 1st
    Wark, Emily M. Foxcroft, ME 25 Housemaid Foxcroft, ME Prescott, Rosco Maine 2nd
(Sept ?, 1900) Colebrook Allen, George E. Maidstone, VT 27 Farmer Coaticook, PQ Allen, George A.   1st
    Lock, Cora B. Columbia 30 Housemaid Columbia Locke, John Columbia 1st
(Sept 17, 1900) Groveton Presby, Charles F. Groveton 58 Farmer Lyman      
    James, Rose E. Riverton 20 Housekeeper Victory, VT      
Oct 23, 1900 Groveton Stahl, S. C. Gorham 21 Bridge Builder Gorham Stahl, Simon Germany 1st
    Dunn, May Groveton 21 Housemaid Island Pond, VT Dunn, James Canada 1st
Nov 17, 1900 Groveton Walker, James West Milan 23 Teamster West Milan Walker, Henry Wilton, ME 1st
    Kittle, Jennie Northumberland 24 Housemaid Northumberland Kittle, Jonathan England 1st
Dec 18, 1900 Lancaster Cole, Horace H. Norway, ME 34 Miller Norway, ME Cole, William C. Norway, ME 1st
    Jewett, Ella L. Norway, ME 45 Housekeeper Framingham Hinman, Joseph Farmington 2nd
Dec 20, 1900 Groveton Anderson, William H. Berlin 31 Paper Maker Baltimore, MD Anderson, William F. Churchville, MD 1st
    Nelson, Susan P. Groveton 24 Housemaid   Nelson, William   1st
Dec 24, 1900 Groveton Johnson, William Groveton 26 Laborer Summer Hill Johnson, William Summer Hill 1st
    Dodds, Lillian Groveton 20 Housemaid Groveton Dodds, James Canada 1st
Jan 2, 1901 Groveton Veazie, George A. Littleton 26 Merchant Stark Veazie, Benjamin A.   1st
    Terrien, Maud R. Groveton 22 Housemaid Northumberland Terrien, Joseph Canada 1st
Jan 6, 1901 Jefferson Shannan, Elmer E. Northumberland 39 Hotel Keeper Loudon Shannon, George L. Gilmington 2nd
    Bennett, Delia Northumberland 25 Housemaid Guildhall, VT Drew, George F. Guildhall, VT 2nd
Jan 12, 1901 Groveton McEwen, James J. Millpockett, ME 26 Steam Fitter P. E. Island McEwen, Michael P. E. Island 1st
    McCaffrey, Katie Lancaster 22 Housemaid Canada McCaffrey, Patrick Canada 1st
Jan 15, 1901 Groveton Moffett, John E. Groveton 21 Clerk Groveton Moffett, Michael C. Canada 1st
    Shields, Velzora H. Groveton 18 Housemaid Dummer Shields, Thomas Canada 1st
Jan 21, 1901 Groveton Bergeron, James Groveton 27 Laborer St. Gregoire, PQ Bergeron, Louis St. Gregoire, PQ 1st
    Perault, Beatrice Groveton 23 Housemaid Montreal Perault, Joseph Montreal 1st
Feb 18, 1901 Groveton Marcott, Adolphus Groveton 21 Blacksmith Canada Marcott, David Canada 1st
    Fournier, Eva Groveton 21 Housemaid Canada Fournier, _______ Canada 1st
Feb 19, 1901 Groveton Giberson, George A. Groveton 28 Clerk New Brunswick Giberson, David New Brunswick 1st
    Burns, Sarah M. Groveton 18 Housemaid Groveton Burns, John Canada 1st
March 19, 1901 Groveton Smith, Stephen Cleaveland, PQ 28 Farmer Cleaveland, PQ Smith, Edwin England 1st
    Byrd, Jesse E. Shipton, P.Q. 27 Housemaid Shipton, PQ Byrd, Henry D. Ireland 1st
April 8, 1901 Lancaster Atkinson, Thomas Shipton, P.Q. 21 Millman Northumberland Atkinson, Lowery Northumberland 1st
    Dodds, Emma F. Shipton, P.Q. 19 Housemaid Fabyans Dodds, James A. Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
April 14, 1901 Groveton Boivin, Peter Shipton, P.Q. 28 Laborer Beauport, PQ Boivin, Thephel Canada 1st
    Genest, Mary D. Bartlett 17 Housemaid Norton, VT Genest, Charles Canada 1st
May 4, 1901 Groveton Martin, Daniel Groveton 37 Laborer St. Sylvester, PQ Martin, Daniel Ireland 1st
    Chesley, Lydia Groveton 39 Housemaid Jackson Wentworth, Levi Jackson 2nd
May 26, 1901 Groveton McFarland, Edw. Groveton 21 Millman Salisbury, PQ McFarland, William North River, NB 1st
    White, Eva C. Groveton 20 Housemaid Bridgewater, NS White, John   1st
June 1, 1901 Stratford Ball, Lucias Guildhall 26 Farmer Maidstone, VT Ball, Wilbur F.   1st
    Allen, Clara E. Maidstone 18 Housemaid Maidstone, VT Allen, George E.   1st
June 5, 1901 Groveton Flath, Peter H. Dayton, OH 22 Musical Director Dayton, OH Flath, Michael Germany 1st
    Morton, Blossom Wisconsin 19 Actress       1st
June 17, 1901 Groveton Noil, Napoleon J. Groveton 32 Millman Canada Noil, Colbert Canada 1st
    Finnegan, Annie L. Groveton 29 Housemaid Canada Finnegan, John Canada 1st
June 23, 1901 Groveton Legacy, Edmund Groveton 24 Laborer Canada LeGacy, Edmund Canada 1st
    Barneu, Demeris Groveton 30 Housemaid Canada Barneu, Joseph Canada 3rd
June 26, 1901 Groveton Larkin, Wilord Groveton 19 Bobbin Mfg Whitefield Larkin, John Montreal 1st
    Ward, Winefred R. Groveton 17 Housemaid Groveton Ward, Richard Lenoxville, PQ 1st
Aug 25, 1901 Groveton Penney, John Groveton 42 Millman Canada Penney, Morris Canada 2nd
    Robinson, Eva Groveton 22 Housemaid Lyman Robinson, John Lyman 1st
Sept 16, 1901 Groveton Bellerose, Henry E. Lincoln 36 Machinist Ham, PQ Bellerose, Benj. Nickolette, PQ 2nd
    Porter, Mary Groveton 31 Housemaid Blackvale, NB Porter, James   2nd
Oct 3, 1901 Guildhall Potter, Judson A. Northumberland 31 Farmer Northumberland Potter, Aaron A. Stark 1st
    Bean, Kate E. Maidstone 19 Housemaid Maidstone, VT Bean, George Maine 1st
Oct 16, 1901 Lancaster Perkins, Ephraim J. Groveton 22 Laborer Northumberland Perkins, Calvin Orono, ME 1st
    Hopkins, Louisa M. Groveton 24 Housemaid Stark Hopkins, Frank Ireland 1st
Nov 20, 1901 Northumberland Rich, Elwin Stark 30 Blacksmith Stark Rich, Caleb R. Stark 1st
    Russ, Clara E. Northumberland 32 Teacher Columbia Russ, William W. Columbia 1st
Dec 16, 1901 Guildhall Cranmore, George Northumberland 31 Laborer Arlington, IA Cranmore, John Canaan, VT 1st
    O'Grady, Katie A. Northumberland 21 Housemaid Brunswick, VT Waite, William Brunswick, VT 2nd
Dec 18, 1901 Groveton Villeaux, Joseph A. Groveton 27 Laborer Skowhegan, ME Villeaux, D. Canada 1st
    Paquette, Amelia Groveton 31 Housemaid Stratford Dale, ______   2nd
Feb 18, 1902 Groveton Harford, Rosco A. Groveton 26 Laborer Castine, ME Harford, Alfred Solon, ME 1st
Feb 18, 1902   McKay, Alice Groveton 19 Housemaid Groveton McKay, George   1st
Mar 12, 1902 Groveton Thompson, Edward Providence, RI 28 Blacksmith Providence, RI Thompson, Edward Providence, RI 1st
Mar 12, 1902   Downing, Edith B. Groveton 18 Housemaid Groveton Downing, Henry New Brunswick 1st
Mar 22, 1902 Colebrook Russ, Nelson L. Northumberland 28 Farmer Columbia Russ, W. W. Columbia 1st
Mar 22, 1902   Frizzell, Adeline M. Groveton 23 Housemaid Dalton Frizzell, Addison Columbia 1st
Mar 31, 1902 Groveton Wilson, Jesse F. Groveton 26 Mach'e Tend Lancaster Wilson, Jesse Carroll 1st
Mar 31, 1902   Croteau, Mary D. Stark 18 Housemaid Stark Croteau, James St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
Apr 3, 1902 Stratford Smith, Walter J. Groveton 24 Laborer Northumberland Smith, Frank Canada 1st
Apr 3, 1902   Gonyeau, Sadice Lancaster 18 Housemaid Lancaster Gonyeau, Fred Canada 1st
Apr 19, 1902 Stratford Cleaveland, Peter L. Northumberland 49 Engineer Bafford, PQ Cleaveland, Samuel Barnston, PQ 3rd
Apr 19, 1902   Davis, Jennie Northumberland 39 Housemaid Compton, PQ Locke, Moses Stanstead, PQ 2nd
Apr 26, 1902 Groveton Harriman, Ira H. Northumberland 28 Farmer Lovell, ME Harriman, Moses Albany, NH 1st
Apr 26, 1902   Ells, Bessie F. Nova Scotia 24 Housemaid Nova Scotia Ells, Abraham Nova Scotia 1st
June 28, 1902 Groveton Morse, Lewis A. Groveton 24 Paper Maker Bloomfield, VT Morse, Lewis Claremont 1st
June 28, 1902   Farwell, Win. L. Groveton 20 Cutter Girl Stark Farwell, Sereno P. Bethel, ME 1st
June 30, 1902 Unknown Shields, Thomas Groveton 46 Laborer Canada Shields, John Canada 2nd
June 30, 1902   Guilmette, Sarah Groveton 34 Housekeeper Island Pond Danforth, George Canada 2nd
July 18, 1902 Groveton Larkin, Alfred Groveton 23 Laborer Whitefield Larkin, John Canada 1st
July 18, 1902   Astle, Eunice B. Groveton 18 Housemaid Groveton Astle, Joseph C. Canada 1st
Aug 25, 1902 Groveton Barney, Joseph Groveton 20 Laborer Derby Line, VT Barney, Edgar   1st
Aug 25, 1902   Guimont, Lucy Groveton 23 Teacher Wolft'n, PQ Guimont, H.   1st
Aug 30, 1902 Groveton Bergeron, Alex Groveton 18 Laborer Canada Bergeron, Lewis Canada 1st
Aug 30, 1902   Robescheau, Ellen Groveton 18 Housemaid Canada Robescheau, J. Canada 1st
Sept 16, 1902 Guildhall, VT Bellows, W. C. R'mf'd F'ls, ME 26 Train man Essex Ctr., VT Bellows, Carlos Essex Ctr, VT 1st
Sept 16, 1902   Rich, Ella A. Northumberland 20 Housemaid Groveton Rich, B. L. Canaan, VT 1st
Sept 25, 1902 Groveton Lee, Lorenzo New Brunswick 36 Laborer N. B. Lee, Oliver N. B. 2nd
Sept 25, 1902   Trucoutt, Lucinda Derby Line, VT 25 Housemaid   Trucoutt, Step.   1st
Oct ___, 1902   Savage, Charles E. Groveton 34 Mill Supt. Lagrange, ME Savage, Howard Anson, ME 1st
Oct ___, 1902   Payne, Minnie A. Gardiner, ME   Dressmaker Richmond, ME Payne, Horatio   1st
Oct 30, 1902 Groveton Chatterton, Luther D. Granville, VT 40 Laborer Walcott, VT Chatterton, Fifield   2nd
Oct 30, 1902   Whitney, Emma Warren, VT 26 Housemaid Warren, VT Whitney, James   1st
Nov 2, 1902 Groveton Pike, Carl A. Groveton 22 Laborer Groveton Pike, William W. Jay, VT 1st
Nov 2, 1902   Bishop, Ada Mae Groveton 20 Housemaid Brighton, VT Bishop, Will'd F. Island Pond, VT 1st
Nov 11, 1902 Stratford Boudle, Nelson J. Stratford 19 Farmer Stark Boudle, William Stark 1st
Nov 11, 1902   Amey, Nettie B. Stratford 17 Housemaid Bloomfield, VT Amey, Frank   1st
Nov 20, 1902 Groveton Douglas, Rich. L. Bethel, ME 24 Brakeman Bethel, ME Douglas, Charles H. Bethel, ME 1st
Nov 20, 1902   Elliott, Ruba S. Groveton 18 Housemaid W. Charleston, VT Elliott, Edward Warren 1st
Nov 26, 1902 Groveton Boucher, Francis Northumberland 26 Farmer Northumberland Boucher, Nelson Canada 1st
Nov 26, 1902   Foster, Julia Gorham, ME 19 Housemaid Gorham, ME Foster, Henry Littleton, ME 1st
Nov 29, 1902 Groveton McKinley, David Berlin 21 Laborer Quebec McKinley, David Quebec 1st
Nov 29, 1902   Legacy, Jessie Berlin 22 Housemaid N. B. Legacy, Joseph New Brunswick 1st
Dec 8, 1902 Groveton Perry, Josiah             1st
Dec 8, 1902   Allason, May E.              
Jan 19, 1903 Groveton McLeod, James C. Groveton 25 Clerk Island, P. E. McLeod, George D.    
    McConald, Mary E. Groveton 24 Housemaid N. Stratford McConald, D. J.    
Jan 20, 1903 Groveton Bosworth, Asa C. Groveton 21 Farmer Hartford, ME Bosworth, Prescott    
    Quimby, Hazel L. Groveton 20   Guildhall, VT Quimby, Ira H.    
Feb 5, 1903 Groveton Drown, Louis Groveton 24 Laborer Canada Drown, Richard    
    Gaulett, Mary Groveton 18 Housemaid Canada Gaulett, Alther    
April 17, 1903 Groveton Deatt, James Wallis Pond, VT 32 Laborer Canada Deatt, S.    
    Peavia, Matilda Charleston, VT 27 Housemaid Charleston, VT Peavia, George    
April 24, 1903 Northumberland Russ, Walter L. Northumberland 23 Farmer Columbia Russ, William       
    Laroche, Luella Northumberland 24 Housemaid Stratford Laroche, Jerry    
June 18, 1903 Groveton Morgan, Robert S. Lancaster 23 Fireman Lancaster Morgan, G. W.    
    Boutwell, Mabel E. Northumberland 18 Housemaid Northumberland Boutwell, George H.    
Aug 6, 1903 Lancaster Nelson, William J. Groveton 25 Laborer Stratford Nelson, William    
    Doherty, Nellie Groveton 29 Mill Girl   Doherty, Patrick    
July 16, 1903 Northumberland Curtis, Albert Kansas City, MO 61 Farmer Stratford Curtis, James    
    Riffetoe, Katie Joplin, MO 35 Teacher Stanton, VA Riffetoe, W. D.    
July 20, 1903 Groveton Hogan, Thomas Groveton 28 Laborer Canada Hogan, Mike    
    Liberty, Sadie Groveton 17 Housemaid N. Stratford Liberty, _______    
Aug 25, 1903 Stark Merrill, Ervin A. Groveton 18 Laborer Stark Merrill, H. K.    
    Wilkinson, Mabel Groveton 17 Housemaid Canada Wilkinson, Albert    
Oct 1, 1903 Berlin Morrison, Michael J. Groveton 27 Blacksmith P. E. Island Morrison, W. F.    
    Brown, Elmira Groveton 34 Housemaid Canada Brown, David    
Oct 7, 1903 Portland, ME Moore, Charles F. Groveton 49 Harness Maker Moscow, ME Moore, William D.    
    Woodward, Dora E. Groveton 34 Housekeeper Island Pond, VT Davis, Willis    
Oct 26, 1903 Groveton Terrian, Arthur Groveton 24 Laborer Canada Terrian, Abraham    
    Lettie, Lennis Groveton 22 Housemaid Canada Lettie, Peter    
Nov 16, 1903 Groveton Marshall, Sylvanus J. Northumberland 40 Farmer Northumberland Marshall, Alexander    
    Prue, Delia Northumberland 32 Housekeeper Canada Prue, Israel    
Dec 18, 1903 Groveton Vinall, Robert P. Washington, DC 26 Gov't Emp. Orono, ME Vinall, Phineas    
    McNally, Mabel E. Groveton 20 Bookkeeper Groveton McNally, Charles T.    
Jan 12, 1904 Groveton Matthews, Norman Groveton 25 Clerk W. Concord, VT Matthews, S. M.    
    Chandler, C. Grace Groveton 23 Clerk Lancaster Chandler, George    
Feb 3, 1904 Groveton Trotter, George Groveton 22 Laborer Canada Trotter, Joseph    
    Balanger, Demise Groveton 21 Housemaid Percy Balanger, Peter    
March 1, 1904 Groveton Laforce, Eli Lancaster 28 Millman Littleton Laforce, William    
    Couture, Alice M. Groveton 21 Housemaid Vermont Couture, Louis    
July 4, 1904 Groveton Howe, Edward C. Lancaster 30 Harness Maker Lancaster Howe, Charles    
    Morgan, Alice M. Northumberland 30 Housemaid Guildhall Morgan, George    
Aug 4, 1904 Stratford Gilbert, C. Henry Groveton 33 Barber Brunswick, VT Gilbert, Henry B.    
    McKey, Katherine Moreton, N. B. 31 Nurse Moreton, N. B. McKey, William    
Aug 20, 1904 Groveton Graham, Edgar J. Groveton 21 Baggage Master Gorham Graham, John    
    Holland, Delle Groveton 17 Housemaid Groveton Holland, John    
April 19, 1904 Groveton Emery, Nathaniel Northumberland 69 Laborer Stark Emery, Ira    
    Roberts, Rose Northumberland 45 Housemaid Stratford Blodgett, Charles    
Sept 10, 1904 Groveton Fellows, Harry J. Northumberland 22 Laborer Guildhall Fellows, Elgan H.    
    Boutwell, Bessie M. Northumberland 19 Housemaid Northumberland Boutwell, Warner W.    
Sept 19, 1904 Groveton Chapman, Robert H. Richmond, PQ 37 Engineer Quebec Chapman, Samuel    
    Hodgson, Nora K. Quebec 26 Teacher Quebec Hodgson, Harry    
Oct 6, 1904 Groveton Livermore, Frank Northumberland 19 Actor Nashua Livermore, Francis    
    Arthur, Ellinor M. Chicago, IL 19   Indiana Arthur, _______    
Oct 16, 1904 Groveton Reddick, Richard E. New York 29 Traveling Man Enfield Reddick, Richard    
    McMann, Mamie Groveton 21 Housemaid Groveton McMann, Thomas    
Nov 9, 1904 Lancaster Smith, Marshall S. Groveton 23 Laborer Lunenburg Smith, Henry    
    Veazie, Etta Groveton 30 Mill Girl   Pike, John    
Oct 19, 1904 Lancaster Follansby, Fred L. Guildhall 34 Merchant Guildhall Follansby, P. R.    
    Hutchinson, Katherine Northumberland 25 Housemaid Northumberland Hutchinson, Charles    
Nov 21, 1904 Groveton Balanger, Peter Groveton 24 Laborer Canada Balanger, Peter    
    Leture, Lucy Groveton 2(0) Housemaid Canada Leture, John    
Nov 21, 1904 Groveton Donovan, James Groveton 19 Laborer Norton Mills, VT Donovan, Robert    
    Duchine, Myra Groveton 16 Housemaid Westfield, VT Duchine, Charles    
Nov 26, 1904   Bean, James W. Northumberland 43 Farmer Lisbon Bean, Thomas W.    
    Hinds, Dora Northumberland 47 Housekeeper Stark Cole, Solomon    
Dec 21, 1904   Collins, David Groveton 28 Laborer New Brunswick Collins, Michael    
    Wallace, Celia J. Northumberland 17 Housemaid New Brunswick Wallace, Anson    
Dec 26, 1904   LaGacy, Nelson Northumberland 25 Laborer Northumberland Lagacy, David    
    Marshall, Flora Northumberland 19 Housemaid St. Johnsbury, VT Marshall, William    
Jan 30, 1905 Stratford Bedard, John Groveton 21 Laborer Moose River, ME Bedard, John    
    Hall, Lena Grace Groveton 20 Housemaid Stratford Hall, John    
Jan 26, 1905 Groveton Walker, James H. Northumberland 28 Laborer West Milan Walker, Henry    
    Potter, Lizzie Stark 29 Housemaid Stark Potter, Horace    
Feb 13, 1905 Groveton Amero, Charles Groveton 21 Millman Gloucester, MA Amero, Henry    
    Gorman, Mamie Groveton 19 Housemaid Groveton Gorman, Thomas    
March 29, 1905 Lancaster England, George W. Guildhall 29 Laborer Guildhall England, R. G.    
    Chapman, Mary J. Groveton 23 Teacher Stratford Stafford, Olen    
March 7, 1905 Groveton Couture, Jerry N. Groveton 27 Merchant Canada Couture, Dominic    
    Morancy, Sadie Groveton 20 Hotel Girl N. Stratford Morancy, Frank    
April 5, 1905 Cambridge, MA Welch, Jacob H. Groveton 24 Plumber Groveton Welch, Jacob    
    Perkins, May I. Boston, MA 24 Stenographer Plymouth, MA Perkins, John B.    
May 10, 1905 Groveton Roberson, Fred G. Groveton 23 Paper Maker Prince Edwd, Isl. Roberson, James    
    Gorman, Rosa Groveton 27 Mill Girl   Gorman, Thomas    
May 25, 1905 Groveton Holmes, F. W. Northumberland 63 Carpenter Jefferson Holmes, Sumner    
    Sutun, Emily M. Whitefield 31 Housewife Carroll Brown, Thomas    
June 20, 1905 Lancaster Selsby, Charles S. Groveton 26 Painter Concord, MA Selsby, Fred    
    McCullough, Mertie Groveton 19 Housemaid Island Pond, VT McCullough, Jas.    
June 27, 1905 Groveton Sevey, Halla D. Bangor, ME 29 Electrician Bangor, ME Sevey, Paul    
    Davis, Charlotte Groveton 23 Housewife Mech. Falls, ME Davis, Thomas    
July 22, 1905 Groveton Oleson, Gustaf Groveton 23 Laborer Sweden Oleson, Carl    
    Halvanson, Mga. Groveton 22 Housewife Norway Halvanson, Sophie    
Aug 12, 1905 Island Pond Hayes, William Groveton 52 Engineer Northumberland Hayes, Jas. P.    
    Spiller, Anna H. Groveton 43 Housewife Stanstead Worth, David    
Aug 30, 1905 Lancaster Warren, Alva Northumberland 42 Farmer Northumberland Warren, J. F.    
    Drew, Hannah A. Maidstone 23 Teacher Maidstone, VT Drew, _______    
Sept 16, 1905 Littleton Williams, Lyman Groveton 23 Laborer Waterford, VT Williams, C.    
    Crosby, Margaret E. Groveton 2(0) Housewife Derby, VT Crosby, John    
Sept 5, 1905 Groveton Carroll, George H. Groveton 31 Laborer New Brunswick Carroll, Robert    
    Myers, Mary Groveton 32 Housewife Groveton Myers, William    
Oct 2, 1905 Lancaster Barlow, William C. Groveton 20 Laborer England Barlow, Henry    
    Hubbard, Ethel Groveton 17 Housewife Groveton Hubbard, George A.    
Oct 31, 1905 Groveton Dryries, Joseph Groveton 18 Laborer Canada Dryries, Joseph    
    Leonard, Eugene Groveton 17 Housewife Canada Leonard, A.    
Nov 23, 1905 Groveton Guilmette, Clorina A. Groveton 21 Laborer Island Pond, VT Guilmette, George    
    Record, Gertrude I. Groveton 22 Housewife Stratford Hayes, Thomas    
Nov 29, 1905 Groveton Morancy, Irvin T. Groveton 25 Laborer Groveton Morancy, Fred    
    Simins, Josephine Groveton 21 Housewife Groveton Simins, Augustus    
Jan 3, 1906 Groveton Tibbitts, Frank W. Groveton 32 Hotel Keeper W. Stewartstown Tibbitts, William W. Lowell, MA 1st
    Keen, Helen Edna Groveton 22 Housemaid Guildhall, VT Keen, Fred Calais, ME 1st
Jan 8, 1906 Groveton Belanger, Peter Groveton 49 Laborer Canada Belanger, George Canada 2nd
    Landry, Basahes Groveton 49 Housework Canada   New Brunswick 2nd
Jan 31, 1906 Groveton Young, Scott M. Dixville, PQ 19 Farmer Canada Young, H. Canada 1st
    Martin, Ida J. Groveton 18 Bookkeeper Groveton Martin, Charles N. Bradford, VT 1st
Jan 31, 1906 Northumberland Kennedy, Harvey New Brunswick 36 Farmer New Brunswick Kennedy, Clark Nova Scotia 2nd
    O'Grady, Catherine Northumberland 26 Housework Northumberland Watts, William H. Brunswick, VT 2nd
Feb 3, 1906 Groveton Kellick, William E. Groveton 23 Paper Maker England Kellick, Charles England 1st
    Letife, Alice F. Groveton 23 Housemaid Newfoundland Letife, Frank France 1st
Feb 18, 1906 Groveton Palmer, William H. Groveton 23 Laborer Prince Edwd, Isl. Palmer, James Prince Edwd. Isl. 1st
    Harriman, Lettie B. Ashland, NH 22 Teacher Ashland, NH Harriman, Arthur Groton, NH 1st
Feb 26, 1906 Groveton Patrick, Henry Groveton 19 Laborer Canada Patrick, Joseph Canada 1st
    LeFrancois, Mary Groveton 15 Housemaid Canada LeFrancois, Wm. Canada 1st
May 28, 1906 Groveton Rosebrook, Freeman S. Groveton 37 Laborer Island Pond, VT Rosebrook, Ed. P. Island Pond, VT 2nd
    Hodge, Harriet B. Guildhall, VT 22 Housemaid Northumberland Hodge, Ida   1st
June 17, 1906 Stratford Cass, James H. Groveton 31 Laborer Stanstead, PQ Cass, Haden Stanstead, PQ 1st
    Beard, Emily J. Groveton 17 Housemaid Stanstead, PQ Beard, H. Stanstead, PQ 1st
June 20, 1906 Groveton Buskey, Abner H. Derby, VT 25 Farmer Westmore, VT Buskey, Henry P. Q. 1st
    Hunter, Mae R. Derby, VT 35 Housework W. V. Conley, George P. Q. 2nd
June 30, 1906 Lancaster Barnett, Harry I. Groveton 23 Meat Cutter Stratford Barnett, Russell Stratford, NH 1st
    Frye, Gertrude M. Groveton 28 Bookkeeper Guildhall, VT Frye, J. P. Waterford, VT 1st
July 3, 1906 Northumberland Wing, Harmon Northumberland 27 Laborer Newport, VT Wing, John Newport, VT 1st
    Morancy, Maud Northumberland 15 Housemaid Northumberland Morancy, Fred   1st
July 14, 1906 Whitefield Flint, Asa Pool Northumberland 23 Clerk Norway, ME Flint, Harlan Norway, ME 1st
    Stillings, Nina M. Whitefield 25 Teacher Whitefield Stillings, Leroy Penn. 1st
July 18, 1906 Groveton Nugent, Thomas F. Boston, MA 30 Clerk Boston, MA Nugent, James   1st
    Smith, Ethel O. Groveton 25 Hotel Girl Nashua, NH Smith, Charles   1st
July 20, 1906 Groveton Demarse, Fred Groveton 18 Laborer W. Concord, VT Demarse, Alfonce Canada 1st
    Filtran, Mary F. Groveton 25 Housemaid Canada Filtran, Ferd'nd Canada 1st
Aug 13, 1906 Groveton Finigan, William J. Groveton 21 Laborer Stratford Finigan, John Canada 1st
    McGraw, Nellie Lunenburg, VT 25 Housemaid Lunenburg McGraw, William Ireland 1st
Aug 16, 1906 Groveton Park, Robert J. Groveton 33 Laborer St. John, N. B. Park, Robert New Brunswick 1st
    Welch, Almeda P. Groveton 17   Groveton Welch, Jacob W. Stewartstown 1st
Sept 1, 1906 Whitefield Holmes, Harry R. Northumberland 31 Merchant Whitefield Holmes, Valorus Jefferson 1st
    Jordan, Elfia S. Maidstone 20   Lemington, NH Jordan, John H. Colebrook 1st
Sept 18, 1906 Groveton Damon, George G. St. Johnsbury, VT 26 Moulder Stark Damon, George A. Canada 1st
    Streeter, Alice M. Concord, VT 29 Housemaid Concord, VT Streeter, Prescott B.   1st
Sept 24, 1906 Stratford Dexter, William Groveton 43 Laborer Alton Dexter, Loring Maine 3rd
    Leveridge, Annie Groveton 18 Housemaid Bloomfield, VT Leveridge, Richard   1st
Jan 19, 1907 Groveton Richardson, Leslie Groveton 21 Laborer   Richardson, A. R.   1st
Jan 19, 1907   Waruk, Bessie Groveton 18 Housemaid Stark, NH Waruk, Hugh N H 1st
Jan 22, 1907 Groveton Moffet, Albert A. Groveton 21 Clerk Groveton Moffett, M. C. Lowell, MA 1st
Jan 22, 1907   Willey, Dora Groveton 30 M. Teacher W. Stewartstown Crawford, George England 2nd
Feb 5, 1907 Groveton Monahan, John E. Berlin, NH 29 Merchant Canada Monahan, J. E. Canada 1st
Feb 5, 1907   Marshall, Emily C. Northumberland 27 Housemaid Northumberland Marshall, Alex. Canada 1st
Feb 11, 1907 Groveton Marshall, Walter D. Fitzdale 24 Engineer Whitefield Marshall, A. M. Canada 1st
Feb 11, 1907   Houley, Mary F. Groveton 20 S. Teacher   Houley, George Quebec 1st
Feb 18, 1907 Groveton Barnett, Burton Groveton 24     Barnett, Grover Burke, VT 1st
Feb 18, 1907   Wing, Winnie W. Lynn 19     Wing, Nathan Berkshire, VT 1st
March 1, 1907 Groveton Susie, Frank Northumberland 26 Farmer Colebrook Susie, Joseph Stewartstown 1st
March 1, 1907   Whipp, Annie Lancaster 20 Housemaid Lancaster Whipp, Loren Groveton 1st
April 3, 1907 Lancaster York, George Franklin Northumberland 27 Farmer Milan York, Horace P. Bethel, ME 1st
April 3, 1907   O'Mera, Jessie Maidstone 20 Housemaid Maidstone, VT O'Mera, John J. T. Riv., Que 1st
April 29, 1907 Groveton Moulton, Charles H. Groveton 31 Engineer Morgan, VT Moulton, Mark A. Stanstead, PQ 1st
April 29, 1907   Dunn, Ella T. New York City 28 Private Maid Hougheen, Ire. Dunn, Michael Hougheen, Ire 1st
May 8, 1907 Groveton Fogg, Herman R. Groveton 24 Paper Maker West Burke, VT Fogg, Zimri W. Burke, VT 1st
May 8, 1907   McHarg, Annie E. Victory, VT 18 Housework Groveton McHarg, James Ireland 1st
June 26, 1907 Groveton Samuels, David Edw. Boston, MA 28 Clothing Manuf. London, Eng. Samuels, J. H. England 1st
June 26, 1907   Gans, Rose Leah Groveton 32 Housework Burke, VT Gans, Charles Germany 1st
June 15, 1907 Littleton Sawyer, George F. Groveton 30 Jeweler Jefferson Sawyer, Frank T. Whitefield 1st
June 15, 1907   Tibbetts, Annie Groveton 28 Clerk Stewartstown Tibbetts, Seth H. Lovell, ME 1st
July 2, 1907 Groveton Hayes, Walter H. Groveton 24 Paper Maker N. Brunswick Hayes, James S. John, N. B. 1st
July 2, 1907   Connary, Bertha L. Stratford 25 Dressmaker Stratford Connary, Simon P. Stratford 1st
July 9, 1907 Colebrook Craggy, George F. Groveton 33 Farmer Stratford Craggy, Henry Berrie, Que. 1st
July 9, 1907   Barnett, Eltha M. S. Columbia 20 Housework S. Columbia Barnett, Wilbur S. Columbia 1st
Aug 8, 1907 Groveton Cote, Albert Northumberland 24 Laborer Canada Cote, John Vermont 1st
Aug 8, 1907   Therrien, Delma Northumberland 15 Housework Worcester, MA Therrien, Frank Canada 1st
Aug 20, 1907 Groveton Lane, Carl A. N. Hatley, Que. 23 Mill Man Derby Line, VT Lane, Charles Compton, Que. 1st
Aug 20, 1907   Putney, Myrtie M. Groveton 22 Housework N. Hatley, Que. Putney, Albert N. Hatley, Que. 1st
Sept 11, 1907 Kents Hill, ME Bailey, Clinton Emery Groveton 24 Bookkeeper Auburn, ME Bailey, Emery Woolwich, ME 1st
Sept 11, 1907   Brown, Venessa Morrill Kents Hill, ME 27 Teacher S. Chest've, ME Brown, Henry S. Ch'trville, ME 1st
Sept 25, 1907 Groveton Gilkey, Henry B. Northumberland 71 Retired Columbia Gilkey, Merritt Plainfield 3rd
Sept 25, 1907   Draper, Eunice Northumberland 56 Housekeeper Brandon, VT Townsend, John Brandon, VT 3rd
Sept 28, 1907 Lancaster Johnson, Albert R. Groveton 30 Blacksmith Columbia Johnson, Samuel Canada 1st
Sept 28, 1907   Hall, Mamie E. Lunenburg, VT 19 Paper Finisher Lunenburg, VT Hall, Albert Lunenburg, VT 1st
Oct 9, 1907 Groveton Martin, Julius A. Groveton 26 Paper Finisher Bloomfield, VT Martin, Alonzo A. Fairlee, VT 1st
Oct 9, 1907   Moody, Grace L. Groveton 19 Housework Groveton Moody, Horace P. Milan 1st
Oct 20, 1907 Groveton Thomas, Richard Groveton 39 Laborer St. Mary's, Que Thomas, Patrick St. Mary's, Que 1st
Oct 20, 1907   Moore, Eva Groveton 42 Housework Stark   Moore, Sumner Northumberland 1st
Nov 12, 1907 Groveton Dunstan, Arthur M. Groveton 24 Clergyman P'smith, Eng. Dunston, Thomas Bristol, England 1st
Nov 12, 1907   Soule, Maude Chandler Groveton 33 Housewife Lancaster Chandler, George E. Duxbury, MA 2nd
Nov 19, 1907 Groveton Moffett, Irving J. Groveton 25 Clerk Groveton Moffett, M. C. St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
Nov 19, 1907   Hayes, Josephine H. Groveton 18 Housework Stratford Hayes, Charles T. Stratford 1st
Jan 3, 1908 Groveton Shufelt, Martin L. Sawyerville, PQ 34 Cook Irvin Hill, Que. Shufelt, John D. Quebec 1st
    Tapley, Sadie Sawyerville, PQ 23 Housework N. Troy, VT Tapley, Edward F. North Troy, VT 1st
Jan 4, 1908 Groveton Goodwin, George D. Groveton 27 Laborer Fitchbay, Que. Goodwin, William Newark, VT 2nd
    Brooks, Lillian Groveton 21 Housework Stark Watkup, Hugh Leeds, P.Q. 2nd
Feb 13, 1908 Groveton Charavelloti, Domenico Groveton 19 Laborer Italy Charavelloti, F. Italy 1st
    Buker, Mattie Edith Groveton 17 Housework Maidstone, VT Buker, Eugene S. Eden, VT 1st
March 25, 1908 Groveton Hill, Robert Eugene Groveton 31 Laborer Economy, NS Hill, George F. Economy, NS 1st
    McCollum, Constance Groveton 28 Housemaid Lancaster McCollum, William Ireland 1st
March 25, 1908 Groveton Patrick, Fred W. Portland, ME 23 Clerk Gorham, ME Patrick, David Gorham, ME 1st
    Richey, M. Alice Groveton 22 Housework Groveton Richey, Edward Groveton 1st
May 4, 1908 Groveton Sullivan, Louis Cleveland, OH 22 Laborer Cleveland, OH Sullivan, Joseph Cleveland, OH 1st
    Downing, Ethel M. Groveton 18 Housework Groveton Downing, Henry Canada 1st
May 7, 1908 Groveton Temple, Frank C. Groveton 22 Millman Kursany, Rus. Temple, Adof Kursany, Rus. 1st
    Brooks, Nora J. Groveton 23 Waitress Springfield, CT Brooks, Oliver Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
May 14, 1908 Groveton Placey, William Stewartstown 61 Farmer Durham, Can. Placey, Jerome Durham, Can 2nd
    Boutwell, Matilda Northumberland 57 Housekeeper Canada Hubbard, Nelson St. John's, N.B. 2nd
May 20, 1908 Lowell, MA O'Connor, John H. Groveton 32 Station Agent Percy O'Connor, Patrick Ireland 1st
    Farrell, Mary F. R. Lowell, MA 27 Housekeeper New York Farrell, Patrick Ireland 1st
June 1, 1908 Groveton Lurvey, Freeman B. Groveton 27 Farmer Bloomfield, VT Lurvey, George B. Bloomfield, VT 1st
    Hinman, Bessie M. Groveton 27 Housework Groveton Hinman, George N. Stratford 1st
June 20, 1908 Lancaster Spiller, Thomas G. Groveton 23 Brakeman Stratford Spiller, George T. Webb's Mills 1st
    Piper, Ruby M. Groveton 19 Housework Stratford Piper, Frank N. Stewartstown 1st
June 22, 1908 Groveton Silliker, James A. Berlin, NH 30 Tailor Prince Edwd, Isl. Silliker, James Prince Edwd. Isl. 2nd
    Gillespie, Jennie Gorham, NH 20 Housework New Brunswick Gillespie, John New Brunswick 1st
June 22, 1908 Groveton Lussier, Omer Groveton 23 Millman Brompton, PQ Lussier, Amedi Canada 1st
    Fay, Lillian Groveton 14 Housework Russell, MA Fay, Charles Germany 1st
June 25, 1908 Groveton Crawford, Willie H. Groveton 42 Farmer Pittsburg, NH Crawford, George B. Clarksville 1st
    Potter, Jennie E. Groveton 36 Housework Groveton Potter, Aaron A. Stark 1st
June 29, 1908 Groveton Forten, George Northumberland 45 Laborer Leslet, PQ Forten, Octave Leslet, PQ 2nd
    Scribner, Florence M. Northumberland 30 Housework Gilead, ME Scribner, Elinore   2nd
Sept 12, 1908 Groveton Bristol, Birt H. Groveton 32 Laborer Groveton Bristol, Charles Canada 1st
    Brown, Jessie Cecil Groveton 18 Housework Stratford Brown, Samuel Stratford, NH 1st
Sept 14, 1908 Groveton Poirier, Marcel Groveton 32 Laborer Carregnet, NB Poirier, Peter Carregnet 1st
    Boucher, Lillian Groveton 25 Housework Groveton Boucher, Oscar Canada 1st
Sept 21, 1908 Groveton Morse, Benjamin A. Groveton 24 Laborer Bloomfield, VT Morse, Lewis Claremont 1st
    Soule, Margaret E. Groveton 18 Housework Stark Soule, Archie M. Woolwich, ME 1st
Nov 9, 1908 Groveton Liberty, Joseph Groveton 24 Laborer St. Johns., P.Q. Liberty, Eyard St. John's, P.Q. 1st
    Parent, Inez Groveton 24 Table Girl Island Pond, VT Parent, Fred Canada 1st
Nov 10, 1908 Groveton Round, Hiram E. Springfield, VT 22 Machinist Lancaster Round, George R. Lancaster 1st
    Allen, Pearl Groveton 19 Housework Canaan, VT Allen, W. G. Stratford, NH 1st
Nov 11, 1908 Groveton Thompson, Patrick Groveton 37 Engineer St. Sylvester, PQ Thompson, Edward St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
    Finnegan, Katherine L. Groveton 40 Cook Wenlock, VT Finnegan, Michael P. Q. 1st
Jan 1, 1909 Groveton McMann, Benjamin J. Groveton, NH 28 Cook Groveton, NH McMann, Thomas Canada 1st
Jan 1, 1909   Coats, Agnes M. Jefferson, NH 20 Table Girl Canada Coats, Warren Canada 1st
Jan 4, 1909 Groveton Downing, Lewis N. Cen. Harbor, NH 26 Porter Cen. Harbor, NH Downing, John R. Cen. Harbor, NH 1st
Jan 4, 1909   Martin, Lottie L. Groveton, NH 16 Waitress Groveton, NH Martin, Alvin L. Bloomfield, VT 1st
Jan 17, 1909 Groveton Covey, Walter B. Groveton, NH 37 Millman Littleton, NH Cory, Enos B. Littleton, NH 2nd
Jan 17, 1909   Woodard, Cora Bell Groveton, NH 20 Housework Canada Woodard, Charles   1st
Jan 18, 1909 Groveton Gilbert, Arthur Groveton, NH 22 Laborer Canada Gilbert, Adolph Canada 1st
Jan 18, 1909   Cote, Alexandrine Groveton, NH 20 Housework Montreal Cote, John Canada 1st
Jan 27, 1909 Groveton Anderson, Hollis Groveton, NH 18 Paper Maker Millbridge, ME Anderson, John P.   1st
Jan 27, 1909   Ryan, Annie Groveton, NH 17 Cutter in Mill Groveton, NH Ryan, John Canada 1st
Jan 27, 1909 Groveton Young, Melvin Stratford, NH 53 Laborer Stratford Young, I. Ossipee, NH 2nd
Jan 27, 1909   Adams, Rose Groveton, NH 43 Housework Berkshire, VT Adams, Peter Granby, PQ 2nd
Feb 20, 1909 Groveton LaGacy, George D. Groveton, NH 27 Laborer Westminster, VT LaGacy, David H. Canada 1st
Feb 20, 1909   Guilmette, Winnifred E. Groveton, NH 26 Housework Island Pond, VT Guilmette, George D. Canada 1st
Feb 22, 1909 Groveton Sleuman, Frederick H. Chelsea, MA 30 Salesman Chelsea, MA Sleuman, Charles A. Salem, MA 1st
Feb 22, 1909   O'Brion, Clare Bailey Groveton, NH 28 None Cornish, ME O'Brion, Chester C. Portland, ME 1st
March 4, 1909 Groveton Bishop, Birt A. Groveton, NH 22 Millman Island Pond, VT Bishop, Millard F. Island Pond, VT 1st
March 4, 1909   McGrain, Catherine Lancaster, NH 19 Housework Lancaster, NH McGrain, John Lancaster, NH 1st
April 12, 1909 Groveton Wilcox, Fred E. New York City 26 Salesman Portland, Mich Wilcox, George Earlville, NY 1st
April 12, 1909   Holland, Annie M. Groveton, NH 24 Dressmaker Groveton, NH Holland, John Canada 1st
April 20, 1909 Groveton Gaulin, Willie J. Groveton, NH 29 Laborer Newport, PQ Gaulin, S. St. Mary, PQ 1st
April 20, 1909   Fleury, Delia Groveton, NH 24 Housework Grampton, PQ Fleury, Simeon St. David, PQ 1st
May 17, 1909 Groveton Cummings, Moses E. Lancaster, NH 25 Trackman Bowford, NB Cummings, Alonzo   1st
May 17, 1909   Valley, Lucienne M. Groveton, NH 28 Housework Levis, PQ Valley, Louis B. Canada 1st
June 7, 1909 Groveton Carrigan, Charles W. Berlin, NH 22 Clerk Portland, ME Carrigan, Patrick St. Johns, NB 1st
June 7, 1909   Gendron, Iva E. Groveton, NH 19 Clerk Groveton, NH Gendron, Frank Quebec 1st
July 5, 1909 Groveton Di Maria, Meuzione Groveton, NH 21 Laborer Salemo, Italy Di Maria, Francesco Tapenne 1st
July 5, 1909   Covabi, Peppina Groveton, NH 19 Housework Montepaone, Italy Covabi, Sam Montepaone, Italy 1st
July 13, 1909 Lancaster Curtis, Elwin A. Groveton, NH 20 Millman Stratford, NH Curtis, Rollin Stratford, NH 1st
July 13, 1909   Thompson, Margaret Groveton, NH 18 Housework St. Johns, NB Thompson, William St. Johns, NB 1st
July 29, 1909 Groveton Moulton, Clifford S. Groveton, NH 21 Brakeman Groveton, NH Moulton, J. Frank Lyman, NH 1st
July 29, 1909   Covabi, Rose M. Groveton, NH 20 Folder in Mill Montepaone, Italy Covabi, Sam Italy 1st
Aug 10, 1909 Groveton Desmarais, Francias X. Groveton, NH 26 Carpenter Clintonville, NY Desmarais, Francias Three Rivers, PQ 1st
Aug 10, 1909   Sylvestre, Odina Groveton, NH 27 Housework Canada Sylvestre, Norbert Quebec 1st
Aug 13, 1909 Groveton Culliman, Walter P. Norway, ME 24 Coal Dealer Norway, ME Culliman, John P. Ireland 1st
Aug 13, 1909   Yeaton, Della Norway, ME 22 Housework Norway, ME Yeaton, Charles H. Otisfield, ME 1st
Aug 23, 1909 Groveton Larue, Henry L. Groveton, NH 20 Laborer Magog, PQ Larue, Henry Fitz Bay, PQ 1st
Aug 23, 1909   Baird, Martha Groveton, NH 15 Housework Fitz Bay, PQ Baird, Avery Cherry River, PQ 1st
Sept 9, 1909 West Milan Thomas, James Groveton, NH 27 Laborer Frampton, PQ Thomas, Patrick Frampton, PQ 1st
Sept 9, 1909   Cole, Lucinda E. Percy, NH 32 Housework Stark, NH Cole, Ralph Stark, NH 1st
Sept 29, 1909 Groveton Guest, Colin T. Island Pond, VT 21 Clerk Yarmouth, NS Guest, John Yarmouth, NS 1st
Sept 29, 1909   McCoolough, Ethel Groveton, NH 18 Housework Bloomfield, VT McCoolough, Edward Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
Oct 4, 1909 Lancaster Marshall, Joseph W. Groveton, NH 25 Farmer Groveton, NH Marshall, Alexander Eastern, PQ 1st
Oct 4, 1909   Brooks, Delia L. Groveton, NH 19 Housework Groveton, NH Brooks, Frank Cookshire, PQ 1st
Oct 13, 1909 Groveton Hutchinson, Charles Northumberland 58 Farmer Concord, VT Hutchinson, J. A. Concord, VT 2nd
Oct 13, 1909   Martin, Florence S. Groveton, NH 35 Housework Stratford, NH Morse, Lewis Claremont, NH 2nd
Nov 15, 1909 Groveton Larabee, Johnson Groveton, NH 23 Laborer Stark, NH Larabee, James   2nd
Nov 15, 1909   Thomas, Mable Whitefield, NH 21 Housework Dalton, NH Thomas, Clark Dalton, NH 1st
Dec 15, 1909 Groveton Martin, Levi H. Bury, PQ 42 Millman Compton, PQ Martin, John Kinzey, PQ 2nd
Dec 15, 1909   Trombly, Leta May Bury, PQ 18 Housework Bury, PQ Trombly, Mathew   1st
Dec 18, 1909 Groveton Barnett, Leon J. Groveton, NH 24 Clerk Columbia, NH Barnett, Frank Stratford, NH 1st
Dec 18, 1909   Lewis, Annie M. Bradbury Cen., ME 24 Housework Bradford Cen., ME Lewis, Charles   1st
Jan 1, 1910 Groveton Marshall, Charles L. Groveton, NH 21 Laborer Jefferson, NH Marshall, Truman G. Lancaster, NH 1st
Jan 1, 1910   Ryan, Mary E. Groveton, NH 19 Clerk Groveton, NH Ryan, John Laval, PQ 2nd
Jan 5, 1910 Groveton Smith, Richard G. Dixville, PQ 60 Farmer Lexington, ME Smith, William Maine 1st
Jan 5, 1910   Sawyer, Jennie D. Coaticook, PQ 54 Housework Sawyerville, PQ Sawyer, Henry Sawyerville, PQ 1st
March 23, 1910 Groveton Wilkinson, M. Vance Groveton, NH 22 Clerk Groveton, NH Wilkinson, Milton E. Boston, MA 1st
March 23, 1910   Hopkins, Maude Groveton, NH 18 Housework Holland, VT Hopkins, Hyland E.   2nd
May 22, 1910 Groveton Walker, Jesse W. Groveton, NH 35 Laborer Whitefield, NH Walker, Roswell Whitefield 1st
May 22, 1910   Blodgett, Ethel G. Stratford, NH 21 Housework Stratford, NH Blodgett, Russell Stratford, NH 1st
May 25, 1910 Groveton York, Albert E. Northumberland 22 Paper Maker Milan, NH York, Horace P. Gilead, ME 1st
May 25, 1910   Marshall, Cora B. Groveton, NH 30 Cutter Girl W. Stewartstown Marshall, William Corinth, VT 1st
May 30, 1910 Groveton Frye, James B. St. Stephens, NB 35 Laborer St. Stephens, NB Frye, Edward Ireland 1st
May 30, 1910   Smith, Sadie M. Lowell, MA 34 Tailoress Lowell, MA Smith, Charles Lowell, MA 1st
June 15, 1910 Groveton Bagley, Henry I. Groveton, NH 25 Electrician Bury, PQ Bagley, Isaac E. Frampton, PQ 1st
June 15, 1910   Hardy, Rena B. Groveton, NH 22 Cutter Girl Groveton, NH Hardy, George Alberton, P. I. 2nd
July 28, 1910 Brighton, VT Day, Philip S. Groveton, NH 28 Paper Maker Corinth, VT Day, Jasper Kingston, MA 2nd
July 28, 1910   Stahl, Mae Groveton, NH 29   Island Pond, VT Dunn, James Canada 2nd
Aug 15, 1910 Whitefield Heath, Warren B. Groveton, NH 38 Merchant Grafton, NH Heath, Andrew A. Merrimack, NH 2nd
Aug 15, 1910   Tirrill, Maud M. Groveton, NH 33 Housework Groveton, NH Montgomery, George Bradford, VT 1st
Aug 24, 1910 Lancaster Bucknam, Fay E. Groveton, NH 19 Paper Maker N. Stratford, NH Bucknam, Frank J. Groveton, NH 1st
Aug 24, 1910   Dodds, Pearl F. Groveton, NH 17 Cutter Girl Groveton, NH Dodds, James A. Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
Sept 14, 1910 Groveton Hayford, Floyd W. Montpelier, VT 27 Ins. Clerk Morrisville, VT Hayford, Wilbur E. Elmore, VT 1st
Sept 14, 1910   Hight, Bessie L. Groveton, NH 33 Stenographer Jefferson, NH Hight, James Jefferson 1st
Oct 8, 1910 Groveton Ross, Reddy A. Leeds, PQ 24 Farmer Leeds, PQ Ross, Charles Leeds, PQ 1st
Oct 8, 1910   Filgate, Daisy Leeds, PQ 18 Housework Inverness Filgate, James Inverness, PQ 1st
Oct 19, 1910 Groveton Young, Collin Groveton, NH 21 Laborer Stratford, NH Young, Melvin Stratford, NH 1st
Oct 19, 1910   Williams, Mildred Lancaster, NH 17 Housework Stratford, NH Williams, Leonard New Brunswick 1st
Oct 26, 1910 Groveton Duff, Edward J. Portland, ME 27 Pattern Maker Portland, ME Duff, Allen J. Texas 1st
Oct 26, 1910   McConnell, E. Maud Groveton, NH 27 Stenographer Quebec McConnell, David J. Canada 1st
Nov 19, 1910 Groveton Goldberg, A. J. Roxbury, MA 19 Laborer Bowdoinham, ME Goldberg, S. J. Germany 1st
Nov 19, 1910   Young, Pearl C. Groveton, NH 17 Housework Stratford, NH Young, Melvin Stratford 1st
Dec 5, 1910 Groveton LaClair, Sherman Lunenburg, VT 20 Farmer Guildhall, VT LaClare, Victor Guildhall, VT 1st
Dec 5, 1910   Colby, Bertha Lunenburg, VT 22 Housework Lunenburg, VT Colby, Frank Lancaster, NH 1st
Dec 10, 1910 Groveton Briggs, Allen A. E. Concord, VT 22 Laborer Lunenburg, VT Briggs, Henry Lunenburg, VT 1st
Dec 10, 1910   Egan, Bessie Groveton, NH 19 Housework Stratford, NH Egan, David Prince Edward Island 1st
Dec 24, 1910 Groveton Hanson, Charles R. Groveton, NH 41 Laborer Groveton, NH Hanson, Charles England 1st
Dec 24, 1910   Barnett, Grace C. Groveton, NH 26 Housework Stratford, NH Barnett, Russell Stratford 1st
Jan 12, 1911 Groveton Hand, Fred C. Groveton, NH 31 Laborer Framingham, MA Hand, Charles Albany, VT 2nd
Jan 12, 1911   Knights, Alice M. Stark 19 Housework Stark, NH Knights, John Stark, NH 1st
Jan 19, 1911 Lancaster Williams, Clinton B. Lancaster, NH 21 Carpenter Bloomfield, VT Williams, L. T. Nova Scotia 1st
Jan 19, 1911   Boyle, Grace J. Groveton, NH 20 Housework Bloomfield, VT Boyle, James Canada 1st
Jan 25, 1911 Groveton Hall, William H. Groveton, NH 30 Laborer Island Pond, VT Hall, John W. England 1st
Jan 25, 1911   Darby, Sarah N. Boston 23 Housework Woodstock, VT Darby, Frank H. Woodstock, VT 1st
Feb 27, 1911 Groveton Desjardins, Patrick Groveton, NH 23 Brakeman Lewiston, ME Desjardins, Thomas Presque Isle, ME 1st
Feb 27, 1911   Curtis, Ruby L. Groveton, NH 18 Housework Lunenburg, VT Curtis, Rollin Stratford 1st
March 27, 1911 Groveton Blay, Peter Groveton, NH 42 Laborer Derby, VT Blay, Cles Canada 2nd
March 27, 1911   Lother, Lydia Derby, VT 33 Housework Canada     2nd
April 4, 1911 Lancaster Sawyer, Frank W. Northumberland 29 Farmer Stewartstown Sawyer, Alvah Warner, NH 1st
April 4, 1911   Blodgett, Estella J. Columbia 21 Housework Columbia Blodgett, Fred A. Berlin, NH 1st
April 7, 1911 Groveton Langlois, Albert Groveton, NH 23 Laborer Canada Langlois, Henry Canada 1st
April 7, 1911   Paradis, Alice Groveton, NH 16 Housework N. Stratford, NH Paradis, James Canada 1st
April 23, 1911 Groveton Hopkins, Henry W. Groveton, NH 22 Laborer Holland, VT Hopkins, Hiland D. Barton, VT 1st
April 23, 1911   Oleson, Ella S. Groveton, NH 21 Housework West Virginia Olhson, Andrew H. Sweden 1st
May 3, 1911 Groveton Sutton, George  J. Groveton, NH 46 Laborer Groveton, NH Sutton, George Jefferson 3rd
May 3, 1911   Rogers, Carrie Whiting, VT 38 Housework New Haven, VT Dowd, Willard New Haven, VT 3rd
May 12, 1911 Groveton Tibbetts, Everett Groveton, NH 23 Carpenter W. Stewartstown Tibbetts, Seth H. Lovell, ME 1st
May 12, 1911   Bailey, Ethel C. Colebrook 18 Housework Colebrook Bailey, Samuel I. Columbia 1st
May 29, 1911 Groveton Demerse, Alphonse A. Norton Mills 23 Farmer Stanhope, Que. Demerse, Alphonse Canada 1st
May 29, 1911   Laclair, Annie Groveton, NH 23 Mill Work Stanhope, Que. Laclair, John Canada 1st
June 7, 1911 Jefferson Smith, Fred A. Groveton, NH 23 Station Agent Groveton, NH Smith, Charles Lunenburg, VT 1st
June 7, 1911   Eagle, Mayme E. Jefferson   21 School Teacher New York Eagle, Charles St. Johns, NB 1st
June 17, 1911 Groveton Trottier, George F. Groveton 32 Mill Hand Canada Trottier, Joseph Canada 2nd
June 17, 1911   Goudett, Ellen Groveton 41 Housework Bloomfield, VT Scott, John Windsor Mills, PQ  2nd
June 28, 1911 Groveton Blake, Edward Groveton 50 Farmer Groveton Farrel, Henry Vermont 2nd
June 28, 1911   Bingham, Sarah E. Groveton 38 Housework Highgate, VT Jones, Thomas London, England 2nd
July 25, 1911 Groveton Sun, William Northumberland 28 Farmer Northfield, VT Sun, George   1st
July 25, 1911   Boutwell, Nina Agnes Northumberland 20 Housework Northumberland Boutwell, Warren   1st
Sept 3, 1911 Groveton Redlon, George F. Conway 65 Merchant Hiram, ME Redlon, Thomas Hiram, ME 3rd
Sept 3, 1911   Montgomery, Jennie M. Groveton 53 Nurse Burlington, VT Stevens, Daniel Jericho, VT 2nd
Sept 5, 1911 Groveton Pappalora, Joseph Groveton 23 Laborer Italy Pappalora, M. Italy 1st
Sept 5, 1911   Cariba, Katie Groveton 19 Housework Italy Cariba, Samuel Italy 1st
Sept 7, 1911 Groveton Blay, Alfred J. Groveton 28 Laborer Derby Center, VT Blay, Charles Derby, VT 1st
Sept 7, 1911   Goddett, Katie Groveton 20 Housework Norton Mills, VT Goddett, Joseph Arthabaska, PQ 1st
Nov 1, 1911 Lancaster Forest, William G. Groveton 21 Steam Fitter Coaticooke, PQ Forest, John County Cork, Ire 1st
Nov 1, 1911   Sullivan, Ethel Groveton 20 Housework Groveton Downing, Henry Frederickton, NB 2nd
Nov 16, 1911 Groveton Croteau, Joseph A. Groveton 20 Laborer Perry Crotteau, Samuel St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
Nov 16, 1911   Cote, Angeline M. Groveton 21 Housework St. Valemier, PQ Cote, John Montreal 1st
Nov 25, 1911 Groveton Woodward, Walter H. Groveton 22 Mill Man Magog, PQ Woodard, Alvin Concord, NH 1st
Nov 25, 1911   Langmaid, Ruth Newark, VT 18 Housework Newark, VT Langmaid, George Newark, VT 1st
Dec 25, 1911 Groveton Myers, Harold E. Groveton 20 Paper Maker Groveton Myers, William Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
Dec 25, 1911   Howes, Maud M. Groveton 21 Compositor Lynn, MA Howes, Fred H. New Sheron, ME 1st
Jan 27, 1912 Lancaster Jordan, Wayland Maidstone, VT 20 Farmer Lemington, VT Jordan, John Columbia, NH 1st
Jan 27, 1912   Harris, Leila Northumberland 19 Housework Maidstone, VT Harris, Edward Canaan, VT 1st
March 1, 1912 Hinsdale McLeod, Samuel P. Groveton 41 Paper Finisher Prince Edward Isl. McLeod, Alexander Scotland 2nd
March 1, 1912   Porter, Clara E. Groveton 33 Paper Cutter N. Canton, CT Porter, Nelson L. Hartford, CT 1st
March 13, 1912 Groveton Lurvey, George B. Groveton 53 Farmer Maidstone, VT Lurvey, Orrin B. Maidstone, VT 2nd
March 13, 1912   Ryan, Ella M. Groveton 40 Nurse Groveton Smith, Charles Lunenburg, VT 2nd
March 23, 1912 Stratford Matthews, Don Carl Groveton 22 Freight Clerk Groveton Matthews, Stephen Concord, VT 1st
March 23, 1912   Curtis, Bessie Mable Groveton 18 Housemaid Stratford Curtis, Roland E. Stratford 1st
March 23, 1912 Groveton Harriman, Charles H. Conway, NH 39 Laborer Albany, NH Harriman, Allen O. Albany, NH 2nd
March 23, 1912   Bunnell, Della Groveton 48 Housework Colebrook Blodgett, Hiram J.   2nd
May 2, 1912 Groveton Brooks, Albert E. Groveton 35 Farmer Sherbrooke, PQ Brooks, Frank Sherbrooke, PQ 2nd
May 2, 1912   Spaulding, Jessie B. Groveton 29 Housework Columbia Carter, Frank Canada 2nd
June 2, 1912 Groveton Davis, William Oliver Groveton 41 Paper maker Boothbay, ME Davis, William Boothbay, ME 3rd
June 2, 1912   Jackson, Gladys Ismay Groveton 22 Tel. Operator Groveton Jackson, William H. London, England 1st
July 22, 1912 Groveton Dinsmore, Nathan A. Groveton 18 Laborer Groveton Dinsmore, Stephen St. Stephens, NB 1st
July 22, 1912   Graham, Wilma D. Portland, ME 18 Housework Cumberland Mills, ME Graham, William A. Stoneham, MA 1st
July 29, 1912 Lancaster Howe, Edward Lancaster 36 Harness Maker Lancaster Howe, Charles    St Johnsbury, VT 2nd
July 29, 1912   Regan, Alice Groveton 38 Housework Groveton Regan, Con Ireland 1st
Aug 1, 1912 Lancaster McBeth, Albert New Portland, ME 48 Laborer Wind, ME McBeth, David Scotland 2nd
Aug 1, 1912   Emery, Phoebe Groveton 53 Housework Canada Balduc, Octave Canada 2nd
Sept 7, 1912 Groveton Foster, Nathan Groveton 20 Paper Maker Groveton Foster, Havelock H. St. Stephens, NB 1st
Sept 7, 1912   Higgins, Ella Mae Groveton 17 Housework Groveton Higgins, Frank Concord, VT 1st
Sept 19, 1912 Woodsville Henson, Arthur Edgar Groveton 30 Paper Maker Groveton Henson, John Lemington, VT 1st
Sept 19, 1912   Atkins, Daisy E. Groveton 24 Housework Moretown, VT Atkins, Frank C. Duxbury, VT 1st
Oct 7, 1912 Lancaster Snow, Harold D. Groveton 21 Mail Clerk Bellows Falls, VT Snow, D. L. Braintree, VT 1st
Oct 7, 1912   Huntley, Elsie L. Charlestown, NH 19 Housework Charlestown, NH Huntley, Fred Charlestown, NH 1st
Oct 12, 1912 Groveton Wing, Edward H. Groveton 22 Laborer Newport, VT Wing, Alden Newport, VT 1st
Oct 12, 1912   Sias, Bessie Newport, VT 18 Housework Newport, VT Sias, Bonnie Newport, VT 1st
Oct 17, 1912 Groveton McNally, Charles Clark Groveton 25 Bank Clerk Groveton McNally, Charles T. Springfield, IL 1st
Oct 17, 1912   Tibbetts, Alice Groveton 18 None Groveton Tibbetts, Edward E. Lovell, ME 1st
Nov 16, 1912 Groveton Briggs, George Groveton 22 Laborer Rochester, MA Briggs, George Fall River, MA 1st
Nov 16, 1912   McQueen, Sadie Groveton 16 Housework Concord, VT McQueen, Melvin Concord, VT 1st
Dec 4, 1912 Northumberland Morse, Lewis Groveton 65 Farmer Claremont, NH Morse, Edward St. Mary, PQ 2nd
Dec 4, 1912   Munn, Lilla Field Lancaster 54 Housework Lancaster Field, John Edward Brattleboro, VT 2nd
Dec 16, 1912 Nashua LaCoste, George Edward Groveton 23 Insurance Broker Chelsea, MA LaCoste, Geo. Henry Boston, MA 1st
Dec 16, 1912   Law, Mona Blanche Everett, MA 23   Moreton, NB Law, Phillip Owen St Johns, NB 1st
Dec 28, 1912 Groveton Downer, William I. Groveton 27 Laborer Groveton Downer, James A. Lisbon, NH 1st
Dec 28, 1912   Blanchard, Ethel E. Ashland, NH 18 Housework Ashland, NH Blanchard, Frank E. Ashland, NH 1st
Jan 3, 1913 Groveton Brooks, George F. Groveton 31 Laborer New London, CT Brooks, Oliver Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
Jan 3, 1913   Murry, Jennie Brunswick, ME 33 Housework Brunswick, ME Murry, Harry Brunswick, ME 1st
Feb 8, 1913 Groveton Parker, Frederick L. Groveton 31 Blacksmith Miami, FL Parker, Robert D. Jacksonville, FL 1st
Feb 8, 1913   Stone, Jennie M. Montreal 22 Housework Montreal Stone, James H. Groveton    1st
March 31, 1913 Groveton Hashey, Benjamin Groveton 30 Laborer New Brunswick Hashey, Peter New Brunswick 1st
March 31, 1913   Kelly, Annie Groveton 17 Housework Percy Kelley, Dennis St. Sylvestre, PQ 1st
April 12, 1913 Groveton McFarland, Perley J. Groveton 24 Shipping Clerk Groveton McFarland, J. D. Groveton 1st
April 12, 1913   Butler, Lillian M. Groveton 27 Housework Nova Scotia Butler, James Nova Scotia 1st
April 14, 1913 Concord Martin, Roger S. Groveton 22 Laborer Groveton Martin, Charles N. Bradford, VT 1st
April 14, 1913   Strom, Alena N. Grafton, MA 22 Dressmaker Sweden Strom, Charles Sweden 1st
May 5, 1913 Groveton Colby, Philip G. Groveton 26 Clerk Waterville, ME Colby, George P. Stockton Springs, ME 1st
May 5, 1913   Cyphers, Lilla R. Groveton 29 Milliner Searsport, ME Cyphers, E. L. Searsport, ME 1st
May 12, 1913 Lancaster Scott, Wilbur R. Groveton 17 Laborer Holland, VT Scott, John Windsor, PQ 1st
May 12, 1913   Brawn, Ineze E. Lancaster 15 Housework Stark, NH Brawn, Howard Bradley, ME 1st
May 26, 1913 Lancaster Lunn, Riley S. Groveton 33 Carpenter Stark Lunn, Joshua Stark, NH 1st
May 26, 1913   Sullivan, Louise M. Groveton 24 Housework Groveton Sullivan, James Canada 1st
May 28, 1913 Littleton Morrisette, Edward Groveton 32 Laborer Canada Morrisette, Steve Canada 1st
May 28, 1913   Parker, Jessie Island Pond, VT 38 Housework Newport Priest, Loren Coventry, VT 2nd
June 9, 1913 Lancaster Quimby, William Groveton 36 Laborer Stratford Hollow Quimby, John Springfield, NH 1st
June 9, 1913   Hampton, Ella E. Groveton 30 Housework Stanstead, PQ Carr, Chester Canada 2nd
June 11, 1913 Groveton Sheridan, Philip Groveton 24 Paper Maker Bethlehem, NH Sheridan, John Canada 1st
June 11, 1913   Lacombe, Clara M. Groveton 20 Paper Cutter N. Stratford Lacombe, Joseph Canada 1st
June 30, 1913 Laconia Merriam, Harry A. Stratford    26 Farmer Stratford Merriam, Charles A. Stratford, NH 1st
June 30, 1913   Thompson, Henrietta C. Groveton 32 Milliner Frankport, ME Thompson, Agustus Frankport, ME 1st
July 28, 1913 Groveton Comeau, Joseph Groveton 36 Engineer St. Louis, NB Comeau, Neal St. Louis, NB 1st
July 28, 1913   Gagne, Rosa Lewiston, ME 24 Cotton Spnr St. Joseph, PQ Gagne, Elzear St. Joseph, PQ 1st
July 29, 1913 Groveton Pike, Carl A. Groveton 33 Laborer Groveton Pike, William W. Jay, VT 2nd
July 29, 1913   Rosebrook, Harriette Guildhall, VT 29 Housekeeper Guildhall, VT Hodge, Ida Jefferson, NH 2nd
July 31, 1913 Groveton Burr, George E. Boston, MA 44 Salesman Worcester, MA Burr, George Millbury, MA 1st
July 31, 1913   Caddell, Emma F. Boston, MA 34 Housework Nova Scotia Leary, John Chelsea, NS 3rd
Aug 26, 1913 Groveton Dupuis, Philias Groveton 25 Foreman Coaticooke, PQ Dupuis, Joseph Lachine, PQ 1st
Aug 26, 1913   Guertin, Leona Groveton 21 Clerk W. Stewartstown Guertin, Eli Barford, PQ 1st
Sept 6, 1913 Groveton Davis, William Arthur Groveton 22 Paper Maker S. Braintree, MA Davis, William O. Boothbay Harbor, ME 1st
Sept 6, 1913   Moore, Roberta Ismay Groveton 19 None Groveton Moore, Frank S. Groveton 1st
Oct 6, 1913 Groveton Nailer, Arthur C. Groveton 21 Finisher Derby, VT Nailer, Joseph Derby, VT 1st
Oct 6, 1913   Lizotte, Marie B. Groveton 20 Cutter Girl Manchester, NH Lizotte, Anthony St. Maurie de Grais 1st
Nov 4, 1913 Groveton Castonguay, Thomas Groveton 21 Laborer Canada Castonguay, Thomas Canada 1st
Nov 4, 1913   Ovellet, Mary Groveton 18 Housework Canada Ovellett, George Canada 1st
Nov 10, 1913 Groveton Ryan, Albert J. Frederickton, NB 27 Chef Frederickton, NB Ryan, Daniel Frederickton, NB 1st
Nov 10, 1913   Hurley, Annie Harvey, NB 22 Vamper Harvey, NB   Harvey, NB 1st
Nov 10, 1913 Groveton Bean, James H. Groveton 22 Laborer Lunenburg, VT Bean, Dexter F. Lunenburg, VT 1st
Nov 10, 1913   Walker, Myrtle E. Groveton 18 None Stark Walker, James West Milan, NH 1st
Dec 19, 1913 Groveton Allsopp, Harry F. Groveton 19 Laborer Maynard, MA Allsopp, Arthur C. England 1st
Dec 19, 1913   Knowlton, Vernis L. Groveton 16 Housework Magog, PQ Knowlton, Arthur Magog, PQ 1st
Dec 23, 1913 Groveton Donovan, George W. Groveton 21 Laborer New Brunswick Donovan, Timothy New Brunswick 1st
Dec 23, 1913   Couture, Sadie Groveton 27 Housework Groveton Morancy, Frank Sherbrooke, PQ 2nd
Jan 12, 1914 Groveton O'Neil, William C. Groveton 22 Laborer Augusta, ME O'Neil, William   1st
Jan 12, 1914   Houley, Lizzie Groveton 21 Housework Groveton Houley, George Canada 1st
Jan 21, 1914 Groveton Kingston, Robert E. Groveton 26 Laborer Calais, ME Kingston, Richard New Brunswick 1st
Jan 21, 1914   Dinsmore, Mabel Groveton 22 Cutter Girl Groveton Dinsmore, Stephen L. New Brunswick 1st
Feb 22, 1914 Whitefield Weymouth, Westley E. Groveton 32 Laborer Lincoln, ME Weymouth, Royal Howland, ME 1st
Feb 22, 1914   Hodgdon, Ethel  Whitefield 18 Housework Whitefield Hodgdon, Andrew Lancaster 1st
Feb 24, 1914 Groveton Gendron, Leo Groveton 22 Carpenter Groveton Gendron, Frank Quebec 1st
Feb 24, 1914   Simpson, Beatrice Groveton 17 Cutter Girl Peabody, MA Simpson, William Nova Scotia 1st
March 16, 1914 Groveton Bean, George D. Groveton 23 Millman Lunenburg, VT Bean, Oliver Victory, VT 1st
March 16, 1914   Trepanier, Lottie Littleton 18 Housework Littleton Trepanier, Paul Bangor, ME 1st
March 17, 1914 Groveton Locke, Herbert P. Northumberland 46 Farmer Columbia Locke, John Colebrook 2nd
March 17, 1914   West, Lenna Martinsville, OH 44 Canvassing Lancaster, Miss West, Josiah Lynchburg, OH 2nd
May 23, 1914 Groveton Downer, Frank J. Groveton 32 Laborer Groveton Downer, James Lisbon 1st
May 23, 1914   Bean, Elizabeth Lunenburg, VT 19 Housework Lunenburg, VT Bean, Oliver Victory, VT 1st
May 30, 1914 Groveton Page, Henry Groveton 35 Conductor Stark Page, Charles Veazie, ME 2nd
May 30, 1914   Page, Ina M. Stark 33 Housework Stark Cole, Greenleaf Stark 2nd
June 1, 1914 Dummer Paquette, John Coaticooke, PQ 28 Laborer Norton Mills, VT Paquette, Leander Quebec 1st
June 1, 1914   Leighton, Stella Groveton 28 Housework Dummer Leighton, Frank Northumberland 1st
June 1, 1914 Lancaster Berry, Samuel B. Lancaster 22 Laborer Machias, ME Berry, Oran O. Machias, ME 1st
June 1, 1914   Mahurin, Mary Cree Groveton 18 Housework Stewartstown Mahurin, Ossie   1st
June 16, 1914 Groveton Lapointe, Gedeon Groveton 30 Laborer Robinson, Que Lapointe, Antoyne St. Joseph, PQ 2nd
June 16, 1914   Swebina, Emma Groveton 21 Housework Boston, MA Guoyett, George A. Illinois 2nd
June 17, 1914 Groveton Shapleigh, Edward E. Kittery, ME 22 Draftsman Kittery, ME Shapleigh, Edward Kittery, ME 1st
June 17, 1914   Schoff, Myrtle Ardelle Groveton 23 None Stratford Hollow Schoff, Leon Albany, VT 1st
June 19, 1914 Groveton Fletcher, Sidney W. Groveton 45 Baker Haverhill Fletcher, Curtis G. Colebrook 2nd
June 19, 1914   Walsh, Martha I. Gardner, MA 35 General Work Claremont Fargo, Thomas H. Augusta, ME 2nd
Aug 5, 1914 Groveton Wallace, Joseph F. Charleston, MA 29 Teamster New York City Wallace, James Ireland 1st
Aug 5, 1914   Monahan, Mary F. Charleston, MA 24 Clerk Charleston, MA Monahan, William Portland, ME 1st
Sept 5, 1914 Harmony, ME Keirstead, Archie D. Groveton 43 Foreman Sussex, NB Kierstead, David Sussex, NB 2nd
Sept 5, 1914   Webb, Iona Willis Lancaster 28 Housework Harmony, ME Willis, Ora Pittsfield, ME 2nd
Oct 3, 1914 Groveton Baird, Avery Groveton 42 Laborer Barre, VT Baird, Horace Stanstead, PQ 2nd
Oct 3, 1914   Deveaux, Mildred Pearl East Burke, VT 23 Housework Stanstead, PQ Deveaux, Frank Stanstead, PQ 2nd
Oct 7, 1914 Groveton Libby, Frank Elvert Lenoxville, PQ 27 Manufacturer Milby, PQ Libbey, Edwin L. Milby, Que 1st
Oct 7, 1914   Hurlbutt, Vinnie R. Groveton 26 School Teacher Guildhall, VT Hurlbutt, Silas   1st
Oct 9, 1914 Groveton Hooker, Richard A. Groveton 23 Beater Engineer McIndoes, VT Hooker, Henry C. Vermont 1st
Oct 9, 1914   Grout, Annie Maud Groveton 23 School Teacher Groveton Grout, George A. Guildhall, VT 1st
Oct 20, 1914 Groveton Gallagher, John E. Groveton 31 Farmer Groveton Gallagher, James Canada 1st
Oct 20, 1914   Sullivan, Mary E. Groveton 27 Housework Groveton Sullivan, James   1st
Oct 31, 1914 Stark McFarland, Clessie Groveton 24 Paper Cutter Groveton McFarland, Jared D. Groveton 1st
Oct 31, 1914   Emery, Alice Lilla Stark 24 Housemaid Stark Emery, Albert Stark 1st
Nov 3, 1914 Groveton St. Hilaire, Charles Groveton 24 Laborer Crystal St Hilaire, Gedeon Canada 1st
Nov 3, 1914   Castongay, Emma Groveton 19 Housework Barford, PQ Castongay, Thomas Canada 1st
Nov 7, 1914 Groveton Pike, Henry N. Groveton 59 Carpenter Stark Pike, Douglas Stanstead, PQ 2nd
Nov 7, 1914   Crafts, Lucy Stark 47 Housework Millsfield Day, Samuel W. Stewartstown 2nd
Nov 24, 1914 Lancaster Holden, Archie E. Groveton 34 Farmer Bloomfield, VT Holden, Edson Stewartstown 2nd
Nov 24, 1914   Tillotson, Erma G. Maidstone, VT 19 Housework Canaan, VT Tillotson, E. E. Canada 1st
Nov 25, 1914 Groveton White, Warren Gardner Groveton 24 Millman Pepperell, MA White, John G.   1st
Nov 25, 1914   Ducharme, Mary E. Groveton 17 Housework Stanhope, PQ Ducharme, Charles Fairfax, VT 1st
Nov 28, 1914 Lancaster Tillotson, Charles Groveton 25 Merchant Dalton Tillotson, Frank B. Dalton 1st
Nov 28, 1914   McGary, Hazel Lancaster 22 School Teacher Lancaster McGary, John Lancaster 1st
Dec 5, 1914 Groveton Grant, William D. West Paris, ME 22 Baker Canterberry, NB Grant, Charles W. Canterberry, NB 1st
Dec 5, 1914   Kimball, Tena E. Groveton 20 Housework West Paris, ME Kimball, Oscar   1st
Dec 26, 1914 Groveton Filgate, Henry J. Groveton 26 Laborer Canada Filgate, James Canada 1st
Dec 26, 1914   Fortier, Emma Groveton 19 Housework Groveton Fortier, Leon St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
Jan 9, 1915 Groveton Shoff, Harold Leon Groveton 21 Clerk Stratford Hollow Shoff, Leon Albany, VT 1st
Jan 9, 1915   Valliere, Elinor Mary Groveton 20 Clerk Island Pond, VT Valliere, Felix Canada 1st
Feb 24, 1915 Groveton Wilkinson, Neil Edwin Groveton 22 Electrician Groveton Wilkinson, Milton E. Chelsea, MA 1st
Feb 24, 1915   Crafts, Ethel Mae Groveton 22 Waitress Stark Crafts, Llewellyn Errol 1st
March 19, 1915 N. Stratford Later, Charles L. Colebrook 30 Photographer Skowhegan, ME Later, William Skowhegan, ME 2nd
March 19, 1915   Boyle, Sarah Groveton 23 Housework Bloomfield, VT Boyle, James St. Giles, PQ 1st
April 1, 1915 Groveton Morancy, Edward J. Groveton 26 Millman Northumberland Morancy, Frank Colebrook 1st
April 1, 1915   Kimball, Grace A. Huntington Ctr., VT 24 Housework Starksboro, VT Kimball, Ezra   2nd
April 30, 1915 Lancaster Rosebrook, Elbridge D. Groveton 20 Laborer Marshfield, VT Rosebrook, Ernest Guildhall, VT 1st
April 30, 1915   Simpson, Mabel F. Groveton 19 Housework Peabody, MA Simpson, William Nova Scotia 1st
May 24, 1915 N. Stratford Temple, Thomas W. Groveton 24 Clerk Twin Mountain Temple, Hugh H. Canada 1st
May 24, 1915   Freeman, Mary A. Groveton 20 Operator N. Stratford Freeman, John New Brunswick 1st
June 24, 1915 Groveton McCullough, Edward Groveton 42 Steamfitter Sherbrooke, PQ McCullough, John Glasgow, Scotland 1st
June 24, 1915   Silsby, Susie Mae Groveton 32 Paper Cutter Lunenburg, VT Silsby, Fred Lunenburg, VT 1st
June 26, 1915 Groveton Walker, Colby G. Groveton 23 Stenographer Peru, ME Walker, Daniel W. Peru, ME 1st
June 26, 1915   Palmer, Grace I. Groveton 25 Bookkeeper Douglas, NB Palmer, James Boyston, NB 1st
Aug 24, 1915 Groveton Cushman, Joseph M. Portland, ME 51 Laborer Boston, MA Cushman, Joseph M. New York 2nd
Aug 24, 1915   Jordan, Annie H. Groveton 49 Housework Grand Falls, NB McCarthy, John   2nd
Sept 2, 1915 Groveton Wing, Derwin A. Groveton 19 Laborer Newport Ctr., VT Wing, Alden Holland, VT 1st
Sept 2, 1915   Clavette, Edith Bloomfield, VT 19 Housework Lunenburg, VT Clavette, Joseph Quebec City 1st
Oct 20, 1915 Lancaster Leverage, William H. Groveton 35 Clerk Bloomfield, VT Leverage, Richard England 1st
Oct 20, 1915   Laroche, Martha E. A. Lancaster 30 Housework Groveton Laroche, Germain J. Canada 1st
Nov 10, 1915 Percy Clark, Arnold M. Groveton 24 Laborer Canada Clark, James Canada 1st
Nov 10, 1915   Rogers, Irene M. Percy 18 Housework Percy Rogers, John   1st
Nov 21, 1915 Stark Pike, George D. Groveton 24 Freight Clerk Gilbertville, ME Pike, John D. Groveton 1st
Nov 21, 1915   Astle, Edna L. Stark 26 Housework Groveton Astle, Austin A. Canada 1st
Nov 21, 1915 Groveton Keegan, John Lisbon 32 Traveling man Ireland Keegan, John Ireland 1st
Nov 21, 1915   Labonte, Mildred Groveton 23 Housework Canada Guy, Joseph New York City 2nd
Dec 29, 1915 Lancaster Blodgett, Edward H. Groveton 37 Laborer Groveton Blodgett, Josiah Lancaster 1st
Dec 29, 1915   Newton, Nellie Groveton 39 Housework Groveton Boutwell, Warren Northumberland 3rd
Jan 15, 1916 Groveton Collins, Parker Groveton 28 Farmer Berlin Collins, Henry Wilkes, VT 2nd
    Potter, Vera Stark 16 Housework Stark Potter, William Stark 1st
Feb 13, 1916 Groveton Johnson, Harry Groveton 31 Laborer Columbia Johnson, Samuel Canada 1st
    Hall, Clara West Paris, ME 30 Housework Lunenburg, VT Hall, Albert   1st
Feb 24, 1916 Berlin Strout, Perley R. Groveton 23 Laborer Steuben, ME Strout, Gleason Millbridge, ME 1st
    Donovan, Mary Groveton 19 Housework   Donovan, Timothy New Brunswick 1st
April 20, 1916 Groveton Johnson, Albert B. Groveton 32 Salesman Stratford Hollow Johnson, Timothy Haverhill 1st
    Castonguay, Rose G. Groveton 18 Housekeeper Coaticooke Castonguay, Thomas Canada 1st
April 25, 1916 Groveton Havener, Rex C. Groveton 21 Office Work Belfast, ME Havener, George E. Belfast, ME 1st
    Donley, Elizabeth Groveton 18 Housework Island Pond, VT Donley, John Canada 1st
May 22, 1916 Groveton Savoya, Joseph Groveton 33 Mill Repairs Shippegan, NB Savoya, George Shippegan, NB 1st
    Chaisson, Suzanne Shippegan, NB 32 Housework Shippegan, NB Chaisson, Nicholas Shippegan, NB 1st
May 29, 1916 Lancaster Pilotte, Theodore Lancaster 30 Laborer Canada Pilotte, Joseph Canada 1st
    Brooks, Lovise Northumberland 23 Housewife Northumberland Brooks, Frank Canada 1st
June 5, 1916 Bloomfield Castonguay, Joseph E. Groveton 26 Laborer Bloomfield, VT Castonguay, Thomas Canada 1st
    Girard, Clara Bloomfield, VT 21 Housework North Stratford Girard, Lazore Canada 1st
June 5, 1916 Bloomfield Roy, Theodore Groveton 26 Laborer Canada Roy, Pierre Canada 1st
    Girard, Rosanna Bloomfield, VT 18 Housework Bloomfield, VT Girard, Lazore Canada 1st
June 8, 1916 Groveton Bunnell, Jesse A. Groveton 22 Laborer Columbia Bunnell, Alva Dalton 2nd
    Harriman, Gladys M. Berlin   19 Housework Conway Harriman, Walter Conway 1st
June 23, 1916 Groveton Strawn, Emery M. Groveton 26 Mill Labor Dayton, OH Strawn, Morgan   2nd
    Blay, Etta Groveton 21 Mill Labor Derby, VT Blay, Charles   1st
July 22, 1916 Laconia Thompson, Clem H. Groveton 18 Carpenter Groveton Thompson, Thois E. Gaspaeaux, NS 1st
    Martin, Ethel M. Groveton 19 Housework Bloomfield, VT Martin Alvin Bloomfield, VT 1st
Aug 1, 1916 Groveton Matthews, Allen C. Groveton 28 Freight Clerk Groveton Matthews, Stephen Concord, VT 1st
    LaCombe, Leah Mary Groveton 21 Cutter Girl Stratford LaCombe, Joseph Canada 1st
Aug 7, 1916 Groveton Smith, Irving C. Groveton 35 Foreman Groveton Smith, Henry Lunenburg, VT 1st
    McMann, Nellie Groveton 35 Cutter Girl Groveton McMann, Michael St. Sylvestre, PQ 1st
Aug 7, 1916 Groveton Roy, Octave Groveton 26 Laborer Canada Roy, Frank Canada 1st
    Dupuis, Julian Groveton 24 Housework Norton Mills, VT Dupuis, Joseph Canada 1st
Aug 12, 1916 Groveton Jordan, Gladstone Lancaster 28 Gen'l Mgr. Lancaster Jordan, Chester B. Colebrook 1st
    Smith, Beatrice H. Groveton 25 Teacher Groveton Smith, Harry B. Groveton 1st
Sept 2, 1916 Groveton Atherton, Earnest R. Groveton 18 Papermaker Groveton Atherton, Fred Stratford, NH 1st
    Moore, Elsie E. Groveton 19 Housework Groveton Moore, Frank Groveton 1st
Sept 6, 1916 Northumberland Ramsdell, Roy L. Northumberland 30 Laborer McIndoes, VT Ramsdell, George Lunenburg, VT 1st
    Perham, Ethel H. Carroll 28 Housework Whitefield Hudson, Lovell East Haven, VT 2nd
Sept 16, 1916 Groveton McDonald, Robert B. Groveton 60 Farmer Holland, VT McDonald, Robert Scotland 2nd
    Beeforth, Lizzie Groveton 59 Housework England Beeforth, William England 3rd
Sept 27, 1916 Groveton Libby, Raymond E. Groveton 24 Paper Finisher Waterville, ME Libby, Cyril Waterville, ME 1st
    Morancy, Veona V. Groveton 20 Cutter Girl Groveton Whitney, V. V.   1st
Sept 27, 1916 Groveton Damren, William A. Lowell, MA 27 Machinist Mexico Damren, Charles C. Belgrade, ME 1st
    Hayes, Clarice A. Groveton 26 Milliner Groveton Hayes, John A. Groveton 1st
Sept 28, 1916 Groveton Taylor, Carl C. Portland, ME 24 Bricklayer Portland, ME Taylor, William H. Portland, ME 1st
    Gallant, Marie B. Portland, ME 18 Cutter Girl Prince Edwd, Isl. Gallant, Napoleon Prince Edwd. Isl. 1st
Oct 1, 1916 Groveton Langley, George A. Groveton 22 Clerk Littleton Langley, Joseph Van Buren, ME 1st
    Willey, Althea M. Groveton 18 Telephone Opr. Groveton Willey, George   1st
Oct 10, 1916 Groveton Bourdage, Placed F. Groveton 30 Foreman Canada Bourdage, John L. Canada 1st
    Paradi, Lizzie Groveton 25 Housework N. Stratford Paridi, James Canada 1st
Nov 8, 1916 Groveton Thompson, Warner W. Groveton 24 Laborer Orford Thompson, Warner Gorham    2nd
    Kimball, Bertha Hanksville, VT 18 Housework Bolton, VT Kimball, Ezra Bristol, VT 1st
Dec 24, 1916 Groveton Perkins, Sidney T. Groveton 21 Papermaker Stark Perkins, Fred Stark 1st
    Perry, Rosealma Mary Groveton 23 Housework Enfield Perry, Walter H. Halifax, NS 1st
Dec 27, 1916 Northumberland Cantin, William Guildhall 24 Carpenter Norton Mills, VT Cantin, Alfred St. Catherine, PQ 1st
    Hardy, Anna Elizabeth Guildhall 26 Schoolteacher Guildhall Hardy, Joseph N. St. Croix, PQ 1st
Jan 7, 1917 Groveton Spreadby, Charles Groveton 60 Farmer Northumberland Spreadby, George England 2nd
Jan 7, 1917   Chambers, Alice V. Groveton 46 Housekeeper Montreal, PQ Danforth, E. G. Clifton, PQ 2nd
Jan 9, 1917 Lancaster Pike, Harold W. Groveton 25 Laborer Dummer Pike, Noble Groveton 1st
Jan 9, 1917   Mahurin, Elsie Groveton 23 House work Stewartstown Mahurin, Frank Columbia 1st
Jan 9, 1917 Lancaster Mahurin, Robert H. Northumberland 21 Laborer Stewartstown Mahurin, Frank Columbia 1st
Jan 9, 1917   Page, Edna M. Guildhall, VT 18 House work Guildhall, VT Page, John Lenoxville, PQ 1st
Jan 15, 1917 Groveton Nault, Augustus Barton, VT 21 Carpenter Barton, VT Nault, Jaffery Tobasco, PQ 1st
Jan 15, 1917   Vancour, Georgiana Northumberland 18 House work St Johnsbury Vancour, William Lowell, MA 1st
Jan 31, 1917 Groveton Leclerc, Arthur J. Groveton 20 Paper Maker Norton Mills, VT Leclerc, John Canada 1st
Jan 31, 1917   Byers, Alfreda Groveton 20 Housework Percy Byers, George E. St. Johns 1st
Feb 10, 1917 Groveton Smith, Thad C. Kingman, ME 24 Lineman Springfield, ME Smith, Wheeler C. Springfield, ME 1st
Feb 10, 1917   Sheridan, Margaret A. Groveton 21 Cutter Girl Bethlehem Sheridan, John St Sylvestre, PQ 1st
Feb 19, 1917 Groveton McDougall, Lester J. Groveton 23 Paper Finisher Groveton McDougall, Angus Quebec 1st
Feb 19, 1917   Williams, Mary Emily Groveton 17 Cutter Girl Percy Williams, John Leeds, PQ 1st
Apr 12, 1917 Groveton Swift, Madison L. Groveton 32 Engineer Stratford  Swift, Madison S. Paris, ME 1st
Apr 12, 1917   Nugent, Martha E. Black Lake, PQ 26 House work Black Lake, PQ Nugent, Richard Black Lake, PQ 1st
May 10, 1917 Lancaster Cushing, Guy W. Groveton 24 Paper Maker Stark Cushing, Daniel S. Kempt, NS 1st
May 10, 1917   Smith, Minnie E. Littleton 25 Dress maker Littleton Smith, Fred L. Littleton 1st
May 14, 1917 Groveton Methot, Jean Charles Wilder, VT 28 Bookkeeper LaPerade, PQ Methot, Alphonse St. Raphael, PQ 1st
May 14, 1917   Turgeon, Lillian Alice Groveton 20   Colebrook Turgeon, Moses Jos Louis, PQ 1st
May 14, 1917 Groveton Gendron, Obed M. Groveton 21 Paper Finisher Groveton Gendron, Frank Canada 1st
May 14, 1917   Shoff, Gladys Eliza N. Stratford 19 Table Girl Stratford Shoff, Clinton Crosburg, VT 1st
May 17, 1917 Groveton Berlanger, George Windsor, VT 21 Machinist Groveton Berlanger, Joseph Canada 1st
May 17, 1917   Pauquette, Blanche Groveton 17 House work Canada Pauquette, Archie Canada 1st
May 27, 1917 Groveton Dupuis, Ovila A. Groveton 19 Clerk Norton Mills, VT Dupuis, Joseph Canada 1st
May 27, 1917   Connolly, Vivian Groveton 17 Housework Island Pond, VT Connolly, Archie Island Pond, VT 1st
May 28, 1917 Lakeport Thomas, Richard Groveton 49 Laborer Canada Thomas, Patrick Canada 2nd
May 28, 1917   Kimball, Mary Stark 34 House work New Zealand Moses, Mathew New Zealand 2nd
May 23, 1917 Groveton Philbrick, Daniel C. Guildhall, VT 21 Paper Finisher San Francisco Philbrick, Royal H. Maidstone, VT 1st
May 23, 1917   Kelley, Kathleen M. Fredrickston, NB 29 School Teacher Silver City, MO Kelly, Cornelius J. Fredrickston, NB 1st
June 4, 1917 Groveton Veazey, John W. Groveton 21 Machinist Groveton Veazey, Wallace D. Groveton 1st
June 4, 1917   Astle, Hazel Pearl Groveton 22 House work Groveton Astle, Austin  Canada 1st
June 4, 1917 Groveton Jordan, George H. Groveton 28 Box Foreman Lowell, MA Jordan, Fred A. Eaton Corner 1st
June 4, 1917   Marcoux, Mary Rose Worcester, MA 22   Northboro, MA Marcoux, Peter W. St. Johns, NB 1st
Aug 2, 1917 Lancaster Cushing, Herbert A. Groveton 22 Laborer Stark Cushing, Daniel A. Kempt, NS 1st
Aug 2, 1917   Veazie, Blanche Groveton 23 House work West Milan Knights, John Fort Kent, ME 2nd
Aug 20, 1917 Groveton Boutwell, Charles H. Groveton 28 Laborer Lancaster Boutwell, Warren Northumberland 1st
Aug 20, 1917   Bailey, Louise H. Groveton 19 House work Colebrook Bailey, William Colebrook 1st
Aug 22, 1917 Groveton Gillespie, William D. 612 W. New York 48 Building Con. Greenwood, Miss Gillespie, William A. Sharon, PA 1st
Aug 22, 1917   Spencer, Charlotte H. Groveton 39 House work Groveton Wilson, Jesse Bartlett, NH 2nd
Aug 26, 1917 Groveton Bolin, Richard Groveton 39 Engineer San Francisco Bolin, Benjamin Dundee, Ireland 1st
Aug 26, 1917   Carroll, Effie Groveton 30 Paper Finisher N. Woburn, MA Graham, Edward Ireland 2nd
Sept 1, 1917 Berlin Rielley, James Joseph Philadelphia, PA 29 Painter Philadelphia Rielley, Joseph Ireland 1st
Sept 1, 1917   Sweet, Myrtle Gladys Groveton 20 Compositor Groveton Sweet, Charles B. Nova Scotia 1st
Sept 5, 1917 Groveton Boutwell, Herbert C. Northumberland 20 Laborer Northumberland Boutwell, Warren Northumberland 1st
Sept 5, 1917   Bailey, Elsie M. Colebrook 16 House work Colebrook Bailey, William F. Colebrook 1st
Sept 10, 1917 Groveton Hurley, Patrick J. Lancaster 29 Army Officer Lancaster Hurley, Patrick Wolfstown, PA 1st
Sept 10, 1917   Hickey, Mildred M. Groveton 24 Music Superv'r Groveton Hickey, Edward S. Orono, ME 1st
Sept 28, 1917 Nashua Proctor, Robert H. Groveton 29 Paper Maker Canada Proctor, James R. England 1st
Sept 28, 1917   Ryan, Rhoda A. Section, Ala 19 Nurse Scottsboro, Ala Ryan, John S. Ireland 1st
Sept 29, 1917 Berlin Moore, Frank S. Groveton 45 Foreman Groveton Moore, David S. Groveton 2nd
Sept 29, 1917   Cole, Victoria Berlin 46 House work Groveton Smith, John Canada 2nd
Oct 17, 1917 Groveton Fitzpatrick, Walter Boston, MA 26 Laborer Boston, MA Fitzpatrick, James Boston, MA 1st
Oct 17, 1917   Connolly, Myra Groveton 20   Brighton, VT Connolly, Archie Brighton, VT 1st
Oct 27, 1917 Lancaster Bott, William A. Groveton 25 Printer St Louis, MO Bott, John St. Louis, MO 1st
Oct 27, 1917   Tibbetts, Mary Groveton 23 House work Stewartstown Tibbetts, Frank Fryeburg, ME 1st
Nov 11, 1917 Gorham Munroe, Ernest E. Groveton 58 Barber Mailland, NS Munroe, William Bridgetown, NS 2nd
Nov 11, 1917   Rosebrook, Hattie L. Groveton 40 House keeper Waterford, VT Bliss, E. H. Potsdam, NY 2nd
Jan 15, 1918 Groveton Hurlbutt, Henry A. Groveton 37 Carpenter Whitefield Hurlbutt, Silas F. Guildhall, VT 1st
Jan 15, 1918   Deering, Myrtle E. Guildhall, VT 20 School Teacher Guildhall, VT Deering, Ezra Guildhall, VT 1st
Jan 25, 1918 Groveton Ledger, Francis W. Ft. Covington, NY 22 Butcher Fort Covington Ledger, William W. Ft. Covington, NY 1st
Jan 25, 1918   Brigham, Nettie Troy, NY 17 Housework Troy, NY Brigham, George St. Albans, VT 1st
Jan 27, 1918 N. Stratford Legacy, Elbridge D. Charleston, VT 45 Farmer Brighton, VT Legacy, Anthony Danville, VT 2nd
Jan 27, 1918   Hunter, Mae R. Charleston, VT 49 Housework Sutton, VT Connelly, George   2nd
Jan 27, 1918 Groveton Lewis, Harry M. Groveton 32 Acid Maker Alaska Lewis, Louis J. France 1st
Jan 27, 1918   Josselyn, Bertha M. Livermore Falls, ME 29 Housework Carthage, ME Rand, ____ Maine 2nd
Feb 3, 1918 Groveton Mills, Homer A. Groveton 24 Fireman Canada Mills, Gilbert Canada 1st
Feb 3, 1918   Morgan, Gertrude Groveton 18 Housework Jefferson Morgan, Edward Jefferson 1st
Feb 12, 1918 Lancaster Perkins, John L. Groveton 30 Laborer Stark Perkins, John W. Jackson 1st
Feb 12, 1918   Moran, Isabel T. Lancaster 32 Housework Canada Moran, Joseph Canada 1st
Feb 14, 1918 Groveton Barron, Walter E. Groveton 29 Sulphite cook Augusta, ME Barron, Fred E. Melrose, MA 1st
Feb 14, 1918   Cole, Ethra A. Groveton 27 Telephone Opr. Groveton Cole, Stephen A. Northumberland 1st
Feb 18, 1918 Groveton Paige, Leon Groveton 39 Laborer Barnston, PQ Paige, Charles Sharon, VT 2nd
Feb 18, 1918   Dodge, Minnie Groveton 46 Housework Dalton Woodard, Charles   3rd
April 1, 1918 Groveton Henson, Frank C. Groveton 38 Electrician Groveton Henson, Moses Sawyerville, PQ 2nd
April 1, 1918   Astle, Lila A. Groveton 19 Housemaid Stark Astle, Austin W. Canada 1st
April 13, 1918 Groveton Stanhope, Charles G. North Troy, VT 57 Laborer Richford, VT Stanhope, Gilbert Canada 2nd
April 13, 1918   Manosh, Flora North Troy, VT 49 Housework Montgomery, VT Touchette, Andrew Enosburg Falls, VT 2nd
April 27, 1918 Groveton Blay, Albert J. Newport, VT 33 Laborer Derby Ctr., VT Blay, Frank VT 1st
April 27, 1918   Bailey, Alice Groveton 24 Housework Colebrook Bailey, William Colebrook 1st
April 27, 1918 Berlin Corriveau, Arthur Berlin 19 Chauffeur Winslow, ME Corriveau, Charles Canada 1st
April 27, 1918   McKeen, Mona E. Groveton 18 at home Groveton McKeen, William W. Groveton 1st
May 11, 1918 Lancaster Bailey, Clarence L. Glen 42 Scaler Boston, MA Bailey, Albert E. Bath 1st
May 11, 1918   Churchill, Annette I. Groveton 42 Compositor Brandon, VT Smith, Lorison Brandon, VT 2nd
June 14, 1918 Groveton McPherson, John Groveton 35 Laborer New Brunswick McPherson, Roderick Prince Edward Isl. 1st
June 14, 1918   Hughes, Elnora Groveton 16 Housework Whitefield Hughes, Herbert Whitefield 1st
June 15, 1918 Newmarket Lord, Fred J. Groveton 27 Laborer Lunenburg, VT Lord, David Canada 1st
June 15, 1918   Collins, Elsie C. Groveton 27 Housework Canada Collins, Adlor Canada 1st
July 11, 1918 Stratford McQueen, Felix L. Groveton 26 Laborer Concord, VT McQueen, Melvin Concord, VT 1st
July 11, 1918   Levie, Gladys Barre, VT 21 School Teacher Barre, VT Levie, James Scotland 1st
July 12, 1918 N. Stratford Niles, William E. Groveton 33 Restaurant Colebrook Miles, Wright Barton, VT 2nd
July 12, 1918   Collins, Mary B. Groveton 21 Housework Canada Collins, A. Canada 1st
July 22, 1918 Groveton Laisell, Charles Berlin 21 Laborer Greenfield Loisell, Henry Manchester 1st
July 22, 1918   Ducharme, Josephine Groveton 18 Housework Norton Mills, VT Ducharme, Charles Fairfax, VT 1st
July 23, 1918 Groveton Graham, Perley Groveton 21 Laborer Stewartstown Graham, Richard Quebec 1st
July 23, 1918   Smith, Annie M. Colebrook 26 Housework Groveton Smith, Jack Canada 1st
Aug 31, 1918 Groveton Bassett, Eugene D. Groveton 51 Laborer Canada Bassett, David Canada 2nd
Aug 31, 1918   Gochey, Julia E. Groveton 48 Housework Canada Stone, Henry Canada 3rd
Sept 5, 1918 Groveton Carleton, Cecil C. Groveton 21 Steamfitter Stewartstown Carlton, Charles Colebrook 1st
Sept 5, 1918   Fogg, Louise K. Groveton 21 Paper Mill Worker Boston, MA Fogg, Willis S. Freeport, ME 1st
Sept 18, 1918 Lisbon Reed, James S. Groveton 20 Paper maker Montpelier, VT Reed, Walter H. Chelsea 1st
Sept 18, 1918   O'Mara, Helen N. Bloomfield, VT 21 Housework Beecher Falls O'Mara, James Thetford Mines, PQ 1st
Sept 25, 1918 Groveton Babcock, William A. St. Johnsbury, VT 25 Stock Clerk ST. Johnsbury Babcock, Albert W. Burke, VT 1st
Sept 25, 1918   Bowker, Mildred H. Groveton 23 School Teacher Groveton Bowker, Harry Bloomfield, VT 1st
Nov 13, 1918 Groveton Cass, James H. Groveton 48 Sulphite cook Stanstead, PQ Cass, Haden New York 2nd
Nov 13, 1918   Briggs, Sara A. Groveton 31 Housework Liverpool, Eng Emery, Thomas England 2nd
Nov 17, 1918 Groveton Christopher, Columbus Groveton 21 U. S. Guard Plymouth, MA Christopher, Guy Italy 1st
Nov 17, 1918   Bruce, Alice M. Groveton 17 Telephone Opr. Groveton Bruce, John M. New Brunswick 1st
Nov 25, 1918 Groveton Patrick, Joseph F. Groveton 19 Laborer Groveton Patrick, Napoleon Canada 1st
Nov 25, 1918   Ouelette, Marie A. Manchester 22 Spooler Cot. Mill Sherbrooke Ouelette, Henry Sherbrooke 1st
Dec 18, 1918 Groveton Martin, Fred L. Groveton 38 Fireman Halifax, NS Martin, William J. Halifax, NS 1st
Dec 18, 1918   Larue, Martha A. Groveton 24 Housework Cherry River Beaird, Avery Barre, VT 2nd
Jan 10, 1919 St Johnsbury, VT Goodell, William H. St Johnsbury, VT 21 Chauffeur Calais, VT Goodell, Elmer Vermont 1st
Jan 10, 1919   Gale, Lilla May St Johnsbury, VT 24   Jefferson Gale, Elverton Jefferson 1st
Jan 11, 1919 Groveton Blodgett, Herbert Groveton   Laborer Stratford Blodgett, John Stratford 1st
Jan 11, 1919   Tilton, Retta Ethel W. Groveton   Housework Newport, VT Wing, John W. Newport, VT 2nd
Feb 20, 1919 Groveton Gosselin, Henry Groveton 23 Farmer Concord, NH Gosselin, Alec Sherbrooke, PQ 1st
Feb 20, 1919   Stone, Hattie Groveton 24 Housekeeper Barton, VT Ranney, Charles Barton, VT 2nd
March 22, 1919 Berlin Smith, Edward W. Groveton 35 Stone mason Rochester, MA Smith, Richard C. Rochester, MA 1st
March 22, 1919   Weagle, Nina E. Groveton 28 Hotel Work Stark Montgomery, James Leeds, PQ 2nd
April 19, 1919 Berlin Blodgett, John Groveton 62 Laborer Stratford Blodgett, Josiah Stratford 2nd
April 19, 1919   Green, Alice Berlin 56 Housework Holland, VT Bennett, Charles At Sea 2nd
May 12, 1919 Berlin Hayes, Horace A. Groveton 24 Truckman Groveton Hayes, John A. Groveton 1st
May 12, 1919   Owen, Eleanor Raye West Milan 20 Housework West Milan Owen, Elmer E. Hereford, PQ 1st
June 19, 1919 Lisbon Whitney, Newell O. Groveton 31 Carpenter Groveton Whitney, Thomas Groveton 1st
June 19, 1919   Larson, Lillian M. Groveton 34 Cook   Dingman, Ranolds Enosburg, VT 3rd
June 30, 1919 Groveton Fogg, Heman R. Groveton 36 Paper Maker West Burke, VT Fogg, Zimrie Westfield, VT 2nd
June 30, 1919   Barnett, Grace Groveton 38 Cutter Work Lancaster Savage, Roswell Lancaster 2nd
July 3, 1919 Lancaster Jordan, Iran P. Groveton 33 Fireman Colebrook Jordan, Milton Canada 1st
July 3, 1919   Sandelin, Hazel Mills Groveton 22 Housework Ulverton, PQ Mills, Gilbert Ulverton, PQ 2nd
July 20, 1919 Littleton Libby, John A. Groveton 30 Painter Twin Mountain Libby, Augustus Canada 1st
July 20, 1919   Ferland, Marion Groveton 21 Typewriter Lawrence, MA Ferland, Earnet Canada 1st
July 26, 1919 Lancaster Maloney, John Groveton 33 Laborer Canada Maloney, Patrick Canada 1st
July 26, 1919   Prosser, Lillian Groveton 36 Housework Groveton Damon, Lucius Canada 2nd
July 31, 1919 Groveton Abrams, Alec J. Burlington, VT 26 Clothing England Abrams, Hyman Russia 1st
July 31, 1919   Cohens, Rose Groveton 20 Sales Lady England Cohen, H. Russia 1st
Aug 7, 1919 Groveton Laidlow, Clarence A. Boston, MA 31 Sales Manager Washington, ME Laidlow, Robert Scotland 2nd
Aug 7, 1919   Doherty, Celia Portland, ME 26 None Portland, ME Doherty, Michael Canada 1st
Aug 12, 1919 Kennebunk, ME Needham, Donald L. Groveton 25 Grocer Mechanic Falls, ME Needham, George F. Albany, ME 1st
Aug 12, 1919   Snell, Lotta M. Hebron, ME 24 Teacher Turner, ME Snell, Leon L. Turner, ME 1st
Aug 16, 1919 Groveton Springer, Alfred G. Groveton 21 Shipping Clerk Rhode Island Springer, Vernon L. Rhode Island 1st
Aug 16, 1919   Scalion, Gladys G. Groveton 18 None Black Lake, PQ Scalion, James Canada 1st
Aug 18, 1919 Lancaster Moore, George F. Groveton 49 Laborer St. Albans, ME Moore, Samuel St. Johns, NB 2nd
Aug 18, 1919   Moore, Mina L. Groveton 44 Housework S. Durham, PQ Radford, James England 2nd
Aug 23, 1919 Groveton Reinville, Alfred Groveton 21 Laborer Lancaster Reinville, James Canada 1st
Aug 23, 1919   Smith, Lillian Groveton 16 Housework Windon, ME Smith, Charles Maine 1st
Sept 13, 1919 Groveton Donnelly, Hazen C. Groveton 25 Brakeman Wenlock, VT Donnelly, John St. Sylvester, PQ 1st
Sept 13, 1919   Bordeau, Maud Groveton 18 Housework Pittsburg Bordeau, J. Jacksonville, VT 1st
Sept 15, 1919 Groveton Fay, Orilla Joseph Groveton 22 Fireman Groveton Fay, Charles Germany 1st
Sept 15, 1919   Bouvier, Antoinette Groveton 16 Housework Canada Bouvier, Joseph Canada 1st
Sept 15, 1919 Groveton Pourier, Joseph Groveton 50 Laborer St. Pierre, PQ Pourier, Theophil Canada 2nd
Sept 15, 1919   Fay, Addell Groveton 49 Housework Canada Bruno, Charles Canada 2nd
Sept 15, 1919 Groveton Walker, Everett G. Groveton 29 Accountant Freeport, ME Walker, William H. Freeport, ME 1st
Sept 15, 1919   Hayes, Roberta Mary Groveton 23 Stenographer Groveton Hayes, Fred B. Groveton 1st
Sept 20, 1919 Groveton Larue, Henry L. Groveton 26 F'r'man pulp mill E. Charleston, VT Larue, Henry Magog, PQ 2nd
Sept 20, 1919   Whittier, Daisy Groveton 22 Housework Cherry River, PQ Whittier, Thomas Springfield 1st
Sept 27, 1919 Groveton Guy, Ed Groveton 49 Mill Worker Kinnears Mill, PQ Guy, William Belfast, Ireland 1st
Sept 27, 1919   Mills, Eliza Groveton 49 Housework S. Durham, PQ Ramsey, Aaron Ulverton, PQ 2nd
Sept 27, 1919 Groveton McMann, Charles C. Groveton 25 Paper Maker Stratford McMann, Charles Leeds, PQ 1st
Sept 27, 1919   Blodgett, Jessie B. Lancaster 23