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Date Married Place of Marriage Groom / Bride Residence Age Occupation Town of Birth Father Father Birthplace Marriage
Jan 9, 1937 Groveton Giles, Wilfred Henry Boston, MA 22 C. C. C.    Giles, Daniel    
Jan 9, 1937   Nelson, Mable Moyle Groveton 22 At Home   Nelson, George    
Feb 13, 1937 Lancaster Pilotte, Victor Joseph Whitefield 22 Laborer   Pilotte, George J.    
Feb 13, 1937   LeClaire, Beatrice E. Groveton 23 Mill Worker   LeClaire, Adolph J.    
Mar 14, 1937 Sherbrooke, PQ Israel, Samuel Harry Groveton 27 Merchant   Israel, Morris    
Mar 14, 1937   Gillman, Sara Sherbrooke, PQ 23 Sales Lady   Gillman, Israel    
Mar 27, 1937 Groveton Gilcris, Kenneth Groveton 19 Laborer   Gilcris, Carroll    
Mar 27, 1937   Demers, Antoinette Groveton 19 Laborer   Demers, Fred    
Mar 31, 1937 Berlin Thorpe, John Arthur Groveton 62 Interior Decorator   Thorpe, William O.    
Mar 31, 1937   Wilkinson, Fontie E. Groveton 46 Town Clerk   Wilkinson, Frank H.    
Mar 31, 1937 N. Stratford Young, Clifford Stratford 21 Laborer   Young, Erastus    
Mar 31, 1937   Swift, Evelyn Groveton 18 At Home   Swift, Lawrence    
April 17, 1937 Groveton Stanley, Herbert Abbott Groveton 28 Engineer   Stanley, Edwin    
April 17, 1937   Cox, Margaret Sarah Groveton 21 Clerk   Cox, Charles L.    
April 22, 1937 Lancaster Langley, Richard Joseph Groveton 20 Paper Maker   Langley, George A.    
April 22, 1937   Bell, Virginia Mae Groveton 19 Laborer   Bell, Harry C.    
May 8, 1937 Groveton Wilkinson, Milton A. Groveton 26 Laborer   Wilkinson, Milton V.    
May 8, 1937   Russ, Ruth Groveton 22 At Home   Russ, Nelson    
May 11, 1937 Groveton Hamel, Arthur Groveton 24 Laborer   Hamel, Gedeon    
May 11, 1937   Hamel, Eva Fountain Groveton 22 Laborer   Fountain, Henry    
May 15, 1937 Groveton Wilson, Donald E. Groveton 34 Interior Decorator   Wilson, William J.    
May 15, 1937   Largey, Aurellia E. W. Stewartstown 28 Nurse   Largey, Joseph A.    
May 17, 1937 Groveton Forcier, Albert E. Jaffrey 21 Laborer   Forcier, Theophile    
May 17, 1937   Johnson, Rita Groveton 21 Housework   Johnson, George    
June 26, 1937 Groveton Beaton, Paul Michael Groveton 23 Plumber's helper   Beaton, Joseph S.    
June 26, 1937   Gay, Elizabeth Laurel Groveton 21 Mill Worker   Gay, Marcus B.    
June 26, 1937 N. Stratford Divinal, Augustus B. Groveton 54 Mill Wright   Divinal, Ronelle    
June 26, 1937   Ball, Florence Harriet Groveton 45 Housekeeper   Ernest, Philip P.    
June 30, 1937 Lancaster Mattice, David G. Groveton 19 Clerk   Mattice, Russell C.    
June 30, 1937   Hapgood, Edna Louise Groveton 17 At Home   Hapgood, Edward L.    
July 5, 1937 Groveton MacKenzie, Leslie E. Berlin 24 Paper Maker   MacKenzie, Arthur E.    
July 5, 1937   Demars, Jeanniene M. Groveton 17 Mill Worker   Demars, Fred    
July 15, 1937 Groveton McKearney, Francis J. Groveton 21 Laborer   McKearney, William    
July 15, 1937   Stiles, Helen I. Groveton 21 At Home   Stiles, Edgar G.    
July 17, 1937 Groveton Osgood, Frity Stratford 58 Scaler   Osgood, Henry    
July 17, 1937   Colby, Pearl Stratford 24 Housework   Griffiths, Lawrence    
July 31, 1937 N. Stratford Gaudette, Edward Groveton 22 Truck Driver   Gaudette, Henry    
July 31, 1937   Hovey, Dorothy Russ Groveton 25 Waitress   Russ, Nelson    
Aug 7, 1937 Littleton Vancour, William Groveton 27 Painter   Vancour, William H.    
Aug 7, 1937   McLain, Mary B. Guildhall, VT 18 At Home   McLain, Clesson    
Aug 28, 1937 Milan Lane, Carl I. Groveton 29 Beaterman   Lane, Carl S.    
Aug 28, 1937   Rowland, Ethelda Hayes Groveton 38 At Home   Hayes, F. B.    
Sept 25, 1937 Northumberland Lavoie, Albert A. Groveton 25 Papermaker   Lavoie, Elzear    
Sept 25, 1937   Houle, Simone Groveton 24 Mill Worker   Houle, Magloine    
Sept 26, 1937 Groveton Rideout, Amos Northumberland 19 Papermaker   Rideout, Frank    
Sept 26, 1937   Merrow, Betty Lee Lancaster 16     Merrow, Harry J.    
Oct 20, 1937 Northumberland Murphy, Michael Irwin Berlin 37 Cook   Murphy, Robert    
Oct 20, 1937   Murphy, Edith Hickey Milan 42 At Home   Hickey, John    
Oct 23, 1937 Groveton Holebrook, Leon Stark 21 Papermaker   Holebrook, Orange    
Oct 23, 1937   Demars, Antonine Groveton 18 Mill Worker   Demars, Fred    
Nov 16, 1937 Littleton Gainer, Linwood J. Lancaster 21 Laborer   Gainer, Charles E.    
Nov 16, 1937   Rich, Emil M. Northumberland 29 At Home   Rich, Fred J.    
Nov 19, 1937 Stratford Schoff, Clinton L. Groveton 28 Laborer   Schoff, Clinton    
Nov 19, 1937   Gaudette, Lena Groveton 18 At Home   Gaudette, George    
Nov 23, 1937 Northumberland Foster, Thomas Sherman Groveton 24 Laborer   Foster, Nathan    
Nov 23, 1937   McMann, Mae Groveton 19 Mill Worker   McMann, Benie    
Dec 6, 1937 Groveton LaPlante, Eugene Jr. Berlin 22 Machinist   LaPlante, Eugene    
Dec 6, 1937   Schoff, Claire Groveton 18 At Home   Schoff, Herman    
Dec 6, 1937 Groveton Lamay, Wilfred Methuen, MA 26 Laborer   Lemay, Napoleon    
Dec 6, 1937   Bourgoin, Lucienne Lawrence, MA 20 At Home   Bourgoin, Albert    
Dec 20, 1937 Lancaster Dowse, John Jefferson 22 Farmer   Dowse, Ben    
Dec 20, 1937   Gaudette, Leta Groveton 17 Housework   Gaudette, George    
Dec 24, 1937 Northumberland Gaudette, Henry Joseph Groveton 19 Laborer   Gaudette, George    
Dec 24, 1937   Ellingwood, Florence M. N. Stratford 20 At Home   Riff, Herbert    
Dec 30, 1937 Groveton Barlow, Henry Raymond Groveton   Railroad Man   Barlow, William    
Dec 30, 1937   Hope, Angelina Woods Groveton   At Home   Woods, William    
Jan 14, 1938 Groveton McBride, James Patrick Salem, MA 20 C. C. C.    McBride, John    
Jan 14, 1938   Hopps, Jessie Hartson Groveton 19 At Home   Hopps, Ralph    
Jan 23, 1938 Groveton Rogers, Joseph K. Boston, MA 38 Truck Driver   Rogers, Joseph K.    
Jan 23, 1938   Moulton, Georgia Ethel Groveton 38 At Home   Gay, Edward L.    
Apr 16, 1938 Groveton McAllister, Gary Arthur Groveton 21 Farmer   McAllister, Cleon A.    
Apr 16, 1938   Arsenault, Julia Arlene N. Stratford 20 Housemaid   Arsenault, Archie    
Apr 18, 1938 Groveton Goyette, Charles Edward Berlin 21 Mill Worker   Goyette, Lewis    
Apr 18, 1938   Langley, Barbara Mary Groveton 18 At Home   Langley, George    
Apr 20, 1938 Lancaster Derosier, John Louis Groveton 27 Paper maker   Derosier, Amede    
Apr 20, 1938   Nadeau, Doris Elizabeth Groveton 25 Office Worker   Nadeau, Francis    
Apr 28, 1938 N. Stratford Rolfe, George Groveton 46 Paper worker   Rolfe, John    
Apr 28, 1938   Bilodeau, Adelia Bessie Groveton 68 Housekeeper   Jarvis, Nelson    
May 16, 1938 Groveton Dufour, Raymond Groveton 22 Printer   Dufour, Richard    
May 16, 1938   Stevens, Ruth Groveton 19 At Home   Stevens, Kenneth    
May 30, 1938 Groveton Kingsbury, Fay Edward Keene 23 Store Clerk   Kingsbury, Hunter C.    
May 30, 1938   Bushey, Claire Marion Groveton 20 Bookkeeper   Bushey, Walter O.    
June 16, 1938 Lancaster Anderson, Wendell Everett Groveton 27 Scaler   Anderson, George E.    
June 16, 1938   Couture, Helen Marie Groveton 26 Teacher   Couture, Frank X.    
June 2, 1938 Whitefield Gonyer, Henry Edward Lancaster 31 Painter   Gonyer, George I.    
June 2, 1938   Parks, Mildred Iona Northumberland 21 At Home   Parks, Arthur    
June 4, 1938 Littleton Paquette, Alphonse R. Littleton 23 Mill Worker   Paquette, Mose John    
June 4, 1938   Aubrey, Ada E. Groveton 23 Mill Worker   Aubrey, William H.    
June 12, 1938 Lunenburg, VT Legare, Charles H. Jr. Groveton 19 Carpenter   Legare, Charles H.    
June 12, 1938   Wellington, Eleanor Groveton 18 At Home   Wellington, George    
June 14, 1938 Groveton Rosebrook, William Ernest Groveton 22 Fire Warden   Rosebrook, Elbridge D.    
June 14, 1938   Moses, Shirley Evelyn Groveton 27 Stenographer   Moses, Frank E.    
June 25, 1938 Lancaster Towle, Bernice Arnold Lancaster 21 Paper Worker   Towle, Edgar A.    
June 25, 1938   Ramsdell, Georgianna M. Northumberland 20 At Home   Ramsdell, Roy    
June 27, 1938 Groveton Auger, Albert Felix Groveton 25 Fireman   Auger, Leon    
June 27, 1938   Spaulding, Margaret Rose Groveton 19 At Home   Spaulding, Frank    
June 30, 1938 Mt. Washington Summit Main, James Wallace Groveton 20 Undertaker   Main, Walter    
June 30, 1938   Dearborn, Mary Leona Groveton 23 Schoolteacher   Dearborn, Selwyn K.    
June 30, 1938 Groveton Hamlin, Mark Edson Milan 23 Bookkeeper   Hamlin, William B.    
June 30, 1938   Brann, Audrey Lovell Groveton 24 Schoolteacher   Brann, Sherburn D.    
July 12, 1938 Groveton Truunanen, Frank W. T. Bretton Woods 51 Hotel Clerk   Truunanen, Lauri    
July 12, 1938   Mullready, Vivian L. Groveton 42 Waitress   Hodge, Charles K.    
July 15, 1938 Lancaster Beaton, Franklin Joseph Groveton 25 Piper's Helper   Beaton, Joseph    
July 15, 1938   Beattie, Priscilla Carlisle Groveton 23 Nurse   Beattie, Carl    
July 16, 1938 Lisbon McMahon, Francis Joseph Groveton 39 Millwright   McMahon, Frank    
July 16, 1938   Rushford, Beulah A. Lisbon 29 Housekeeper   Harris, Bert    
Aug 1, 1938 Groveton Brady, James Paul Berlin 21 Barber   Brady, Wilbrod    
Aug 1, 1938   Cantell, Eleanor Ruth Groveton 19 At Home   Cantell, Joseph    
Aug 13, 1938 Whitefield Perry, Harry Albert Groveton 22 Garage Mechanic   Spencer, Dwight    
Aug 13, 1938   Beliveau, Rita Groveton 18 Paper worker   Beliveau, Ernest    
Aug 25, 1938 Groveton Rice, James Harry Groveton 23 Printer   Rice, Lynn F.    
Aug 25, 1938   Stinson, Vernice Harriette Stratford 20 At Home   Stinson, Bert    
Aug 27, 1938 Whitefield Whittum, George T. Lancaster 27 Mechanic   Whittum, John    
Aug 27, 1938   Spencer, Martha E. Groveton 24     Ball, Edward    
Sept 3, 1938 Groveton Knights, John William Groveton 22 Clerk   Knights, Joseph    
Sept 3, 1938   Forest, Irma Esther Groveton 19 Paper worker   Forest, Clyde E.    
Sept 5, 1938 Lancaster Bronson, Malcolm Groveton 53 Laborer   Bronson, Reuben    
Sept 5, 1938   Williams, Ila Richford, VT 36 At Home   Niles, Herman    
Sept 12, 1938 Groveton Poliquin, Gerard Groveton 31 Laborer   Poliquin, Emil    
Sept 12, 1938   Wheeler, Catherine Maryetta Groveton 23 Housekeeper   Sequin, Walter    
Sept 18, 1938 Tilton McNally, Charles Edward Groveton 24 Cost Accountant   McNally, Charles    
Sept 18, 1938   Cole, Edythe Florence Groveton 22 Stenographer   Cole, Wayne Warren    
Sept 24, 1938 Groveton Viger, Raymond Groveton 45 Paper Maker   Viger, Enoch    
Sept 24, 1938   Kingston, Hope Groveton 27 Paper Finisher   Johnston, Clinton    
Oct 8, 1938 St Johnsbury, VT Grieves, Richard W. Windsor, VT 31 Chef   Grieves, Roy    
Oct 8, 1938   Austin, Dorothy Alma Groveton 20 At Home   Austin, Archie    
Oct 7, 1938 Twin Mountain Wing, Derwin Alfred Carroll 42 Steam Engineer   Wing, Alden    
Oct 7, 1938   Oakes, Eva A. Concord 37 Nurse   House, John    
Oct 24, 1938 Groveton Hamel, Eddie Groveton 22 Paper Maker   Hamel, Gedeon    
Oct 24, 1938   Arsenault, Rena Groveton 23 Paper Finisher   Arsenault, Levi    
Nov 10, 1938 Whitefield Stevens, Rolland Groveton 22 Paper Maker   Stevens, Kenneth    
Nov 10, 1938   Mills, Thelma Groveton 17     Mills, Homer    
Dec 6, 1938 Colebrook Jackson, Murray Groveton 37 Chemist   Jackson, Willie    
Dec 6, 1938   Holmes, Ida Lancaster 37 Hairdresser   Charest, Joseph    
Dec 11, 1938 Groveton Bushey, Walter Groveton 24 Clerk   Bushey, Walter O.    
Dec 11, 1938   Baldwin, Gertrude Groveton 24 At Home   Baldwin, Richard L.    
Jan 14, 1939 Lancaster Savage, Arthur James Lancaster 32 Truck Driver   Savage, Rollo    
Jan 14, 1939   Howe, Rufina Mary Northumberland 25 At Home   Howe, Edward    
Feb 10, 1939 Kennebunk, ME Saunders, Charles C. Groveton 34 Shoe Worker   Saunders, Herbert L.    
Feb 10, 1939   LaValley, Beatrice M. Groveton 24 Shoe Worker   LaValley, Albert J.    
Mar 4, 1939 E. St Johnsbury, VT Mahurin, Robert Lloyd Northumberland 21 Paper worker   Mahurin, Robert H.    
Mar 4, 1939   Roy, Flora Alice Gilman, VT       Roy, Simeon    
Feb 20, 1939 Berlin Deyette, Raymond Mose Groveton 27 Laborer   Deyette, Charles    
Feb 20, 1939   Defosse, Bernadette Marie Milan 21 Paper worker   Defosse, Alphonse    
Mar 4, 1939 Northumberland Burgess, Julius Alton Berlin 22 Machinist   Burgess, Julius    
Mar 4, 1939   Reisch, Albertine Berlin 24 Waitress   Reisch, Joseph    
Mar 29, 1939 Berlin Brann, Milburn Keith Groveton 31 Mechanic   Brann, Sherburn     
Mar 29, 1939   Thurston, Leta Mae Milan 30 Schoolteacher   Thurston, Ernest C.    
Apr 12, 1939 Lancaster Graham, Irving Groveton 60 Laborer   Graham, Richard    
Apr 12, 1939   Damon, Ida Mae Groveton 48 Housewife   Bean, David    
Apr 29, 1939 Groveton Eagle, Harry Bertal Groveton 21 Paper maker   Eagle, William    
Apr 29, 1939   Dupuis, Yvette Luciene Groveton 18 Paper worker   Dupuis, Armand    
May 17, 1939 Lancaster Currier, Donald Groveton 21 Interior Decorator   Currier, John    
May 17, 1939   Savage, Esther Mae Northumberland 20 At Home   Savage, Herman    
May 21, 1939 Hardwick, VT Smith, Merle Groveton 23 Filling Station O.   Smith, Walter    
May 21, 1939   Wellington, Vera Groveton 19     Wellington, George    
May 21, 1939 Northumberland McKearney, Clarence Arthur Northumberland 19 Laborer   McKearney, William    
May 21, 1939   Rancloes, Mary Lucille Clarksville 18 Housework   Rancloes, Francis G.    
May 28, 1939 Northwood Welch, Raymond Edward Jr. Northumberland 20 Paper worker   Welch, Raymond E.    
May 28, 1939   Kingston, Leota Albra Northumberland 19 Stenographer   Kingston, Robert C.    
June 3, 1939 Stratford Platt, Frank A. Groveton 22 Truck Driver   Platt, John G.    
June 3, 1939   Cass, Ruth Lillian Groveton 19 Housekeeper   Cass, James H.    
June 10, 1939 Northumberland Tapley, Edward Forest Groveton 46 Laborer   Tapley, Edward F.    
June 10, 1939   Rosebrook, Geneva Marion Groveton 26 Housekeeper   LaFoe, William    
June 30, 1939 Lancaster Knight, Harold Edward Lancaster 31 Garage Man   Knight, William    
June 30, 1939   Ford, Marion Groveton 32 Teacher   Ford, Benjamin    
July 12, 1939 Northumberland Beattie, David Paige Groveton 23 Insurance Agent   Beattie, Carlisle H.    
July 12, 1939   Hafford, Ruth Alice Groveton 24 Schoolteacher   Hafford, Roscoe A.    
Aug 7, 1939 Northumberland Wagner, Richard Daniel Groveton 26 Teacher & Coach   Wagner, Joseph A.    
Aug 7, 1939   Moffett, Evelyn May Groveton 25 Mill Worker   Moffett, Irving J.    
Aug 12, 1939 Northumberland Fontaine, Elie Joseph Northumberland 27 Paper maker   Fontaine, Hilaire    
Aug 12, 1939   Aubrey, Rosie May Northumberland 19 Paper worker   Aubury, William    
Aug 19, 1939 Stratford Cummings, Herbert Wm. York Village, ME 29 Laborer   Cummings, Ralph E.    
Aug 19, 1939   Gaudette, Mary Philomen Groveton 15 At Home   Gaudette, George    
Aug 28, 1939 Groveton Cassidy, Arthur Benedict Groveton 23 Laborer   Cassidy, Charles H.    
Aug 28, 1939   Cote, Mary Angel Groveton 19 At Home   Cote, Jerome    
Sept 5, 1939 Suncook Young, Charles Albert Lancaster (3)2 Printer   Young, Albert    
Sept 5, 1939   Potter, Donna Stella Groveton 29 Stenographer   Potter, Clayton    
Sept 21, 1939 Northumberland Graham, Perley Sylvester Groveton 42 Laborer   Graham, Richard    
Sept 21, 1939   Blodgett, Retta Ethel Groveton 50 Housekeeper   Wing, John W.    
Sept 23, 1939 Colebrook Swift, Elmer Riley Groveton 21 Mechanic   Swift, Lawrence    
Sept 23, 1939   LeClaire, Virginia Kathleen Groveton 18 Waitress   LeClaire, Adelf    
Sept 16, 1939 Lyndonville, VT Patrick, Philip Joseph Groveton 25 Mill Worker   Patrick, Henry    
Sept 16, 1939   Bemis, Mary Lucille St. Johnsbury, VT 19 At Home   Bemis, Earl J.    
Sept 25, 1939 Groveton Falardeau, Louis Geo. Jr. Groveton 21 Piper's Helper   Farlardeau, Louis G.    
Sept 25, 1939   Alimandi, Marie Rose Groveton 18 Paper Worker   Alimandi, Eugene    
Oct 23, 1939 Northumberland Brigham, Frederick Geo. Groveton 17 Laborer   Brigham, Gordon W.    
Oct 23, 1939   Kingston, Berta Hope Groveton 16 At Home   Kingston, Robert C.    
Nov 4, 1939 Lancaster Kinzy, Clarence Leon Groveton 31 Paper Worker   Kinzy, William C.    
Nov 4, 1939   Craggy, Adelaide Dorothea Groveton 27 Paper Worker   Craggy, George F.    
Nov 22, 1939 Groveton Proctor, Dewing Groveton 25 Engineer   Proctor, Milton D.    
Nov 22, 1939   Merrill, Marion Louise Groveton 31 Bookkeeper   Merrill, Lewis P.    
Nov 15, 1939 Littleton Patterson, Robert Burns Jr. Lancaster 20 Laborer   Patterson, Robert B. Sr.    
Nov 15, 1939   Bean, Fay Olive Groveton 19 At Home   Bean, David A.    
Nov 29, 1939 N. Stratford Messier, Donald Earl Groveton 20 Projectionist   Messier, Eli A.    
Nov 29, 1939   Swift, Verna Caroline Groveton 19 Waitress   Swift, Perley    
Dec 30, 1939 Groveton Banfill, Charles Wm. Groveton 20 Paper worker   Banfill, Bernnie    
Dec 30, 1939   Auger, Violet Cecile Groveton 19 At Home   Bourassa, Leon Auger    
Jan 15, 1940 N. Stratford Pearson, Samuel Earl Northumberland 24 Laborer   Pearson, Samuel    
Jan 15, 1940   Blodgett, Marion Ethelyn Northumberland 21 At Home   Blodgett, Calvin    
Jan 20, 1940 Northumberland Langlois, Sylvio Joseph Northumberland 36 Laborer   Langlois, Aley    
Jan 20, 1940   Belliveau, Lillian Nellie Northumberland 45 At Home   Faye, Charlie    
Jan 20, 1940 Northumberland Demars, Conrad Adelard Northumberland 23 Truck man   Demars, Fred    
Jan 20, 1940   Emery, Kathleen Anne Stark 22 At Home   Emery, Jerry W.    
Mar 9, 1940 Gilman, VT Deline, Maurice Leo Northumberland 18 Farm Labor   Deline, George    
Mar 9, 1940   Wood, Arlene Frances Gilman, VT 19     Wood, John    
Mar 16, 1940 Northumberland Hawes, Guy Gordon W. Stewartstown 29 Truckman   Hawes, Bert    
Mar 16, 1940   Collins, Bertina Maude Northumberland 19 At Home   Collins, Wallace    
June 1, 1940 Northumberland Homer, Francis Anthony Stratford 25 Project Asst.   Homer, Frank    
June 1, 1940   Marshall, Shirley Arline Northumberland 18 At Home   Marshall, Fenton    
June 22, 1940 Northumberland Cascadden, Roy Glendal Northumberland 34 Teacher   Cascadden, James A.    
June 22, 1940   Boucher, Amy Gertrude Northumberland 26     Boucher, Joseph P.    
June 23, 1940 Northumberland Simpson, Arthur Rolland Northumberland 41 Sulphite cook   Simpson, William M.    
June 23, 1940   Morrill, Stella Alice Northumberland 24 At Home   Morrill, William    
June 24, 1940 Northumberland Arey, Charles Louis Portland, ME 25 Machinist   Arey, David L.    
June 24, 1940   Prosser, Geraldine Alice Northumberland 25 Nurse   Prosser, James B.    
July 1, 1940 Northumberland Savage, Norman Merton Lancaster 26 Clerk   Savage, Rollo    
July 1, 1940   Depuis, Lucille Mary Northumberland 21 Bookkeeper   Dupuis, Ovillah    
July 19, 1940 N. Stratford Tremose, Michael Salvatore Northumberland 48 Barber   Tremose, Anthony    
July 19, 1940   Forbes, Veretta Beatrice Northumberland 33     Forbes, Robert    
Aug 1, 1940 N. Stratford Ritchie, Clyde Northumberland 40 Truck Driver   Ritchie, Fred E.    
Aug 1, 1940   Douglas, Nellie Beatrice Island Pond, VT 29 At Home   Miller, James    
Aug 3, 1940 Northumberland Reed, Raymond Northumberland 20 Mill Worker   Reed, Henry W.    
Aug 3, 1940   Gagnon, Dorothy Northumberland 19 P. O. Clerk   Gagnon, Herman S.    
Aug 3, 1940 Lunenburg, VT Allin, Charles T. Northumberland 41 Paper Finisher   Allin, Charles H.    
Aug 3, 1940   Gould, Junie N. Northumberland       Bacon, James H.    
Aug 11, 1940 N. Stratford Hook, Carrol Leonard Northumberland 21 Laborer   Hook, Grant    
Aug 11, 1940   Dewey, Helen Doris Colebrook 19     Dewey, George    
Sept 21, 1940 Lancaster Lunn, James Woodrow Stark 25 R. R. Watchman   Lunn, Riley S.    
Sept 21, 1940   Scott, Beatrice Mae Northumberland 20 Paper Finisher   Scott, Albert J.    
Sept 28, 1940 Berlin Pelletier, Leo Alfred Northumberland 29 Mill man   Pelletier, Joseph    
Sept 28, 1940   Pepin, Jeanne D'Arc Berlin 18 At Home   Pepin, Didier    
Oct 5, 1940 Northumberland Welch, Merlyn Sheldon Bath 21 Farmer   Welch, Freeman C.    
Oct 5, 1940   Ball, Evelyn Gertrude J. Northumberland 15 At Home   Ball, Edward E.    
Oct 9, 1940 Milan Kettell, Adams Hinman Northumberland 60 Retired   Kettel, James    
Oct 9, 1940   Woolley, Josephine Anna Northumberland 69 Housekeeper   Hoye, Pat    
Oct 10, 1940 Lancaster Roy, Lucien Lancaster 38 Laborer   Roy, Donat    
Oct 10, 1940   Boutwell, Gertrude Northumberland 48     Boutwell, Warren    
Nov 1, 1940 Northumberland Covieo, Willard M. Northumberland 36 Mgr., Post Office   Covieo, Arthur    
Nov 1, 1940   Hikel, Dorothy D. Canaan, VT 36 Teacher   Duff, Henry    
Nov 2, 1940 Northumberland Call, Jack Wessley Northumberland 23 Paper Maker   Call, John W.    
Nov 2, 1940   Drew, Celina Julia Northumberland 31 Mill Worker   Pinnette, Joseph    
Nov 9, 1940 Northumberland Sloan, Herbert P. Island Pond, VT 29 Transportation   Sloan, John D.    
Nov 9, 1940   King, Alyce Ida Northumberland 23 Mill Worker   King, Theodore    
Nov 19, 1940 Burlington, VT Deline, Gerald Maynard Northumberland 23 Military Service   Deline, George Oscar    
Nov 19, 1940   Lascelles, Armande Marie Burlington, VT 20 Maple Sugar Labor   Lascelles, Omer N.    
Dec 20, 1940 Northumberland Hawksley, Faye Kempton Northumberland 23 Paper maker   Hawksley, Charles F.    
Dec 20, 1940   Astle, Alberta Mabel Northumberland 18 Mill Worker   Astle, Owen H.    
Dec 21, 1940 Northumberland Nelson, William Keith Northumberland 21 Paper maker   Nelson, William H.    
Dec 21, 1940   Patsey, Violet Lorraine Northumberland 21 Paper Finisher   Patsey, Joseph    
Dec 21, 1940 Northumberland Currier, Alfred Lancaster 24 Painter   Currier, John    
Dec 21, 1940   Hand, Karlene Northumberland 24 Teacher   Hand, Walter    
Jan 20, 1941 Groveton O'Neil, Herbert George Northumberland 21 Truckman   O'Neil, William C.    
    Aube, Mary Ernestine Northumberland 25 Papermill Emp.   Aube, Leo    
Mar 30, 1941 Groveton Hickey, Raymond True Northumberland 23 Resawman   Hickey, Roy    
    Beland, Angeliene Lisbon 35 At Home   Beland, Adolphe    
Apr 5, 1941 Groveton Robinson, Ira Herbert Northumberland 19 Laborer   Robinson, Carl H.    
    Brigham, Evelyn Phyllis Northumberland 16     Brigham, Frank    
Apr 12, 1941 Groveton Langley, George Andrew Northumberland 20 Beaterman   Langley, George Sr.    
    Blay, Eleanor Mae Northumberland 18 Finisher Tissue   Blay, Bert    
May 3, 1941 Northumberland Stevens, Kenneth Erwin Northumberland 24 Paper Shipper   Stevens, Clark    
    Paquette, Blanche Louise Northumberland 18 Paper Finisher   Paquette, Moise    
May 7, 1941 Groveton Stone, David North Northumberland 23 Timekeeper   Stone, Everett    
    Clark, Gaynelle Roberta Northumberland 19 Cook   Clark, Arnold    
May 24, 1941 Groveton Gendron, Francis Clinton Berlin 23 Laboratory Asst.   Gendron, Obed M.    
    Davis, Claire Ruth Northumberland 23 Social Worker   Davis, Ernest J.    
Apr 26, 1941 Bethel, ME Lambert, Edward Wm. Berlin 29 Mill Worker   Lambert, John A.    
    Dunham, Alice Grace Groveton 26 Mill Worker   Dunham, Everett L.    
June 13, 1941 Colebrook Parker, Paul R. Northumberland 21 Laborer   Parker, Harold    
    Howland, Erma Northumberland 18 At Home   Howland, Burl    
June 28, 1941 Groveton Blay, Perlie Ernest Northumberland 22 Mill Hand   Blay, Albert James    
    Aubin, Rita Pauline Percy 20 Housekeeper   Aubin, Alvah Joseph    
July 11, 1941 Groveton Potter, John Richard Northumberland 26 Clerk   Potter, Clayton    
    Mullen, Harriett Lulu Northumberland 26 School teacher   Mullen, Abbie Anne    
July 19, 1941 Groveton George, Charles Fotes Northumberland 25 Papermill Labor   George, Fotes    
    Gagnon, Eva Mary B. Northumberland 19 Converting Plant L.   Gagnon, John    
July 31, 1941 N. Stratford Knowlton, Clement Northumberland 21 Sulphite Mill L.   Knowlton, Orrin    
    Frizzell, Eva Colebrook 17 Housekeeper   Frizzell, Albert O.    
Aug 3, 1941 N. Stratford Fountain, Ovila A. Northumberland 32 Paper Finisher   Fountain, Joseph Henry    
    Lord, Mildred Eva Northumberland 20 At Home   Lord, Arthur Shepard    
Aug 18, 1941 Groveton Stevens, Daniel Andrews Littleton 22 Soldier   Stevens, Everett    
    Furlotte, Josephine F. Northumberland 19 At Home   Furlotte, Joseph    
Aug 4, 1941 Newark, VT Cass, James H. Northumberland 71 Laborer   Cass, Haden    
    Hopps, Lillian Sarah Northumberland 23 Housekeeper   Roberts, George    
Sept 6, 1941 Groveton Hannon, Eugene Edward Portland, ME 26 Salesman   Hannon, Edward    
    Craggy, Lucille Jennie Northumberland 26 Teacher   Craggy, George T.    
Sept 27, 1941 Groveton LaBrecque, Robert Henry Northumberland 21 Papermill Wax Rm   LaBrecque, Amos    
    Brooks, Ailene Elizabeth Northumberland 21 At Home   Brooks, Rolland    
Oct 1, 1941 Northumberland Coffin, Harold Palmer Jr. Cambridge, MA (3)1 Statistician   Coffin, Harold P.    
    Fairbrother, Katherine Alfreda Cambridge, MA 27 Clerk   Fairbrother, Ira    
Oct 3, 1941 Lancaster Ferrini, Maugo Oreste Northumberland (3)3 Comptroller   Ferrini, Oreste    
    Tibbetts, Edna Louise Northumberland 29 At Home   Tibbetts, Frank    
Oct 18, 1941 Lisbon Wheeler, Guy Walter Northumberland 30 Laborer   Wheeler, James    
    Collins, Everdean Rose Northumberland 17 At Home   Collins, Wallace    
Oct 25, 1941 Lancaster Howe, Harlie Wells Lancaster 41 Wax Machine emp   Howe, Burt J.    
    Hafford, Laura Ruth Northumberland 39 Stenographer   Hafford, Roscoe     
Nov 27, 1941 Northumberland Turner, Albert Wentworth Loca'n 19 Farmer   Turner, Clayton    
    Gould, Barbara Ann Northumberland 16 At Home   Gould, Elmer J.    
Nov 29, 1941 Groveton Drouin, Richard Thomas Northumberland 23 Trimmer Conv. Plt.   Drouin, Thomas    
    Leclere, Anita Eva Northumberland 22 Finisher Conv. Plt   Leclere, Louis    
Nov 29, 1941 Lancaster Stickney, Arthur F. Jr. Lancaster 20 Carpenter   Stickney, Arthur F.    
    Howe, Louise Anne Northumberland 17 Student   Howe, Harry C.    
Dec 8, 1941 Groveton Tetu, Carl Stratford 19 Farmer   Tetu, John    
    Gaudette, Blanche Northumberland 15 At Home   Gaudette, George    
Dec 14, 1941 N. Stratford Sirois, George Arthur Northumberland 47 Brick layer   Sirois, Joseph    
    Livingston, Lillian Iver Northumberland 34 Homemaker   Livingston, John    
Dec 20, 1941 Groveton Stone, Earl Nicholas Northumberland 41 Carpenter   Stone, Frank N.    
    Kidder, Dorothy Amelia Stark 24 Waitress   Emerson, Robert J.    
Dec 21, 1941 Groveton Stone, Delwyn Carlton Northumberland 24 Soldier   Stone, Dewey    
    Schuyler, Frances Waneta Northumberland 22 At Home   Schuyler, Frank    
Dec 24, 1941 Northumberland Lurvey, Orville P. Northumberland (3)2 Farmer   Lurvey, Myron    
    Curtis, Carolyn V. Northumberland 18 At Home   Curtis, Albert    
Dec 24, 1941 Groveton Hunter, Henry G. Northumberland 26 Soldier   Hunter, Fred    
    Hanson, Pauline M. Northumberland 26 Labeler Papermill   Hanson, Joseph    
Dec 25, 1941 Groveton Elliott, Raymond Arlo Northumberland 21 Labor Papermill   Elliott, Arlo    
    Nelson, Phyllis Jean Northumberland 20 Clerk   Nelson, William      
Dec 26, 1941 Groveton Crowley, Derwood James Lawrence, MA 21 Mill Worker   Crowley, James    
    Falardeau, Loretta Cecilia Northumberland 21 Mill Worker   Falardeau, Louis    
Dec 31, 1941 Groveton Sheridan, Wilfred George Berlin 24 Laborer   Sheridan, Thomas    
    Perkins, Arline Mary Northumberland (2)0 Domestic   Perkins, John    
Jan 1, 1942 Lancaster Wood, Blaine Frances Colebrook 28 Laborer   Wood, Frank    
    Scott, Esther Covell Northumberland 28 Housekeeper   Covell, Arthur    
Jan 16, 1942 Northumberland Paquette, Romeo Ernest Littleton 23 Plumber   Paquette, Mose     
    Leclere, Marjorie Mary Northumberland 26 At Home   Hopps, Ralph F.    
Jan 17, 1942 Northumberland Stone, Kenneth Herbert Northumberland 20 Soldier   Stone, Dewey    
    Collins, Claire Marie Northumberland 18 Housekeeper   Collins, Sidney    
Jan 19, 1942 Newport, VT Goddard, Archie Leon Newport, VT 45 Electrician   Goddard, Charles    
    Legarey, Agnes Mary Groveton 23 Telephone Opr.   Legarey, Charles    
Jan 27, 1942 Lancaster Savage, Herman Eugene Northumberland 64 Farmer   Savage, Roswell    
    Matthews, Ethel Johnstone Lancaster 51 Homemaker   Johnstone, Edward B.    
Jan 29, 1942 Northumberland Shores, Arthur Bernard Northumberland 52 Laborer   Shores, Henry    
    Dowse, Nora May Northumberland 49 Housekeeper   Andrews, Arrin    
Feb 7, 1942 Northumberland Corkum, Sherman D. Stark 37 Laborer   Corkum, H. S.    
    Hayes, Clarice E. Groveton 22 Nurse   Hayes, Horace    
Feb 14, 1942 Colebrook Collins, Elba William Columbia 23 Soldier   Collins, Wallace    
    Emerson, Roberta Lee Groveton 18 Housework   Emerson, Robert      
Mar 9, 1942 N. Stratford Bacon, Walter Guy Milan 37 R. R. Labor   Bacon, James H.    
    Day, Wava Louise Northumberland 29 Waitress   Arsenault, Henry    
Mar 16, 1942 Groveton Beliveau, Robert Joseph Northumberland 17     Beliveau, Ernest    
    Roberge, Rita Annette Northumberland 15     Roberge, Albert    
Mar 28, 1942 Littleton Wright, Earl Gilbert Northumberland 20     Wright, Evil    
    Ramsdall, Louise Effie Northumberland 22     Ramsdell, Roy    
May 4, 1942 Groveton Swift, Kendall A. Northumberland 30     Swift, Perley    
    Swift, Emilia Louise Northumberland 25     Tremper, Josepher    
May 16, 1942 Groveton Dancoes, Raymond George White River Jct., VT 24     Dancoes, Joseph Edward    
    Methot, Evelyn Cecelia Groveton 23     Methot, Jean Charles    
May 18, 1942 Northumberland Chilafor, Mitchell Frank Northumberland 30     Chilafor, Archie    
    Brigham, Cynthia Jane Northumberland 17     Brigham, Frank    
May 23, 1942 Northumberland Plourd, Valaire Northumberland 25     Plourd, Fred    
    Bourbeau, Lucille Lorraine Berlin 21     Bourbeau, Joseph    
June 3, 1942 Groveton McKenzie, Aren Edward Augusta, ME 30     McKenzie, Hans Wilson    
    Humphrey, Elizabeth Anna Augusta, ME 44     Clark, George    
June 6, 1942 Guildhall, VT Marshall, Donald Wilbur Northumberland 27     Marshall, Andrew    
    Barnes, Ava Yvonne Brighton, VT 22     Barnes, Cydney H.    
June 13, 1942 Lunenburg, VT Welch, Raymond E. Northumberland 47     Welch, F. J.    
    O'Mars, Ava M. Northumberland 46     Curtis, Frank A.    
June 22, 1942 Groveton Perron, Ernest Eusebe Northumberland 37     Perron, Ernest    
    Cote, Cecile Marie Ange Stark 29     Cote, Joseph    
July 5, 1942 Groveton Dupuis, Maurice Francis Northumberland 20     Dupuis, Orvila B.    
    Stone, Jane Etta Northumberland 17     Stone, Everett E.    
July 13, 1942 Groveton Perkins, Gordon Joseph Northumberland 23     Perkins, John L.    
    Caulkins, Lillian Veronica Northumberland 21     Caulkins, Ralph E.    
July 31, 1942 Colebrook Mickelboro, Harry Irvin Northumberland 37     Mickelboro, Allan    
    Tapley, Mildred Laura N. Stratford 22     Forest, Edward    
Aug 1, 1942 Groveton Langley, Robert George Northumberland 23 Clerk   Langley, George A.    
    Devost, Medora Francois Northumberland 18 Papermill Emp.   Devost, Joseph P.    
Aug 26, 1942 Island Pond, VT Miller, John Burton Brighton, VT 25 Laborer   Miller, William    
    Tippitt, Evelyn Julia Groveton 17 Housework   Tippitt, Robert G.    
Sept 14, 1942 Groveton LeClerc, Arthur Gilbert Jr. Northumberland 25 Paper maker   LeClerc, Arthur    
    Calkins, Elizabeth Mary Northumberland 19 Paper Finisher   Calkins, Ralph    
Sept 22, 1942 N. Stratford Hart, Royden Adriance W. Milan 21 Railroad Emp.   Hart, John    
    Cote, Ida Irene Northumberland 24 Laundry Work   Cote, Jerome    
Oct 10, 1942 Lancaster Allin, Merle Colby Northumberland 18 Laborer   Allin, Charles    
    Blodgett, Lillian Flora Northumberland 18 At Home   Blodgett, Haven S.    
Oct 12, 1942 Groveton King, Theodore Alfred Northumberland 21 Fireman   King, Theodore Roy    
    McGuire, Belvah Modena Northumberland 17 At Home   McGuire, Harry    
Oct 23, 1942 Groveton Bingham, Howard Clifford Island Pond, VT 26 Railroad Emp.   Bingham, Clifford Roy    
    Barlow, Hazel Louise Northumberland 17 At Home   Barlow, William    
Oct 26, 1942 Groveton Cotter, Francis James Northumberland 28 Farmer   Cotter, James    
    Fournier, Simone Dora Northumberland 23 At Home   Fournier, Alcee    
Oct 29, 1942 Groveton Charron, Henry Ely Northumberland 20 Laborer   Charron, Ely    
    Gardiner, Irene Mary Northumberland 18 At Home   Gardiner, Edward    
Nov 2, 1942 Groveton Harmer, Arthur Belmont Northumberland 21 Laborer   Harmer, Arthur C.    
    Morgan, Phyllis Marjorie Northumberland 17 Paper Finisher   Morgan, John    
Dec 5, 1942 Groveton Boutwell, Ernest Clayton Northumberland 22 Laborer   Boutwell, Herbert    
    Bailey, Christie Ada Northumberland 28 Waitress   McKeag, Robert    
Dec 10, 1942 Groveton Robinson, Frederick George Northumberland 19 Papermill Emp.   Robinson, Frederick    
    Gardiner, Alice Mary Northumberland 17 At Home   Gardiner, Edward    
Dec 24, 1942 N. Stratford Barnes, Carl Harold Northumberland 34 Farmer   Barnes, Manley C.    
    Hartlen, Marvis Grace Northumberland 21 At Home   Hartlen, Briar A.    
Dec 26, 1942 Groveton McFarland, Gerald Arthur Northumberland 27 Army Service   McFarland, Clessie    
    Banner, Phyllis Elaine Northumberland 27 Schoolteacher   Banner, Lionel Herbert    
Jan 16, 1943 Littleton Gagnon, James R. Northumberland 24 Soldier   Gagnon, Herman S.    
    Flynn, Leona C. Littleton 25 Office Clerk   Flynn, John T.    
Feb 2, 1943 Groveton Covell, Curtis A. Northumberland 26 Laborer   Covell, Arthur J.    
    Platt, Gertrude E. Northumberland 28 Papermill Emp.   Platt, John J.    
Feb 6, 1943 Groveton Normand, Joseph J. Northumberland 35 Section Foreman   Normand, Jean    
    Boutwell, Elsie B. Northumberland 38 Homemaker   Bailey, William    
Mar 6, 1943 Dover Hopps, Clarence J. Northumberland 23 Soldier   Hopps, John    
    Horr, Eleanor M. Dover 23 Textile Worker   Horr, Virgil L.    
Mar 8, 1943 Groveton Sanborn, Carroll D. Northumberland 26 Soldier   Sanborn, William    
    Emery, Arline M. Northumberland 22 Stenographer   Emery, James L.    
Mar 9, 1943 Groveton Sheltry, Clarence E. Northumberland 39 Laborer   Sheltry, Fred A.    
    Hurson, Marguerite F. Northumberland 38 Clerk   Hurson, Fred C.    
May 18, 1943 Littleton Lewis, Royal C. Jr. Littleton 26 Officer USA   Lewis, Royal C.    
    Maloney, Mary E. Northumberland 21 Beautician   Maloney, John H.    
June 8, 1943 Gorham Collins, Merton H. Northumberland 34 Farmer   Collins, Wallace    
    Paquette, Theresa G. Northumberland 26 Housewife   Paquette, Mose    
June 11, 1943 Groveton Hurlbutt, Ralph H. Northumberland 24 Soldier   Hurlbutt, Henry A.    
    Johnson, Hildred I. Northumberland 25 P. O. Clerk   Johnson, Harry    
June 12, 1943 Groveton O'Brien, Nathan Northumberland 71 Laborer   O'Brien, Thomas    
    Hendrick, Bessie Northumberland 51 Homemaker   McFarland, Jerard    
June 14, 1943 Colebrook Breault, Joseph J. Northumberland 30 Papermaker   Breault, John B.    
    McKeen, Daphne Northumberland 32 At Home   Neuton, Delph    
June 28, 1943 Groveton Herson, Fred C. Northumberland 52 R. R. Sectionman   Herson, John    
    Ball, Katie B. Northumberland 48 Homemaker   Baird, Avery    
Aug 6, 1943 New London, CT Griffith, Charles E. Portland, ME 46 Naval Officer   Griffith, Ambrose A.    
    Christopher, Ruth A. Groveton 34 Dental Hygienist   Christopher, Robert E.    
Aug 6, 1943 S. Portland, ME Macloon, David G. Groveton 24 Soldier   Mattice, Russell    
    Kelley, Eunice M. S. Portland, ME 22 Welder   Boutwell, Charles    
Aug 12, 1943 Walpole Woodward, Roland A. Groveton 29 Soldier   Woodward, Walter    
    Jennison, Gertrude S. Walpole 30 At Home   Jennison, Harry    
Aug 14, 1943 Groveton Bergeron, Roger G. Groveton 28 Clerk   Bergeron, Alphonse D.    
    Clark, Theodora P. Groveton 23 Beautician   Clark, Arnold M.    
Sept 24, 1943 Northumberland Higgins, Franklin A. Northumberland 41 Foreman Sulphite mill   Higgins, Frank    
    Shufelt, Nettie E. Northumberland 33 Papermill emp.   Shufelt, John    
Oct 30, 1943 Island Pond, VT Marquis, Albert A. Island Pond, VT 26 Soldier   Marquis, Henry    
    Kingston, Viola A. Northumberland 23 Papermill Emp.   Kingston, Jack    
Dec 18, 1943 Groveton Hodgdon, John A. Granby, VT 25 Soldier   Hodgdon, A. C.    
    Barrows, Maevis E. Northumberland 18 Papermill Emp.   Barrows, Walter    
Dec 23, 1943 Groveton Lavoie, David E. Northumberland 25 Soldier   Lavoie, Elizear    
    Cloutier, Marie L. Northumberland 24 Papermill Emp.   Cloutier, Adelard    
Dec 25, 1943 Littleton Clifford, Harold J. Northumberland 48 Mechanist   Clifford, John    
    Smith, Dorothy J. Northumberland 35 Assorter Paper Co.   Smith, Israel    
Dec 26, 1943 Groveton Goulet, Leo L. Northumberland 29 Soldier   Goulet, Joseph    
    Greer, Fannie A. Laconia 19 At Home   Greer, Henry    
Dec 27, 1943 Groveton Blanchard, Armand R. Portland, ME 23 Welder   Blanchard, Antonio N.    
    Doherty, Mary F. Northumberland 19 Housekeeper   Doherty, Patrick L.    
Jan 1, 1944 Stratford Alexander, Joseph Wm. Northumberland 27 Finisher Papermill   Alexander, John    
    Hopps, Gloria Northumberland 18 At Home   Hopps, Francis    
Jan 15, 1944 Groveton Merritt, George Josha Northumberland 45 Paper Mfg emp.   Merritt, William    
    Gardiner, Winnifred E. Northumberland 53 At Home   Westwood, Fred    
Jan 24, 1944 Groveton Wiles, Norman Murray Northumberland 21 Soldier   Wiles, Murray    
    Woodward, Eleanor Edith Northumberland 21 Clerk   Woodward, Walter    
Jan 24, 1944 Groveton Grant, Rodney Wendell Northumberland 22 U. S. N. R.   Grant, Herbert W.    
    Curran, Winnifred K. Narriogewock, ME 23 Clerical   Curran, Thomas    
Jan 23, 1944 Groveton Brann, Kendall Woodrow Northumberland (2)5 1st Staff Sgt USMC   Brann, Sherburn    
    McDonough, Mary Francis Lancaster 22 Defense Emp.   McDonough, Bernard    
Jan 29, 1944 Northumberland Unifak, Anthony Chester Northumberland 49 Laborer   Unifak, Frank    
    Grant, Aurilla Emma Northumberland 35 Schoolteacher   Gadwgh, Irving    
Feb 2, 1944 Groveton Dupuis, Robert Ovila Northumberland 18 Clerk   Dupuis, Ovila    
    Roy, Loretta Mary Northumberland 20 At Home   Roy, Alfred    
Mar 9, 1944 Franklin Martin, Keith H. Lancaster 22 Soldier   Martin, Alfred H.    
    Bourgeois, Marguerite Groveton 22 At Home   Bourgeois, Jules    
Mar 31, 1944 Groveton Crispen, Charles Ray Mill Hall, PA 22 Lt. U. S. Army   Crispen, Warren C.    
    Macloon, Florence Suitor Northumberland 31 Dietitian   Macloon, Ernest H.    
Apr 11, 1944 Groveton Sheltry, Richard W. Northumberland 22 Purchasing Dept.   Sheltry, Edward    
    McKearney, Margaret E. Northumberland 18 At Home   McKearney, William    
Apr 15, 1944 Groveton Niro, Pvt. John Joseph Northumberland 21 U. S. Army   Niro, Frank    
    Ledger, Alice Mae Milford, MA 23 Papermill Emp.   Ledger, Francis    
Apr 24, 1944 Lancaster Savage, Chester Clinton Northumberland 30 Farmer   Savage, Herman    
    LaCroix, Doris Ruby Lancaster 19 Papermill Emp.   LaCroix, Joseph    
Apr 24, 1944 Groveton Chadwick, Michael Robert Northumberland 50 Millwright   Chadwick, Thomas    
    Lepine, Marguerite M. E. Montreal, PQ 46 Clerical   Lepine, Louis    
Apr 26, 1944 Lancaster Parks, Glen Northumberland 24 Sgt. U. S. Army   Parks, Arthur W.    
    Rogers, Lorena Northumberland 18 At Home   Rogers, Theodore    
Apr 29, 1944 Groveton Gagnon, Alfred Elias Northumberland 20 Laborer   Gagnon, Alfred    
    Brien, Doris Jeannette Northumberland 19 Papermill Emp.   Brien, Oliver    
May 1, 1944 Groveton Goulet, Maurice Eugene Northumberland 32 Sulphite Mine Emp.   Goulet, Joseph    
    Aldrich, Leone Elizabeth Northumberland 17 Converting Plant    Aldrich, Eddie    
May 2(1), 1944 Lancaster Parks, Lawrence Harold Northumberland 34 Farmer   Parks, Arthur W.    
    Bryant, Vivian Adeline Northumberland 19 At Home   Bryant, Herbert G.    
June 17, 1944 Groveton Haviland, Bruce Bowen Hartford, CT 24 Draftsman   Haviland, Chilson B.    
    Ellingwood, Margaret Northumberland 22 Secretary   Ellingwood, (I)smond D.    
June 20, 1944 Groveton Malasky, Charles Anthony Northumberland 2(9) None   Malasky, Jalin    
    Hayes, Hilda Simonds Northumberland 32 Beautician   Hayes, Ray S.    
July 3, 1944 Gorham Connary, Mason Stone Lancaster 25 Service Station   Connary, Harlan T.    
    Fuller, Juliette Shirley Northumberland 24 At Home   Bourgeois, J.    
Aug 6, 1944 Whitefield Spencer, Guy L. Northumberland 30 Truck Driver   Spencer, Dwight    
    Prue, Helen St. Johnsbury, VT 20 At Home   Prue, (B)uzene    
Sept 16, 1944 Groveton Bergeron, Alcide Albert Berlin 53 Foreman      Bergeron, Philip    
    Desfosses, Blanche Marie Northumberland 24 At Home   Defosses, Alphonse    
Sept 30, 1944 Lancaster Bondle, Henry Jarvis Lancaster 20 Laborer   Bondle, Irving    
    Collins, Alberta Ruth Northumberland 18 Finisher Papermill   Larkin, Joseph    
Oct 13, 1944 Lancaster Auger, Albert F. Northumberland 31 Soldier   Auger, Leon    
    Cass, Flora Ella Northumberland 20 Finisher Papermill   Cass, James      
Nov 20, 1944 Groveton Dumas, Wilfred Alex Whitefield 22 Laborer   Dumas, Alphonse    
    Hopps, Dorothy Cony Northumberland 27 At Home   Hopps, Ralph    
Nov 14, 1944 N. Stratford Ball, Francis Herbert Northumberland 64 Converting Plant   Ball, Emery M. D.    
    Preble, Jennie A. C. Manchester 52 At Home   Chandler, Edward Lee    
Nov 14, 1944 Groveton LaBrie, Lloyd Amie Claremont 30 Manager Store   LaBrie, Aime    
    Everard, Ange Marie Louise Northumberland 30 At Home   Everard, James    
Oct 16, 1944 Gorham Gordon, Joseph Harold Groveton 40 Woodsman   Gordon, Harry E.    
    Erickson, Edna Jennie Berlin 42 Housework   Erickson, Edward    
Nov 6, 1944 N. Stratford Cass, Thomas James Northumberland 21 Soldier   Cass, James H.    
    Sheltry, Christine Lena N. Stratford 20 Converting Plant   Sheltry, William    
Nov 7, 1944 N. Stratford Curtis, Walter Bishop Northumberland 51 Papermaker   Curtis, Hazen W.    
    Findley, Mary Elizabeth Northumberland 34 Homemaker   Findley, James R.    
Dec 23, 1944 Northumberland Thomas, Charles Herbert Northumberland 17 Sawmill emp.   Thomas, Edward    
    Gaudette, Katherine E. Northumberland 14 At Home   Gaudette, George    
Nov 23, 1944 Lancaster Real, Joseph Omer Arthur Northumberland 29 Mill Employee   Real, Oliver    
    Grondin, Marguerite Anne Lancaster 24 Housework   Grondin, George    
Jan 19, 1945 Northumberland Spaulding, Raymond George Northumberland 33 Soldier, U. S. Army   Spaulding, Frank W.    
    Willis, Maud Lillian Northumberland 34 Waitress   Willis, John    
Jan 25, 1945 Northumberland Ayers, Frederick Barton, Maryland 34 Soldier, U. S. Army   Ayers, Ezekiel    
    Livingston, Colleen Northumberland 17 At Home   Livingston, Ray I.    
Jan 28, 1945 Lancaster Christiansen, Herbert A. Northumberland 48 Wax Machine Opr.   Christiansen, Matthews    
    Stiles, Enid Hallie Northumberland 29 At Home   Gibson, ____    
Feb 5, 1945 Groveton Martin, Andrew Cecil Northumberland 25 Papermaker   Martin, Fred    
    Thomas, Doris Elizabeth Northumberland 21 At Home   Thomas, Edwin    
Feb 12, 1945 Groveton Richard, Leo Rumford, ME 20 Shipyard Emp.   Richard, Antoine J.    
    Leclair, Yvonne Northumberland 20 At Home   Leclaire, Delphis    
Feb 18, 1945 Northumberland Hodge, Charles Edward Jr. Groveton 23 Farmer   Hodge, Charles F.    
    Emerson, Faye Ferne Lancaster 18 Papermill   Emerson, Everett    
Mar 7, 1945 Lancaster Tilton, John Melvin Northumberland 27 Papermill Emp.   Tilton, Channie    
    DiCicco, Lena Boston, MA 25 At Home   DiCicco, Peter    
May 6, 1945 Lancaster Tilton, Earl Robert Bethlehem 40 Woods Contractor   Tilton, Channie    
    Doolan, Harriet Althea Groveton 25 Secretary   Doolan, Harry    
May 7, 1945 Groveton Pageau, Rolland Littleton 26 Soldier, U. S. Army   Pageau, Elzear    
    McFarland, Reta Groveton 25 Stenographer   McFarland, Clessie    
May 26, 1945 Lancaster McLain, Lyle Lester Lancaster 30 Mill Worker   McLain, Clessom C.    
    Stevens, Madeline Falyoa Northumberland 22 Mill Worker   Stevens, Edward M.    
June 2, 1945 Groveton Whorf, Allen Russell Brooklyn, NY 22 Sailor, U. S. Navy   Whorf, Steven C.    
    Silver, Shirley Phillips Northumberland 21 Nurse   Silver, John    
June 12, 1945 Lancaster Kimball, Rolland I. Northumberland 30 Soldier, U. S. Army   Kimball, Ray Eugene    
    McDonough, Ellen Ann Lancaster 21 U. S. Army   McDonough, Bernard P.    
June 13, 1945 Lancaster Beaton, Robert James Northumberland 21 Plumber   Beaton, Joseph S.    
    Buteau, Victoria Irene Lancaster 19 Clerk   Buteau, Joseph    
June 13, 1945 Groveton Ledger, James Elwin Northumberland 22 Mill Worker   Ledger, Frank    
    Hopps, Gloria Colleen Northumberland 19 Mill Worker   Hopps, Ralph    
June 20, 1945 Groveton McMahon, Frank Joseph Northumberland 51 Oiler Papermill   McMahon, Frank    
    Chadwick, Margaret E. Hartford, CT 39 At Home   Chadwick, Thomas    
July 14, 1945 N. Stratford Whiting, Lenwood Clough Northumberland 31 Farmer   Whiting, James    
    Hawksley, Alice Lydia Northumberland 22 At Home   Hawksley, Charles Fred    
July 24, 1945 Lancaster Roberts, William James Centre Lime, Mich 38 Foreman   Roberts, Joseph    
    Robert, May Emily Detroit, Mich 37 At Home   Wade, Thomas    
Aug 3, 1945 N. Stratford Payer, Francis Kenneth Portland, ME 23 Carpenter   Payer, James E.    
    Swift, Muriel Etta Northumberland 21 Conv. Plant Emp.   Swift, Perley    
Aug 19, 1945 Groveton Gagnon, Florent N. Northumberland 18 Soldier, U. S. Army   Gagnon, Alfred    
    Donovan, Evelyn Marie Northumberland 18 At Home   Donovan, Edgar    
Aug 20, 1945 Whitefield Luce, George Harrison Northumberland 57 Farmer   Luce, Francis R.    
    Fountain, Divina Mary Northumberland 34 Paper Finisher   Gaudette, Willie    
Sept 22, 1945 Groveton Swift, Willis Northumberland 28 Mill Worker   Swift, Perley    
    Fletcher, Irene Berlin 23 Clerk   Fletcher, George    
Sept 26, 1945 Groveton Lewis, Archie Leroy Lunenburg, VT 26 Paper Finisher   Lewis, Clarence    
    Goulet, Elizabeth Helena Northumberland 27 Papermaker   Goulet, Joseph    
Oct 6, 1945 N. Stratford Willis, Clyde Elvin Newport, VT 32 Mill Worker   Willis, John James    
    Jacobs, Effe Maude Newport, VT 31 Homemaker   Jacobs, Merton D.    
Nov 19, 1945 Groveton Brigham, Kenneth J. Northumberland 22 Papermaker   Brigham, Gordon    
    Willey, Ruth Lucille Northumberland 20 Conv. Plant Emp.   Willey, George L.    
Nov 27, 1945 Brunswick, ME Langley, Warren J. Northumberland 21 U. S. Navy   Langley, George    
    Sazonick, Sophie Olga Berlin 19 At Home   Sazonick, John    
Dec 5, 1945 Groveton McDade, Gilbert Henry Guildhall, VT 30 Farmer   McDade, Gilbert    
    Martineau, Mary Marie Northumberland 17 At Home   Martineau, Albert    
Dec 9, 1945 Groveton Walker, Woodbury Roswell Northumberland 32 Papermaker   Walker, Jesse    
    Merchant, Louise Rumford, ME 18 At Home   Merchant, William    
Dec 22, 1945 Groveton Wheeler, George Frederick Northumberland 26 Fireman   Wheeler, James    
    Bartlett, Phyllis Lorraine Auburn, ME 22 Stenographer   Bartlett, Kenneth    
Dec 29, 1945 Lancaster Potter, William Henry Lancaster 22 Farmer   Potter, Ellis A.    
    Allin, Eva Louise Northumberland 22 Secretary   Allin, Horatio N.    
Jan 12, 1946 Milford, MA Ledger, Francis Henry, Jr. Groveton, NH 26 Millwright   Ledger, Francis H., Sr.    
    Diomedes, Maria Ann Milford, MA 22 Shoe Worker   Diomedes, Anthony    
Jan 19, 1946 Groveton, NH Golden, James Edward Groveton, NH 33 Clerk   Golden, John E.    
    Swift, Bertine Erma Groveton, NH 23 Stenographer   Swift, Perley    
Jan 24, 1946 Groveton, NH Perry, Harry Albert Groveton, NH 29 Welder   Spencer, Dwight    
    Gilchrist, Laura Victoria Groveton, NH 29 Paper Finisher   Cloutier, Charles    
Jan 28, 1946 Groveton, NH Robinson, Arthur Wayne Groveton, NH 20 Truck Driver   Robinson, Carl H.    
    Evans, Ruth Elizabeth Groveton, NH 20 At Home   Evans, Stephen H.    
Jan 31, 1946 Northumberland Beliveau, Robert Joseph Groveton, NH 21 Laborer   Beliveau, Ernest    
    Breault, Dorothy Josephine Groveton, NH 20 At Home   Breault, Felix    
Feb 2, 1946 Groveton, NH Kondrat, Stanley Cambridge, MA 25 Cook   Kondrat, Adolphe P.    
    Jackson, Geneva Edna Groveton, NH 25 Clerk   Jackson, Edwin H.    
Feb 25, 1946 Groveton, NH Wright, Vernon Hardwick 30 Farmer   Wright, John    
    Bushey, Pauline Groveton, NH 26 Store Proprietor   Bushey, Walter O.    
March 2, 1946 Groveton, NH Jalbert, Gaston Paul Beecher Falls, VT 20 Machine Opr.   Jalbert, Alfred    
    Godbout, Yvette Marie Groveton, NH 18 Converting Plant   Godbout, Joseph    
March 5, 1946 Groveton, NH McMann, Raynold Hartwell Groveton, NH 22 Papermill Emp.   McMann, Charles C.    
    Wheelock, Norma Isabelle Groveton, NH 18 Papermill Emp.   Wheelock, Carroll    
March 9, 1946 Groveton, NH Blay, Roy Sidney Groveton, NH 18 Laborer   Blay, Bert    
    Bolduc, Lula May Groveton, NH 18 Converting Plant   Bolduc, Francis    
April 12, 1946 Groveton, NH Robertson, Edward Logie Groveton, NH 32 Electrician   Robertson, Charles    
    Emerson, Roberta Lee   20 Converting Plant   Emerson, Robert    
May 16, 1946 Groveton, NH Dulyna, John Groveton, NH 24 Papermill Emp.   Dulyna, William    
    Jarvis, Leola Madeline Groveton, NH 26 Converting Plant   Jarvis, William    
May 19, 1946 Orleans, VT Marsh, Robert Willard Groveton, NH 21 Ex-Serviceman   Marsh, Gordon    
    Donnelly, Pauline Mary Groveton, NH 23 Nurse   Donnelly, Hayen    
May 25, 1946 Groveton, NH Cloutier, William Samuel Groveton, NH 25 Carpenter   Cloutier, Adelard    
    Curtis, Marylin Ernestine Groveton, NH 23 Converting Plant   Curtis, Ernest J.    
May 31, 1946 Groveton, NH McMann, Paul Groveton, NH 24 Truckman   McMann, Charles     
    Tibbetts, Leonora Groveton, NH 22 Waitress   Tibbetts, Wilfred C.    
June 1, 1946 Groveton, NH Scofield, John Smalley F. Ethan Allen, VT 22 Office Machine Serv.   Scofield, Hugh    
    Forrest, Josephine Fay Groveton, NH 20 Converting Plant   Forrest, Clyde A.    
June 6, 1946 Whitefield Daniels, George C. Berlin 37 Police Officer   Daniels, George D.    
    Veazey, Virginia Etta Groveton, NH 24 Typist   Veazey, John W.    
June 8, 1946 Groveton, NH Brown, Paul Bishop Stratford 24 Millworker   Brown, Earl    
    Perkins, Shirley Ruth Groveton, NH 18 Millworker   Perkins, John    
June 15, 1946 Groveton, NH Oakes, Philip Harold Groveton, NH 26 Repairman   Oakes, Wilfred    
    Bedard, Elaine Effie Groveton, NH 25 Homemaker   Gilbert, W. J.    
June 22, 1946 Groveton, NH Michaud, Leon Stark 39 Woodsman   Michaud, Thomas    
    Gagnon, Florence Lucille Berlin 30 At Home   Gagnon, Treffle    
June 22, 1946 Groveton, NH Mullings, Charles Joseph Albuquerque, NM 22 Student   Mullings, Dewy A.    
    Nute, Cynthia Ann Groveton, NH 19 Hairdresser   Nute, Homer    
June 22, 1946 Groveton, NH Forrest, John A. Groveton, NH 24 Millworker   Forrest, Clyde    
    Cloutier, Anita L. Groveton, NH 22 Converting Plant   Cloutier, Adelard    
June 26, 1946 Groveton, NH Pierce, Lester Clifford Lancaster 28 Logger   Pierce, Artemeum    
    Hopps, Glenna Pauline Groveton, NH 24     Hopps, Ralph    
June 29, 1946 N. Stratford Cilley, Clifton C. Groveton, NH (2)4 Carpenter   Cilley, Leon W.    
    Crawford, Vivien Groveton, NH 22 Converting Plant   Crawford, Walter    
June 29, 1946 N. Stratford Wentworth, Donald James Rochester 18 Laborer   Wentworth, Horace    
    Brigham, Ethelda Mae Northumberland 20 Millworker   Brigham, Gordon    
June 29, 1946 Groveton, NH Kingston, Durward Ernest Groveton, NH 29 Digester Helper   Kingston, Robert C.    
    Cloutier, Florence Adrian Groveton, NH 23 Wax Dept.   Cloutier, Adelard    
July 6, 1946 Groveton, NH Cloutier, Eugene Peter Groveton, NH 22 Papermill Emp.   Cloutier, Victor    
    Mathurin, Hattie Florida Groveton, NH 19 At Home   Mathurin, William    
July 13, 1946 Lancaster Wilson, Robert Paul Groveton, NH 22 Student   Wilson, Edward A.    
    Christiansen, Justine Mary Lancaster 19 Hairdresser   Christiansen, Carl A.    
July 20, 1946 Lancaster Watson, Raymond Fred Northumberland 49 Papermaker   Watson, Fred    
    Whiteman, Pearl Winifred Northumberland 58 Homemaker   Whiteman, Alson M.    
July 27, 1946 Groveton, NH Miles, Herbert Leon, Jr. Groveton, NH 26 Millworker   Miles, Herbert    
    Deyette, Edith Agnes Groveton, NH 25 Converting Plant   Deyette, Philip    
Aug 2, 1946 Northumberland Langlois, Adlard Groveton, NH 40 U. S. Airforce   Langlois, Alexander    
    Perry, Rita Groveton, NH 26 At Home   Belliveau, Ernest    
Aug 3, 1946 Groveton, NH Fontaine, Homer Joseph St. Johnsbury, VT 39 Salesman   Fontaine, Joseph    
    Berry, Raybon O. West Burke, VT 25 Housekeeper   Berry, Albert E.    
Aug 5, 1946 N. Stratford Howland, William A. N. Stratford 17 Sawmill Emp.   Howland, Burl E.    
    White, Pearl Irene Groveton, NH 22 Converting Plant   White, Earl J.    
Aug 17, 1946 Northumberland Forde, Robert Clive Groveton, NH 19 Truck Driver   Forde, Clifford    
    Thomas, Katherine Eleanor Groveton, NH 15 At Home   Gaudette, George    
Aug 17, 1946 Groveton, NH Chenette, Edgar Henry Groveton, NH 22 Millworker   Chenette, Albert    
    Roy, Theresa Mary Ann Groveton, NH 21 Tissue Mill Emp.   Roy, Ludger    
Aug 18, 1946 Groveton, NH Dupuis, Robert Ovila Groveton, NH 20 Clerk   Dupuis, Ovila B.    
    Penny, Eleanor Shirley Groveton, NH 25 At Home   Penny, Joseph    
Sept 1, 1946 Colebrook Craggy, Howard Alba Groveton, NH 37 Foreman Mill   Craggy, George F.    
    Pettingill, Pauline Hazel Lancaster 22 Nurse   Pettingill, Louis F.    
Sept 8, 1946 Lancaster Locke, Walter R. Groveton, NH 53 Carpenter Foreman   Locke, Fred W.    
    Maddox, Estelle M. Old Orchard, ME 58 At Home   Nelson, John W.    
Sept 12, 1946 N. Stratford Maguire, Forrest Leith Groveton, NH 25 Trucking   Maguire, Harry    
    Kingston, Berta Hope Groveton, NH 23 At Home   Kingston, Robert       
Sept 26, 1946 Haverhill Gould, Jay J. Northumberland 23 Farmer   Gould, Elmer J.    
    McGuire, Bethany Rilma Northumberland 23 Converting Plant   McGuire, Harry    
Sept 28, 1946 Groveton, NH Wilson, Edward Clarence Groveton, NH 24 Millworker   Wilson, Edward A.    
    Nute, Dorcas Jane Groveton, NH 22 Teacher   Nute, Homer H.    
Oct 12, 1946 N. Stratford Parker, Harley Luther Groveton, NH 26 Mechanic   Parker, Edwin    
    Curtis, Geraldine Nona N. Stratford 20 At Home   Curtis, Clyde M.    
Oct 12, 1946 N. Stratford Jewell, John Paige Groveton, NH 23 Laborer   Jewell, Arthur C.    
    Curtis, Eleanor Marion N. Stratford 22 Millworker   Curtis, Clyde M.    
Oct 12, 1946 Lisbon Bennett, Ralph Stevens Groveton, NH 34 Filling Station Att.   Bennett, Leslie L.    
    Marden, Velma Ava Maidstone, VT 32 Hairdresser   O'Mara, Thomas B.    
Oct 25, 1946 Lancaster Abbott, Harold Francis Boston, MA 39 Painter   Abbott, Charles H.    
    Bain, Geraldine Leona Cambridge, MA 26 Switchboard Opr.   Bain, Jack    
Oct 25, 1946 Groveton, NH Beaudette, Jessie J. Groveton, NH 64 Millwright   Beaudette, Frank    
    Boutin, Amanda St. Nerce Ctr., P.Q. 63 Homemaker   Boutin, David    
Oct 27, 1946 Groveton, NH Dobson, Louis W., Jr. Westbrook, ME 25 Papermaker   Dobson, Louis W., Sr.    
    Fogg, Lylas E. Groveton, NH 25 Secretary   Fogg, Earl    
Nov 1, 1946 Groveton, NH Cushing, Robert Carroll Groveton, NH 22 Student   Cushing, Guy W.    
    Connary, Delia Marjorie Stratford 23 At Home   Connary, Ervin J.    
Nov 2, 1946 Groveton, NH Davenport, Donald Joseph Groveton, NH 26 Sealer   Davenport, Ivan    
    Cote, Jean Eugene Groveton, NH 37 Housewife   Fountain, Henry    
Nov 23, 1946 Groveton, NH Connary, Maurice Platt Stratford 19 Converting Plant   Connary, Howard    
    Gilman, Constance Helen Groveton, NH 20 Converting Plant   Gilman, Antonio    
Dec 7, 1946 Groveton, NH Jewell, Ernest Webb Groveton, NH 20 Papermaker   Jewell, Arthur C.    
    Hodgkins, Beverly Jane Groveton, NH 19 Converting Plant   Hodgkins, Ernest    
Dec 14, 1946 Groveton, NH McCray, Burpee Stephen Readsville, MA 23 Rigger   McCray, Harvey A.    
    Foster, Lena Pearl Groveton, NH 20 Waitress   Foster, Melvin    
Dec 22, 1946 Groveton, NH Stanton, Robert Horace Bloomfield, VT 30 Mechanic   Stanton, Everette    
    McKenney, Ruby Lena Groveton, NH 23 Converting Plant   McKenny, George    
Dec 25, 1946 Groveton, NH Brigham, Frederick George Groveton, NH 24 Trucking   Brigham, Gordon    
    Marshall, Gladys Joanne West Milan 18 Converting Plant   Marshall, Elmer C.    
Dec 30, 1946 Lakeport Oakes, Edward W. Groveton, NH 20 U. S. Navy   Tibbetts, Wilfred     
    LeClaire, Barbara Concord 18 Telephone Opr.   LeClaire, Joseph    
Jan 4, 1947 Groveton, NH Fuller, Roger Leon Groveton, NH 20 Millworker   Fuller, Leslie J.    
    Parker, Lottie Bessie Groveton, NH 18 Converting Plant   Parker, Louise    
Jan 11, 1947 Groveton, NH Wiles, Carroll Charles Groveton, NH 46 Cook   Wiles, Charles    
    Duquette, Theresa Marie Groveton, NH 21 Papermill Emp.   Duquette, Regis    
Jan 29, 1947 Groveton, NH McMann, Wilson Bryan Stratford 22 Farmer   McMann, David    
    LeClere, Louise Anna Groveton, NH 17 Student   LeClere, Delphis    
Feb 22, 1947 Groveton, NH Mills, Frederick John Groveton, NH 19 Ice Dealer   Mills, Frederick    
    Tillotson, Margaret Louise Groveton, NH 17 Millworker   Tillotson, Earl    
March 15, 1947 Groveton, NH Pinkham, George Randall Whitefield 23 Laborer   Pinkham, George, Sr.    
    Brigham, Daphne Mary Groveton, NH 17 Paper Finisher   Brigham, Frank    
March 29, 1947 Whitefield Dalphond, Stephen R. Medford, MA 37 Fireman   Dalphond, Charles    
    McGivney, Doris Groveton, NH 40 Nurse   Ketell, Adam    
March 27, 1947 Groveton, NH Cote, Ferdinand Carmille Northumberland 62 Lumberman   Cote, Carmille    
    Wilette, Mary Alda Northumberland 39 Housekeeper   Willette, Evangeliso    
April 12, 1947 Whitefield Welch, Earl Edward Swiftwater 21 Painter   Welch, Freeman C.    
    Collins, Albertha Ruth Groveton, NH 20 Millhand   Larkin, Joseph    
April 23, 1947 Concord Clay, Harriman F. Whitefield 29 Conservation Officer   Harriman, Frank W.    
    Moore, Ida Mae Groveton, NH 42 Housekeeper   Pike, Carl Allison    
May 3, 1947 Groveton, NH Dube, Rene Lucipe Whitefield 20 Cabinetmaker   Dube, Archie    
    Willey, Leah Frances Groveton, NH 16 At Home   Willey, George    
May 10, 1947 Groveton, NH Wright, Earl Gilbert Groveton, NH 25 Laborer   Wright, Erville    
    Phelps, Priscilla Ella Groveton, NH 19 At Home   Phelps, Cedric    
May 10, 1947 Groveton, NH Phelps, Frederick Ernest Groveton, NH 21 Laborer   Phelps, Cedric    
    Rolfe, Dorothy Avis Groveton, NH 18 At Home   Rolfe, John    
May 20, 1947 Groveton, NH Mace, William Earl Groveton, NH 23 Laborer   Styles, Theodore    
    Fournier, Muriel Grace Groveton, NH 18 Converting Plant   Fournier, Henry J. Nelson    
May 20, 1947 Lancaster Savage, Elmer Herman Lancaster 43 Carpenter   Savage, Herman E.    
    Hodge, Helen May Northumberland 19 Housework   Hodge, Charles F.    
May 31, 1947 Groveton, NH Dube, Armand Joseph Whitefield 21 Packer   Dube, Archie    
    Willey, Margaret Joyce Groveton, NH 19 Converting Plant   Willey, George    
June 9, 1947 Woodside Dupuis, Cleo Francis Groveton, NH 29 Hotel Business   Dupuis, Emile Frances    
    Smith, Zitelka Jeanette Piermont 24 School Teacher   Smith, Arthur Lynn    
June 15, 1947 Groveton, NH Frost, Frederick Harvey Groveton, NH (25?) Bookkeeper   Frost, Earl L.    
    Fogg, Beryl Mae Groveton, NH 22 Converting Plant   Fogg, Earl    
June 21, 1947 N. Stratford Hartshorn, Millard Cran(hill) Colebrook (3)4 Farmer   Hartshorn, (  )ing    
    Fleury, Verna Elizabeth Northumberland 31 Millett Emp.   Co(ldins), Fred    
June 21, 1947 Lancaster Gallagher, Frank Lyle Groveton, NH (  )0 Farmer   Gallagher, James    
    Shores, Marguerite Boucher Groveton, NH 43 Homemaker   Boucher, Francis    
June 28, 1947 Groveton, NH Fogg, Elliott Sargent Groveton, NH 24 Millwright   Fogg, Earl    
    Goulet, Theresa Pauline Groveton, NH 18 At Home   Goulet, Joseph L.    
June 28, 1947 N. Stratford LaCroix, Joseph Ludger Groveton, NH 49 Laborer   LaCroix, ___ e    
    Gray, (Ila) Viola Groveton, NH 31 Woodroom Emp.   Tompson, Benjamin    
June 28, 1947 N. Stratford Foster, Melvin James Groveton, NH 45 Paper Maker   Foster, Havelock    
    Kimball, Priscilla Springer Groveton, NH 26 Twister   Springer, John    
June 29, 1947 N. Stratford Chilifone, Napoleon Groveton, NH 37 Papermaker   Chilifone, Archie    
    Hapgood, Abbie Lodema Groveton, NH 43 Homemaker   Grace, Joseph    
July 12, 1947 Lancaster Stinson, Charles Pesline Stratford 28 Millworker   Stinson, Bert    
    Cass, Mary Myrtle Groveton, NH 19 Housework   Cass, James H.    
July 17, 1947 Groveton, NH McMann, George Clarence Stratford 26 Laborer   McMann, Earl C.    
    Howe, Harriett Lena Groveton, NH 25 At Home   Howe, Harry C.    
July 17, 1947 N. Stratford Simpson, William Milton, Jr. Groveton, NH 46 Finisher   Simpson, William S.    
    Raymond, (V__)allne Lontine Groveton, NH 18 Finisher   Lontine, Emmett    
July 19, 1947 West Milan Lang, Kermit Arthur Groveton, NH 26 Laborer   Lang, Perley    
    Lakin, Edna Evelyn Groveton, NH 21 Housework   Lakin, William    
July 19, 1947 Groveton, NH Young, Robert Allen Lancaster 21 Carpenter   Young, Frank    
    Roberge, Muriel Theresa Groveton, NH 17 Mill Emp.   Roberge, Albert O.    
July 21, 1947 N. Stratford Donovan, Bertie Aldo (  )ime(__)tone, ME 28 Power Line Emp.   Donovan, Angus    
    Pearson, Marion Ethelyn Groveton, NH 27 At Home   Blodgett, Calvin    
Aug 4, 1947 Northumberland Toppy, Joseph Ralph Cambridge, MA 25 Laborer   Toppy, Fred    
    Grossi, Rose Angela Cambridge, MA 31 Factory Worker   Souza, Anthony    
Aug 23, 1947 Groveton, NH Tibbetts, Walter Edmund Groveton, NH 24 Laborer   Tibbetts, Wilfred    
    Moore, Karlene Mae Groveton, NH 17 At Home   Moore, Charles F.    
Sept 2, 1947 Milan Astle, Edgar H. Groveton, NH 24 Papermaker   Astle, Owen    
    Teare, Marion R. Milan 19 Student Nurse   Teare, Frank    
Sept 13, 1947 N. Stratford Blay, Leo Francis Groveton, NH 23 Mill Emp.   Blay, Burt    
    Parks, Louise Lorraine Lancaster 16 Unemployed   Parks, David    
Sept 27, 1947 N. Stratford McGuire, John Henry Groveton, NH 19 Baggageman   McGuire, Harry    
    Doolan, Andrew Lorraine Groveton, NH 22 Converting Plant   Doolan, Harry    
Oct 4, 1947 N. Stratford Bigelow, Ralph Henry Stark 20 Millworker   Bigelow, Ralph Theodore    
    Paradis, Irene Elizabeth Groveton, NH 17 Millworker   Paradis, Henry Joseph    
Oct 11, 1947 Groveton, NH King, Reid C. Island Pond, VT 21 Brakeman   King, James A.    
    Pollard, Phyllis Newport, VT 25 Nurse   Pollard, Richard    
Jan 24, 1948 Northumberland Demers, Leon Joseph Groveton 23 Mill worker   Demers, Fred    
    Aiken, Althea Mary Concord 18 Waitress   Aiken, Fernald    
Feb 17, 1948 Northumberland McKearney, Bernard E. Groveton 23 Laborer   McKearney, William    
    Ayers, Coleen Leota Groveton 20 Housework   Livingston, Ray I.    
Feb 19, 1948 Northumberland Plouffe, James Edward Whitefield 40 Laborer   Plouffe, Edward    
    Parker, Bessie Mabel Groveton 33 Homemaker   Smith, Walter A.    
Feb 21, 1948 Northumberland Nute, Millard Porter Groveton 22 Shipping Clerk   Nute, Homer    
    Miller, Helen Marjorie Groveton 20 At Home   Miller, John P.    
Feb 21, 1948 Northumberland Hodgkins, Sherwood W. Percy 26 Section Hand   Hodgkins, Ernest J.    
    Mayberry, Patricia Anne Groveton 19 Conv. Plant Emp.   Mayberry, Perley M.    
Feb 23, 1948 Northumberland Matthews, Lucien Allen Groveton 31 Papermill emp.   Matthews, Allen C.    
    Langley, Medora Frances Groveton 23 Papermill emp.   Devost, Felix    
April 17, 1948 Rochester, NH De LaBruere, Louis H.  Groveton 22 Student   De LaBruere, Lucien    
    Fox, Anne Theresa Rochester 19 Student   Fox, Jam J.    
May 15, 1948 Northumberland Auger, Louis Paul Groveton 25 Mill worker   Auger, Joseph Leon    
    Cole, Natalie Victoria Groveton 18 Mill worker   Cole, Harlie A.    
May 21, 1948 Northumberland Thibodeau, Antonio Joseph Northumberland 35 Papermill emp.   Thibodeau, Joseph    
    Croteau, Rita Louis Northumberland 21 Papermill emp.   Croteau, Edgar    
May 22, 1948 Northumberland Robertson, George L. Groveton 23 Printing Office Emp.   Robertson, George L.    
    Cloutier, Rita Mary Groveton 22 At Home   Cloutier, Victor    
May 29, 1948 Northumberland Harmer, Charles Roger Northumberland 23 Public Service Line   Harmer, Carl Arthur    
    La Point, Loretta G. Northumberland 25 Waitress   La Point, La Belle    
May 31, 1948 Northumberland Parker, John Abel Groveton 23 Beater Rm. Emp.   Parker, Lewis    
    Tippitt, Alice Nettie Groveton 28 Housekeeper   Tippitt, Robert    
June 6, 1948 Plymouth, NH Chessman, Frank Nelson Groveton 21 Papermaker   Chessman, Frank C.    
    Stevens, Beatrice Hazel Groveton 19 Paper Finisher   Stevens, Wilbur F.    
June 10, 1948 Lancaster, NH Merrill, W(arre)n Collins Groveton 37 Clerk   Merrill, Rufus    
    Hodgdon, Helen Eleta Groveton 29 Conv. Plant Emp.   McFarland, Pearly    
June 12, 1948 Northumberland Sytsma, John Everette Groveton 21 Carpenter   Sytsma, Sidney    
    Dunham, Dorothy Helen Groveton 16 At Home   Dunham, Everett    
June 12, 1948 Northumberland Lund, Shirley Alton Miles Pond, VT 30 Truck Driver   Lund, Holt    
    Gaudette, (  )reth Ida Groveton 21 Twister Papermill   Gaudette, John    
July 17, 1948 Northumberland Burt, Rayfield C. Groveton 25 Truck Driver   Burt, Carl    
    Baxter, Violet E. Groveton 29 Homemaker   Platt, John J.    
August 4, 1948 Stratford Guay, Maurice Gilbert Groveton 20 Section Man RR   Guay, Betique    
    Beloin, Rachel Blanche Beecher Falls, VT 19 At Home   Beloin, Thomas    
August 5, 1948 Northumberland Berry, Edwin Lee Lancaster 19 Farmer   Berry, Madison W.    
    Ball, Edwina I. I. Groveton 16 At Home   Ball, Edward E.    
Sept 3, 1948 Stratford Eastland, Edwin Stanley Groveton 21 Laborer   Eastland, Edwin    
    Sanborn, Marian Avis Groveton 21 At Home   Sanborn, Charles H.    
Sept 18, 1948 Northumberland Tilley, Joel Hayden Groveton 21 Mill worker   Telley, Harrison    
    Gilman, Anita Esther Groveton 21 Conv. Plant Emp.   Gilman, Antonio    
Sept 23, 1948 Stratford Stickney, Basil Zelma Groveton 45 Pipe Fitter   Stickney, Frank    
    Thibodeau, Dorothy E. Groveton 35 Conv. Plant Emp.   Collins, Wallace    
Sept 27, 1948 Lancaster, NH Cloutier, Rosario Octave Groveton 35 Mill worker   Cloutier, Adelard    
    Smith, Arlene Marion Lancaster 19 Mill worker   Smith, Lawrence J.    
Oct 16, 1948 Northumberland McGraw, William L., Jr. Glastonbury, CT 30 Mechanical Eng.   McGraw, William L.    
    Johnson, Ruth Ione Hartford, CT 27 Stenographer   Johnson, Harry    
Nov 20, 1948 Northumberland MacDonald, Vincent S. Boston, MA 27 Bus Operator   McDonald, Arthur W.    
    Darling, Winifred Boston, MA 23 Laboratory Tech   Darling, Howard E.    
Nov 26, 1948 Stratford Fournier, Leonard James Groveton 23 Laborer   Fournier, Henry J.    
    Higgins, Elizabeth Anne Groveton 18 Dispenser   Higgins, Franklin    
Dec 11, 1948 Northumberland Ledger, Roger William Groveton 21 Papermaker   Ledger, Frank    
    Hillier, Barbara Gloria Groveton 18 Paper Finisher   Hillier, Conrad    
Dec 15, 1948 Northumberland Couture, Lionel Rene Groveton 23 Drumbarker Emp   Couture, Donat    
    Stinson, Gloria Lucy Groveton 19 Paper Finisher   Stinson, Bert    
Dec 24, 1948 Northumberland Arsenault, Perry Drew Groveton (3)8 Steward   Arsenault, Henry J.    
    Covell, Elizabeth May Groveton 27 Homemaker   Cass, James    
Dec 24, 1948 Northumberland La May, Henry Edward Groveton 25 Conv. Plant Emp.   La May, Joseph    
    Tippett, Hilda Vernie Groveton 32 Paper Finisher   Tippitt, Robert    
Dec 25, 1948 Stratford Frizzell, Gordon Bernard Groveton 28 Bus Driver   Frizzell, Homer    
    Jackson, Joyce Edith W. Stewartstown 18 At Home   Jackson, Carroll    
Dec 26, 1948 Northumberland Mackenzie, William E. Wakefield, MA 54 Dir. Physical Ed.   Mackenzie, William    
    Shoff, Lillian Josephine Wakefield, MA 43 Teacher   Shoff, Floyd G.    
Jan 1, 1949 Woodsville, NH Savage, Paul Edward Groveton, NH 20 Carpenter   Savage, Harry E.    
    Gowitzke, Helen Elizabeth Grafton 18 Stenographer   Gowitzke, Howard E.    
Jan 10, 1949 Groveton, NH Emery, Stanley James Groveton, NH 27 Plumber   Emery, James    
    Livingston, Marion E. Groveton, NH 19 Stenographer   Livingston, John    
Jan 28, 1949 N. Stratford Wheelock, Lloyd Carroll Northumberland 24 Laborer   Wheelock, Carroll    
    Conley, Roselyn Mary Northumberland 16 Student   Conley, John    
Jan 29, 1949 Groveton, NH Frizzell, Benjamin Earl Stark, NH 23 Mill Worker   Frizzell, Albert O.    
    Kingston, Arlene Nina Groveton, NH 20 Beautician   Kingston, Harold    
Feb 1, 1949 Groveton, NH Woodward, Elwin George Groveton, NH 22 Store Proprietor   Woodward, Walter    
    Dube, Vivian Luciana Groveton, NH 18 Housekeeper   Dube, Joseph E.    
Feb 2, 1949 Northumberland Hersom, Lyle Edward Groveton, NH 20 Salesman   Hersom, Edward    
    McFarland, Ruth Lucille Groveton, NH 18 At Home   McFarland, Clessie A.    
Feb 5, 1949 N. Stratford Cass, Elmer Frederick Northumberland 18 Laborer   Cass, James    
    McCrum, Charlotte June Stark, NH 17 Laborer   McCrum, James    
Feb 19, 1949 Northumberland Boutwell, Ernest Clayton Northumberland 28 Truckman   Boutwell, Herbert    
    Hall, Christie Ada Northumberland 34 At Home   McKeege, Robert    
Feb 23, 1949 Northumberland Wheeler, Harold Jessie Stratford 50 Laborer   Wheeler, Michael    
    Peers, Dorothy Margaret Northumberland 33 At Home   Cook, Percy    
March 6, 1949 N. Stratford Martineau, Maurice Armand Nashua, NH 21 Plumber's Helper   Martineau, Joseph E.    
    Blodgett, Clara Alice Groveton, NH 23 W. U. Apr.   Blodgett, Arthur F.    
March 26, 1949 Berlin, NH Kelly, Thomas Edward Berlin, NH 31 Truck Driver   Kelly, James A.    
    Brien, Beatrice Lillian Groveton, NH 26 At Home   Brien, Octave    
April 2, 1949 Colebrook, NH Verill, Seward W. Northumberland 54 Electric Engineer   Verill, Leon G.    
    Fish, Thelma S. Deerfield, MA 48 Teacher        
April 3, 1949 Northumberland Portigue, Nelson Levi Northumberland 29 Laborer   Portigue, Levi    
    Stone, Irene Blanche Northumberland 34 At Home   Hampton, James    
April 18, 1949 Lancaster, NH McCormack, John Arthur Groveton, NH 25 Mill Worker   McCormack, James    
    Driscoll, Marjorie Ann Lancaster 19 Telephone Opr.   Driscoll, Frank W.    
April 20, 1949 Groveton, NH Woodward, Neil Edward Groveton, NH 21 Store Proprietor   Woodward, Walter    
    Perkins, Patricia Mary Groveton, NH 19 Hairdresser   Perkins, John    
April 23, 1949 Lancaster, NH Biardi, George Joseph Mechanic Falls, ME 40 Papermaker   Biardi, Albert    
    Wiles, Evelyn Mechanic Falls, ME 29 Machine Opr.   Wiles, Murray    
May 25, 1949 N. Stratford Lajoie, Louis Phillippe N. Stratford 24 Mill Worker   Lajoie, Joseph V.    
    Shannon, Mary Ethel Groveton, NH 19 Mill Worker   Shannon, Ralph    
June 23, 1949 Northumberland Lewis, Lester Leon E. Braintree, MA 33 Plumber   Lewis, Albert P.    
    Roby, Juanita Pearl Northumberland 18 At Home   Roby, Hial    
June 23, 1949 Northumberland Roby, Francis Edward Northumberland 22 Farmer   Roby, Hial    
    Emery, Arlene Larene Northumberland 17 At Home   Emery, Lewis    
July 11, 1949 Northumberland Helms, Frederick Sterling Northumberland (  )4 State Trooper   Helms, Walter    
    Ashe, Evelyn Marjorie Northumberland 33 Secretary   Ashe, William, Jr.    
July 27, 1949 N. Stratford Curtis, Clarence A. Northumberland 19 Army   Curtis, Albert    
    Hurlbutt, June E. Northumberland 18 Mill Worker   Hurlbutt, Henry A.    
Aug 13, 1949 Lancaster, NH Jackson, Raymond Arnold Groveton, NH 24 Electrician   Jackson, Edwin H.    
    Gessner, Justine Claire Lancaster, NH 25 Unemployed   Gessner, Jason J.    
Aug 13, 1949 Northumberland Wing, Alton Crandall Island Pond, VT 34 Brakeman   Wing, Robert C.    
    Barnes, Mae Nellie Island Pond, VT 21 At Home   Barnes, James T.    
Aug 27, 1949 N. Stratford Bedard, Clarence Henry Northumberland 38 Converting Plant   Bedard, Louis    
    Oakes, Elaine Effie Stark, NH 28 Housewife   Gilbert, William    
Aug 31, 1949 N. Stratford Hopps, Bernard Francis Northumberland 19 Laborer   Hopps, Francis W.    
    Frizzell, Mildred Evelyn Stark, NH 25 Housewife   Gibson, Robert    
Sept 3, 1949 Guildhall, VT Moore, Dana Charles Groveton, NH 21 Student   Moore, Charles F.    
    Styles, Mary Jane Northumberland 21 Clerical   Styles, Theodore C.    
Sept 3, 1949 Groveton, NH Swift, Kendall Elroy Groveton, NH 37 Millwright   Swift, Perley A.    
    Poulin, Denice Gilbert N. Stratford, NH 24 Paper Sealer   Poulin, William    
Sept 10, 1949 Northumberland Marquis, Kenneth Paul Groveton, NH 26 Paper Press Opr.   Marquis, Remi J.    
    Parker, Beverly Anne Lancaster (  )8 At Home   Towle, Edgar A.    
Sept 12, 1949 Colebrook, NH Cilley, Clifton Cleve Columbia, NH 27 Carpenter   Cilley, Leon W.    
    Crawford, Vivian Nellie Groveton, NH 25 Housework   Crawford, Walter    
Oct 8, 1949 Lancaster, NH Ford, Chandler Bruce Groveton, NH 21 Laborer   Ford, Fred H.    
    Elliot, Phyllis Jean Groveton, NH 28 Laborer   Nelson, William    
Oct 15, 1949 Groveton, NH Kelly, Edward Joseph, Jr. Malden, MA 32 Plumber   Kelly, Edward J.    
    Bennett, Bernice Audrey Maidstone, VT 23 Reg. Nurse   Bennett, Curtis R.    
Oct 26, 1949 Groveton, NH Crawford, Otis Edmund Northumberland 28 Mill Worker   Crawford, Walter    
    Goulet, Marie T. Rita Northumberland 25 Mill Worker   Goulet, Joseph    
Nov 2, 1949 Stratford, NH Potter, Alton Aaron Northumberland 43 Farmer   Potter, Judson A.    
    Merriam, Edna Natalie Northumberland 33 At Home   Merriam, Harry A.    
Nov 18, 1949 Northumberland MacKay, Robert William Northumberland 25 Funeral Director   MacKay, George A.    
    Stickney, Louise Howe Northumberland 2(5) Homemaker   Howe, Harry C.    
Nov 22, 1949 N. Stratford Whitcomb, Amos John, Jr. Dalton, NH 23 Laborer   Whitcomb, A. John    
    Paradis, Constance Mary Northumberland 16 At Home   Paradis, Henry J.    
Nov 23, 1949 Northumberland Capen, Harold Bernard Northumberland 38 Checker   Capen, Enoch B.    
    Leclere, Olianna Northumberland 36 Converting Plant   Leclere, Lewis    
Dec 15, 1949 Northumberland McLain, Chesley Carrol Northumberland 27 Truck Driver   McLain, Clesson    
    Fisk, Edith Emma Northumberland 27 Papermill Emp.   Fisk, Wendell    
Jan 14, 1950 Northumberland Parks, Arthur Lewis Jr. Groveton, NH 18 Student   Parks, Arthur    
    Fisk, Joan Pearl Groveton, NH 18 Clerk   Fisk, Clinton    
Jan 30, 1950 Groveton, NH Nagle, John Foley Groveton, NH 63 Fireman   Nagle, George    
    Healy, Agnes Billings Groveton, NH 59 Cook   Billings, Alphonzo    
Feb 4, 1950 Stratford, NH Curtis, Dwaine Buck Groveton, NH 19 Papermaker   Curtis, Clyde M.    
    Silver, Joy Welch Groveton, NH 19 Clerical   Silver, John W.    
Feb 2, 1950 Northumberland Stevens, Rolland Dean Groveton, NH 33 2nd Hand Dealer   Stevens, Kenneth    
    Stevens, Thelma Annie Groveton, NH 28 Conv. Plant   Mills, Homer    
Feb 13, 1950 Groveton, NH Trottier, George Philip Groveton, NH 72 Retired   Trottier, Joseph    
    Wheelock, Arlie Blanche Groveton, NH 67 Housewife   Tillotson, Aron    
Feb 21, 1950 Burlington, VT Palmer, Royce C. Burlington, VT 21 Stock Clerk   Palmer, Charles E.    
    Sheehy, Louise M. Groveton, NH 21 Reg. Nurse   Sheehy, Francis M.    
Mar 23, 1950 Stratford, NH Hunter, Selden Eugene Groveton, NH 33 Laborer   Hunter, Fred    
    Bings, Mildred Annie Groveton, NH 19 Laborer   Bings, Joseph    
April 10, 1950 Groveton, NH Cloutier, Donald Ameddie Groveton, NH 18 At Home   Cloutier, Victor A.    
    Laroche, Larraine Dolores Groveton, NH 18 Laborer   Laroche, Philip    
April 5, 1950 Northumberland Clapper, Reuben Charles Lancaster, NH 29 Woodsman   Clapper, Charles    
    Spaulding, Lottie Evelyne Groveton, NH 31 At Home        
April 6, 1950