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Northeast Kingdom Genealogy
Vermont Northeast
Kingdom Genealogy

St. Johnsbury, Vt Genealogy
St. Johnsbury, VT
These listings may be freely used for personal research and by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format or presentation by other organizations or persons desiring to use this material for profit or any form of presentation, without prior written consent.
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The figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is suppossed to reside in the village.

Figures placed after the occupation of acres owned or leased.

The word street is implied.
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Abbott's Benjamin H., (W. Barnet) clerk for George P. Blair.
Abbott Edward, r 46, with his father, farmer 125.
Abbott Jerry, r 46, farmer and poultry fancier.
Abbott John W., (W. Barnet) r 50, with William White, farmer 127 1/2.
Abbott Jonathan D. Hon., r 46, retired merchant.
ABBOTT PETER M., (W. Barnet) r 75, prop. Lake Side stable, and leases boats on Harvey's lake, prop. picnic grounds.
ABBOTT WALTER, (W. Barnet) r 80, 8 cows, farmer 215.
ADAMS BENJAMIN F., (Passumpsic) r 4, 460 sugar trees, apple orchard 150 trees, 5 cows, farmer 56, and in Danville 35.
Adams Janette L., (E. Barnet) r 17, widow of John, resides with her son John F.
Adams John F., (E. Barnet) r 17, 950 sugar trees, farmer 106.
Adams William, (Passumpsic) r 9, cattle dealer.
Aiken Charles B , (W. Barnet) r 57 cor. 52, butcher.
Aiken Dan L., (W. Barnet) r 37, farmer with his father, Daniel, 100.
Aiken Daniel, (W. karnet) r 37, farmer 100.
Aiken John F., (McIndoes Falls) r 69, farmer 182.
Ainsworth Harrison, (McIndoes Falls) r 65, farmer for Dr. C. W. Gleason.
Allen John, (W. Barnet) r 75, laborer for W. Higgins.
Allison William, (Passumpsic) r 6, farm laborer.
AMELL ALBERT, (E. Bernet) foreman section No. 15, C. & P. ,R. R. R.
Annis Clovis A., (Passumpsic) r 11, farmer 67.
ANNIS JOHN F., (Passampsic) r 9, mason, contractor and builder, h and lot.
Armington Henry J., (McIndoes Falls) clerk for George Van Dyke.
Armington Simon K., (Passumpsic) farmer 30.
ARTHUR JAMES, r 31, farmer for Robert Gibson.
Astle S. Joseph, (McIndoes Falls) r 82, laborer.
Badger Henry T., (W. Barnet) r 53, farmer.
Bailey Helen, (E. Barnet) r 29, (Mrs. Samuel,) owns farm 175.
Bailey John H., (McIndoes Falls) laborer.
Bailey Josiah M., (E. Barnet) farmer for B. M. Brown.
Bailey Samuel, (E. Barnet) r 29, passenger conductor on Pass. R. R., h and lot.
Bailey & Co., r 46, (J. S. Bailey) wood turning factory, headquarters 615 Washington st.. Boston.
Bancroft William, (Passumpsic) r -, resident.
Bandy John S., (Passumpsic) r 20, farmer 46.
BARD BARTLETT S., carpenter and joiner, served in Co. D, 1st Vt. Cavalry, h Church.
BARD HARRISON K., spinner, served in Co. D, 1st Vt. Cavalry.
Batchelder Nathan: resldent with Thomas Gilfillen, aged 87.
Batchelder Nathaniel, r 49, farmer 9.
Bean A. J., (McIndoes Falls) farmer.
BEDELL, WILLIAM H., (Passumpsic) foreman Passumpsic Pulp Co.
BELL HENRY, ( McIndoes Falls) r 68, butcher, meat dealer, h and 5 acres.
Beerworth Herbert A., (Passumpsic) clerk for E. T. & H. K. Ide.
Berry Hannah, widow of William, resident, h and lot.
BISHOP ORA, (McIndoes Falls) prop. Bishop House, auctioneer, general merchant.
Blackburn Edward F., (McIndoes Falls) box maker.
Blaine Frank T., (W. Barnet) r 59, farm laborer.
Blaine Jarnes, (W. Barnet) r 59: farmer with William.
Elaine George S., (W. Barnet) r 59, farm laborer.
Blaine William, (W. Barnet) r 59, farmer 100.
Blair Alexander, (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 250, and in Waterford 60.
BLAIR GEORGE P., (W Barnet) postmaster, selectman 1885, general merchant, served in Co. D, 1st Vermont Cavalry.
Blair George W., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer for Alexander.
Blair Gilbert, (W. Barnet) r 82: farmer 325.
Blair James G., (E. Barnet) r 26, farmer 100.
Blair Jane, (W. Barnet) r 82, resident.
BLAIR JOSEPH W., (McIndoes Falls) r 82, breeder Morgan horses, 8 cows, 350 sugar trees, farmer 275.
Blair Kobert (E. Barnet) r 28, farm laborer.
BLAIR ROBERT, (Mclndoes Falls) r 82, resident with his son Joseph W.
Blanchard Fred H.. (McIndoes Falls) farm laborer.
BOARDMAN JOSEPH REV., acting pastor Congregational church, Cascade Pulp Co., h Church.
Bole John, (W. Barnet) r 57, pastor Reformed Presbyterian church.
BONETT EDWIN J , (E. Bernet) (Cascsdc Pulp Co.) supt. in pulp mill at Berlin Falls, N. H.
Bradley Henry, (E. Bsrnet) r 16, farmer 100, and in Danville 200.
Brock Frank, (W. Barnet) r 38, resident with his father. Samuel, blind.
Brock Hamilton, (W. Barnet) off r 58, owner and driver of trotting horses, farmer 50.
Brock Isabella, widow of Alex., resident with John C. Welch.
BROCK LUCIUS S., r 39, 20 cows. 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 162 1/2.
BROCK MAYNOR D , invalid, resident with his brother William S.
Brock Robert M., (Passumpsic) off r 22, farmer.
Brock Samuel, (W. Barnet) r 38, farmer 10.
BROCK WILLIAM S., prop. hotel "Traveller's Rest," butcher, farmer 135.
Brock William W., (W. Barnet) farmer 20.
Brown Baron M., (E. Barnet) poultry dealer and shipper.
BROWN GEORGE I., emp. in Cascade pulp mill, h Church.
Brown Julia A.: (Mrs. Isaac A.,) h Church.
Brown William W., emp. in Cascade pulp mill, h Church.
Browne Patrick A., (McIndoes Falls) boot and shoemaker.
Bruce Gilbert, (McIndues Falls) r 67, jeweler and watchmaker.
BRUCE HELEN M., (Mclndoes Falls) artist in pastel and crayon portraits and teacher of painting in oil and water colors, resident with her father, Reuben.
Bruce Henry, (Passumpsic) cooper.
BRUCE REUBEN, (McIndoes Fails) r 65, retired, resident.
Bruce Samuel, r 65, resident with his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Harvey.
BUCHANAN PETER Hon., (McIndoes Falls) farmer 2. (Died 1886.)
Burbank Moses, carriage maker and undertaker, h Church.
Bnrbank William H., (W. H. Burbank & Co.,) general merchant, town clerk and treasurer.
Burbank W. H. & Co., (T. P. Robie) general merchants.
Button Andrew. (Passumpsic) r 31, farmer 102 and 50 acres on r 19.
Cade Charles F., laborer.
Cade James A., laborer.
Cade Margaret, off r 48, widow of Moses, farmer 28.
CALDWELL WILLIAM J., (W. Barnet) r 75, leases of Thomas McKinley 143.
Campbell Wallace, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Corm. Riv. Lumber Co.
CARR ADDIE M., (McIndoes Falls) millinery and ladies' furnishing goods and music teacher.
CARRICK. FRED P., off r 41, farmer with his father, William.
CARKICR WILLIAM, off r 41, 50 sheep, 500 sugar trees, farmer 50, and 100 on r 39.
Carrigon Mike, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. Riv. Lumber Co.
Carter Phebe J , (Mclndnes Falls) widow of Austen J., bridge tender, h Bridge.
Carter Stephen P., (W. Barnet) r 58, farmer about 12 acres.
Cascade Pulp Co., (J. Boardman and E. J. Bonett) manufs. wood pulp.
Cassady Alexander, (S. Peacham) r 78, farmer 200.
Cassady Henry, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. Riv. Lumber Co.
Cassady James, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. Riv. Lumber Co.
Chamberlin Eli G., (McIndoes Falls) sawyer, h and 10 acres.
Champany Oliver, emp. in Cascade pulp mill.
Champeney Ramie, r 46, laborer for E. Abbott.
Champney John, r 65. teamster.
Chase Char!es F., (McIndoes Falls) farmer, leases of Dudley Chase 140.
CHASE CHRISTOPHER C., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 150.
Cheney Frank, (E. Barnet) r 44, farmer 50.
Choate Charles A., (W. Barnet) r 57, farmer 110, and in Peacham 70.
CLARK EDWARD R., M. D., (McIndoes Falls) physician and surgeon.
Clark Ira W., (E. Barnet) bds r 28, emp Wilder & Co.'s pulp mill.
Clark Portus B , (McIndoes Falls) r 67, watchman Van Dyke's mill, resident with Mrs. Ida Woodard.
Clement Edwin B., r 46, carpenter and wheelwright, shop 1 acre.
Clement Frank L., (McIndoes Falls) house, sign and carriage painter.
Clement John E., (McIndoes Falls) railway postal clerk, Newport to Springfield.
Clement Jonathan H., r 46, resident.
COBURN E. HERBERT, r 4S, carpenter and house builder.
COBURN W. ROYAL, r 48, painter.
Colby Fred H., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 25, and in Monroe, N. H., 11.
Conant William A., (W. Barnet) r 57, farmer for George A. Choate.
Coruth Arthur H., (Passumpsic) scale maker.
Coruth David, (Passumpsic) carpenter and joiner.
CRANE DENZIL M., (McIndoes Falls) r 82, farmer 160.
Crane George W., r 33, poultry raiser, farmer 160.
Cummings Joseph, (Passumpsic) r 4, resident with B. F. Adams, aged 82.
Currier John H. (McIndoes Falls) r 67, retired farmer.
CURTIS CLARENCE E., (Passumpsm) r 1, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100, and in Danville 3.
Cushing Frank, (McIndoes Falls) r 68, farmer 15.
Cushing George, (McIndoes Falls) r 82, laborer.
Cushman George F., (Passumpsic) supt of Passumpsic pulp mill.
Dana Lewis, (W. Barnet) r 36, farmer for Daniel Harvey.
Darling Walter S.. (W. Barnet) r 79, farmer.
Davis W. H., (McIndoes Falls) emp Conn. River Lumber Co.
Davis Frank P., (Passumpsic) r 12, farmer 208.
Davis John C., (Passumpsic) machinist at scale works.
Dean James G., (McIndues Falls) farm laborer.
Dewey Calvin, (McIndoes Falls) r 67, cabinet maker and painter.
Dewey George, (McIndoes Falls) r 67, laborer.
DEXTER ANDREW J., (Passumpsic) mason.
DEXTER J. ALLEN, (Passumpsm) mason, h and lot Main.
Dickinson Curtis, (E. Barnet) r 25 and 28, emp pulp mill, h and 2 acres.
DOW BEVERLY S , (E. Barnet) r 25, (Dow Brothers) 3d selectman.
DOW BROTHERS, (E. Barnet) r 25, (B. S. and F. S.) dairy 15 cows, farmers 350.
DOW FRANK S., (E. Barnet) r 25, (Dow Brothers).
DOW ROBERT B., (W. Barnet) carpenter, and farmer 9.
Dow William A. (Passumpsic) r 11, 15 cows, farmer 167.
Dunbar J. C., ( McIndoes Fails) r 68, farmer, leases of Wm. R. Montieth 50.
Dunbar George H., (Mclndoes Falls) carpenter, and farmer.
Duncan Charles L., (McIndoes Falls) station agent Passumpsic R. R., express agent and telegraph operator.
DUNCAN MOSES L., (McIndoes Falls) justice of the peace, h and lot.
Duplessis John A., (Passumpsic) blacksmith.
Eggleston Henry A., (W. Bernet) r 36, farmer, leases of Wallace Harriman 110.
Eggleston Joseph, (W. Barnet) farmer.
Esdon James, r 49, farmer 33.
Esdon Robert. Jr., r 65, clerk for Henry Wilson.
ESTABROOKE ELVIRA, (E. Barnet) r 25, resident with Geo. A. Richardson. (Died Sept., 1886.)
ESTABROOKE HELEN M., (E. Barnet) r 25, teacher.
Fanoff Rose, r 65, widow of Frank, resident.
Faris Daniel C., (W. Barnet) r 80, pastor Reformed Presbyterian church, and farmer 6.
Farwell Henry, (E. Barnet) off r 27, farmer 70, served in Co. G, 3d Vt. Vols.
Felch John, (Passurnpsic) farmer.
Fenaff Joseph, (E. Barnet) farmer 40.
Ferguson James, (W. Barnet) r 50, farmer 35.
Field Brothers, (McIndoes Falls) (N. H. & F. E ) blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Field Frank E., (McIndoes Falls) h r 67, (Field Bros )
Field John S , (McIndoes Falls) blacksmith and farmer.
Field Newton H., (McIndoes Falls) h r 67, (Field Bros.)
Fife Alonzo, (W. Barnet) off r 80, farmer 96.
Fitzgerald Michael, (W. Barnet) r 55, tailor.
Fitzgerald William, (W. Barnet) r 55, teamster, prop. threshing and sawing machines.
Ford Hazen, r 65, 10 cows, 35 sheep, farmer 150.
Foster Jacob P., (Passumpsic) r 5, farmer 250.
Foster John C., (Passumpsic) r 5, farmer, with his father Jacob P.
FRENCH ADDIE M., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, widow of Chas. W., resident.
FRENCH WALTER C., (McIndoes Falls) clerk for A. B. Perry.
Fulford Edwin, (Passumpsic) r 11 n 27, farmer 120, served in late war.
GALBRAITH JAYlES R., (Passumpsic) r 15, farmer 148.
Calbraith Jane, (Passumpsic) r 15, widow of George, resides with her son James.
Gammell Alexander H., (E. Barnet) farmer 220.
Cammell Horace M., r 48, farmer with his mother, Mrs. S. Gammell
Gammell Robert B , (E. Barnet) grocer and auctioneer.
Gammell Samuel, r 48, farmer 7.
Gammon Clara, (W Rnrnrt) r 55, widow of Robert E., resident.
GAUTHIER JOSEPH, (E. Barnet) r 42, 10 cows, 7 horses, 500 sugar trees, farmer 175. Born in parish St. Antoine de la Baie, P. Q., March 21, 1823.
Gauthier George A., r 42, farmer.
Gauthier Peter B.. (E. Barnet) r 42, miller, owns farm 125.
George Avery, r 62, farmer 170.
George Buzzell, r 62. farmer with his father, Avery.
Getchell Milan W., (Passumpsic) clerk for C. E. Peck.
Gibson Eva L., r 31, music teacher, resident with her father, Robert.
Gibscm Ezra A.. r 47, farmer, leases of H. A. Gilfillan 170.
Gibson James W., (Passumpsic) r 31, resident with his son Martin D.
Gibson Martin D., (Passumpsic) r 31, farmer 160.
GIBSON RHODA, (McIndoes Falls) widow of James, resident.
Gibson Robert, r 31, 1st selectman, 10 cows, farmer 330.
GIBSON WILLIAM B., r 41, 8 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Gibson William M., r 40, farmer for H. J. Warden.
GILCHRIST JAMES. 2d. (McIndoes Falls) farmer 2.
Gilchrist William H , (McIndoes Fnl!s) r 67, retired merchant, farmer 50,
Gilfillan Abel B., (McIndoes Falls) r 63. farmer 200
Gilfillan Archibald, r 62, resident with Nancy Gilfillan.
GILFILLAN HENRY A.. r 47, (Gilfillan & Morrison.)
Gilfillan James, (Passumpsic) farmer 250.
Gilfillan John, (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 20
Gilfillan John H., (W. Barnet) r 38, 300 sugar trees, farmer 125.
Gilfillan Marcus M., (McIndoes Falls) r 63, farmer with his brother, A. B.
Gilfillan Moses, (W. Barnet) r 54, drover and stock dealer, farmer 25.
Gilfillan Nancy, r 62, resident.
Gilfillan Robert, (W. Barnet) r 54, blacksmith.
Cilfillan Susan R , (W. Rnrnet) r 56, widow of Moses, farmer 14.
Gilfillan Thomas, carpenter and joiner.
Gilfillan William. (Passumpsic) r 21, farmer 130.
GILFILLAN WILLIAM H , (E. Barnet) peddler.
Gilfillan William J., (W. Barnet) off r -, farmer 140.
GILFILLAN WILLIAM L., r 48, 650 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 190.
GILFILLAN & MORRISON, (H. A. Giltillan and William Morrison) r 47, 25 cows, 550 sugar trees, farmers 400.
GILMAN CALEB Q., carpenter and builder, h Church.
Gilman Nathan H., (Passumpsic) r 2, farmer 92.
Gilman Winslow, (Passumpsic) r 2, resident with his son Nathan H., aged 92.
Gilson Catherine, (McIndoes Falls) r 65, widow of Benjamin, farmer 100.
Gilson Mary A., (McIndoes Falls) r 65, resident.
GLEASON CLOYES W., (Mclndoes Falls) r 65, physIcIan and surgeon in Philadelphia, Pa., 3,000 sugar trees. 250 head cattle, farmer 500.
GLEASON EDWARD B., M. D., (McIndoes Falls) physician in Philadelphia.
Gleason Margaret A., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, widow of John C., resident.
GLEASON WILLIAM C., ( McIndoes Falls) r 65, 25 cows, 30 full-blooded Cotswold sheep, breeder Jersey cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 221.
Goodell Milo S., (Passumpsic) carpenter and builder, h Main.
Gooden George C., (Passumpsic) farmer 4.
Goodwillie Nancy, r 50, farmer 100, aged 82.
Gorham Charles E., r 65, carpenter and joiner.
Goss Francis B., (Passumpsic) r 16, farmer 50.
GOSS GEORGE H., (E. Barnet) trackman on Passumpsic R. R., resident with his father Levi B.
GOSS LEVI B., (E. Barnet) assistant postmaster, station agent Passumpsic R. R., U. S. & C. express agent. .
Gould Fred E., works in Cascade pulp-mill, h Anderson.
Gould Jacob S., (McIndoes Falls) carpenter and joiner.
Gould James, laborer.
GOULD JOSEPH D., (Passumpslc) (Somers & Gould) agent for Brown & Bagley's cemetery work, farmer 8
Grant George A., (McIndoes Falls) photographer and carpenter.
GREENBANK CHARLES T., prop. Nillson House.
Guthrie Robert W., (McIndoes Fal!s) r 64, 10 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 189.
Hadley John A., (W. Barnet) r 77, farmer 100, and in Ryegate 60.
Hall Curtis C., (Passumpsic) r 2, farmer with his father, Salma.
Hall David, (Passumpsic) r 7, h and lot
Hall George H., r 45, track hand on Passumpsic R. R.
Hall Henry A., (W. Barnet) r 38, farmer, leases of Robert Vann 160.
Hall Salma, (Passumpsic) r 2, 7 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Hardy John F., carriage manuf. and general blacksmithing, h Church.
Hardv Joseph N., carriage maker with his father, John F.
Harvey Cloud (W. Barnet) r 76, farmer 200.
Harvey Curtis C., (Passumpsic) r 24, farmer 244.
HARVEY DANIEL, (W. Barnet) r 36, 25 sheep, 16 cows, 1,700 sugar trees, farmer 175. and in Peacham 55.
Harvey Elizabeth, r 45, resident with E. C. Worth.
Harvey Lydia, (Passumpsic) r 11, widow Ortas G., farmer 15.
Harvey Lyman K., (Passumpsic) r 14, retired farmer 10.
Harvey Richard P., (Passampsic) r 11, 400 sugar trees, 12 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 260.
Harvey Walter B., (W. Barnet) r 76, farmer with his father, Cloud.
Harvey Wllham H., r 65, farmer 80.
Hastie Joseph G., (W. Barnet) r 58, farmer, leases of Joseph Roy 100.
Hastie George (W. Barnet) r 55, farmer 20.
Hastie William F., (W. Barnet) r 55, 10 cows: 500 sugar trees, farmer 60.
Hawley Augustine P , (Passumpsic) carpenter and painter.
HAZELTON H. JOHN, M. D., homoepathic physician and surgeon.
Hazelton Lorenzo D., r 65, house and sign painter.
Hazelton Stillman K., farmer r4, h Church.
Heath Albert M., (McIndoes Falls) farm laborer.
Heath Edwin H., section hand.
Heath Everett K., laborer.
Heath Hial, (Passutnpsic) r 1, stone mason, farmer 5, and in Danville 10.
Heath Willard C., r 46, foreman section 14 Passumpsic R. R.
Henderson Andrew, (W. Barnet) r 38, farm laborer.
Henderson Lewis, r 62, farmer 130,
Hicks Samuel B., (Passumpsic) r 14, canvassing agent, served in Co. I, 4th Vt. Vols.
Higgins William H., (W. Barnet) r 75, farmer, leases of Claud Somers 163.
HIGHT JOHN S., (McIndoes Falls) retired farmer, served in Co. F, 15th Vt. Vols. nine months and in Co K. 3d Vt. Vols. ten months, h Main.
HlNCH JAMES H., (E. Barnet) wood turning, planing-mill and saw-mill. (Removed to Lawrence, Mass.)
HINCH RICHARD, (E. Barnet) prop. Hinch's worm powders.
Hinman Alexander H., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 3.
Holmes Alexander, retired farmer. h Church.
Holmes Annie M., widow of W. G., resident with her father, Alexander.
Holmes James C., (W. Barner) r 80, farmer, leases of W. McPhee 160.
HOOKER ADNA J., (McIndoes Falls) barber, job printer and pool room.
Horton Charles W., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 100.
Horton Everett, (E. Bxnet) r 28. watch and clock cleaner and repairer.
Horton C. E., (E. Barnet) r 28. farmer.
HOSFORD CHARLES H., (McIndoes Falls) lawyer, notary public and insurance agent. (Removed to St. Johnsbury, in the firm of Dunnett & Hosford).
Houghton Cornelius J., (McIndoes Falls) jeweler at Waltham, Mass.
Howe Newell, (McIndoes Falls) r 67, resident.
Hoyt Cyrus C., r 66. 8 cows, farmer 116.
HOYT HUBBARD H., (Passumpsic) r 8, 50 sheep, 300 sugar trees, farmer 130.
HOYT JOHN Q., farmer 42, and in Peacham 127.
HOYT WILLARD, (Passumpsic) r 8, resident with his son, Hubbard H., 85 years of age.
Hunt Chester L., (McIndoes Falls) section hand, owns 2 acres.
Hunt Maurice D., (McIndoes Falls) section hand,
Hunter Charles M., (Hunter & Jenkins.)
Hunter & Jenkins, (Charles M. H. and Albert H. J., of Lyndon) props. of grist milt, and dealers in flour, grain and feed.
Hunter William M., (McIndoes Falls) r 82, 12 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Huse David R., (E. Barnet) off r 28, farmer 75.
Ide E. T. & H. K., (St. Johnsbury) props. grist-mill at Passumpsic.
Ide Jacob, (Passumpsic) farmer 15, woodland and pasture 125.
JACK ALEXANDER, r 51, patentee of process for dying sheep skins.
James Jabez V., r 48, farmer 140.
JERSEY QUEEN STOCK FARM, Josiah S. Kenerson, prop., breeder registered and Herd Book Jerseys.
Johnson Jane, widow Josiah A.. resident, h Church.
Johnson Moses D., r 65, farmer 60.
Johnson Richard M., shoemaker, bds Church.
Judkins John F., (Passumpsic) r 16, farmer 100.
KEITH TIMOTHY M., (Passumpsic) r 12, 9 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 165, served in 23d Mass. Vols., six months.
Kelley William. (Passumpsic) r I 7, farmer 150.
Kelley R. S., ( McIndoes Falls) farm laborer.
KENDALL EUGENE S., (E. Barnet) emp. Wilder & Co.'s pulp mill.
Kendall Langdon, (Passumpsic) r 9, carpenter and joiner, farmer 20, and in Waterford 16.
Kendall Robert A., (E. Barnet) carpenter and joiner.
KENDALL SAMUEL C., (E. Barnet) r 28 n 29, emp. Wilder & Co.'s pulp mill, served as sergeant in Co. H. 15th Vt. Vols.
KENERSON JOSIAH S., r 46, breeder pure blood Jersey cattle, traveling agent for Bradley Fertilizer Co, farmer 140.
Kent Harvey C., (E. Barnet) r 28. farmer, leases of S. P. 110.
Kent Stephen P., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 110 .
Kezer Albion F., (Passumpsic) r 5, farmer, with Samuel.
Kezer Elmer F., (Passumpsic) r 5, farmer, with his father, Samuel
Kezer Samuel, (Passumpsic) r 5, farmer 151.
Kidder Curtis, (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 50.
Kimball William J , (Mclndoes Falls) r 67, carpenter and joiner.
KINGSBURY GEORGE H., (E Barnet) r 17, farmer 34.
KINGSBURY HARVEY N., (E. Barnet) r 16: 400 sugar trees, farmer 45.
KINNEY ALICE O., (Passumpsic) r 11, widow Henry C., owns 400 sugar trees, farm 500.
Kinney William C.. r 39, 10 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 140.
Lackie Andrew, (W. Barnet) r 71, 400 sugar trees, 10 cows, farmer 108.
Lackie Francis J., (W. Barnet) r 71, farmer with his father, Andrew.
Lackie Milo, (Passumpsic) r 11, farmer 200.
Laird Andrew, (W. Barnet) r 36, farmer 7 1/2.
Lang James S., (E Barnrt) r 18, farmer 100.
Lang John Q. A., carpenter and builder.
LANG LOUISA, (Passumpsicj r 15, housekeeper for her brother, Wm. G.
LANG WILLIAM G., (Passumpsic) r 15, farmer 175.
Lapoint Frank. (E. Barnet) trackman C. & P. R. R.
LAUGHLIN ANDREW S., watchmaker, engraver and optician, dealer in watches, jewelry, silverware, gold pens, optical goods, etc., served in Co. F, 15th Vt. Vols.
Laughlin Brothers (C. E., R. K. and J. P.) amateur printers.
Laughlin Claudie E., (Laughlin Brothers.)
Laughlin Julien, (Laughlin Brothers.)
Laughlin Kollie K., (Laughlin Brothers.)
Lawler Edward W., (McIndoes Falls) book-keeper for George VanDyke.
Lawrence Carlton, (Passumpsic) repairer boots and shoes and harnesses.
Levelley Oliver, (E. Barnet) r 42, farmer, leases of A. George 70.
Lewis Joseph, (Passumpsic) section hand.
LINDSAY PETER, (E. Barnet) r 29, 30 sheep, 200 sugar trees, farmer 227.
Lindsay William, (E. Barnet) r 20: 10 cows, 500 supr trees, farmer 150.
Locke David B., (McIndoes Falls) principal McIndoes academy and supt. of schools.
Louie Elmore J., (Passumpsic) farmer.
Louie Joseph, (Passumpsic) laborer, house and lot.
Lyford Elijah W., (S. Peacham) r 78 car. 79, farmer 150.
Manchester Charles H., (McIndoes Falls) harnessmaker, livery stable, and farmer 20.
Manchester Edwin S., (W. Barnet) r 73, farmer, leases house of S. J. Mayo.
Manchester Frank, (McIndoes Falls) r 82, farmer with Lemuel.
Manchester James T., (McIndoes Falls) r 82, farmer 80.
Manchester Lemuel, (McIndoes Falls) r 82, 8 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 120.
Many Felix, (E. Barnet) r 42, farmer and coal burner.
Mason Albert, (Mclndoes Falls) resident with his son Albert D.
Mason Albert D., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 24.
MASON FRANCIS W., (Passumpsic) miller for E. T. Sr H. K. Ide.
Mason Phillip A., r 46, trackman Passumpsic R. R.
Mayo Simon J,, (W Barnet) r 72: farmer 100.
McFARLAND CHARLES, (McIndoes Falls) prop. Monroe mills in Grafton Co., N. H.
McGAFFEY ELMER E., station agent Passumpsic R. R., agent U. S. & C. Ex. Co., and telegraph operator.
McCILL FRANK C., (Passumpsic) r 25, 200 sugar trees, 28 cows, farmer 145.
McGill John, (Passumpsic) farmer 168.
McGill Susan, (Pnssumpsic) nurse, resident with her son George Wark.
McGILL WILLIAM J , (E. Barnet) egg dealer and producer.
McGrath Thomas, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. River Lumber Co.
McGregor William R., (W. Barnet) miller for J. P. Miller.
McKindley Horace D., (W. Barnet) off r 55, 8 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 94.
McKINDLEY THOMAS, (W. Barnet) r 75, farmer 60, and in Peacham 83.
McKinlay Duncan M., r 50, pastor Barnet Center United Presbyterian church.
McLaren Alexander P., off r 41, 20 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 315.
McLaren Eliza, r 49, widow of John, farmer 16.
McLaren James, r 61, farmer 325.
McLaren Milo S., r 61, farmer with his father, James.
McLaren William, (Passumpsic) r 21, farmer 164.
McMillan Fred J., (W. Barnet) resident with his father, Wm. J.
McMillan William J., (W. Blruet) r 55, carpenter and joiner.
McPhee William (W. Barnet) r 80, farmer 160.
Merchant Lewis, mason, served in Co. I, 3d Vt. Vols.
Miles James, (Passumpsic) r 11, farmer, leases of Mrs. H. C. Kinney 500.
Miles Thomas, (Passumpsic) r 9, farmer for Mrs. Lydia T. Woods 100.
MILLER JACKSON P., (W. Barnet) r 76, lister, prop. grist.mill, breeder registered Jersey cattle, 25 cows, farmer 200.
MILLER MORRIS J., (W. Barnet) r 76, teamster, resident with his father, J. P.
Monteith William R., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, farmer 165.
Moore Alexander S., (E. Barnet) r 24, farmer 140.
Moore Hannah S., milliner, Church st.
Moore Harvey C., (E. Barnet) r 28. emp. of Wilder & Co.
Moore Henry A., (E. Barnet) r 10, farmer 30.
Moore Horace C., (W. Barnet) r 53, egg dealer, and butcher.
Moore John H., farmer 120.
Moore Mary, (W. Barnet) r 53, widow of Thomas F., resident with her son, Horace C.
Moore Michael J., (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. River Lumber Co.
MOORE SHERBURNE, dealer in cattle, h Church.
Morgan Edwin A., barber.
MORGAN JAMES A., r 49, blacksmith, farmer, leases of N. Batchelder 9, served four years in Co. H, 8th N. H. Vols.
MORRILL ELEAZER D., (W. Barnet) r 52, farmer 33, served in Co. D, 8th Vt. Vols.
Morrill French, (Mclndoes Falls) r 65, farmer for Mrs. Catherine Gilson, owns house and lot in St. Johnsbury.
Morrill Joseph A., (W. Barnet) r 55, cooper.
Merrill Orrin L., laborer.
Morrill Martha C., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, resident.
Morrison Pamelia, (Passumpsic) r 22, widow of John, 9 cows, farmer 147.
Morrison William, r 47, (Gilfillan & Morrison) farmer with H. A. Gilfillan.
Morse Alfred F., (Passumpsic) farmer for Mrs. P. Morrison.
MORSE CHARLES Q, (E. Barnet) machine tender in Wilder & Co.'s pulp mill.
Morse John P., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 130.
Morse Robert C.. (Passumpsic) r 10, carpenter and joiner
Mulliken Drury F., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, mason, and farmer 4 1/2.
Mulliken Frank P., overseer in Cascade pulp mill, h Neillson House.
Mulliken Jennie B., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, teacher, resident with her father, Drury F.
Mullikin John F., (E. Barnet) owns saw-mill on r 27, and farm 200 in Waterford.
Mulliken S. Josephine, (McIndoes Fall) r 67, teacher, resident with her father D. F.
Mullin John, (Passumpsic) r 11, farmer 100.
NEILLSON HOUSE, Charles T. Greenbank, prop., n R. R. station.
Nelson George A., (E. Barnet) r 30, farmer with his mother, Lydia J.
Nelson Irving, (W. Barnet) r 38, farmer with P. I.
Nelson Lydia J., (E. Barnet) r 30, widow of William R., farmer 140.
Nelson Peter I., (W. Barnet) r 38, 5 cows, 5 sheep, farmer 52.
Nelson Wilbur, (E. Barnet) r 30, farmer 170.
Nestor Thomas (E. Barnet) r 28, emp. in Wilder & Co'.s pulp mill, farmer 175.
NEWMAN ELBRIDGE G., (E. Barnet) emp. in Wilder's pulp mill.
Newman Lewis L., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer 70.
Noyes Moses, (W. Barnet) r 80, blacksmith, carriage maker, farmer 4.
Nunn Alfred E., works at Passumpsic R. R. station.
Nunn William, r 65, laborer.
Nutter Jeremiah A., (W. Barnet) r 80, resident with A. Fife, aged 73.
Osgood M. Anna, (McIndoes Falls) Christian Scientist.
OWEN MARQUIS G., (E. Barnet) r 26, farmer 80.
Page Carlos A., (W. Barnet) r 77, farmer 125.
Palmer Henry, (E. Barnet) r 20, farmer for J. S. Bandy.
Paradis Napoleon H., (Passumpsic) section hand.
Parker James, (S. Danville) r 40, farmer 130.
Parker George, (Passumpsic) r 16, farmer 25.
Passumpsic Pulp Co., (Passumpslc) George F. Cushman, supt., manuf. wood pulp.
Pearl Benjamin F., (McIndoes Falls) farm laborer.
Peck Arthur J., (Passumpsic) r 14, farmer.
Peck Charles A, (Passumpsic) r 16, farmer.
PECK CHARLES E., (Passumpsic) general merchant and assistant postmaster.
Peck George W., (Passumpsic) r 14, farmer.
PECK WILLIAM E., (Passumpsic) r 14, postmaster, president Merchants National Bank, at St. Johnsbury, farmer 300.
PERRY AMES B., (McIndoes Falls) postmaster, justice of the peace, and general merchant.
Persons Ellie B , (E. Barnet) emp. pulp mill.
Persons Wilber M.. (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer, leases of John Moore 130.
Phelps Walter M., (McIndoes Falls) off r 82, farmer 175.
Pierce Edward C.. (E. Barnet) supt. Wilder & Co.'s pulp mill.
Porter Elmer E., (Passumpsic) r 7, farmer for Hugh Smith.
Potts Kate, widow Joseph, resident.
Quimby Fred H., (E. Barnet) r 26, carpenter and joiner.
Quimby George H.. (E. Barnet) r 26, farmer.
Ramsay Ira A., (McIndoes Falls) assistant book-keeper for George Van Dyke.
Ramsdell Ed., ( McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. River Lumber Co.
Ramsdell George, (McIndoes Falls) emp. Conn. River Lumber Co.
Randall John M., (E Barnet) r 23. prop. saw-mill, farmer 160.
Ransom James, carpenter and joiner, h Anderson.
Rash Albert, (Passumpsic) r 9, farmer.
Rash Frank, (Passumpsic) r 9, trackman, Passumpsic R. R.
Rash Frank, (Passumpsic) r 11, mason.
Remick Phebe, (Passurnpsic) widow of James K., resident.
RICHARDSON CHARLES W., prop. of Hair Vine, a tonic for the head, hair and scalp, and general agent for Brooks's force and suction pumps.
Richardson George A., (E. Barnet) r 25, farmer 120.
Richardson William, h Elm, blacksmith.
Richie John T., (W. Barnet) r 55, book-keeper at Fairbanks Scale Works.
Riley B. W., (E. Barnet) carpenter, h and lot.
Ritchie Andrew C., (W. Barnet) r 53, (Ritchie & Warden.)
Ritchie & Warden, (W. Barnet) (A. C. Ritchie and A. D. Warden) general merchants.
Robie Hiram R. & Son, resident.
Robie Theron P., (W. H. Burbank & Co.)
Rowe M. J., (W. Barnet) r 76, farm laborer.
Rowe11 Richard C., (S. Peacham) r 78, farmer with S. H.
Rowe11 Salmon H., (S. Peacham) r 78, farmer 150.
ROY ALEXANDER, (W. Barnet) r 60, 20 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer 250
ROY ELMER E., (W. Barnet) r 60, farmer with his father, Alexander, 250.
ROY EZRA J., (W. Barnet) r 72, prop, saw, shingle and lath-mill, farmer 50.
Roy James. (W. Barnet) r 72, farmer 400.
ROY JOHN G., (W. Barnet) r 72, emp. Roy's mill, farmer with Moses A. 50.
Roy Joseph, (W Barnet) r 73, farmer 100.
ROY JOSEPH W., (W. Barnet) r 72, prop. two stock horses, "Daniel McCarthy" and "Sailor Boy," and breeder of Berkshire swine.
ROY MOSES A. (W. Barnet) r 72, farmer with John G. 50.
ROY NATHANIEL, (W. Barnet) r 72, 15 cows, 10 head of young cattle, 500 sugar trees, farmer 187 1/2.
ROY NATHANIEL H., (W. Barnet) r 72, farmer with his brother, Joseph W.
Roy William, (W. Barnet) r 72, farmer 200.
Roy William J., (W. Barnet) r 72, farmer.
Ryan James S., r 46, painter.
Salter Sophie Miss, tailoress.
SAMUEL JOHN, r 48, farmer 4.
Shantee Peter J., (McIndoes Falls) farmer for W. R. Monteith.
Shanty Peter, r 62, 600 sugar trees, farmer 100.
Shaw Eugene H., (W. Barnet) r 50, 600 sugar trees, farmer 150.
Shepardson L. F., (Passumpsic) pastor of Baptist church.
Shorey Clarinda, (Passumpsic) r 29, widow Miles, carpet weaver.
Simonds Benjamin S., (McIndoes Falls) foreman in Van Dyke's saw-mill.
Simonds Benjamin S., Jr., (McIndoes Falls) college student.
Smiley Simeon, r 47, resident aged abut 80.
SMILEY WILLIAM C., r 47, pulp maker.
Smith Eliab J., r 48, farmer 30.
Smith Ellis C., (W. Barnet) r 37, 9 cows, farmer 112.
Smith Hugh, (Passumpsic) r 7, 8 cows, 700 sugar trees, farmer 187.
Smith Ira, (Passumpsic) scale packer at Fairbanks's, St. Johnsbury.
SMITH ISAAC M., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, deputy sheriff, was for 20 years sheriff of the county. farmer.
SMlTH JAMES E., (W. Barnet) r 57, manuf. butter boxes and prints, and general jobbing in wood.
Smith Robert, (W. Barnet) r 55. carpenter and joiner.
Somers Alexander B., (W. Barnet) farmer 50.
SOMERS AMOS K, (Passumpsic) r 30, 7 cows. 300 sugar trees, farmer 126.
Somers Bartholomew G., r 32. farmer 116.
Somers Charles W., (W. Barnet) off r 77, farmer.
Somers Claudius, (W. Barnet) r 75, farmer 163.
SOMERS CLAUDIUS B., (Passumpsic) r 15, farmer 160.
SOMERS CUMINGS, r 44, manuf. butter tubs. 7 cows, 175 sugar trees, farmer 75.
Snmerc. Edward D., (E. Barnet) r 15, commercial traveler.
Somers Frank C., (Passampsic) r 6, farmer 83.
Somers Guy C., (E. Barnet) r 26, farmer 100.
Somers Harvey. (Passumpsic) r 9. farmer 7.
Somers Henry J., r 49, farmer 96.
Somers Hezekiah B , (W. Barnet) r 73, farmer.
Somers John, (W. Barnet) r 73, farmer 100. h and lot.
Somers Maria, (E. Barret) r 45: widow of ThornIs C., resident, h and lot.
Somers Oren, r 32, farmer.
Somers Owen, (W. Barnet) r 57, prop. saw-mill and shingle mill.
Somers Robert D., (W. Barnet) r 36, farmer 65, and in Peacham 20.
Somers Samuel G., (E. Barnet) r 29, postmaster, farmer 20.
Somers William L., (W. Barnet) off r 77. farmer 100.
Stanford James D., (Passumpsic) emp. in George F. Cushman's pulp mill.
StanIvy Lyman, r 48. surveyor.
Stapleton Thomas, (McIndnes Falls) riverman.
STEVENSON MARGARET, r 44, widow of William, farmer 175,
Stevenson Mathew, (Passumpsic) r 9. boot and shoemaker.
Stevenson Robert A., off r 41, farmer 125.
Stevenson Robert S., r 34. 600 sugar trees, farmer 184.
STEVENSON THOMAS & JAMES, (W. Barnet) r 82, breeders Houdan fowls and dealers in cedar shingles.
STEVENSON WILLIAM, (W. Barnet) off r 82, 12 cows, farmer 180, aged 80 years.
STEVENSON WILLIAM M., (W. Barnet) r 82, farmer with his father.
STILES TRUMAN R , physician and surgeon, and druggist, prudential committee, U. S. pension examining surgeon.
STODDARD CHARLES H., pulpmaker, bds Anderson,
STODDARD CHAKLES J., U. S. special pension examiner and lawyer.
STROBRIDGE FRANCIS G., (W. Barnet) r 53, stone cutter and dealer in granite, 300 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 250.
Strowbridge Margaret G., (W. Barnet) r 57, widow Ebenezer H., farmer 30.
STUART ABBIE H., (W. Barnet) otf r 53, 7 cows, 325 sugar trees, farmer 115.
Stuart George H., (W. Barnet) r 53, farmer 118.
Stuart James B., (W. Barnet) r 57, emp. J. E. Smith, h and 2 acres.
Stuart William A., (W. Barnet) r 38, 9 cows, 600 sugar trees, farmer 120.
Sutherland Thomas, (Mclndoes Falls) works in saw-mill, farm 14.
Symes Alfred, (Passumpsic) emp. in pulp mill.
Symes James R., off r 65, farmer 120.
Thomas Leslie M., (Passumpsic) section hand Passumpsic R. R.
Thompson James, (Mclndoes Falls) saw-setter at Van Dyke's saw-mill.
Thompson Rebecca, (E. Barnet) r 28, widow Benjamin, resident, aged 83.
Thurstins William B.. (Passumpsic) r 9, laborer.
Truell James H., (McIndoes Falls) emp. C. V. R. R. shop at W. R. Junction, h and 1 acre.
Underhill Freeman, (W. Barnet) r 57, farmer 70.
Vance Robert, (W. Barnet) r 38, farmer 160.
Vance Robert H., (W. Bernet) farmer for G. W. Crane.
VAN DYKE GEORGE, (McIndoes Falls) (Conn. Riv. Lumber Co.) manuf. spruce and hemlock lumber, lath, shingles and boxes, and prop. general store and boarding-house.
Van Dyke Philo B., (McIndoes Fa!ls) manager George Van Dyke's mills.
VITTY JOHN P., (Passumpsic) section foreman, sec. 16, Passumpsic R. R.
VITTY LUClAN H., (Passumpsic) station agent Passumpsic R. R , agent American Express Co., opr. W. U. Tel. Co., resident with his father, John P.
Wallace Albert, (E. Barnet) off r 28, farm laborer.
Wallace Bradbury R., (B. R. Wallace & Son) h Church.
Wallace B. R. & Son, (John S. T.) tinware and stoves.
Wallace John S. T.. (B R. Wallace & Son) h Church.
Wallace Wllliam H., (W. Barnet) r 52, carpenter, farmer 1 1/2, served in Co. A, 10th Vt. Vols.
Warden Abbie, (W. BArnet) r 55, widow of William, resident, farm 30.
Warden Alexander D , (W. Barnet) r 53, (Ritchie & Warden).
WARDEN ANDREW, (Passumpsic) off r 21, 12 cows, 370 sugar trees, farmer 156.
WARDEN HORACE J., r 40, 10 cows, 25 young cattle, 20 sheep, 700 sugar trees. 140 apple trees, farmer 225.
WARDEN MIL0 J., (Passumpsic) off r 21, farmer with his father, Andrew.
Warden Oscar, (McIndoes Falls) merchant at Kansas City.
Warden William B., r 32, farmer 100.
Wark Joseph H., (Passumpsic) farmer for E. T. & H. K. Ide.
Wark George, (Passumpsic) painter.
Welch John C., farmer 16, h Church.
Welch Wiliiam W., r 48, farmer.
White William, (W. Bernet) r 50, farmer 127 1/2.
Whitehill Calvin E., r 65, farm laborer.
Wilder & Co., (Boston, Mass.) (C. F. & H. A. Wilder), wood pulp manufs., factory at East Barnet.
WILSON HENRY E., general merchant, postmaster, commercial traveler, and farmer 300.
Winch George F., (Passumpsic) clerk for Mrs. E. E. Woods.
Woods Almon B , (Passumpsic) r 14, laborer.
WOODS BERTIE, (Passumpsic) clerk for his father, Edwin E.
WOODS EDWIN E., (Fassumpsic) justice of the Peace, and general merchant. (Died 1886 )
Woods Lydia T., (Passumpsic) r 9, widow of Riley C., farmer 100, aged 84.
Wuuds Mary T., (Passumpsic) widow of John B., resident.
Woods Oliver H., (E. Barnet) r 27, farmer 125, served in Co. K, 3d Vt. Vols. and Co. E, 14th Vt. Vols.
Woodward Ida Mrs., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, resident.
Wormwood Charles L., (E. Barnet) r 28, farmer for H. E. Wilson, 15 cows, 300 acres.
WORTH EDWARD C., r 45, farmer 84.
Worth Timothy, r 46; carpenter and joiner, and machinist.
Wright George, (Passumpsic) r 8, 200 sugar trees, farmer 97.
Wright George H., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, laborer.
Wright George S., (E. Barnet) emp. Wilder's pulp-mill.
Wright Sally A., (McIndoes Falls) r 67, resident.

ab, above; agt, agent; ave or av, avenue; b or bds, boards; bel, below;
bet, between; bldg, building; com, commission; do, ditto; E, east;
ex, express; F V, Fairbanks Village; ins, insurance; h, house; n, near;
N, north; opp, opposite; prop, proprietor; P V, Paddock's Village; r, rear;
RR, railroad; S, south; sq, square; st, street; S, Sommerville;
W, west; MCRR, Maine Central Railroad;

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